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Presents at Stud Debuting in the Show ring

rASHeeM BAY Br #664128 (FA eL rasheem x WSr Chocolat) A Pedigree, Personality & Look to Make the World More Beautiful

Regal Arabians 509-998-9322 Adam Miller

Spring 2019

Horse Previews with FARMS & RANCHES

FeatuReS Sensible Round Penning by.Ann.Kirk............................................. 8 Ponderosa Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington Spring & Soft Ground & Hoof Prints by.Ken.Carmichael................................ 12



A Small Farm Located in Elk, Washington

Regal Arabians is a small farm located in Elk, Washington. We have Veterinary Knowledge Ageless bred Arabian horses for 35 years. We Horsemanship strive to breed quality horses and enjoy New Foal Exams showing them. by.Dr..Michele.Roseburg,.DVM............... 16. Baxter Black On.The.Edge.of.Common.Sense.. The Gift................................................ 24

year. We are very excited to show these babies as they have turned out beautiful. You can come and watch them show at the Inland Empire Arabian Horse Show Thursday, May 23 in the morning.

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We are blessed to have an exquisite Stallion, Rasheem. Bay. BR. He came to us as a 2 year old from the Black Rock Ranch in Idaho. We knew then that he was a special horse. He was a standout in a field with other colts. Not only a beautiful horse to look at, he has a wonderful personality. His sire is the great FA EL Rasheem who was exported to Dubai. FA El Rasheem’s offspring are continuing to win at major Middle Eastern and European shows and his breeding is sought after around the World. Rasheem Bay BR is one of the few sons of FA EL Rasheem standing in the USA. Rasheem Bay BR’s pedigree is outstanding. His dam, WSR Chocolat Blanc was imported from Brazil and is a daughter of the exquisite Gris El Jamaal. Every horse in his pedigree is the result of careful breeding. Rasheem Bay BR himself has proven to be a wonderful sire. He has only 2 yearlings and both to be shown this APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 2

We are a family of musicians and artists and love the beauty of the Arabian horse. Come see our art at the Inland Empire Arabian Horse Show Extravaganza Saturday night from 6-9 pm at the Interstate Fairgrounds, Spokane. There will be live music, art, pottery, food and a showcase of classes so you can experience the versatility of the Arabian Horse. Special Ranch.





To inquire about breeding, have any questions or want to come visit our farm you can contact Adam Miller at 509-998-9322 -.The.Miller’s

Inland Empire 51st Arabian Horse Show Presents:

The Beautiful and Majestic

Arabian Horse ganza a v a r t x E Saturday, May 25th from 6-9pm - 2019

*Music *Art *Food *Horses *Free Public Event

Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds Main Covered Arena

404 N Havana St





2014 DBL Homozygous Grullo • 15 hands, 1050 lbs Sire: Just Pure Platinum • Dam: Blus Chex Harbor

2019 will be the first year for Chex to be standing at stud. Chex is homozygous for the dun and black gene so all of his offspring will be black based with dun factor!! He has a great disposition and great conformation. He has an excellent pedigree! Chex will be standing to a very limited number of outside mares so book early!

2019 Breeding Fee: $600


2007 Homozygous • Black & White Tobiano • 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar

aka Rocket

“Rocket has a great disposition and great conformation that he is passing onto his foals from a variety of mares! Rocket is homozygous for the tobiano and black gene so guaranteed a colored foal and all black based! All of his foals to date have been awesome and are very versatile! His oldest offspring are 5 & 6 years old and they are performing in Western Pleasure, dressage and hunter/jumper, English Pleasure and barrel racing! Rocket’s offspring are very versatile! Also check out Rocket’s excellent pedigree! Please consider breeding your mare or mares to Rocket and you will also be a very happy and proud owner of a beautiful Rocket foal!”

2019 Breeding Fee: $600

Poco BuenoS GHoSt

AQHA Reg#4504586

2004 Cremello • 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs • Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc • Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda

r aka caspe

“Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition & conformation. He has offspring that are excelling in the roping pen, speed events, cow horse events and also great trail riding and family horses! And to add to all that he adds the great colors of either palomino, buckskin, smokey black or even smokey grullas, depending on the color of the mare!”

2019 Breeding Fee: $400 Young Prospects Available for Purchase Non-Refundable Booking Fee of $150 on All Stallions • All stallions are AI only • Casper & Chex are 5 panel N/N, Rocket is 6 panel N/N

C&S paint and Quarter Horse Ranch Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus

Elk, WA 99009 • 509 220-7712 Like us on Facebook!

“A big thank you to everyone who has chosen to breed their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2018 and over the past 10 years! Also, thank you to all of you who have purchased a horse from us! It is your support and hearing the wonderful stories of the resulting foals or the progress of our home bred horses that keeps us doing what we love every year!”— Charlene & Steve Ulrich



Be autifull Dre a mer 2018 rHaNW Junior Horse Champion

Trained & Shown by Mike Stokes Julie Rose - Owner

Mike Stokes Performance Horses (509) 630-8436 APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 6

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Available at your local feed store in Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, & Idaho For more information and to locate your local dealer go to APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 7


I would like to continue where we left off with the roundpen lesson. It should be noted that this lesson as taught is for the mature horse, 2 years and up. The younger horse needs a modified lesson to prevent physical injury. We had taught the inside and the outside turns and were practicing by mixing them up to improve the horse’s attention to your cue. If the horse turns before you ask, turn him back and continue on. He must wait for your permission to change directions. Don’t be too concerned if the horse starts off fairly emotional. As he gains understanding of the “yes” answer, he will get calmer and start focusing on finding the release instead of just reacting to the stimulus. You may stop the lesson at any time because the whole session is really only a series of mini lessons, each ending in a release. If you are getting the start of the turn, either inside or outside, but then the horse continues the way he was going when you try to return to your driving position, you are probably cutting him off. As soon as he starts to make the turn, you must think of circling around behind him which means you cannot just walk a straight line back to the center. By making sure you circle back into position, it will become clearer to your horse that you want him to complete the turn and go the other direction. It is important to not let the horse just go around and around. We want to exercise the mind, not just the body. Hold the

by Smart Chic Olena


World Champion Reiner

Photo Taken at Age 17

Standing for 2019 Live Cover: $750 + $250 Chute Fee Shipped Semen: $750 + $ 300 Collection Fee & Shipping Young Stock Available

