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A LETTER TO OUR READERS About a month ago my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of spending the evening with a couple of our neighbors. In the course of the evening while we were enjoying some very good cannabis together, our neighbor expressed concern over the smoke wafting over the fence to their new neighbor next door. When I asked why the concern they stated that he was new to Colorado and they didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. While this is a concern us cannabis users are used to, it made me think for a second. I then asked, “Would you be concerned if he saw you drinking that glass of wine?” She of course said no. “What’s the difference?” I asked, “Since passing amendment 64 cannabis should be treated like alcohol.” She basically replied that she hadn’t thought of it that way. Which brings me to my point this month. Even though it is light years ahead of alcohol when it comes to safety, at the very least, can we all start actually treating cannabis like we treat alcohol? Isn’t this what we voted for? It is apparent in the aftermath of amendment 64 that there are still plenty of prohibitionists in Colorado infected with reefer madness. Winning our lawsuit against the state for treating us like pornography was a great step towards cleansing the madness but it can’t stop there. It is up to every responsible cannabis user in Colorado to help change the public perception of cannabis and how it should be treated. Now I’m not saying to go out there and start blowing puffs of smoke in random people’s faces or to just spark up in the middle of a crowded room. If you are at a party you should always ask permission of the host just like you would if you were going to smoke a cigarette, that’s just common decency. What I am saying is, it is time to come out of the cannabis closet Coloradoans! There should be no reason to hide your cannabis usage. Think about it, if you have to hide your alcohol consumption, then most likely it is one of two things, you have a drinking problem or you are minor. But if you are an adult cannabis user in Colorado (unless you work for the federal government or a conservative company) there is no reason for you to hide. The more adults who come out of the cannabis closet, then the more people will grow to accept cannabis as an everyday substance. When that happens there is a snowball effect. More visitors from out of state will go back home and start demanding the same rights that we now enjoy. More people will start to say, “If consuming cannabis is acceptable and successful then why aren’t we growing hemp on a mass scale too?” We are winning the war on cannabis. But in my opinion the war won’t be over until it is perfectly acceptable for our media to refer to a public official as someone we would like to smoke a joint with instead of someone we would like to have a beer with. And for our visitors from other states – When in Colorado, smoke a bowl!

David Maddalena Editor-in-Chief 4 August 2013

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” -Saint Ambrose 347AD

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Jake Browne is a Denver-based freelance writer who has penned pieces for numerous medical marijuana publications and is a current contributor to The Village Voice’s marijuana site, Toke of the Town. He’s also a regular at many comedy stages around the city, is a co-founder of the Whiskey & Cigarettes podcast, and is working on his first satirical novel on stand up comedy, scheduled for release in 2014.

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Josh Davis is a professional actor, singer and voice-over artist. He has appeared in: Law and Order, One Life to Live, As the World Turns, Les Miserables  and produced and acted in the feature film  The Graduates. He first learned about hemp when he was given the book The  Emperor Wears No Clothes and became a hemp enthusiast ever since. He lives in New York City.

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a wholesale marijuana brokerage business — the first of its kind to be licensed in the state of Colorado. When an obscure tax law was hurting her dispensary-owner clients, she wrote about it for Boulder Weekly. Now she works as a freelance journalist and as the Communications Coordinator for a Colorado non-profit that focuses on nuclear issues. And she still runs her business. When she’s not working, Cecelia can be found rambling around the high country with a mountain bike or snowboard.

Caroline Hayes graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a focus in Magazine Design and Writing. She moved to Colorado after college to pursue a career and enjoy the scenery. Caroline started as a freelance writer for The Hemp Connoisseur and has furthered her position there as Director of Editorial and as a page layout designer. Erin Hiatt is an instructor of musical theatre, dance and voice. She

also works in the financial industry in New York City. She has a BA in Musical Theatre Performance from Weber State University in Ogden, UT. Erin is an actress who has appeared in film, television, commercials, plays, and print, most recently for Oprah magazine. She is an avid hiker.

Monocle Man is a responsible, educated MMJ patient who enjoys the thrills of the cannabis industry. He takes all factors into thorough consideration and approaches each review with an open and objective mind. His knack for the trade assists him in creating valid reviews.

Dr. Alan Shackelford M.D. is a graduate of the University of Heidelberg School of Medicine and trained at major teaching hospitals of the Harvard Medical School in internal medicine, nutritional medicine and hyperalimentation, and behavioral medicine. Dr. Shackelford was also a research fellow at the Harvard Medical School and is currently principle physician of Intermedical Consulting, LLC and Amarimed of Colorado, LLC. He can be contacted at Matt Snyders is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Minneapolis City Pages, LA Weekly, Westword, and The Village Voice, among other publications. A graduate from the University of Iowa, he’s been a featured guest on The Ed Show on MSNBC, Fox News Live, and The Rachel Maddow Show on Air America. Susan Squibb is Lady Cannabis who is a perfect lady. Ms. Susan Squibb, the Cannabis Maven, on the other hand, enjoys cavorting. Ms. Squibb is an innovative cannabis product developer and produces events including the annual Mother’s High Tea. Ms. Squibb is a graduate of University of Colorado-Boulder where she majored in Anthropology. Chris Tucker is a contributor for the LocalMC as a member of their review board. He does content writing/copywriting for various websites and his first novel, an action/adventure novel, is due out within the next few months.

6 August 2013

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August 2nd-4th Bong-a-Thon South Park, CO August 4th - 7:15am The Clinic 4th Annual Charity Golf Classic City Park Golf Course August 9th-11th Bay Area Hemp Fest Richmond, CA August 10th - 7:00pm Vaped! Canna Roast Speak Easy Vape Lounge 2508 E. Bijou Colorado Springs, CO August 16th-17th Out There... Music Festival Sunshine Studios Live 3970 Clearview Frontage Road Colorado Springs, CO August 16th-18th Seattle Hemp Fest Seattle, WA August 23rd-25th Hemp Expo 2013 South Oregon August 24th NCIA Midwest Cannabusiness Symposium Chicago, IL

12 August 2013

September 6th - 6:00pm Hoodlamb - First Friday Selecta Nikka T 3354 Larimer St. Denver, CO September 7th-8th Hemp Stalk 2013 Portland, OR Every Friday - 10:00am River Rock South Sessions 990 W. 6th Ave. Denver, CO

Pamper Your Pooch Hemp products for man’s best friend The American Hemp Store – Conditioning Dog Shampoo This product works as good as it smells! (Which is great, by the way) I had the good fortune to try this wonderful dog shampoo in two different variations: Hemp, Honey, Milk, & Oats and Hemp, Olive, & Tea Tree Oil. Both of which got my dog very clean and smelling fresh. They both smell so good I couldn’t even choose a favorite. The American Hemp Store boasts natural ingredients with no added dyes. This shampoo is also very moisturizing because of the natural oils in both formulas, tons of vitamins and Omega fatty acids. With this product I felt like I was giving my dog a spa treatment, like she isn’t spoiled enough already. West Paw Design - Hemp Bumper Bed Our dog loves this bed!!! We have tried a couple pet beds for her in the past and never really found one that she was interested in. We received the Hemp Bumper bed in the mail and as soon as I put it down for her, she was investigating and laid down in the middle. We have tried it in several spots in our home and she will sleep in it anywhere we put it. This bed is so soft , stylish, and comfortable, I wish there was one for humans. They are machine washable and dryer safe. The high quality hemp fabric cover is removable for easy care. West Paw Design has other hemp pet bed designs available, for cats too. If you are looking for a bed your pet will love that is also earth friendly, look no further. Heavenly Helper - Hemp For Hounds Treats Heavenly Helper hemp dog treats saved the day for our Shih Tzu! I got these treats in the original flavor to try. My dog had an upset stomach every morning for a few days. The Heavenly Helper treats are so mild that I fed them to her after her stomach upset and they seemed to sooth her. I did have to break the treats into smaller pieces because she is such a small dog, but that wouldn’t deter me from buying them. After a few days of feeding the new treats periodically throughout the day, her tummy problems disappeared. Her coat is especially soft and shiny as well. With all the health benefits of hemp foods, a perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9, 20% easily digestible protein, a great source of fiber, contains all essential amino and fatty acids; I am more than happy to feed it to our pet. Heavenly Helper is made with just a few natural ingredients: Oats, whole-wheat flour, flavoring, water, eggs, hemp seed and baking soda. It’s no wonder why they are so gentle on sensitive puppy tummies. Earth Dog – Adjustable Hemp Collar A hemp collar is a must for any pet lover out there trying to hempify their life and Earth Dog has you covered. They are my kind of company. All of their pooch products are handmade from hemp right here in the States. My dog Marley looks great in his new Kody 2 (all of the 26 styles are named after their rescue dogs). This eco collar is triple-layered 100% hemp canvas so I know it can handle everything Marley can dish out. After testing this collar out I know I will be going online to order a leash and a dog bed for Marley too (yes he’s totally spoiled). Of course I could just get off the computer and go to one of the more than 50 locations Earth Dog is sold in Colorado. Find a location near you. 13

Cows Are Freaky When They Look At You: An Oral History of the

Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers Edited by David Ohle, Roger Martin and Susan Brosseau. Foreword by William S. Burroughs Reviewed by Caroline Hayes

Being that I am from Indiana, I can relate to the statement that “cows are freaky when they look at you.” I’ve seen how they look at you with their crazy eyes and it is in fact freaky. Taking place in Lawrence, Kansas in the 60s, this book is a compilation of twisted hippie tales. All I can say is wow. What a book. I’d like to tell you that it’s 100 percent true but for the sake of keeping people anonymous, it is of my understanding some of the names have been changed to really fun aliases such as Buzzy Flashback and Blaze. The focus isn’t so much on hemp but the circumstances surrounding this group of people who were the Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers. It’s truly a get-outside-your-box kind of read. Some of the stories are appalling and others wildly entertaining. Either way you won’t be disappointed by the counterculture events that took place in Lawrence during this decade. It’s not so much a novel but a series of tales that relate to one another, which adds to the festive absurdity of the book. The book can be ordered from

14 August 2013


Scented Body Oil Mist Being a Midwest native I have never experienced extreme dry skin conditions like I have in Colorado thanks to my bittersweet friend - humidity. Sometimes I wish I could bottle it up and bring it back to the desert-like condtions of this Wild West state. North American Hemp Company seemed to do almost that, without actually putting humidity in a bottle of course. Their Scented Body Oil Mist with organic hemp seed oil is one of the greatest things to happen to dry skin and should be handed out to new residents. The instructions say to apply immediately after toweling off post shower, which helps skin pores to soak it all in. I used this for about a week and was pleasantly surprised at how great my skin felt and looked. The scent is delightful, great for men and women. The non-greasiness was a surprise but an added bonus.

Hemp Exfoliating Face Cloth Personally, I love washing my face with a washcloth at the end of the day, so North American Hemp Company’s Hemp Exfoliating Face Cloth is the best possible invention for me. Even if washing with a cloth isn’t in your repotoire, I suggest you start at least once a week. It’s really good to remove dead skin cells and let the new, radiant shine through. It has a scrubby side that exfoliates, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Made with 100 percent organic hemp fibers this washcloth is gentle enough for sensitive skin but really goes above and beyond a standard washcloth.

Area 369 Hair Serum I’ve been known to be skeptical of all natural hair products as they can make hair feel dried out but this product is great! I allowed a few different of my girlfriends to use it, all who have very different kinds of hair, and we all gave it two thumbs up. It leaves hair very shiny and smooth yet doesn’t weigh it down. The combination of vitamin E with Omega 3, 6 and 9 helps seal shine into the hair cuticle and tame all those unruly frizzes. I will say that a pump as a dispenser might be a better idea but you can always put one on after purchasing the product. Will definitely be purchasing another one of these after this runs out.

Hemp Husk Exfoliating Body Wash Keep your skin looking radiant with the fabulous shower product. The hemp husks help scrub off skin pollutants while the rich lather keeps skin hydrated and feeling oh-so-clean. I’d say it cleanses better than it scrubs but it definitely left me feeling silky smooth. The scent is very pleasant yet not too girly, so the boys will like it too. This is an all around a great product for every day exfoliation.

If you are looking for a hemp company to apply from head to toe, look no further. North American Hemp Co. has thought of all the basics and then some. Pumping their products full of certified organic hemp seed oil (thanks to Hemp Oil Canada) and hemp husk, this line of products is stocked on good stuff. Sulphate, paraben and DEA free, as well as cruelty free and vegan.To purchase products or read about their entire line visit Hemp Sunscreen There are about 300 days of sunshine in Colorado. That combined with being at mile high or higher, makes sun protection a must. Truly Hemp’s Coconut Breeze Sunscreen really makes you feel all tropical and fun, even if you are laying out in desert-like conditions. It contains organic hemp seed oil and 30 SPF. It was non greasy and was absorbed well by my skin. It’s also sweat and water resistant (although I recommend applying after swimming) and protects against UVA and UVB rays, which should be the standard for sunscreen anyway. I wasn’t sunburned after a long day at the pool and I attribute that to using this yummy sunscreen.

16 August 2013

Alton 2.0 Hiking Shoe I can’t begin to describe my excitement when my Alton 2.0 arrived in the mail. I was desperately in need of a new hiking shoe and the Alton 2.0 exceeded my expectations. With an anti-microbial fiber as strong as hemp, using it in a hiking shoe seems like a no brainer, yet Wicked Hemp seems to be the only company out there doing it. Wicked Hemp, by Wicked Footwear “only develops and manufactures high quality animal and eco friendly footwear from hemp and other eco materials” so you can feel good about supporting this forward thinking company. For the first week I just wore the shoes for normal daily activity as I expected my usual experience with a hiking shoe needing to be broken in before actually hiking in them. This proved to be unnecessary for the most part because the fit was comfortable immediately, though they felt a little snug width-wise just below my toes. The shoes were very attractive, which is always nice because I find that some hiking shoes leaves a little to be desired in the style department. Of course the appearance should be secondary when choosing

a hiking shoe because it’s the performance that matters. So after a week of normal wear it was time for me to take these puppies out for a spin. I ended up taking two hikes in one day, one was relatively easy and the other was where I put Wicked Hemp to the test. The shoes performed better than any hiking shoe I’ve ever owned before. Weighing in at less than 2.5 lbs, my feet never felt lighter in a hiking shoe. The tough outsole gripped while climbing rocks and going down steep hills as if there were spikes in the treads. Made from recycled PVC, both the toe and heel of the shoes protected my feet from all of the punishment I could dish out. But what impressed me was the breathability of the Altons. Never did my feet feel overheated even though it was an extremely warm day. The huge bonus that comes with using hemp fabric is the anti-microbial nature of it. Even after a full day of trailblazing there was no foot odor to be found (my girlfriend thanks you Wicked Hemp). For those of you whose feet get funky (and you know who you are) this shoe (paired with hemp socks) is a must for your collection. Far and away the best hiking shoe I have ever worn! Wicked Hemp, you guys are wicked awesome! 17

Hemp Beauty Products by Erin Hiatt

In New York City, a 30-year old actress who worried incessantly about and relied heavily upon her looks went to a dermatologist where she had the barely visible lines on her forehead paralyzed by an injection of Botox, a bacterium most famously known for causing botulism. For around $250, she had a shiny smooth forehead for about four months. Fortunately, she didn’t suffer paralysis, a common side effect of the injections. On the other side of the country, a woman in her 60s who was a regular at her local Salt Lake City spa, was offered a free round of Restylane so that newly hired aesthetician could practice injections. Restylane is a hyaluronic acid injectable filler generally used for the plumping of the lips or to fill in smile lines around the mouth. It typically costs around $300800 and for best results should be done twice a year. The procedure resulted in bruising at the injection sites, which lasted for weeks and she saw little results for her pain. These stories, however, are not unique. Millions of these procedures are performed each year. Beliefs over the millennia regarding standards of beauty have changed but never before have people been subject to such unattainable standards demonstrated so unrealistically by impossibly thin and young models photoshopped to look even younger. Women in particular are prone to the whims of an ever-changing, very loosely regulated cosmetics industry, the modern version of snake oil salesmen. Vitamin C, antioxidants and which brand? Revlon, Maybelline, Aveeno, Neutrogena? Finding a conscientious moisturizer in the drugstore can lead to a frustratingly long label-reading list of chemical ingredients that one can’t pronounce, much less know how they will help enhance your appearance. Hemp oil is an ancient cosmetic that is older than the search for beauty itself and indeed easy to pronounce. Long known for its versatility regarding foodstuffs, fibers, pharmaceuticals, and fuel, it is making a grander entrance under the umbrella of beauty, held up by what may come as a surprise to some: the very corporate, very suit-clad hand of today’s beauty industry leader, L’Oréal. They are ubiquitous in the beauty industry, owning such stores as Kiehl’s, Redken, Urban Decay and dozens of others. Jennifer Barcklay is the Director of Brand and Values for The Body Shop USA and Mexico. The Body Shop is a very successful beauty store founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and is likely in a mall near you. The Body Shop was successful and is still thriving though they were purchased by cosmetics behemoth L’Oréal l in 2006. Ms. Barcklay says about The Body Shop’s beginnings that Anita Roddick “founded The Body Shop upon the ethos of business as a force for good.” This ethos includes no animal testing, using as many ingredients derived from

18 August 2013

nature or straight from nature as possible, and creating their very successful Community Fair Trade Program, contracted to farmers from whom they source their ingredients. The Body Shop is one of the few beauty stores in the U.S. and is the only mainstream company to utilize hemp in some of their products. They have very little, if any, competition. Ms. Barcklay confirmed that saying “the buzz about hemp has gotten out there to a large degree and there aren’t a lot of products out there touting and using the incredible benefits of hemp.” The Body Shop may have the market cornered in the U.S. but Cannaderm Cosmetics, based in the Czech Republic, has a large customer base in Central Europe and a strong online presence. All of their products contain hemp. Their lines of lotions are intended to not only help rein in the aging process but to also ease skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. Their formula “is superior to other oils or synthetics” that make up the bulk of most cosmetic ingredients. Ivana Kostkova, M.D., from the Department of Dermatology in Prague believes that “hemp seed oil is ideal for cosmetic purposes; it contains a balanced ratio of precious unsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants, it is hypoallergenic and penetrates very well into the skin, does not create only occlusive film on the top layer [sic].” Hemp seed oil contains 50-60 percent EFA Linoleic Acid and is the only high EFA oil that also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This combination closely resembles the skin’s natural lipids. Dr. Kostkova says that “thanks to that property the unsaturated fatty acids can penetrate deeper into deeper layers of the skin and have a positive effect on the condition and function of human skin, being able to efficiently balance the water, lipid and pH balance of the skin and contributes also to regeneration of protective skin coat, thus increasing the overall resistance of the skin against negative external effects.” Some of those external effects are due to sun exposure and pollutants such as particulates and cigarette smoke. These create free radicals, which are known to be a factor in causing cancer and aging skin. Antioxidants, also very prevalent in hemp oil, work to negate the unwanted aging effects of free radicals, which in turn make for more lustrous, younger looking skin. Imagine the fine lines on your face as a home tiling project before you have added grout. Dimethicone, a synthetic ingredient used frequently in cosmetics, is silicone-based and acts very much as the grout for your tiling job. It “fills in uneven textures and fine lines which helps create a smooth and flawless look in products like primers, foundations, and lotions” and is very practical for beauty companies because it “provides for smooth application.” Most mainstream cosmetics are only capable of creating the illusion of beauty and the illusion is broken when you wash your face. Additionally, dimethicone “interferes with skin’s natural processes like sweating, temperature regulating and sloughing off dead skin cells. Prolonged exposure can create dependence and can interfere with the natural hydrating process, making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable.”

