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The Princes Park stadium was designed by Architects Alexander Sedgley. One of their young architects, Craig Alexander was interviewed by the Junior Press Team and they gave some positive feedback. Kai said: “It was enjoyable to interview Craig Alexander, as I found out that he didn’t do well at school and he left school early. He was interested in architecture, but that required A Levels, which he didn’t have...

That didn’t stop Craig though! He was so determined to get into the businness and he went to college to study Construction Design Management and Construction Technology. After four years he was able to go to University to study Architecture.

Craig was interested in what we were all aspiring to do and we all had different interests, some of us knew what we were hoping to become and others didn’t.”

Victoria and Maddie were also really impressed with Craig’s answers to their questions. Maddie said that he really explained the building construction and career options available and Victoria liked the fact that someone so young knew so much about the building.

JUNIOR PRESS TEAM REPORTS The Junior Press Team was made up of a group of young people, aged 9-16 and they were all able to gain valuable work experience. They also gained self-confidence to prepare them for their futures in the workplace, whilst having lots of fun too!

“I’d like to be a photographer one day” photo taken by: Kai - Junior Press Team Reporter

Mason’s Report On Saturday 24th February, a group of young people, including myself, were given the opportunity to participate in a very interesting and entertaining day at Dartford FC stadium at Princes Park. I learnt about the environmental and economic considerations built into the construction of the Dartford FC stadium, as well as being able to experience the atmosphere the stadium helps create when occupied by passionate fans. The roof of Princes Park may seem ordinary at first glance. However, it is actually coated with a live sedum roof blanket, which absorbs rainwater when it comes into contact with its surface, rather than merely running off and wastefully going into the drains and sewers.

”I found the experience unforgettable and it’ll stick with me a long time”

Water not absorbed is drained into a pool from which recycled water is used on the stadium’s pitch. This is both sustainable and extremely beneficial in both financial and economic aspects, as it lowers costs of water bills for the owners. It also demonstrates how rainwater could be reused in many areas from small reserves, avoiding wasteage ‘down the drain’ which is usually the case! We were also given the chance to speak with Dartford Mayor-elect David Mote, who explained his plans for his Mayoral year in term to promote the idea of sustainability and avoiding the reliance on non-renewable resources and better use of necessary services, including electricity.

He said that the Princes Park Stadium, with its water recycling, PV solar panels and use of local materials is a perfect example of how ecologically friendly these projects have the potential to be, and it is vital that people are made aware of the vast impacts burning fossil fuels has both on the economy and the environment. After all, once all the coal has been burned, it can not replace itself and the damage to the atmosphere will be done and we will be in trouble if we do not find a reliable source of renewable, clean and cheap energy. That is why it is imperative that we, as a society, are educated about the available options there are for consistent, dependable and renewable energy, such as wind, water and sunlight. After learning

Victoria’s Report On arrival at Dartford FC you are welcomed by friendly staff, many of whom are volunteers. The whole place is always buzzing with excitement and pre-match nerves. Everyone you speak to about the club clearly has a passion for Princes Park and football. The whole place is very family friendly and everyone, from the Co Chairman Steve Irving, to car parking staff are on first name terms.

this, I realised how much I had taken things for granted, like heaters to keep warm or a shower, and how high the risk of these luxuries becoming scarce due to a lack of education about alternate sources of fuel. I found the experience at Princes Park, as part of the 4Roles4Goals campaign, an unforgettable learning experience and one that will stick with me for a long time.

“ everyone is so friendly at Darford F.C. and on first-name terms”

The whole ground is always clean and tidy and although the fans can be noisy and boisterous, there are never any crowd issues. The home supporters even change ends at half time, which is really funny and something that wouldn’t be possible at a premiership club! Princess Park is like a second home for me and I really enjoy myself on every visit, especially when we win!

Connor’s Report

I had a brilliant day at Dartford FC watching them beat Truro City 4-1! We started the day with some training and foot-golf where we got to know each other. Afterwards we had a tour of the stadium and we learnt about all the different jobs there are at a football club. We got a chance to interview the ‘soon to be’ new Mayor of Dartford, David Mote and Craig Alexander, who was an architect and his company designed the stadium. We all got a chance to ask them lots of our own questions and they had lots of interesting things to say.

