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Ending Hate Speaking out in the name of acceptance | 38

Dante hoped to transfer from his junior college into Concordia, but the process seemed overwhelming at first. His admissions counselor eased his worries and now his dream of becoming an educator is just within reach.


Take the world by Concordia University Texas is a liberal arts institution of higher education and has called Austin home since 1926. As the city’s leading Christian university, we are committed to pursuing the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences that lead to meaningful work. We make the transfer process easy by offering a support network dedicated to getting you into class and on the right path for your career. Apply today.

u Complete

your Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in

Business at ACC with Concordia instructors & courses

Our new program for students with an AAS!

 512.313.4CTX


tuition rate 3 out of the 4 years

u Flexible u Dual

evening & online options

resources from both institutions



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Student Life Chronicle is ACC Student Life’s web series. Launched in 2015, the Chronicle features spotlight stories about ACC events, clubs & organizations and student opportunities.

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SL Chronicle Playlist: bit.ly/accentslc Our website: austincc.edu/SL SL Facebook: facebook.com/ACCSL austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 3

EDITOR’S NOTE Seeing the world through television and film, hearing it through the airwaves and experiencing it on the streets can be overwhelming. News surrounds us; it’s impossible to miss, unless you lay in bed all day without a phone in your hand. The current political climate has challenged not only my personal beliefs and viewpoints but the conversations I have with friends and family. I’m slowly becoming that person who is asked to be quiet when bringing up a hot, political topic. Listening is the tactic I use at carrying on these conversations. This seems to agitate the person(s) I’m speaking with, thus bringing me joy. It seems almost impossible to get away from hearing, reading or seeing someone’s opinion; especially when opening up a social media app. This can become too vast for many and is known to even cause depression. To counteract being swallowed up by the media, I’m learning when is the appropriate time to talk and how to do it in the most effective manner. I’m starting to open up these conversations by bringing up a news item, then asking what their thoughts are on the topic. When I’ve been informed of their opinion, I close it with, “ok.” Many times when people are brave enough to express their opinion, it’s expected to receive an automatic reaction from the other(s). So, giving an “ok” seems to stump people. This is my respone for one main reason: I am tired of being “heard.” And I assume, many others are too. The proof is through the protests being held, riots taking place and government representatives being called. Speaking out and pushing an agenda is great – the best way to exercise your first amendment right. But I want to try something new. I want to listen to your thoughts and understand what you’re going to do about the problems you see. I hope you can teach me a lesson or two. But I don’t want to read it on social media. I want to have more face-to-face conversations about topics that are difficult and seemingly impossible to resolve. Give me your opinions with a story that matters; not gossip. Let’s talk equality, technology, money, and about the environment. What’s going on around the other side of the world? What’s happening in Texas? What’s going on behind your doors? Let’s talk experience. Show me your knowledge. However, do not be offended if I do not spill my thoughts onto you. I will, when you ask for my opinions. This is how I’m learning to exercise my listening skills. I only want to respond when you’re willing to listen to my side as well. I don’t want you to hear me. I need you to see where I’m also coming from. Listen to my knowledge. Empathize with my experience. And in the end, all I ask is that we agree to continue respecting each other’s differences and similarities. I hope I can learn something new and you as well. Here is where I hope to start ending the surrounding hate in 2018.

Halie Davis Editor in Chief editor@austincc.edu

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CONTENT 09 Motivation in a New Year What are your Spring 2018 Goals?

15 Student Resources Helpful locations to further your studies 18 Top Transfer School Woohoo #1 in Community College Transfers! 20 Honda PACT ACC strengthens its automotive department 21 Best Places to Study Check out these study locations 25 Next Year’s Theme Annuoncement Hmmm wonder what it could be??? 26 Campus Carry Senate Bill 11 & concealed handguns 29 Resume Tips Stuck? Not sure how to begin? 30 International Students Meet some of your fellow students! 32 Hunger & Homelessness How you can help or where to get help 38 Ending Hate Speaking out in the name of acceptance 42 Intramural Relationships Anxiety about bonding with teams? 52 Show Reviews Our favorite music & film shows of the year 52 Musical Streets The LGBTQ & EDM communities are thriving 53 Disguised Education psst...try podcasts for an additional learning avenue 54 Sustainable Transportation Jet around town 6 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

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austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 7

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Motivation in a

New Year

Written by Arlenne Lozano Video by The Student Life Chronicle

Motivation is a force that drives people to execute goals. Sustaining motivation can pay off in many ways; such as achieving personal goals, feeling successful or earning a reward. Hard work does pay off. Whether it’s working towards a degree or continuing education, the struggle to keep the motivation is real. “I think we’re naturally goal-directed; we have a purpose for doing most things,” says ACC Counselor Dawn Allison. “‘I want this degree for this career’ or something like that, but then there is just every day slogging through the homework, studies, and attendance, so sometimes we lose sight of that.” So, how can students keep the motivation going in the upcoming year and semester?

Have S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

Specific - A person who knows what their goals

are is off to a good start but it can become a problem if that goal is too broad. The more specific and narrow the goal is, the more manageable and achievable. Ask personal questions, such as: why is this goal important to me? What do I want to accomplish with this goal in mind? What resources do I have that will allow me to accomplish the goal? Measurable - Having a goal that is measurable is important because it helps one keep track of the progress. Having access to measuring a goal opens the ability to stay focused and meet important deadlines. Achievable - Having achievable goals is vital to the process itself. Continue to reach for the stars, but think about the realistic ways you can get there. Ask yourself, “what skills are necessary for a particular goal” – what is needed to build them – go from there. Relevant - Sometimes a person’s goals are influenced by family, friends, other loved ones. Another important question to ask yourself, “is this my goal?” Maybe trying to be an engineer, just because the family does it, is not what you truly want as a career. Making a goal personal can turn out to be very rewarding. Time-limiting/Time-bound - Create a deadline or target date for each goal. Think about what you can accomplish in six days, weeks, months, and years from today. Think about what there is to do today i order to meet that deadline.


Students have a lot going on that requires a dayto-day balancing act. Prioritizing responsibilities can help make the tasks less intrusive, stressful and overbearing on one’s personal life.

Know What Personally Motivates You:

It is important for all individuals to understand what personally drives them each and every day. Allison said, “We’re driven by something to look forward to.” Perhaps the source is money, a new car, a degree, or good grades.

See an Advisor/Counselor:

Seeing an advisor can be important for students to find the help they might need. Students might need help with transferring, choosing classes, or knowing what their next academic step is. Educational goals can be either short or long-term, so it is important to take advantage of given opportunities. Make an appointment with a counselor Watch more about at austincc.edu/support-andtips and tricks from services.

The Student Life Chronicle

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 9

Student Life


January Mon 01 - 03 Mon 01 Thu 04 Mon 15 Tue 16-19 Tue 23 Wed 24 Mon 29

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Riverbat Bashes Continued Nuts & Bolts: ORG Orientation Nuts & Bolts: ORG Orientation Valentines Day Operation Riverbats Nuts & Bolts: ORG Orientation Nuts & Bolts: ORG Orientation Staff vs. Students Kickball game

March Mon 05-08 Mid-Term Wellness Week 4th Annual Dance-Off Fri 09 Student Orgs Registration Ends Sat 10 Daylight Saving Time Starts Mon 12-16 Spring Break (ACC Closed) May Wed 02 Mon 07-11 Thu 10 Mon 28

Nite in the Life Finals Week ACC Graduation Memorial Day (ACC Closed)

April Mon 02-13 It’s On Us Action Week

**Dates are subject to change

10 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

acc student life is ready for liftoff.


8 18 -1 717 1



M: 1/15

t: 1/16

f: 1/19

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WELCOME WEEK!:Events and freebies at your campus SL office!

MLK day (College Closed)

M: 1/22

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PAYMENts due

t: 1/23

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Nuts and bolts: Org Orientation:

Nuts and bolts: Org Orientation:

6PM - 7:30PM

6PM - 7:30PM

M: 1/29

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W: 1/31

rb bash!

rb bash!

rb bash!

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HLC: 11 - 2PM

RVS: 11 - 2PM

RRC: 10:30 - 1:30PM HYS: 12 - 3PM

CYP: 11:30 - 2:30PM

t: 2/6

W: 2/7

t: 2/8

rb bash!

rb bash!

rb bash!

SAC: 12 - 3PM

PIN: 11 - 2PM NRG: 11 - 2PM

EGN: 10:30 - 1PM

M: 2/5

f: 2/9

EVC: 11 - 2PM

Events & Games Social Activities Food & Freebies Students who require an interpreter or other accommodations for this event should contact interpservices or (512) 223-6155.

