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29th International Fjord Horse Show August 26-28 • Sandpoint, ID



Internatio Fjord Ho Show

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The Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group The Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group (PNFPG) was founded in the late 1980’s by a small group of Fjord horse owners to promote this unique breed of horse. Since then the club has grown in size and the number of Fjord horses in the Northwest has increased to well over a thousand registered horses. The Norwegian Fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds. Domesticated over 4,000 years ago, they are relatively small (13.2-14.2 hands) but a very strong and agile breed from the mountains of Western Norway. You may recognize these horses from the recent Disney movie “Frozen”. The Fjord horse is an intelligent and willing companion. They have a charming and gentle disposition. Their strong body and extraordinary power allows them to be used for most any discipline. Their docile nature makes them an excellent schooling horse for children and a friend to therapeutic riders. Fjords possess a presence about them that charms all who see them. This summer the PNFPG is excited to host the 29th International Fjord Horse Show August 26th-28th at the beautiful award winning Bonner County Fairgrounds in Sandpoint, ID. Every Fjord owner will tell you that the Fjord horse is a versatile breed. We are raffling off a new McCall saddle valued at over $3500. Tickets at the show are $5 each or 5 for $20.

On Our Front Cover

Ben Finnoe driving barrels at the 2015 28th International Fjord Horse Show, picture by Sue Wilson.

Our 3 day event is filled with some of the many disciplines that the Fjord horse competes in around the world. We have English and Western riding; single, pair, four in hand and unique hitch driving; ridden and driven trail courses; as well as many fun gymkhana games. Our show has been held in Libby MT for the last 25 years. With the move to Sandpoint we hope to better serve our members as well as share these wonderful horses with more people. The public is welcome to come watch these wonderful horses and their owners do what they love. Our classes run from 9am to approximately 5pm Friday and Saturday and 9am to 12pm on Sunday. Friday August 26th we are excited to host a presentation by Bernice Ende the “Lady Long Rider” at 7pm in the grandstands. In 2003 Bernice retired from teaching dance and climbed into the saddle. Since then Bernice has ridden across the US and Canada with her Fjord horses, putting over 25,000 miles in the saddle! This presentation, as well as all 3 days of the show, are open and free of charge to the public. We want to share our love of the Norwegian Fjord horse with you. Please come and join us.


Sept 9-11 2016 Appalatchee Grounds Wenatchee, Wa


Full Slate NRHA and Club Classes PLUS!

$1100 added Open $750 added Non Pro* * Non Pro is 3/4 yr olds Award to highest placing 3yr old

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(3 yr old only) $1700 added Open $1100 added Non Pro 2016 Sponsors Gold Doug Stroud Dacy Horse McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital

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Show Manager: Norm Poser 509-994-9109 Secretary: Audry Henning 509-999-2509


Classlists Stall/Entry Forms available at www.RHANW.com


2007 Homozygous Black & White Tobiano 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar

ket aka Roc

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Ann Kirk The Value of the Head-Down Cue This month I would like to talk with you about the importance of the head-down cue when training our horses. It is one of the essential foundation blocks that is usually missed when working on good ground manners. I seldom find a horse, either through lessons or training, that has already been taught this valuable lesson. The number of issues you can improve with a great head-down cue are endless. For example, a solid head-down cue is the starting point to retrain a halter-puller. A horse that pulls back while tied is a horse that has not been taught to give to pressure on its head. It also is the cue to drop and refocus the emotions while ground working your horse or even on its back. Having a sure head-down cue is of great benefit when the farrier is doing his job as the horse will normally raise its head when it is going to struggle and dropping the head changes that thought. Teaching the head-down cue to the point that you can demand it, is a must for taking the struggle out of putting on the bridle. And the list goes on and on. If I had known as a kid, how easy it was to teach your horse to put its head down, it would have saved me and my sisters a lot of hassle. We used to bridle our horses in pairs. We would put the reins around the neck and then boost one up on the horse’s back, (usually me). Then the one on top crawled up the neck and held the headstall. The one on the ground would put the bit into the horse’s mouth and the one on top

My goal is to connect

you with your horse by teaching you sensible,

hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration

would then put the headstall over the ears. Funny but true. Another area where it would have helped was mounting. Our parents didn’t let us ride in a saddle until we were 13 years old. We rode out in the mountains so much, if we fell off, they wanted us all the way off; not hung up in the saddle. Well when we were little, mounting proposed a problem if there wasn’t a stump or something around to help us mount. So we figured out if the horse reached down to take a bite and we could jump on his neck, when he picked his head up, we could slid down onto the back. Worked great but you had to be patient and rather sneaky to time it just right. But if I had know about the head-down cue, it would have saved the struggle.

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Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 6




fall fun ride and

Scavenger Hunt FUNDRAISER


Find items as you ride through the Equestrian area. The ride area is well defined over relatively level but rocky ground and varies in difficulty. Some experience is required.

Address does NOT appear on google maps or mapquest. See our website (www.pbchw.com) for directions or email Ken (below) for specifics.


Riverside State Park Equestrian Area 3402 N Equestrian Lane Spokane, WA 99224 “Discover Pass Free Day”


Saturday, September 24, 2016 9am - 1pm *All riders MUST return to the PBCH booth by 1pm to turn in their results 1pm through the afternoon: chili feed, door prizes, awards for scavenger hunt/hat contest, raffle, music


Pre-Registration received by September 16: $20 per rider Register at event: $25 per rider Chili Feed: $5 per person Raffle tickets: $5 per ticket Cash or check only



! one rider per horse

Equestrian camping may be available. Contact state parks at 1-888-226-7688 or www. parks.wa.gov.

