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Fall 2020

horse previews with FARMS & RANCHES



Veterinary Knowledge ageless horsemanship Colic by.Dr..Alyssa.K..Doering,.DVM................6-8

FoR SAle - Scenic View Ranch, Reardan, WA

Gaining Confidence by.Ann.Kirk.......................................12-14 Riverside State park Equestrian area ponderosa back country horsemen by.Ken.Carmichael................................ 16 baxter black, DVM On.The.Edge.of.Common.Sense.. carhart cowboy.................................... 20

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veterinary knowledge

ageless horsemanship


Alyssa K. Doering, DVM, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital Hello! My name is Alyssa Doering, DVM and I am a surgeon at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital in Newman Lake, WA. My topic for this issue of Horse Previews is on colic. Colic in its most fundamental sense means abdominal pain.

This is a very broad term that may include any organ within the belly of the horse including Alyssa K. Doering, DVM but not limited to the stomach, small intestine, large colon, cecum, ovaries, liver, etc. As you can see, that is quite the list…. so lets break it down a little. Most causes of colic arise from the intestinal tract. I would say by far and away, the most common cause of colic is the large colon. Pain arises when the large colon becomes filled with gas (gas/spasmodic colic) or ingesta (impaction.) Now usually, these two types of colic are fixed with a dose of banamine on the farm and some hand walking. However; the prognosis is always the best with the shortest duration of colic, so don’t wait to call your veterinarian - if for nothing else but to get a game plan moving forward. The second most common cause of colic comes from the

small intestine. I know we’ve all heard of lipomas or had a friend of a friend with a horse that has been diagnosed with one. A lipoma is just a fatty tumor. (Similar to what humans acquire… cool huh?) The problem becomes when the tumor, which is on a long stalk, wraps around a piece of small intestine. This functionally cuts off the blood supply and the bowel dies within a matter of minutes to hours. This is absolutely a surgical emergency; but with that being said, the prognosis can be quite good if caught early. Again, don’t wait to call your veterinarian to get them involved. The last nebulous type of colic I wanted to mention is gastric ulcers. As horsemen, this can be the bane of our existence. It can be so difficult to determine if the horse is off feed because of one of the aforementioned reasons, or ulcers in its stomach. The absolute best way to tell is gastroscopy (whaaaaat… that’s a LONG word!) Gastroscopy simply means scoping your horse’s stomach to see if there are ulcers in there contributing to the symptoms of discomfort. If diagnosed, feed recommendations will be made in addition to a gastroprotectant like omeprazole (Gastrogard). Don’t stress though, your vet can help you sort all this out. So what do we do from here to treat colic? Well, usually this means that your horse needs banamine, which is an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Aleve as long as it’s not due

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At MPEH we LOVE Horses! Providing a Full Range of Veterinary Care for Horses Vaccinations, MRI, Dentals, Reproduction, Lameness, Surgery, Sports Medicine, Critical Care, And So Much More

We Are Here For The Horses In Your Life!

24 Hours a day - 7 days a week, 365 days a year we LOVE what we do!” Hospital locations: Newman Lake, WA | Colbert, WA 509-928-6734 | 509-238-4959 | 208-457-8813 (Idaho Residents) “Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time” SEPTEMBER 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 7

to gastric ulcers. The next thing I will ask you will be, “How long has it been going on?” If it’s been any duration at all, your horse is likely dehydrated and needs oral or intravenous fluids. Depending on the severity, this can be administered on the farm or may necessitate hospitalization. Every single time, I will decompress your horse’s stomach by passing a tube. You see horses don’t have the ability to vomit or burp so it is necessary to relieve any extra build up of fluid or gas. I will also perform a rectal examination to determine the severity of disease. Then finally, if the horse fails to respond to medical management, we may have a conversation about surgery to correct what’s going wrong. Now to address surgery - by far, the most common question I get is, “Will my horse colic again after surgery or because of surgery?” I know growing up in rural Montana; I for sure had this impression. The answer I have now is, no not necessarily. Horses colic after colic surgery when they form adhesions. This just means they form scar tissue from a piece of bowel to another piece of bowel, which kinks off the flow of ingesta. Performing surgery early before the bowel gets super inflamed and angry prevents this. So again, please contact your veterinarian as soon as you see signs of colic for the optimal outcome. Finally, let’s chat about how to prevent colic. First, no sudden changes in feed. It should take 2+ weeks to transition between new batches of hay or different types of grain. Secondly, always provide a fresh source of water. I know this sounds fundamental, but you would be shocked how easy it