Dimethicone is actually one of the lesser offenders of the nasty chemical cocktails in beauty products. If you look at the label of your standard drugstore beauty item, you will find a host of concoctions:  Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate: a synthetic chemical. It works as a detergent and is found in soaps and shampoos. It is also found in car wash soap, floor cleaner and engine degreasers. It cleans by corrosion, which strips away layers of skin and can lead to skin irritation and affect your body’s ability to produce its own moisture.  Mineral oil: is derived from crude oil and is known to contain carcinogens.  Glycerin: Often found in creams and soaps, it makes your skin feel soft by drawing the moisture out of your skin to the surface. This can cause dry skin.  Preservatives: prolong shelf life but may also release formaldehyde into your skin, which can cause health problems such as joint pain and skin irritation.  Triclosan: A synthetic ingredient often used as an anti-bacterial, it is classified in the U.S. as a pesticide and is thought to be carcinogenic. Frequently used in toothpastes and anti-bacterial cleaners, it is also considered to be a hormone disruptor, meaning it has the potential to change genetic material, cause fertility problems and even birth defects. It can also damage the liver, kidney and lungs.  Phthalates: known as endocrine disruptors that mimic the body’s hormones, these have been shown to cause reproductive and neurological damage. Look out for labels containing DBP, DEHP, BzBP, DMP, the word “fragrance” and avoid plastics with recycling codes three and seven. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil in a cosmetic is not in the business of creating illusions or damaging your long-term health and in fact works in the exact opposite way, from the inside out. Despite the federal ban on growing hemp in the U.S., The Body Shop does just fine with their hemp line. In fact, the Hemp Hand Protectant is the number one seller of all their products in the U.S. market. Ms. Barcklay says, “People just love it. It’s because of that incredible moisturizing potency. It’s also a great unisex product, it’s fun, you know it has a little edge, it’s super efficacious thanks to hemp.” The benefits of using hemp in cosmetics reach far beyond beauty, embracing veganism, animal rights, environmental carbon, chemical outputs and even self-esteem. Ms. Barcklay believes that hemp is a real part of The Body Shop’s core values, saying “when we talk about impacting people’s lives we’re enhancing and giving livelihood to our small independent farmers, and part of that program is to enhance the overall empowerment of the people who are working with us and self-esteem is a big part of that.” The Body Shop is a real player in a huge and constantly growing market and recognizes that real-world change for good can’t happen in today’s world unless they’re in the 19

black. Ms. Barcklay says “We can’t be purposeful and we can’t make change in the world if we don’t have profits. Having profits is a vehicle to create change and we also have access to a large consumer base that supports us to be a voice and raise a voice in conversations around sex trafficking, domestic violence, AIDS, etc., all the things we’ve campaigned about for 35 years.”

does L’Oréal and they continue to improve in sustainability, their seriousness regarding environmental and energy issues, and ethics. In fact, L’Oréal is currently working on legislation with The Body Shop and their partner Cruelty Free International to eliminate animal testing completely, particularly in countries like China that require animal testing to sell their products.

Cannaderm Cosmetics’s approach is to not only provide their customers with interesting products but to change the world’s perception about hemp. Roman Zazirej of Cannaderm attends trade shows around the EU to convince people that “hemp products are not illegal and beneficial for health.”

Ms. Barcklay says of the relationship between L’Oréal and The Body Shop that “We’ve kept our values and ethics intact but at the same time have been able to give benefits to our Body communities and L’Oréal through our sourcing programs.” L’Oréal has a multitude of brands sold all over the world, which of course requires the sourcing of dozens if not hundreds of ingredients. Because of The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade program, L’Oréal has “sourced over nine ingredients from nine of our fair trade partners throughout the world.” This is excellent news for, say, a shea butter farmer in Ghana, whose yields have “increased by over 100 times thanks to L’Oréal’s support of the program.”

There has long been misunderstanding about hemp and its more rebellious, psychoactive sister marijuana. But both The Body Shop and Cannaderm Cosmetics have customers that clamor for their hemp products. Mr. Zazirej bemoans that they “don’t have the possibility to satisfy high demand of customers in the U.S. and in Central Europe hemp is much coveted [sic].” Hemp is, in fact, considered to be a beneficial crop for the environment. “It does not use pesticides or herbicides, provides an excellent habitat for wildlife, and the Long Tap Root is excellent for soil structure and conditioning. The fast growing crop is an excellent carbon sequester. It requires no weed control during the growing period and reduces fuel consumption on the farm.”

The benefits of using hemp in cosmetics reach far beyond beauty, embracing veganism, animal rights, environmental carbon and chemical outputs and even selfesteem

The Body Shop obtains their hemp as part of their Community Fair Trade program from farmers in the UK but their fair trade efforts include contracting with and supporting small farmers in Ghana, Kenya, Samoa, and other third world countries. Ms. Barcklay says of The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade Program: “Small farmers are really struggling to survive to have a stable income. So with our hemp project in the UK, we source from a variety of farmers, so it’s a collective cooperative group of small independent farmers who normally grow crops like potatoes and the hemp allows them to have additional income and a more stable source of income.” Cannaderm has its own farm in Central Europe. Additionally, hemp requires no animal testing, a method to this day used quite pervasively throughout the beauty industry to test the efficacy of products. The Body Shop has had a positive impact on their owner and continues to work with L’Oreal, who in the past has run afoul of animal rights activists. Ms. Barcklay says of L’Oréal’s ongoing efforts that “L’Oréal has pioneered the use of a replacement for animal testing. It’s called episkin and they are promoting and widely using it in lieu of animal testing because they believe as much as The Body Shop that animal testing shouldn’t exist.” The Body Shop issues a “values report” every year as

20 August 2013

Ms. Barcklay believes that the dialogue can be “‘this is a fabulous product and...’ conversation. This is what it’s going to do for you and this is what it’s going to do for the rest of the world.” Research on The Body Shop’s loyal customers found “85 percent of loyalty customers, meaning customers that shop with us a couple of times a year say that they shop with us because of our values,” says Barcklay, adding, “65 percent of our customers say they would pay more for an ethical socially conscious product, whether it’s from The Body Shop or anyone for that matter.” The current state of capitalism and democracy in the U.S. demands the financial wherewithal to change policy and perhaps L’Oréal could be a player in the game. Hemp sells very well for the company and could, with the possible future widespread legalization of industrial hemp, bring community fair trade to the U.S. Goldman Sachs analysts estimate that globally, people spend some $160 billion on beauty products, which include make-up, hair-care products and perfumes. Americans spend more each year on being beautiful than they do on education. This market continues to grow by about seven percent each year and shows no signs of abating as baby boomers, who tend to have more expendable income, want to look and feel younger. Ms. Barcklay concludes that “in the beauty industry performance rules the day” and hemp has been an incredible performer for the leading beauty company in the world. Here’s hoping that hemp can see growth and profits in the beauty industry in a way that can affect lasting change, not only for beauty but for the greater good.

Ask Lady Cannabis

As you know, Gentle Reader, consuming marijuana is a safe and enjoyable way to relax and spend time with others. There is a proper way to do this and several improper ways. Lady Cannabis addresses questions regarding the etiquette of responsible adult consumption of marijuana in various social settings. What is your question for Lady Cannabis? Email with your questions.

Dear Shy Smoker, Simply say “Excuse me, I have some herb I’d like to share, may I join this circle?” Context is important. Usually cannabis smokers are relaxed and friendly, unless they are being paranoid for security reasons. So, assess the situation. Are you in a public place or a private gathering? Is everyone over 18? Do you know anyone in the group or are they all strangers? Do you feel relatively safe and comfortable? If yes, approach someone in the circle, start a conversation and ask to join the fun. Have some cannabis to share, or offer something to the group that might be appreciated like cold drinks, snacks and/or pleasant conversation.

during this difficult time. Give her a printout of a recent overseas medical study that discusses the promise of plant compounds in medical marijuana for effective treatment of cancer. Mention the evidence of cancer patients in the U.S. experiencing pain relief and appetite stimulation from medical marijuana. Mention the variety of ingestion methods, other than smoking, that are now available. Reiterate you are sharing this information to be helpful because you care. Do not promise a complete cure from the medical use of marijuana or bash other cancer treatment options she may be considering. Tell her you respect her privacy and understand this is a challenging time for her family. Give her a reassurance unless she initiates the topic, you will hold the conversation in confidence and, depending on your comfort level, ask her to do the same for you within your shared preschool community.

Dear Lady Cannabis, How do I tell the mother at my preschool with the brain tumor that cannabis can cure her? Caring Mother

Dear Lady Cannabis, When you meet someone you like, how do you broach the subject of cannabis use? Dating Toker

Dear Caring Mother, The topic demands more discretion than the usual chitchat you’ve encountered when picking up or dropping off your child. Create some time to speak with her more privately, go for coffee or drop off a nourishing dish at her home. Prepare your thoughts for a brief conversation and give her a resource for further information. The YouTube video “Evidence That Cannabis Is An Extremely Nutritional Vegetable” ( watch?v=jxJmFSmOrqo) is a great 13 minute summary of medical research and the legal status of marijuana.

Dear Dating Toker, In the dating scene, it is important to look for partner compatibility and for you this includes cannabis use. One way to indirectly discuss use is to initiate the conversation as a topic of current political or medical research trends. Usually people eagerly share their opinions and additionally indicate their experience, comfort and knowledge. Sometimes people are tightlipped, quiet and unwilling to engage out of fear, or a greater need for privacy. From this conversation, you should be able to get a good idea of where they stand on the general subject and if you share similar habits and preferences.

Temper your desire to be helpful with respect for her medical privacy and your own privacy. This is a conversation because you care about a community member, not because you need to proselytize and convert someone to be a marijuana patient. In your conversation, tell the mother you care about her and her family. You are sharing some information about a promising treatment option that could be helpful

If you are planning a date and want to include cannabis use, directly suggest enjoying cannabis as an addition to the main activity of the date. Have a safe setting in mind, allow time to enjoy and be age appropriate. You don’t want to act like a kid, hurriedly packing a bowl in the alleyway outside the theatre, unless this is the agreed plan and is comfortable and fun for both of you.

Dear Lady Cannabis, How do I join a smoking circle? Shy Smoker 21

Featured Artist: Eric Stecker, Def Star Studio by Caroline Hayes

Every realm of art is special but there is something about blowing glass that appeals to almost everyone. It’s edgy, it’s underground and it just looks cool. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Stecker, who has been blowing glass for 15 years. He works out of the Def Star Studio in Denver and the Penfound Studio in Lakewood, which is where he focuses on soft glass blowing. Stecker is “Colorado Proud” when it comes to his materials as he in sources themChair locally from Glass Craft and D&L Glass Pook his Garden Supply. Nice. THC: Do you see the finished product in your head before you start or is it sort of a progression while you work? Eric Stecker: Sometimes I definitely have a completed design in my head, but for the most part, I have ideas about shapes and allow the design to complete itself while it’s coming together. THC: Who have been your inspirations in the glass blowing community? ES: My biggest influences are traditional blowers like Cesare Toffolo and Jonny Miller. Some of my more contemporary in-

22 August 2013

fluences would be flameworkers like Darby, for his cleanliness in his work and Ghost for his realistic representational work. THC: Do you prefer to create head-pieces or production pieces? ES: Making each type of work has its advantages. While creating larger head-pieces allows for more creative shapes and color designs, making production work is less stressful and usually a little cooler in temperature. Overall, making “head” work is definitely my favorite. It allows for more self-expression. THC: Where do you see the evolution of functional glass art going? ES: I see functional glass moving forward quickly and carrying the art glass scene as a whole. The more artists that get into the field the more techniques will be pioneered and individual styles will flourish. As this happens, the level of work that will be respected will increase, so head-pieces in the future will be amazing, I’m sure. Functional glass will definitely be moving forward. Even with the advent of other smoking products, glass has a strong foothold in the industry and will be popular for a long time to come.

People Tree 23

TASTY MEDICINE reviewed by Monocle Man

PB&J and Holland Crunch Truffles by Colorado Cannabis Co Colorado Cannabis Co has one of the widest selections of infused products to choose from. Baked goods, savory items, concentrates and tasty confections like their truffles have patients coming back for more. The PB&J had a crushed peanut outside with a delectable peanut butter and jelly filling. Each truffle was about the size of a doughnut hole with the perfect amount of peanut butter and jelly. At 17mg per truffle these divine treats became a little troublesome for me as I ate all 6 truffles in one sitting. The truffles come in a clear plastic container with all necessary information printed on the bottom. These tasty treats will melt in your mouth while you melt in your couch. I could easily knock down a few packages of these if they found their way in front of me. The Holland Crunch looked like a standard truffle, with a dark chocolate shell. Inside was a pleasant rich chocolate crunch. Both truffles seemed to be fast acting, with first effects kicking in within 30 minutes of eating. Colorado Cannabis Co was also generous enough to supply us with their Black Forest Cupcakes and I am glad they did. The cupcakes were 50mg each and came with two in each package. The Black Forest Cupcake was possibly the best tasting edible I have ever had. coloradocannabiscompany.

Medicinal Cannabis Chocolates by Bhang I have heard great things about Bhang Chocolates in California for over a year now, so when I found out they were coming to Colorado I was excited to sample the company that has been dominating the west coast edible market. I tried both their Fire and Ice Chocolates. With a claim of 180mg of cannabanoid content Bhang’s single strength is 60mg. The problem is that the bar is divided into four sections at approximately 45mg each. With that in mind, I had no complaints about the product itself. Since 4070mg is usually what I want in an edible dose, I tested one section at each sampling to gage the consistency of both flavors. I love dark chocolate with a little spice to it so I tested the Fire Chocolate first. While I didn’t get as much spice as my palette wanted, it was subtle and appealing especially with the hint of orange mixed in with the dark chocolate. I was more surprised with the flavor of the Ice Chocolate because I am usually not a fan of mint chocolate but I actually preferred it to the Fire. Again, the hint of peppermint was very well balanced with the milk chocolate. There is no doubt in my mind that master chocolatier S.V. Rixel at Bhang knows what they are doing. Both bars had the same activation time (45 minutes) and the same duration of effect (more than four hours) for me. The effect itself was very pleasant with a nice body relaxation and a moderate head high but still fully functional at 45mg for light to above moderate activities. What really stood out for me was the consistency of the medication, which for me is the most important factor in an edible. At every sampling the effect was exactly the same. I didn’t notice any peaks or valleys throughout the experience, just a nice even high that eased in and stayed the same for about three hours then eased on out. Welcome to Colorado Bhang, you guys might as well buy some ski passes -you’re going to be here for a while.

