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Texas Longhorn Trails

May / June 2015

MAY/JUNE 2015 VOL. 27 NO. 2

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10 Spring Sale Spectacular High Sellers

About the Cover:

Stockanna is owned by Donnie & Marilyn Taylor of 4T Longhorns in Huntington, Texas. Stockanna has won many championships in the TLBAA and ITLA show circuits. With 74 1/2" tip-to-tip twisty horns, she has won the Twisty Horn Division of the TLBAA Horn Showcase 3 times. She has raised many great herd sires and high-selling heifers.

Sales & Shows:

58 Brood Cows:

18 Cattle Baron’s Sale &

Prolific Producers Females Leading in TLBAA Registered Offspring

Winchester Futurity

22 Legacy Sale 24 Hudson-Valentine Sale 26 Southeastern Winchester Futurity 32 Blue Ridge 2nd Annual Consignment Sale

36 N.T.L.A. 34th Annual Sale 38 37th B&C Show Me Longhorn Sale 44 Cherry Blossom Sale 46 Midwest Longhorn Sale 50 Red McCombs Fiesta Sale 60 Canadian Triple Crown Heifer Results 4


33 TLBAA Horn Showcase - Why Did We Move It? Part II

42 TLBAA World Show: Largest Show of the Year by Amy Weatherholtz

54 Breeder Profile: Joe Moore by Henry King

62 Maximizing Health While Minimizing Antibiotics by Heather Smith Thomas

68 When to Cull Your Cattle Herd by Kaitlyn Johnson Texas Longhorn Trails

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Notesfrom the Editor The Spring Sale Spectacular presented in this issue celebrates the success of years of selective breeding by past and present breeders who strive to continually preserve and promote this unique and historic breed of cattle. Turn the pages to see the high selling cattle from the major spring sales, hear the input of the breeders and buyers of these top consignments and gain insight into what makes a truly desireable animal. In a nod to brood cows, we also highlight the females with the largest number of registered offspring since the beginning of the registry. A truly remarkable group and an interesting insight into the beginnings of the flourishing of the Texas Longhorn. As we move into the summer months and prepare for upcoming fall sales, don’t forget the many options to promote those consignments. Let the buyers know where your animals are consigned early so they don’t miss the opportunity to add to their program the result of your careful breeding. Through Trails magazine ads and e-blasts, we’re always here to offer suggestions if you’re not sure how you should take advantage of our promotional opportunities. I encourage you to email, fax or mail your comments and suggestions to continue moving the Trails magazine in the right direction for our members and readers. See you down the road...

– Laura Standley

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“We were thrilled and certainly appreciated Bill and Elizabeth Hudson for their purchase of TX W Cranberry and her TX W Storm Trooper heifer calf at the Cattle Baron's Sale. It is gratifying that they felt this pair would fit into their world class herd”. -George & Peggy Wilhite, Texas W Ranch “Hudson Longhorns is very excited to have purchased TX W Cranberry from the recently held Cattle Baron’s Sale. We felt she was the best Longhorn in the sale, and we think she will be a very big horned cow in the near future.” -Bill & Elizabeth Hudson

Breeder: Randy Murry, Jr. Buyer: Blue Ridge Ranch

$10,250 - Jamaka beach

Breeder: Texas W Ranch Buyer: Hudson Longhorns

$14,000 - TX W Cranberry

cattle baron’s

“It is an honor to see my cattle develop into leaders of the Longhorn industry. It is also an honor for breeders to want your genetics and be willing to pay top prices to get them. Start with the best genetics for the best results. I started my herd with the help of Bill and Sue Burton and John and Helen Stockton of Stockton Ranches. Good cattle, good prices, good people. That's how you make money!” -Randy Murry, Jr.

“Attending sales is one of the exciting parts of participating in the Longhorn industry. Brian Brett and I have been partnering in our joint vision to further develop the Jamakizm line in our herds. We were both delighted that we managed to purchase her – she will immediately become a central piece in our Jamakizm breeding plan. She has the brindled deep red color, classic conformation, and past productivity we desire and, most critically, she is a direct Jamakizm daughter we want to line breed, with select out-crosses at strategic points down the road”. -John Marshall, Blue Ridge Ranch

“Proud to have raised such a record breaking cow and happy to have brought her back home.” -Bill Meridith

"The genetics of RM Touch N Whirl Pat may not be the most highly sought after but we are very pleased to have her in our program. Our current plans are to determine if it is possible to improve the quality of her progeny by being very selective. If so, TK Ranch will be much more than just pleased by having purchased her with her 87" TTT." -Tom Harman


Breeder: John & Ursula Allen Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman

“Over the years, we feel blessed to have been lucky enough to purchase so many tremendous Longhorns from such a wonderful group of enthusiasts of the breed. I think anyone who sells their favorite cow feels like they got “robbed” after the sale. I have a lot of fun with that! After I bought Shutterbug at the Legacy XI, Mr. Meridith, “Bill” came to my table and said, “Judy & I want to buy our cow back.” I thought he was kidding me at first, but he was serious. I told him he could have Shutterbug back, and what I wanted in return was my cow, Shakira Beauty”, who was last year’s high selling cow at the Legacy. He agreed, and we were both happy. Not only did we get to show off our beauties, we got to sell them, get them back and got to take them home with us where they definitely belong.” -Richard Carroll

$40,000 - Allen’s top cherry 345

Breeder: Bill & Judy Meridith Buyer: Richard Carroll

$90,000 - TCC Shutterbug

legacy sale

Texas Longhorn Trails

$40,000 - Southern Sister

Breeder: Maurice Ladner Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman

legacy sale “I credit my friends and mentors Blackie Graves, Johnny Hoffman, Dr. Frank Anderson and Ace Cattle Co. for this great female. Without the great genetics these top breeders have produced, this female would not exist.” — Maurice Ladnier “"We really liked this cow from the moment we saw her in the pen. Her color markings were the traditional spotted Longhorn look we like and her horns were certainly an added bonus. We will always remember our first Legacy Sale when we look out in our pasture and see this beauty.” -Tom & Linda Harman

high sellers hudson-valentine-heifers “Isn’t it funny how sometimes you name a Longhorn and the name actually fits? That’s what we think about SE Utopia. We would have never thought that a heifer from our program would be the high seller in the heifer sale at the Hudson-Valentine Sale in 2015. We have been blessed to have this outstanding heifer born at our ranch and to offer her for sale. The story of Utopia is all about how God works in our lives. We tried to sell her sire, SE Unostopabull, but then decided to keep him and breed him. We have always believed that if we could take our Longhorns that have “goal post” horns and breed them to a bull that has flat, long horns we would have a SE Utopia. Little did we know, that God had put all this in place. We don’t have Utopias running all over the place – she is that once in a lifetime heifer. We’ll see what God does next”. -Eddie & Sharon Settlemyer

“Debbie & I purchased the high selling heifer at the Hudson/Valentine Sale – SE Utopia consigned by Eddie & Sharon Settlemyer. She is an awesome heifer that may be the longest horned heifer in the Longhorn breed. I looked up what won the horn measuring contest in her age group, and she was well ahead of them and was 70 1/4" TTT on 4/8/15 and will be 25 months old on 4/9/15. She is a double bred Boomerang C P daughter and should reach 103" TTT at maturity. I have never raised a heifer like this and figured she would be a lot higher than she was, but she was the bargain of a lifetime!” -Mike Bowman

“Hudson Longhorns was very excited about having the opportunity to purchase SDR Safari Altha in the recent Hudson Valentine Sale. We own her Granddam, and her dam was sold in the Panther Creek Herd Dispersal for over $30,000. The Hovinghs up in Michigan raise a lot of elite Longhorns, and this heifer is one that we are really pleased to add to our herd of productive females.” -Bill Hudson

Breeder: Dave & Sheila Hovingh Buyer: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson

“We were honored to offer this young female out of our foundation genetics of Rio Safari Chex & SDR Fantom's Altha (2012 High Seller - Horn Showcase). We started getting serious about our breeding program and acquired JP Rio Grande from Johnnie Robinson (sight unseen), and we have kept breeding strong females to powerful bulls to produce these magical crosses. SDR Safari Altha is an example of these magical crosses, and we wish Bill Hudson the best of luck with this female.” -Dave Hovingh

$18,000 - SDR Safari Altha

$31,500 - SE Utopia

Breeder: Eddie & Sharon Settlemyer Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman

Longhorn cattle sales have been in full swing, and we wanted to give the breeders the opportunity to “brag” on their breeding program, and the new owners an opportunity to share their future plans for these great Longhorn females. Congratulations to all the hosts of these great sales!

b&c sale “7LS Lil Rose was our pick to bid on from the B&C catalog. Originating from Larry Long’s herd and the Flat Rock bloodline have been an interest of ours. Viewing her before the sale she had very good horn growth for her age and nice body form. She is a calm cow and should fit in well with our herd.” -Vernon Bancroft

“I have always loved the grulla color and did a lot of breeding for that color at one time. However I didn’t want to sacrifice other important characteristics just for color so I carefully searched for correct bulls with good horns that also produced the grulla color. Riverfork’s Hired Gun was one of those. Trick Silver Star was produced through AI and she was just what I was looking for. Her dam was a daughter of the famous Rutledge’s Dinger. It always makes me feel good to see an animal I bred and sold do well for subsequent owners.” -Darlene Aldridge, DVM (Star Creek Ranch) “I bought this cow based on her conformation and disposition with her color being a plus. She is well bred and has a well bred calf at side. We enjoy bringing in an outcross to see what combined genetics will produce. She should be a good addition to our herd. An anomaly to this business is that sometimes a critter will just trip your trigger. This is widespread in the Longhorn industry.” -Delwin Smeal


Breeder: Star Creek Ranch Buyer: Delwin & Vicki Smeal

$3,000 - 7LS Lil Rose

Breeder: Larry & Mary Ann Long Buyer: Vernon Bancroft

“We’re both thrilled to own her. She’s worth every penny we paid for her.” -Ursula Allen & Jeanne Filip

$34,000 - HL Brick House

“HL Brick House was sold as a calf at side a couple of years ago by Joe Valentine. Her dam BL Rio Can Can is an outstanding cow bred by Bob Loomis, that Joe had owned. Joe had sold a group of cattle to a man in Texas who later wanted to sell the herd back. Hudson Longhorns bought them and in this group was this calf of BL Rio Can Can who was now 33 months old and had grown over 72” TTT of lateral horn. She was not even branded or registered. So we registered her and took her to the Hudson-Valentine Sale because we had a very good consignment that was scratched from the sale, and we needed another elite animal to offer in her place at the sale. This is the kind of heifer that is real hard to part with, but the success of the Hudson-Valentine Sale is our priority each year. We are very pleased that Jeannie Filip and Ursula Allen purchased her, because we know that these two ladies only like the best.” -Bill Hudson

Breeder: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson Buyer: Filip/Allen Partnership

“Jeanne and I have spent over a decade seeking the finest foundation cattle for our Longhorn herd. I tried to buy her dam at the Legacy years ago and have regretted dropping out on the bidding. When I found out her daughter was for sale, I jumped at the chance to add these incredible genetics to our herd. She came with a bull calf out of JP Rio Grande that we have hopes of becoming a future herd sire. Thanks to Bill for giving us the opportunity to bring her to Texas. Bill, Elizabeth and Lorinda put on an outstanding sale with some of the finest Longhorns in the industry consigned.” -Richard Filip

$2,200 - Trick Silver Star

Breeder: Richard Carroll Buyer: Richard & Jeanne filip

$39,000 - HL Royal rose


Texas Longhorn Trails

$8,000 - FC Turquoise

Breeder: falls creek longhorns Buyer: Lightning Longhorns

blue ridge “Sandi & I are blessed to have consigned the high selling lot to this year's Blue Ridge Sale. Thank you to Kris Peterek for purchasing FC Turquoise, she is a special cow from the heart of our program. Thank you to Russell Hooks for helping us to develop a quality breeding program that can produce a high selling lot like FC Turquoise. Thanks to John Marshall, Bubba and the sale team for putting together a great event with top breeders and buyers alike. We look forward to supporting the Blue Ridge Sale for many years to come.”. -Stanley Tidwell, Falls Creek Longhorns

“Dickinson Cattle Co was honored to be the breeder of Lazy J's Drag Strip. Her dam was "2 Far 2 Fast" which was sold to Joe Sedlacek for $2200, bred to Drag Iron. 2 Far 2 Fast was a trim white cow. She had been bred to Drag Iron to add additional size to her progeny, and hopefully Drag Iron's pretty brindle color. Although the dam dominated on the white factor the increased size and promise of excellent horn gave her respected value. The odds are good she will become a brindle salt shaker roan color in years to come. Congratulations to the new owner and the seller Joe Sedlacek.” -Darol Dickinson “I really like the Drag Iron and WS Jamakizm influence from her top side and the potential of a Sniper calf made it even more exciting.” -Brian Brett, Brett Ranch

“The cows we sold all go back to the Sundance Kid, he was a son of Roundup and Montery. We crossed the mother cows to Maximus ST,and started to get lots of horn out the calves. We crossed those calves to Iron Mike ST and got a lot of horn. The horn, in my belief, is one of the main reasons our cattle have done so good at the auctions.” -Larry Long “I have been waiting a long time for Larry Long to put this young cow on an auction. I was just glad I could be there to purchase her. She is a daughter of Chuckwagon out of a fantastic Maximus ST daughter. Thanks to Larry for raising her!” -Greg Sherwood May/June 2015

Breeder: Larry & Mary Ann Long Buyer: Greg Sherwood

nebraska sale

$2,400 - 7LS Little Mary 1

Breeder: Dickinson Ranch Buyer: Brett Ranch

$5,500 - Lazy J’s Drag Strip

“My representative Tessa Millsap told me she was one of the nicest cows in the sale and that she would fit my breeding program real well, so I told Tessa to buy her, because Mr Marshall is one of the finest gentlemen in the Longhorn Industry and I wanted to support his sale.” -Bill Hudson

$5,500 - BR Jam jubilee

“Dickinson Cattle Co was pleased to raise Twig and make her available to Brian Brett with the Jubal Jangler heifer at side. Brian named the heifer BR Jam Jubilee. Twig also had an Over Kill daughter the following year. It is an honor for people like Brian to select privately from our 48 year old breeding herd. We wish everyone involved with this family great success.” -Darol Dickinson

Breeder: Dickinson Ranch Buyer: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson

“FC Turquoise is a drop dead gorgeous cow and we are so excited about adding her to our little herd at Lightning Longhorns. She's one of those special cows that I can imagine was hard to let go. A huge thank you to Falls Creek Longhorns for this opportunity. She's settling in perfectly at her new home!” -Kris Peterek, Lightning Longhorns

"The breeding of our cattle all come from bulls carrying lots of horn. That is the first thing I look for and conformation is next. We have used bulls like the Sundance Kid, a son of Roundup and a dam called Montery. Those calves were crossed to Maximus ST, a son of J.R. Grand Slam and Maxi Confetti. These calves were crossed on Iron Mike ST, a son of Hunts Command Respect and Hashknife. We have been lucky to get a lot of cows measuring in the 70” TTT group, and it seems like the more horn, the more money they bring at auction.” -Larry Long “We picked 7LS Surleys Rock from the Nebraska Sale catalog. Her bloodline and the big base long flat horn interested us. We purchased over the computer so we were pleased with her appearance and calmness when we picked her up. We have four other cows from Larry Long’s herd. They are making great additions to our herd.” -Vernon and Corinne Bancroft

“RHF Sharp Valentine got our attention at a very early age. She has a powerful pedigree with correct body type, great color and eye appeal, pleasing personality and a great disposition. To complete the package, she has nice flat horn which measured 56” at 24 mos. and 68” at 36 mos. She won the G&G Fall Futurity in 2013 and placed 2nd in her class at the 2014 Extravaganza. We are grateful to Ann Gravett and Bear Davidson for adding her to their elite program at G&G.” -Jim & Barbara Atwell (Royal Heritage Farm)

Breeder: Bill & Jo Le’AN Buyer: Rob & Marcy Fenza

$12,000 - LC Hershey Snickers

“The cow is just awesome. She is large framed with a lot of capacity. She has color, pedigree, horn, mothering ability, and horn set. She'll grow into a wonderful cow. Her bull calf at side by 50/50 is a legitimate herd sire; you'll have a hard time buying one this well bred from the owners of 50/50. She's a cow to make anyone money. And we respect the Atwell's, Royal Heritage Farms, and their program tremendously. We are excited to grow the G&G Strong brand.” -Ann Gravett & Bear Davidson (G&G Longhorns)


Breeder: Royal Heritage Farms Buyer: G&G Longhorns

cherry blossom

$20,000 - RHF Sharp Valentine

Breeder: Larry & Mary ANN Long Buyer: Vernon Bancroft

$1,700 - 7LS Surley’s Rock

nebraska sale

“Hershey was the favorite cow of the late Bill Le’AN. She was a great producer and LC Hershey Snickers was one of her best heifers.” -Jo Le’AN

“Hershey's snickers was one of the prettiest cows at the Cherry Blossom Sale." "Gentle, clean body, and she had a beautiful bull calf at her side that was very well cared for. Frank and Michelle are raising some top of class Longhorns!!” Rob Fenza

Texas Longhorn Trails

“I raised Starbase Commander from a planned breeding through embryo transfer. I named him the first week of his life and his name fits him to a “T”. Starbase puts consistent horn with base, pretty, feminine heads on his daughters and masculine heads on his sons, well-muscled hips with square tail sets, deep bodies and colors to rival a Rembrandt on his offspring. One of his superb daughters, Sheraton Star, sold for $60,000 at the Midwest Invitational Sale to Bill and Judy Meridith. This heifer demonstrates all the wonderful characteristics of Starbase’s daughters. I send a sincere “Thank you” to Bill and Judy, who now own multiple Starbase offspring, for their support and belief in what this great bull can produce.” -Darlene Aldridge, DVM

mccombs-heifers “M2 Miss Tuff Jubilee is the result of mating two exceptional animals, Cowboy Tuff Chex and perhaps the all-time best “Total Package Cow”, Shadow Jubilee. It is a testament to the productivity and longevity of the Texas Longhorn breed. We’re proud to be playing a small part in the legacy of two industry icons and we’re anxious to watch the impact that Miss Tuff Jubilee and her siblings have on the industry.” -Tom Matott

May/June 2015

Breeder: Tom & Maurice Gibbs Buyer: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson

“This is a beautiful cow that we were happy to add to our breeding program. Mike and Debbie are great for the Longhorn industry, and we try our best to support their sale each year.” -Bill Hudson

Breeder: M2 Land & Cattle Buyer: Roger & Debbie Witham

“Tempting Shiro TM is out of a son of Temptations The Ace, that came out of our AI program. Aces Cacti TM has produced some really nice cattle for us. We have been raising these great cattle for 25 years, and it is very rewarding to see our buyers do well with cattle from our program. As our herd has decreased through the years, we look forward each year to the bull prospects produced.” -Tom Gibbs

$40,000 - Tempting Shiro TM

“I kept getting elbows in the ribs and had to keep bidding. It is a beautiful cow, and my wife is happy.” -Bill Meridith

$47,000 - Embryo Heifer Calf

Breeder: Star Creek Ranch Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith

$60,000 - Sheraton Star

midwest sale


mccombs “Cherry Jubilee 78 was a really special cow we bred at Red Peak Ranch. We knew from a pretty young age that she was going to be a standout cow. She had beautiful conformation, big horns and a great disposition. She is one of our very best and it was a very tough decision to sell her. But after getting four heifer calves from her, it felt like the right time and the right place. Red McCombs Sale is the most storied place for selling elite cows and we were glad to have the opportunity to bring her. A great group bought her and since she is still pretty young, I am looking forward to seeing her continue to grow.” -Mike Crawford

Breeder: Mike Crawford/Pam Watkins Buyer: Mangold/Rombeck/Filip/Gilliland

“I just love breeding cows to Starbase Commander because he works with just about every cow I put in with him. In my opinion he is a magic bull. I sold the first Starbase Commander heifer at auction in 2010, a two year old named Heartstar, for $13,000.00 and since that time his daughters have sold for as high at $60,000.00. Star’s Perfect Design, that sold at Red McCombs sale for $27,000.00 is another great example of his awesome daughters. And Starbase has a real fan club of buyers that keep coming back for more of his super progeny. Sometimes I think I might AI a cow to this bull or that bull but then I ask myself “Why?” It would be very hard to improve on what Starbase has done for our herd and our bottom line.” -Darlene Aldridge, DVM

$46,000 - Cherry Jubilee 78

Breeder: Star Creek Ranch Buyer: John & Ursula Allen

$27,000 - Star’s Pefect Design


$40,00 - BL Sage Hen 641

Breeder: Bob & Pam Loomis Buyer: Larry & Toni Stegemoller

"The Chisholm Trail Cartel, consisting of Richard Filip, Tony Mangold, Jim/Justin Rombeck and Mark Gilliland, is focused on developing the strongest and most predictable genetics in the industry. We think the combined experience and financial strength of the 5 member Cartel can potentially outperform what we could achieve as individuals. Cherry Jubilee 78 was a perfect fit for us. She is a young cow approaching 90" TTT that should enhance our long-term breeding strategies both as a group and as individuals. With the advances in reproductive technology for embryo transfer today, we anticipate a significant benefit from placing Cherry Jubilee's 90" TTT genetics into our herds.” -Richard Filip, Tony Mangold, Jim Rombeck, Mark Gilliland and Justin Rombeck.


