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Texas Longhorn Trails

January 2010

In our effort to continue to reduce costs, the Premier Heifer Sale catalog will be mailed to individuals that have bought at or consigned to a TLBAA cattle sale since 2008. For those that would like a catalog, but have not participated in a TLBAA cattle sale since 2008, you may view or download a copy of the catalog by going to or If you are unable to view or download the catalog, you may contact Kim Barfield at 817/625-6241 to have one mailed to you. The Premier Heifer Sale catalog will be available at the sale for all those attending. We appreciate your understanding, as we strive to provide great service and still keep our costs to a minimum for our members.

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About the Cover: Be sure to mark your calendars for the Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale on May 7-8, 2010. The sale hosts, Bill Hudson and Joe and Lorinda Valentine, will be bringing top cattle from both of their programs and in addition top consignments from their 2009 buyers. The sale will feature several 70 inch and plus females, junior cows and heifers. Top herd sires will also sell. For example, some of the beauties that will be available at the sale are gracing this month’s cover. Beginning on the left-hand-top going down the cover are: El Phenomenal Cutie, 67 1/8” TTT, DOB-11/18/01; Jaynie 698, 68 ½” TTT, DOB-2/12/00; LTL Pretty Penny, 72 ½” TTT, DOB5/1/03; Dynamic Dream 005, 72 1/8” TTT, DOB 3/3/00; Wiz’s Shadow, 68 ½” TTT, DOB – 5/20/02; Ranger’s Pretty Lady, 76 ¾” TTT, DOB 4/1/01; DH Frostbite, 68 ¾” TTT, DOB-7/17/03. To see more of the outstanding consignments for this remarkable sale, see page 3 of this issue of the Trails. Remember; mark your calendars for May 7-8. Hudson-Valentine will be bringing the top sales production of the New Year!


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From the Chairman of the Board Dear Members: I want you all to know how honored I was to serve as your chairman over the past 12 months. I’ve racked up a lot of minutes on my cell phone, put miles and miles on my truck, and even learned how to check e-mail and open a document on my computer. Most importantly, I got a chance to work with an incredible Board of Directors. Believe me, they have the best interest of the TLBAA at heart when considering each and every decision. I feel confident that I leave the Board in good hands. It is my hope that you will support them and each other over the next year.

Maurice Ladnier

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Justin Rombeck reports that several new buyers attended the Heart of America Sale on November 21, 2009 and some were among the list of volume buyers. There are plans to have the sale again next year, due to the positive response for the sale, facility and the community. A stimulus check that totaled $2,387 was sent out and well received by buyers at the sale. Justin would like to thank the TLBAA Board of Directors that either attended the sale or bought cattle such as: Randy Briscoe, Jim Rombeck, Maurice Ladnier, Kerry Mounce, Charlie Buenger and Scott Simmons. Also thanks to TLMA Board Member Richard Filip for his attendance.


Volume Buyers: Dusty Leonard, Marysville, KS-first time buyer JBR Longhorns, Roland West, Ray Williams Jr., Ken Kirkham

Dusty Leonard with Justin Rombeck. Paige Evans and Sarah Hutchinson.

Report Submitted by Justin Rombeck




Consigner: JBR Longhorns Buyers: Don and Rhonda Poe /JBR Partnership



Melany Barns; Ken Kirkham; Jacey Rombeck.


Bruce & Robin Mowen with son.

Consignor: Mike Bowman Buyer: Warren Dorathy




Consignor: Spring Creek Longhorns Buyer: Dan Smercheck




Consignor: John Bondon Buyer: Randy Briscoe


A large crowd gathered for the sale. Texas Longhorn Trails

2009 TLBAA Legal Summary In an effort to keep the membership informed of the legal issues that face the TLBAA, we offer you the following summary: Don L. King Judgment settled as to Don King only. As of this date (December 1, 2009) mineral interest on a 53.33 acre tract of land in Canadian County, Oklahoma, has been transferred to the TLBAA. Note from Charlie Buenger: This interest was the only valuable asset that was recoverable from Don King. Providing the board retains this interest, when oil and gas prices rebound this mineral interest should be worth a substantial amount of money. Suzanne Spindor The TLBAA is continuing to pursue collection of damages. Ben Gravett The law suit that Mr. Gravett filed against the TLBAA seeking receivership is pending. Depositions have been taken and the Court has ordered continuing disclosure of financial information. The TLBAA will be providing the Court with audited financials of our fiscal year end (June 30, 2009) on or before January 1, 2010. Additionally, the Court has also ordered that Mr. Gravett re-plead his case and state his allegations. Note from Charlie Buenger: TLBAA’s attorney’s legal opinion is that this suit is meritless and Mr. Gravett's claim should eventually be dismissed. TLBAA The TLBAA has filed a counter-claim against Ben Gravett for damages that include his authorization of a press release that was defamatory and damaging to the TLBAA. Note from Charlie Buenger: The TLBAA has spent over $12,500 defending and protecting itself against Mr. Gravett’s allegations. RELATED TOPICS In the last year the TLBAA has saved money due to the efforts of our treasurer Steven Zunker. He has worked tirelessly on the accounting and finances for the Board as well as the court for the Ben Gravett lawsuit. Charlie Buenger has provided hundreds of hours of his legal expertise at no cost to the TLBAA towards these matters and has saved the association many thousands of dollars. The membership of the TLBAA owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Steven and Charlie for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our Association. Note from Charlie Buenger: Your TLBAA staff has put in some long hard hours for you, the Board of Directors, accounting, and legal issues. Please remember to show them your appreciation for their dedication, hard work and loyalty.

January 2010




Registered Lots: 179 Registered Average: $366.42 Commercial Lots: 168 Commercial Average: $154.13 Volume Buyers: Center Ranch, Centerville, TX Anthony Anderson, Gatesville, TX 4-C Ranch, Caldwell, TX Hal Brame, Moyers, OK Photos by Brenda Cantrell & Rick Fritsche



Members unloaded cattle in the snow in West, TX on Friday, December 4, and the temperatures dropped throughout the day, but the sale was hot inside the arena on Saturday, December 5. With 179 registered and 168 commercial, the day was jam-packed with Longhorns as auctioneer Brian Uptmore and pedigree reader, TLBAA Treasurer Steven Zunker kept up the pace for a great sale. Too cold for an outdoor social, the Friday night party was moved into the sale arena. A big thank you to Frank, Sue, Gary and Teresa Bowdoin, Crawford, TX for providing BBQ and all the fixings and Paul and Mari-Kathryn Braswell, Forestburg, TX for providing the adult beverages. Thanks also to A&A ranch for donating a cow and Panther Creek Ranch for donating three donkeys with proceeds benefitting the TLBAA and Horton Ranch for donating a donkey with their proceeds to benefit the TLBT. We look forward to seeing you all at the next Best at West Sale on March 6, 2010. Deadline for pre-catalog is January 9, 2010.

Finnis Welch and Linda Waite, Centerville, TX.

Lee & Dan Tisdale, Bowie, TX.


(2008 daughter of Hunts MR Respect and Sunhaven Shena) Consignor: Kim and Mike MacLeod, Palo Pinto, TX. Buyer: Center Ranch, Centerville, TX

$1,500 TREATY

(2001 daughter of Shadowizm and Amaze) Consignor: Panther Creek, Lott, TX. Buyer: Robert Elmore.

Mari-Kathyrn & Paul Braswell, Forestburg, TX.

Brian Uptmore, Steven Zunker & Lisa Prince, Whitney, TX on the auction block.


(2003 daughter of Overhead and Rock the Boat). Consignor: B.J. White, Marlin, TX. Buyer: Center Ranch, Centerville, TX


– EOT OUTBACK MATADOR (2004 son of Boomerang CP and EL Sarah). Consignor: John Ellis, Jacksonville, TX. Buyer: A&A, Stephenville,TX.

$725 – CIRCUS ACT (2004 daughter of Tri-W Eliminator and Bar F 42). Consignor: BJ White, Marlin, TX. Buyer: Center Ranch, Centerville, TX.


Becca Vizza, San Antonio, TX; Tarah Moore, Hico, TX.

Hal Brame, Moyers, OK.

The crowd gathered to the West sale. Texas Longhorn Trails

Sponsored by the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America

NEXT SALE West Livestock Auction West, Texas Centrally located between Waco and Fort Worth on I-35, Exit 351

# Friday Night #

March 6, 2010 11:00 a.m. Pre-Catalog Deadline: 1/9/10 GET YOUR COMPLETE PAPERWORK IN EARLY.

Cook-Out and Get-Together Food Sponsored by: Frank & Sue Bowdoin Gary & Teresa Bowdoin Adult Beverages Sponsored by: Paul & Mari-Kathryn Braswell $100.00 + 5% Commission Per Registered Head Fees 7% on Ropers and Commercial Cattle

Cattle are lotted in order received. Please see seller information online for additional sale details.

UPCOMING SALES: May 8, 2010 - 11:00 a.m. Pre-Catalog Deadline: March 10, 2010

(+$6.00 per head yardage fee) Commission includes Transfer Fees

August 7, 2010 - 11:00 a.m.

See seller packet for additional fees that may apply

Pre-Catalog Deadline: June 9, 2010

Mastercard/Visa Accepted

December 4, 2010 - 11:00 a.m.

TLBAA registered cattle arriving between noon and 5:00 p.m. Friday will be cataloged.

(817) 625-6241 Kim Barfield Ext. 119 TLBAA SALES MANAGEMENT DIVISION

Pre-Catalog Deadline: October 6, 2010



Highlights Results submitted by Rodger & Bonnie Damrow

CHAMPION HEIFER: $1,250 Lot 15 - DV Wahine (daughter of DV Man A Hooney and DV Angel) Consignor: Del-Vic Farms, Snyder, NE. Buyer-Cullin & Lolita Sila, York, NE


Lot 31 - 7LS Maybelle (daughter of Sundance Kid 700 and Side Slope) Consignor: 7 Lazy S Ranch, North Platte, NE. Buyer: Gregg & Sharon Young, Blairstown, IA.

CHAMPION SR. COW: $900 Lot 11 - Saltillo Shanaya 46 (daughter of Saltillo Zack 8 and Shanaya 501) Consignor: Damrow Longhorns, Roca, NE. Buyer: Kevin Mathey, Whitelake, SD.


Lot 24 - Sand Tex 911 Sundancer (son of Sundance Kid 700 and Sparklin Sandy Tex 911) Consignor: McCutchan Farms, Nelson, NE. Buyer: Ron Teebrink, Denton, NE.


This years annual sale was dedicated as the ”Lloyd Farmer and Ron Rogers Memorial Sale”. In honor of Ron Rogers, we were very pleased to have Judy Walton, her daughter, Nicole and granddaughter, Elocin with us at the sale. It was a beautiful day… just a slight breeze, sunny, around 60 degrees. The pleasant weather brought out a nice crowd of people to view and bid at our sale. This year our sale catalog was featured on the Beatrice 77 Livestock Auction Web site: Our auction, shown live on the Beatrice 77 Livestock Auction Web site was another bonus. Buyers came from Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota.




(daughter of Watson 46 and Watson 210) Consignor: 7 Lazy S Ranch, North Platte, NE. Buyer: Flying N Ranch, Chelsea, IA


Greg & Sharon Young.


(daughter of Bullwinkle 13 and Rutledge's Speckled Katz) Consignor: Del-Vic Farms, Snyder, NE. Buyer: Ken Pankratz, Durham, KS.


WESTHAVENS SPECKS WENDY (daughter of Westhaven Cardinal Prince and Westhaven Reddy's Specks) Consignor: 7 Lazy S Ranch, North Platte, NE. Buyer: Keith Noll, Linn Grove, IA.

Gregg Sherwood; Mary Ann & Larry Long.



(daughter of BBQ and Cooper's Raggedy Ann) Consignor: Woodson School Ranch, Marshall, MO. Buyer: Joe Sedlacek, Greenleaf, KS.