● ride at a safe distance ● no stallions please ● no dogs please ● no running horses ● no littering please ● no alcoholic beverages on trail ● be courteous when passing other riders ● minors must be accompanied by Parent or Guardian ● all riders must sign a liability release 5/22/2016

Sponsored by Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen OF WASHINGTON INC PONDEROSA CHAPTER www.pbchw.com


Looking for more info? Contact Ken Carmichael 509-466-2225 or kcarmichael2225@gmail.com


In a nutshell, a perfect head-down cue is a conditioned response to downward pressure by your hand, the halter or the bridle. I use it so often, especially for relaxing an emotional horse, that when I just start to touch the lead, they will drop the head. When taught thoroughly, your horse will even choose to drop its head on its own when it becomes upset. I believe it is important to understand conditioned response, for it is a principle foundational to truly training your horse at any level. A conditioned response is a cue that has been practiced so many times that the “conditioned response” replaces the natural response. One such example in human terms is the simple hand-shake. When someone I don’t know introduces himself to me, he usually walks up, tells me his name while extending his hand in greeting. I, in turn, extend my hand, grasp his and give it a welcoming shake. I do not have to think about it, it just happens as a normal response to the extended hand. This would be considered a conditioned response. I wasn’t born knowing it but, through conditioning, it has become a natural response. So let me teach you how to apply the conditioned response method in teaching the head-down cue to your horse. Whenever I work with a horse, I start first with the head. The way a horse lets me handle its head will tell me how it will feel about me handling its body. A horse that is afraid or resistant to my lessons will hold its head high, whereas a horse that is trusting will allow me to lower its head without resistance. So one of the first things I want to teach my horse before doing much else, is to drop its head on cue. I will begin with a halter and lead on the horse. Have the horse in a somewhat enclosed pen so you do not have to worry about the horse getting away from you. Take hold of the lead just below the snap and pull towards the ground. Put about 5 to 10 pounds of pressure on the lead. Put only the amount of pressure that you feel you could maintain for a length of time. Then wait. You are waiting for the horse to drop its head just a fraction and then release as quickly as you can. Pet and praise him and do it again. Don’t be surprised if the horse doesn’t respond correctly right away. Many horses have been taught to endure or even resist the pressure of the halter by many repetitions of being released while resisting, not giving. They may just ignore the pressure at first. Don’t release, just wait. They may lift their head higher to try to make you turn loose. Just match their pressure and wait. As soon as they drop their head some, even if it is still higher than when you started, release and

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praise them. It is still considered a give in the right direction. There is a difference between a give to the pressure and a passive allowance of letting you pull their head to the ground. If they are just being passive, the head will go down slowly but you will still feel some pressure on the lead. Try to stabilize your hand at a certain point so you can feel the slack drop into the rope as the horse gives to the pressure. It is hard to explain the feeling but you will know it when it happens. It is a sudden, complete release of pressure. This is important because the give is an active participation in the exercise whereas the other is just a passive submission because nothing else is more important at the moment. When something else is going on, you will not be able to drop the horse’s head on command and gain the control you thought you had. At first, when I am teaching the horse to drop its head, I will allow it to raise its head every time I release. But, as the horse better understands the cue, I will allow less time between requests to lower his head until he learns to keep his head at a certain level all the time. With a horse that is sure its head has to be high, it can look like his head is on a yoyo string. I cue it to drop its head, release on the give, it raises its head and immediately I cue it to drop again. This can go on for several reps until the horse keeps its head down for a few seconds before raising it again. How does this relate to the conditioned response definition? Horses, by nature, want to keep their heads free and up if they are uncertain about anything. Having their heads caught and controlled is almost certain death in their “natural” thinking. If I condition my horse to drop its head on cue no matter what else is going on at the time, I can calm the horse down and know that it trusts me to lead. When you drop the head, you drop the emotions. A high headed horse is tense and “on the muscle”. To drop the head, it has to relax some muscles even if only for a moment. I want to use this cue so much that whenever the horse starts to get worried, all I have to do is reach for the halter and he will drop his head and relax. I will teach this lesson first with the pressure from the halter. Then I will improve it by doing it several different ways such as with my hand on the top of his head or when pulling on either side of the halter or straight down with the bridle reins or with the individual reins. I want any downward pressure to mean drop the head. It is also important to take your horse to different spots and practice because the change of locations will change the horse’s focus and emotions. Start in a comfortable place for the horse and take it farther away from that place or add more commotion as it gets better until you are certain the response will be there when you ask. Let me say that this lesson does not have to be perfect before you go on but be consistent whenever you do work with your horse. Don’t skip it because you have something else you would rather be doing. It never doesn’t matter to the horse. It does not take much for your horse to learn that it is the expected response whenever you are around and it will change the way he relates to you big time. Be safe and God Bless…….Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to www.annkirk.com. And check out the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs now available!


Dinah Carlson Award Winning Artist

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Photo by Marci McBride

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veterinary knowledge

Stomach Ulcers, What a Pain!

ag el e s s

Dr. Jake Lynch, DVM McKinlay Peters Equine Hospital


Stomach ulcers are a frequent problem in horses. In high-risk groups, such as Thoroughbred racehorses, the incidence can approach 90 percent. However, any horse may develop ulcers, and ulcers are very common in horses that are not in intense training. Why does there seem to be an epidemic of stomach ulcers? One common and Dr. Jake Lynch, DVM, McKinlay Peters Equine Hospital very plausible theory is that the current management of horses is at odds with how horses adapted to their natural environment. The close ancestors of the modern domesticated horse have been grazing grasslands for tens of millions of years. Most estimates put domestication of the modern horse around 6,000 years ago, and it has not been until very recently that a large number of horses have been kept confined for long periods of time. Horses on pasture will graze for about 17 hours a day. And unlike our stomachs, the horse stomach produces a relatively constant amount of gastric acid

whether they are eating or not. It is not hard to imagine why a confined horse fed only twice a day might be at a higher risk of developing ulcers. The horse stomach has a very unique anatomy. It has a non-glandular upper portion and a glandular lower portion. The line demarcating the two regions is known as the margoplicatus. The glandular region produces gastric acid to help breakdown feed and is similar to our stomachs. The non-glandular region is covered by tissue similar to that of the esophagus. The glandular portion produces an acidneutralizing buffer, mucus, and has a specialized blood flow that helps protect it from gastric acid. Unfortunately, the nonglandular portion lacks these protective mechanisms and is very prone to ulceration. Besides the already mentioned risk factor of infrequent feeding, many other factors increase the odds of ulceration. Exercise causes the more acidic contents of the lower part of the stomach to come in contact with the upper, non-glandular portion of the stomach that is less protected from acid exposure. High starch/grain diets increase the acidity of the stomach contents. Dehydration has also been associated with ulcers. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as phenylbutazone (bute), flunixin meglamine (Banamine®) and ketoprofen, inhibit the protective mechanisms of the

