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The Pattaya Guide is a monthly publication which is on display in many hotels, shopping centre’s, restaurants and entertainment venues throughout Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua. Created & Published by: The Pattaya Guide Company Limited, 482/14 Moo 10, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Email or Call us if you would like to be added to our distribution list Telephone: 085 945 9689 Email: All contents of this guide are the copyright of The Pattaya Guide Company Ltd, all rights reserved. Reproduction, use of editorials and use of pictures in any manner is prohibited without written permission of The Pattaya Guide Co Ltd.

HISTORY OF PATTAYA Pattaya - Thailand’s capital of fun is a popular resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Once a sleepy fishing town, Pattaya first boomed as an R & R spot during the Vietnam War and has been a popular tourism destination ever since. Currently, Pattaya is booming and the opening of the Suvarnabhumi Airport has made visiting easier than ever. Pattaya is popular not only as a beach resort and for its entertainment, nightlife and shopping, but also for the broad selection of recreational activities it caters for, from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, karting and shooting - not to mention a wide variety of watersports such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kite surfing. Pattaya, unlike other beach resorts, shows no respite after sundown, Pattaya’s nightlife is unique and fascinating with Walking Street, South Pattaya in the centre of it all. This is the most popular place to go amongst tourists and expats here you will find many go go bars, beer bars, discos, street entertainers and the odd ladyboy. Food is another one of the highlights of any trip to Pattaya. From giant prawns to spicy som tam salad, there is every imaginable cuisine here. Cajun, Chinese, Indian, Italian, English, French, Vietnamese, German, Russian and many more. Today Pattaya attracts annually more then a million tourists from all over the world. Pattaya provides high standard hotels, restaurants, sports, entertainment and shopping. It really has it all and a whole lot more. history of pattaya | THEPATTAYAGUIDE



“KRUP” (for men)


“KA” (for women)




Thank you Hello & Goodbye Goodbye See you again Good luck How are you? I am fine What is your name? My name is It’s ok I don’t want any don’t have any money Where are you going? I don’t believe you 
































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15 = 10 + 5

















(you will say it when you want to interrupt someone, when you want to pass by someone or when you do something wrong) Sorry 


(In this case it means a different thing. Like if someone died or got hurt, you say “phom di chan sia jai” which means “I am sorry”) 6


24 = 20 + 4


25 = 20 + 5


100 200 1,000 2,000 10,000


USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS Pattaya City Phone Center


Emergencies Police Emergency


Sawang Boriboon Foundation

038 222 474


Tourist Police

038 425 937


Pattaya Immigration

038 410 24

Police Station (Pattaya)

038 420 802-5

Police Station (Jomtien)

038 232 330-1

Police Station (Banglamung)

038 221 331

Fire Brigade (Pattaya)

038 425 943

Fire Brigade (Naklua)

038 221 000

Hospital (Bangkok- Pattaya) Hospital (Banglamung)

038 429 244

Hospital (Pattaya International)

038 428 374-5

Hospital (Pattaya Memorial)

038 488 777

AA (Alcoholics anonymous)

084 564 8479

199 1719

Transport Bus Station (to Bangkok)

038 429 877

Pattaya Railway Station

038 429 285

U-Tapao Airport

038 245 593-5

Bangkok Airways

038 412 382

Thai Airways International

038 425 934-7

Suvarnabhumi Airport Phone Centre 021 321 888 Please text any useful phone numbers that you come across to 0859 459 689 Useful Phone Numbers | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


GETTING AROUND Pattaya is a very easy city to get around although the busy traffic causes frequent hold-ups at peak times (07:00 – 09:00 and 15:00 – 18:30), particularly on the major roads. Unusually, for Thailand, there are no tuk-tuks in Pattaya, so everyone usually gets around on the baht-buses (songtaews) or on motorbike taxis. There are literally hundreds of both all over Pattaya. MOTORBIKE TAXIS Motorbike taxis are a way of life in Pattaya. They are your best bet of getting around if you want to get somewhere quickly or conveniently, particularly at busy times. On every corner in Pattaya, no matter how small the Soi (street), you will find a gathering of motorbike taxis. They are operate 24 hours a day 7 days per week and provide a very convenient service. However, this option is not for the faint-hearted and can be dangerous. These guys, and the occasional lady will take you anywhere but agree on a price first! RENTING CARS AND MOTORBIKES Another practical way to get around Pattaya is by renting a motorbike. Most people simply don’t have the nerve to tackle the traffic and bizarre driving habits here, but if you do, renting a motorbike is your best option for getting around Pattaya. You can rent a motorbike for around 200 baht a day or cheaper for longer periods. There are scooter type bikes which are actually extremely easy to ride, with no clutch when changing gears, and very reliable, larger motorbikes are freely available as well, but obviously more expensive. 8

THEPATTAYAGUIDE | getting around

In Thailand it is illegal to ride a motorbike or to be a passenger without a helmet, to ride with more than two passengers, to undertake in traffic, to go the wrong way down one-way streets, to exceed the speed limit, or, to jump red lights, which means very little to anyone in Thailand and driving habits here are dreadful. If you decide to rent a motorbike, make sure your medical insurance is up-to-date as accidents here are a daily occurrence. Cars can be hired too, but driving them in and around the city is likely to be a frustrating experience, particularly at school times, market days, rush hours and on Sukhumvit Road. There are many car rental companies around the city with prices starting at around 500 baht a day for the older cars, to a more realistic 1200+ baht for more modern or four wheel drive vehicles. WARNING… Driving habits in Thailand are appalling and most drivers are quite irresponsible and ignore simple safety rules. In contrast to the Thai’s usual polite and peaceful behaviour, they become quite inconsiderate behind the wheel. Be very wary of your speed and always look out for bad drivers, Pattaya is full of them. Unlike many Western countries, it’s very easy to pass a driving test here, so many drivers have little or no experience of driving either in town or on main roads. Many simply don’t have a licence at all or any awareness of road rules. Be prepared at any time for other drivers to suddenly pull out in front of you without even looking, stop without warning, overtake dangerously (and on the inside) and ignore motorcyclists. Some people just stop and park where it suits them, weave through the traffic with a death wish, ride the wrong way up the road into oncoming traffic and more. Do pay careful attention and drive conservatively. Accidents are regular in Pattaya and when they do occur, the offender is usually reluctant to accept any responsibility, should the worst happen however, the Pattaya police and ambulance services are exceptionally good, as well as being very quick to the scene.