Karen Harwager; CJ & Bill Sayre; Bill Smith.

A special thank you to Cullin & Lolita Sila, York, NE. for gratiously donating the heifer calf for our raffle this year. Lucky winners were: Heifer Ben Svoboda, Deweese, NE. $200-Stevie Walborn, Lee Summit, MO. $100-Troy Kingsbury, Smith Center, KS. $50-Hailey Sterling, Lenexa, KS.

Nancy & Larry Dvorak; Kevin Mathey. Texas Longhorn Trails



STAR OF TEXAS FAIR & RODEO March 12 - 27, 2010 sponsored by

Open Longhorn Show March 20 - 21, 2010

Open Haltered, Youth, Trophy Steers, Non-Haltered Entry deadline February 1, 2010 (512) 919 - 3000

All attending the 2009 Horn Showcase Awards Banquet had a great time. The meal was delicious, Ron Marquess, Ben Wheeler, TX, had the crowd in stitches as he took high bids for the live auction items and the audience was all ears as the coveted bronze awards for Class Champions, Premier Breeder, Premier Exhibitor and Fraser West Texas Twist were announced by Steven Zunker. The Bolen family, Brent, Cindy, Elle and Jace were acknowledged for all the hard work that they did to make the 2009 Horn Showcase a successful, fun-filled, record-breaking event. Photos were taken for all award winners that were present during the banquet and the results were reported in the December issue of the Trails. This month we would like to acknowledge the Premier Breeder, Premier Exhibitor and Fraser West Texas Twist winners. Premier Breeder of the Year: Mike and Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Premier Exhibitor of the Year: Mike and Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Fraser West Texas Twist Award: Dan and Lee Tisdale, Bowie, TX A special thank you goes to Mike and Debbie Bowman for generously Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS accepts the Premier Breeder an d Premier Exhibitor donating the bronzes they won during the Horn Showcase back to the awards. TLBAA. Gratitude also goes to Brent and Cindy Bolen for also donating their bronzes. Congratulations to all of the winners. If you’d like a copy of your photo accepting your award, contact Brenda Cantrell at or call the office (817) 625-6241 and your photo will be emailed to you for your records.


Fr Bowie, TX with the Lee & Dan Tisdale, . ard West Texas Twist Aw

Brent, Jace, Cindy

& Elle Bolen, Lufki

n, TX.

Horn Showcase Corrections: Please make a note of the following corrections on the Horn Showcase Results:. Females - Total Horn - Div. V, Class E HL Overtaken’s pedigree was incorrectly reported. HL Overtaken’s sire is American Blues, and her dam is Overtakes Vote. Females - Composite - Div. I, Class F EOT Outback Rolinda 781 was reported as 2nd in Div I, Class E. She is the winner for Div. I, Class F for composite, and we congratuate the winner. Bulls - Composite - Div VI, Class A The measurements of composite were reported incorrectly. The composite measurement of Wyoming Warpaint should be 203.06”, and the measurement for Hunts Command Respect should be 201.75”. We regret the error.


Texas Longhorn Trails

Mike and Debbie Bowman P.O. Box 40 • Benton, KS 67017 Home (316) 778-1717 • email:

Dick & Peg Lowe

11585 Round Lake Rd. Horton, MI 49246 • 517-688-3030 • Fax: 517-529-4504 • •

New Generat io n at SAND HILL S RAN CH: King Pin

DOB 1/11/08 Hunts Command Respect x Eggnog


DOB 12/13/06 And new Heifer Calf

DORA THOMPSON, SAND HILLS RANCH, Mansfield, LA 318-872-6329 or 318-871-6160*** Quality Cattle for Sale*** No interest Financing Available*** Bred up for HORN for over 10 yrs.

Lot 30 - Little Bit of Class BCB DOB: 1/16/08 Fantom Chex x HHH Little Bit

BOLEN LONGHORNS Lot 40 - Lady May Fantom BCB DOB: 4/9/08 Fantom Chex x TCC Lady Mabelline

Brent & Cindy Bolen • Bruce Ollive - Ranch Manager • Lufkin, Texas (936) 674-5180 •

Extraordinary Longhorns from the Brandwine Valley

MARCY & ROB FENZA Lifetime member-TLBAA

(610) 793-5193

Founding member-TLMA

Lifetime member-ITLA

Donated Longhorn Chute To Be Raffled Off At The 2010 World Show 100 Percent Of The Proceeds Go To The World Show

$2,500.00 VALUE

Bob Dube, Roundtop, TX, has graciously donated a Longhorn Chute that works for everything that you may want to do to a cow: — palpation gates on both ends — total squeeze a mature cow or a baby calf with no adjustments — branding let downs for access — fold down table for medicine — works great for loading or unloading cattle The Longhorn Chute is valued at $2,500 and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the World Show. Tickets will be sold at various Longhorn events throughout the year: One ticket for $10.00 or Three Tickets for $25.00. For more information, contact Traci Moore at (254)7964269. When you see Bob, be sure to tell him “Thanks!” Chute pictured with special add on cage & add on portable panel pens is not included January 2010


Temperament, Tenderness and Carcass Quality by Heather Smith Thomas Many cattlemen have suspected that disposition—the mental an emotional attitude of cattle—has an effect on how well they do in the feedlot. The nervous, flighty animal doesn’t spend as much time at the feed bunk. This suspicion has been confirmed, thanks to several studies focusing on the effects of disposition on cattle performance. Results of these studies have also shown a very measurable effect on carcass quality. Dr. Rhonda Vann, animal scientist at Mississippi State University, has been studying cattle behavior for three years, in collaboration with Texas A&M University. Her research has shown that temperament has a direct effect on weight gain or loss and that wild cattle have very little chance to acheive top carcass quality. For instance, docile calves go through weaning with very little setback, compared to nervous individuals that are more stressed. Flighty calves don’t eat as well, losing weight for a longer period instead of gaining, and are also more susceptible to illness since stress hinders the immune system. Her three-year study showed that docile cattle were more efficient on feed, and more profitable. Even at pasture, the data collected on stocker steers after a 168 day grazing period showed that calm cattle had better growth performance and body composition. Flighty individuals not only gained less weight in both the pasture and feedlot, but also had poor ultrasound data, tougher meat and were often dark cutters, with carcasses that were severely discounted by packers. “Bad tempered animals have less fat and less marbling”, said Dr. Vann. “There wasn’t a noticeable difference in ribeye size, but their ability to mobilize fat was significantly reduced.” The end result was 60-dollars less profit than for docile animals. Research at Iowa State University reached similar conclusions, showing that wild and unmanageable cattle gain about half a pound per day less than easily managed cattle, and returned sixty-one-dollars less profit. Another study involved more than 13,000 calves from 12 states, fed at eight Iowa feedlots and consigned to the Iowa Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity. This three-year study looked at feedlot gain, death and sickness loss, quality and yield grade and other performance factors. The study used the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) disposition


scoring system to measure performance and profitability of cattle with varying temperament. The purpose of the study was to help producers assess feedlot profitabily in terms of temperament. During the study each group of cattle was scored three times during their feeding period. Based on their scores (using the BIF scoring system) they were sorted into three categories - docile, restless and aggressive. The docile cattle gained better and there were more Prime and Choice grades in this group, along with more acceptability for the Certified Angus Beef program. They also had lower mortality rates than cattle in the aggressive category. Looking at feedlot gain, death loss, costs of treatment, quality, yield grade and other performance criteria, the docile group averaged $62.15 more profit per head than aggressive cattle and $49.09 more profit per head than the restless cattle. The aggressive cattle averaged a net loss of $7.26.

Docility versus wild, aggressive nature is not difficult to measure. Individuals with undesirable temperament are difficult to get close to, upset when confined (fence and gate crashers) and more difficult to process. Several researchers use excitability and movement when measuring temperament, such as how much the animal fights while in the holding chute (some producers call this the “rattle index”) and how fast the animal leaves the chute. Cattle with a high exit speed tend to be more temperamental. Dr. Vann uses an infrared timer to measure each animal’s exit speed when leaving the chute. Her research showed that the animals that were fastest coming out of the chute had poorer carcass quality and were less tender after their 120 days in the feedlot, compared with docile cattle. Temperament is a combination of genetics and handling, and begins on the farm. Selection for easy-going disposition when purchasing a bull or keeping a heifer, along with careful handling when cattle are young (and each time the cows are handled for vaccinating, sorting and any other management processing) can make a big difference in future profitability. There are wild and calm animals in every breed, and it is up to the producer to select the more docile animals as seedstock.

Texas Longhorn Trails

Last year the Trails did not report on the Cash Cows, as we have in years past. We received many requests to continue this tradition. We are proud to present the 2009 Cash Cows. The 2009 Cash Cows totaled 68 Longhorns that sold for over $10,000 at public auction. In total, these high-quality Longhorns sold for $1,388,800 and averaged $20,423 per Cash Cow. The top ten Cash Cows of 2009 averaged $47,400. We hope you enjoy this edition of 2009 Cash Cows. We pulled our information from the various Texas Longhorn Sales that were held during the year and received official reports from sales that were not managed by the TLBAA. It is our hope that we have all of them represented in this report. If not, please let us know and we will have additional comments in next month’s issue.

EOT Outback Cherry . . . . . . . . . . . .$97,000

ECR Eternal Tari . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$80,000

K.C. Hershey's Kiss . . . . . . . . . . . . .$65,000

2006 daughter of Boomerang C P & WPR Cherry Point

2002 daughter of Don Julio & Eternally Tari

2005 daughter of Hunts Demand Respect & K.C. Hershey

Consignor: Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Wellington, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Jim & Barb Steffler, Lapeer, MI Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Kent & Christine Bladen, West Jordan, UT Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Wellington, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Allens 83 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$50,000

BC Beauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$33,000

Awesome Angel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$33,000

2001 daughter of Equalizer 26/5 & Texas Empress 7T-FM779

2006 daughter of Mesquite & Cheyennes Beauty BW 23/2

2002 daughter of Boomerang C P & JMC Phenomenal Abigail

Consignor: Panther Creek Ranch, Marlin, TX Buyer: Rob & Marcy Fenza, West Chester, PA Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Richard Carroll, Barksdale, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Pecosa's Patricia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$30,000

BHR Boomerang Beauty . . . . . . . . .$29,000

Volare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$29,000

2004 daughter of Calpat's Cordero x Tarman's Pecosa

2005 daughter of Boomerang C P & Painted Lady 2/4

2007 daughter of Volcano & Overly Anna

Consignor: Teresa Castillo, Lexington, TX Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

January 2010

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches of Texas, Johnson City, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Stockton Ranches, Cleveland, TX Buyer: Bill & Judy Meridith, Wellington, KS Red McCombs Fiesta Sale


Bayou Majesty 344 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$28,000

Tari's Sweet Thing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$27,000 Consignor: Dr. Zach Dameron III, Coppell, TX Buyer: Doug & Sandy Stotts, Houston, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Tiara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$26,500

1997 daughter of Emperor & Bayou Mistress

2002 daughter of Don Julio & Tari Graves FM 49

Consignor: Bruce & Susan Easterly, Denham Springs, LA Buyer: Mike & Kim MacLeod, Palo Pinto, TX Select Breeders Sale 1997 daughter of Encore and Princessa

Shamrock Commencement . . . . . . .$25,000

CK Libs Shadow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$24,000

EOT Outback Mary . . . . . . . . . . . . .$23,000

2007 daughter of Awesome Alamo & Awesome Finale

2003 daughter of The Shadow & CK Miss Liberator Jets

2003 daughter of Boomerang C P x EOT Overwhelming Mary

Consignor: Red & Charlene McCombs, Johnson City, TX Buyer: Bow Carpenter, San Antonio, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Jim & Barb Steffler, Lampeer, MI Buyer: Richard Carroll, Barksdale, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Buyer: Richard Carroll, Barksdale, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: H.C. Carter, Dripping Springs, TX Buyer: Mountain Creek Longhorns, Saint Jo, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