24 August 2013

Watermelon Sucker by Mountain High Suckers Edibles with CBD enriched medicine are always in demand and Mountain High Suckers has been one of the pioneers. They offer a wide selection of flavors with their hard candies and suckers. For patients who are looking for quality CBD products or looking to try edibles for the first time, Mountain High Suckers are a great option. The watermelon sucker that I tried for this review tested at 6mg CBD, 1.2 CBN and 32.8mg THC. This was a great dose. It was level and mellow enough for daytime use. I found that the sucker started with a light body high that helped with some pains I was dealing with. I was able to stay fully functional and work throughout the day. Their suckers definitely taste better than a majority of the candies on the market, which have too much of a weedy taste. A couple hours after having the sucker I did have an increase in appetite and wished I had another sucker. Patients who are looking for a discreet, low dose product to help them get through the day should consider Mountain High Suckers. AK-47 Wax by Urban Dispensary I am no stranger to Urban Dispensary’s flower but this was the first time I have tried their in house strain specific concentrates. For this review I sampled the AK-47 wax, which I was looking forward to as AK-47 is one of my personal favorite strains. I also got my hands on some of the AK flower to compare the two. The aroma of the wax was bursting of out the container and filled the room. Its smell and flavor were practically identical and that’s one thing I love to see in processing. The wax had a light golden color with a texture like crumbled cookie dough. Each dab was smooth and full of flavor. After my first dab I felt it behind the eyes immediately. A head rush followed that turned into a euphoric experience. This is a great option for patients looking for a stress reliever. Urban Dispensary is one of Denver’s finest dispensaries and never disappoints. Go visit them at 38th & Clay and check out their exceptional selection of flower and concentrates. Lemonade-Black Tea by MarQaha When I was told I was reviewing MarQaha I was excited because for some reason I hadn’t sampled any of their drinks in the last three years of having a red card. After trying their Lemonade-Black Tea, it will not take me that long to buy them again. It had a delicious flavor balancing the lemonade and black tea to make one of the best “Arnold Palmers” medicated, or not, that I’ve had. The hint of cannabis flavor in there worked perfectly and reminded me of the days when my mom would put a hint of fresh mint in our iced tea. Of course MarQaha’s “mint” moves beyond just a good flavor profile. In my opinion, medicating beverages can be one of the toughest methods to get right in the edible world. There can be issues with consistency due to aspects like the THC bonding to the inside of the glass because it is a difficult task to keep it fully soluble for extended periods of time in a liquid form. The top beverage companies in Colorado have worked out most of these kinks over the last few years and MarQaha is no exception. I noticed very little settlement at the bottom of the bottle and just a light shake took care of that for me. The entire bottle lists approx 110mg of THC per bottle so I split the portion in half. Because the bottle is not resealable I had to pour the other half in a glass and seal it for later. The 55mg portion was light and pleasant as an effect but next time I will probably do the entire bottle in one sitting or pair it with my favorite flower for additional effect. I noticed activation at about 45-50 minutes but it might have kicked in faster as it pleasantly crept into my awareness. The medication lasted about four hours and was very evenly dispersed throughout the experience. With a sativa strain used to medicate the Lemonade-Black Tea I found this to be a great daytime drink for a summer picnic or barbeque. With one of the best integrations of the cannabis flavor in a drink, I would offer this to any naysayer who says they don’t like the “weed” taste in an edible. 25


Indulge in tasty hemp-infused recipes that offer some nutrition without sacrificing flavor

Hemp Crusted Salmon Serves 2-4 Preheat oven to 400˚F Nonstick vegetable oil spray 1 lb. salmon or other fish cut into 2-4 pieces (depending on how many people you are serving) 1/2 cup hemp seeds 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 1 Tablespoon freshly chopped parsely 1 Tablespoon freshly chopped dill 1/8 teaspoon black pepper 2-3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice Spray baking dish with nonstick spray. Coat the salmon with hemp seeds, sea salt, parlsey, dill, pepper and lemon juice. Bake for 30 minutes or until fish flakes easily

Hempified Kale Salad Serves 4 Salad Ingredients: 3 bunches kale 2 cups red bell pepper 2 Tablespoon finely chopped fresh mint 2 Tablespoon hemp seeds 2 Tablespoon sunflower seeds 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1/4 teaspoon lemon zest, grated Dressing Ingredients: 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 1/2 Tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1/2 tsp Himalayan sea salt Preparation: Remove the kale leaves from their stems. Wash and dry thoroughly. Chop the kale Mix salad dressing ingredients together, pour over kale and gently toss. Add bell pepper, mint, seeds, garlic, and lemon zest. Toss. Add salt to taste.

Roasted Citrus Potatoes with Hemp Oil Ingredients Nonstick vegetable oil spray 2 pounds unpeeled fingerling potatoes in assorted colors (rinsed and cut into bite sized pieces) 3/4 cup hemp oil 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill 2 teaspoons finely grated lemon peel 12 garlic cloves, sliced Preparation Position 1 rack in top third and 1 rack in bottom third of oven and preheat to 350°F. Spray 2 large rimmed baking sheets with nonstick spray. Toss potatoes with 1/4 cup hemp oil in large bowl. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Spread potatoes in single layer on baking sheets, dividing equally. Roast for 35 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk hemp oil, lemon juice, dill, and lemon peel in small bowl to blend for dressing. Toss garlic and 1 tablespoons dressing in another small bowl. Divide garlic mixture between baking sheets with potatoes and toss; reverse baking sheets and continue to roast until potatoes are tender and brown around edges, about 15-20 minutes longer.
 Toss roasted potatoes in large bowl with enough of remaining dressing to coat and serve.

Did you know that kale is full of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in zinc and iron, Vitamin A, C and K, calcium and is a wonderful detoxifier? DIG IN!!! 27

Cannabis News

by John Schroyer Alaska Activists Work- ate those who have already been ing on Marijuana Legal- charged, including four south Oreization Ballot Measure gon dispensary operators arrested

Florida Activists Try to Get Medical Marijuana Legalized in Florida – For the Third Time

Alaska may follow in Colorado and Washington’s footsteps and legalize recreational marijuana use if a possible ballot measure can garner enough support. In late June, the Alaska governor’s office gave the thumbs up to an initiative that is structured similarly to the ballot measures that passed in Colorado and Washington in 2012, allowing for the sale and taxation of recreational marijuana.

in May for running dispensaries.

The Alaska measure would legalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for those 21 and older and would permit retail outlets to grow and sell marijuana for recreational purposes. Supporters need to gather 30,169 signatures of Alaska voters to get the measure on the ballot, and are hoping to finish the job by January.

Democratic Congressmen ballot, they have to gather nearly Want Marijuana Business- 700,000 signatures by February, es to have Bank Access an incredibly tough threshold to

Prosecutors have leveled multiple charges ranging from racketeering and money laundering to conspiracy to deliver marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school against Lori and Leland Duckworth, David James Bond and Michael Robert Schanno. All four are scheduled to appear in Jackson County Circuit Court on August 12th.

Though two ballot measures to legalize medicinal marijuana both failed in Florida, supporters are gunning for a ballot measure later this year and this time they’ve got some serious cash to work with. A famous Orlando attorney is throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his personal fortune into the campaign and activists are getting organized. To get the measure on the state

New Oregon Medical Marijuana Law Won’t Exonerate Dispensary Owners Charged with Felonies On July 6, the Oregon state Legislature passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries. Though medical marijuana has long been legal in Oregon, the state has until now required patients and users to grow their own marijuana, instead of being able to purchase the plant through a licensed operator, as Colorado patients can. But many rules have yet to be determined. The Oregon Health Authority has until March 2014 to hand down regulations on dispensary security, marijuana testing and other topics. Until now, some local governments have turned a blind eye to marijuana dispensaries operating illegally in Oregon, but some growers have been arrested and charged with various narcotics crimes. And the new law won’t exoner28 August 2013

Colorado’s U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-Golden, is one half of a Democratic duo that wants to reform the banking system to allow marijuana businesses to open bank accounts. On July 10, Perlmutter, along with U.S. Rep. Denny Heck, D-Wash., introduced the bipartisan Marijuana Business Access to Banking Act, which would permit banks and other financial institutions to deal with companies such as medical marijuana dispensaries. Currently, banks aren’t allowed to grant dispensaries accounts because marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Under Perlmutter’s bill, banks would be allowed to open accounts for marijuana-related businesses as long as they are sanctioned by the state they operate in. To date, 21 states have legalized marijuana businesses to some degree, but all those businesses are forced to deal in cash, since they can’t open bank accounts, which is what Perlmutter wants to change. The bill is also co-sponsored by 18 other Republicans and Democrats, including three from Colorado -- Diana DeGette and Jared Polis, both Democrats, and Mike Coffman, a Republican.

meet. But they have John Morgan on their side. And he’s the definition of “politically well-connected.” Morgan, a former fundraiser for President Barack Obama, has already spoken to Jon Mills, a former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who’s helping pen the ballot measure to make sure it’s approved by the state Supreme Court. Morgan is also heading up a campaign called People United for Medical Marijuana and is on record saying he’ll do whatever it takes to get the measure passed.

Washington, D.C. Looking at Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession The District of Columbia may become the latest governmental body to ratchet down legal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, if a bill introduced July 10 at the city council succeeds. Under the proposed bill, possession of an ounce or less would be reduced to a civil penalty of a $100 fine, down from its current status as a misdemeanor and an accompanying fine of up to $1,000. The bill was introduced by council members Marion Barry and

Across the Nation Tommy Wells. Wells told local media that he’s optimistic the bill will pass the council. But that’s no guarantee that D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray would sign it and the law would also have to go through congressional approval due to the district’s unique legal structure.

Vermont Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes into Effect As of July 1, recreational Vermont pot smokers won’t have to worry about jail anymore, as long as they don’t get busted with more than an ounce. The Vermont Legislature repealed criminal penalties and set up civil fines instead for those caught with less than an ounce. First-timers can be fined up to $200 and the amount would increase for subsequent busts but there won’t be a criminal charge. Medical marijuana is already legal in Vermont. Under the new law possession of more than an ounce remains a crime.

Marijuana Farmer’s Market Proposed for Boulder A Denver businessman wants to take full advantage of recreational marijuana being legalized – to the point that he’s floated the idea of a farmer’s market in Boulder for marijuana growers. Justin Hartfield, CEO of, told journalists this month that he thinks the Boulder Farmer’s Market is a perfect business model for marijuana and will promote variety in the industry. But it’s just an idea. Local and state officials told media outlets that such a notion would face significant legal obstacles.

U.S. House Approves Growing Industrial Hemp for Research Purposes

gave industrial hemp a tentative go-ahead on July 11, when a federal farm bill passed by a razor-thin 216-208 vote. There are some pretty big strings attached, however – only colleges and universities would legally be able to grow hemp, and only for research purposes and only in states where growing industrial hemp is already permitted. The hemp measure was an amendment to a much larger omnibus farm bill. The amendment was introduced by U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder. The the

bill now heads to Senate for approval.

Hemp Beer Now in the Works Hemp, often called a “wonder plant” by its supporters, has been used to make all sorts of products, from rope to paper to car parts. Now, it’s being used to make beer. Two of Seattle’s most well-known independent brewers – Redhook Brewery and Hilliard’s Beer – teamed up to produce Joint Effort Hemp Ale, to commemorate Washington state’s legalization of recreational marijuana. The ale will be served in bong-shaped pour handles throughout Seattle, according to

Hemp Flag Fies Over U.S. Capitol on Independence Day The flag atop the U.S. Capitol on the Fourth of July was not made of cotton linen or any fiber or material legally grown in the United States. It was made of hemp. The flag, which was sewn in Denver with hemp purchased in Manitou Springs, was brought to the Capitol by U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Boulder, who has long been a proponent of the plant.

The first American flag, sewn by Betsy Ross, was made of hemp. But a hemp flag did not fly over the Capitol for more than 80 years, since the federal government outlawed cannabis.

International summit on marijuana legalization held in Mexico, July 18-20 A first-of-its-kind international summit convened in central Mexico and featured former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

Fox is business partners with former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively, and the two plan to grow and sell commercial marijuana throughout Mexico and the United States. Their company, Diego Pellicer, Inc., is named after Shively’s great grandfather, a 19th century Filipino hemp farmer. The symposium is formally titled the “International Symposium on the Legalization and Medical Use of Marijuana.” More information can be found at

Pennsylvania Bills Would Legalize Marijuana Use Pennsylvania legislators will be taking up the question of marijuana legalization when they return to the state Capitol in the fall. A bill introduced by Democratic state Sen. Daylin Leach would legalize marijuana use for those 21 and older. The bill would also require marijuana be regulated, sold and taxed in a manner similar to alcohol. A local chapter of the NAACP in Pennsylvania announced its support for the bill in late June, and said blacks are almost four times as likely to be punished for marijuana crimes than whites. Leach has also introduced a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana. Both bills were introduced April 3.

The lower chamber of Congress 29

Ask A Grower

To Plant a Seed

An Interview with Physician Preferred Product’s Very Own Master Grower by Josh Davis

What’s it like to actually grow marijuana in a state regulated facility? What techniques and technologies do the pros use? How do you actually become a grower? THC sat down with Patrick Stephenson, a medical marijuana grow master, at Colorado’s Physician Preferred Products to find out what actually goes on behind the green door. THC: Patrick thanks for doing this interview with us. So how did you become a medical marijuana (MMJ) grower in the first place? Patrick Stephenson (PS): When I was fourteen-years-old I acquired my first copy of “Sea of Green.” As I flipped through the pages of this book, I became absolutely enthralled with the growing process and the special qualities of the cannabis plant. Although I had no interest in smoking until years later, I began to put seeds my friends were finding into pots and would try to find spots where these little ones would not be disturbed, most of the time unsuccessfully. As the years progressed, I continued my pursuit for knowledge and technique concerning the propagation of this special plant. After finishing college on the east coast in 2010, I was very anxious to move back to Colorado to start work at a commercial grow that my friends had set up. It was there that I worked my way from trimmer, to head trimmer, to master grower. After a year there, I was offered the master grower position at Physician Preferred Products (PPP) where I am working today. THC: Do you grow inside or outside?

30 August 2013

PS: At the shop we grow all indoors but we have been looking to expand to a greenhouse grow as well. You can’t mess with the power of the sun man! THC: How do you decide what kind of MMJ you will grow? PS: There are several factors I consider when choosing what MMJ to put in the garden. The first thing is to determine the goals of the garden. Is it a private garden in your home? Is it a boutique garden? Is it a large-scale production garden? Once this is determined, I will start to make decisions about what’s going into the garden. For our particular situation at PPP, which I consider a boutique garden, the goals are to maintain the highest possible quality with every strain we bring into the garden and minimize the amount of wholesale brought into the facility. This is accomplished by growing all strains from multiple seeds to find the absolute best phenotypes and having the experience to make these final selections. THC: When someone is new to buying MMJ. How do they know how much to ingest if they are eating or drinking it? PS: We have a lot of new customers from all age groups that come into PPP pretty regularly, so we deal with this frequently. The last thing that we want to do is over-prescribe one of our new customers, especially if they are new to the whole MMJ thing. Our advice is that you want to take it slow with edibles and drinks, 10-20mg to start. I have a high tolerance for smoking and it is still easy for me to take over my limit

with edibles. It is always tempting for someone new to take some edibles, think they’re not feeling it and ingest more. Avoid doing this, just give it time and see where it takes you. THC: Do the drinks that you sell have just THC or are there other cannabinoids in there as well? PS: I think it is the case with most edibles that these drinks will contain more of the cannabinoids available in the plant, rather than if you are medicating through smoking. THC: Do physicians make suggestions to patients about what kind of MMJ they should use or does your boutique make that suggestion depending on what the patient needs are? PS: When you go into get your physician check up, which is required to obtain your state licensed red card, you can consult with them at this time to see what their suggestions would be, considering your particular situation on the best method to medicate. However, the budtenders at your preferred dispensary should be able to help you out as well giving you information on the unique effects of the medicine on their menu and what benefits it has. THC: How many people work at the facility? PS: In the garden I have three awesome assistants. Our trim crew mostly consists of one person who just kills it! Then we have four really amazing budtenders who work the storefront. They are the best I’ve encountered as far as staying current with products and general knowledge about the industry. It is definitely a challenge to find competent workers in this industry, so if you find them, I would say try to keep them! THC: When is the grow season? PS: Our process begins with research into what particular strains will be a compliment to our current menu. Once this has been determined we will begin our phenotype selection process, putting up to ten seeds of that strain into the vegetative growing stage, where they will stay for around a month. After this initial vegetative stage, these move into our flowering rooms. I make sure to monitor these new babies daily and eliminate any males, or any with hermaphrodite

traits. Once this has been completed in the first week or so of flowering, just be patient. [Sic] Flowering generally takes 6-10 weeks. Once we harvest, we place, the whole plant into our drying tent which is humidity controlled and temperature controlled for one week where we then hand trim this product and put it into glass jars. I then personally monitor these jars daily to make sure they are finishing the drying process at the correct rate. Once dried correctly, these jars are sealed for curing. The final selection on which of the phenotypes we keep is then just a matter of testing the medicine. At this point it is transferred to our staff up front and available to our customers. THC: Anything special about the type of soil you use for growing? PS: We use cocoa as well as all organic soils with compost teas in the garden. THC: Do you create different strains? PS: Over the last six months we have started a pretty heavy breeding process creating some fun new F1’s. I am now in the process of choosing which of these projects we will begin to stabilize. One of these F1 projects includes a cross with our Rocky Mountain Fire mother, which recently tested at 30.93 percent THC, so we are definitely excited for what is to come! THC: Can you explain how the different “types” and/or “varieties” are used? For instance do cancer patients prefer indica vs. sativa? PS: Generally indica plants are going to have a much heavier effect on the patient and will be efficient in treating pain, and insomnia. Sativa varieties are going to have a much more energizing effect on the patient and are good at treating depression and good for people that need medication during the day. Both of these varieties can offer relief for severe nausea, which is going to help patients undergoing chemotherapy. An important lesson I have learned dealing with our patients is that treatment is a very personal thing. A strain that might be very effective for one person’s nausea is not necessarily going to be the right choice for every patient. I would suggest purchasing small quantities of a variety of strains until you find the one that best fits your needs. THC: Do you grow different varieties based on what the customer’s needs are as well? 31

THC: Have you had any run-ins with the feds since you’ve been a grower? PS: Thankfully I have not! We make sure to keep current with all MMED regulations in Colorado and make sure that we comply with all that they ask. If you are growing independently, don’t get greedy and tell no one of your grow. PS: One of the most exciting aspects of where I am employed now, is that I do have control over what we bring into the grow and I am not handcuffed, for instance, into growing only heavy yielding, commercial plants. This gives me the freedom to bring a large variety of medicinal plants into our grow allowing our patients the opportunity to find the highest quality medicine for their situation. This goal of keeping our MMJ to a standard of medicinal is paramount in our facility. THC: What do you do with the leftovers - stems, roots etc? PS: I am a firm believer in using every part of this plant, as it can all be put to good use. We properly dry all our fan leaves, which are given to a company that processes them into edibles, topical lotions, and soap. A portion of these leaves are also used in our compost. The sugar leaves, which are what is trimmed directly off the buds, are stored in strain specific bins, which are then processed into our high quality concentrates, shatter, and budder. Our stems are ground down into mulch, which is absolutely fantastic to use in your vegetable garden! We also use the roots in our compost. THC: Is it possible to visually identify a sativa from an indica? PS: It is quite easy to tell the difference between indica and sativa if they have not been hybridized. Indicas will be shorter plants with fat leaves with fewer [sic] blades of the leaf. Sativas will be much taller and have thinner leaves with more blades. THC: What have you found to be your most popular strains? PS: Our most popular stains tend to be the ones that are very complete. In this I mean that they have a good visual appeal, good aroma, with a distinct taste, as well as a high medicinal effect. This is the criteria I follow when choosing our phenotypes so we have a lot of popular strains. But to name a few I would say our Rocky Mountain Fire, which is a ridiculously heavy indica. Our Blue Dream is always popular, Green Crack too. Our Aspen OG is a really funky OG. We have a strain crossed in our facility that we call Emo Kush. She is a dark purple bud that has all of the flavor of Bubba Kush. THC: You’ve used words like strains, varieties, phenotypes - how are these different? PS: Strain and variety I would generally consider the same thing. This would be the genotype of the plant, or the inheritable genetics that this plant possesses. This would encompass all of the possible genetic variations that could occur in the offspring of the plant. The phenotypes are these genetic variations that are physically manifested in the offspring of the plant. This is why I find it is important to plant multiple seeds of a particular strain in order to find the particular phenotype that you most desire.