“A fantastic opportunity and great chance to connect with new people”

During the match, I was asked to help out if a player was injured and run on and stretcher them off... fortunately no one got hurt! Finally, we got to choose the ‘Man of the Match’. We picked Danny Harris, who was playing his 300th appearance for Dartford. We had photos taken with him and he seemed really happy that we had chosen him.

Kai’s Report At first, I wasn’t taking any pictures, but I was concentrating on getting to know everyone and tying to get a good understanding of what today was all about. Afterwards, our interviews started. After the interviews, we had some lunch, which was superb and then we went to watch the match. We all had the opportunity to stand and clap the players onto the field at the start of the match and then take our seats in the Sponsors’ Box, so front row seats! I managed to take tons of pictures of the match, which was enjoyable. Later I had the chance to edit my pictures. Whilst watching the match, we all had to decide as a group who

“As a photographer, today has been a very interesting day!”

would be the ‘Man of the Match’, and we chose No.2; Danny Harris. Extra time lasted for 3 minutes, but nobody scored. However, in the last 12 seconds of the game, the away team; Truro City scored their first and only goal. The Final Score was 4-1 to Dartford FC! After the match, there was a buffet put on in the bar area, where there were not many pictures taken. However, I managed to get a picture of the ‘Man of the Match’, which was cool! All in all, today has been a brilliant day and I would not hesitate to do it again!

Elliot’s Report

“I had a great time!”

Things I have learnt today: 1. How to play foot-golf. 2. I like football more than I had “Thank you so much for inviting imagined. me, I had a great time!” 3. Dartford F.C. supports environmental causes. 4. Who the new mayor of Dartford is going to be. 5. Dartford F.C.’s present building was built in 2003. Best things about today: 1. Learning how to play foot-golf. 2. Winning the foot golf voucher for good listening. 3. Meeting ‘Man of the Match’ Danny Harris.

Maddie’s Report I had a great day at Dartford FC! Foot-golf was fun and I had a laugh despite how bad I was. We met Councillor David Mote, who spoke about his role and Dartford Town. Before watching the match we made an extra part of the tunnels on the football pitch, which the players walked through when entering the pitch.

“Everyone was friendly and it made it easy to have a great day!”

At the end, we had a group picture taken with the ‘Man of the Match’, then we went to the buffet.

Reconnecting Education with Fun & Enjoyment! Councillor David Mote was interviewed by the Junior Press Team and he said: “When I heard about 4Roles4Goals and their work with Dartford FC, construction sponsors and young people, I was fascinated by the project, especially as I have always believed in bridging fun, education and workplace preparation. So I leapt at the chance to be interviewed about what we are doing to put the ‘green’ into Greenhithe. The young journalists had already had their interest in enviromental construction raised by the unique sustainable nature of the Princes Road Stadium, so my interview was easy and I hope I showed

“Working together is key!”

them what can be done to retrofit community buildings with LED lighting. Learning through fun - it has to be the way forward.” Connor said: “I had an amazing

talk with David. He’s very nice and we spoke about many things but one that’s stuck with me is why he’s in local government. It was very clear he wants to help the people of Dartford and he is very keen on environmental issues and sustainability. I was asked by David to come to the Dartford Chamber once he is Mayor and I certainly will! David also gave me his business card, and all because I made a great impression!”

Lewis’s Report

I was worried at first, as I didn’t know anyone, but everyone was friendly. We watched the match between Dartford FC and Truro City FC and Dartford won 4-1! We met some of the players and we chose who should be ‘Man of the Match’ and we took part in the presentation.

“A fantastic opportunity and great chance to connect with new people”

My favourite part of the day was playing foot-golf. I have never played this before, but I would love to play this again. I had a fantastic day and I’d love to thank everyone involved. The day went really quick and I would recommend this opportunity to everyone!!

Alice’s Report

”The day has given me a boost in confidence”

On Saturday 24th February 2018 myself and 9 other students took part in an all-day activity called ‘4Roles4Goals’. This event helps young people bridge the gap between careers, education, construction and the community. There were several team-building exercises and games so that all the students got to know each other and worked as a team. One of the games played was foot-golf which was a new experience for me, as I had never heard of this sport, let alone played it. After taking part in this game, I found that it helped me to improve my strategy thinking so that I could aim the ball towards the hole in the least amount of kicks. When the team exercises where finished we were all given the chance to interview the soon to be Mayor of the Dartford and the architect who designed Dartford F.C. stadium, on their business roles and how they achieved them. This task was very important to me because it helped me know what questions I may be asked in preparation for my own career, which I’m hoping will be in accountancy.

