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Your supporter magazine from The Seafarers’ Charity Winter 2021/22

‘Our vessel was detained in Russia. The owner abandoned us, and we were stuck for almost five months.’ See how our Winter Appeal supports our invisible keyworkers page 8

Our impact in 2021

24 Peaks Challenge returns

Merchant Navy Fund

How your donations helped to support seafarers in need and their families in the UK and internationally.

Get a team together and sign up to this ultimate Lake District event.

A Fund set up to support UK Merchant Navy seafarers is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

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Welcome from the CEO

A warm welcome

from Catherine Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, The Seafarers’ Charity It hardly seems believable that we’re two years into the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the desperate challenges around crew changes, seafarers are still working around the clock. We are very grateful to all our donors for their generosity, which means we can keep funding vital support to these often-forgotten essential workers.

TheNeptuneCrewChangendicator Wehavealsobeenastounded recentlyreportedthatthenumber bythe successoftheSeafarers of seafarers trapped at sea is now nternationalReliefFundandthe atitslowest.Whilstitisdizculttosupportitreceivedfromtheshipping pickanexactQgure,itwassuspected industry, as well as the rapid frontline that seafarers 0 ,04 wereworking servicesprovidedtoseafarersbyour beyondtheircontractlengthsat deliverypartnersin ndiaandthe theheightofthepandemicand,in Philippinesread ( more page on 6 . ) July eight , 1202 percentofseafarers Theneedforcomprehensiveand were reportedtohavebeenatsea well-plannedsupportforseafarers beyondmonths. 81 The Seafarers’ Charity hasneverbeenclearer.Ourgrant 8 Hatherley Street, London SW1P 2QT TheemergenceofOmicronhas fundingandadvocacyworkallows t 020 7932 0000 seenseveralcountriesimposenewus toconsiderwhatsupportisalready e restrictionstocrewchange,meaning availableandcollaboratewithnew w manyseafarersmayonceagainface partnersfornewinitiatives.Most lengthydelaysgettinghomeoronboard recently, our support to Befrienders An audio version of Seaview for their next contract. Worldwide$ a , Samaritan-typeservice, is available. Please email has provided help for seafarers amdelightedthatourtrustee, or call 020 7932 0000 to request consideringsuicide,whilstSafer Natalie Shaw,DirectorofEmployment yourcopy. Waves$oershelpandinformation AairsatthenternationalChamber tomerchant seafarerswhohave of Shipping,hasbeenawardedan Stay in touch experiencedsexualviolenceorgender MBEfor herservicestoseafarers discriminationwhenworkingatsea. throughout theCOVD-pandemic. 91 The Seafarers’ Charity (Seafarers UK, Thesenewservicescomplement Natalieworkedtirelesslytomaintain formerlyKingGeorge$sFundforSailors) ourexistingcollaborationswith isaRegisteredCharity, 64 2 the welfare of those stuck on ships for organisationssuchasthenternatio EnglandandWales,incorporatedunder manymonths,andit$sNatalie$swork, Seafarers Welfare and Assistance RoyalCharter.RegisteredinScotland,no. andthatofmanycharities,unionsand Network,andtheworkofthe SC0Registered 1. 9183 Ozce:Hatherley 8 welfareworkers,whichhasimproved Street,LondonSW1PQT. 2 missions$, suchasSailors$Society,The lifeatsea duringthedizcultiesofthe MissiontoSeafarers,andStellaMaris. Patron: pasttwoyears. Her Majesty The Queen Allofthisispartofourstrategy Oneextremeexampleofthechallenges President: which focussesonQvepriorityareas posedbyCOVD-on 9 1 seafarersand HisRoyalHighnessTheEarlofWessex of fundamentalchangeread ( moreon theirfamilieswasfoundinKiribati andForfarKG,GCVO page4 We . ) aimtosupportseafarers seafarerswereforbiddentoreturn now as well as to tackle the issues which Chair of the General Council: homebytheirown government.t$s PaulButterworthLLB(Hons)MN causehardship.Wealreadyhavesome hard to picture the dreadful conditions veryencouragingexamplesofsuccess, Chief Executive Officer: thesevitalworkersfoundthemselves but wewillcontinuetodemandmore Catherine Spencer in,andwewerepleasedtobeable forseafarers. toprovideagranttotheGerman Seamen$sMissiontoenable emergency supportread ( moreon page5 . )


Seaview • Winter 2021/22

Winternews 2022 Latest

Our new website has been launched Following the rebrand from Seafarers UK to The Seafarers’ Charity and the launch of the new strategy last year, our redesigned website went live in November 2021.