32 August 2013

THC: Last question Patrick. We’ve come a long way in terms of technology. Where do you see the industry going and what can be improved upon? PS: I believe that the more the people are educated about marijuana and begin to see the tremendous benefits it has to offer medically as well as industrially, the more technology and science will begin to be implemented into this field.  I think soon there will be a lot more sustainable, eco-friendly, grows around. Also, there are some exciting new companies and consulting grows that are optimizing the potential of the garden with real-time monitoring of the entire space. Quantum 9 is one of these companies that will be leading the way for future innovations in the field of cannabis production.  THC: Thanks so much Patrick! PS: My pleasure. Physician Preferred Products is located in Northglenn, CO and can be found on the web at Questions for a grower? Email with your inquiries.

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Confessions of a Drug War Propagandist From Smokeblower to Whistleblower— a Former DEA Spokeswoman Speaks Out Against Prohibition and Corruption by Matt Snyders

Belita Nelson is on a roll. Seated at a document-strewn kitchen table inside her two-story brick home in Idaho Springs, the spry 61-year-old pours a cup of coffee and continues her exposition. “The War on Drugs has corrupted law enforcement to the point where the DEA is indistinguishable from the cartels,” she says in a Texas drawl. “The only solution is legalization— full legalization. For all drugs.”

that it was heroin that nearly killed her son. They seemed more interested in locking people up than in helping patients. So when DEA agents offered Belita and Jason $10,000 per month to act as a confidential informant and hand over her patient files—a breach of federal law—it took her little time to formulate an answer. “I told them to go to hell.” This saucy rebuke, combined with her increasingly strident prolegalization stance, incited the wrath of her former associates within the DEA and Plano Police Department, Belita claims. Eventually this culminated with Belita being accused of using her foundation’s funds for personal use. Whether part of a retribution campaign or not, the charges never came close to sticking. The DA in charge requested that the case be dismissed as the evidence provided by law enforcement reeked of a personal vendetta.

Listening to her, it’s hard to believe that this was one of Texas’ most vocal and visible drug warriors twelve years ago, someone who once supported the death penalty for dealers, who once denied that addiction was a disease based in physiology. The chain of events that led her here—not just the 800 miles to Colorado but the 180 degrees to a pro-legalization perspective—represents more than just the personal journey of high school debate teacherturned-DEA spokeswomanturned-whistleblower. It offers a glimpse into the propaganda apparatus of the most powerful drug enforcement agency in the land. “I was used,” she says bluntly. “But one thing I don’t think they realized is I have a mind of my own. I’m not so naïve anymore.” Her son Jason’s battles with heroin addiction sprung her into anti-drug activism in the late 1990s including founding a non-profit referral organization for drug addicts and their families. The DEA came calling not long after and on their behalf she took to the national airwaves as spokeswoman, delivering her cautionary tales with schoolmarm earnestness. She was invited onto Nightline to tell her story. The Oprah Winfrey Show flew her out to Chicago for a guest appearance. She had her own radio show on a Dallas-based Clear Channel affiliate. She was quickly becoming the Nancy Grace of America’s drug war. But as the DEA directed her to propagate ever more outrageous claims, Belita’s faith began to weaken. For one, an “education coordinator” implored her to weave antimarijuana talking points into her narrative -- despite the fact

34 August 2013

Nevertheless, the accusations left her foundation and professional reputation in shambles— though her decision to relocate to the Colorado Rockies is about more than just saving face. Her relocation comes at the heels of cryptic warnings from her few remaining allies within Texas law enforcement circles. “They said: ‘You’ve got to get out of Plano, Belita. You’ve got a target on your back,’” she says, blowing into a coffee cupped between her hands. “But I don’t care anymore. I’ve reached a point now where I just want the truth out.” Belita Nelson

It was sometime around the spring of 1997 when the people of Plano, Texas realized they had a problem. Heroin, once considered a fringe indulgence, was gaining popularity within the Dallas suburb’s high schools. And not just any heroin. Narcotics units told newspapers of the time that this smack was approaching “uncut” territory, about five times the potency of black-tar heroin. Starting in 1996, Plano hospitals began receiving handfuls of OD drop-offs per month; before they might see one or two annually. By the time schools shut down for Thanksgiving break in 1997, nine young people either living or attending school in the suburb of 190,000 had

fatally overdosed. At the dawn of the new millennium, Plano, Texas—poster-city of affluent 1990’s American suburbia and home to the corporate headquarters of J.C. Penny, Capitol One, Pizza Hut and Frito-Lay—had become synonymous to heroin in much the same way early-80’s Miami had to cocaine. At least that’s the angle the national press ran with (never mind the much higher rates in places like Baltimore). “The jocks and preps of Plano couldn’t get enough of a new drug,” warned Rolling Stone headline in May 1999. “By the time they found out what the fine brown powder really was, kids had already started dying.” Belita’s son, Jason, was among the early adopters. Popular with students and teachers alike, Jason had dabbled in cannabis early in high school and was no stranger to beer. Then during his senior year, 1996, heroin started showing up at house parties. For Jason addiction followed almost immediately. Belita’s usually exuberant son had withered to a moody, volatile husk of his former self. His behavior worsened and in the summer of ’96 Belita packed up and moved the duo across the state to Lubbock. The change of scenery didn’t work. Jason relapsed. In January 1998, Belita had her only child arrested for drug possession. He opted for treatment in lieu of prison.

“It’s a call that no mother wants to make,” says Belita. “It was the catalyst that set me in motion, it gave me a mission to make sure no one else would have to make that call.” Her transformation from sharp-tongued high school debate coach to grizzly-mom-drug-warrior began with that call but it didn’t end there. In 1998 she founded Starfish, a non-profit rehabilitation program for opiate addicts. Initially strapped for cash and publicity, Belita tapped Hall of Famer and exDallas Cowboy Mel Renfro to serve as Starfish’s business partner and promotions man. Renfro had recently taken in a goddaughter from Washington who was recovering from addiction. Already active in inner-city charities, the former defensive back was looking to tackle substance abuse. It was not a hard sell. “Her energy was the first thing that jumped out at me,” remembers Renfro. “She was just relentless in how she went about her work.” Meanwhile, the Plano heroin epidemic story seemed on the verge of inducing a national frenzy thanks largely to socioeconomics. The lily white suburb replete with gated communities and Fortune 500 headquarters was not exactly the kind of place Americans are conditioned to associate with hard drugs. The implied angle of most media reports 35

Not that she needed much prodding at this point. She was still very much a genuine law-and-order type; it wasn’t a performance. Consequently she nailed it. Her first-hand account of heroin’s horrors evoked outrage and compassion simultaneously. Once the show aired in July, she was already on to the next one. An appearance on Nightline soon followed. So did “The Leeza Show,” MSNBC’s “Special Edition,” and seemingly every radio station between Austin and Tulsa. Print followed. She graced the front page of the Plano Morning News, appeared in Philanthropy in Texas magazine, and was quoted by just about every news outlet compelled to do a “heroin in Plano” piece. Belita never believed her own hype. By the fall of 1998, she was starting to doubt the DEA’s as well. Her first clue: the DEA and its Educational Coordinator suddenly seemed less concerned about killer opiates and more about curative vegetables. Minutes before she was to take to the podium at a heroin conference in suburban Newark, New Jersey, agents took her aside with a request. Despite being the theme of the conference, they asked that a she dedicate a significant portion of her speech to marijuana. Belita was baffled.

Belita Nelson with Barbara Bush

on heroin in Plano was: “How could it happen here?” For the nation’s self-appointed drug warriors, this provided a hook to rally public opinion in favor of harsher sentencing on the supply side— not to mention larger budgets. Starting in 1997, the Drug Enforcement Agency parlayed Plano’s woes into a public relations bonanza. This included planting de facto spokespeople—true believers, mostly parents and former addicts—into guest spots on national television shows. The DEA’s budget would go on to double in less than ten years from $1 billion per year in 1996 to $2 billion in 2004. Overall drug use stayed more or less constant. Rick Moore knew the perfect candidate to get the word out. A Plano Police Department liaison officer working at Plano East Senior High School, Moore was a friend and colleague to Belita Nelson. He knew her story. Not long after he introduced Belita to DEA Education Coordinator Villaescuse and Special Agent Mercado in charge of the Dallas office, Belita was ready for her close-up. First stop: the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” When the show’s producers called the Dallas DEA office in the spring of 1998 and requested a “mother in denial,” Villaescuse gave them her number and lobbied for her selection, Belita says. After a preliminary with producer Ray Dotch, Belita was flown into Chicago in June, whisked around town in a limo, and gently coached in the message she was to convey the following afternoon. “This can happen to anyone, that was the gist,” she says. “‘Your kid’s next if we don’t do something.’”

36 August 2013

“I didn’t know it then, but marijuana is their cash cow,” says Belita. “Which is why they need to continually justify their laws against it. And which is why the things they wanted me to say went way beyond even the bogus ‘gateway drug’ theory.” The yarn the DEA implored Belita to tell boiled down to this: Mexican cartels were infiltrating Ivy League campuses and recruiting graduates to grow genetically altered super cannabis— 75 percent THC, they told Belita. All part of a nefarious attempt to corner the weed market and hook America’s youth. There was and is zero evidence corroborating any of these claims, but they made for a good story. Jason had qualms about the DEA’s marijuana “facts” almost immediately. He knew the 75 percent figure was bunk and the rest of the story was too ridiculous to repeat in front of strangers with a straight face. His mother, however, was in no mood to split hairs. Narcotics had nearly taken her only son away. Drugs—all drugs—needed to be eradicated by any means necessary. It was that simple. At least at first. As the tall tales kept growing, so too did Belita’s suspicions. “They wanted me to get the audience to believe that affluent suburban areas were being targeted by the cartels because of the wealth in those areas,” she says. “This was my first clue as to the propaganda and fear tactics of the DEA. But still, I was the conservative Republican mom from Plano, Texas and I had an entire city to represent.” Starfish, meanwhile, continued to flourish and so did her speaking career. Her office calendar looked like someone had tried to slash it apart with a Sharpie. Law enforcement agencies from Jersey to Seattle jockeyed to book her. But nobody was more enamored by what Belita had to say than the Plano police and agents within the DEA’s

“I didn’t know it then, but marijuana is their cash cow,” says Belita. “Which is why they need to continually justify their laws against it. And which is why the things they wanted me to say went way beyond even the bogus ‘gateway drug’ theory.” Dallas branch. That’s because she was debriefing them weekly on what Starfish patients were divulging in treatment. It yielded more than a few layup busts for the Plano Police and one lingering regret for Belita. “I was happy to help at the time,” says Belita, who now considers it the biggest mistake of her professional life, a classic endsjustify-the-means ethical lapse. “I am not proud of this fact. It played a crucial role in the evolution of my beliefs.” At least once a week, she’d call Terry Holloway, head of Narcotics in the Plano Police Department and fill him in. Other times she’d buzz DEA Agent Villaescuse and/or Agent Mercado with a tip. Doing so provided her a front row seat to the process by which law enforcement processed and acted on intelligence and how they frame the resulting raids for the press. “As I fed info to local police departments, the information was then used by the North Dallas Metro Task Force,” she says. “A drug bust might be aimed at the organizations from other countries, such as the Middle East, but most often the official story would name a Mexican cartel. That was almost always the story the media [were] fed.”

Her leads continued yielding arrests, and by 2004 it occurred to DEA brass that maybe this upstart amateur informant was ready for the pros. It was a typically mild East Texas spring morning in 2004 when Belita’s phone rang in her Starfish office. The gruff voice on the other line identified itself as DEA Special Agent Fairbanks, of whom Belita had heard but had never met. Belita had proven quite valuable to Agents Villaescuse and Mercado, Fairbanks continued. She had displayed the kind of initiative that didn’t go unnoticed nor unrewarded. Would she and Jason mind meeting him in their Dallas office to discuss an opportunity? The Nelsons made the 30-minute drive to Dallas on March 29, 2004 itching with curiosity. Fairbanks directed them to an undisclosed DEA office branch tucked amid a maze of freeways. The appropriately unassuming building turned out to be just typical suburban office complex surrounded on three sides by a weedy open space, a creek and the highway. After passing through a thorough security point inside, they were directed to a small office where Agent Fairbanks was already seated. “We were told they were willing to make our relationship a bit more formal,” says Belita. To that end, the DEA was willing to pay the Nelsons $10,000 per month. All they had to do was share useful intelligence with agents on a weekly basis: the names of dealers, places to score, locations of parties. Pretty much anything a patient might mention in passing while pouring his heart out in a therapy session. The tips didn’t even need to lead to an arrest for the Nelsons to get paid, the agents reiterated. They just needed to keep their ear to the ground. Jason promptly walked out. But Belita remained seated. Fairbanks concluded his pitch with a veiled demand: as per the agreement Belita would be required to make duplicates of Starfish Foundation’s internal documents and hand them over to the DEA— including her patients’ files. Running a drug treatment referral center requires staying up to speed on HIPPA and other legal minutiae, so the implications of the agents’ request were not lost on Belita. “You’re a federal agent asking me to break a federal law,” 37

she said. Fairbanks responded something to the effect of it was for the greater good. (No agent who spoke with THC was willing/ able to confirm Nelson’s account but they’re not denying it either. “We wouldn’t be able to confirm or deny whether she was an informant or whether she was asked to be one,” says DEA Special Agent Terri Wyatt from her Dallas office). At meeting’s end, Belita joined Jason outside. “What’d you tell them?” he asked. “I told them to go to hell,” she replied. “And that this country will never win a ‘war on drugs’ when the guys fighting that war are worse than the guys they are fighting… and that Starfish was going toward legalization.” Their relationship with the DEA had come to an unceremonious end. Having just refused to aid law enforcement in a criminal investigation, Belita would soon find herself the target of one. In 2005 Belita and Mel began noticing irregularities in Starfish’s financial books. Bank statements on Quicken were either missing or tampered with, but the biggest red flags were the mysterious charges appearing her card— namely those made out to Dallas-area shopping malls when she was out of town. On November 15 Starfish’s full-time administrative assistant called Belita and provided answers.

The report nonetheless clicked local legal machinery into gear. Responding to the broadcast’s fallout, Collin County District Attorney’s office decided to investigate the allegations aimed at Belita. They turned up nothing. On April 30, 2010 John Roach asked that the case be dismissed, as the state was unable to make a prima facie case. Nevertheless, the damage was done. Fundraising was now out of the question. Starfish lay in shambles. Though she can’t prove it, Belita remains convinced the DEA leaked the story as payback for her refusal to work as an informant. A friend in the Plano Police Department told her she had a “target on her back” and encouraged her to get out of Plano, she says.

“The amount of money tied up in this bogus war has corrupted just about every law enforcement agency from the DEA on down.”

Erica Mast tearfully explained that she had duplicated company credit cards to fuel her shopping addiction. Belita pressed charges and Mast was arrested and indicted on two felony charges (Mast pled guilty and would eventually serve 10 years of probation). Which is why Belita was more than a little shocked to learn weeks later that Dallas’s ABC affiliate was planning on running a hit piece accusing Belita of embezzling foundation funds.

No one had pressed charges (against Belita, that is). No law enforcement was investigating her. WFAA Chanel 8 based the story solely on leaked bank account records provided to the station by an anonymous source. The crux of the broadcast was that Belita had utilized Starfish funds to fuel a “lavish lifestyle.” After sifting through a decade of bank records, the reporter came up with corroborating evidence: “$1,000 for an eating and drinking excursion in New Orleans, $100 for a rock concert, $450 for ski lift tickets at Breckenridge and Vail, $360 for ski lessons, nearly $1,600 to stay at a condo on the slopes.” It was played up as if it were revealing billion-dollar scandal, the segment comes across like a parody of sensational local newscasts. At no point in the news report did it mention the fact that exemployee Mast had admitted to and had been found guilty of debit card abuse and stealing more than $10,000 just weeks

38 August 2013

earlier. At no point did it mention that Mast was currently serving 10 years of probation.