"BL Sage Hen came out of my straight Butler program, and she is the biggest horned straight Butler cow in the industry. We are proud of the progeny Farlap Chex has produced, and he is the greatest producer in our Butler program and regular herd” -Bob Loomis “On the day we received the Fiesta Sale catalog, BL Sage Hen was marked with a star. We could not pass up the chance to own such a total package...beautiful top cow, out of the top Texas Longhorn breeding program in the world and bred to Cowboy Tuff Chex. We have big plans for Sage Hen and feel that she will raise the quality of our herd to a much higher level.” -Larry & Toni Stegemoller

Texas Longhorn Trails

Cattle Baron’s Sale & Winchester Futurity Results FEBRUARY 27-28, 2015 NAVASOTA, TX HOSTS: RICK FRIEDRICH & STEVE AZINGER

Highlights Total Cattle Sales $197,500.00 69 Lots Sold Sale Average: $2,862.32 Top 5: $48,050.00 Top 5 Average: $9,610.00 Top 10: $70,000.00 Top 10 Average: $7,000.00 The above does not include the donation lots, 2 PO's, and 4 scratched cows

Volume Buyer: Bill Hudson, Hudson Longhorns

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT:



Consignor: George Wilhite/ TX W Ranch Buyer: Bill Hudson/Hudson Longhorns

90 Heifer entries in 10 Classes were awarded $11,250 in prizes and cash. See the class winners on page 20. Results submitted by Cattle Baron’s Sale & Winchester Futurity



Consigned by Stockton Burton / Stockton Ranches. Buyer: John Marshall / Blue Ridge Ranch



Consigned by Richard & Jeanne Filip / Bentwood Ranch. Buyer: Phil & Lisa Baker / Diamond L Ranch


Consigned by Frank Hevrdejs / Deer Creek Longhorns. Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman/TK Ranch


Consigned by Brent & Cindy Bolen / Bolen Longhorns. Steve & Austin Azinger, Houston, TX; Tom Buyer: Roger & Debbie Witham / Dreamcatcher Ranch Harman, Austin, TX; Kathy Kittler, Carlisle, AR

$4,700 – LOT #73 - COMMANDERS PRECIOUS 280 Consigned by Mike & Debbie Bowman/End of

Trail Ranch. Buyer: Hal Meyer/Jack Mountain Ranch

$4,500 – LOT #39 - LADY NAMESAKE Consigned by Doug & Sandy Stotts / Stotts Hideaway Ranch. Buyer: Marty & Donna Robeson / Robeson Ranch $4,500 – LOT#5 - SKY VISION Consigned by Marion & Tracy Woolie / Wild Wing Ranch. Buyer: Brandy & Miki Bienek/Rollin B Longhorns $4,250– LOT #36 - OVERTAKES VOTE Consigned by John & Debra Helm / Helm Cattle Company. Toni & Larry Stegemoller, Cleburne, TX Buyer: Steve Havens / Havens Ranch $4,000 – LOT #2- SHINING STAR 387/11

Consigned by Allen / Filip Partnership. Buyer: Star Creek Ranch / Martin Partnership


Rick Friedrich, Houston, TX receives the John Stockton Lifetime Achievement Award from the TLBGCA, presented by John Stockton, Houston, TX.

Marilyn & Donnie Taylor, Huntington, TX; Nancy Carter Dunn, Eclectic, AL.

Ty Wehring, Houston, TX


Howard Isbell, Chappell Hill, TX ; George Wilhite, Navasota, TX

René Azinger and Sandy Stotts, Houston, TX

Roger & Debbie Witham, Alvord, TX.

-- continued to pg. 20 Texas Longhorn Trails


-- continued from pg. 18

Place Entry Animals Name

Dr. Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen, winners Class 1 and Class 4.

1 2 3 4

108 104 101 109

BCR Pixie Dust 417 Kettle Lilly TKR Drag Winner RR Wind Dancer

1 2 3 4

204 205 203 206

Miss Sassy BCB Electra's Honey Ocean Firefly TKR Becca's Grande

1 2 3 4

308 305 304 307

Princess Moo BCB Capricious Star Cinnamon Dolce RJF Star Topper

1 2 3 4

411 403 408 409

BCR Reigns Supreme 337 JTW Fire Up 33 Riverforks Diamond Back Jamafudge

1 2 3 4

502 509 506 508

Extravagant Patty AF Iron Annie RJF Sheza Top Shelf Dunn Betting

1 2 3

603 LAR Sittin Empress 601 Southern Sweet T 602 RR Paisley

1 2 3 4

708 710 714 707

Bonita Bandita BCB Sarcee Wha-She-Knee Latest Trend in Stars M Arrow Funny Face

1 2 3 4

807 810 805 802

C7CC Lieutenant Lucky's Princess M Arrow Simply Divine 7 Bar Rio Maya

1 2 3 4

910 908 905 909

Leading Lady BCB M Arrow Glory Days Dunn Lucky Dice Stars Southern Eloquence

1 2 3 4

1001 1005 1007 1006

Brindle Fox Stars Perfect Design Pacific Laura AF Villas Girl

Place Entry Animals Name

Place Entry Animals Name

Jace & Brent Bolen, winners Class 2, Class 3, Class 7 and Class 9.

Place Entry Animals Name

Richard Filip, winner of Class 5

Place Entry Animals Name

Place Entry Animals Name

Steve & René Azinger, winners Class 6

Place Entry Animals Name

Place Entry Animals Name

Bruce and Connie Ollive, winner of Class 8

Place Entry Animals Name

Gary Don Taylor, winner Class 10.


Place Entry Animals Name

Class 1


4/8/2014 5/3/2014 5/25/2014 4/7/2014 Class 2 DOB

3/15/2014 3/5/2014 3/15/2014 2/24/2014 Class 3 DOB

12/5/2013 12/28/2013 12/28/2013 12/19/2013 Class 4 DOB

10/13/2013 11/13/2013 10/22/2013 10/19/2013 Class 5 DOB

9/19/2013 8/1/2013 8/9/2013 8/5/2013 Class 6 DOB

6/8/2013 7/15/2013 6/11/2013 Class 7 DOB

4/1/2013 3/17/2013 3/11/2013 4/9/2013 Class 8 DOB

1/3/2013 12/2/2012 1/14/2013 1/29/2013 Class 9 DOB

9/27/2012 10/7/2012 11/14/2012 10/6/2012 Class 10 DOB

8/5/2012 6/15/2012 6/9/2012 6/12/2012


Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen John & Christy Randolph Tom & Linda Harman Rick & Tracey Friedrich Owner

Brent & Cindy Bolen John & Christy Randolph Sara Jennings / Stephen Head Tom & Linda Harman Owner

Brent & Cindy Bolen Star Creek Ranch Gary Don Taylor Allen / Filip Partnership Owner

Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen Ty Wehring Terry & Tammy King John & Christy Randolph Owner

Richard & Jeanne Filip Chase Vasut Richard & Jeanne Filip Brent & Cindy Bolen Owner

Steve & René Azinger Bryan & Carolyn Brown Rick & Tracey Friedrich Owner

Brent & Cindy Bolen Bruce & Connie Ollive Star Creek Ranch Terry & Tammy King Owner

Bruce & Connie Ollive Chase Vasut Doug & Sandy Stotts Mike BeijI Owner

Brent & Cindy Bolen Doug & Sandy Stotts Nancy Dunn Star Creek Ranch Owner

Gary Don Taylor Star Creek Ranch Richard & Jeanne Filip Steve & René Azinger Texas Longhorn Trails


Highlights Friday Ben Gravett Spotlight Heifer Sale $10,779 Saturday Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale XI $15,232 Volume Buyers: 1. Richard Carroll 4 Lots - $170,000 2. Tom & Linda Harman 3 Lots - $106,700 3. Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs 3 Lots - $55,500 4. Ricky McLeod 7 Lots - $51,300 5. John & Rebecca Wampler 3 Lots - $43,500 6. Joshua Cashman 2 Lots - $37,000 7. Les & Lane Craft 1 Lot - $34,500 8. Mike & Jeanie Casey 4 Lots - $32,300 9. Bill & Elizabeth Hudson 2 Lots - $30,000 10. Wes & Carol Chancey 3 Lots - $28,500

Craig Perez, Comanche, OK; Kelly Whitten, Daisa Whitten, Cleburne, TX


As reported on the TLMA website On March 13 & 14, the Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale created new levels of excitement as hundreds of Longhorn breeders converged on the Embassy Suites Outdoor World in Grapevine, Texas where fabulous cattle were sold for equally fabulous prices.

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT:


TCC SHUTTERBUG Consigned by Bill & Judy Meridith. Purchased by Richard Carroll


Charlene & Dr. Mark Gilliland, Winfield, KS

Consignor: Bow Carpenter Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman

$40,000 – SOUTHERN SISTER Consignor: Bill & Judy Meridith Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman

$37,500 – TCC CHOCOLATE DIPPED Consignor: Bill & Judy Meridith Buyer: Richard Carroll

$34,500 – AWESOME NOVA Consignor: Mountain Creek Buyer: Les & Lane Craft

$30,000 – SUNHAVEN DIEGO'S GINNY Consignor: Bow Carpenter Buyer: Richard Carroll

Linda Harman, Austin, TX; TLBAA’s Barbara Linke

$27,000– AWESOME ROSEBUD Consignor: Mountain Creek Buyer: Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs

$22,000– BL RIO SWEETIE 815 Consignor: Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs Buyer: John & Rebecca Wampler

$20,500– BL LADY DIE Consignor: Mountain Creek Buyer: Joshua Cashman

$19,700– ALLENS 239

Consignor: Les & Lane Craft Buyer: Tom & Linda Harman

Hundreds of Longhorn breeders shared in the excitement of the Legacy XI Sale.

Justin Rombeck, Frankfort, KS; Bow Carpenter, Comfort, TX

Michelle and Frank Heverdejs, Houston, TX Texas Longhorn Trails


High Selling Saturday Lot – HL Royal Rose











Two Day Sales Gross: $950,525 Total Sales Average: $9,319



102 Head Sold in Two Days

$14,000 – M.C. TRINKET Consignor: BRIAN & MARY STAHL Buyer: BOB & PAM LOOMIS


Highlights Friday Night Heifer Sale Sold 36 Heifers Gross Sales: $295,200 Sale Average: $8,200 Saturday Texas Longhorn Cow Sale Sold 66 Lots Gross Sales: $655,325 Sale Average: $9,929




Tom & Linda Harman, Austin, TX

SE UTOPIA Consignor: Eddie & Sharon Settlemeyer Purchased By: Mike & Debbie Bowman

Lynn Struthoff & Josie Becker, San Antonio, TX



HL ROYAL ROSE Consignor: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson Purchased by: Richard & Jeanne Filip

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ 24

Lane & Les Craft, Houston, TX; Bear Davidson, Catlett, VA; Dan Huntington, Gresham, WI --continued on pg. 26


--continued from pg. 24


Class 1 winner Gail Beach, Huntington, IN.

Class 2 winner Mark Hubbell, Hastings, MI.

Class 3 winner Elizabeth and Bill Hudson, Floyds Knobs, IN.

Class 4 winner Gary Don Taylor, Okarche, OK.

Class 5 winners Tracy and Dan Jones, Washington, IN.




05/01/14 06/13/14 04/01/14 04/24/14 04/04/14 05/18/14 05/04/14 04/12/14 04/24/14 04/28/14 04/10/14 04/10/14 04/02/14 04/16/14 06/01/14 04/20/14 05/06/14 04/14/14 04/02/14

Hubbells She's a 10 LC Storm Catcher 7D Minnie Oreo AML Miss White Tail BP Sweetiepie Haltoms Shiny Penny Hubbells Perfect Catch BP Tango HL Foxy Clover HL Margaritaville Jest Maxed Out M2 Lady Diamond Rio WPR Desperate Poker FN Enola Haltoms Rodeo Rita Steel Angel Hubbells Rio Jazzey M2 Rio Black Magic BP Star 200

1 2 3 4 5 6

106 102 104 105 101 103

07/21/14 08/17/14 08/05/14 08/05/14 09/13/14 08/17/14

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

317 309 310 315 313 305 316 306 302 304 312 314 303 311 308 307 301

01/02/14 03/11/14 03/11/14 01/27/14 02/11/14 03/20/14 01/13/14 03/15/14 03/28/14 03/21/14 03/04/14 01/30/14 03/24/14 03/10/14 03/14/14 03/14/14 03/29/14

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

206 201 219 208 216 203 205 213 209 207 214 215 218 211 202 210 204 212 217

401 403 408 407 412 405 410 409 406 411 402 404

12/28/13 12/05/13 11/09/13 11/13/13 10/07/13 11/18/13 10/22/13 11/01/13 11/16/14 10/18/13 12/25/13 11/21/13


Meadow Green Gretta Hubbells Rio Gorgeous 4 BP Tennessee Rose M2 Miss Painted Chex Premier Astoria Grandizm Premier Royal Te

Gail Beach - Meadow Green Ranch Mark Hubbell - Hubbell Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Tom Matott - Rocky Mountain Longhorns Leah Grove - Grove Cattle Co. Dan & Kristi Grove - Grove Cattle Co.

DC Coco Rio Charming Pearls HL Rags to Riches WPR Catchit Patty BP Buttercream Meadow Green Covergirl Rio's Treasure HLLV Miss Sassy BCB HL Sharp Point WPR Lazy Poker Gunsmokes Heritage HL Rio's Magnolia Trish HL Mary Lincoln Mission Accomplished 7D Dancin Sox Tequila Mockingbird

Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Todd & Kelli McKnight - CedarView Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Scott Hughes - White Pines Ranch Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Gail Beach - Meadow Green Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Brent & Cindy Bolen - Bolen Longhorn Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Scott Hughes - White Pines Ranch Nathan Jones - Wild Serenade Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Mike & Jamie Tomey - Tomey Farms Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Steven Bryson - Bryson Longhorns Dusty Leonard - 7D Longhorns Steven Bryson - Bryson Longhorns

Cinnamon Dolce Princess Moo BCB Mona's Doolittle Lady's Covergirl TJ Semantha LC Ladylike Riverforks Diamond-Back Slippery When Wet Destination Dunn Helm Missy RRR Feliz Navidad 388 Concealed Carrie

Mark Hubbell - Hubbell Longhorns Brian Varner - Longhorn Creek Ranch Dusty Leonard - 7D Longhorns Andy Mast - Andy Mast Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch Mark Hubbell - Hubbell Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Nathan Jones - Wild Serenade Ranch Tom Matott - Rocky Mountain Longhorns Scott Hughes - White Pine Ranch Shawn & Cathy Norton - Flying N Longhorns James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch Justin Henry - Double H Ranch James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch Tom Matott - Rocky Mountain Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch

Gary Don Taylor - Bell / Taylor Partnership Brent & Cindy Bolen - Bolen Longhorn Ranch Dan & Tracy Jones - Hoosier Longhorns Dan & Tracy Jones - Hoosier Longhorns J.R. Matott - Rocky Mountain Longhorns Brian Varner - Longhorn Creek Ranch Terry & Tammy King - TK Longhorns Curtis Elburn - Rafter E Cattle Co. Nancy Dunn - Rolling D Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Dick & Peg Lowe - Triple R Ranch James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch

--continued on pg. 28 Texas Longhorn Trails

Champions start with you - THE SPONSORS Join us as we build, increase and magnify the 2015 Horn Showcase

Many great sponsorship packages are available and filled with wonderful benefits from which to choose.

$10,000 – TWIST 21


• 12 - Full page color ad in Trails

• 6 - Full page color ad in Trails

• 1 - Full page in Show program

• 2 - sale consignments

• 2 - 4’x6’ banners in show arena • 2 - sale consignments

• 1 - Full page color ad in Sale catalog • 4 - Banquet tickets

$3,000 A – LADY BUTLER

• 1 - Full page black & white ad in Show program • 1 - Full page ad in Sale catalog

• 2 - 4’x6’ banners in show arena • 4 - Banquet tickets

$3,000 B – LADY BUTLER

• 1 - Fourth page ad in Show program

• 1 - Fourth page ad in Show program

• 4 - E-Blasts over 12 months

• 2 - 4’x6’ banners in arena

• 2 - sale consignments

• 1 - Full page ad in Sale catalog

• 12 month sponsor ad on web site • 2 - 4’x6’ banners in show arena • 4 - Banquet tickets

$1,800 – YO SAMSON ROSILLA 956

• 1 - Half page ad in Show Program • 12 month sponsor ad on web site

• 2 - E-blasts over 12 month period • 12 month Breeders Guide in Trails • 1 - 4’x6’ banners in show arena

$500 - MEASLES 2849

• 1 - Full page ad in Show program • 12 month breeders guide in Trails • 2 - Banquet tickets

• 12 month Breeders Directory on web site • 3 - Full page ads in Trails • 4 - Banquet tickets

• 20’x10’ Ranch vendor space

$1,000 - ANITA

• 1 - Half page ad in show program • 1 - Sale consignment

• 1 - Full page ad in sale Catalog

• 2 - E-blasts over 12 month period • 1 - 4’x6’ banners in arena • 2 - Banquet tickets


• 12 months on web site Breeders Directory

• Recognition in Show program & Sales Catalog

In addition to the above listed benefits, each sponsorship receives special recognition and announcements throughout the show and in media and press releases. To reserve your sponsorship please contact Barbara Linke at (817) 625-6241 or barbara@tlbaa.org


--continued from pg. 26


Class 6 winners Brent & Cindy Bolen, Lufkin, TX.

Class 7 winner Gary Don Taylor.

Class 8 winner Joe Sedlacek, Greenleaf, KS

Class 9 winners Dan & Tracey Jones, Jimmy Jones, Greenville, AL.

Class 10 winners Robyn & James Dyal, Russellville, TN.





1 2 3 4 5 6 7

506 501 503 504 505 502 507

09/02/13 09/19/13 09/13/13 09/12/13 09/10/13 09/17/13 07/28/13

Spectacular Feat Extravagant Patty Horseshoe J Miraculous CV Casanova Sensation RRR Miss Rexie 383 HL Patty Cake 5D Moore Spider

Tracy & Dan Jones - Hoosier Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Jimmy Jones - Horseshoe J Longhorns Todd & Kelli McKnight - CedarView Ranch Dick & Peg Lowe - Triple R Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

706 705 707 708 701 702 703 704

11/06/12 11/14/12 11/04/12 11/02/12 02/20/13 01/24/13 12/27/12 12/01/12

GD Mary Mazue Dunn Lucky Dice Dunn Casino Riverforks Black Pearl HL Firefly's Glory Horseshoe J Magic BP Summerwine Fancy Jaynie PC 8

Gary Don Taylor - Taylor Ranch Nancy Dunn - Rolling D Ranch Nancy Dunn - Rolling D Ranch Terry & Tammy King - TK Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Jimmy Jones - Horseshoe J Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbons - Broken Plow Ranch Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

904 907 905 902 903 901 908

10/30/13 09/27/13 10/28/13 12/24/13 12/12/13 02/20/14 09/20/13

Delta Lucky Ace Riverforks Fifty Cents Cherokee Aka TSA-LA-GI FN Moose HL Bull Dawg WPR Hind Catcher Mucho Bueno BCR 351

Dan Jones & Jimmy Jones - Hoosier / Jones Partnership Terry & Tammy King - TK Longhorns Dan Jones / Justin Henry - Hoosier / Double H Partnership Shawn & Cathy Norton - Flying N Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson - Hudson Longhorns Scott Hughes - White Pines Ranch Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen - Bull Creek Longhorns

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

610 611 604 608 603 607 605 606 602 609 601

814 803 810 813 806 808 807 801 809 804 811 812 802

1007 1010 1005 1009 1006 1008 1004 1001 1003 1002

04/01/13 03/30/13 05/16/13 04/16/13 06/02/13 04/21/13 05/06/13 05/05/13 06/06/13 04/09/13 06/09/13

03/29/14 05/23/14 03/29/14 03/18/14 05/12/14 05/07/14 05/07/14 08/28/14 03/31/14 05/18/14 03/21/14 03/21/14 05/31/14

04/02/13 01/24/13 05/01/13 03/06/13 04/18/13 03/15/13 05/26/13 08/24/13 07/13/13 07/22/13

Bonita Bandita BCB Sunny Day Mighty Drag Iron Lady RRR Miss Hot Xena 313 Circle S Big Momma BP Red Tango Dakota It's A Grand Day Meadow Green Vera Jean BP Midnight M Arrow Funny Face RC Rawhide's Fancy

CV Backfired Money In The Bank Chex Draft Pick BP Thunderchief Hubbell's Cowboy FN Power Stroke FN Razor Blade 401K He's Pretty Tuff Dixie Don Juan RML Toro Grande Sittin Lady's Magic Teddy Bear 499

M.C. Casanova Kid Outlawed RRR H T's Edge 325 HHF Chisum Tempt Puff Hubbell's 44 Magnum Hubbells Rio Dynamite Maxxed Out FHF Remington BP Windstar

Brent & Cindy Bolen - Bolen Longhorn Ranch Mike & Jamie Tomey - Tomey Farms James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch Dick & Peg Lowe - Triple R Ranch Sonny & Angela Robertson - Sonny & Angie's Longhorns Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Jon & Cindy Johnson - Dakota Longhorns Gail Beach - Meadow Green Ranch Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Terry & Tammy King - TK Longhorns Russell Clark - J Bar J Longhorns LLC

Joe Sedlacek Zach Moffitt / Jerry Loveday - Moffitt / Loveday Partnership Kevin & Jodi Bryant - Bryant Cattle Co. Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch Mark Hubbell - Hubbell's Longhorns Shawn & Cathy Norton - Flying N Longhorns Shawn & Cathy Norton - Flying N Longhorns Jimmy Jones - Jones / Hudson Partnership Mark Flinchum - M & M Cattle Co. James & Lynette Haltom - Haltom Hollar Ranch Zach Moffitt & Levi Blake - Rolling M & Blake Partnership Steven Anderson - Boiling Springs Longhorns Curtis Elburn - Rafter E Cattle Co.