‘Our new website gives us a fantastic platform to showcase our grant funding, research, advocacy and collaboration work with our delivery partners, and provides an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful contributions our supporters make to help us secure long-term aid. We hope this website will demonstrate how, together, we are making a difference to the lives of thousands of seafarers in need every year.’ CatherineSpencer,ChiefExecutiveO]cerofTheSeafarersCharity

‘The Seafarers’ Charity plays a leading national – and increasingly international – role supporting seafarers and their families in need. The Charity’s new website will enable its supporters and the wider maritime sector to better understand the scope of our work and the impact we achieve in improving outcomes for seafarers, which are so often out-of-sight and therefore out-of-mind.’ a P ul Butterworth MNI, a P rtner and Head of the Maritime & Shipping rP actice at Odgers Berndtson, and Chair of the Charity’s eneral Council

Exploring seafarers’ wellbeing in a digital age

initiatives such as The Mission to Seafarers’ Chat to a Chaplain (funded by The Seafarers’ Charity), Sailors’ Society’s blended Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign, Stella Maris and ISWAN’s work with the Isle of Man Ship Registry on the Crew Matters App, as well as making emergency funds available through the Seafarers International Relief Fund administered by The Seafarers’ Charity.

As part of London International Shipping Week 2021, The Seafarers’ Charity, alongside The Mission to Seafarers, Sailors’ Society, and Stella Maris organised a conference on 13 September to explore the welfare issues faced by seafarers during the pandemic, and whether the digital solutions put in place were effective. The four charities spoke of how they have adapted their services to the current need with digital

All of the charities also recognised the importance of face-to-face welfare services and ensuring the support is extended to seafarers’ families and the wider seafaring community, including shore staff. Overall, one key message from the conference is that charities are key frontline sources of information and support in the maritime space and that they should be better listened to. For more information about the London International Shipping Week, please visit:

Trustee receives an MBE for commitment to seafarers We$rethrilledthatNatalieShaw, The Seafarers’ Charity’s trustee, hasbeenawardedanMBEfor hercommitmentandservicesto seafarersduringtheCOVD-9 1 pandemic. NatalieShawsaid:amdelighted toreceivethisMBE.sharethis recognitionwithmanycolleagues fromacrosstheindustrywhohave workedwithmeoverthelasttwo years.alsopaytributetothose involved in practical support of seafarers,includingtheunions, seafarers$missions,shipping companiesandmembersofthe nternationalMaritimeHealth Association.$

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Our impact

Making a difference In 2021, we awarded 4 7 grants, worth a total of 2 £ .9 million, reaching 65 organisations. This included just over ,85£ 000 in grants awarded from the Merchant Navy Fund, also administered by our Charity. The Seafarers International Relief Fund launched in May 2021, awarded an additional US$1.1 million to support international seafarers, devastated by the ongoing COV D-19 pandemic. Alongside our grant funding, which ensures essential services are readily available for seafarers in need and their families, our research, advocacy and collaboration with leading maritime charities helps to create preventative solutions to keep seafarers free of hardship. More information on all grants awarded by The Seafarers’ Charity can be viewed .

