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Austin Community College | Student Life

Returning Students

Nontraditional student tips on going back to school

Star Sign Relations How much do you relate

to your zodiac sign?

Climbing the College Ladder

Alumni find ways to give back


WIN SXSW TICKETS Details inside

A look back at midterm elections and the power of our first ammendment right

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12/11/18 12:17 PM

What do you get when you put a Tornado and a Riverbat together? A four-year bachelor’s degree Transferring from ACC to Concordia University Texas is easy. Visit to begin!

 512.313.4CTX



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12/11/18 12:17 PM

Life4U Student Life Contributing Staff Editor in Chief Halie Davis Editor Stefanie Vermillion Brian McLean Graphic Designer/Editor Alanna Hollyway Graphic Designer Sami Kim

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Austin Community College, President & Board of Trustees Dr. Richard Rhodes, President Board Members: Dr. Barbara P. Mink (chair), Ms. Gigi Edwards Bryant (vice chair), Mr. Mark J. Williams (secretary), Dr. Nan McRaven, Mr. Sean Hassan, Ms. Nicole Eversmann, Dr. Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Dr. Betty W. Hwang, Ms. Julie Ann Nitsch Contribute to Life4U magazine by emailing

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Editor’s Note Never would I have thought Texas has the potential to become a blue state. As many of us are brought up in the American public education system, we’re often taught that if we don’t like the government we as the nation’s people have the power to change it. America is the land of the free, home of the brave – and it’s evident that we work to stand by those words. Voices are heard and laws are changed. Protests are formed, news stories produced and lobbying occurs. When enough people take a stand, the government provides the public with the option to vote. Seeing the turnout for this the 2018 midterms was astonishing. As often as the younger generations are slapped for being too technology focused, its not surprising to see them exercising their first amendment right via social media and putting it to use with their 15th amendment right in the polls. As the nation ages, its citizens are becoming wiser. Let’s continue talking equity, technology, money, and about the environment. What’s going on around the other side of the world? What’s happening in Texas? What’s going on behind your door? Let’s talk experience. Show me your knowledge. In addition to the magazine, check out the Student Life Chronicle web series to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the ACC District at Hang ten this semester, you got it.

Halie Davis Editor in Chief

Spring 2019 | 3 12/11/18 12:17 PM

CONTENTS 06 Student Life Theme Reveal

How’d the disco dancing hippo on a pirate ship do?

14 Climbing the College Ladder

Find out how ACC alumni are giving back

16 The Rise of Vaping


The gaining popularity of e-cigarettes

21 Midterm Votes

How the midterm elections were won

23 Prop G Breakdown

Where your money is going in Austin’s infrastructure

27 Tips on Returning to School

Advice for nontraditional students

32 Right to the First Ammendment

Understanding the power in the constitution

In Class 07 Student Life Event Calendar 12 Q&A PSAA Winners 17 Q&A MLP Member OTY Around Town 24 Reviews + How to WIN SXSW Passes Personal 26 Eat & Exercise 27 Q&A Athletes OTY 29 Tips on Returning to School On Campus 36 Understanding Diversity 37 Q&A Student Organizations 38 Campus Directories 42 What’s Your Sign?

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12/11/18 12:17 PM

AUSTINCC.EDU/STUDENTMEDIA Join us online to see more content and giveaways from ACC’s Student Media. Or stay updated with Student Life events on MySL & follow our social networks.


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Working & School Juggling studies with jobs

Quarter Life Crisis

Struggling with career options

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12/11/18 12:18 PM

Kick off your semester with ACC Student Life! Connect with us and get to know your campus!

Feeling stranded? Student Life is your life raft.

Find events at

Jan 22 Jan 25

Students in need of an interpreter or other accommodations for this event should contact or (512) 223-6155.

S pri n g 201 9 JANUARY


1/4: Food Distribution (RVS) 1/21: MLK JR. Day (College Closed) 1/22-1/25: Welcome Week 1/23: SLC Watch Party (HLC) 1/29, 1/30: Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101

2/1: 2/4: 2/12: 2/13: 2/15-2/22: 2/18: 2/22: 2/25: 2/26: 2/27:

MARCH 3/1: MLP University Tour Food Distribution (RVS) 3/5, 3/6: Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 3/11: SLC Watch Party (NRG) 3/11-3/15: Midterms Wellness Week 3/18 - 3/22: Spring Break (College Closed) 3/25 - 3/29: IT’s ON US! Clothesline Project

Learn More About Student Life at: L4U_Spring2019.indd 7

Food Distribution (RVS) Food Pantry Drive Begins Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 ECAB Funding Period SLC Watch Party (SAC) Operation MLP Service Day MLP Power Hours #1 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101

APRIL/MAY 4/3: 4/5: 4/10: 4/15: 4/26: 4/29: 5/3: 5/6: 5/13 - 5/17: 5/17:

PSAA Nominations Close Food Distribution (RVS) Take BAck the Night SLC Watch Party (EVC) MLP University Tour MLP Power Hours #2 & #3 Food Distribution (RVS) SLc Watch Party (TBD) Finals Week Spring Graduation 12/11/18 12:18 PM

are you

CAREER READY? Career Services at Austin Community College provides the support, preparation, and assistance needed for a successful transition to employment. EXPLORE Unsure of your major or career path? Navigating the career decision making process can be stressful. We provide online self assessments and individual assistance to help you make decisions based on your interests, values, and goals.

PREPARE Get assistance with preparing your best resume, tailored to fit the job you are seeking. Polish your interview skills and learn how to translate your skills to land the job. Get the guidance you need to reach your professional goals.

FIND A JOB Career services works with area employers to provide opportunities for employment in your field of study. Looking for a job with flexibility or an internship to get experience? New jobs are posted daily and employers frequently come to campus for one-on-one engagement.

DOWNLOAD OUR APP! Keep up-to-date on the latest job postings, connect with our career experts, find events scheduled on your campus—all from the Career Link App. Search “ACC Career Link” in the app stores or visit for a quick link to the download.


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11/30/2018 12/11/18 5:49:44 12:18 AMPM

are you



Transfer Services at Austin Community College provides guidance, resources, and programs to help you with a successful and seamless transfer to a bachelor degree granting institution. DISCOVER Utilize online resources to learn about transfer opportunities. Attend a Transfer Essentials session to learn the fundamentals of transfer planning and what you need to consider when making transfer decisions.

PLAN Work with your advisor or a Career and Transfer Specialist to help you determine the best path and timeline to meet your transfer goals. Ensure you are taking courses that apply to your intended degree plan and are following a transfer guide.

ENGAGE Attend transfer events—like transfer fairs and transfer week—and meet university recruiters on campus. Attend additional Transfer Academy workshops, like our Getting Interactive session and University Tours to get connected with your future university.

CONNECT WITH US It’s never too early to start planning your transfer! The decisions you make now can make a difference as you work toward your goals. We provide workshops and individual meetings with students to help you navigate the transfer process. Visit our website to request an appointment and find out about upcoming events.


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11/30/2018 12/11/185:49:42 12:18AM PM


Student Standards of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct is a set of standards students are expected to follow. It holds students responsible for their actions. The Student Standards of Conduct includes your rights as a student, course expectations, the general disciplinary process and the appeals process.

Complaints Student complaints procedures are in place to ensure they are handled in a timely and fair manner. Student complaints include, but are not limited to, issues regarding classroom instruction, college services and offices, grade disputes, discrimination, and harassment. Different regulations govern grade disputes and sexual harassment complaints.

