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11 – Fourth Quarter Issue – Vol. XXI 0 2 r e b o II No. Oc t IV

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Mr. Bo Button 2009 APHA ~ 16.1h ~ Black & White Paint Stallion “HOMOZYGOUS” Tobiano ~ 100% Color Producer Published Since 1988 SPOKANE, WASHINGTON USA

P.O. Box 427 & Spokane, W A 99210-0427 & (509) 922-3456 6 Õ iÊÓÎÊUÊ ÃÃÕiÊ{ "VÌ LiÀÊÓ䣣ÊUÊ ÕÀÌ Ê+Õ>ÀÌiÀÊ ÃÃÕi


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Meadow Starr Ranch

Life with Blue Eyed Wonders ~ “Shoot and Release” .................................. 4 The Gallop Annual Charity Stallion Services Auction Gets Underway! Now in its 29th Year ................................ 12 On The Edge of Common Sense by Baxter Black ~ “New Horses, Rough Country”....................................... 19 Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship “Backing Up for a Great Stop” ................. 22 For The Love of the Horse “What is the Scoop on Spavin” ................ 29


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Colville, Washington


eadow Starr Ranch located in Colville, Washington is the home of “Mr Bo Button” 2009 APHA Black and White Homozygous Tobiano Stallion. As a two year old, he currently stands 16.1hh, with absolute striking beauty that has already earned him APHA Color Class Winner! He has an overwhelming quiet, “kind hearted” disposition, just an absolute joy to work with and be around. “Bo” has well balanced conformation, topped off with an extremely pretty, refined head that just sets off his extraordinary look! He offers a versatile World Class pedigree full of accomplished horses in Halter, Western Pleasure, Heading and Heeling, etc. whatever you are looking for, it’s in there and up close!

(IS FEE FOR APPROVED MARES IS (this includes booking fee, service fee and first collection of semen is free). He has been tested at UC Davis and carries the Homozygous Tobiano gene, so he will produce paint color 100% of the time. Plus, his excellent “fresh cooled semen” is shipping very well. “Bo” has several half brothers & sisters, and a full brother that has been exported, already catching recognition of this bloodline around the world. Our beeding program has already had contacts from the United Kingdom as well. We are dedicated to producing extreme quality in Paint, Pinto Arabian and Black Arabian horses. We’d love for you to visit our website and learn more about the beauty and breeding behind this amazing stallion, as well as the rest of our Quality Horses!

MEADOW STARR RANCH Karie Winnop ~ 509-684-2421



Shoot and Release

Krisean Performance Horses “Life With the Blue-Eyed Wonders� by Jill Smith . 3HADY 3LOPE 2OAD 3POKANE 7! s s JILLSMITH EARTHLINK NET


t’s a beautiful fall day as I head for the stallion corral and then stop dead in my tracks. Commander, my perlino Quarter Horse stallion, has his head over the fence and is engaging in serious conversation with Timer, my Arabian stallion. Now at my ranch when these two stallions aren’t quarreling over the fence about whose mare is whose, there is only one worse scenario! They’ve put their heads together to concoct some plan to “help� me with something! Even odder, today there are four large deer right on the other side of the fence who are also engaged in the conversation. Bucks! Its rutting season and they should be fighting over does right now not standing quietly together listening to horse talk. It seems to be some kind of meeting of the male minds. Oh dear! “Sooooo fellows, what’s up?� I inquire warily, knowing full well that something was a hoof. “Well, the boys and I have been talking.� Commander, my talking wonder said as he sidled up to my side of the fence. “We know that with the economy the way it is, you’re worried about having enough money to get all the winter hay in the barn. Timer here and I sure don’t want you to have to sell any mares to meet the bills.� Aha, I should have known it had something to do with mares! With stallions, it always has something to do with

mares! “So Timer and I have been talking to Buck here and his friends and we’ve come up with a plan to make hay money.� Commander continued, nodding toward his deer pals and consciously ignoring my dubious look. This ought to be good, I thought. Two non-cents horses and 4 bucks don’t equal a lot of cents. “We want to set up a ‘Shoot and Release Course’ in the back pasture.� Commander didn’t even pause to look my way. “Buck and his friends think that they’re in their prime and pretty fine specimens that any hunter would love to brag about bagging. We know that a lot of hunters don’t really care about eating Bambi, let alone the blood and guts of preparing the meat. They just want the thrill of shooting the darn thing! Oh sorry, Buck!�

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices�

t /FX VTFE 8FTUFSO &OHMJTI TBEEMFT t 3PEFP QBDL FRVJQNFOU t $VTUPN CFMUT XBMMFUT t $VTUPN XPSLJOH TIPX DIBQT t $FMM QIPOF DBTFT t #MBOLFU TBEEMF SFQBJS t %PH DPMMBST IBSOFTTFT GPS XBMLJOH t $VTUPN IPMTUFST TBEEMF TDBCCBSET Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R� on Trent)

North 40 Fence Co. ď€?ď€?ď€ ď€‘ď€ ď€’ď€‹ď€Œď€Œď€‡ď€ˆď€“ď€ ď€”ď€ ď€•ď€’ď€‹ď€Œď€Œď€‡ď€ˆď€“ď€†ď€ƒď€–ď€ $!!! &! % % % $!"$ # &'!

ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€ ď€‰ď€†ď€ƒď€Šď€‹ď€ƒď€Œď€‡ď€ˆď€?ď€†ď€ ď€Žď€‹ď€ƒď€…ď€†ď€…ď€ ď€ ď€

To Enhance & Secure Your Investments

s #OMMERCIAL s &!2- s (OME s #RAFTSMANSHIP )NTEGRITY s %STABLISHED s ,ANDSCAPING Inquire About Scheduling & Discounts

0ROPRIETOR Austin Wells



276-1140 NORTH4F96004




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Ì > Ê-Ì ÀiÞÊUÊxä În nxÈäÊUÊiÌ > ÃÌ ÀiÞJÞ> °V


With a quick reassuring look at Buck, Commander continued. “This is how it will work. The “weekend warriors� will come out and pay their fee and be issued their gun with 10 shots. Once they are in their positions, Buck and his friends will go tearing across the field and the hunters who have paid a pretty penny for this shooting pleasure, will blast away at them.� “That’s awful!� I cried. “What if some one actually hits them?!� Commander gave me one of those blue-eyed looks, “Do we really look like dumb animals?� I chose not to answer that question. “The ‘hunters’ will be shooting with paint ball guns, for your information.� Commander explained to his dumb blonde cowgirl. “When they ‘hit a buck’ the deer will fall over and play dead. You know, on their back, all four hooves straight up in the air. Then that’s where you come in. You rush the hunter right down to the deer and with your good picture taking skills you record the hunter with his “kill�. Then the happy hunter heads home with his trophy photo and we release the buck to be shot again.� I’m not often speechless, but I could not think of one thing to say. After several minutes where 6 large animals eyed me intensely, the only thing that came to mind was, “I know you’re in this for the hay bucks but what’s in it for the bucks?� “Well, they’d like a little of that hard earned hay in the middle of winter for themselves and their does. And then too, they’d like to do their share to help get more bucks flowing in this stalled economy. They’d like to think it’s all

about passing the buck not killing the buck!â€? Commander stated then hesitantly continued. “The bucks do have one more request, though.â€? I didn’t know how this conversation could get any more crazy or what else this misfit of hoof lunatics could possibly request but I couldn’t contain myself and blurted out, “ What?! They want bigger guns so your advertising slogan can be “More Bang for Your Buck’?!â€? “Noooo,â€? Commander’s blue eyes gave me the dumb blonde look again. “The bucks just want to make sure that on our ‘Shoot and Release Course’, the paint guns shoot red, white and blue paint. As they fall to the ground, they want to go down in history with people knowing that The All American Buck stops here!â€? I turned away. I had to leave. But then I thought, if congress can’t buck up our economy any more, maybe the animals do have a better idea‌

Protection Plus

Shalwyn Arabians

Jill Smith is a Spokane, WA entrepreneur, international business owner, artist/potter and cowgirl at heart. She raises Arabian racehorses, Arabian/Quarter Horses, palominos and Cremellos/Perlinos. High N Command (pen name, Commander) is a smart-talking AQHA perlino stallion, constantly trolling for mares. Visit our web sites and blog or

years truck, “23“23 years of of truck andauto autoaccessories accessoriesand andpowersport powersport experience� experience� LLC


Contact: Gerwyn & Diane Jones s 411 Caldwell Rd. Walla Walla, WA 99362 s 509/529-4067

30305 N. DALTON RD " R PARK, WA 99006

Full line of Husqvarna power equipment, mowers, chainsaws, weedeaters, blowers, tillers and more. Full line Kymco power sports dealer, scooters, ATV’s, UTV’s and apparel. Complete line of truck and auto accessories, spray on bedliners, detailing, window tinting, hitches, canopies and more. Sales, service and parts on all models and makes. Give us a call - “We do it all�.