509-368-0136 or 509-939-0051

lariat as long as possible when cueing. The more you use your tool, the more desensitized your horse will become and the less effective it will be. You need to become observant, to learn to see what is coming next, not just notice it when it happens. Know ahead of each cue what it is you are looking for. Then you will ask with more clarity and the horse’s response will be quicker. If you give a cue and the horse does not respond to that cue, then you have not taught the cue well enough. Don’t blame it on distractions or whatever. Just focus on being consistent and it will happen. If the horse acts bored and is not responding to you, increase the speed or the intensity of the cue to get a better response. The next step is to get the horse to stop and face you. This can be done from the inside turn by quitting all action just as the horse begins to make the turn. It will usually take several tries but most horses will learn it fairly fast unless they are nervous or afraid of human contact. A more solid approach is from the outside turn because each time he turns, he has to stop for a moment. Get the horse to stop by doing outside turns repeatedly, one right after the other until the horse stops. He may have his nose over the fence and his tail in your face but it’s a place to start. Let him stand for about a minute. If he chooses to move, keep turning him to the outside until he understands that it is okay for him to stop moving. Then ask him to step forward a few steps and stop, using the outside turn if he tries to leave. Continue until he will stand parallel to the fence with his head inside the rails and facing left. The easiest place to begin teaching the horse to keep his eyes on you is from directly in front. Move out in front of the horse at a comfortable distance. Cue the horse to look at you with both eyes. I like an audible cue because the horse does not have to guess whether or not you are cueing him. Your cue can be anything as long as it is consistent. I use the “kissing” sound. When the horse takes its head away, ask for it back by “kissing”. If he moves his body, quickly reposition him again and start over. Looking at you is a forward motion exercise, so don’t let the horse back up. If he does, ask him to move forward a couple steps and stop. Then reposition yourself in front, perhaps at a greater distance, and start again. If the horse does not respond within 2 or 3 seconds, continue your “kiss” while stepping to the side and moving your rope. If his attention comes to you when you move, stop cueing, praise him and walk away to give him a big release. Again, if he moves off, move him around the pen and reposition him.


BooKiNG NoW for SpriNG fever CLiNiCS April 13-14 – Story Book Farm Ponies • Spokane, WA April 26-28 – Kirk Mountain Ranch • elk, WA June 1-2 & July 26-28

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship

Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship

ONE DAY SALE SATURDAY, JUNE 1 Sale Order - 9:00am Loose Horse 9:30am Horse Preview 12:00pm Catalog Horses Supplement Horses, Open Consignment

Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center 1705 E Airport Rd. Hermiston, Oregon

THE TRADITION CONTINUES, WHERE EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Let us help you sell your horse! Remember, we are the people’s sale, open to all classes of horses for all classes of people.

Catalog DeaDline May 15 Email us to be added to our mailing list!

HigH Selling HorSe Reserve High Seller lot 48, High As Cowtown, 2 year old AQHA Stallion brought to us by Casey and Carissa Stoner and puchased by Zack and Hallie Faulk for $6700. SALE AVERAGES Top 5 Horses - $5780, Top 10 Horses - $4900, Horses Sold Averaged - $2180

We will send you a digital copy of the sale catalog! Randy: 509-778-3467 Any questions please call Mailing: PO Box 549, Prosser, WA 99350 Email: Website:


If he ignores your cue, continue “kissing”, but take your eyes off him, circle around behind and move him forward a short distance. Reposition him, using the outside turns if necessary and try again. Once you start your “kissing” cue, don’t stop until you get the movement you want. If it is only his 2 eyes on you, stop cueing when you get it. But if he won’t look at you, you must keep “kissing” while adding moving the rope, stomping your feet, waving your arms until he either gives you his head by looking at you or moves off. He has to move something or you will just desensitize him to your audible cue. As the horse catches his breath, (remember, he was working on inside/outside turns), he may become less responsive for his motivation to stand still will decrease. If this happens, send him off at a trot and practice 20-30 turns. Don’t think of it as punishment but as using his desire to move as an opportunity to get your turns more solid. Then stop him and try again. This is usually enough to motivate him to try harder to understand what part of his body you are

11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

From the show ring to the trail - we’ve got you covered!

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asking him to move. He will soon learn that all you are asking for is his attention to stay with you. When you have his attention from in front, begin stepping off to the side, keeping both eyes on you. Work around until you are near the horse’s side (still at a distance) while he is looking at you with both eyes. Now wait. As you continue to ask the horse to keep his eyes on you, the muscles in the neck will get tired and the horse will eventually move its body to line up with its head to relieve the ache. This may take a few mistakes but it will happen if you don’t give up. Then you practice by stepping to the side and asking the horse to face you until he will turn a complete circle to keep his eyes on you. You can then release him, move him back to the left, reposition him and repeat the process. When you have one side well, go to the other side. You may have to position the horse along the fence and go through the steps all over again. You have to train each side separately and then put them together. Now walk away and reposition yourself at a 90 degree angle and have him turn to face you. If he only gives you his head, just wait until he squares up and walk away again. Keep alternating sides to condition the response from both sides. If he moves off at any time, push him a little, stop him, get him to face you and start over. Don’t just chase him around or he will think that is what you want him to do and he will get worse instead of better about staying with you. There is so much detail that goes into these lessons and I have only given you the skeletons. Again, I remind you to be patient and enjoy the journey! Take care. For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to And check out the Sensible Round Penning DVD now available! You can also sign up for the Sensible Horsemanship Spring Fever Clinics coming up in April at Susan Rae’s Story Book Farm Ponies and Ann Kirk’s Kirks Mountain Ranch.

lady raven stables

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Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday: 9:30am-5pm • Open late by appointment APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 10

Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075



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with a variety of materials and designs, from pressure treated or rough cut wood to composite materials. Wire mesh can be added to help with predator control or keeping your small animals in.

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Excavator available for Ground Management, Water Lines & Automatic Livestock Watering Systems and Rock Drilling All proposals are based on footage as quoted within the written proposal. Any increase in end-project footage will be adjusted & billed accordingly.


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Spring + Soft ground + Hoof printS Ken Carmichael

It has been a long winter, especially March, and even us fair weather riders are anxious to get in the saddle. But with spring comes challenges that as responsible equestrians we must face. We are in that time of year when the snow comes off and leaves soft ground. This can lead to three problems.

some equestrians rode these trails and did some damage. Again, we need to be responsible for what we leave behind.

First, is the danger of getting horses bogged down in mud, even to the extent of losing an animal. This has happened and we should always approach muddy or wet areas with extreme caution.

Speaking of leaving things behind, let’s make sure that we clean up manure at the trailheads. It is easy to put manure back in the trailer and take it home so we can leave the trailheads clean for everyone’s use. And of course we never empty manure out of a trailer at the trailhead, even into the bushes.