Belita took his advice in February 2008. She packed up and moved to Idaho Springs, Colorado where she managed a leather retail store, volunteered at the Idaho Springs Historical Society and served as the executive director of the town’s Chamber of Commerce. But the old accusations wouldn’t go away. When local paper Clear Creek Courant caught wind of Belita’s Texas tribulations in 2011, they ran what was effectively a print version of the WFAA hatchet job. While the article does mention that the DA “decided not to pursue the charges,” her reputation took a hit. Three weeks after the story ran, she was forced to vacate her post at the Chamber of Commerce.

These days Belita tries not to be bitter. The extra free time allowed her to pursue a new pet project— a project that the 1996 version of Belita Nelson would have found deplorable.“I’m lobbying for drug legalization,” she says. As if anticipating your next question, she adds: “Full legalization.” To that end, Belita joined forces with pot-legalization lobbyist groups such as Moms4Marijuana and the Marijuana Policy Project. A medical marijuana patient, she spoke before a state subcommittee this spring, arguing vehemently—and unsuccessfully—against the so-called marijuana DUID bill. But she says she’s just getting started. Next items on her agenda: get word out about the federal government’s selfcontradictory patent on medical marijuana (U.S. Patent Number 6630507) and lobby the federal government to reclassify cannabis as a Schedule II drug. Where she once made her living cautioning citizens about the dangers of drugs, now she’s warning us about the dangers of the Drug War. “The amount of money tied up in this bogus war has corrupted just about every law enforcement agency from the DEA on down,” she says. “We need to break out of this boxed way of thinking if we’re serious about helping people suffering from addiction. It’s that simple.” 39

The Juicy Details Is the Best Cannabis Product the One That Doesn’t Get You High? by Cecelia Gilboy

photo courtesy of Toni Fox

We don’t need to call marijuana “medicine” anymore, according to Dr. William Courtney.

plant, which are bone remodeling, intestinal function, neural function, inflammation control, pre-cancerous detection.”

“It’s a vegetable,” says the well-known Mendocino physician. Like other veggies, cannabis can be juiced. Its juice provides incredible health benefits, says this former medical marijuana skeptic who now believes raw cannabis can treat and prevent diabetes, autoimmune disorders and cancer. His web videos have inspired countless cannabis juice enthusiasts.

The heat of smoking or cooking cannabis chemically alters (or “decarboxylates”) its cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that bind to certain receptors in your body. They’re like keys destined to fit only specific chemical locks. That’s why THC is psychoactive and CBD is not: THC receptors are in your brain; CBD receptors aren’t.

“People had been juicing in the medicinal community for a while, but Dr. Courtney is the one who really pioneered it,” says Jessica Catalano, author of the Ganja Kitchen Revolution, who juices cannabis frequently in her Colorado home. “He provided the empirical data.”

The cannabinoids in raw cannabis haven’t been decarboxylated. In its raw form, THC exists as THC Acid, which is less exciting than it might sound to some recreational users. It’s not psychoactive. But for a patient who’s suffering or simply seeking better health, THC Acid is a wonder molecule, according to Courtney. His website says THC Acid is “antiproliferative” — it stops malignant cells from multiplying, which would explain why some juicers report their tumors shrinking.

But now some critics question Dr. Courtney’s science. “Many of their [Dr. Courtney and his wife’s] claims about the advantages of juicing are unsubstantiated and misleading,” writes Martin A. Lee, the author of Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana and Acid Dreams, in a 2012 article in medical cannabis journal O’Shaughnessy’s. A cancer patient of Dr. Courtney’s had contacted Lee’s nonprofit, Project CBD. To treat his cancer, he wanted to find large quantities of cannabis to juice. It takes a lot of leaves to make a shot of cannabis juice — and his medicine had to be juiced. “Dr. Courtney says it won’t work if it’s heated,” the patient told Project CBD. If you heat the plant by cooking or smoking it, Courtney says, “you walk away from 99 percent of the benefits of this

40 August 2013

But THC can bind to receptors that THC Acid can’t, writes Lee. And these THC receptors help regulate your immune and nervous systems. So if you only consume raw cannabis, you might miss out on some benefits of THC— benefits beyond just getting high. But precisely because raw THC Acid doesn’t get you high, you can consume more than 60 times more of it. Consuming 600-1000 milligrams of decarboxylated cannabis would be like eating several batches of extra-potent brownies on Monday, and then wondering why it’s suddenly Thursday already. But you can guzzle 600 mg of THC Acid and still function normally—probably. Consuming so many terpenes (other compounds in cannabis) might affect your mood, says Courtney and such large doses of cannabis may also not

be advisable for those with kidney problems or prescription medications. But the large doses are essential to receiving the full health benefits, he says. And Dr. Courtney’s adherents will procure massive amounts of cannabis in pursuit of these diverse health benefits. His video viewers are moved by the earnest testimony of his most notable patient, then named Kristen Peskuski. For most of her life, Kristen had suffered from an onslaught of illnesses, including lupus. In her twenties, she was bedridden and catheterized, feeling abandoned by doctors who didn’t expect her to recover. After seeking the advice of Dr. Courtney, she started juicing cannabis. Now she’s healthy and happy— and she’s Kristen Courtney. She and Dr. Courtney have two children. The Courtneys advocate juicing strains high in CBD (and CBD Acid, CBD’s raw form). CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the scientific spotlight for its numerous medicinal properties. (It’s non-psychoactive whether raw or not. Patients can already obtain nonpsychoactive doses from available CBD tinctures or capsules, as Lee points out.) The scientific studies about CBD even persuaded the U.S. government. Patent #6630507 gives the government ownership of the “invention” — the use of cannabinoids like CBD to treat disease.

that prescribing cannabis and holding political office aren’t mutually exclusive. (A member of Luxembourg Parliament is a doctor who prescribes cannabis. He also provided the quote on urging Americans to vote for Courtney.) But even if the necessary research is eventually funded, even if it supports all the juicers’ claims, even if you’re a patient: cannabis juicing may not be feasible — yet. A little juice requires a lot of leaves. (Juice advocates recommend juicing an entire mature plant every day.) You could use bud (think pesto or salsa); the important part is the rawness. Fan leaves are your cheapest option. Unlike the smaller, stickier “sugar leaves,” fan leaves lack THC-laden trichomes. So they aren’t processed into concentrates or edibles. In fact, Colorado has specific rules about how commercial grow facilities should dispose of fan leaves, which are generally deemed worthless.

“...after years of watching his son endure inexplicable daily seizures, [he] gave his kid raw cannabis. The seizures stopped.”

“The U.S. Patent is clear evidence as to why you want to eat this plant as a leafy green vegetable,” Dr. Courtney says. (Although, if you ask your government if marijuana is right for you, you may get mixed messages: they also currently state that cannabis has no medical use.)

But the studies and the U.S. Patent document the properties of CBD, not raw CBD Acid, which might not be as medicinal. Martin A. Lee’s article cites scientific studies that found CBD Acid to be far less effective against cancer than regular old CBD. Italian scientists studying several cannabinoids found CBD had the strongest effect against tumors. CBD Acid had the weakest. More research is needed on raw CBD Acid. Funding and support may come from unexpected places. The molecule’s biggest advocate, Dr. Courtney, is running for Congress in California. While his political website, courtneyforcongress. org, is primarily focused on suspicions about who was behind 9/11, it does mention cannabis. “Those that have followed my education on cannabis will appreciate the scientific article analyzing the dust from the World Trade Center,” the site reads. Despite his political aspirations, Dr. Courtney continues to advocate for raw cannabis. He recently started a new facility in Luxembourg, a country which shares his belief

“I wish we could juice them and give it away,” says a Colorado dispensary owner who recently watched Dr. Courtney’s videos. “If it was up to me, we’d have a juicer right in the warehouse.” Pondering this fantasy’s legality, he suddenly reconsiders and asks that his name not be revealed. Another Colorado dispensary owner is willing to try anything for his patient who’s wasting away from Crohn’s disease. The patient’s days are numbered. Juicing is his next option — maybe his last. Unsure of the regulations, this owner also declined to be mentioned here. “They don’t make it easy to help people,” he says.

But Julie Postlethwait, the Public Information Officer at Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, says Colorado will not prevent the production of cannabis juice. “They’d just need to come to us and tell us more about the product,” she says. “It’s either an extraction or an infusion, so it could probably be done by companies we’ve licensed as Manufacturers of Infused Products.” One Colorado dispensary, RiverRock, has already started juicing. “You don’t need a MIP [Manufacturers of Infused Products license],” says Tony Verzura, the RiverRock co-founder who heads up the juicing program. “We produce several hundred ounces a day… It’s not rocket science. It’s been around for thousands of years.” The juice is one step of a program he calls “Act Now and Flip the Script.” His program also involves smoothies that he says keeps the body at an optimal pH for cannabinoid absorption. “It’s mainly about absorption of non-psychoactive cannabinoids, mostly CBD,” he says. With non- 41

psychoactive juice, his cancer patients can consume much more cannabinoids than if the cannabinoids were all decarboxylated, like in another alternative cannabis cancer therapy known as Rick Simpson oil. “It’s like a natural form of chemo or radiation for cancer,” Verzura says. His program utilizes multiple kinds of cannabinoids, including both raw and decarboxylated. “I don’t know why more dispensaries aren’t juicing,” he says. “They’re probably afraid of what they put on their leaves. We don’t use any chemicals on ours. And you need a lot of leaves.” For now, Colorado juicers mostly seem to be those who grow their own cannabis. “It’s like having a wheatgrass plant in your house,” says author Jessica Catalano, as she unwinds from her day of working in the Colorado marijuana industry. She drinks cannabis juice for its anti-inflammatory properties after her workouts. Inspired by Dr. Courtney, she ramped up her juicing efforts when a family member was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now the cancer-fighting family member reports better overall well-being and balance, Catalano says. Toni Fox, owner of 3D Cannabis Center in Denver, consumes raw cannabis leaves in her fruit smoothies. A few years ago, after reading an article about raw cannabis leaves, she began putting a few in each smoothie. She didn’t notice any effect, so she upped her dosage to about 25 leaves. “It’s like adding a caffeine shot to your smoothie,” Fox says. “I have so much more energy now. I’m just really lucky that I have a home garden where everything is grown organically. I ask some of my patients if they’d be interested in juice, and they’re like ‘Yeah, sell me some!’ but I don’t really know how to do that.” Bruce Miller, another Colorado resident, tried juicing last year after watching the web videos. His stomach problems completely disappeared while he was juicing. But when he no longer had a family member growing in the house, juicing was no longer possible. His symptoms returned.

Toni Fox in her garden

survived. A California father, after years of watching his son endure inexplicable daily seizures, gave his kid raw cannabis. The seizures stopped. These parents feel unjustly stigmatized in a society that prescribes dangerous pharmaceuticals to kids. But in the absence of well-funded academic research, desperate families and suffering patients are relying on personal stories.

“While I was juicing, I felt fantastic,” he says, “and I really wanted to keep it up. But it’s only really possible if you’re growing it.”

Kristen, Dr. Courtney’s wife and video co-star, avows that cannabis juice rescued her from bedridden suffering and let her be a mom. Her testimony, combined with Dr. Courtney’s medical credentials, is inspiring health seekers around the world.

A California dispensary is giving away free fan leaves to patients who qualify for their trial. Employees track their results with excitement.

There’s little motive for anyone to exaggerate cannabis juice health claims. It’s unlikely that anyone can profit off the trend, especially while juicing is mostly limited to home growers.

But most patients still don’t see cannabis as a “dietary essential” like Dr. Courtney does. Neither does the federal government, which still classifies it as a Schedule I substance like heroin and still impedes research into its medicinal value.

And even if there’s a big market for cannabis juice someday, could entrepreneurs profit? The cannabinoids’ healing properties have been patented. There probably won’t be a Ganja Jamba Juice on your corner. The right to spread cannabinoids’ medical marvels was snagged by one savvy patent-holder — the U.S. government, which also claims cannabis has no medical use.

Without increased research, we won’t know how cannabis could help put a dent in our disease rates, soothe our symptoms or ease human suffering. But anecdotal evidence is circulating on the web. Miraculous stories are multiplying. After an infant was diagnosed with terminal brain tumors, his desperate parents secretly fed him cannabis juice. His tumors shrank. Defying all doctors’ predictions, the baby

42 August 2013

Please pass me something stronger than juice. 43

Shatter & Butter


It Turns Out Marijuana Magazines are NOT Pornography by Jake Browne

required to be sold only in retail marijuana stores or behind the counter in establishments where persons under twentyone years of age are present, because such a requirement would violate the United States Constitution, the Colorado Constitution, and section 24-4-103(4)(a.5)(IV), C.R.S.” That’s a lot of violations. Still, the law isn’t quite dead yet, as a hearing in front of Senior U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch had already been planned prior to the emergency rule being adopted by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. At the hearing, he argued that since there isn’t the “hot breath of a district attorney on any of the plaintiffs,” the state would need to formally respond. There’s nothing stopping an ambitious prosecutor from going after a purveyor of these publications under current law, something he sees as a potential problem moving forward. Everyone else, it seems, would rather move on. When Gov. John Hickenlooper signed HB13-1317 into law on May 28th, he probably smelled a certain type of storm coming. As we reported last issue, it contained a highly controversial restriction on where publications that were marijuana oriented could not be displayed in stores. True to their word, several magazines as well as the Colorado ACLU quickly filed suit. Soon we learned that even Colorado Attorney General John Suthers knows you can’t keep a good publication down.

With the attorney general essentially waving the white flag and attorneys for both the ACLU and the publications claiming victory, the only question now is how the legislature could have ever introduced something so blatantly unconstitutional. In the end, it cost them little - just the citizens of Colorado’s tax dollars.

There were warnings from local periodicals The Hemp Connoisseur and The Daily Doobie, along with heavyweight High Times, about the blatant First Amendment violation included in the bill. Requiring businesses with newsstands to keep “magazines whose primary focus is marijuana or marijuana businesses” behind the counter. It was almost universally panned as a reactionary, “Think of the children!” measure with no real teeth but serious free speech ramifications. Attorney David Lane, representing the aforementioned publications and Mark Silverstein, ACLU of Colorado legal director, made sure they knew it. Filing May 29th and June 3rd, respectively, they sent a loud message that cannabis speech is political speech and is highly protected in this country. The largest question remained, though: Would Suthers take them on? He’s admittedly not a fan of marijuana, medical or otherwise. In 2006, Suthers campaigned vigorously against the passage of Amendment 44, which legalized the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, penning multiple op-ed pieces in local papers. His office, however, is responsible for defending the interests of Colorado citizens and their constitution. Which would win out: the will of the voters or Suthers? In the end, his office didn’t have much fight in them. A note released June 5th quickly clarified that “No magazine whose primary focus is marijuana or marijuana businesses is 45

Got (Hemp) Milk? by Josh Davis

I think that is important to uphold the integrity of these wonderful ingredients. THC: Where do you get your ingredients? SH: I source my ingredients carefully. I currently get my hemp seeds from Nutiva. I have a relationship with the people at Nutiva and they are wonderful, amazing pioneers in the hemp movement and I enjoy supporting them through my seed purchases. The rest of the ingredients I get from small, organic farms and companies here in the USA. Most of the rest of the ingredients come from Mountain Rose Herbs in Oregon. THC: Where is the facility and how many employees do you have? SH: The facility is in Denton, Texas at the moment. We have 13 employees, all of them are family! THC: What have been the challenges of owning a hemp focused business? Seth Hayhurst is the creator and owner of Simply Hemp, a small business out of Texas, which makes dried hemp milk. We caught up with Seth to find out how he got into the hemp business, what exactly dry hemp milk is and why it could be the next big thing. THC: Seth thanks for talking with us. So how did you get into the hemp business?

SH: The main challenge of owning a hemp-based business has got to be the lack of education out there regarding hemp. When we went to get our business bank account, we were initially denied because the bank told us they don’t do business with marijuana-based companies. That is what we are dealing with! THC: Have there been any advantages?

Seth Hayhurst (SH): My pleasure. I got into the hemp business after undergoing a life-style transformation regarding what I feed myself and family. I filmed and was the subject of a documentary called Average Joe on the Raw. In this film I went from a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) to a 100 percent raw vegan diet for 60 days and medically tracked the changes my body went through and the results were crazy. During this film, I struggled to find a strong, easily digestible protein to substitute for the animal protein I was getting before. I stumbled upon hemp seeds and it totally blew my mind that the more research I did on the hemp plant, the more I realized how perfect this seed and plant is for the human body. I began replacing all of my non-dairy beverages with my own homemade hemp milk (because the stuff at the store had a bunch of garbage and fillers in it). My friends and family were constantly asking me to make them some hemp milk they could store in their pantry, and next thing you know, I had created Simply Hemp Milk.

SH: The advantage of owning Simply Hemp is the fact that when people get it, they really get it. We have people who have told us our product healed them of their Crohn’s disease and people who swear that Simply Hemp Milk is the best thing they eat. That is an advantage because hemp is such a miracle plant that it can’t help but change people’s lives, and being a part of that is an advantage for sure.

THC: Simply Hemp is dried hemp milk that the user adds water to. What was the process for creating it?

SH: As far as hemp education, I do a lot of email answering and of course am always educating rogue style with everyone I come into contact with. My wife Lindsay rolls her eyes when we meet someone new and I start talking about hemp, because she knows that conversation will take forever. Other than through customer questions and personal interactions though, I have not begun any formal hemp education... yet. (He adds with a smile.)