SL Selena's Ace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$23,000

Rutledge's #343 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$23,000

EOT Outback Rangerette . . . . . . . . .$22,000

2005 daughter of Temptation's The Ace & Day's Selena

2003 daughter of Rutledge's Dinger & Annie 823

2003 daughter of Boomerang C P & JMC Phenomenal Cupcake

Consignor: Randy & Jamie Briscoe, Kingfisher, OK Buyer: Helm Cattle Co., Red Oak, TX Horn Showcase Sale

Consignor: Jeff & Deborah Clark, Lufkin, TX Buyer: Brent & Cindy Bolen, Lufkin, TX Horn Showcase Sale

Grass Roots Big Empress . . . . . . . . .$21,000

PCC Horizon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$21,000

2002 daughter of Big Bang & Ozarks Satin Empress

2004 daughter of J.R. Hocus Pocus & J.R. Ziggy

Consignor: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Buyer: George & Laureen Gennin, Madison, VA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V


Consignor: Scott Pace, Saratoga Springs, UT Buyer: Allen/Filip Partnership, Harper, TX Longhorn World Championship

Consignor: H.C. Carter, Dripping Springs, TX Buyer: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

T.Y. Gunfrost . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,000 Consignor: Rex Mosser, Midway, TX Buyer: Rombeck-Howie Partnership, Home, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V 2000 daughter of J.R. 6-Gun & T Y Bar Snow Frost

Texas Longhorn Trails

Allen's Doherty 6/06 CF11 . . . . . . . .$20,000 Consignor: John & Ursula Allen, Harper, TX Buyer: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V 2006 daughter of Double Tex & Ranger's Monies

HL Serena's Face . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,000

Idas Cowgirl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,000

2005 daughter of Mesquite and B.C. Serena

2006 daughter of Tin Horn's Cow Boy & Tin Horns Pay Ida

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Richard Carroll, Barksdale, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Buyer: George & Peggy Wilhite, Navasota, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

CC Sheza Whip ER Wil . . . . . . . . . .$20,000

Brush Country Queen . . . . . . . . . . . .$20,000 Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Doug & Sandy Stotts, Houston, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Easterlys Little Tiara . . . . . . . . . . . .$18,000

2004 daughter of Coachwhip & Sheza Ditty BL046

1996 daughter of Coach & Miss Caramel

2006 daughter of EOT Cowpoke and Tiara

Consignor: Bruce & Susan Easterly, Denham Springs, LA Buyer: Panther Creek Ranch, Marlin, TX Premier Heifer Sale

Awesome Spice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,500

African Charmer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,500

Brandie Jay KCC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,500

2005 daughter of Awesome Viagra & HR Blackberry

2004 daughter of Kilimanjaro & Capital Charmer

2002 daughter of Overwhelmers Jack KCC & Brandy Macred

Consignor: Kelli Lent, Rosanky, TX Buyer: Filip-MacLeod Partnership, Fayetteville, TX Cowtown Classic Sale

Consignor: Mountain Creek Longhorns, Saint Jo, TX Buyer: Johnnie & Pat Robinson, Celina, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Stockton Ranches, Cleveland, TX Buyer: Bill Hudson, Jonesboro, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: Kimble Cattle Co., Karnes City, TX Buyer: Bill Hudson, Jonesboro, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Guinnevere B R3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,500

DML Grand Freckles . . . . . . . . . . . .$17,000

JP Grand Dottie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16,500

1998 daughter of R3 Dylan & Miss Carmon Dode FM617

2007 daughter of J.R. Grand Slam & EOT Outback Freckles

2003 daughter of J.R. Grand Slam & High Dottie

Consignor: Bob & Pam Loomis, Marietta, OK Buyer: Brennan & Michele Potts, Emory, TX Butler Breeders Invitational Sale

January 2010

Consignor: Mike & Felecia McClanahan, Lee's Summit, MO Buyer: Bill Hudson, Jonesboro, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Buyer: Red McCombs Ranches of Texas, Johnson City, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V


Rutledges Temptest . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16,500

HL Rita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16,000

PCC Jiggles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16,000

2005 daughter of Boomerang C P x Tabasco's Lezawe

2000 daughter of J.R. Hornswagle & Virtual Jenifer

Kiss N Tell BCB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,600

Phenomenal Love 019 . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000

GC Rose Petal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000

2005 daughter of FA Field Marhsall & Ice Kisses BCB

2000 daughter of Phenomenon and Delta Love Works

Consignor: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Buyer: Mike & Catherine Luce, Las Vegas, NV Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

EOT Outback Sweet Lips . . . . . . . . .$15,000

Sittin Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000

Chiricahua Dawn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000

2007 daughter of Boomerang C P x L Dode's Sweet Lips

2008 daughter of Sittin Bull & Sombrah's Sunburst

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Jean Brown, Rosebud, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale 2001 daughter of Plainsman FD & Floral

Horseshoe J Fortunate . . . . . . . . . . .$15,000

B's Pandora . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14,500

Phenomenal Lively Deigo . . . . . . . . .$14,000

2005 daughter of B's Crown Royal & Watson 247

2000 daughter of Phenomenal Red & Deigo's Sunny

2005 daughter of Luke's Red Bull & Rutledge's Black Beauty

Consignor: Bow & Sylvia Carpenter, San Antonio, TX Buyer: Justin & Julie Hansen, Paskenta, CA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Bob & Pam Loomis, Marietta, OK Buyer: Lee Gaddis, Austin, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: Bolen Longhorns, Lufkin, TX Buyer: Panther Creek Ranch, Marlin, TX Midwest Longhorn Sale

Consignor: Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Buyer: Bow & Sylvia Carpenter, San Antonio, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: Jimmy Jones, Greenville, AL Buyer: Matt Hill, Tomball, TX Horn Showcase Sale

2006 daughter of Kings of Clubs & Diego's Demi


Consignor: El Coyote Ranch, Kingsville, TX Buyer: Steve Jordan, Ardmore, OK Select Breeders Sale

Consignor: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Buyer: Rob & Marcy Fenza, West Chester, PA Millennium Futurity

Consignor: Stan & Lorna Searle, Monument, CO Buyer: George & Laureen Gennin, Madison, VA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Larry Stewart, Lampasas, TX Buyer: Richard Carroll, Barksdale, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

2000 daughter of Phenomenon & Reps Rosehips

Consignor: Marquess-Mosser Partnership, Ben Wheeler, TX Buyer: Marquess Arrow Ranch, Ben Wheeler, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Texas Longhorn Trails

PC Miss Gunsmoke . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14,000

JBM Playful Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,500 Consignor: Joe & Becca Munsch, Emory, TX Buyer: Richard & Jeanne Filip, Fayetteville, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Wiregrass Experience . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,000

2005 daughter of Gun Smoke & YO Speckled Class 4134

2002 daughter of Lamb's Power Play & VI'

Consignor: John & Ursula Allen, Harper, TX Buyer: Diamond D Ranch, Red Oak, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V 2002 daughter of Gun Smoke & Wiregrass 133

BH Treasures Gold . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,000

T & T's Angel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$12,000 Consignor: Lynn Struthoff, San Antonio, TX Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Peanut Pop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$12,000

2006 daughter of Dark Star Chex & EOT Outback Treasure

2004 daughter of Double T & Busters Angel

2007 daughter of EOT Sensor's Flash & WPR Peanut Brittle

Phenomenon's Dancer . . . . . . . . . . .$11,600

HL Sue's Charmer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$11,000 Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Chris Herron, Norco, CA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

T-X Dorthy of Oz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,700

1999 daughter of BD Phenomenons Sundancer & L Susie Sage

2006 daughter of JM Sue & Cooper's Charmer

2005 daughter of T-X Keystone & Ozark Shadow Jet

PC Delta Bella . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,700

J.R. Osage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

J.R. Black Satin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

2000 daughter of Coach & Delta Bella

2001 daughter of J.R. Grand Slam & Osage Dixie Princess

Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Mike Casey, Nicasio, CA Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Hudson Longhorns, Jonesboro, TX Buyer: John Helm, Red Oak, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

January 2010

Consignor: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Buyer: Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, KS Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Wes & Carol Chancey, Lampasas, TX Buyer: Richard & Jeanne Filip, Fayetteville, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: John & Christy Randolph, Smithville, TX Buyer: Lyman Sisson, Texarkana, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

Consignor: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Buyer: Mike & Catherine Luce, Las Vegas, NV Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V 2002 daughter of J.R. Grand Slam & Black Rulet


LWR Diamond W Dawn . . . . . . . . .$10,500

CK Signal’s 698 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

Sequela . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

2001 daughter of Diamond W Pay Chex & Princess Dawn 117

1997 daughter of Circle K Donovan & Doherty 698

Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Dan Jones, Mosheim, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Rocky & Christy Engemoen, Austin, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Texas Beauty 65/8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

Coco Puff 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,500

M Arrow Rangerette . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,200

1997 daughter of Whelming King & Day's Billie Jean

2007 daughter of Working Man Chex & M Arrow Hoe Down

Consignor: Marquess Arrow Ranch, Ben Wheeler, TX Buyer: Butch & Kelly Guerin, Saint Jo, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

1996 daughter of Gunman & J.R. Sequel

1998 daughter of Equalizer 26/5 & Texas Empress 7T-FM779

Consignor: Dave & Sheila Hovingh, Allendale, MI Buyer: Ben & Ann Gravett, Catlett, VA Cherry Blossom Sale

BHR Valentine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,000

FL Rio Maxine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,000

Unshy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,000

2003 daughter of BHR Power Stroke and Ruby Red 68

2006 daughter of Maximus ST and Rialito Chic ST

1999 daughter of VJ Tommie (aka Unlimited) & Ranger's Blade

Consignor: Panther Creek Longhorns, Marlin, TX Buyer: Matt Vizza, San Antonio, TX Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale

Consignor: Omar & Kay Rumsey, Winnesboro, TX Buyer: Mike & Kim MacLeod, Palo Pinto, TX Best At West Membership Sale

Consignor: Marquess Arrow Ranch, Ben Wheeler, TX Buyer: Diamond D Ranch, Red Oak, TX Premier Heifer Sale

Consignor: Wes & Carol Chancey, Lampasas, TX Buyer: Butch & Kelly Guerin, Saint Jo, TX Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale V

EOT Outback Dianne . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,000

Little Ace Missy MC . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10,000

2002 daughter of Boomerang C P & Me Dianne

1999 daughter of Little Ace Big Jake & Miss Ace Monarch FM74

Consignor: Mike Casey, Nicasio, CA Buyer: Joe & Lorinda Valentine, Marlin, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale


Consignor: Marquess Arrow Ranch, Ben Wheeler, TX Buyer: Dr. Zech Dameron III, Coppell, TX Red McCombs Fiesta Sale

Consignor: Brent & Cindy Bolen, Lufkin, TX Buyer: Sidwinder Cattle Co., Pensacola, FL. Butler Breeders Invitational Sale

Texas Longhorn Trails

Charley E. Snyder

WORKING CATTLE OR CATTLE THAT WILL WORK! The easy way to work Longhorn cattle! • Can be shipped by common carrier anywhere in the U.S. • Galvanized pipe and steel sheeting • Grease inserts for easy maintenance & operation • Vaccinate or deworm cattle • Palpation gates • Measure horns • A.I. cows

Chalie Snyder with his favorite cow, Moonbeam.

