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Ann Kirk ABCs For a Great Foundation .................... 6 Veterinary Knowledge Ageless Horsemanship: Equine Chiropractic ........ 12

r Front Cover The School of Horse at Horse Creek Ranch in Northeast Washington The Experience of a Lifetime!

Life With Blue Eyed Wonders - Jill Smith Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! ............................. 16 Baxter Black On The Edge of Common Sense - Rudy ..... 20 Featured Youth Rider Geneva Ashton ........................................ 24 Ground Breaking Conference at Emerald Downs ....................................... 30

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Known as “The Horse Teacher”, Steve Rother is dedicated to all horse people who strive to teach their horses by educating themselves. He is not limited to specific disciplines, but the development of a willing partnership between horse and rider. Whether you want to overcome fears, build your confidence, increase your horse’s try, or advance your horsemanship, Steve can give you the tools to achieve your goals. He has helped over 20,000 horses and riders (in every discipline) become a better team. Steve conducts horsemanship clinics throughout the USA and Canada, and at his ranch, The School of Horse, about an hour northwest of Spokane, Washington.

OREGON Bend, May 3-6 4 Day Excel Clinic

WASHINGTON Kennewick, May 10-12 3 Day Excel Clinic Enumclaw, Nov 8-10 3 Day Excel Clinic

The camps at Horse Creek Ranch are fun and educational (3, 5 or 10 days) and are a learning event of a lifetime. Held in May, June and September, they fill up quickly (please see website for exact dates). Steve Rother’s Excel with Horses club allows students to come together to achieve their horsemanship dreams through a levels program. His seven DVDs include a just-released Liberty DVD. For more more info please visit www.Horseteacher.com or call 971-5336865.

THE SCHOOL OF HORSE Hunters, WA Custom 5 Day Camps May 16-20 - FULL June 11-15 - FULL June 18-22 - FULL June 25-29 - FULL


July 2-6 Sept 5-9 Oct 29-Nov 2

Reining Horse Association of the NorthWest May 9-11, 2014 NRHA and AQHA Classes Green as Grass, Jr Horse, Green Horse and many more!

June 6-8, 2014 NRHA and AQHA Classes Green as Grass, Jr Horse, Green Horse and many more!

July 11-13, 2014 Derby

photo credits Pixledust Photography

$1000 Added NRHA Open $1000 Added NRHA Non Pro $1500 Added Open Derby $1250 Added Non Pro Derby

Sept. 5-7, 2014 Futurity and Stallion Stakes Maturity $1000 Added NRHA Open $1000 Added NRHA Non Pro $1250 Added Open Maturity $1250 Added Non Pro Maturity

Check Out CBR June 22

w w w. R H A N W. co m APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 3

July 26-27 www.Columbiabasinreiners.com

LMF Low Carb


Performance Horse ee Senior Horse


  



JUDGES : KIM LEITER, CA - TANYA GREEN, TX DAWN CLASON -OH FEES: AQHA CLASSES $15/Judge 10 & UNDER $10/Judge ALL BREED CLASSES $10/Judge AQHA DRUG FEE $5/Horse/Judge HAUL IN FEE $10/Horse OFFICE FEE $5/Horse SHAVINGS FEE $15/Horse/Stall POST ENTRY FEE $5/Horse (Waived if entry received by May 24th)

8:00 am Saturday 1. Yearling Stallions 2. Two Year Old Stallions 3. Three Year Old Stallions 4. Aged Stallions 5. Open Performance Stallions Grand/Reserve 6. All Breed Halter Stallions (Pac Approved) 7. Amateur Yearling Stallions 8. Amateur 2 Yr Old Stallions 9. Amateur 3 Yr Old Stallions 10. Amateur Aged Stallions 11. Amateur Performance Stallions Grand/Reserve 12. Yearling Geldings 13. Two Year Old Geldings 14. Three Year Old Geldings 15. Aged Geldings 16. Open Performance Geldings Grand/Reserve 17. All Breed Halter Geldings (Pac Approved) 18. Amateur Yearling Geldings 19. Amateur 2 Yr Old Geldings 20. Amateur 3 Yr Old Geldings 21. Amateur Aged Geldings 22. Amateur Performance Geldings Grand/Reserve 23. Youth Yearling Geldings 24. Youth 2 Yr Old Geldings 25. Youth 3 Yr Old Geldings 26. Youth Aged Geldings 27. Youth Performance Geldings Grand/Reserve 28. Yearling Mares 29. Two Year Old Mares 30. Three Year Old Mares 31. Aged Mares 32. Open Performance Mares Grand/Reserve 33. All Breed Halter Mares (Pac Approved) 34. Amateur Yearling Mares 35. Amateur 2 Yr Old Mares 36. Amateur 3 Yr Old Mares 37. Amateur Aged Mares 38. Amateur Performance Mares

 DARLENE CHASE 1733 ALDER AVE, LEWISTON, ID 83501 208-798-0763 darlenechase@cableone.net MANAGER: JUDY MALBY STALLS: $85 for duration (Fri-Sat) $50 for 1 night $30 early arrival $5.00 Pre Bed (must be pre-paid) $15.00 Flat Rate for Shavings/per horse stall BREAKS WILL BE ANNOUNCED

Grand/Reserve 39. Youth Yearling Mares 40. Youth 2 Yr Old Mares 41. Youth 3 Yr Old Mares 42. Youth Aged Mares 43. Youth Performance Mares Grand/Reserve 44. Showmanship Novice Amateur 45. Showmanship Novice Youth 46. Showmanship 10 & Under 47. Showmanship 13 & Under 48. Showmanship 14-18 49. Showmanship Amateur 50. Showmanship Amateur Select 51. Showmanship Equestrians w/disabilities 52. All Breed Showmanship Youth (Pac Approved) 53. All Breed Showmanship Amateur (Pac Approved) 54. Leadline 6 & Under 55. Western Pleasure Warm Up $5 56. Western Pleasure Walk Trot 57. Western Pleasure Green Horse 58. Western Pleasure Nov Amateur 59. Western Pleasure Novice Youth 60. Western Pleasure Junior Horse 61. Western Pleasure 13 & Under 62. Western Pleasure 14-18 63. Western Pleasure Senior Horse 64. Western Pleasure Amateur 65. Western Pleasure Amateur Select 66. Western Pleasure 10 & U W/T 67. All Breed Western Pleasure Youth (Pac Approved) 68. All Breed Western Pleasure Amateur (Pac Approved) 69. All Breed Western Pleasure Open (Pac Approved) 70. Horsemanship Walk Trot 71. Horsemanship 10 & U Walk/Trot 72. Horsemanship Novice Amateur 73. Horsemanship Novice Youth 74. Horsemanship 13 & Under 75. Horsemanship 14-18 76. Horsemanship Amateur 77. Horsemanship Amateur Select 78. All Breed Horsemanship

Youth (Pac Approved) 79. All Breed Horsemanship Amateur (Pac Approved) 80. Western Riding Green Horse 81. Western Riding 18 & Under 82. Western Riding Junior Horse 83. Western Riding Amateur 84. Western Riding Amateur Select 85. Western Riding Senior Hore 86. All Breed Western Riding Youth (Pac Approved) 87. All Breed Western Riding Amateur (Pac Approved) 88. All Breed Western Riding Open (Pac Approved) 8:00 am Sunday 89. Trail Walk Trot 90. Trail Green Horse 91. Trail Novice Amateur 92. Trail Novice Youth 93. Trail Junior Horse 94. Trail 10 & Under 95. Trail 13 & Under 96. Trail 14-18 97. Trail Senior Horse 98. Trail Amateur 99. Trail Amateur Select 100. Trail Equestrians w/disabilities 101. All Breed Trail Youth (Pac Approved) 102. All Breed Trail Amateur (Pac Approved) 103. All Breed Trail Open (Pac Approved) 104. English Warm Up $5 105. HU Saddle Walk Trot 106. HU Saddle Green Horse 107. HU Saddle Novice Amateur 108. HU Saddle Novice Youth 109. HU Saddle Junior Horse 110. HU Saddle 13 & Under 111. HU Saddle 14-18 112. HU Saddle Senior Horse 113. HU Saddle Amateur 114. HU Saddle Amateur Select 115. HUS 10 & Under Walk/Trot




$30/day $25/day $20/day

116. All Breed HUS Youth (Pac Approved) 117. All Breed HUS Amateur (Pac Approved) 118. All Breed HUS Open(Pac Approved) 119. HS Equitation Walk Trot 120. HS Equitation 10 & Under W/T 121. HS Equitation Nov Amateur 122. HS Equitation Novice Youth 123. HS Equitation 13 & Under 124. HS Equitation 14-18 125. HS Equitation Amateur 126. All Breed HS Equitation Youth (Pac Approved) 127. All Breed HS Equitation Amateur (Pac Approved) 128. Open Hunter Hack 129. Amateur Hunter Hack 130. Open Driving 131. Amateur Driving 132. Ranch Horse Pleasure All Ages 133. Ranch Horse Pleasure 18 & U 134. Ranch Horse Pleasure Amateur 135. Reining All Ages 136. Reining 18 & Under 137. Reining Amateur 138. Reining Amateur Select