Grants awarded in 2021 The Seafarers’ Charity’s grant funding aims to support five areas of need experienced by many seafarers throughout their working lives and during retirement. Enhanced financial resilience Better working lives at sea

Safer working lives

19 grants awarded

4 organisations supported

15 organisations supported

£254,045 awarded in grants

£993,955 awarded in grants

7 grants awarded

16 grants awarded

6 organisations supported

9 organisations supported

£230,400 awarded in grants

£814,300 awarded in grants

Improved health and wellbeing Increased social justice



4 grants awarded

Seaview • Winter 2021/22

22 grants awarded

6 grants awarded

17 organisations supported

5 organisations supported

£503,897 awarded in grants

£127,950 awarded in grants

Our impact

How your support makes a difference Increased social justice

In this edition of Seaview, we are delving deeper into one of the five areas of need supported by our grant funding - ‘Increased social justice’ - to show how your support and our new approach to funding creates an essential support system for seafarers and their families in need. Whatdoesncreasedsocialjustice mean? We aim to provide funding for organisations and projects that help to ensure seafarers and their families have access to welfare services and programmes that are responsive to the unique needs of working at sea and provide support during retirement. This includes respect for diversity and cultural differences, reducing the fear of bullying or harassment, and supporting human rights.

Kiribati seafarers stranded in Fiji (Photo: Human Rights at Sea)

How our grant funding supports this area of need: £95,000 was awarded to GermanSeamensMission to provide emergency financial assistance to support 160 Kiribati seafarers who spent five months trapped in Germany due to their government’s closure of Kiribati's borders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2021, the seafarers travelled home, but had to endure a strict quarantine in Fiji, where they faced overcrowding and poor hygiene facilities. Many of the seafarers fell ill and one tragically died. Yet another closure of borders meant that the seafarers were left stranded in Fiji. Grant funding from The Seafarers’ Charity provided financial help to seafarers to enable them to buy food, drinking water, basic toiletries and SIM cards to be able to call their families and friends, and to provide assistance needed to end the quarantine.

£46,000 was awarded to Mission to Seafarers to help respond to human rights abuse cases in United Arab Emirates, including salary costs of their Middle East Regional Director and his extensive work supporting abandoned crews. The Regional Director regularly hires launch boats to take food and provisions to stranded crews, and aide negotiations between the crew and shipowners; however, repatriating abandoned seafarers often takes a long time.

£16,500 was awarded to Befrienders Worldwide (Seaview, Summer 2021) to fund the development of a new App with centres on providing confidential help to seafarers facing an emotional crisis or distress, wherever they may be. The App launched on 1 November 2021 and already had callers reaching out with issues regarding harassment, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

‘We have seen two of our longterm abandonment disputes resolved (Queen Helena, 20 months and Tug Scapino, 14 months); however, we remain with a long list of ongoing cases of around 170 seafarers on 18 vessels.’

To learn more about our work supporting seafarers affected by social justice issues, visit our website: our-inRuence

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Featured Welcome

‘I am very happy to have a COVID-19 care kit. It is very helpful and important for my recovery.’ Seafarer Raghu who received a care kit to monitor his temperature and oxygen levels as he quarantinedfromlovedonesandcolleagues.

The Seafarers International Relief Fund (SIRF) awards over US$1m in grants SIRF has raised US$1,192,170 in donations, thanks to an incredible response from corporate and individual supporters, to provide an emergency relief internationally, to seafarers and their families devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

LaunchedinMayby 1 2 0 2 leadingmaritimewelfare charitiesandkeyindustryplayers,andadministered byTheSeafarers$Charity,theFundhasawarded US$ in 1 1 4,80 1 , 1 grantsto-date,fundingawiderange of welfareservicesacrosstheworst-hitareasofndia and thePhilippines.

To see all grants awarded by SIRF, or to make a donation, visit www.seafarersinternationalrelieund. . org

Emergency support for seafarers affected by super typhoon Rai A typhoon with winds of approximately 120mph caused devastation in the Philippines when it hit the country on 18 December 2021, traversing Visayas, an area with a dense population of seafarers and their families. ‘This financial assistance will help those impacted to be able to purchase essential livelihood items and address most urgent needs to be able to support their dependants.’

dependants impactedby the disaster.

A further grant of £6was 0, awarded to Stella Maris to support over ISWAN 1,900 seafarers and their Thetyphoonaectedpowersupplies,communication familiesbyprovidingpracticalandQnancialassistanc services,transportroutesaswellashomesand aswellaskg 0 5 ofriceperfamilytotop upthe kg 2 of businesses,andmanyseafarerswereleftwithoutfresh rice providedbythelocalgovernment. waterorfood. Theabilitytoaccuratelyreachseafarersinneed TheSeafarers$Charityawardedanemergencygrant hasbeen largelyimprovedfollowingtheemergency of£1to 0 8, 2 thenternationalSeafarers'Welfareand workcarriedoutbycharitiesasaresultofreceiving AssistanceNetworkSWAN) ( toprovideimmediate funding fromtheSRF,administeredbyThe QnancialassistancetoFilipinoseafarersandtheir Seafarers$ Charity.