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 11

ArEas ArEas Of Of Study Study Arts, Digital Media & Communications

Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies


Computer Science & Information Technology


Health Sciences Liberal Arts

Culinary, Hospitality & Tourism

Public & Social Services Science, Engineering & Math

12 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 13

CALLING 4 U: Open Submissions for Life4U mag:


Student Media

14 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia


Resources The Office of Student Life

is considered the classroom without walls. Programming areas such as Leadership, Student Organizations, Intramural Sports and Recreation, and Student Media provide students with opportunities to form meaningful relationships with their peers. Paid and volunteer positions promote professional growth and experience. To learn more about Student Life visit bit.ly/ACCSL. The ACC Foundation administers hundreds of scholarships for ACC students based on financial need, family status, educational background or academic major. The foundation has raised more than $13 million to support college programs and scholarships. By filling out one general application, students are considered for all ACC Foundation Scholarships for which they are eligible. For more information and application instructions visit bit.ly/accfoundation.

Computer Centers are

located in or near each campus library. The computer stations are equipped with software for general student use such as writing papers, conducting online coursework, accessing the Internet, checking ACC Online Services, and using ACCmail. An ACC Student ID card is required. For more information visit bit.ly/acc-computer-access.

The Learning Lab environment encourages study, collaboration and academic progress through the following services: • Free tutoring is available in general courses including English, reading, writing, math, study skills, science and assessment test preparation. For tutoring in specialized areas such as English for Speakers of Other Languages, accounting, foreign languages and health sciences, check posted schedules and call ahead to confirm availability. • Computers with instructional software and applications are available along with personalized assistance as needed. Handouts and study aids are available. • Study rooms may be reserved with an ACC Student ID card. For more information visit bit.ly/acclearninglab.

Green Transportation Initiatives are available to ACC

students enrolled in courses for credit. A Green Pass allows unlimited rides on Capital Metro bus and rail services for the semester and can be purchased for $25 at any ACC cashier office. It costs 70 percent less than a comparable Capital Metro pass. Parking permits are required for students who drive to campus. Green Car preferred parking passes can be ordered by drivers of fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles and electric car charging stations are available. Registered carpool groups may receive preferred parking. For more information visit bit.ly/acctransportation

ACC’s Libraries house more than 300,000 books across the 11 campuses and offer the following services:

• Books can be transferred to the campus of your choice for pickup and returned to any ACC campus. However, reserve items must be returned to the original library from which they were checked out. • Computers and laptops are available for use in the library with an ACC Student ID card. • Students can print up to 15 pages a day for free. After the first 15, print outs cost 10 cents per page. • Study rooms can be reserved. • E-Books are available. • Librarians can help students find books, correctly cite works in essays and suggest books for research. • Library assistance and online tutorials are available at library.austincc.edu. The ACC Transfer Academy helps students transfer to a 4-year university or college through a series of free workshops and events. All current and former ACC students interested in transferring are encouraged to attend. The Transfer Academy meets during the fall and spring semesters at each ACC campus with Watch more about varying dates Student Life and times to Resources from accommodate busy schedules. For more information visit bit.ly/ The Student Life acctransfer. Chronicle

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 15

PTK Student Veteran Association CKI P Student Organizations Hospitality Management Ambassadors

Medical Laboratory TechnologyFast Student AssociationM Facts


Physical Therapist Assistant Club

Deaf Studies Association

American Chemical Society P

Latin American Student Organization for Advertising In 2016-2017, Student Life had 45 recognized student



American SignACC Language A Orgs fall under three categories: Friends ! organizations. Area of Study, Social Groups, and Honor Societies. ACC Chapter of the Society of Physics Students

ACC Collegiate Disc Golf ACC Running ClubA Students in God’s Network

ACC’s honor societies are Circle K International (Kiwanis), Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Biotechnology Organization ACC Geology ClubB

Bridges International Link Musically!NotedB Delta Pi, and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. ACC’s honor societies offer leadership experience and service opportunities. Learn more in MySL: bit.ly/slorgs

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and AccountingA

Student Occupational Therapy Assistant Club S Student organizations align with each ACC Area of Study (AoS)* Chinese Language Club M Mind Body *Arts, DigitalMotion Media, and Communications; Business; Computer & Information Sciences; Culinary,



The Electronic Music Production Club

Hospitality, and Tourism; Education; Health Sciences; Liberal Arts; Manufacturing, Design, Construction, and Applied Tech; Public and Social Services; and Science, Engineering, and Math.

ACC Pinnacle Christian Club Club World Cup

G-FORCE ! National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Criminal Justice Club

You can browse the directory of ACC organizations online in MySL. Gay and Straight Alliance

To claim your free MySL account, go to austincc.edu/mysl and sign in with your ACCeID and password!





Austin LIT C S.T.A.R.T.Didn’tOneness Meditation Collective find the Org you wanted? Start your own! To start an Org, you need

Center for Student of Political Students

! constitution and bylaws, and a full-time ACC staff or faculty to be your Advisor. Deaf Studies Association ACC STEM ClubD Medical Laboratory Technology Student AssociationM ACC Real Estate Club

NSCS Circle K International CSPS Christian Students at ACCC

American Chemical Society P Physical Therapist Assistant three officers (President, ViceClub President, and Secretary), a min. 2.5 GPA, a

Organization registration is open throughout the 2017-2018 academic year. Community Club Register a new Org at: bit.ly/slorgs

SVNA ACC Film Club No LimitationsS

Phi Theta Kappa World


Bats on Bikes Art Club


PTK Student Veteran Association CKI NSCS s t u N lts DECA o B DiscACC ACC Collegiate Golf Geology Club Hospitality Management Ambassadors

Medical Laboratory Technology Student Association


Physical Therapist Assistant Club

American Chemical Society


Deaf Studies Association

Latin American Student Organization for Advertising

American Sign Language Friends ACC Chapter of the Society n of Physics Students tatio rien O : 1 0 Org 1

Students in God’s Network

ACC Running Club Orientation Schedule

Biotechnology Organization Highland Campus, East Entrance

6:00 P.M.

Bridges International Link Musically Tuesday: 1/23/18,Noted Rm. 2350

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Wednesday: 1/24/18, Rm. 2350

Interested in starting a Tuesday: 2/6/18, Rm. 2350 Student Occupational Student Organization? Therapy Assistant Club Wednesday: 2/7/18, Rm. 2350 to renew your Chinese Language Club MindNeed Body Motion Tuesday: 2/20/18, Rm. 2350



Production The Electronic Music Wednesday: 2/21/18, Rm.Club 2350

... then you need to attend a ACC Pinnacle

Christian Club Club World Cup

G-FORCE National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Criminal Justice Club

Org Straight 101: Orientation! Gay and Alliance

Don’t wait, become recognized today!

Center for Student of Political Students Find our the latestAustin updates to theLIT

S.T.A.R.T. Oneness Meditation Collective

Organizations program and refresh yourself on ACC’s policies and procedures: AmericanRegistration Chemical Society Organization Campus Involvement MySL: Online Portal Risk Management Funding

NSCS Circle K International CSPS Christian Students at ACC

Physical Therapist Assistant Club

DeafContact: Studies Association ACC STEM Club Austin Laboratory Wood Medical Technology Student Association organizations@austincc.edu ACC Real Estate Club *Attendance required for a minimum of two officers and/or advisors

SVNA ACC Film Club No Limitations Persons who need an interpreter or other accommodations for this event should contact interpservices@austincc.edu or (512) 223-6155


Phi Theta Kappa World Community Club austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 17 Bats on Bikes Art Club

Top Transfer School Written & photo by Melisa Hernandez Slip on your boots and two-step down to ACC. This past fall, ACC earned the number one spot in the best transfer community colleges in Texas ranking listed at successfulstudent.org. “What makes ACC different from all the rest is the time and effort that we as advisors put in for each student’s future,” says Advising Specialist Angelica Diaz-Miranda De La Rosa. ACC is known to be very accommodating to the diverse student body by providing courses during the weekdays, weekends and through distance learning. Professor Paul Brown says, “The distance learning courses allow students who may be working one or two jobs to also have time on the weekend to go over their readings. In addition they’re able to complete homework and exams.” According to Successful Student, one of the reasons ACC scored at the top is due to the flexibility offered to take classes. Audiology major Annette Kveton Photo courtesy of facebookcom/accsl

18 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

says, “being a student at ACC makes me feel very proud. I am transferring in the fall of next semester, and consider myself very lucky to be a part of the number one ranked school in Texas for transfers,” In addition, many are aware of the diversity ACC offers and DiazMiranda De La Rosa feels this is a big contribution to this ranking. “Because ACC is so diverse with our students and faculty, students find it easier to feel like they belong. There are pieces of students’ culture and background that are celebrated here that I feel other institutions would not have the gumption to do. When students feel like they belong that creates a culture where people are

accepting of others.” Affordability is ACC’s mission to ensure that all students are able to receive an education at a low cost. Early childhood education major Jessica Powell says, “Additionally, ACC is affordable and accessible to lots of people. It makes taking basic classes much easier and cheaper, and in my opinion, there is no real need for basic classes to be taken at an expensive university.” Many students, teachers, and staff feel honored to have received this ranking. Brown says, “I think ACC earned this ranking because of the quality of the faculty, many of whom have practiced the profession they teach for decades before sharing their knowledge in the classroom.”