James Dyal - Win Vue Farms Gary Don Taylor - Gravett/ Smith/Taylor Part. Dick & Peg Lowe - Triple R Ranch/Detweiler Part. David & Missy Hackney - Double H Farms JD Hasty - Hasty Cattle Co. Mark Hubbell - Hubbell / Clark Partnership Rocky Mtn. Longhorns - Hubbell, Mast, Matott Partnership Mike & Jamie Tomey - Tomey Farms Todd Hensley - Flying H Farms Larry & Charlotte Gribbins - Broken Plow Ranch

Texas Longhorn Trails



Highlights Embryo Sale Average: $3,475 Top Ten Sat. Sale Average: $4,550 Volume Buyers: Mike & Debbie Bowman • Kris Peterek Brett Ranch • Bill & Elizabeth Hudson Dale Hunt & Sherrill Caddel



LOT E7-LUCKY EMBRYO (LIVE EMBRYO) Consigned by Billingsley Longhorns Buyer: Tony Mangold

John Marshall hosted the 2nd Annual Blue Ridge Ranch Sale at his picturesque ranch located in Llano. Guests were treated great food and hospitality from the Blue Ranch crew including Ranch Manager Bubba Bollier. On Friday night, participants were treated to an embryo sale and evening ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ meal. On Saturday morning, breakfast was served from the chuckwagon, and the sale HIGH SELLING LOT: got underway by 10:00 am. It was a great time had by all, and we look forward to LOT 40-FC TURQUOISE next year’s sale.


2010 Daughter of FC Moon Shine & FC Black Gold

Consigned by Falls Creek Longhorns Buyer: Kris Peterek



LOT 22-LAZY J’S DRAG STRIP 2013 Daughter of Drag Iron & 2 Far 2 Fast

Consigned by Lazy J Longhorns Buyer: Brett Ranch





2012 Daughter of Jubal Jangler & Twig


Consigned by Brett Ranch Buyer: Bill & Elzabeth Hudson

LOT E10-JAMSTER X JUBILEE WIN Consigned by Brett/Marshall Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman





2008 Daughter of J S Overdrive & Stockton’s Miss Seco

LOT E4-TH JAMAJAWEA EMBRYO Consigned by Split Rock Cedar Ranch Buyer: Zach Dameron




Consigned by Blue Ridge Ranch Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman



2011 Daughter of Drag Iron & JHC Beau Ding







LOT E3-COWBOY UP CHEX X ALL OF RED Consigned by Blue Ridge Ranch Buyer: Brett Ranch

Consigned by Brett Ranch Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman

LOT 39-GF 18/6 2006 Daughter of GF Little Foot & Fainted Over

Consigned by Brett Ranch Buyer: Dale Hunt



LOT 13-BR UNBOUNDED JAM 2013 Daughter of Jamster & Bowl Bounded


Consigned by Brett Ranch Buyer: Kris Peterek

Photos by Laura Standley



Mike Beijl, Denton, TX; Davis Green, Era, TX


LOT E1-WS JAMAKIZM X HL CHELSEA Consigned by Blue Ridge Ranch Buyer: Lorinda Valentine

LOT E6-CB TARI’S VICTORY X IRON HAIL Consigned by Blue Ridge Ranch Buyer: Billingsley Longhorns

Jon, Amanda & Jacob Sylvie, Austin, TX

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ 6TH HIGH SELLING LOT (tie):


LOT 46-7 BAR TRUFFLES 2008 Daughter of WS Jamakizm & Star Dot Dash

Consigned by Brett Ranch Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman



LOT 41-JHC JASMINE 2008 Daughter of CC Lucky Strike & JHC Diana

Consigned by JHC Longhorns Buyer: Randall & Cindy Traywick


-- continued on pg. 34 Texas Longhorn Trails


Part II

The 2015 Horn Showcase will be held in Lawton, Oklahoma. Why Lawton? Members of the Horn Showcase Steering Committee and TLBAA staff traveled to Lawton, OK, March 16th-17th to do preevent logistical work for the 2015 event. The measuring arena, bull alley and the sale ring were all measured and platted out. The entire event will be held within the Great Plains Coliseum, including the sale and banquet, with ample room to load in and out and free parking. The Steering Committee has planned exciting new activities for this year’s event. Friday night, October 2 will feature a bred and owned heifer production sale in addition to the normal Saturday afternoon sale. Up to 20 lots will be accepted for consignment to the heifer production sale. Consignment fees for both sales will be $300 per animal and include one measurement. The Saturday sale, will feature awards for high seller and volume buyer. A split commission-five percent for buyers and ten percent for non-buyers-will be charged for both sales. Also new for this year, awards will be presented after each class, rather than at the Saturday evening banquet. The banquet will feature only special awards, food, fun and fellowship and a band for entertainment. We will have a fashion show for the ladies on Thursday afternoon sponsored by Crutcher’s Western Wear of Lawton. There is ample room for 34 vendors on the floor of the Coliseum, and we have invited jewelers, gift boutiques, feed and supply stores and various other businesses in the Lawton/Wichita Falls area to participate. May/June 2015

As tradition dictates, measuring will take place on Thursday and Friday to include Tip to Tip, Total Horn and Twisty. Satellite measuring is included; however, at least five animals and/or three breeders will be required to be approved. A futurity, get of sire/produce of dam, and total package classes will also be featured. The total package classes will utilize a points system to showcase the measuring animals and the futurity animals and select the best of conformation and horn. This will be a prestigious award for those animals that have it all. Satellite measuring will take place either Saturday, September 26th or Sunday, September 27th. Measurements should be submitted to Amy Weatherholtz at TLBAA no later than Monday, September 28 at 12 Noon CST. Bull Alley is shaping up to be a spectacular showcase of our breed. We will have drawings for prizes and a reception in conjunction with Bull Alley this year. Finally, we have begun selling sponsorships and the Southeastern Texas Longhorn Association has gotten the ball rolling with a donation to the auction and is issuing a challenge to all other TLBAA affiliates to support the event and donate an item as well. The 2015 Horn Showcase is ramping up to be one of the most fun and exciting events on record. Watch for more information, entry forms and other news in upcoming issues of the Trails, E-Trails and on TLBAA.org. See you in Lawton!


-- continued from pg. 32 High Selling Lot - Bubba Bollier; Kris Peterek, Weimar, TX (Buyer); John Marshall; Sandi & Stanley Tidwell, Midlothian, TX; Russell Hooks, Hamilton, TX

Suzanne & Brian Brett, Southlake, TX

Felix Serna, Kingsville, TX; Richard Filip, Fayetteville, TX

Tom Smith, Lowell, MI

Richard Chewning and Hal Meyer, Wimberley, TX

TLBAA Board Member Gwen Damato, Weatherford, TX; TLBAA Board Member Nik Nikodym, Newcastle, OK

Larry Stegemoller, Cleburne, TX; Tom Harman, Austin, TX; Lee Blackwell, Mason, TX; Toni Stegemoller Donnie & Marilyn Taylor, Huntington, TX

Cynthia & Randall Traywick, Round Mountain, TX

Lee & Gay Gaddis, Austin, TX


Dan Tisdale, Bowie, TX on the phone with Mike Casey bidding.

Kayla & Wesley Briers, Woodville, TX Texas Longhorn Trails

Nebraska Texas Longhorn Association 34 Annual Sale Results th


Highlights Volume Buyer: Ray Malchow, Beatrice, NE

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT:


7LS LITTLE MARY 1 (Daughter of Chuckwagon & 7LS Bunny’s Brindle) Consigner: Larry & Mary Ann Long, North Platte, NE Buyer: Greg Sherwood, Abohy, MO


he N.T.L.A. members were proud to hold their 34th Annual Sale on April 11th. The consignors brought a nice bunch of Longhorns for the buyers to choose from. After snow falling in west and midwest Nebraska earlier in the week, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer, sunnier weekend than the one we had on April 10th and 11th at the Broken Bow Livestock Auction. This was our 2nd Annual Spring Sale here in Broken Bow, NE. Friday night, a nice crowd gathered for socializing, drinks and dinner at the Broken Bow Country Club. Eileen’s Catering featured an awesome meal for all to enjoy with Bonnie’s Cake Balls for dessert. Saturday morning started off with a silent auction just before the sale-an N.T.L.A. longtime tradition of 34 years. Raffle tickets for a heifer calf donated by Delwin & Vicki Smeal & bull calf donated by L.D. McIntyre were sold throughout the day. Drawing will be held at the Nebraska State Fair WQ Shows in August. Bruce Scheer donated a super cool, one-of-a-kind Longhorn boot scraper. Dennis Bennett won the boot scraper – now when we see him we’ll be checking his boots! Our crowd came from South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We were glad to have our sale on Cattleusa again this year for our customers use. We are so thankful for all the individuals that made this sale possible. A huge thank you to everyone for helping out! Thank you to the consignors, buyers, auctioneer, members & friends for making this sale possible. It’s always fun to meet new Longhorn Lovers and reacquaint with old ones. We are looking forward to the 35th sale next spring.

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ ADDITIONAL HIGH SELLING: $1,700 – 7LS Surley’s Rock (Daughter of Flat Rock & Surley the Goods) Consignor: Larry & Mary Ann Long, North Platte, NE. Buyer: Vernon Bancroft, Paton, IA. $1,650 – Anchor D Regency 2K 44/7 (Daughter of US 0032 & N 4125) Consignor: Anchor D Ranch, Belvidere, KS Buyer: Leslie Lautenschlager, Palmer, NE. $1,650 – DV Amazed (Daughter of Shadow Maze & Uncanny) Consignor: Del-Vic, Scribner, NE. Buyer: Wayne McIntosh, Palmer, NE. $1,600 – SSR Georgie Girl (Daughter of Currious George 6 & SSR Shy Eve) Consignor: Art Smith, Gering, NE . Buyer: Keith Miller, Broken Bow, NE.

Ray Malchow, wife & son, Beatrice, NE, Volume Buyer

Results & Photos by Bonnie Damrow

Roger Lamphier, Liberty, MO

Deer Haven LLC, Page, NE-Don & Charlotte Linquist, Dave, Terri, Rebecca & Emmy Barger


Art (Sonny) Smith, Gering, NE Texas Longhorn Trails

Everyone Can Participate in the Affiliate Competitions!

Affiliate Entries Due to the TLBAA Office August 28

★ Entries appear in the October TRAILS ★ Judges will have their short list selected prior to September 15th when the October TRAILS is mailed ★ The semi-finalist are featured in the November issue of the TRAILS ★ Final votes by the affiliates entering the competitions are due to the TLBAA office by December 18th, 2015 ★ Awards presented at the annual meeting in January The Affiliate competitions have both been reviewed for 2015 and the guidelines updated to share with TLBAA members. Every TLBAA member who currently owns a 2014 registered heifer or bull can get involved. The comments about "the show is too far to travel to" or "too expensive to attend" or "just too much work" won't apply to the 2015 Prince and Princess competition. Every active member can be a part of this competition, the more affiliates involved the better the payouts are for the winners.

Here are the guidelines for 2015: 1. Animal must be born in 2014 year. 2. One picture per entry (expanded on further below). 3. Profile photo with no brands showing or ear tags with identification visible. Nothing in the background that would identify the animal or affiliate. 4. 300 dpi, 4”x6” picture is required, saved as a high quality .jpg file. 5. Entry form to include animal’s date of birth, registered name, registered owner and TLBAA number. 6. Owner must be a current TLBAA active member in good standing and an active member of the affiliate represented by the entry. 7. Each affiliate can send in one entry per competition (one bull, one heifer). 8. Entry fees must be included with entry forms, $100 per animal. 9. Submit entry form and fee to the TLBAA office by due date, no exceptions. 10. Final payout is based on the number of entries and checks are paid to the affiliates. To the affiliates, this is "an opportune time to shine", promote your affiliate and the great cattle that are being raised by members belonging to your association. Each affiliate decides how and when they select their entry. The more innovative the selection process, the more it needs to be shared in the TRAILS so others can read about it in the affiliate news section. The deadline for this year's competition will be August 28, 2015. Have fun, get members involved, and select your best. Start looking...there's cash to be won, and bragging rights if your entry is selected to join the elite group of "TLBAA Princes and Princesses."

For questions or further information, contact Deb Lesyk at halters.buckets@yahoo.com

March 2015


37th B&C Show Me Longhorn Sale MARCH 29, 2014 BROOKFIELD, MO AUCTIONEERS: BILL SAYRE FUTURITY JUDGE: BILL SMITH Results submitted by Bill Sayre

Futurity Winners: Class 1 - 1st place - Lot 8 Todd Goldinger 2nd place - Lot F11 Oren & Dianna O’Dell Class 2 - 1st place - F13 Delwin & Vicki Smeal 2nd place - Lot F12 Delwin & Vicki Smeal Class 3 - 1st place - F19 Jody Shaw $3,985.00 given in premiums in Heifer Futurity. Judge was Bill Smith.

Highlights ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT (43):



Consignor: Bruce Curtiss Buyer: Vernon Bancroft

Auctioneer Bill Sayre and sales crew

Judge Bill Smith and Tommy Petersen




Consignor: Todd Goldinger Buyer: Delwin & Vicki Smeal

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ 124 buyers from 17 states, 296 lots sold. Total Lots Average $1,673.41 Ropers selling for $850.00 to $1,130.00 Bulls Average $1,600.00 of all ages

Bill Smith and Class 2 winner – Vicki Smeal

Tommy Petersen, Bill Smith and David Roberts, accepting the first place award for Todd Goldinger.


Bill Smith and Class 1 second place winner – Oren O’Dell

Tommy Petersen, Bill Smith and Class 3 winner – Jody Shaw

Texas Longhorn Trails

Heifer Raffle El Coyote Ranch was gracious enough to donate ECR Armed Vixen, a heifer born 10-18-14 to be raffled for the Longhorn Expo fund. ECR Armed Vixen is out of Expeditious ECR and ECR Stately. Tickets are available for purchase and a drawing will take place at the Awards Banquet.

Wednesday June 3, 2015 9:00 am - 6:00 pm – Cattle Move-In Health papers are required for all animals at check-in Note: Gold Merit & Senior Sale Books due at check-in

9:30 am - 6:00 pm – Exhibits Open 4:00 pm – TLBT Livestock Judging 6:00 pm – Barn Party

Thursday, June 4, 2015

TLBT Hall of Fame Point Donated Heifers Each year the TLBT youth accumulate Hall of Fame Points, by participating in World Qualifying shows. Youth can also earn points by giving seminars, speeches and membership recruitments. At the TLBT Awards Banquet, their year long hard work will be awarded with the top 10 being recognized in each age division. The top placing individuals in each division will be the lucky recipient of a donated heifer. Breeders who have donated a heifer for the 2015 TLBT Hall of Fame heifers are:

Hi 5 Longhorns Cody Himmelreich

JP Ranch JAmes & Paula Wilkins

(2) Heifers – Texas Perfection Longhorns Matt & Debbie Durkin

8:15 am – Photography Contest Begins 8:45 am – TLBT Show Meeting Show Ring Procedure and Group Photo

9:00 am – TLBT National Youth Show Beginning with Pee Wee Showmanship Junior, Intermediate, Teen and Senior Showmanship will immediately follow the steer classes.

Judge: Dr. Doug Pierce, Brenham, TX 9:00 am - 6:00 pm – Exhibits Open 9:00 am – TLBT Quiz Bowl Open until the end of the youth show.

Friday, June 5, 2015

9:00 am - 6:00 pm – Exhibits and Silent Auction Opens 9:00 am – Free Division Show Begins Followed by Free Miniature Division Show

Judge: Dr. Aaron Cooper, Waelder, TX 9:00 am – TLBT Gold Merit Speeches Begin 1:00 pm – TLBT General Membership Meeting 5:00 pm – TLBT Senior Heifer Sale Photography Contest Closes

TLBT General Membership MEeting The TLBT Youth General Membership Meeting is a time for the youth to get involved and help plan their upcoming year. TLBT youth officer and directors for the 2015-2016 season elections takes place at the meeting. This is also a perfect opportunity for youth and/or parents to ask questions about the TLBT.

5:30 pm – Breeder Memorial 6:00 pm – TLBAA Trophy Steer Show Judges: Larry Smith II, Glen Rose, TX Robert Richey, San Angelo, TX David “Nik” Nikodym, Newcastle, OK 7:00 pm – TLBT Annual Banquet, Live and Silent Auctions

Saturday, June 6, 2015 9:00 am - 5:00 pm – Exhibits Open 9:00 am – Haltered Division Show Begins Followed by Miniature Haltered Show

Judge: Mr. Brent Wellings, Fort Worth, TX Immediately following the conclusion of the Miniature Haltered Show, The Awards Ceremony for the Haltered, Free and Miniature Divisions will begin.

Gold Merit

Livestock Judging

Designed to recognize skills outside of

Held on Wednesday afternoon, exhibitors will evaluate three groups of cattle

the show ring, participants compete in

including females, bulls and steers. Judging of conformation, color and horn

record keeping and speech giving.

growth will be considered when grading the judging cards. Awards will be given.

Each age category winner receives a

Photography Contest

belt buckle. For more information, click on the TLBT tab at www. TLBAA.org

Quiz Bowl Exhibitors have the option to take a random knowledge quiz, competing in each age category. Examples of previous questions: Who was the first TLBAA President? What should all

New this year, the photography contest allows you to submit your best shot for Peoples’ Choice Awards. The entry fee is $10 for each entry. Prizes will be awarded for each age group; Pee Wee (6 & under) Junior (7-9), Intermediate (10-12), Teen (13-15), Senior (16 - 19) and Adults (20+) Age as of January 1, 2015, if you graduated High School last year, you are in the adult class. You may submit your

high resolution 8” x 10” photo, along with your name, contact information, age, and photo title, and entry fee to TLBAA - Longhorn Expo 2315 N. Main St., Suite 402 Fort Worth, TX 76164.

heifers be vaccinated for between the ages of four to ten months of age?

Senior heifer sale For graduating seniors only, the Senior Heifer Sale gives students the opportunity to market themselves and heir heifer for monetary bids to put towards their college education. At the Sale, the exhibitors will also present a small presentation on their heifer and future goals. One senior will also receive an award for Senior Marketing Champion.

TLBT Annual Banquet

Breeder Memorial

The TLBT youth have worked all year long at numerous different shows, and this banquet helps recognize all of their successes, from the graduating senior slide show to the recognition of their hard earned awards. This year with a patriotic theme, you will be sure to see some bright outstanding youth stars. Tickets are on sale and need to be pre-purchased. TLBT youth exhibitors will receive (1) complimentary ticket to the banquet in their entry packet at check-in. Banquet ticket prices are $30 and non-TLBT members (10 and under) are $10. Contact the TLBAA office to purchase tickets.

Silent & Live Auctions

Awards Ceremony

Longhorn Expo is a self-funded event

The World Show Steering

and welcomes donations of all levels.