Seaview • Winter 2021/22

Our impact

Funding to help three brothers at a time of need ‘We are delighted with how we have managed to support this family in the face of such adversity.’ NavalChildrensCharity

byanOccupationalTherapistto help two of the triplets, Peter and Michael,withtheirmobility,and provideQnancialsupporttowards an electric wheelchair for their thirdtriplet,James,whohasmoresigniQcantdisabilityneeds.

James’ new wheelchair allows him to stand and watch Worcester Warriors Rugby Club’s matches and chat to the players after the game.

William, a serving officer dad is married with four children. His youngest triplets, James, Michael and Peter, were born three months early and had to spend four months in hospital. Due to lack of oxygen at birth, all three brothers have varying degrees of cerebral palsy, sensory loss and learning delay.

Whentheboyswereagedand 61 startedtoattendcollege,thefamil alsoreceivedQnancialhelptocover thecostoftransportationtoandfrom schooltoenablethetripletstole asnormalateenagelifeaspossible.

nthepastcoupleofyears,James hadtohaveahigh-risksurgerywhich hugelyimpactedonhisqualityoflife. ThefamilyidentiQedawheelchair ThefamilyhavecopedmagniQcently whichwouldenablehimtocontinue over the years with the physical toattendcollegewithhisbrothers demandsthattheconditionhas andfriendsandimprovehisoverall placedontheirthreesons.However, Thewheelchairalso NavalChildren$sCharity,thankswellbeing. to enables him tostand,whichallows fundingfromTheSeafarers$Charity, him to manage someofthelonghasbeenabletobethereforthe termoutcomesfromhissurgery familythroughouttheyearstoprovide and,mostimportantly,interact support which would have otherwise with hisfriendsstandingup$. beenbeyondtheirmeansandnot availablethroughanystatutory bodies. With thefundingfromTheSeafarers$ Charity, NavalChildren$sCharity Whenthetripletswerequiteyoung, has been able tosupportthefamily theCharitywasabletohelpobtain specialtricyclesasrecommendedwithgrantstotalling£3. 0 2 5,

The Seafarers’ Charity is proud to be supporting Naval Children’s Charity. To view all organisations our grant funding supports, visit: Names have been changed to protect the family's identity.

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Latest appeal


Supporting our invisible keyworkers

We’re all continuing to feel the impact of the pandemic. Increased food and fuel costs coupled with transport problems have resulted in less products available on supermarket shelves.

distressed that they couldn’t reach Rannel,toothbrush,toothpaste, theshipowner.Theycontactedone tissues, and a little chocolate! of The Seafarers’ Charity’s delivery £50couldprovideaGB 4 2 data partners,SWAN,whoregisteredthe SMcardtoenableaseafarer,whois crewasabandonedandcontacted strandedawayfromhome,tospeak therelevantauthorities,helping withtheirfamily. to repatriate the crew and recover three-months$worthofunpaid £200couldprovideanemergency wages. grantforaseafarerandtheir familyincrisistocoverexpenses Seafarers are our lifeline all year suchascounselling,medicalbills, round and Arvind’s story is just one repatriation, oranumberofother exampleofmanyseafarersinneed unexpected costs. ofwelfaresupport.TheSeafarers$