Fax 509/529-4067

SA MESHACH: Shadow the Dancing Horse






Legacy Farm & Stable We’re still Standing

Join us for a great support structure Joyce Morgan-Wimpfheimer • 509/951-5283


Ride Right Program U British Horse Society CertiďŹ ed U Dressage & Eventing Jumpers U Trained in Germany for Dressage U Dressage Arena, Jumping Field U Covered Riding Arena U Paddocks with Shed Rows U Teaching Beginners through Upper Level Riders U

30305 Dalton Rd Deer Park, WA 99006


Two Stores

352 Spanish Prairie Rd Colville, WA 99114



Beginner & Advanced Lesson Horses



Hey! Did you see this little mare of mine? ‌Don’t you think she’s just really ďŹ ne?

Black as night, and bred just right. Good withers and hip, easy to load and show, ‌She could be just the right horse for you!

Just 10 years old, smooth to ride, with lots of go ‌She even won a buckle in a reining show. She wears my Rattlebox Brand, ‌One of the oldest in our land.

AQHA and NFQHA, she’s registered twice, ‌It makes her special and extra nice. Ride her for pleasure or work a cow ‌Here’s your chance - buy her now.

Jessie Overman 509-787-4693

Heritage Arabian Farm We Have What You’ve Been Wanting!




Starting at



Home of Out Til Midnight

Call for Qu Available to ote! all breeds




RIDE THE WEST - The Ranch Event 2011

en years later & Ride The West is still bringing together horsemen from all over the Pacific Northwest. This past July’s Ranch Event at the Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch definitely brought the atmosphere of “Home, Home on the Range Where the Buffalo Roam” to life. The weather couldn’t have been better, the Trail Competitions were intense, & as the sun set on the last day of the show we agreed that we would do it all over again given the opportunity! Van Hargis, Ann Kirk, Steve Rother, Julie Jene’ & Ethan Storey gave stellar performances on every topic from cow sorting to reading your horse’s mind. Always a crowd favorite “Spanky” & Francesca did not fail to bring laughter & applause with their now “22 Trick” repertoire. Friday Night with the Stars, highlighting a Memorial to Susan Rae’s Mother Helen Inman included specialty performances by each of the clinicians, Rock N’ Pine Belgians, & McBride’s Quarter Horse Stallion “Jumping Jack Whiz” saluting Susan’s Mom as the riderless horse, lead into the arena by Susan & wearing her Mom’s last pair of cowboy boots backwards in the stirrups as a tribute to the fallen rider. It was a truly emotional moment for the entire family & guests that were in attendance.


aturday’s ACTHA Ride was a HUGE hit with 23 riders completing the 6 mile natural terrain trail course at the Ranch. In the Open Division, 1st Place went to Buck & Carmen Peone, truly an emotional moment for Carmen as the pinnacle of the work & effort that she has shared with her beloved horse. 2nd went to Linet Shields on “Dandy Lil Chick”, 3rd to Ginger Swisher riding “Caliber”, 4th to Melinda Thomas on “WF Splash of Cash” & 5th place to Terry Conkright on “Bansara”. In the Pleasure Division, 1st Place went to Michael Clark & “Dakota’s Gold”, 2nd place to Amy White on “Krila’s Perfect Skor”, 3rd place to Leeanne Shannon & “Bravo”, 4th Place to Debby Jackson riding “Wendy Daze” 5th Place to Barbara Brim on “Fannie Mae” & 6th Place to Linda Hamilton riding “Zippen & Steppin”. Jr. Division 1st Place went to Teresa Durheim on “Buzzard” & 2nd to Clara Durheim on “Reed” Best Dressed Horsewoman was Carmen Peone & Horseman was Terry Conkright. National Points, Cash & Prizes were donated by ACTHA, Ride the West, EZ-All & Big R Stores. This ride was terrific & we definitely want to bring ACTHA back again in 2012.


unday’s Fifth Annual XTreme Trail Competition sponsored by Will Rogers Saddlery & judged by Van Hargis, Ann Kirk & Steve Rother once again proved to challenge horses & riders. Lots of action, difficult terrain, & unusual obstacles brought out the best in our competitors. In the Open Division, third time’s the charm for Champion Keith Danielson of Hooper Crossing Ranch riding

“Chili Pepper Fox”. Keith & “Chili” rode to an incredible win & picked up the Championship Silver Buckle donated by Will Rogers Saddlery, Big R Stores Headstall & a cash prize. In case you’re interested, “Chili” is for sale. 2nd Place went to Linet Shields on “Dandy Lil Chick”, 3rd Place to Carmen Peone & Buck, 4th Place to Mark McKinnon & 5th Place to Gerry Cox. Youth Division winners were 1st Place Teresa Durheim, 2nd Place Clara Durheim, & 3rd Place Rayne Roberts. XTreme Trail is an event that we have grown & improved over the years. Look for details of next year’s competition coming after the first of the year. Cash & Prizes were donated by Ride The West, EZ-All & Big R Stores.


ur photographers for the Event Marcy McBride (mcbrideqh@ & Amy McLean ( captured some of the best moments of action throughout the weekend. Please contact them for the links to the photo albums that contain these pictures. They are tremendous & you can purchase photos & copies from either of them. What a fantastic job they both did!!


e had a great new group of vendors that added to the products & information of many returning vendors. We appreciate all of their support over the years as well as that of our Major Sponsors Horse Previews Magazine & The Exchange weekly paper & Helen Boyd. Without their continued support & friendship, Ride The West would not have been able to continue for almost 10 years. To our many volunteers, especially Marie Llewellyn, Amy McLean, Bill Blanck & Anthony Thomas, Jody Clift, Sharon & Kent Ohland, Russell Inman, Jr., Midge Watkins, Jim Hudkins, Lynette Yunker, Jim Kirk, Lynn Wichman, Rich Rothmond, Crysti Gray & the 4-H Kids, Pam Rohr, Caroline Carter, Michele LeVar, Michael, Allen & Evelyn Vandyke, Scott & Karen Wiggens, Back Country Horsemen, Teresa York, Randy & Mo Durheim, Wes & Brian Durheim, & Lavina Long. Their unwavering support & efforts are much appreciated & never forgotten. To our dear friends, Chip & Marcy McBride of McBride’s Quarter Horses goes a heartfelt thank you for their special addition to the Show of their horses & their time. Lastly, to everyone who attended this show & the past shows that we have produced, we want to send our deepest thanks to you for following our progress & supporting our cause. You can continue to follow us at, on Facebook, or by contacting me at (509) 466-9639 or susanrae@ Rick & I truly enjoy producing this show for all of our horse-friends. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


Susan Rae, Event Manager




Hamishs Dream

is a daughter of Shining Spark and out of PopaDoc by Colonel Freckles. We call her Hazel, this is the prettiest mare you’ll see. We bought her from the Black Rock Ranch and we have six babies from her in the last 3 years (Embryo transfers). She is extremely fertile. We have a Palomino daughter in snaffle bit training, we sold a yearling stud colt for $5500 out of Steady Tradition and a Palomino weanling filly for $5000. Breed her to a good horse and her babies sell! Broke and gentle and a nice riding horse.

Here is a daughter of Smart Little Lena out of a Daughter of Docs Hickory. She is an open cutting horse, she has $11,753 in NCHA competition. She has a 2 year old by Cat Ichi that will show next Fall. We also have 2 recipient mares carrying foals of Dualler & Steady Tradition out of this mare. She is sound and solid and will be shown at the previews.

Marilyn Monroan

Beautiful 2 year old Palomino filly by Yellow Roan of Texas out of a daughter of Doc Tom Tucker, that is a money earner and producer. This filly is well started, and on track for the futurities.

Steady as She Goes

Gorgeous buckskin filly by Steady Tradition, out of a daughter of Top Sail Cody. This is one of the top two year old reining prospects you’ll find. She is stopping and turning around and right on track for the futurities. Steady Tradition is a leading sire of reining and working cow horses.


Frank Dillon or Frankie Holyfield 2174 Tammany Creek Road, Lewiston, ID 83501 208/743-8366 phone s 208/743-0763 fax s 208/750-6500 DILLONHORSES MSN COM s WWW EMBRYOTRANSFEREQUINE COM

Lady Boon Frost

is a own daughter of Sun Frost, and out of a Boon Bar mare, and only 8 years old. A very pretty mare with the best breeding you can find for arena horses, in foal to The Dualler, this mare could make your stallion famous!

Also watch out for‌ April's Fast Lady - speed index of 86, with a register of merit racing, $1467 in earnings. Bred to The Dualler. Attention: Barrel racers The Dualler has several top barrel horses running. Sire is Fastinfierce a top son of Chics Beduino. I Be Spry - an own daughter of Floyd De Great. This mare is a triple A stakes winner. Big nice mare that is in foal to The Dualler. We have a Dualler daughter out of this mare that we are going to train for the Barrel Futurities. Frosty San Chex - A daughter of Peppy Badger Chex out of a daughter of Docs Jack Frost. A real nice mare that raises big strong pretty babies, in foal to The Dualler.