At midday, while Dartford were preparing for their game against Truro, we were given the opportunity to speak to a Co-Chairman of Dartford FC, Steve Irving, who explained how the club was environmentally friendly and how the building is recyclable, because the roof is covered in a seed which sucks up excessive water, then pumped down into a pond and pumped back up and used for watering the football ground. He also explained how much really goes into a football match and how they must have the right amount of staff, drinks and food and how everything must be on time!

Football’s more than a Game! Before the match kicked off at 3pm, we made a gate way to welcome the players onto the pitch. At the end of the match we all then decided who was ‘Man of the Match’ and it was decided to award it to Danny Harris who helped Dartford win 4-1! Overall, the experience conveyed the need for a positive attitude and how the right questions and information are important for my future role as an accountant. The day has also given me a boost in confidence and extended my

knowledge of how to interview someone and what goes into a football match other than just kicking a ball.

Today’s match sponsor is MHA MacIntyre Hudson, a national Top 20 firm of chartered accountants, tax and business advisers with offices in Canterbury and Maidstone. They provide a full range of financial and business strategy services to enterprises and individuals in the UK, helping them to achieve growth and success for the long term. With understanding and inspiration, they can help businesses achieve goals, and individuals create sustainable wealth for future generations. Proud of their commitment to corporate social responsibility, their corporate positioning statement is an achievable promise, naturally delivered by the 4Roles4Goals initiative by Diligence:

‘Local Excellence. National Experience. Global Expertise’

MHA MacIntyre Hudson looks to ensure they are having a positive impact on the world around them, from supporting local communities with projects to protecting the environment globally through their resourcing. Adrian Dante explains why he and colleague James Gransby wanted to support the initiative: “What better place to demonstrate the commitment to our CSR policy than to offer young people an opportunity to form a Junior Press Team on a Dartford F.C. Match day? We know about Dartford F.C.’s thriving community projects, both in and away from their home ground, but in addition discovering that Dartford F.C. boasts the first sustainable purpose-built community stadium in the UK, gave us the additional bonus of sharing our commitment to global environmental goals too.” James added: “Everyone at MHA MacIntyre Hudson wish the Junior Press Team (some of whom are the children of our employees) well for the day and we look forward to seeing their achievement and learn about their special day.” Contact your local office: Canterbury 03330 100 220 Maidstone 03330 100 221

Collaboration is Key! #4Roles4Goals One company at the heart of change, Diligence provides project management for a variety of infrastructure projects, bringing their business ethos into the communities. Giving to others is very important to Managing Director, Nicola Coppen. As a voluntary Group Scout Leader at 1st North Cray Scout Group, the Chair of Kent and Medway Construction Guild and business mentor to students at The Leigh UTC in Dartford. With these shared values, whilst joining the dots and the pieces of the puzzle, businesses and communities alike can really make a difference, both locally and globally. Change will come if we continue with this shared ethos. www. diligence-pm-services.co.uk

Motivating tomorrow’s adults today! Working in collaboration, we can develop young people to their full potential. #4roles4goals ties in community, education, careers and construction. Giving young people the tools to lead a project and empowering them to be in charge, builds their self worth and sense of value, enabling them to develop to their full potential, which is key to a stronger society. www.burning2learn.co.uk



MHA MacIntyre Hudson PARENTS’ VIEWS:

Your generosity made this event possible!

My son was asked to take part in this initiative after meeting Nicola and Alan at a careers event at his school He was nervous about going somewhere unfamiliar with people he didn't know, but everyone soon put him at ease and he made new friends and contacts, which he was really excited about and he thoroughly enjoyed his time there!

Such a great experience for my son and daughter. They didn’t stop speaking about it on their way home! They’re asking when they can do it again!

Designed by Burning2Learn www.burning2learn.co.uk Written by: Junior Press Team

The opportunity that 4Roles4Goals provides is an excellent one and I urge anyone who has been given the opportunity to take part, from businesses, to parents, to young people, to get involved you won't regret it! Thank you to everyone involved for being so brilliant and for allowing my son the opportunity to take part in something so very unique and special.

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Dartford vs Truro  

Football is more than a game! 4Roles4Goals turned corporate social responsibility money into the bridge between careers, education, constru...

Dartford vs Truro  

Football is more than a game! 4Roles4Goals turned corporate social responsibility money into the bridge between careers, education, constru...