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mckinlaypetersequine.com JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 13

stomach. Stress, as in humans, is also a risk factor for ulcers in horses. Making management changes, transportation, and concurrent illness are all stressors that increase the chances for ulcer development. It is understandable to see why young horses in training or competition, being fed a high concentrate/ grain diet twice a day, and traveling to competition after competition, might be at high risk of gastric ulceration. Many horses that have ulcers show no observable signs of discomfort. Others may exhibit a wide range of signs from intermittent colic to subtle behavioral changes. Cribbing has also been associated with ulcers. More signs to watch for are poor appetite, poor performance, and poor body condition. Foals, in addition to the aforementioned signs, may also exhibit bruxism (teeth grinding) and lying in dorsal recumbency (on their back). The gold standard for the diagnosis of gastric ulcers is gastroscopy. This entails placing an endoscope into the stomach to directly observe the ulcers. Other tests such as a sucrose absorption test and occult fecal blood tests are less sensitive. The preferred treatment for gastric ulcers is omeprazole, which shuts down the cellular pumps that produce stomach acid. Gastrogard® is a special formulation of omeprazole that is well absorbed in the horse, and it is currently the only FDA approved form of omeprazole for the treatment of gastric ulcers in horses. Compounded versions of DD D Domeprazole D D have been found to be ineffective because they are not well absorbed. Ulcergard® is a lower dose formulation D D Gastrogard® D D D of made by the same company, and is used for the prevention of Road Deer Park, WA 99006ulcers. Sucralfate is an aluminum salt of



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sucrose which acts to coat active areas of ulceration, and it is often used in conjunction with Gastrogard®. Other drugs such as ranitidine (Zantac®) and cimetidine (Tagamet®) are less effective. What can be done to prevent stomach ulcers? One of the most important things we can do is provide continual access to forage either with grazing on pasture or with the use of a slow-feeder. If your horse has been diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome/EMS or is an “easy-keeper,” consult your veterinarian before providing fresh pasture. These horses are at risk for laminitis because of the high sugar content present in fresh grass particularly in the spring and fall. Slow-feeders limit how fast a horse can eat, thereby mimicking grazing. Slow-feeders are designed with small holes for horses to pull the feed through, and it is recommended to choose one without a metal grate. There have been instances of horses breaking their incisor teeth on these. A Nibblenet® is an example of a slow-feeder with a fabric mesh instead of a metal grate. Forage itself is very beneficial in reducing stomach acidity. Horses produce more saliva when eating forage than when eating concentrated feed, and the saliva helps to buffer the acid in the stomach. Because grain will increase the acidity of the stomach, decreasing it as much as possible will prove beneficial. Most of the senior feeds contain large amounts of beet pulp, and therefore, these should not be considered grains. It is okay to offer large quantities of complete senior feed if your elderly horse requires it to maintain adequate body condition. There are numerous supplements on the market that claim to treat or prevent ulcers. While they will likely do no harm, hard scientific data supporting their use is lacking. Preventing dehydration by providing fresh, clean water is important. Only use NSAIDS when they are medically necessary and recommended by your veterinarian. Limiting stress is important. We all know a few horses that are easily stressed and sometimes a bit neurotic. Consider having a barn and travel companion for them. For horses competing in events and that have been previously diagnosed and treated for ulcers, the use of Ulcergard® is recommended. Intense exercise is a risk factor for ulcers, but it is impractical to recommend that we stop competing on our horses for fear of ulcers. We can, however, mitigate the other risks factors, and do our part to keep our equine companions happy and healthy.

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(509) 342-7410

A division of Idaho Fence Company

Open Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

2430 W Seltice Way Post Falls, ID I Residential & Commercial WA #MILDFC911C3

2430 W. Seltice Way

Serving Washington and Idaho Since 1973

ID #001040-C4

More than just a fence store… Open Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm


W Seltice Way Post Falls, ID 83854 I 208.687.2296 I 208.687.2196 WA2430 #MILDFC911C3 ID #001040-C4


On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe by Baxter Black, DVM

Whoa, Mule! I finally collected enough first hand reports to answer the age-old question, “How do you stop a runaway mule?” Ace Reid said he had been invited to be the parade marshal in Uvalde. They sat him up in the seat of a good-sized freight wagon pulled by a team of big mules. Halfway through the parade the mules spooked and started galloping down the street! The driver looked at Ace, handed him the lines and jumped ship! Ace said they were headed straight for a tuba player and two drummers ridin’ drag in the Sabinal High School marching band! He was able to alter the trajectory just enough so that the mules swung toward the sidewalk. When the wagon tongue hit the light pole, they stopped dead in their tracks! Deanie and her husband Mike train horses up in the Yakima Valley. One afternoon they went down to move a set of heifers from the high school section into the next pasture. She was ridin’ a two year-old filly and Mike was puttin’ the fine-tuning on a new mule. Deanie got a head start and was ridin’ around the heifers when she saw Mike, well, actually heard Mike comin’! His

