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Volume 26 • Issue IV

Will Rogers Saddle Co. Mead, Washington

Ann Kirk ~ A Day on the Trail .................... 4 Life with Blue Eyed Wonders Lions and Kigers and Bears, Oh My! .......... 8 Veterinary Knowledge Ageless Horsemanship Horse Owners Preparing for Fall .............. 12 Michelle Binder Cowboy Dressage Here to Stay!............... 16 Baxter Black - On The Edge of Common Sense Veterinary Medicine Ain’t What it Used to Be .......................... 24 IEBCH ~ Riverside State Park Equestrian Area Open House.................................... 32

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The buy, sell and trade love of saddles runs deep in the blood of the Will Rogers family. Will Rogers has a fourth generation learning the trade he started in his basement and a horse trailer on the side of the road in the late 1960’s. Since then, we have grown to be one of the largest saddle and tack stores in the Pacific Northwest. Our store is located in Mead, just 15 minutes north of Spokane, Washington at 13011 N Freya Street. We are open Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm and closed Sunday. We have over 300 new and used saddles in stock and carry saddles from Crates, Tucker, Circle Y, Martin, Courts, Ozark, Bob’s, Cactus, Double J, Bowman, Dale Chavez, American and more! At Will Rogers you can find training equipment and tack for the recreational rider, as well as the professional trainer. We would like to thank our loyal customers, and the ones who just found us, for shopping local! Because of you we are here! Our cover is a picture of Sierra Bos, riding Taga (Gramma’s Horse). Sierra is Will’s great-granddaughter, she is the 2014 Little Miss Rodeo Washington and has been representing Washington State and the sport of rodeo at peewee and junior rodeos.

Will Rogers

Don’t miss the 2015 Little Buck Series gaming event for young riders which happens in April, May & June, just watch our ads for more details! Riders may ride alone or ride leadline. The next clinic is on Saturday, October 4 at the beautiful Easy N Time Ranch (formerly Fairview Stables). This particular clinic is for kids ages 6-11. So come on in, grab a cup of hot coffee and let’s talk horse! For more information about Will Rogers Saddle Company, call 509466-0106, 1-877-707-2801 or visit Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

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Will’s daughter Anita riding Tula, her Quarter Horse at Riverside State Park.

Will’s Great-Granddaughter Skout at the Little Buck Series


Will’s Granddaughter Annie enjoying a trail ride on Norma

MAMA SAID DASHaka Rocket ApHA Reg#910883

2007 Homozygous Black & White Tobiano 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar

Rocket is homozygous for both the tobiano and black gene! Guaranteed color and will never produce a red foal! Rocket has an excellent disposition and great conformation! Rocket’s pedigree includes Nevada War Drum, The Aztec Eagle, QT Poco Streke, Dash for Cash and Beduino just to name a few! His sire, Heza Blue Tomcat, one of the very few true blue roan tobianos, stands at stud in Australia. Rocket’s foals have great conformation, excellent dispositions and beautiful color! If e you are looking for an excellent bred, color guaranteed Book your mar & stallion to breed your mare or mares to in 2015, please 15 20 by Feb 1, $ 00 OFF consider Rocket as you will not be disappointed! 1 receive 2015 Breeding Fee: $500 breeding fee!

Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

POCO BUENOS GHOST aka Casper AQHA Reg#4504586

2004 Cremello Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs “Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition and conformation. He is siring foals that are very easy to train, athletic and the bonus is the color of either buckskin, palomino or the rare smokey black!” Pictured are just two of the outstanding offspring that Casper is siring!

2015 Breeding Fee: $400 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150


C&S paint and Quarter Horse Ranch

Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus!

Elk, WA 99009 • 509 292-1810 (home) 509 220-7712 (cell) •

“Thank you to everyone who bred their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2014 and looking forward to the new foals in 2015! Also thank you to everyone that purchased horses from us this year!” — Charlene & Steve Ulrich


Ann Kirk A Day on the Trail I love trail riding! I specialize in training for trail riding. The majority of my clients want to trail ride. So let’s go on a trail ride. Seldom, if ever, do I just go out, saddle up a horse, get on and go. I ride far too many ‘green-broke’ horses to do that and most of the ‘seasoned’ horses I own, I own because they have issues with the saddle or something that makes them need a little more attention before heading out the gate. So, I normally start my riding experience with a little warm-up time from the ground. This consists of a little close-up bridle work with some sacking out. Then I do some directional control work on a longer line to check for any ‘bubbles’ under the saddle. The amount of time spent doing a warm-up depends on how long it has been since I last rode that particular horse. When all is well, I make sure all 3 dogs are present, open the gate and head out to enjoy a ride in the beautiful woods I call home. I start all my trail riding horses out at a walk. I want them to know that walking is the gait of choice and is the only gait they are allowed to use for a good long while. It is normal for them to try trotting the first few times they go out, but I will stop and back them each time they trot until they realize they are only allowed to walk. If I only bring them back to a walk each time, they have made progress by trotting and it is not as effective as backing. It is so much easier to teach a horse to

My goal is to connect

you with your horse by teaching you sensible,

hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration

Book a Clinic in Your Area and Attend for Free!

walk in the beginning than to try to retrain them to walk after they get the notion they can trot when they want and lope up every hill. There are plenty of methods for speeding a horse up but not so many for slowing them down. I ride by myself a good deal of the time. Though I like riding with others, I would not get too many trail riding horses out on the trails if I waited for company, so most of my training and riding is done alone. I find, in most cases, it is easier to teach speed control while I am alone because the horse is not worried about being left behind or about what the other horses are doing. If I am going to ride with others, I make sure I know what kind of riding they like to do before I go out on the trail with them. If my horse is still in the walking phase, I don’t want to ride with a group that likes to lope at random. I find it wise to apply the buddy system when riding with others. That way I have someone who will stay with me if I need to do something special or spend a little extra time getting my horse safely over a difficult spot in the trail. Spend a little time riding with your buddy before going on a group ride so


and make your

1 DAY TRAIL RIDING CLINIC Saturday, Oct. 4 9am-5pm

partnership possible. You are personally

invited to come and join

this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 4

CUSTOM BARNS N.W. The Strength of Steel and the Beauty of Wood 1-800-853-2276

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Quality Equestrian Products for Personal or Professional Use

Now Offering Pole Buildings


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Stall fronts, dividers & backdoors can be custom made to fit your existing barn! Barn stall interiors can be ordered with or without powder coating.

Standard FeatureS

Galvanized Steel Tube Frame • Breezeway With Sliding Doors 26 Gauge Steel Roofing • Swing Out Feed Doors Pre-Engineered Plans • Installation

Visitors ALWAYS Welcome Call Mike or Cathy for Appointment

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your horses get used to each other and then let the group know what your plan is so they don’t misunderstand if you get behind on the trail. I like to relax on a trail ride and I want my horse relaxed too. But she is not going to be relaxed if she is afraid of being hurt. So I let my horse know right from the start that I am not going to try to ‘cram’ her through anything that she might be frightened of. I accept that she is a prey animal and that she has an excellent sense of hearing and smell, so if she wants to stop because she is concerned about something ahead, I will let her. Keeping her nose pointed towards the scary object or direction, I will just sit and relax. I wait until either she chooses to move forward or I feel her relax and then I ask her to proceed. Just this simple act of respecting her concerns can keep me from creating an unnecessary wreck. If I come upon something that she is afraid of and I pressure her to just do it, I can do some serious damage to her trust and it makes her more anxious about obstacles in general. She may resort to extreme behaviors to avoid being forced over something she perceives as dangerous. Some people think that if they force the horse through once, then the horse will be okay with it the next time. But, adding fear to an

WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses • Horned Cattle Schipperke Dogs Standing: ANADO ACE AQHA Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale 27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espinola), WA 99022

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Shalwyn Arabians

already uncertain horse will only make them worse the next time. Soon, I would have to know my trails and avoid any rides that might have obstacles my horse won’t deal with. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Teaching my horse to calmly negotiate obstacles is a great lesson and well worth my time. When done right, my horse will approach new things with an understanding of what I am going to ask her to do. She will trust that she will be guided, not pressured, through the correct steps. The horse learns to trust my request to approach new things. She gets this respect and trust from having been taught in a safe situation to go over, under and through things she is not familiar with and by learning that she did not get hurt while doing so. The lessons are for the rider as much or more than the horse. The rider learns how to approach an unfamiliar setting in a manner that allows the horse time to negotiate it calmly and safely. The horse, in turn learns to approach the next object in a calmer, more confident manner. It will soon become apparent that it is really not about the particular obstacle you are working with but about teaching your horse a pattern for dealing with whatever obstacle or environmental setting you might come in contact with in your daily travels. Building trust is priceless and develops confidence for the future. If my horse gets too excited about something while I am in the saddle, I can step down, work through the bridle exercises from the ground and then remount. I can work her over or through a trail obstacle from the ground and then remount and do it successfully. I know there are many that would disagree but I have found there are no trophies given for getting hurt on my horse. I have ridden horses all my life and want to for many more years, so riding smart and not getting majorly hurt is very important to me. So, if that means I have to step off and work some things through from the ground, I will do that and my horse will be better for it. If you would like to come join me for a trail ride, come to my Fall Trail Riding Clinic on October 4. We will be spending the day on the trails, improving our communication skills and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Details are on my website. Until, next time… God Bless Ann Kirk is available for Sensible Horsemanship Clinics or Workshops in your area. For more information and other Sensible Horsemanship articles, go to Beginning Sensible Horsemanship is available in a DVD series with a new addition — Sensible Trailer Loading.