getting around | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


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At Mai Thai Motorbikes we have a fully equipped workshop and highly trained mechanics, Supervised by an English speaking foreigner, that can service or repair your motorbike. We can service all your needs ranging from changing a flat tyre all the way through to a complete service and Fuel Injection Tuning. We can also do complete engine rebuilds and upgrades including tuning and boring out the engine to increase the power. We also offer a large number of accessories in our shop and customizations for all models of bike which can be installed by out highly trained mechanics.

Honda PCX Club Pattaya 420/18, Soi Bau-khow, M9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20150, Pattaya, Thailand

Mai Thai Motorbikes has been established in Pattaya, Thailand since 2001. We have grown from purely Motorbike rental to now offering Motorbike Rental, Parts & Accessories Shop, Car rental, Motorbike Servicing and are now experts in the fields of Motorbike customization and modification.

Opposite Pattaya City Hospital

2nd Road

Soi 15

Soi Diana

Soi Honey Inn

Soi Buaw Koaw


Mini Siam

Police Box


To Chonburi & Ba H Bangkok Pattaya

Air Con Bus Station to BBK

North Pattaya Road


3rd Road

Tesco Lotus


Soi 1

Police Box

Big C



To Naklua

Sanctuary of Truth

P.I. Hospital Garden Sea View

1 Woodland

Asiawan Resort Garden Cliff


Long Beach Garden


Amari Dusit





Soi Nern Pl ub wan

Siam Country Club

Pussy Cat

Bus Station to Northern Thailand

Fairways Golf Range & Resort

Sukhumvit Road Newspaper Direct

Big Banner


Soi Bongkot

The George & Dragon

Pattaya Memorial


Mai Thai Witherspoons Motorbikes Soi Diana

Soi Boukhao

Soi Lenkee

X-Zyte Disco

Soi Chaiyapoon

TOT Telephone

Central Pattaya Road


LK Metro


Take It Easy

Champagne Slices Pizza

Key Visa

2nd Road


Tops 6 Soi Yodsak


Central Festival

Police Box Alibaba

The Sportsman

Tequila Reef

Nova Lodge

Police Station 8 9



Five Star Visa Runs




Beach Road


Pattaya Beach :- Real Estate

:- Shopping

:- Restaurant & Bar

:- Services

:- Activities

H :- Hospital :- Hotel



Soi Wat Tham Samakkee

Highway Police Station

Ornate Plaster

Soi Khaotalo


P Police BoxTesco Lotus

Big C

Outlet Mall

Ornate Plaster

ppa The





Thai Decor



Adventure Divers

Soi D

Soi Yamoto Soi Post Office



Phr ata m


Soi 15

South Pattaya Ro

City Garden Resort


Corner Kitchen

German Dental



sit R

Soi Buakhao

P Police Box

Tudor Court

Swiss Food

Post Alcatraz

Walkin g Teazers



Nova Ocean

Blues Factory :- Easy Kart Pattaya Diving & Fishing Amari Residences

Ialand View

Asia Pattaya

Royal Cliff Sheraton Cosy Beach



Pattaya Bay

Soi Norng Kraborg

Soi Chaiyapruk 2 To Rayong, Sattahip & U-Tapao Airport

Sukhumvit Road Underwater World


o at Bo Soi W Soi Chaiyap

Royal Garden The Village Store Dine From 99

Welcome Jomtien

Simon’s Fish & Chips

Post Office


Winchester Club Grand Palace Hotel


Bus to Bangkok

9 5


View ien Jomt

Pattaya Park


h Ro


Jomtien Beach


B tan


g on

:- Shopping

Police Box



h ac

Police Box P

:- Activities :- Real Estate :- Restaurant & Bar

:- Services

H :- Hospital :- Hotel or Condo



GOOD FOOD GUIDE With a wealth of international restaurants offering delicious food. Pattaya is truly the crossroads of cuisine in Asia. French, Mexican, German, ltalian, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Korean, Japanese and of course, Thai plus many other varieties of restaurant are located within the city. For most visitors to Pattaya the experience of new and interesting dishes is an exciting alternative to the traditional foods available at home. However, along with wonderful Thai dishes, one should sample the culinary delights available from other countries. Try “Kimji” a type of Korean spicy salad or maybe “sizzling Fajitas” a popular Mexican dish. Also, why not take this opportunity to find new ways of cooking traditional ingredients… there are now several cooking schools around the city where for a nominal fee you can learn to cook local dishes as well as go shopping to local markets and buy the ingredients you will need. Local specialities include: Tom Yam Gung (spicy prawn soup), Gaeng Kiewan (green spicy curry). If you like your food “hot” then try some of the food served from the vast number of vending carts across the city. At these you can sample such delicacies as: Som Tam (spicy salad) or Hoy Tord (fried mussels or oysters with egg) and the amazing variety of seafood. 16

THEPATTAYAGUIDE | good food guide


Open 11am till 12 Midnight

Pattaya Beach Road

Soi 8

Second Road

Soi 7

Nova Lodge Hotel

Pattaya Central Road

14th century inspired the famous legend “Alibaba and the 40 thieves” architecture provides the perfect setting for Pattaya’s most famous Indian restaurant 1/13-14, Pattaya Central Rd, Opp. Nova Lodge Hotel, Pattaya City, Thailand Phone:- 038 361 620 For Home Deliveries Call