The Gallop Annual Charity Stallion Services Auction Gets Underway.... Now in its 29th Year

he Gallop Stallion Services Auction, presented by Rhodes River Ranch, is gearing up for Sunday, January 29, 2012 at the Northern Quest Casino. The upcoming auction will mark its twenty-ninth year since the event started. This past January, successful bids came in from all around the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Many bidders and spectators attended, while the remainder of the nation called in on toll free phone lines to bid on stallions, or simply watched the event on the Internet! With the switch board lit up for four hours, twelve operators answered calls, took bids, and waved their hands for the ringmens attention. An added bonus for attendees included bidding on silent auction items, which were fantastic! They included tickets to Silverwood Theme Park and Triple Play; dinner for (2) at the Rock City Grill; Anthony’s Restaurants; or Clinkerdagger. Highest Selling Service ($5,700) for Gallop 2011 Beautiful baskets lined the tables from Edible Arrangements, Cabelas; Valentines Box of Gudrun Chocolate; Rocket Bakery; Thomas Hammers Coffee; Mountain Dome Winery Magnum & Wine Glasses; Winter Bear (Candy Caddy), and a (1lb) Red Box of Belgian Chocolates; a beautiful basket from Cool Bean Coffee, and a Gift Certificate for a one night hotel stay (standard room), Golfing for (2), and extra large gift basket filled with everything you could imagine from the Coeur D’Alene Resort & Casino. Whites Boots donated a pair of their signature Elk Guide Gray Pacs; Ajuva Medical and Day Spa donated a Clarisonic Pro Skin Care System & Spot Therapy Kit; tickets for (4) to the Gonzaga vs. Memphis Ronald McDonald House Classic; a gift certificate to Uncles Puzzles & Games: a RARE Adam Morrison "Go Zags" Autographed Basketball; a baseball signed by Nolan Ryan; a first hard back artist book called ‘Artist of the West,’ signed by Maria Ryan; and a baseball cap, sweatshirt, and harvesting play set was donated by Columbia Tractor. Equine items included a ton of Barn Dry from Aslin Finch; splint boots, show blanket, a custom halter & lead & wind chime from Will Rogers; white Cashel Splint Boot DuraLite & Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies from The Tack Trunk; a gift certificate from HAV Western Wear and much more. Non-service packages were auctioned off for bidders around US, Canada & Mexico. These packages were auctioned with our stallion services lineup. There were Second Highest Selling Service (4,700) for Gallop 2011

GREAT opportunities for everyone participating whether interested in the stallion services or not. Vacation Packages were offered such as a (2) night (3) day All-Inclusive Five-Star Resort vacation at the Resort at Paws Up in Montana. Rated third in the world for five star resorts. A (1) night (2) day all-inclusive Dude Ranch vacation at K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch located in Republic, Washington; a (1) night (2) day stay at the Northern Quest Resort & Casino, which includes Selling Service ($3,400) dinner at their five-star Third Highest for Gallop 2011 restaurant, and credit towards a day at their luxury spa; from Killgore Adventures a (6) hour (plus meal), Hells Canyon Wild River Jet Boat Tour for (2); a Pacific Northwest Getaway Package to the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Washington. Included was a one night stay at the Alpen Dorf Pension luxury Inn at the heart of downtown Leavenworth, and an Osprey Rafting Company ‘main event’ white water rafting day (for two), from the pines of Leavenworth to the sunny orchards of Cashmere followed up with a BBQ at their privately own beach. Then there were bigger packages like: a (7) night (8) day ‘Caribbean Cruise’ for (2), aboard Celebrity. This package included a balcony room; special on board Bridge Tour or Gallery Tour; priority tender and disembarkation; one night seating at the Captain’s table; and no expiration for the cruising date; a ‘Disneyland Family Adventure’ (4) night, (5) day package with airfare for (4) people, lodging at the Hyatt Regency which is located less than one mile from the Disneyland Park, California Adventure and the Downtown Disney district; a romantic Getaway to ‘Hyatt Key West Resort & Marina’ (4) night (5) day stay with Airfare for (2). Located in the heart of Old Town Key West on Front Street, one block from Duval Street; and a ‘New York Amazing Long Weekend’ (3) Night (4) day stay at the Hilton New York; Broadway tickets for (2) to your choice of seven plus shows; a three-course dinner for (2) at your choice on one of several upscale New York restaurants; and round trip Airfare for (2). Other non-service packages auctioned off were: Limited Edition prints by well noted artists from the Picture Peddler. A Show Package which included a Kathy’s silver show halter from Woods Western along with a Slinky from Robinhoods; a rare limited edition ‘Painted Ponies’ package autographed from the artist themselves: Vickie Knepper-Adrian, Lynn Bean, and Maria Ryan. A star autographed guitar by George Straight donated by 93.7 The Cat ~ Spokane’s Fresh Country; All of this was offered along with the 52 stallion services of Leading Sires in our Industry, World, Reserve World, National,


POCO BUENOS GHOST AQHA Reg#4504586 2004 CREMELLO Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs, “Casper” is siring foals with excellent dispositions and conformation and adding the bonus of either palomino or buckskin color! Casper has been tested for HERDA and is negative. APHA approved. 2012 Stud Fee: $400 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150 Shipped Semen available Limited number of live cover breedings available

All Stallions:


Mare care $8 a day Mares w/foals shipped semen only.

Multiple mare discounts. Any mare booked by Feb. 1, 2012 receive $100 off breeding fee!

APHA Reg#910883 aka ROCKET

2007 Homozygous Black & White Tobiano 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs. Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar Rocket is homozygous for both the tobiano and black gene! Guaranteed color and will never produce a red foal! Rocket has an excellent disposition and great conformation! Rocket’s pedigree includes Nevada War Drum, The Aztec Eagle, QT Poco Streke, Dash for Cash and Beduino just to name a few! His sire, Heza Blue Tomcat, one of the very few true blue roan tobianos, stands at stud in Australia. Rocket’s first foals will be arriving spring 2012 and they will be awesome! Do not miss out on having a little Rocket foal of your own! You will not be disappointed! 2012 Stud Fee: $500 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150 Shipped Semen available Limited number of live cover breedings available

C&S Paint and Quarter Horse Ranch

Elk, WA 99009

“Thank you to everyone who chose to breed their mares to either Poco Buenos Ghost or Mama Said Dash in 2011! Looking forward to all the new arrivals in 2012!” — Charlene & Steve Ulrich

Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus! 509 292-1810 (home) 509 220-7712 (cell) s s OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 13

and Congress Champions! As the gavel came down at the close of the auction, the horse industry showed their hearts. With the continued support of the industry pulling together to help, Gallop proved to be another success raising over $65,000! Congratulations to our top four highest selling stallion services of the 2011 Gallop Auction! The highest selling service was Two-Time AQHA World Champion and all-time leading AQHA sire, METALLIC CAT. With a Futurity championship, horse of the year title, and induction in the NCHA Hall of Fame under his belt, it’s easy to see why Metallic Cat is the second highest money-earning stallion in the history of NCHA. Metallic Cat is the Fourth Highest Selling Service ($3,300) highest money earner for Gallop 2011 of all High Brow Cat offspring, and the highest money-earning aged event stallion in a 27 year history. With Life Time Earnings of $637,711, Metallic Cat was the 2008 NCHA Futurity Champion; 2009 Abilene Spectacular Open Champion; 2009 Tunic Futurity Open Reserve Champion; 2009 NCHA Super Stakes Open Reserve Champion; 2009 Breeders Invitational Open Derby Champion; and 2009 Music City Open Derby Champion. Metallic Cat was booked full for 2010 and his 2009 limited crop is showing lots of color and mostly filly's. With Life Time Earnings of $637,711, Metallic Cat was the 2008 NCHA Futurity Champion; 2009 Abilene Spectacular Open Champion; 2009 Tunic Futurity Open Reserve Champion; 2009 NCHA Super Stakes Open Reserve Champion; 2009 Breeders Invitational Open Derby Champion; and 2009 Music City Open Derby Champion. Standing the 2011 breeding season for $6,500; Metallic Cat’s service sold for $5,700 to Roberta Thompson of Cocolalla, Idaho. One of the Quarter Horse breeds most sought after stallions; with a booked full breeding season for several years … his breeding was graciously donated by Alvin & Becky Fults. We are indebted to your support and compassion in wanting to help make a difference in families less fortunate! Our second highest selling service was a horse that has taken the cutting world by storm, THIRD CUTTING. Continually breaking records, this phenomenal young stallion has already been inducted to the NCHA Hall of Fame. His Lifetime Earning is presently (November 2010), at $415,510. His show career details include: 2010 NCHA Summer Spectacular Classic Open Champion; 2010 NCHA Super Stakes Classic Open Co-Champion; 2010 The Cattlemen’s Open Classic Reserve Champion; 2010 Abilene Spectacular Open Classic Champion; 2010 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Cutting Horse; 2009 Equi-Stat #3 Leading Open Money-earner; 2009 NCHA Open Derby Champion; 2009 NCHA Open Super Stakes Champion; 2009 Abilene Spectacular Derby Open Finalist, 5th; and 2008 NCHA Open Futurity Finalist, 8th. Third Cutting is sired by Boonlight Dancer, Lifetime Earner of $136,253: (NRCHA $118,286; NCHA $17,967); a 2008 Equi-Stat Leading