Ann Kirk ABCs for a Great Foundation


pril is here and hopefully most of you are enjoying bare ground again. It has been an interesting winter in eastern Washington with most of the snow coming in short spurts but staying around long enough to keep the pens slick and the trails unsafe. But now that is behind most of us and it is time to continue teaching our horses to become that ideal mount we have always wanted. A great foundation starts with taking a quick look at two important aspects of your horse that control most of how they behave. First is the prey animal instinct. This dynamic is what causes the horse to overreact and possibly hurt you when something happens that is perceived as a threat to its safety. The threat does not have to be real. In the horse’s mind, it only has to be a perceived threat for the alarms to go off, the panic to kick in and the fight for survival to begin. Remembering that your horse is wired this way will give you a better understanding of how to keep yourself safe while working to recondition its natural response to perceived dangers. The second aspect is the herd dynamic or pecking order. Once the horse accepts you and your tools as safe, it instinctively wants to know who gets to lead. Most horses are not mean or willfully dangerous about this process but will just assume you are submitted to them unless you step up and let them know otherwise. They don’t mind being led if they

My goal is to connect

you with your horse by teaching you sensible,

hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration

know you are a competent leader, but if you don’t lead, they will do what comes natural to them. Others will look to assume the lead rather forcefully and, depending on their success with certain tactics in the past, they can become quite dangerous to work with if you don’t know how to change their behavior. To start a solid foundation, I start in the round pen. I teach often on the benefits of using the round pen to gain mental control over the horse which then translates to better physical control. By working the horse loose without attachments, the horse can be taught to stop reacting emotionally to the pressure of a cue and to look for and figure out the right response to alleviate the pressure. The release of pressure signals the horse when it is correct and building upon these correct answers will completely change your horse’s behavior and way of dealing with emotional situations. You can teach your horse to control its natural response and to think before acting which leads to a much safer horse to be around.

Book a Clinic in Your Area and Attend for Free!


and make your

June 27-29

partnership possible. You are personally

invited to come and join

this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship

Contact: Ann Kirk www.AnnKirk.com email: info@annkirk.com (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 6


The round pen lesson starts with gaining control of direction first. Then inside turns and outside turns, stopping on cue, turning to face and keeping both eyes on me wherever I am in the pen. Next is approaching the horse and touching it on the face and retreating. Many repetitions lead to sacking out with the hands all over the head, then the body. This is followed by adding objects such as a towel, lariat, saddle blanket, tarp and who knows what else to condition the “stand and wait” response that will keep us safe when unexpected stimuli come flying by on the wind. This conditioned response to stand instead of flee, is one of the most important foundations you can establish for safety with your horse. So, what’s next? The “Bridle” is next. I want to teach my horse to respond properly to the bit as soon as I can safely put a bit in its mouth. I am going to ride my horse from its very first ride to its last with a bit in its mouth unless it becomes so good, I feel confident enough to advance it to a halter or a string around its nose or maybe even nothing at all. But I will start with a plain stainless steel snaffle bit because I know with 100% certainty that I can teach my horse to respond to this bit and I can have the best control over my horse to keep me safe. A direct pull snaffle bit is the clearest form of communication I can introduce to my horse and therefore what I want to use. We start out speaking a different language, why add confusion by using equipment that sends unclear signals when trying to communicate? For me, the simple snaffle bit sends a much clearer signal than a halter, hackamore, bosal or whatever other contraption I have ever hung on a horse’s head so the

sooner I can begin the many repetitions it will take to fully condition the horse’s correct response to the touch of the reins, the smoother the rest of the training will progress. So, get a good bridle setup with a snaffle bit and reins. I prefer a continuous rope rein that is 5/8” to 1/2” in diameter. It should be long enough to work with one side without interfering with the opposite side of the mouth. If your horse has any issues with being bridled or if you just want a more convenient way of bridling, get some clips and hang the bit on your halter. The bridle work lessons I teach will be used to eliminate a variety of ground manner problems also, so I like applying the bit as soon as I catch the horse in some cases. Attaching the bit to the halter makes this easy to do. I will now go through a process to teach my horse the language of the bit. I work until I can control the whole horse in any direction with either rein. This is done separately and then using two reins together. I do not plan on using my legs in the beginning to control my horse so I want a great bit response before getting astride. The better you and your horse understand the bridle work lessons, the safer you will be when it comes time to ride. This bridle work will be taught both from the ground and in the saddle at my Sensible Horsemanship Spring Tune-up Clinic coming the end of April. I would love to see you there. God Bless and stay safe. – Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to www.annkirk.com and check out the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs now available! You can also sign up for the Sensible Horsemanship Spring Tune-up Clinic coming April 25, 26 and 27 at the Four Mounds Bison Ranch Arena.

SPAGHETTI FEAST May 31, 2014 5:00 - 8:00pm Mitcham’s Barn 21810 N. Mt. Spokane Park Drive Mead, WA A Benefit for


Get your dinner and raffle tickets at 2BU Youth Ranch or by calling 509-922-1981


1 night stay plus 2 rounds of golf at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort. Do not need to be present to win.

2BU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization www.2buyouthranch.com • Nancy Wolf, Founder/Director


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Adults $15 each or 2 for $25 Children 10 & under $5 each Reserve your table for groups of 6 or 10

The Very Finest for You & Your Horse! Western ~ English

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St. John Saddle Club Horse Show Sunday, April 27, 2014 • 9am St. John, WA Community Fairgrounds

ClASSeS: Halter Classes Performance Classes novice Horse Classes Costume Class

5 Hi-Point BuCkleS: novice Horse Ages 8 & under 9-13, 14-18 19 & over

Cookshack for will be open ch! lun & t s a f k a e r b


wn We’re knaomous for the Fn Fair St. Joh rs! Burge

lotS oF PRizeS!! Ribbons! Class Awards! We are no longer offering games

Contact Holli Bafus at 509-648-3815 or 77ranch@stjohncable.com Find us on Facebook at St. John Saddle Club Horse Show APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 9

The Northwest’s Premier Equine Center for Lameness Diagnostics, Treatment and Surgery Celebrating the Year of the Horse! When you trust your horses care to McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital, your horse is being cared for by horsemen and women who have dedicated their lives to one of God’s most beautiful creations – the Horse.

u Lameness Center:


Digital Radiographs High Resolution Ultrasound Peripheral & Articular Diagnostic Blocks All Weather Surface for Lameness Evaluations

Surgery: Orthopedic Repairs Arthroscopic Procedures Joint Fusions Stem Cell & IRAP Therapy

Our Doctors Have Over 100 Years of Combined Experience in Evaluating & Treating Lameness and Injuries.

Jed McKinlay, DVM u Bob Peters, DVM u Misty Parker, DVM Robert Schneider, DVM, Diplomat ACVS u Jake Lynch, DVM 24 Hour Emergency Service

509-928-6734 u mckinlaypetersequine.com Please visit our website for more information on all of our services

We offer two state-of-the-art facilities:

6100 N. Harvard Rd. Newman Lake, WA

5022 E. Ballard Rd. Colbert, WA APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 10

Breeding Season is Here… the most Wonderful Time of the Year! McKinlay & Peters Equine Reproduction and Embryo Transfer Center has been providing quality, equine reproductive care for over 20 years. State-of-the-art services are provided for both stallions and mares at our Colbert, Washington facility.

u Stallions: Breeding Soundness Evaluations Training to the Phantom Mare Collection & Shipping of Cooled Semen Freezing & Storing Semen

u Mares: Fertility Issues Embryo Transfers A I with Cooled and Frozen Semen Shipping & Receiving Cooled Embryos

Safe, lighted stalls and turn-out paddocks for both mares & stallions Video Monitored Foaling Stalls

Reproduction Orthopedic Surgery Dentistry

Lameness Herd Health 24 Hour Emergency Care

Surgery Chiropractic Client Education

Jed McKinlay, DVM u Bob Peters, DVM u Misty Parker, DVM u Robert Schneider, DVM, Diplomat ACVS u Jake Lynch, DVM

Please visit our website for more information on all of our services

509-928-6734 (MPEH) u mckinlaypetersequine.com u for the Love of Horses... Reproduction Center 5022 E. Ballard Rd. Colbert, WA

Hospital 6100 N. Harvard Rd. Newman Lake, WA APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 11

veterinary knowledge

agel es s horsemanship






Equine Chiropractic

by Dr. Misty Parker, DVM McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital - Spokane, Washington