is for a horse to colic when it gets whipped back from water because of another horse, traveling, working in the heat, etc. Lastly, and this cannot be stressed enough, always have a fresh tube of banamine paste in your house for just such an occasion. You don’t need it ‘til you need it, but when you do, you will be so happy you have it. With that being said, happy trails to you. May you never need a veterinarian or an equine surgeon, but certainly if you ever do, please get in touch with your vet as soon as possible. It can literally be the difference between life and death. Best regards, Alyssa K. Doering, DVM

“Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time!” Jed D. McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Bob Schneider, DVM, Diplomate ACVS • Michele Roseburg, DVM Freya Stein, DVM, DACVIM (LAIM) • John Herning, DVM Alyssa K. Doering, DVM - Surgeon • Angela Feiring, DVM - Intern


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GaininG confidence By Ann Kirk

It is September of 2020. As I sit down to write, I am looking for a subject that is key to almost every horse person I know. When I participated in Ride the West, one of the sessions I did was a lecture on Lost Confidence, how it happens and how to regain it. The lecture area was packed. It was clear to me that this is a very hot topic in the horse world. I have had many occasions where accidents have led to a loss of confidence which is crippling in my line of work. In this article, I will share some things that have helped me to regain my confidence while working with horses. I have been training horses for 40+ years. I was practically born on a horse and have never been without one. When I was 6 years old, a horse spooked out from under me and I fell off and broke my arm. Was I scared? No way! I was riding again before the cast came off. I rode bareback and raced all over the place with my sisters. We rode blindfolded, backwards, standing up and bridleless, (and our horses weren’t taught controls without a bridle). It really didn’t matter if I fell off. I just picked myself up, dusted myself off and jumped right back on. There wasn’t a horse anywhere that really intimidated me. I was invincible. But, as I got older and the horses got “quicker”, and the ground got harder, and the injuries hurt longer, it became much tougher to make myself “just get right back on”. That’s when it became important to find a safer way to train. I

began to follow the John Lyon’s methods and this solved a huge amount of issues. It was my first real introduction to ground work lessons that focused on emotional training for the horse. Well, I thought I had found the Golden Rule for horse training and that I would never get hurt again. But, that was not so. Too often, I would skip steps or get too frustrated and cause the horse to revert. Or I would just misjudge the horse’s reaction to a stimulus and I would be nursing more bumps and bruises as I tried to figure out what went wrong and if I could prevent it next time. And, every so often, the cause of injury would be some “freak” incident that defied preparation. These are, by far, the most unsettling for how can you fix what you don’t know could happen. One example was a young Tennessee Walker gelding I had in training. He had started nice and I had been riding him on the trails for a couple of weeks when our neighbors hauled in some cattle for pasture. Back then, I would let a horse approach to the distance it felt comfortable and let it stop

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Call or Email for Details on Upcoming Clinics!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship SEPTEMBER 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 12



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when it wanted, then proceed slowly until past the perceived threat. We were riding on a road with a field to the left and the cow pasture to the right. This colt was bold and approached fairly close before stopping to look. When he realized that they didn’t smell right, I knew that he was going to whirl which didn’t really concern me. But what I didn’t take into account (and neither did he) was there was a 2 foot rise into the field to the left so when he spun, the bank swept his feet out from under him and we went down hard. As I rolled up onto my knees, I saw 2 colts running off through the field. I was sure that wasn’t good. Luckily his round pen training took hold and he came back to me. I mounted up, rode him home, unsaddled him and took the rest of the day off (and a couple more). Now that was something I could have prevented but still was so unexpected, I would never have thought to prepare for it differently. There are many examples, such as when I had a filly fall with me in an arena because she bolted and I overreacted when the sprinkler system came on unexpectedly. I sustained a concussion and a cracked rib. Or 2 ½ weeks later when a yearling unexpectedly exploded as I began to cinch a saddle on and kicked me in the ribs resulting in 4 broken ribs and