CREDIT CARDS Not everyone needs to have a credit card, but the reality is many of us might need one at one point in our lives. If you are thinking of getting your first credit card, keep these things in mind while you do your research (yes, research!).

1. Your first credit card is forever. Because your credit score composes 15% of your credit history, your first credit card should be one you see yourself sticking with long-term. When you close your oldest card, your average credit age goes down, and with that, your credit score.

2. Read the fine print. Take your time and really understand what you’re signing up for. Sometimes we get excited by introductory offers and get a credit card that is not great beyond the initial offer. What is the APR (annual percentage rate)? What is the penalty for late payments? What happens when you go over the limit?

3. About those minimum payments... When you get your credit card statement, it will indicate your minimum payment. When you have a credit card, making the minimum payments is not enough, as you will most likely get trapped in the “interest rate loop” where your payments might only address the interest accrued and not your principal!

4. Enroll in autopay. Autopay automatically schedules and deducts your payment from your bank account on your due date. Right after getting your credit card, enroll in autopay so you are never late and your payment history stays pristine.

5. Keep your credit usage below 30%. Even if your credit card limit keeps going up, a good rule is to keep your credit usage to below 30%. This will ensure your credit score will not be affected, as it tends to go down the higher your credit usage. It also encourages the good habit of not totally depending on your credit card!

Want to learn more about credit cards, credit history, and credit scores? The Student Money Management Office has online financial education modules covering topics like these. Go to austincc.edu/money and search “Online Education.” Send your money questions to money@austincc.edu.

Honda PACT Written by Nate Torres Video by Amanda Lanclos

There is no shortage of people considering going back to school. The associated, and often deterring, question is often, “is it worth it?” Many weigh this by considering if the time and money invested will lead to better job opportunities. The determining factor is often the area of study. Despite the bumps in the road the auto industry has been going through, there is no shortage of cars on the road. Vehicles eventually need repairs. To service those repairs, automotive technicians will be in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for auto technicians will grow at a steady rate of 6 percent over the next ten years, averaging 2,300 new positions a year in Texas, alone. In response, ACC has been training students to help meet the demand for technicians. Many students are finding work before they complete the program. “All of our students get jobs,” says department chair Mike Schoebroek. “Employers are calling all the time looking for employees. Typically it’s one of three different types of employers. Of course the dealerships, then independent repair shops, and Watch more about then franchises the Honda PACT like Firestone, from Jiffy Lube, and Christian Brothers.” ACC is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Life4U magazine

20 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

Education Foundation (NATEF). The department offers four certificates and an associate degree in the automotive program. With the certification, the school makes sure to keep the instruction evolving as the quickly as vehicles. “I went to trade school in the seventies,” says adjunct professor Kevin McNeil. “These kids have to learn a lot more in the same amount of time that I did. [Cars] are

getting more technical… it ain’t the seventies. You have to hook with a lab scope and a DBOM, read a schematic and do pin checks.” For soon to be graduate Mike Lopez, the more instruction ACC can get him on the automotive industry the better. “I plan to further my career and come back to get the advanced certificate; which I advise everybody do. They have automatic transmissions II, alternative fuels, and diesel classes which they don’t teach for the regular certificate or degree so you come back and finish that while you’re working.” Advanced degrees or specialization is a great advantage for those who are already in the industry. According to the Bureau of Labor, specialization is a wise commitment reporting an

increase from the average wage of $18 per hour to upwards of $30 an hour ($60000 per year) for those who specialize. Honda has shown great interest in students looking to specialize with their PACT program through their partnership with ACC. This semester PACT is investing in ACC with a fleet of cars and specialty tools, so students are learning and working on Honda/Acura vehicles specifically. This program’s intentions are to provide students with many opportunities, especially those looking to find work at a dealership. Howdy Honda’s shop foreman, says, “[Students] who come out of school with a PACT certificate are more likely to be hired here than the guy with the associate degree, because they’ve been working on our products.” That’s not to say a generic automotive associate degree isn’t valued but as a former TSTC student, Bone says, “... when I came out I was ASE certified in all 8 areas and I didn’t have a clue how to work on a Honda. I had an idea how to work on a GM transmission or a Ford transmission but a Honda transmission is completely different.” PACT offers a 16-week certificate course, as well as a two year associate degree. ACC’s automotive programs seems to be a sure way to open doors to an automotive career. Bone says, “I like word of mouth but education, you can’t beat it.”


Environments Written byAmye Bueno-Benitez Having the perfect study environment is important for many students. Some don’t mind chaos surrounding them, in fact they thrive in it. Meanwhile, others prefer a quiet place with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. Others enjoy being surrounded by books and other resources to use while studying. But, once that heaven is found, it must not be disturbed in order to maintain focus. Try these spots to catch up on your studies in the Austin area.

Epoch coffee

Two locations: North Austin open 24 hours Central Austin daily 7a.m.-10p.m. -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Try the Mexican Mocha, hot or iced

Bennu coffee

Two locations (Central & South Austin) Open 24 hrs -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Try the Ladybird Coffee Bombs

Flightpath Coffeehouse

Central Austin Mon-Sat 7a.m.-11p.m. & Sun 8a.m.-11p.m. -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Try the Vegan Snack Shelf

Jo’s coffee

Two locations: Central Austin Mon-Fri 7a.m.-9p.m. & Sat-Sun 8a.m.-9p.m. South Austin daily 7a.m.-9p.m. -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Try the Iced turbo

Monkey Nest

Central Austin Open 24 hrs -Wifi -Try the Spicy Monkey Mocha

Cuppa Austin

North Austin Mon-Fri 5a.m.-11p.m. & Sat-Sun 6a.m.-11p.m. -Wifi -Try the Caramel Cream Latte


Central Austin Daily 9a.m.-11p.m. -Wifi -Cafe inside with a full range menu -They have a consignment program for self publishers -Sit in a massage chair for $1/min.

Tea Haus

North Austin Mon-Thurs & Sun 10a.m.-10p.m. & Fri-Sat 10a.m.-11p.m. -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Fresh menu changes daily

Kickbutt Coffee

North Austin Mon-Thurs 6:06a.m.-10p.m. & Fri 6:06a.m.-2a.m. -Wifi -Try the Fight Club Sammie

Any Austin Public Library or ACC Library

Hours vary depending on locations -Quiet -Wifi

Central Austin Austin Java

Mon-Thurs open 7a.m.-7p.m., Fri 7a.m.-9p.m., Sat 8a.m.-9p.m. & Sun 8a.m.-7p.m. -Several locations throughout Austin -Wifi -Outdoor seating -Full bar -Try the Roasted Beet Salad

Barton Springs Pool

South Austin Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun 5a.m.-10p.m., & Thurs 5a.m.-9a.m. reopens 7p.m.-10p.m. -Relaxing grass area to study outdoors -Bring $3 as a local resident -Take a break to use the diving board

It’s a Grind

North Austin Mon-Fri 6a.m.-9p.m. & Sat-Sun 7a.m.-9p.m. -Wifi -Try the Mango & Green Tea smoothie

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 21

ng! i r i h s i e f i L t n e ud t C? S C f A t o a e d c ffi olve v O n i t e e h Life! g t T d n n e a d e u t sum or S

rk f ur re o o w y o d l t i u y b Appl Want to

* r o d a s s Amba

t a b and r g e n i v r i o t R n : n er me o e i p Life. t i t o n t s e r d e u e t Po rS de p pport fo n: Provi

rough su tio g p i n i tudy th es.) r s n c k s n r o e a l w for class ent p Job D v e t qualify registered for s u d m e s s t e an -ba (*Applic ncial Aid and b campus Fina

ation! m r o f n i more r o f e c L Offi S s u p ly p am p c a r l u s o c y ac / y l . t Contact i b at:

e n i l n o y Appl


ice v r e S . opment

Pr . p i h s r Leade

vel contact e D should l s n a io t n a 3-6155. ommod r 512-22 her acc ofessio

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Do you need extra guidance along your journey at ACC?

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The College Student’s Guide to Saving Money Learn how to make a budget and improve your own financial wellness! Students will leave this workshop with the ability to make good financial choices for the future. Ace It: Strengthening Test-Taking Skills Conquer this semester by learning different strategies for lowering your anxiety, studying for exams, and how to find your ideal study location. Slay the test away! Get a Job! Resumes & Interviewing 101 What is a resume? How do I prepare for an interview? Learn the answers to these questions and much more at this fun, interactive workshop!

Intro to Adulting: Why Accountability Matters Do you ever struggle with keeping up with your commitments? Participate in this workshop and guided reflection to learn about the concept of accountability and strategies to help you follow through with your actions. Leadership in Action Part II: Values & Ethics Values are an integral part to being an Ethical Leader. Discover your own values and how values relate to your leadership ability through this interactive session. You Matter! Self Care and Stress Management Tips Stress happens. Learn about ways to manage your stressors and how to practice self care when life gets tough.