Equine Chiropractic care has steadily gained popularity over the last five to ten years. Simply put, Chiropractic is the non-invasive manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to enhance the function of the nervous system and optimize health and athleticism. Though never to be considered a replacement for traditional veterinary medicine, the following points explain why chiropractic manipulation can be an effective adjunctive treatment Dr. Misty Parker, DVM for horses. The reason horses feel pain is because their nerves transmit signals to their brain that tells them something hurts. Every structure in their body has a nerve supply (except hooves and hair) and all of their nerves are in close proximity to their skeleton. The biggest example of this is their spinal cord, encased by the spine. If their skeleton is not moving correctly or is misaligned (especially the spine) it puts pressure on nerves. Nerves are very fragile and easily irritated or damaged. Joints are stressed by both minor and major incidents. Minor incidents consist of everyday activities such as saddle and/or rider strain, competition, riding in the trailer, breeding, etc. Also included in this category are lameness, poor conformation and foot neglect, such as long toes and low heels. These minor incidents account for the majority of cases of joint stress. Major incidents refer to trauma, falling, being stuck or cast in a stall, trailer accidents, etc. Horses have an innate intelligence that controls how they respond to pain. If a joint is stressed, creating nerve stimulation, their bodies protect that area through muscle spasms and inflammation in an effort to enhance healing by preventing as much motion as possible. When a horse tries for some time to protect the injury, the horse loses some of its natural mobility and the joints become “stuck”, either in a normal position or misaligned. This “stuck” joint is called a subluxation. Horses are very good at compensating for subluxated joints. When one joint has limited motion and associated pain, the horse does not refuse to work, but instead will redistribute their weight abnormally to compensate for the injury. This, in turn will lead to other joints becoming stressed, injured and subluxated. Plasticity (muscle memory) is a phenomenon where once the body moves in a certain way for 30 days, a new brain pathway is created and the horse then recognizes that pattern as normal (habit). Through posture analysis, gait analysis, static palpation

and motion palpation, a subluxation can be located and then a low amplitude, high velocity thrust can be applied with a specific angle to a specific joint to restore normal mobility. Because horses are so good at compensating and they rarely have a single subluxation, every joint will be evaluated in the horse during an adjustment. After each adjustment, to confirm that motion has been restored, the horse will be re-palpated. Due to plasticity (muscle memory), a second adjustment is recommended in two weeks. It is important for the horse to hold the adjustment for 30 days to “re-boot” their system. While horses with acute problems may only need two or three adjustments, horses with chronic conditions may require ongoing adjustments before resolution can be achieved. In more chronic cases, adjusting a horse can also aid in insolation of the primary problem, the reason they felt pain to begin with. Many different problems can be helped with chiropractic care, including reluctance to pick up a certain lead, reluctance to turn, resistance to loading in a trailer, decreased performance, “cinchy” behavior, irritation while saddling, reluctance to enter an arena, poor attitude, back soreness, etc. Dr. Misty Parker is a graduate of Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and has been a part of the team at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital since 2011. She is certified in Equine Chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Misty Parker, DVM • Robert K. Schneider, DVM 509-928-MPEH (6734) • Email: diane@mpevh.com www.McKinlayPetersEquine.com

GYPO MEADOWS Carol Norton, Owner

951 Shingle Mill Rd • Sandpoint ID 83864 • www.gypomeadows.com

208-265-2593 • 208-661-1721 cell — BOARDING —

12x12 Box Stalls • Stalls with Runs Pasture • 60'x160' Inside Arena 100'x180' Outside Arena • 70' Round Pen Daily Turnouts • Overnighters Welcome Trail Riding just a short haul away!

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e ll ✬ t r a s ✬ y Family Owned & Operated de u B

Will Rogers Saddle Company and Fairview Stables presents:

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Check Facebook for dates & times N Like us on Facebook Great Sales N Thank you for buying Local!

Will RogeRs saddle Co.

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Perlino Stallion 100% Color Producing Sire Sire: Hesa Son of a Dun Dam: Miss Buttered Rum NRHA Sire & Dam Program APHA & ApHC Approved

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• #2 AQHA All Time High Point Reining Horse • AQHA 2009 High Point Reining Horse in the Nation! • AQHA All Time High Point Reining Horse for Points Earned in a Single Year! • 2014 Breeding Fee $750 • Watch our Facebook page for specials

7 Hoop’s Ranch Don & Betty Lou Wyatt Plummer, ID 208.920.0204 | 208.920.0214 www.7HoopsRanch.com Standing at Rustebakke Veterinary Service Clarkston, WA | 509-758-0955 | 208-305-6073


7 Hoops Ranch is proud to introduce to the Pacific Northwest

THE ONE AND ONLY ICEMAN DUNNIT Here’s your chance to breed your mare to a


ICEMAN IS THE FIRST PERLINO IN AQHA HISTORY TO EARN A SUPERIOR AWARD IN OPEN REINING!! Iceman was Reserve Open and Senior Highpoint Reining horse for 2010 $10,80761 + IN NRHA earnings with limited showing Open Superior in Reining and Superior in Senior Reining! Sire Circuit Champion Senior Reining - Pink Classic Sire Sire Hollywood Jac 86 Championship, Burbank, CA Hesa Sonofa Dun Hollywood Dun It Dam 2008 Circuit Champion - Santa Barbara, CA (by Hollywood Dunnit), 2002 AQHA Blossom Berry 2009 Circuit Champion - Denver, CO Bell Ringer Circuit Senior Reining, High Point Honor Sire 1st under all 4 judges Dam Bonanza’s Champ Roll, 9th all time leading point earner (174 points), 2002 Arizona Champs Poco Girl Dam 2009 Circuit Champion - Santa Barbara, CA Poco Hill Queen Sun Circuit Reserve Champion 2009 Circuit Champion - Gold Rush Circuit in Denver, CO Sire Senior Reining 2009 Circuit Champion - Del Mar National Del Mar, CA Sire Fritz Command 2009 Circuit Champion - Hollywood Charity Burbank, CA Dam Tuckie Command Dam Docs Tommie Tucker 2009 Circuit Champion - Sun and Surf Del Mar, CA Miss Buttered Rum Sire 2009 Red Bud Spectacular - Reserve Circuit Champion Docs Strawboss Dam (by Tuckie Command) Oklahoma City, OK Dam 43.5 AQHA Reining Points Miss Doc Merit 2009 VQHA Firecracker Circuit Champion - Temecula, CA Miss Poco Merit 2009 VQHA Summer Circuit Champion - Temecula, CA 2009 Pink Classic Championships - Circuit Champion Burbank, CA 2009 Pacific Coast QHA Fall Classic Circuit Champion - Santa Barbara, CA | 2009 Annual PCQHA Fall Classic Circuit Champion Santa Barbara, CA 2009 Scottsdale Classic Circuit Champion | 2010 Reining by the Bay - Novice Horse Open 2 Champion Woodside, CA 2010 VQHA Firecracker - Circuit Champion Temecula, CA | 2010 VQHA Summer - Circuit Champion Temecula, CA

5 panel test is n/n. A.I. and shipped semen available. LCFG. 100% Color Producer! Color Phases for mares bred to Iceman Dunnit are: Buckskin, Palomino, Smokey Black (no red). Cremello and Perlino can be produced ONLY IF specifically bred for that color phase. Standing at Rustebakke Veterinary Service Clarkston, WA | 509-758-0955 | 208-305-6073 APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 15

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! Krisean Performance Horses “Life With the Blue-Eyed Wonders” by Jill Smith 15221 N. Shady Slope Road, Spokane, WA 99208 • 509-466-4612 • jillsmith4@earthlink.net


inally a blue-sky day! Spring seems awfully wet this year with rain, rain, rain. I headed out the ranch door and stopped to watch the ranch cats try to negotiate between puddles without getting their toes too wet! I have a new cat, Kiger Tiger Toes, who has 6 toes on each foot, all the way around. Those 24 toes were having a hard time staying dry! 28 toes is the Guinness World record for toes on a cat. Wouldn’t you know we’d miss it by only 4 toes! I called kitty, kitty, kitty and let the many-toed wonder into the house. Heading to the corral, I wondered how Commander, my perlino Quarter Horse stallion, was feeling today. He’d been so serious lately. But that usually happened about this time of year as he wondered how many mare, mare, mares might come his way for breeding season! There he was and he looked more contemplative then depressed. Who knows what he might be up now! The mind of a stallion is always working…in one direction… in winter it’s hay, hay, hay and in summer it’s mare, mare, mare. “Hey Commander, what’s up big boy?” I inquired. “It’s sad, sad, sad” Commander said with definitely a sad look in his blue eyes. “What’s going on?” I was worried now. Commander hardly

ever shows concern, so there must be something seriously wrong. “You haven’t heard about the little black kitty?” Commander glanced my way with just a little tear forming in his eye. He then proceeded to tell me the tale of the tabby. “You know that sweet little black kitty that is always around? The one that is sooo curious and always getting into everything. That little black kitty that everyone loves?” Commander had tears in both eyes now. “Yeah, yeah, yeah so what’s happened!!?” I was really worried now as I love all our wonderful ranch animals and the thought that the sweet little black kitty… “Well, someone left the freezer door open just a crack and

Insurance for All of Your Farm & Ranch Needs…

We Know Horses! Cattle! Crops! and Can Insure Most Related Operations! Clinics • Shows • Boarding Stables Farms • Breeding Operations • Training Riding Lessons • Mortality • Major Medical Call us for a Quote Today! Ask for Fran Jenne Office: 509/935-6256 Toll Free: 1-866/200-2230 PO Box 108 • Chewelah, WA 99109

“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand

Fran.jenne@hubinternational.com APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 16

Mr Bo Button (The Cash Button x Sonnys Tru Amigo) 2009 APHA Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Guaranteed 100% Paint Colored Foal!

