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Fall 2019 - Vol. XXXI No.4


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Fall 2019

horse previews with FARMS & RANCHES



ponderosa chapter of back country horsemen of Washington leave no trace by.Ken.Carmichael.................................. 6 sacking out - Part 2 the laying on of hands by.Ann.Kirk........................................... 10

KariN KasiNgEr

EastErn Washington rEalty National Marketing, Local Expertise!

That motto is what drew me to United Country Real Estate. After starting out at a small brokerage and moving on to the largest brokerage in Spokane, I came to Veterinary Knowledge ageless realize there is a big hole needing to be horsemanship filled with niche properties. Like most Keratomas Agents, I am able to help buyers and by.Dr..Jed.McKinlay,.DVM...................... 18. sellers with the typical urban residential home. However, when it comes to unique properties such as rural land and country homes, most agents are not skilled in Advertisers Index................................... 30 this arena and do not have the tools Advertising Rates.................................. 31 necessary to properly market the property or know what to look for with buyers. baxter black, DVM On.The.Edge.of.Common.Sense.. horse psychology................................. 14

ChEnEy horsE ProPErty - solD!


Fortunately for me, I knew right away I wanted to help folks with their rural property. I have spent countless hours traveling with buyers and meeting sellers all over the Greater Spokane area, along with taking all the Land and Acreage classes offered with our Local MLS. I’m currently working towards my Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation with a goal of obtaining it in 2020! And once I was introduced to United Country Real Estate and learned of all their amazing proprietary tools to help sellers, I was excited to open my own franchise here in Spokane.


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United Country Real Estate is the leading Lifestyle Property Company that specializes in Niche Lifestyle Properties to include equine and related properties like horse ranches, equestrian centers & acreage with equine facilities. Our broad marketing strategies attract buyers not just locally, but statewide, regionally and nationally on a consistent basis. Since 1925 United Country has specialized in marketing equine and lifestyle properties, such as Luxury, Lake Homes, Recreational, Timber Land and more!

17 aCrEs hay groUnD - solD! Our company is specifically focused on equine property in this area. Growing up next to apple orchards and a thoroughbred farm in Yakima, along with showing horses in 4H, has not only created a love for country living, but also experience in the field. My husband has been cutting custom hay for equine owners and a small herd of cattle we have for the past several years. Our two grown boys grew up bucking hay and helping with our small beef cattle operation. We love the rural life and I love Real Estate; it’s a great combination. Call me today and let me show you the tools we use to help you sell your equine property! I guarantee they are different then any other Brokerage in the area!


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14' Eave $6,734 $7,659 $9,096 $8,659 $10,319 $11,332 $13,093

16' Eave $7,265 $8,228 $9,983 $9,431 $11,402 $12,392 $14,063

Kit contains: (1) 3'x6'-8'' Entry Door, (1) 11' Wide Slider Door, Galvanized Roof, Painted Walls & Trim. These buildings have engineered plans & price is based on 25# Snow Load, “B” Exposure. Prices subject to change.

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Available at your local feed store in Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, & Idaho For more information and to locate your local dealer go to SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 4


Leave no trace Ken Carmichael

Most of us are probably familiar with, or at least have heard of the Leave No Trace program. It is also known as LNT. The first thing that comes to mind is the old saying “Pack it in and pack it out.” This is a good place to start but LNT is much more than this. There are actually seven Principles of LNT. Also, LNT applies to everyone, not just equestrians. The principles apply to hikers, bikers, boaters, kayakers, snowshoers and many more. The Seven LNT Principles, and very simple examples, are: 1. Plan ahead and prepare – check the weather and trail conditions 2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces – do not cut switchbacks 3. Dispose of waste properly – remove manure from trailheads by taking it home in your trailer 4. Be considerate of others – respect private property

ervice S g n i d n a Exp County n l o c n i L to County! e n a k o p &S  Field Mowing

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

 Excavation  Brush/Land Clearing & Prep  Rototilling  Pasture & Crop Planting  Livestock Fencing

5. Respect wildlife – never feed wildlife 6. Leave PONDEROSA CHAPTER what you find – allow others a sense of discovery by leaving rocks, plants, archeological artifacts and other objects of interest as you find them 7. Minimize campfire impact – use existing fire rings instead of building new ones and be sure to leave them cleaned out for the next campers This is just a very quick sampling of all the great information available in the LNT program. The LNT Principles are guidelines as situations vary. This means that we must incorporate a lot of common sense as well. Back Country Horsemen (BCH) promotes, teaches and practices LNT. Our mission in short is to preserve and enhance the rights of responsible horsemen to use horses and mules on public land. We believe that LNT is a major factor in keeping access to our public lands. In fact, education is a major benefit of Back Country Horsemen membership. We have programs in chainsaw and crosscut saw certification, first aide, safety, packing and leadership. Many activities take place at the Leadership training in January and the rendezvous in March. In addition, monthly chapter meetings often include a variety of educational programs. For more information about Back Country Horsemen, and our education programs go to or or call me at 509466-2225.

