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& LOLA the little seed Fun, play and learn

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The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose | Lola & the little Seed

The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose

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By ArtTracer, LTD

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The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose

Lola and the Little Seed 1st edition in a series of 6 educational children’s books

Summary: With the help of some friends, Lola teaches kids what happens during the pollination process. Thanks to all on the Silly Goose team who helped make this book happen. Design & Words: Marianne Sibille, Peter Zhelev; Editing: Tiffany Azzara; Lola’s Character Design: Maxim (Maxi) Zhelev; Illustrations: Branimir Dobrev; Masks: Snezhina Zheleva

www.sillygooselola.com (find more books and adventures) Typeface used: Harmonica Sans Std & Singela ISBN: 978-954-92957-7-1 ing Codes: xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Instructions: The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose are playful and educational books for kids 4+ years old. In this story, Lola learns what happens during the pollination process. Using fun illustrations, the book explains how pollination occurs. In the back of the book (page 17), your kids will find masks that they can cut out to wear and teach their friends all about pollination. Also in the back of the book, you will find fun facts and activities for your kids, including what they can do to promote pollination.

MUST-HAVES: 1 Safety scissors 2 Ribbons to tie on the masks 3 Lots of imagination


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4 Six friends, including you

meet my


Billy Bird

Mr. sun

(find my mask on page 23)

(find my mask on page 17)

I’m Lola Flo, the Butterfly

Sunny Sunflower

(find my mask on page 23)

(find my mask on page 19)

Bonnie, the Bee (find my mask on page 21)


(find my mask on page 21)


Lola and the Little Seed Lola is flying through the clear blue sky when she meets a bird carrying a seed. The bird says “hello” as he passes Lola and drops the seed, which falls down, down, down to the ground. “Hi, I’m Billy,” the bird says. “I was on my way to plant this seed, and this looks like a fine place for it. Will you help me?” “Of course!” Lola exclaims. She uses her webbed feet to dig a shallow hole in the ground, and Billy drops in the seed. The two of them carefully push dirt over the seed, making sure it is well-planted. Lola cannot wait to see what the seed will grow into! Before she can ask what kind of seed it is, the sky grows dark and rain starts pouring from the clouds. Lola and Billy fly under a tree to keep dry. “Wait,” Billy says. “We both have feathers. Why are we hiding from the rain?” “Oh,” Lola says, “I guess you are right. Oops.” “You silly goose, you.” While they are talking, the rain passes and the sun comes out again.



Lola’s flowers & sunny Some time later, Lola and Billy visit the spot where they planted the seed. The two friends notice all of the beautiful flowers around them. Big flowers, small flowers and in-between flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, purple flowers and pink flowers. Then an especially beautiful flower catches their eye. This flower is a beautiful golden color, and it’s taller than all the others. “Ooohhh,” says Lola. “It’s so pretty! But why is it so much bigger than the flowers around it?” “That is a sunflower,” Billy explains. “Sunny Sunflower. Sunflowers grow big and tall because they are trying to reach the sun. And guess what?” “What?” Lola asks. “Sunny grew from the seed we planted.” Lola looks at Billy, her eyes wide with wonder. “Wowwww.” She looks around at the other flowers, swaying gently in the breeze and seemingly trying to touch the sunflower. Then Lola sees her friends, all gathering around Sunny. A caterpillar, a spider, a ladybug, and a grasshopper are crawling, and a dragonfly is flying around. But where is Flo Butterfly? Lola wonders.



Lola and flo, the Butterfly “Flo is right over there,” Sunny says, leaning toward a nearby tree. “Where?” Lola asks, scanning the air with her eyes. “I don’t see anything flying around that tree.” “Lola, you silly goose,” Sunny says. “Look more closely. Look at the bottom branch. See the cocoon hanging there? Look closely.” As soon as Sunny finishes speaking, the cocoon starts to open. Lola, Billy and Sunny watch in awe as a colorful butterfly wriggles out of the cocoon and stretches its wings for the first time. “Good morning!” the butterfly says. “I’m Flo, and I am very thirsty. Where can I find something to drink?” It takes Lola a minute to find her voice, but finally she says “All of these flowers are full of sweet nectar. Take your pick!” Flo floats from flower to flower, drinking from the petunia, the roses and even Sunny. When she’s done, she smiles and says “That is the freshest juice I’ve ever tasted!”



