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Dante hoped to transfer from his junior college into Concordia, but the process seemed overwhelming at first. His admissions counselor eased his worries and now his dream of becoming an educator is just within reach.


Take the world by Concordia University Texas is a liberal arts institution of higher education and has called Austin home since 1926. As the city’s leading Christian university, we are committed to pursuing the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences that lead to meaningful work. We make the transfer process easy by offering a support network dedicated to getting you into class and on the right path for your career. Apply today.

u Complete

your Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in

Business at ACC with Concordia instructors & courses

Our new program for students with an AAS!

 512.313.4CTX


tuition rate 3 out of the 4 years

u Flexible u Dual

evening & online options

resources from both institutions


Life4U Student Life Contributing Staff Editor-in-Chief Halie Davis

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Special thanks to Cheryl Richard, Director of Student Life Student Media Contributing Staff Mulitmedia Producer Ruben Hernandez Multimedia Producer Nathaniel Torres Writer/Photographer Tracy Fuller Writer/Photographer Jaquarry Wilson Austin Community College, President & Board of Trustees Dr. Richard Rhodes, President Board Members: Dr. Barbara P. Mink (chair), Ms. Gigi Edwards Bryant (vice chair), Mr. Mark J. Williams (secretary), Dr. Nan McRaven, Mr. Sean Hassan, Ms. Nicole Eversmann, Dr. Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Dr. Betty W. Hwang, Ms. Julie Ann Nitsch Contribute to Life4U magazine by emailing, calling 512.223.0122, or stop by room 2107 on the Round Rock Campus

Editor’s Note Labels are words we choose to describe the world around us – people, experiences, education. As humans, the world seems to make more sense when we can call something how we see it fit. However, what happens when we can’t find the words to describe a feeling, sound, smell, or sight? Confusion. With that confusion, sometimes comes anger. Then what – stay angry and continue on or try to become better informed? Personally, I like to try the latter. It may not always work at that moment or ever. At least I know there are more thoughts and experiences in this world than my own. Let’s talk equity, technology, money, and about the environment. What’s going on around the other side of the world? What’s happening in Texas? What’s going on behind your door? Let’s talk experience. Show me your knowledge. In addition to the magazine, check out the Student Life Chronicle web series at for entertaining videos. Stay up-to-date with us at Hang ten this semester, you got it.

Halie Davis Editor-in-Chief

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2017 2018

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Student Life Chronicle is ACC Student Life’s YouTube series. Launched in 2015, the Chronicle features spotlight stories about ACC events, programs, and student opportunities. Watch:

Want to get involved with Student Life? Stop by your campus SL office and get connected! /ACCSL @ACCStudentLife


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CONTENT 08 Welcome Week

Win a Barnes and Noble prize pack

12 Working in Groups

Tips from ACC’s Academic Coaches

15 Student Resources


How to stay afloat this semester

17 Student of the Year

Nite in the Life’s Award Winner, Amber Rodriguez

20 Austin Ranks #1

The best place to live in the nation, again?

24 Animation Biz

Cartooning is a competitive industry + an exclusive video interview with Stephen Silver

30 Eat & Exercise

Student Health 101 recipes and workouts

33 Reviews & Interviews

Music, film and event reviews and interviews of the year

37 Behind the Scenes of Transtastic

Learning about being transgender

44 Study Break

Quiz: Which Student Life Program Fits You?

46 Dreaming of American Education

What it means to get an education as a DACA student

50 Mental Health

Is there a cure?

52 Riverbat Ambassador Award

Nite in the Life’s Award Winner, Brittany Gonzales


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Feeling stranded? Student Life is your life raft.

AUG 27 AUG 31 Kick off your semester with ACC Student Life! Connect with us and get to know your campus!

Get the resources you need to surf through the semester!

Find events at Students in need of an interpreter or other accommodations for this event should contact or (512) 223-6155.

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Riverbat Bash WIN: A Barnes and Noble prize pack! To enter, keep an eye on our Instagram account @ACCStudentLife for the giveaway announcement throughout the fall semester.

Tuesday SEpt. 18, 2018

Tuesday SEpt. 25, 2018

Eastview Campus 11:00am - 2:00pm San Gabriel Campus 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Elgin Campus 10:30am - 1:30pm Riverside Campus 11:00am - 2:00pm

Wednesday SEpt. 19, 2018

WedneSday SEpt. 26, 2018

Cypress Creek Campus 11:00am - 2:00pm South Austin Campus 11:00am - 2:00pm

Round Rock Campus 10:30am - 1:30pm Hays Campus 12:00PM - 3:00PM

thursday SEpt. 20, 2018 Highland CAmpus 11:00am - 2:00pm Northridge Campus 11:00am - 2:00pm




catch a wave with student life and surf into success!


Questions? Contact

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Events Calendar AUGUST


8/13: Organization Registration opens 8/27: Intramurals Registration OPENS 8/27: PSAA Nominations OPEN 8/27 - 8/31: Welcome Week

11/12 - 11/16: Operation Riverbats service Week 11/13: Nuts & Bolts: Org 101 11/14: Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 11/19: SLC Watch Party (SGC) 11/22 - 11/23: Thanksgiving Break (College Closed) 11/27: Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 11/28: Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101

SEPTEMBER 9/3: 9/4: 9/5: 9/17: 9/18: 9/19: 9/20: 9/25: 9/26:

Labor Day (College Closed) ACC Event Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 SLC Watch Party (RVS) Riverbat Bash (EVC, SGC); Nuts & Bolts: Org 101 Riverbat Bash (CYP, SAC); Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Riverbat Bash (NRG, HLC) Riverbat Bash (EGN, RVS) Riverbat Bash (RRC, HYS)

Calendar DECEMBER 12/2: SLC Watch Party (RRC) 12/5: ACC vs. Australia Basketball Game 12/10 - 12/14: Finals Week 12/13: Winter Graduation 12/22 - 1/2: Winter Break (College Closed)

OCTOBER 10/2: 10/3: 10/16: 10/17: 10/22: 10/26: 10/22 10/26: 10/31:

Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 Nuts & Bolts: ORG 101 SLC Watch Party (HYS) Midterm Wellness Week Halloween Bowling PSAA Applications close

Learn More at:

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10 | Life4U

There are 10 Areas of Study at Austin Community College designed to serve as a clear road map for your college plan. The Areas of Study make it simple to plan each semester efficiently, without spending time and money on credits you don’t need. Area of Study advisors will help you select your classes, stay on track for your degree program and help you make choices and decisions about your educational and career goals.

Fall 2018 | 11

In Class



See Student Life Chronicle’s Episode:

Learn about the services ACC’s Academic Coaches provide at

Many cringe and groan when told they will need to work in a group. This phenomenon of “grouphate” refers to the dread & repulsion that many people feel about working in groups or teams. The good news is when group members have received proper instruction about working in groups, these feelings diminish.



• Ability to work in a team • Groups have a greater well structure of resources and more • Ability to make decisions and information than any one solve problems individual. • Ability to plan, organize, and • Groups stimulate creativity, prioritize work remember the old saying • Ability to communicate with “two heads are better than people inside and outside one.” the organization • People remember group discussions better. Group *According to the 2013 National Association of learnings fosters learning Employers & College survey and comprehension – so if you’re not studying in a group, you should start.