MORRIS STABLES Riding Lessons Horse Training Driving• All Breeds

 Custom Hay Contracts

Carnes Farms Inc. 509-264-1069 Dave & Ashley Carnes •

Prospects for Sale

Visitors Welcome 509-951-3413 SMS






Scavenger Hunt

th annual



Scavenger Hunt: Find items as you ride through the Equestrian area. Plus! Chili Feed, Raffle, Door Prizes, Awards, Group Photos, Music

where when

Saturday, September 28, 2019 9am - 1pm *All riders MUST return to the FINISH LINE by 1pm to turn in their results 1pm through the a�ernoon: chili feed, door prizes, awards for scavenger hunt, raffle, music



● ride at a safe distance ● no stallions please ● no dogs please ● no running horses ● no li�ering please ● no alcoholic beverages on trail ● be courteous when passing other riders ● minors must be accompanied by Parent or Guardian ● all riders must sign a liability release

Equestrian camping — 20 sites Reserva�ons at

Pre-Registra�on received by September 20: $20 per rider Register at event: $25 per rider Chili Feed: $5 per person Raffle �ckets: $5 per �cket Cash or check only

NEW auc�on

! one rider per horse

Address does NOT appear on google maps or mapquest. See our website ( for direc�ons or email Ken (below) for specifics.

Riverside State Park Equestrian Area 3402 N Equestrian Lane Spokane, WA 99224 “Discover Pass Free Day”


safetyrules — OR — 888-226-7688 Select Riverside State Park, Bowl & Pitcher then Equestrian Area

Overflow camping is across the road

Noble Silver Dri�er Portable Corral

Total Wine & More “Private Wine Class for 20”

Wendell Ford Full Detail + Gi� Basket

valued at $552

valued at $500

valued at $336.95

On site at the ride!

expires 9/28/2020

expires 120 days a�er 9/29/19 05/13/2019

The ride area is well defined over relatively level but rocky ground and varies in difficulty. Some experience is required.

Sponsored by Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen Major contribu�ng sponsors at Click to the Pla�num level:




Dix Farm Inc. Kalispel Tribe & Northern Quest Resort & Casino McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital Noble Panels and Gates Total Wine & More Vandervert Hospitality Wahl Clipper Corp. Wendle Ford


our website for a detailed fact sheet or contact

Ken Carmichael 509-466-2225


COASTAL REALTY Equestrian Property Specialists

Allison Trimble 360.961.5537

Blake Westhoff 360.319.5751


Sacking out Part 2—the laying on of handS By Ann Kirk

September is here and with it comes some cooler weather. But, there are still plenty of nice days to continue these lessons with your horse. We will continue where we left off last time with the sacking out process. The term “sack out” refers to a process used to get the horse to calmly accept any reasonable amount of pressure, an object or your touch. You are going to use many objects around your horse in its lifetime and you will touch the horse in places that natural instinct demands he protect. Rather than just trying to overwhelm the horse until he submits, we will go through a process that allows the horse to accept things in stages so as to build confidence and trust in what we are doing. By doing this, we not only gain the benefit of making him feel safe about the particular object we are working with at the time, but we also teach the horse how we want him to respond to any new object or touch we might eventually approach him with. This lesson is for the ‘trained’ and untrained horse. For the trained horse, this lesson can help you identify and eliminate small problem areas. If your horse is great except with ???, you can use this lesson to help them cope. For the untrained horse, it is the perfect way to create a solid foundation upon which to build your dream horse. You can follow this process to introduce any new item to your horse throughout its training.

We left off with the first touch on the horse’s face. You may find that your horse still has substantial fear and does not want to accept your touch. Take as much time as needed here. The horse must be absolutely comfortable with having his head touched and handled. A head shy horse can hurt you when you least expect it and can be very dangerous to ride. Only rarely will I touch the horse on the neck or shoulder first. In those rare cases, I use it as a starting point to get to the head. When your horse will calmly allow you to pet it between the eyes with one hand and will turn and face you when you walk away, it is time to add more hands and more places. Work your way around the head, neck, sides and rump of your horse. Don’t stay too long before walking away and approaching again. As you progress, leave at different angles from the horse and move to different parts of the pen when you walk away. Asking the horse to move his feet by turning to face you will keep him from becoming “locked up” in one place.

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Call or Email for Details on Upcoming Clinics!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 10

ONE DAY SALE Saturday, Oct 19 Sale Order - 9am Loose Horse Sale 9:30am Horse Preview 12 Noon Sale Starts Catalog Horses • Open Consignment

Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center 1705 E Airport Rd. Hermiston, Oregon


Remember, we are the people’s sale, open to all classes of horses for all classes of people.

Catalog DeaDline Sept. 27 Supplement DeaDline oCt. 11

June HigH Selling HorSe PF WRUSH TO ROOST, a 2015 AQHA Bay Gelding, brought to us by Cowhorses, Inc. and Pat McCarty and sold to Casey Green for $10,000. SALE AVERAGES Top 5 - $8,100 • Top 10 - $6,130 Average of 117 horses - $2,145

Email us to be added to our mailing list!