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16hh, Bay Arabian Stallion • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire and Witez II owners network

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October 11-12, 2014 Slide Creek Arena Colville WA

Saturday & Sunday

Sponsored by Relational Riding Academy andoct. Leeanne Shannon inLAnD nw 11-12, 2014



Are you reADy For the Cowboy DreSSAge worLD FinALS? Test your skills at the Inland NW

Cowboy DreSSAge FALL Dressage the Cowboy gAthering

Cowboy Dressage Fal Slide Creek Arena Colville, wA October

11-12, 201

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relational riding Academy Sacramento, CA 7:00-8:30pm Monday and nights Enter online at wednesday

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Cheney, wA 99004 509.290.4301 Coached Practices at: Creek Arena Relational RidingSlide Academy or — Call to schedule 7:00-8:30pm print the entry form 997 Slide Creek rd Monday andCD Wednesday nights the website mail rm from from the website andand mail your check to INW Gathering Colville wA 99114 your check to 509.680.4584 3714 W Anderson Rd inw CD gathering Cheney, WA 99004

ne at

Call for information at 509-290-4301 509.290.4301or 509-680-4584 Coached Practices at: SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 7


Slide Creek Arena

Slide Cal

997 Colv 50 Lcshan

Lions and Kigers and Bears, Oh My!

Krisean Performance Horses “Life With the Blue-Eyed Wonders” by Jill Smith 15221 N. Shady Slope Road, Spokane, WA 99208 • 509-466-4612 •

I had just finished reading up on the plight of wild mustangs in the US and decided it was time to check on my own herd of wildly crazy stallions. It seemed awfully quiet down by the stallion corrals. Never a good sign at my ranch! I rounded the barn corner and stopped dead in my tracks. My handsome, courageous, perlino Quarter Horse stallion, Commander, was head down, shaking all over and literally sobbing horse tears out of his blue eyes! I ran over and put my arm around his neck. “Commander, boy, what on earth is the matter?” I hurriedly asked. There is a benefit to having a talking horse who you can actually ask questions. The draw back is sometimes I don’t want to hear the answers! “They say there are tigers at the ranch! And I know tigers can take down a grown horse and consume him!” Commander shuddered. “And there are THREE of them out there somewhere!” “What! Did a circus lose them or just how did tigers get here?” I was looking over my shoulder too, expecting a pouncing tiger at any minute. Commander stopped shuddering, cocked his head, and gave me a withering look. “I heard that YOU brought them here! Are you wildly crazy to put us all in such peril??” Well that left me momentarily speechless which is a rare event. Then I slowly smiled to myself. I did know what he was talking about. A quote from the Wizard of Oz went through my mind. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” I quoted to my big white horse. “Commander, I didn’t bring tigers to the ranch, I brought KIGERS to the ranch. There are three Kiger Mustangs in the front pasture.” “What’s a Kiger Mustang? They’re all mares, right?” His interest level had accelerated rapidly. “Well, let me tell you about Kigers.” I quickly said before he found out that they weren’t all mares and the mares weren’t his anyway. Kiger Mustangs … intelligent, beautiful, versatile athletes are considered “living genetic treasures” that embody the very essence of what it means to be called a horse. Most wild mustangs are of mixed bloodlines and exhibit a wide variety of colors and body styles. However the wild Kiger Mustangs possess many characteristics of the original Spanish Mustang. When the Spaniards set out to conquer the New World in the 1600’s, they brought their horses with them. These carefully bred descendants of the early Iberian horse had carried many a warrior into battle and proved themselves as sturdy, sure-footed and intelligent mounts. When these conquering steeds of European history stepped foot on to the New World soil, it wasn’t long before they were duly noted by the Native Americans as an essential “must have”! The influence of the ridden horse spread rapidly throughout southwestern lands. American settlers and Natives alike rapidly mounted themselves on these sturdy war horses to wage war for the land they claimed as their own. It just

might be that the conquering Spanish were defeated with the very animal they themselves brought to accomplish that job! American ingenuity at its best! The American cowboy and rancher used the descendants of this original Spanish import to work the land, carry them miles across the vast west and round up and drive the cattle that they raised. Escaped horses became the basis for the wild mustang herds. The name Mustang came about as an English language slang term for mesteno which meant “wild” or “unclaimed” horse in Spanish. As humans are apt to do, ranchers began to think of “improving” the horses that they rode and started cross breeding new bloodlines into the original Spanish line. The wild mustang herds became increasingly diluted in their bloodlines and it was thought that by the early 1900’s, the original, pure Spanish bloodline was pretty much extinct. Then in 1971, Ron Harding from the BLM discovered a small band of isolated horses in southeastern Oregon that were to become known as the Kiger Mustangs. All had a similar dun color, same conformation and had the distinct markings known as the dun factor, just like the original Spanish imports! DNA testing showed that they carry a high degree of Spanish “blood”. To preserve this unique and rare bloodline, it was decided that the small herd of original Kigers would be separated from other mustangs and the BLM placed two groups in different

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses Coco & Aaron Spurway 19312 N. Madison Road Mead, WA 99021 Home of

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e l b a AvaiNlOW!

from Hidden

Meadows Ranch





















FANCINESS Out of Northlands Fancy (TB), T0554611 NORTHLANDS SONATA, AQHA #X076384




Out of Chopper Ladylaura (TB), T0569542 PIPPY LONGSOCKS, AQHA #X075166









TENDER FORCE CARLESE Out of Rare Force (TB), T0554604 DELTA BAR FORCE, AQHA #X0713521




$ Out of Northlands Fancy (TB), T0554611 2,000 NORTHLANDS SARABANDE, AQHA #X0713590









$ Out of Northlands Fancy (TB), T0554611 1,500 NORTHLANDS DANDY, AQHA #(applied for)

All of these fabulous prospects were imprint - trained at birth. All know much more at this stage of their lives than many horses know at maturity. See videos and photos of all these royally bred horses at Full length DVD available upon request Hidden Meadows Ranch, LLC SPOKANE, WASHINGTON • 509-747-5273 SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 9

fenced Horse Management Areas (HMAs). Today approximately 33 to 56 head are managed in the 28,000 acre Riddle Mountain HMA and approximately 60 to 80 exist in the 37,0000 acre Kiger HMA. Two herds were established in case an unforeseen natural disaster wiped out one herd. Every four years the herd is thinned and some outstanding Kiger Mustang are made available at auction to the public. According to the Kiger Mesteno Association, the Kiger breed standard is a mustang carrying the dun factor, ranging from 13 to just over 15 hands high with good saddle conformation. In general, the Kiger Mustang should be compact, light to moderately muscled, smooth and stylish in appearance. Kigers have clean, dense bone with sufficient substance, well developed joints and tendons, and a fine coat. They have good legs and medium sized hooves with a thick wall. Their eyes are big, wide set and prominent. Kigers also have distinctly hooked ear tips and fine muzzles. Temperament wise, the Kigers are very intelligent, learn extremely fast and are noted for stamina and toughness both in modern day and Spanish legend. The Kiger Mustang is truly a versatile athlete that can be found in Western Pleasure arenas, dressage competitions and trail classes or simply out on the range bringing in the cows. From driving, performance and pleasure to endurance and cutting….the Kiger Mustang seems to be able to do it all. I could see Commander digesting all this Kiger talk and trying to decide just how a Quarter Horse was better than a Kiger. Then his blue eyes lit up and he mused, “So I’ll be seeing these Kiger mares close up then?”

Not exactly, I thought as my intention was to cross my Kiger mares on my Arab race stallion, Timer, to produce great endurance horses. And then there was the issue that…one of the Kigers was a stallion that I was totally entranced with. He was going to see my Arab race mares. “So Commander, when you were so afraid thinking there were tigers here, didn’t you worry about your mares?” I tactfully took a diverting line of thought. “Oh, I thought about the mares, I figured the tigers would get them first as I’m sure they can’t run as fast as me.” Commander honestly responded not having a clue that the Arab race mares would have left him in their dust! “So now about all these Kiger mares…” “Ok, Commander, I have to tell you one of them is a very nice Kiger stallion. I’m sure Tesoro can tell you some great old Spanish legends.” I just avoided the mare issue for now. “Holy blue eyed smoke, another stallion is worse than a tiger!!!” He snorted and headed down the pasture. Then stopping and whirling around, with blue eyes opened wide he faintly asked, “Now what about those lions and bears you mentioned?!” Jill Smith is a Spokane, WA entrepreneur, international business owner, artist/potter and cowgirl at heart. She raises Arabian racehorses, Arabian/Quarter Horses, palominos and Cremellos/Perlinos. High N Command (pen name, Commander) is a smart-talking AQHA perlino stallion, constantly trolling for mares. Visit our web site at: www.

horse training, lessons & Clinics All breeds, most disciplines reserve Your training spot asaP!

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nd ANNUAL WSU nd 1st 2 1st ANNUAL WSU 2 CORE COURSE ROTATING COURSE ACTIVITIES horse course horse course

LECTURE TOPICS •Physical Exam and First Aid

•Foaling and Neonatal Care

Is my horse healthy? How can I tell? Dentistry The Importance of Dental Care



•Vaccinations and Deworming

•Chiropractics Endoscopic Exam Demo

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014anymore Nutritionguidelines for the Pacific Northwest Current It's not just for humans SEPTEMBER 7, 2013

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 nd ANNUAL nd ANNUAL SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 1st 1st WSU WSU 2 2 nd ANNUAL •Dentistry •Geriatric Care CORE COURSE ROTATING COURSE 1st WSU 2horse The importance horse of dental care Proper management for the aging horse course course Proper Nutrition and What a Feed Tag Can Tell Us


Equine Treadmill Demo

horse course

Silent Auction How to Prevent Foot Problems LECTURE TOPICS ACTIVITIES CORE COURSE ROTATING •Physical Exam and First Aid •Foaling and Neonatal CareCOURSE HOSTED BY to THEensure HOSTED STUDENT BYCHAPTER THE STUDENT CHAPTER OF Is my horse healthy? How can I tell? How your foal isOF healthy Teaching Hospital Tour Dentistry Vaccinations and Deworming •Lameness and Pre-Purchase •Hoofcare Information Booth Exhibit Area THE AMERICAN THE ASSOCIATION AMERICANVeterinary ASSOCIATION OF EQUINE PRACTITIONERS OF THE EQUINE PRACTITIONERS LECTURE TOPICS ACTIVITIES HOSTED BY STUDENT CHAPTER OF •Physical Exam and First Aid •Foaling and Neonatal CareExams