Longtime TLBAA member Charley E. Snyder of Elgin, OK, died Saturday, November 21, 2009, in a Lawton hospital. With his passing, the Texas Longhorn industry has lost a great supporter of the breed. He was a member of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, and served as a director. He was a charter member of the WR Cattle Company and the Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Breeders Association and was a member of the Indian Territory Texas Longhorn Association. Well respected as a breeder, Charley was an asset to the Longhorn industry and will be sorely missed. Charley was born September 26, 1931 in Oklahoma City to Harry J. and Mattie Mae Snyder. Graduating from Central High School in Oklahoma City, he attended Oklahoma City University. In the summer of 1941 Charley’s older brother, Harold, was working for J. Wiley Richardson’s in Oklahoma City when he decided to run away from home. Charley went to Mr. Richardson and asked for Harold’s job and got it at the ripe ole age of ten. He was hanging Christmas decorations in downtown Oklahoma City when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He served in the Air Force on active duty during the Korean War and was discharged as a Staff Sergeant in 1953. He married Mary Lou Williams in 1950 and they were divorced in 1964. He then married Marjorie Miller in 1965 in Lawton. She preceded him in death on May 5, 1994. He then married Doris Berry on June 3, 1995 in Lawton. He was a lifelong florist and except for his time of service in the military was active in business as an employee, partner or owner. He was a charter member of the Oklahoma Junior Florist Association. He served as board member, chairman and district representative for FTD State of Oklahoma, a board member and president of the Oklahoma State Florist Association and was a featured designer for the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Colorado Florist Association. Snyder moved to Lawton from Oklahoma City in 1955 and while in Lawton served on the Salvation Army Camp Fire Board of Directors, cochaired two United Fund Campaigns and one Red Cross Campaign. He was a member of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce and chaired a vote of the people to bring urban renewal to Lawton and assisted in passing a bond issue to build the present police station. He was also a Rotarian and a Methodist. He served on the Lawton City Council from 1964 to 1966 and while on the council as Police Committee Chairman instituted the policy of competitive examinations for promotions. He resigned due to the death of J. Wiley Richardson. Buried with military honors, he is survived by his wife and partner, Doris, of the home; his children, Dr. Kenton Miller, Tulsa, OK; Charles E. “Chuck” Snyder, Jr., Lawton; John Snyder, VT; Al Berry and wife Randi, Mesa, AZ; Alicia Shirley, Lawton, and Thomas Berry, Lawton; and 13 grandchildren, and a host of friends and fellow Longhorn breeders.. Memorial contributions may be made to the Eddie Wood Scholarship, Southwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation, 100 Campus Drive. Weatherford, OK 73096-3098.

January 2010

We’ve got dw!hat you nee

The Official Chute of the TLBAA Horn Showcase

END OF TRAIL RANCH Mike or Debbie Bowman • P.O. Box 40 • Benton, KS 67017 • Home (316) 778-1717 • Work (316) 838-6194 Visit us on our UPDATED Web site! • •


Board of Directors Approves Reduction in Registration Fees Fees effective January 2010 The TLBAA Board of Directors approved a reduction in registrations fees to be effective January 2010. The fees are as follows: for animals 14 months and younger to $15, and 14 months one day to thirty-six months to $25, thirty-six months and one day and older to $100 and steers any age $15.

TLBAA Member Charlene Semkin, Perry OK, recently returned home 2008 & 2009. However, despite this rapid increase in wealth the country after delivering 100 Texas Longhorn embryos to Nigeria, Africa. “This has noticeable deficits, which can translate into abundant opportunities. was the first purebred Texas Longhorns for Africa!” exclaimed Charlene. To better understand the expansion of agriculture within the country, visits were made with a representative from Nasrun Reproduction Enterprises, Inc. (REI) of Stillwater, Farm Services of Jimeta-Yola, Nigeria that has introOK and Semkin Longhorns of Perry, OK, collaborated duced outside cattle breeds to Nigeria via artificial with a Nigerian livestock company to undetake an insemination. An “on farm” visit to the Shonga Dairy effort to improve the productivity of existing cattle in Farm provided insight into potential possibilities and Nigeria. REI , a company with over 30 years of experichallenges faced in the Nigerian cattle industry. Due to ence, is a provider of superior animal reproduction the positive feedback from the visit, future exchanges services both nationally and internationally. Semkin are anticipated. Longhorns, also with over 30 years of experience, proCharlene explained that in Nigeria, an obvious duces proven quality registered Texas Longhorns. third world country, the people are very friendly, caring Initially, Semkin shipped 200 units of Texas people. “They are very poor, but hungry for educaLonghorn semen to Xavier Livestock Co., owned by tion,” said Charlene. “From an agriculture standpoint, Wale Abel last January. Wale then made the decision their cattle have a lot of diseases and parasites. That’s that he also wanted the purebred Texas Longhorn bulls why our client selected Longhorns, because they are to use on his two herds, one being Bunaji and the known to be hardy animals, resistant of diseases and other Endama cattle. The use of frozen embryos was Charlene with Wale Abel. parasites.” determined to be the way to make this happen. When Charlene isn’t raising Longhorns, she is hired to captain boats After months of correspondence, a team consisting of Semkin, along with Les Hutchens and Casey Butler, two bovine reproduction special- to sail them from location to location. She has a US Coast Guard ists from REI, and Steven Hutchens, photographer, journeyed to Nigeria. Captain’s license and has sailed all over the world. “I’ve been on every The objective was to introduce the purebred Texas Longhorn cattle via continent except the Antarctic and I’m not going there,” said Charlene. the reproductive technology of embryo transfer into indigenous African “I’m a warm weather woman.” She also works with Coastland Missions out of Australia, delivering supplies to countries that can only be cattle, both firsts for Nigeria. The Xavier Livestock Company located outside the city of Ilorin, reached by boat. “I have two lives,” laughed Charlene, “one on land and Nigeria is owned by Wale Abel and operated by a farm manager, a vet- one on the sea.” “I’m very pro-American,” said Charlene. “When I got back from erinarian, and a handful of Fulani herdsmen, a nomadic people with a traditional pastoral lifestyle. The company was established about three Nigeria I wanted to kiss American soil. We are so bountiyears ago and has roughly 200 head of cattle. A primary purpose of the ful.” Semkin has been breeding Texas Longhorns since 1975. The herd was trip was to assess the needs of the region and see how the expertise of moved from Arizona to Perry in 1995. Charlene the team could facilitate in the development of says she has also introduced the first Texas this pioneering Nigerian ranch. Rather than Longhorns to New Zealand, Australia, and importing a live adult animal from the US, an Venezuela. Africa is the fourth country to add embryo transfer calf born to a surrogate African Texas Longhorn genetics to their cattle industry. cow has the advantage of being less expensive She is proud that she has raised three kids and and also has a greater chance of survival due to put three kids through college with the money improved adaptability. Abel chose Texas she has earned from raising Longhorns. She now Longhorns for his Nigerian Ranch because of has 200-plus head of cattle. Although she states the breed’s hardiness, disease resistance, and that she started with very little cattle experience ability to thrive in various environments. and very little money, that didn’t stop her from The 10-day trip was designed to get a handle dreaming big and becoming a success story. She on the infrastructure, resources, and state of is now passing on her dream to Wale, giving him agricultural technology. The economy of an opportunity to pioneer a new Longhorn breed Nigeria is one of the fastest growing in the in Africa. world with a growth of 8 to 9 percent in both First Texas Longhorn Embryo Transplant In Nigeria.


Texas Longhorn Trails

World Champion ‘Bubba’ Passses After Big Career The following article appeared in the Cisco PressEastland Telegram-Ranger Times-Rising Star and Baird Star Newspapers and was submitted by John B. Matthews, Jr. Bubba Matthews, “World Champion Texas Longhorn Steer” owned by John B. Matthews, Jr., died October 27, 2009 at the Matthews Seven Six Ranch in Okra, Texas. Bubba was a tri-colored longhorn steer that was 16 hands tall and at one time weighted 3,000 lbs. He had a horn length of 92 inches from tip to tip, and was Grand Champion at the prestigious Fort Worth Stock Show four times. During his life span Bubba showed at various Texas Longhorn Shows and won 12 Grand Championships and five Reserve Grand Championships. At the 2007 Fort Worth Stock Show, Bubba defeated “Rusty” the former Ft. Worth Star Telegram Trophy Steer. The Fort Worth Stock Show also in 2007 named Bubba the World Champion Longhorn Steer. Bubba was guest of honor at the 2000 Carswell Airforce Base Spring Show. President George W. Bush and military generals from all branches of the military attended this special event. “During the Air Show that day, Bubba became frightened and ran down the landing strip. All landing strips had to be closed and Airforce M.P.s took me in their jeep and surrounded Bubba about a quarter mile down the strip,” said John Matthews, Jr. “I rode Bubba back to the hanger.” “President George Bush and top military branches congratulated me for the good show Bubba had put on for everybody and all major TV news stations filmed the event. Bubba and I had a bond since I raised him from a calf.” John concluded.

January 2010


President’s Message Dear TLBT Members: I can’t believe it is already January. I hope everyone’s Holidays were filled with great times, lots of family and wonderful memories. I celebrated my first Christmas living in Texas. In the past, we spent Christmas in San Antonio with my Dad’s family, but it was truly different this year. This past July, my grandma Poteet passed away and she was really missed this year. We would usually spend the day before we left for Texas with her, then pack up our truck with all our presents and drive for eight hours. This year it was all here. We opened our gifts at our new home and drove to Grandma and Nanu’s house for Christmas dinner with all the family. I miss my Grandma Poteet, but I don’t miss that eight-hour drive. Our Christmas was wonderful because I was with my family. Family is really what it’s all about, and taking the time out during our busy lives to enjoy what we have. My uncle Matt received tickets to a Spur’s game and I got to go with a few of my friends, which was a blast! My cousin Allison, Grandma Vizza, mom and I, along with more family members, went to see “The Lion King”. I have never been to New York City, but if this is the standard for plays on Broadway all I can say is, “WOW!” I hope everyone is ready for the Fort Worth Livestock Show. Don’t forget to wear your pink shirts in the show ring. There will be a general youth membership meeting at Fort Worth. Bring your ideas and let’s all work for a great World Show and future show season. You may want to come early to the Premier Heifer Sale because the youth will be modeling the new spring fashions in the first ever TLBT Youth Fashion Show. Mr. Brent Bolen was instrumental in putting this together for us and I hope everyone comes early and supports the TLBT, while getting to see a great show. Next on the calendar is San Antonio, followed by Houston, Glen Rose, Stillwater and Austin, just to name a few of the shows coming up. Check the back of the Trails for dates on all the shows and other events. Mrs. Traci Moore will be at as many shows as possible, with chances to win the Dube chute. It was very generous of Mr. Dube to donate this chute to help fund the World Show. Mrs. Moore has done a wonderful job taking on this task. After two terms as TLBT President, I now understand how time consuming these tasks are. Thank you Mrs. Moore, and Mr. Dube. As you may have noticed I changed my picture this month. I took a series of pictures to use for my senior announcements, and had this particular shot in mind for a long time. I’d like to thank my Dad for building my wall of hay and hanging everything and my mom for packing it all up from the house, taking it to the ranch and taking all my pictures. We couldn’t begin to fit in all the banners, chairs, bags, and other awards won over the years. I had to pick a few from everywhere and call it done. When looking at this particular shot, I can’t help but think back to the good times I had at each and every show. I also think about all the friends I have made and all the places I have seen. This is proof of how wonderful this association has been for my brother David and me. All I can say is, THANK YOU to everyone that has been involved.

Becca Vizza

Becca Vizza TLBT President


Texas Longhorn Trails

71” TTT over 90” TH

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SHADOWIZM 4/15/98-11/13/09 The popular and well known sire of numerous superior Texas Longhorns, Shadowizm, passed away quietly at the R&R Ranch (Ron and Rebecca Skinner) in Denton, NC on November 13th. A beautiful gold and black striped brindle, he was one of the pioneer bulls to achieve the magical 70-inch tip to tip horn measurement. Possibly few, if any, other bulls have ever matched his female siring ability. He was sired by The Shadow and out of a Zhivago daughter who was out of a Bail Jumper daughter. He had very correct conformation, gentle disposition and a straight top line. Although he weighed over 2000 pounds at maturity, his birth weight was only 66 lbs. Shadowizm sired numerous big horned cattle including the incredible black brindle champion bull Jamakizm, proving that he was most capable of out producing himself. R&R Ranch and the Longhorn community will miss this gentle giant and hope to see the results of his superior siring ability in 2010 with his last natural sired calf crop.