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Campus Carry Written by Tracy Fuller Photos by Wes Eng Video by Halie Davis In August 2015, Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 11, allowing individuals with a concealed handgun license to carry a handgun while on university campuses. ACC campuses have been mandated to implement this law, since the start of the 2017-2018 academic year. This past October, the deadliest shooting in United States history took place in Las Vegas. A man carried 23 assault rifles to his room on the 32nd floor at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. He began to open fire on an open crowd at a music festival. This lead to 58 deaths and over 500 injured. One month later in Sutherland Springs, Texas there was another shooting incident. A man walked into a church service bearing a Ruger AR556 semi-automatic rifle, taking the lives of 26 people and wounding 20. In response to this shooting Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, “We are dealing with the largest mass shooting in our state’s history.” In 2007, on the Virginia Tech campus, a 23-year-old college senior went on a massacre. This rampage began in the dormitories, leading him to the University. This is where he chained and locked all the main doors and continued to take the lives of others by storming room to room. The difference with this Watch more about Campus Carry from incident is that it occurred with a 9-millimeter handgun and a 22-caliber handgun, along with hundreds Life4U Magazine

26 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

of rounds of ammunition. The assault left 30 people dead and 17 injured. In all, 27 students and five staff members fell as a result of the actions of the shooter. Many debate if having a Concealed Handgun License will cut down on these shootings. “I am not comfortable around guns or with people that have guns,” says an anonymous student from the Riverside campus. “I do not know if that increases my safety in any measurable way. I feel if people go through the ropes to get [their CHL], I cannot judge them for that. It is a process, and most people are responsible with it.” It may be too early to determine whether or not this law will play any role on ACC properties. Since the law passed in 2015, there is a lack of data showing whether firearm incidents and violent crimes have increased or decreased. However, according to a study done by DPS, those who have their License to Carry have a lower crime and conviction rate than those without one. “I do not have a problem with trained personnel carrying a concealed handgun to protect themselves or the lives of someone else,” says student Rob Paul. “The problem is when you do not have the proper education, training, and the proper temperament. You become more of a liability. My personal opinion is that anyone carrying a handgun hoping to use, shouldn’t have it.”

ACC Police Chief Lynn Dixon suggests these tactics, if a situation ever arises:


Flee the area and avoid danger, if possible. Head to the closest, safest exit. If the armed subject is outside the building, move away from outside doors and windows. Call 911, to give them: the location and physical description of the shooter or armed individual, number of suspects and potential victims at the location, and number and type of weapons in the suspect(s) possession


Get behind a large heavy object or lock and barricade doors. Turn off all lights, get on the floor and out of the line of fire. For those who cannot get on the floor, create makeshift barricades to hide behind. Remain quiet and hidden. Silence your cell phone including the vibration setting.

Prepare to FIGHT.

Commit to a plan of action if the armed subject or active shooter enters your space. Be aggressive. Improvise weapons and create distractions. You have the legal right to defend yourself. Remain in place until an official “ALL CLEAR” instruction is given from police authorities. Listen and comply with police commands. More information on how to handle emergency situations can be found at austincc.edu/offices/emergencymanagement.

“I do not have a problem with trained personnel carrying a concealed handgun to protect themselves or the lives of someone else.�

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 27

The Presidential Student Achievement Award is the most prestigious ACC award earned by a student who demonstrates academic excellence, service to ACC and the community, and commitment to ACC values and vision.

Nominations open January 8 - March 30, 2018

Nominate: bit.ly/psaasp18 Applications due April 6, 2018. Select candidates to be interviewed April 13, 2018.

More info at: bit.ly/psaainfo (Nominations accepted from current ACC staff, faculty or students; Eligible students will receive application to complete by April 6)

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Resumes Written by Mariana Foran Starting college, there are many things to think about like paying for classes, which ones to take, where to live and more. Ultimately, ACC provides students with an education and sources to add to a resume to get a job in the appropriate area of study. However, not many know how to write a resume, or what to even put on it. Many advisors suggest students build their experience at ACC by joining student organizations, volunteering, internships and anything that can give you experience beyond the classroom. “I think the biggest mistake I see college students make when it comes to building their resume is, they don’t pay attention to anything except school,” says ACC advisor Don Bradley. “They do the bare minimum to get by and at the end they find themselves with a piece paper, nothing more. If an employer had a choice between two college graduates, one with a degree and one with a degree and an impressive resume of things they did in college who do you think they are going to hire?” It’s not uncommon to attend class, go home and/or work and call it a day. However, the Office of Student Life offers multiple ways to to volunteer and participate in campus activities. If being on campus is too limiting, they can help you find ways to be involved in the community. Bradley says, “I was very protective over my GPA and basically did whatever I could fit into my schedule. Doing stuff gives you experience and you never know who you might meet or what kind of connections you can make.” Every job application should have a tailored resume and cover letter.


Resumes should include several sections: your career objective, a list of experience and skills that pertain to the job and education. It is ok to apply to jobs before graduation, just be sure to place your expected graduation date under the education section. If a list of references isn’t asked for, then include it at the bottom of your resume. Have three or four references of current and/ past co-workers and managers who can speak, honestly, about your work ethic.

Cover Letter

In addition to a resume, many employers, often, ask for a cover letter. A cover letter is a summary of your resume and a formal way of introducing yourself. This is the opportunity to explain how a past experience or skill set, listed in your resume, makes you a top candidate for the job.

“Sincerity is an important element to a good cover letter,” says Bradley. “Staying away from empty phrases also, give people the facts they need not a flowy paragraph about how you’re a people person. The absolute worst thing you can do is use your cover letter to kiss up. Being a kiss up is a big turn off and it makes you seem lazy,” When writing a cover letter, try keep it about a page long. Human Resources and the managers are receiving many resumes and cover letters (if asked), so be sure to keep it short simple and to the point. Formally address the boss Read examples cf resumes and cover or company you are writing it letters from to and close it with the best way to reach out to you for an interview.

Life4U Magazine

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 29

International Students Written & photos by Phuong Kim Pham

The number one transfer college in Texas, ACC is not only a college for Texans, but students all over the world. International students contribute to the school’s development and diversity with the increase of 1.38% district-wide from 2013 to 2017, according to ACC’s 2016-2017 Fact Book. The increase shows that international students consider ACC to be a valuable institution, leading to greater demand for ACC to enhance their International Student Services. For academic and language learning, ACC provides more than 100 areas of study, with credits being transferable to a four-year college.

30 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

This gives students a variety of choices in majors to pursue. Anh Vu, a first-year ACC international student, is very pleased with her first college experience. “The school help me find all the credited classes that I need to transfer to a four-year university,” she said. “I was able to learn thoroughly about my major– which is Computer Science – through the advisors.” ACC also provides English Language Instruction, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) and Intensive English Program (IEP) for international students who wish to enhance their English skills. Porry Chen, a Chinese IEP

student, has a good impression of the program: “The classes are fast but very effective,” she shared. “It gives me the opportunity to meet people from other cultures and practice English.” In addition to the English programs, ACC establishes English Composition classes for non-native speaker to create a delightful academic environment for international students. Wandaka, a student from Congo, says he received a lot of helps in the class. “Although the class was hard, I think if I have any trouble with study, the teacher and classmates will help me with it,” he said. The problem that international

students have with ACC’s service is distance, as the International Student Office (ISO) has only two campus location: Riverside and Round Rock. Vu is one of many international students who choose Northridge to be their main campus. As a first-year ACC student, she had to go to the office four times to get her paperwork done. “It’s pretty upsetting that ACC doesn’t have any office in Northridge, I was really tired having to go [to the ISO] so many times,” Vu shared. Porry Chen, who studies at Highland campus and Cypress Creek, said, “I don’t have problems going to the office but going by bus does take a very long time.” They all hope that ACC will extend International Student Services to additional campuses in order to save on traveling cost and time. Regarding co-curricular activities, many international students at ACC find joining clubs and college activities to be unusual. One reason is that their culture stresses education as the priority, and overlooks co-curricular

college development. Another reason is that there are not many activities that reach international students. Anh Vu, a student who has spent four years in the United States as an international, shared

that she only knew about her club through the international student’s orientation. “You probably have to walk around and try to find other clubs’ information to join, which is very time-consuming and difficult for new international students,” she said. Being a hard-working student, Anh Vu is also the Secretary of World Community Club (WCC). She likes to spend her free time doing club activities and meeting new people, as she was also an active international high school student in South Carolina. She wants to encourage international students to be open-minded to learn new things. “Joining WCC is not hard, you don’t have to attend to the meetings to join, all you have to do is email us or join the group on MySL and we will send you various events for you through email,” she suggests. “Student Life is also like a helping center for anyone who wants to meet new friends, you can definitely join them.”