Lola and Bonnie, the Bee Meanwhile, Lola sees something else in the garden: a big honeycomb with bees buzzing all around it. Some bees are flying to the honeycomb, and others are flying away from it. “Excuse me,” Lola politely asks one of the bees on its way to the flower patch. “Why is there so much activity around your honeycomb?” The bee smiles and exclaims “We are worker bees! We have a very important job: We collect nectar for our honeycomb. While we’re working, pollen sticks to our bodies, so we move the pollen from flower to flower, helping plants to grow big and strong and helping them to be happy! Come along and watch.” Lola follows the bee, named Bonnie, who sees lots of strawberry plants with beautiful flowers. Bonnie flies from flower to flower, collecting nectar and moving pollen to each plant. The second strawberry plant, which had been looking a little sad, immediately perked up and gave a big smile. “Thank you for the help, friendly bee!” Lola makes her way back to Sunny, who says “And that, Lola, is pollination.”



Lola and the strawberry “Ooh, pollination!” Lola says excitedly. “Tell me more.” “Well,” says Sunny, “take a closer look. Do you see that green fruit in the strawberry plant? The one Bonnie brought the pollen to?” “Oh, yes! I didn’t notice that before,” Lola says. “That’s the beauty of pollination,” Sunny replies. “It’s part of nature, so you don’t see what’s happening right away. But if you watch closely, you will see something verrrry special.” Lola keeps her eye on the green fruit, and slowly, slowly, slowly it starts growing and changing color. Before long, it is a ripe, red strawberry. Lola sees more strawberries have grown around it. “Some flowers produce seeds, like me, but others grow delicious fruit,” Sunny explains.



Lola, Mr. sun & pollination Lola is so excited that she calls all of her friends over: “This is so cool! You have to come and see!” Billy, Flo, Bonnie and Sunny gather around. Mr. Sun, who saw everything from high in the sky, comes down, too. “Many of us play a part in pollination,” Mr. Sun tells Lola and her friends. “Flowers need me to shine down on them so they can grow and make pollen. Your friends - Billy, Flo and Bonnie - drink the sweet nectar from the flowers for food and energy. While they are drinking, pollen sticks to their bodies, and that’s how it moves from flower to flower.” “And that’s how fruit like the strawberries grow!” Lola says. “I get it now!” All of her friends give a good laugh. They are so happy to have taught Lola about pollination. And she is happy to have learned about it. “You all do so much for each other. I am so lucky to be your friend,” she says. “And to think it all started with a seed!”

The End 14


Circle of Pollination connecting all the dots



Flowers become fruits (strawberries)

Start with a LITTLE seed

7 Finally, Strawberries are ripped, ready to enjoy!

2 Little plant grows

3 5

Flowers blossom

Bonnie pollinates flowers



Bees like Bonnie look for nectar

Masks of Lola’s Friends start cutting and start playing with your friends Remember the must-haves: 1 Safety scissors, 2 Ribbons to tie on the masks, 3 Lots of imagination, 4 Six friends, including you

Billy Bird



Flo, the Butterfly



Bonnie, the Bee




Mr. Sun

sunny sunflower



hi kids

You Can Help with Pollination Dear Friends, We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about pollination. To see how this happens in real life, start a garden. For your garden, you will need seeds, pots, soil, water and sunlight. Buy seeds for colorful flowers or plants, like strawberry or tomato plants, and plant them outdoors so Lola’s friends the pollinators can play with the flowers and do their jobs. This is a great way to learn and experience how the pollination happens in real time.

When the flowers are ready, take a picture and share it on our Instagram account @sillygooselola or use the hashtag #sillygooselola. By visiting our website www.sillygooselola.com you can also find more ways to interact with this book and other books in the Lola the Silly Goose series.

Other tips: įį T ake care of Lola’s friends, the pollinators, leave them to do their jobs, and they won’t bother you. įį P  lant flowers, trees or other greenery the pollinators can call home. įį C  onserve water, which is important for plants to grow. Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, and take showers instead of baths.

įį V  isit parks and forests to enjoy the flowers and trees, and take care of them. Throw your trash in garbage cans. įį T ell your friends what they can do to help pollination.

Age 4+ Includes a parent page with tips for teaching kids about pollination, as well as masks so kids can pretend to be Lola’s friends.

In this adventure, Lola - with the help of some friends - learns what happens during the pollination process. Visit www.sillygooselola.com to find more books and adventures.

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Lola and the Little Seed by The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose  

The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose are playful and educational books for kids 4+ years old. In this story, Lola learns what happens duri...

Lola and the Little Seed by The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose  

The Adventures of Lola the Silly Goose are playful and educational books for kids 4+ years old. In this story, Lola learns what happens duri...