We will send you a digital copy of the sale catalog! Any questions please call Randy: 509-778-3467 Mailing: PO Box 549, Prosser, WA 99350 Email: Website:

Ride The

HigH CounTRy

49 Acres, Just North of Spokane • Elk, WA

Start by the creek that flows nearly 1/2 mile through this 49 acres and ride for miles through the woods and over the hills with awesome views. Wildlife abounds and easy access. MLS# 201910428

Alan Dahl





Every time you approach, it is the beginning of a new mini lesson. Every time you walk away, giving the horse a release, it is the end of that mini lesson. So you can work for as long or as short as time allows and are never in a bad place to stop. By not staying too long before moving away, you are getting the horse better and better about being approached which can be scary for some horses. A lot of horses that are hard to catch are really just afraid of being approached. We go out to get them with halter in hand and chase them, tease them, try to corner them until we can get the halter on. Then they act like they are totally comfortable with us. If training the emotions requires them to be raised some and then brought right back down, then up, then down, how many times does this standard way of catching your horse raise the emotions? Basically one time! And depending on how mad we get in the process, the emotions for both of us can get very high, stay up way too long and then only come down after we have caught the horse, (depending on how frustrated we are and how much we mistreat the horse once we’ve caught it!) So a by product of doing the approach, rub with the hands and walk away many, many times as the horse learns to accept your approaching and catching him. As you go over his body from head to toe with many times of leaving

Washington & idaho Real estate • 40 Acre View Parcel • Well, Septic & Driveway Included • 20 Minutes to Downtown Spokane • Great Farm Ground for Alfalfa, Lentils or Wheat, or Animals!



spangle, Wa

• • • • •

40 Treed Level Acreage 2 Mobile Homes & 30x50 Shop with Apartment Near Columbia River, Lake Roosevelt Open a Guide Service or Airbnb Borders 250 Acres of Federal Land



Rockford, Wa



Fruitland, Wa

• • • • •

29+ Treed Alpine Acres Adjacent to Mica Peak Conservancy for Miles of Horse Riding & Hiking! Ready for Your Dream Home Well Pump, Pressure Tank, Septic, Power/ Phone, Save Money & Time! Easy Commute to Spokane & Cd’A


Kirk gladhart 509-999-3290 •

and returning, he will probably even start following you and you will see big changes in his interest level. When he understands that you are looking for a specific response, he will do his best to find it to get more of your praise and attention. A few words of caution need to be added. Some horses show no warning signs before they bite, strike or kick. Remember, you make the final decision as to whether or not you are going to work with your horse. If you know that your horse has some dangerous areas be sure to have someone watching you or get a professional to start the horse on these lessons. You will be working from head to tail. Keep your body in a safe position. As you work toward the rear of the horse, you should pick up on signs of the horse being uneasy. Look for jumpiness, ear pinning, belly kicks, throwing the head, etc. If you see any negative behaviors, STOP and rethink the lesson before you continue. You may want to add a halter or bridle with a snaffle and lead line to have control of the nose and drive the hip away. Or you may want to use a long whip to start touching the hind legs at first to check for kicks. Whatever the case, do not put yourself in a compromising position. Another thing to note is a horse who always seems to have his hind leg cocked on the side you are on. Usually we associate this with being very relaxed but you have to look at the whole horse. If other parts of the horse like the ears, level of the head, tension of the body, etc., do not look relaxed, the cocked leg is like a cocked gun. The horse will shift its weight off of the leg so it is easier to strike if it feels the need to protect itself. Next time, we will begin to add some of our objects. You will teach the horse to ‘spook in place’ which is one of my favorite lessons for safety out on the trail or in the show arena. Until then, stay safe and enjoy your horse…….Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to And check out the Sensible Round Penning DVD now available! You can also sign up for a Sensible Horsemanship Clinic or Private lessons.

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)




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A fixed knot fencing makes it an excellent alternative for chain-link & hinge-joint fencing – even for the smallest of animals; and costs 30%-50% less than chain-link. Useful life of the fence is 3 to 4 times that of traditional hinge-joint fencing. Can be installed with wood or steel posts and rails. Stay Tuff Fencing offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty on material.

EquiFence Power Fencing –

Designed for maximum visibility and delivers a short, sharp but safe shock to develop respect for the fence. Gallagher Equi-Fence is permanent horse control that takes less than half the time to build and can cost as much as 50% less.

Deer & Elk Fencing – Deer & Elk fence can be built

with a variety of materials and designs, from pressure treated or rough cut wood to composite materials. Wire mesh can be added to help with predator control or keeping your small animals in.

Custom Gates & Panels

Excellent quality, locally made, custom orders welcome.

Excavator available for Ground Management, Water Lines & Automatic Livestock Watering Systems and Rock Drilling All proposals are based on footage as quoted within the written proposal. Any increase in end-project footage will be adjusted & billed accordingly.


We Build Quality Fences to Last!