CharityprovidesfundingtoSWAN Please note that due to restrictions imposed Seafarersaretheinvisible andotherorganisationswhooer by COVID-19 on the way our charity operates, keyworkers who have worked it currently takes 2–3 weeks to process your immediate,essentialaidtoseafarers tirelessly to keep nations supplied postal donations. We, therefore, encourage you andtheirfamilieswhoaredirectly throughoutthepandemicbutwho to make donations online. involved in sudden or unforeseen toooftenexperienceuncertainty crises. overpay,whilstspendingmonthsat Will you be there to support seaisolatedfromtheirfamilies.This Please support the appeal by seafarers who are delivering happenedtoArvind. making a donation online: goods to our shores? OurvesselwasdetainedinRussiafor https://theseafarerscharity. outstandingwages.Theshipowner £30 can help provide three,andwewerestuck appeal-2021 parcels for stranded and foralmostQvemonths,he $ explains.vulnerable seafarerswhoare Local authorities took care of the isolated fromtheirfamilies. If you have already made crew$sbasicneeds,butArvindand Parcels includewoollenhat,gloves a donation, thank you for hiscrewmateswereworriedaboutandscarf, showergel,shampoo, your kind generosity. theirfamiliesbackhomeandwere deodorant,razor,shavingfoam,

fyouwouldliketokeepintouch,Qndoutaboutourfutureappealsandhowyourdonationismakinga dierence,signuptoouremailnewsletterbyscanningtheQRcodeontheright-handsideorsignupon ourwebsite:


Seaview • Winter 2021/22


A business partnership that can make a difference

Ways your organisation can get involved: Charity of the Year partnership Spinlock’s corporate team at The Seafarers’ Charity’s event.

Cause-relatedmarketingand commercialengagement programmes

TheSeafarers$CharityhastheexpertiseStaparticipationandengagement andexperienceacrossthemaritime Matchedfundingforsta fundraising sectorwhichoersanorganisation a unique opportunity to work Commercialsponsorship directly with us and help to develop initiatives communityprogrammesandfunding, PayrollGiving whichmaybepartofthecompany cultureoritsaimsinthefuture. Alloftheaboveandanybespoke ideasorplanswillbecreated Weunderstandthateverycompany isdierent.OurdedicatedCorporate andmanagedbyourdedicated CorporateTeam. Aswellasraisingfundstosupport Teamwillhelptocreateabespoke our charity, you will also help to fundraisingandpartnershippackage raiseawarenessofthedizculties whichisbeneQcialtoyourcompanyandOurCommunicationsTeamwillalignall seafarers andtheirfamiliesface TheSeafarers$Charity.Theywillalso messaging,ensuringconsistentqualit whilstenhancing your contentispublishedtoraiseawarene managethepartnership,alltheactivities ofthepartnershipanditsaims. employeeengagement. plannedandprovideregularreporting.

A partnership with The Seafarers’ Charity demonstrates your company’s commitment to improving the lives of seafarers in need and their families.

If you own or work for any company that wish to support us or want to be involved in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Michael Allen, Corporate Partnerships Manager, to discuss how we could work together, by emailing:

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Our influence

Funding to improve fishing vessel safety

‘Fishing remains one of the most-dangerous occupations in the UK. We believe that it is essential for fishers to have working conditions that befit a modern industry. The Fishing First Safety Management pilot provides assurance that vessels are complying with health and safety and welfare laws.’ Giles Bartlett, Fisheries mprovementManager, Whitby Seafoods

developmentofSafetyManagement Seafarers$Charity,Morrisons,Whitby Systemsandensuringthatdata Seafoods,NationalFederation containedwithinthemisagoodmatchofFishermen$sOrganisations, withtheregulatoryrequirementsare ScottishFishermen$sFederation, importantcontributionstosafety.Welsh This Fishermen$sAssociationand will lead to more operators having independent Qshingrepresentatives DeliveredbytheSafetyFolderafree a goodquality system in place for onlineproject,titledFishingFirstSafety TheSeafarers$Charity$sChiefExecutive thesafemanagementofoperations Management,willprovideupto0 5 Ozcer,CatherineSpencer,said:am QshingvesselsinSouthWestEngland onboardtheirQshingvessels.$ delightedthatfundinghasbeensecur with professional support to develop Withwidespreadindustrybacking, forthispilotprojecttotransformvess auditablesafetymanagementpractices. theprojecthasreceivedfundingfrom safetyintheQshingindustry.The The project will also help operators MarineManagementOrganisation Seafarers$Charityisimprovingthelives todemonstratecompliancewithLO andTrinityHouseDepartmentfor ofseafarerseverydayandensuring C 8 1 WorkinFishingConvention TransportMaritimeSafetyFund. Qsherscanworkandreturnhomesafely bymeetingtherequirementsofthe Asteeringgroupfortheproject fromvoyageswithoutexperiencing FishingSafetyManagementCode. includes:TheMCA,SeaQsh,The harmoraccidentsisabigpartofthat.$

The Seafarers’ Charity is supporting a pilot project to improve safety in the UK fishing fleet.