mule was runnin’ like a race horse! Mike’s ears were blowed flat against his head and he’d applied one of his ol’ trainer’s tricks to gain control. He had pulled that mule’s head all the way back around ‘til his nose was in Mike’s left stirrup! Deanie watched as the mounted cartoonists slowed to a bangin’ trot and crossed the school house playground! She could hear Mike shouting instructions as they ran the obstacle course of sandboxes, teeter totters and jungle gyms! How they made it lengthwise through the swing set without strangling Mike is a miracle! The mules, still jerked into a “U” rebroke into a gallop, ran straight through the heifers and scattered ‘em like balls on the break! Deanie swung to get outta their way but the mule rear-ended her at full speed! Stopped him in his tracks! Out in California, Uncle Jack has a mule on his place that he called Son of the San Joaquin. Lon insisted on ridin’ him in spite of Jack’s precautions. He watched Lon lope his mule up the road but it wasn’t long ‘til he heard the sound of pounding hooves! Over his shoulder Jack saw Lon shoot past him! They were kicked into overdrive in spite of the fact that Lon had the mule’s head pulled clean back to his boot top! The road turned right. The mule never noticed. He ran smack dab, flat into an orange tree! From Jack’s vantage point, it looked like the orange tree had been struck by lightening! A terrible crashing sound ensued as Lon flew off the mule and shot through the branches like a six-foot smoked salmon fired from a battleship! Did it stop the mule? You bet, but they say you can still see pieces of Lon’s hat and shirt and glasses embedded in the bark. www.baxterblack.com


All our products are packaged in easy to transport, weatherproof, ■ no mess 4.0 mil bags

Wheat Straw Quick & Easy to Pick with Less Waste Save Time & Money Environmentally Friendly Fabulous Bedding for ALL Animals

Certified Weed Free Grass Hay!

Certified Weed Free Chopped Grass Hay-Mix of High Quality Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass & Tall Fescue.

Available at Your Local Feed & Pet Store. Check our website for a store near you: www.LazyJBedding.com email: lazyjbedding@air-pipe.com • 877-885-2064 • 208-274-4632 JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 18

4006 N. Division • Spokane, WA



Any Size and Configuration Available

Call 800-833-9997 Today!

Or on-line: www.FindSSA.net JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 19

You are invited…


Saturday, August 6, 2016 • 11am BBQ Lunch 11am-1pm Ranch Tours 11am-1pm Presentation of Horses 1pm Horses for Sale Mares for Lease Stallion Services Embryos for Sale Breedings for Sale Check website for important updates and detailed directions

SeMinarS bY

PEtE RASMUSSEN National Level Arabian Trainer For further information please call 208-755-0755


HUGE DISCOUNtS O 22456 S anderSon laKe rd


HarriSon, id 83833


Quarter Horses Offspring by: Wimpys Little Step Smart Little Lena Steady Tradition Nitro Dual Doc


Mr Melody Jac

Offspring by:

Doc’s J Jay

Marwan Al Shaqab Padron Psyche Versace Enzo RSD Dark Victory Fa El Rasheem


CoMe CHeCK out WHat We Have to oFFer!




blaCKroCKHorSeS@gMail.CoM JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 21

11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

From the show ring to the trail - we’ve got you covered!

Western and English tack clothes, gifts & more! We Now Sell Wine! Great Selection of Equine Inspired Wines!

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday 9:30am-5pm Open late by appointment


www.SpokaneTackTrunk.com • sales@spokanetacktrunk.com

HorsemansHip Classes Teach your horse to be ultra-responsive to your lightest and quietest cues

Beginners to advanced, young to old!

WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses Schipperke Dogs

Private lessons or group clinics at our ranch or I can travel close if needed View our videos on YouTube (Gerry Cox Horse) or on Facebook


Mountain House Stables Arena

27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espanola), WA 99022

775 Old Arden Highway, Colville, WA 99114


lady raven stables

Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale

509/299-4143 • e-mail: winddrift@earthlink.net

To Enhance & Secure Your Investments

Call Check now for Spring Ray & LeeAnn HancockCraftsmanship & Integrity & Summer Availability 509-993-7758 Commercial, Farm, Home 509-953-4511 Craftsmanship & Integrity Established 1983 509-466-6075 Commercial, Farm, Home www.ladyravenstables.comLandscaping Established 1983 pyroray@windwireless.net Landscaping lhancock@windwireless.net

Proprietor: Austin Wells


509-276-1140 Proprietor:509-276-1140 Austin Wells Lic. #NORTH4F96004


LMF Feeds AFCO Distribution

800.344.0563 800.538.8700


www.lmffeeds.com www.afcodistribution.com


Riding the West By Don Dyer of Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen In previous articles, I discussed Back Country Horsemen of call them and ask them why they never attend, their general Washington, our local chapters and why you as a horse person answer is, “I just do not have the time.” It is just how you should be involved. I will reiterate a little bit here, if you are prioritize your time that matters. I will address this later. a trail rider, be it on some of the local county trails or the Others join the club or chapter and from the very beginning more backcountry trails, those trails have to be maintained. become very involved. They make it to most or every event, Due to severe budget cuts, the trails are not being maintained hold an office and are deeply committed to the mission of like we would like for them to be. That leaves it up to us, the organization. Now, that is not to say that every breath the volunteers. There are some organizations that help, like they take is for the benefit of the organization. Most people hikers, off-road vehicle users, bike riders, etc. Sometimes, we still have to work and make a living and some still have all join together in a single effort. But some areas are just for families, but they do work the organization into their weekly horse users and hikers, so it is up to us to keep those trails or monthly schedule and do all they can to be of benefit to open. There are also the legislative matters that have to be the club or chapter. That is prioritizing. attended to, and we have to be on our toes to keep ahead of Most of us have the time, if we really want to do something. that and keep ourselves informed. It is a matter of scheduling and making it a part of our lives. I am going to pass along a little saying I just read in the Just remember the next time you get on your horse to go for Farmer’s Almanac: “80% of effect comes from 20% of causes.” a ride and the trail is blown over or grown over and you have What does that mean? Basically, 80% of sales generally to go back home after a 2 hour drive and a 10 minute ride. come from 20% of the sales force, 80% of complaints come Ask yourself, “Am I part of the 80% or the 20%?” from 20% of customers. If you have ever belonged to any Most of us have families and our families take up a large organization, you may have noticed that 80% of the work in portion of our time. Those of us that ride and make our equine the club or chapter is performed by 20% of the membership. friends a part of our families understand that they also need a Some people join, make it to one or two meetings, then you dedicated portion of our time, to be taken out of the pasture, never see them again, yet they renew their membership year put on the trail and ridden. They enjoy it as much as we do, after year, never making it to another meeting. Others make or at least some of them do. We need to schedule some time it to every meeting but never participate in any events. If you for that part of our family and work our other family members