Student Grade Disputes A grade dispute is a request to change the grade of an assignment or course. All course grades are awarded by the instructor. Concerns about assignment grades and course grades should be addressed with your instructor. For questions or concerns please contact your campus Dean of Student Services. L4U_Spring2019.indd 10

12/11/18 12:18 PM

There are 10 areas of study of Austin Community College designed to serve as a clear roadmap for your college plan. The areas of study make it simple to plan each semester eďŹƒciently, without spending time and money on credits you don't need. Area of study advisors will help you select your classes, stay on track for your degree program and help you make choices and decision about your education and career goals. Whether you're working toward an associate's degree, workforce-ready certiďŹ cation, or a seamless transfer to a four-year institution, choosing an area of study puts you in the right direction. Learn more about guided pathways at


ital Me g i D dia rt,

, And

m m d E C o u c s atio s e n i n s u B g, construc n i r tu

ti o

o n i t s a c i n u

ologies n h c e T d A e p i l p De s i g n , a n u M Liberal Arts v r vi ce s e S s l e a i c nc Pu b l o e i S c ic & H e a lt h S y, & Touris t i , and Math g l n a i t r i e p m e n os i g H n , Sc ie n c e, E Cu l i n ary logy o n ch e T Computer n o i Scie t n c e & I n fo r m a



Spring 2019 | 11

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12/11/18 12:18 PM

In Class

Presidential Student Achievement Award Q & A with Quasay Hussein and Francia Carrizales The Presidential Student Achievement Award (PSAA) is the most prestigious ACC award earned by a student who demonstrates academic excellence, service to ACC and the community and commitment to ACC values and vision. Every semester, a student is interviewed to be awarded the opportunity to speak at graduation, money, a plaque and more. This past year’s winners are Liberal Arts student, Quasay Hussein, and Health Sciences student, Francia Carrizales.

NOMINATE A STUDENT Nominations are accepted from current ACC staff, faculty or students though January 14, 2019 - April 3, 2019.

More info:

Quasay Hussein

Francia Carrizales

L4U: How has Student Life helped you at ACC? QH: My love, is for Student Life. I didn't find it useful to me until I went to South Austin. Liz Morris and her team worked well to welcome people in the hall by talking to everyone. They're in the hall saying, “come here, play this game!” I'm visually impaired and Liz worked to make games for everyone, even me. It made me feel included and not isolated. FC: I believe that being involved with Student Life was crucial on meeting the requirements for being a candidate for the PSAA, and I would encourage other students to be involved as well. There is so much to gain as a student, a mother and as a contributing member of society – plus there’s really nothing to lose. Being a part of Student Life is one of my most cherished experiences as a student and I highly recommend it.


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L4U: Advice to students interested in the PSAA? QH: Work until you achieve your goal. Also, work on your speech. Be involved in the community and question things around it. Be prepared for everything. And dress nice – it’s about looking and speaking professionally for the committee. And try to list everything you’ve done in your bio. FC: There are so many pluses that came from my experience. I got the satisfaction of being recognized for my efforts – not just by the school – but also friends, family and the community. Also, because my children saw me graduate and be recognized for my efforts they now see getting an education as a part of their future. L4U: What did you think when you were being interviewed for PSAA? QH: I had an idea that I'd get it, but that day I had bad luck with transportation. I was late by five minutes and they only give you half an hour. Luckily, I emailed Liz about the issue and they still interviewed me. Liz worked with me to make sure I had all my documents and gave me a lot of encouragement to apply for it. I thank her a lot. FC: Receiving this award has helped me realized how important being involved in the community and at my school is for personal growth.

12/11/18 12:18 PM

If you attend 4-6 Success Series workshops this academic year, you will be eligible for a Leadership Certificate, padfolio, recognition at the Nite in the Life Celebration, and a letter of acknowledgment for your co-curricular transcript.

Flex Your Intelligence! Growth Mindset & Motivation

Casting your Net: How to Build a Strong Network

Are you the best version of yourself? Are you aware of how you may be preventing your own success? In this session, you can learn about the unlimited possibilities available when you commit yourself to activate growth and continuous learning.

Have you reached #SquadGoals in your personal and professional life? Build your best squad by learning how to establish and strengthen collaborative relationships with colleagues, classmates, and other people in your net. You will leave knowing how to put your best foot forward in person and online.

Speak Up! Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop

Making the Grade: Discovering your Learning Style

Want to be more involved in protecting the ACC Community from sexual violence? Come to this workshop to learn about consent, bystander intervention, and the resources available to ACC students who have been impacted by sexual

Have you ever told someone that you learn better by listening rather than reading? If you answered yes, then you are on track to discover your learning style! Come to this session to learn how to be a more effective and successful student. Leave this workshop with the skills you need to match your learning style to your professor's teaching style.

Career Exploration: What can I do with my Major?

The Ripple Effect of Community Service

Do you know what you want to do after graduation?

Serving begins with your decision to help others, but it deď€ nitely doesn’t end there. Come to this workshop to learn how service can change a whole community, and learn about how participating in community service can change you and help you to reach your goals.

Come learn about your career options and how to choose which one is best for you. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.




ip W ork Lear sho ps f n mo rom re a ACC t bi Stud /sls ent ucc Life ess Spring 2019 | 13 L4U_Spring2019.indd 13

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Climbing College Ladder

Two Austin Community College Alumni from different walks of life, share their stories in hopes to change the stigma of junior colleges. ---Written, Photo & Video by Marissa Greene


Once one has come to the point of receiving their high school diploma or completing their GED, what’s next? Well, that may look different for some people. It could be taking a gap year, entering the workforce or attending a college. “Not going to college was never an option,” says ACC Alumni Network Council President, Lynn Kindler. Like many, Kindler was encouraged to take, at least, one year at ACC by her father. So, she began her educational journey in 1980 at the Rio Grande campus. Decades later, a firstgeneration student, Jose Sosa, began his college education at ACC in 2002. “It was a big challenge, to be honest,” he says. “I never thought I would be able to accomplish my associates Watch & Read More degree.”

L4U_Spring2019.indd 14

Jose Sosa is a Lead Safety Coordinator at Workers Defence Project and owner of Sosa Income Tax and Adela’s Cleaning Services. He also earned OSHA Safety Certifciation to educate construction workers and nonprofit organiizations about safety in the workplace..

Sosa was able to further his education through ESL and math classes to better his GPA at ACC before transferring to a four-year university. Many pursue community college to make the transfer to a four-year college. However, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, this past fall approximately 13.3 million first-year students enrolled in a four-year university, while 6.7 million students attended a two-year college. That’s nearly twice as many students paying more for the basic courses. What causes this gap – is there a stigma related to attending a community college? “I had a lot of shame going’s like everybody knew I was going to a community college instead of UT or St. Edwards,” says Kindler. “But I knew I was getting the education I needed because the classrooms were smaller and I was getting the attention I needed from the professors.” As some may feel a lack of clout at a community college, others feel the stress of juggling daily tasks.

After college, Lynn Kindler had a variety of careers such as an Executive Assistant to the Publisher of Texas Monthly, a mentor coach, Producer and host for Blog Talk radio, a career coach, amongst many others.

“I had to meet deadlines, go to work, study for my tests, and travel between campuses because I didn’t have transportation at the time,” Sosa says. Prioritizing these tasks can be difficult for some. ACC works to create a variety of resources provided to its enrolled students, from financial readiness with Student Money Management to goal setting

“When I came to ACC, I was not very fluent in the language. So, if I could do it, anybody else could.”

--Jose Sosa, member of the ACC Alumni Network Council

12/11/18 12:18 PM

with Academic Coaches to networking with the Alumni Council. “I was very disciplined to take my tests,” Sosa says as he took advantage of ACC resources in order to comb through all that he had to accomplish. Once he completed his associates, he wasn’t done just quite yet. Sosa took it to the next level by attending Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2013. “I truly believe in education, it is very important,” Sosa says. “It can open so many doors professionally in so many ways.” After looking back at all of her accomplishments and her start at ACC, Kindler recommends

trying a two-year college before anything else. “It has taken a progression of many years for me to get to the place where it’s not a shame thing to go to community college. In fact, as a career coach…if you don’t know exactly what you want to do and where to get it, why wouldn’t you go to a community college to get the first two years knocked out?” Kindler completed so many of her classes at ACC that she only had to earn 30 credit hours after transferring to UT. She claims to have a passion for helping others, “when I’m working with somebody and they’re really struggling with something or looking at something in their life, I can help them unlock the

knowledge and gifts that they already had in them and wow that’s awesome.” As members of the ACC Alumni Network Council, Kindler and Sosa show thanks to ACC for being their first steps to where they are today. “I would like to give back to all that ACC has given me,” Sosa says. “What I tell students is that when I came to ACC I was not very fluent in the language. So if I could do it anybody else could do it.” Whether you are looking to go back to school or beginning your first semester of community college, think about Jose Sosa and think about Lynn Kindler and think to yourself if community college is really all that bad?