Second, is the danger of ending up on ice in a shaded area. I know of instances where the trail looks clear but under that thin layer of dirt there is ice. On a hill that can result in disaster when a horse goes down and a horse or rider is injured. This happens more times that we like to think. Third, and this is the one that we have to be particularly aware of when we are riding. There is no simple way to put this but to say do NOT do damage to the ground. When it is soft our horses can leave large holes with their hoofs. We do not want to put that strain on our horses in the spring and we do not want to leave trail damage in our wake. We need to look around and see what tracks we are leaving. This past winter trails were groomed in Riverside State Park for cross country skiing and fat bike riding. These are great winter sports that we share the trails with. However,


Recently a diverse group of trail users met with County Parks to talk about trail damage. We agreed that everyone has a responsibility to maintain trails and did not want to finger point at any specific group. We carefully worded the sign attached to this article. This is good information no matter where we ride. Our land managers have the responsibility of keeping the trails and surrounding areas open for a variety of users to enjoy. If equestrians are shown to be the ones doing the damage then we will be the ones asked to leave. We will have no one to blame but ourselves. As equestrians let’s set the example by helping to keep trails in good condition and respecting the rights of other trail

Insurance for All of Your Farm & Ranch Needs…

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“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 12

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IEQHA 61st Annual Silver Circuit Spokane County Fair & Expo - Spokane, WA May 17-18-19, 2019

Approved by: AQHA, IQHA & MSQHA Fees: All Inclusive Circuit Fee $325.00 Unlimited Classes (Novice Show not included) Novice/Rookie Show (May 17) $10.00/Class Open & Amateur $19.00 Novice, Rookie & AQHA Walk Trot & Youth $15.00 Stalls Paid by May 10 $105.00 Stalls Paid After May 10 $120.00 (Based on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights) Entries due May 10 (To avoid post entry charge of $20) Office Charge $10.00/Horse AQHA Drug Processing $6.00/Judge Haul Ins $20.00/Horse Per Day Pre-bed $5.00 (must order ahead) Early Arrivals, late Departure $30.00 Pre-bed $5.00 (must order ahead) RV/LQ $35.00 Day/Night Electricity Only $30.00 Dry $20.00 Shavings $15.00 Per Horse/Stall Trail Warm-Up Sat Eve & Sun AM $15.00 Trail Warm-Up Fri 8:00AM $5.00 (For All Novice) Friday, May 17 – 5:00 p.m. Evening Performance Reining, Junior Horse 1. 2. Reining Senior Horse 3. Novice Amateur Reining 4. Amateur Reining 5. Novice Youth Reining 6. Youth Reining, 18 & Under SMALL BREAK Green Horse Ranch Riding 7. 8. Ranch Horse Riding, Junior Horse 9. Ranch Horse Riding, Senior Horse 10. VRH Ranch Riding 11. Novice Amateur Ranch Riding 12. Amateur Ranch Riding 13. Novice Youth Ranch Riding 14. Youth Ranch Riding 15. VRH Reining 16. VRH Trail 17. VRH Conformation Saturday, May 18, 2019 – 8:00 a.m. Yearling Stallions 18. 19. 2 Year Old Stallions 20. 3 Year Old Stallions 21. 4 & Over Stallions 22. Open Performance Stallions Grand & Reserve Stallions 23. Amateur Yearling Stallions 24. Amateur 2 Year Old Stallions 25. Amateur 3 Year Old Stallions 26. Amateur 4 & Over Stallions 27. Amateur Performance Stallions Grand & Reserve Amateur Stallions 28. Yearling Geldings 29. 2 Year Old Geldings 30. 3 Year Old Geldings 31. 4 & Over Geldings 32. Open Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Geldings 33. Novice Amateur Yearling Geldings 34. Novice Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings 35. Novice Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings 36. Novice Amateur 4 & Over Geldings 37. Novice Amateur Performance Geldings No Grand or Reserve 38. Amateur Yearling Geldings 39. Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings 40. Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings 41. Amateur 4 & Over Geldings 42. Amateur Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Amateur Geldings

JUDGES: MAY 17-18-19, 2019 Casey Devitt, KY April Devitt, KY Kendra Weis, MO AQHA Walk Trot classes CANNOT Cross over into that respective lope class 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.

Novice Youth Yearling Geldings Novice Youth 2 Year Old Geldings Novice Youth 3 Year Old Geldings Novice Youth 4 & Over Geldings Novice Youth Performance Geldings No Grand or Reserve 48. Youth Yearling Geldings 49. Youth 2 Year Old Geldings 50. Youth 3 Year Old Geldings 51. Youth 4 & Over Geldings 52. Youth Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Youth Geldings 53. Yearling Mares 54. 2 Year Old Mares 55. 3 Year Old Mares 56. 4 & Over Mares 57. Open Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Mares 58. Novice Amateur Yearling Mares 59. Novice Amateur 2 Year Old Mares 60. Novice Amateur 3 Year Old Mares 61. Novice Amateur 4 & Over Mares 62. Novice Amateur Performance Mares No Grand or Reserve 63. Amateur Yearling Mares 64. Amateur 2 Year Old Mares 65. Amateur 3 Year Old Mares 66. Amateur 4 & Over Mares 67. Amateur Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Amateur Mares 68. Novice Youth Yearling Mares 69. Novice Youth 2 Year Old Mares 70. Novice Youth 3 Year Old Mares 71. Novice Youth 4 & Over Mares 72. Novice Youth Performance Mares No Grand or Reserve 73. Youth Yearling Mares 74. Youth 2 Year Old Mares 75. Youth 3 Year Old Mares 76. Youth 4 & Over Mares 77. Youth Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Youth Mares BREAK FOR SHOWMANSHIP 78. Rookie Youth Showmanship 79. Novice Youth Showmanship 80. Youth Showmanship, 18 & Under 81. Rookie Amateur Showmanship 82. Novice Amateur Showmanship 83. Amateur Select Showmanship 84. Amateur Showmanship BREAK FOR WESTERN PLEASURE 85. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Western Pleasure 86. Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure 87. Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 88. Amateur Select Western Pleasure 89. Amateur Western Pleasure 90. Junior Horse Western Pleasure 91. Novice Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure 92. Rookie Youth Western Pleasure 93. Novice Youth Western Pleasure 94. Youth Western Pleasure 18 & Under 95. Senior Horse Western Pleasure 96. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Horsemanship


SHOW SECRETARY: Darlene Chase 1733 Alder Avenue Lewiston, ID 83501 PH/FAX: (208) 798-0763 CELL: (208) 305-6130 EMAIL: SHOW MANAGER: Judy Malby 97. Rookie Amateur Horsemanship 98. Novice Amateur Horsemanship 99. Novice Select Horsemanship 100. Amateur Horsemanship 101. Novice Youth Walk Trot Horsemanship 102. Rookie Youth Horsemanship 103. Novice Youth Horsemanship 104. Youth Horsemanship 18 & Under BREAK FOR WESTERN AND RIDING 105. Green Horse Western Riding 106. Western Riding Junior Horse 107. Western Riding Senior Horse 108. Novice Amateur Western Riding 109. Amateur Western Riding 110. Novice Youth Western Riding 111. Youth Western Riding BREAK FOR BARRELS POLES 112. Open Barrels 113. Youth Barrels 114. Amateur Barrels 115. Open Poles 116. Youth Poles 117. Amateur Poles SATURDAY EVENING TRAIL WARM-UP Sunday - May 19, 2019 – 9:00 a.m. 118. Green Horse Trail 119. Novice Youth Walk Trot Trail 120. Rookie Youth Trail 121. Novice Youth Trail 122. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Trail 123. Rookie Amateur Trail 124. Novice Amateur Trail 125. Trail - Junior Horse 126. Youth Trail 18 & Under 127. Amateur Select Trail 128. Amateur Trail 129. Trail Senior Horse BREAK FOR ENGLISH 130. Green Horse Hunter Under Saddle 131. Novice Youth Walk Trot HUS 132. Rookie Youth HUS 133. Novice Youth HUS 134. Youth HUS 18 & Under 135. Hunter with Saddle Junior Horse 136. Hunter with Saddle Senior Horse 137. Novice Amateur Walk Trot HUS 138. Rookie Amateur HUS 139. Novice Amateur HUS 140. Amateur Select HUS 141. Amateur HUS 142. Novice Youth Walk Trot HS Eq. 143. Rookie Youth HS Eq. 144. Novice Youth HS Eq. 145. Youth HS Eq. 18 & Under 146. Novice Amateur Walk Trot HS Eq. 147. Rookie Amateur HS Eq. 148. Novice Amateur HS Eq. 149. Amateur Select HS Eq. 150. Amateur HS Eq. BREAK FOR DRIVING HORSES 151. Open Pleasure Driving 152. Amateur Pleasure Driving