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the end to my work for the year. Suffice it to say, I have had my share of incidents that can and have led to a loss of confidence and the quest to regain it or be paralyzed in my ability to continue doing what I love. So, how do you regain confidence once something has happened? Confidence has to do with trust; trust in yourself and your abilities and trust in the methods you use for training your horse. If you purchase a horse, or if you already own one, one of the first things you doubt is if the horse has enough of the right training to be safe for you to handle and ride. It looked okay when you purchased it but it is acting different now that it’s at your house. So now what? DON’T JUST CLIMB ABOARD AND HOPE FOR THE BEST!!! There are certain “tests” that your horse must pass before you should get astride. You do not have to take the horse at its current level of training and just hope to survive it. You can teach your horse to respond the way you want it to so you can have “confidence” in what it knows. You must teach it what you want it to know. So few people realize how easy it is to train most horses. But you must have a plan. Don’t count on just doing damage control all the time. Be prepared to teach and guide your horse so you are the leader and he is the follower. When you know what lessons to work on and have practiced them enough to be confident, it takes away a lot of the apprehension of working with your horse. When the fears and doubts start to rise up, you will know where to focus your mind and how to focus your horse’s mind as well. And I’m not talking about super hard lessons that require youth and athletic abilities to perform. Almost anyone can do bridle work from the ground, directional control exercises, round pen work, etc. Far too many horses that people are riding are not really broke and when the control is needed, it just is not there. You must be an active rider if you are going to be truly safe with your horse. This is just the tip of the iceberg concerning this issue of confidence. I would be happy to answer questions in more detail if you would write to me at Working with horses is great, but it can be scary. But, the only way not to face the possibility of being hurt by a horse is to not have a horse. But then you might be hurt by your dog! So if you are willing to take the time it takes, contact me and I can give you more information. Confidence is lost when what we thought would work doesn’t. It’s often not as easy as pull back to stop, and if we get hurt because the brakes don’t work, it shakes our confidence. When you can find the right method to fix your horse’s brakes, it helps restore that confidence. Until later, God bless you and keep you safe…….Ann

For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to And check out the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs now available! SEPTEMBER 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 14

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The Equestrian Area at Riverside State Park near Spokane provides a wonderful venue for horsemen. Many of us take advantage of the campground, arena, round pen and trail obstacle course. Groups use it for events, individuals use it for training and exercising their horses and travelers use it as a stopover to rest horses as they come through Spokane. The equestrian area is connected to about 80 miles of trails in the park. It serves many equestrian needs of our community. The Ponderosa Chapter of Back Country Horsemen is developing plans to do maintenance & additions to the features. Here is a quick summary of what we want to do: Trail obstacle course: perform maintenance on current obstacles and create new obstacles. Arena: new stain on the rails. Campground: add more corrals to the existing campsites. Trails: limb some trees that have grown out over the trails. We have committees established to work on each project. The process includes: Identifying the work to be done, cost estimates, Parks approval and assistance where required, Materials/tools, Funding & Work parties. A lot goes into the projects prior to the work parties. We hope to do the maintenance on the trail course and stain the arena this year. Additional trail course obstacles will probably be in the spring. Other work will be done as labor and funding is available. Funding for projects like this is important. In this case the Ponderosa BCH & the Riverside State Park Foundation are taking the lead. However, we always need cash donations for materials and in-kind donations of materials. Individuals and organizations can make “restricted donations” to Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen. Donations can specify a project. Contact me for ideas on specific materials needed. Work parties are really the fun part of the project. If you, or your organization, would like to help we would love to have you. Any questions, please contact me. I am always ready to talk about the project, provide more information or accept your contributions & labor. Ken Carmichael, 509-466-2225 or

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Mr. Moses remarked the other day he’d received a catalog in the mail from a western clothing outfit. He wasn’t sure who the outfit catered to, but the name ‘Long Island’ seemed to stick in his mind. The photo on the front had burned an image into his brain. A male model stood in cowboy posture, a Clint Eastwood steely-eyed glare glinting from beneath the brim of his Zorro hat. It appeared that moths had eaten the collar off his shirt. He wore a duster that was sort of a cross between Jim Bridger’s old trapping coat and Santa Ana’s parade uniform. Mr. Moses guessed it weighed more than a wet hallway carpet. There was an odd collection of gold chains, buttons, military pins, silver boot toe tips, training spurs and epaulettes decorating his wardrobe. He looked like a Korean General just returned from a Rotarian’s convention. Mr. Moses imagined himself dressed like the cowboy on