SH: The process of creating this product came from my background as a chef. I knew I wanted the product to be able to be stored for a long period of time, so I sourced all dry ingredients and I also wanted to make sure all of the ingredients were things that were common to people and that they were all organic. We mix the seven dry ingredients together without using heat or any type of ribbon cutters. The ingredients are left completely in their original state and

46 August 2013

THC: What is the future for Simply Hemp? Any other products? SH: The future for Simply Hemp is to continue perfecting the Simply Hemp Milk and we have some other hemp specialty products that are waiting in the wings. We want to make sure we don’t overextend too early though, so the milk is our main focus at the moment. THC: What sort of hemp education do you do for the public?

To learn more about Simply Hemp Milk visit their website at

Take Flight

Drinks, Mist, TincSures, Hemp and More! Ask your Awesome Budtender about us today!

Founded in MMX REV: 052013 47

DUID: Q & A with Warren Edson MMJ laws seem to be ever changing so THC asked attorney Warren Edson to clear up a few things dealing with the most recent version of the DUID bill.

driving privileged for 1 year and could still face charges.  It makes it harder for the prosecutor to prove the case, but you still could be charged.

THC: Even though A64 says it is legal to carry one ounce, if an officer pulls me over for a traffic violation can they make me take a blood test just because I have cannabis in my car? In other words what is probable cause for a nanogram test?

THC: How do I contest a DUID if I tested over five nanograms?

WE: The presence of cannabis alone is not probable cause. The smell of burning cannabis, consumed cannabis in “plain view”, drug paraphernalia with evidence of use, driving behavior which would indicate intoxication, blood shot watery eyes, slurred speech, can add up to probable cause.  

WE: A blood test over five nanograms creates a rebutable presumption that the driver was impaired by cannabis. You would need to prove to the jury that you were not actually impaired at the time.   THC: If I lose my case what happens to me? WE: Classes, fines, loss of driver’s license, community service, probation, prohibition of cannabis use while on probation, further drug testing, increased automobile insurance costs, the list goes on and on.   

THC: What are my rights regarding this? Do I have options? WE: If the officer claims to have probable cause to ask for a blood test, you can refuse but you will lose your license for a year.

THC: How would this law affect non-cannabis users if they are stopped by an officer? Can they be detained for a blood test without probable cause? WE: You cannot be detained without probable cause.

THC: Can I refuse the blood test? If so, what are the repercussions of refusal? WE: Yes you can refuse but you will lose your

48 August 2013

Thank you Mr. Edson for your time and clarification on this important matter.

Dixie Elixirs and Edibles is proud to present our new and improved edible products! Our powerful 10mg THC Medicated Med-a-Mints, 300mg THC Medicated Colorado Bar and our High Times Cannabis Cup Award winning 150mg Medicated Chocolate Truffle now contain CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Our CLA is naturally sourced from sunflowers and is known to increase cannabinoid uptake and bioavailability! High Times and Medical Cannabis Cup are trademarks of the Trans-High Corporation and are used with permission.

Contact your local MMC to order any of Dixie’s great medicated edible products! Call 866-928-1623 or visit us online at, and .

Seizure Disorders:

The Green Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Alan Shackelford, M.D.

One of the medical conditions for which doctors can recommend marijuana in Colorado and in most of the other states that allow the medical use of marijuana is “seizures, including those that are characteristic of epilepsy,” as defined in Amendment 20. Although only about 3 percent of the population has a seizure disorder, the costs in both personal and global economic terms can be high. Lost income due to the seizures themselves or the need to care for someone who has seizures as well as the cost of treating seizure disorders has a significant impact on individuals, families and the economy in general. A group at the University of Texas calculated the direct and indirect costs of epilepsy in the U.S. to be $12.5 billion in 1995, with the cost of refractory seizure disorders in adult Americans

50 August 2013

estimated to be nearly $4 billion that same year, the last year for which figures are available. They are significantly higher today. Seizures are defined as uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain that can also affect other parts of the nervous system and occur in people of all ages and races. Some people experience only one seizure and never have another, such as might occur with a high fever or as a side effect of a medication, while others may have many recurrent seizures. Only about 33 percent of people who have one seizure ever have another, while some 75 percent of people who have a second seizure will have subsequent seizures. This is called “epilepsy” and about 3 million Americans have the condition.

Around 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, nearly half of which are in children under the age of 18. Conditions called “pseudoseizures” or “nonepileptic seizures” are seizure-like activity without any abnormal electrical activity in the brain and are not considered to be epilepsy. Seizures are grouped into two large categories: generalized and partial seizures. Generalized seizures involve the entire brain or body, while partial seizures usually involve only certain parts of the brain or body. Generalized seizures include absence seizures, atypical absence seizures, myoclonic seizures, atonic and tonic seizures, clonic seizures and tonic-clonic seizures. Partial seizures include simple and complex partial seizures and secondary generalized seizures. Absence seizures, atypical absence seizures, simple and complex partial seizures and secondary generalized seizures usually do not involve involuntary muscle movements and may go unnoticed or be misinterpreted as daydreaming, while myoclonic, tonic and tonic-clonic seizures, which were once called “grand mal seizures,” are obvious and involve muscle stiffness or jerking, sometimes with loss of consciousness and falling. Seizures may be caused by tumors, blood vessel malformations, or by strokes or lack of oxygen and may occur after an injury to the head. They may also be the result of poisoning, such as with lead or other heavy metals, or infections, and sometimes occur as a side effect of a medication. In more than two-thirds of patients with seizures, however, no specific cause is ever identified.

When a seizure occurs, patients usually undergo a number of different medical examinations and tests. The electroencephalogram, or EEG, is a mainstay of seizure diagnostics. In an EEG, electrical activity in the brain is measured and can often identify the location within the brain in which seizures begin. CT scans or MRIs are also often done to locate anatomic problems that may cause seizures. If it is possible to identify an underlying cause for seizures, the specific disorder can often be treated, though in the more than two-thirds of patients in whom no cause is found, anti-seizure treatment is still indicated. This may include prescription medications or sometimes surgery or, in some cases, both. Prescription medications are usually the first treatment for seizures, regardless of the type, unless an underlying physical cause such as a tumor is found. There are many different medications available to treat seizures. Some of them are very effective with few side effects, while others may control the seizures well, but may also have severe side effects. Most people with a seizure disorder respond to one, or perhaps two medications, but a significant minority may need more than two medications to control their seizures. Some never achieve complete or, in many cases, even partial control of their seizures with prescription medications. Research indicates that a patient who fails three antiepileptic drugs is unlikely to ever achieve good control with such medications, and may require other treatments such as surgery, though surgery is usually a last resort. 51

Surgical treatment of a seizure disorder can involve a procedure as simple as the removal of a small amount of abnormal brain tissue that is the source of seizures, or it can be extensive. Sometimes it’s possible to locate and remove only the area from which the seizures come, such as a malformed blood vessel or a tumor. In other situations, such as when larger areas of the brain are involved, more extensive surgery is required. This could mean that an entire lobe of the brain must be removed. The temporal lobe is most frequently the source of seizures, and hence is most frequently removed, though the frontal and occipital lobes may also be involved. Sometimes, when no specific focus is found, or when seizures come from many different places throughout the brain, the corpus callosum (the band of nerve tissue that unites the two sides of the brain) is either partially or completely severed, preventing seizures from moving from one side of the brain to the other. In some particularly severe cases, an entire hemisphere or half of the brain is removed.

People with intractable seizures have an increased mortality rate, as high as 4.69 deaths per 100 patient-years, and people with seizures are 40 percent more likely to die suddenly from unexplained causes than people without seizures. This is an event called “sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients” or SUDEP. Non-fatal seizurerelated injuries such as head trauma, burns and fractures are also common.

After her first dose of a high-CBD, lowTHC cannabis extract she had no further seizures at all for an extended period of time, and ultimately saw her seizures drop from 300 a week to one every other week.

Such extreme measures can be quite successful, with complete or nearly complete resolution of the seizures, though obviously the surgical removal of parts of the brain can have severe side effects, including loss of memory, vision, the ability to move or to speak. The potential for such outcomes has motivated researchers to develop other, less radical forms of surgical treatment. Some of these include vagal nerve stimulators, deepbrain electrodes and transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulators. Clinical trials of several of these new approaches are still ongoing, with varying degrees of success. The ketogenic diet can also be tried, though this is difficult to use successfully and has many side effects.

New developments in MRI imaging have made it possible for neurosurgeons to do pinpoint laser surgery to eradicate a seizure focus. Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work either when no specific source of seizures can be found, such as in Dravet, Doose or Lennox-Gasteux syndromes, or infantile spasms, leaving medications the treatment of choice for people with these disorders.

52 August 2013

These conditions usually manifest in infancy or early childhood and frequently defy all treatment. They belong to the larger group of seizures disorders called “intractable,” “treatment-resistant” or “uncontrolled” seizures. In fact, 33 – 40 perrcent of people diagnosed with a seizure disorder fall into this category, with seizures that are either completely or largely unresponsive to conventional prescription medications.

Clearly, alternatives to surgery and to pharmaceuticals are needed, especially by people whose seizures respond poorly to medications or who are not surgical candidates because the seizures themselves can cause significant neurological problems. Cannabis has long been thought to be a potential treatment for seizures. The first recorded use of cannabis to treat a seizure disorder was around 1464, when the poet Ali ben Makki gave the son of the Chamberlain of the Caliphate Council in Baghdad hashish as a medication with complete resolution of his seizures. Unfortunately, very little formal research has been done on cannabis as a treatment since then, with most information on its use of the anecdotal kind.

There was one notable exception. A1980 study reported in the journal Pharmacology, Dr. J. M. Cunha and Prof. Raphael Mechoulam reported that adding cannabidiol (CBD) to the pharmaceutical regimen of eight patients whose seizures were poorly controlled resulted in improvement in seven of the eight, with significant improvement in four patients compared with placebo. To his surprise, Prof. Mechoulam found that no one followed up on those remarkable results. Recently, the parents of a number of children in Colorado

with intractable seizures made the courageous decision to try marijuana in a last-ditch effort to avoid surgery. They have seen remarkable results using extracts of high CDB/ low THC cannabis. All of the children have improved and in some of those children the frequency of their seizures has decreased from scores a day to none. One child had failed every prescription medication, one of which caused two cardiac arrests, and she still had as many as 300 grand mal seizures a week. Her neurologist told her parents there was nothing more that could be done and recommended stopping all of the prescription medicines because they were ineffective and had severe side effects. After her first dose of a high-CBD, low-THC cannabis extract she had no further seizures at all for an extended period of time, and ultimately saw her seizures drop from 300 a week to one every other week. Another child with a different but equally treatment-resistant seizure disorder, who had also failed every prescription anti-epileptic medication, stopped having seizures of any kind after his first dose of the same cannabis extract. He has been seizure free for nearly a year. A number of families have moved from states without medical cannabis laws to Colorado simply to be able to try using cannabis for their children’s seizures. One child saw a more than 90 percent reduction in her seizures within hours of starting treatment and a number of other children have seen similarly significant improvement. There appear to have been no children who did not experience improvement using cannabis either instead of or in addition to their prescription anti-epileptic medications. Some have been able to reduce their medicines from four to five different medications they took several times a day to one, along with cannabis, or in some cases to eliminate them altogether. It is important to note that none of these patients experienced any significant side effects from the cannabis extracts. Drowsiness has been the worst and that usually resolves within a few days of starting the extracts. Low-dose, essentially non-psychoactive, cannabis extracts have made it possible for those children to finally do everyday things such as go to day-care, play with their brothers and sisters and learn to use the toilet. As one mother recently said, it has also given the parents their lives back. Videos of some their responses can be viewed at www.Amarimed. com and additional information can be found at www. And yet, it is nearly impossible to do any formal clinical trials on cannabis in the United States. Conducting research on marijuana requires the approval of three Federal agencies: the FDA, the DEA and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and is almost never granted, which was spelled out quite clearly by NIDA spokeswoman Shirley Simson in the New York Times article of January 19, 2010 entitled “Researchers Find Medical Study of Marijuana Discouraged.” She was quoted as saying: “As the National Institute on Drug Abuse, our focus is primarily on the negative consequences of marijuana use. We generally do not fund research focused on the potential beneficial medical effects of marijuana.”

Unfortunately for patients everywhere, neither do any of the other traditional sources of funding for medical research in the U.S. such as the National Institutes of Health. However, there is one country that does not have the kind of institutional bias against conducting research on cannabis the U.S. does: Israel. Research on cannabis has been conducted in Israel since at least 1963, when Prof. Raphael Mechoulam first synthesized cannabidiol. Then in 1964, he discovered the structure of THC using confiscated Lebanese hashish provided to his laboratory by the police. Israel has a successful and growing national medical cannabis program and is increasingly interested in studying cannabis as a medical treatment. In a country focused on research of all kinds, the Israeli Ministry of Health is now reducing administrative hurdles to make conducting clinical trials even easier. Israel also has many prominent professors and highly skilled researchers and technicians who are interested in studying cannabis and in developing sophisticated cannabis-based treatments. The Ministry of Health has issued a formal invitation to myself to oversee studies there when he is not seeing patients in Colorado. The need for such studies is becoming ever more obvious and urgent, as mounting evidence of the benefits of cannabis as a treatment option accumulates. In fact, the successful use of cannabis as a treatment for intractable seizures will be the subject of a CNN special report to be hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in early August, 2013. The documentary will highlight the Colorado patients who have benefited so greatly from cannabis as a treatment and will fundamentally change the national conversation on the medical uses of cannabis. These cases make it obvious that cannabis should immediately be removed from DEA Schedule 1 because they so completely refute the claim that marijuana has no medical benefit. Every day in our practice at Amarimed we are made aware of the compelling need for research to help completely understand how cannabis achieves the often astounding results we see in our patients. We are rapidly reaching a tipping point in the story of medical marijuana. Stay tuned. Alan Shackelford, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Heidelberg School of Medicine and trained at major teaching hospitals of the Harvard Medical School in internal medicine, nutritional medicine and hyperalimentation, and behavioral medicine. Dr. Shackelford was also a research fellow at the Harvard Medical School and is currently principle physician of Intermedical Consulting, LLC and Amarimed of Colorado, LLC. He can be contacted at (c) Alan Shackelford 2013 53

280E Tax Code Reform – The IRS Is Coming… Are We Ready? by Chris Tucker

to not have the Department of Justice attack dispensaries opened the door for the IRS to perform their own dismantling of dispensaries and local growers by basically taxing them out of business. There is a growing fear among legally operating medical cannabis businesses that these audits will shut them down. Is this fair when all state laws and tax procedures have been followed to the letter?

I recently came across a quote that, in a nutshell, stated: Business expenses are almost as American as apple pie, but in an almost un-American sounding rule, MMJ dispensaries can’t quite get a slice of that pie. Why is this? In the last issue, we discussed what the 280E Tax Code Reform meant in terms of the IRS threatening the marijuana industry as a whole, but this just scratches the surface of what – and who – will be affected if the IRS continues its pursuit to dismantle legitimate MMJ businesses. While it’s true that businesses would take a substantial hit, there are many other variables to take into consideration. These businesses will either be severely limited with what they can do, or be dismantled completely, but there is also a trickle-down effect that could have just as equally damaging consequences. 280E doesn’t just hurt the business owners and local growers themselves; it hurts everyone who works with -and for- them as well. There are grow shops, shippers, packers, web sites operators and even magazines like the one you are reading now that will disappear if the businesses above them fail due to no longer being able to pay their taxes. What’s more is the loss of effective testing labs that ensure medical cannabis is safe to consume, putting patients of MMJ even further at risk, as was touched on in the last issue on this topic. So what benefit does this offer to the IRS and the government? And why is the apple pie referred to earlier not big enough for all to share in the enjoyment of? Maybe it’s as straightforward as the government simply wanting us to use their drugs and not what we, as local growers and entrepreneurs can produce. But maybe it’s more. Since the IRS began its campaign of aggressive audits, businesses are being denied their ability to deduct legitimate business expenses. This creates an astronomical back tax bill for a business, further creating a hole, which cannot be climbed out of. And what does this do? It puts control back in the hands of the powers that be, once again forcing us to feed from the trough. With the IRS failing at having their demands met in the CHAMP case, did they feel that this new approach might have a more beneficial outcome for them? The decision

54 August 2013

So, what can the medical marijuana industry do to combat and rise for what is within their legal rights? When you put together a sports team, or any team for that matter, you obviously want the heavy hitters, ones who aren’t afraid to get in the middle of the mix and up close and personal with their opponent. The same holds true for a team of MMJ representatives. With advocates like Don Duncan, co-founder of Americans For Safe Access (ASA) and medical marijuana activist who has been featured on numerous stages; Henry Wykowski, legal tax counsel who successfully defended CHAMP in a similar IRS audit; Troy Dayton, co-founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), former senior development officer of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and current CEO of ArcView Group; Amir Daliri, entrepreneur and co-founder of California Cannabis Association and president of CannLobby, LLC, a medical marijuana focused political consultancy; and Steve DeAngelo, executive director of Harborside Health Center and activist whose accomplishments include the passage of Proposition 59, the Washington, D.C., medical marijuana initiative. This group of finely tuned MMJ athletes is the forefront in the nationwide campaign to bring awareness to legislators. Lead attorney Henry Wykowski said in a statement: “We are going to challenge this tax code to make sure that patients all over America have the ability to safely fill their health care needs with safe access from medical cannabis providers who are operating clearly with state laws. This is a public safety issue and a healthcare right.” But the weight of this fight cannot fall simply on the shoulders of this dream team of representatives. We need to bring the fight to the IRS and the government and tell them that we will not stand for this. We made our voices heard when it was time to vote for the legalization of marijuana and pass Amendment 64 in the state of Colorado. Now it is time once again for our voices to be heard and say “not now, not ever” when it comes to our basic liberties being taken away from us. For more information on 280E Tax Code Reform or to help fund this important effort, you can do so by donating to 280E Reform.