Spring 2019 | 15 L4U_Spring2019.indd 15

12/11/18 12:18 PM

The Rise of

The Truth Initiative states Juul accounts for 71.2 percent of e-cigarette sales since Aug. 2018. In Sept. 2018, the Federal Drug Administration stated that e-cigarette use among youths has hit record highs. This called for the largest enforcement effort in the FDA’s history to issue warnings and fines to retailers – online and brick and mortar – illegally selling JUUL and other e-cigarette products to minors. “I would say [I switched to the Juul] honestly because more people had the Juul,” says student, Kelsey Cantu. “It was like a thing, so I was like The Juul: Is it the cause for the why not? It was more expensive, but it rise in nicotine addiction across hits better.” The difference between the Juul young adults? and other vapes is the use of pods ---Written & photo by Sheridan Smith instead of a refillable tank. One Juul pod consists of about 5% nicotine, ---Video by Ruben Hernandez equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. But in vapes, the person may choose how The 1988 Surgeon General’s Re- much nicotine they would like in their port discovered that cigarettes and refill juice. other forms of tobacco are addicting, “They warned me that they comthe pharmacologic and behavioral pare a bunch of cigarettes to [the Juul], processes that determine nicotine ad- but I was like, ‘it’s cool,’” says Anderdiction are similar to those that deter- son. “The first couple times [after you mine addiction to drugs such as heroin hit the Juul], you get really buzzed, but and cocaine. Cigarettes were finally after your tolerance builds up, you can deemed harmful as many began fight- hit it over and over again for a long ing nicotine addiction. In 2006, elec- time. You feel it [still], but it’s mellow.” tronic cigarettes were introduced to Like other e-cigarettes, Juul’s inthe U.S. to wean people off combus- tention is to help people who struggle tible ones. with nicotine addiction – which it can – “I smoked cigarettes at first, and but it mainly attracts young adults and then I went to vaping,” says student, teenagers. The device has definitely Axel Anderson. made appearances on several school “Since it was so portable and so campuses, where it’s illegal to use. Aceasy to change the cartridge, I decided cording to the National Youth Tobacco I’d just go to [the Juul].” Survey, in 2017 over 2.1 million high A Juul is a school and middle school students One JUUL pod specific kind of used e-cigarettes. Another study from contains 20 e-cigarette re- last year found that one-fifth of stucigarettes worth of leased in 2015. dents has seen Juuls in their schools. However, on nicotine. “At my [high] school, a good According to the Truth Initiative Nov. 13, 2018 amount of people in my grade used Juul CEO, Kev- them,” says Cantu. “We would all go in Burns, released a in the bathrooms during class and hit statement about them. Especially if we had study hall stopping fla- and out [of class], we would all go in vored Juul pod the bathroom and stay there for like a sales to all good hour or two and just Juul in the 90,000 + re- stalls,” says Cantu. tailers, as well Teenagers and young adults as ceasing their seem to be attracted to the JUUL besocial media pres- cause of its design, easy access, fruity ence. flavors and lack of scent. These as-


16 | Life4U

L4U_Spring2019.indd 16

sets allow the device to be easy to hide when in plain sight – such as in a classroom setting. “It’s definitely easy to Watch & Read More hide because you just keep the smoke in, and they don’t smell. It’s discreet, and you can hide it easily, like I always had it on me at school,” says Cantu. The Juul’s accessibility and design is a concern of numerous health associations, including Truth Initiative. The effect nicotine has on an adolescent’s mind is also a concern of theirs. People are aware of the effects of cigarettes, but the effects of Juuls and vaping have never really been unmasked to the consumer. “I’m a coach for a living, so I run a lot and stuff. Because I vape so much, [the vape] would kind of affect me after a while because I was inhaling so much vapor. I [would feel it physically], and I don’t want to vape anymore, at least not as much, so I went to a different mod that I can actually regulate the [nicotine],” says Anderson. Since so many people are attracted to the Juul, it’s also causing an increase in nicotine addiction across a generation that was supposed to be nicotine-free. Cantu says, “Yes [I would say I’m addicted] because if I run out of pods, I always have to go get more because I feel the need to hit it more if I run out. I’ve tried to stop for like short periods of time, but then I’ll be like whatever and just do it again and buy more.” Anderson says he switched from a Juul after three months after noticing he was going through a pod every few weeks. “You can almost feel it because you’re inhaling all that juice, which is just vapor, and you can kind of feel it weigh you down for a little bit,” says Anderson. “It makes you take a break for a while, but then it’s super hard because of all the nicotine.” There has been no real research as to the long term effects e-cigarettes has on the human body. Individuals should be more educated on what they’re inhaling, so they can choose what they would really rather do and understand how it affects their body.

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Male Leadership Program Q & A with Javan Bunton The Male Leadership Program (MLP) offers its members the opportunity to enhance their academic skills, access to career exploration through networking opportunities, and leadership experience. Last year’s recognized MLP member at Nite in the Life is Engineering student Javan Bunton. L4U: How has MLP benefited you? JB: MLP has connected me with a solid network of people who wish to see me go far in life. MLP has spoken confidence in me to keep striving to be great. Also, MLP is a safety net if I’m having a tough time. There have been times where they’ve helped me look for housing, scholarships, job opportunities, etc. MLP is really good about conforming to student needs.

L4U: How has Student Life helped you at ACC? JB: Student Life has helped me a lot at ACC. When I need a break from studying, I often find myself going to the lounge and playing friends in a game of chess, or just going in there for a coffee on Monday's. Student Life is a really good place to unwind, and plan your future. L4U: What is your favorite MLP memory? JB: The Male Leadership Summit at UT. I really learned that it’s okay to come from a struggle, and I should embrace the fact that my journey is different from others. It showed me that I am not the only student who grew up with conflictions of their identity.

L4U: What were your thoughts after winning the MLP award at NIL in April? JB: I was very grateful because I had the feeling that all that work and effort was being recognized. As I walked up, I was thinking back on the times when my mentors would help me think about ways to delegate tasks. I thought back to my team and who stood beside me and what we stood for; I was proud to receive it. I thought about how, without my peer leaders and mentors, I could not have been recognized, so I was thankful for them. When I lifted my hands up everybody went wild and I was filled with euphoria. L4U: How did you get involved in MLP? JB: I got involved with MLP because of Jay McCullar, Darrell Merriweather, and Erika Gupta, three outstanding mentors of mine who have helped me grow as a young man and student leader. They have been guiding me since day one. I became more involved by going to Power Hour, leadership summits, University Tours, and anything possible, including volunteering for Riverbat Bashes. L4U: What are your future career goals? JB: I want to do some type of engineering whether it be civil, mechanical, chemical, or whatever. The sky's the limit for my future career.

Attend University Tours, Power Hours and Operation MLP Service Day. Info at

Student Ambassadors

website Leadership. Scholarship. Mentorship. Apply at

L4U_Spring2019.indd 17

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Give back and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your community..

WORK with local nonprofits and charities.

Gain valuable skills to BUILD your resume, transfer application, and co-curricular transcript.

Find the latest volunteer opportunities and register at

L4U_Spring2019.indd 18

12/11/18 12:18 PM

36% of community college students suffer from food insecurity. -Wisconsin HOPE Lab

The ACC Student Life Food Pantry

program provides students immediate access to nonperishable food and assistance in finding long-term solutions.

ACC Food Drive runs February 4-28, 2019 Pantry located in every Student Life Office.

More at: L4U_Spring2019.indd 19

12/11/18 12:18 PM


SXSW 2018 Interactive Keynote: Melinda Gates

Through January 17, SXSW Interactive, SXSW Film, and SXSW Music badges are available to currently enrolled students for only $325 each. Explore, network and find opportunities. Set your career ambitions in motion at SXSW 2019!