2014 Fee: $800 Transported "Fresh Cooled" Semen His 2014 foals start arriving end of March!!!

Mr Bo Button as a foal, and his dam: Sonnys Tru Amigo

Meadow Starr Ranch Karie Winnop & Rich Heberling Kettle Falls, WA 509-738-2253

www.meadowstarr-ranch.com APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 17

 

 2000 AQHA Registered Perlino Stallion 42 Foals • All Colored • All balanced • All sweet 2014 breeding Fee—$450 

Horses for Sale • Arab stallion, GS Khochise son • Half Arab 

perlino gelding • AQHA Perlino stallion • Arab filly ~3 yr old endurance candidate

 Arabian Racing, Reining & Endurance Horses Palomino, Buckskin Half Arab/Half Quarter Horses for Performance, Trails or Breeding



little black kitty crawled right inside. The open door was noticed and shut and little black kitty was locked inside! A while later someone went to get some ice cubes and there was little black kitty almost completely frozen!” Commander had his head down now. “Oh No! Was she….” I couldn’t bear the thought of such a frozen fate! “She was just barely alive and everyone was panicked! The ranch hands thought maybe some liquid in her mouth might help revive her but the only thing they had was some gasoline. So they just used that and poured some down her little throat.” Commander was shaking his head slowly from side to side to side. “GASOLINE! Were they nuts!!! I’m going to…” I started looking for someone to throw something at. Commander glanced at me then continued. “Well, little black kitty jumped right up and started running at high speed all around the barn yard! She didn’t stop running for a good 10 minutes! Then all of a sudden she just fell over on her side and laid very still” “Oh my gosh, was she dead?!” I was crying now. “Nah, she just ran out of gas.” Commander delivered his punch line with such timing that it would have made both Jay Leno and David Letterman green with envy!  I stopped mid-cry as Commander dissolved into ha, ha, ha horse laughs and “sweet” little black kitty fell out of her hiding bucket rolling with meows of mirth! They thought this was black kitty humor at its best! Before I could get my hands on either one of them they tore off together towards the far end of the pasture. “Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Here horsey, horsey, horsey. I’m going to shoot you both!!!” Jill Smith is a Spokane, WA entrepreneur, international business owner, artist/potter and cowgirl at heart. She raises Arabian racehorses, Arabian/Quarter Horses, palominos and Cremellos/Perlinos. High N Command (pen name, Commander) is a smarttalking AQHA perlino stallion, constantly trolling for mares. Visit our web site www.kriseanhorses.com

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)


You dream of being a better horseman. I can help make that dream come true.


CERTIFIED CLINICIAN FUNDAMENTALS CLINIC LEARN AND BUILD BUILDAABETTER BETTER LEARN THE THE METHOD METHOD AND PARTNERSHIP WITH WITH YOUR YOUR HORSE. HORSE. PARTNERSHIP Certified Clinicians can build your confidence, increase your horse’s trust and Certifiedrespect, Clinicians can build tips your increasetraining your horse’s trust and give you practical andconfidence, strategies to overcome roadblocks, respect, give you practical tips and strategies to overcome training roadblocks, and shorten your learning curve—all backed by Clinton Anderson. and shorten your learning curve—all backed by Clinton Anderson. You’ll work on: Yielding the Hindquarters and work Forequarters You’ll on: • Lunging for Respect Backing Up • One Rein Stops • Cruising • Vertical•Flexion • andfor more! Yielding the Hindquarters and Forequarters Lunging Respect Backing Up • One Rein Stops Cruising • Vertical Limited to 12• participants—Call now!Flexion • and more!


Limited to 12 participants—Call now!

Call: 254-485-5805 • justin@downunderhorsemanship.com


THREE•DAY CLINIC • Fri/Sat/Sun • May 2-4 254-485-5805 justin@downunderhorsemanship.com at Medicine Horse Stables • Spokane, WA • 509-939-0195 http://justin.certifiedclinician.com



On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe by Baxter Black, DVM

Rudy I’ve got a year-old Australian Shepherd dog. I don’t intend to use him for livestock; his job will be barker. We live in a rural area. The dogs are penned at night and released during the day into a three acre house and barn lot surrounded by shock collar wire. We have regular invasions of coyotes and javelina that can make short work of barn cats and outside dogs. Barking is a good deterrent and alarm for intruders. Back to Rudy, the new dog. From the beginning he was a boisterous, happy, destructive puppy. It was cute when he was three months old, but now it’s a pain! I thought he was genetically goofy but Mr. Jeb, the dog trainer, met Rudy and convinced me the dog was smart, he just needed better training. After a year has passed, I’ve contained his exuberance and he minds well, but he still gets excited when company comes. The issue I’m still dealing with is his destructive tendencies. One dare not leave a bag, jacket, pillow, piece of Styrofoam,

'69 Ford instruction manual, set of reins, saddle blankets, turkey wrapped in tin foil, pruning shears with wooden handles or electrical wire within his grasp. He is a universal shredder. He has eaten four of our screw-on pistol spray guns. Other objects that have been wrecked in his wake: placemats, rugs, water jugs, buckets, lamp shades, gloves and a plastic hub cap. I know he knows better. While tearing down an 8 ft. shed made of canvas, I caught him in the act. I chastised him firmly, rolling him in the ragged canvas and shouting, “No! Bad dog!” To this day all I have to do is point to the canvas and he slinks off. This week he has chewed completely through two of my good heavy-duty fifty foot 7/8 inch rubber hoses and another plastic 30 footer that was rolled up in one of the holders. I gave him the “Bad Dog!” and spanked him with the hose. To show how well my lesson worked, I left the chewed hose in plain view. The next morning I found it in the other side of the corral. I called him. He came loping over and saw me holding the hose. I didn’t even have to speak to him. He cowered shamelessly and said, “I didn’t mean to do it! I forgot! It was just there! I was cleaning up the yard! I was going to fix it later! The barn cat made me do it! The coyotes must have moved it! I was going to put it back! It was terrorists! Blame it on the Minute Men, Obamacare, George Bush, illegal immigrants, the Miami Heat, the Catholics, the Baptists, the Mormons…” then he paused and said, “What difference does it make anyway?” Looks like I’m gonna have to restrict his cable television habits. www.baxterblack.com

Certified WEED FREE Grass Hay!

Certified Weed Free Chopped Grass Hay-Mix of High Quality Timothy, Brome, Orchard Grass & Tall Fescue.

Also Available – Chopped Alfalfa!

High quality second cutting alfalfa is a great source of high protein. Great for Picky or Sensitive Eaters!

Chopped Straw Animal Bedding ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Exceptionally clean wheat straw New, Fabulous bedding for ALL animals Improved! Easy clean, easy disposal Now Chopped Finer! Environmental & pet friendly Safe for use on gardens & plants

Available at Your Local Feed & Pet Store. Check our website for a store near you: www.LazyJBedding.com email: lazyjbedding@air-pipe.com

877-885-2064 208-274-4632


All our products are packaged in easy to transport, weatherproof, no mess 4.0 mil bags


Full Service Shop insalling B&W hitches & Tekonsha Brake controllers


Servicing All Brands of Trailers complete parts Dept.


HUBER TRAILER SALES 18502 E. Broadway • Greenacres, WA 99016 • At Barker Exit Off I-90 509


www.HuberTrailers.com APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 22

800 424-7114


AQHA Reg#5291042

2010 Double Homozygous Grullo Sire: Blue Isle Blackburn Dam: Show Bueno Breeze 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs “Einstein’s first foals are due spring 2014 and should be awesome! He is homozygous for both the dun and black genes! His pedigree is outstanding! Excellent conformation and his disposition is awesome! Will be standing to a limited number of mares. Do not miss out on breeding your mare to this up and coming outstanding stallion!”

2014 Stud Fee: $500 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

MAMA SAID DASHaka Rocket ApHA Reg#910883

2007 Homozygous Black & White Tobiano 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar

Rocket is homozygous for both the tobiano and black gene! Guaranteed color and will never produce a red foal! Rocket has an excellent disposition and great conformation! Rocket’s pedigree includes Nevada War Drum, The Aztec Eagle, QT Poco Streke, Dash for Cash and Beduino just to name a few! His sire, Heza Blue Tomcat, one of the very few true blue roan tobianos, stands at stud in Australia. Rocket’s foals have great conformation, excellent dispositions and beautiful color! If you are looking for an excellent bred, color guaranteed stallion to breed your mare or mares to in 2014, please consider Rocket as you will not be disappointed!

2014 Stud Fee: $500 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

POCO BUENOS GHOST aka Casper AQHA Reg#4504586

2004 Cremello Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs


“Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition and conformation. He is siring foals that are very easy to train, athletic and the bonus is the color of either buckskin, palomino or the rare smokey black!”

2014 Stud Fee: $400 Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

C&S paint and Quarter Horse Ranch

Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus!