Committee felt the need to

Make sure and find time to write a few

better acknowledge our

bids in the silent auction during the

Open exhibitors with an

show. Exhibitors are encouraged to


bring 1-2 silent auction items, the more


the better. And, during the Live Auction,


warm up your arms with bids that

haltered show, awards for

encourage growth and future success. If

the Hall of Fame, and a few

you have a Live Auction item donation,

specialty awards will be

please contact the TLBAA.




Immediately the


An emotional moving ceremony presented on the breeders we have lost the past year including taps and a rider-less horse presentation. If you would like to make sure




honored please contact Amy at 817-625-6241.

The Largest Show of the year Fort Worth, Tx - Twenty-eight years in the making, the 2015 Longhorn Expo including the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America’s World Show & National Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow’s Youth Show is set to kick off on June 3 - 6, 2015 at Will Rogers Coliseum. Starting in 1987, the once called “National Show” was a success by 1988, the yearling heifer class having the largest number in history with 86 entries. Now with many rule and class break changes, the number of qualifying heifers exceeds those once historic numbers. Over 1,100 World Qualifying invitations have already hit the mail to continue to grow and encourage the old breed with the new future. To receive qualifying invitations, an exhibitor must have exhibited and placed in a qualifying show which include affiliate sponsored shows and major shows. Affiliate shows soared to reach record numbers this year and are part of the reason this show continues to exist and grow. Affiliate participation is recognized by the number of entries and the amount of volunteers working at affiliate show levels and the Longhorn Expo. Shows including the National TLBT Youth Show, TLBAA Open Haltered Show, Open Free Division, Trophy Steer Show and Miniature Show can occupy the judging eye.

New this year, a Photography Contest that includes six age groups; youth divisions and adults. The banquet will be something not to miss, as the awards presented represent the hard working youth and families which strived to do their best throughout the World Show Circuit year. A patriotic fellowship complete with BBQ plates and ice cream bars should fill anyone’s appetite. Do not forget to bring a little extra spending money, as the opportunity to bid on both live and silent auction items help this self-funded event. Another fundraising event this year is a donated raffle heifer by El Coyote Ranch. Make sure and buy your raffle tickets for a great quality heifer who would look nice in the show ring or pasture. Also, this year there are several heifers in the Senior Heifer Sale. Graduating seniors actively market their animal to raise money for their future education. Throughout the year, the TLBT youth raise money for community service projects as well as their Prize Shop awards for second through fifth place, first place buckles are presented on behalf of the TLBAA. Mark your calendar and make your arrangements to be at the 2015 Longhorn Expo. See you in Cowtown when the show cows come to town.

Extra youth activities occurring throughout the show include the traditional Livestock Judging, Gold Merit, and Quiz Bowl.

Past Trophy Steer Champions For 23 years the Trophy Steer Show has been judged for color, conformation and horns. Listed here are the past Champions.

2002 - Wow KCC - Kimble Cattle Co., Karnes City, TX 2003 - Sunrise Hot Shot - Crier Creek Ranch, Columbus, TX 2004 - Wow KCC - Kimble Cattle Co, Karnes City, TX

1992 - Sky Roper - Gene & Kay Kramer, Sutherland, NE

2005 - Wow KCC - Kimble Cattle Co, Karnes City, TX

1993 - JR - Mahlon B. Wallace III, Spring Creek Farms, Rolla, MO

2006 - Super Czech - Shannon Collins, Cleburne, TX

1994 - Fletch - Mahlon B. Wallace III, Spring Creek Farms, Rolla, MO

2007 - Buckeroo 5/4 - Bob Duke, Round Top, TX

1995 - Hunter - John & Susan Fore, Denham Springs, LA

2008 - JR. Boomer - D. Johnson & C. Reardon, J.R. Ranch, Aquilla, TX

1996 - Speck - H.C. Carter, Dripping Springs, TX

2009 - Peaches-N-Cream - El Coyote Ranch, Kingsville, TX

1997 - Dixie Butler - Express Ranches, Yukon, OK

2010 - Red Hawk - Ron & Donna Garison, Doyline, LA

1998 - Amigo Yates - Fayette Yates, Tuscola, OK

2011 - Diablo ECR - El Coyote Ranch, Kingsville, TX

1999 - Wow - Kimble Cattle Co.,Karnes City, TX

2012 - Novillo Para Siempre - El Coyote Ranch, Kingsville, TX

2000 - Speck - H.C. Carter, Dripping Springs, TX

2013 - Dixie Finale - El Coyote Ranch, Kingsville, TX

2001 - HCC Speck - H.C. Carter, Dripping Springs, TX

2014 - TCR Cash - Ron & Donna Garison, Doyline, LA


Texas Longhorn Trails


Results submitted by TLMA. Photos submitted by Bear Davidson.

he 2015 Cherry Blossom Sale was another great success, benefiting breeders across the country – especially on the East Coast. On Friday night, hundreds of friends gathered at the beautiful home of Ann Gravett. The party continued until the wee hours of the morning, with plenty of fine food and refreshments for everyone. On Saturday, a large crowd of eager breeders converged on the Culpeper Agricultural Enterprise to see some of the best cattle ever offered at the Cherrry Blossom Sale. Many thanks to George & Laureen Gennin and Lee & Debbie Sherbyn, who generously sponsored the open bar refreshments.

Highlights 74 Lots Sold for an average of $2,436 Volume Buyers: Ann Gravett - 4 Lots - $32,600 Rob & Marcy Fenza - 5 Lots $17,750 Jerry Loveday - 5 Lots - $10,300

The Atwells had the high selling lot for $20,000 purchased by G&G Longhorns Rob Fenza of Northbrook Cattle Co., PA with Ken Morris of Khaos Kattle Co., NC

$6,475 was raised for charity.

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT:


Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs of Deer Creek Longhorns


Consignor: Jim & Barbara Atwell Buyer: Ann Gravett

Cassidy Huntzberry with her mother, Lizz Huntzberry, and Alan Stiles




Consignor: Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs Buyer: Rob & Marcy Fenza

Patty & Jim Gladden of FL with Terry King of FL

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ Jennifer & Kris Jackson of WV

Jerry Loveday & Alan Keiter

Barbara Atwell of Royal Heritage Greg Beal of MD and his Longhorn Farms, NC & Ann Gravett, G&G Sale first timer! Longhorns, VA


John & Chrstine Talley Texas Longhorn Trails

Founders - $250,000 and up

• Name on gold plated branding iron designed exclusively for the building’s showcase. One for you and one for display in the building’s showcase • Naming opportunity in the building • Special invitation to the Grand Opening preview reception and tour of the building • Recognition in the Trails

Benefactors - $25,000 to $99,999 • Name on a belt buckle designed exclusively for the new building. One for you and one for display on the museum’s Wall of Honor • Naming opportunity in the building • Special invitation to the Grand Opening preview reception and tour of the building • Recognition in the Trails

Leaders - $100,000 to $249,999

• Name on silver or bronze plated branding irons designed exclusively for the new building. One branding iron for you and one for display in the building’s showcase (bronze plated branding iron for gifts of $100,000-$149,999; silver plated branding iron for gifts of $150,000-$249,999) • Naming opportunity in the building • Special invitation to the Grand Opening preview reception and tour of the building • Recognition in the Trails

Patrons - $10,000 to $24,999

• Name on a plaque designed for the new building’s Wall of Honor • Naming opportunity in the new building • Special invitation to the Grand Opening preview reception and tour of the building • Recognition in the Trails

Supporters - $1,000 to $9,999

• Name acknowledgment on the new building’s Wall of Honor • Naming opportunity in the building • Special invitation to the Grand Opening preview reception and tour of the building • Recognition in the Trails

Builders - $100 to $999

• Special Invitation to the Grand Opening • Prominent recognition in the Grand Opening program • Name recognition on a brick paver • Recognition in the Trails

Charitable Pledge Agreement

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________________________State ______________Zip ____________________ Telephone (Day) ________________________________ (Evening) __________________________________________

Pledge Amount $ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Payable as follows (please specify amounts and dates) __________ / __________ $ ____________ Mo.


______________ / ____________ $ ________________ Mo.


Month in which you wish to be sent a reminder __________________________________________________________ Donor signature


Please make gifts and securities payable to: Texas Longhorn Breeders of America Foundation P.O. Box 4430 Fort Worth, Texas 76164 February 2014


up s r u o y r o f u o y Thank



Highlights Sale Average: $7,306.52 92 Lots Sold 238 Buyers/120 Internet Buyers


It was another exceptional Longhorn event with 40 consignors and a packed sale barn with 238 buyers as well as 120 internet buyers this year. The 2015 Registered Longhorn Sale totaled $672,200.00 and averaged $7,306.52 per head of the 92 lots sold. There were 11 scratches and 11 PO's in this year’s sale. The high selling lot was $60,000.00 and the second high selling lot was $40,000.00! The volume buyers were Bill & Judy Meridith and Bill & Elizabeth Hudson! Debbie and I look forward to seeing everyone next year and hope everyone had a great time!

-Mike Bowman






SHERATON STAR Consigned by Star Creek Ranch Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Tallgrass Cattle Co.


HELM SMOOTH SHOT Consigned by Helm Cattle Company Buyer: Wayne Green


CR STARS & STRIPES Consigned by Alexandra Dees Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Tallgrass Cattle Co.


CR AIM HIGH Consigned by Alexandra Dees Buyer: Bill and Elizabeth Hudson, Hudson Longhorns


GO-GO BOOTS Consigned by Big Valley Longhorns Buyer: Les Craft


PCC ROCKABYE Consigned by Scott Pace Buyer: Mike Beijl


EL DREAM GIRL Consigned by Ethan & Ashley Loos Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Tallgrass Cattle Co.


TEMPTING SHIRO TM Consigned by End of Trail Ranch Buyer: Bill & Elizabeth Hudson, Hudson Longhorns


Davis Green, Aubrey, TX; Mike Beijl, Denton, TX

AUZZIE'S BEAUTY EOT 904 Consigned by End of Trail Ranch Buyer: Joe Gibbons


DDR RED CONFETTI Consigned by Helm Cattle Company Buyer: Brent & Cindy Bolen, Bolen Longhorns


EOT OUTBACK BEAUTY II Consigned by End of Trail Ranch Buyer: Kent & Sandy Harrell, Harrell Ranch

Fred & Cheryl Bryant, Rogersville, MO


MI TIERRA VACA 93 Consigned by Cynthia Graham Mi Tierra Ranch Buyer: Mark Gilliland


EOT OUTBACK LEZAWE 881 Consigned by End of Trail Ranch Buyer: Warren & Cathy Dorathy


Cynthia Graham, Joplin, MO; Dale Eppard, Granby, MO



8 EMBRYOS COWBOY TUFF CHEX X TABASCO'S LEZAWE Consigned by End of Trail Ranch/Loomis Partnership Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Tallgrass Cattle Co.

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ Photos by Laura Standley


Jason Christa, Stockdale, TX; Troy Robinett, Rhome, TX; John Randolph, Smithville, TX

-- continued on pg. 48 Texas Longhorn Trails

-- continued from pg. 46 Cindy Bolen, Lufkin, TX; John Helm, Red Oak, TX; Tanner Boggs, Red Oak; Trails Account Executive Ashley Loos with Oliver; Nathan Helm

Brady Elmore & Samantha Trejo, Wichita Falls, TX

Sherri & Terry Adcock, Lamesa, TX

Avery, Annisa & Devin Graves, Altus, OK

Dale & Gina Francisco, Miami, OK; Peter DeGraaf, Miami, OK

Dale Hunt, Ardmore, OK; Mike Willinger, Marysville, IN

Dawn & Darin Divinia, Red Oak, TX

Rick Friedrich, Houston, TX Frank Pate, Douglass, KS

Tytan & Scott Pace, Saratoga Springs, UT

Jim Hutchison, Prescott, AZ ; Rocky Engemoen, Austin, TX

Janet Gleason, Larned, KS; Kasi & Jackie Dick, Pawhuska, OK Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen, Fayetteville, TX

Alex Dees & Eric Youngberg, Harper, OR Ethan Loos; Bill & Judy Meridith; Ashley & Oliver Loos


John Marshall, Llano, TX Texas Longhorn Trails

The following is an alphabetical list of donors since 1982 to the Foundation World Headquarters & Museum Campaign. Every effort has been made to locate every past list of names of donors; however, due to the period of time involved, some donors may have been omitted. If we have inadvertently left out your name, please contact the TLBAA office. Thank you for your help and generous support. CONTRIBUTORS TO THE Foundation World Headquarters & Museum Campaign INCLUDE: Tim & Anita Able | Ace Cattle Co. | Terry & Sherri Adcock | Darlene Aldridge, D.V.M. & John Parmley - Star Creek Ranch Alft’s Longhorn Acres | Allison & Dunaway | Amon G. Carter Foundation | Frank Anderson Jr. | Anonymous Donation Kenneth Archer | Ark-La-Tex Longhorn Assn. | Avery Mays Construction |Steve & René Azinger | B & C Farms

B. J. Barnhart Ranches | John T. & Betty Baker | Lisa Baker | Dr. L. V. & Pat Baker | Rand & Jeannine Baker | Tom Barnes Bar Cee Longhorn Ranch | Ray Beadle | Minford Beard | Mikeal Beck | Charles Belen | B. Eugene Berry, M.D.

Mark Strever Blackwood | Blair Ranch | Levi & Brittni Blake | Don Blansitt | Gary Bloomer | Clare Bogart | Mimi Bogart Ray Bohy | Bubba Bollier | Larry Bond | Mrs. Larry Bond | Randall Bordelon (R B Longhorns) | Gary & Teresa Bowdoin Brett/Marshall Partnership | Joe Brisbois | Curtis Bruner | Brush Creek Ranch | Bullard Ranch | Butler Breeders

Donald & Annette Butts | Ken Caldwell | Riemer & Marcia Calhoun, Jr. | Bob & Laura Campbell | Ronnie Campbell

Richard D. & Cheryl Carlson | Bow Carpenter | William B. Cary | W.C. Cheatham | Chris & Christina Clark | Darryl Clark

Robert Douglas Clark | W.D. “Bill” & Shirley Clark | Clear Fork Ranch | Dan O. Coates | Dan W. Coates | Tom Cochran Bob Coffee | Roger Cole, D.V.M. | Mary Colgan | Moe Collins | T.W. Comer | George Conly | John M. Copeland

Don Corley | Dustin & Missy Cothern | Richard & LuAnn Crist | Billy & Molly Crozier | Bob Crow | Crumpton-Cunningham Partners Raymond Cruthis | Joe Cunningham | Shirley Crystal | Cuerno Largo Cattle Co. | Palmore Currey | Carl Curry

Dick & Cheryl Curry | Jim Curry | Gwen Damato | G.C. “Bo” & Dorie Damuth | Billy D. & Delynn Davis | James Davis

Gene & Eileen Day | Brandon & Easton Dean (Paver) | Shad & Betty Dean (Paver) | Mrs. Ted Derryberry | Alexandra Dees

JoAnne & Jim Dickens | Richard Dimon | Darin & Dawn Divinia - Diamond D Ranch | Claude H. Dixon | James P. Dodds Frank Doherty | McKenna Donovan | Warren & Cathy Dorathy | Double R Acres | Stephen A. Douglas, Jr.

Dow Longhorn Ranch | Wallace E. Downey | Andy Drake | Dreamcatcher Ranch | DuBose/Semkin Partnership A.E. & Laura DuBose | Keith & Tina DuBose | Donley & Carol Duerksen | Neil & Paula Dugger | Nancy C. Dunn

David & Jana Edwards | El Coyote Ranch | Bernard Esunas | Evans Cattle Co. | Dave & Billicarole Evans | Shirkie Evans James & Pia Eyman | Russell Fairchild | Richard & Jeanne Filip | Allan Finch | Howard Fleming | Bobby & Linda Fletcher Rick & Tracey Friedrich | Fuhriman Cattle Co. | Wilford Fultz | G-C Longhorns | G R Ranch | Gerald Galipp

Asa & Joan Gamble | Ron & Donna Garison | Gene Garrett | Judge Thomas & Nola F. Gee | George J. Gerst, Sr.

Don Gibson | Mark Gilliland, M.D. | Golden Spread TLBA | Malcolm & Connie Goodman | Tom & LeAnna Graham

Tom & William L. Graham | Lucas Graywolf | Cecil Guinn | Dot & Dick Hansen | Sidney Hanson | Sidney Hanson, Sr. David L. or Robert W. Harcrow | Harman Ranch, LLC | Doyle Harrell | Harrell & Sons Cattle Co.


February 2014

-- continued on pg. 51


Sale Results Submitted by Alan Sparger

Photos by Laura Standley & Charlie Searle

2015 Red McCombs Fiesta Sale:

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ HIGH SELLING LOT:

Highlights 74 buyers from 11 states VOLUME BUYERS: Red McCombs Ranches $84,500 Deer Creek Longhorns $65,300 TL Longhorns $47,500 Mike Casey $40,600 Mark Gilliland $27,300 Total For Both Days: Gross of $812,800 to average $8,294

2015 Red McCombs Heifer Sale:



LOT 44 Buyer: Mangold, Rombeck, Filip & Gilliland Partnership

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ 68 Lots Grossed $561,100 to average $8,251 Lot 79-$40,000 - Buyer: Larry Stegemoller (TL Longhorns) Lot 47-$32,000 - Buyer: Deer Creek Longhorns Lot 52-$28,000 - Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches Lot 64-$27,000 - Buyer: Hudson Longhorns Lot 78-$25,000 - Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches Lot 50-$21,000 - Buyer: Kurt & Glenda Twining Lot 89-$19,700 - Buyer: Mike Casey Lot 82-$17,000 - Buyer: Mike Casey Lot 32-$15,000 - Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches Lot 63-$15,000 - Buyer: Sean O’Brien (KO Cattle Co.) Lot 55-$14,200 - Buyer: Ronald Mullinax Lot 61-$10,000 - Buyer: Deer Creek Longhorns Lot 97-$10,000 - Buyer: Mark Gilliland

Stacey & Scott Schumacher, Era, TX



Dr. Janis & Sean O’Brien, Karnes City, TX

LOT 27 Buyer: Roger & Debbie Witham

✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ 30 lots grossed $251,700 to average $8,390 Lot 3-$27,000 - Buyer: John & Ursula Allen Special Lot C-$15,500 - Buyer: John & Lauren Clark Lot 24-$15,000 - Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches Lot 23-$10,500 - Buyer: Deer Creek Longhorns Lot 13-$10,000 - Buyer: Richard & Jeanne Filip


Debra Helm, Red Oak, TX; Ursula Allen Harper, TX


High Selling Female: Justin Rombeck, Frankfort, KS; Tony Mangold, New Braunfels, TX; Richard Filip, Fayetteville, TX; Mike Crawford & Pam Watkins, Rockwall, TX; Jim Rombeck Lyons, KS; Mark Gilliland, Winfield, KS

Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs, Brenham, TX Larry & Toni Stegemoller, Cleburne, TX

--continued on pg. 52 Texas Longhorn Trails

-- continued from pg. 49

Kent & Sandy Harrell | James Hazelton | C.W. Hellen | C.W. Hellen, Jr. | Don Henderson | Gary Henry | Fritz & Jan Herbst Donald E. Herrmann | Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower | Verlon Hilburn | Jerry Hodge | Ruth & Johnny Hoffman

Dan Hoffmeyer | Mrs. M.P. Hoiness | Hattie Holbein | Holland Farms, Inc. | Linda C. Holt | Hooks Longhorn Ranch

Erin Hornbrook | Rufus Low Hoyd | Hubbell Longhorns Bill & Elizabeth Hudson | Scott Hughes & Jessica Morris | Ken Humphrey J.B. & Mitzi Hunn | Chap & Ethel Hutcheson | Edith Isaacs | J.W. Isaacs | ITX Longhorns, LLC | Greg & Sandy Jameson

Mrs. Judy Jenkins | Jerry Cook Ranch | Jeff Jespersen & John Jespersen | Mrs. Johnson | Joe Paul Jones | Justin Boots

K & M Plastics | Alex Kash | Gus Kash | David Kelley | Carl Lee Kemp | Kaso & Lisa Kety | King Ranch | Glenn King | Robert R. King | Kathy Kittler | Jack Klutts | Phillip Knaupp | Kropp Cattle Company | Scott & Nichole Kruse

Joel & Tamara Kuntz | Lloyd (Speedy) La Fond | Bernard & Bette Lankford | T.E. Laughlin | Arthur B. E. Lauman | Mike Leak

Stephen & Peggy Lee | Joel & Shirley Lemley | H.C. Lewis | Bob & Pam Loomis | Rosemary & Bill Lourcey | Dick & Peg Lowe Kathy & Denny Lux | Mike & Kim MacLeod | James Maddle | Mrs. Harry H. Magee | Ron & Barbara Marquess

Maudeen Marks | Travis & Jeanne Marks | John Marshall | Ronald J. Martens | Donald Martin | Max L. Massengale

Watt Matthews | Red & Charline McCombs | W.C. & C.R. McCowen | L.D. & Debbie McIntyre | Todd & Kelli McKnight

Michael McLeod | Ricky McLeod | Jack McManus | Susy McQueen | Meridian Longhorns | Joy Merritt | Meshell Farms Betty Baggett Miller | Betty Baggett Miller | Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller | “Money Maker Bull” | Money Maker Bull Project Moore’s Longhorn Ranch | Jean Moore | Ray & Bernice Moore | Terry R. Moore | Morgan Davis Publishing Co.

