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Best Addresses Barcelona restaurants






Best Addresses Barcelona

THE PERFECT TABLE Ot Innovation + innovation + innovation. New Spanish cuisine and its emergent talents. The chef will decide what you’ll be eating. Since it’s so exclusive, don’t go without a reservation. Corcega, 537 934358048

L’indret del Semon It’s surprising how quality and great food can be served with so much freshness and design. A classy establishment located in the northern part of Barcelona. Granduxer, 31 932016931

Bodega Sepúlveda Fine Tapas with linen tablecloth, founded in 1952 didn’t lose its familiar charm. Traditional cuisine carefully prepared. In the middle of the city, it’s perfect to hide from touristy crowds. Sepúlveda, 173 bis Telefono: 93 3235944

Can Sole Tradition, quality and quantity. Without any flourish, everything tastes the way it’s meant to taste. Sant Carles, 4 932215012

Botafumeiro Grandiloquent and traditional. It’s a very famous restaurant where you’ll find only the best quality of food. Gran de Gracia, 81 932184230

Biblioteca Brilliant, young and wild. Very inspired chef, a new value to be considered. Junta de Comerç, 28 934126221

Il Gardinetto Ran by the same family for years, with its traditional and classy recipes. For people who are not into new styles and looks but appreciate good food and great service. Granada del Penedés, 22 932187536

Fernández Innovator and highly talented. Great cuisine really appreciated by their adult public. Design atmosphere. Paseo de Gracia, 116 932384840

Flash Flash It was really Innovator in the 70’s, and then recycled in the 90’s, it’s a classic now. 932370990

La Sarten de Martin Berasategi One of the best in the Spanish cuisine, finally in the centre of Barcelona. Mallorca, 259 934453342

Super Born It looks like a comic. You can have a sandwich while reading one of the many available magazines. Comercial, 9 932681728 Actual Sometimes, fashion designers create a second fashion line more affordable. That’s what Ramon Freixas (Michelin star) made with this restaurant in the Grand Hotel Central. Menus created with measure and geniality. Pare Gallifa, 2

Raco d’en Freixa Ramon Freixa is a major player of the Barcelona hospitality. He’s not really into the media but has a Michelin star. Sant Elies, 22 932097559 7 Portes Traditional and fresh market food. It’s really famous but maybe too well known by tourists. Pg.isabel II, 14 Espai Sucre Restaurant where it is all about sweets and deserts. It’s a fun, casual yet nightly sophisticated option. Princesa, 53 932681630 Els 4 Gats An historic institution where artists of the modernist movement used to meet for long hours. Now you can find great food but the atmosphere and its crowd is a little fake sometimes. Montsió, 3 933024140

Best Addresses Barcelona

THE PERFECT TABLE Abac Lots of creativity, lots of quality and lots of confidence. You are guaranteed the best cuisine and a great ambience. Rec, 79-89 93196600 Barceloneta Right by the beach of La Barceloneta, enjoy the best paellas and sea food of Barcelona. It’s preferable to book in advance. Escar, 22 – Port Vell 932212111 Torre de Altamar Incredible views, therefore it’s better to go during the day than at night. Very nice food. Pg Juan de Borbó, 88 932210007 Pinotxo Located inside La Borqueria Market. You eat standing by the bar. You’ll only get the fresher food right from the market. Mercat de la Boqueria La Dama An historic restaurant in Barcelona. You’ll be surprised by its exquisite service and food.

The perfect place to go if you are looking for discretion. Avd. Diagonal, 423 932020680

tables are conveniently placed far apart from each other. Where excellence rules. Paseo de Gracia, 68 934967710

Gargantua i Pantagruel Very friendly service and good food. Classy and modern. A locals favourite. Corsega, 200 934532020

Neri Updated traditional cuisine. Nice food and great service, something often difficult to find. Sant Sever, 5

Semproniana You can feel the innovation and energy of this restaurant as soon as you get in. Casual, mysterious and romantic. Great food. Roselló, 148 934531820 Pla Superbly romantic with magic all the way into your plate. Very few tables and a very quite place. Bellafila, 5 934126552 Drolma Renowned chef Fermin’s Puig has been recognised with a Michelin star for this outstanding restaurant. A huge place where