“Better Than Gunman... says the man who owned both” Aubrey & Marva Herring • (918) 653-3647 • Heavener, Oklahoma

Board of Directors Approves Reduction in Registration Fees Fees effective January 2010 The TLBAA Board of Directors approved a reduction in registrations fees to be effective January 2010. The fees are as follows: for animals 14 months and younger to $15, and 14 months one day to thirty-six months to $25, thirty-six months and one day and older to $100 and steers any age $15.

TLBAA on National Public Radio Listeners from Coast to Coast Hear Story For over seven minutes on November 27, 2009 the NPR's (National Public Radio) program "All Things Considered" featured the Texas Longhorn, TLBAA and the Horn Showcase. Many attending the Horn Showcase were aware that a reporter, John Burnett from NPR, was at the Horn Showcase interviewing various breeders for a story he was producing. For those of you that are not familiar with NPR it has the largest listening audience in the country. Over 27 million Americans lisNPR crew on the ten to NPR on a weekly basis and the program "All Things Considered" is on 860 stations from floor of the Ho rn coast to coast. The TLBAA reached more people with that single show than we can even imagShowcase. ine. Not only was there an audio version for people to be informed, but they have also published some photos from the Horn Showcase and have a transcript from the interview. Congratulations to those that were interviewed by John for the story, Dr. Bob Kropp, Donnie Taylor, Doug Hunt, Mike Crawford and Mike Bowman, for each of you did a wonderful job. To hear the story please copy this link into your browser: NPR’s da Cantrell with You can then listen to the story, Trails Editor Bren . ett John Burn look at the photos, read the transcript and read some of the comments that were received. January 2010


Give your breeding program Beadle Land & Cattle - Ray & Bonnie Beadle Los Gatos & Hollister, California (408) 656-6266 Fax: (408) 356-7383 e-mail:

Box Z Ranch - Steven Zunker & Louis Christa 1506 Harwood Road, Luling, TX 78648 Ranch mobile (210) 827-3940

Carl R. Brantley, Main Event Farms

Brushy Mountain Texas Longhorns 292 Green Hill Rd., Wilkesboro, NC 28697-8733 336-667-5452 e-mail: Straight Butler Cattle Since 1985

Buckhorn Cattle Company - Buck & Sharon Adams 110 N. Broad, Guthrie, OK 73044 (405) 260-1942 • (405) 282-9800

Eagles Ridge Longhorns - Paul & Judi Sellers

3245 Sugarloaf Key Rd, U21A, Punta Gorda, Florida 33955 (941) 979-2419 or (443) 624-0792 e-mail:

Falls Creek Longhorns - Stanley & Sandi Tidwell 2330 W. FM 875, Midlothian, TX 76065 Contact Russell Hooks - (409) 381-0616 Herd Manager/Consultant e-mail:

Kent & Sandy Harrell

15 W 6th St Ste 2510, Tulsa, OK 74119 (918) 299-6402 • (918) 733-4008 • e-mail:

Kaso, Lisa & Jake Kety - Little Ace Cattle Company P.O. Box 386, Folsom LA 70437 (985) 796-3918 e-mail:

Rio Vista Ranch – Elmer & Susan Rosenberger 4818 Eck Lane, Austin, TX 78734 (512) 266-3250 Cell: (512) 422-8336 e-mail:

Shamrock Land & Cattle LLC - Gary, Patric & McKenna Donovan P.O. Box 374, Mt. Hood, OR 97041 e-mail: (541) 490-4681

Westfarms Inc. – Dale, Lynette, Leslie & Matt Westmoreland 13529 Hwy 450, Franklinton, LA 70438 (985) 795-1539 Cell: (985) 515-3172 e-mail:

5T Longhorns – James & Kim Turner 13571 Calhoun Rd., Conroe, TX 77302 (936) 689-1914 e-mail:

a boost with Butler genetics! 446 Ranch - Lonnie Shan & Raymond Cruthis 7303 CR 446 • Thorndale, TX 76577 (512) 269-9037 e-mail:

Frank Anderson Jr. and III 828 South Rosemary Drive • Bryan, TX 77802 (979) 846-8020 • (713) 984-9431

Concho Ranch - Tony & Judy Cain 707 S. David St • San Angelo, TX 76903 (325) 657-0707 • (325) 650-4676 e-mail:

DALGOOD Longhorns - Malcolm & Connie Goodman (713) 782-8422 • Waller, TX e-mail:

4T Longhorns - Donnie & Marilyn Taylor 2038 Marshall Ivy Rd., Huntington, TX 75949 (936) 422-3155 • Cell (936) 414-1401 e-mail: •

Krazy K Longhorns – Theo & Gail Kocian Hallettsville, TX • (361) 798-6774 e-mail:

Bob & Pam Loomis - Loomis Longhorns Rt. 1 Box 673 • Marietta, OK 73448 (580) 276-9265 • Fax (580) 276-3049 e-mail:

Rocking G Ranch - Mrs. Ramie Griffin 5005 Callais Road • Beaumont, TX 77713 (409) 892-2662 • Fax (409) 838-6926 Cell (409) 781-3215 e-mail:

Sidewinder Cattle Company - Ed Shehee, Jr. 1007 Airport Blvd • Pensacola, FL 32504 (850) 572-6595

Stanley Cattle Co. - David Stanley 3435 Talbert Ranch Rd., China Spring, TX 76633 (254) 836-4223 • (254) 836-9603 e-mail:

Jane’s Land & Cattle Co. - John & Jane Thate 418 W. Margaret St. • Fairmont, MN 56031 (507) 235-3467

Triple R Ranch - Robert & Kim Richey 21000 Dry Creek Road • San Angelo, TX 76901 (325) 942-1198 • e-mail:

AFFILIATE NEWS Nebraska Texas Longhorn Association

by the West Texas Longhorn Association. The supper is free to all taking part in the Longhorn show

Super Bowl Sittin’ Bull

Coach Air Force One

Rodger Damrow, President (402) 423-5441 Our 28th annual sale was held on Saturday November 7, 2009 in Beatrice, NE. Thanks to all the consignors, sellers and members for making it possible. This year’s annual sale was dedicated as the, “Lloyd Farmer and Ron Rogers Memorial Sale”. In honor of Ron Rogers, we were very pleased to have Judy Walton, her daughter, Nicole and granddaughter, Elocin with us at the sale. The pleasant weather brought out a nice crowd of people to view and bid at our sale. Our annual meeting is coming up soon and is open to all members and any guests interested. Meeting location is Delwin & Vicki Smeal, Snyder, NE, RSVP by Saturday January 9th to (402) 568-2353. Hope to see you there. We’re working on a possible World Qualifying show in Lincoln, NE, in early August at the Lancaster County Fair or in Grand Island late August at the Nebraska State Fair. More information will be available at the annual meeting. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

West Texas Longhorn Association Dennis Urbantke, President (325) 655-3500

Texas Longhorn Breeders of New Mexico Association ‘

Wade Wilson, President (575) 336-9940

The TLBNW annual meeting and election was held December 5, 2009 in beautiful Ruidoso, NM. With no nominations from the floor, the current officers were reelected by acclamation. Thank you to president Wade Wilson, vice president Ernest Clark and secretary/treasurer Lynn Starritt for again serving in 2010-2011. The affiliate was pleased that eight members stepped up to the plate to run for the two available director spots. Congratulations to the new directors, Bill Van Gundy and Jerry Stevens. Sylvia Johnson and Stevens were actually tied, but Sylvia was gracious in deferring to Jerry. The annual World Qualifying shows in Truth or Consequences, NM, will be February 13-14th. Forms are available on line at Thank you to David Starritt for chairing the 2010 shows. David can be reached at (915) 252-4118. We are grateful to Kristi Wilson for continuing to chair the TLBT youth shows that same weekend. She can be reached at (575) 336-9940. The TLBNM extends best wishes to all TLBNM and TLBAA members in the new year!

The West Texas Longhorn Association AFFILIATES… met Saturday, December 5, 2009. There was a very good turn out. We had a deliSend Us Your News! Is your Longhorn Affiliate celebrating a big cious meal before the meeting. Plans for event, hosting a show, a sale or just having a the San Angelo Stock Show are well under monthly meeting? If so, spread the news to the way. Kaytlyn Brown has done a great job entire TLBAA by submitting your information to getting sponsors for the belt buckles, trothe Trails each month. Don’t forget to send phophies, and most importantly, premium tos, if you have them. Simply email your information to the Trails money and cash for prizes. There is over editor, Brenda Cantrell at or $3,000 in cash and premium money at the call her at (817) 625-6241. We want to hear 2010 show. from you to help spread the news about your Don’t forget, deadline for the San local Texas Longhorn activities. Angelo Stock Show is January 15, 2010. You can arrive as early as Friday, February 26 and animals will be housed in an auxiliary barn. Check in will be Saturday morning at 7 am and animals will be moved to the regular cattle barn. Haltered show is at 12 (noon) and Youth show is at 5 pm. West Texas Longhorn Association Pictured front row left to right: A Hamburger Supper Sherri Adcock, Terry Adcock, Jonell Westerburg, Judy Urbantke, Canales, Pam Jones, Mason Brown, Kaytlyn Brown. Back row will be following the Sharon left to right: Robert Richey, Rodger Ridgway, Dennis Urbantke, Irenio youth show sponsored Canales, David Jones, Mancil Stokes.


Mountain Home, Texas

1-800-YO RANCH Proud member of the TLBAA and TLMA

See more at

LITTLE STAR LONGHORNS Anthony or Wanda Moore Ranch: (903) 945-2622 • Cell: (903) 335-0672

Texas Longhorn Trails

GUIDELINE FOR ENTRIES: 1. All cattle must be futurity eligible. 2. All cattle must be TLBAA or ITLA registered. 3. All entries must be paid in full by the due date. 4. No change or substitutions of cattle once entered. 5. Cattle blood tested on a random basis. 6. A non-refundable fee of $250.00 must accompany all protests. 7. Decisions of the judges will be final. 8. The Millennium Futurity Partners are not responsible for accidents to any persons or animals while at the event. 9. Anyone who is proven to have cheated on genetics or age will be banned for life from the Millennium Futurity or any of its events.

The total amount of the entry fee is $300.00. A nomination fee of $150.00 is due on or before February 15, 2010. A final payment of $150.00 is due on or before April 15, 2010. For animals nominated after February 15, 2010, a late fee of $100 will be applied. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after April 15, 2010.

MILLENNIUM FUTURITY 2010 CLASSES (14 Divisions) BULLS Class 1..................Oct. 1, 2009-Dec. 31, 2009 Class 2 .................July 1, 2009-Sept. 30, 2009 Class 3 ................April 1, 2009-June 30, 2009 Class 4 ..................Jan. 1, 2009-Mar. 31, 2009 Class 5 ................Sept. 1, 2008-Dec. 31, 2008 Class 6.................May 1, 2008-Aug. 31, 2008 Class 7 .................Jan. 1, 2008-April 30, 2008 HEIFERS Class 8..................Oct. 1, 2009-Dec. 31, 2009 Class 9 .................July 1, 2009-Sept. 30, 2009 Class 10 ..............April 1, 2009-June 30, 2009 Class 11 ................Jan. 1, 2009-Mar. 31, 2009 Class 12 ..............Sept. 1, 2008-Dec. 31, 2008 Class 13...............May 1, 2008-Aug. 31, 2008 Class 14 ...............Jan. 1, 2008-April 30, 2008

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: The total entry is $300. A fee of $150 is due on or before February 15, 2010. Final payment of entry due on or before April 15, 2010.