TheMaritimeandCoastguardAgency MCA) ( which , regulatesandcertiQesUK The SafetyFolder is a free online safety management system for all fishing Qshingvessels,hasbeenfullysupportive vessels. All UK fishers can sign up for free at oftheproject.DavidFenner,Headof FishingSafetyattheMCA,said:The


Seaview • Winter 2021/22

Our influence

Government urged to extend fishing safety net

The Seafarers’ Charity is calling on the government to ensure every fishing family receives the financial and welfare support it needs. n The , 0 2 0 2 Seafarers$Charity publishedFishingWithoutaSafety Net$a , landmarkreportexposingthe Qnancialandmentalhealthstrugglesof small-scalecoastalQshers. The Charity invested £130,000 in total grantfundingtodeliveranumberofthe report$srecommendationsunderThe SafetyNet$programme,launchedin Octoberincluding: , 120 awebsitepackedwith information onpersonalsavings, budgetplanning,debtadvice, and relationshipandmental health supportfortheQshing community abespokepackageofQnancial servicestailoredtoQshers$needs, developedincollaborationwith CommsaveCreditUnion

access for new entrants to theQshingindustrytoamoney managementtrainingcourse Self-employed fishers at Seafish and The Money Charity’s training programme on money management. craftedbyTheMoneyCharity and deliveredbySeaQsh providedvariousfundingtosupport approved trainingproviders communitiestoensuretheQnancial resilienceofsmall-scalecoastal theQshingcommunitythroughthese Qshing,andtoadvanceapprenticeship times.However,moreneedstobe atrainingwebinarforQshing tothe tohelpQshingfamiliestoweather champions$thosewithpersonal schemestoattractnewentrantsdone industry. economicstormsinthefuture. or professional relationships totheindustrywhowouldbe The report also calls on HMRC to Wehavebeenworkinghardtodeliver abletooerinformal,peer-tohelp self-employedandnon-PAYE ontherecommendationssetoutinthe peersupportandinformation QshersbettermanagetaxandNational FishingWithoutaSafetyNet$report, aboutQnancialchoicesand nsurancepayments.Thereportalsodrivingthrougharangeofresources free resourcesforQshers. suggeststhattheworkplacepension thatwillhelpQshersbettermanagethe schemeaordedtoPAYEworkers moneyandtransformtheiraccessto WithanumberoftheFishingWithout shouldbemirroredforQshersby,for Qnancialservices.TheSafetyNethas aSafetyNet$reportrecommendations example,thegovernmentactingasdebeendevelopedtogetherwithindustry deliveredbyTheSafetyNetprogramme, facto$employer. leaders,andweareincrediblygrateful TheSeafarers$Charityisnowlookingto fortheirinvolvementinthispivotal Catherine Spencer, the Charity’s Chief thegovernmenttoenactfundamental Wenowcallongovernmenttoworkin policychangestoimprovethewelfareExecutiveOzcer,said:t$sbeena tremendouslyroughfewyearsfor partnershipwithustomoveforward of theQshingcommunity. Qshers,andTheSeafarers$Charityhas thepolicyrecommendations.$ Amongtherecommendationsforthe governmentaretheimplementation of a national action plan for the four To learn more about the ‘Fishing Without a Safety Net’ research or The nationstoaidthesocial,environmental Safety Net project, visit: andeconomicdevelopmentofcoastal

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Fundraising Welcome

Catching up with Martin Cox, Ami Marine Director On 24 September 2021, Martin Cox and his colleague, Robin Grigg, took on a unique challenge in support of The Seafarers’ Charity, by riding 1,000 miles in under 24 hours on their motorbikes – a challenge otherwise known as SaddleSore 1000.