On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe

Horse PsycHology By Baxter Black, DVM

Some people are just flat good at handlin’ horses. They’ve got that good “horse savvy.” Matter of fact, there are people actually makin’ a livin’ trainin’ horses! I admire these folks’ ability and special talent. It’s always a pleasure to see a good horse workin’ right. But horses look at veterinarians like kids look at Sunday School or cowboys look at weddings. They make’m uncomfortable. Even though everybody tells ‘em it’s for their own good, they’d lots rather be someplace else. But, in the case of the horse, you can’t really blame them. Most every time I have to handle a horse it’s to stick something in him like a tube or a shot or a plastic sleeve! And, they remember you! I’ve seen horses go bug-eyed and snorty at the sight or smell of a vet truck! The only way you could give’m a shot was to sneak it to the cowboy and let him do it from horseback. Years back I went to a lecture and demonstration on “horse psychology for vets.” The gist of the whole philosophy

WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses Schipperke Dogs Home of: ANADO ACE AQHA Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale 27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espanola), WA 99022

509/299-4143 • e-mail:

We Customize To All Of Your Needs! QUALITY SINCE 1982

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says it is a matter of wills. Since the horse is a social animal, each band has a pecking order. It’s not always the strongest or fastest or biggest that’s the leader. It’s the one with the most dominant personality. So every time a person meets a horse one has to dominate the other. Well, I took the schoolin’ seriously and came back ready to test my new horse psychology skills. I practiced on several “bronky” ones before I tried it out on my archenemy. He was a dark brown, non-descript, bad-headed, ill-tempered, big-footed, long-haired typical Nevada-raised feedlot slogger named Scrap Iron! In six years I had never tube-wormed Scrap Iron or given him so much as a vitamin shot! He wouldn’t let me within 20 foot of him! Following my instructions, I crouched real low and approached him. He mistook me for the farrier and let me pick up a front foot. I buckled on the one-leg hobble and stood up. He realized immediately the trick I pulled on him and promptly went into his “bad actor” routine. He ran around the corral on three legs, he reared, rolled, snorted, slobbered, kicked, fell, cussed and generally just made a fool of himself. Which, of course, was the plan. After soakin’ him like this for twenty minutes, I went over and humiliated him in every way I could think of. I tickled his flank, handled his tail, patted his belly, stuck my fingers in his mouth, nose and ears. He stood and took it, glaring at me. Then I took off the hobble and repeated the tickling, handling, patting and poking while he stood there shaking and hating me. But he did stand. I tubed him two or three times and gave him his first full series of vaccinations without a twitch, a foot up or an ear. The only restraint was a halter, my voice and his knowledge that when it was him against me, it was ME in charge. It took forty-five minutes and was the pinnacle of my horsedom. He never forgot and the times I worked on him over the years he allowed it. It was a good arrangement, I got him vetted and he still hated me. For those of you who think this little experience swelled my head, some of you’ll be pleased to know that the last time I wormed Scrap Iron, I turned my back on him and he bit me on the shoulder. I whirled around and he had this innocent look on his face. I stared at him. He smiled just a little and seemed to say. “I’m just keepin’ you on your toes, kid, so you don’t get too cocky. It’s for your own good!”

ArAbiAn Horses For sAle

Visitors Welcome

IAHA Sweepstakes Stallion

Shalwyn Arabians Gerwyn & Diane Jones 411 Caldwell Road Walla Walla, WA 99362-9712 509-529-4067 Email:



Fantastic Horse Boarding Facility on 13.57 Acres • 3001 N. Idaho Rd, Liberty Lake, WA MLS #201923026 • Come See the Virtual Tour!



• 13.57 acres with trails in the wooded area • 4 bed, 3 bath 3952 sq ft daylight walkout rancher • Room to board up to 30 horses • 60x144 indoor arena, large outdoor arena and 60 ft round pen • Numerous barns, lean-to and horse runs • 12x12 stalls, 2 foaling stalls, several tack rooms, wash rack & bathroom in the main barn • Numerous year round frost free hydrants • Updated kitchen with newer cherry cabinets, countertops, & flooring • Electric furnace and heat pump with CAC • Newer vinyl windows, exterior and interior paint, blinds, brick around the FP, rain gutters, exterior doors, drainfield, french drains around the barn and more!

Sheri Tilton – Call for a showing today! Cell: (509) 280-3000 Fax: (509) 344-0824 Email:

RE/MAX Hall of Fame CDPE, CRS, RCC, CNHS, SRES CL HMS, 203k Specialist


of Spokane

FIND YOUR DREA AmAzing 11+ Acre ProPerty with mountAin Views! 4566 Hoo Doo Loop, Oldtown, Idaho • $329,900 •

great horse setup! Property backs 450+ acres us government Land to ride on & explore

3 bedrooms, 2 bath home on permanent foundation

2000 gallon water holding tank

new sprinkler system installed & grass seed just planted

huge covered shop could easily be enclosed, has water & separate power meter

40’ shipping container with power

2 car carport beside the house

come see this home todAy And LiVe the north idAho dreAm!