Register to attend:


L4U_Spring2019.indd 20


M N P V 12/11/18 12:18 PM

Around Town

Midterm Votes Eyes watching, heart racing and nail biting occurred during the panic-inflicted midterm elections. The thought of Texas classified as a “toss up state,” according to the New York Times, only amplified the tension. Now that the dust has settled, here is a summary of the 2018 elections. ---Written & Video by Nalani Nuylan

Beto v. Cruz

Beto caught Texas by storm. Nobody knew that the El Paso Democrat, Beto O’Rourke, could give the Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, a run for his money. Originally a businessman, O’Rourke began his career as a politician in the El Paso City Council in 2005. After gaining popularity in El Paso, O’Rourke was elected to join the House of Representatives in 2011. During the 2018 elections, O’Rourke used social media to gain traction for his campaigns, gaining popularity among youth voters. Also, in the first time in Texas history, O’Rourke visited every county in the state. O’Rourke was advertising a progressive agenda with universal health care, education reform, dream citizen statuses, criminal justice reform and legalizing marijuana. On the other side of the ballot, Cruz originally was elected into Senate in 2012. As a former professor at the University of Texas in Austin, Cruz ran for the Senate

L4U_Spring2019.indd 21

to replace Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison. For this past season, Cruz campaigned to Republican voters of the older generations. Promoting conservative ideologies as well as President Trump, a strong economy, and increased border security. During the first debate in Dallas on Sept. 22, the two candidates disagreed on every topic asked by the monitor. Cruz dominated most of the debate, providing lengthy opinions on controversial topics while O’Rourke, mostly, remained within the allotted timeframe. At the end of the debate, the monitor asked the candidates to vocalize what they admired about each other. Both candidates expressed the amount of commitment they had towards their families and for the greater good for the State of Texas.

The Election

As Nov. 6 drew near, early voting opened on Oct. 22 in Texas. More Americans took the early voting advantage this election season. Out

of all 28 states that permitted early voting, nearly 36 million people cast their vote. According to the Elections Project, there is an estimate of 116 million voters in the 2018 midterm elections – making it the highest turnout since 1914. This year’s voter turnout set new records, especially in Texas. Over four million ballots were casted in early voting in the Lone Star State, surpassing the 2014 turnout by three percent, according to The New York Times. On Election Day, Cruz won against Beto by 2.6 percent for the Senate. Out of the nine elected Representatives for the House, five were republican. Greg Abbott was elected governor. The majority of the state results came out Republican. On the national level, Republicans fill the Senate 52 to 47. The House of Representatives is now controlled by Democrats 232 to 201. The Supreme Court leans Watch & Read More

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Republican while the court of appeals leans Democrat. In theory, the current political status is purple.

18, you think, ‘I don’t really know because I was never taught to think about those kinds of things.’”

Young Voters

Another obstacle is residency. Many young people move from their registered home county to attend a four-year university. This can be difficult, being that some students may not want to travel back to their registered county. However, the government provides free online guidance to registering, checking or changing your voter registration, state by state at usa. gov/register-to-vote.

Record numbers of young adults showed up to vote in this year’s midterm elections. “Young People,” by definition, is a voter form the age 18 to 29: college students, recent college graduates, people trying to establish the career that fits their major. Why the high correlation? First of all, there’s a reason that voting organizations advertise to young voters burning this past election season. On Sept. 24, the popular video-sharing platform Youtube started popping up an advertisement. The video is titled Dear Young People, Don’t Vote. The video criticized young people not voting by having older generations question and mock a young voters’ reasons for not voting. Currently, the video has over 600,000 views.

It’s important to note that young people are the future. This past

election, young people in Williamson and Hays counties, which were red, became blue mostly due to the university students living in Williamson and Hays. “To the students who don’t vote because they don’t want to, or it’s an inconvenience, or because they feel like their votes won’t count, I will have to tell you that you’re wrong,” Cuevas said. “Students have a big voice. If they expressed their opinion, they will see a lot of things change.” Vote. Make a difference. You have the power to shape the government to better the future.

Likewise, famous Youtube star Lizza Koshy posted a video encouraging her viewers to vote, regardless of their political views. The video gained over two million views on her channel. As well as Google promoting registration on Google Doodle. Why is it that young people don’t vote? According to ACC’s Student Government Association President, Emmanuel Cuevas, the voting system is rigged against university students. “For one thing, students weren’t taught how to vote,” Cuevas said. “Whenever you are asked ‘What do you think about the Republican or Democratic parties?’ at the age of

L4U_Spring2019.indd 22

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Prop G Break Down Austin leaders have plans for various projects, and upgrades among the Watch & Read More propositions that were passed during the midterm elections. The city will put $160 million towards improving transportation and infrastructure, since Proposition G is one that received a green light. Many residents hope their money is going towards safer roads, as others wonder how the budget is being spent. ---Written & video by Melina Madrigal

$50 Million

It is very clear that Austin like all major cities, could always use renovation and this proposition is dealing with some improvements that have been long put off, especially Emmett Shelton Bridge. This is the bridge built over Lady Bird Lake near Red Bud Trail, known for being the site of a copious amount of motor vehicle accidents. It’s expected that $50 million go towards the reconstruction of this and other bridges and structures that experience heavy, daily traffic.

$66.5 Million

Construction to improve streets near local schools and businesses, as well as curb ramps and drainage areas, will receive $66.5 million. Previous ACC student and Austini-

te, Kristen Gallegos says her walk to UT in the mornings can be dangerous. “There are some areas where there are no sidewalks, so I have to cross really busy roads.”

$20 Million

Sidewalk construction and improvements have been allotted $20 million. The city has emphasized that the first to be renovated are those marked as top priority of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Transition Plan.

Remaining Funds

The city also has plans to enhance the lives of residents who use other means of transportation other than motor vehicles. There will be $15 million going to pedestrian safety improvements at certain city intersections; $4.5 million spent on

signals, technology and communication systems; and $3 million towards urban trails.

$1 Million

Allowing the city to have a say, $1 million will be used for the Neighborhood Partnering Program. This program gives local residents the opportunity to propose projects on property owned by the city. Gallegos says she understands the need of her money going to this proposition. “There is a lot of wear and tear on [the roads] and with more people moving to Austin I think that construction is the best thing to do.” It is apparent that while voters are being asked for a somewhat large amount of money, most understand the increasing need for renovation.

Spring 2019 | 23 L4U_Spring2019.indd 23

12/11/18 12:18 PM

REVIEWS Here are some of our favorite concerts and movies of the year. More at

Follow our social media for ticket giveaways to movies and events like SXSW 2019.

The Contortionist & Intervals

warmed up the crowd. Now it was time for progressive metal band The Written & photos by Taylor Kokas Contortionist, who would take the stage for the next two Recently The Contortionist hours. As a signal that they and supporting band Intervals were about to take the stage made a few stops on their latest the lighting changed to a dim tour in Texas. The Reimagined purple hue while Whitney tour is unlike what most fans of Houston’s “I Will Always Love this genre are used to, with only You” began to play and the two bands on the ticket both crowd erupted into a chorus. were able to play much longer Then the lights went dim and sets, and if you spent a little the outro to “The Parable” with extra for the VIP experience its mesmerizing instrumentals you would’ve gotten access to paired with archive speeches a Meet & Greet, signed merch from philosopher Alan Watts set and exclusive first listen to The the tone, leading into their first Contortionist new EP. track of the night “Language I: Instrumental band Intervals Intuition”; the second track off started off the night with “Touch their previous album Language. and Go” which is the first track Next a couple of tracks off off their latest album The Way their latest album Clairvoyant, Forward. The rest of their nearly “Reimagined” and “Godspeed”. hour long set consisted of Followed by a throwback to songs off The Way Forward as their heavier roots “Primal well as their previous record Directive” and “Flourish” from The Shape of Colour with songs their debut album Exoplanet. like “I’m Awake”, “Sure Shot”, The Contortionist finished and “Leave No Stone” that off their first half of their set

with “Clairvoyant”, “Return To The Earth”, “Integration” and “Language II: Conspire” before taking a fifteen minute break. After their break they started off the second half with acoustic performances of “The Source” and “The Parable”. Fans were also treated to a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins hit song “1979”. To close out their set they played two more off Clairvoyant, “The Center” and their emotional encore “Monochrome(Pensive)”. Having been lucky enough to catch two of their stops in Texas I have to say it was one of the more unique and intimate concerts I’ve ever experienced.