The Importance Dental Care foot problems How toofprevent Trusted and new technology for THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OFtechniques EQUINE PRACTITIONERS •Vaccinations and Deworming •Chiropractics Is my horse healthy? How can I tell? How toDemo ensure your2014 foal is healthy Endoscopic Exam SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 27, Emergency and First Aid Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour Dentistry

locating lameness Nutritionguidelines for the Pacific Northwest SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 Happy Hour7, (kid2013 friendly) afterward Current It's not just for humans anymore Emergency and First Aid for Your Horse

SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 The Nutrition Importance of Dental Care Proper and What a Feed Tag Can Tell Us ACTIVITIES SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 atDemo a local brewery Equine Treadmill •Vaccinations and Deworming •Chiropractics ACTIVITIES Endoscopic Exam Demo •Dentistry •Geriatric Care CORE COURSE CORE COURSE ROTATING ROTATING COURSE COURSE

Hoofcare •Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour Colic Signs and Surgery Nutrition Current guidelines for the Pacific Northwest It's not just humans anymore The importance of dental care Proper management for for the aging horse CORE COURSE ROTATING COURSE Silent Auction How to Prevent FootTOPICS Problems Colic: Signs to Watch For What Happens LECTURE LECTURE TOPICS ACTIVITIES Proper Nutrition and What aand Feed Tag Can TellAid Us ACTIVITIES •Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour •Physical Exam •Physical and First Exam Aid and First •Foaling and •Foaling Neonatal and Care Neonatal Care •Toxic Plants of the Palouse Equine Treadmill Demo If horse My Horse Needs Surgery? LECTURE TOPICS ACTIVITIES •Physical Exam and Aid •Foaling and Care Is my healthy? Is my How horse can healthy? I tell?First How can I tell? How to ensure your How foal to ensure is healthy yourNeonatal foal is healthy Veterinary Teaching Veterinary Hospital Teaching Tour Hospital TourExams Dentistry Dentistry Vaccinations and Deworming •Lameness and Pre-Purchase •Hoofcare •Dentistry •Geriatric •Acupuncture Information Exhibit Area Is myofhorse healthy? How can I tell? How to Booth ensure yourCare foal is healthy •Equine Treadmill Demo Hoofcare Veterinary Teaching Hospital Tour Dentistr y The Importance Dental The Care Importance of Dental Care How toimportance prevent footDeworming problems Trusted techniques and new technology for aging horse Toxic Plants The of Care dental Proper management for the •Vaccinations •Vaccinations and and care Deworming •Chiropractics of Dental Silent Auction Endoscopic •Chiropractics Exam Endoscopic Demo Exam Demo HowThe to Importance Prevent Foot Problems •Echocardiogram Emergency and First Aid •Internal Organ Anatomy locating lameness Toxicguidelines Plants of the Palouse Nutrition Nutrition •Vaccinations and Deworming •Chiropractics Happy Hour (kid friendly) afterward Current Current for the guidelines Pacific Northwest for the Pacific Northwest It's not just for humans It's not just anymore for humans anymore Endoscopic Exam Demo Emergency and First Aida for Your Proper Nutrition and What Proper Nutrition Feed TagHorse and Can What Tellthe Usa Feed Tag CanNorthwest Tell Us ACTIVITIES Nutrition Current guidelines for Pacific not just for humans anymore •Lameness Locator Did I hear lung or small intestine? at aIt's local brewery Equine Treadmill Demo Equine Treadmill Demo Proper Nutrition and and What a Feed Tag Can Tell Us Vaccinations Deworming • Lameness and Pre-Purchase Exams •Hoofcare ACTIVITIES Information Booth Exhibit Area •Dentistry •Dentistry •Geriatric Care •Geriatric Care Equine Treadmill Demo Hoofcare •Veterinary Hospital Tour Colic Signs Teaching andHoofcare Surgery •Dentistry •Geriatric Care The importance The of dental importance care of dental care Proper management Proper for management the aging horse for the aging horse How to prevent foot problems Trusted techniques and new technology for Hoofcare Silent Auction Silent Auction Hospital Tour How to Signs PreventtoFoot Problems HowFor to Prevent Foot Problems Colic: Watch and What Happens •Veterinary Teaching The importance of dental Proper for the aging horse •Toxic Plants of Surgery? the Palouse Silentmanagement Auction How Needs to Prevent Foot Problems Emergency and First Aid care If My Horse locating lameness Happy Hour (kid friendly) Vaccinations and Vaccinations Deworming Deworming •Lameness and •Lameness Pre-Purchase and Pre-Purchase Exams Examsafterward •Hoofcare •Hoofcare •Acupuncture Information Information Exhibit Area Booth Exhibit Area Emergency and First Aid forand Your Horse •Equine Treadmill Demo ACTIVITIES Vaccinations Deworming •Booth Lameness and Pre-Purchase Exams •Hoofcare Information Booth Exhibit Area How to preventHow foot and to problems prevent foot problems Trusted techniques Trusted and techniques new and new for technology for Toxic Plants at atechnology local brewery



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Horse Owners Preparing for Fall

veterinary knowledge

agel e s s

Dr. Bob Peters, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital


Once again fall is sneaking up on us. It seems that every year I only get to whine about the heat for a couple of days and poof…summer is over. Fall is my favorite time of year. Clear “sunny and 75” kind of days. Crisp mornings, October Dr. Bob Peters, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital Caddis hatches on the river… Back to work! So, what is it specifically that we as horse owners need to be concerned about for fall? Well nothing really. It is that season after fall (I won’t mention) that we are preparing for. First of all, we do fall Flu and Rhino booster vaccinations. Flu and especially Rhino have short efficacy from a vaccination standpoint. Most Flu vaccines are only effective for a maximum of 6 months. Rhino vaccines last for an even shorter period of time. We recommend a fall Flu/Rhino booster for most horses. If your horse lives at home and is not ever exposed to other horses, over the fence, trail riding with others, going to shows, etc... then the booster vaccine is not necessary. For all other horses, it is necessary.

OAk SuRRy WAgOn With FRinge tOp

Custom built wagon, seats 8-10, rear entry provides easy access for passengers. Very nice condition. Requires work harness…we have several sets of complete work harness available. Health forces sale. Warren and Sylvia Riddle • Spokane, WA


We recommend deworming with either an Ivermectin product or Quest after the first hard frost in the fall. Those two products are the only two that are effective at killing Bot larvae that have attached themselves to the lining in your horse’s stomach. If you wait till after a hard frost or two, the Bot fly population will have died off and, obviously, will no longer be able to deposit their eggs. For those of you who do not know, Bot eggs are the little yellow dots usually found on the front legs of your horse. The eggs themselves must be removed also. If you deworm, but do not remove the eggs, your horse will quickly be re-infected with Bot larvae and your treatment will have been wasted. Finally, nutritional assessment is vital at this time of year. This is especially true for the geriatric population of horses. We end up doing a lot of dental work, particularly on older horses, this time of year. That is necessary to prepare them for the long cold season ahead. A horse should go into winter with a body condition score of at least 5. It is preferable for them to have a body score of 6 so that they have a buffer against the cold. The average horse, in warm weather, needs to consume about 2 percent of their body weight of quality hay per day just to maintain their weight. For a 1,000 lb. horse that amounts to 20 lbs. of hay. Remember those numbers are for warm weather and not being worked. If a horse is being worked, it needs more than that. Cold weather also requires more than the base line. Also, those are maintenance numbers, not weight gain numbers. If your horse is a little thin right now you only have about a month to add weight before the cold hits and it becomes much more difficult to achieve weight gain. As crazy as it seems, blanketing your horse overnight, even at this time of year, will help with weight gain. If you are feeding your horse adequate amounts of feed, it should be gaining weight; but if it is not, I recommend you have their teeth checked and possibly have blood work done also. All this talk makes it seem like the riding season is over. Well it certainly is not! Get out there and ride every chance you get. It is a beautiful time of year in the Northwest to enjoy with your equine buddies! — Dr. Peters

Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Misty Parker, DVM • Robert K. Schneider, DVM Jake Lynch, DVM 509-928-MPEH (6734) • Email:


Give us your truck for two days this fall SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 13

Many Thanks to all of the Mare & stallion Owners who helped make our MPeH Breeding season such a wonderful success! Mare Owners Martha & Brian abbott wendy & Kelley allen Candi anderson Craig & robyn anderson Mary Balsack Vibiana Beaudette andia & Kevin Blenz annie & Pete Bowes Lori Bowkett Kellie Bretthauer Vicky & Todd Bush shannon Carr roxanne Conrad Larry Davis Therese & ed DenikeBig D ranch sara Derr suzy Dix Kathy eickerman Ginger & allen Failor steve FlahertyFlaherty ranch Cathy & Mike FrankBaF Performance Horses Jessica Gainer

staphanie Grubb sonja Hagen Philip Haney & Margaret rogers Leeann Hancock

Kerry Green Zelda ebg skys Blue Dove Jettets Major Quincy Velvet and scotch GG Diamond Lilly nudel winnegan winzla serve the Queen ain’t she Fine Boys Potentially all That sandman’s Goldilocks Blair’s Big easy Joey Joi Lexi abdullah alexandra Kerry Green Lavita Loca Mary’s aTM a silver Dash a silver Flash Puerto nuevo Jubi Claudia Lillabeth ruby angel wind Calliways Voodoo Lady Foxie Moxie Boomin Dun It Juanita Chic Olena Busy smokin Cuddle Up with Cash Hollywood Hotty Honey Qube slew Dakota Fritz sage Velvet’s Top Drift rosalia Gold Cool to Kiss elusives Feona she’s something Cool Zippos white Bar

Kimberly & Keith Harmon sue & Greg Harmon ruth Hartman Donna Heinen allie & Prent Helinski Mary anne Hume Laurie Kelly ron Knutsonspringtone ranch

Cindy Lane elizabeth Lauber suzanne Leupold

Kim Linke stacey Lish stephanie & Ivan Maeda Cindy Malott Katie Mayland Holly Mayr Tom McClellan Julia & Mike McCormack Hannah McKinney Jackie & James Meffen Katherine Merck syrene & Greg Miller