Approved by: AQHA, IQHA & MSQHA

13th Annual IEQHA All Novice/Rookie AQHA, IQHA, & MSQHA Approved Show May 17, 2019 - 9:00am - Spokane Fair & Expo Fees: $10.00/Class or $50.00/All Inclusive ALL Exhibitors are required to have knowledge of their leveling status in each class: 0-10 points for both rider & horse = Rookie 0-10 points for rider = Novice Drug Processing $5.00/Horse JUDGE: Genny Miller, WA Walk trot entries cannot cross enter into that respective Lope Class SHOW SECRETARY: Darlene Chase 1733 Alder Avenue Lewiston, ID 83501 PH/FAX: (208) 798-0763 CELL: (208) 305-6130 EMAIL: May 17, 9:00am 160. Walk Trot Novice Youth Trail 161. Rookie Youth Trail 162. Novice Youth Trail 163. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Trail 164. Rookie Amateur Trail 165. Novice Amateur Trail SMALL BREAK 166. Rookie Youth Showmanship 167. Novice Youth Showmanship 168. Rookie Amateur Showmanship 169. Novice Amateur Showmanship BREAK 170. Walk Trot Novice Youth Western Pleasure 171. Rookie Youth Western Pleasure 172. Novice Youth Western Pleasure 173. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 174. Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure 175. Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 176. Walk Trot Novice Youth Horsemanship 177. Rookie Youth Horsemanship 178. Novice Youth Horsemanship 179. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Horsemanship 180. Rookie Amateur Horsemanship 181. Novice Amateur Horsemanship 182. Walk Trot Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 183. Rookie Youth Hunter Under Saddle 184. Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 185. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 186. Rookie Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 187. Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 188. Walk Trot Novice Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 189. Rookie Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 190. Novice Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 191. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 192. Rookie Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 193. Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 194. Rookie Youth Reining 195. Novice Youth Reining 196. Rookie Amateur Reining 197. Novice Amateur Reining 198. Novice Youth Ranch Riding 199. Novice Amateur Ranch Riding

users. We want to maintain our right to use these great public lands.

12” x 18” Trails Closed When Muddy

As the sign says “Spokane County During periods of rain and spring thaw, relies heavily use of these trails leaves deep tire on community ruts, hoof and foot prints resulting in severe or permanent trail damage. volunteers to build and maintain Spokane County relies heavily on community volunteers to build and these trails for maintain these trails for YOU to enjoy. YOU to enjoy”. PLEASE, help us thank our volunteers Back Country by choosing to recreate when the Horsemen is one conditions are right. of the groups If you are leaving a visible tire rut, helping to maintain hoof or foot print more than 1” deep, the trails are too muddy to use. trails on a variety of public lands. We enjoy doing the work and have fun. If you would like to join us, or are interested in our other activities you can learn more at or call 509-466-2225. That is enough preaching, now go out and ride, be safe and have a good time.

Come ride with us in the

Eagle Cap Wilderness Area NE Oregon

Gentlemen On Horseback Ride Yearly Week Long Spring Ride July 21-26, 2019 Open to all gentlemen. From a different location every year, we ride out for a week of great rides, food & good company. All levels of riders are welcome. Meals provided by GOH. Come ride with us – $300 for the week. Register Now! Ladies send your man for quality guy time! For more info contact us & enjoy our website. Please Call Scott for Information



veterinary knowledge

ag el es s

New Foal exams

Dr. Michele Roseburg, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital


Spring has finally reached Spokane! Running between melting drifts of snow are the first few foals of 2019. Ideally the veterinary-patient relationship with each new foal should begin in the first 12-24 hours of life. This is an ideal time to evaluate the foal for general well-being, identify and Dr. Michele Roseburg, DVM address limb deformities, and check the foal’s blood for level of transfer of antibodies from the mare. Foals are born without any antibody protection against pathogens in their environment. They depend on protection received through drinking colostrum (the first milk) from their dam. The foal’s gut has the ability to absorb antibodies carried in the colostrum for the first 12-24 hours of life. After 24 hours, the lining of the gut changes and is no longer able to absorb these antibodies, which is why timing is so crucial. If the foal is tested prior to 24 hours of age, additional colostrum can be administered orally (if available) to try and increase the foal’s antibody levels. If the foal is already 24 hours old when tested, the gut has closed and supplementation must be done through intravenous administration of

ert Road Deer Park, WA 99006

E. Insert Rd. Diamond Deer309Park, 99006 (509) 723-8166 •WA Horse Boarding (425) 681-0142 Pine t an affordable price! Ranch Your

309 East Insert Road Deer Park, WA 99006 lter/Heated Water PREMIERHorse FULL SERVICE BOARDING ATTENDANT … WITH RESIDENT ividual Runs

plasma specially formulated for the task. To check transfer of antibodies from dam to foal, a stall-side test can be run on the foal’s blood. The test specifically looks for levels of Immunoglobulin G (aka IgG). Failure of passive transfer is how we describe an insufficient level of antibodies in the foal. This does not guarantee that the foal will become sick, it just puts them at a higher risk of being susceptible to infection from bacteria and viruses in their environment. Failure of passive transfer can occur for a few different reasons, including poor quality colostrum from the dam, excessive leakage of milk prior to giving birth, or the foal not nursing properly. To ensure that a mare’s colostrum has the most beneficial antibodies it is important to vaccinate your mare according to veteri nary recommendations. Mares should receive vaccine boosters 4-6 weeks prior to their due date to ensure that the foal will receive antibodies associated with those vaccines through the colostrum. This is extremely important so that the foal is immediately protected against preventable diseases such as tetanus since foals cannot be vaccinated themselves until three or four months of age. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All of us at MPEH are looking forward to meeting your new foals!

“Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time!” Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Freya Stein, DVM, DACVIM (LAIM) Robert K. Schneider, DVM Michele Roseburg, DVM • John Herning, DVM 509-928-MPEH (6734) • Email:

Needs Premier Horse Boarding heated water & individual runs Cleaning◆ Outdoor shelters with Us! ◆ Premium alfalfa/grass hay, fed 2x daily

Personalized care at an affordable price! alfa/Orchard Grass Hay ◆ Heated wash rack, tack room, parking

Your Horse Needs FOR SALE: Us! MORRIS

◆B IndoorOutside Shelter/Heated Water lighted arena 80x144 ◆ Outdoor arena 150x250 with scheduled open riding, evenings B 50’ x 50’ Individual Runs y * *Additional services upon request ◆ Endless Trails





Weekly Pen Cleaning


◆ Blue Mountain Pellet Premium Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Hay

Bedding - less labor, less waste, by the bag or ton, B On-Site Attention 100% Natural Zeolite B $300 Monthly * *Additional services upon request eliminates odor ◆ Irrigated Hay Sales Indoor & Outdoor small bales available

09-723-8166 or De: 425-681-0142 Riding Arenas For more information Proud Distributors of:


For the SPORT of it! Learn to Ride For: Confidence Balance • Poise and FUN!

509-951-3413 SMS

Miles & miles of Noble Panels & Gates ◆ Blue Mountain Pellet Bedding APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 16 groomed trail riding trails

Serving the Northwest Since 1993

Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time

We’re excited to welcome John Herning, DVM to our team of Doctors at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital!

Full Service Hospital, Ambulatory, Reproduction, MRI & Surgical Care. 24/7 Emergency Service 509-928-6734 | 509-238-4959 | 208-457-8813 (Idaho Residents) APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 17

Equine Biomechanics Symposium with Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

at Relational Riding Academy Cheney WA

For the first time in the Inland Northwest, Dr Gerd Heuschmann will present a full Equine Biomechanics Symposium with riding instruction. A must see event!

May 17, 18, & 19 Auditors $120 all 3 days • $50 each day Space is limited and you must purchase your tickets in advance This Symposium will feature educational multi-media presentations in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, as well as 3 days of riding instruction.

Saturday evening - Dinner reception and book signing Tickets $25

Register Now at • (509) 290-4301 Relational Riding Academy • 3714 W Anderson Rd. Cheney WA, 99004 APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 18



Magic Magnifique x Trevs Onyx


Sweepstakes Nominated Sire SCID/CA Clear 2019 BREEdinG FEE: PUREBREd ARABiAn: $1500 OTHERS: $1000 Notorious is the ONLY BLACK SON standing in the United States by Multi-Champion Internation Black Stallion “Magic Magnifique”, (by True Colours’, Thee Desperado++, The Minstril). Bloodlines also include PFC Trevallon (UAE), Magnum Psyche, Padrons Psyche


Thank you to the wonderful staff of McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital for their expertise in collecting & shipping semen for Notorious to our clients! Our First Foal Arrives in 2019.

Ferric Bp, by Ferrer Her 2019 Foal by Notorious is his FIRST!

World Champion Producer

Mr Bo Button Sire: The Cash Button, Black APHA, World Champion Producer Dam: Sonnys Tru Amigo: by Multi World Champion “Sonnys Amigo Bar”

Mr Valentino


Mr Bo Button x Magnificent Missy

2019 FEE: $850

2018 World Champion Black Yearling Stallion [Exported to Mexico] World Champion

Multiple Mare Discounts Excellent Fresh Cooled Transported Semen • Kettle Falls, WA • 509-675-1223 APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 19


HUBER TRAILER SALES 18502 E. Broadway • Greenacres, WA 99016 • At Barker Exit Off I-90 509


The Only


800 424-7114

in iTs clAss


HoT sHoT


clAssic ii

HAnD rAncH



Full Service Shop installing B&W hitches & Tekonsha Brake controllers


Servicing All Brands of Trailers complete parts Dept.



The ONLY Self Netting, Covered Hay Feeder on the market today!

Turn a messy bale into a Covered, Netted Bale in seconds! 208-627-9518 • • • • • •

Priest River, ID Creates a safe, friendly environment Stops bickering at the feeder 8 large windows allow easy access Easily accepts large 6’ rolls (as shown) No assembly required - strong 1 piece design No tractor needed - just set it, strip it, flip it - DONE! Suggested Retail Price - Self Netting Barn $850

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)

ArAbiAn Horses For sAle

Visitors Welcome

IAHA Sweepstakes Stallion

Shalwyn Arabians Gerwyn & Diane Jones 411 Caldwell Road Walla Walla, WA 99362-9712 509-529-4067 Email:


WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses Schipperke Dogs Standing: ANADO ACE AQHA Full Care Boarding • Harness Training All Breeds Halter Training • Specializing in Miniature Horses & Ponies

Roy & Mary Forbes • 509-926-0028

3001 N. Idaho Rd, Liberty Lake •

Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale 27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espanola), WA 99022

509/299-4143 • e-mail:


4006 N. Division • Spokane, WA



Any Size and Configuration Available

Call 800-833-9997 Today!

Or on-line: APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 23

Like some people can draw, some can sing and some can fit a steer. There are some people who can look at a horse colt at two years of age and pick that sucker outta the string twelve years later. Or recognize a cow comin’ through the chute out of a herd of four hundred. Or a steer in the ropin’ box…“He drags a little.” I used to think that they were puttin’ me on or show talkin’ to impress folks. But I’m convinced there are horsemen and cow people who dang sure really know that animal. If I set my mind to it I can make a point of checkin’ the animal out. Does he have three white stockings, is his tail black, did his ears get froze off, does he have one eye? Then I might remember him for a day or two. Maybe it’s just lack of attention on my part...not payin’ attention to details. But I’ve always been like this. I’ve never seen a memory course for cowboys with my problem. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. It could begin with a few basics, i.e. sex, number of legs, species, color, broken limbs, tuberculosis, blindness. But I’m convinced a person with a gift sees more than just physical characteristics. They see personality, movement, ability, potential...they see the individual. I envy their gift. I wish I had part of it. But I guess I just have to be thankful that my dog remembers me and the family cat has three legs. For more great stories, columns and books from Baxter Black, including his new book “A Commotion in Rhyme” please visit

On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe


By Baxter Black, DVM Seems like I ride a lot of borrowed horses. At folks’ ranches or trail rides, ropings or brandings they mount me ‘cause I’m usually a long way from home. I often bring my own saddle. They offer to lend me a saddle as well, but I decline for personal reasons. Sometimes it’s the only way I can find my own horse! In the mornin’ when we saddle, I kinda hang back til the bunch is picked through and then see if I can spot anything familiar. After lunch I wander down the picket line lookin’ for my saddle. My daughter and I would buy a few ol’ gummers every spring to calve out on our little patch of grass. She’d check ‘em every day a’horseback and we’d run ‘em all summer. I could ride out in the pasture in August, look ‘em over, come back in the house and not remember what they look like. She can describe cows from five years ago! I figger it’s a gift.

7.44 Acre Horse Property Close-In to Spokane with Shop & Barn! $

365,000 • 8112 N Jensen Rd, Spokane, WA

Excellent Horse Property Potential!

