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November 2017


Michael Meadows, Simms

The month of November has always brought certain things to my mind; cooler temperatures, the colors of fall, college football, National FFA Convention, and Thanksgiving. In addition, many of you are in the middle of LDE season. I encourage you to not measure success by placings, wins, or advancing to the next level. Do we want our students to win and advance? Sure we do. Doing so is exciting and honestly, more fun. However, some of my greatest success stories have not involved wins or plaques. If your students have learned new skills, gained selfconfidence, and discovered traits about themselves, then you both have experienced great success. Everyone can’t win and advance. That doesn’t mean that those teams that didn’t win and advance didn’t experience success. The FFA mission states, “The FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.” Participation in competitive events, such as LDEs, is one of the primary ways we, as advisors, facilitate that development. We all want to win, but don’t let that be your indicator of success. This month, I also want to communicate the importance of family time. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It not only gives us a much needed break, but it is a chance for families to gather, visit, and give thanks. Ag teachers spend so much

time away during the course of the year that anytime we can spend with family is special. I encourage you to make an effort to focus on your family during this time. I know many have students with animals on feed, many will be fine-tuning teams for state LDEs, and all of us have school related responsibilities that might have to be tended to during our time off. However, you must make time for family and make time for yourself. Spend some time to refresh your batteries. We need some charging about this time of year; just to catch our breath and realize that we do have lives outside of our jobs. Burnout is real and can affect your job performance and your health. Take time to care for yourself. There is a shortage of ag teachers all across our nation. Your students need you. They need the best version of you to bring out the best in them. You can’t do this if your batteries are dead. Another important aspect of Thanksgiving is taking time to be grateful and give thanks. Sometimes our perspective on life needs to be adjusted to keep our priorities in the right order. I don’t know what some of you might be dealing with. I know life seems to be a series of mountains and valleys. I heard a trusted pastor once say, “If you seem to be on top of a mountain right now, hang on to your hat because a valley is probably in your future.” I have found this to be true in my own life. It seems like when things are good,

life can throw us a curve ball that will bring us to our knees. My Dad has always said, “When you think you have problems, look around you. It is not hard to find someone that is in worse shape.” I have found this to be true as well. We all have reasons to be thankful. Earlier this fall, some of you experienced a life-changing event in the form of Hurricane Harvey. I hope you are beginning to regain some sense of normalcy. Also, I hope you have been comforted and are thankful for all the efforts across our state and nation to help. One of my favorite hymns is “Count Your Many Blessings.” Most of us are blessed beyond what we deserve. This Thanksgiving, take some Continue on page 2

How Would You Define Member Benefits? Barney McClure, VATAT Executive Director

Our staff recently emailed a survey to our members. We really appreciate all of you who took the time to complete it. A question that was asked was, “What do you perceive to be the most important function of VATAT?” One of the choices was “providing member benefits.” One astute member emailed me and said that everything we do is a member benefit. She was right. California and Texas are the only two states that have full-time directors and staff to support agricultural education. Most of the others rely on current officers in their association, and occasionally a part-time contract employee. In many cases their state education agency provides key support. So the questions is, what do you gain from VATAT membership? If you are a newer member you might not be aware of some of these, and if you are a member with many years experience, you might not know what benefits have been added recently. Our summer Professional Development Conference is planned and conducted by our association. Since 2008, it has been a function of our association with the support of our members, staff, and stakeholders. TEA allows us to award CPE hours for the conference which are used to keep teaching certificates in force. We are proud of our conference and strive to make it the best it can be. The VATAT owns the Ford Agricultural Education and Texas FFA Center four blocks from the Capitol in Austin. This provides a home base for not only the VATAT, but the Texas FFA, the Texas FFA Foundation, and the VATAT Credit Union. Having these groups under one roof allows for collaboration on a daily basis. Being this close to the seat of government allows easy access for advocacy efforts on behalf of agricultural education year round. Working with legislators and State Board of Education members, as well as other stakeholders, is another member benefit. Last summer we awarded 58 $800 scholarships to member’s children. Information on this scholarship is available on our website. Again, we would like to thank Gordon Davis of CEV, who has allowed us to permanently endow a portion of these scholarships. In addition, our members have a source of legal assistance backed up by a $1,000,000 liability policy and access to an experienced school law attorney familiar with the unique nature of our profession. Also I previously mentioned, the VATAT Credit 2