038 423 227

English, European, Mexican and Thai food



Hanuman Statue

DOOR 2 DOOR 2011 Menu

Open Till 3am


Simply call:



Rugby World Cup 2011 • Open for all Rugby World Cup Games • Four big screen LCD TV’s • Barmy Boss’s Bell Ringing giveaway! • 99 Baht Carlsberg Pints during all matches • Great food and drink • Fully Air-conditioned • Smoke Free Environment • A Great Atmosphere at the Sportsman

Quarter Finals Start 8th October

Rugby World Cup…..World Class At The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant OPEN EVERYDAY

7:00AM - 2:00AM



Join us at Soi 13 between Beach Road & 2nd Road

038 710 609 -


Saturday 8th October 12:00pm

Winner C QF 1

Runner-up D Saturday 8th October 14:30am

Winner B QF 2

Runner-up A Sunday 9th October


Sunday 9th October


Winner D QF 3

Runner-up C

Winner A QF 4

Runner-up B

Please note times in red are local Thai times


Saturday 15th October 15:00am

Winner QF 1

Game 1

Winner QF 2 Sunday 16th October


Winner QF 3

Game 2

Winner QF 4

Third Place Play Off Wednesday 21st October 14:30am

Loser Game 1 Loser Game 2

Rugby World Cup Final 2011 Friday 23rd October


Winner Game 1 Winner Game 2


In less than two weeks, the world will be plunged into a frenzy of highs and lows as we down tools for a month to support our home team in the Rugby World Cup, live from New Zealand. This year, twenty teams are competing for the title of 2011 Rugby World Cup Winners. The question every rugby world cup fan will have on their lips is “where is the best place to watch the games?” Amongst the many venues in Pattaya, The Sportsman Pub and Restaurant on Soi 13 will be covering ALL the games, both early and evening, for the duration of the tournament. The Sportsman’s atmosphere during league games is already famed within Pattaya, with four big screens to enhance your viewing quality and all games have English commentary, ensuring that you won’t miss a decision! Throughout the Rugby World Cup The Sportsman will be offering pints of Carlsberg for 99 Baht during all matches.

See all the action at

The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant 24


Soi Diana Opposite Areca Lodge Hotel

For Delivery Call Door Door


038 720 222

NIGHTLIFE GUIDE As you would expect from one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world. Pattaya offers the visitor a kaleidoscope of entertainment possibilities. Live music & be enjoyed at several clubs around the city. These venues provide the visitor with wonderful atmosphere, cold beer & cocktails & the opportunity to see artists from various parts of the world playing a wide selection of popular & new music. There are also a number of traditional nightclubs in the city. These nightspots also offer live entertainment… the live music is usually performed by Thai singers & bands with regular interludes where the resident DJ will play a selection of dance/house or other forms of music. For visitors who like to sit back & watch a truly spectacular show, check out Alcazar & Tiffany’s located on 2nd Road, Pattaya. These are the lady-boy shows, where the singers perform in a vast array of costumes & sing their way through songs in several languages. A little outside Pattaya you will find the Alangkarn Extravaganza. A show which features animals, pyrotechnics, acrobats etc. Alangkarn is now creating itself as one of the “must see” shows for visitors. 30


Soi Happy

Happy A Go Go

Walking Street TEAZERS



wincheste e h bar

The Best Fun Bar In The Day By Far

Come & Try Our Chef’s 99 Baht specials We are located at Soi Wat Boon Kanjana 500 meters from Jomtien Beach

Phone: 085 741 8390

Pattaya’s only real live blues & rock club with live bands 7 days a week

THE BLUES MACHINE THE ROCK MACHINE with B.B.King award winning featuring Pattaya’s hottest Snowman & the fabulous Mary rock musicians & “the Guitar King of Thailand”

Lam Morrison

• Ladies Nights & Bikers Nights • Blues & Rock Jam Nights • Great Video D.J. • Friendly Hassle Free Staff • The Perfect Place For Couples & Singles Soi Lucky Star, Off Walking Street

Come and enjoy a great night out

Come and drink with us, play pool or enjoy the football on our big TVs at Kilkenny bar and guesthouse!!!

Live Premiership Football

Soi 15

Alcatraz A Go Go

Walking Street

See You There

Alcatraz A GoGo bar was designed with a professional design team to make it ooze sensuality; an electrifying dance and music scene in Pattaya's Walking Street, world-renown for its GoGo bars

Walking Street: Between Soi 14 and 15 Pattaya Beach: 3 minutes walk / Jomtien Beach: 15 minutes taxi ride

The Pussy Cat Club The Place To Come For The Greatest Fun Traditional Pub Grub Full English Breakfast 99 Baht 3 Course Sunday Roast 180-240 Baht Partys Catered for Serving From 8 am Till 5 pm

Sukhumvit Road Soi Nern Plub Vaan

The Pussy Cat Club 82/31-32 Soi Nern Plub Waan Samor Health Centre 089 930 5309

Norng Samor Health Centre


The George and Dragon Bar is located on Soi Excite in Pattaya City. We offer a wide range of food and drinks, call in to meet our friendly staff, have a bite to eat.. or guess on which punter will go through our windows on our crazy mid week pool night Mike’s Shopping Mall


ite xc


So X-Zyte Disco

Pattaya 3rd Road

Central Pattaya Road

Soi Baukhao Soi Chaiyapoon

Soi Lengkee

South Pattaya Road

Soi Diana

Pattaya 2nd Road

HALLOWEEN PART 2011 Back about a 100 years ago resting by a hanging tree a boston travelling vegetable seller was thinking what to do with his unsold pumpkin, so he made a small fire in the base of the tree and set about roasting it, disappointed at the bland taste he pondered, then he span it on his finger and shot a few hoops through the noose of a rotting corpse strung from the branch, maybe some sort of basket game he thought to himself.... still pondering.... he then, after inspecting its inner flesh drilled a hole and stuck his.... just then a mule carrying a minister returning from a witches trial.... startled the salesman who swiftly swung round slinging his pumpkin into the tree which tumbled straight onto the corpse head, whose feet then dangled into the fire.... the minister looked up to see a flaming phantom with the head of bob the builder flapping like simon western descending on him In fright he annihilated the blackpool donkey derby 400 metre sprint record and disappeared. The next day the village was alive with stories of this ghoulish man with a pumpkin head roaming the lanes the date was october the 31st now some people said it was just a trick but other people said it was the ghost of old pete.... think about it.... got it .... trick or pete.... good Now days millions of kids dress up as ghouls and spirits and roam the streets car 40

THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Halloween Part 2011

jacking grannies for candy or credit cards.... here in thailand a country which is obsessed with the after life halloween is observed in many of the tourist haunts and you will see many bar girls showing thier true colours dressed as lucifer but the rest of siam take ghosts or ‘p’ very seriously, as most of asia does they still believe strongly they saw elvis in my chip shop. BRGD SG


Write a Pattaya G uide We are asking any budding writers out there to write a Pattaya Guide about any Pattaya related subject i.e. Guide to Walking street, Pattaya Nightlife Guide, Guide to Bar Girls, Guide to your favourite soi etc The Guide can not be any more then 800 words but feel free to add any pictures you wish Please submit entries through

Win a meal for 2 at The Sportsman Pub & Restaurant

KOH CHANG The island of Koh Chang is a tropical marine national park. It consists of over 70% rainforest and is the best preserved tourist holiday destination in Thailand. Situated 4 hours from Pattaya, it’s Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket. Recently, with the surge of development and popularity, it has been elevated to Thailand’s new tourist haven. Koh Chang has everything, white sandy coves and beaches, pristine rain forests and abundance of wildlife and marine life, high mountain peaks, several scenic waterfalls, a rich variety of cuisine and great nightlife. Accommodation on the island ranges from simple beach huts and bungalows to luxury villas and apartments. If you drive, you can hire motorbikes, jeeps and cars to take you to any of the beaches along the coastal roads and, in the evening, there are plenty of restaurants, live music bars and nightclubs to choose from to spice up your stay. ACCOMMODATION Paddy’s Palms Resort, 32 room resort with hot water, air con, TV and fridge. The resort itself has a large swimming pool, excellent parking and is located 5 minutes from Whites Sands Beach. 1000 – 1300 baht Palm Garden Hotel, a small 12 room hotel with hot water, air con, TV and fridge. Just 50m from the beach in the heart of the main tourist spot, White Sands Beach. RESTAURANTS 15 Palms, a beautiful beach side restaurant on White Sands Beach serves European food with everything from pizzas, salads, pasta, burgers and of course Thai food. Paddy’s Palms, Koh Chang’s first Irish Pub is a well managed pub with a great atmosphere. They have a pool table, wireless internet, live sport on big screens, great Italian coffee, traditional Irish dishes, Kilkenny and Guinness on tap. The restaurant is the most popular on the Island and must be visited.


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | A Guide to Koh Chang

ACTIVITIES GUIDE Get Active in Pattaya. There’s a wealth of activities to enjoy during your stay. If you’re the watersports type, then check out both Jomtien and Pattaya beaches where you can find windsurfing, parasailing, jet skis and canoeing, the mild to strong winds make for excellent windsurfing and sailing conditions throughout the year. It is possible to rent a small sailboat or boards and sail at several locations both in Jomtien and Pattaya. PATTAYA PARK For a wonderful family day out, why not go to Pattaya Park at jomtien, they have water slides, tower jumps and the tower shot a great choice for all adrenalin junkies, the park also caters for families with kiddies pool and a larger pool that has a very gentle current to float around on a lilo and a small restaurant to have refreshments. Pattaya Park Tower has a revolving restaurant, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of Pattaya. Phone 038 364 110-20, visit for more information.


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Activities Guide

Dive Trips Are What We Do Best Adventure Divers and Water sports

is your best and most friendly dive shop in Pattaya. We have our own boat with experienced captain • PADI Training and crew with an intimate knowledge of reefs and wrecks in the area.“ MV SAIFON” has all • Snorkeling the comforts you could want. Our train staff gives attentive service to make • Swimming your trip not only fun, but luxurious. Diving here will introduce you to beautiful • Game Fishing reefs, endless types of fish and other maries life. • Catamaran Charter Whatever your level or interests, we are happy to assist. Our instructors can lead you on dives • Boat Charter of all skill levels. Just tell us your interests and we will do the rest!

• Scuba Diving

Location : Thappaya Rd, Soi 13 Phone : 038 364 453 Contact : Robert 089 252 5026 : Phillip 084 863 4664 Email :

THE SI RACHA TIGER FARM The farm, which is situated at 20km marker on highway No.36, raises a large number of Bengal tigers, as well as large crocodiles. Visitors will be amazed to witness tigers, pigs and dogs living together in the same quarters. The Si Racha tiger farm opens daily from 8am till 6pm. Admission fee is 350 baht for adults and 200 baht for children, phone 038 296 556-8, for more information visit MILLION YEAR STONE PARK AND CROCODILE FARM The Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm, which is located approximately 9km from Pattaya City and has beautifully landscaped grounds with elaborate flower and rock gardens in addition the farm has hundreds of crocodiles as well as some rare animals. Crocodile shows, magic performances and animal shows run 7 times a day from 9am till 5pm. Open daily from 8am till 5pm, admission fee is 300 baht and 150 baht for children. Phone 038 249 347-9 or 025 794 008 - 025 795 033 for more information. Getting there, drive along the Sukhumvit Road until you come to the km 140 marker near Sawangfah temple, then turn into Chaiyaporn Vidhi (Route No. 3240) and proceed for 5 km then turn left on Soi 21. 46

THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Activities Guide

NONG NOOCH GARDEN Located approximately 18km south of Pattaya, the Garden can be reached by taking a left turn from Sukhumvit Road at the Km 163 marker. The Garden is a sprawling recreation park in a typical Thai setting. A group of traditional Thai pavilions and gardens of different flowering plants are positioned around the beautifully landscaped site. Daily cultural and elephant shows and elephant rides are available for tourists with show times at 9.45am, 10.30am, 3pm and 3.45pm, admission fee is 400 baht. Nong Noch Garden Phone 038 709 358-62 Pattaya Office Phone 038 429 321or 038 429 958 Bangkok Office Phone 02 252 1786 Visit for more information.