Cutting Sire and an NRCHA Leading Sire from 2 crops to show. His dam is Crab Grass, by Smart Little Lena. She holds Lifetime Earnings of $50,913; and is the dam of 3 performers earning nearly $500,000. Third Cutting’s first limited foal crop were Partial Painted Pony Package born in 2010. The future is big and bright for this young stallion! It could be argued that the world of cutting has never seen the likes of Third Cutting. His service was purchased out of Terrebonne, Oregon for $4,500. With the compassion to help support families in crisis who need to be with their child in a hospital, we thank his compassionate owners, Carl & Shawnea' Smith. God Bless You! Topping the sale as the third highest selling service was Two-Time World Champion and #1 Leading AQHA Halter Stallion in the Industry, KIDS CLASSIC STYLE. In July of 2008, out of a total of (209) offspring ... (39) were crowned World and/or Reserve World Champions. How often do you hear, let alone say that about a stallion in the industry? That same year in July of 2008, 6400 all time Halter Point were amassed by his offspring; 346 of 640 had the crème gene (Palomino, Buckskin, cremello, or perlino making that 54% of his foal crop, with bay color averaging 23%). Of those AQHA foals, (29) are World Champions; and (31) Reserve World Champions; which puts him at the Top of the AQHA Leading Sires list. In the APHA breed association, he has (71) registered Paints to which (41) are mares; (23) performance foals making that 33%; (45) with color making 63% of the crop overo or tobiano; (48) Buckskin or Palomino making that 68%; with (12) APHA World Champions and (7) Reserve World Champions making him a leading APHA sire, and Top 35 leading sires of APHA World champions (only 6 AQHA stallions in this prestigious category!). But it still doesn't stop here … of (89) registered PHBA; (21) are World Champions; (30) are Reserve World Champions; and (52) hold show records. He additionally has sired (13) IBHA World Champions; and (10) IBHA Reserve World Champions, (36) ABRA World champions; with (20) ABRA Reserve World Champions! His service was purchased for $3,400 by Robert Forsythe of Somerville, TN. Gallop and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane cannot thank Tom Scheckel & family enough as their gift of love and support is heart felt and appreciated. Gallop's fourth highest selling service of the 2011 Auction was a top notch name in the industry, SPOTS HOT. In 2004 Spots Hot was the NCHA Futurity Champion who went on to become the Highest Money Earning Stallion in 25 years. He ranks in the top 15 of Equi-Stat’s All-Time Leading Cutting Horses. Spots Hot is the earner of $529,435: 3rd, NCHA Open Derby; 4th, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity; 2007 NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes Classic Reserve Champion; 3rd, 2007 NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge; 2007 Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Classic Champion; 2007 Memphis 5/6-Year-Old Non-Pro Champion; 2007 Music City Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Champion; Brazos Bash Non-Pro Classic Co-Reserve Champion; Memphis 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Champion; Suncoast Fall Open


GEN’S TRUE GRIT Over the years Gen has consistently produced offspring that are beautiful, naturally gaited barefoot, and have temperaments that are calm, friendly & sensible. We have raised and kept four of his daughters for use as our personal riding horses. Come and see for yourself what Gen can produce.

$500 Stud Fee Live Foal Guarantee Boarding & Mare Care Available

Steinway Ranch, Mead, Washington Plan for a Walking Horse in your future. Every ride is one to remember.



Pride’s Generator

Surely Royal



Ho me

rit of Gen’s True G

509-238-1225 OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 15

Derby Champion; Augusta 4-YearOld Non-Pro Futurity Reserve Champion. Spot is the hottest young sire with the highest average offspring earnings All phone eperators tied up with bidders. The bank in his very first was totally lit up with callers. year! He ranked #1 in average earnings per performer among the nation’s top 30 sires on the Quarter Horse News mid-year leading Equi Stat sire list for 2010. Spots Hot is owned by Wesley Galyean of Claremore, OK. His service was purchased for $3,300 by Roberta Thompson of Cocolalla, ID. Ronald McDonald House Charities and Gallop was honored to offer a service to a top notch name in the industry. A strong supporter of the Gallop event, we are indebted to him, THANK YOU! Gallop would like to congratulate all the owners of Gallop's 2011 stallion lineup for their support and dedication to the mission, and to all the breeders who bid on these fine stallion services. Don't forget, with all this auction excitement, our primary mission. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane provides a consistent and caring helping hand, lessening the mental and financial strain on the families. It allows them to focus on the most important thing ... supporting their children. One parent was heard to say, "If we did not have the Ronald McDonald House, we would have had to sleep in our van or commute the hour and a half to the hospital when it was possible." One child's mother and grandparents stayed (23) nights. The mother said, "I didn't want to leave my daughter but also couldn't afford to stay in a motel for what we knew would be a long stay. We are eternally grateful to the Ronald McDonald House." Through the Gallop Stallion Services Audience attending event to bid. Auction, you can help Ronald McDonald House families with a vast variety of health care needs. The following is just a sample of the issues these children face - Cystic Fibrosis; Spina Bifida; Seizures; Respiratory Ailments; Down Syndrome; Heart Conditions; Meningitis; Cerebral Palsy; Diabetes, Orthopedic; Cancer; and premature births. For others its injuries related from a car accident, or mishap. This is your opportunity to help a family in crisis who needs to be with their child in a hospital. How can you do that? Well, first mark your calendars for Sunday, January 29, 2012 for one of the Nation's most successful fund-raising Equine Events the Gallop Stallion Services Auction! Each year we profess our upcoming event one of the most impressive lineups ever. But, it's true. Each year new stallion owners join the ranks of our current Gallop stallion owners in wanting to support our mission by participating! This year's Event has stallions participating from Kentucky; Washington; Texas; California; Mississippi; Utah; Oklahoma; Michigan; Georgia; Arkansas; South Dakota;

Ohio; Iowa; Oregon; Kansas; and Idaho. Stallion breeding fees range from $500 to $6,500 per service. This year's event once again offers services to National & Congress Rhodes River Ranch. Champions, World & Reserve Champions (nearly half of the line-up are two-time World Champions, while others are five times or more World Champions). Many of you will recognize their names, as they are leading sires of their breed producing World and Reserve World Champion offspring. Event underwriter Rhodes River Ranch returns in their thirteenth year of presenting the Gallop Event. They are located at the foothills of the Cascades, just an hour and a half north of Seattle/Tacoma International Airport in beautiful Arlington, Washington. The Ranch is dedicated to breeding; raising and training future world champion performance horses; and providing top quality service to their clients. Their focus is on raising and more importantly training exceptional Reining, Cutting Horses and Reined Cowhorses. Rhodes River Ranch is committed to providing great show prospects. They welcome visitors to tour their site and/or contact them for more information regarding a service, stallion, sales or just to visit. To learn more about the Ranch, go to www. Gallop will kick off Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 12:00 noon, PST, enabling national and international locations to participate in the bidding. All the stallions will be presented on thirty-foot screens at the event. Once again, Internet onlookers will be able to watch the event live, streamed to their computers, pick up their phones and dial a 1-866 number (accessible on our website at noon, the day of the auction), and bid on a service of any one of the stallions in our lineup. Twelve Gallop phone operators, located at the event, will receive incoming calls and bid live for the bidders. This is a time when you should do some homework on the mare care facilities, costs, and breeding procedures of stallion and ranches that are on your list. It also gives you an opportunity to take a close-up look at these stallions. If you are looking at transporting semen, be sure to research by Internet or contact those stallion owners prior to the event to find out what your costs will be. In addition, check on what their "Live Foal Guarantee" consists of. Those costs will be between you and the stallion owners or breeding farms. As new stallions are being added to the line up, Gallop humbly welcomes back many of the same fine stallions as it gears up for the 2012 Event on Sunday, January 29, 2012, at the Northern Quest Casino Pavilion in Spokane. So please mark your calendar! And, don't forget to start researching the stallion lineup for the 2012 breeding season at: www. As the 2012 event approaches, we will keep you updated through Gallop's official publication, Horse Previews. Keep an eye out as additional stallions will continue to be listed into the lineup through January. Look forward to seeing you all there!