Why have you chosen to support Betweenthemtheyhave formymobilitywhichwas The Seafarers’ Charity? overcome thepersonalphysical restoredafteranemergency challengesofcancerandbacksurgery, spinalsurgeryafewyearsago. Themaritimeindustryandthe sothisridewasnomeanfeat.Our sacriQcesthataremadebyfamilies What are you most looking EventsFundraising & Executive, with loved ones who work away forward to about the challenge? Charlotte Ward, had a chat with Martin somuchofthetime,areoften beforeheembarkedonthechallenge.t$satripthatmostpeoplewould overlooked.Thetragedywhichis dooverseveraldayswithmultiple often associated with the sea can Can you tell us more about stopovers,butwanttotestmylimits your challenge? besounexpendedandthosewho whilstfacingtheBritishelements. areaectedrequiresustainable TheSaddleSoreis 0 1 alongEqually,itwouldbeagreatprivilege support.WeareconQdentthatThe distancemotorbikechallenge toraisefundsforfamilieswhohave Seafarers$Charityisbestsuitedto ozciatedbyTheronButtUK lost loved ones to the ocean and who Association.Ourteamwillride tocontributemonetarilytothe weareasacompany,andthat from HampshiretoLand$sEnd otherformsofsupportunderthe their track record speaks for itself intermsofmakingadierence andthentraveltoJohnO$Groats, careofTheSeafarers$Charity. insomanypeople$slives. covering a minimumof0 , 1 What do you think will be the most miles. difficult part of the challenge? What made you decide to Mybackwillbeworkingovertime,so We would like to thank the take on this challenge? amcurrentlytrainingcorestrengthteam at AMI Marine for wantedtoraisefundsforour musclegroupsunderthewatchful taking on the challenge in companycharity,TheSeafarers$ eyeofmyspecialists.prefertoride support of our charity and for Charity, and to undertake the alone,solookingoutfortheteamand raising over £1,000 to-date! physical challengesofthis accommodatingdierentridingstyles motorbiketrip,beinggrateful


London Marathon goes ahead

After 18 months of cancellations and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our first physical event, the Virgin London Marathon, finally went ahead on Sunday 3 October 2021. Ahugethankyoutoallof 7 1 our runnersforraisingover£3for 0, our charity in a year when seafarers andtheirfamiliesneededusmost.


‘I was so proud to run the London Marathon on behalf of The Seafarers’ Charity and it gave me the inspiration and momentum to train in what has been a challenging year.’ Kirsten Bell, London MarathonRunner 2 10

If you’d like to join our team and take on the streets of London on Sunday 2 October 2022, get in touch by emailing

Seaview • Winter 2021/22

Father and son, Zdenek and Jakub Simek, at London Marathon 2021.

Fundraising Winter 2022

‘A huge thanks from Team Spinlock. Our main goal was to start and finish together, supporting each other through the highs and lows to finish the 24 Peaks route. The whole process has certainly brought our company closer together.’ Spinlock

We are delighted to announce the return of our much-loved flagship event, the 24 Peaks Challenge on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July 2022. 2021 was another year of uncertaintybutthatdidnt stop our wonderful supporters from gettinginvolvedand raising much-needed funds for seafarers andtheirfamilies.

Register nthisultimateLakeDistrictevent, teamstakeon4peaks 2 overtwo days, walkinga3-milecourseand coveringapproximately ft 0 , 3 1 ascent.


ThistrekkingeventisoneofthemostIf you or your corporate team are interested in participating in The demandingyetrewardingteamSeafarers’ Charity’s flagship event, buildingeventsintheUKandan please get in touch by emailing opportunity to raise vital funds for

BrightonMarathon 10 April 2022

Ride London – Essex 100 29 May 2022

BathHalfMarathon 29 May 2022

24 Peaks ChallengeJuly 3 -2 2 02

EdinburghMarathon 29 May 2022

LondonMarathon October 2 2 02

Within-personfundraisingevents Formoreinformationaboutanyofourevents,pleasecontact makingacomeback,wehaveafantastic CharlotteWard,EventsFundraising & Executive,byemailing scheduleofeventslinedup for! 2 0 2

Donate your birthday

Celebrate your birthday in a special way by setting up a Facebook fundraiser in aid of The Seafarers’ Charity.