Activities Guide | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


SANCTUARY OF TRUTH The compound, which covers an area of more than two rais, is situated by the sea at Laem Ratchawet on Naklua Road in North Pattaya. Within the compound is a gigantic temple like structure entirely made of wood that is 105 metres high at the highest point which was constructed to withstand wind and sunshine on the seashore, with exquisite architectural features, the sanctuary was conceived out of the vision that human civilization has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truths. Open daily from 8am till 6pm, admission fee is 500 baht and 250 baht for children, with dolphin training shows at 11.30am and at 3.30pm Phone 038 367 229 or visIt UNDERWATER WORLD A must see tourist attraction in town is the largest and most modern ocean aquarium in Asia, boasting a 100m long, 6.4 cm thick acrylic pedestrain tunnel through an underwater filled with dozens of marine species. The aquarium itself houses more than 4000 marine animals, comprising more than 200 different species from the region as well as some rare creatures from over seas, top of the visitors list is the rare shovelnose ray a hybrid between a shark and a stingray. Located just 200m south of Tesco Lotus on the Sukhumvit Road. Open from 9am till 6pm (tickets are on sale until 5.30pm) admission fee for adults is 450 Baht and children 250 Baht, for more information and booking phone 038 756 879.


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Activities Guide

MINI SIAM Located opposite Bangkok Pattaya Hospital on the Sukhumvit Road is a wonderland of miniture replicas of such outstanding architectural works as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, the Bridge Over the Kwai, Prasat Hin Phimai also replicas of places of world significance are displayed in the mini world area these include the Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi fountain. Open daily from 7am till 10pm admission fee 250 baht and 125 baht for children, shows at 6.30pm and 8pm, for more information phone 038 727 333 or 038 421 628. BUDA MOUNTAIN The Silver Lake Vineyard attraction is conveniently situated next to the famous laser-sculptured Buddha image at Khao Chi Chan Cliff, so it is easy to see two attractions in one trip. Easy to get to from Pattaya. The garden areas at Silver Lake Vineyard are relaxing, superbly landscaped, with plenty of seating areas to either enjoy a snack or simply take in the views. There are a few small food shops and you can also get drinks of your choice or ice creams and of course you can have an ice-cold drink of grape juice. Needless to say, the grape juice is produced from the fresh grapes at Silverlake Vineyard. How to get to Silverlake. You can get to Silverlake Vineyard by driving along Highway 3 - Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip. Silverlake is signed - but not too well on the left hand side, around 6 km out of South Pattaya - maybe 4km past the Floating Market. Also follow signs for Khao Chi Chan - The laser Buddha.

Activities Guide | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


r 08 7 83 56 890



4 80 77 089 00

Phone: 089 007 7804 or 085 698 4277 pattayacarandbike www.

Pattaya New Plaza

2nd Road

Soi 8


Soi 7



Following on from last month’s article in Pattaya Guide regarding the changing demographics in Pattaya, this month we conclude the feature by looking at the likely impact on a more youthful expat and tourist now appearing in town. Beer bars and bar girls could feel the pinch, youngsters may be less inclined to spend time with their holiday love and prefer instead to spend time with their friends. Beer bars will need to reinvent their appearances if they want to keep bums on seats, because the youth of today are more demanding. No longer will a 35 baht bottle of Chang be the pull as the younger segment crave entertainment and not just value. ‘Sexy Man’ may not be as effective for the bar girl in attracting a customer, hey these guys are younger and they know they are still sexy; bar girls will need to evolve their opening gambit if they are to benefit from this new market. For all you entrepreneurs out there, a bar girl publication


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | The Great Pattaya Face Lift

‘Conversation tips to meet a man in 21st Century Pattaya’ is long long overdue! Clubs like Insomnia, Lima Lima and Mix will get stronger and stronger; Pattaya will see more world acts hitting their shores and the nightclub scene will become a global player. The foundations in this town are just too well aligned for this not to happen. Beer bars in Walking Street will need to rebrand and reformulate or they will disappear. If ever there was a case for a Planet Hollywood in addition to Hard Rock then now is the time. Eating out will be on-the-move or trendy top end, you will get very little in between. From domestic markets, those under 40 are used to eating more quickly in order to get on with their day – and with health slightly more important even when on holiday – expect Subway sandwich bar type business to increase. Likewise with Thai food popular in the Western world and now part most people’s monthly diet, modern Thai food bars could emerge. The Great Pattaya Face Lift | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


GOLF GUIDE SPONSORED BY FAIRWAYS GOLF RANGE & RESORT | PHONE 038 413 636 1. Bangpakong |18 hole par72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 513 525 2. Bangpra International | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 341 149-50 3. Burapha Golf Club | 36 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 085 288 8226-7 4. Chonburi Century C.C. | 18 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 081 304 1545 5. Crystal Bay Golf Club | 27 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 349 370-8 6. Eastern Star Golf Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 630 410-6 7. Emerald Golf Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 941 111 8. Fairways Golf Range & Resort | Driving Range | Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 413 636 9. Great Lake Golf Club | 36 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 626 148 10. Green Wood | 27 holes par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 263 158-60 11. Khao Kheow C.C. | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 318 000 12. Laem Chabang | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 372 273 13. Mountain Shadow | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 389 210-6 14. Pattana Sport Club | 27 hole par 73,74 | Course 4 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 318 999 15. Pattaya Country Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 423 718-9 16. Phoenix Country Club | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 239 400 17. Pleasant Valley | 18 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 260 825-6 18. Rayong Green Valley | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 030 660-2 19. Royal Thai Navy | 36 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 081 003 3811 20. Royal Lakeside | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 573 275 21. Siam Country Club-Old | 18 holes par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 909 700 22. Siam Plantation | 18 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 909 600 23. St Andrews 2000 | 18 holes par 74 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 030 660-2 24. Treasure Hills | 18 holes Par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 420 766-7