horse training, lessons & Clinics All breeds, most disciplines

reserve Your training spot asaP! Arabian Stallion Service

Whetzel horse training

208-301-1170 Pullman, Wa



Fourth Annual WSU Horse Course Hosted By The Student Chapter Of The American Association Of Equine Practitioners

September 10th , 2016





• General Physical Assessment • Parasite Control • Evaluation of Injury (MRI, X-Ray) • Equine Dentistry • Lameness Locator

• Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour • Equine First Aid Demo • Painted Horse Anatomy • Dental Demonstration


$40 $35

• Toxic Plants • Equine Nutrition • Joint Supplementation • Joint Injections • Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

• Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour • Common Toxic Plants Demo • Dynamic Endoscope Demo • Lameness Demonstration


Choose Either Core or Rotating Course

WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Bustad Hall, Pullman, WA 99163

Groups of 10 or More Please contact to purchase group tickets.

For tickets or more information, please visit:

http://wsuhorsecourse.weebly.com Or Contact: Meredith Masch meredith.masch@vetmed.wsu.edu


www.TakPetroleum.com www.TakPetroleum.com www.TakPetroleum.com www.TakPetroleum.com

Driveway SolutionS www.TakPetroleum.com www.TakPetroleum.com

into that schedule; it is a wonderful bonding experience. We each have to decide how we like to spend our spare time. I, like many others, like to spend it looking at the many trails we have available to us. We as BCH members will be out clearing the trails. After some of the storms we had earlier this year, I am sure there are a lot of blow downs and other things blocking the trails. Are you ready to go out and hit the trail? Speaking of trails, are you looking for a place to ride? Do any of these names mean anything to you? Columbia Plateau Trail State Park, Fishtrap Recreation Area, Heyburn State Park, Liberty Lake County Park, Pend Oreille County Park or Slavin Conservation Area. These are some of the areas available to ride within 50 miles of Spokane. Would you be willing to drive up to 100 miles to ride? Most of us are. Have you heard of Abercrombie/Hooknose Mountain, Asotin Creek, Escure Ranch, Gypsy Meadows or Lakeview Ranch? These are some places available within a couple of hours drive. Information on the areas is available at your local BCH chapter. The Ponderosa Chapter is planning our annual fall fun ride and Scavenger Hunt fundraiser this September at Riverside State Park Equestrian Area. Pre-registration for this event is required, and more information and registration can be found by visiting www.pbchw.com or by emailing kcarmichael2225@ gmail.com. Join us soon! Contact me at PonderosaBCH@aol.com for more information on both chapters.

Driveway Solutions ewayDriveway Solutions Solutions Homeowners for Homeowners for Homeowners oking at your Tired oldSolutions gravel driveriveway of looking oldold gravel driveTired ofat looking atgravel your Tired of looking your at oldyour drivearking area? Tired of plowing driveway oror parking area? Tired of way parking area? Tired way orgravel parking area? Tired of plowingof plowing for g halfHomeowners your with it? losing and gravel & having dirty car? taking halfa your gravel with it? www.TakPetroleum.com www.TakPetroleum.com

and taking half your gravel with it? nice toPaving wash your car anddrivedt be of looking at your gravel &old concrete are expensive Wouldn’t it be nice to wash your car and yorclean? Wouldn’t it be nice to wash your car and parking area? Tired ofdust plowing so, manage by applying have it stay clean? stay clean? takinghave halfityour gravel with it? ecently , Asphalt Paving aSPHalt SPray! ldn’t it be nice to wash your car and Until Recently erete it stay clean? Until Recently , Asphalt, Asphalt Paving Paving Were Your Choices.

DuSt Free DrivewayS or Were Your Choices. or Concrete Were Your Choices. age dust by, Asphalt binding & Concrete roaDwayS til Recently Paving face material of your Manage by binding Manage dust bydust binding Driveway Solutions Concrete Were Your Choices. Gravel treatmentS way with affordable thedust surface material of your of your surface material forthe Manage byHomeowners binding Tired of looking at your oldwith gravel affordable driveCHiP SealinG sphalt Spray! e surface material of your roadway with affordable roadway way or parking area? Tired of plowing oadway with affordable and taking half your gravel with it? E DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS roaD oilinG

Asphalt Spray!Spray! Asphalt

Asphalt Spray! DUST FREE DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS Wouldn’t it be nice to wash your car and have it stay clean? GRAVEL aSPHalt imPrintinG