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Hunger & Homelessness Written byArlenne Lozano Photos by Halie Davis Video by Sam Douglas

Hunger and Homelessness is a popular topic across the world. The United States alone is constantly struggling with this problem. There are 23,122 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in Texas, according to the 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR). About 40 percent of the homeless in the U.S. are under the age of eighteen. “I think it is getting harder [for students] to be self-sufficient,” Mass Communication major William Menjivar says. “Regardless of your income, whether you are at the 1 percent or not, I think at some point you are going to struggle. I think a lot of college students will sacrifice in the area of being able to eat so that they can provide in other ways, like having clothes on their back.” Hunger and homelessness can derive from various factors in a person’s life like being born into poverty, being mentally or physically disabled, experiencing job loss, being incarcerated and more. People experiencing hunger and homelessness, may not have asked for this lifestyle but can’t seem to Watch more on Hunger & find the right help. Homelessness “When it comes from to the topic of hunger and homelessness, I think that people are aware of it, however it becomes Life4U Magazine

32 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

very easy to ignore,” Student Life Supervisor Kelly Brown says. Throughout the city of Austin and its suburbs, it is unavoidably easy to spot someone on the side of the streets, and highways holding up

With these statistics, ACC Student Life’s Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week hopes to provide educational awareness to these problems. According to Office of Student Life, the objective of this

signs and walking up and down the lines of cars stopped at a red light asking for some sort of help. ACC recognizes the situation is difficult, so every year the Office of Student Life steps to raise awareness of hunger and homelessness. The Student Life Food Pantry program asked that each campus host a minimum of one program during the week of November 13-17, 2017. The purpose and objective of this program derives from a statistic provided by the Wisconsin Hope Lab stating that “an estimated average of 13 percent of community college students may be homeless.”

week is to raise awareness regarding hunger and homelessness at ACC and the greater Austin area, educate the student body about these issues and build support for solutions. Plus, connect students with resources and encourage them to act and volunteer with Operation: Riverbats. During this week, ACC campuses conducted events such as a sock drive, cardboard brigade, a hunger banquet and more. “I think that everything ACC is doing, is definitely useful to the community,” says Menjivar. “It definitely raises awareness of how serious the situation is and I think it

adds some humanity to it.” Every year, the Office of Student Life hosts the OXFAM Hunger Banquet. Brown says, “Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty and hunger. The purpose and focus of the Oxfam Hunger Banquet is to bring awareness to global poverty, hunger, and the efforts that are being made to stop it. Essentially, we understand that everybody walks with a certain amount of privilege in life and we want everybody to recognize that and give them an opportunity to discuss it and the ways that they can help those that are suffering from food insecurity and housing insecurity.” With the certainty that at least one classmate is food insecure, ACC Student Life offers a free service to its students, known as the Food Pantry. Every Student Life office has a food pantry full of canned and boxed, healthy foods for students experiencing food insecurity. Two in three community college students are food insecure, according to the Wisconsin Hope Lab. This affects many students on the ACC campuses. “We see that here at Austin Community College, you see it pretty much at any two-year, four-year, higher education,” Brown says. “What we want to do here is educated students that there are opportunities for them to get food through food pantries popping up across the nation or through programs like Aunt Bertha.” Other local and national organizations that Student Life connects students with

are Give Pulse, Feeding America, Covenant House, Students Against Hunger, and Central Texas Food Bank. Aunt Bertha is a search and

referral platform that helps those facing social needs to find and make referrals to appropriate programs and services for food, shelter, health, care, work, financial

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 33

assistance, and more, according to auntbertha.com. This website lists free and reduced cost service programs in every zip code. This platform currently has 1,853 programs serving people in Austin – some of which include the 31 food pantries they have listed. Feeding America focuses on creating a nationwide network of member food banks to engage the nation in the fight to end hunger, according to feedingamerica.org. Feeding America is a U.S. based non-profit organization with more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through many food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and other community-based agencies. According to covenanthouse.org, Covenant House offers housing and support services to young people in need, reaching nearly 80,000 boys and girls every year by saving the lives of homeless, runaway, and trafficked young people. Almost 40 percent of the homeless in the

34 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

U.S. are under 18. In the U.S. alone, more than 20,000 kids are forced into prostitution by human trafficking networks every year. 10 to 50 percent of homeless youth engage in survival sex, or the exchange of sex for food, clothing, or shelter. Central Texas Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief charity in Central Texas. They work with donors across the country, financial supporters and volunteers to fill unmet needs in Central Texas. They assist families who qualify for federal assistance programs, share free food and knowledge on low-cost, healthy eating with families in need, and make food affordable for charitable government partners. Their website helps people locate places nearby if they are ever in need of a meal. “College students should care about the homeless because they are people, just like you, me and somebody that is just trying to get by,” Menjivar says. “Maybe at some point, they fell down on their luck and did not have the means to get

back up so they had to humble themselves to the point of asking for help. If I were in the situation, I would want somebody to help me out so we should open up our hearts to helping other people.” This is not to say that all community college students are struggling. For those who are not, there are multiple ways to get informed and involved to help others who are going through these daily struggles. “In the Austin population, where we do have a large homeless population, they almost become fixtures that we get used to and therefore it becomes easier and easier to pass it by,” Brown says. Students have an array of options to choose from if needed and the Office of Student Life can direct someone seeking help in the right direction in order to prevent skipping a meal. Having so many cities and nation-wide resources available at any moment for the hungry and homeless is a great start ending the issue of hunger and homelessness.

February 12 - March 29



FOOD DRIVE Help hungry ACC students — Donate food to your Student Life office. All collected items will go to the SL Food Pantry on your campus. Students may utilize this free service throughout the semester.

We are accepting canned foods and other non-perishable items such as: Meals in a can (soup, stew, chili); Whole-grain cereals (low sugar); Healthy snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit); Canned foods with pop-top lids; Canned veggies (low-sodium); Canned tuna or chicken; Peanut butter; Canned fruit Food Pantry & Resources

What is the Community Service Experience?

Give back and make a difference in your community. Work with local nonprofits and charities. Gain valuable skills to build your resume, transfer application, and co-curricular transcript. ..

Learn more and register:

bit.ly/infocse Community Service Experience

Volunteer individually or invite your classmates, friends, or organization members! For questions, please contact: volunteer@austincc.edu

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Male Leadership Program

The Male Leadership Program (MLP) is designed to provide institutional support and encourage the success of current First Year male students (12 earned credit hours or less) at Austin Community College.

Top five benefits for becoming an active MLP member: Improve your transition to college life & get connected to ACC, Student Life & community resources Enhance your academic skills through success planning & one-on-one mentoring Gain access to career exploration tools, workshops, job fairs, etc. Build relationships with fellow members & particpate in peer-to-peer mentoring activities Gain leadership experience to discover more about yourself and learn ways to stay motivated to finish strong!

Currently enrolled First Year male students (12 earned credit hours or less) can participate in the ACC Male Leadership Program. Stop by any Student Life Office to learn more.

Contact us at maleleadership@austincc.edu or (512) 223-5665.

austincc.edu/maleleadership austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 37

Ending Hate Written, video & photos by Halie Davis After the shooting in Charlottesville, philosophy professor Bryan Register decided it was time for Austin to step away from hosting vigils and break the silence. Having never organized an event like this, he quickly gathered politicians and educators to speak at the Rally Against Watch more on White Supremacy Ending Hate from this past August. Register’s intention was to start the conversation about ending Life4U Magazine hate.

38 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

“The reason that people are supposed to work to overcome racism isn’t because they are personally responsible for it. We’re supposed to work for a better world.” Living in the ‘Make America Great Again’ era, the nation is seeing a backlash from many groups. Feminists took to the Internet with #MeToo. The LGBTQIA community pushed against the Texas legislator passing the ‘bathroom bill’ (Senate Bill 6). Many ethnic and racial minorities flooded the streets during the Day Without Immigrants protest. Fists were raised during NFL games against racial injustice and police

brutality. In the current political climate it’s almost difficult to ignore the amount of controversy the Republican Party receives for backing candidates with bad behavior, like Roy Moore. To address these issues local voter turnouts are changing, calls are being made to government officials and protests are happening. Patricia Hatcher, humanities associate professor, spoke at the Rally Against White Supremacy. “One of our speakers earlier said we are not born with hate. That’s true. Hate is a learned behavior. It’s time we unlearn it.”