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Open 8am - 10pm Practice Bunkers New Golf Mats Golf Lessons Available Chipping & Putting Green Club Repair New Netting New Balls Pro Shop

Golf vouchers now available, 40 trays for 1000 baht plus many other discounts on offer. Ask staff at the range for Watch live football and golf in our air conditioned more details restaurant



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For more information CALL 038 413 636

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Pattaya Country Club

Tuesday 25th October Only 1200B

Buggies are 500 baht sharing


GOLF GUIDE SPONSORED BY FAIRWAYS GOLF RANGE & RESORT | PHONE 038 413 636 Pattaya’s best kept secret is undoubtedly the quality and value of its golf courses, there are 20 championship standard courses within 45 minutes of Pattaya, designed by the very best golf architects and designers. Clubhouse facilities are excellent with everything you might need and more, including great restaurants, swimming pools, massage facilities, superb shower and locker rooms. All courses provide caddies to guide you through your round with words of advice and encouragement. Quite simply, golfing in Pattaya is a match for anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost with each course offering a fantastic experience for golfers of all abilities (with no course requiring a handicap card). So, whether you are a low handicap golfer, one who enjoys a challenge or a complete novice there is no better place to play than the courses around Pattaya.

Course of the Month Siam Country Club Old Course Designer: Lee Schmidt Course: 18 Hole Par 72 7162 yds This golf course has just re-opened after total renovation from tee to green and clubhouse. It now brings Siam to a truly international Championship standard, and a Honda LPGA Tour event is scheduled here in October 2007.. The idyllic, bucolic setting embroidered by arching trees and adorned by lush, mature landscaping makes this a must play course while in Pattaya. Facilities include a Large New Clubhouse overlooking the 18th green serving Thai and international Cuisine, Pro Shop, Driving Range and full locker and shower rooms. Single Golf Carts Compulsory.



Champagne 4 Man Team Texas Scramble Pattana Sports Club, Thursday 13th October, Only 1400B Price includes green fee, caddy fee, competition fee and food back at Kilkenny Bar, Soi LK Metro Food served at 7pm Winners prize presentation at 8pm Format - Champagne 4 Man Team Texas Scramble Handicaps are calculated as follows: 20 percent of player A's handicap (Lowest handicapper) 15 percent of player B's handicap 10 percent of player C's handicap 5 percent of player D's handicap (Highest handicapper). Choose your teams carefully!!!!! 4 drives from each player plus two spare – anyone – anytime Great prizes to be won for the best 4 teams plus nearest the pins with prizes from Champagne How To Enter Sign up at the Fairways Golf Range or Call Shane on 085 945 9689 Other Info 3 man teams will get 2 shots extra after their handicap calculation Carts are 500 baht each (One person per cart)

In association with

ACCOMMODATION For those who are not familiar with the Pattaya and Jomtien geography, the South and Central Pattaya located hotels are the ones to chose if you are looking to be in the centre of the “action”. Lots of restaurants, bars, shopping etc. For those looking for perhaps a quieter night’s sleep, choose North Pattaya or Naklua, where there are several quality hotels down by the beach at Wongamat. If you really want to get out the city, then stay at Jomtien. The beach is better than that in Pattaya and it is easy to travel to Pattaya for evenings by taking one of the many “baht buses” which congregate at several points along the Beach Road. The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Sandy Springs Hotel, Soi 13 Room range from 1200 (Basic room) - 2500 (Superior Suite) The hotel is very clean, the staff are excellent and is you will struggle to find better value for money elsewhere in Pattaya. Call 038 414 752-8 62


Jomtien Beach Properties

Studios, 1 - 2 bedroom units for rent or sale We own and manage all our properties No agents - No commission

Tel: 085 697 8245

Taxi Service

Pattaya > Suvarnabhumi Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport > Pattaya Private car Minibus (10 seater)

1200 baht 2500 baht

Call 082 216 2408 to book

The Links Hotel and Restaurant is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire staff is committed to meeting those needs

Our room rates start from 400 baht to 650 baht depending on size room and daily or monthly rate. The golf group will depart The Links Hotel at 0930 every Tuesday and Thursday for golf. You can sign up before hand or arrive the day of golf. Contact Russell at 0847824582. We can also book and run private party trips for visitors and hotel guests. Price will include, room, transportation pick up from and to the airport, transportation to and from the golf course each day, and golf green, caddy and cart fees. Email us at for more information. Our restaurant is brand new and spotlessly clean.With seating for more than 40 diners, it is perfect for pre-golf breakfast and a few cold beers after the game. Our menu has been specially made to try to cater for everyone. With a large breakfast menu, great burgers and sandwiches and some of the favorite western main courses including BBQ Ribs, Norwegian Cod & Chips and a selection of mouth watering steaks. Visit our website for full menu The Links Hotel 316/145-146 Soi Buakhow Pattaya Chonburi Thailand 20260 Email us at for any questions. Call Russell at 0847824582 locally for reservations or golf Website:

Lake Mabprachan Resort

When you arrive to Lake Mabprachan Resort you will be welcomed by the warm weather, warm people and the promise that you will experience some of the most exciting and colourful adventures that Thailand could possibly throw at you. The stunning courtyard style Resort is Nestled in the countryside 600 meters from the shores of Lake Mabprachan. 10 minutes from Pattaya City and has something to offer for everyone. Families and couples who enjoy Island day trips, shopping and the endless amount of affordable entertainment and ammusements. Or those who simply want to relax and forget there everyday pressures with massages and cool tropical cocktails by the pool.