TREATMENTS T FREE DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS Until Recently , Asphalt Paving GRAVEL GRAVEL - Mini FarM CHIP SEALING 36606 n Dunn rd, Chattaroy, Wa or Concrete GRAVEL Were Your Choices. 40+/- beautiful acres w/ ROAD OILING TREATMENTS TREATMENTS fantastic Mt. Spokane views! Manage dust by binding TREATMENTS , Inc. ASPHALT - CHIP SEALING Charming well-kept 3 bedroom, CHIP SEALING the surface material ACHIP DIVISION OFSEALING BST SURFACING, INC.of your 2 bath manufactured home IMPRINTING ROAD OILING more information Oversized shop roadway with affordableROAD OILING OILING A Division of: ROAD REE A Division of: visionestimate. of: Lic#ASPHALT BSTSUI*998NA Huge greenhouse BST Surfacing, Inc. Surfacing, Inc. ASPHALT - TAKPEP*929DG ASPHALT BST Surfacing, Inc. Lic# Chicken coop Asphalt Spray! 83-1005 IMPRINTING 20+/- acres in alfalfa IMPRINTING Call today forfor more information Lic# BSTSUI*998NA IMPRINTING day for more information Call today more information & your free estimate 94-8995 Call today for more information DUST FREE DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS Lic# TAKPEP*929DG Easy commute to Spokane! & your FREE estimate. your FREE estimate. 509-483-1005 • 509-994-8995 & your FREE estimate. oleum.com • www.BSTSurfacing.com Sandi Blake, kestell Company $ GRAVEL 279,999 (509) 483-1005 • www.BSTSurfacing.com 09) 483-1005 www.TakPetroleum.com MLS#201617912 509-993-7894 (509) 483-1005 Lic# BSTSUI*998NA Lic# BSTSUI*998NA TREATMENTS 09) 994-8995 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 28 (509) 994-8995 Lic# TAKPEP*929DG JULY Lic# TAKPEP*929DG Lic# BSTSUI*998NA

(509) 994-8995 CHIP SEALING

Lic# TAKPEP*929DG TakPetroleum.com • www.BSTSurfacing.com www.TakPetroleum.com • www.BSTSurfacing.com

ROAD•OILING www.TakPetroleum.com www.BSTSurfacing.com

InsIst Your BuIlder uses… lamInated Columns on Your Post Frame BuIldIng, not solId sawn Poles! Don’t settle for solid sawn poles cracking & rotting!



Because We Believe in the Strength of our Buildings!



1-855-SHOPSNW 509-487-7769

www.SolidStructuresnw.com 6724 N Pittsburg Rd Spokane, WA 99217


100% Financing Oac WA #solidsl890JN id#RCE-30127

Fantastic 22-Acre Horse Set-Up

Colbert, Washington - just North of Spokane!

Two fully fenced pastures also. Beautiful viewed property.....have to see in person!

3700+ sq.ft. 2006 Rancher Dream kitchen with Perseus granite countertops and maple cabinets Formal dining Wood Stove 3 bedroom, 2 bath main floor Finished basement with huge family room, 2 finished bedrooms & full bath MLS #201619409

Huge 72’x84’ barn/ shop with 7 stalls & indoor riding arena Great views from oversized deck off kitchen and beautiful covered patio off front porch Also 4 stall lean-to shed


Shelly Monahan-Cain & Steve Cain



North Spokane, LLC

Virtual tour available at: http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=1589251 JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 30

Fenced Pasture Horse Set-up

Mead, Washington - Bring Your Farm Animals Home!

Beautiful 10 Acre View Lot with 720 sq.ft. Livestock Barn

3665 sq.ft. 1990 1 story single-family

30x40 shop currently an in-law set-up w/ 2 bedrooms & 1 bath

Remodeled w/ updates throughout

Well, sprinkler system

New kitchen, stainless appliances

Garage, RV parking

Main floor & basement laundry 2 huge family rooms in basement Large deck w/ mountain view


Paved public road

Formal dining, forced air, AC 5 large bedrooms, 4 baths

Shelly Monahan-Cain & Steve Cain

MLS #201617259



North Spokane, LLC


SPORTSMAN’S PARADISE! 20616 N Day Mt Spokane Rd, Mead, WA 99021

$1,200,000 w/ 70 acres (mol) or $1,400,000 w/ 114 acres • Amazing views overlooking Green Bluff • 2 story contemporary home w/basement • Built in 1945, complete remodel in 2010 • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3,473 sq.ft. • Open floor plan, fireplace • Gated entry w/fenced yard & sprinkler system • Forced air, propane & central AC • 15 minutes to shopping & restaurants in the Mead School District • Well designed private horse facility surrounded by beautiful cross fenced pastures! • Horse barn w/ indoor arena (60’x144’) 12+ stalls & 2 runs & ¾ bath & laundry • Huge 4 car heated garage/shop (22’x48’) 12’ door & ½ bath • Fancy shop (22’x40’) heated & insulated w/ cabinetry & concrete floor • 2 wells – 30 g.p.m. & 17 g.p.m. (from original well log)

Windermere Manito An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment For a virtual tour please visit:


(509) 994-9300 www.SuzyDix.com

LOG HOME ON 55+ ACRES! 3401 Texas Ferry Rd, Rosalia, WA 99170



• Picturesque 1-1/2 story w/ basement • 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3,300 sq.ft. • Built in 2000 – Remodeled in 2015 • Remodeled kitchen & bathrooms w/ Hemlock cabinetry & quartz counters • Triple pane + wood windows • New, great big wrap around TUFboard deck, 2 car garage, forced air, central AC • Completely fenced, lush pastures • Shop (30’x60’) finished & heated • Barn (40’x40’) has 6+ stalls (one not finished) & tackroom, great well 30 g.p.m. • St. John-Endicott School District • 40 minute idyllic, peaceful drive to downtown Spokane – no stoplights!