Elk, WA 99009 • 509 292-1810 (home) 509 220-7712 (cell)

horsedr37@aol.com • www.cspaintquarterhorses.com

“Thank you to everyone who bred their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2013 and looking forward to the new foals in 2014! Also thank you to everyone that purchased horses from us this year!” — Charlene & Steve Ulrich



Featured Youth Rider Geneva Ashton

eneva Ashton is 16 years old and loves horses. Adopted when she was nine, she has never felt more at home than with her horses. Geneva started riding when she was about 7, but was forced to quit for about a year when her allergies to horses got too bad. A real trooper, she decided to go back to riding despite the allergies and hasn’t regretted it once. One of Geneva’s nicknames is The Chestnut Kid, since she has somehow worked with almost all chestnut horses in her horse career. Currently, Geneva rides in Poulsbo, WA and attends Eagle Harbor High School on Bainbridge Island. Her trainer wrote, “Geneva is a doll of a girl, who connects with her horses on an entirely wonderful level. She is an amazing shower, a great rider and a very promising up and coming horsewoman. Anyone who sponsors her, works with her, rides with her or even talks to her can see the light within her, especially in her smile. She has been a love to work with and works hard

every time she rides to improve herself. I’m hopeful we will start seeing her in high shows and I know her dream is to be a queen/princess. If anything would help, I think it would be a cowboy hat! That girl can sit a buck and run barrels smooth as anything. I know she needs sponsors, and is missing some crucial bits and pieces of tack including spurs and a show saddle, but I have faith that people will see the light in her and help her out! This girl is a princess, but in the best way. She loves bling, loves to help out and loves to know she made a difference! She has the biggest heart of all my students and I can’t say enough good things about her. Everyone in her life is lucky to know ‘The Chestnut Kid’!” Geneva rides English and Western and is a very good jumper. She was hoping to attend finals this year, but doesn’t have a horse capable of that. Her horse’s name is Fannie and she is a 7 year old Quarter Horse mare that was a gift from her aunt. She is currently looking for sponsors as well as a care lease to take her to state. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Geneva, you can email at iseeinsaneninjas@ gmail.com

geN’s True griT


Plan for a Walking Horse in your future. Every ride is one to remember.

geN’s True griT

TWHBEA #961127

Pride’s Generator

Surely Royal

$500 stud Fee Live Foal Guarantee Boarding & Mare Care Available



Ho me

rit of Gen’s True G

509-238-1225 APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 24



Tennessee Walker Palomino gelding foR SALE $2000 Great conformation and disposition. Excellent gait. Registered name: Lad’s Mystery Bloodlines: Generator and Carbon Copy Foaled in 2013 See our website for Tennessee Walker Colts and Fillies for Sale


“Blossom” - 2 Year Old Chestnut Tennessee Walker filly foR SALE 2000 $

Beautiful, gentle and has a great walk. Flaxen mane and tail. Registered name: Lad’s Blossom Bloodlines: Prides Generator and Carbon Copy Montana-bred Email us at: tennesseewalkers@hotmail.com or call us 406-698-9523

Evans Quarter Horses Wes EvanS

Chattaroy, wa


Standing AQHA Stallions JGB DriftinG JACKB

2008 Gray ( Jackies Gold Bee x Snickers Drifter)


2009 Gray ( Jackies Gold Bee x Tee J Shesa Fabulous)


2011 Bay Roan (Bartenders Memory x Bees Red Diamond) Weanlings to Mature Broke Horses Available Extended Pedigrees Visit www.allbreedpedigree.com

To Enhance & Secure Your Investments Check now for Spring Craftsmanship & Integrity & Summer Availability Commercial, Farm, Home Craftsmanship Established 1983 & Integrity Commercial, Farm, Home Landscaping Established 1983 Landscaping

Proprietor: Austin Wells Lic. #NORTH4F96004

Tennessee Walkers for Sale and Stud Service

“Come ride with the Legendary, Historic”

Gentlemen On Horseback Celebrating Our 66th Year! Beginning Father’s Day, June 15 through June 20

Open to all gentlemen. From a different location every year, we ride out for a week of great rides, food & good company. All levels of riders are welcome. Meals provided by GOH. Come ride with us – $200 for the week. Ladies send your man for quality guy time! For more info contact us & enjoy our website.

Scott, GOH Trail Boss 509-868-1641 or Ken 509-466-2225


509-276-1140 Proprietor:509-276-1140 Austin Wells

Keep your eye on our website for our annual September Men’s & Ladies’ 3 Day Ride! September 5-6-7

Lic. #NORTH4F96004


15h Homozygous Black and Tobiano

Stud fee $950 Gypsy $750 other breeds

Will breed to draft horses and registered Thoroughbreds and Paints for sport horses. Live colored foal guarantee. Heather Grenier • (509) 951-6036 • www.PaintedFeathersRanch.com APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 26

Don’t Forget!



Spring Extravaganza

Saturday, May 17 • Sunday, May 18

Horses & People Welcom e! Come See Us!

PREvIEW: Saturday, 8am • OPEN CONSIGNMENT SALE: Sunday, 9am All breeds of horses & mules accepted CATALOGED HORSE SALE: Saturday, 12pm

View catalog online at www.hermistonhorsesale.com Questions or more information: Horse Sale Manager, Tyler Morgan 509-830-2320

Our February High Selling Horse was hip #60, Sterlingbrandycortez, a 2002 AQHA bay gelding that was a top notch head horse consigned by Frank Dillon of Lewiston, ID and purchased by Velma Archer of Orland, CA.

Where we set the Standards for the Rest… attended by Thousands of Buyers! Two Arenas • Roping Cattle • Heading • Heeling • Cutting • Pleasure • Trail • Reining • Barrels This is the place to get the most for your money when selling your horse. We’re established in the Northwest!

Owners: Gary & Rhonda Miller 541-567-6649 PO Box 1671, Hermiston, OR 97838 Northwest Livestock Co. Exit 180 on I-84 (Westlund Rd. Exit) Hermiston, OR

Complete Catalog, Entry Forms, Directions and Hotel Accommodations available at:



Standing Until Sold Classic and Gorgeous KR Sirius (TF Royal Shahbaz x Shah Selena) standing for $1000 Also For Sale…


Available from Yearling to Finished Show, Trail or Pleasure

Kairosa arabians 208.267.3729

Home of the Incredible H Emaner H (SF Veraz x H Emandila H {El Nabila x Emandoria} The ONLY colt with this pedigree inside the U.S. For Sale and In Training... A System Western Pleasure and Halter Gelding

OAk SuRRy WAgOn With FRinge tOp

breeding fee of $700 reg. gypsies & $500 for others

Custom built wagon, seats 8-10, rear entry provides easy access for passengers. Very nice condition. Requires work harness…we have several sets of complete work harness available. Health forces sale. Warren and Sylvia Riddle • Spokane, WA


“Hope Hamsllio”n

Gypsy Vanner Sta

Try Something New...

Put a gentle, friendly, Gypsy Vanner foal in your barn next year. This guy is big and bold with a wonderful personality.

Offspring & Bred Mares Available!

Call 509-991-8107

Willowtwist Farm, Deer Park WA


WImpys melody step 2007 palomino stallion

Owned by and Standing at Black Rock Ranch Contact us for Special Pricing!

Reproduction Services at Black Rock Ranch • Harrison, Idaho

A world class, state of the art reproduction facility USDA approved. Located in Harrison, Idaho, next to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Embryo Transfers Receiving Center for Cooled Shipped Semen and Frozen Semen. USDA accredited to freeze and ship semen internationally.

Specializing in Breeding & Embryo Transfers If you’re thinking of using cooled or frozen semen and want results — CALL US!

Exceeding your expectations

Black Rock Ranch

BlackRockHorses@gmail.com • 22456 S. Anderson Lake Rd • Harrison, ID 83833

Andy Osmundson 208-755-0755 • Neil Braverman - 239-821-5454 • www.BlackRockRanches.com APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 29

Groundbreaking Conference at Emerald Downs to Focus on Protecting Horses Against the Dangers of Climate Change


griculture is often cited as a sector most vulnerable to the effects of climate change because of its dependency on natural resources and weather conditions. With changes in weather patterns, horse keepers and equine professionals are already noticing changes in quality and availability of pasture, hay, feed, bedding and other agricultural products. Other climate change factors that may affect horse owners include the spread of new diseases, emergence of new weedy species in pasture lands, wider ranges for crop pests, and greater fuel costs to purchase products or haul horses. But the news isn’t all bad. There may be practices horse owners already do, like rotational grazing, that offer big picture solutions for reversing climate change. However, developing new or modified practices sometimes requires thinking outside the box - balancing innovation with tradition alongside adaptation. On Friday April 25, from 8:30-4pm, join the King Conservation District and Horses for Clean Water along with major event sponsors Lighthoof Equine, Trinity Ranch and Snohomish Conservation District at this new and exciting event, “Conference on Horse Keeping and Climate Change: Managing the Uncertainty.” This event will be held at Emerald Downs Race Track in Auburn, WA. The cost is $20 for horse owners/general public and $35 for agency participants, and is free to those wishing to view the conference via live web

stream. For those attending in person, the registration fee includes coffee and fruit at sign-in, catered lunch, vendor display, tram tour of Emerald Downs horse facilities plus a free ticket to the races redeemable any 2014 race day! Keynote speakers include: Dr. Gary Muscatello, DVM, from the University of Sydney, Australia Chad Kruger, WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources Washington State University, Dr. Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist, University of Washington The afternoon session will offer participants tools to “future proof” their land and horses. Content on land management practices will include new twists on pasture management, innovative approaches to water conservation on horse properties and more. In addition, the Conference will be videotaped for streaming on the day of the event and available for online viewing afterward. Visit www.kingcd.org to register to attend in person or view via live stream; or you can call 425-282-1949 or email signup@kingcd.org for additional registration assistance. On April 25, learn how you can protect your horse and land in the face of changing conditions — “futureproof” your animals and grazing crops!