Casa Leopoldo Frequented by tourists and recommended by many hotels. Here you’ll find the best of traditional Spanish cuisine. Sant Rafael 24 934413014 Merces Homemade deserts prepared with lots of care.. Avd. Diagonal, 541 934397375 L’ Olivé Very well located, great environment and you’ll find good food and nice new options. Balmes, 47 934521990

Tragaluz y el Japonés Two of the best in Barcelona. Fashionable and actual serving elaborated Mediterranean cuisine and Japanese dishes respectively. People from Barcelona love it. Passatge de la Concepció, 5 Via Venetto It’s a classic for the high society of Barcelona. Great service and very well prepared food. It’s probably the most expensive restaurant in the city. Ganduxer, 10-12 932007244 Pla de la Garsa Nice and centric restaurant, affordable and offering a great wine selection. You will savour the very best of catalan food. Assaonadors,13 933152413 Can Culleretes The second oldest restaurant in Spain. Unpretentious catalan cuisine. Fast service and very reasonable prices. Quintana, 5 933173022

Best Addresses Barcelona

THE PERFECT CLUB SHOKO This Japanese restaurant-pub-disco, built following the Feng-shui rules, has sea views and great international music. Public of all ages. Paseo Marítimo, 36 932259200 La Terrazza The most international Disco in the city. Young crowd and really good electronic music. Avd Marques de Comillas, s/n – Poble Español 932724980 Bikini A traditional place to go in the upper Barcelona. Different areas with different sounds and there’s a Brazilian party every Sunday in which the FCBarcelona players are addicted to go. Deu i Mata, 105 933220800 Elephant Close to avenida Pedralbes, is the fanciest in the city. A very elegant atmosphere with a Moroccan and Hindu decoration. Pgte. dels til·lers, 1 933340258

Cdlc Carpe Diem Louge Club, in the Olympic Harbor, gets the most international clients. Depending on the hour you can have dinner, Sip cocktails or dance. Very classy and interesting. Passeig Marítim, 32 932240470 Sala B It’s Luz de Gas’ younger sister. It’s a disco but is often used for concerts. Great place. Muntaner, 244

Catwalk Club In the Olympic harbor, with a young and mixed crowd. Great music in a cozy place that sometimes holds private parties. Ramón Trías Fargas, s/n 932240740 Luz de Gas Famous for it’s long queues to get it. Sometimes there are live concerts (our favorite is Monica Green) but most of the times it’s used as a disco. A secret… it’s easy to flirt! Muntaner, 246 93

The Sutton Club In the past years, one of the most popular places in Barcelona. There’s no mid opinions, you either love it or hate it. Nice public from very different ages. Tuset, 13 934144217

Omm Sessions Located below the Omm Hotel, it’s the place to be seen. It’s not easy to get in so if you can, dress to impress! Roselló, 265 934454000

Razzmatazz The most alternative club with several dance floors and music ranging from electronic to rock. Average is about 25. Pamplona, 88 932720910

Danzatoria Housed in a villa on the Tibidabo mountain. In summer time, you can enjoy its gardens. There are different areas with a cool mix of music. Avda. Tibidabo, 61 932116261

Best Addresses Barcelona

THE PERFECT CAFE Escriba A modernist establishment that makes great cakes and pastries. A little pricy! La Rambla, 83 933016027 Laie Librería Café To have a coffee surrounded by books. It’s always filled with locals. Pau Claris, 85 933027310 Bra Café For a quick break next to Plaza Catalunya. Great coffee in a small place but the best is its terrace. Casp, 2 933023082 Arc Café Delicious cakes can be savoured with you coffee. We strongly recommend the cheese one. Carabassa, 19 933025204



Muebles Navarro All kind of chairs, fun cookies and very interesting people that will probably tell you about the last book they read. Riera Alta, 4 934423966

Boadas An historic establishment serving the best cocktails in town plus it’s located right by Las Ramblas. Tallers, 1 933188826

Bosc de les Fades It’s like an immersion in the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Specially recommended if travelling with kids. Passatge de la Banca 933172649

Mendizabal It’s a micro bar, just 12 squared meters in a very crowded street in El Raval. Good sandwiches and a really nice mint tea. Junta Comerç, 2

La Barra del Noti You can wait for your partner with a cocktail or share one after dinner. We strongly recommend it. Roger de Lluria, 35 933426673

Bar Kasparo If you are walking around El Raval or visiting the Macba, this is the best Bar in the area. Located in a very quiet square. Plaça Vicenç Martorell, 4 933022072