Windermere Manito An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment For a virtual tour please visit:


(509) 994-9300 www.SuzyDix.com

Living in the Country…Who Needs Camping! 10409 E Palouse Hwy, Valleyford, WA 99036

• Fantastic views w/ an amazing horse setup! • Picturesque pool & outdoor sport court • 1983 Daylight Rancher on 15+ acres, updated in 2008 • 3 parcels w/ 1 add’l residential building site allowed • 1,434 sq.ft., 4+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Beautiful cherry flooring, deck overlooking backyard • Great family room w/ 2 wood insert fireplaces • Forced air heat pump for heating & cooling • Daylight basement family room w/ wet bar • 40’x40’ shop (17’ doors) w/ overhang great for RV or boat storage • 4 stall cedar barn w/ runs & enclosed tack room • Outdoor riding arena & round pen • Storage/hay shed enclosed on 3 sides • Paved & gated access, cross fenced pastures • New pump w/ HUGE well & irrigation system • 10 minutes to the South Hill • Freeman School District

399,900 w/ 10+ acres



450,000 w/ 15+ acres


Windermere Manito An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment

For a virtual tour please visit:


(509) 994-9300 www.SuzyDix.com

OPEN PASTURES ON 10 ACRES! 11611 S. Baltimore Road, Spokane WA 99223

650,000 w/ 4 bed, 4 baths, 2 family rooms!


u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u

Wonderful setting and location on 10 acres Superb Curb Appeal & Amazing Sunset Views! Meticulously kept Traditional 1.5 story with finished basement Sunroom off kitchen. Wet bar in living room Great cook’s kitchen with granite countertops, gas range Hardwood floors 2 fireplaces Finished shop (60’x40’ - roll up 10’ doors) with 1/2 bath Security gate for property Freeman School District 8 minutes to South Hill shopping, restaurants, gyms 15 minutes to downtown Spokane 20 minutes to airport 4041 sq.ft. Central A/C 3-car attached garage

Windermere Manito An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment

For a virtual tour please visit:


(509) 994-9300 www.SuzyDix.com






Buying Horses Of All Kinds, Paying cash, will pick up. Have a few gentle hors‑ es. 509/846‑3377. Ask for Don. Omak

Summer Riding & Boarding. Lady Raven Stables has new stalls and some pasture available for your Summer riding & boarding needs. Indoor/ outdoor are‑ nas, round pen, miles of trails, wash rack, tack room. Clinics & instruction available by Molly Sanders, 3* Parelli Instructor. Only 8 minutes from North Division Y. www.LadyRavenStables.com or call 509‑953‑4511; 509‑993‑7758

POA Ponies 48” to 56”, Australian Shepherd male puppy, $200 cash or trade, can deliver 208/582‑2802. Plummer ID

Private Treaty Horse Sale (No Auction). Tack & yard sale auction at Davenport Fairgrounds, July 30th. 509/721‑0817; 509/703‑2499; 509/725‑5161 One Weanling, Two Yearlings, Three 2 year olds, one 5 year old. Reg. & grade horses, $500 to $1200. 509/253‑4631 Dav‑ enport Paying Top Dollar All Horses. I Will pick up in Spokane & surrounding areas. 509/202‑5836


Horse Boarding, Separate Stalls & Runs, cleaned daily, quality hay, 2 feedings, heat‑ ed water, steel fences, trails, pasture, arena; 16 miles north on Hwy 2, friendly, family atmosphere, references, $200. See website at www.DiamondDHorseBoarding.com 509/292‑8366

Spokane Morgan Club, Get A Free membership! See stallions at stud & qual‑ ity horses for sale, event photos & mem‑ berships online. www.spokanemorganclub. org or 509/796‑2140

Northwest Trails Boarding Happy Healthy horses. Excellent care, recom‑ mended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural Horsemanship train‑ ing & lessons available, friendly, help‑ ful atmosphere. www.northwest‑trails.net 509/276‑6345 Deer Park



Reg. Morgan Mare, Palomino, 10, $2000 each. Also, older gelding. 509/922‑2434 Otis Orchards

Well Broke Ranch Horses, 14 Year Old mule team, 9 year old black mule. For de‑ tails & photo go to www.DreamHorse.com search by seller Hodnefield or for more information call 541‑938‑0118 MiltonFreewater

BOARDING Beautiful Horse Pasture For Rent, Lots of trees, 14 acres with barn, will feed & wa‑ ter, lots of riding area, $100/ horse, 24 hour care, located at I‑90 exit 272 (Medical Lake exit). 509/385‑6210

Best Horse/ Livestock Panels & products, built to last a lifetime, mainte‑ nance free! Lucky Acres specializes in manufacturing all of the essential set‑ups including: panels & gates, shelters & mare motels, stall fronts & dividers, complete paddock set‑ups, working corral systems, complete arena set‑ups, round pens, coun‑ tour perimeter fencing, feeders & saddle racks. We specialize in custom design. All products are made of heavy gauged galva‑ nized steel. They will not rust! Delivery available. Visit our webstie www.Lucky‑ Acres.net or call 208/746‑1228 for more information

TACK & TRAILERS Spokane Tack Trunk, We Have English & Western saddles, tack, clothes & much more. We have horse themed wines too! From the trail to the show ring, we’ve got you covered! 11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. 509/927‑5891 www.SpokaneTack‑ Trunk.com Handmade Saddle by Lanny Batterman. Very heavy duty, could be used as a roping saddle, 17” seat, 7/8 or 3/4 rigging, wide stirrups, used less than a dozen times, no scuff marks. Worth $3200, asking $2500. Call or text, 509‑680‑0894, pictures avail‑ able. Republic, Washington Will Rogers Saddle Co. We Have Some good used Roper & Barrel saddles in. Make sure you’re ready for the flies this year, fly spray in stock now, plus we have great new fly sheets with built in bug repellent & UV protection! Awesome selection of groom‑ ing products & shedding blades. Ask about our Spin To Win Reining Show series start‑ ing on July 17th. We have a great selection of trade‑in, and we take them daily! Stop by & look or check our Facebook page. Need a special order? We have contacts at over 60 different companies, and we’re happy to help! Add your name to our email list so you can receive exclusive specials! Like our Facebook page for up to the min‑ ute additions & special offers, that includes you 4H groups & horse shows! We support High School equestrian teams & 4H mem‑ bers & offer discounts. Major credit cards accepted, convenient layaway program. Buy, sell, trade. www.WillRogersSaddle. com 509/466‑0106 Mead