For More Information Call: Phone: 085 093 1826 (international: +66 85 093 1826) Fax: 038 734 178 (international: +66 38 734 178) Phone Australia: (08) 9467 5701 or 041 786 5148

HEALTH & FITNESS For those who are not familiar with the Pattaya and Jomtien geography, the South and Central Pattaya located hotels are the ones to chose if you are looking to be in the centre of the “action”. Lots of restaurants, bars, shopping etc. For those looking for perhaps a quieter night’s sleep, choose North Pattaya or Naklua, where there are several quality hotels down by the beach at Wongamat. If you really want to get out the city, then stay at Jomtien. The beach is better than that in Pattaya and it is easy to travel to Pattaya for evenings by taking one of the many “baht buses” which congregate at several points along the Beach Road. The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Sandy Springs Hotel, Soi 13 Room range from 1200 (Basic room) - 2500 (Superior Suite) The hotel is very clean, the staff are excellent and is you will struggle to find better value for money elsewhere in Pattaya. Call 038 414 752-8 66

THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Health & Fitness

German Dental co., Ltd The dental clinic you can trust Professional team & high quality materials Artificial teeth will be made within one week Our dental clinic includes a dental laboratory Complete sterilization system Free of charge oral examination We speak English, German & Thai 5 years guarantee on our products

Save Up To 70% compared to European Prices

Welcome to your holiday dentist! German Dental Co., Ltd Lab Technology International Co., Ltd & Inter Dental Clinic

Michael Schlatter (Board of Director)

162/197, Moo 10, Soi 9 Thappraya Road, Pattaya City, 20150, Chomburi (close to 7-Eleven, Jomtien Nivate Village) Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9am - 6pm

Tel: (0066) 038 251 289 or 038 365 020 Mobile: (0066) 081 861 5181 - Fax (0066) 038 251 2232 Email:,

SERVICES GUIDE You will find during your visit to Pattaya that a vast network of businesses now operate within the city, everything from dentists and doctors to air conditioning companies and lawyers. There are thousands of companies offering a whole range of diverse services for both expats and visitors. Many tourists during their brief stay in Pattaya “Fall in Love with the City” and are determined to make the move to Thailand more permanent. They typically choose to invest in either a condominium or purchase land and house. Once they have purchased their dream home in Pattaya or jomtien, they then find themselves in need of a number of services; cleaners, accountants, electricians, builders and schools among others. We have decided to devote a small section of this publication to promoting a number of these services to help those who are in need. A little piece of advice for those “new arrivals” in town check out your own Chamber of Commerce and expat clubs, they are able to offer lots of help and information. 68


Business Service Company Set Up 1 Million Capital - 15,000 / 2 Million Capital - 20,000 3 Million Capital - 25,000 / 4 Million Capital - 30,000

Company Changes

Change Director Change Share Holder Change Address Change Business Objective

5,000 - 5,500 5,000 - 5,500 5,000 - 5,500 5,000 - 5,500

Annual Audit & Balance Sheet

(Non Trading Company) Annual Audit (Trading Company) Balance Sheet (Trading Company)

18,000 Call For Price Call For Price

Work Permit & Visa Services Work Permit & Business Visa First Year Work Permit & Business Visa Renewal Retirement Visa Marriage Visa

Land Office

Transfer Land / House / Condo

21,000 16,000 10,000 15,000 10,000

Please contact Khun Aey on 080 285 0881 email:

Low Cost Car Hire

Hatchback, Saloons, Trucks and Mini Buses Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Long Term Hire First Class Rental Insurance Delivery and Collection Service

Hotline: 0859 459 689 or visit us online at RENTING A CAR MADE EASY

Advertise here for only 4500 baht per month, discounts available with 3, 6, 9 or 12 month contracts For more information call 085 945 9689 or e:mail:





All Your ld Favorites ! Great New Restaurants s u l P Same Terrific Value...


CALL 038 410 699

VISA INFORMATION SPONSORED BY FIVE STAR VISA RUNS | PHONE 038 416 088 A visa is fundamentally a document affixed into the passport issued to a foreigner by the Thai government allowing a foreigner to travel to the Kingdom and a granted permission to stay for a certain period of time. Visas can only be obtained outside of the Kingdom from a Royal Thai Embassy consulate. A visa has a validity period which denotes the period within which the visa may be used to apply for entry. The validity period is NOT the length of time you will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom. A’ permission to stay’ stamp is entered into your passport upon arrival into the Kingdom. Whatever visa you hold, you will always receive this stamp. It will include the date of entry and date when you MUST leave the Kingdom or make alternative arrangements. The ‘length of stay’ will be dependent on what type of visa you hold. The majority of Foreigners that enter the Kingdom without a visa will be granted a ‘permission to stay 30 day’ stamp only, which is free of charge. At the discretion of the immigration officer this permission to stay 30 day stamp may be extended for up to 7-15 days (THB 1900) at an immigration office after which time the holder must leave the Kingdom. This stamp is NOT a visa. WARNING: YOU ONLY GET 15 DAYS AT LAND BORDERS DIFFERENT TYPES OF VISAS Single entry tourist visa will permit the holder a 60 day’ permission to stay’ stamp upon entry. If required, this type of visa may be extended by 30 days (THB 1900) at an immigration office, but after that time the holder must leave the country. After one entry, the visa is used. Multiple entry tourist visa will permit the holder a 60 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp upon entry (only visa exempt countries listed overleaf ) or 30 days if not listed below. If required, this type of visa may normally be extended by 30 days at an immigration office, but after that time the holder must leave the Visa Information | THEPATTAYAGUIDE