Facebookpaysalltheprocessingfees, so 100% of every donation to your fundraiserwillgotowardsfunding organisationsandprogrammesthat makearealdierencetothelivesof seafarersinneedandtheirfamilies.

nour , 1 202 supportersraisedmore than £1,000 for The Seafarers’ Charity bycreatingbirthdayfundraisersand Abirthdayfundraiserpostedon thisyear,wewouldlovetocelebrate yourtimelinewillletyourfriends yourspecialdaywithyoutoo. andfamilyknowwhatisimportant to you, help to spread the word aboutourworkandprovidethem Learn how to set up your Facebook fundraiser: theopportunitytogetinvolved.

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Merchant Navy Fund Welcome

Merchant Navy Fund celebrates 10-year anniversary Since its launch in 2012, the Merchant Navy Fund has awarded more than £700,000 in grants to organisations supporting UK Merchant Navy seafarers and their families in times of need.

Foryears, 01 theFundhasbeen The Fund, set up and administered providingamuch-neededlifelinetoby The Seafarers’ Charity and manyUKMerchantNavyseafarers supported by the Merchant andtheirfamiliesatatimeofcrisis Navy Welfare Board, receives no andtocelebrateouranniversaryin government funding and relies we 2 0 2 areplanninganumberof on your support to fund essential activities,includingourannualFlythe services for UK Merchant Navy RedEnsignforMerchantNavyDay seafarers and their families. campaignonSeptember. 3 Watch

Thanks to our supporters, in 2021, wewereabletoawardmore than£5in 0 ,8 fundingtoQve thisspaceformoreinformation. organisationssupportingUK MerchantNavyseafarers,but morehelpisneeded.Whileour If you would like to receive updates from the Merchant MerchantNavyseafarerswork Navy Fund and information on how you could get tirelessly to keep our nation stocked involved, scan the QR code on the left-hand side, or sign allyearround,manystrugglewith up on our website: lonelinessandpoormentalhealth ortoprovidefortheirlovedones.


Seaview • Winter 2021/22

Remember a loved one with a special gift Leaving a gift in memory of a friend or a loved one is a wonderful way to remember them. Your gift will help ensure seafarers and their families can live dignified lives, free from hardship. There are a number of ways you can kindly remember a loved one:

• A tribute page You may like to set up a tribute page where friends and family can share their special memories and donate securely. Visit theseafarerscharity to set up your tribute page in just a few minutes.

Winter 2022

• Fundraising

Asking friends or family to make a donation to The Seafarers’ Charity instead of flowers can be a fitting way to celebrate your loved one's life.

Taking part in an event or organising an event in memory is a particularly inspiring way to remember a loved one. Whether it’s a run, a walk or a bake, your gifts will help to improve the lives of thousands of seafarers and their families in times of need. Please let us know if you are organising an in memory fundraising event by emailing

Any donations can be forwarded to us by cheque to The Seafarers’ Charity, 8 Hatherley Street, LONDON, SW1P 2QT, or you may wish to invite friends and family to support your online tribute page instead.

For more information on how to support The Seafarers’ Charity in memory of a loved one, please contact Rory Warwick by emailing rory.warwick@

• Funeral and memorial events

In Memoriam

We’d like to thank the families and friends of those recently deceased, who have chosen to support The Seafarers’ Charity in their memory and for thinking of our charity in such a special way. RobertBannister








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Your supporter magazine from The Seafarers’ Charity Winter 2021/22

‘Our vessel was detained in Russia. The owner abandoned us, and we were stuck for almost five months.’ See how our Winter Appeal supports our invisible keyworkers

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We would also like to thank those people who have chosen tomakeaquietpersonalremembranceofafriendor relativeanonymously.Wemaynothavetheirnames,but weacknowledgethemallwithhonourandrespect.

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Our impact in 2021

24 Peaks Challenge returns

Merchant Navy Fund

How your donations helped to support seafarers in need and their families in the UK and internationally.

Get a team together and sign up to this ultimate Lake District event.

A Fund set up to support UK Merchant Navy seafarers is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

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Seaview • Winter 2021/22

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