12 | Life4U

GROUP DISADVANTAGES • Someone may be afraid to voice their opinions to avoid conflict. • Having a leader is important, but remember the responsibility is shared. The group may want to assign a “facilitator” instead of using the word “leader” to depict shared responsibility. • It can take more time to work in a group than to work alone.


Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of group work can help you maximize the benefits and minimize the obstacles. One of the biggest pros is recognizing group work as an opportunity to enhance your professional and people skills through CAT.

or do at that first meeting. Divide up roles, so that everyone comes prepared with their ideas and information. • As the date approaches, ensure that a reminder text/ email/GroupMe has gone around reminding everyone of the location, time, and what to bring .



As soon as you have been assigned a group project, try to get the group together for five minutes after class. Decide how you are going to communicate (email, text, creating a GroupMe, etc.) and exchange contact information. These five minutes will save you weeks of miscommunication. • Decide when you are going to have your first meeting – even if it’s months away from being due, pick a date. • Once you have a date, decide what you will bring

• At the first meeting, make sure everyone is on the same page by establishing accountability and expectations. Ensure everyone understands the assignment; the purpose, learning objectives, skills needs, etc. “A” can also stand for “Ask.” If, at this point, you are not understanding clearly, ask for help. Instructors are more willing to assist, when given enough time. • Once everyone understands the project, discuss expectations. Everyone is

expected to contribute – there are no bad ideas – by creating a safe space to learn and share. Stay focused. Don’t be afraid to wrangle the group back or take a break if discussion is becoming off-topic. • In the first meeting, create an action plan involving the roles and responsibilities of ecah group member. Examples include: note-taker, facilitator, spokesperson, etc.

T-TIME MANAGEMENT • Attend and arrive on time for group meetings; if unable, communicate far in advance. • Be flexible about meeting times, and express your needs. • Set check-ins and deadlines. Give a time cushion for all the incidentals. • Practice any group presentations before the actual presentation.

Fall 2018 | 13


See Student Life Chronicle’s Episode:


encourages study, collaboration and academic progress through: • Free tutoring in general courses including English, reading, writing, math, study skills, science and assessment test preparation. For tutoring in specialized areas such as english for speakers of other languages, accounting, foreign languages and health sciences, check posted schedules and call ahead to confirm availability. • Computers with instructional software and applications are available along with personalized assistance as needed. Handouts and study aids are available. • Study rooms may be reserved with an ACC Student ID card. For more information visit acclearninglab.

GREEN TRANSPORTATION INITIATIVES are available to ACC students enrolled in courses for credit. A Green Pass allows unlimited rides on Capital Metro bus and rail services for the semester. You can request a

Free Green Pass online, then pick it up from the Cashier or Campus Manager’s Office. Parking permits are required for students who drive to campus. Green Car preferred parking passes can be ordered by drivers of fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles. Electric car charging stations are available. Registered carpool groups may receive preferred parking. For more information visit

ACC’S LIBRARIES house more than 300,000 books across the campuses and offer • Computers and laptops for use in the library with an ACC Student ID card. • Up to 15 pages of printing for Students. After the first 15, print outs cost 10 cents per page. • Study rooms to be reserved. • E-Books and transferring books to the campus of your choice for pickup and return. • Assistance from the librarians to help students find books, correctly cite works in essays and suggest books for research. • Library assistance and online tutorials are available at library.


We are considered the classroom without walls. Programming areas such as Leadership, Student Organizations, Intramural Sports and Recreation, and Student Media provide students with opportunities to form meaningful relationships with their peers. Paid and volunteer positions promote professional growth and experience. To learn more about Student Life visit


Helps students transfer to a 4-year university or college through a series of free workshops and events. All current and former ACC students interested in transferring are encouraged to attend. The Transfer Academy meets during the fall and spring semesters at each ACC campus with varying dates and times to accommodate busy schedules. For more information visit


Administers hundreds of scholarships for ACC students based on financial need, family status, educational background or academic major. The foundation has raised more than $13 million to support college programs and scholarships. By filling out one general application, students are considered for all ACC Foundation Scholarships for which they are eligible. For more information and application instructions visit accfoundation.

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Student Standards of Conduct The Student Code of Conduct is a set of standards students are expected to follow. It holds students responsible for their actions. The Student Standards of Conduct includes your rights as a student, course expectations, the general disciplinary process and the appeals process.

Complaints Student complaints procedures are in place to ensure they are handled in a timely and fair manner. Student complaints include, but are not limited to, issues regarding classroom instruction, college services and offices, grade disputes, discrimination, and harassment. Different regulations govern grade disputes and sexual harassment complaints.

Student Grade Disputes A grade dispute is a request to change the grade of an assignment or course. All course grades are awarded by the instructor. Concerns about assignment grades and course grades should be addressed with your instructor. For questions or concerns please contact your campus Dean of Student Services.

Starting Classes “I recommend bringing a planner or creating some type of schedule. It could be as simple as writing down your class schedule for a week and whatever you work. For me, I have to have hours down in the day like ‘what am I doing this hour?’ It helps remind myself that I do have time here and not there”

Full Interview Here:

A first generation student, Rodriguez is studying Computer Science & Information Technology at ACC. This past year, she won Student of the Year from Student Life’s Nite in the Life Award Ceremony. Staying Strong

Working in Student Life

“‘Don’t be a fool, stay in school’ is a motto in my household. I love going to school, it’s inspired me to want to learn more. I’ve always been kind of the odd ball in class.”

“I networked so much and was able to create a lot here at my time in Student Life... I did come out a much stronger and much more confident person because of it. I don’t know how to thank everybody for how much I’ve learned here.”

Future Self “I want to be in the Computer Science field, because that’s the future and I want to be part of it. My one goal is to find a job I do really love and do enjoy.”

Why School?


“ACC is cheaper to take classes. Higher education is the key to success. I know from my parents, they didn’t get past high school and they had dreamed of going to college...I hope students see there is a lot of opportunity getting a higer education.”


Fall 2018 | 17

18 | Life4U

Leadership. Scholarship. Mentorship.

Male Leadership Program

The Male Leadership Program (MLP) is designed to provide institutional support and encourage the success of currently enrolled students at Austin Community College. Top five benefits for becoming an active Male Leadership Program member:

Currently enrolled students can participate in the ACC Male Leadership Program. Stop by any Student Life Office to learn more!

Apply Now:

1. Improve your transition to college life & get connected to ACC, Student Life & community resources 2. Enhance your academic skills through success planning & one-on-one mentoring 3. Gain access to career exploration tools, workshops, job fairs, etc. 4. Build relationships with fellow members & particpate in peer-to-peer mentoring activities 5. Gain leadership experience to discover more about yourself and learn ways to stay motivated to finish strong! | | 512.223.5665

Around Town

Austin, Texas scores 7.7 out of 10 for Best Places to Live in the USA


--- Written & Photos by Jaquarry Wilson

For the second year in a row, the capital of Texas and one of the nation’s fastest growing cities has been ranked number one on the list of best places to live in the country by the U.S. News & World Report. Evaluations are made using data from official sources such as the Department of Labor and the United States Census Bureau. Rankings are determined by looking at what Americans believe is most important using information gathered from various surveys. Indexes were then assigned and weighted based on the results from the surveys. The most important index measure is Quality of Life (Austin score is 7.1). This index includes data about crime rates, healthcare, and education. Following Quality of Life is Value (Austin score is 7.1). The Value index is measured on how comfortable

20 | Life4U

the average resident can afford to live in the area by dividing the household income by the cost of living for the area. Other factors considered are the Job Market, Net Migration and Desirability index, which used data from surveys to determine how much people liked the area overall. The highest number on the scorecard is 9.4 in the Net Migration index. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more millennials live in Austin than the other generations. As millennials are rumored to travel more than previous generations, some would suggest Austin’s overall ranking could sway the amount of people moving to town. Health and Kinesiology student, Diego Solis, has lived in Austin for 10 years. Originally from Mexico, he says his life is better here, even with the changes he’s seen in the city.