Call Today

• 36.5’x30’ Fully Insulated Shop with 220 Power, 10’x15’ Loft & 4’x8’ Walk-In Cooler • Beautiful Country Home, 4 Bedrooms (2 Non-Egress), 1 Bath, 1905 sq.ft. • New Paint & Carpet, Gas Forced Air Heat, Gas Fireplace • Big Deck for Entertaining! • End-Of-Road Location

Terry McKanna 509-991-9237

MLS#201827641 Windermere Valley/Liberty Lake APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 24

er Results Mattate In Real Est Over $21 Millionsince


on 78 transactions18 the start of 20

Welcome to a different way to think about buying and selling real estate. It’s a difference I think you’ll appreciate. Real estate is not just my career; it’s also something I invest in myself. I am a true believer in what I do, and I think that after working with me, you will be too.

Spokane is my home too and I’m a firm believer in giving back to my community. Past and present boards I’ve served on include: The Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Dishman Hills Conservancy, SpokAnimal, WSU Planned Giving, World Outside My Shoes and Morningstar Boy’s Ranch, current President of the Spokane Polo Club and current Legacy Council of the Nature Conservancy of Washington


SELLING While we can all be encouraged by the positive movement in lending and real estate values, it can sometimes be uncomfortable for sellers to put a property on the market. I have confidence in our regional real estate landscape and guide my clients in overcoming any hesitancy to sell. While things are looking up and good opportunities are available in the market, I also understand that I am often managing my client’s largest asset. $11,719,849 in 45 transactions for 2017, and so far in 2018, 33 transactions for $9,502,7472 (as of September). It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

I feel for my sellers and work hard for them to gain the most from their home or property sale.

The regional real estate market is rebounding. Whether for a residential home, or out-of-town acreage, now is a great time to buy, with interest rates as low as 3% to 4%. Though I have deep expertise in residential acreage and prestige properties, my listings can shift with the market. Currently about half of my real estate sales and listings are for in-town residences.

I would be happy to talk with you about the market and show you city or country properties that will meet your specific requirements.

Visit for More Information • 509-994-9300 APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 25



Motivated Seller! Priced Reduced to $800,000! Located in Shoshone County about 28 miles upstream from St. Maries, Idaho. The main ranch house burned down several years ago, but the 100+ year barn, hay shed and other buildings remain. There is a remote cabin up the mountain on the backside of the property, the ranch has a developed spring with recorded water rights. The land has very nice stand of timber covering 80% of the land, past owners have only harvested dead & dying timber and the stand of timber is pristine, which is hard to find these days.

Property Features: • Heavily Timbered, Broker Estimates 7MBF Acre on 60 + Acres • Ranch is Complete Fenced & Cross Fenced, Total of About 3 Miles • Secluded from Other Access, the Only Way In & Out is from the Highway • Water is from Three Springs with Filed Water Rights

Also Available: 160 Acre Ranch, Tensed, ID 80 Acre Ranch on the Clearwater River, Kamiah, ID More Info:



BREEDERS continued


Anado Ace Wind Drift Farm ..............................22 CS Chex My Platinum C&S Ranch ......................................4 Leitachic Rhonda Hart Quarter Horses ............. 8 Mama Said Dash C&S Ranch ......................................4 Mr Bo Button Meadow Starr Ranch ......................19 Notorius Meadow Starr Ranch ......................19 Poco Buenos Ghost C&S Ranch ......................................4 Rasheem Bay BR Regal Arabians .......................Cover, 2

Rhonda Hart Quarter Horses ............. 8 Shalwyn Arabians ...........................22 Wind Drift Farm Quarter Horses ....... 22

HUB International, Fran Jene ........... 12


Northwest Horse Supplements .......... 7

Bale Barns.....................................22 Parker Buildings .............................31 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...... 23

BREEDERS C&S Ranch ......................................4

EVENTS 2BU Youth Ranch Spaghetti Feed .... 20 Cowboy Ball .....................................5 Gentlemen On Horseback ...............15 Hermiston Horse Sale Extravag. ........ 9 Inland Empire Arabian Horse Club...... 3 Inland Empire Quarter Horse Association ......... 14,15

FACILITY Diamond Pine Ranch ......................16 Lady Raven Stable..........................10 Upriver Stables ..............................22

FEED & FARM FENCING All Terrain Fence ............................11

HORSES Shalwyn Arabians ...........................22 Wind Drift Farm ..............................22

REAL ESTATE Ed Anderson Real Estate ........... 26,27 Suzy Dix ........................................25 Terry McKanna ...............................24

SADDLES, TACK & CLOTHING Indiana Harness Co. .......................22 Spokane Tack Trunk .......................10 Will Rogers Saddle Co. ................Back

TRAINERS Ann Kirk Horsemanship ....................9 Mike Stokes Performance Horses ...... 6 Morris Stables / Ed Morris .............. 16 Relational Riding Academy .............. 18 Upriver Stables ..............................22

TRAILERS & TRAILER REPAIR Huber Trailer Sales .........................21 Washington Auto Carriage ...............13

VETERINARIAN McKinlay & Peters Equine ...............17

FISHING POND ON 7 ACRES WITH & KOA CABIN, Silver Valley • Kingston, ID

7 acre parcel with cabin & 2 acre, spring fed fishing pond! Coordinates: 47.565658 - 116.209371




Other Properties Available

Need Fast Cash on Real Estate? (No Residential) No Credit Check • Fast Closing • No Upfront Costs Apply by a Simple Phone Call • up to $1,000,000!

Edward andErson Broker • 509-994-2557 • APRIL 2019 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 27

ClUBs & OrganizatiOns




49ers Saddle Club American Mustang & Burro Association Appleatchee Riders Association Arabian Horse Club of Central Washington Back Country Horsemen of WA, I.E. Chapter Back Country Horsemen of WA, NE Chapter Back Country Horsemen of WA, Ponderosa Chap. Back Country Horsemen of ID, Panhandle Chap. Back Country Horsemen of WA, Ferry County Chap. BC Draft Under Saddle Club Big Sky Morgan Horse Assocation Big Sky Fox Trotter’s Association BitterRoot Back Country Horsemen Blackjack Saddle Club Blue Mountain Dressage & Combined Training Assn. Blue Mountain Morgan Horse Club Cabinet Back Country Horsemen Cayuse Kid’s Saddle Club Cleveland Bay Association of North America Coeur du Cheval Pony Club Columbia Paint Horse Club Country Kids 4-H Crab Creek Riders Backcountry Horsemen Dash of Class Mounted Ladies Drill Team Drover’s Jr. Rodeo Club Eastern Montana Appaloosa Horse Club Eastern Oregon Arabian Breeders Eastern Washington Jr. Rodeo Association Eastern Washington Quarter Horse Association Free Rein Therapeutic Riding Gentlemen on Horseback Gold ‘n’ Grouse Horse 4-H Club Grant County Horse Association Heron Saddle Club Horse Wyse Instruction I.E. Arabian Horse Club I.E. Barrel Racing Assoc. I.E. Miniature Horse Club I.E. Morgan Horse Club I.E. Mustang Horse Club I.E. National Showhorse Club I.E. Quarter Horse Association I.E. Tennessee Walking Horse Club Inland Northwest Dressage Association Inland Northwest Driving Society Inland Northwest Paint Horse Club Inland Northwest Pinto Horse Club John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders Justin Time Morgan Youth Club Kootenai County Saddle Club Lewis Clark Saddle Club Melody Riders Saddle Club Mid-Columbia River Arabian Horse Club Mid-Valley Saddle Club Missoula Back Country Horsemen Montana Paint Horse Club Morgan Single-Footing Horse Assn. (MSHA) Mounted Mischief 4-H Club National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 03 National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 04 NW Intermountain Team Penning Association NW Paso Fino Horse Association NW Small Equine Club in Graham, WA