The theme of the protest was to speak out against hate, of any sort. Speakers ranged from various areas in the Austin community from Reverend John MacIver Gage to Mayor Steve Adler. “Austin city council has its heart in the right place when it comes to issues about race,” Register says. “They are concerned about gentrification in East Austin. But whether their concern is translated into actual action is a separate question and we’ll be seeing what they do with CodeNEXT.” CodeNEXT is a project designed to re-shape the city. This document contains over 1,000 pages, explaining a Land Development Code structured to make Austin a more livable city. The city council is set to publish the third draft of the code in February. So, as the cost of living in Austin continues to rise, so does the price of higher education. “I think a lot of our processes are geared towards students that have come from privilege, who do have parents that went through the process or went to school,” says Black Student Association (BSA) advisor Latisha Marion. “Gentrification is happening, but it’s our responsibility to acknowledge that and try to adjust to fit those cultures or people trying to come [to ACC].” In recent years, ACC has experienced a decline of enrollment from minority students. With organizations such as the Black

Student Success Committee, ACC is focused on recruiting and retaining students of color and/ lower income. Encouraging students to become members of these organizations is one of the strategies ACC uses to increase the number of students’ enrollment to completion. As members they are expected to act as peer mentors for other and incoming students. “The feedback we’ve been getting from students is that they don’t feel

comfortable,” Marion says. “Students that are in classes are saying, ‘hey when I came, I was uncomfortable as well. I didn’t know that I was going to be welcomed. Nobody looks like me or gave me the attention I think I deserved.’” More students are coming into these organizations, from various nationalities and backgrounds, to discuss their experiences. Another way ACC works to combat these feelings is through their partnership

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 39

with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for the Big Read. Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric is the chosen book for Spring 2018. Citizen is a book-length poem about micro aggressions. This project is meant to spark conversation among students, faculty and the community about being a person of color in a country with a legacy of white supremacy. The main intention is to provide insights growing from these discussions. “The key is to keep the dialogue going about tolerance and antiracism,” says Hatcher. “That is how we will command change.” Many put up a guard when topics about racism and inequality enter a discussion. However, at the rally, congressman Lloyd Doggett did not shy away from speaking against President Donald Trump empowering racists and white supremacists. Doggett’s speech started with, “in Austin, we don’t all have to agree on everything as long as we respect our differences. We need everyone in this community to turn up the heat on hate.” However, as rallies and others have the intention to diminish hate and bring about awareness, people of minority groups have a tendency to adapt in heated political climates.

40 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

America was founded with racial, ethnic and social class differences. The majority race of adults is white, but by 2020 nonwhites are expected to be the majority of the nation’s babies, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. American is on its way to becoming a majority country of minorities. Multi and biracial births have increased over the years. Some of the reasoning behind this evolution may be from the way we talk about race. “I think I hear about it more from our counterparts that are more distraught and upset about it,” Marion says. “Even the students that aren’t black and in BSA, want to do this [to speak out]…they’re enthusiastic about making the change

and making voices be heard.” Contrary to those students benefiting from white supremacy, Register says there is a difference for feeling personal guilt and taking responsibility for overcoming the consequences of these crimes. “There are many white people who become defensive when there is a question about their benefitting from white supremacy. And the fact is, I am not responsible for white supremacy. I did not own slaves. Also, I benefit from that history. It’s because I have this benefit from that history that I have some responsibility for overcoming these problems - not because I created the problems.” As students work to turn up the heat on hate, some mentors suggest becoming involved through campus organizations, like BSA. “On a smaller scale, I think

that’s exactly how we bring about awareness,” says Marion. “That’s how we change things, how we make people change their minds about social situations. I think it has a larger impact than any protest can ever have, when you’re getting the people one on one and you’re teaching them something.” Conversations about understanding people of color, the transgender community and everywhere in between can be seen in the media, but how do we take personal responsibility? One-

on-one or in protests, the first plan of action towards ending hate is gathering together and speaking out.

“I think the next step is to move [conversations] onto our college

campuses and get the student body involved,” says Hatcher. “During the 60’s the college community were the biggest voices and we need to have that happen again.” Regardless of where these discussions take place, it’s a step towards progress. Many are willing to tell their story and share experiences, if asked. Ask questions and say something. Exercise those American rights given by the first amendment. As Doggett says, “hate never has and hate never will make America great.”

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Intramural Relationships Written by Melisa Hernandez Video & Photos by Ruben Hernandez

Anxiety about relationships, whether with a peer or professor, is one of the feelings many students experience at ACC. Forming relationships does not come easy to all. ACC’s Student Life is the classroom without walls, going beyond being a place to take classes at a low cost. It provides opportunities for students to be involved and interact with each other; like running side Watch more on by side as a team. Intramural A variety of Relationships intramural sports from are offered at ACC, including volleyball, basketball and co-rec football. Intramural Life4U Magazine

42 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

coordinator, Tracy Partin, recommends staying active while taking classes at ACC. “Intramural sports bring together students that have not necessarily met before, and are brought together on a team that is working toward a common goal,” Partin says. “Having teammates brings them closer together as people.” Attending games or hearing about others being involved, creates a desire for some students to join an intramural team. “Joining Intramural volleyball has made my experience here at ACC one to remember,” says communication major Amy Rivera. “I was afraid to join at first, although If I would have chosen not to join I would not have the friends I have

today,” Joining volleyball allowed Rivera to make new friends with those who have a common interest. With ACC’s diverse student body, intramural sports allows for a student to step out of their comfort zone. “Intramural basketball has taught me that there is a greater community within Austin,” says nursing major Carrie Albarado. “One learns to get along with others regardless of differences that each other has.” Many find staying active difficult especially when most of their time is dedicated towards academics. Being active in an intramural sport allows students to stay active while taking classes. “It’s a fun way to get some exercise in and meet new people that

we have something in common with,” says health science major, Kimberly Trevarthen. Intramural sports at ACC welcomes students with or without athletic experience to participate. Partin says, “Intramurals gives student athletes that did not get an opportunity to continue on a college team to experience competitive sports through club sports within the intramurals program.” A competitive spirit is carried onto the court or field. Some students use this as a way to continue their athleticism on a college level. “The only downside to my intramural volleyball team is that we do not get enough practice time,” says early childhood education major, Jessica Powell. “We also all live far apart and our school schedules are different so it becomes difficult to come together on off days to practice.” Although intramural sports can be seen as a way to blow off steam or get in a workout, it does teach some students important life lessons like working as a team, time management and more. “Commitment is the biggest thing I’ve learned from playing volleyball,” says audiology major Annette Kveton. “You have one night to show

up for your teammates and give it your all.”

Due to limited athletic facilities, Partin works with the community and ACC to host these games on fields and courts around the Austin area. “In order to make up for the athletic facilities ACC does not offer, we rent from other organizations such as Parks and Recreation, private organizations such as SoccerZone, or the YMCA.” Many ACC athletes agree that intramural sports teams are a great option to stay active and meet new people. Intramural sports can add some positivity to one’s life while helping our community become more unified. ACC encourages new or returning students to create an intramural sport they enjoy, if not already offered. Visit the Intramural Sports & Recreation page on austincc.edu/sl

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 43

INTRAMURALS Sports & Recreation



Spring 2018

Registration Opens Free to Register at: bit.ly/sp18sports

SPRING SPORTS Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer Co-Rec Softball Women’s Volleyball Men’s Basketball

**dates/locations are subject to change

Contact: Coach Tracy Partin, tpartin@austincc.edu Persons who need an interpreter or other accommodations for this event should contact interpservices@austincc.edu or 512 223 6155

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Intramural Sports & Recreation

LGBT EQUITY Austin Community College

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 45

Riverbat Games Solutions on page 63

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Puzzle #1 Easy

Puzzle #2 Easy

Puzzle #3 Medium

Puzzle #4 Hard

austincc.edu/mysl Spring 2018 | 47

“A Visual Masterpiece!”

Watch Here

bit.ly/accentslc “Simply Riveting!!”

SL For more info, please contact: editor@austincc.edu 48 | Life4U austincc.edu/studentmedia

Student Life Chronicle

Riverbat Rewards Visit your Student Life Office to sign up!




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Story So Far Throwdown Written & photo by Taylor Kokas

Despite this year’s sudden cancellation of Sound On Sound Fest, many artists were able to be rescheduled at various venues around town to perform for the live music capitol audience. The festival continued on in spirit, early that Saturday afternoon. Fans lined up on both corners of The Mohawk, awaiting performances from their favorite punk bands like The Story So Far. The Story So Far kicked off their set playing two of their most popular songs, “Things I can’t change” and “Nerve” while also performing their newest single “Out of it.” It was a wild set, as some fans surfed their way up to the front, attempting to get a hug from lead vocalist Parker Cannon. At one point during a break between songs, Cannon was handed a switchblade, causing some shock amongst the band. Parker put it away safely in front of the drum kit and continued on with the show. Throughout the remainder of the night, fans jammed out to a setlist of the band’s greatest hits from their past three albums while also squeezing in a couple covers from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Fans left with a fun, memorable performance to reflect on as they exited the venue to go home and recover from their ringing eardrums.

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MUDBOUND Written by Tracy Fuller

The McAllan family is a working-family raising their children on a Mississippi farm. The Jacksons are a sharecropping family on a Mississippi farm. Both families have a son returning from the World War II to work the land. Jamie McAllan (Garrett Hedlund) and Ronsel Jackson (Jason Mitchell) suffer from PTSD postwar. Ronsel is a sergeant, wrestling with the terror of being a free man in Europe, but one with no rights when being back in America – the nation he defended in battle. Jamie is an airborne captain, struggling with the horrific memories witnessed in the sky. Both Ronsel and Jamie, come together with the bond of PTSD. Their friendship is an opposite perfect connection to status, mental health and racial division of that era. Dee Rees and Virgil Williams did an excellent job turning Hillary Jordan’s novel into a cinematic ride. Mudbound invokes various emotions from the viewer to feel both families’ level of poverty, struggles to get ahead and what life was like for that period. This sure to be award-winning film is on Netflix.