“If I were to compare myself to my friends in Mexico, I’d be considered very well off,” Solis says. “I’ve seen [Austin] grow, I’ve seen it change. I’ve seen all the things that need to happen when a city grows. I see a lot of construction, but I’m used to it. It’s a lot of people coming in. The prices are going to go up, but it’s not bad” Solis said. The unemployment rate in Austin is less than 3 percent. The cost of living in Austin is 3 percent lower than the national average. Despite that, rent prices continue to increase. Nearly one-half of Austin residents are renters. With the cost of living, it isn’t uncommon for Austinites to move into more affordable housing after their lease ends.

Job Market Index 7.4/10 Value Index 7.1/10

Quality of Life Index 7.1/10 Net Migration Index 9.4/10

The unemployment rate in Austin is less than 3 percent. The cost of living in Austin is 3 percent lower than the national average. Despite that, rent prices continue to increase. Nearly one-half of Austin residents are renters. With the cost of living, it isn’t uncommon for Austinites to move into more affordable housing after their lease ends. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the African American or Black population is on the rise, but is the only ethnic group decreasing in the overall percentage of Austin’s population. Suburban areas like Pflugerville and Hays have seen an increase in the African American or Black population since 2010, due to more affordable housing. As Austinites move around town, businesses continue to move into Silicon Hills. Austin is a hotbed for technology companies like Dell, Facebook, Google and startups. Many of these businesses have moved their headquarters or some section of it to town. New business creates more job opportunities locally, and for those willing to relocate.

Typically, when new residents move into the city, so do their vehicles. Traffic continues to increase on the city’s roads and highways. Most Austin highways are undergoing construction to ensure their ability to support the rapid growth. Solis says, “if I want to make my 7:30 a.m. classes, I have to leave at 6:30 a.m. But if you’re on the road and know how it goes, the traffic is pretty predictable. The traffic has definitely gotten worse. There are a lot more cars than there was before.” Austin – less than half the size and population of Houston – has more than half the amount of current construction projects happening, compared to Houston and Dallas. With the ongoing construction projects on mopac and I-35, the city is trying to accompany the increasing population with the city’s infrastructure. Public transportation is seeing an increase in funds to, also, fight traffic. Capital Metro plans to reduce Austin’s traffic with Project Connect by rolling out self-driving buses (tested out this past summer), building tunnels, creating a downtown streetcar (like the Dillo) and more.

Desirability Index 8.9/10 Austin hosts events known on the international level. SXSW is an annual event that introduces a variety of people to the city. Developers; artists; film, gaming, and music fans – former President Barack Obama in 2016 – travel to Austin for the two-week event. In the past three years, SXSW has brought in nearly $1 billion to the Austin economy. Austin City Limits is the city’s biggest sole music festival, boasting some of the top-selling artists in the world as headliners. Film stars, directors and producers walk around town during the week of Austin Film Festival. Circuit of the Americas attracts those with a need for speed during Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix. Thousands of runners from around the world gather together and compete in the 26-mile race for the Austin Marathon. This year’s marathon contributed over $35 million to the Austin economy. A predicted positive impact to the city’s economy will also come from Austin Bold FC’s games. As the city remains desirable to live in the population will continue to grow along with jobs, housing, events and more. “The people that I’ve met, the things that I’ve been around like the greenbelt is a lot of fun,” Solis says. “There are skateparks that are well taken care of. There are things to do and the people make me feel welcome. I feel like I’ve been here my entire life.”

Fall 2018 | 21


Austin Film Festival & WRITERS CONFERENCE

25 OCT - 1 NOV 2018 BUY YOUR BADGE or film pass TODAY! FILM PASS STARTS AT $70

PASSES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at The long center box office

USE promo code accls25 for $25 OFF a lone star badge EXPERIENCE panels, parties, & films!

interested in volunteering? Email 1.800.310.FEST AUSTINFILMFESTIVAL.COM

What is the Community Service Experience? Give back and make a difference in your community Work with local nonprofits and charities Gain valuable skills to build your resume, transfer application, and co-curricular transcript Riverbat Riverbat REACH Volunteer Fair: Find opportunities to REACH your community Operation Operation Riverbats: Work with the Homeless and Hunger Hunger initiative initiative to give back and raise awareness

Learn more and register: Community Service Experience

Find the latest volunteer opportunities on our GivePulse page!

For questions, please contact: Fall 2018 | 23

“Oh, he can do that but he can’t draw strawberries.”

Stephen Silver signing his work photo by Brian McLean


Technology improvements cause a toon boom or bust for some animators --- Written & Photo by Nathaniel Torres --- Photo by Brian McLean These days access to our favorite shows is easier than ever. With a few clicks or taps you can open your preferred streaming service to binge your favorite shows. Some may remember the days of on demand shows, back when DVR was spelled VCR. In order to find out what your favorite tv show characters were doing, viewers had to wake up for saturday morning cartoons. Now, you might have an

24 | Life4U

animated character dancing around your head, bringing back some childhood joy. Our favorite childhood characters were there to make us smile, but have you ever considered the hands that drew them? This past Spring, ACC GDAMG & 2Design hosted a workshop on character design with guest animator, Stephen Silver, at the Northridge campus. Five minutes after the printed start time of his lecture he

stated that anyone who was not there at that point was already not taking themselves seriously enough. He, then, pointed up at the collage of pictures that had been projected on the screen and reveals that it, in fact, was a test. Did anyone pick up their pencils and start drawing? Did anyone find inspiration from the peculiar human faces that were a part of the collage? Was the opportunity to fill in the blank areas of the sketchpad

taken? One may not expect an animation creator to be so adamant, but as Silver continues he cuts through the mounted apprehension with direction. “If this is going to be your life’s work then you should always be refining your craft.” Silver has contributed to series such as Histeria!, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, The Penguins of Madagascar, and more recently the revamped version of Scooby-Doo “Be Cool Scooby-Doo.” Despite that many of these works are targeted towards children, animation itself is growing and becoming a much more regular part of adult lives. In 2017 TV By the Numbers reported that more cable viewers, ages 18-49, were tuning in to Adult Swim programming than most latenight shows. According to a report by the Entertainment Software Association the average gamer is 34-years-old with 72 percent of the market made up of gamers that are 18 and older. The video game industry shows no signs of slowing. With the developments in VR and AR games it’s predicted there will be steady growth in the industry through 2020. As it goes, the workforce is seeing an ever-increasing amount of technology involved with their work and the animation sector is no stranger to this. “Honestly, I can’t believe how much has changed in such a short time,” says animator Cindy Crowell. Crowell has been