Country Charmer in Deer Park Upriver Stables 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 5 acres. Enjoy your morning quiet time on the large private deck while scanning your beautiful Panoramic view. Newly updated floors and windows, miles of riding trails just outside the gate. Your horse will love the enormous barn and stalls, can't forget the 30x40' 14' tall shop!

Limited stalls available n Trained stock for sale n 12x12 matted box stalls (Some paddocks) n Daily turn-out may be included n 65’x144’ covered arena n 55’ round pen with solid walls n

3001 N. Idaho Rd

Gwen Arrand, Broker

Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc. 509-496-4363 gwenarrand@q.com

Convenient wash rack/ heated water n 3 tack rooms & some cross tie areas n Safe fencing throughout n Harness training & instruction n

— Appointments Please —

Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Easy access: 1 mile from I-90, Exit 299 - Liberty Lake, WA

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses Coco & Aaron Spurway 19312 N. Madison Road Mead, WA 99021

MLS #201412230

Priced at $210,000

Home of Upriver Morgans

Home of

GEN’S TRUE GRIT 509/238-1225

1996 TWHBEA Chestnut Stallion Flaxen Tail & Mane

Visitors Always Welcome • Boarding available e-mail: steinwayranch@hotmail.com



RELATIONAL RIDING ACADEMY Come see our new location! 3714 W Anderson Rd Cheney, WA 99004 • 509.290.4301

OFFERING DRESSAGE, WESTERN DRESSAGE, HUNT SEAT, JUMPING, WESTERN, VAULTING, AND RECREATIONAL RIDING LESSONS FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN • 2014 Group Lesson Sessions – Spring Session March 31-June 5 – Summer Session June 9-August 31 – Fall Session September 8– November 20 • After School Program – Wednesday afternoon 3:30-6pm • 2014 Summer Youth Programs/Day Camp – July 7-11 and August 4-8 • Western Dressage Practice – Monday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm • Cowboy Dressage Practice – Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:30 pm

• Beginner Lesson Packages: – Ten 30 min. private or 45 min. group lessons • Private or Semi-Private Lessons for adults and children • Special Introductions – 1 hour “Equine Experiences” for adults and children who have never touched a horse • Horse Show Team – Offers students the opportunity to compete in local shows and events riding the school horses

AMENITIES Full court outdoor dressage arena, 70 x 170 indoor arena, 60 x 120 indoor arena, matted stalls with mud free paddocks, washrack, pasture turnout.

Call today to schedule your program enrollment. Michelle Binder : 509 290 -4301 RELATIONAL RIDING ACADEMY



4006 N. Division • Spokane, WA



Any Size and Configuration Available

Call 800-833-9997 Today!

Or on-line: www.FindSSA.net APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 33

horse training, lessons & Clinics All breeds, most disciplines reserve Your training spot asaP!

april 5&6 – horsemanship Clinic sept 21 – trail Clinic oct 12 – Jumping Clinic

Arabian Stallion Service

Whetzel horse training

208-301-1170 One Bottle Lasts 3 Months!

Pullman, Wa


Sound Horses Win!

lady raven stables Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075 www.ladyravenstables.com pyroray@windwireless.net lhancock@windwireless.net

The Most POWERFUL Equine Joint Supplement!

The ONLY One Clinically Proven to Do it ALL! • 63% Ultimate Absorption Rate to Bloodstream • Significant Improvement in HA Production in Just 4 weeks • Reduces Overall Joint Pain in Just 2 weeks • Reduces Need for Injections Up to 80% • Retards Progression of Osteoarthritis • Delivers Up to 6X More Glucosamine & Chondroitin • The Most Effective Oral Joint Formula, Hands Down!

Hot shoeing for a perfect fit

Call Today For Your Winning Edge! Cutting Edge Performance





Farrier Service Reliable, Professional Horseshoeing Since 1980

Lovell Fink 509-276-0450



CUSTOM BARNS N.W. The Strength of Steel and the Beauty of Wood 1-800-853-2276

h 208-773-7700

Quality Equestrian Products for Personal or Professional Use

Now Offering Pole Buildings




Proudly In Business In The Pacific Northwest For 20 Years!




Stall fronts, dividers & backdoors can be custom made to fit your existing barn! Barn stall interiors can be ordered with or without powder coating.

Standard FeatureS

Galvanized Steel Tube Frame • Breezeway With Sliding Doors 26 Gauge Steel Roofing • Swing Out Feed Doors Pre-Engineered Plans • Installation


CuStom BarnS alSo oFFerS GreenHouSeS Call Mike or Cathy for Appointment

800-853-Barn (2276) mikes@custombarns.com


Formerly the “Rockcreek Manor” Bed & Breakfast 600 N. 1st Street Rockford, WA


• 20 minutes to Spokane Valley, Freeman School District • 5 Bed, 3 Bath, 3702 sq.ft. on 9 acres • Gorgeous hardwood floors, numerous built-ins • Gourmet commercial kitchen, stainless steel appliances • Master suite includes French doors & walk-in closets • Elegant master bath with Jacuzzi • Finished daylight walk-out basement includes wet bar, 2 bedrooms, full bath, pellet stove & wine room • Electric forced air, air conditioning • Year round in-ground pool & huge pool house • 3 stall barn/shop with nearly 5 acres cross fenced • Vineyard, lavender, herbs, self misting greenhouse • Beautifully landscaped grounds with terrific views

Great property to have horses! For a Vitual Tour go to www.sheritilton.com

Sheri Tilton – Call for a showing today! Cell: (509) 280-3000 Fax: (509) 344-0824 Email: sheri@SheriTilton.com

RE/MAX Hall of Fame CDPE, CRS, RCC, CNHS, SRES 203k Specialist


of Spokane

Land Lover’s Haven



4611 W. Anderson Rd. Cheney, WA • 197+ acres

• Spectacular diversified property • Mica Peak views • 3 ponds, 30 acres farm ground (10 more possible) • Rock out crops - bluffs (Pillow Columnar Basalt) • Old home site with beautiful old trees • Horses, cattle, homesites or a conservation easement (big tax benefits) • Fish stocked ponds; hunt elk, deer and waterfowl • 18 minutes from downtown - 8 minutes to Cheney Directions: South on Hwy 195, right on Paradise; when road bends right onto Sherman, make immediate left on to Anderson - about 1.5 miles to property

Big Meadows



12212 E. Big Meadows Rd. Chattaroy, WA • 37+ acres

• Little Deep Creek runs through property • Custom home, light bright, lots of hardwood & big views • 2 suites up, 1 down (could easily be converted to in-law quarters) • Open floor plan, wonderful screened in porch • Well designed 4 stall barn w/ runs, 4+ acre pasture, knotty pine tack room, big machine/hay shed • Big 3 car garage and natural landscaping, trees around house for windproofing • Paved road, Mead schools, AG taxes Directions: Hwy 2 north to Elk-Chattaroy Road, turn right. On Elk-Chattaroy, stay right at the fork to Big Meadows. House is about 6 miles from Hwy 2.

(509) 994-9300

suzydix@windermere.com www.SuzyDix.com Windermere Manito

An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment


Beautiful Horse Ranch on 20 Acres! Luxury, privacy, space and the beauty of nature. This beautiful horse ranch, less than a half hour from downtown Spokane, has everything you’ve been dreaming of.


5 bedrooms, 3 baths


2 fireplaces


Full, finished daylight basement


2 car attached, oversized garage


Master suite has walk-in closet and jetted tub


Wood floors


Chef’s kitchen


Open, bright living spaces


Expansive covered deck


Acreage is fenced and cross-fenced


Barn, perfect for storage & keeping hay dry


Pasture with new grass planted








Uploaded Each Month to the Horse Previews Web Site!