Musical Streets Written & photo by Brandon Gorrie

For decades, the LGBTQ community has been thriving under Austin’s protective banner in the conservative state of Texas. West 4th street has been an especially inclusive haven for the LGBTQ community in the revered nightclubs Oil Can Harry’s, Rain, and Highland. However, recently, Highland has been used more for the purpose of electronic music events hosted by Real Music Events. As both the LGBTQ community of 4th and EDM community of 5th and 6th street grow, there is a need for more space. Whether these communities clash as the need for space grows is a different story. “Austin has a huge music scene,” Education major Stephen Whiting says. “I don’t think those [EDM and LGBTQ communities] necessarily have to be in conflict with each other.” You may not know this, but the enormous electronic music culture we know and love today, with its

booming festivals and throbbing nightclubs, is all thanks to the LGBTQ community. Back in the early 80s, house music caught on as a niche genre that was widely popular with the LGBTQ community in private venues all over big cities like Chicago, LA, and New York. Note the irony of current club culture riddled with dudebro’s who may truly believe they’ve invented the electronic snare-drum. Hyperbole aside, in a lot of cases the two communities aren’t mutually exclusive in their evening affairs. He may be right. Real Music Events is one of Austin’s foremost artist talent-booking companies, hosting all-inclusive shows in which many LGBTQ community members participate anyways. It might be absurd to believe that the use of Highland Nightclub on a Saturday evening is an intrusion by any means. After all, this has happened before. Cheer-up Charlie’s, a former gay bar on Red River Street, has been

hosting non-LGBTQ events for years and is frequented by no specific demographic to this day. Vivienne Miller (Philosophy Major at ACC) stated in regard to the culture shift of Cheer-up Charlies, “It’s not really like gay people are in bands now, but it’s more of like a uniting place and there’s good live music.” Good live music indeed. Like what happened at Cheer-up Charlie’s, EDM events at Highland might just be another peaceful merger of two complementary scenes in one of the most tolerant cities in the USA, if not the world. Not too often are there conflicts in the realms of live music, not publicly anyways. And, as the two subcultures may be considered two branches of the same tree, it would be silly to think a conflict might occur. After all, it’s difficult to stand at odds in the electrifying presence of thundering bass and an illuminated dance floor.

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ACC Student Government Association Are you interested in student leadership? Do you want to plan events for your campus and peers? Do you want your voice to be heard?

Join SGA! Help construct our future at ACC: • Identify issues and become part of the solutions. • Support, guide, and represent your constituents. • Create and host events to get the student body more involved.

Everyone is welcome! For more information visit: accsga.org ACC Highland Campus, Rm. 2215 (512) 223-7448

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Education Written by Sam Douglas

Many students struggle with time management, motivation to attend class and the sheer will it takes to crack open a textbook. Even once the studing begins, the next momentous task is staying focused. It’s not rare to re-read a paragraph, again and again; this could be a sign of disinterest in a subject. Staying focused can be hard, but what if there was a way to make it interesting – to look at a subject in a different light. What about podcasts?

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Maybe history isn’t your favorite subject. Let Dan Carlin change the way you understand a history lesson by making the facts and stories a personal interaction. Carlin tells about historical figures, places and time as if he lives it. The series “Blueprint for Armageddon” gives the listener an in-depth look into the lives of soldiers and civilians on both sides of the first world war, painting a horrifying image of the carnage that took place. A great podcast for students who will be studying this period of time in a U.S. History class.

The Joe Rogan Experience

This is one of the most popular podcasts on itunes and for good reason. Host, comedian Joe Rogan, invites guests from all walks of life; such as geologists, nutritionist, psychologist, neurosurgeons, athletes, comedians, business gurus and more. There are more than 1,000 free episodes available for download, spanning 2-3 hours each. It’d be hard to not find content relevant to your studies from the conversations with various professionals.

Radiolab Presents: More Perfect

Like everything Radiolab releases, “More Perfect” is a wonderfully, high-quality audio experience, focusing on Supreme Court cases that set precedent today. This can be a great tool to use when trying to remember the names of those court cases you know are going to be on the test in your government class.

Star Talk Radio

Join host (and astrophysicist) Neil deGrasse Tyson and travel the galaxy with some of the most brilliant minds in science. Learn about new theories moving through the science community and contemplate the mysteries our cosmos has to offer. This show may be that little bit of extra help you needed in an astronomy or physics class.

A different interpretation of a subject may spark an interest in topics previously disliked. Thus, allowing the mind to retain information in an alternate way and, hopefully, encourage better study habits. With all the increase of podcasts out there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one, or a few, helpful to your studies and future career.

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Transportation With the city of Austin and the surrounding areas growing, traffic can be a bit of a headache, to say the least. Maybe one day they’ll have a rocket program, but until then we have a list of ways you can land into the classroom via bus, bike or vehicle.

Visit the Office of Sustainability page on austincc.edu for more information about these options for sustainable driving:

Slide into a Carpool

With a current ACC Parking Permit on the vehicle, register to carpool with some colleagues and park in exclusive, convenient spaces on campus before 10 am.

Zip around in an electric car

Every campus offers a charging station (with the exception of Highland and Cypress Creek). Charge up for $2/ hour or apply for a 6-month charging subscription for $25 on ACC’s Marketplace

Park like you own the place

If you drive a fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicle, you may be eligible to use preferred Green Car parking spaces at ACC. Apply for your parking pass on the Transportation page at austincc.edu

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Without a vehicle or just don’t want to drive, try these options:

Catch the Capital Metro bus and rail service

Stop counting your coins. With the $25 purchase of ACC’s Green Pass, students, faculty and staff can ride for free for the semester on any Capital Metro bus and rail service. For a list of bus routes from campus to campus visit the Transportation and Parking page at austincc.edu

Take a Bike

As Austin and the surrounding areas continue to grow, more bike lanes are encouraged. Every campus has a bike rack to lock that ride up.

Call on a rideshare

Uber and Lyft are back – but in that time, local nonprofit, RideAustin showed us rideshares aren’t going away in this town. Check online for other ride share companies to get around town comfortably.

Academic Calendar


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Bas s Rd





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Round Rock

k Rd

62 0

Brushy Cree



Cedar Park


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21 21 45

S Loop 4


rivErBAt trANsit Campus Maps & Directories 21

130 45







**Main Roads are depicted in the map *** handdrawn, discrepancies are to be expected

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Cypress Creek (CYP)

Cypress Creek




83 Y1 HW

SC RE EK RD ./C OR D. 1 82

1555 Cypress Creek Road Cedar Park, TX 78613


20 RM 6



FM 2 769





Main Number (512)223-2000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2102__________________ 223-2000 Admissions_____________________ Room 2114.1_________________ 223-2022 Advising_______________________ Room 2114.1_________________ 223-2010 Assessment____________________ Room 1139___________________ 223-2020 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1146___________________ 335-8363 Campus Police__________________ Room 2101__________________ 223-2008 Career Services_________________ Room Lobby Bldg 2000________ 223-2011 Cashier________________________ Room 2117___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 2121.7_________________ 223-2034 Counseling_____________________ Room 2114.8_________________ 223-2010 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2114.7_________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2118___________________ 223-2045 Library_________________________ Room 2121__________________ 223-2030 SAS___________________________ Room 2114.23________________ 223-2014 Student Life____________________ Room 1121___________________ 223-2102 Support Center_________________ Room 2114___________________ 223-2205 Testing Center__________________ Room 1139___________________ 223-2020

Eastview (EVC) MLK JR. BLVD.






HWY 183


E. 7TH ST. E. 6TH ST.




E. 12TH ST. E. 11TH ST.



3401 Webberville Road, Austin, TX 78702

Main Number (512)223-5100 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 3101__________________ 223-5100 Admissions_____________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5150 Advising_______________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5188 Assessment____________________ Room 2135__________________ 223-5146 Bookstore _____________________ Room 8168___________________927-1619 Campus Police__________________ Room 2103__________________ 223-5120 Career Services_________________ Room 2136__________________ 223-5188 Cashier________________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 2203.2_________________ 223-5013 Counseling_____________________ Room 2113___________________ 223-5188 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2156__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2306__________________ 223-5114 Library_________________________ Room 2200__________________ 223-5109 SAS___________________________ Room 2135__________________ 223-5159 Student Life____________________ Room 2158__________________ 223-5303 Support Center_________________ Room 2138__________________ 223-5214 Testing Center__________________ Room 2155__________________ 223-5145

Elgin (EGN)


HWY 95

170 4





HWY 290









1501 West US Highway 290, Elgin, TX 78621 Main Number (512)223-9400 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-9400 Admissions_____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-9412 Advising_______________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Assessment____________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1179___________________ 223-9400 Campus Police__________________ Room 1114___________________ 223-9405 Cashier________________________ Room N/A____________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1387__________________ 223-9440 Counseling_____________________ Room 1151___________________ 223-9408 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1155___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1254__________________ 223-9421 Library_________________________ Room 1376__________________ 223-9434 SAS___________________________ Room 1169___________________ 223-9467 Student Life____________________ Room 1181___________________ 223-9427 Support Center_________________ Room 1163___________________ 223-9482 Testing Center__________________ Room 1353__________________ 223-9468

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Hays (HYS)

LN .














