Media Kit Summer 2022

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MEDIA KIT Summer 2022

Our Mission As the nation’s sixth oldest college newspaper, The Daily Cardinal has a time-tested commitment to stimulating the campus community with engaging journalism. Our media outlets serve as an excellent platform for strategically reaching our target demographic: the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and surrounding downtown area. With a weekly print product, continuously updated website and engaging social media content, we strive to provide a variety of outlets to reach your audience.

About The Daily Cardinal The Daily Cardinal, the first student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was named after the school color and has been a campus mainstay since 1892. It’s the nation’s sixth-oldest college newspaper, behind Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and Michigan. The Cardinal publishes 7,500 issues twice every month throughout the university’s academic calendar and updates its website daily. The Daily Cardinal has won over 250 awards, and our alumni have won 23 Pulitzer Prizes, a true testament to our journalistic integrity. In addition to the Daily Cardinal's print and online offerings, The Cardinal is incredibly active on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. For more than 120 years, the Cardinal has shaped campus culture by fostering relationships between students, the university, and the Madison community.

The Daily Cardinal By the Numbers Our Audience

Since 1892, The Daily Cardinal has been providing the best journalism possible our audience of UW students, Faculty, and the Madison area.





1,935 Special




Faculty + Staff

*Numbers are from UW-Madison 2020 Fact Sheet

Our Platforms Print

The Daily Cardinal typically prints 7,500 issues twice every month during the academic year in addition to special issues published throughout the year, including two each summer.


The Cardinal's online presence is now larger than ever. By updating our website daily and sending out our weekly newsletter during the school year, we strive to provide our readers with great digital content.


Monthly Sessions

Social Media


Monthly Page Views


Newsletter Subscribers

The Daily Cardinal is very active on our social media platforms, including our Facebook, Instagram, Daily Cardinal main Twitter, and our DC Sports Twitter.

3,922 Likes 4,221 Followers


Main: 9,596 Followers DC Sports: 1,045 Followers

Print: Rates & Sizes Rates

Open: $14.00/ column inch Agency: $14.10/ column inch Local: $12.00/ column inch Non-profit: $10.50/ column inch UW Student Org: $8.75/ column inch

*All rates increase $1 / column inch for special issues

Color Ads

$100 flat rate: $75 spot color


Prepay: 5% off per ad Frequency discounts: 2x in one week: 5% off per ad 4x in one week: 15% off per ad


Guaranteed placement: Extra 15% per ad *First come, first serve. Not available on all pages "Rush" advertisement(s): Extra 10% per ad *All requests placed within 4 business days are considered "rush advertisements.

Pre-Printed Inserts

1 - 12 pages: $70.00/thousand 13 - 24 pages: $75.00/thousand 25+ pages: $80.00/thousand

1 Column 1 5/6 (11p0) 1 Column Inch 1 5/6" x 1" (11p0 x 6p0)

Online: Rates & Sizes Rates:

Leaderboard: $10/1,000 impressions Medium Rectangle: $10/1,000 impressions

Social: Rates & Sizes

All sponsored posts on Daily Cardinal platforms must include the above hashtags to indicate their advertising purpose.

TWITTER: @dailycardinal




1 Tweet (between 9am - 6 pm)* $18 3 Tweet Package (between 9am - 6pm)* $36 *Rates increase for more specific times; $21/1 Tweet or $42/3-Tweet package

Creative Info:

1 Tweet (between 9am - 6 pm) $10 3 Tweet Package (between 9am - 6pm)* $28

Creative Info:

Up to 280 characters (including hashtags) and one image.

Up to 280 characters (including hashtags) and one image (1024 x 512px)



$15/Instagram Post

Creative Info:

Up to 140 characters (including hashtags) and one image (612 x 612px)



$20/Facebook Post

Creative Info:

Up to 280 characters (including hashtags) and one image (1200 x 630px)

Newsletter: Rates & Sizes Quick Facts

38,000+ Subscribers (as of May 2021)

Offering weekly newsletters during the academic school year, as well as special Gameday newsletters Offering monthly, thematic newsletters in Summer 2020 June 2020: SOAR July 2020: Fall 2020 Updates August 2020: DC Recruitment


Tier 1 $15/advertisement Tier 2 $12/advertisement Tier 3 $10/advertisement *All-tier Package can be purchased for $30


Our Gameday-specific content for Badger home games will be offered as an email newsletter for the upcoming 2021 season.* This newsletter will be sent one day prior to Gameday

Advertising Policies Advertisement creatives must be received by the advertising department three days before the publication date, no later than 11 a.m. An insertion order must be signed by this deadline as well All cancellations must be received in writing two business days prior to the publication date. The advertiser or the advertiser’s agency shall be responsible for the completeness of the information contained in their advertisements. The Daily Cardinal will not be responsible for any errors after the advertisement is proofed by the advertiser or the advertiser’s agency. All advertisements designed by The Daily Cardinal are property of The Daily Cardinal unless specific consent is granted. The Daily Cardinal reserves the right to determine what it deems the primary purpose of any advertisement, and may reject any advertisement deemed libelous, in poor taste or that may contain false information. The Daily Cardinal reserves the right to increase ad rates at any time with fair written notice unless a rate change occurs at the culmination of an academic year or semester.

Creatives: File Specifications

Acceptable file formats: (Adobe) .PDF, .JPEG or .PNG .GIF, .SWF or .HTML acceptable for DIGITAL only For Print: All color must be in CMYK; black and white must be in grayscale For Digital: All color must be in RGB; black and white must be in grayscale All files must be 200 dpi or greater All forms must be embedded Creatives must be emailed to or corresponding ad rep

Creatives: File Specifications

An insertion order must be signed for each advertisement. The Daily Cardinal reserves the right to abstain from printing any advertisement if an insertion order is not received by the specified deadline. All advertisements will be billed on a weekly basis unless otherwise arranged with The Daily Cardinal. One tearsheet will be billed on a weekly basis unless otherwise arranged with The Daily Cardinal and will be provided with each invoice unless otherwise arranged with the Advertising department. Full payment is due within 30 days of the date listed as “Date Running” on the invoice. Payment becomes delinquent 15 days following the “Date Running.” A 2 percent late payment charge of the entire ad cost is incurred upon the delinquency and every 30 days thereafter. Advertisements delinquent 90 days or more may be turned over for collection upon discretion of the business manager. The Daily Cardinal reserves the right to refuse advertising or require prepayment from accounts that are past due. The business manager can, at any can, at any time, require an advertiser to pre-pay. In the event of a forced pre-pay, the prepay discount will not be applied.

Inserts: Policies and Specifications

Minimum order: 5,000; maximum order: 10,000 Insert submissions are due at least one week before publication. Inserts must be delivered to Capital Newspapers, Inc. at least one week before publication. Inserts delivered to Capital Newspapers, Inc. must be clearly marked “The Daily Cardinal – [Publication Date].” Send pre-printed inserts to: Capital Newspapers, Inc. 1901 Fish Hatchery Rd.