24 | Life4U

L4U_Spring2019.indd 24

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Bohemian Rhapsody

Written by Peyton Thorne

Bohemian Rhapsody, the new Bryan Singer movie set to release on November second, tells the story of Queen, and its legendary frontman Freddie Mercury’s unrelenting climb to fame. By paralleling a monstrous musical career with the emotional struggles tied to fame, this movie paints a well rounded biography of the ups and downs Freddie Mercury faced behind the iconic moustache and sunglasses. When it comes to discussing the quality of Bohemian Rhapsody, acknowledging Rami Malek’s performance is unavoidable. The star delivers a chilling performance, practically resurrecting Freddie Mercury on screen. Everything from the on stage presence, to the uncontrollable shake in his voice when reaching an emotional breaking point plays into a complete embodiment of the performer. While Rami Malek was the clear star in this film, the entire cast was essential to breathing life into the story. Apart from their striking resemblance to the actual band members, the chemistry between the four main

L4U_Spring2019.indd 25

characters is undeniable, emphasizing their significance in Freddie Mercury’s life as well as the themes of family in the film. Read more at

The Happy Prince

Written by Kevin Lopez

The Happy Prince stars, written and directed by Rupert Everett and this makes it his directorial debut in this film. For his directorial debut, Everett chose a biographical film based on the last days of Oscar Wilde (Rupert Everett). Everett places us inside Wilde’s mind as he creates scenes that connect the audience to party and romantic flashbacks. The Happy Prince shows highlights of Wilde’s adventure from being a famous playwright to losing his money. Everett displays these scenes through the coloring of the cinematography. The best scene in The Happy Prince shows two characters arguing, creating a color of orange underground noir. Read more at


Learn more and sign-up at, then attend one of the SXSW Volunteer Calls:

January 27 & February 10, 2019 3pm−5pm Austin Convention Center



12/11/18 12:18 PM



Working out and eating help maintain balance in your daily life. Here are some cheat meals to use with a funky workout routine from Student Health. More at

Take a study break with a deck of cards. For each card you draw from the deck, do the number of reps according to the suit:



Na’cho Average Nachos

For the “cheese” sauce:

•1 small sweet potato, baked, peeled, and mashed •½ cup canned butternut squash puree or canned pumpkin •¼ cup butter, melted (nondairy works well here) •½ cup nutritional yeast •¼ can of diced green chiles •¾–1 cup nondairy milk (unsweetened almond, plain soy, etc.) •Dash of cayenne pepper •¼ tsp black pepper •¼ tsp salt •1 tsp garlic powder



Easy Pad Thai

•1 package dried flat rice noodles •¼ cup tamarind paste •¼ cup crushed peanuts •¼ cup brown sugar •4 tablespoons fish sauce •4 tablespoons soy sauce •1 garlic clove •2 tablespoons coconut oil •2 tablespoons chicken bouillon powder •½ lime •2 eggs •2 teaspoons sesame oil •1 teaspoon Thai chili flakes

For the nacho chips:

•3–4 whole-wheat tortillas, cut into triangles •Sea salt •Cooking spray (optional) 1. Preheat your oven or toaster oven to 375°F. 2. Bake sweet potato in microwave for 3–5 minutes. Let cool before peeling and mashing. 3. Melt butter. Add mashed sweet potato, butternut squash puree, nutritional yeast, melted butter, and spices to blender or food processor. Add ½ cup of milk and blend. Continue adding milk until desired consistency is met. It should be a little drippy and not thick. 4. Stir in green chiles. Set aside. 5. Spray tortillas lightly with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt. Cut into triangles using pizza cutter. Place on baking tray in toaster oven or conventional oven for 5–6 minutes. Flip and bake for another 5–6 minutes until golden brown. 6. Heat nacho cheese in microwave in 30-second increments until warm. 7. Dip baked chips in sauce and enjoy.

26 | Life4U L4U_Spring2019.indd 26

1. Fill a large bowl with warm water and let your noodles soak for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, drain and set aside. To make sure your noodles don’t stick, add a few drops of sesame oil. You can also cut the noodles into smaller pieces. 2. In a large wok or skillet on medium heat, add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and a diced garlic clove. 3. Add your shrimp, if using, and stir until they turn pink. If using chicken, make sure to fully cook it so that the interior is white all the way through. 4. Add your rice noodles and stir for about 1 minute. 5.Mix your tamarind/ketchup, brown sugar, fish sauce/salt, soy sauce, and chicken bouillon powder in a cup and pour on top of noodles. Stir around until noodles are cooked (soft but not soggy). 6. Put noodles to one side of the pan and scramble your eggs on the other. Once eggs are cooked, mix the eggs and noodles together. Add your handful of bean sprouts to the pan as well. 7. Plate your noodles and garnish with crushed peanuts and green onion.

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Intramurals Sports & Recreation Q & A with Emily Trevino and Alexandrea Williams The Athlete of the Year award goes to students who have demonstrated core values such as leadership, a positive sportsmanlike attitude, and determination. Last year’s awards went to public and social services student, Emily Trevino, and health sciences student, Alexandrea Williams.

Alexandrea Williams SPORTS FOR THE SPRING INCLUDE: Co-Rec Softball Men’s Soccer Women’s Volleyball Men’s Basketball and more

Emily Trevino

L4U: What sports did you participate in last year? AW: Volleyball ET: Softball L4U: What were your thoughts after winning the Athlete of the Year award at NIL in April? AW: Winning the Athlete of the Year award was a revelation. I struggled with trying to figure out my purpose in life and the path God wanted me to be on. This award solidified the idea that sports is something I definitely needed to continue pursuing. ET: It was a very good feeling, knowing that I was able to shine & play the sport I love with amazing people – I never thought it would’ve been me! L4U: How did you get involved in Intramurals? AW: I first got involved with intramurals when I started ACC in fall of 2016. I loved playing volleyball so I was dying to sign up and get going again. ET: I saw a flyer and applied online.


L4U: How has Intramurals been beneficial for you? AW: Intramurals has brought so many friends into my life. It allowed me to be exposed to other athletic organizations. ET: Intramurals was a big benefit for me by always getting a workout, meeting new people, and being able to express myself. L4U: What is your favorite Intramurals memory? AW: Meeting new people! Without Tracy Partin and the girls, I would not have made any friends. I’m sort of what they call an introvert so it’s hard for me to make friends. ET: Coach Tracy always hypes us up and never gives us a bad vibe. L4U: Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in Intramurals, but don't know how to go about it? AW: First, get in touch with Tracy because he is such an amazing person and is willing to help with anything. Second, don’t be afraid to sign up for any sports. Regardless of skill level we welcome everybody! Yes, we like to win – but having fun and representing ACC is what it’s all about! ET: I love to encourage people to play, even if they’ve never played. Not everyone is a star, it’s just about the fun you can have!

Register at:

L4U_Spring2019.indd 27

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Social & Civic Awareness

L4U_Spring2019.indd 28

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Tips on Returning to School

Making the choice to go back to school can be a tough: prioritizing study time, choosing an online versus traditional class, taking tests and more. So we snagged some advice from returning students, Jacquelyn Stamatades and Kathryn Atkins. -- Video by Peyton Thorne

Working & School

Watch & Read more

1. Use your Supplemental Instruction The SI program targets difficult academic courses and provides regularly scheduled out-of-class review sessions. Learn more at

Imani Ogunro catches up with fashion and marketing student, Mariah Ortega to find out how she juggles two jobs and school

Watch here

2. Take advantage of the free tutors ACC provides Learning Labs have one-on-one tutors for enrolled students. Tutoring schedules are available and more at

3. Collaborate on notes with your classmates Organizing is a task in of itself for some. Academic coaches can assist with your academic organizational needs, planning study time.