Morris/Hughes/Adkins Partners | Edward L. Moses, Jr. | Bob Mottet (B&N Farms) | Mountain & Plains Texas Longhorn Association John R. Mower | Joe Mueggenborg | James Munster II | Steve Murrin | Nacogdoches TX Longhorn Sale | Bill Nash

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Texas Longhorn Trails

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May/June 2015








Joe Moore and his wife, Nancy, operate a multi-faceted operation from their Bucklin, Kansas, headquarters.

By By Henry Henry King King


It is a working ranch in the true sense of the word, utilizing about 6,000 acres of rolling prairie in the southwest corner of Kansas, about 45 miles southeast of historic Dodge City. Their cattle breed of choice is the Texas Longhorn, including a well-traveled herd of about 125 registered cows and six trophy steers that are used in trail drives four times a year. On their Kansas ranch, they also have a registered herd of about 100 Longhorns used in crossbreeding and another registered herd of 60 in Oklahoma. The cows used in the trail-drive herd are moved to and from distant pastures four times a year most years. Instead of the normal September drive this year, however, the herd will plod seven days to Medicine Lodge, Kansas, where they will again steal the show in the three-day Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty pageant. “We’ll drive the cattle from here to there,” said Joe. “It takes seven days, and we use the cattle in the reenactment of the peace treaty signing of the five Indian nations. They do the pageant every four years. They have a big amphitheater, and they will start from the beginning of time and go through Coronado and the Indi-

simply invited people to share our lives. We work cattle, herd cattle, brand cattle and mend fences. We may ride our horses through the grazing Longhorns or ride the pastures monitoring wildlife.” “We are pretty hands-on,” Joe continued. “We go out and help them catch a horse – some have some experience and some of them have none. We teach them to brush, we teach them to saddle it — everything they do on a ranch vacation. Our meals are served in the house, family style. The biggest comment we get from people when they leave, they say they feel like they are part of the family.” Guests may stay for a day, stay overnight or several days; some may opt to join them on the cattle drives, sleeping in cowboy bedrolls and getting their meals at the chuck wagon, where guests pitch in and help Nancy with the chores. Nancy grew up in the northwest corner of Kansas, helping her rancher father, who raised both cattle and sheep. She drove tractors, baled hay, packed silage, worked in a big garden, lambed out ewes and worked cattle. Validating her lifetime experience, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Health

ans, and it’s all done with volunteers. Anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 people will come see the pageant three days in a row – in a community of 1200 people.” Each of Moore’s trail drives include up to ten paying guests, who must sign up at least a year-and-a-half in advance in order to be included. Joe and Nancy also offer a working-ranch experience to vacationers during the warmer seasons. “We are not a dude ranch,” explained Joe. “Since 1998, our ranch family has

from Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas. As the trail drive aspect of their guest hospitality developed, Nancy taught herself how to cook with cast iron Dutch ovens and related paraphernalia over an open fire, adding authenticity to the chuck wagon experience. Joe and Nancy are parents to three boys, Trinity, Cody and Laramie. Cody, Joe and Nancy’s middle son, manages the purebred Longhorn herd at the Roff, Oklahoma, location. Their eldest, TrinTexas Longhorn Trails









ity, is assistant manager for a firm in Abilene, Texas, that sells electric motors. Their youngest, Laramie, is in college studying animal reproduction at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. Last year, he finished sixth in the nation in high school bulldogging. Joe and Nancy lost a lot of help when Laramie left for college. In addition to raising and marketing his own cattle, Joe also manages a commercial herd of about 400 head for a neighbor. He maintains a remuda of about 60 Quarter Horses, competes in Kansas Professional Rodeo Association team roping, aggregates, backgrounds and sells about 400 to 500 Longhorn ropers a year, keeps gentled horses for guests and sells trained horses to his fellow ropers. The Moores are also outfitters and Joe is a trained hunting guide. “With the exception of a draft horse team for the chuck wagon,” Joe said, “every horse we have on the place we raised. We’ve got a Leo-bred stallion I got from the 6666 Ranch, and also a son of his that we are using. We have about 60 head of horses, and we broke and started every one of them. One reason I wanted to furnish all the horses is I have seen all the wrecks when people brought their own horses when Dad did the drives to Dodge. We ride every one of those horses all the time, and we do a lot of riding. There’s not a four-wheeler on the place.” “We’ve got about six head of horses that are bomb-proof; you can put anybody on them, yet I can get on them and do anything I need to do.” “We sell a lot of broke horses, performance horses and such.” Several years ago, Joe bought seven cabins from a vintage tourist court, moved them to the ranch, and has renovated them in his “spare time.” Located in the heart of the ranch near the barnyard and corrals, five of the air-conditioned, heated units have a bed, a shower, a sink and a toilet; a sixth is used as a common area or cook shack, and the seventh as a gift shop. The remote ranch has no television, weak cell phone service, no Wi-Fi, and no phone in the cabins, although guests are welcome to use the internet connection and telephone located in the main ranch house. Trail drives are no stranger to Moore, nor or Texas Longhorns. At age 57, Joe Moore is approaching a half-century May/June 2015

with Texas Longhorn cattle. He was eight years old when his parents, Ray and Bernice Moore, bought a Longhorn bull with the intention of crossing him on Hereford heifers to raise roping cattle. Ray was a dedicated team roper, and was unhappy with the losses he had experienced with the Mexican roping cattle. Ray and Bernice began their connection to Texas Longhorn cattle in Hartsel, Colorado, then bought a ranch near Mullinville, Kansas, about eight miles east of where their son is presently located. After several successful years in Kansas, they moved their Longhorns to Oklahoma. Following Ray’s death in 2005, Joe and Nancy’s son, Cody, assumed duties as ranch manager for Grandmother Bernice. The first Longhorn bull Ray and Bernice owned was purchased from their good friends, Preston and Melba Steele, Canon City, Colorado. Preston was a game warden and the Steeles were the first to bring registered Texas Longhorns to Colorado. At the time of the Moores’ entry into the Longhorn business in 1966, there were only about 2000 registered cattle. Ray was impressed with the way the bull handled and the things he did – he was completely different from the English cattle. Before the heifers calved, he sold them and got two cows off of the Graves Peeler ranch, which at the time Walter Scott had rented. “We went down there for about a week, me and Dad,” said Joe, “and helped Walter gather and work the Peeler cattle. We bought two cows, so basically Dad started with two cows and a bull. Back then, the price wasn’t so high on them, it was just a matter of finding them.” “Walter Scott had purchased all the Graves Peeler cattle, and we spent four days gathering them out of the brush into a 200-acre cleared pasture, then we went from that into a big pen, basically.


We went in there with the cows and calves still mixed, and roped and drug calves and branded them for a day. I say calves – they may have been two days old to a year-past old. I’ll never forget that – they had two guys with bull whips and as you dragged a calf by, they’d keep the cow off the crew that was working the calf. Pretty Western!” The Moore family – Ray, Bernice, Joe and his sister Denice — participated fully in TLBAA activities, particularly those involving the Mountains and Plains affiliate during the 1970s and 1980s. “Denice was Queen up there,” said Joe. “We won one of the bronzes at the National Western with a steer we partnered with Jack Phillips on. We still have that steer head – it’s hanging in Mom and Dad’s house at the ranch in Roff, Oklahoma.” “Another thing in the 70’s was the Goliad Stampede. I was very small then – I was only about 13 or 14 – but I can sure remember that! I’ve had the good fortune to meet a lot of the old-time breeders – Chico Wright, Jack Phillips, Wesley Isaacs, Travis and Maudine Marks, John Ball, Fayette Yates – I got to meet a lot of people that aren’t here anymore.” “When we left Colorado and moved down to Kansas in the 80’s Dad got acquainted with several people in Dodge City. Between him and Ron Long and Jim Sherer, they started having trail drives into Dodge in conjunction with Boot Hill Museum, agritourism promotion and stuff like that.” “In the 80s, we also had trail drives into Burlington, Colorado; Kingman, Kansas; Kiowa, Kansas during the 100th Anniversary of the Land Stampede; and Cripple Creek, Colorado.” “Dad took six steers down to Dallas during the Republican National Convention and was involved in that. They drove the herd of about 150 Longhorn steers where the candidates and participants in the convention could see them, and the cattle generated nation-wide television coverage and front-page exposure in newspapers all over the world. I didn’t go to that – at the time I happened to be judging some shows in Nebraska.” “In the 80’s Mel Raley (we called him Milton) came on board and spent some time working with us, then in the late 80’s, Mom, Dad, Denice and her husband Mel, moved to Oklahoma. They


got involved with the Oklahoma association and did a short promotional drive to the Cowboy Hall of Fame.” “Denice and Mel and their kids, Shanna and Wyatt, were involved in Longhorns – they worked for Leonard Tyson out on the East Coast for a long time after they left Oklahoma. Then from there they went to El Coyote and were there until Mel passed away.” Over the years, the Moore Ranch Longhorn herd was used frequently in movies, ads and documentaries. “While we were in Colorado, we shot an ad for Marlboro in the 70’s, then when we were in Kansas in the 80’s, we shot another ad for Marlboro that came out in a number of national magazines, including Playboy, Rolling Stones, Popular Mechanics – like 27 major publications.” The Moore Longhorns and some of their horses – and Joe himself — appeared in the movie “Centennial” that was filmed in Colorado during the 70s. Their cattle were also used for a number of documentaries that were shot for Japan and England, plus television exposure on National Geographic and PBS specials. While they lived in Fairplay, Colorado, Ray bought a two-year-old Quarter Horse. They were running about 180,000 acres of ground where they ran 400 cows and 10,000 yearlings through the summer. The horse actually came from T.D. Kelsey, who had bought him from a guy in Montana. The horse died on Joe’s place in Kansas this spring, and

he lacked two months to making it to 40 years old. “He was iron grey when Dad got him,” Joe said, “and he was snow white when he died. When he died, he was sound as a rock, wasn’t crippled in any place, and he did not have an easy life – I mean he got used and used hard. He was in both Marlboro ads; we didn’t take him to the Centennial movie deal, but every trail drive that Dad did, that was the horse he rode.” “Dad never met a stranger,” said Joe, “the more people around him the better. I’m a little bit different. Big crowds I don’t work well in – I’m better one-onone. When we started looking at what we do, we decided we would furnish all the horses, tack and everything, and that we would limit it to ten guests. We do four trail drives a year and they book a yearand-a-half in advance. We have had people from virtually all over the world – England, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Africa, Spain, Germany, Austria, and Holland.” “We basically were looking at other ways to generate revenue on the place without having to add livestock or a lot of labor. We tried this deal and it has worked very well.” “A couple of years ago,” said Joe, “Mom was at the point where she didn’t want to deal with Longhorns anymore. She offered me the cattle, so I purchased them and the equipment. I told her I had to have a five-year lease because I didn’t have enough grass up here to run them. So I got a five-year lease with the purchase so I would have a place to run them. Our son, Cody, lives on the ranch and manages the Longhorns for me.” Neither Denice nor her children are involved in Longhorns any more. Denice lives in her house on the ranch at Roff; Shanna and her husband operate an oilfield servicing company out of Kingsville, Texas; son Wyatt lives at Georgetown, Texas and is in law enforcement. Ray Moore died in 2005 and Bernice in 2013, but they left a legacy of service, accomplishment, friendships and family that will stand the test of time. They loved the cattle and the people and developed a herd whose descendants positively impact the breed. Among these is Starlight, arguably one of the breed’s most famous cows and the long-time record holder for tip-to-tip horn measurement. Texas Longhorn Trails

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May/June 2015

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___ In memory of: ______________________________ ___ In honor of: ________________________________ Name of person to be remembered. Please print. Please mail form and donation to the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America Foundation, P.O. Box 4430, Ft. Worth, TX 76164.


These Outstanding Females Lay C lai m t o t h e — Doherty 698


DOB: 3/15/77 • Senor Mulege x Wright #489

BREEDER: GEORGE WRIGHT, JR. OWNER: DOHERTY 698 SYNDICATE “Nearly everyone owns Texas Longhorn cattle who trace back to her. She is found in the pedigrees of Phenomenon, Shadow Jubilee, RM Miss Kitty, Overwhelmer, Dixie Ruler, Emperor, Hunts Command Respect, Over Lynn, Respect Me, Top Caliber, Auze EOT, Working Woman, Clear Win, Rodeo Max, Tempter, Drag Iron, Lazy J Bowhunter, Over Kill, The Shadow, Eternal Diamond and a cast of thousands.” —Darol Dickinson

PROLIFIC YO Carmela DOB: 1/1/58 Peeler Texas Longhorn x Peeler Texas Longhorn


— — — — — — — — — — — — —

45 —

43 —

Tari Graves FM49 DOB: 3/28/92 Mr. Graves x Texas Tari FM610

Kyzer 2


DOB: 8/1/74 Mister Wagg, Jr. x Senora Yates #55

BREEDER: ROGER N. CONGER OWNER: DOMINION SYNDICATION #1 BREEDER: F.M. GRAVES Tabasco’s Lezawe OWNER: EL COYOTE RANCH DOB: 4/06/97 “Produced in 1992 by the great foundation breeder, Tabasco x Lethal Zawe F.M. “Blackie” Graves, Tari Graves remains as one BREEDER: DICKINSON RANCH of the most influential females of all time in the El OWNER: MIKE & DEBBIE BOWMAN Coyote Ranch herd as well as the Texas Longhorn “Tabaso’s Lezawe in now 18 years old breed. Tari Graves is known throughout the indusand a tremendous producer of total try as the dam of exceptional horn producing progpackage genetics. We purchased her on eny. Prior to her death she measured 81” of T2T and 96 3/4” TH. Tari Graves was one of our top em- 3/12/99 at Mo-Kan Livestock Market and she has out-produced herself from the bryo donor females has been a huge influence on very start. Her first calf for us was EOT Cherrypicker’s Leweze, and she is still prothe El Coyote program by providing offspring out of ducing outstanding offspring. We have several bulls (Sebastian & Titan EOT 8E8) many significant bulls within the industry. Approxi- and cows that are either out of her or influenced by her genetics. She has been mately 10% of the herd is either a direct daughter the best flushing cow that I have ever owned and still produces embryos every or maternal granddaughter of Tari Graves. Two of trip. We just invitro flushed her to RR SWeet Brindle Dust with sexed semen and her greatest daughters that remain in our program got four #1 embryos. There are two cows over 80” T2T and one, Lezawe EOT 8E1, are Tari’s Transition and Eternally Tari, both are is now owned by Hudson Longhorns, and the other one, DML Sharita, is owned 1998 models and have served as donors in the em- by Red MCCombs and they are 2008 cows! This cow has produced more over 70” bryo transfer program. Also of significant note, both T2T offspring than any cow we know of! — Mike Bowman have successfully delivered and are raising a natural calf this year, a testament to the productivity of Sutherland 25/132 their maternal genetics. El Coyote also utilizes sevDOB: 8/1/82 • Just Blue x Black Pride eral Tari Graves sons out of bulls such as PhenomBREEDER: SUTHERLAND FARMS enon, Emperor, Don Julio, Grand Slam, and JP Rio OWNER: SUTHERLAND FARMS Grande as herd sires within our herd.” – El Coyote Ranch Dawna Ranger

DOB: 4/5/80 • Texas Ranger JP x Dawn #100



39 —

37 —

35 34 —

32 — —

29 28 — — — —

23 — — —

Texas Longhorn Trails

Great est N u mber of TLBAA Registered Offspring. YO Alpine Wichita 598 DOB: 3/6/69 • YO Alpine x WR 1053

PRODUCERS “3S Lady Red, like her dam, YO Wichita 598, was a big producer for the Spargers both in quality and quantity. Lady Red flushed very well, as a matter of fact she produced calves in four flushes to four different bulls in 1983. Four of these calves sold at auction for $27,900 at the Southern Heritage Production Sale on 6/9/84. At that time, she was 9 years old and had three natural calves that were herd sires. She sold for $30,000 on 10/13/84. That same day, seven of her embryo calves sold for $29,200. Her 3S Lady Red daughters: 3S Hondo’s Lady 459, sold for DOB: 3/10/75 $6,200; 3S Special Lady 589 sold for $7,500; 3S Honda Lady 466 sold for $4,600; and 3S 3S Samson 365 x Miss Hondo 488 sold for $8,000. She was one YO Alpine Wichita 598 of those rare cows that produced high quality offspring no matter which bull she was bred to. BREEDER: 3S RANCH About her breeding: She was a daughter of 3S OWNER: WILTON WILTON Samson 365 from the YO Sam Houston line that was half WR out of one of the great cows of her day, WR 2132. Her dam was one of the best producers of her day and was sired by a Yates bull and out of WR 1053, a powerhouse cow in the YO breeding program. — Alan Sparger

Crystal DOB: 1/21/78 F.M. Dayton x Caroline #2 BREEDER: J.W. ISAACS OWNER: CARL E. BOHLS

Red Lucy DOB: 2/11/78 B-D Sam’s Ranger 14 x La Brasada 23/1 BREEDER: DAN O. COATES OWNER: ROSS & ELLEN ROST

ECR Eternal Tari 206 DOB: 2/22/02 Don Julio x Eternally Tari


May/June 2015

BREEDER: CHARLES SCHREINER IV OWNER: 3S RANCH YO Alpine Wichita 598 was purchased by Alan Sparger III from Charlie Shcreiner III in 1973 for $500. She would become the best producing cow in the Sparger herd, although she was not as well known as the Favorite cow (YO Samson Josefina 706) that was in the herd as well. 598 produced the backbone of the Sparger program with natural daughters 3S Favorite Lady 319, 3S Lady Red and 3S 395. 598 and 3S Lady Red are among the most productive cows in the breed still to this day in numbers of offspring in the registry. An outstanding son from Hondo, 3S Hondo's Remarkable, sold for $80,000 in 1984. 598 had embryo and AI calves out of the most popular bulls of the day in Classic and Dixie Hunter. She was a sure bet when bred to Hondo. In 1983, at the Southern Heritage Production Sale, half interest in her sold for $105,000 and an embryo heifer sold for $13,500. Her daughter, 3S 395, sold the same day for $30,000. Her daughter, 3S Lady Red sold for $30,000 in 1984 and 5 embryo daughters sold the same day for $21,460. In her day, she was a powerhouse producer whose calves sold at the top of the market. — Alan Sparger

Delta Vixen DOB: 2/12/93 Emperor x Delta Sissie


Acquired as a young three year old in the purchase of the Johnnie and Ruth Hoffman herd, Vixen has established herself as one of the most recognized and highly sought after females in the Texas Longhorn breed. Vixen is an outstanding, highly productive daughter of the immortal sire, Emperor that is known throughout the Texas Longhorn industry as a sire of big framed, big horned offspring with exceptional producing ability and remains as one of the preferred sires in the pedigrees of cattle with the highest market demand among Texas Longhorn breeders. Two of her greatest daughters to date are Delta VanHorne, 76 1/4” T2T, and ECR Vixen’s Heiress 212, a many times Horn Showcase Champion that measures 74 3/4” T2T and 105 5/8” TH. Her strong maternal influence is being expanded through her great son, Julio’s Vixen ECR, one of our featured herd sires who has already sired several 80” TTT daughters. At the age of 22, Vixen measures 77 3/4” T2T and 107 1/8” TH. She is now in retirement, but her influence of genetic excellence can be felt throughout the El Coyote program through her outstanding daughters and sons. — El Coyote Ranch


First Leg Complete in the Canadian Triple Crown Heifer Futurity The CTLA launched its new venture to showcase registered yearling heifers on April 18th. This year, the association will be hosting their first "Canadian Triple Crown Heifer Futurity" using three locations, Saskatoon in April, Red Deer in July and Ponoka in September. The heifers will be judged and points accumulated for the overall year end award. Animals must be TLBAA or ITLA registered, and the owner's active members in their registry and CTLA members in good standing. The heifers will be shown loose and will be placed in classes based on age. In Saskatoon, 21 heifers were entered, and they were divided into two classes, March-April with 11 entries and May-June with 10 entries. Two judges evaluated the animals, Chad Haaland of Hanley, Saskatchewan and Barry Thiessen from Borden, Saskatchewan. Payouts were based on entry fees and Left to right: Judge Chad Haaland, Hanley, Sask.; Judge Barry Deb Lesyk, Charlene Musgrove with the 2014 Jack Phillips Award, and Jeff Jesmonies paid to 4th place. It was a Thiessen, Borden, Sask.; Futurity winners Allemand Ranches Shaunavon, Sask. Bob Allemand and Tanner Allemand persen. well attended event as people were interested in seeing the yearling We look forward to seeheifers judged prior to the association's ing all twenty one heifers spring sale. judged again at the second The following are the results from part of the futurity in Red the Saskatoon portion of the Triple Deer, July 18th. Thank you Crown: to our sponsor for this porMarch/April tion, Allemand Ranches 1. 7A Centerfold 4/23- Allemand and to our judges, and to Ranches Shaunavon, Sask. all the members that en2. RG Presumed Innocent 44B- Clinton tered heifers. Good Luck Bezan, Rimbey, Alberta in Red Deer. 3. Minobii 34- Double D Arena, Outlook, Sask. Futurity Judges Barry Thiessen and Chad Haaland with the two 4. SC Red Fire- Cliff Begg, Sun Creek class winners in the heifer futurity. Ranches, Alberta

May/June 1.Wally's Candy Cane- Mark and Tina Stewart, Ponoka, Alberta 2. Picabos Rhya 124- Double D Arena, Outlook, Sask. 3. Keeva Moonshine 104- Double D Arena, Outlook, Sask. 4. Dereka 94- Double D Arena, Outlook, Sask. Overall Futurity Winner for the Saskatoon portion of the Triple Crown......7A Centerfold 4/23- Allemand Ranches


Director Mike Donnelly, Bowden, AB; Director Jeff Jespersen, Stony Plain, AB; President Clinton Bezan, Rimbey, AB; Vice President Deb Lesyk, Outlook, SK; son Taner standing in for Director Daryl Allemand, Shaunavon, SK; Secretary/ Treasurer Mark Stewart, Ponoka, AB; Missing - Director Jeremy Farmer, Quesnel, BC

Texas Longhorn Trails

May/June 2015


By Heather Smith Thomas

Maximizing Health While Good health depends on many factors.