For sale: New listiNgs! Diamond lake newport, Wa

the cover of the catalog, jangling out to feed the cows and break ice. Him hangin’ his giant rowel and jingle bob on the twine as he kicked a bale off the back of the flatbed. Being jerked flat into the muddy rut, cows tromping giant footprints on the tail of his coat, the dog running off with his pancake hat. Then rising, sodden and trudging off rattling and clanging like a Moroccan bride with a limp. “Shoot,” he said, “I couldn’t even walk up to a horse dressed like that.” Mr. Moses considers himself a Carhart cowboy. For those of you who live in the tropics, Carharts are warm, insulated canvas coveralls with more zippers than a Hell’s Angel’s loin cloth. Carharts, ear flaps and Lacrosse five buckle overshoes. Real cowboy winter wear. Granted it limits mobility. You’d have to get undressed to mount yer horse. You can’t hear much other than the diesel, but a cowboy can get the job done. Could be the cowboy on the catalog cover measures his time in the winter by the bottles of brandy he goes through lacing his evening café au lait, or possibly the edge of the sun rays on the floor of his glassed-in sun room. Certainly it would not be the amount of mud built up in the wheel wells of his Lexus. Mr. Moses has his own way of judging the length of winter. He says he keeps track by watchin’ the pile of ice that accumulates next to the stock tank. Spoken like a true Carhart cowboy.

Once-in-a-Lifetime OppOrtunity tO buiLd yOur nOrth idahO dream estate! 40-acre parcel Overlooking Lake coeur d’alene

“Inn at the Lake” Bed & Breakfast A Nearly 8,000 sq.ft, Mediterranean-Style Lakefront Villa

stunning lake villa

For Sale as Private Residence or as turn-key Bed & Breakfast 3/4 Acre • 7 bed/ 7 bath 75’ Sandy Waterfront



8+ acres

colville, Wa Almost finished dream home, 8+ acres, 3 beds, 2 baths, plus 37x13 shop w/ living quarters



AnA WAhl , Broker

Call/ Text



This land won’t disappoint, so bring your architect & start planning now! • First time on the market in 100 years • Encompasses the highest points between Rockford & Windy Bays, overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene • Across from the exclusive Rock Creek Ridge Estates

•No HOA or CC&R’s!! • Gentle Sloping Topography • Several Level Building Sites • Mix of Grass, Trees & Wildlife • Near the Golf Club at Black Rock, Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort/Spa & boat launches!

sean ness realtor®/broker • 509-869-4024

Kelly Right Real Estate • Investor Friendly!

Hablo Español • I Pay $1000 for Referrals on Fixer Uppers!


A PrivAte retreAt • SoAP LAke, WA

impeccably Maintained

Private Horse Property

Small vineyard

Mini orchard on 40 acres!

Impeccably maintained, private horse property with small vineyard and mini orchard, on 40 acres. Twelve irrigable acres with water rights pastured with loafing shed, tack room & hay storage. Gorgeous 2,564 sq.ft. 3-bedroom, 3-bath home with great room concept. The 24x32‚ detached, fully finished & insulated shop is a great place for your creative projects or to make your own wine. Small Vineyard includes table; Concord; Thompson; and 5 different varietal wine grapes. Vines are just over 3 years old and eager for this year’s harvest. Several fruit trees in the orchard. And Intricate irrigation system. Plenty of room to add an arena or stables.



Lynn Garza 509.760.4166 SEPTEMBER 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 21



REAL ESTATE continued

CS Chex My Platinum C&S Ranch ...................................... 5 CS Iced Buenos Fritz C&S Ranch ...................................... 5 Mama Said Dash C&S Ranch ...................................... 5 Poco Buenos Ghost C&S Ranch ...................................... 5

Golden Gem Mercantile ..................17 Northwest Horse Supplements ........ 18

Ryan Stoker ...................................19 Sean Ness.....................................20 Warren Schick ................................19

BARNS & BUILDINGS Parker Buildings ............................. 10 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...... 15

BREEDERS C&S Ranch ...................................... 5 Shalwyn Arabians ........................... 14

EVENTS Central Washington Livestock Auction Horse Sale ............ 6

FACILITY Lady Raven Stable.......................... 14

FENCING All Terrain Fence...............................9



Indiana Harness Co. .......................16 Will Rogers Saddle Co ........Back Cover

C&S Ranch ......................................5 Midnyte Shetland Ponies ................11 Shalwyn Arabians ...........................14 Stethmir Arabians ..........................11