Daken Handfield




READ 0&, Hays & Grains were evaluated We Correct Needed Vitamins & Minerals YUMMMY!!!






/.,'.'+*#( &,0'$&- *$ 3



GYPO MEADOWS Carol Norton, Owner

951 Shingle Mill Rd • Sandpoint ID 83864 •

208-265-2593 • 208-661-1721 cell — BOARDING —

12x12 Box Stalls • Stalls with Runs Pasture • 60'x160' Inside Arena 100'x180' Outside Arena • 70' Round Pen Daily Turnouts • Overnighters Welcome Trail Riding just a short haul away!

Your Own Slice of Heaven! 20 Acre Working Horse/Cattle Ranch with Panoramic Views Just 15 Min To The "Y." Multiple Usable Outbuildings including Enormous Barn with 3 Paddocks, Heated Lighted Chicken Coop, Separate Guest House with roughed-in Bath, RV Hookup. Solid 2 Story Home with Large Front Porch Perfect for that Swing, Farm Style Kitchen with Dining Space, 3 Bed + Den with Room In Gable for 2nd Bath, Main Floor Laundry/Mud Room, Walk-in Closet in Master, Wine Cellar Area, Wood Chute, Wood Stove heats Home, Full Usable Basement, Well with 2000 Gal Reservoir-Mead Schools…

Just $219,900!

• • • Schedule Your Events With Us • • •

L^cY9g^[i ;Vgb FjVgiZg =dghZh Merriott Family

27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake, WA 99022


e-mail: Home of: ANADO ACE Out of Bridget Mae AAAx (Private Treaty) Granado AAAx Jet Deck AAA Panas Ace by Pana Dude Speed plus Cow

Virtual Tour @ For details call Jessica Shaeffer


Quality Young Stock for Sale

Absolutely Beautiful Ranch Property!

You could be the owner of 72 acres consisting of meadows, trees, canyon walls and approximately 1 mile of famous Deep Creek, WA V Power & Telephone at Property Line

V 3 Parcels which will allow 3 homes

V Gentle access to Canyon Bottom

V 20 minutes to Downtown Spokane

V Deep Creek flows Year Round

V Private but Close to City Events

V Water For Horses or Cattle from Creek

V Convenient to International Airport

Call for information and showing


Great Opportunity for Group of Purchasers or Individual to own a piece of Paradise for only $300,000! OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 18


New Horses, Rough Country Whenever we introduce a new horse to the ranch, it often takes a while for them to adjust. The country where I live is pretty brushy, meaning cat claw, mesquite and cactus of all kinds. It is also riven with steep sides, arroyos, canyons and jagged rocks. I’d traded for a young horse and took him out for his first gather. He had been raised in corrals and was bamfoozeled by the rough terrain. We’d ridden about two miles with him snorting and stopping and sliding, whinnying for other horses to save him. We slid off a slope and hit a small arroyo at the bottom. He stood shaking. I was eggin’ him on, but to no avail. He wouldn’t move. Completely overwhelmed, he laid down in the sand like a cow! I sat still in the saddle with my stirrups on the ground. We had a short conversation, about a minute, then he took a deep breath and rose to the occasion. The South Dakota Badlands can overpower a horse, as well. Shorty took a green grulla gelding of his out to check cows on a Pine Ridge Reservation lease. That, too, is rough

country, mostly rocky and uneven. He trailered across the prairie and unloaded on a little flat at the edge of the pasture. They weren’t far from a big badland creek called Redstone, that drains a lot of that area. Laying off the side, he spotted a middle-sized Hereford bull. Shorty decided to push the bull on down the creek where he’d seen some cows grazing. It took a little prodding but they soon got the bull on a trail goin’ down the creek. The trail had a lot of bends and vertical cut badland walls. The bull started down on to a steep trail into the creek bed but then turned back the wrong way, right along the wall! Shorty loped back up the creek bank, hee-hawin’, hollerin’ and waving his arms to shush the bull. But, all of the hoo-rah spooked young horse who, in a moment of “Now or Never�, jumped the back and landed a’straddle of the bull! The bull lit out down the creek, the horse rolled off the bull, and Shorty rolled off the horse! The frightened horse, in panic climbed the bank and took off! Whilst crawling up the steep slide, Shorty had a vision of his best Hamley saddle hanging underneath the horse’s belly galloping for home. Which, of course, is what a good horse, with any common sense would do. But when Shorty topped the rim, there stood the inexperienced novice grulla, eyes wide and nostrils flaring, not twenty feet away. Somewhere in his equine brain he processed his options; Bull? Rock? Trailer? Mother and home? Not having any experience in his young life to compare this to, he actually walked up to Shorty, who touched the side of his face, and sighed. I guess he just needed a hug.


Towing t Tie Down t 4VTQFOTJPO t 4UFQT which can be viewed at t 877.291.3292 We strive to provide the best products & customer service. We have been involved in Truck Camper/Horse Trailer Towing for over 35 years!

“Home of the SuperHitch�

JULIE Certified Tellington Training Practitioner JENÉ HORSE & PEOPLE TRAINING Revolutionize your human - animal relationship with this positive NO Force approach Starting young horses, improving behavior & performance Advanced training for all disciplines & breeds

We work together to train your horse

Freestyle Farm Complete Training for Horse & Rider V Riding Lessons that Build Confident, Skilled Riders V Gentle Horse Training with Proven Results V Quality Boarding for the Happy, Healthy Horse V Programs for Every Budget


Quiet, rural location close to both Cheney & Spokane

30 years at this location: 4307 N Harvard Rd t Otis Orchards WA 99027 t



Ranch Raised Quarter Horses


STANDING Twice Roaned Blue Jet Smooth PLR Purple Hayes

Joe Hancock Drifter Crowheart Flutewood Wyo Black Hawk

standing six studs and running around forty broodmares, we are able to offer a wide selection of weanling colts each year with lots of size, bone and color, plus gentle young stock right on up to broke horses. Featuring time-proven bloodlines like Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock, Driftwood, Gooseberry and Salty Roan, bloodlines that have proven themselves in ranch and rodeo work for generations. They are the kind cowboys like to ride, but gentle, no-nonsense enough for most anyone.

Insurance for All of Your &ARM AND 2ANCH .EEDSx

We Know Horses! Cattle! Crops! and can insure most related operations!


Office: 509/935-6256 Toll Free: 1-866/200-2230

0/ "OX s #HEWELAH 7! “Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 20

HE Senior [HorsePreviews 8.5x11].pdf



3:16 PM



PURINA® HORSEMAN’S EDGE® Senior HORSE FEED; Complete Feed (Roughage Built-In) Optimal Hair Coat and Physical Appearance Consistent Quality; Highly Palatable Ingredients Key Vitamins and Minerals Support Overall Health Nutritionally Balanced for Health and Performance

COMPLETE FEED Roughage Built-In Sign up now at to get up to $20 off Purina® horse feeds.* * New feeding programs should change gradually so as not to cause digestive upset. Recommendation: Make the feed changes over a seven-day period. (See website for details.) ©2011 Purina Mills, LLC


Ann Kirk’s - Backing For A Great Stop As summer slips to a close and the cool of autumn takes hold of our state, the temptation sets in to put the horses away for the winter and settle by the fireplace with a good book. But, if you are one who still wants to work with your horse, I have another lesson. This lesson will teach your young horse to back or will improve your backing in your older broke horse if necessary. The importance of a great backup for the trail riding horse (and for all other disciplines as well) cannot be expressed strongly enough. If you do not have a soft, immediate response when you take the slack out of the reins and ask your horse to take a few steps backward, you do not have a dependable cue for getting your horse to stop, or even to just slow down. This makes for an annoying, not to mention dangerous, ride when you are out on a trail. A good, solid backup is your control for any phase between going forward at whatever speed to backing up for however many steps you desire. When you are riding in the arena or in an open area, you can use the technique of disengaging the hip to stop your horse or even just to slow him down. But, when you are on a narrow trail and there is not room for turning, you must have your bit connected to the horse’s feet so you can stop and back whenever necessary to avoid danger.

As with most of the rein-to-feet connections I make in my Sensible Horsemanship Program, I am going to teach it from the ground first. It is easier to teach a good backup, one rein at a time. The Bridle Dance sequence is taught after the hip is disengaged, preferably while the feet are not quite stopped. It is easier to move the feet in the direction you want them to go if they are already moving. If the horse comes to a complete stop and then you ask it to back up, it can lock up at which time you will need to disengage the hip to get the feet to move again before directing them backwards. The rule here is “first get the feet to move, then get them to move consistently, then take them in the direction you want them to go”. Put your horse on the circle and take it through the whole sequence of the Bridle Dance. (See the articles on www. When you disengage the hip to stop, as soon as the hip steps over and you release, take the slack out as you step in next to his head and direct your hand towards the chest. Your shoulder should keep his neck straight as you apply pressure backwards until he takes a step, then release. Switch sides and repeat the sequence, eventually building to several steps back with a give at the end. In the beginning, the pressure will be a request. As he learns the right answer, vary the pressure to improve the connection to the feet. If he locks up and won’t move his feet, just continue the pressure back along his side to disengage his hip and try again until he takes that first step. Then praise, praise, praise! If you are working with an older horse that does not back

Book a One Day Clinic in Your Area and Attend for Free!