Futurity Manager – Bill Davidson 1117 East 16th Street • Chandler, OK 74834 • 405-258-7117 Cell •

–ENTRY FORM– Name _______________________________________________ DOB _______ Reg. No. _______ Name of Sire _____________________________________ Sire Reg. No. _________________ Name of Dam _______________________________ Dam Reg. No. ___________________ Sex of Animal ______________ Name of Owner _____________________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________ Breeder ________________________________________________ Mail to: Bill Davidson, 1117 East 16th Street, Chandler, OK 74834 (Please remit copy of papers)

IN MEMORIAM Raymond “Ray” Cooper Ray Cooper, Winona, TX, died on Monday, Nov. 2, 2009 in the Hospice Homeplace in Tyler, TX. He was born on Sept. 2, 1953 in Tyler to Raymond Leonard and Bernice Spier Cooper and lived the majority of his life in the Lindale area. Ray was a graduate of Lindale High School and owned and operated the A7B Brake and Alignment in Tyler. He was preceded in death by his father,

Raymond Leonard Cooper. Ray loved hunting, fishing, competition shooting, raising cattle and had a passion for buying, selling and trading. Ray is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jenny Cooper of Winona, daughters and sons-in laws, Jenny and Ted Douglas, Lindale, Misty and Wayne Lyon, Lindale, mother Mrs. Bernice Cooper, Lindale, sisters Norma Hauk and husband John, Jacksonville, Hilma



Electric Brand

SS Fire Brands Other numbers available



Elliott and husband Tom, Plano, TX, twin sister Kay Irby and husband Buddy of Lewisville, TX, best friend and business partner Dorman Jennings, Tyler, six grandchildren, Ashley, Mindy, Dalton, Ray, Kaitlyn and Kelsey and numerous nieces and nephews.

George A.J. " Andy " DeOrnellas TLBAA lifetime member Andy DeOrnellas, 30, of Jacksonville, IL died peacefully, Sunday Nov. 22, 2009, at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL. He was born August 14,1979, in Rushville, IL. He was the son of George R. and Barbara (Allen) DeOrnellas and they survive in Jacksonville. Andy is also survived by one sister, Kari (husband Stuart) Knoth of Jacksonville. He was preceded in death by his brother and his grandparents. Andy was a trucker driver for Swift Trucking and raised Longhorn Cattle. His most prized Longhorn was "Puddin's Tobasso," who won fourth in the TLBAA Horn Showcase at one time. Andy also was the owner of DL Rifleman, who won "Total Horn Division" in 2008. Andy graduated from Jacksonville High School in 1997. He was very active in Future Farmers of America and a lifetime member of Prairie State Longhorn Association. He also held a seat on the board of directors for Prairie State Longhorn Association. He was a member of Northminister Church in Jacksonville, IL He loved working cattle at shows and sales. He was a lover of animals. Graveside services were held at 2:30 p.m. on November 30, 2009 at Jacksonville East Cemetery. The family met friends from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday at Williamsons Funeral Home. Condolences may be left at or at Memorials may be made to the DeOrnellas family. The address is Mr. and Mrs. George DeOrnellas, 2015 Poor Farm Rd., Jacksonville, IL. 62650. Submitted by Kari Knoth.

Texas Longhorn Trails


Registrations and Transfers from November 1, 2009 to November 30, 2009

Division A

Division B (cont.)

Division B (cont.)

Division C (cont.)

Hudson Longhorns Jimmie Bond Jim Steffler Keith Brewton Scott Hughes Mark Hubbell Freddie & Barbara Lindy Westfarms Inc. Tom Mehlberg Brian and Linda Street Bar MM Texas Longhorns Fred Cahill Jeff Campbell Khaos Cattle Company Eddie C. Durr, Jr. Blue Moon Farm Carl Williams, Jr. Gary Artrip Hidden Acres Ranch, Inc. James B. Hart Ronnie and Stella Cruce Bud South Dan Huntington Dave Hovingh Johnny and Missy Hicks Kathy Kittler Maurice Ladnier Merton Hauck Robert & Anita A. Davis Sand Hills Ranch Shawn M. Pequignot James Bell Bill Derey Buddy & Mary Balliew, Jr. Jerry Moore John V Barton Ray & Donnah Stavig The Double JB Ranch Traildust LLC Zachary Moffitt

Rick Friedrich Lazy L Longhorns Stacy and Andy Martinez Austin and Susan Young Don Blansitt T. Michael Grasha Debbie Macey Brent & Cynthia Bolen Lee & Gay Gaddis Roger Harvill El Coyote Ranch Joseph P. Stilwell Kenneth Powell Kerry and Nancee Mounce Lazy E Ranch Allen & Suzanne Perry Lonnie and Kit Goolsby Dave and Lori Overdorf David Vizza Dick and Cheryl Curry Michael & Sherry Martin Ron & Rita May Rio Vista Ranch Robert & Donna Nichols S. Ann Wight Bob Barker Chuck Scott Holly & Janet Nevil Marshall & Mary Ann Crenshaw Los Tres Amigos Ranch William Buck Star Creek Ranch Billy M. and Regina A. Wesson John and Beth Stroh Ron & Barbara Marquess Wes and Carol Chancey Gary & Teresa Bowdoin Frank & Sue Bowdoin Steven Zunker Cloud 9 Longhorns Eddie and Sharon Settlemyer Greg and Beth Tanner JM and Cathie Smith Kimble Cattle Company Loyd & Bettie Gibbs Mr and Mrs Irenio Canales Tommy Neal Cowan Rick Hager Wilton and Carolyn Wilton John & Ursula Allen Mike and Kim MacLeod Rocking O Ranch Russell E. Fairchild Art & Darlene Schimmelpfening Ben Liska Bill Evans

Billy Thompson and Gary Jenkins Cactus Rose Longhorns Carla Jo Payne Carol and James Gentz Jr Charles Scott Cliff & Anita Whitfill Craft Ranch Craige Bottorff Kelly & Rachelle Jones Robert and Louann Rubel Stephanie Kay Bradley Tom Davis Trigg & Traci Moore Adam and Amy Bishop Bill and Conda Plaisance Conley & Catherine Leloux Dorie Damuth Gary Bond Gary Kudrna George or Sabrina Glenn Janet Prueitt Billy and Kim Cooper Brown's Longhorns Charla Chapman Donnie Taylor Doug and Sandy Stotts Dr. Gene and Lana Hightower Dr. Zech Dameron III E. Lee Ranch (EE) Ed Ambrose Edward Payne Gueary W. or Lola Logan Helm Cattle Company Jeff & Nancy Bearden Jeremy Edwards Jim and Stephanie Hatley John Oliver Jordan Culpepper Kevin and Laureen Rooker Lynda Pat Natus M3 Longhorns Matt & Sarah Vuskov Robert & Patti Rickard Ron & Kevin Asbill Ronnie and Jennifer Jones Stephen P Head Steve Day

R-B Farm Cross C Ranch Barbara J. Fillmore Art Anders L.D. and Debbie Mc Intyre Woodson School Ranch Carole Muchmore Warren and Cathy Dorathy Ray, Kale & Julie Williams Ronald E. Hatman Steve, Bodie & Chad Quary Bethany Ritter C C Land & Cattle Co Gregg or Sandra Lynn Sherwood Randy and Jamie Briscoe Jimmie & Ruth Hawkins Dr. Lee & Linda Ragains Pamela Kay & Ronald Miller Randy Claycamp Ron Nederhoff Scot & Jodie O'Bryan J. Garey and Marie Ritchie J.T. and Coy Neal Buckhorn Cattle Company Charles H Foos Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller John Payne Kent and Christine Bladen Larry & Marie Barker Lucinda K. Christian T Mill Longhorns Todd and Kelli McKnight Danny and Amy White Mike Emberton & Carla Craig Aubrey & Marva Herring Darrell & Arlene Larsen Del Vic Farms Jim & Betty Civis Jim & Sylvia Johnson Lovitt Longhorns Mike & Debbie Bowman Randy Sloan, Jr. Robert A. or Julie A.G. Balzan Ron & Jo Jones Santa Terecita Ranch Wayne and Karen Himmelreich Wulfco Ranch Robert and Jenny Smoot Two Feathers Ranch, LLC Back of the Moon 2 Craig Perez Dale Hunt Manuel Modiano & Patricia Plezia Randy and Marsha Witte Ronald C. or Lana K. Pearson Tri-W Longhorn Cattle Co. Wyoming Longhorn Ranch

Division B

Panther Creek Ranch J Bar 7 Ranch LLC Michael Mc Leod Hal Stanislaw Ron Coleman 4 Bar Ranch Joel K & Shirley Lemley Plantana Polo Farm Y.O. Ranch Scott Smith John and /or Judy Coats Doug and Darnell Muenchow Jim Dorn January 2010

Division C

Moore's Longhorn Ranch Semkin Longhorns Larry Johnston D L Cattle Company Bill and Jo Le'AN Leroy and Mary Beth Dunsworth


Dam of Merit Roll of Honor Dams of Excellence


Running Arrow Farm Roundup’s Blue Spock Red Magic 28 Rockytop Diamond

Roundup/H.C.R. Lineage Sires Wellington, TX Cell: (806) 205-1235 Office: (806) 447-0445

“Quality Seedstock From A TAHC Accredited TB & Certified Brucellosis Free Herd.”


Bell La Squaw Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan CO Barbwire David M. Hillis, Austin, Texas Cross M Cherokee Miss Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Dewlap Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico F 3F Bevo’s T J Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico High Hope, FD Bo & Dorie Damuth, Magnolia, Texas Miss CP Ruler 562 T.M. & Jean Smith, Bar S Ranch, Boyd, Texas Miss Peppermint Ed & Sheryl Johnson, Molalla, Oregon Rawhides Lady Pebbles Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan SP Hija Ben Tanksley, Alpine, Texas US 89076 Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Westhaven Ranger Reddy Fraser West, Ione, California

Dams of Distinction Bayou Daisy Dr. Eugene & Jolie Berry, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bayou Princess Dr. Eugene & Jolie Berry, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bayou Queen Mike & Debbie Bowman, Benton, Kansas Bell La Squaw Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan CO Barbwire David M. Hillis, Austin, Texas Cross M Blue Velvet Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Cherokee Miss Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Delta Becca Jim & Wanda Taylor, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Cross M Delta Charisma Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Salsa Jim & Wanda Taylor, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Cross M Star Spangled Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Texas Ruby Red Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Whelming Matrix Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Cross M Whelming Sandy Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Delta Amber Phillip Bell, Arlington, Texas

Diamond W 952 Meadowwood, Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, OK Dillons Fancy Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico Dolly Joel & Shirley Lemley, Blackwell, Texas Double L’s Miss Elegant Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, Texas Emperor’s Lucy Creek Gary Kudrna, Ennis, Texas Fandangos Husker Barnard Longhorns, Richard & Janice Barnard, Tekamah, Nebraska FCF Honeymoon Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, Texas FCF 16th Avenue Mitch Bryant, Katy, Texas FCF Too Sexy For My Sox Star Creek Ranch, Somerville, Texas Fiona Moonshine Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan Folsom Falls Posh Folsom Falls Ranch, Fred & Marijo Balmer, Folsom, New Mexico GC Little Star Dr. Fritz & Rebecca Moeller, Socorro, New Mexico G&L Enchantment Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas G&L True Obsession Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas G&L Silver Sage Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas G&L Star Spangled Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower, Van, Texas Granite Daisy Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan Indian Girl 636 Carla Jo Payne, Slidell, Texas JRJ WR 978 Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan Ksanka Lily Belle Robert & Sheryl Greene, Eureka, Montana Lizzy’s Splash Eagles Nest Ranch, Ben & Ilse Myren, Colville, Washington Lupemitedookay Debra Lesyk & Dwight Overlid, Double D Arena, Outlook, SK, Canada Meadowwood’s Carmen Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, Oklahoma Meadowwood’s Clementine Charley & Doris Snyder, Elgin, Oklahoma Meadowwood’s Tango Brink Longhorns, Frederick, Oklahoma Picabo Phantom Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan Rawhide Lady Pebbles Double D Arena, Outlook, Saskatchewan Rusty Zipper Frank & Barbara Renfro, Clinton, Montana S-D Sparkle Plenty Rudy & Marilyn Bowling, Kaufman, Texas 3W Legends Coutry Erin Lazy JP Ranch, Dublin, Texas 3W Pot of Independence Dale & Bev Sorem, Nevada, Iowa Westhavenreddy'sspecks Broadhorn Ranch, Douglas & Katie McDonald, Fernley, Nevada WT Miss Mona’s Liberator Pearl Longhorn Ranch, Allen & Suzanne Perry, Evant, Texas

Texas Longhorn Trails


• Semen Collection & Processing • CSS Available Facility • Storage • Shipping • Supplies • AI • Embryo Collections • AI Training Schools

Designed for Longhorn Cattle but will work most anything that will not fit into the regular working chute.