The Next Move is




incomPArABLe mini horse rAnch! 20821 W Riverview Dr., Post Falls, Idaho • $1,400,000 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bath home, 2 connected shop/barns totaling 5700 sq. ft. + out buildings enter the gated tree and lawn lined paved driveway between fenced pastures on both sides to the large paved parking area, shops and garage. inside the front entry is the mini master bedroom to the left, the office to the right and the family room to the front. The master bedroom can be entered from the office or the east hallway. From the family room follow the hallway to the laundry room to the left and further to four very nice bedrooms and full bath. From the family room to the left is the dining and kitchen, beyond is the mud room, half bath, garage and stairs to the bonus room with a full bath and basement, with a full bath, theater, utility room, exercise room and bedroom or tV room. outside you will love the covered patio and open deck. the barn/shops have small living quarters, upstairs storage, tack room and horse facilities the property is fully fenced and cross fenced.

Aaron Knight, Broker 208-691-2666 Knights Realty, 364 Stoneridge Rd, Blanchard, ID SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 17

veterinary knowledge

agel es s


Dr. Jed McKinlay, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital


A Keratoma is an uncommon space occupying mass that lies between the hoof wall and the coffin bone of the horse. In other words, it is an abnormal mass of tissue that develops and grows inside the hoof wall. As it grows and expands it puts pressure on the bone and causes pain, visuDr. Jed McKinlay, DVM alized as lameness. To us it would be like having a lump of tissue growing under a toe or fingernail that hurts because it doesn’t belong there, it puts pressure on the sensitive tissues under the nail and it keeps getting bigger. As the Keratoma grows and continually puts pressure on the coffin bone the bone begins to remodel and lose its strength and density. In long standing cases the bone in the specific area of the Keratoma degenerates or dissolves completely. The name Keratoma implies that it is a tumor, which it really isn’t. The mass is thought to originate at the epidermal producing cells at the coronary band or in the sole. It is an abnormal proliferation of those cells that is called hyperplastic. Hyperplasia means “the enlargement of

ge A e r c A r u o Sell Y ! D i v A D h t i w lly Successfu Sold! Stately Rancher on 9+ Acres • $585,000 • Spokane, WA

an organ or tissue (in this case the epidermis) caused by an increase in the reproduction rate of it’s cells, often as an initial stage in the development of cancer.” Keratin is “a fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair, feathers, hooves, claws and horns.” So, a Keratoma is hyperplasia of the keratin producing cells in the horses’ foot. Hope that all makes sense. The reason Keratoma’s happen is not known. They may be brought on by chronic irritations, inflammation, infection, trauma or just because the keratin producing cells decide to multiply and proliferate at an accelerated rate. Most of the time they occur in the toe region, but may be found literally anywhere inside the foot or even above the coronary band. They may grow quickly or more insidiously. They always cause pain. This may be slight at first, more of an irritation, but as the size of the lesion grows so does the pain. As you can imagine, the bigger the Keratoma gets, the more pressure it exerts on the surrounding bone and hoof capsule and the more painful they become. The hoof capsule or wall is very tough and unrelenting in its’ effort to keep the bone and soft tissues of the foot organized and packed into the space God made for them. The wall is tough enough that the pressure is almost always forced toward the inside of the foot, toward the bone. As mentioned earlier the bone then responds by dissolving away to make room for the abnormal and unwelcomed tissue growth. This is a painful process for the horse to go through. It’s not always as easy as it may seem to diagnose a Keratoma. Whenever we are faced with a lame horse we begin with a good thorough exam. This includes examining the foot with our eyes, hands and usually hoof testers. Regional anesthesia or nerve blocks are often used to isolate the location of the pain. Radiographs are also used, as well as MRI in some cases to track down the source of the horses’ pain. Keratoma’s may present with some hoof wall separation that can be viewed on the sole of the foot at the white line.

lady raven stables

David Stanley, real estate Broker Windermere Real Estate/Manito

509-768-5649 Professional Honesty • Extensive Experience SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 18

Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075

Catalog Horse sale

saturday, oCtober 5, 2019 Save the date: June 6, 2020

laicos alder Chex 6 yr old aQHa bay gelding Nice been there done that ranch horse that would easily transition into the roping pen! Good footed & sound.

Central WasHington livestoCk

early Consigned Horses

bsr gavins Fling (name pending) 2019 aQHa stud colt

Jokers lil smoker 9 yr old aQHa gelding Finished calf horse, breakaway, and heel horse! Good in the box and easy to rope on!

Family Owned & Operated Providing Excellent Customer Service to Everyone!

This gentle, good looking stud colt is by Broken Springs Ranch stallion JL More Than A Fling (x A Streak Of Fling out of own daughter of Doc O Dynamite) and out of a Lil Badger Starlight mare. Don’t miss out on this grandson of A Streak Of Fling, #4 leading sire of barrel horses, Progeny Earners of $3.78+ million!

Frosty blu all over 2009 aQHa gelding Well broke & used on the ranch to sort & gather cattle. He is good in rough country & does well alone or in a group. Cute & fancy horse that’s ready to go in any direction!