Main Number (512)223-6500 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1132___________________ 262-6500 Admissions_____________________ Room 1106.3_________________ 262-6518 Advising_______________________ Room 1114.02________________ 262-6515 Assessment____________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1114___________________ 262-6366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-7999 Cashier________________________ Room 1103.01________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1338__________________ 262-5603 Counseling_____________________ Room 1111.04________________ 262-6527 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1205__________________ 262-6580 Library_________________________ Room 1305__________________ 262-6592 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 410-1864 Student Life____________________ Room 1118___________________ 262-6542 Support Center_________________ Room 1112.02________________ 262-6530 Testing Center__________________ Room 1113___________________ 262-6537


4800 Jack C. Hays Trail, Buda, TX 78610


Highland (HBC) Business Center 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752





Main Number (512)223-4222 Texas Relay 711 Campus Police__________________ Room Lobby_________________ 223-7002 Cashier________________________ Room 420___________________ 223-2274 Early College Start_______________ Room 509___________________ 223-7357 Recruitment and Enrollment_______ Room 610___________________ 223-7747 Graduation Office________________ Room 301.1__________________ 223-7544 International Programs____________ Room 508.4__________________ 223-7114 TSI Office______________________ Room 307___________________ 223-7770


HWY 183


RM 2222

HWY 290 E.

Highland Business Center

Highland (HLC) Campus 6001 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78752



DR .


22 22










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HWY 183


Main Number (512)223-7300 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2306__________________ 223-7300 Admissions_____________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-4636 Advising_______________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Assessment____________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 Bookstore _____________________ Room 4.1430_________________ 474-2607 Campus Police__________________ Room 1416, 2338_____________ 223-7307 Career Services_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Cashier________________________ Room 2335__________________ 223-2274 Counseling_____________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7315 Financial Aid____________________ Room 2333__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1100__________________ 223-7365 Library_________________________ Room 1325__________________ 223-7380 SAS___________________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7343 Student Life____________________ Room 2350__________________ 223-7393 Support Center_________________ Room 2300__________________ 223-7344 Testing Center__________________ Room 2221__________________ 223-7400 VA Resource Center_____________ Room 4.212__________________ 223-4636

Highland Business Center

HWY 290 E.

Northridge (NRG) 11928 Stonehollow Drive, Austin, TX 78758

Main Number (512)223-4000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1208__________________ 223-4700 Admissions_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4730 Advising_______________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Assessment____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4807 Bookstore _____________________ Room 4130__________________ 834-9366 Campus Police__________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4718 Career Services_________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4720 Cashier________________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1204__________________ 223-4646 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101.1_________________ 223-4719 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 4119___________________ 223-4813 Library_________________________ Room 1223__________________ 223-4746 SAS___________________________ Room 1111___________________ 223-4725 Student Life____________________ Room 1112.2_________________ 223-4715 Support Center_________________ Room 111.1__________________ 223-4845 Testing Center__________________ Room 3237__________________ 223-4735 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1106__________________ 223-4636











Pinnacle (PIN) 7748 Highway 290 West, Austin, TX 78736




Pinnacle W.



182 6

0 H WY 29

Rio Grande (RGC) 1212 Rio Grande Street, Austin, TX 7870







Rio Grande

W. 12TH W. 11TH

W. 6TH



W. 15TH





Y 71 HW 0 W. Y 29 HW

Main Number (512)223-8001 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1018__________________ 223-8102 Admissions_____________________ Room 113____________________ 223-8120 Advising_______________________ Room 224___________________ 223-8108 Assessment____________________ Room 706___________________ 223-8002 Bookstore _____________________ Room Portable________________ 288-2303 Campus Police__________________ Room 112____________________ 223-8014 Career Services_________________ Room 235___________________ 223-8111 Cashier________________________ Room N/A____________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 912A__________________ 223-8115 Counseling_____________________ Room 224___________________ 223-8108 Learning Lab___________________ Room 600___________________ 223-8138 Library_________________________ Room 900___________________ 223-8113 SAS___________________________ Room 224___________________ 223-8300 Student Life____________________ Room 108___________________ 223-8233 Support Center_________________ Room 224___________________ 223-8111 Testing Center__________________ Room 706___________________ 223-8002

The Rio Grande Campus is currently undergoing renovation. Call 223-3000 for updates and available services. ****Services were closed at the time of this magazines creation. Please call the above number for more information Main Number (512)223-3000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 3230__________________ 223-3000 Admissions_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3030 Advising_______________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Assessment (closed)_____________ Room Annex 153______________ 223-3139 Bookstore (closed) ______________ Room Parking Garage_________ 474-2607 Campus Police__________________ Room 3260__________________ 223-3007 Career Services (closed)__________ Room Annex 156______________ 223-3138 Cashier (closed)_________________ Room 103___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center (closed)_________ Room 228___________________ 223-3082 Counseling_____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3137 Financial Aid____________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 3150__________________ 223-3367 Library (closed)__________________ Room 230___________________ 223-3067 SAS___________________________ Room 3200.1_________________ 223-3142 Student Life (closed)_____________ Room 101.1__________________ 223-3113 Testing Center (closed)___________ Room 127____________________ 223-3164

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Riverside (RVS) 1020 Grove Boulevard Austin, TX 78744

E. 7TH ST.


Riverside RIVERS IDE DR .





HWY 183


Main Number (512)223-6000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 2208__________________223-6000 Admissions_____________________ Room 8105__________________ 223-6020 Advising_______________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Assessment____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6015 Bookstore _____________________ Building G____________________ 385-5727 Campus Police__________________ Room 2238__________________ 223-6044 Career Services_________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Cashier________________________ Room 8134__________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1126___________________ 223-6010 Counseling_____________________ Room 8116___________________ 223-6201 Financial Aid____________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 9100__________________ 223-6037 Library_________________________ Room 1108___________________ 223-6006 SAS___________________________ Room 8141___________________ 223-6244 Student Life____________________ Room 8130__________________ 223-6264 Support Center_________________ Room 8138__________________ 223-6026 Testing Center__________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-6242 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 8140__________________ 223-4636

HWY 71

Round Rock (RRC) 4400 College Park Drive, Round Rock, TX 7866




Round Rock



Main Number (512)223-0000 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1103___________________223-0000 Admissions_____________________ Room 1107___________________ 223-0016 Advising_______________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Assessment____________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Bookstore _____________________ Room 2102__________________ 310-1761 Campus Police__________________ Room 1133___________________ 223-0050 Career Services_________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Cashier________________________ Room 1132___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1315___________________ 223-0120 Counseling_____________________ Room 1005__________________223-0009 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 2330__________________ 223-0206 Library_________________________ Room 1302__________________ 223-0104 SAS___________________________ Room 1111.01________________ 223-0048 Student Life____________________ Room 2117___________________ 223-0137 Student Accent_________________ Room 2107__________________ 223-0122 Support Center_________________ Room 1110.01________________ 223-0032 Testing Center__________________ Room 2205__________________ 223-0142 Welcome Center________________ Room 1105__________________223-0009 Veterans Affairs__________________ Room 1109___________________ 223-4636


South Austin (SAC)

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South Austin ANE W. STASSNEY L








Main Number (512)223-9100 Texas Relay 711 Campus Admin _________________ Room 1149___________________ 223-9100 Admissions_____________________ Room 1104___________________ 223-9151 Advising_______________________ Room 1118___________________ 223-9140 Assessment____________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9162 Bookstore _____________________ Room 1160___________________ 445-7437 Campus Police__________________ Room 1102___________________ 223-9142 Career Services_________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9168 Cashier________________________ Room 1119___________________ 223-2274 Computer Center________________ Room 1201.6_________________ 223-9186 Counseling_____________________ Room 1101___________________ 223-9141 Financial Aid____________________ Room 1103___________________ 223-4243 Learning Lab___________________ Room 1138___________________ 223-9243 Library_________________________ Room 1201__________________ 223-9180 SAS___________________________ Room 1112___________________ 223-9163 Student Life____________________ Room 1121___________________ 223-9172 Support Center_________________ Room 1105__________________ 223-9161 Testing Center__________________ Room 1135___________________ 223-9240


820 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX 78745

Riverbat Games Key Puzzles on pages 46 and 47

Puzzle #1 Easy

Puzzle #2 Easy

Puzzle #3 Medium

Puzzle #4 Hard

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