country. The holder may then return to the Kingdom and will obtain a second 60 day ‘permission to stay‘ stamp which can also be extended and then the holder must leave. After the stipulated number of entries the visa is ‘used’. Single entry non-immigrant visa will permit the holder a 90 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp. This visa can be extended up to one year for specific reasons and with the required documentation. Multi-entry non-immigrant visa will permit the holder a 90 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp upon entry. Each time the holder enters the Kingdom whilst the visa is valid, he/she will obtain a further 90 day ‘permission to stay stamp’. Such visas can be issued for students/work/family etc., but normally require supporting documentation. This visa can also be extended up to one year for specific reasons and with the required documentation. Although most multi-entry non-immigrant visas are obtained in your home country they may also be obtained from some Royal Thai embassies outside your home country, if you can provide evidence of your marriage to a Thai citizen (marriage certificate) or support of a Thai citizen. 12 month extension to a non-immigrant visa: If you are holding a nonimmigrant visa, you have the option of extending this by 12 months based on either retirement (50 years old or over) or support to a Thai citizen, work, education and the like. This may only be accomplished at an immigration office inside the Kingdom and certain criteria has to be met. If you are residing in the Kingdom under and extension to a non-immigrant visa and wish to leave the Kingdom at any time, then you will need to obtain a re-entry permit to avoid losing the extension and having to re-apply. If you are residing in the Kingdom under an extension to a non-immigrant visa it is a legal requirement that the holder reports current address to an immigration office using form TM.47 (in person or by registered mail) every 90 days. Re-entering the Kingdom is the equivalent of a 90 day report. If you are in possession of a valid tourist visa or a 30 day visa exempt entry stamp and qualify for an extension of stay and plan on doing so you may be


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Visa Information

Pattaya’s most efficient and comfortable visa service has just got better... Beat the traffic jams and parking problems



It’s easy...simply visit Also Book your visa trip at

Soi 13 between Beach Road & 2nd Road

Call 038 416 088


permitted to change to a non-immigrant visa at an immigration office inside Thailand. This change of ‘status’ has certain restrictions depending on your particular circumstances therefore you should check with an officer first. LIST OF VISA EXEMPT COUNTRIES (SEPTEMBER 2009): Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brunei, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom. IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Always check the stamp that the immigration officer gives you. If the officer gets your stamp wrong you may have to return to your port of entry 2. Check your passport and make sure you know when you need to leave Thailand. You can contact 5 star Visa Runs and we will log you into our computer and remind you 7 days before your visa expires as part of our service. 3. Never work in Thailand without a work permit. Even if you are not getting paid, you still need a work permit because you are taking a job from a Thai national. 4. You can convert your 30-day visa exempt stamp to a Non-immigrant Visa by going to Immigration with the proper documents and 21 day stay remaining, meaning you have up to 9 days after your entry. Application fee THB 2000.-Please note that your passport needs to remain valid for at least another six months for any visa applications. 5. Overstay charges are currently THB 500 per day to a maximum of THB 20,000. 6. The information given above is for guideline purposes only. Each individuals circumstances may differ greatly depending on your age, financial position, what port of entry you use, what country you are from, what embassy you are visiting, what you are doing here and of course how long you have been here and, remember the final decision on visa application/issue or entry into the Kingdom will always be at the discretion of the immigration officer. 7. For full information please read the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website


THEPATTAYAGUIDE | Visa Information


Visas to UK & Europe, retirement visas, fiancee & marriage visas visa non immigrant O & B visas, visa extension & overstay problems


33/11, Moo 10, Soi LK Metro off Soi Diana, Central Pattaya Tel: 038 422 131 - Fax: 038 412 277 - E-mail:

SHOPPING GUIDE Pattaya has numerous large malls, small malls, supermarkets, bazaar-style markets, and thousands of other shops. Expect to find plenty of clothes shops and coffee shops but do not expect to find variety as most shops are selling the same things. Pattaya actually has a long way to go to catch up with Bangkok for variety and volume of shops but it is trying with several new shopping centres opening in recent years, and there is a lot more to come. Bargaining is a way of life here but don’t worry if you don’t know your Thai numbers as most shop keepers will carry a calculator to show the price. As a general rule what ever their first price is, half it and you will be closer to what they are actually willing to sell the item for. If you are not happy then simply walk away as the shop keeper down the street will be selling the same thing. Try to have some fun when bargaining because if the shop keeper likes you they may give you a better price and never get aggressive, it doesn’t pay.



Open: Mon - Sat 10.00am - 05.30pm

315/53 Thepprasit Rd, Jomtien, Tel/Fax: (66) 038 267 197 Email:

World Wide Door 2 Door Shipping Service Available

REAL ESTATE GUIDE More than one hundred new housing or condominium development projects are currently underway in the Pattaya and Jomtien districts. Many of these projects are aimed at the “higher end� market. Properties offering large spacious accommodation some with private swimming pools, top end air conditioning units, Jacuzzis etc. These properties are typically around the 8-25 million price range and many represent very good value for money. One of the more up and coming development areas is just south of Jomtien, where several developers are now constructing projects near to the beach at Bang Sare and Baan Amphur. Because of the local laws in Thailand with regard to property ownership by foreigners, condominiums are still as popular as ever with something in the region of 5,000 condominium units currently in construction. Some of the better quality condos are La Royale, Northshore and North Point. However, it is possible to find cheaper units especially in South Pattaya and Jomtien. If you are thinking of a permanent move to Thailand remember to do your homework and seek a reputable real Estate Agent. 88


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Condo’s for sale or rent · Foreign ownership available For information call Office: 038 416 690 Mobile: 088 331 6060 or visit us at our sales office City Garden Condominium Soi 15, Second Road

The Pattaya Guide - October  
The Pattaya Guide - October  

The pocket size guide to all that is in Pattaya