Playboy’s Kenmar Golden Gal winter sprite Pursuant Bad Mary Peppys Image Lynx CP Hoot Ta Boot Dior weltee Girl Delightful Bay Joy rhapsody Cali California reys Double L Lena J Bars Fancy Boon Jae Bars Tule Maise’s Fancy Kat Ms smarty rey rey Cee sue smart Little Maisie Maggie Joi Kiltealy Minty Phin savana Jasmine a Classical sister Bella sugar rush Doll sable shawny First Lady Hero’s e-Motion Chex Me again Ima Darkelly Gal sweet Beau Ties Holly Pine Dun It sultan’s Courageous Dawn Tuckleberry whiz

Kindra & Dan Morse Chasin straw Flys Marion O’ConnorDakaris Cocolalla Creek sport Horses Katchina Plum naked Prada raspberry Beret safari white romance Gretchen Olson all aquiver


Mare Owners Cont’d Trina Olson Katrina O’neal Leslie Payne Darlene Pessein Delci Plouffe Brandy & nick Popelier sharon & norm Poser Tracy Puthoff Molly rennie Charlotte roseburg Christine schaller Kim schulz nicole schutte

sandra & Mike sicilia angie & Tracy squires Kelsie staeheli Tom steffen noretta strizke Holly Turney Terry wetzler sara Zwarg

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resident stallion: Dun Goin steady Gina Loper – Duns & roses ranch Martha abbott Tina Beamer ron Beck Michelle Bournonville Julie Cathey sherri Boito-Hibbs Larry Davis Mike & Cathy Frank Heather Granier stephanie Grubb sonja Hagen Kimberly & Keith Harmon Debi Krieger Jake Masterson Virginia McGovern Leslie Payne Jill smith Kelsey staehli noreeta stritzke Jim & Jess walker

everybody’s Callin Danaway sunny sucha Knockout Midnight sun ranch Vimto Barlinks Dusty rose Ferrari Ore Grade nu steps To Cash CUsHTI Bok Perfect storm spin It n whiz It & The southern Playboy Lady Hot rodder Playboy’s Cascade Gold Toscafire shiner’s Diamond sun Fuel On Deck sareei High In Command & Golden Vagdhan sun sambasco Paridox Gold Coin

for the Love of Horses…

Jed McKinlay, DVM u Bob Peters, DVM u Misty Parker, DVM robert schneider, DVM, Diplomat aCVs u Jake Lynch, DVM

509-928-6734 u for the Love of Horses… Please visit our website for more information on all of our services

6100 N. Harvard Rd. Newman Lake, WA SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 15

5022 E. Ballard Rd. Colbert, WA

Cowboy Dressage: Here to Stay!


hat is Cowboy Dressage? According to its tagline, it’s what you do “When Dressage suits your needs but a Stetson suits your lifestyle.” Cowboy Dressage is Dressage with a unique court specially designed for Western horses. The brainchild of horseman Eitan Beth-Halachmy, it is a fusion of good Western horsemanship, classical dressage Eitan Beth-Halachmy principles and a philosophy of living that brings to mind a time when a person’s word was trustworthy, a code of honor was respected and community was a way of life. Cowboy Dressage has expanded so fast it is difficult to keep up with all the new places that have chapters springing up. A growing international presence, Cowboy Dressage is now making its way into the Inland Northwest with barns in Colville, Cheney, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Potlatch and other locations practicing the discipline, having fun riding their Western horses and learning basic Dressage. The mission and vision of Cowboy Dressage begins with a concept Eitan calls “Soft Feel.” It is the foremost principle of Cowboy Dressage. “Soft Feel” means respectful communication back and forth between horse and rider where the rider has the sensitivity and awareness to feel, receive, and respond to messages the horse gives back. In Eitan’s own words, “Soft Feel represents the highest achievement between horse and rider. There are no short cuts on the road to its success. It is a pure partnership built on trust and reward. Soft Feel is accomplished when full use of the riders correct aids have maintained the horse in balance, cadence and carriage. When a horse is taught to “balance himself” and not rely on the riders hands to hold him in frame, “lightness” occurs. For me, Soft Feel represents my own journey in horsemanship. It is what I wish to accomplish with each horse I train. The principles of Dressage are the foundation of Soft Feel. The western is the freedom to ride it.” (Eitan Beth-Halachmy) How do you describe “Soft Feel?” It is important to note that Eitan distinguishes between “Soft Feel” and no contact when he says “Soft Feel” is not no feel. “Light or soft contact does not mean you throw or pitch the reins away and allow the horse to carry himself on the forehand. It means what it says, Light/Soft contact. You can’t ride with Soft Feel if your seat, hands and aids are not being correctly used. Soft Feel is the end result of all aids in proper use, balance, rhythm and partnership.” ( How is Cowboy Dressage related to “real” Dressage training? It is real Dressage training, for Western horses. Important concepts like relaxation, the timing and use of the aids, release of those aids, preparation and execution of movements are all fundamental to the development of the Cowboy Dressage horse. Training seeks a sense of

By Michelle Binder partnership, lightness and harmony between horse and rider as well as proper balance, cadence, rhythm, carriage, control and a smooth overall performance. Horses should appear in elegant self-carriage with engaged haunches, elevated withers and poll, and without tension on the reins. Sounds like classical Dressage… What breeds can do Cowboy Dressage? All breeds of horses are participating in the work so the focus is on quality of movement. It is a tough job for judges to look at the relaxed frame of a Quarter Horse next to the relaxed frame of a Saddlebred; the stride length of a Warmblood next to that of the Morgan; the head and neck carriage of an Arabian next to an Appaloosa, so the judging is based on scoring the horse that exemplifies the best qualities of their breed. Judges must also look for seamless execution of the elements of the test, willingness of the horse, a square stop, performance of The unique Cowboy free, working and collected Dressage Court

PINE TRAILS RANCH Performance Quarter Horses For Sale We have mares, geldings, yearlings, weanlings & stallion prospects Bloodlines of High Brow Cat, Docs Oak, Shining Spark, Docs Hickory & More Standing Dregers Caty Chex & Oak N Stars

Training Available Brandon Sprague • 509-939-1711 • Mead, Washington



Size! Any Style ! Any Option! A









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frames of the horse, round must appear in Western 10 meter or 20 meter attire. From there the rules circles, smooth transitions allow much in the way from walk to jog or jog to of freedom and variation. lope, turn on the haunches, This is for sure part of the turn on the forehand, fun of Cowboy Dressage. a clear four beat walk, Standard Western attire two beat jog and a real, might include jeans, boots, balanced three beat lope. western hat, long-sleeved Strong emphasis is put on shirt and appointments the horse having energetic like neckties, bolo ties, active gaits, and freedom and vests. Youth riders in the neck. Horses with are encouraged to wear this kind of training show protective headgear and “adjustability”, that is adults may choose to wear The Cowboy Challenge Court Jeff Sanders of Nevada riding the ability to shorten or helmets as well without lengthen the topline of the horse as well as the stride within discrimination in judging. In some divisions, riding skirts for a gait with no change in the rate at which the feet strike the women and vaquero style clothing and tack are appropriate ground. and encouraged as well. Riders may choose chinks or chaps How do you train your horse for Cowboy Dressage? but they are not required. Cowboy Dressage is sensible training for Western horses that What kind of tack is used in Cowboy Dressage? Any results in a soft, obedient equine partner, beautiful, elegant standard stock type saddle with a horn may be used. Silver riders, and harmonious relationship between the two. The is not necessary and a good working outfit, in good repair competitive levels within Cowboy Dressage are designed and well fitted just makes good sense. Western bits are to evaluate a horse that is developing over time and the considered to include both curb bits and snaffles and bosal multiple divisions to accommodate the many different breeds hackamores are allowed on any age of horse. Western bridles of horses working. Tests been developed for gaited horses may include a Western style cavesson as well. One burning too. Great care is being taken to create a discipline that question frequently asked is, “Can I use 2 hands on the curb?” is “horse friendly” and the number one rule that all other The answer is yes. This issue is being discussed throughout rules are designed to uphold is “Be nice to your horse.” the Western Dressage world and, while controversial, only Riders are penalized for excessive use of whips, spurs or North American Western Dressage requires the use of only bits, and for riding a horse with its face behind the vertical. one hand on the reins. The complete rules regarding tack No devices or appliances that are designed to alter or make and appointments are available at the Cowboy Dressage a horse carry itself in an unnatural way are allowed, and website and deserve a thorough reading. horses are encouraged to move freely forward in a relaxed Cowboy Dressage is asking the world to take a look and unconstrained way. at how Western horses are ridden and trained. More What are the shows like? Cowboy Dressage has 7 different importantly, as a discipline it provides an alternative to divisions that include Walk/Jog, Walk/Jog/Lope, the very other Western disciplines. It is viable for every horse, fun for popular “Challenge Court”, Gaited Horse classes, an in-hand riders of all ages, well thought out and, if the speed of its division called Partnership on the Ground, even a Vaquero growth is telling the tale, a long awaited, refreshing avenue division. The Freestyle class features the Cowboy Dressage for training and developing western horses and riders. To movements and figures ridden to music and allows riders find out more and to check it out completely, visit www. to showcase their horse’s talents. In Cowboy Dressage competition, riders execute “tests” based on the riding of figures reminiscent of Dressage but which also incorporate familiar Western movements like turns and backing to test Home of Upriver Morgans rider’s skills and the training of the horses. Tests may be called for the riders so if the test pattern slips away from their n Limited stalls available n Convenient wash rack/ memory due to nerves, the caller is right there to support the heated water n Trained stock for sale execution of the test. Each ride is evaluated individually and n 3 tack rooms & some cross n 12x12 matted box stalls the judge scores each element of the test in just the same tie areas (Some paddocks) way a Dressage test is judged. Marks from 1-10 are given and reflect how well the rider has fulfilled the requirements n Daily turn-out may be included n Safe fencing throughout of the test. The rider is also given several additional scores n Harness training & instruction n 65’x144’ covered arena that reflect how well they produced the way of going in the n 55’ round pen with solid walls — Appointments Please — horse that is desirable for the discipline. Sounds a lot like Dressage… 3001 N. Idaho Rd Liberty Lake, WA 99019 509-926-0028 What do you wear for Cowboy Dressage? Horses and riders Easy access: 1 mile from I-90, Exit 299 - Liberty Lake, WA

Upriver Stables


Don’t Forget!