MISCELLANEOUS HUB International Insurance.............. 8 BL BEST Electrical Supply, Inc ........... 2

REAL ESTATE Ana Wahl .......................................20 Cynthia Gustafson ..........................23 Joe Dobson ...................................22 Lynn Garza ....................................21 Melissa Leinweber .........................22 Northwest Ranch Properties ....... Front

Great Setup for Horses or Mules St. Maries, Idaho

TRAINERS Ann Kirk - Sensible Horsemanship ... 12 Sylvia Glover ..................................11

TRAILERS - REPAIRS TRUCK EQUIPMENT Huber Trailer Sales .........................13 Northwest Trailer Center, Inc ........... 16 Washington Auto Carriage .................4

VETERINARIAN McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital ................................7


• 15 Acre Fenced Property

Rarely does a 310-acre property come up on the market! The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re looking to farm &/or run cattle, hunting ground or a place to ride horses or ATVs, or just wanting to escape the city life & build your dream home in the serenity of a private country setting, this is the opportunity to own a prime piece of the famous God’s Country. Located in Whitman County, Washington, west of St. John, just past Ewan, the property has direct access to county roads, includes 2 hay sheds & 2 wells! Currently 80 acres is planted in wheat & 230 acres in grass.

• City Water & Sewer • Amazing Views! • 3 Bed (1 Non-Conforming) 2 Bath, Fireplace, 3,088 sq.ft, Plenty of Room for Everyone! • 28x32 Detached Garage • 60x64 Barn, 3 story with upper entrance from hillside on steel rail-car bed.11,520 sq.ft. • Breathtaking views of Milltown






Melissa Leinweber

Joe Dobson Sc hneidmiller realt y


509-710-5463 “Just a small town agent, working for a small town community!”





MLS #202014816

Amazing home on 19 acres with all the amenities you’ll need to stay home! Beautifully designed open concept main-floor living in this 2007 custom built home. 4903 sq.ft., 4 oversized bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Grand covered entryway, cathedral ceilings, natural woodwork, stone fireplace, radiant floor heat, custom stamped concrete floors, large picture windows, natural light, spectacular mountain/ country views! Chef’s gourmet kitchen, gas range, double ovens, large island, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, wine bar, surround sound system, fantastic for entertaining! Main floor master suite with enclosed hot tub room! Attached 3-car garage. Peaceful landscaped backyard, large covered patio, fire pit, garden, custom chicken coop. Enormous 50x100 heated & insulated shop with bonus apartment/ in-law suite, basketball court, softball pitch, projection movie screen and sound system, work bench, and tons of storage for a man cave haven. Turn this shop into a Horse lover’s dream & make an indoor horse riding arena! Horse stalls, hay storage, tack rooms and an office or ranch-hand living quarters. The possibilities are endless for this shop and space! Plus, bonus 35’x19’ barn with 3 horse paddocks. Located just 20 minutes to downtown Spokane. Additional 20 acres also available to purchase. Acreage is on an agricultural tax usage credit and has farmed hay fields.

Come Tour This Spectacular Country Estate Today!

CYNTHIA GUSTAfSON Broker | RealtoR® | CRS® Your Advocate for Real Estate

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Ride & Smile !

CiRCle Y Will RogeRS ClaSSiC Saddle

Frankie & Violet “Riding takes you to your happy place!” gReaT SeleCTioN oF NeW & uSed SaddleS

Dealers for:

Bob’s Custom Saddles, Scott Thomas Saddlery, Martin, double J, Tucker, Circle Y, american Saddlery, Cactus, Bowman Saddlery, Won Pad, Tom Balding Bits, Jim edwards Bits, Back on Track, and More!

26lbs Wide Tree New saddle made just for us by Circle Y Custom options available

BrING IN ThIs CoUPoN for

20 oFF %

aNY reGUlarlY PrICeD TaCK or aCCessorY ITeM

One per customer, some exclusions. Expires December 31, 2020.

Layaway Available! Ask for Details

geT The RighT FiT FoR YouR hoRSe! Saddle FiTTiNgS BY aPPoiNTMeNT

Family Owned & Operated

Will RogeRS Saddle Co.

13011 N. Freya, Mead


or Toll Free 1-877-707-2801 Open Mon. - Sat. 9am - 5pm • Closed Sunday

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