Outrageous Product Claims by Jake Browne

When Airborne, the dietary supplement that was created by a schoolteacher, made claims about its effectiveness in fighting off the common cold, the Federal Trade Commission was quick to slap a lawsuit on their desk. Settling out of court for $23.3 million, they learned a valuable lesson: your advertising has to tell the whole truth and nothing but. Colorado medical marijuana patients, however, don’t benefit from the same protection. As cannabis remains federally illegal, the FTC isn’t willing to step in and regulate what remains a grey area: the marketing of a Schedule 1 drug. Denver’s 420 Wellness started running their first paid television commercial back in 2010, with Sacramento’s CannaCare quickly following suit in California. While most companies making medical claims about their product have strict guidelines to follow, that doesn’t stop 420 Wellness from asking in their commercial, “Have a headache? Try our L.A. Confidential and Jilly Bean.” U l t i m a t e l y, restrictions are in place to help protect consumers from companies looking to turn a profit with ineffective products. Herein lies the trouble, however. While there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and limited research into cannabis, the types of double-blind studies that pharmaceutical drugs require to hit the market can’t be done due to the Controlled Substances Act and that Schedule 1 status. Most patients who have tried medical cannabis don’t need to be convinced of its efficacy, though. Just how potent it is. “Anyone who is claiming CBD [in their edibles] and doesn’t test is misleading the patients,” explains Genifer Murray, Founder and CEO of CannLabs Inc. “Any patient who hears about CBD and its medicinal benefits is going to look

for edibles that have CBD. This includes cancer patients, parents of sick children, etc. and they are basically buying snake oil. About 90 percent of the time they either have a tiny amount or none at all.”  CannLabs is the longest running medical marijuana testing facility in Colorado. Murray doesn’t mince words when it comes to the testing practices for many infused product manufacturers, testing practices that determine a key number when patients are choosing which edible they’re taking home: milligrams.

THAT’S NOT 300mg!!!

One of the most recent concerns, says Murray, was a patient who called and was inquiring about an edible she had bought. The patient didn’t think she was getting the 300mgs of THC that she paid for and is claimed on the label. After about four calls she allowed Murray to pick up her edible and test it for free since she is disabled. When the test came back it had a mere 16mg of THC. This is just one story of many and many that we don’t even know about.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that Murray sees play out far too often. She also notes that some manufacturers test frequently and others test once, but never again, creating the impression that each batch will live up to those numbers. A fraction of those who test, she claims, come in higher than the amount they presumed but most are lower. How can patients protect themselves and make sure they get the product they’ve been promised? “They need to look for testing more importantly than anything, and when they go into a dispensary, they should ask ‘Does this company test? How frequently do they test?’” she suggests. “The dispensary should know.” Many patients should too. 55

by DJ Reetz


he sun bakes the asphalt as vendors scramble to set up booths underneath the event tents lining the walkway. Cars line up, slowly moving toward their tents in a hubbub of vendors and merchants. The air of excitement is almost that of a carnival, it is the morning of the first ever 710 Cup (710 being OIL flipped) and the start of a day that will be filled with dabs, music, swag, and good vibes. It’s all part of an event designed to show how awesome the concentrate community can be, says Doug Dracup, owner of Hitman Glass and one of the event organizers. The cup was conceived with the idea that concentrates would be allowed their time in the sun, giving the industry as a whole the opportunity to show its maturity. An event that would be free from the violence and filth that marred Denver’s 420 celebration, that would be free from the stigmas associating marijuana use with criminality and complacency. “We want to follow the law, we want to work with the city of Denver,” says Doug. “The community is strong, logical, and safe,” he says, and it’s reflected by the general atmosphere of the event and the stewardship shown by attendees and organizers alike. “We are conscientious, we aren’t trashy.” The event put on by Hitman Glass and Grassroots California is unique to Colorado, drawing over 3,000 attendees over two days, it is a celebration of all things concentrate. Walking through the crowd of blow-torch-carrying, glassyeyed dabbers you are likely to be offered a dab or two, or be drawn into one of the dozens of dispensary booths with the promise of coupons or a taste of their own concentrates. Judges walk through the crowd holding their own specially designed dabbing rigs with “Judge” written down the side of the tubes, as bass from one of the acts performing at either of the two stages or the “Whomp Truck” pulses through the air. But the day is about more than just getting ripped out of your mind. The event is lined with artists, vendors selling apparel and even live glass blowing demonstrations, something Ryan Connolly of Grassroots is very proud of. Along with the concentrate competition is a hat-painting contest, allowing artists to show off their skills in alternative ways. “Usually, in Colorado we haven’t gotten events like this,” says Merc, the man behind Team Minion. The cup allows his team of artists to show off some of their intricate glass wear, dabbing rigs made to look like whimsical monsters, each part of a story being told by the artists, says Merc. “We’re not really selling glass,” he says. “This is like an art show for us.”

their creations in a friendly and accepting environment, one mostly made up of friendly, well-intentioned people. “There’s not a lot of thieving going on,” says Merc, a problem that can be found at other, larger events. Zach, who is manning The Clinic’s booth (one of roughly 70 tents) echoes the laid-back feel of the cup. Although, he says this can sometimes hurt the brand recognition being developed by vendors. “When you’re taking dabs, you’re not really noticing what we’re doing,” says Zach. Of the more than 40 musical acts that would take the stage, a highlight of the event was music from Del Tha Funky Homosapien, but the event was also meant to give stage time to smaller, less well-known locals as well, says Doug. Along with the music and comedy acts that have taken the stage are seminars on dispensary operation and expert panels ranging from legal issues to safety. One such panel on the many practical uses of hemp featured THC’s own David Maddalena. The event culminated with the award ceremony Sunday evening, in which California based Terp X took home the award for both best sativa shatter and best overall concentrate for their lemon amnesia shatter. Also honored at the award ceremony were legendary concentrate gurus Hash Bean and Mila Jensen, both honored with Industry dedication awards. As for plans for next year, Doug says he’s excited. “We couldn’t be happier with the turn out,” he says. “The energy there showed there’s a need for events thrown by smaller, family oriented guys.” Doug says the number and quality of the people that turned out makes him optimistic for next year, and optimistic that concentrate events like the 710 Cup will gain the cultural status of wine tastings. In the mean time, he’s just happy the event was a success, showing the world how upstanding the concentrate community can be. As for Ryan, his plans are to up the ante next year, possibly hosting a 710 Cup in another state. The event is perhaps best summarized in Ryan’s closing words to the crowd at the award ceremony: “No guns, no violence; just love, just dabs.” Hopefully, as the event grows this atmosphere will remain.

The event allows artists like the folks at Minion to show off

56 August 2013

The 710 Cup Winners Sativa Shatter 1. Terpx - Lemon Amnesia 2. The Clinic - Tangie 3. Stay Concentrated - Edge Water OG Best Sativa Shatter Terps: The Clinic - Tangie Indica Shatter 1. Spoiled Brutal Bee - SFV x Purple OG Nug Run 2. The Growing Kitchen - Grape God Nug Run 3. Gold Coast Extracts - White Walker OG Best Indica Shatter Terps: Spoiled Brutal Bee Sativa Wax 1. Advanced Medical Alternatives - South African Durban Poison 2. Mahatma - Train Wreck 3. Medi Brothers Collective - Colorado Girl Best Sativa Wax Terps: Advanced Medical Alternatives - Durban Indica Wax 1. Nebula Extracts - 707 OG x Bubba 2. Phillips Rx - og Kush Nug Run 3. Green Thumb Danny - White Fire Best Indica Wax Terps: Green Thumb Danny - White Fire CBD 1. Greenwerkz by Steel Rollin - R4 Nug Run 2. Stay Concentrated - Pre 03 Kobe Nug Run 3. Stay Concentrated - Krypto Nug Run Best CBD Terps: Greenwerkz - R4 Non-Solvent 1. Gods Green Earth Inc - Afgoo 2. Botica Del Sol - Jeffery Hager - Deathstar 3. Infinite Wellness Best Terps in a Non-Solvent: Botica Del Sol- Deathstar 57



59 Cure Colorado 61 The Clinic 60 The Hemp Center 62 Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Clinic 63 Northern Lights Natural Rx 64 Physician Preferred Products 65 River Rock 67 Southwest Alternative Care 68 Standing Akimbo

Colorado Springs 59 FRAM 66 Rocky Mountain Miracles

58 August 2013





Cure Colorado is located at Yale & Monaco, just east of Yale and I-25. A jewel in South Denver, Cure is one of Denver’s top dispensaries offering a great selection of expertly grown marijuana. At Cure Colorado our patients come first. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find the right product for you. We not only cultivate well-crafted cannabis but also a discreet, professional atmosphere. We offer membership specials for our patients. For those of you that prefer non-smoking options, a wide array of edibles are available from a variety of quality local vendors. We also carry various Vaporizer products, glass and accessories. Come in and try our favorite house strains OGP, and Hebrew Hammer. You will be glad you did. You can find us on Facebook at: Facebook/CureColorado or scan the QR code for special pricing offers. Check out our coupon in the back of the magazine.

6200 East Yale Ave Denver, CO 80222 720-296-2857

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 7:00pm Sunday 12:00pm - 6:00pm Front Range Alternative Medicines, aka FRAM is Colorado Springs Premier Medical Marijuana Center for patients from all over Colorado. FRAM is conveniently located just off I-25 & exit 148. Family owned & operated since 2009, FRAM is compassionate about patients and their needs. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you select the correct choice of medicine for your body, mind & soul. Known to some patients as “The Edible Warehouse”, FRAM always has a LARGE assortment of new and popular edibles to choose from. They offer a good selection of house hashish and a bunch of popular waxes & shatters from around our state. Maybe you need high CBD tinctures, topicals & capsules, well FRAM has it. Vapes, pens, glass, titanium, quartz accessories, yup FRAM has that too. Why shop around when you can just go to one place that has it all? “Your one stop shop”, FRAM. Good pricing for all, great benefits & a competitive rewards program if you designate FRAM as your MMC. Brand new patients are always welcome with a tour of our dispensary. Like us on Facebook for daily specials. Stop in today, it may be a life time experience that you’ve never expected!

5913 North Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80918 719-213-0118 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm


L I T T L E T O N The Hemp Center is a hemp boutique as well as a top-shelf medical marijuana center, offering a myriad of holistic health services. Our educated and friendly staff strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. By offering many different products and treatment options — Each personalized to an individuals‘ needs — we reach a wider spectrum than your ordinary medical marijuana center.

2430 West Main Street Littleton, CO 80120 303-993-7824 Monday-Friday 10:00am-7:00pm Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm

60 August 2013

Our dispensary section provides top shelf cannabis, concentrates, a wide variety of edibles and topical solutions. Our other passion is holistic health and the versatile uses for hemp. We offer vitamins, supplements, holistic health treatments, hemp purses and other textiles, body care products, storage containers, delivery devices and much more!! We have great member benefits accompanied by daily deals that make anytime you visit us a good day. There is also a rotating variety of our very best strains on special as our MDTHC Features. The Hemp Center is handicapped accessible, with two convenient locations one in Historic Downtown Littleton or check us out in Colorado Springs at 25th & Co Ave. The Clinic is an award-winning center with six locations in Metro Denver. As the area’s premier choice for medical marijuana. The Clinic sets the standard with the highest-quality medicine and widest variety of strains and products available. The knowledgeable staff and professional atmosphere reflect the immense amount of care the staff gives both to their medicine and their patients. To support their patient-driven mission, The Clinic opened a separate division known as The Lab, where scientists work tirelessly on synthesizing new strains of medicine that pertain to the specific needs of The Clinic’s patients. The Clinic is also a long-time supporter of the MS Society, as it’s a cause that directly affects their patients, friends, and family. As such, The Clinic has raised more than $47,000 for the Colorado MS Society since 2009 and won multiple National MS Awards such as 2010 Top Corporate Fundraising Team and 2012 1st Place Division II Corporate Team. By remaining at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement,

The Clinic Colorado 3888 East Mexico Ave., Ste. 110 Denver, CO 80210 303-758-9114 The Clinic Highlands 3460 West 32nd Avenue Denver, CO 80211 303-997-7130 The Clinic Capitol Hill 745 East 6th Avenue Denver, CO 80203 720-536-5229 The Clinic on Wadsworth 3600 South Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80235 303-484-8853 The Clinic on Colfax 4625 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80220 303-333-3644

The Clinic continues to raise the standard for medical marijuana centers everywhere. Come see why their mantra holds true. Our Patients Live Better

Strains Kosher Kush

2012 High Times Cannabis Cup (Denver) Patient’s Choice Winner

Stardawg Guava

2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 1st Place Best Sativa

Grape God Bud

2010 CO Caregiver’s Cup Triple Crown-winner and 2nd place 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, this is the hottest indica in town.

Raskal OG

One of the most visually appealing and potent OG kushes around with a distinct diesel fuel aroma. 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 3rd Place Best Hybrid

LA Confidential

Winner of the 2008 Indica High Times Cannabis Cup, this DNA Genetics strain has opened new doors in the world of MMJ.

Platinum OG

Purp x Master Kush x OG Kush - Strong kush aroma with sweet and smooth taste.

Fall ‘97

This indica-dominant strain is a sweet tasting cross between OG Kush and Purple Urkle


Edibles Beverages

CannaPunch, Dixie Elixirs, Keef Cola, Green Dragon, and MarQaha



This clone only pheno of OG Kush has quickly become a patient and staff favorite.

Super Lemon Haze

Winner of the 2008 and 2009 Sativa High Times Cannabis Cup


2013 High Times US Cannabis Cup 1st place best sativa winner

Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush

2011 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup highest CBD strain winner

Ghost OG

THC Champions Cup 3rd Place Overall Hybrid & Patients’ Choice Hybrid. 2013 High Times US Cannabis Cup 3rd place best hybrid winner

Girl Scout Cookies

This Cherry Pie x OG Kush will definitely remind you of Thin Mints

9:00am - 7:00pm Daily

Concentrates Earwax & Nectar

Earwax is butane-extracted concentrate which is carefully purged and cured, capable of reaching potency levels nearing 90-percent pure THC. However, our Luca Brasi earwax has reached a potency level of 30-percent CBD. Nectar is butane extracted concentrate made only from select buds.

Awards 2013 The 710 Cup

Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush

2013 High Times Cannabis Cup

The Hemp Connoisseur Championship

2nd Place Best Sativa Shatter - Tangie 1st Place Best Sativa Shatter Terps Tangie

1st Place Sativa - Tangie 3rd Place Sativa - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid - Ghost OG

2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

1st Place Best Sativa - Stardawg Guava 1st Place Patient’s Choice - Kosher Kush 2nd Place Best Concentrate - Strawberry Cough Nectar 3rd Place Best Hybrid - Raskal OG

High Times Cannabis Cup: Highest CBD Strain 2nd Place Indica and Connoisseur’s Choice - Kosher Kush 1st Place Sativa and Patient’s Choice - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid and Patient’s Choice - Ghost OG 1st Place Concentrate and Connoisseur’s Choice - Earth OG Nectar

Grape God Bud

Spring 2010 Colorado Caregiver’s Cup Winner: Patient’s Choice, Best Aroma, Most Photogenic 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, 2nd Place Overall

Baked Goods/Candies

Sweet Grass Kitchen, Julie & Kate Baked Goods, Mountain High Suckers, The Growing Kitchen, Mile Hi, Dr. J’s, and Cheeba Chews.

Reserva Privada Colorado: The Clinic carries the full line of Reserva Privada Colorado’s Confidential Collection and Sour Series. 61


L A K E W O O D Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Clinic is Lakewood’s best kept secret! Help get the word out. MBS has the best selection of any shop in Lakewood. They are always stocked with a huge selection of edibles, concentrates, accessories and also maintain over 30 different strains on their shelves.

6745 West Mississippi Avenue Lakewood, CO 80226 303-934-9750 Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm


Growing Kitchen Cookies, Brownies & Chocolava Incredibles Chocolates Dixie ElixirsTruffles Chai High Teas Dixie Elixirs Drinks Marquaha Drinks Canna Punch Bakked At Home Baked

A small neighborhood dispensary with a focus on quality medicine, everyone at Mind, Body Spirit sees medical marijuana as a true alternative to prescription medications. They grow their plants organically and only carry products that have been throughly evaluated in-house. Their staff is mature, friendly and knowledgeable; putting you, the patient, first to help you find the best medicine to help with your medicinal needs. Don’t be fooled by the casual appearance, MBS adheres to a high level of professionalism and discretion. They love what they do and believe in helping their patients above all else. Stop in and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

North Shore Julie & Kate Sara’s Medicated Teas & Coffees Mountain High Suckers Dr J’s Gaia’s Garden Cheeba Chew Keef Cola

Staff Favorites Afghan Kush Blue Dream O.G. Kush Sage n Sour Sour Diesel Boulder Kush White Shark

Flo Bordello Violator Kush Grape Ape Sour Maui Mountain Gorilla

Concentrates Our Awesome House Wax & Bubble Hash Green Dragon C02 Oil Growing Kitchen Pain Pills Growing Kitchen Flower Wax Growing Kitchen Tincture Spray Awesome selection of Rem-Pen Cartridges Kush Caps Excellent selection of wax all the time

Topicals Mary’s Way Salves Mary Janes Medicinals Salves & Bath Salts

62 August 2013 Professional care and personal attention are in full bloom at Northern Lights Natural Rx. Husband-and-wife team Mitch and Eva Woolhiser use their healthcare and business acumen to provide patients a unique and comfortable experience. A true mom-and-pop dispensary with a knowledgeable and engaging staff, Northern Lights works intimately with patients to help them decide which strains and products suit their specific needs. The Woolhisers are passionate about the plant and their raw product is patiently soil-grown from hand-picked plants offering the best genetic profiles, then cured slowly to ensure that quality shines through. Along with a robust selection of strains, Northern Lights features 10 different lines of edible products that are tested in-house to ensure potency and effectiveness. A flexible exchange policy ensures that patients are fully satisfied, making it easy to see why Northern Lights is also a favorite with people in the industry. Their convenient Edgewater location makes Northern Lights a favorite citywide.