We are proud to support local FFA, 4-H and local Cattlemen’s Association | 14372 North Frontage Road East, Moses Lake, WA 98837 Mailing address: PO Box 710, Moses Lake, WA 98837 | Tyler: 509.830.2320 | Jamie Morgan: 509.765.2131 SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 19

There may be irregularity, separation or unevenness of the white line. Hoof wall cracks may occur. Pressure with hoof testers over the lesion should elicit a painful response, indicative that there is something inside that specific portion of the horses’ foot that is causing the pain. Nerve blocks can desensitize a certain area or region (regional anesthesia) of the foot or leg, like when the dentist numbs a portion of your mouth prior to working on a sensitive tooth. When we numb a specific area and the lameness or pain goes away we know the source of the pain is somewhere in the area that has been desensitized. X-rays will help us see any changes that have taken place in the bone of the foot. Our digital x-rays these days are so beautiful and can be viewed immediately at the horses’ side. If the cause of the horses’ lameness is still not clear the MRI offers diagnostic information about the bone and soft tissues that can’t be had in any other way. The MRI can also help us triangulate the exact position and size of the Keratoma. Once the lesion is identified it must be removed to effect a cure. This is done but removing the hoof wall overlying the Keratoma and removing the abnormal growth beneath it. This is most often accomplished with the horse standing, sedated and with local anesthesia in place. There is most often a fair amount of bleeding, so a tourniquet is applied above the foot. Following removal of the hoof wall and Keratoma the foot is bandaged, and the tourniquet is removed. In most

cases a shoe is applied to the foot to aid in support and aftercare. It usually takes 6-12 months for the defect to grow out completely, depending on how far up the foot the hoof wall resection had to go. The underlying bone and soft tissue generally heal up without complications. Keratoma’s do not often reoccur and the prognosis for returning to soundness is very good. To recap, Keratoma’s are uncommon space occupying masses that usually originate at the coronary band. As they move down the foot they grow in size and begin to put pressure on the tissues beneath them, primarily the coffin bone. The pressure exerted by their size, where there is no excess space, is painful and causes varying degrees of bone loss. Some can be easy to diagnose; others are more challenging. They should be removed surgically, and usually do not reoccur. Keratoma should always be one of the things we look for when a horse has a lameness that is isolated to the foot.

“Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time!” Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Freya Stein, DVM, DACVIM (LAIM) Robert K. Schneider, DVM • Michele Roseburg, DVM John Herning, DVM • Molly Lesser, DVM

Northwest steel

Metal Roofing • Siding • Custom Trim Featuring:

16” SnapLock Standing Seam Premium Concealed Fastener Roof Panels





Local Manufacturer & Supplier Quick Turnaround! BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE • LIMITED 40 YEAR WARRANTY •

Ag Panels

36'' Coverage

PBR Panels

Low Cost Low Maintenance Start at $220/ LF

Premium l Domestic Stee

Commercial-Grade Roofing/ Siding Call for Pricing!

9261 Coyote Trail Newport, WA 509-671-3782

1573 South Main Milton Freewater, OR 541-938-6168


www .N orthwest s teel C o . Com SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 20

Serving the Northwest Since 1993

Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time

Full Service Equine Hospital, Ambulatory, Reproduction, MRI & Surgical Care, 24/7 Emergency Service 509-928-6734 | 509-238-4959 | 208-457-8813 (Idaho Residents) SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 21

Custom home on nearly 5 aCres with large Barn, shop & 3-Car Garage! Greenacres, Wa

769,900 • 6 Beds • 3 Baths • 5,148 sqft • 4.87 acres


Incredible views of Saltese Meadows, Mica Peak & Selkirk Mountains. Large detached garage & in-ground pool. Recently remodeled kitchen with granite counters, soft close cabinets & stainless steel appliances. Entire upper level is an updated

master suite. Beautiful solarium & large wrap-around deck, walkout daylight basement, large 47’x82’ Barn with RV door, 15’ lean-to & 3 stalls. 41’x60’ Shop with 15’ lean-to and 1/2 bath. Only 8 minutes to I-90, near Spokane. Shared high producing well.

annette mcalister-mundell REaLtOR

509-991-5207 • SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 22

The premier SERVICE & REPAIR center of the Inland Northwest

We care about your horses, too. Safety inspections and repairs are crucial to your horse trailer.

Have your horse trailer repaired and inspected by our ASE Certified Technicians for peace of mind.

Have your truck serviced and inspected at the same time. We specialize in:

Axle Alignments • Body & Paint Repair • Electrical Wiring & Lights Fabrication & Welding • Frame Repair & Straightening • Hitch, Tow Bar & Tongue Jack Replacement & Repair Reflooring • Sheetmetal Work & Fiberglass Repair • Spindle, Brakes, Suspensions Truck/Auto/RV Air Conditioning Repair & Service Wheel Bearings Repacked • Boat, RV, and Equipment Trailer Repair

...and EVERYTHING ELSE your rig needs to operate at its best. 509-535-0363 • 800-456-0363

5301 E. Broadway • PO Box 11435 • Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Washington’s Fleet Service & Repair Center Since 1906


Pick your Perfect Horse ProPerty in eastern WasHington 200 acre Hay farm - MLS #201914139

4443 springdale Hunters rd, springdale, Wa



200 acre farm with 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Chamokane creek runs through corner. Lots of wildlife! Multiple large barns, insulated shop & equipment shed, storage sheds, grainery. Turn-key farming operation if you purchase all the equipment. (list available upon request). Sale includes 2 parcels.