animating since 1992. She started at StarToons, an animation studio open from 1988-2001, working on Warner Bros. produced series such as Tazmania, Tiny Toons and the Animaniacs. “It was pretty amazing, this was back in the glory days of pencil and paper. I’d get a stack of key animation drawings from the lead animators and sit there on the light table and flip the pages, do all the in-betweens and clean up. I absolutely loved it, I miss those days.” Technology has changed the business since then. Computer animation has been a part of cinematography for over 40 years. Since the premiere of Toy Story (1995), the industry began receiving major investments and returns on Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) movies. Animation light tables, discs and paper have all been shelved in place of computers loaded with programs that allow the artists to explore their work on a screen. As technology booms and the free market flexes, artists are finding themselves needing to be familiar with multiple software programs for various projects. Adaptability seems to be a fundamental requirement of artists right from the get go. Silver says, “The most important thing is versatility. You want to show a range. You can’t just have apples and oranges and pears in your portfolio because all of a sudden they go, ‘Oh, he can do that but he can’t draw

strawberries.’ You really want to make sure to show that range because the more versatile you are, the more opportunities you’ll get.” This point could not be stressed enough by both Silver and Crowell. Turns out, there are dozens upon dozens of ambitious students, eager to only show off their anime illustrations. “Everyone can draw anime these days,” says Crowell. “The call is really for people who can do it all.” ce. Finding a steady job in the animation business isn’t easy. The Animation Guild in California offers benefits, only to those working at a union member studio. Union members must accrue 600 hours (approx. 3 months) to qualify for a period of six-month benefits – if they continue to work at least 400 hours in one of those studios. Their benefits continue to cover them even if they are laid off. The artist can also bank their hours in case of a prolonged period without work follows. This goes to show that in the state employing the densest number of animators, one of the largest unions takes into account that getting hired at a studio does not mean you get to stay there. “A lot of times [a project] will start out with just a few Stephen Silver people,” Interview: Crowell says. “Then, they hire on a bunch of people

Fall 2018 | 25

determined, flexible and familiar for a limited amount of time. with rejection. “It’s so important For those who are to attend local conventions,” willing to endure such real job Silver says. “It’s like an artist’s requirements and are lucky market. It’s the effort. It’s enough to land desk space in knocking on one door after a studio know that there are another. There’s going to be a perks of the job. Studios, like lot rejection and you have to be Powerhouse Animations have prepared for it.” activities for their employees like Crowell has been at arcade games, a big screen TV, Powerhouse Animations for couches, countless artwork on 17 years. She acknowledges the walls and life size cutouts it’s unusual for a studio to be of video game characters. And around this long, but also knows there’s the seemingly obvious there the mindset Cindy Crowell at Powerhouse Animation to have in photo by Nathaniel Torres order to work at a continuing business. “One thing that I really wished they would have taught me more of when I was in animation and in art school is that when reward of seeing your artwork you are a commercial artist you come to life in front of hundreds, really have to have the ability thousands, potentially, millions to follow directions from your of viewers. supervisors and make changes Spongebob Squarepants that they want or that the client has requested even if they seem singing “Sweet Victory” has millions of views on YouTube dumb or pointless. You have to despite copyright. Peter Griffin not take it personally.” Animation is more than fighting the Ernie the Giant creating art. There is rejection, Chicken has gone on to create deadlines and the tedious posters, mugs, and action details that are required to figures. There are countless cars create the work seen on screen with the Hyrule Crest stickered

26 | Life4U

on their back windshields and bumpers. It is all about knowing what you want to do in the industry whether it be background design, character design, storyboarding and being honest with yourself, according to Silver. Do you have the skill to do it and making sure you are getting opinions from more than just your family. “You have to not let things offend you or upset you and that’s the bottom line. You can’t be too sensitive.” Silver also suggests that individuals be as plugged in as possible in order to benefit from networking. Follow your favorite artists on social media to see where they will be exhibiting their work or offering critiques and check in to AWN. com (Animation World Network) for information and job listings. Make sure to take initiative and reach out to your local studios to find out what programs they are using but do not get hung up on them. Both Silver and Crowell both say the programs do not fully rid the need of skill with paper and pencil.

Fall 2018 | 27

Located at every campus Student Life office:



FOOD PANTRY 56% of community college students suffer from food insecurity. The ACC Student Life Food Pantry program provides students immediate access to non-perishable food and assistance in finding long-term solutions.

Find free and reduced-cost services such as food, medical care, housing and more at and Food Pantry & Resources

Questions? Contact:

Intramural Sports & Recreation

what to choose?

Fall 2018 | 29



EAT & EXERCISE Eating right and working out helps maintain balance, especially during stressful times. Here are some breakfast recipes and a workout routine from Student Health. More at

30 | Life4U

Prep time: 15 minutes. Vegan? Just eliminate the egg or sub in tofu or mashed refried beans.

Egg, avo and waffle open-face sandwich

¼ ripe avocado, pitted, peeled, and chopped 1 egg 1 frozen packaged whole-wheat waffle Dash of salt and black pepper Cooking spray

1. In a small bowl, mash the avocado. Set aside. 2. Lightly coat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray. 3. Heat over medium-high heat. Break the egg and slip it into the pan. Immediately reduce the heat to low. 4. Cook until the egg white is completely set and the yolk begins to thicken but isn’t yet firm. Meanwhile, prepare the waffle according to the package’s directions. 5. Spread the avocado on the waffle and top with the egg. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve immediately.

Green Smoothie

2 cups spinach 1 cup diced pineapple, mango, strawberries, or any fruit of your choice (fresh or frozen work) 1 cup Greek yogurt (or dairy-free alternative if you’re vegan or intolerant to dairy) 1 cup milk (or unsweetened almond, coconut, or soy milk)

Use your full name as the workout. Aim to complete the exercises by the end of the day.

Place all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth,

Workout Who?

A - 50 jumping jacks B - 20 crunches C - 30 squats D - 15 pushups E - 1 minute wall sit F - 10 burpees G - 20 seconds arm circles H - 20 squats I - 30 jumping jacks J - 15 crunches K - 10 pushups L - 2 minutes wall sit M - 20 burpees N - 25 burpees

O - 40 jumping jacks P - 15 seconds arm circles Q - 30 burpees R - 15 pushups S - 30 burpees T - 15 squats U - 30 seconds arm circles V - 3 minutes wall sit W - 20 burpees X - 60 jumping jacks Y - 10 crunches Z - 20 pushups

Fall 2018 | 31

LGBT EQUITY Austin Community College

Thank you to our community sponsors and donors -Gift Cards will be raffled at event! SINCE 1949

WELCOME to our reviews and interviews of events, music and film that have occurred in 2018. Each review is written by Student Media contributors at ACC. Take a look at their pieces – you may find a new favorite band and/or film! ACC Jazz Ensemble