ASSIFIED AD CALL IN YOUR CL 456 509-922-3 3 1-800-326-222






We Can Start Your Ranch Roping Horse, develop confidence in your Dressage horse & train solid trail horses; Common sense training with Rob Dotts & Sally Shepard, a team of trainers with more than 45 years of experience; no gimmicks used, just good horsemanship. Northwest Trails, Deer Park 509/276‑6345

Summer Horseback Riding Lessons & Day Camps. Weekly riding lessons for kids and adults, June through September. Sum‑ mer Day camps in June, July and August. Space is limited, call 509/290‑4301 or en‑ roll online at www.RelationalRidingacade‑ my.com Relational Riding Academy, 3714 W. Anderson Road, Cheney

Balanced Barefoot Trimming Practioner; Pete Ramey School of Natural Hoof Care, $25 trim. Bud, 509/939‑5752

Gerry Cox Horsemanship Classes. Teach your horse to be ultra‑responsive to your lightest & quietest cues. Suitable for extreme beginers to advanced riders, young to old! Private lessons, group clinics, here at our ranch or I can travel close if needed. View our videos on YouTube (Gerry Cox Horse) or on FaceBook. Mountain House Stables Arena, 775 Old Arden Highway, Colville, WA 99114. 509/685‑1977

EVENTS Hermiston Horse Sale! July 17, 2016, Open consignment & loose horse sale. Check in starts at 8am. Horse sale starts at 11am. For more info visit www.herm‑ istonhorsesale.com under NW horse sales, or call us at 541/567‑6649. Also watch our website for our upcoming catalog sale Oc‑ tober 15 & 16

Barefoot Hoof Trimming‑ 4PB‑S.A.I.D. Method, nature’s correct healthy & preferred alternative to metal shoes. J.B. Healy, third generation farrier. 509/456‑5555 Over 10 Years Experience As A farrier. Horseshoeing, trimming & correc‑ tive work done as well. Will travel to Spo‑ kane and surrounding areas. 509/570‑2334 Wellpinit AFA Certified Horseshoer, 25+ Years of experience, covering ID, MT & WA. Ray Cunnington, 406/546‑5698, 509/276‑2469

Insurance for All of Your Farm & Ranch Needs…

We Know Horses! Cattle! Crops! and Can Insure Most Related Operations! Clinics • Shows • Boarding Stables Farms • Breeding Operations • Training Riding Lessons • Mortality • Major Medical Call us for a Quote Today! Ask for Fran Jenne Office: 509/935-6256 Toll Free: 1-866/200-2230 PO Box 108 • Chewelah, WA 99109

“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand

Fran.jenne@hubinternational.com JULY 2016 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 37




eventS continued...

MiSc. continued...

Anado Ace WindDrift Farm ...........................22 IBN Salvadino Shalwyn Arabians ........................38 Mama Said Dash C & S Ranch ..................................4 Poco Buenos Ghost C & S Ranch ..................................4 SA Meshach Shalwyn Arabians ........................38

Ponderosa Back Country Horseman......................................7 RHANW ........................................3 WSU Horse Course .....................27

Horse Sense Solutions .................12 HUB International .......................37 TAK Petroleum.............................28 Woody’s Chimney & Masonry .....11


real eState

BarnS & BuildingS

Horse Sense Solutions .................12 Lazy J Bedding.............................18 LMF Feeds ...................................24

NW Cover-All – Fabri-Steel ..........25 Solid Structures............................29 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...19

BreederS C & S Ranch ..................................4 Shalwyn Arabians ........................38 WindDrift Farm Quarter Horses ...22

eventS Ann Kirk Two Day Clinic ...............6 Black Rock Ranch Open House ...........................20,21 Pacific Northwest Fjord Group............................Cover

Diamond Pine Ranch ..................14 Stethmir Arabians ........................10 Lady Raven Stable .......................22 Upriver Stables ............................38

Feed & acceSSorieS

Fencing All Terrain Fence ............................5 Jasper, Inc ................................ Back North 40 Fence Company............22 Washington Idaho Fence .............17

HorSeS For Sale Black Rock Ranch...................20,21 WindDrift Farm ...........................22

MiScellaneouS Baxter Black DVD .......................19 Dinah Carlson, Artist .....................9

Shalwyn Arabians Contact: Gerwyn & Diane Jones • Shalwyn@charter.net 411 Caldwell Rd. Walla Walla, WA 99362



Pure Polish, Bay, 4 Boots, Star • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire


16hh, Bay Arabian Stallion • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire and Witez II owners network

Sandi Blake .................................28 Shelly Monahan-Cain .............30,31 Suzy Dix.......................32,33,34,35

SaddleS, tack & clotHing Indiana Harness Co. .....................8 Spokane Tack Trunk .....................22 Will Rogers Saddle Co. ................15

trainerS Ann Kirk Horsemanship.................6 Black Rock Ranch...................20,21 Gerry Cox....................................22 Upriver Stables ............................38 Whetzel Horse Training ...............26

trailerS & trailer repair Huber Trailer Sales.......................16 Washington Auto Carriage ...........23

veterinarian McKinlay & Peters Equine............13

Upriver Stables Limited stalls available n Trained stock for sale n 12x12 matted box stalls (Some paddocks) n Daily turn-out may be included n 65’x144’ covered arena n 55’ round pen with solid walls n

3001 N. Idaho Rd

Home of Upriver Morgans

Convenient wash rack/ heated water n 3 tack rooms & some cross tie areas n Safe fencing throughout n Harness training & instruction n

— Appointments Please —

Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Easy access: 1 mile from I-90, Exit 299 - Liberty Lake, WA


P.O. Box 427 • Spokane, W A 99210 -0427 • (509) 922-3456

P.O. Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210 • (509) 922-3456 • 1-800-326-2223

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4 Installs Easily 4 Less Expensive than Vinyl or Metal 4 Stains or Paints Easily 4 Very Strong & Durable 4 Pressure Treated to A.W.P.A. Standards Our wide range of sizes & larger inventory allows our dealers to supply your post needs for the following; as well as many other applications for one acre or a hundred.




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