At our facilities or on-farm collecting

Simple and easy to operate. Excellent for AI, embryo transfers, pulling blood, vaccination and much more. This chute is designed with horns in mind. These working chutes are rapidly becoming very popular throughout the Longhorn industry.

Bob Woodard


Brenda Barton

903.567.4044 (Office)

Craig Barton


18035 FM 17 • Canton, TX 75103 Toll Free 1.866.604.4044 Fax 903.567.6587


R 2, Box 5 • Bazine, KS 67516 (785) 398-2311

Board of Directors Approves Reduction in Registration Fees Fees effective January 2010 The TLBAA Board of Directors approved a reduction in registrations fees to be effective January 2010. The fees are as follows: for animals 14 months and younger to $15, and 14 months one day to thirty-six months to $25, thirtysix months and one day and older to $100 and steers any age $15.



Calendars - $10.00 each

While supplies last.

Call (817) 625-6241

Electric brands shipped within 24 hours. Pamphlets Available At Most Livestock Auctions

Electric number sets 3 or 4 inch – $290 Personalized Brands: One Letter-$95 Two Letters-$105 Three Letters-$115 January 2010


FAX: 800-267-4055 P.O. Box 460 • Knoxville, AR 72845 Web site:

Plus Shipping & Handling


TLBAA Breed Advisory Committee’s

January - Herd Management Guide Spring Calving: 1. Feed pregnant mature females to consume adequate energy, protein, minerals and vitamins prior to calving. If pasture grass is limited due to overgrazing or poor rainfall during the summer, then energy is your first concern. Feeding a medium (8-10 percent crude protein) to high quality (15-17 percent crude protein) hay free choice will provide an excellent source of energy for the females. If pasture grass is plentiful, but dormant and poor in quality during this time of year, then protein is generally your first concern. If your cows are in good body condition, feeding low levels of a high crude protein supplement (32-40 percent crude protein) is your best alternative. If your cows are thin in body condition, then feeding higher levels of a low crude protein, high energy range cubes (20 percent crude protein) will provide increased intake of vital nutrients. If winter pasture is available, then the females should not need additional


energy or protein supplementation. A source of salt as well as a good commercial calcium: phosphorus mineral mix with added Vitamin A should be available on a free choice basis. 2. Check first calf heifers (due to calve) daily for possibility of calving difficulties. Provide assistance as necessary. 3. Weigh yearling heifers and make sure that the heifers have the necessary nutrition available to weigh 65 percent of their mature weight prior to the start of their breeding season in late spring and early summer.

rebreeding performance and good weaning weights of calves. Lactating cows grazing dormant range grass require approximately 3-4 pounds of a 40 percent range cube or 6-8 pounds of a 20 percent range cube daily to meet their protein requirement. If winter pasture is available, forage intake should be sufficient to meet nutrient requirements of lactating females. 4. Consider limited creep feeding (16 percent crude protein) for calves nursing older cows, first calf heifers or any calves needing additional nutrition. 

Fall Calving: 1. Fertility check bulls prior to the start of breeding season. 2. Provide sufficient supplemental feed to bulls in breeding pastures to keep the bulls in good body condition to insure good, aggressive breeding behavior. 3. Continue supplemental feeding to cows nursing calves to insure good Texas Longhorn Trails

NEWS On the Trail...

Longhorn Breeders Paul and Mari-Kathryn Braswell Make News from Texas to Denmark

The end of summer and the beginning of fall caught two Texas Longhorn Breeders in the limelight. In August, Paul and Mari-Kathryn Braswell, Forestburg, TX, were featured on the cover of a Danish livestock magazine and in September you could find Paul on the front page of the Wichita Falls Times Record News. Paul has been a member of the TLBAA since 2001 and was joined by his bride Mari-Kathryn in 2002. The couple make their home on Cactus Ridge Ranch and have a herd of about 80 head of Texas Longhorns. Paul served as interim Board of Director for Region 11 in 2007-2008 and together with Mari-Kathryn coordinated and sponsored TLBAA Breeding Seminars. They have also supported the TLBAA Best at West Sale, TLBT Youth and have participated in all areas of shows and sales. The TLBAA staff knows that if they call on Paul or Mari-Kathryn for help, they will roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes. The past year, they have increased their endeavors in the selling of their Longhorn beef under the Chisholm Trail Longhorn Beef brand.

TLBAA Longhorn Show Judge Alex Dees Receives Honor Longtime favorite judge for the TLBAA, Alex Dees, was inducted into the National Multicultural Western Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth on November 7, 2009. Dees was one of eight outstanding individuals that were honored for their contributions to the settling of the early American Western frontier and to the development of Western culture. Congratulations Mr. Dees! We would like to thank Mary Dawn Tekell, Weatherford, TX, for reporting this good news to us.


If you have any Longhorn News or media coverage you’d like to share please email or call Brenda Cantrell at the TLBAA office – (817) 625-6241;


3 4


ks for l o f e s e h t We thank pin’ in at op kindly dr office. A the TLBA 1. TLBAA’s Pam Galloway with Dick Curry, Springtown, TX; 2. TLBAA’s Kim Barfield with Cliff Whitfill, Covington, TX; 3. Mari-Kathryn & Paul Braswell, Forestburg, TX; 4. Ron Coleman, Bluff Dale, TX with TLBAA’s Rick Fritsche; 5. Steve Jordan, Ardmore, OK with TLBAA’s Kim Barfield & Rick Fritsche. January 2010













Texas Longhorn Trails




For information on upcoming TLBAA sales and events call Kim Barfield at (817) 625-6241.




NORTHEAST TEXAS To place your ad in the breeders guide call (817) 625-6241 January 2010








Texas Longhorn Trails




TEXAS LONGHORN T•R•A•I•L•S COST IS $365 FOR 12 ISSUES. TLBAA#____________Ranch ___________________________________________________________

Would you spend $30.00/month to reach more than 5,000 potential buyers? Then you need to be in the Texas Longhorn Trails’ Breeders Guide!

Name _______________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________State________________ Zip ________________________

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Comment: (10 words or less) ___________________________________________________________


Location: ____________________________________________________________________________ COMPLETE THIS FORM AND RETURN IT WITH PAYMENT TO:



Please send an acknowledgement to:

Honor or Memorialize Someone Special By contributing to the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America Foundation, you will honor and preserve the memory of a special person while providing important funding toward long-term goals, such as scholarships, educational research programs and youth activities. And, like the memories you share with your loved one, this is a gift that will last forever. Each gift will be acknowledged and contributions are tax deductible. January 2010

Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City ____________________ State _____ Zip _______ My Name _____________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City ____________________ State _____ Zip _______ Enclosed is my gift of ___ $25 ___$50 ___$100 __$_____

___ In memory of: ___ In honor of: Name of person to be remembered. Please print. Please mail form and donation to the Texas Longhorn Breeders of America Foundation, P.O. Box 4430, Ft. Worth, TX 76164.


CLASSIFIEDS (620) 673-4050


Bruce E. McCarty Auctioneer Weatherford, TX

(817) 991-9979 Brian Uptmore Auctioneer (254) 826-3725 Day (254) 379-4283 Cell

J. Bryan Davis Auctioneer Ranch Real Estate

(254) 965-5500

JoelAuctioneer Lemley P.O. Box 471 Blackwell, TX 79506

325-668-3552 TX. License 15204


FIND OUT ALL ABOUT Butler pedigrees in "The Real Butler Story" by Don Limb. Send only $19.90 to Limb Cattle Co., 8375 Lone Star Rd., Washington, TX 77880-5205, 936-878-2988. View excerpts at


JONES RANCH – Home of Gunman genetics. 4-Sale: progeny of the great Gunman bull and his sons, Grand Slam & Hocus Pocus. We are now featuring cattle sired by J R Premium and K C Just Respect by Hunt's Demand Respect. (719) 5392771.Web: E-mail: BETTER THAN GUNMAN – That's what Ron Jones says....and he owned them both. Ron told me PREMIUM was the best horn producing bull he has EVER owned. Offspring for sale by JR Premium. • 918653-3647

To all our Longhorn friends… The very best of good health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year. May it be your BEST ever! Here at the ranch, 2010 promises to be the year of… BULL POWER… featuring the proven great genetics of Sure Shot FD, Measles Super Ranger, Overwhelmer, Oklahoma Quixote, Bail Jumper, Impressive, Rangers Impact and Playboy. We have an excellent choice of outstanding young virgin herd sires to choose from. Also for sale are great Flying D bred & raised cows, heifers & steers. For information or to schedule a tour please call....

Dorie Damuth • Flying D Longhorn Ranch Magnolia, Texas • 281-356-8167


BEAVER CREEK LONGHORNS- Check our new Web site with "Super Sales" and herdreduction prices. Tazman (Gunman) genetics. Carole Muchmore, Ponca City, OK (580) 7659961, BOOMERANG OFFSPRING – Offspring that can be the 2009 Horn Showcase, Millennium Futurity, or World Show Champions that are the total package! Mike Bowman (316) 778-1717.


2010 CELEBRITY CALENDAR – Ready for Christmas. They make great gifts for clients, friends, and family. Prices are $12.00 ea.; $9.00 ea. (2-3); $8.00 ea. (4-8) or $7.00 for 9 or more. Includes postage. Send order with name, address, phone number and number of calendars with a check or money order to Semkin Longhorns, 6650 John Wayne, Perry, OK 73077. (580) 336-2925 or (520) 907-3088. (Order forms are also available online @ Back issues are also available for $4.00 ea.

LONGHORN HERD- 10 mature cows, 6 yearling heifers and one bull for sale. Very reasonable priced. (740) 397-9254 John Huddle.

SIX CHOICE UNEXPOSED 2008 heifers and two 2007 heifers (one solid black bred to Rio Boleto, a son of JP Rio Grande). Terrific replacement heifers! C.C. Land & Cattle Co. (since 1990). Carol Carlson, Oklahoma City, OK - or (405) 4249453. RAU Animal Immobilizer Agent. At SAND HILLS RANCH we enjoy working with NEW BREEDERS & offer QUALITY GOOD HORNED STRAIGHT BUTLER & BLEND cattle, many to choose from & an attractive OWNER FINANCE PKG, Dora Thompson (318) 8726329 Mansfield, LA Located near the Texas Line & Shreveport.

RC LARSON LONGHORNS – 3 years of producing top of the line embryos. Embryos sales and guaranteed embryo pregnancies. Successfully assisting other breeders with their embryo programs. Our business is to maximize your breeding program. Contact us about the cost effectiveness of embryo sales. (503) 8427184 or


Cattle for sale “To God Be The Glory” (972) 268-0083


WANTED! A beautiful Trophy Texas Longhorn shoulder mount. Need speckles and spots and really big horns. Would consider purchasing a big, line steer. Dorie Damuth, Magnolia, TX (281) 356-8167 or TRADE YOUR LONGHORNS – Weʼll take your bulls and steers in trade for cows, heifers, pairs, herd sires or semen from breedsʼ top quality bulls. Stonewall Valley Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX. Days (512) 454-0476 / Weekends (830) 644-2380.