Fall Extravaganza

Saturday, October 18 • Sunday, October 19

Horses & People Welcom e! Come See Us!

PREvIEW: Saturday, 8am • OPEN CONSIgNMENT SALE: Sunday, 9am All breeds of horses & mules accepted CATALOgED HORSE SALE: Saturday, 12pm, Catalog deadline September 1

View catalog online at Questions or more information: Horse Sale Manager, Tyler Morgan 509-830-2320

Topping the May Extravaganza Sale was IA Buckaroo Boots, a 7-year-old buckskin gelding who was dead broke and pretty to boot! Shown in the heeling preview and honest as they come. This good gelding was consigned by Wayne and Bonnie Hamlin of Hermiston, Oregon.

Where we set the Standards for the Rest… attended by Thousands of Buyers! Two Arenas • Roping Cattle • Heading • Heeling • Cutting • Pleasure • Trail • Reining • Barrels This is the place to get the most for your money when selling your horse. We’re established in the Northwest!

PO Box 1671, Hermiston, OR 97838 Northwest Livestock Co. Exit 180 on I-84 (Westlund Rd. Exit) Hermiston, OR

Complete Catalog, Entry Forms, Directions and Hotel Accommodations available at:



Certified WEED FREE Grass Hay! Certified Weed Free Chopped Grass Hay-Mix of High Quality Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass & Tall Fescue.

Also Available – Chopped Alfalfa! High quality second cutting alfalfa is a great source of high protein. Great for Picky or Sensitive Eaters!

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Chopped Straw Animal Bedding ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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Available at Your Local Feed & Pet Store. Check our website for a store near you:

A Sincere and Hearty Recommendation To all horse lovers, owners and equestrians: First, let’s be clear that this “letter of recommendation” is completely unsolicited. The equestrian we speak of here has no knowledge whatsoever that I am placing this “message” on his behalf. I have pursued horsemanship for nearly 50 years; we raise, train and sell AQHA Appendix Registered Quarter Horses. Most of my own horse work (and enjoyment!) is related to cattle ranching and wilderness pack trips. Due to professional obligations, building a new house, family matters and more, I found myself with a backlog of horses to train. To accomplish it all this summer, I sought help. I was considering taking on a training intern but, as luck would have it, I found a consummate professional who had been away from training horses for a while and had the time to come to work for me for the summer. His name is George Gouvas. After working directly, day after day with him for over two months now, I can say he is as fine a trainer and teacher of horses as I have ever encountered. George has acquired skills in horse training from seemingly every quarter, every school of thought and style. He has ‘tact’: knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it; with patience and persistence. He and I have shared much knowledge and many “tricks” and tactics. However, I believe I have learned more from him than he has from me. Above all else, George is aided and guided by a true love of equines. George and I have worked together this summer on everything from foals to yearlings to two and three year olds to mature horses. We will be able to offer these horses for sale this fall, each of them knowing all and much more than might be expected of them at their various ages. I am so very pleased and I credit George Gouvas, with his skill, work ethic and professionalism for helping me arrive at this point … earlier and more completely than I could have done it myself. Regardless of the age of your horse or his background, regardless of the problem(s) you might be encountering, I encourage you to contact George Gouvas. Even if you live outside northeast Washington, George’s complete horsemanship is “worth the haul”. And, don’t wait ‘til your horses are age two or more to get them started. Have him spend a little time with your young ones when they are foals, weanlings and yearlings. This will pay major “dividends” as time goes by. George is also an expert in the care of horses’ hooves and related matters. George Gouvas can be contacted at 509-680-1883 or 509-675-1439. Sincerely,


877-885-2064 208-274-4632

Craig Volosing Hidden Meadows Ranch • 509-747-5273 SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 20

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LMF Feeds difference.

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7 Year Old Palomino Gelding

A bit of info on us: Mike purchased Bananza, Bar Fly Bailey, Steel Bars, Red Bert MCcue, his first Registered Quarter Horse Mare in 1965, by the name of Miss Poco Zero with bloodlines of Poco Pete, Poco Jacket, Mitts Butcher and Butcher Boy. I have concentrated on raising foundation bred horses that are capable of excelling in any performance program, arena, ranch, trail or other discipline that you may perfer. I list only the bloodlines that appear on registration papers of our Stallions, Mares and Colts. Three Bars, Sugar Bars, Joe Reed 11, Leo, Hollywood Jac 86, Coy's

Go Man Go, Depth Charge and several other proven bloodlines. all Horses shown and listed are born and raised on the Marmon oxbar ranch in ronan, Montana. Most of our horses have sugar Bars or leo closeup in their pedigrees. Please contact Mike with questions about breeding and or sales prospects. All of our 2006 and 2007 foals carry the AQHA Champion Sugar Bars on their papers.

See videos on our website:

406-676-3043 I 1-800-897-6452


On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe by Baxter Black, DVM

Veterinary Medicine Ain’t What It Used To Be! Over the years the number of large animal veterinarians has steadily declined. It is most evident in rural America and Canada. Many factors have contributed to this decline; the greatest is the change in the profession itself. The cost of schooling is daunting. The severe decline of male students til they are only 20% of the enrollment. The low number of “farm kids” that are interested in vet school, and the changing attitude of the graduates themselves. Back in the “good ol’ days” a rural veterinarian was on call 24/7. His life was controlled by the phone. It was hectic; days off, vacations, meetings, birthday parties and church was always planned with the knowledge that Dad might not be there. These vets were, what some would call dedicated, but most would recognize as workaholics. The new generation wants to “have a life!” Family time, days off, no night calls and a decent wage are part of their plan.

All of these factors have combined to fuel the decline in the number of rural veterinarians. But there is another large factor that has always been discouraging to rural vets, that is the reluctance of farmers and ranchers to willingly pay the vet a “reasonable fee.” Livestock have a calculable value, expressed as per head or dollars per pound. With the exception of the occasional ranch horse, there is no anthropomorphological attachment as exists in the pet world. This has always lead the cowman to try and treat the animal himself. If the critter dies, it only evens out what the vet would charge…no loss. But in the last three years things have changed! Droughts, herd depletion, and demand for beef of all kinds have caused the value of cattle to soar! Business for rural veterinarians has picked up and continues to grow. Maybe there’s hope. But the good cowman is being backed into a corner. He considers himself capable of pulling a calf, or treating the scours, deciding what vaccine to use, at least he always has…he even did a Caesarian once…’course the cow was dead. He’s a hard workin’, stubborn, do-it-yerself, thrifty cowman and it bothers him to ask for help, especially if it costs money! It goes against his cowboy mentality. What are the odds? “Harold, she’s been tryin’ to calve since noon. He’s worth 500 bucks when he hits the ground. It’s time. Unhook those chains and put down the come-along.” “But…” “Call Doc Smith.”“But…but…what if he charges mileage?”

The Very Finest for You & Your Horse! Western ~ English

We Carry… • Ariat • Back on Track • Bobby's Bridles • Big D • Cashel • Circle Y

• Dale Chavez • Designs By Batya • DickieDuds • Equine Couture • Fleck • Herm Springer • Heritage Gloves • Hobby Horse

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4006 N. Division • Spokane, WA



Any Size and Configuration Available

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HAYHUTS! Will Save You


of Your Hay, Saving Hundreds of Dollars! Will easily pay for itself saving hay from weather and the wear and tear from horses! Easy to move by one person. Perfect for feeding any amount of horses, and works with round or square, large or small bales. In stock now for $825 and comes in 2 easily assembled pieces. Conveniently located in Priest River, ID. Call Cathy at 208-448-2548.

Diamond Pine Ranch

309 E. Insert Rd. Deer Park, WA 99006

(509) 723-8166 (425) 681-0142

PREMIER FULL SERVICE BOARDING WITH RESIDENT ATTENDANT ◆ Outdoor shelters in 40x50 steel fenced pens, cleaned weekly, heated water ◆ Premium alfalfa/grass hay, fed 2x daily ◆ Supplements/ grain fed when supplied by owner ◆ Heated wash rack, tack room, parking ◆ Indoor lighted arena 80x144 ◆ Outdoor arena 150x250 ◆ References Proud Distributors of: Noble Panels & Gates ◆ LubriSyn - Joint Supplement ◆ Oxy-Equine Performance Horse Supplement SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 26

Mr. Bo Button The Cash Button x Sonnys Tru Amigo

2015 Fee: $800 Excellent transported “cooled semen”

2009 APHA True Black “Homozygous Tobiano” Stallion Guaranteed 100% colored paint foals... “Bo” is subscribed to the APHA BREEDERS TRUST

2014 “APHA BREEDERS TRUST” FOALS 2014 Black Filly in Idaho 2014 Black Colt in Florida

2014 Black Filly, owned by Meadow Starr Ranch • email: • Kettle Falls, WA • 509-738-2253 SEPTEMBER 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 27

Insurance for All of Your Farm & Ranch Needs…

We Know Horses! Cattle! Crops! and Can Insure Most Related Operations! Clinics • Shows • Boarding Stables Farms • Breeding Operations • Training Riding Lessons • Mortality • Major Medical Call us for a Quote Today! Ask for Fran Jenne Office: 509/935-6256 Toll Free: 1-866/200-2230 PO Box 108 • Chewelah, WA 99109

“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand

Gen’S True GriT

Plan for a Walking Horse in your future. Every ride is one to remember.

Gen’S True GriT TWHBEA #961127




Ho me

rit of Gen’s True G


Pride’s Generator

Surely Royal

$500 Stud Fee Live Foal Guarantee Boarding & Mare Care Available



Country Living, City Convenience! $450,000

2707 S. Molter Road Liberty Lake, WA • 10 acres

3 bedroom, 3 bath, 4334 sq.ft. home. Paved road access, 5 minutes from Liberty Lake and amenities: shopping golf, public lake access. 10 minutes to Liberty Lake Conservation Area for hiking, trail riding. Beautifully landscaped, extensive outdoor living areas. Well-designed horse barn for the small horse setup; barn easily converted to shop. House and barn in meticulous condition. Basement un-finished and ready for your own touches. Too many amenities to list! Have your Realtor access Associated Docs!