ACC Jazz Ensemble Performs for Draylen Mason Written & photos by Tracy Fuller

The annual Texas Community Music Festival kicked off in Austin this past April at Central Market North. This festival has Dr. Tom ‘Bop’ Husak speaking

become a set tradition for the residents of the area. Each day of the festival, there are different sets of musical performances. Anything ranging from full-sized orchestras to Scottish pipe and drums. This music festival has become a staple for folks and families of all ages and sizes to enjoy. This years gathering was a little different than all of the others. Not only was it being billed as their 13th anniversary but an extraordinary performance had taken place on the Friday of the 28th. The Austin Community College Jazz Ensemble was there to honor former ACC

student, Draylen Mason. Mason is one of the victims from the Austin bombings this past spring. The Ensemble had a unique piece written for Mason. Their performance, featuring jazz bassist Sophia Villarreal, took place in front of a large crowd. The ACC Jazz Ensemble is led by Dr. Tom ‘Bop’ Husak from the Northridge campus. Husak carried the troupe in such an honorable fashion at the festival. Draylen had the heart for music, and many looked up to it. “Draylen’s music was inspirational,” says Dr. Husak. “The jazz community suffered a great loss when he passed.” It was amazing to see the ACC Jazz Ensemble headline the festival that night. It was a perfect setting based on a family community against an Austin sunset backdrop.

Fall 2018 | 33

THE BEST MUSIC & FILM SPRING 2018 Film Review: Love, Simon

Written by Ruben Hernandez When it comes to film, many approaches on what high school looks like have been made; some more accurate than others. Love, Simon takes a classic approach to high school with aspects as parties, friends in groups of four, and even half-eating breakfast while walking out the door are all present in this film. Simon (Nick Robinson) has a loving family, great friends, and is about to graduate high school. He has a fairly normal life except for a secret he’s keeping: being gay. Simon exchanges emails with Blue, the love interest in this story who comes out anonymously through the school gossip website. Simon writes to Blue under the name “Jacques,” and though their identities are unknown to each other, they form a close bond. This bond will not only be put to the test but

will also put Simon and his friends through hardships. The journey and emotions behind the process of coming out is one that can really put someone’s spirit and soul to the test. Love, Simon did an amazing job conveying those emotions and displaying that journey. This nice thing about the film is that it is one of the few major LGBT films we’ve seen within the past few years, including films such as Moonlight. With the normality of being gay or likewise in today’s culture, it’s no wonder why I found this movie so relatable. It left me with a sense of simplicity, as Simon’s experience is similar to many “coming out” stories. But the complexity at the same time comes from the raw feelings and emotions that involve being gay and being comfortable expressing that to others. This movie brought the audience I was watching this with, including myself, to tears. This movie was a step in the right direction in LGBT representation and the understanding of what it means to “come out.”


Q&A with Sego

Written by Nathaniel Torres

Sego, a Utah born and LA transplant band, was featured on NPR’s “The Austin 100″ and played their second official SXSW showcase this year. Spencer Peterson and Thomas Carroll have recently expanded to include Alyssa Davey (bass) and Brandon McBride (synth and guitar). Sego captures their audience by enveloping them in a groovy mirage. Sounds like like a short-lived age of 90’s pop – a mix between The Verve and Blur. Sego stands on their own in today’s sound while their crowds sing and dance to their tunes like “Young Turks”, a cover approved by Sir Rod Stewart himself.

NT: How many SXSW have you attended/played? Spencer: Second [as Sego]. We were here three years ago right after we started. Alyssa [bassist], this is her first time. She’s just getting acclimated to the noise. NT: Had you heard or known about SXSW before coming out? Spencer: I’ve been here a bunch. I was coming with different bands for years. I’ve been to SXSW like 6 times maybe and it just continues to change every time I’m here. Alyssa: I had always heard about SXSW. My dad actually was always pushing this other band I was in to go to SXSW. He was all about it.

Full Sego interview at

Tinashe performing at SXSW 2018 photo by Tracy Fuller

Film Review: Family

Tinashe performing at SXSW 2018 photo by Tracy Fuller

Written by Tracy Fuller SXSW is one of the premiere spots to showcase a new film coming to the big screen in North America. With this year’s festival having a record number of films premiering, there was a considerable buzz generating around Laura Steinel’s Family. Family is a comedydrama that focuses on a young teenager, Maddie (Byrn Vale) looking for acceptance and love – a borrowed concept from the timeless John Candy classic Uncle Buck. Kate (Taylor Schilling) is asked to take care of Maddie while her parents go out of town to care for a family member. Kate is by no means fit to watch over anyone’s child, much less herself. Because Kate is so self-absorbed and unfiltered in every minute of her day, she does not have the first idea of how to relate to Maddie. When she does begin to listen to stories of being harassed at school, Kate can connect to it from her childhood. It is at that point the walls she has built around herself slowly begin to chip away. What was supposed to be one night watching Maddie becomes a full week. This takes Kate entirely out of her comfort zone at work, causing her to start neglecting details. At work, Kate is known to be cutthroat, but now that she is distracted trying to care for Maddie, it begins to backfire. The more she leans towards the nurturing side, the more Kate’s calloused exterior starts to soften. In the middle of Kate’s failed efforts, Maddie ends up going missing and finds her identity within the Juggalo family. During the search for Maddie, Kate learns that she has made her way to the

Gathering of the Juggalos. The Gathering is a music festival which has gained some notoriety and continues to be a topic of discussion in today’s pop culture. The series of events proposes a moral decision of what is more important to Kate: working on her career or building a relationship with Maddie. By the end of the movie, you will find yourself in the feels. This production was brilliantly put together and structured. Family shows the very same love and acceptance from the Juggalos is captured in this comedy classic. This movie captures the essence of family, not only by blood but also by bonds. Furthermore, it was an incredible experience hanging out with Laura Steinel and the rest of the cast. I look forward to seeing this one again.

More Reviews online at

On Campus


“TRANSTASTIC” Finding oneself, with or without the label

Currently, one out of every 137 American teenagers identify as transgender. The amount of deaths in transgender people is on the rise. The bathroom bill is a hot topic amongst our youth and do we start using the term “they-by” to replace “baby?” There are many questions when it comes to understanding sexual identity. However, how does one grasp their identity, if the education isn’t in reach? --- Written & Photos by Halie Davis

Blue, pink and white flags were printed on posters that hung up around various campuses this past spring. These colors sandwiched together, horizontally are the Transgender flag. Text on the posters promoted the premiere of a student-made documentary, Transtastic, supported by an LGBTQ resource fair. Transtastic is the creation of ACC student, Margo De Alva. As a transgender person, she felt the urge to create something that further explains transgender than the textbook definition. “Coming into the school semester, I was asked several times ‘why do you dress like this?’ ‘Why do you act like this?’” says De Alva. “I just wanted ACC to have a better understanding and I wanted to reach out to people who were in my situation, or are in my situation.” After graduating from high school, De Alva attempted attending college. But, the timing was off. “I was very, very sad for several years because I was scared to tell everybody. I didn’t

Panel after the premiere of “Transtastic” Tyrell Howard, Dorothy Alexander, Zane Foster, Margo De Alva

even know what Transgender was. I knew I wanted to be a woman, but I didn’t know the term...I had to venture off to YouTube to even know what transgender meant.” In recent years, the public has seen more videos, articles and events, regarding transgender people. In 2014, Laverne Cox is the first transgender person on the cover of Time Magazine. Making her public debut at the 2015 ESPYs, Caitlyn Jenner spoke for transgender children and people. That same year and the following, Jeffrey Tambor brought home an Emmy for Leading Actor in Comedy Series, Transparent. In 2016, NPR reported that 1.4 million adults identify as transgender, according to a study done by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. The highest number of reported deaths among Transgender