LIVESTOCK TRANSPORTATION Ted Roush (713) 299-7990 Cell (979) 743-4439 Home or YOU CALL - I HAUL! HAULING - Anywhere-Anytime We specialize in Longhorns. Dan Tisdale (940) 872-1811 Mobile: 940/841-2619

LONE WOLF RANCH Dr. Lee and Linda Ragains

New Location: Sallisaw, OK (918) 774-9107 • (918) 855-0704 new web site:

C P Longhorns - Carla Jo Payne

CATTLE HAULING (C) 214/676-3598 • (H) 972/227-6779 WESTERN DECOR

Breeder of Boomerang C P

Cattle For Sale

(940) 453-4063 • •

THATE Cattle Company Your source for big-horned cattle in the North—utilizing the right bloodlines to produce the horn. Fairmont, Minnesota

Specializing in mounted steer horns, cow skulls, horn furniture, hides

M.P. & K.D. HORN and LEATHER SHOP 408 E. Drew • Ft. Worth, TX 76110 817-927-8061 • Fax: 817-927-7970 E-mail: Web site:

(507) 235-3467 Texas Longhorn Trails

A DVERTISERS ’ I NDEX A A Splash of Color Longhorns.......... 48 Almendra Longhorns ........................46


Land & Cattle..........................46 B Beadle Bear Grass Ranch ................................47 Best at West............................................17 Blooming grove Farm ........................47 Bluebonnet Ranch ..............................49 Blue Mountain Longhorns ..............35 Bolen, Brent & Cindy ........................ 22 Bond Ranch ..........................................46 Box Z Ranch ........................................ 48 Briscoe Longhorns ................................7 Brown Brothers Cattle Company ..48 Buckhorn Cattle Company ..............47 Butler Breeders................................36-37

Event Farms ........................36, 46 M Main Millennium Futurity ..........................39 Miller, Tim ............................................46 Miniature Longhorns..........................46 Moeller’s Cross M Texas Longhorns 46 Morgan Livestock ................................38 Moriah Farms ......................................47 Mosser Longhorns......................IFC, 48

Land & Cattle Co. ......................47 C C.C. Cactus Ridge Ranch............................ 47 Carpenter, Bow & Sylvia ....................48 CedarView Ranch .............................. 46 Champion Genetics............................43 Cloud 9 Longhorns ............................47 Cowtown Classic....................................9 Crossed T’s Cattle Co......................... 35 Ranch.......................................... 48 D DNA Deer Creek Longhorns...................... 48 Diamond D Ranch ............................12 Diamond Q Longhorns....................47 Diamondback Ranch ........................46 Diamond S Longhorns......................47 Dick’s Ranch Supply ..........................43


El Coyote ..........................................1, 48 End of Trail Ranch....................11,21,46


4 Bar Ranch ....................................43,48 4 Gone Ranch ......................................13 4 Star Ranch ..........................................47 446 Ranch..............................................37 Fairchild, Russell ..................................23 Falls Creek Ranch ................................33 Flowers Family Ranch ........................48


No-Bull ..................................................42 Northbrook Cattle Co. ................23,46


Panther Creek Longhorns ............3,22 Pearl Longhorn Ranch........................48 Prairie States Insurance ......................43 Premiere Heifer Sale..............................2


Quixote Longhorns ............................48


G Gross, Ray ..............................................43 Cattle Co.......................................8 H Helm Hickman Longhorns..........................48 Hodges, Dave........................................40 Horned Owl Ranch ............................48 Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale ....3 Husky Branding Irons........................43


IndianPoint Ranch..............................47


J5 Longhorns ........................................47 Jack Mountain Ranch........................ 48 Jordan Ranch ........................................35 JT Wehring Family Ranch..................48


K Bar K Ranch ......................................47 Kittler Land & Cattle......................31,46 Krazy K Longhorns..............................48

Lemley Auction Services ..............9,IBC Lemley Longhorns ..............................49 Little Star Longhorns ..........................38 Lo Mejor Ranch....................................48 Lone Wolf Ranch ..........................40,49 Longhorn Max......................................33 Longhorn Sale Pen..............................32 Longhorn Source..................................31 Long Shot Cattle ..................................46



R&R Ranch............................................46 Red Peak Ranch....................................49 Red Tree Farms ....................................48 Rio Vista Ranch ....................................48 Rocking A Longhorns........................ 47 Rolling Creek Ranch............................10 Running Arrow ....................................42 7 Bar Ranch Longhorns ....................47 777 Ranch..............................................48 SS Backwards Longhorns ..................46 Sand Hills Ranch ................................22 Safari B Ranch ......................................47 Select Breeders Sale............................IBC Semkin Longhorns..............................47 Smith, T.M. & Jean ..............................47 Snyder, Charley & Doris ....................33 Star Creek Ranch ................................48 Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo ................19 Stotts Hideaway Ranch ..............48, BC Struthoff Ranch .................................. 48 Tall Grass Cattle Co.............................46 Taylor Colt & Cattle Co. ....................33 Texas Longhorn Ranch Supply ........40 Triple M Ranch ....................................46 Triple R Ranch (MI) ......................21,46 Triple T Longhorns..............................47 Underwood Longhorns ....................46

W Weddle/Weddle....................................46 Wichita Fence........................................31 Y

YO Ranch ..............................................38

Just For Grins Create an original caption for this photograph and win a TLBAA cap! (Only first-place winners receive prizes.)

Photos for “Just for Grins” are welcome, but they cannot be returned. Send your caption to: Texas Longhorn Trails P.O. Box 4430 • Fort Worth, Texas 76164 Please specify which month your caption is for. Email entries should include address.

Photo by: John Day, Princeton, TX

DECEMBER PHOTO FIRST-PLACE WINNER: “Come on this will work for a back scratcher.” Wendy Hastings, Art, TX N


“Well looks like 24” growing good sis.” David Harcrow, Tishomingo, OK

Coming Next Month:


Lazy A Ranch ........................................21 January 2010


Save the date! Texas Longhorn Coming Events JANUARY 2010 JAN 16 • Texas Longhorn Premier Sale, West Arena, Fort Worth, TX. TLBAA (817) 625-6241. JAN 18-19 • Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, Fort Worth, TX. TLBAA (817) 625-6241 TLBAA or Qualifying Haltered and Youth. JAN 22-23 • National Western Stock Show, Denver, CO. Mountains and Plains Texas Longhorn Association, Show Chairman: Lana Pearson (719) 740-0741 or (719) 541-2167. Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth.

FEBRUARY 2010 FEB 4-6 • San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo, San Antonio, TX. Entry deadline: Dec. 1, 2009. Annie Morgan (Chairman) or 210-8858653. Doug Muenchow (Alt. Chairman) 210-394-1952 or Qualifying Non-Haltered and Youth. FEB 13-14 • 2010 Sierra Show, Truth or Consequences, NM. David Starritt, Show Chairman (915) 240-5902 or or Lynn Starritt (915) 252-4118. Qualifying Non-Haltered and Youth. FEB 13-14 • Dixie National, Jackson, MI. Shannon Reeves - Youth (601) 783-6401 or Dixie National (601) 961-4000 or (601) 214-1344. FEB 18-21 • Autobahn Classic, Fort Worth, TX. Larry Barker (817) 988-6110. FEB 20 • Select Breeders Sale, Will Rogers West Sale Arena, Fort Worth, TX. Lemley Auction Services (325) 668-3552. FEB 27 • San Angelo Stock Show, San Angelo, TX. Dennis Urbantke (325) 655-3500 or Qualifying Haltered and Youth.

MARCH 2010 MAR 6 • TLBAA Best at West Membership Sale, West, TX. TLBAA (817) 625-6241. MAR 12-14 • North Texas Longhorns Breeders Spring Show, Glen Rose, TX; Kevin or Laury Rooker (940) 748-1031 or Entry forms available at Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth. MAR 13-15 • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Houston, TX. (832) 667-1000 Entry Deadline: 12/15/09. Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered & Youth. MAR 19-21 • STLA Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo, Travis Co. Expo Center, Austin, TX. Daniel Harabis or (361) 594-3433. Entries must be made on-line through the STFR website, Entry deadline: Feb. 1, 2010. Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and 2 Youth Shows. MAR 25-26 • South Texas State Fair, Ford Park, Beaumont, TX. Carolyn Abney (409) 284-9881 or AJ Boudreaux (409) 466-4140. Qualifying Haltered and Youth. MAR 26-28 • Oklahoma Spring Shoot-Out, Payne Co. Expo Center, Stillwater, OK. Steve or Bodie Quary (405) 567-3093.

APRIL 2010 APR 10-11 • Lazy L Old Time Ranch Sale & Social, Lampasas, TX. Larry Stewart (512) 768-9953. APR 10-11 • Dixie Classic, Gulfport, MS. Maurice Ladnier (601) 762-5194 APR 16-18 • Texas Gulf Coast Breeders Spring Show, Lufkin Expo Center, Lufkin, TX. Doak Parker/Dean Freeman (281) 658- 4690 or or Russell Deshotels (281) 592-7977. Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth. Deadline: March 22, 2010.


APR 17 • Marquess Arrow Ranch Presents Longhorn Opportunities, Ben Wheeler, TX. Ron & Barbara Marquess (903) 833-5810 or (903) 570-5199. APR 23-24 • Midwest Longhorn Sale, Winfield, KS. Mike Bowman (316) 778-1717. APR 30-MAY 1 • Red McCombs 31st Anniversary Fiesta Texas Longhorn Sale, Johnson City, TX. Alan Sparger (210) 445-8798.

MAY 2010 MAY 1-2 • Bluegrass Texas Longhorn Show, Diamond C Ranch Nortonville, KY Ronnie Cruce 270-836-3571 or Stella Cruce 270-836-7533. Qualifying Haltered (2 shows), Non-Haltered (2 shows) and Youth (2 shows). MAY 7-8 • Hudson-Valentine Invitational Sale, Will Rogers West Arena, Fort Worth, TX. Joe & Lorinda Valentine (254) 584-2218 or MAY 8 • TLBAA Best at West Membership Sale, West, TX. TLBAA (817) 625-6241. MAY 8-9 • Run To The Mountains, Lincoln County Fair Grounds, Capitan, NM. Lynn Starritt (915) 282-4118.Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth. MAY 15 • Kentucky Blue Grass Sale & Heifer Futurity, Springfield, KY. Lemley Auction Services or (325) 668-3552. MAY 21-22 • Millennium Futurity, Glen Rose, TX. Bill Davidson (405) 258-7117 or

JUNE 2010 JUN 5 • Cowtown Classic, Will Rogers Sale Arena, Fort Worth, TX. Lemley Auction Services or (325) 668-3552. JUN 12 • 13th Annual Indian Territory Texas Longhorn Association Sale, Red River Sale Barn, Overbrook, OK. Bob Weaver (405) 659-9222 or fax (405) 348-5015 or JUN 17-19 • TLBAA World Show & National Youth Show, Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth, TX. Pam Galloway (817) 625-6241 or or Kim Barfield Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth.

AUGUST 2010 AUG 4-8 • Autobahn Super Stakes, Fort Worth, TX. Larry Barker (817) 988-6110. AUG 7 • TLBAA Best at West Membership Sale, West, TX. TLBAA (817) 625-6241.

SEPTEMBER 2010 SEPT 30-OCT 2 • East Texas State Fair, Tyler, TX. Dr. Gene & Lana Hightower (903) 963-7442. Qualifying Haltered, Non-Haltered and Youth. SEPT 11 • Carolina Classic Registered Texas Longhorn Consignment Sale, Noon, Mt. Airy Stockyard, Mt. Airy, NC. Carl R. Brantley, Wilksboro, NC. (336) 667-5452 or

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