Big Meadows

12212 E. Big Meadows Rd. Chattaroy, WA • 37+ acres



• Little Deep Creek runs through property • Custom home, light bright, lots of hardwood & big views • 2 suites up, 1 down (could easily be converted to in-law quarters) • Open floor plan, wonderful screened in porch • Well designed 4 stall barn w/ runs, 4+ acre pasture, knotty pine tack room, big machine/ hay shed • Big 3 car garage and natural landscaping, trees around house for windproofing • Paved road, Mead schools, AG taxes

Directions: Hwy 2 north to Elk-Chattaroy Road, turn right. On Elk-Chattaroy, stay right at the fork to Big Meadows. House is about 6 miles from Hwy 2.

20 Acres With Well

0 S. Paradise Road Valleyford, WA



The Palouse at its best! Level useful land with stunning views of Mica Peak and the rolling farmlands. Freeman schools, 10 minutes to South Hill Spokane. Rural but not isolated. Great easy building site!

(509) 994-9300 Windermere Manito

An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment


$369,900 Horse Lover’s Delight

18325 W. Charles Rd, Nine Mile Falls • Daylight walk-out rancher, 3,648 sq.ft. • 4 Bed, 3 Bath, on 19.54 acres • 100x200 Arena, 24x48 Barn, 30x40 Equipment Barn, 20x30 Garage • Barn includes: Heated/climate control, heated tack room, hot water, wash stalls, Nelson Powder Coated automatic heated watering system, concrete floors with drains, rubber mats in stalls, hay storage, beautiful wood cabinets & a sink, stained doors & attached turnouts • Huge country kitchen with hardwood floors,custom cabinets • Main floor master bedroom, two more main floor bedrooms • Partial finished basement has a large dog/kennel room with outside entrance, a large craft room, egress bedroom and tons of room for storage • Large back deck overlooking fenced backyard • Covered front porch with wrap around deck • Equipment barn with storage for an RV, tractor, hay and a septic dump inside • Year round frost free hydrants throughout property

Formerly the “Rockcreek Manor” Bed & Breakfast 600 N. 1st Street, Rockford, WA


• • • • • • • • • • • •

20 minutes to Spokane Valley, Freeman School District 5 Bed, 3 Bath, 3702 sq.ft. on 9 acres Gorgeous hardwood floors, numerous built-ins Gourmet commercial kitchen, stainless steel appliances Master suite includes French doors & walk-in closets Elegant master bath with Jacuzzi Finished daylight walk-out basement includes wet bar, 2 bedrooms, full bath, pellet stove & wine room Electric forced air, air conditioning Year round in-ground pool & huge pool house 3 stall barn/shop with nearly 5 acres cross fenced Vineyard, lavender, herbs, self misting greenhouse Beautifully landscaped grounds with terrific views

Great property to have horses!

Sheri Tilton – Call for a showing today! For a Vitual Tours go to RE/MAX Hall of Fame Cell: (509) 280-3000 CDPE, CRS, RCC, CNHS, SRES Email: 203k Specialist


of Spokane

Riverside State Park Equestrian Area Open House By Ken Carmichael We own them, we feed them, we train them, we have teaching compass reading, shoes put on them, we give them shots and we give them all equestrian first aid, packing the love and attention an animal can receive. and knot tying. Then walk an Now, what do we do with them and where? Well there orienteering course provided are many adventures and events that we can share with our by the Selkirk Competitive Mounted Orienteering club horses that will bring pleasure to both of us. On Saturday, September 27th we will show and talk about to test your skills. There many of these activities. On that date from 10am-4:30pm will be T. Scot Wilburn and we are having an open house at the Riverside State Park the Shut Up-N-Playboys and Dick Warwick, Cowboy Poet. Equestrian Arena. First a little background. Over the last few years state parks And this is just a taste of the and the Riverside State Park Foundation, in conjunction with over 20 demonstrations and events you will get to see and many volunteers, have been enhancing and developing the equestrian area in the park. There is a 16 site equestrian experience firsthand. Many campground, 140x240 foot arena, 60 foot diameter round groups and trainers have signed up to show what they do pen, announcers stand, trail course and many new amenities with horses. It will be a fun day at the park. There will be door prizes and a spaghetti feed as a fund to support these improvements. raiser for the foundation. This money will go toward more Now it is time for the equestrian community to see these improvements in the equestrian area. Come tell us what else great facilities, thus the open house. During the day we will you would like to have done. We are not finished yet. have many groups performing and be giving demonstrations Best of all you will see this great facility and learn how you in the arena and round pen as well as booths with more information. You can come see Ann Kirk and several other as an individual can use it, or maybe a group you belong to. trainers work with horses. See the Joisting Alliance perform, You will also learn about these groups that are performing McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital seminar, the Northwest and see if you want to become a part of the fun they have. I Mounted Shooters, equine massage, trick horses, 4-H, have not even got into the many great equestrian trails available several mounted drill teams and Back Country Horsemen in Riverside State Park with trailheads throughout the 13,000 acre park. Saturday, September 27th is a free day in the park, thus a Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5:30 Discover Pass is NOT required. Just come on out and enjoy the Saturday 9-1 1402 Northwest Blvd. day visiting with many people that enjoy horses. “Local Grown Beef” For more information contact Ken Carmichael at 509-466-2225 or LOCATION: the equestrian area is located off Government Use Your Tax Refund & Stock Up Way between Old trails Rd and Fort George Wright. From Government Way turn north on Aubrey L. White Parkway, Your Freezer! • IQF Berries Quest Cards Accepted go about 2/10 of a mile and turn right into the equestrian • Custom Cutting & Wrapping area. NOTE: Be sure you are on the Aubrey L. Parkway that • Frozen Food Lockers is on the WEST side of the river. We are also in the process FREE LOCKER SPACE • Knife Sharpening of renaming this road to Equestrian Lane, to eliminate this (6 months maximum) • Scissor Sharpening confusion. • Wild Game Processing with Purchase of 1 side of Beef

crown foods 326-1111

140 lb. USDA Select Steer Hindquarter (Approx. Cuts)

140 lb. USDA Select Steer Frontquarter (Approx. Cuts)

60-70 Steaks: T-Bone, Sirloin Tip, Cube, Sirloin, Round & Flank 3-5 Roasts: Sirloin Tip, Rump & Bottom Round 12-25 lbs: Pure Ground Beef

10-20 Steaks: Rib, Swiss, plus Chuck Steaks if desired 8-12 Roasts: Prime Rib, Chuck & Cross Rib 8-12 lbs: Miscellaneous Cuts 20-30 lbs: Pure Ground Beef






$ 06 lb

Prices subject to change


$ 47 lb

Prices subject to change

Combination of both the above: 280 lb Full Side USDA Select Steer

*Each individually cut and wrapped to your specifications *Enjoy the convenience of a well stocked freezer




$ 43 lb

Prices Subject to change

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)


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American Royal Quarter Horse Two Rivers Riding Club Buckle Searies #5 Eddie MacMurdo Memorial Open Horse Show Central Washington Pony Club Show American Royal Arabian Show BMMO Ride American Royal Youth & Open Lost N Lava Couboy Gathering Duane Fulps Scholarship Show RRR Tenanaway Ride Arabian Fall Classic Umatilla Sage Riders Spooktacular Schooling Show


4 4-5 9-Dec 14 11 14-18 17-19 25 25

RRR Madame Dorian Ride Eric Smiley Clinic OHC Fall Trail Clinic Artemis Ridge Riders 4H Fall Open Dressage American Royal Hunter Jumper OHC Spooktacular Open Horse Show Climb Aboard a Cutter Cutting Horse Sale


1 5-7 11-15

RRR Rattlesnake Slope Ride American Royal Cutting Horse UPHA National Championship Saddlebred

American Royal, Kansas City, MO Two Rivers, WA Walla Walla Fairgrounds, Walla Walla, WA Two Rivers, WA American Royal, Kansas City, MO Tollgate, OR American Royal, Kansas City, MO Shoshone, ID The Dalles, OR Tollgate, OR Eugene, OR Umatilla, OR 509-542-0176 509-526-3487 509-792-0043 509-522-6337 509-948-5240 541-571-6606

Central Washington Kennewick, WA Eugene, OR Richland, WA American Royal, Kansas City, MO Eugene, OR Bonina Arena, Eltopia, WA Bonina Arena, Eltopia, WA

509-588-4342 509-521-1100 509-946-9539

Cental Washington American Royal, Kansas City, MO American Royal, Kansas City, MO




Carol Norton, Owner

951 Shingle Mill Rd • Sandpoint ID 83864 •

Angus & Angus Cross Fed On Grass & Clover Pastures

208-265-2593 • 208-661-1721 cell — BOARDING —

u No aNTiBioTics u u No HoRMoNes u

12x12 Box Stalls • Stalls with Runs Pasture • 60'x160' Inside Arena 100'x180' Outside Arena • 70' Round Pen Daily Turnouts • Overnighters Welcome Trail Riding just a short haul away!