Monthly, Lewiston, ID, Monthly, Richland, WA 3rd Wednesday monthly, Appleatchee Clubhouse, Wenatchee, WA 1st Wednesday monthly, Club - 3rd Thursday, C’s Pizza, Union Gap 4th Tuesday, Wildlife Council Building, 6116 N Market, Spokane, WA 3rd Saturday monthly, 1st Tuesday monthly, INB Airway Heights - 1st Wednesday monthly, 6pm, Norther Inn, Republic, WA Check website for meeting: Alternate month - see website for dates Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Thursday monthly, E.O. Wednesday, Blackjack Saddle Club Arena, Thompson Falls, MT See Call for meeting place & time, Hermiston, OR 2nd Tuesday monthly, 7pm 1st Sunday montly, Princeton, ID 1st Monday monthly, Legacy Farms, Loon Lake,WA 2nd Tuesday monthly, Kennewick, WA Deary, ID 1st Monday monthly, Moses Lake, WA 1st Monday monthly Call for information 1st Monday monthly, evenings, Billings, MT Call for meeting times Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Wednesday monthly, any breed welcome Call for Volunteer Training Information Gentlemen on Horseback Yearly week long ride since 1948 Every Wednesday, Location TBA Third Monday monthly, Moses Lake Municipal Airport 2nd Tuesday monthly, Heron Community Center, Heron, MT Clinics throughout the Inland Northwest Check our website for current info & meeting schedule For info on Open & Novice Barrel Races: Monthly Meetings Meetings TBA Last Thursday of month 6pm, Denny’s, Sprague & Pines, Spokane, WA 3rd Wednesday monthly Monthly Meetings - time and place vary 3rd Sunday, every other month, 3pm, Timber Creek Cafe Call for meeting & activity dates 1st Tuesday monthly, November through March Monthly meetings, contact us for location, Spokane, WA Meetings - call or e-mail for information 1st Tuesday monthly (except Jan, June, July & Aug), Monthly, Thunderhead Farm, Moscow, ID Go to website for info: 1st Tuesday monthly, Clarkston, ID 1st Thursday monthly, 7pm, Chewelah WA 2nd Wednesday monthly 1st Tuesday monthly, 6pm, Apple Tree Restaurant, Lebanon, OR 3rd Wednesday monthly, 7pm, Opportunity Resource, Missoula, MT Check website for events: Bruce Olso, 45 S 1100 E, American Fork, UT 84003 Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, Federal Way, WA Call for meetings and race dates For more information and race dates, see our website Call for information on meeting dates, 1st Friday each month at Graham Fire Station 70th and 224th

Ken Smith 509/780-9614 Barbara Rehfield 509/588-5130 509/663-3175 Kay Coe, Chairman 509/457-8626 Jim Hudkins 509/954-7446 Ken Carmichael 509/466-2225 Connie Glass 208/687-3608 Lloyd Odell (Pres.) 509/779-4244 Monica Cassidy Mark Goss 406/360-6355 Brad Pollman 406/546-6492 Scooter 406/827-4523 Trish Prince Nancy Eidam 541/561-6644 P.O. Box 949, Libby,MT 59923 Brad Minden 208/858-2026 Tracie Traver 865/300-7133 Laura 509/499-4975 LaNay 509/627-4641 Alexcia Livingstone 208/877-1636 Bill Bailey 509/750-8196 Fran Jacobson 360/825-3525 JP Melton 208/691-1003 Brenda Robison Julie Errend 541/922-2704 Benny Beck 509/750-6497 Erva Hatfield 509/925-9172 Sandy Jones 509/979-1468 Scott Wiggins 509/868-1641 Janice Schoonover 208/263-9066 Cecil Newkirk 509/989-9586 Leanne 406/847-2363 406/266-3311 Kari 509/939-0151 Heather 509/981-0455 or Sue 509/291-5765 Meri 509/226-2448 Lea Williams 509/994-9829 Janet Gorman 509/276-2605 Judy Malby 509/447-4663 or 509/991-2894 Chris Hutchinson 208/676-1633 Joy Terry 509/995-6327 Cynthia Wahl 509/466-0109 Debbie Kruger, 208/687-9404 Shannon 509/951-8053 Kathy Cowan 360/886-1729 Lisa 208/882-0832 Tami 208/591-4783 Becky Wright 208/791-1819 Oly Burnett 509/935-4006 Debra 541/567-3134, Linda 541/567-0041 Kim Winburn 541/990-5134 Mike Moore 406/370-7549 Gail Morris 406/866-3434 Gary 801/885-4714 253/740-1665 or Amber Gray 208/882-3304 Casie Monge 509/939-4175 Sonni Gilbert 509/990-0268 Joni Woodrring 253/405-9650


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North Country Riders North Idaho Appaloosa Horse Club North Central Idaho Backcountry Horsemen North Idaho Draft Horse & Mule Association Northeast Zone Western Games Division/ WSH Northwest Mounted Shooters Northwest Pattern Racing Association Northwest Saddlebred Association Northwest Stallion Service Auction Northwest Friesian Horse Club Northwest Quarter Horse Association Okanogan Valley Cutters Oregon Foundation Quarter Horse Club Oregon Quarter Horse Association Oregon Trail Appaloosa Club Pacific Assn. of the Andalusian & Luitana Horse (PAALH) Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group Palouse Back Country Horseman Palouse Dressage & Eventing Palouse Empire Appaloosa Club Panhandle Backcountry Horsemen Parelli Natural Horsemanship Pierce County Chapter Backcountry Horsemen Puget Sound Buckskin Horse Club Puget Sound Hunter/Jumper Association Reining Horse Association of the Northwest Ride and Tie Association Rockin’ H Arena Rocky Mountain Breeders Association Sanders County Rocky Ridge Saddle Club Sapphire Arabian Horse Club S.C.O.P.E. Sheriff Mounted Patrol Selkirk Driving Association Selkirk Valley Backcountry Horsemen Snohomish County Western Games Assn. (SCWGA) South Central Zone of W.S.H. Southwest Washington Paint Horse Club Spirit Lake Horse Rescue & Youth Ranch Spokane Area Small Horse Association Spokane County Mounted Search & Rescue Spokane Morgan Club Spots of Fun Appaloosa Association St. John Saddle Club St. Maries Saddle Club Tekoa Community Fair Assocation Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitor Assn. of WA ThreeMtnsRanch Trails & More Treasure Valley Back Country Horsemen Treasure Valley Paint Horse Club UpRiver Saddle Club Valley Renegades Vigilante Appaloosa Club Washington Bred Paint Registry Washington Cavalry Association Washington Foundation Quarter Horse Assn. Washington Ponies Of the Americas Washington Reining Horse Association Washington State Horse Park Western Montana Quarter Horse Association W.S.H. NE Zone Games Division Yeehaw Riders