CALENDAR OF EVENTS www.horse-previews.com/calendar.html

APRIL 2014

5 Earn Your Spurs Open Schooling Show Eastside Equestrian Center, Kennewick, WA 5 Earn Your Spurs Open Dressage Schooling Show Eastside Equestrian Center, Kennewick, WA 5 Battle in the Saddle Spring Classic Schooling Show 1101 SE Nye, Pendleton, OR 5 Fine as Wine Tack Sale/Swap YVF&R Grounds, 4-H Bldg. Grandview, WA 5 ACTHA Competition Trail Ride Columbia River Equestrian Center, Irrigon, OR 5 ACTHA Robber’s Run Arena Trail Challenge Columbia River Equestrian Center, Irrigon, OR 6 ACTHA Competition Trail Ride Columbia River Equestrian Center, Irrigon, OR 12-13 Richard Shrake Clinic Royal Stewart Indoor Arena, Walla Walla, WA 12-13 Jimmy Wofford Clinic Tulipsprings, Kennewick, WA 19 FCSC Spring Schooling Show Pasco, WA 19 4-H & Open Dual Show Stark’s, Moxee, WA 19 BMMO Ride Irrigon, OR 26 Adams County Sheriff’s Posse Annual Poker Ride Bar U Ranch, Washtucna, WA 27 American Wranglers Benefit Schooling Show Maxson-Box Stable, Walla Walla, WA 27 Play Day Kootenai Fairgrounds N. Arena

MAY 2014

3 3-4 3-4 9 10 17 17 22-24 31 31-(June1)

Outing Guide Clinic Roger Braa Sorting Clinic Springtime Open Horse Show Robbers Run Arena Trail Challenge 4-H & Open Dual Show CBR Schooling Show FCSC Summer Schooling Show NWPFHA & NPHC Clinic BMMO Ride Appleatchee Riders Club Open Horse Show

JUNE 2014

7-8 13-14 20-22 21 21-22 22 25 27-29

Summerfest Open Horse Show Cowboy Mountain Trail Challenge Full Immersion Clinic CBR Reining Clinic with Scott Seeklander Sort 4 The Cause CBR Show #1 FCSC Fun Show PNFPG 1st Annual “Fun Fest”

JULY 2014

27 25-27

Full Immersion Clinic Ferry County Old Stage Coach R

Jana Peterson, 509-727-9044 Jana Peterson, 509-727-9044 Heather, 541-561-0338 Christina Klein, 509-594-6061 Bev Bingaman, 541-567-7031 Bev Bingaman, 541-567-7031 Bev Bingaman, 541-567-7031 LaZelle Russell, 509-386-4591 Carol Curry, 509-521-1100 Laura Berg, 509-308-6973 Nea Peterson, 509-594-9799 Bey Bingaman, 541-567-7031 509-760-1224 or 509-750-2439 Erica, 509-526-3487 www.kcsaddleclub.com

Kruger Ranch, Post Falls Appleatchee Riders, Wenatchee 509-669-7373 FCSC, Pasco, WA Jubilee Leadership Academy, Prescott, WA Stark’s, Moxee, WA Keith Johnson’s Arena, Pasco, WA FCSC, Pasco, WA Pasco, WA 509-545-6059 Big Flat, Kahlotus, WA Wenatchee, WA

jklhorserider@gmail.com jlehmkuhl@nwi.net Laura Berg, 509-308-6973 Bev Bingaman, 541-567-7031 Nea Peterson, 509-594-9799 Lori Jasper, 509-531-4661 Laura Berg, 509-308-6973 www.nwpfha.com Zenada Voss, 509-956-8012 Teri Blair, 509-218-6010

FCSC, Pasco, WA Maxson-Box Stable, Walla Walla, WA Sandpoint, ID Oregon Trails Ranch, Milton Freewater Specks Arena, Sunnyside, WA Oregon Trails Ranch, Milton Freewater Pasco, WA Franklin County Saddle Club, Pasco, WA

Nell Cliff, 509-627-4306 Shandy Zessin, 509-386-2676 www.learnhorses.com/clinics.htm Lori Jasper, 509-531-4661 marv_pam@msn.com Lori Jasper, 509-531-4661 Nell Cliff, 509-627-4306 Gretchen Payne, 509-551-2516

Sandpoint, ID Lambert Creek Colville Forest 509-775-3218

www.learnhorses.com/clinics.htm rockyridge@rcabletv.com

WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses • Horned Cattle Schipperke Dogs Standing: ANADO ACE AQHA

Shalwyn Arabians

Contact: Gerwyn & Diane Jones • Shalwyn@charter.net 411 Caldwell Rd. Walla Walla, WA 99362

509/529-4067 Fax 509/529-4067

Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale

SA MESHACH: Shadow the Dancing Horse

27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espinola), WA 99022

IBN SALVADINO: Silkie the Dancing Horse

509/299-4143 • e-mail: winddrift@earthlink.net

Pure Polish, Bay, 4 Boots, Star • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire

16hh, Bay Arabian Stallion • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire and Witez II owners network


Iron Man ranch rEg. aPha & Ptha

Bloodlines Color – Quality dispostition

Laclede, ID • 208/265-4709 • Email: ironmanranch@hotmail.com

Stly image Stat’S gho 5.2h hite Tovero 1 /W k c la B 4 0 20 g Fee: $400 LCFG Breedin

Digger 2008 Standing Palm 15h LCFG Breeding Fee: $400

2013 Foal taz Sire Stat’S ghoStly image Stat’S triple Delight 2003 Black/Tobiano 15.1h LCFG Breeding Fee: $400 For Sale. Will stand ‘til sold

Mare Care: $5/day & $6/day wet. Negative Culture Required

Other hOrses AlsO FOr sAle! Boarding with indoor arena & 2 outside pens for additional boarding APRIL 2014 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 42

CLIMATE CHANGE & HORSE KEEPING: MANAGING THE UNCERTAINTY FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014 Emerald Downs Racetrack, Auburn, WA 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Streamed Live for a National Audience! Join King Conservation District and Horses for Clean Water at this important event to help owners and professionals protect their horses against emerging dangers from climate change. Keynote Speakers: Dr. Gary Muscatello, DVM, University of Sydney Chad Kruger, Director, WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources Nick Bond, Washington State Climatologist More information at www.kingcd.org or 425.282.1900







Blue Creek Appaloosas: Foundation Appaloosas featuring the get of BCAP Tobys Fossil. Mares, fillies, weanlings & colts for sale. pottscharlesa@gmail.com, http://bluecreekappaloosas.webs.com, 509/522‑7884. Walla Walla

Reg. Miniature Fillies, 2011 Black overo, will stay tiny, gentle, $400; 2012 bay roan tobiano, $200; 2013 bay roan, loves people, $400; 2014 bay roan tobiano, $350. www.purrdcutehimalayans.com 509/258‑8997 Springdale

Tennessee Walking Horses. Two year old bright chestnut filly with flaxen mane & tail, no white markings. Palomino yearling gelding, ground trained. Call 406/698‑ 9523 (Spokane area), or e‑mail TennesseeWalkers@hotmail.com



Spokane Morgan Club, Get A Free membership! See stallions at stud & quality horses for sale, event photos & memberships online. www.spokanemorganclub.org or 509/796‑2140

Northwest Trails Boarding Happy healthy horses. Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural Horsemanship training & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. www.northwest‑trails.com 509/276‑6345 Deer Park

ARABIANS 1997 AHR Black Arabian Stallion, also Homozygous black. He is a true black, or blue black, the most rare of all blacks in the world. We got a beautiful true black filly last year, sired by him, (not for sale). He is a grandson of *El Mokhtar, the movie legend stallion that starred in Walter Farleys movie, “The Return of the Black Stallion”. Not broke to ride, $3000 firm. 509/675‑1223 Two Black Half Arab Mares, Raised and ridden in the Cabinet Mountains, both are registered, one is the great granddaughter of “The Black Stallion.” Both horses and trailer, $3000 or best offer. 406/293‑3689

HANOVERIAN Large Selection Of Warmbloods (Hanoverian, Rhinelanders, Oldenburgs) for sale at realistic prices. Stallion service, lessons program & premier boarding facility. www.cocolallacreeksporthorses.com or 208/683‑3255

HORSES Wanted: Buying All Classes Of horses. Top prices paid. Will be in Moses Lake the 1st & 3rd Saturday every month, 10am‑2pm, at Cows R Us, East Broadway Ave Extended, beginning March 22nd, then April 5th & 16th. Call Don Nowlin, 509/952‑8469

PAINTS 2013 APHA Colt, Solid, Red Dun, blaze face, beautiful and nice, $2000. 208/263‑8880



Excellent Quality Reg. AQHA And APHA horses for sale. Ages from weanlings on up. Also offering three outstanding stallions at stud for 2014. Early booking and multiple mare discounts offered. Please visit website for details, www.CSPaintQuarterHorses.com or call 509/220‑7712 Elk

Horse Facility: 1 Bedroom apartment, 1‑2 horses okay, indoor/ outdoor arenas, swimming pool. Located in Chewelah area, $600/ month plus deposit. No dogs or cats. Call for information, evenings 509/935‑8746

Lee’s Quarter Horses Since 1978; breeding, sales, training. Standing AQHA black stallion, Peppys Montana Lena; also AQHA sorrel stallion, Wimpys Little Cody. 208/699‑8261 Plummer

TENNESSEE WALKERS Reg. Palomino Tennessee Walker gelding. 16 years old, 15hh, 1000lbs. All veterinary & farrier current. 509/487‑2907 Spokane