Margo with a friend at the Transtastic Resource Fair

38 | Life4U

people, occurred in 2017. This year Cox poses for the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Scarlett Johansson apologizes and announces her withdraw from the transgender project, Rub & Tug, and Wisconsin is covering two of its residents’ gender confirmation surgeries. Transgender may be a term that is confusing for the general public to understand, let alone an individual. This past summer, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that in 2019 being transgender will no longer be considered a mental illness. Often, a fake identity is created by a transgender person to try and fit into society’s standards of male and female roles. “Dorothy [Alexander] is one of the friends who helped start everything,” De Alva says. “She met me when I was, I guess a boy. She met me and could tell something

girl, man up.’” In her early adolescence, De Alva was living with her dad in the Rundberg area of Austin. This neighborhood is known as a rougher one to many Austinites. From 2012-2016 Restore Rundberg was a grant received to revitalize the area. Since the funding closed, the Austin Police Department has continued extension programs throughout the area, like Summer in Rundberg to keep the was up because of the way I neighborhood children acted and stuff. Like she said safe when not in school. Restore in [Transtastic], I would joke Rundberg decreased property around about getting my nails crime in the area and the city done and she’d be like, ‘if you itself. want to get your nails done, I’ll Crime rates are higher go with you, it’s not a big deal.’ in lower income areas than There were times I’d try to act high-income households, masculine and she’d look at me according to the Bureau and and be like, ‘I don’t really of Justice Statistics. Some feel like this suits you.’ She was neighborhoods in Austin with just reminding me that ‘I think a median household income you’re a different person,’ so ranging from $7,000 to $38,000 when I finally told her, she was are St. Johns (Rundberg area), like ‘I knew it all along.’” North Lamar and East Riverside. Some of De Alva’s friends Neighborhoods in Austin with and family were accepting, but a median household income not eveyone. At 12-years-old range of $130,000 to $217,000 she knew she wanted to be are Bee Cliffs, Bella Mar and considered a female, but was Avery Ranch. still unsure about the ways to Like many cities, the express herself. “I had no choice public education provided to but to put on this persona of its residents depends on their what I felt like a man or teenage neighborhood. According boy was supposed to be, to the U.S. News & World because it was very rough. I was Report’s list of Best High getting picked on in school from Schools in America, Westlake the other boys and I remember (EISD) ranked 213. Westwood them telling me ‘you’re such a (RRISD) followed up at 221

with a graduation rate of 99 and college readiness score of 72. Vandegrift (LIST) land at 339 while the top ranking AISD school is Anderson at 1,038. Schools like Lanier, Reagan and Eastside Memorial did not place in the national or state rankings. Students at the non-ranking schools live in neighborhoods like East Riverside, North Lamar and St. Johns.

“LGBTQ people are not just on the North side or by Highland.” DeAlva attended Wooldridge Elementary School, which filters into Lanier High School. These are some of the schools associated with the Rundberg area. “Rundberg, from my experience, wasn’t necessarily the best place to live at,” De Alva says. “The boys needed to have this role of being tough. In middle school, they were running around, talking about sports...In 2006, I remember being in middle school and LGBT was picked on. Nobody said it was ok.” De Alva lived with a boy persona until 2015, when she became a junior in high school. At this time, De Alva has moved to the Lakeline area with her grandma. At Westwood High School she was noticing LGBT was more accepted than her previous schools. She was making friends who were openly gay or lesbian. “Their friends weren’t mean about it and they still liked them.” De Alva was noticing a different world, where people

Fall 2018 | 39

“You’re going to have people that don’t like you, no matter what, so you might as well be who you are”

40 | Life4U

were more accepting and open about being gay. Moreover, she did not feel the urge to live in her previous identity; the one that would mock or ignore people from the LGBT community. “If I had met [an LGBT person] when I was in Rundberg, I would have no choice but to pick on them if I had friends around... my grandma lived in this place where I could listen to how [an LGBT person] felt.” After taking a break from school, Margo De Alva discovered acceptance in the LGBT community, friends and family. Although hesitant to begin college, Margo found a home in Student Life. Northridge’s Student Life Coordinator, Tim Prata, assisted Margo with the creation of Transtastic. After listening to her thoughts and hopes, Prata introduced De Alva to ACC’s LGBT eQ Committee and Student Life’s YouTube series, Life4U. From there, the group took De Alva’s documentary idea and created Transtastic. Last March, Transtastic premiered after its resource fair concluded. A Q&A session was held after the documentary premiere with Margo De Alva and others featured in the Transtastic. “My friends are accepting, so I’ve reached out to several and they have my back with things like ‘hey, I feel uncomfortable going to the bathroom, would you go with me?’ and they will.” In the 2019 legislative session, many Texans are hoping to continue the discussion about the Bathroom

Bill. This bill, defines access to complaints at all” in an article public restrooms by transgender from the Austin American people. In 2015 the Austin City Statesman. Council passed an ordinance De Alva is knowledgeable about which businesses have a stating that all businesses with restroom for her to use due a single-use restroom to personal experience. must provide genderWatch Transtastic: Fortunately, her support neutral bathrooms. Every ACC campus, system is able to with the exception accompany her to the of Riverside, has restroom, if needed. “I’ve had my grandpa a family bathroom for its transgender tell me ‘if you have to go, I’ll go in there with students, faculty and staff. However, having only you and make sure no one one single-use bathroom on says anything...As sweet as that a campus can be difficult for is, it’s humiliating to have to go transgender people – especially with my grandfather.” if it’s in use. De Alva says she doesn’t expect sweet gestures, but “LGBTQ people are not just on the north side or by is thankful for the support. the Highland campus – we’re After revealing herself as a everywhere,” says De Alva. transgender person, she’s lost “There should just be more relationships but stays positive. family bathrooms in general. I “You’re going to have people can’t tell you how many times that don’t like you no matter I’ve had to hold going to the what, so you might as well be bathroom because [some who you are.” business] doesn’t have it.” Margo De Alva plans to transform Transtastic into an Although De Alva’s goal is to live a life as Margo, she event at ACC. She also hopes to chooses not to use the women’s open a safe area for the LGBT bathroom, even if it’s the only community to talk and relate option. “I don’t want to go into with one another. “You know I the women’s bathroom because still have not met someone who I don’t want to alarm females. is transgender at the school, I’m totally understanding that that I can reach out to. At the it can alarm everybody, so I event, I started to see more just try to stick to the family people and they were talking bathrooms” to me and it was great to know Austin businesses like that I’m not alone.” Alamo Drafthouse at Mueller, Hillside Farmacy and Cheer Up Full Interview Here: Charlies offer gender-neutral bathrooms. These areas have closed-off stalls for private business and sinks to wash. CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, Tim League, says there are “no

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Fall 2018 | 45

I’m appreciative for every day I’m here, and would not trade it for a moment in Mexico

46 | Life4U

Full Interview Here:



An integrated, thriving immigrant

--- Written & Photos by Ruben Hernandez Living the American dream is something that many people have chased for years. For those living in the United States, it can be achieved with a great amount of effort and relentlessness. However, those who have found their way into the states from another country have a few extra obstacles to overcome. Alex Albino, a Dreamer and DACA recipient, is one of these people. “I was born in Celaya, Mexico,” Albino said. “More specifically in the state of Guanajuato. My family and I moved to a smaller town, but at the age of eight we relocated to the United States because my parents were having legal issues with a small business that we had. We came to the States to support ourselves and live a


better life.” The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act protects young immigrants from the risk of deportation. With the potential repeal of this act currently being discussed among political and governmental entities, Dreamers, like Albino, have to be aware now more than ever. “While I have four siblings, my older brother, my twin brother and I are the ones protected by DACA,” Albino said. “There are some things you have to do in order to be eligible to be protected, which some people don’t know about. I’m not sure how much trouble a 16 year-old can get into, but part of the process was me having to undergo a background screening. My older brother was

also drug-tested.” Albino is one of thousands of immigrants with protection under DACA. However, that is only a first step towards the end goal of American citizenship. “They checked if we were going to school or not at that time,” Albino said. “They also checked things like what year we came into this country and how old we were. In the end, they gave us what is similar to an ID, but instead is basically a work permit. It lets me work anywhere in the United States.” Albino says that there is plenty to the process of becoming protected and keeping his DACA status, especially in the legal sense. However, when it comes to daily life in the U.S., Albino

Fall 2018 | 47

48 | Life4U

and his family want to live their American dream. “We try not to stand out as much,” Albino said. “That’s especially due to the current administration, and because we aren’t from here. We just live life; we pay our taxes, work day-by-day, and strive. We also try to stay out of trouble, simply because we are trying to become good citizens of this country.” In his time since moving here, Albino believes that he has found a good place to start and make something of himself. He’s found many opportunities that he says wouldn’t have been presented in Mexico. “Socially, I think I’m striving,” Albino said. “I try to be as social of a person as I can. Also, some people think that it is difficult learning English, but I will say that English is one of my strongest subjects. Growing up here – for the most part – I’ve grown culturally attached to the language.” Many DACA recipients have the common goal of wanting to live a normal, American life. While the political side of the DACA discussion may be a constant debate, no words are necessary to understand the peace that many immigrants are wanting to obtain for themselves. “I’m personally appreciative,” Albino said. “I’m appreciative for every day I’m here, and I would not trade it for a moment in Mexico. In general, I think we’re all living for the American dream. I love being able to stay in the country and being able to enjoy the opportunities that others have.”

ACC Student Government Association Are you interested in student leadership? Do you want to plan events for your campus and peers? Do you want your voice to be heard?

Join SGA! Help construct our future at ACC: • Identify issues and become part of the solutions. • Support, guide, and represent your constituents. • Create and host events to get the student body more involved.

Everyone is welcome! For more information visit: ACC Highland Campus, Rm. 2215 (512) 223-7448

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MENTAL HEALTH “Curing� mental illness --- Written & Photos by Ruben Hernandez

Mental health is the foundation of our existence. Not only does our own mental health affect our well-being, it attributes to how we operate, react and feel. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Mental illnesses are categorized into two sections: Any Mental Illness (AMI), and Serious Mental Illness (SMI). AMI covers all of the general mental illnesses, while SMIs are a smaller and more severe subcategory of AMIs. AMI is defined as any sort of mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. These disorders can range from a mildly impactive disorder to one that causes severe impairment. As of 2016, there are 44.7 million U.S. adults with AMI, which is 18.3 percent of the U.S. adult population. SMI is defined as mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that causes functional impairment and interferes with major life activities. There are 10.8 million U.S. adults with SMI, representing 4.2 percent of the U.S. adult population. Almost one in five adults over the age of 18 have some

50 | Life4U

sort of mental illness. It seems that mental illnesses are becoming more common and are caused by a variety of factors. According to a 2014 study by Oxford University, serious mental illnesses can reduce life expectancy by 10 to 20 years. More specifically, the reduction in life expectancy in bipolar disorder, for example, is between nine and 20 years, and seven to 11 years for recurring depression. The reduction of life expectancy among smokers is eight to 10 years. Yet, we publicly recognize smoking as more of a problem than having a form of anxiety or being diagnosed with depression.

So, why don’t we worry about our mental health more often? Part of that answer seems that we don’t want to. There are people who feel no urge to worry about their mental health because it’s a hindrance to their goals. Many, also, tend to push their feelings to the back of their minds. Others believe there isn’t enough time for their emotions, as they are occupied on juggling activities such as work and education. Those with mental illnesses that are still in school, such as young adolescents, have seen hindered progress towards attaining their education. According to Columbia University, anxiety disorders affect 31.9% percent of all adolescents, and co-occur in one third of depressed youth, and attribute to a reduced

likelihood of not attending college. Those with a repeated occurrence of social phobia are almost twice as likely to fail a grade or not finish high school. One way to help this is acknowledging your mental illness. While that is easier said than done, just being able to recognize the fact that there is something wrong is a step in the process of living and coping with a mental illness. Those impacted by mental illnesses usually experience it in their own way, so offering solutions like “just go workout” is a gray area. Counseling, therapy, medication and even service animals are ways to nullify the effects of a mental illness. However, none of those can totally erase the impact of having an illness. There isn’t a

“cure” to mental illness. We can offer possible solutions to help live and cope with our mental illnesses, but there’s one thing about wanting to ease the impacts of an illness: it’s all a solo journey. You are the person responsible for your own journey, and while others can help and support, it’s all on you to make the decision to overcome your struggles. So, take a deep breath. Relax. If you find that you might be struggling with any sort of illness or disorder, know that it is Full Interview Here: okay to feel the way that you do. You are not alone.

Fall 2018 | 51

Student Life as an Ambassador

Full Interview Here:

“People peep their heads in but won’t come in, so that’s one of the things I’m still trying to make happen, having more people in the office... We have game days and food so it’s welcoming for everbody. Sometimes we have this cart that we go around with food and try to talk to them about whatever event.”

A friendly face at the Cypress Creek campus, Gonzales won Riverbat Ambassador of the Year at Student Life’s Nite in the Life Award Ceremony. Why be a Riverbat Ambassador? “It’s worth it, it’s fun. It helps you stay focused in school because you’re in school while doing it. It’s a good opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself and other people.”

Gaining Skills “I wanted to expand my communication skills and this has helped me.”


Memory Lane “My favorite memory would be Riverbat Bash week. It was fun and inspiring because we got to do a lot of things for the students and it made them happy and comfortable. That was our main goal. Everyone was dancing and having fun.”


52 | Life4U

Student Ambassadors

Fall 2018 | 53

54 | Life4U

Fall 2018 | 55

56 | Life4U

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HWY 290

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1501 West US Highway 290, Elgin, TX 78621 Main Number (512)223-9400 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-9400 Admissions_____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-9412 Advising_______________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Assessment____________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1179___________________ 223-9400 Campus Police__________________ Room 1114___________________ 223-9405 Cashier________________________ Room N/A____________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1387__________________ 223-9440 Counseling_____________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1254__________________ 223-9421 Library_________________________ Room 1376__________________ 223-9434 SAS___________________________ Room 1169___________________ 223-9467 Student Life____________________ Room 1181___________________ 223-9427 Support Center_________________ Room 1163___________________ 223-9482 Testing Center__________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468

Hays (HYS)





LN .