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LocaL Grass Fed BeeF is THe BesT For you & your FamiLy Whole, Halves & Quarters available

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49ers Saddle Club American Mustang & Burro Association Appleatchee Riders Association Arabian Horse Club of Central Washington Backcountry Horsemen of WA, I.E. Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of WA, NE Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of ID, Panhandle Chap. Backcountry Horsemen of WA, Ferry County Chapter BC Draft Under Saddle Club Big Sky Morgan Horse Assocation Big Sky Fox Trotter’s Association BitterRoot Back Country Horsemen Blackjack Saddle Club Blue Mountain Dressage & Combined Training Assn. Blue Mountain Morgan Horse Club Cabinet Back Country Horsemen Cayuse Kid’s Saddle Club Cleveland Bay Association of North America Coeur du Cheval Pony Club Columbia Paint Horse Club Country Kids 4-H Crab Creek Riders Backcountry Horsemen Dash of Class Mounted Ladies Drill Team Drover’s Jr. Rodeo Club Eastern Montana Appaloosa Horse Club Eastern Oregon Arabian Breeders Eastern Washington Jr. Rodeo Association Eastern Washington Quarter Horse Association Free Rein Therapeutic Riding Gentlemen on Horseback Gold ‘n’ Grouse Horse 4-H Club Grant County Horse Association Heron Saddle Club Horse Wyse Instruction I.E. Arabian Horse Club I.E. Barrel Racing Assoc. I.E. Miniature Horse Club I.E. Morgan Horse Club I.E. Mustang Horse Club I.E. National Showhorse Club I.E. Quarter Horse Association I.E. Tennessee Walking Horse Club Inland Northwest Dressage Association Inland Northwest Driving Society Inland Northwest Paint Horse Club Inland Northwest Pinto Horse Club John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders Justin Time Morgan Youth Club Kootenai County Saddle Club Lewis Clark Saddle Club Melody Riders Saddle Club Mid-Columbia River Arabian Horse Club Mid-Valley Saddle Club Missoula Back Country Horsemen Montana Paint Horse Club Morgan Single-Footing Horse Assn. (MSHA) Mounted Mischief 4-H Club National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 03 National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 04 NW Intermountain Team Penning Association NW Paso Fino Horse Association NW Small Equine Club in Graham, WA North Country Riders

Monthly, Lewiston, ID, Monthly, Richland, WA 3rd Wednesday monthly, Appleatchee Clubhouse, Wenatchee, WA 1st Wednesday monthly, Club - 3rd Thursday, C’s Pizza, Union Gap 4th Tuesday, Wildlife Council Building, 6116 N Market, Spokane, WA 3rd Saturday monthly, - 1st Wednesday monthly, 6pm, Norther Inn, Republic, WA Check website for meeting: Alternate month - see website for dates Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Thursday monthly, E.O. Wednesday, Blackjack Saddle Club Arena, Thompson Falls, MT See Call for meeting place & time, Hermiston, OR 2nd Tuesday monthly, 7pm 1st Sunday montly, Princeton, ID 1st Monday monthly, Legacy Farms, Loon Lake,WA 2nd Tuesday monthly, Kennewick, WA Deary, ID Meets 1st Monday monthly, Moses Lake, WA 1st Monday monthly Call for information 1st Monday monthly, evenings, Billings, MT Call for meeting times Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Wednesday monthly, any breed welcome Call for Volunteer Training Information Gentlemen on Horseback Yearly week long ride since 1948 Every Wednesday, Location TBA Third Monday monthly, Moses Lake Municipal Airport 2nd Tuesday monthly, Heron Community Center, Heron, MT Clinics throughout the Inland Northwest Check our website for current info & meeting schedule For info on Open & Novice Barrel Races: Monthly Meetings Meetings TBA Last Thursday of month 6pm, Denny’s, Sprague & Pines, Spokane, WA 3rd Wednesday monthly Monthly Meetings - time and place vary 3rd Sunday, every other month, 3pm, Timber Creek Cafe Call for meeting & activity dates 1st Tuesday monthly, November through March Monthly meetings, contact us for location, Spokane, WA Meetings - call or e-mail for information 1st Tuesday monthly (except Jan, June, July & Aug), Monthly, Thunderhead Farm, Moscow, ID Go to website for info: 1st Tuesday monthly, Clarkston, ID 1st Thursday monthly, 7pm, Chewelah WA 2nd Wednesday monthly 1st Wednesday monthly, 6pm, Applebees Restaurant, Lebanon, OR 3rd Wednesday monthly, 7pm, Opportunity Resource, Missoula, MT Check website for events: Bruce Olso, 45 S 1100 E, American Fork, UT 84003 Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, Federal Way, WA Call for meetings and race dates For more information and race dates, see our website Call for information on meeting dates, 1st Friday each month at Graham Fire Station 70th and 224th Ride To Succeed - 7910 W. Burroughs, Deer Park, WA

Ken Smith 509/780-9614 Barbara Rehfield 509/588-5130 509/663-3175 Kay Coe, Chairman 509/457-8626 Ken Carmichael 509/466-2225 Jim Hudkins 509/954-7446 Connie Glass 208/687-3608 Lloyd Odell (Pres.) 509/779-4244 Monica Cassidy Mark Goss 406/360-6355 Brad Pollman 406/546-6492 Scooter 406/827-4523 Trish Prince Nancy Eidam 541/561-6644 P.O. Box 949, Libby,MT 59923 Brad Minden 208/858-2026 Tracie Traver 865/300-7133 Laura 509/499-4975 LaNay 509/627-4641 Alexcia Livingstone 208/877-1636 Bill Bailey 509/750-8196 Fran Jacobson 360/825-3525 JP Melton 208/691-1003 Brenda Robison Julie Errend 541/922-2704 Benny Beck 509/750-6497 Erva Hatfield 509/925-9172 Sandy Jones 509/979-1468 Scott Wiggins 509/868-1641 Janice Schoonover 208/263-9066 Cecil Newkirk 509/989-9586 Leanne 406/847-2363 406/266-3311 Kari 509/939-0151 Heather 509/981-0455 or Sue 509/291-5765 Meri 509/226-2448 Lea Williams 509/994-9829 Janet Gorman 509/276-2605 Judy Malby 509/447-4663 or 509/991-2894 Chris Hutchinson 208/676-1633 Joy Terry 509/995-6327 Cynthia Wahl 509/466-0109 Debbie Kruger, 208/687-9404 Shannon 509/951-8053 Kathy Cowan 360/886-1729 Lisa 208/882-0832 Tami 208/591-4783 Becky Wright 208/791-1819 Oly Burnett 509/935-4006 Debra 541/567-3134, Linda 541/567-0041 Kim Winburn 541/990-5134 Mike Moore 406/370-7549 Gail Morris 406/866-3434 Gary 801/885-4714 253/740-1665 or Amber Gray 208/882-3304 Casie Monge 509/939-4175 Sonni Gilbert 509/990-0268 Joni Woodrring 253/405-9650 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862



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Maureen Leen 208/265-7286 Sally Wilson 208/937-1074 Mike Nagle 208/875-0024 Call for details Audre 509/496-4028 2nd Saturday of the month Rachel Peters 208/661-7971 2nd Thursday, Apex Physical Therapy, Airway Heights, WA Marie 509/244-2985 Email for information Courtney Call for information Ken Bridges 253/472-8001 Will Bron 509/830-3362 Monthly Meetings Rosemary Hoff 509/525-8308 Omak Stampede Grounds, Omak, WA Heidi Wittig 509/683-1030 Call for information Rebecca Rust-Krell 503/805-9174 1st Tuesday monthly, call for details, PO Box 537, Newburg, OR Keri Croft 503/537-9845 Monthly meetings in Central Oregon, Check website Colleen Pedrotti 250/992-1168 Meets twice yearly Karl Froelich Meets every other month Becky Paull 208/798-9594 Kathy Hodl 509/291-3971 Members only meetings 3rd Saturday monthly, 7pm Karen Kimball 208/772-2434 2nd & 4th Sunday monthly Dan & Gretchen Thompson 406/862-1331 Every 4th Wednesday, 7pm, Elk Plain Grange, East Spanaway Jack Gillette 253/847-1626 2nd Thursday monthly, Silver Spurs Club House, Silverdale, WA Lynn Travis, PO Box 1730, Silverdale, WA 98383 North of Seattle Ame Seelow 360/678-7470 Monthly meetings Norm Poser 509/924-8625 Melanie Weir 4015 N Christensen Rd, Medical Lake, WA 99022 509/998-5039 Gail Morris 406/866-3434 Monthly meeetings 1st Tuesday, Noxon, MT Shannon 406/827-3399 1st Thursday monthly, Miriam Henn 513/403-6371 Monthly meetings, Group Patrol Spokane County Michelle LeVar 509/951-9225 Bi-monthly meetings Louise Casey 509/226-0582 Monthly meetings, call for location Merle Olsen 208/267-2272 Western Games shows, Winter season, ES Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA 3rd Thursday monthly, 7:30pm, Pasco McDonalds Netta Goodin 509/547-0923 3rd Tuesday monthly, Jollies Restaurant, Ridgefield, WA TBD 208/791-6130 1st Monday monthly, 6:30pm, Deer Park Pizza Factory Kristen Florez 509/220-0335 2nd Thursdays monthly, 6:30pm, Busy Bee, Airway Heights, WA Phoebe Duke Monthly Events & Meetings 509/796-2140 Call for meeting times Cheryl/Dam Moriarty 509/299/4191 St. John, WA Holli Bafus 509/648-3815 3rd Wednesday monthly, Federal Building Diane Farrell 208/245-3388 2nd Wednesday monthly at C&D’s Monthly Meetings, call for times & locations Kirk Peters 253/639-3392 2nd Tuesday (except July, Aug, Dec), 7pm, Pasadena Park Elem. Michelle 509/951-9225 Priest River, ID Joanne Richey 208-880-7483 4th Tuesday monthly, 7:30pm Bonnie Freeman 208/880-4776 Schooling Show last Friday in March, Albert Arena Anne Gahley 208/286-7050 2nd Tuesday monthly, URSC Arena Clubhouse Debra Zimnicki 208/245-6868 Terri 509/993-4662 3rd Tuesday monthly, The Grubstake, Helena, MT Anita Wilson 406/235-4266 Shelley Bridges 253/472-8001 Meets Saturdays Bob Davisson 2nd Saturday monthly, Noon, Buzz In Steak House, Ellensburg, WA Ginny Howard 509/588-3614 Call for more information Linda 360/736-9150 Jeanine Kern Open April-October annually, Cle Elum, WA 1st Friday monthly, S 7th St, Missoula, MT Debby Cress 406/777-1802 Monthly meetings & summer events Melissa Stockmen 509/276-9862 Call for meeting info Laura 509/499-4975


Please contact us with your current club information 509-922-3456 or 1-800-326-2223 or e-mail This is a FREE service!