The goal is to connect

you with your horse by teaching you sensible,

hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your

partnership possible. You are personally

invited to come and join

this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship

Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 22

Nichole Mulligan - Custom Cowgirl Training Natural Horsemanship at its BEST!! Where Great Breeding, Solid Minds & Training Meet!

Training programs customized for you and your horse


2011 CMSA National Champion Multiple 1/2D Barrel Racing Money Earner

2007, 2008, 2009 BCHI Colt Starting Champion Great Selection of Good Speed Bred Horses & Babies For Sale Babies by Tres Seis, Dash Ta Fame, Firewater Fast for Sale

Now Taking Bookings for Winter & Spring Nichole Mulligan - Custom Cowgirl Training 208-816-0808 OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 23

The Very Finest for You and Your Horse! English - Western Owner - Meg 11515 E. Trent Spokane Valley, WA 99206 (509) 927-5891 Open Monday through Saturday

well, or at all, you have probably taught him not to back by unknowingly releasing him at the wrong time. When I apply pressure to ask the horse to back, I do not release that pressure until I get at least a lean in the right direction. Most young horses pick up backing pretty quick. But an “experienced” horse that has been taught to just stand and brace will take a little longer to teach them that the release only comes when they take a step back. When your horse is really good at the back up following the disengaging of the hip, you will need to alter the exercise to be sure he is backing from the rein pressure and not just because you are walking towards him. You can lead him forward and while he is still going forward, turn and take his rein close to the bit and ask him to back. Try to eliminate the pause between forward and back. Don’t come to a complete stop until he has backed up a few steps. Remember to switch sides so he gets soft on both reins. Next time we will move the backing to the saddle and talk about all the different uses of the back-up on the trail. Until then, enjoy your horse and stay safe. — God Bless, Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Program or to check out the New DVD— Sensible Trailer Loading, go to These lessons and others are available on the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs. Ann is also available for private lessons or clinics in your area.

Horse Training, Lessons & Clinics All breeds, most disciplines Arabian Stallion service

2-Day Horsemanship Clinic in Gold Bar, WA: October 15 & 16 Horsemanship for Trail Riding: October 8




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86A:C96G D; :K:CIH


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Registered Tennessee Walking Horses Coco & Aaron Spurway 19312 N. Madison Road Mead, WA 99021 Home of

GEN’S TRUE GRIT 509/238-1225

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1996 TWHBEA Chestnut Stallion Flaxen Tail & Mane

6ISITORS !LWAYS 7ELCOME s "OARDING AVAILABLE e-mail: Glenna Eilers 509/760-0713 Marie 509/244-2985 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 Nan 509/924-8654 503/537-9845 509/990-0268 or 208/664-0942 Heidi Marie 509/244-2985 Glenna Eilers 509/760-0713 Darrell Wallace

Upriver Stables Limited stalls available Trained stock for sale ■ 12x12 matted box stalls (Some paddocks) ■ Daily turn-out may be included ■ 65’x144’ covered arena ■ 55’ round pen with solid walls ■ ■

3001 N. Idaho Rd

Home of Upriver Morgans

Convenient wash rack/ heated water ■ 3 tack rooms & some cross tie areas ■ Safe fencing throughout ■ Harness training & instruction ■

— Appointments Please —

Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Easy access: 1 mile from I-90, Exit 299 - Liberty Lake, WA


IS A FREE SERVICE! Send us your updated information for your next event. Just complete the convenient coupon below: Date of Event: _________________________________________________________ Name of Event: ________________________________________________________ To be held at: __________________________________________________________ Person to contact for information: _______________ Tel: (

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Don’t Forget to mail to: Horse Previews Magazine, PO Box 427, Spokane WA 99210 by the 15th of the month preceding publication H\Ub_ Mci OCTOBER 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 25


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by Dr. Bob Peters


What is the Scoop on Spavin?


ameness in one form or another is the most common problem we deal with as veterinarians in performance horses. No matter the discipline you compete in, at some point during the career of your horse it will get sore. For a huge percentage the problem will be hock pain and more specifically spavin. Spavin is an arthritic condition that attacks the distal, or lowest 2 of the 4 hock joints. These two joints, the tarsal metatarsal joint and the distal intertarsal joint, are made up of rows of small cuboidal or squarish shaped bones. There is almost no motion in these joints. The pain is felt from the micro-motion they do undergo and the impact felt from the stride. The body tries to fix the problem by fusing them together. Fusion of these joints stabilizes the affected area and takes the pain away. Unfortunately it is very unreliable. I have seen horses fuse in under a year and I have seen others that still were not fused after ten years. Why is the hock so vulnerable to injury? Why does it affect such a wide variety of breeds of horses involved in such different disciplines? First of all the hock, also called the tarsus, is easily the most complex joint in the hind leg. The hind leg has 6 joints total. Most of them have 2 bones that are involved. In contrast there are 10 bones that make up the hock. There are also 4 separate joint compartments in the hock. This incredible complexity is the biggest contributing factor to its predisposition to injury. It is not hard to imagine how a high impact equine athlete can get sore in the hocks. One has only to watch a reining horse spin and slide and you will quickly appreciate the amount of torque a horse can generate and the hock must endure. But, if the high speed/high impact athlete gets sore why does the comparatively milder gait of the western pleasure or dressage horse still very commonly fall prey to hock soreness? In my opinion, for them, it is a matter of repetitive

motion, much like carpal tunnel in humans. There are many contributing factors that can increase the likelihood that your horse will develop hock pain the most obvious problem being conformation. Any deviation from ideal conformation, from the ground up, further stresses a joint that is susceptible to problems. Furthermore, the hock seems to be very susceptible to acute injuries. For some reason hocks seem to be “magnetically attracted” to fences, not to mention kicks from other horses. There are many different diagnostic tests that can be performed to diagnose hock pain. Some times it is blatantly obvious because the horse is very lame or has large swellings. Other times it is much more subtle. Very often the complaints we hear in the early stages of hock soreness are non-specific complaints like: “He is not getting up under himself”, or “he is not using his hind end”, “he is not getting or keeping his leads”, “he doesn’t want to move forward” etc. In all cases a full lameness work-up is necessary to determine the source, severity and prognosis for the problem. Feeling the leg, watching the horse move, flexion tests, nerve blocks, joint blocks, and radiographs are all important tools in diagnosing this or any lameness problem. Fortunately there are many different treatment options that can be applied to spavin. These include the use of NSAIDS such as Bute or Banamine and topical applications like Surpass. Oral supplements like Equithrive have proven to be useful in low-grade cases and for prevention. Injectable glucosamines such as Adequan are industry standards for treatment. Very often the use of intra-articular corticosteroids are the best option. Finally in non-responsive cases we are able to speed up what nature is trying to do and fuse the joint. It is also very common for horses with any hind limb lameness issues to have concurrent back pain from adjusting their stride. We very often recommend chiropractic work along with the hock treatments to speed the recovery process. The goal is to get your horse pain free so he will be happy, healthy, and able to reach his full potential. If you suspect hock problems give your vet a call and they will help get your horse on the road to recovery. We are here to help if you have questions! Dr. Bob Peters

Jed McKinlay, DVM Bob Peters, DVM Misty Rhett, DVM s Email:

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LADY RAVEN STABLES Call Candi: 509-218-9166 Check our website Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 215 W. Austin Rd. Spokane, WA 99208 509-466-6075 509-993-7758

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Frecklena Playboy……………… has a lot of athletic ability in the cutting pen and has produced several nice foals with above average athletic ability. Stallion fee…$500 LFG


2 Fillies by Frecklena Playboy $2,500 each


Spokane, WA



n Brand New Locatio 324 N. Corbin Rd, Post Falls ID Off I-90 Take Exit #2, North on Pleasant View Right on Seltice Way, Right on Corbin

HI6C96G9 ;:6IJG:H

Mike Solomon 800-853-BARN (2276)

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, Straight Egyptian, 11 Year Arabian stallion, chestnut, very nice, available on a lease with an option to buy or will sell outright, serious inquiries only. 509/362-4165 Spokane Valley 10 Year Old Reg. Arab Gelding, Greenbroke, free, you haul. 509-4998755