With the advent of antibiotics, it became easier, and for many decades cattle producers routinely used antimicrobial drugs for treating diseases. The use of pathogen-killing drugs is being questioned today however, due to increasing numbers of drug-resistant pathogens. Antimicrobial resistance diminishes the effectiveness and benefit of some of the drugs we’ve come to rely on. There is also the issue of drug residues in food animals if drugs are not used appropriately or withdrawal times are not carefully observed. A growing number of cattlemen and veterinarians are looking at alternatives to antimicrobial use as the sole approach to dealing with disease. The key factors in this goal are reducing exposure to disease-causing pathogens while at the same time keeping immunity strong. Dr. David R. Smith, Epidemiologist, Mississippi State University says there are many ways to try to keep cattle healthy without relying on antibiotics as a crutch. “If we did some things differently and fewer calves got sick, we’d spend less money on antibiotics and other medications, and the labor involved,” he says. “The industry’s current economic environment is driving change. With the high cost of feed and high value of calves today, the economic dynamics have shifted. People recognize that sick and dying calves are costly. There is more interest in trying to keep them from getting sick (from respiratory disease, for example) in the first place,” says Smith. We don’t have all the answers. Some of the things we already know, we can perhaps do a better job with, like making sure every


calf gets adequate colostrum soon after birth—to keep calves healthy during their first weeks and months of life. We also know that low-stress weaning keeps calves healthier. “One of the things I worked on in Nebraska that meaningfully reduced ranchers’ scours treatment costs was the Sandhills calving system. Just a slight change in management practices can greatly decrease the risk for calfhood illnesses,” he explains. The pathogen levels the calves are exposed to are much lower when cows can calve on clean ground and calves are not exposed to older infective calfmates; the incidence of scours is greatly decreased. “Now I am part of a team looking at management practices that might reduce respiratory disease in calves before weaning, and as they move into the feedlot. There seems to be an age-related susceptibility when calves are about 3 to 4 months of age. There is increased risk for respiratory disease at that time, because their individual immunity is lower as the maternal antibodies from colostrum are waning. And as each individual’s immunity wanes, so does the immunity of the whole group, resulting in opportunities for pathogens to spread through the herd. So how do we work around that? Vaccination at an early age may help address this, as might controlled movement of calves. There are some research projects addressing this—like the research we’ve been doing with summer pneumonia in nursing-age calves,” says Smith. “We know that in feedlots sickness and death is a lot less common in yearling cattle coming in, compared to calves. We already know there are a few things

we can do, to make calves more resistant to respiratory disease and other problems. It’s not all just theory; some of these things have been well proven. When calves get vaccinated prior to weaning, and are weaned with minimal stress, bunk-broke and fed for 45 days or so, etc. there is less sickness and death in those cattle,” he says. Screening for BVD PI cattle is also useful. “The industry knows these things, but we are not very good at implementing everything we know. I’d like to see more economic signal from cattle feeders, to encourage cow-calf producers or stockers to provide the right kind of cattle to feedlots.” There is too much gap between these segments. “In the Beef Quality Audit of 2011, they talked about the need for more transparency in the industry and having data move from one segment to the next—information about the processes the calves have gone through, for example, and whether they’ve been vaccinated or not. That’s worth something. If there is a way to capture that information and use it to add value to calves as they move through the chain, there ought to be enough money to pay for those things, just in savings from not losing calves or having to treat so many of them.” A large sector of the beef industry may not be profit-motivated, however. Some people have hobby herds and are not depending on the cattle for a living. Even if some small farms or ranches do depend on income from their cattle, if they have small numbers they may not be able to take advantage of the marketing opportunities. They are often at the mercy of the buyers Texas Longhorn Trails

Minimizing Antibiotics because they don’t have enough calves to bargain with. “There are some opportunities, however, for ranchers who can take advantage of things like preconditioning, to minimize sickness and death losses later on in the calves’ lives, so they need to be rewarded for it. If these things truly do add value to the calves, I think it will happen,” says Smith. “Even things like castrating and dehorning early in life result in less stress and sickness than if done later. These are huge stresses that may cause problems. We’re talking about lost money and inefficiency, but there are also some basic animal welfare concerns. There are many reasons for doing some of these things, including the fact that it’s the right thing to do for the calf,” he says. More people are recognizing that stress is real, and a big factor in cattle getting sick. The immune system is compromised if stress is too great or prolonged. Using more humane procedures or doing some of these things at a better time all adds up. “We know enough now to do a better job of preventing illness, and the main barrier to achieving that is the economics.” It boils down to nutrition, improved immunity, using vaccines appropriately, and controlling pathogen exposure. “Nutrition is a big factor in the economics of the situation, being the most expensive cost of production. It doesn’t do anyone any good to have suboptimal nutrition and end up with sick calves or reduced growth rates. While it’s a cost of doing business, protecting calf health is also a way we can improve the value of the product,” explains Smith. Photo by Suzanne Perry May/June 2015




Canada, New Zealand, Australia

17 13



2 3

















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Dear TLBT Members, This is it! It’s the last few weeks before this show season comes to an end, and this is the final letter I will be writing for this show season. I have greatly enjoyed serving this association, assisting the youth organization, and promoting our breed. I have learned so much, and truly love all of the lessons and opportunities raising Texas Longhorns has provided me with. Just a reminder, at the World Show, coming up in a few weeks, there will be a lot going on. There is the Senior Heifer Sale to help graduating seniors raise some scholarship money. We will be celebrating the TLBT’s theme, Reach for the Stars and Stripes that is based off of our service project, Children of Fallen Soldiers. There will be a youth General Membership Meeting where we will elect officers for the 20152016 show year. For any youth looking to get more involved, or who has great ideas for the TLBT, I highly encourage you to run for a position. Although there is work involved, a lot of what the officer team does is just come up with creative, fun ideas. I wanted to thank all of the officers and directors I have worked with, as well as the active members who have helped me the past two years. I truly believe that TLBT members are among the most versatile, talented, and hardworking youth there are. Until I see y’all down the road, as always, stay safe and have fun! Sincerely,

TLBAA Hall of Fame can be viewed online at

www.TLBAA.org on the HORNS system. Contact Amy with questions at Amy@tlbaa.org.


by searching Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow

Tarah Moore TLBT President

A big THANK YOU to TLBT President Tarah Moore and TLBT Secretary Miracle Petree for their contributions to this page throughout the year. -Laura Standley Editor, Texas Longhorn Trails


The August Trails magazine will be the wrap up for the Longhorn Expo. This the perfect issue to get your thank-you ads in the Trails magazine. Contact Kelsie McGilvrey 817-625-6241 or kelsie@tlbaa.org Ashley Loos (217) 653-8403 or ashley@tlbaa.org Texas Longhorn Trails

May/June 2015



hen looking over our cattle from year to year there comes a time when a decision must be made about the fate of a brood cow, stimulating this decision is the need to maximize productivity and profitability. Every producer is guilty of “let’s give her one more year…” especially in years when forage and hay is abundant. As many are finishing up the spring calving season it is an opportune time to be considering which cows to cull. Pregnancy rate is a very important factor to consider when making culling decisions and animals with low performance rates or found open should move to the top

Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is a useful management tool for distinguishing differences in nutritional needs for the cows in the herd. BCS range from 1 to 9, with a score of 1 being extremely thin and 9 being very obese. Cows should have a BCS of 5 to 7 at calving and a 5-6 at breeding. Fat slaughter cows have more trim and wastage when harvested and thin cows will bruise more easily. Cattle that are not at these optimal ranges are using more resources than the 5-7 cattle and therefore costing more money which eats into the profitability of the operation. To me the second most important trait to consider when culling is disposition. It

miliar with the normal appearance of the eye which makes spotting problems much easier. Lacking good eye sight can lead to production decreases as well as safety concerns. Last but not least in importance is the structure of the cattle. The two most common types of lameness are arthritic joints and foot and hoof problems. Excess hoof growth can lead to curling toes and eventual misalignment of the feet and leg bones. Lame cows can create problems when they enter the marketing chain and return fewer dollars to the producer. Down cattle are no longer allowed to be marketed or slaughtered, they must be mobile. Keep this in mind when culling based on structure, the cow must be able to get on and off the trailer several times before it reaches its final destination. If this cannot be Kaitlyn Johnson done it can create major problems in the system and should not be marketed. It is key to have a well rounded approach to culling cattle, not just if she has a live calf each season. Safety, productivity, and profitability can all be affected by using this approach in culling decisions. If you “give her one more year” she may not make it on and off the trailer and you have just lost the sale of that slaughter cow, which could be your profit for the year. Some of these factors can also be applied to the bulls in your herd, the health and mobility of the bull can have a large impact on the profitability and productivity of your operation. Source: Chute Side Quality, Defect and Culling Guide- Beef Checkoff Program. For more information on Cattle Culling please contact Kaitlyn M Cranford 910947-3188.

“Let’s give her one more year…”

When to cull in your cattle herd — Written By

of the culling list. If she doesn’t have a calf she is not paying her production cost. Pregnancy rate is the most known factor that is considered, there are however some other factors that should be considered as well; they are aging, udder scoring, body condition scoring (BCS), disposition, eyes, and structure. Aging your cattle can allow better record keeping for your herd as well as influence your decision to cull. As a cow ages you should look at her teeth to see the wear on the teeth and how many she has left, cattle need teeth to graze and eat efficiently. Also, younger cows in the herd should be genetically superior to the older cows. Cattle with broken mouths or badly worn teeth or are young but not superior, should be culled. Udder condition of cows is not only linked to milk production, which affects calf performance, but the udder’s physical structure can impede the calf’s access to milk which can lead to decreased growth despite adequate milk. The following udder scoring system uses a scale of 1-9, with 1 being the poor classification and 9 being the superior classification. For example a “9” or “7” requires no intervention and daughters of these cows should be given preference as replacements. The “1’s” should be culled and their daughters should be avoided as replacements. The “3’s” should be culled as economic conditions allow.


might have been fun to run and jump over/under fences when we were younger but as we begin to slow down this is not the case. One cow with a bad attitude can ruin the dynamic of the entire herd and cause many safety issues. This trait can also be passed on to their offspring and disposition problems can cause a decrease in reproduction rates as well as other performance characteristics, all of which decreases profitability and safety. One method in which this trait can be measured is by using a chute score. These scores are determined while the animals are in the chute and when they exit the chute. Cattle with a high score should be culled as they pose safety concerns for both animal and handler. A table for the chute score chart is below. Monitoring the eyes of beef cattle on a routine basis is important. Repeated examinations allow the producer to become fa-

Cattle Chute Score: Score 1- Docile. Mild disposition. Gentle and easily handled. Stands and moves slowly during processing. Undisturbed, settled, somewhat dull. Does not pull on headgate when in chute. Exits chute calmly. Score 2- Restless. Quieter than average, but may be stubborn during processing. May try to back out of chute or pull back on headgate. Exits chute promptly. Score 3- Nervous. Typical temperament is manageable, but nervous and impatient. A moderate amount of struggling, movement and tail flicking. Repeated pushing and pulling on headgate. Exits chute briskly. Score 4- Flighty (Wild). Jumpy and out of control, quivers and struggles violently. May bellow and froth at the mouth. Continuous tail flicking. Score 5- Aggressive. May be similar to Score 4, but with added aggressive behavior, fearfulness, extreme agaitation and continous movement. Score 6- Very Aggressive. Extremely aggressive temperament. Thrashes about or attacks. Cattle with Chute Score of 5 and 6 should be culled. Texas Longhorn Trails




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Gold N Rule Sittin Bull

The Official Chute of the TLBAA Horn Showcase

line video of the Check out our onon our website! chute in action

END OF TRAIL RANCH www.endoftrailranch.com • mbowman@wildblue.net

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Max Caliber Coach

Mountain Home, Texas

1-800-YO RANCH charlie4@yoranch.com Proud member of the TLBAA and TLMA May/June 2015


NEWS On the Trail...

Longhorns Head to Tail LLC Receives 2015 Best of Barnesville Award

Photo and story submitted by Barnesville Award Program BARNESVILLE March 30, 2015 -- Longhorns Head to Tail LLC nesville Award Program and data provided by third parties. has been selected for the 2015 Best of Barnesville Award in the Re- About Barnesville Award Program The Barnesville Award Program is an annual awards program tail Stores category by the Barnesville Award Program. Each year, the Barnesville Award Program identifies companies honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Barnesville that we believe have achieved exarea. Recognition is given to those ceptional marketing success in their companies that have shown the local community and business catability to use their best practices egory. These are local companies and implemented programs to genthat enhance the positive image of erate competitive advantages and small business through service to long-term value. their customers and our commuThe Barnesville Award Program nity. These exceptional companies was established to recognize the help make the Barnesville area a best of local businesses in our comgreat place to live, work and play. munity. Our organization works exVarious sources of information clusively with local business were gathered and analyzed to owners, trade groups, professional choose the winners in each cateassociations and other business adgory. The 2015 Barnesville Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined vertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the based on the information gathered both internally by the Bar- small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

2 1

4 3

e folks for es th k n a th e W ’ in at kindly droppin ice. the TLBA A off

1. TLBAA’s Barbara Linke with Eric Redeker, Blum, TX; 2. TLBAA’s Kelsie McGilvray with Bernard Lankford, Weatherford, TX; 3. Scott Smith, Aledo, TX; 4. George Helm, Benbrook, TX


Texas Longhorn Trails

IN MEMORIAM Owen McGill Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Owen McGill, longtime Texas Longhorn breeder, who passed away March 20th. Owen was born May 20, 1917 in Wheatland the son of Thomas Allen and Nora Rose (Dodge) McGill. Owen was raised and educated in Wheatland and graduated from Wheatland High School in 1935. He ranched on the family ranch his entire life of 98 years. He was a member of the Wheatland Masonic Lodge #16 AF and AM and Korein Shriners in Rawlins, Wyoming. Owen married Henrietta Love “Henri” Gillespie on May 20, 1941 in Scottsbluff, NE. He is survived by his daughters, Linda (John) Wilson of Wheatland and Carol (Jim) Slagle of Windsor, CO; his best friend, Coke; five grandchildren; eleven great grandchildren; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Owen was preceded in death by his wife, Henrietta Love “Henri” (Gillespie) McGill on August 12, 2005; parents; sisters, Mary Johnston and Agnes Turney; and infant granddaughter, Betty Lou Wilson.

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At our facilities or on-farm collecting Bob Woodard


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18035 FM 17 • Canton, TX 75103 Toll Free 1.866.604.4044 Fax 903.567.6587 www.championgenetics.com

TLBAA HORN SHOWCASE October 1-3, 2015

Mark your Calendars and Join Us in Lawton, OK! May/June 2015



TLBAA Breed Advisory Committee’s

Herd Management Guide

SPRING Calving: 1. Discontinue supplemental feeding to cattle as green grass becomes available. A source of salt as well as a good commercial calcium:phosphorus mineral mix should be available on a free choice basis. Consider anaplasmosis control in your mineral. 2. Vaccinate all new calves for blackleg and malignant edema with a 2-way Clostridial bacterin (4-way or 7-way Clostridial is fine, also), leptospirosis with lepto pomona. Consult your local veterinarian for other diseases that may be a problem in your area. Many producers also consider intranasal IBR/P13, modified live Pasteurella hemolytica and/or BRSV. 3. Vaccinate all heifers that are 4-10 months of age for brucellosis. 4. If not previously done this year, after calving and before breeding, vaccinate cows for leptospirosis with 5-way lepto vaccine. Consider vibriosis vaccination depending on advice of your veterinarian. 5. If not done previously, semen evaluate bulls. A standard breeding soundness exam should be conducted on all bulls prior to the start of the breeding season. 6. Put bulls with the cow herd. Mature bulls in single sire pastures should be able to service 30-50 females in a 60-90 day breeding season. Two-to-three-year-old bulls should be able to service 20-40 females. Young yearling bulls can be excellent breeders, but reduce the number of females per bull to 15-25 head and limit the breeding season to 60 days. Special attention to maintaining good nutritional condition of the


young bulls is needed. Yearling bulls should only run with other yearling bulls in multi-sire pastures. Older bulls will tend to establish a social dominance over young bulls, creating potential problems. 7. Deworm cows and bulls for internal parasites. 8. Spray all cattle for external parasites and then place fly tags in both ears on bulls and cow herd to control external parasites through the summer. 9. Consider herbicide use to control excessive weed populations in pastures. Fertilize improved pastures to improve forage production.

FALL Calving: 1. Wean calves and select animals to be retained through yearling time. Breeders collecting weaning weight information should weigh all calves and adjust all weights to a 205 day of age equivalent. Within sex group, calculate a weaning weight ratio to be used as a selection criteria. Identify all calves by sire group to determine which sires are producing the superior calves. 2. Pregnancy check all females as well as check for unsoundness and udder problems for culling purposes. 3. Vaccinate all heifer calves between 4 and 10 months of age for Brucellosis. 4. If not done previously, all weaned calves should be vaccinated with a 7-way Clostridial bacterin, vaccinated for IBR-P13-BVD and de-wormed. Cull bull calves should be castrated prior to weaning.

TLBAA Breed Advisory Committee’s

Herd Management Guide

SPRING Calving:

FALL Calving:

1. If not done previously, vaccinate all new calves for blackleg and malignant edema with a 2-way Clostridial bacterin (4-way or 7-way Clostridial is fine, also), leptospirosis with lepto pomona. Consult your local veterinarian for other diseases that may be a problem in your area. Many producers also consider intranasal IBR/P13, modified live Pasteurella hemolytica and/or BRSV. 2. Vaccinate all heifers that are four to 10 months of age for brucellosis. 3. If a high percentage of cows return to heat after 30-40 days of breeding, re-check bulls for fertility. Change bulls, if necessary, and re-evaluate your nutritional program if cows are not increasing in body condition as green grass comes on. 4. Prepare to cut native grass for hay prior to July 1. After harvesting for hay, do not mow or graze again until after frost.

1. Wean calves and select animals to be retained through yearling time. Breeders collecting weaning weight information should weigh all calves and adjust all weights to a 205 day of age equivalent. Within sex group, calculate a weaning weight ratio to be used as a selection criteria. Identify all calves by sire group to determine which sires are producing the superior calves. 2. Pregnancy check all females as well as check for unsoundness and udder problems for culling purposes. 3. Vaccinate all heifer calves between four and 10 months of age for Brucellosis. 4. If not done previously, all weaned calves should be vaccinated with a 7-way Clostridial bacterin, vaccinated for IBR-P13-BVD and dewormed. Cull bull calves should be castrated prior to weaning.


Texas Longhorn Trails

EXTRA! EXTRA! TLBAA Announcements

Register Your Spring Calf Crop and Save!