4. Make sure you’re really organized “Set a study schedule and plan to take breaks,” says Atkins.

5. Plan out effective times to study while maintaining your life commitments in teh real world L4U_Spring2019.indd 29

12/11/18 12:18 PM


30 | Life4U L4U_Spring2019.indd 30

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Student Life's Original Web Series

Watch Parties January 22, 2019 (HLC) Stalking Awareness February 18, 2019 (SAC) Resume Building March 11, 2019 (NRG) Studying Abroad April 5, 2019 (EVC) Dining Etiquette May 6, 2019 (TBD) Dance Off Challenge

For more information on auditions or events email

Subscribe & Watch : L4U_Spring2019.indd 31

Spring 2019 | 31 12/11/18 12:18 PM

On Campus

Right to the First Ammendment While the freedom of speech is one major medium for students to actively use their voice, they can also consider their freedom of the press, a road that seems to be less travelled on. Student journalism is something that students might want to keep an eye out for, or get involved in. ---Written, photos & video by Ruben Hernadez

32 | Life4U L4U_Spring2019.indd 32

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Throughout history many people have taken a stand for their beliefs. Peaceful protests, assemblies, and petitions are all examples of ways that people have made the first steps towards starting a movement in favor of change. We are able to take these steps because of the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. “There are many key areas that we can benefit from within the first amendment,” Journalism Professor Paul Brown said. “As somebody involved in journalism, I’m focused on freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Of course, you also have freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and the right to petition.” While most citizens of the United States know the amendment itself, there seem to be some misconceptions on some of its entitlements. In regards to freedom of speech, some envision the cliché protest yells and chants. “You can certainly go to the south steps of the Capital or be in front of a government building and be a part of a grand assembly,” Brown said. “You can chant and express yourself with signs, but with the use of social media you can utilize this right in an easier manner. Just by having a Twitter or Face-

L4U_Spring2019.indd 33

book account with X amount of followers, you have the potential to spread your message even further.” The internet has evolved into our lives, more so now than ever before. Since the early 2000’s, net neutrality has grown into a heated topic that is now in the government’s hands. Net neutrality raises many concerns among the American people, one being having an “open” or “closed” internet. This past December, congress voted [ ] on the Congressional Review Act, which [ ] net neutrality. Utilization of the first amendment doesn’t have to be exclusive towards people outside of universities and colleges. We learn about our basic citizen rights through the education system in our history and government classes, to know and understand them as we grow. These teach us the boundaries that we, as Americans, can legally live our lives in the U.S. Student Government Association Director of Communications Lauren Ashlee said, “students need to know that if we don’t like something – if it’s negatively affecting us and [we] need help with a situation – we need to be able to use our voice. This applies to when we need to protest something, write news articles, or when we need to use media to get out the information when we feel like we’re being ignored.” Freedom of speech, often extends to freedom of the press. In the current political climate, media has taken heat for certain publications and

questions. Fake news has been on the rise, according to president Donald Trump. However, according to Yahoo’s Daily Digit, trust in the American media by its citizens has seen an increase since 2016. It also states that 84% of Americans believe media to be “critical” for our democracy. Student journalism is something that students might want to keep an eye out for, or get involved in. “We’re the boss of the government, the government is not the boss of us,” Brown said. “We want to make sure they’re doing the right thing we feel is the right thing for them to do. So, we need young people, especially in today’s digital age, where it is easy to get lost in the sea of journalism from all directions, to be the future leaders in this industry. Understanding the concepts of journalism now will help the industry thrive, but it all starts with student journalism.” Since 2016, the amount of journalism degrees being earned is on the decline. However, students continue to be involved in their high school and college media outlets,f they exist, to share the opinions and views of other students. The reason I think it is important for students to study journalism is because it’s the future of journalism,” Brown said. Watch & Read More

12/11/18 12:18 PM

“We need to have journalists to conduct our democracy. That’s what the founding fathers envisioned; essentially an unofficial fourth branch of government to make sure that those who are in power are always beholden to us.” There also may be students who want to voice their own thoughts and take action. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that; and it can start with those around you. “Listen to your peers,” says Ashlee. “If you have a concern, get two or three of your peers and see what they have to say about it, especially if you don’t want to join an organization and don’t know where to start. Talk to a professor, for example, and see if they can lead you to a higher power.” When it comes to issues at ACC, the Student Government Association (SGA) can act as a voice for the student body. Many may think that SGA is strictly political, that is not the case. “SGA is the border between the student body and the board of trustees,” Ashlee said. “We are the middle man, we see the struggles and needs of the students and see how we can make our school better. We always try to see how the student council can better serve the students.” The first amendment has stayed constant through different time periods since the passing of the U.S. Constitution. While times have changed, through a variety of eras and development of technology, the first amendment has never failed to be consistent. “The first amendment is there for us to fall back on regardless of what era we’re in,” Brown said. “Of course, we’re in the digital era with smartphones and social media. The

34 | Life4U L4U_Spring2019.indd 34

founding fathers could have never envisioned this, but they did envision the idea of the government’s ability to be flexible in letting the people express themselves in a democracy.” While the first amendment is an outlet for many people to express themselves, we can also vote to have out voices heard. In the midterm 2018 elections, people were encouraged to vote for the change they wanted; whether it’s a vote, or a speech given, there’s no one way to have your voice heard. “If you don’t vote as a millennial in 2018, it’s not a big issue,” Ashlee said. “Just know that there is an older person that has different political views than you do that is going to vote. They will be your voice because you didn’t vote. If you don’t vote, someone else will do it for you. If you want your voice heard, do your research.” While voting is separate from the first amendment and your freedom of speech, that is not to say that they don’t work hand in hand. Your voice can be in the form of anything from standing in front of a crowd to putting in a ballot. “Voting and the freedom of speech should go hand in hand,” Ashlee said. “You voting is your freedom of speech. It is your right, and no one has the right to tell you who to vote for, or why. Do your research, and see who you like based on their ethics and what their stance is. You can also use your freedom of speech to get other people on the same boat as you when it comes to voting for candidates.” Everyone has a duty to those around them to understand what issues are currently happening, and seeing how it affects them. Understanding how to work with those

around you, however, is also something to think about. “You need to be a voice for the people,” Ashlee said. “If you see a problem, you need to stand up and not be afraid what other people think of you or how you’ll be taken. Two is always better than one, and 1,000 is better than ten. You need to unite with people who you think are fighting for the same things you’re fighting for.” Fighting for change is something we see often, especially with the amount of reform that citizens of this country are calling for. Whether you want to join that cause is your right as an American citizen, even if it means no action. “Take what life gives you, and change it,” Ashlee said. “Go on the path you think you should be going on. Don’t sit there and accept it because it’s the easier thing to do. People’s lives don’t change because they think they’re doing it easy. People’s’ lives change based off of work, ethic, and how much they’re willing to put in.”

12/11/18 12:18 PM


Grow your campus community.

Gain leadership experience.


Work-Study and Hourly positions available at all campuses. Spring 2019 | 35 L4U_Spring2019.indd 35

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Understanding Diversity

Settling into a mix of people. ---Written, photos & video by Martay Whitfield

Watch & Read More Diversity refers to the difference among individuals, although many assume it focuses on only race and ethnicity. Among those, differences also include economic status, sexual orientation and age. College is one place that you can find this form of diversity through a mix of people working together to improve their community by receiving a higher education. Many come from all over to live in the Austin area and attend ACC with aspirations to transfer into The University of Texas at Austin. Adrian Fierro, general studies student, moved to Austin from West Texas originally to be a producer, but found a interest in Government.“[At ACC] I’m meeting people, I wouldn’t have normally meet. Coming to a big city like this and having an open mind set, floating around is interesting.” At ACC Fierro experiences a safe and cultured environment. “I have never had a problem at ACC, I think that it has a very [open-minded] faculty as well as the student body.” Fierro feels that ACC does everything in their power to make everyone feel accepted and at home. One thing about college is it can help you to discover yourself. Through the growth of diversity at ACC, there is sensitivity to certain subjects. “ACC is culturally sensitive,” says philosophy and psychology student, Grant Loveless. “ACC is all about making it comfortable to succeed and develop

36 | Life4U L4U_Spring2019.indd 36

success.” Education at ACC is about challenging and finding your beliefs. The school has programs and organizations, for almost anyone. And if a student can’t find a suitable place at ACC, Student Life offers the opportunity to create an organization for those enrolled in classes. Student organizations like Onward to Interpreting, First Generation Students of ACC and Gender & Sexuality Alliance are offered to students for an inclusive community. The Male Leadership Program (MLP), began in the Office of Student Life. The program is known for providing institutional support to encourage success for first-year male students, by providing a network of resources. This program is inclusive of men, women and non-binary students. There is one student organization currently in the works by a few students. Similar to the Black Student Association, this organization will be Black Minds Empowered. Their mission will be focused on providing resources and a safe space to minority students. Alexis Carr, [Psychology student] is one of the creators. “We see the lack of community in the African American culture as black students. We don’t really speak to each other, like when we walk by each other – there’s lack of communication. So we just want to have a space for students to come and express how they feel as a minority

student, as a black student.” Carr believes that the ethnic diversity at ACC can improve, so she is working to help this community. Austin, known for being “weird” or “the blue dot in the red state,” portrays a sense of liberalism. “In Texas, specifically, we do see a lot cultural insensitivities going on in different cities where we have injustice and inequality around minorities,” Loveless says. “[At ACC,] we have a large array of students with various cultures, students, backgrounds and nationalities. So the diversity at ACC, here, is number one.” Fierro oversees diversity and inclusion for the Student Government Association. My experience here at ACC has been life changing. Where I’m from you don’t really get to experience half the things you get to, we don’t have the conversations we have here. Especially being in the middle of not only political issues, but scientific advancements. Austin is basically Silicon Valley, so it’s amazing to have it all combined.” As an open-minded city, ACC embodies the “weirdness” of Austin. There are 11 campuses in the Austin area, making ACC the sixth largest community college in the United States, and the fourth largest college in Texas. ACC works to represent diversity while making every campus feel safe and welcoming. These embody ACC’s slogan, “Start Here. Get There.”