, Mustang/ Arab Gelding, Used For search and rescue, parades, hunting, great trail experience. $500. 208/263-0850 Reg. Half Arab Mare, 6, Chestnut, 6 months professional training, hunt seat or Western, show or pleasure, for experienced rider who will develop her talents, $3500. 509/276-2605 Colbert Can’t Finish, So Offering At A Very reasonable price, 2 beautiful mares, both registered 1/2 Arab, Paint, 9 year old black, 7 year old bay, both have Bask breeding & are Greenbroke, they are healthy with no bad habits, consistent handling, very easy & gentle to work with, had 30 days professional training a year ago, but ridden very little since, looking for gentle, caring homes, $800 or best offer. 509/465-0574, 509/991-7474

Large selection of Warmbloods (Hanoverian, Rhinelanders, Oldenburgs) for sale at realistic prices. 3 Stallions at stud. or 208/683-3255

",- Trail Wise Horses For Winter Lease. Great for beginners. No long term commitment. Visit 509/674-9554. Cle Elum Please Help- Single Mom Cannot Afford to feed through winter: 12 year, 13.1 hh pony gelding, $200; 4 year Quarter/ Thoroughbred buckskin gelding, $250 ready to start; 4 year Quarter filly, greenbroke, $800; 5 year Reg. Thoroughbred filly, great on the trails, ready to go any direction, very mellow, $1500; 8 year miniature Pinto mare, broke to ride, $400. Will consider all offers & possible care lease to right home. 509/551-3848

/1, Miniature Horses, Colts $125, Fillies some bred $300; free 16 year old stud, good pet, Teaser, possible breeder; affordable horse training, developing a good foundation ground work $100 for 30 days, horse boarding $75/ month includes hay, hauling available. 509/258-8884

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1 -

Horse Bedding, Cedar & Pine Shavings, great for stalls. We also have tan cedar bark arena mix. Moore Landscape Materials & Fuel, 509/466-7800 Colbert

Top Quality Mules For Sale, Largest selection in northwest, saddle mules, pack & drive. Go to or call 208/816-8682

Beautiful Reg. Missouri Foxtrotter mare but looks like a small Friesian, 14.2H, gentle, loving, nicely gaited, proven broodmare, perfect for light riding, $975. 208/245-7408, 208/582-4190

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Paso Fino, Pretty 14 Year 13.3hh Mare, well broke, wonderful trail horse with an extremely smooth gait, $1300 OBO. 208/2457408, 208/582-4190 Lonely 17 Year Old Grey Mare, Sweet disposition, good companion horse, free to good home. 509/638-5402 Spokane Pretty Paso Fino Mare, 13.3h, Registered, awesome trail horse, flowing gait, well broke, no bad habits, likes attention, great stamina, $1900 OBO. 208/245-7408, 208/582-4190

* /Free Paint Gelding, White & Black, healthy older horse. Call anytime 208/6607865 Post Falls Registered SPB Red Roan Gelding, 4 years old, lots of ground work done, I’ve saddled him, got on him several times, Versary Rhyme, Nevada War Drum, Mr. Norfleet, & Peponita bloodlines, UTD on shots, I’m changing disciplines, asking $800. Nicole 509/251-5054 Cheney




+1 ,/ ,Ê ",- -

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APHA Weanlings, Will be Registered & Out Of Four Ina Row, gentle, black, bay, dun, & white. You can see them on website at 208/6593662 St Maries

Missy Sugar Lynx, 19 Years, Foundation, AQHA gray mare, child gentle, 14.3h, lead line or ridden by older children, healthy, sound, raised six foals, $660. 509/633-1716

Pasture For Rent In Spokane Valley, 2 acres, 3 stall barn, nice tack room, near 40th & Pines Rd., $150 per horse, per month, reduced rate for multiple horses. Michael 509/688-9463

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Horse Boarding In The Spokane Valley. Our clean facility offers multiple 50x100’ paddocks with shelters or box stalls, indoor & outdoor arenas, access to trails & lots of TLC. 509/926-8309

2011 AQHA Fillies, Well Bred, Stocky, grulla & a sorrel with 4 socks & blaze, ready to go, $500. 509/258-8997

Canyon Creek Farms Boarding Special, $100 for 1st month, 2 barns, indoor/outdoor arena, plus 1/2 mile track, lessons, training & arena rental available. 509/6310731

* /"Black & White Tobiano Pinto, Half Arabian saddlebred, 3 year colt, by Spotz Sen-sation & out of Pure Polish Arabian mare, very pretty, serious inquiries only. 509/362-4165 Spokane Valley

+1 ,/ ,Ê ",- “TATER” Is An 11 Year Old Registered gray mare you just can’t pass up! She’s a daughter of Streaker Gotchey, & a greatgranddaughter of Easy Jet, Go Maggie Go, & Tonto Bars Hank! Tater has been used extensively on ranches & been hauled to barrel races & rodeos. She loves being roped off of, & is comfortable roping bulls, calves, & branding. She travels out very nicely & out walks almost any horse, Tater loves to work cows, & is started on barrels. She is by far one of the most athletic horses I have ever come across! She has a nice big hip & good athletic size, she side passes, opens gates, backs, spins (at a walk), flexes (very light), arcs, counter arcs, picks up her leads, catches easily, & I can stand on her back, she’s just a big sweetie! I exercise her in a halter & bareback, Tater is light in the mouth & moves off leg cues exceptionally well. When I’m out moving cows I use a light hackamore on her, Tater has a kind eye & a big heart, & a good home is a must! I wouldn’t be selling this mare but I have to pay for college, she loads, clips, baths, shoes, & is current on shots, shoes, teeth, & worming, $8500. Contact 406/212-9530

Quarter Horse Gelding. Good Trail horse but could use some extra training, approximately 10 years old. Free to good home. Glenn 509/216-0867 Stateline Ranch Raised Quarter Horses, Hancock/ Blue Valentine bloodlines. Joel Kretz, 509/779-4105,


, Reg. American Saddlebred Mare, 7 years old, show quality for saddle seat or dressage but loves trail riding, chestnut, 8 months professional training, $4000. 509/276-2605 Colbert

/ -- Ê7 ,Beautiful Black Registered Tennessee Walker, 8 year old mare, broke, gentle, well gaited, Ebony Masterpiece & Merry Go Boy, Midnight Sun breeding, $800. Beautiful black & white Tobiano registered Tennessee Walker, 5 year old mare, gentle, well gaited, Paint The Town, Daybreak Paper Chase, & Triple Threat breeding, $800. 509/226-1237

Horse Boarding, Close In South Spokane. Beautiful horse barn has individual stalls with automatic heated water, horse may come and go from his stall to a large paddock or field; best hay, fed twice a day, oats if you want them. Outdoor round pen and arena, trails, secure tack room, space available to park your horse trailer, $250 per month; your horse will love it here and so will you, limited space available. 509/448-6505 for details Horse Boarding, Separate Stalls & Runs, cleaned daily, quality hay, 2 feedings, heated water, steel fences, trails, pasture, arena. 16 miles north on Hwy 2. Friendly, family atmosphere, references, $175. 509/292-8366 Northwest Trails Boarding Happy healthy horses. Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural Horsemanship training & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. 509/2766345 Deer Park Canyon Creek Farms Boarding Special, $100 for 1st month, 2 barns, indoor/outdoor arena, plus 1/2 mile track, lessons, training & arena rental available. 509/631-0731


CLASSIFIED ďż˝ OCTOBER 2011 - "1-ĂŠ ",- -

/ ĂŠEĂŠ/, ,-

, ĂŠ -/ /

Horse Feeder, Custom Built, Heavy duty, legs 2� square by 1/4� thick, will last forever, no more feeding on the ground, save on hay & grain, each feeder feeds 2 horses, 2 available, $200 each or $375 for both. 509/276-5652; 509/994-4599 Spokane

2 Horse In Line Circle J Tandem Horse trailer, extra tall & wide, tack room & dressing room, stall mats, escape & feed doors on both sides, ramp with storm doors & other double doors, has hay rack. 509/3624165 Spokane Valley

10 Acres, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, All New interior, fenced, hay storage, garage, barn, Only $149,900 FHA financing available, Loon Lake. Call Farrah 509/280-9591 Wild West Realty

Close Out Sale On Trails West 20’ Hot shot Stock/Combo with spare & mats, now $10,200; Hotshot II 17’ BP, now $7795; Charmac 20’ Wrangler, now $9800; C & B Maverick 16’ BP stock with spare & mats, now $5900; Thuro-Bilt classic 2 horse slant load with floor mats, close out price $4495. 509/852-0587 or 1-800-424-7114

Horse Set Up! 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath On acreage in Elk, WA Only $128,100. Call for details! Barbara Frye 509/220-4373 Exit Real Estate North.