Register 5 animals (1-14months old) get

5th animal free through June 30th Contact Rick or Dana 817-625-6241

Antique Animal Spring HALF-PRICE Special! Through JUNE 30th you can register any of your older (antique) animals that normally would cost you $100, for half price, $50! Yes, that’s right, any animal over 36 months old can be registered for $50. Remember, this special ends June 30th! Questions? Contact Dana or Rick 817.625.6241

Top 10 States Registering Texas Longhorns -------------------

Texas ......................46,409 Oklahoma ..................8,683 Kansas ......................4,603 Nebraska......................3,633 Wyominag ......................3,260 Missouri ......................3,192 California....................2,419 Louisiana ....................2,140 Colorado ......................1,797 New Mexico ..................1,770 May/June 2015


Howdy from the NTLBA! We'd love to have you join our association by contacting our President Scotty O'Bryan at sjo_07@hotmail.com. Speaking of membership, we would like to thank and welS come our newest lifetime members Dr. A X TE NORTH BREEDER James & Diana Richardson with JR Ranch in Arlington, TX. Also, please John Oliver, Cason Rangel, RN LONGHOSOCIATION visit our website at NTLBA.org to keep and Cathleen Rangel after AS up with our latest information, and the NTLBA Spring Show while you are there, check out our sale Banquet. pen! We would like to let you know that our World Qualifying, Spring Scotty O’Bryan Show held in Glen Rose, TX was a huge success! We had over 360 total President sjo_07@hotmail.com entries! Thank you to John & Brenda Oliver of Oliver Longhorns for their hard work putting this show together. Thank you to the volunteers, sponsors and those who donated items. Congratulations to the exhibitors, and we hope to see you at the spring show again next year! Stay tuned for more information about our Fall Field Day and for more information about the NTLBA Holiday Extravaganza in Decatur, TX that will take place December 11-13th. Longhorn dreams and green pasture wishes!


Hailey Neal giving her Longhorn a pep talk at the NTLBA Spring Show.

Carrie VanderWeele Grace, Tanya Gracey Smith, Kevin Rooker and Amy Weatherholtz posing with their duct tape awards for adult showmanship at the NTLBA Spring Show.

Janice Heinze during the NTLBA Spring Show opening ceremonies.

The NTLA’s 34th Annual Sale was held this spring, Saturday April 11, 2015 in Broken Bow, NE. This was our second spring sale with new consignors and buyers. The pleasant weather brought in a nice crowd for the day. Special Rodger Damrow, President thanks to all the consignors, buyers and NTLA members that helped to make this sale possible. We are looking forward (402) 423-5441 to our next spring sale. Look for our Sale write up in the Trails and on the NTLA website – www.Nebraskatla.com. Nebraska State Fair World Qualifying Longhorn shows, known as the Ray Bohy Texas Longhorn Shows are scheduled again for the first weekend of the fair-August 29-30, 2015 in Grand Island, NE. There will be two World Qualifying Youth, Halter and Free Division shows this year. Saturday all the loose cattle will be shown including the trophy steers. People love to come to watch both the Longhorns and the draft horses which are shown following the trophy steers. If you’d like to bring a steer, please call Delwin & Vicki Smeal by August 10 at 402.568.2353. Sunday is reserved for youth and halter shows. We are accepting sponsorships to the NTLA that anyone may contribute to. Deadline for entries is Monday, August 10, 2015. You can enter online at www.statefair.org by August 10. If you choose to snail mail your entries, they must be postmarked by August 10 or there will be late charges. This year again the Longhorns, including the trophy steers will all be housed in the Sheep Barn. It is a huge building so there will be plenty of room to house all the Longhorns with a wash rack inside! This facility is awesome and is connected to the 5 Point Bank Arena where we show the cattle. A special raffle drawing will be held this year on the last day of the State Fair Longhorn shows, August 30th. Delwin & Vicki Smeal, Scribner, NE, has generously donated a heifer calf and McIntyre Ranch, Wolbach, NE, has generously donated a bull calf to be our 1st place winning ticket. If the winner chooses he can take $500 instead which is also generously donated by Delwin & Vicki Smeal and McIntyre Ranch. 2nd place $200. 3rd place $100. 4th place $50. A special thank you for this generosity. Tickets will only be available for a short time this year since we usually have the drawing in October at our fall sale. Tickets are only $2 each or a book for $10. Call for tickets – Chelsey 402.580.3140 or Chelsey_damrow@hotmail.com. Saturday, July 11th, our youth group, Nebraska Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow, will hold their 3rd annual field day in Wolbach, NE. L.D. McIntyre and Rodger Damrow made arrangements. A halter breaking clinic will be presented by Steve Snell. The kids will be bringing an animal to work with. After a short meeting of the youth, pizza and pop will be devoured. Look for a write up in the Trails and on our website-www.Nebraskatla.com.

ETLA members, both youth and adults, have been showing up with their cattle at a plethora of competitions since the beginning of 2015. They could be found at (in alphabetical order): Austin, Beaumont, Brenham, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Henderson County Livestock Show, Houston, San Angelo, San Antonio and Stillwater, OK. The reports have been amazEXAS EAST T BREEDER ing! RN At what has become an annual tradition, Texas Longhorns were on display April 2 at the annual Henderson County LONGHOSOCIATION Cow-Calf Clinic in Athens. This event, sponsored by Texas Agrilife Extension Service, brought over 130 participants to AS town who got a look at cattle from Blossom Ridge Ranch (the Calhoun family) and literature from the TLBAA on display and free for the taking. Troy, Haley, Emily and Savannah Calhoun assisted Dr. Tim Roddam, ETLA Secretary, in promoting Joel Norris awareness of the cattle and their attributes to those passing by the pens, and as always, people seemed to look just a bit longer at the Longhorns, who joined a number of other breeds brought by area producers. joel1983@embarqmail.com In the July Trails, we will report on our annual meeting April 25 with the election of officers for the coming year.

The 2015 Cattle Baron’s Sale and Winchester Futurity is a wrap! If you weren’t able to make it, you missed out on a great event! There was a lot of socializing, cattle, and great food! Be sure to come back next year and be a part of a legendary event! The TLBGCA would like to thank all of the buyers, consigners, and attendees; without everyone’s participation, the HORN G event wouldn’t have been as great as it was. N O L TEXAS GULF COAST Don’t forget about the Spring Show in Brenham, Texas! The show is right around the corner! May 8-10 to be exact! R E It is always tons of fun for everyone! This year it is in a new location, Miracle Farms (10802 Independence Way, Brenham, BREED SOCIATION TX). There will be a concession stand available to serve breakfast and lunch. There will also be a BBQ dinner prepared by AS the Rivera family. Be sure to make it this year! It’s a new place, but still the same great show! Rick Friedrich For all high school seniors, don’t forget about the TLBGCA Scholarship, it is a great opportunity to earn some extra money President to help pay for all your educational plans! You can find the scholarship application on the TLBGCA website.



-- continued on pg. 76 Texas Longhorn Trails





M A R C H 1, 2015


A P R I L 30, 2 0 1 5

DIVISION A Hudson Longhorns Dora Thompson Neal Hinton Anna & Alexander Leichtenstern Shawn & Cathy Norton Dale & Linda Friesen Tom A. Smith Mark Hubbell Johannes Brauchart Larry and Charlotte Gribbins Mike & Jamie Tomey Jimmy L. Jones Kathy Kittler Scott Hughes Farmer Cattle Co. Mike Donnelly James C. Barnhill Stringer Ranches

Sun Creek Ranches Rex Douglas Townsley Cody Robbins Danny D. Guffey Don Constable One Tree Ranching Co. LTD Billy R. Walker Mark and Tammey Stuck Scott Simmons Oldenburg Farm, LLC Terry Scallan Bret & Ginger Eckhart Nor-Tex Cattle Rick Bogle Steve & Sharlene Lindemann Triple R Ranch Mark and Tina Stewart Reginald Pederson

IM Rockin I, LLC Scott Smith Bernard Lankford John & Ursula Allen Red McCombs Ranches of Texas Michael McLeod Doug and Sandy Stotts M. A. Vanek Buffalo Gap Longhorns, LLC Mike Crawford & Pam Watkins Sandra K. Nordhausen Ron & Barbara Marquess John & Diann Chase Richard James Filip Star Creek Ranch Circle Double C Ranch Brennan L. Potts Allen & Suzanne Perry Suzanne & William H. Torkildsen, M.D. Brian Brett Struthoff Ranch Alan Sparger, III Brent & Cynthia Bolen William T. & Sandra J. Martin Rocking 'O' Longhorns Steve and Rene' Azinger Terry and Sherri Adcock Vincent T. Girolamo Cap Rock Gap Ranch Ohlendorf Land & Cattle Co., LLC Rocking 'O' Ranch Davis Green Dick and Cheryl Curry Hal and Carole Griffin John Oliver John R. Randolph Bow Carpenter Helm Cattle Company Tilman R. Thomas III David Ritchey

Fred Wood J.T. Wehring Kay L. Roush Llano Longhorns Marion M. Woolie Tom & Cay Billingsley Bo & Joe Ann Winkel Charles Castro James Vaughn Jo & Dagmar Schaab John Stockton Ruth & Kyle Zschiesche Dr. Zech Dameron III Ken Harris Austin Ranch Carla Payne Don Burrows El Coyote Ranch George W. Wilhite High Caliber Ranch John Marshall MB Longhorns Schumacher Cattle Company Stanley Tidwell Stark Enterprise Donnie Taylor Len Martin Bruce and Connie Ollive Denise Boehme Ernie Waugh Johnny and Barbara Coleman Kimble Cattle Company Rex & Nora Mosser Barbara Franklin Schmidt Craft Ranch David & Lynda Bradley Deer Creek Longhorns Eric & Anna Redeker James & Amy Roesler Jeremy and Tina Johnson

Allemand Ranches Ann Gravett Ethan Loos James Bryant Janet E. Fowler Ron A. Walker Aaron Adkins Billy Holder Calvin Deemer George and Laureen Gennin Gerry Gonnet H-Bar Farms Hoosier Longhorns Jack Shier Jackson Longhorns Katharina Freitag Leonard or Doris Boyd Levi & Brittni Blake

Matthew J. Durkin Phillip Cumberworth Ricky J. Smith Ricky McLeod Robert Fenza Ron & Donna Garison Royal Heritage Farm Terry R. Moore Thomas L. Findley Melanie Reinecke Robert Danny Hackle Brad Cocco Brian and Mary Stahl Dave Hovingh Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc. Donald L. Smale F. Clay Tillman III H'N'B Longhorns

James & Lynette Haltom James Patrick Jay Wachter & Susan Willard Jody Shaw Maurice Ladnier Mozella Acres Nancy C. Dunn NEL-TAM Longhorns Paul Corlett Rolling M Longhorns Schut Cattle Co. Sonny & Angie's Longhorn Terry King Thomas A. Radosevich Viggo Mortensen Westfarms, Inc. TTT Longhorns

Randy & Miki Bienek Robert Willis Rockin F Ranch Ronald J. Martens Ronnie E. Gaetz Wyona & Vance Ballard Annie Morgan & Steve Bell Billy Thompson and Gary Jenkins Hollis Jefferies Justin P. Woods Kimberly Lee Parker Kip and Regina Dove Larry Ginn Michael B. Zinn Nathan & Susan Hilton Rio Vista Ranch Taylor Cattle Company Vernon Stahl 4-C Ranch ACR Longhorns Area Historical Museum Bruce and Rhonda Arrington Dan & Lynn Hall Dan Williamson Dave & Althea Sullivan David and Colette Varner David Beck David Gillian D D Stiles Diamond D Ranch Don Bordelon Eddie and Sharon Settlemyer Erin A. Winkel Frank & Jane Applewhite Freestone Ranch L.P. Gary & Teresa Bowdoin Guthrie Creek Longhorn Cattle Hunter D. Winkel James Culpepper Jazmin Fisher

Jim & Sharon Jolly Jim Taylor Joel K. & Shirley Lemley Johnna Williams John & Rebecca McCammon J-S Longhorns Kacie Ging Kathy Lewis Kevin and Laury Rooker L Bar C Longhorns Lisa Baker Living Water Livestock, LLC Loyd Gibbs Mark & Laurie Witt MK Cattle Co. Nathan Schumpert Randi & Mary Ellen Maddox Randy & Karen Reynolds Raymond Taggart Richard E. Carroll Robert & Maria Whitaker Rockin 4 B Roger and Donna Chumley Roy & Maria Bailey Rugged Cross Ranch Shelby Neal Shyanne McClendon Tensleon Ranch The Roddam Family Tim & Karen Carr Tommy Mulhollan Top Shelf Longhorns Trigg & Traci Moore Vernon and Dee Fields W. B. Cattle Co. Will Ross Wilton and Carolyn Wilton

Chetamba Creek Longhorns Dylan Pfizenmaier Kenneth J. & Valerie J. Webb Kevin Mathey Randy and Marsha Witte Don Anderson Joe Muse Craig Kipf Huey A. Dawson J Diamond R Longhorns Jerry Pellan Kasey or Haley Kliewer

Mark and Renee Haralson Anchor D Ranch Bill and Judy Meridith Calvin & Linda Anthony Daniel & Angelina Fey Del Vic Farms H & H Longhorns J Bar J Longhorns, LLC Mary Ann, and or Ron Nolde Moyer Land and Cattle Oren & Dianna O'Dell Safari B Ranch

DIVISION B Jim & Bethany Rosebrock Joe Tucker Justin Alonzo Peeler Kurt Twining Megan Ekstrom Michael Perry Mike and Kim MacLeod Noland Ranch Rebecca J. Gilbert Rick & Tracey Friedrich Susan Burton Todd Williams Ann & Bill Morian Armstrong Ranch @ Wolf Hollow Bar G Ranch B&H Longhorns Brown's Longhorns Chase Vasut Cheryl Crosby Cody M. Himmelreich Dale & Janet Manwaring Dan Boswell David and Linda Mills David & Kathy M. Adams David M. Hillis Dr. Gene and Lana Hightower Dr. James & Diana Richardson E. Lee Ranch (EE) Elias F. Hal Meyer, Jr. George and Cindy Dennis John and /or Judy Coats John Miller Kelly or Chrisann Merriman Ken and Beth Smith Kris Michalke Peterek Laura A. Harding Lazy J Ranch Lee & Gay Gaddis M. Gregory Smith Pauline S. Freberg

M O N T H L Y M O V E R S & S H A K E R S

DIVISION C Michael & Allison Bose Warren Ehrisman Cody Gustafson Semkin Longhorns Justin Hansen Carole Muchmore M2 Land and Cattle Co. Rock Creek Ranch JBR Longhorns, LLC Gordon & Connie Howie Remount Ranch, LLC Dee & Janet Huntley

May/June 2015

Bob & Pam Loomis Tom and Molly St. Hilaire Craig Perez Robert A. or Julie A.G. Balzan Sunset Ridge Ranch Darwyn & Renee Klarenbeek Jordan Ranch Douglas Woodard Easton Jane Joseph Sedlacek Mike & Debbie Bowman Jon and Cindy Johnson

Lee Decker Robert & Lisa Van Liew Scot & Jodie O'Bryan Shooting Star Ranch Carleton & DeJong, LLC Joseph M. Graham Kasi Dick Rockin' J Longhorns Dave Hodges Conner Scheer Melanie Pittman Bonnie & Rodger Damrow

-- continued on pg. 77


-- continued from pg. 74 Texas Longhorn Australia is gearing up for their 6th Annual Sale to be conducted at Gunnedah NSW on June 7, 2015. The members are especially excited because Deb Lesyk & Dwight Overlid are travelling to Australia from Canada and will be judging the show and attending the get together dinner and sale during the weekend. Recently a meeting was held at the home of TLA Vice President Don Constable and his wife Julie at Galong NSW, where members were treated to the usual country hospitality you receive when you visit Don and Julie. The meeting was very fruitful as preparations get underway for this year’s John Bastardi major events, including: Annual Show; Annual President Sale; Complete Animal and Horn Measurement jjcoolong@gmail.com Competition (this is done by photograph as many members find it very difficult to move their cattle long distances). Deb & Dwight will also judge this competition; Annual General meeting and presentation dinner. Whilst at Don & Julie’s place, the members were able to view his Southern Cross Longhorns Herd which has some of the top Longhorn genetics available. During the meeting, President John Bastardi mentioned how TLA Secretary Geoff Dawson had recently received the Jack Phillips Award from the TLBAA. Geoff commented that it was a huge surprise to even be nominated let alone win such a prestigious award. “I was very humbled and overwhelmed when I was advised in a Skype link up with the TLBAA during their annual banquet” said Geoff. The Texas Longhorn Australia members are looking forward to a fantastic show/sale and get together weekend in June, and it will be made all that more memorable by having Deb & Dwight visit.


TEXAS N A I D A CAN GHORN LON TION A ASSOCI Gordon Musgrove, President (403) 378-4664 onetreeranch@gmail.com

Group photo of the members that attended the February TLA meeting at Galong NSW (some members attending had already left when the photo was taken)

TLA Secretary Geoff Dawson, photographed with his Jack Phillips Award Don Constable Vice President of Texas Longhorns Australia with his cow Southern Cross Irma.

Thank you to the directors and members for your support and guidance to me over the past 2 years. We have truly created a national organization. Our membership currently includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and we continue to grow on a weekly basis. We are at the end of our second year with the CTLA. The cattle and beef industry has improved significantly in the last 12 months with renewed interest in agriculture. We have seen several new breeders this year, thanks to all our members for promoting our breed and industry and helping to grow our Canadian Texas Longhorn herd and family. *May 31, 2014, saw the end of our first full year of the revived CTLA. With an AGM, Heifer Jackpot and Texas Longhorn Production Sale in Brooks, Alberta. Thank you Sponsors: Desert Sales Inc., Harwood Ford, Heritage Inn. *July 16-20, 2014, was the National Texas Longhorn Show in Red Deer at Westerner Days. Thank you to Judge Gary Don Taylor from Okarche, Oklahoma and to John and Jan Bastardi, President of the Australia Texas Longhorn Assoc. who assisted with the judging. Thank you to our many sponsors: Papa Harry Trucking, Double D Arena, Riverbend Co-op, Hanna Motor Products, Gateway Auction Services, MSW Farms, Fenced in Vinyl, CTLA and

Country Junction Feeds. *October – saw a CTLA Fun Auction and Social and the 2nd Texas Longhorn Select Sale and TLBAA Satellite Horn Measuring Showcase in Ponoka, Alberta. Congratulations to MST Longhorns and Meridian Longhorns for their placements with the TLBAA Horn Showcase. Thank you to sponsor, Ponoka Dodge – Eldon Johnson. *Congratulations to Meridian-Farmer Partnership on their 2nd place win for the TLBAA Affiliate Prince. * Our website www.ctlalonghorns.com keeps the information flowing, as well as our Trailblazer Newsletters three times in 2014 and one in February 2015 published and mailed out to our mailing list of interested Longhorn addresses. Thank you Tina Stewart & Director Mike Donnelly, Bowden, AB; Director Jeff Jespersen, Stony Charlene Musgrove for your talent and hard work! Thank you to 2014 website sponsor Plain, AB; President Clinton Bezan, Rimbey, AB; Vice President Deb Lesyk, Outlook, SK; son Tanner standing in for Director Daryl Desert Sales Inc. * Congratulations to Charlene and Tina on winning the prestigious Jack Philips Allemand, Shaunavon, SK; Secretary/Treasurer Mark Stewart, Ponoka, AB; Missing - Director Jeremy Farmer, Quesnel, BC Award. This is the first time this award has been awarded outside of the United States. *We look forward to another year of Texas Longhorn events, with an exciting new venture: The Canadian Triple Crown Heifer Futurity, this will showcase the best heifers in Canada open to TLBAA and ITLA registries. Watch our website – www.ctlalonghorns.com for coming events. On April 18, 2015, we held our AGM with a 3 new faces on the executive. We also held our 3rd heifer jackpot – this was the first stop in the new “Canadian Triple Crown Heifer Futurity” and to round out the weekend was the 2nd CTLA Spring Sale with a full crown and respectful prices. In closing, thank you to the CTLA for a very enjoyable and learned two years. All the best in the future. Looking forward as a member to the direction the new executive will lead us. With Great Respect and Admiration, Gordon Musgrove Outgoing President CTLA 2015

AFFILIATES… Send Us Your News! Contact Laura Standley at laura@tlbaa.org or (817) 625-6241.