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Student Organizations Q & A with Maria Dominguez

Jeffrey Oz

Ellie K en

n Voluntee no

oordinato r rC

Coordinat nt

Nelson Ev e zy

a Domin g ari M

z Presiden t ue

Presiden ce t Vi

h Bristol lea A

i Oates Fa od

Adviso lty r cu

cretary Se



Every student organization at ACC falls under three categories: Area of Study, Social Groups, and Honor Societies. Last year’s recognized Nite in the Life Student Organization is Onward to Interpreting (OTI). OTI provides resources and exposure relating to ASL interpreting to be a source for navigating the interpreting program, and supports the deaf ah Dys Sar o community. President, Maria Dominguez, along with six others members worked to represent OTI to the best of their abilities last year.


L4U: What is your advice for students who may be interested in joining a student organization? MD: Being a part of a student organization is great experience for any student. It's a fantastic way to get involved at school, while simultaneously developing our own skills within our majors. Additionally, being involved increases proficiency skills in communication, time management, data management, budget management, fundraising skills, team collaboration, and many other abilities that will make for a stand-out curriculum vitae! The skills I learn while engaged in this school organization are applicable across multiple professional environments, outside of school; I strongly believe these skills will help me secure employment, in the near future.

L4U: What were your thoughts after OTI won Student Organization of the Year? MD: I was genuinely surprised. OTI managed to host and offer educationally relevant workshops every single month, from Nov. 2017 to April 2018. It felt like we were making a positive impact within the ACC American Sign Language Interpreting Training Program (ASL ITP). To have the extensive effort all the individuals involved with OTI from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 be recognized with such prestigious recognition was beyond my imagination. L4U: What is your favorite OTI memory? MD: Working the first ever workshop the organization hosted, on Nov. 4, 2017. After months of preparation, it was absolutely fantastic to see all our work manifested into a physical presentation with a large and unexpected attendance of ITP students and certified interpreters. L4U: What are your future career goals? MD: I'm a med-school hopeful. I joined the ACC ASL ITP after recognizing the tremendous need for communication access between medical physicians and patients. I hope to one day offer my patients quality care with improved communication access, with ASL. L4U: Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in joining OTI? MD: OTI is always looking for ASL ITP students to join in any capacity – whether directly involved as an officer, or volunteering. If you're interested in being a part of a team that works to promote the progress of the interpreting process, while gaining invaluable experience, feel free to contact us at; or, send us your thoughts/feedback to the OTI Facebook page,

Nuts & Bolts Org 101: Orientation is MANDATORY for renewing or new Student Organizations

website Dates and more at:

L4U_Spring2019.indd 37

12/11/18 12:18 PM

Cypress Creek (CYP)

Cypress Creek



Main Number (512)223-2000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2102__________________ 223-2000 Admissions_____________________ Room 2114.1_________________ 223-2022 Advising_______________________ Room 2114.1_________________ 223-2010 Assessment____________________ Room 2116___________________ 223-2020 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1146___________________ 335-8363 Campus Police__________________ Room 2101__________________ 223-2008 Career Services_________________ Room Lobby Bldg 2000________ 223-2011 Cashier________________________ Room 2117___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 2121.7_________________ 223-2034 Counseling_____________________ Room 2114.8_________________ 223-2010 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2114.7_________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2118___________________ 223-2045 Library_________________________ Room 2121__________________ 223-2030 SAS___________________________ Room 2114.23________________ 223-2014 Student Life____________________ Room 1121___________________ 223-2120 Support Center_________________ Room 2114___________________ 223-2205 Testing Center__________________ Room 1139___________________ 223-2075

83 Y1 HW

SC RE EK RD ./C OR D. 1 82

1555 Cypress Creek Road Cedar Park, TX 78613



20 RM 6



FM 2 769






Eastview (EVC) MLK JR. BLVD.






HWY 183


E. 7TH ST.

E. 6TH ST.




E. 12TH ST. E. 11TH ST.

Main Number (512)223-5100 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 3101__________________ 223-5100 Admissions_____________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5150 Advising_______________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5188 Assessment____________________ Room 2135__________________ 223-5146 Bookstore _____________________ Room 8168___________________927-1619 Campus Police__________________ Room 2103__________________ 223-5120 Career Services_________________ Room 2136__________________ 223-5188 Cashier________________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 2203.2_________________ 223-5013 Counseling_____________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5188 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2156__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2306__________________ 223-5114 Library_________________________ Room 2200__________________ 223-5109 SAS___________________________ Room 2135__________________ 223-5159 Student Life____________________ Room 2158__________________ 223-5303 Support Center_________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5214 Testing Center__________________ Room 2155__________________ 223-5145



3401 Webberville Road, Austin, TX 78702

Elgin (EGN)


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HWY 95

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HWY 290

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1501 West US Highway 290, Elgin, TX 78621 Main Number (512)223-9400 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-9400 Admissions_____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-9412 Advising_______________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Assessment____________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1179___________________ 223-9400 Campus Police__________________ Room 1114___________________ 223-9405 Cashier________________________ Room N/A____________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1387__________________ 223-9440 Counseling_____________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1254__________________ 223-9421 Library_________________________ Room 1376__________________ 223-9434 SAS___________________________ Room 1169___________________ 223-9467 Student Life____________________ Room 1181___________________ 223-9427 Support Center_________________ Room 1163___________________ 223-9482 Testing Center__________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468

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Hays (HYS)








LN .

. RD





Main Number (512)223-6500 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1132___________________ 262-6500 Admissions_____________________ Room 1106.3_________________ 262-6518 Advising_______________________ Room 1114.02________________ 262-6515 Assessment____________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1114___________________ 262-6366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-7999 Cashier________________________ Room 1103.01________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1338__________________ 262-5603 Counseling_____________________ Room 1111.04________________ 262-6527 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1205__________________ 262-6580 Library_________________________ Room 1305__________________ 262-6592 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 410-1864 Student Life____________________ Room 1118___________________ 262-6543 Support Center_________________ Room 1112.02________________ 262-6530 Testing Center__________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537


4800 Jack C. Hays Trail, Buda, TX 78610


Highland Business Center (HBC) 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752





Main Number (512)223-4222 Texas Relay 711 Campus Police__________________ Room Lobby_________________ 223-7002 Cashier________________________ Room 420___________________ 223-2274 Early College Start_______________ Room 509___________________ 223-7357 Recruitment and Enrollment_______ Room 610___________________ 223-7747 Graduation Office________________ Room 301.1__________________ 223-7544 International Programs____________ Room 508.4__________________ 223-7114 TSI Office______________________ Room 307___________________ 223-7770


HWY 183


RM 2222

HWY 290 E.

Highland Business Center

Highland Campus (HLC) 6001 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78752




22 22









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Main Number (512)223-7300 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2306__________________ 223-7300 Admissions_____________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-4636 Advising_______________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Assessment____________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 Bookstore _____________________ Mall East Entrance_____________ 371-8921 Campus Police__________________ Room 1416, 2338_____________ 223-7307 Career Services_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Cashier________________________ Room 2335__________________ 223-2274 Counseling_____________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2333__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1100__________________ 223-7365 Library_________________________ Room 1325__________________ 223-7380 SAS___________________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7343 Student Life____________________ Room 2350__________________ 223-7393 Support Center_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7344 Testing Center__________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 VA Resource Center_____________ Room 2280B_________________ 223-4636

HWY 290 E.