L’Art They prepare cocktails with such excellent cocktails prepared with great care. Bohemian atmosphere. Manresa, 4 932687698

El Xampanyet This historical establishment in El Borne serves Cava (catalan champagne) and nice small sandwiches. Look out for the prices. Montcada, 22 933197003

Schilling It’s a typical bar of Barcelona, really cosy and well located but maybe a little too touristy. Ferran, 23 933176787

L’Ascensor The entrance of this place use to be an elevator. It’s located in Ciutat Vella, really close to the Town Hall. Bellafila, 3 933185347

Best Addresses Barcelona

THE PERFECT TAPAS Comerç 24 High quality Tapas. Let the waiter advice you and don’t miss the “bikini”. Great atmosphere. Comerç, 24 933192102 Sta Maria Original and colourful menu. Great variety of new tastes to try, specially if you are not used to eat Mediterranean food. Comerç, 17 933151257 Sagardi Real Tapas and authentic Spanish food (something not common in that area). Huge portions. Argenteria, 62 933199993 Can Tomás Where locals from Barcelona meet to chat while eating some Patatas Bravas, the best ones in the city. Major de Sarriá, 49 932031077

THE PERFECT PUB Paco Meralgo Re-known as much for the quality of the food as for their genuine service. Let them advice you about what to eat, and you’ll be getting daily’s best. Muntaner, 171 933409027

El Cangrejo It’s a delirious kitch but really fun option. A place to laugh and dance with the oddest songs. Montserrat, 9 933012978

Club 13 It’s in the middle of Plaza Real. Best to go on Thursdays, that’s when illustrator Silvia Prada gets his friends to be DJ’s. Plaza Reial 13 933172352

Quimet i Quimet Not as famous as the other ones but as good as them and a little more charming. You won’t usually find it in touristy guides. Poeta Cabanyes, 25 934423142

Mirablau Located on mount Tibidabo, this bar-pub has the best views over the city. If you are looking for an intimate place, go down the stairs where you’ll find a romantic terrace. Doctor Andreu, s/n 934185879

La Confitería Intimate bar. It use to be a Candy Store in the Paralelo area. It’s now really well known in Barcelona. Sant Pau, 128 934430458

La Esquinica The favourite place of journalists, artists and celebrities. It’s located a little far away from the city centre so you better call to make sure they are open. Pg de Fabra i Puig 933582519 Terrabacus Brand new establishment but with excellent reviews. Design and quality Tapas. Muntaner

Club Fellini Electronic music for young and club goers. It’s located at the very end of Las Ramblas. Ramblas, 27 932724980 Moog It’s located in a small street in El Raval. It’s small and somewhat claustrophobic but addictive. Alternative atmosphere. Arc del Teatre, 3 9330172820

La Concha Slightly eccentric atmosphere. This bar is dedicated to the Spanish diva Sara Montiel, one of a kind. Guardia, 14 933024188 Fonfone Modern and international with young people and nice drinks. Eclectic mix of music. Escudellers, 14 933171424

Best Addresses Barcelona

WHERE TO SHOP? Antonio Pernas Consell de Cent 314 Telefono: 934 871 667

Jean Pierre Bua Diagonal 469 Telefono: 934 397 100

Santa Eulalia Paseo de Gracia 93 Telefono: 932 017 051

Antonio Miró Consell de Cent 349 Telefono: 934 870 670

Jofre Bori i Fontesta 2 Telefono: 932 418 790

SNÖ Seneca 33 Telefono: 932 180 859

Joseph Font Provença 304 Telefono: 934 872 110

La Boutique del Hotel Aribau 33 Telefono: 933 239 398

Juan Antonio Lopez Consell de Cent 240 Telefono: 934 526 690

Julián Sonh Diputación 299 Telefono: 933 090 653

La Comercial Rec 52 Telefono: 933 193 463

Bagués Paseo de Gracia 41 Telefono: 934 817 050

Lydia Delgado Minerva 21 Telefono: 934 159 998

La Gauche Divine Passatge de la Pau 7 Telefono: 933 413 749

Helena Rohner L’Espaseria 13 Telefono: 933 198 879

Natalie Capell Carassa 2 Telefono: 933 199 219

Paris Vintage Ferran Agulló 24 Telefono: 934 142 394

Camisería Pons Gran de Gracia 49 Telefono: 932 177 292

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