List Your Horse For Sale With www.CentralOregonHorse.com for honest, experienced, reasonable & reliable service plus excellent results. Call 541/388‑2268 or email carol@centraloregonhorse.com Run In Horse Sheds‑ We’ve Added these to our line of buildings. Order yours now! Buildings 8x10 to 12x24 with log, cedar, or metal siding. See our pavilions, gazebos, log swings, cabin style sheds, greenhouses, wood sheds, garages & more. Birky’s display lot is 6 miles N. of Deer Park off Stephenson/ 395. 509/276‑8372 or 509/710‑8398







Will Rogers Saddle Co. Stop In today for your best deal on a saddle! Check our Facebook page for weekly deals! Little Buck 2014 Series, entries available now! April 13, May 4, new date June 29. Call or e‑mail & we can send you forms! Lots of fun new tack in stock, just in time for Show Season. Used Circle Y Show saddle, $1095. Also in stock show gloves, cotton & leather. Don’t forget we can always special order anything you need from any of our companies. We have a large selection of Helmets, we carry Troxel & Tipperary. Show blankets, start at $19.95. We have lots and lots of used tack, stop by and find a good deal. Saddle packages starting at only $175, lots to choose from! Lots of pony tack, cinches, saddles & pads! We offer discounts for high school equestrian teams & 4H members, so come in and see us! All major credit cards accepted, and we offer a convenient layaway program. Buy, sell, trade. Become our friend on Facebook for daily deals! www.WillRogersSaddle.com 509/466‑0106 Mead

Tack For Sale: Collegiate Hunt saddle, 15” seat, $150; 2 new horse blankets size 72, $75; new Billy Royal Halter, $100; hand tooled side saddle, $600. Numerous bits & other horse tack. We have gone out of the horse business & we are selling all tack. 509/456‑7628 Cheney area

Learn To Drive! 8th Annual NIDHMA Driving Clinic, May 31‑June 1 at Gypo Meadow Ranch in Sandpoint. $75 for adults, $50 for 18 and under plus membership of $20 per family. Meals provided, camping available, all horses/ mules and equipment provided. Contact Joy at 208/818‑4222 or jcrupper@yahoo. com

Spokane Tack Trunk: Now Carrying “Back on Track” because comfort makes a difference! 20% off all winter boots & clothes. We have English & Western saddles, tack, clothes & much more. From the trail to the show ring, we’ve got you covered! 11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. 509/927‑5891 www.SpokaneTackTrunk.com Zaldi English Saddle & Pad With cover, 17”, like new. 509/239‑4497. Cheney Horse Blankets Cleaned & Repaired; washing‑ sheets $10, blankets $15. Repairs starting at $8, pickup & delivery available. 509/489‑1436 Spokane

REAL ESTATE 178 Acres Cheney In 3 Parcels, Mix of hay fields & timber, hay barn & clean singlewide in move in condition, well, septic, & power, beautifully landscaped, privacy galore but close in location; $395,000; fenced for horses, fenced garden & beautifully landscaped, 20 acres in 5 parcels Deer Park, level, treed, close to golf course, $90,000; 20 acres creek front, 10 minutes north of Reardan in the trees, nice mix or pasture & timber, with well, septic, power, phone & a large metal building, beautiful property just south of the river, $84,900. Call Farrah 509/280‑9591 Wild West Realty www.wild‑west‑realty.com

TRAINING / INSTRUCTION Horse Training At Three Knight Stables in Athol, ID. Creating a calm, confident horse under saddle. Contact Abby, 208/946‑6399 Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship Spring Tune‑up Clinic, April 25‑ 27 at Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch, Nine Mile Falls, just Northwest of Spokane. Effective exercises that focus on teaching your horse to control its natural emotional responses and wait for you to direct its next move. Round Pen Demo, One‑on‑One, Ground work to Obstacles. Come join the fun and get your horse ready for Summer riding. Only $350. For more details, go to www.AnnKirk.com or call 509/292‑2475

We Can Start Your Ranch Roping horse, develop confidence in your dressage horse & train solid trail horses; Common sense training with Rob Dotts & Sally Shepard, a team of trainers with more than 45 years of experience; no gimmicks used, just good horsemanship. Northwest Trails, Deer Park 509/276‑6345 Training, Lessons, Clinics. Call Gerry Cox, Mountain House Stables, 509‑685‑1977. www.MountainHouseStables.com or www.youtube.com/gcoxalaska

EVENTS Kootenai 4‑H Tack & Equipment Swap. April 26, 8am‑1pm, Kootenai County Fairgrounds North Barn area. Drop off items to sell on Friday, April 25, noon‑6:30pm. Contact Joy at 208‑818‑4222 or Sharla at 208/446‑1680 Speed Event Saddle Series Coming your way at 9am April 13th, May 4th, May 25th, June 8th, June 22nd, August 3rd, August 24th. Barrel races at 5:30pm May 3rd, May 24th, June 7th, June 21st, August 2nd, August 23rd, $100 added. At the Dalton Arena, 16th and Wilbur, Dalton Gardens, Idaho by CdA. Concessions available. For information go to www.playdayinathol.com, visit Play Day in Athol on Facebook, or call 208/597‑4731. All ages welcome!


ADVERTISERS StallionS Alijo Fallon Mustang Ranch .................21 Anado Ace WindDrift Farm ...........................41 Cushti Bok's Perfect Storm Painted Feathers Ranch ................26 Digger Iron Man Ranch...........................42 Gen’s True Grit Steinway Ranch ...........................24 Hope Hams Willowtwist Farm ........................28 High N Command Krisean Performance Horses ........18 IBN Salvadino Shalwyn Arabians ........................41 Iceman Dunnit 7 Hoops Ranch.......................14,15 JGB Drifting Jack B Evans Quarter Horses ..................25 JGB Hesa Silverngold Evans Quarter Horses ..................25 Just Pure Platinum C & S Ranch ................................23 KR Sirius Kairosa Arabians ..........................28 Mama Said Dash C & S Ranch ................................23 Mr Bo Button Meadow Starr Ranch ...................17 Odin Fallon Mustang Ranch .................20 Poco Buenos Ghost C & S Ranch ................................23


Secured Interest Sun Dun Ranch ...........................31 SA Meshach Shalwyn Arabians ........................41 Stat’s Ghostly Image Iron Man Ranch...........................42 We B Memorys Diamond Evans Quarter Horses ..................25 Wimpys Melody Step Black Rock Ranch........................29

BarnS & BuildingS

Custom Barns N.W. .....................37 Northwest Cover-All ......................7 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...33


C & S Ranch ................................23 Shalwyn Arabians ........................41 Steinway Ranch ...........................30 Sun Dun Ranch ...........................31 WindDrift Farm Quarter Horses ...41


2BU Youth Ranch Spaghetti Feast...8 Gentlemen On Horseback ...........25 Hermiston Horse Sale ..................27 Inland Empire Qtr. Horse Assn .......5 Justin Freter Clinic .......................19 Reining Horse Assn. of the NW .....3 Regal Arabians Open House ........35 St. John Saddle Club Horse Show ..9


Black Rock Ranch........................29 Lady Raven Stables ......................34 Upriver Stables ............................30


North 40 Fence Company............25 Jasper Ent....................... Back Cover

HorSeS For Sale

Fallon Mustang Ranch .................20 Iron Man Ranch...........................42 Montana Tennesse Walkers ..........25 Kairosa Arabians ..........................28 Krisean Performance Horses ........18 Meadow Starr Ranch ...................17 Steinway Ranch ...........................24


Cutting Edge Performance............34 HUB International .......................16 Lazy J Bedding.............................20 Teddy Bear Fjords - Surry .............28

real eState

Arrand, Gwen..............................30 Church, Ronda ............................40 Dix, Suzy.....................................39 Tilton, Sheri .................................38

SaddleS, tack & clotHing

Indiana Harness Co. ...................18 Spokane Tack Trunk .......................8 Will Rogers Saddle Company ......13


Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship ...6 Justin Freter..................................19 Relational Riding Academy..........32 Steve Rother Horsemanship ... Cover,2 Whetzel Horse Training ...............34

trailerS & trailer repair


Huber Trailer Sales.......................22 Washington Auto Carriage ...........36

Feed & acceSSorieS


Lovell Fink ...................................34 LMF Feeds .....................................4

McKinlay & Peters Equine.......10,11


P.O. Box 427 • Spokane, W A 99210 -0427 • (509) 922-3456

P.O. Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210 • (509) 922-3456 • 1-800-326-2223 ADvErtiSing rAtES (Professional Ad Design included) B&W Color

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4 Installs Easily 4 Less Expensive than Vinyl or Metal 4 Stains or Paints Easily 4 Very Strong & Durable 4 Pressure Treated to A.W.P.A. Standards Our wide range of sizes & larger inventory allows our dealers to supply your post needs for the following; as well as many other applications for one acre or a hundred.




800-238-6540 visit us at www.jasper-inc.com email at sales@jasper-inc.com

Quality s Matter To Us‌

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