Highland Business Center

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Northridge (NRG) 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, TX 78758











Rio Grande (RGC) 1212 Rio Grande Street, Austin, TX 7870




W. 12TH W. 11TH



W. 15TH

Rio Grande

W. 6TH

The Rio Grande Campus is currently undergoing renovation. Call 223-3000 for updates and available services. ****Services were closed at the time of this magazines creation. Please call the above number for more information Main Number (512)223-3000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 3230__________________ 223-3000 Admissions_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3030 Advising_______________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Assessment (closed)_____________ Room Annex 153______________ 223-3139 Bookstore _____________________ Room Parking Garage_________ 474-2607 Campus Police__________________ Room 101.6__________________ 223-3007 Career Services (closed)__________ Room Annex 156______________ 223-3138 Cashier (closed)_________________ Room 103___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center (closed)_________ Room 228___________________ 223-3082 Counseling_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Financial Aid____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 212____________________ 223-3367 Library (closed)__________________ Room 230___________________ 223-3067 SAS___________________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3142 Student Life (closed)_____________ Room 101.1__________________ 223-3113 Testing Center (closed)___________ Room 127____________________ 223-3164





Main Number (512)223-4000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1208__________________ 223-4700 Admissions_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4730 Advising_______________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Assessment____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4807 Bookstore _____________________ Room 4130__________________ 834-9366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4718 Career Services_________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4720 Cashier________________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1204__________________ 223-4646 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 4119___________________ 223-4813 Library_________________________ Room 1223__________________ 223-4746 SAS___________________________ Room 1111___________________ 223-4725 Student Life____________________ Room 1112.2_________________ 223-4715 Support Center_________________ Room 111.1__________________ 223-4845 Testing Center__________________ Room 3237__________________ 223-4735 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4636

Riverside (RVS) 1020 Grove Boulevard Austin, TX 78744

HWY 71

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HWY 183








E. 7TH ST.

Main Number (512)223-6000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2208__________________223-6000 Admissions_____________________ Room 8105__________________ 223-6020 Advising_______________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Assessment____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6015 Bookstore _____________________ Building G____________________ 385-5727 Campus Police__________________ Room 2238__________________ 223-6044 Career Services_________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Cashier________________________ Room 8134__________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1126___________________ 223-6010 Counseling_____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Financial Aid____________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 9100__________________ 223-6037 Library_________________________ Room 1108___________________ 223-6006 SAS___________________________ Room 8141___________________ 223-6244 Student Life____________________ Room 8130__________________ 223-6338 Support Center_________________ Room 8138__________________ 223-6026 Testing Center__________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-6242 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4636

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Round Rock (RRC) 4400 College Park Drive, Round Rock, TX 7866




Round Rock



Main Number (512)223-0000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________223-0000 Admissions_____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-0016 Advising_______________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Assessment____________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Bookstore _____________________ Room 2102__________________ 310-1761 Campus Police__________________ Room 1133___________________ 223-0050 Career Services_________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Cashier________________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1315___________________ 223-0120 Counseling_____________________ Room 1005__________________223-0009 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-0206 Library_________________________ Room 1302__________________ 223-0104 SAS___________________________ Room 1111.01________________ 223-0048 Student Life____________________ Room 2117___________________ 223-0134 Student Media__________________ Room 2107__________________ 223-0122 Support Center_________________ Room 1110.01________________ 223-0032 Testing Center__________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4636


San Gabriel (SGC) 449 San Gabriel Campus Dr, Leander, TX 78641

Main Number (512)223-2500 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1118___________________ 223-2500 Admissions_____________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2556 Advising_______________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Assessment____________________ Room 1213___________________ 223-2570 Bookstore _____________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Campus Police__________________ Room 1124___________________ 223-2510 Career Services_________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Cashier________________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Computer Center________________ Room 1200__________________ 223-2516 Counseling_____________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Learning Lab___________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Library_________________________ Room 1200__________________ 223-2565 SAS___________________________ Room 1113.15224_____________ 223-2545 Student Life____________________ Room 1128___________________ 223-2512 Support Center_________________ Room 1113.15________________ 223-2545 Testing Center__________________ Room 1213___________________ 223-2570

South Austin (SAC)

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South Austin




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Main Number (512)223-9100 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1149___________________ 223-9100 Admissions_____________________ Room 1104___________________ 223-9151 Advising_______________________ Room 1118___________________ 223-9140 Assessment____________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9162 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1160___________________ 445-7437 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-9142 Career Services_________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9168 Cashier________________________ Room 1119___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1201.6_________________ 223-9186 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9141 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1138___________________ 223-9243 Library_________________________ Room 1201__________________ 223-9180 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 223-9163 Student Life____________________ Room 1121___________________ 223-9172 Support Center_________________ Room 1105__________________ 223-9161 Testing Center__________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9240


820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX 78745



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What’s Your Sign?

Austin Community College students were asked how they would describe themselves compared to their zodiac signs’ general description. Leo ricorn C ap

---Written & photos by Sheridan Smith A ri e s

Aries are known for being extremely energetic, willing, determined, and are usually natural-born leaders. Meanwhile, Aries, Alyssa Rosales says, “I’m really friendly, always happy, and really chill.”

Leos are creative, sensitive, logical, and quite independent. Leo, Solmaz Berenji says, “I’m kind, annoying, caring, creative, and definitely stupid at times.”


Capricorns are confident, hardworking, stubborn, and stable overall. Capricorn, Amanda Ray says, “I’m compassionate, intellectual, honest, and analytical.” A q u a ri u s


Tauruses are practical, determined, kind, and highly value privacy. Taurus, Fatima Moreno says, “I’m caring, imaginative, and I don’t like sitting still, but I wouldn’t say I’m adventurous.” Gemini

Geminis are usually mentally gifted, and they quickly change moods and opinions. Gemini, Kamryn Collins says, “I’m outgoing, very loud, restless, and talkative. [I’m] just really social.” Cancer

Cancers are strong-willed, home-loving, and shy, while also being outgoing. Cancer, Daniel Chalambaga says, “I’m cool, chill, funny, extremely outgoing, and musically talented.”

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Virgos are very critical, sensitive, analytical, and appear cold, but they are actually loving on the inside. Virgo, Charity Alexander says, “I’m hard-working, dedicated, and creative. I’d also say I’m a social person, but after I get to know someone.” L ib r a

Libras are charming, naturally kind, even-tempered, and they are known as being a team player. Libra, Ylonda Sifuenten says, “I’m goofy and very spontaneous. I’m also ambitious, emotional, and can definitely be a little impatient at times.”


Pisces are compassionate, sensitive, easy-going, and understanding, and they tend to hide their feelings. Pisces, Alerra Wallace says, “I’m outgoing, nonchalant, humorous, sincere, and trustworthy.”

Aquarius are independent and friendly, and they have a dominant personality that seeks truth. Aquarius, Julieta Sanchez says, “I get called a ‘mom’ a lot. [I’m] very caring, dramatic, and weird.” Scorpio

Scorpios are unpredictable and keen, and they have an intense, emotional energy and strong imagination. Scorpio, Madeline Howes says, “I’m really outgoing and creative. I think I’m funny and probably a little crazy.” gittarius Sa

Sagittariuses are perfectionists and curious, and they have a love for exploring and a positive attitude. Sagittarius, Samantha Belabarreda says, “I’m loud, funny, social, and I would say humble.”

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ACC Library Services Committed to Student Success Expert Librarians are available to assist with research help, citations, and other assignment needs. Contact us in person, on the phone, or via 24/7 chat. You can check out: iPads Laptops Calculators Reserve Materials Textbooks Headphones and more! Online Research Success tutorials and guides help you navigate academic research. Print & 24/7 electronic resources support assignments and research needs. Study rooms are available for student groups. Reservations can be made on the library website.

24/7 reference & e-resources Library Services is a department in ACC's Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED).

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