Large Breed Plywood Whelping Pen And whelping potty pen-booth, $75, great condition, 208/416-1283, Post Falls 3 Automatic Heated Double Trough Ritchie waterers, 3 years old, redoing stalls for corner mounts, will sell for $275 each. 509/292-9024 Elk Horse Bedding, Cedar & Pine Shavings, great for stalls. We also have tan cedar bark arena mix. Moore Landscape Materials & Fuel, 509/466-7800 Colbert

/ ĂŠEĂŠ/, ,Tandem Axle Homemade Trailer, Built to haul hay, $400 or best offer. 509/3429247 Diamond C Saddle Shop. Bill Flat Says: “Never trust a man who agrees with you, he’s probably wrongâ€?. We have heavy wool, saddle blankets, several used riding saddles for sale, and 2 decker pack saddles starting at $165 each. We take trades. Stop in and visit us at Diamond C Saddle Shop, 1225 Bridge Street, Clarkston, WA. Open Monday, Thursday, Friday. Or call 208/3053126 to meet at your convenience End Of Summer Sale! Will Rogers Saddle Co. has over 300 new & used saddles in stock! Several custom saddles in now, including by Jesse Smith & Ray Holes. Great selection of trail saddles, $195 & up. Used 17â€? Dixieland Gaited. Used 16â€? Circle Y Trail. New Crown C Barrel, with adjustable rigging. Double J Posey Pro Racer, Futurity by Frontier, plus good selection of other barrel saddles, new & used. Bob Avila Reiner, by Bobs. Martin Reiner. Come in and see! Buy, sell, trade. 509/466-0106 Mead

1988 Stock Trailer, 4-Horse, Tandem axle, center divider, loading ramp, excellent condition, $4200 or best offer, may take part trade. 509/276-5754 1997 Sundowner 3 Horse Slant Load With 17’ Sierra living quarters, 8’ wide & 7’6� high, loaded, mid & rear tack areas, padded stalls, mangers, washer & dryer, large shower, near new tires, solar, hay racks, much more, available with or without 1999 Peterbilt Model 330 truck with only 42,000 miles, $28,500 for trailer. Cobalt Trailer Sales, 4620 E Trent Ave, Spokane. 509/535-2154 Monday- Friday 8am-5pm Featherlite Horse & Stock Trailers, Great selection & priced to move, models starting at $8200, enjoy the benefits of all aluminum construction with Featherlite quality. Cobalt Trailer Sales, 4620 E Trent, Spokane, 509/535-2154, Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm Horse Gear, Single & Double Felt pads, hobbles, bits, pack cinch, 2 blankets, pack lash with cotton rope; ladies William Porter saddle, like new, $1500; 1600 plus pieces of hardware, O-rings, U-rings, snaps, buckles, etc, $1200; also have some leather. 208-875-0278 Horse Trailer: Trailswest 3 Horse gooseneck, extra foot long to squeeze in a fourth, awning, drop down windows, side tack with swing out saddle rack, water tank, front has bed boot box, mirror & clothes rack with shelf, awesome trailer, $11,000 firm. 509/521-6131. Tri-Cities

599’ Little Spokane River Waterfront 5.2 acres 36x60 shop with apartment including kitchen, bath, laundry. Separate RV pad & hookups, Chattaroy $214,999 Call Farrah 509/280-9591 Wild West Realty, Horse Property On 10 Acres! 4- stall barn, shop/ garage, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, huge master, fenced & cross fenced. Amazing mountain views! Call Jodie Fox C-21 509-8687287 $295,000

", Fjord Gelding, Loving Temperament, great trail or show horse, asking $2200. Possible terms. 509/233-8146 Loon Lake

/, É -/,1 / " Aliscia Kay, 208/691-6928. Training, (colt starting, trail/show training) lessons, hauling, sales. References available. www. Vintage Horse Training. Specializing In gaining respect and control on the ground, and creating a calm, confident horse under saddle. Athol, ID. Call Abby, 208/6830372. Ethan Storey Horse Training. Specializing in starting colts of any kind to go in any direction. Lessons, tune-ups & restarting troubled horses. Gentle methods, very safe facilities. Honest & reliable. Located in Cheney, WA. Call for more information, 509/389-8560



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Save The Date For October 8th! The Spokane Area Small Horse Association will be having its 2nd Annual Plump & Puffy Pumpkin Play Day! This great event will be held at the beautiful HHP Training Center in Deer Park, located at 31006 N. Spotted Road. This fabulous day will be filled with a variety of events! We’ll be having a Holiday photo shoot (just in time for planning your Holiday cards), games for both you & your horse, driving competitions, silent auction, costume competition & pumpkin carving. Please visit our website, for our schedule & entry form. All of our shows are open to all Equine, 14.2hh & under & no membership is required! This fabulous day is geared for all age groups! So, load up your favorite horse, pony, mini or donkey & come join in the fun! If you have any questions, please contact Kristen, 509/220-0335

Inland Empire Morgan Horse Club’s Open Schooling Show & Fun Day Event, October 8, 9am-finished, Valley Mission Park Arena, Spokane Valley, WA, pre-registration $30 for the day, or $7/ class, $5 post registration fee. Contact Nan Robison at 509/924-8654 or or Club website for entry forms & more information

Double Certified! Professional & Reliable! Over 13 years experience. Mastering corrective, preventative, natural & properly balanced feet for the needs of today’s performance horses. 509/989-4929

DonĘźt Forget Deadline is the 15th of the Month

Horseshoeing, Over 20 Years Of experience! Call Chad Gundlach 509/3256549 Barefoot Trimming. 4B-S.A.I.D. transitional method assures trail-ride readiness for Fall. 509/456-5555 leave message

,, ,Farrier Service- Ken Sterner. Now serving West Spokane & surrounding areas. Professional, Prompt, & Reliable. FarrierReferences. Discount on horses hauled to my shop. 509/954-5439

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DonĘźt Forget Deadline is the 15th of the Month


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Blue Jet Smooth Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Crowheart Flutewood Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Frecklena Playboy Roger Heuett Cow Horses ...........30 Gen’s True Grit Steinway Ranch ......................15,25 High N Command Krisean Performance Horses ..........4 IBN Salvadino Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Joe Hancock Drifter Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Kismet Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Mama Said Dash C & S Ranch ................................13 Mr. Bo Button Meadow Starr Ranch ........... Cover,2 Out Till Midnight Heritage Arabian Farm ...................8 PLR Purple Hayes Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Poco Buenos Ghost C & S Ranch ................................13 SA Meshach Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Secured Interest Sun Dun Ranch .............................3 Twice Roaned Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Wyo Black Hawk Promised Land Ranch ..................20

Custom Barns ..............................31 D.E.C. Construction .....................30 Northwest Cover-All ....................28


C & S Ranch ................................13 Promised Land Ranch QH ...........20 Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Steinway Ranch ......................15,25 WindDrift Farm Quarter Horses ...18


Krisean Performance Horses ..........4 Promised Land Ranch ..................20 Roger Heuett Cow Horses ...........30 Stienway Ranch ......................15,25 Sun Dun Ranch .............................3


AIA Insurance ..............................20 Protection Plus ..............................6 Washington Auto Carriage ...........38





Hermiston Horse Sale ..................10 Oregon Horse Center – Trail Events8 Ride The West................................9 Whetzel Horsemanship Clinics....24 Gypo Meadows ...........................18 Heritage Arabian Farm ...................8 Lady Raven Stables ......................30 Legacy Farm & Stable ....................6 Steinway Ranch ......................15,25 Storey Horse Training & Boarding ..5 Upriver Stables ............................25


LMF Feeds .....................................7 Nutritional Services .....................17 Purina Mills .................................21


North 40 Fence Company..............4 Pearson Farm & Fence .................33


Dillon Cow Horses ......................11 Heritage Arabian Farm ...................8 Jessie Overman..............................8

Brooke Adams .............................30 Jessica Shaeffer ............................18 Richard Sievert ............................18

Indiana Harness Co. ......................4 Spokane Tack Trunk .....................24 Will Rogers Saddle Company .. Back


Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship .22 Freestyle Farm .............................19 Heritage Arabian Farm ...................8 Julie Jene` ....................................19 Legacy Farm & Stables ...................6 Nichole Mulligan Custom Cowgirl Training .............23 Storey Horse Training & Boarding ..5 Sun Dun Ranch .............................3 Whetzel Horse Training ...............24


Torklift International ....................19



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Free Coffee an Doughnu d ts !


Spokane: 509-535-0363 5301 E. Broadway, Spokane, WA 99211 Seattle: 206-624-9025 3423 4th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98134


Let our Meyer factory trained service staff prepare One entry per registered owner. Entryexpert deadline is Friday, September 30th, 2011. Drawing to be held 11 a.m.20% Saturday, October 1st, 2011 Plow at WashingtonParts Auto CarriageDuring in Spokane. OFF Clinic All entries are subject installation viability and final determination Washington responsible for payment and reporting of allspot applicable taxes. you for tothe tough winter comingbyour way.Auto Carriage. Some restrictions apply. Winner is solelySpace is limited, so call and reserve your

Door Prizes! 4BUVSEBZ /PWFNCFS UI t 8am to Noon A New Meyer 7.5’ Poly Blade or Home Plow. * Must be present509-535-0363 to win.



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