Texas Longhorn Trails

IN MEMORIAM Submitted by Stan Searle

Shelley Kay (Searle) Barber 1958 – 2015 A longtime friend and acquaintance of many in the Texas Longhorn world, as well as the ranching communities of Southern Colorado, Shelley Kay Barber departed this world for a far better one following a threeyear battle with lung cancer. She passed away on January 30th at the Barber Ranch near Black Hawk Canyon south of Walsenburg. Shelley had remained confident of her eternal destination – always cheerful and outgoing throughout her struggle. She even continued to volunteer at the local Pregnancy Resource Center of which she had been the Director. For most of that time she attended the First Baptist Church in Raton, NM, along with husband Bob and their children Emily and Zane. Shelley’s experience with Longhorn cattle began in the 1970s on the family’s Evergreen, CO, ranch. By the early eighties she was riding over thousands of acres in Southern Colorado—on the Searle Ranch at Walsenburg and once on a Longhorn cattle drive along the old Goodnight-Loving Trail, traversing Las Animas, Huerfano and Pueblo counties. She

was fond of dogs, horses and people and she appreciated cows—and cowboys. In 1979 she became Associate Editor of American Cowboy magazine, with an audience in ranching and rodeo circles. The following year, she joined the editorial staff of another familyowned publication, the Texas Longhorn Journal—the official magazine of the TLBAA. Between travels for the Journal and the ranch and rodeo magazine, Shelley made a lot of friends in small towns and big ranches across the West. A talented singer, she began performing as a teenager and appeared with her brother Charlie and sister Lorna. Her travels with Teen Missions International took her and Lorna to Scotland. She spent six weeks at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem with a group from Denver Seminary, also visiting Egypt. “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…” Shelley had met Bob Barber, a school teacher and coach from Florence, CO, who was teaching at a Cowboy Church in LaVeta, CO. Bob and Shelley were married on her parents’ ranch in 1985 and soon moved to Oak Grove, Missouri where he took a job teaching and coaching wrestling and she worked for a magazine publishing company in Kansas City. A few years later, a Christian ministry assignment in Zimbabwe found Bob in the mission school

classroom while Shelley befriended and ministered to the women of the village. Their daughter Emily was born in the Southern African country. Returning to Colorado, they bought land southwest of Walsenburg in 1992, which they stocked with Texas Longhorns and Salorn cattle. Over the years, they transitioned to Angus-crosses. Bob’s “day job” was teaching science and coaching, most recently in the local high school. Shelley Kay Barber loved God’s Word and believed it unreservedly. A favorite Scripture passage was I John 3:2- “Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared, but we know that when He appears we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He is.” A friend commented that “She was many things– a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a friend, a sibling in God’s family, but most of all she was simply and wonderfully a child of God, desiring that in all things, He be glorified in her life and in her death.” Shelley is survived by her loving husband Robert, daughter Emily and son Zane of Walsenburg; parents Stan and Lorna Searle of Monument, CO; sisters Lorna Robles of Davis, CA and Sharon Searle of Monument; brothers Charles “Charlie” Searle (Cheryl) and Monty Searle of Monument, and foster brother Mark Day (Dee) of Colorado Springs, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

MONTHLY MOVERS & SHAKERS -- continued from pg. 75

DIVISION C Brian & Carolyn Brown Justin Risenmay Dan Erskine Art Anders Casey Reed Charley E. and Doris Snyder David & Kimberley Nikodym Donald & Sharron Wiens Fairlea Longhorn Ranch, LLC J5 Longhorns Jim Freeman, Jr. Joel and Tamara Kuntz Karen Powell Kyle & Jeanne Taylor

May/June 2015

Larry &/or Mary Ann Long Longhorn Creek Ranch Mark & Wendy Childress Matt & Rachel Johnson Norman and June Cady Tom & Jan Buck Woodson School Ranch Big Valley Longhorns Bill & Polly Black Brett or Darcy De Lapp Cully & Lita Sila John Murphy Mike and Carole Koss Tom Wilson


Bar R. Cattle Co. Ben Monk or Lindsey Helvey Brandon Crisp Brett Bartlett Carol Holland Casey Hall Dale Hunt Dan & Deanna Stoltz Darrell & Arlene Larsen David Roberts Deer Haven, LLC Dirty Spur Cattle Co. Dustin & Candice Brewer Dusty Leonard

G6 Longhorns GFT Longhorns Gregg or Sandra Lynn Sherwood Gregg Sherwood Jared & Justina Reaves Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich Jim Hutchinson Kent & Sandy Harrell Luebbering Farms, LLC Melissa Reese Mike Bassett Mike Lutt Nickolas Risley Oak Hill Longhorns

Pace Cattle Company Petersen Longhorn Ralph and Christa Simmons Randy & Kathy Nash Ray, Kale & Julie Williams Ray or Virginia Walker Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary Straight Arrow Cattle Co. Thate Cattle Co Travis and Chandra Weeks Tyler Reil Vickie Link Warren and Cathy Dorathy


Save The Date! MAY 2015 MAY 29-30 • Red River Longhorn Sale, Marietta, OK. Rick Friedrich (713) 305-0259 or rick@riverranchlonghorns.com.

JUNE 2015 JUNE 3-6 • TLBAA World Show & National TLBT Youth Show, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX. Amy Weatherholtz (817) 625-6241 or amy@tlbaa.org. Qualifying, Haltered, Free & Youth. JUNE 6 • Fey Ranch Sale & Social, Yamhill, OR. Daniel & Angelina Fey 503.349.7866 or daniel@feylonghorns.com. More info on www.feylonghorns.com JUNE 10-14 • Autobahn Youth Tour presents the Diann Chase Longhorn Scholarship Expo, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX. Larry Barker (817) 988-6110 or lbarker@abahn.com. www.autobahnyouthtour.com. JUNE 19-20 • Winchester Futurity of the North, Gibson County Fairgrounds, Princeton, IN. Scott Simmons (618) 610-1921 ssimmons@copeplastics.com or Deanna Sanders (618) 780-5365. dsanders71@hughes.net

TEXAS LONGHORN Coming Events SEPT 12 • Spokane Interstate Fair (NRLA) Spokane Fairgrounds & Expo Center, Spokane, WA. Shannon Kearney (509) 684-2963 or (509) 680-0019, giddyup73@hughes.net. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPT 18-19 • Hudson-Valentine Vegas Style Sale, South Point Casino and Equestrian Center, Las Vegas, NV. Lorinda Valentine (270) 996-7046 or panthercreekranch@att.net. SEPT 25-26 • B&C Show-Me Fall Longhorn Sale, Brookfield, MO. Bill Sayre (660) 258-2973. SEPT 25-27 • State Fair of Texas, Fair Park, Dallas, TX. Trigg & Traci Moore (817) 832-8742 or (254) 396-5592. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPT 27 • NRLA Central Washington Longhorn Show. Central Washington State Fair Park, Yakima, WA. Entry Deadline: Aug. 30, 2015. Shannon Kearney (509) 684-2963 or (509) 680-0019, giddyup73@hughes.net. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth.


OCT 1-3 • TLBAA Horn Showcase, Comanche Co. Fairgrounds, Great Plains Coliseum, Lawton, OK. Amy Weatherholtz (817) 625-6241 or amy@tlbaa.org. OCT 1-3 • Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa Fairgrounds, Tulsa, OK. Steve Quary AUG 1 • Deschutes County Fair Longhorn Show, Deschutes Co. Fair(405) 567-3093 or (405) 567-9771. grounds, Redmond, OR. Tami Kuntz (541) 848-7357 or Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. tami_kuntz@yahoo.com. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. OCT 2-4 • ETLA World Qualifying Show, East Texas State Fair Grounds, AUG 7 • Rocky Mountain Winchester Futurity, Elburt, CO. Tom MatTyler, TX. Enter on www.etstatefair.com by 8/28/15. Lana tott (303) 663-7841. www.rockymountainwinchesterfuturity.com Hightower (903) 681-1093 or glcattleco@aol.com. Qualifying AUG 8 • Rocky Mountain Select TX Longhorn Sale, Elburt, CO. Stan Haltered, Free & Youth. Searle (719) 649-9590 or Gary Lake (719) 314-8294. OCT 14 • NRLA NILE Longhorn Show. Metra Park Fairgrounds, AUG 29-30 • Ray Bohy Longhorn Show, Nebraska State Fairgrounds, Billings, MT. Entry Deadline: Sept, 15, 2015. Shannon Grand Island, NE. Entry deadline: Aug. 10, 2015. Delwin & Vicki Kearney (509) 684-2963 or (509) 680-0019, Smeal (402) 568-2353 or Rodger & Bonnie Damrow (402) 423giddyup73@hughes.net. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. 5441 or (402) 580-3673 C or brdamrow6@aol.com. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth.



SEPTEMBER 2015 SEPT 5 • Butler Breeder’s Invitational Sale, Lockhart, TX. Kaso Kety (985) 674-6492 or Michael McLeod (361) 771-5355. SEPT 5 • NRLA Sanders County Longhorn Show. Sanders County Fairgrounds, Plains, MT. Entry Deadline: Aug. 10, 2015. Shannon Kearney (509) 684-2963 or (509) 680-0019, giddyup73@hughes.net. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPT 6-7 • Colorado State Fair, Pueblo Co. State Fairgrounds, Pueblo, CO. Kenny Richardson - krichardson21@aol.com or (970) 3523054 or Lana Pearson - lana.pearson@co.usda.gov or (719) 7400741. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPT 11-13 • Deep South Longhorn Show, Magnolia Center, Laurel, MS. Chris Lindsey (601) 319-9376 or clindsey04@yahoo.com Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth. SEPT 11-12 • Hill Country Heritage Longhorn Sale. River Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX. Rick Friedrich (713) 305-0259 or rick@riverranchlonghorns.com. SEPT 12 • Texas Longhorn Breeders of New Mexico World Qualifying Show, New Mexico State Fair Grounds-Expo NM, Albuquerque, NM. Entry Deadline August 1, 2015. Enter at www.ExpoNM.com. Dustin Brewer (505) 660-3061 or dustinandcandi@gmail.com. Qualifying Haltered, Free & Youth.

NOV 7 • Marquess Arrow Ranch Production Sale, Ben Wheeler, TX. Ron & Barbara Marquess (903) 570-8458 C or (903) 570-5199 C or maranch@aol.com. www.maranch.com

DECEMBER 2015 DEC 11-15 • 2015 Holiday Extravaganza, Wise County Sheriff Posse Fairgrounds, Decatur, TX. Scotty O’Bryan (254) 434-1155 or sjo_07@hotmail.com or Ryan Culpepper (940) 577-1753 or culpepper.ryan@gmail.com. Qualifying Haltered & Youth.

FEBRUARY 2016 FEB 26-27 • Cattle Baron’s Sale & Winchester Futurity, Mid-Tex Sale Barn, Navasota, TX. Rick Friedrich (713) 305-0259 or Steve Azinger (713) 823-5371.

APRIL 2016 APRIL 22-23 • Midwest Longhorn Sale, Winfield Livestock Auction, Winfield, KS. Mike Bowman - mbowman@wildblue.net or (316) 7781717. www.endoftrailranch.com APRIL 29-30 • Red McCombs Fiesta Sale, Johnson City, TX. www.redmccombslonghorns.com. Alan & Teresa Sparger, alan@redmccombslonghorns.com, (210) 445-8798.

In order to have your qualifying affiliate show included in the calendar, please submit your application to special events – Amy Weatherholtz (817) 625-6241 or amy@tlbaa.org. All other events can be sent directly to laura@tlbaa.org.


Texas Longhorn Trails













Find all the information and forms you need at


May/June 2015










Texas Longhorn Trails




Call in, ask for your H.O.R.N.S. password and take control of your herd inventory and membership information. (817) 625-6241




CANADA ALBERTA READ E-TRAILS for news on upcoming TLBAA Sales & Events. Go to www.tlbaa.org and click on E-Trails

May/June 2015




Bruce E. McCarty Auctioneer Weatherford, TX

(817) 991-9979 CATTLE FOR SALE

THATE Cattle Company Your source for big-horned cattle in the North—utilizing the right bloodlines to produce the horn. Fairmont, Minnesota

(507) 235-3467

LONE WOLF RANCH Dr. Lee and Linda Ragains (918) 855-0704 • Sallisaw, OK

www.lonewolfranch.net BEAVER CREEK LONGHORNS- Check our new website with "Super Sales" and herdreduction prices. Tazman (Gunman) genetics. Carole Muchmore, Ponca City, OK (580) 7659961, www.beavercreeklonghorns.com



Cattle for sale “To God Be The Glory”

joliver@mytocn.com (972) 268-0083

May flowers have brought exciting news of changes at the Flying D Longhorn Ranch! The ranch, created in 1984 by G.C. “Bo” and Dorie Damuth has continued to feature very correct traditional/progressive Longhorn cattle that are very gentle, colorful, big-horned and frequent show winners with excellent conformation. The original Magnolia ranch will continue on a smaller basis with Dorie still living there and managing its operation. Scott, Dorie & Bo’s only child, and his lovely wife Shery, will showcase the cattle (which are currently being relocated to the new second Flying D Ranch at Mabank, Texas). They will own and run the ranch with the same commitment, dedication and knowledge exhibited by Bo and Dorie over the years. The ranch headquarters will be merged into Scott’s law office and title company located on Main Street in Gun Barrel City, Texas. Meanwhile, be assured the same big, gentle trophy steers, bulls, cows and heifers will be available at both ranches. Please call any of us to schedule a visit to each ranch. We love to talk Longhorns! Cattle always available at all times. Reasonable prices. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call:

Dorie or Scott Damuth - Flying D Longhorn Ranch 40206 Community Rd. • Magnolia, TX 77354 281-356-8167, fax: 281-356-275 dorie27@sbcglobal.net • www.damuthflyingdranch.com Scott Damuth, Legal Counsel • Shery Damuth, Vineyard Consultant Law office: 903-887-0088 • Fax: 903-887-2925 Scott Cell: 214-546-3681 • Sherry Cell: 940-393-0991 sdamuth@damuthlaw.com


HOME & RANCH REALITY TRIGG MOORE Cell: (254) 396-5592 Ofc: (254) 965-5500 Fax: (254) 965-5532

Owner/Broker 936 S. Hwy 281 Stephenville, TX 76401 Email: trigg@c21homeandranch.com


SEMEN FOR SALE LONGHORN SEMEN – Phenomenon, Emperor, DH Red Ranger, Tempter, JP Rio Grande, WS Jamakism, Working Man Chex, VJ Tommie and more. John Oliver 972-268-0083 or www.oliverlonghorns.com WF POKER SEMEN – $50.00/straw. Outstanding herd sire prospect available by Poker. www.crazycattlecompany.com. (717) 577-3347

TRADE & BARTER Quality HEIFERS & HERD SIRE PROSECTS FOR SALE- I have a LARGE herd, so you have lots of variety to pick from! Located approx. 20 mi. off the EAST TEXAS line in Louisiana just below Shreveport. Lots of Hunts Command Respect, McGill Breeding, some ZD Kelly and Grand Slam, etc. Good cows, good babies. I specialize in bulls and am a partner in RIP SAW who now measures 83 1/2” TTT and is a gorgeous color. Several of his heifers and sons for sale. DORA THOMPSON Tel (318) 872-6329

TRADE YOUR LONGHORNS – We’ll take your bulls and steers in trade for cows, heifers, pairs, herd sires or semen from breeds’ top quality bulls. Stonewall Valley Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX. Days (512) 454-0476 / Weekends (830) 644-2380.

TEXAS LONGHORN T•R•A•I•L•S (817) 625-6241 • Fax (817) 625-1388 trails@tlbaa.org

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Great genetics. I enjoy meeting and working with new breeders. Also have a large STRAIGHT BUTLER herd.

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Texas Longhorn Trails


A Adcock, Terry & Sherri..............................69, 81 Adkins, Aaron ..................................................53 Adkins, Clay ......................................................53 Almendra Longhorns......................................79 Anderson, Frank Jr. & III ..................................9 Apache Casino Hotel......................................33 Astera Meadows Ranches................................81

B Bar H Ranch ..............................................35, 79 Beadle Land & Cattle..................................8, 79 Bentwood Ranch............................................IBC Big Valley Longhorns ......................................79 Billingsley Longhorns ....................................80 Blue Ridge Ranch........................................30-31 Brett Ranch ........................................................80 BT Farms ............................................................80 Buckhorn Cattle Co.........................................80 Bull Creek Longhorns ....................................81 Butler Breeders ................................................8-9

C Caballo Bravo Longhorns ......................35, 79 CedarView Ranch....................................79, IBC Champion Genetics ........................................71 Christa Cattle Company ..............................8, 9 Circle Double C Ranch ..................................80 Cowboy Catchit Chex Partnership ..............53 CV Cowboy Casanova..................................IBC

L Lightning Longhorns ......................................80 Little Ace Cattle Co.............................................8 LL Longhorns......................................................8 Locatelli, Frank & Teresa ................................35 Lodge Creek Longhorn ..................................79 Lone Wolf Ranch..............................................80 Longhorn Sales Pen ........................................69 Loomis, Bob & Pam........................................53 Lucas Ranch ......................................................35

M McLeod Ranch ....................................................8 Midwest Longhorn Sale..................................47 Moriah Farms ..................................................80

N Northbrook Cattle Co.....................................80

P P&C Cattle Pens ..............................................67 Panther Creek Ranch ..............................2-3, 25 Pearl Longhorn Ranch ....................................81


Khaos Cattle Company ....................................53 King, Terry & Tammy ..................................53, 79 YO Ranch ..........................................................69 Kittler Land & Cattle Co. ..................................79


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Photos for “Just for Grins” are welcome, but they cannot be returned. Send your caption to: Texas Longhorn Trails, Attn. Laura, P.O. Box 4430 • Fort Worth, Texas 76164 or laura@tlbaa.org (Email entries should include address.) Please specify which month your caption is for.


R & R Ranch......................................................80 Rancho Dos Ninos ....................................21, 81 Red McCombs Ranches of Texas ................BC Registered Texas Longhorn Lean Beef..........57 Rio Vista Ranch ..................................................8 Rockin I Longhorns ....................................9, 81 D Rocking P Longhorns........................................8 Dalgood Longhorns ..........................................9 Rocky Mountain Longhorns ........................79 DCCI Equipment ............................................71 Rolling D Ranch ..............................................79 Deer Creek Longhorns....................................81 Running Arrow Farm ......................................70 Diamond Q Longhorns ................................80 S Dickinson Cattle Company ............................5 Double LB Longhorns....................................80 7 Bar Longhorns ..............................................80 Doug Hunt Longhorns ..................................81 Safari B Ranch ..................................................80 Sand Hills Ranch ........................................7, 79 E Semkin Longhorns..........................................80 Elah Valley Longhorns....................................79 Sidewinder Cattle Co.........................................9 El Coyote Ranch ................................................1 Singing Coyote Ranch ....................................81 End of Trail Ranch ............................47, 69, 79 Silver T Ranch..................................................IFC SS Longhorns....................................................80 F Star Creek Ranch........................................17, 61 4T Longhorns ..................................................FC Stotts Hideaway Ranch ............................67, 80 Falls Creek Longhorns ......................................9 Struthoff Ranches of TX ..................................81 First Financial Bank..........................................61 Swift Six Ag Works............................................71 Flying Diamond Ranch..................................79 Foundation World HQ & Museum......45, 49, 51 T TK Ranch Cattle Co. ........................................19 G TLBA Foundation ............................................57 Gilliland Ranch ..............................................IBC TLBAA Affiliate Prince/Princess ....................37 TLBAA Horn Showcase............................27, 29 H TLBAA Membership........................................84 Haltom Hollar Ranch ....................................79 TLBAA World Show ..................................39-41 Helm Cattle Co. ..............................................80 Triple R Ranch (TX) ..........................................9 Hickman Longhorns ......................................80 Twisted Sister Ranch ........................................61 Hill Country Heritage Sale ............................23 Hodges, Dave ....................................................71 U Horseshoe J Longhorns..................................53 Underwood Longhorns..................................79 Hubbell Longhorns ........................................53 Hudson Longhorns ..............................2-3, 25 W Hudson-Valentine Sale ..................................25 Walker, Ron........................................................81 Hudson-Valentine Vegas Sale ......................2-3 Westfarms, Inc.....................................................8 Husky Branding Irons ....................................69 White Pine Ranch ....................................53, 80 Wichita Fence....................................................69 J Wilson, Tom......................................................35 J.T. Wehring Family Ranch ............................80 Winchester Futurity of the North..........53, 67 Jack Mountain Ranch..................................9, 81 Woodson School Ranch ................................79 Jane’s Land & Cattle Co. ..................................9 Johnston Longhorns ......................................80 X Xcalibur Star Partnership ................................61


Just For Grins


Photo courtesy of Mike Lutt, Wayne, NE

APRIL PHOTO FIRST-PLACE WINNER: “Does this make me look fat?!”

Sheena Winters, Paradise, TX ◆


“Umm, I’m kinda stuck. Can you help me?” Kasi Dick, Pawhuska, OK

Lazy A Ranch ....................................................80 Zulu Creek Ranch ..........................................IFC

May/June 2015


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May/June 2015 Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine  

The Official Publication of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America

May/June 2015 Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine  

The Official Publication of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America