Main Number (512)223-6500 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1132___________________ 262-6500 Admissions_____________________ Room 1106.3_________________ 262-6518 Advising_______________________ Room 1114.02________________ 262-6515 Assessment____________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1114___________________ 262-6366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-7999 Cashier________________________ Room 1103.01________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1338__________________ 262-5603 Counseling_____________________ Room 1111.04________________ 262-6527 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1205__________________ 262-6580 Library_________________________ Room 1305__________________ 262-6592 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 410-1864 Student Life____________________ Room 1118___________________ 262-6543 Support Center_________________ Room 1112.02________________ 262-6530 Testing Center__________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537


4800 Jack C. Hays Trail, Buda, TX 78610


Highland Business Center (HBC) 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752





Main Number (512)223-4222 Texas Relay 711 Campus Police__________________ Room Lobby_________________ 223-7002 Cashier________________________ Room 420___________________ 223-2274 Early College Start_______________ Room 509___________________ 223-7357 Recruitment and Enrollment_______ Room 610___________________ 223-7747 Graduation Office________________ Room 301.1__________________ 223-7544 International Programs____________ Room 508.4__________________ 223-7114 TSI Office______________________ Room 307___________________ 223-7770


HWY 183


RM 2222

HWY 290 E.

Highland Business Center

Highland Campus (HLC) 6001 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78752

HWY 183




22 22











Main Number (512)223-7300 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2306__________________ 223-7300 Admissions_____________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-4636 Advising_______________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Assessment____________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 Bookstore _____________________ Mall East Entrance_____________ 371-8921 Campus Police__________________ Room 1416, 2338_____________ 223-7307 Career Services_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Cashier________________________ Room 2335__________________ 223-2274 Counseling_____________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2333__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1100__________________ 223-7365 Library_________________________ Room 1325__________________ 223-7380 SAS___________________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7343 Student Life____________________ Room 2350__________________ 223-7393 Support Center_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7344 Testing Center__________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 VA Resource Center_____________ Room 2280B_________________ 223-4636

HWY 290 E.

Highland Business Center

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Northridge (NRG) 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, TX 78758











Rio Grande (RGC) 1212 Rio Grande Street, Austin, TX 7870




W. 12TH W. 11TH



W. 15TH

Rio Grande

W. 6TH

The Rio Grande Campus is currently undergoing renovation. Call 223-3000 for updates and available services. ****Services were closed at the time of this magazines creation. Please call the above number for more information Main Number (512)223-3000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 3230__________________ 223-3000 Admissions_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3030 Advising_______________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Assessment (closed)_____________ Room Annex 153______________ 223-3139 Bookstore _____________________ Room Parking Garage_________ 474-2607 Campus Police__________________ Room 101.6__________________ 223-3007 Career Services (closed)__________ Room Annex 156______________ 223-3138 Cashier (closed)_________________ Room 103___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center (closed)_________ Room 228___________________ 223-3082 Counseling_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Financial Aid____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 212____________________ 223-3367 Library (closed)__________________ Room 230___________________ 223-3067 SAS___________________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3142 Student Life (closed)_____________ Room 101.1__________________ 223-3113 Testing Center (closed)___________ Room 127____________________ 223-3164





Main Number (512)223-4000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1208__________________ 223-4700 Admissions_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4730 Advising_______________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Assessment____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4807 Bookstore _____________________ Room 4130__________________ 834-9366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4718 Career Services_________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4720 Cashier________________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1204__________________ 223-4646 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 4119___________________ 223-4813 Library_________________________ Room 1223__________________ 223-4746 SAS___________________________ Room 1111___________________ 223-4725 Student Life____________________ Room 1112.2_________________ 223-4715 Support Center_________________ Room 111.1__________________ 223-4845 Testing Center__________________ Room 3237__________________ 223-4735 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4636

Riverside (RVS) 1020 Grove Boulevard Austin, TX 78744

HWY 71

62 | Life4U

HWY 183





Riverside RIVERS IDE DR .



Main Number (512)223-6000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2208__________________223-6000 Admissions_____________________ Room 8105__________________ 223-6020 Advising_______________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Assessment____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6015 Bookstore _____________________ Building G____________________ 385-5727 Campus Police__________________ Room 2238__________________ 223-6044 Career Services_________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Cashier________________________ Room 8134__________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1126___________________ 223-6010 Counseling_____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Financial Aid____________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 9100__________________ 223-6037 Library_________________________ Room 1108___________________223-6006 SAS___________________________ Room 8141___________________ 223-6244 Student Life____________________ Room 8130__________________ 223-6338 Support Center_________________ Room 8138__________________ 223-6026 Testing Center__________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-6242 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4636

Round Rock (RRC) 4400 College Park Drive, Round Rock, TX 7866




Round Rock



Main Number (512)223-0000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________223-0000 Admissions_____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-0016 Advising_______________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Assessment____________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Bookstore _____________________ Room 2102__________________ 310-1761 Campus Police__________________ Room 1133___________________ 223-0050 Career Services_________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Cashier________________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1315___________________ 223-0120 Counseling_____________________ Room 1005__________________223-0009 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-0206 Library_________________________ Room 1302__________________ 223-0104 SAS___________________________ Room 1111.01________________ 223-0048 Student Life____________________ Room 2117___________________ 223-0134 Student Media__________________ Room 2107__________________ 223-0122 Support Center_________________ Room 1110.01________________ 223-0032 Testing Center__________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4636


San Gabriel (SGC) 449 San Gabriel Campus Dr, Leander, TX 78641

Main Number (512)223-2500 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1118___________________ 223-2500 Admissions_____________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2556 Advising_______________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Assessment____________________ Room 1213___________________ 223-2570 Bookstore _____________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Campus Police__________________ Room 1124___________________ 223-2510 Career Services_________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Cashier________________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Computer Center________________ Room 1200__________________ 223-2516 Counseling_____________________ Room 1113___________________ 223-2555 Learning Lab___________________ Room N/A_________________________ N/A Library_________________________ Room 1200__________________ 223-2565 SAS___________________________ Room 1113.15224_____________ 223-2545 Student Life____________________ Room 1128___________________ 223-2512 Support Center_________________ Room 1113.15________________ 223-2545 Testing Center__________________ Room 1213___________________ 223-2570

South Austin (SAC)

South Austin




29 0




Main Number (512)223-9100 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1149___________________ 223-9100 Admissions_____________________ Room 1104___________________ 223-9151 Advising_______________________ Room 1118___________________ 223-9140 Assessment____________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9162 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1160___________________ 445-7437 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-9142 Career Services_________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9168 Cashier________________________ Room 1119___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1201.6_________________ 223-9186 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9141 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1138___________________ 223-9243 Library_________________________ Room 1201__________________ 223-9180 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 223-9163 Student Life____________________ Room 1121___________________ 223-9172 Support Center_________________ Room 1105__________________ 223-9161 Testing Center__________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9240


820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX 78745



Fall 2018 | 63

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