Ride To Succeed - 7910 W. Burroughs, Deer Park, WA


Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 Maureen Leen 208/265-7286 Sally Wilson 208/937-1074 Mike Nagle 208/875-0024 Call for details Audre 509/496-4028 2nd Saturday of the month Rachel Peters 208/661-7971 2nd Thursday, Apex Physical Therapy, Airway Heights, WA Marie 509/244-2985 Email for information Courtney Call for information Ken Bridges 253/472-8001 Will Bron 509/830-3362 Monthly Meetings Rosemary Hoff 509/525-8308 Omak Stampede Grounds, Omak, WA Heidi Wittig 509/683-1030 Call for information Rebecca Rust-Krell 503/805-9174 1st Tuesday monthly, call for details, PO Box 537, Newburg, OR Keri Croft 503/537-9845 Monthly meetings in Central Oregon, Check website Colleen Pedrotti 250/992-1168 Meets twice yearly Karl Froelich 1st Tuesday monthly, 7pm, Deary Community Bldg., Deary, ID Bob Henriksen 208/835-6722 Meets every other month Becky Paull 208/798-9594 Kathy Hodl 509/291-3971 Members only meetings 3rd Saturday monthly, 7pm Karen Kimball 208/772-2434 2nd & 4th Sunday monthly Dan & Gretchen Thompson 406/862-1331 Every 4th Wednesday, 7pm, Elk Plain Grange, East Spanaway Jack Gillette 253/847-1626 2nd Thursday monthly, Silver Spurs Club House, Silverdale, WA Lynn Travis, PO Box 1730, Silverdale, WA 98383 North of Seattle Ame Seelow 360/678-7470 Monthly meetings Norm Poser 509/924-8625 Melanie Weir 4015 N Christensen Rd, Medical Lake, WA 99022 509/998-5039 Gail Morris 406/866-3434 Monthly meeetings 1st Tuesday, Noxon, MT Shannon 406/827-3399 1st Thursday monthly, Miriam Henn 513/403-6371 Monthly meetings, Group Patrol Spokane County Michelle LeVar 509/951-9225 Bi-monthly meetings Louise Casey 509/226-0582 Monthly meetings, call for location Merle Olsen 208/267-2272 Western Games shows, Winter season, ES Fairgrounds, Monroe, WA 3rd Thursday monthly, 7:30pm, Pasco McDonalds Netta Goodin 509/547-0923 3rd Tuesday monthly, 6:30pm, LaCosta Mexican Rest., Vancouver, WA TBD 208/791-6130 1st Monday monthly, 6:30pm, Deer Park Pizza Factory Kristen Florez 509/220-0335 2nd Thursdays monthly, 6:30pm, Busy Bee, Airway Heights, WA Phoebe Duke Monthly Events & Meetings 509/796-2140 Call for meeting times Cheryl/Dam Moriarty 509/299/4191 St. John, WA Holli Bafus 509/648-3815 3rd Wednesday monthly, Federal Building Diane Farrell 208/245-3388 2nd Wednesday monthly at C&D’s Monthly Meetings, call for times & locations Kirk Peters 253/639-3392 27405 S Cheney Spangle Rd, Cheney, WA 99004 509/370-8231 Priest River, ID Joanne Richey 208-880-7483 4th Tuesday monthly, 7:30pm Bonnie Freeman 208/880-4776 Schooling Show last Friday in March, Albert Arena Anne Gahley 208/286-7050 2nd Tuesday monthly, URSC Arena Clubhouse Debra Zimnicki 208/245-6868 Terri 509/993-4662 3rd Tuesday monthly, The Grubstake, Helena, MT Anita Wilson 406/235-4266 Shelley Bridges 253/472-8001 Meets Saturdays Bob Davisson 2nd Saturday monthly, Noon, Buzz In Steak House, Ellensburg, WA Ginny Howard 509/588-3614 Call for more information Linda 360/736-9150 Jeanine Kern Open April-October annually, Cle Elum, WA 1st Friday monthly, S 7th St, Missoula, MT Debby Cress 406/777-1802 Monthly meetings & summer events Melissa Stockmen 509/276-9862 Call for meeting info Laura 509/499-4975


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Revised January 2019

Special Do-It-Yourself Pricing Enclosed Permitted Building 24 x 36 30 x 36 30 x 48 36 x 36 36 x 48 40 x 48 40 x 60

10' Eave 12' Eave $5,715 $6,250 $6,534 $7,092 $7,824 $8,392 $7,441 $8,006 $8,937 $9,574 $9,864 $10,533 $11,416 $12,152

14' Eave $6,723 $7,602 $9,016 $8,580 $10,214 $11,255 $12,986

16' Eave $7,248 $8,164 $9,896 $9,345 $11,288 $12,306 $13,945

Kit contains: (1) 3'x6'-8'' Entry Door, (1) 11' Wide Slider Door, Galvanized Roof, Painted Walls & Trim. These buildings have engineered plans & price is based on 25# Snow Load, “B” Exposure. Prices subject to change.

We Customize To All Of Your Needs!


1-800-331-0155 • 503-981-0890



ExclusivEly at Will RogERs LittLe Buck Gaming Series

gaming event for riders ages 3-11 NEW! series Plus - up to 18 years datEs: May 12 - Pleasant valley stables June 23 - spokane Fair & Expo center

Spin to Win

Schooling 2019 Dates Reining & Ranch Riding schooling show July 21 - Pleasant valley stables sept.8 - Pleasant valley stables oct. 20 - spokane Fair & Expo center

circle y Will Rogers classic saddle 26lbs Wide tree

Dealers for:

New saddle made just for us by circle y

Bob’s custom saddles, scott thomas saddlery, Martin, double J, tucker, circle y, american saddlery, cactus, abetta, and More!

custom options available

gREat sElEctioN oF NEW & usEd saddlEs Payments That Fit Your Budget* *Subject to credit approval. Ask for Details

gEt thE Right Fit FoR youR hoRsE! saddlE FittiNgs By aPPoiNtMENt

Family Owned & Operated

Will RogERs saddlE co.

13011 N. Freya, Mead


or toll Free 1-877-707-2801 Open Mon. - Sat. 9am - 5pm • Closed Sunday

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