FALL 2014




Blue Creek Appaloosas: Foundation Appaloosas featuring the get of BCAP Tobys Fossil. Mares, fillies, weanlings & colts for sale. pottscharlesa@gmail. com 509/522‑7884. Walla Walla

APHA 8 Year Old Bay Tobiano gelding, very gentle, started under saddle. Approx. 15.2h, $1500. 509/220‑7712 Elk

Horse Boarding, Separate Stalls & runs, cleaned daily, quality hay, 2 feedings, heated water, steel fences, trails, pasture, arena; 16 miles north on Hwy 2, friendly, family atmosphere, references, $200. 509/292‑8366

HANOVERIAN Large Selection Of Warmbloods (Hanoverian, Rhinelanders, Oldenburgs) for sale at realistic prices. Stallion service, lessons program & premier boarding facility. or 208/683‑3255

HORSES Buying Horses Of All Kinds, Will pick up. I also have a few nice, gentle horses for sale. 509/846‑3377, 509/826‑1119 D&S Horse Sale, Saturday, September 20th. Tack at 11am, horses at 1pm. Receive horses 8am day of sale. $40 check‑in fee. 509/703‑2499; 509/721‑0817 Wanted: Buying All Classes Of horses. Top prices paid. Will be in Moses Lake 1st Saturday of each month (10/4), 10am‑2pm, at Cows R Us, East Broadway Ave Extended. Call Don Nowlin, 509/840‑0653 Wanted: AQHA Or APHA English Gelding prospect, must be sound, good disposition & at a minimum greenbroke. 406/293‑8246 evenings

1 APHA Reg. Filly; More Horses, no papers. Imprinted & handled daily. Good, loving homes only. Call for appointment to view. Stallion & mares on site. No reasonable offer refused. 509/258‑4252 Springdale

QUARTER HORSES AQHA 2 Year Old Appendix buckskin filly, very nice filly, great pedigree! Currently stands approximately 15 hands, $1500. www.cspaintquarterhorses. com 509/220‑7712 Elk Lee’s Quarter Horses Since 1978; breeding, sales, training. Standing AQHA black stallion, Peppys Montana Lena; also AQHA sorrel stallion, Wimpys Little Cody. 208/699‑8261 Plummer

TENNESSEE WALKERS Tennessee Walkers, 2 Mares, Gentle & smooth. Lots of mountain trails. Very reasonable. Call 509/386‑ 4171. Milton‑Freewater



Pine Trails Ranch Horse Training, boarding, indoor arena, outdoor arena & round pen. More trails than one could ride. Limited space available. Brandon Sprague 509/939‑1711 owner; Michael Davis 509/270‑0417 trainer

Spokane Morgan Club, Get A Free membership! See stallions at stud & quality horses for sale, event photos & memberships online. or 509/796‑2140

Horse Boarding, Close‑In South Spokane, just off Hwy 195 near Hatch Road. Excellent care, automatic heated water, excellent hay, tack room, modest price. 509/731‑4086

Paying Top Dollar All Horses. I Will pick up in Spokane & surrounding areas. 509/202‑5836

Horse Boarding, Superb Location, 5 miles from downtown Spokane. Adjacent to 7000+ acres of terrific trail riding in Palisades/ Indian Canyon & Riverside State Parks. Round pen, tack room, trailer parking & nice restroom. $225 per month. Discounts available for quarterly payment and/or multiple horses. Pleased to provide references. Call Craig at Hidden Meadows Ranch 509/747‑5273 Horse Boarding At Blue Haven Stable in Deer Park. Indoor arena, stalls & pastures, 1/3rd mile track, wooden round pen, reasonable rates. 509/276‑7968 Northwest Trails Boarding Happy healthy horses. Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural Horsemanship training & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. 509/276‑6345 Deer Park

MISCELLANEOUS Heavy Gauged Galvanized Horse/ livestock panels, gates, shelters, custom stall fronts, complete arena set‑ups & more, factory direct! ID# RC‑20843, OR# 190181, WA# LUCKYA933DW. Lucky Acres Fencing, Inc, 208/746‑1228



FALL 2014




Single Horse Country Cart For pleasure or combined driving, fits 15‑17h horse, safe & in good condition, cover, axle wrench, shaft support included, $1700 or best offer. Will deliver within rea-sonable distance. 509/993‑6078

Spokane Tack Trunk. We Have English & Western saddles, tack, clothes & much more. From the trail to the show ring, we’ve got you covered! 11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. 509/927‑5891

Buying All Classes Of Horses, We’ll pick them up. Call 541‑398‑0814


Extreme Trail Race At Mountain House Stables, Saturday, September 27th, 9am. $125 entry fee per horse & rider, limited to 20 riders. 1st place buckle, cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Entry deadline September 15th. Mountain House Stables Arena, 775 Old Arden Highway, Colville. Contact Gerry Cox, 509/685‑1977

TACK & TRAILERS Trailers: Logan, Titan, Wilson, Horse, stock, living quarters, flatbeds, new & used. Give us a call, we can save you money. WW Western 541/447‑6890 Prineville, OR Will Rogers Saddle Co. Get Ready for the Show at the fair, we have a wide selection of grooming products & a good selection of show chaps. Colder weather is not far away, wool blankets start at $27.95. Lots of good used tack every day, stop in to find your new saddle & bridle. Our Saddle packages start at only $175, come find a deal! Safety first, don’t forget your helmet! We carry Troxel & Tipperary. Will Rogers can special order anything from our manufacturers, just call and ask us! Like us on Facebook, deals posted daily! We offer discounts for high school equestrian teams & 4H members, so come in and see us! All major credit cards accepted, convenient layaway program. Buy, sell, trade. Please check out our website at w w w. Wi l l R o g e r s S a d d l e . c o m 509/466‑0106 Mead

Cheney Home, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 10 acres, 1863 sq.ft. home with covered log porch to enjoy the view, 26x83 barn with 11 stalls & 3 tack rooms & outdoor arena, 2 car detached garage, price reduced to $249,900. Call Farrah 509/280‑9591 Wild West Realty www.wild‑west‑ House, Barn, Fenced Corral, Older 3+ bedroom house, 2100 sq.ft. with barn & fenced area suitable for horses or other livestock, located on working farm near Mead, WA $1400/ month, available now, call Jon 509/679‑9962 Mead

Private Treaty Cutting Horse Sale, Saturday, October 25, Bonina, Eltopia, Washington. No consignment fees, no auctioneer. All horses trained in cutting program. Free previews on cattle, flag, barrels, sorting, trail. Catalog:; 509/297‑4480. More information,

FARRIERS Barefoot Hoof Trimming‑ 4PB‑S.A.I.D. Method, nature’s correct healthy & preferred alternative to metal shoes. J.B. Healy, third generation farrier. 509/456‑5555

TRAINING / INSTRUCTION We Can Start Your Ranch Roping horse, develop confidence in your Dressage horse & train solid trail horses; Common sense training with Rob Dotts & Sally Shepard, a team of trainers with more than 45 years of experience; no gimmicks used, just good horsemanship. Northwest Trails, Deer Park 509/276‑6345

2005 Trails West Sierra II, 2 Horse, slant, tandem axle horse trailer with tack room, drop down glass windows, excellent condition, $6500 or best offer. 509/2804433 Spokane

Riding Lessons At Blue Haven Stable in Deer Park, show or pleasure riding, gaited horses & driving lessons offered, lesson horses available or bring your own horse. Shelah, 509/475‑0442

ASSIFIED AD CALL IN YOUR CL 456 509-922-3 3 1-800-326-222

Training, Lessons, Clinics. Call Gerry Cox, Mountain House Stables, 509/685‑1977. or

Dale Stoller Horseshoeing, 701/260‑2213. Trims starting at $35 for minis & saddle horses, shoes starting at $85 for full set of shoes for saddle horses. Serving the Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho area, but willing to travel to extended areas. Able to work with lameness issues, 6 years experience on various disciplines of horses. Graduate of MSU Farrier program

ON-LINE: PLACE YOUR AD view w w hpadform.html







Anado Ace WindDrift Farm .............................6 Gen’s True Grit Steinway Ranch ........................8,28 IBN Salvadino Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Lee Bar Joe Hidden Meadows Ranch ...............9 Mama Said Dash C & S Ranch ..................................3 Mr Bo Button Meadow Starr Ranch ...................27 Poco Buenos Ghost C & S Ranch ..................................3 SA Meshach Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6

C & S Ranch ..................................3 Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Steinway Ranch ........................8,28 WindDrift Farm Quarter Horses .....6

Crown Foods ...............................32 HUB International .......................28 Teddy Bear Fjords, Surry Wagon ..12 Teddy Bear Fjords, Beef ...............33


real eState

Cowboy Dressage Fall Gathering ...7 Hermiston Horse Sale ..................19 WSU Horse Course .....................11

Dix, Suzy.....................................30 Tilton, Sheri .................................31

BarnS & BuildingS


Custom Barns N.W. .......................5 Mike/Cathy Reynolds-Hay Huts ...26 Northwest Cover-All ....................22 Solid Structures............................17 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...25


SaddleS, tack & clotHing

Diamond Pine Ranch ..................26 Gypo Meadows ...........................33 Upriver Stables ............................18

Indiana Harness Co. ...................32 Spokane Tack Trunk .....................24 Will Rogers Saddle Co. ....... Cover, 2

Feed & acceSSorieS


Lazy J Bedding.............................20 LMF Feeds ...................................21

Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship ...4 Hidden Meadow .........................20 Sun Dun Ranch ...........................29 Whetzel Horse Training ...............10

North 40 Fence Company..............8

HorSeS For Sale Hidden Meadows ..........................9 Meadow Starr Ranch ...................27 Ox Bar Quarter Horses ................23 Pine Trail Ranch...........................16 Steinway Ranch ........................8,28

lady raven stables Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075

trailerS & trailer repair Washington Auto Carriage ...........13

veterinarian McKinlay & Peters Equine.......14,15 WSU Veterinary Hospital ......... Back


HORSE SALE Saturday, Sept 20th

LincOLn cOunty FAiRgROunDS DAvEnpORt,WASHingtOn

Tack at 11am, Horses at 1pm Receive horses 8am day of sale, $40 check-in fee Check in starts at 8am

509-703-2499 • 509-721-0817


P.O. Box 427 • Spokane, W A 99210 -0427 • (509) 922-3456

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