Top Strains

Cannatonic 50/50 Flavor: Citrus and peppers. Effects: Our award winning high CBD strain has a 50/50 to 70/30 ratio of CBD to THC. The medicinal effects are extremely clear headed and utterly unlike a “normal” high THC strain. Uses: Perfect for muscle spasms, appetite stimulation, anxiety or chronic pain. Sour Diesel Sativa 90/10 Flavor: Strong diesel flavors, pungent, leaving an oily taste on the tongue Effects: Sour Diesel taste combined with its effects may be considered an “extreme sport” version of cannabis; the stone pulls smokers into the sky fast with a viscerally uplifting pleasure and lots of consciousness expansion in the direction of spirituality. Uses: ADD, Alzheimer’s disease, psychosis, bi-polar disorder, depression, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stress. Chernobyl Sativa 60/40 Flavor: With a lime slurpee or sherbert flavor, this bud is an extremely potent smoke--just a few bowls is an adventure to your brain waves. Effects: This bud provides a calming and relaxing effect. Uses: Strong and pleasant very good for pain relief without paranoia Durban Poison Sativa 100 Description: This subtropical sativa is named after the South African port city of Durban where thousands of kilos of this dark, distinctive sativa are produced every year. Smokers everywhere know her to be a sativa like no other; she will shoot your head straight to the clouds and leave your body behind. Flavor: Sweet licorice Effect: very trippy Kaboom Sativa 80/20 Flavor: It develops deliciously and displays a variety of scents and flavors including tart lemon, spicy hash, sweet berries, sour pineapples, and good ol’ skunk. Effects: Speedy, trippy, intense, motivating, pain relief. Uses: The high that results from smoking Kaboom medicinal cannabis is intense and fast-paced, almost paranoid, but overall motivating; Kaboom marijuana also has enough indica in it to make it very effective pain relief

2045 Sheridan Blvd. Suite B Edgewater, CO 80214 303-274-6495 9:00am-7:00pm Daily

Hawaiian Banana Sativa 80/20 Flavor: Hawaiian sativa’s citrus flavor and menthol tingle will go to your head. Effects: Because the high leaves your brain wide-awake and functional, she’s a good candidate for those who can freely toke all day Uses: Hawaiian sativa possesses analgesic properties that have increased its popularity among medical patients seeking pain relief; anecdotal evidence suggests that Hawaiian sativa provides good visual ocular release, making it a preferred variety for glaucoma patients Ace of Spades Indica 70/30 Flavor: Skunk, Berry, Sandalwood, Lemon Effects: strong and hard hitting with a fast onset of laughter ending in a strong body high. Uses: very powerful medicine for pain and depression. Sweet Tooth Indica 70/30 Description: Sweet Tooth is famous for its incredibly high THC content and large yields. Sweet Tooth is the result of a long and rigorous breeding program. It grows medium tall with strong side branches that need room to grow. Buds develop in large sticky resinous colas. Flavor: The taste like the smell is very light with a sweet candy like after taste that stays for a while. Effects: Its effect is powerful, relaxing and cerebral. Uses: Sweet Tooth is a candy-coated bomb to the senses, not recommended for daytime functionality, but terrific for inducing sleep, soothing pain or indulging in a languorous, mellow relaxation.

2nd Place CBD FLOWER 63


N O R T H G L E N N Physician Preferred Products is proud and honored to continue to provide the highest quality products and customer service to the North Metro community!

2100 East 112th Avenue Suite #5 Northglenn, CO 80233 303-974-5966 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm


Cheeba Chews Dabba Dixie Dr J’s Edipure Sweet Mary Janes


Cannabis Energy Drink Keef Cola

We are extremely excited to be a part of this historical time for the Medical Marijuana industry and want to thank our loyal customers for their devotion throughout the years. It is this customer support that drives us here at PPP to create a comfortable, friendly environment for your MMJ needs. Up front, our Bud-tenders strive to continually update their knowledge of strains and products in order to provide you with the most educated MMJ shopping experience around. In the back, our growers work tirelessly to bring only top quality strains into our garden. These strains have been, for the most part, grown from seed and hand selected from many phenotypes to ensure top quality, award winning genetics. We feel this combination of customer service and absolute dedication to quality amounts to a superior MMJ experience!

The Growing Kitchen Incredibles Mountain High Suckers Dazy’s At Home Baked

Dixie Elixirs Marqaha Inkblot

Topicals & Capsules

Honu Dixie Botanicals Flower of Life

Dixie Scrips Edimeds Co. Bubble Company

Marqaha Dixie Botanicals - CBD

Sweet Mary Janes


Strains* *Subject to harvest

Durban Poison (S) Green Crack (S) Blue Dream (S) Jacky White (S) Golden Goat (S) 3rd Place Best Tested Amnesia Haze (S) INDICA INDICA Super Lemon Haze (S) Blackwater (I) Rocky Mountain Fire (I) 3rd Place, Best Indica Grape God (I) LA Confidential (I) Aspen OG (I) Lavender (I) Citrix (H) WS1 (I) Best Tested Award Emo Kush (I) Signature Strain Wet Dream (H) Signature Strain

Concentrates Hash Oil Cartridges - 350mg & 750mg cartridges Strain Specific Wax/budder Full Plant Solvent-less Full Melt Hash Moonrock Wax 250mg & 500mg Cartridges

64 August 2013

file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/qrcode%20(3).png Twitter: RR_Wellness, Facebook: RiveRockColorado, YouTube: RiverRockTV

RiverRock’s proprietary organic growing techniques deliver award winning medical cannabis - free of harsh chemicals - that is safer for our patients and the environment. Artisan growing methods combined with cutting edge technology ensure the consistency, value, and potency of all RiverRock products. We oversee the production of our cannabis, edibles, concentrates, extracts, and supplements allowing us to offer more affordable prices to our patients across-the-board. RiverRock’s professional staff is dedicated to developing effective cannabis treatments that address the particular needs of our patients. We offer daily incentives to our patients with discounts of 15%-25%, loyalty points, complimentary wellness services, weekly patient appreciation parties with monthly giveaways including glass, concert venues, restaurant deals, and merchandise. We sponsor a range of patients including; SSDI, SSI, Veterans, and patients with terminal illnesses to ensure the most affordable access to all of our medical cannabis products.

4935 York St. Denver, CO 80216 303-474-4136

990 W. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80204 303-825-3314

Check out our coupon in the back of the magazine.


We offer our patients over 100 organically grown strains in rotation between both our centers. We provide one of the largest selections of the highest tested THC & CBD based genetics found world wide. We provide patients with only the highest quality lab tested edibles, extracts, topicals, supplements, and concentrates. Awards Include: Jack Frost, OGiesel, OG18, Cataract Kush, Moonshine Haze, Ghost Train Haze

501 OG (RD) 707 Headband x Blueberry Abusive OG (RD) AK x NL Alaskan Ice Atomic Northern LIghts Blackberry Kush Blackwater Blue Dream Blueberry Bruce Banner #3 Bubba Kush Bulldog Haze Cataract Kush Chem Dawg #4 Cinderella Cindy Dom Death Star Facewreck (RD) Fire OG Flo Ghost Train Haze #1 (RD) Grape Stomper Grape Trainwreck Harlequin CBD

Inferno OG Jack 47 Jack Frost Jacky White Juicy Fruit Juliet #2 Larry OG Lee Roy (RD) Martian Mean Green Mob Boss Moby Dick Moonshine Haze (RD) NYC Diesel Pepe la Dank PMP Haze (RD) Purple Buddha Purple Indica Scott’s Blue (RD) Sensi Star Sour Diesel Sour Tsunami #2 CBD Tahoe OG Tangerine Haze (RD) Trinity

Monday-Friday 9:00am-7:00pm Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm

Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm

Edibles, Extracts & Concentrates

Health Creations 100mg (S/H/I/OG)

Healthy Creations 200mg (S/H/I/OG) RockBudder (Compound/Shatter) Award Wining Activated CBD Oil Activated Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and OG Oil CBD & THC Tinctures (Glycerin/MCT) CBD & THC Tea’s CBD & THC Salves Fresh Cannabis Juice 65


C O L O R A D O S P R I N G S In the heart of Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Miracles prides itself on delivering all-natural MMJ products for patients all over Colorado.

2316 East Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-473-9333 Monday-Saturday 11:00am-6:45pm Sunday-Monday Closed

Family is very important to owner Ali, who operates Rocky Mountain Miracles with daughters Jessica, Mandy, Shelly, and son Mike. The growers and trimmers are all family as well. You are welcomed and cared for like family too. Part of what makes RMM stand out is its quality selection of medication. RMM offers over 80 top-shelf quality, hand trimmed strains, with new strains introduced regularly, as well as hash and caviar. It’s all about providing the right medication for your medical needs, from severe physical pain to PTSD. Also, RMM boasts a wealth of medicated edibles - from cooking ingredients to snacks, teas, coffees, and drinks, plus items for diabetics. Medicated tablets, chew-ables, tinctures, and more provide great alternatives to smoking. But there’s more to this dispensary than the products they sell. Trained staff members happily provide consultation on marijuana questions, pain management, and offer evaluations for patients to determine how MMJ could help alleviate pain and improve quality of life. At Rocky Mountain Miracles, MMJ is provided with expert counseling while friendly service offers unparalleled relief. Check out our coupon in the back of this issue.

Staff Favorites

LA Confidential - Tested at 23% THC Durga Mata - Tested at 18.4% THC Chocolope - Tested at 20.7% THC Mango 13 - Tested at 17.7% THC Orange Bud - Tested at 18.8% THC Hawaiian Skunk - Tested at 16.7% THC Skywalker - Tested at 18.9% THC AK-47 - Tested at 21% THC Blue Dream - Tested at 22.8% THC Black Cherry - Tested at 21% THC Super Lemon Haze - Tested at 20.4% THC Jack the Ripper - Tested at 18.3% THC


Green Chili Brownies Cookies Hard Candy/Taffy Apple Butter Peanut Butter Marinara Macaroni and Cheese Chicken Noodle Soup Hot Chocolate/Coffees/Teas Oatmeal Trail Mix/Sunflower Seeds

Patient Testimonials

“I like RMM because it’s run by a family. They care very much about their patients, all of them, especially ones with real health problems or who are on disability, like myself. I’ve received very good advice on certain edibles that have helped me tremendously with my PTSD, my immune disease, and chronic problems with my back. It has helped take me off most of my medications, where I’m not having to take as many pharmaceutical drugs anymore and I can rely more on natural medicine.” - Jannae, RMM patient

66 August 2013

“Shopping at RMM is fun. I laugh with Ali and her daughters every time I come in and they are so friendly and knowledgeable. There are always new products to try and they take the time to explain how the medication can affect me and answer my questions. They have a great selection of edibles. I have horrible back pain and prefer edibles during the day - my favorites are Jolly Drops. I always feel like I’m getting a good deal - like I’m part of the family.” - Susie, RMM patient Southwest Alternative Care, your neighborhood medical marijuana center. Their mission is to provide Colorado patients with the best alternative medicine and services at the lowest possible prices. At Southwest you’ll find a large selection of top shelf medicines and edibles, all at affordable prices. Southwest Alternative Care provides the most potent Earwax and Shatter BHO in Colorado. We work with 2012 Cannabis Cup winners Top Shelf Extracts, to stock our shelves with the best of the best. We also provide high quality cold water, full melt, extracted bubble hash. We offer a variety of strains from 25 micron to 190 micron. We haven’t met a center yet who didn’t claim to grow “fire” but unlike many, Southwest can back it up. With an award-winning grow team, legendary genetics, and perhaps the cleanest facility in the state, Southwest Alternative Care has redefined what it means to produce top shelf medicine. Southwest Alternative Care has over 25 top shelf strains, all hand trimmed, including Glass Slipper, Kool Aid Kush, OGre 99, Bubba Kush, Golden Goat, Moonshine Haze, Tangerine Haze, Dairy Queen and many more. The extracts they cull from these high-grade selections set a new standard in terms of quality. Find ‘em on Facebook for a current menu. Check out our coupons in the back of the magazine.

1075 South Fox Street Denver, CO 80223 303-593-2931 3937 West Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80204 720-287-3934 Monday-Sunday 10:00am-6:50pm

Staff Favorites




Golden Goat (S) Glass Slipper (S) Banana Kush (H) Sour Diesel (S) Flo (S) Grape Ape (I)

OG Ghost Train Haze (S) The White (S) Kool Aid Kush (I)

Best Meds in Colorado Southwest Alternative has the best meds in Colorado hands down. Pricing is spot on with the meds. All the employees are amazing. Makes you feel like you are a regular your first time in. AWESOME!!!!! - seige55,

Dr. J’s Dixie Elixirs Canna Punch At Home Baked

Edi Pure Incredibles Bakked

Earwax and Shatter BHO 2012 Cannabis Cup winners Top Shelf Extracts Full Melt, Bubble Hash Vape Pens

This place is the best kept secret in Denver I have been a member with Southwest for about a year now, and have nothing but raving reviews. But the original shop wasn’t very close for me as I do not drive. With this new location in the heart of Denver has made buying my meds even easier. Best benefits in town, they give out the most free stuff for members by far. - FACEwreck5360 67


H I G H L A N D S Delicious, AWARD WINNING edibles conveniently located in Northwest Denver. Standing Akimbo brings patients more than just potent strains and high-grade hash, they are also one of the state’s premier producers of eminently delicious edibles like the award-winning PeCanna Bar and the hard-to-putdown Bubble Brownie.

3801 North Jason Street Denver, CO 80211 303--997-4526 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm Sunday Closed

Located in an old bar on 38th Avenue, this dispensary uses an on-site kitchen to craft these grandma-caliber treats. The knowledgeable, friendly staff is always happy to guide patients toward the proper product for their medical needs and Standing Akimbo keeps ample varieties of indica, sativa, and blends on-hand so you’re sure to find a cure for whatever ails you. The doors stay open until 6pm five nights a week, making it easy to pop in after work, which is always a good idea, because you never know what they’ll be cooking up next! Be sure to like us on Facebook! Check out our coupon in the back of the magazine.

Staff Favorites

FLO - Hybrid The high is light and energetic, allowing for mental clarity throughout. Cough #1 - Hybrid A wonderful sativa buzz that will certainly put a spring in your step. Comfortable and enjoyable yet powerful. Sour Diesel - Sativa Couch lock? I think not. This is a popular strain for good reason. A dreamy, uplifting high that will not kill your motivation.

68 August 2013

Signature Edibles

Pecanna Bar - 2011 High Times Award Winner Our award winning and signature medible. We infuse the crust and the caramel with our Canna Butter and then cover thoroughly with pecans. 100mgs of THC Bubble Brownie - 2012 High Times Award Winner Made using the finest ingredients just like grandma used to do it. 100mgs of THC Chronic Crispies - Using various cereals, we blend marshmallows and our Canna Butter to create a delicious treat. 100mgs of THC Buddy Mix - Covered in infused peanut butter and infused chocolate makes this edible delicious and unique. 100mgs of THC Comfy Crackers - Seasoned with our own blend of spices and infused with Canna Oil make these crackers stand out. 100mg of THC Party Mix - Just as you remember it, except we infuse it with our Canna Butter and olive oil. 100mg of THC Rock n Rollz - A sweet infused caramel delight. These 1x1 squares are surely a sell-out item now AND during the coming holidays. 2 individual 1x1 squares with 100mg of infused medicated THC. A total of 200mg of sweet harmony. Disco Domes - Peanut butter milk chocolate surrounded by 72% single origin dark chocolate. 125mg of THC New* Pecanna Bites - *In house only - Just like our award winning Pecanna Bar, only bite size. New* Brownie Bites - *In house only - Just like our award winning Bubble Brownie, only bite sized. 12’ Carry Out Pizza - *In house only - Made to order with mozzarella, fresh tomato and herbs. 250mg of THC - Coupon in the back of the magazine. Island Ice Cream Push Pops - *In house only - Chocolate and banana Ice cream with a splash of rum. 100mg of THC 71

72 June/July 64 April/May

74 June/July

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The Ultimate Combustion Pen


Cloud Penª 2.0 Includes: 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Mouthpiece 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Atomizer 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Lithium Battery 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Mouthpiece Cover 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wall Adapter 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Wired Micro USB Charger 1pc. Cloud Pen™ User Manual 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Travel Case 1pc. Cloud Pen™ Tool


CONTACT WHOLESALE@CLOUDPENZ.COM OR CALL US DIRECT (714) 316-3739 LIMITED WARRANTY Your Cloud Penz™ product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date of original retail purchase from anauthorized Cloud Penz™ dealer. If a defect exists, Cloud Vapez Inc.™ at its option will (1) repair the product at no charge using new or refurbished parts, (2) exchange the product with a functional equivalent product that is new or refurbished, or (3) refund the original purchase price. This does NOT mean you can misuse, or abuse your Cloud Penz™ and expect warranty service. We do NOT cover normal wear and tear, used atomizers, scratches, loss or theft. This warranty excludes damages resulting from abuse, accident, modifications or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship. ANY customization made to Cloud Penz™ will void warranty.

The Hemp Connoisseur, August 2013 - Issue #8  

Confessions of a DEA Propagandist, Seizure Disorders: The Green Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Hemp Connoisseur, August 2013 - Issue #8  

Confessions of a DEA Propagandist, Seizure Disorders: The Green Light at the End of the Tunnel