120 acres of timber & Pasture 3193 allen rd, elk, Wa



- MLS #201910319

4 bedroom, 3 bath home on 120 acres. 50/50 timber/ pasture. 40'x50' barn & 30'x50' shop. Excellent hunting! Year round creek flows & pond. Daylight basement with in-law set up. Attached 2 car garage plus detached 2 car garage. Just off Hwy 2 on paved road. Close to Spokane & Newport.

40 acre mini farm - MLS #201914123

4450 springdale Hunters rd, springdale, Wa



4 bedroom, 3 bath home with wrap around decks & patios. ICF foam block/ concrete construction. Great views! Water rights & irrigation. Attached 2 car garage & multibay equipment shed. Two parcels: 10 & 30 acre. Paved road, easy commute to Deer Park or Spokane. Adjoining 200 acre farm could be purchased.

260 acre fruitland rancH - MLS #201913455 5632 fruitland Valley rd, fruitland, Wa



Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath farmhouse with country porch. Wood stove heats the whole house. Fruit & nut trees, garden space, and artisan well. Set-up for cattle, all fenced & cross fenced. Year round creek & several springs. Large barn with panels & squeeze chute; several small outbuildings.

146 acre gorgeous Horse rancH

3741 East Jumpoff Rd, Valley, WA



- MLS # 201919296

146 acres, 3 bedroom, 2 bath open floor plan home remodeled in 2018 with beautiful kitchen cabinets and granite countertops. Huge barn, 50'x40' shop, 36'x20' machine shed, corrals & fenced pastures. Minutes to Loon Lake & Hwy 395 on paved road. 4+ car detached garage.

50 acres to build your dream

0000 blanchard creek rd, elk, Wa



- MLS #201920412

2 creeks on 50 acres to hike, hunt, or build your dream home! Beautiful building sites. County road 1.5 miles from Idaho. Shooting sheds and good camping spots. Power at property line. Meadows, creek bottom, rolling hills, & timber. Borders state land. Two parcels: 25.92 & 23.45 acres

Jim Palmer, Jr. • 509-953-1666 • For more pictures & details,



Premier Equestrian Property in Northeast WA


CroWN CrEEk rANCh • 46+ Acres 3378 Northport Flat Creek rd, kettle Falls, WA

HOME FEATURES Impeccable 3BR/3BA home features large open concept kitchen, great room, screened-in porch & beautiful travertine bathroom floors. BUNKHOUSE Large bunkhouse w/ kitchen, laundry hookups, 3 bathrooms/showers & living room.

HORSE AMENiTiES 120x60 covered arena w/ flared walls, 4-stall barn w/ mats, 3 separate electric fenced pastures, separation corral, 4 outside stalls w/ water station, heated tack room, several riding trails & shop. Attention Pilots! 2-plane airplane hangar, 2800 ft. FAA approved runway

Len Brandt & Company

Len Brandt | Realtor®, Managing Broker | | Cell/Text 509-680-3916 SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 25

25 Acre Parcel in Cocolalla



Individuals & Groups

JULIE JENÉ Certified Practitioner II



Horses Trained with People in Mind People Trained with Horses in Mind


Huge former Dairy Barn 125'x33' plus 28'x26' Shop, detached garage and updated home in great condition. 3 bd/3ba, 3,700 sq. ft. Multi level home. 100 gpm private well, property is level, open and treed, with additional acreage available. Also borders private timber land holdings. Bonner County. 2 tax parcels.

Country, Acreage & Waterfront Homes Terry McKanna, Realtor Serving Northeastern WA

Call y Toda

Welcome to Tyson Creek Ranch


Windermere Valley/Liberty Lake


11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

This 315+/- acres nestled in the hills of North Idaho, offers a year round creek, and summer pasture with corrals and pens. Property contains 5 separate parcels, partly fenced with open pasture, meadow and trees, adjoining private timber ground. Benewah County.

Joe Dobson

208-661-0650 SCHNeIDMIller reAlTy


From the show ring to the trail we’ve got you covered!

Western & English Tack, Clothes, Gifts & more!


Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday: 9:30am-5pm • Open late by appointment SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 26

HUBER TRAILER SALES 18502 E. Broadway The Only


in iTs class

Greenacres, WA 99016 At Barker Exit Off I-90

892-0587 800 424-7114

509 hOT shOT


hanD ranch

classic ii


aDVenTUre MX ii

Full Service Shop installing B&W hitches & Tekonsha Brake controllers


Servicing All Brands of Trailers complete parts Dept.



Poco BuenoS GHoSt

AQHA Reg#4504586 2004 Cremello • 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc • Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda

2007 Homozygous • Black & White Tobiano • 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar

“Rocket has a great disposition and great conformation that he is passing onto his foals from a variety of mares! Rocket is homozygous for the tobiano and black gene so guaranteed a colored foal and all black based! All of his foals to date have been awesome and are very versatile! His oldest offspring are 5 & 6 years old and they are performing in Western Pleasure, dressage and hunter/jumper, English Pleasure and barrel racing! Rocket’s offspring are very versatile! Also check out Rocket’s excellent pedigree! Please aka Rocket consider breeding your mare or mares to Rocket and you will also be a very happy and proud owner of a beautiful Rocket foal!”

“Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition & conformation. He has offspring that are excelling in the roping pen, speed events, cow horse events and also great trail riding and family horses! And to add to all that he adds the great colors of either palomino, buckskin, smokey black or even smokey grullas, depending on the color of the mare!”

aka casper

2020 Breeding Fee: $400

Young Prospects Available for Purchase

2020 Breeding Fee: $600

Non-Refundable Booking Fee of $150 on All Stallions • All stallions are AI only • Casper is 5 panel N/N, Rocket is 6 panel N/N

C&S paint and Quarter Horse Ranch Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus

Elk, WA 99009 • 509 220-7712 Like us on Facebook!

“A big thank you to everyone who has chosen to breed their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2018 and over the past 10 years! Also, thank you to all of you who have purchased a horse from us! It is your support and hearing the wonderful stories of the resulting foals or the progress of our home bred horses that keeps us doing what we love every year!”— Charlene & Steve Ulrich


The ONLY Self Netting, Covered Hay Feeder on the market today!

Turn a messy bale into a Covered, Netted Bale in seconds! 208-627-9518 • • • • • •

Priest River, ID Creates a safe, friendly environment Stops bickering at the feeder 8 large windows allow easy access Easily accepts large 6’ rolls (as shown) No assembly required - strong 1 piece design No tractor needed - just set it, strip it, flip it - DONE! Suggested Retail Price - Self Netting Barn $850


4006 N. Division • Spokane, WA



Any Size and Configuration Available

Call 800-833-9997 Today!



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Anado Ace Wind Drift Farm ........................... 14 Mama Said Dash C&S Ranch ................................. 28 Poco Buenos Ghost C&S Ranch ................................. 28

Weaver Quarter Horses Production Sale............................. 5

David Stanley .............................. 18 Joe Dobson ................................ 26 Jim Palmer, Jr.............................. 24 Karin Kasinger .....................Front, 2 Kirk Gladhart .............................. 12 Len Brandt .................................. 25 Sheri Tilton ................................. 15 Terry McKanna ............................ 26

BARNS & BUILDINGS Bale Barns.................................. 28 Northwest Steel LLC.................... 20 Parker Buildings ...................... 3, 14 Steel Structures of America, Inc ... 29

BREEDERS C&S Ranch ................................. 28 Shalwyn Arabians ........................ 14 Wind Drift Farm Quarter Horses.... 14

EVENTS Central Washington Livestock ....... 19 Hermiston Horse Sale Extravaganza............................... 11 Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen..................................... 7

FACILITY Lady Raven Stable....................... 18

FEED & FARM Northwest Horse Supplements ....... 4

FENCING All Terrain Fence.......................... 13

HORSES Shalwyn Arabians ........................ 14 Weaver Quarter Horses.................. 5 Wind Drift Farm ........................... 14

MISCELLANEOUS David & Ashley Carnes Field Services ............................... 6 HUB International, Fran Jenne ...... 30

REAL ESTATE Aaron Knight ......................... 16, 17 Alan Dahl .................................... 11 Allison Trimble .......................... 8, 9 Annette McAlister-Mundell............ 22

SADDLES, TACK & CLOTHING Indiana Harness Co. .................... 12 Spokane Tack Trunk .................... 26 Will Rogers Saddle Co. ............. Back

TRAINERS Ann Kirk Horsemanship ............... 10 Morris Stables, Ed Morris .............. 6 Julie Jené ................................... 26

TRAILERS & TRAILER REPAIR Huber Trailer Sales ...................... 27 Washington Auto Carriage ............ 23

VETERINARIAN McKinlay & Peters Equine ............ 21

Insurance for All of Your Farm & Ranch Needs…

We Know Horses! Cattle! Crops! and Can Insure Most Related Operations! Clinics • Shows • Boarding Stables Farms • Breeding Operations • Training Riding Lessons • Mortality • Major Medical Call us for a Quote Today! Ask for Fran Jenne Office: 509-935-8660 Cell: 509-675-1341 PO Box 108 • Chewelah, WA 99109

“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand SEPTEMBER 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 30

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Revised July 2019

bOb’S cuStOM ReiNiNg SaddLe

Spin to Win Schooling 2019 Date Reining & Ranch Riding Schooling Show Only One Left! OctObeR 20

Spokane Fair & expo center

Dealers for:

bob’s custom Saddles, Scott thomas Saddlery, Martin, double J, tucker, circle Y, american Saddlery, cactus, abetta, and More!

gReat SeLectiON OF NeW & uSed SaddLeS

Payments That Fit Your Budget* *Subject to credit approval. Ask for Details

circle Y Will Rogers classic Saddle 26lbs Wide tree New saddle made just for us by circle Y custom options available

get the Right Fit FOR YOuR hORSe! SaddLe FittiNgS bY appOiNtMeNt

Family Owned & Operated

WiLL ROgeRS SaddLe cO.

13011 N. Freya, Mead


or toll Free 1-877-707-2801 Open Mon. - Sat. 9am - 5pm • Closed Sunday

Buy - Sell - Trade

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