Union is located in our building. I encourage you to consider this excellent organization to do financial business with. VATAT does not “own” the Credit Union; its members do. Please visit their website at Our members also have the ability to purchase insurance coverage from Ag Workers Mutual Auto Insurance and Worth Insurance at a discount. Like the Credit Union, it is owned by its members. I could go on, but you get the picture. Our association exists for only one reason, to provide the benefits our members have come to expect. Let us know if we may be of assistance.


for Thanksgiving Continued

time and give thanks for the blessings in your life. Those who are close to me know how thankful I am for my family. They also know how crazy I am about my two-year-old granddaughter, Zadie Kaye Bates. I plan to spend as much time with her as possible while we are out of school for Thanksgiving. She reminds me of my most cherished blessings, recharges my batteries, and puts life in proper perspective for me. So, take some time to enjoy your family, recharge your batteries, and give thanks for your blessings. Both you and your students will benefit. Until next month, be safe and may God bless you even more.


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• Deliver professional, personal and alumni program development to our members closer to home so they can amplify their ability to engage our members, support our advisors and tell our story. • Provide a regional opportunity for alumni members to network and share local visions of innovation with other alumni.


• Free. • A two-day event providing specific training for both local and state-level members. ˚ Friday evening - state-level leader training focusing on state-level administration and activity building. ˚ Saturday - local-level training targeting individual members, agriculture educators and other members of Team Ag Ed. • Workshops are broken into beginner and advanced levels providing more authentic and useful information for all attendees. • Workshops focus on growing alumni members and chapters.

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Executive Secretary

Don Beene, Texas Young Farmers Executive Secretary

It is time to collect dues and submit your roster for the 2017-2018 school year. Many of you have already made your submissions, and I thank you for being on time. However, I need a little help if you submitted it by mail. Please visit www., download the roster form and type all of the data. I then need you to email me that form at Let me explain my request, I must take each of your rosters and then transfer them into two other list. One list is for the NYFEA and one roster is for the state. Please be sure to submit correct addresses and reliable email addresses so we can accurately send important information to you, such as this newsletter and the NYFEA newsletter. If you submit your roster electronically (not scanned), via email, I can save it to my computer and then cut and paste to guarantee accuracy. I do not want to be difficult, but this helps ensure correct information. In addition, it is time to also register for our state convention. You can complete and submit the form found on the next page. If you have any issues registering, please contact me. We have a

really terrific event planned for you in Kerrville. The host hotel is very nice, with spacious comfortable rooms. I encourage you to make plans to join in on the fun!

“Young Farmer membersJoin us in Kerrville, Jan 4-7, 2018 at the state convention, There is NEVER a dull moment.”

Area VI State YF Board Member Bill Ward

“Between tours, the ag olympics, and live entertainment you will be thoroughly entertained each day of our state convention.” Texas YF President Elect, Stephanie Wood

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2018 2018 Texas Young Farmer Convention Texas Young Farmer Convention th – 7th, 2018 January 4thJanuary – 7th, 42018 in Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville, Texas Registration Form Registration Form

Hotel: Inn of the Hills; 1001 Junction Hwy., Kerrville, TX 78028; Phone: 830-895-5000 -- on line at . (Deadline is Dec. 21st.) Website: Use Group Code: TYF18 or State Association of Young Farmers. Room Rate: Hotel “Convention Block” less than $100. Schedule: Complete Details at:  Thurs., Jan. 4th – 3pm – 5pm State Board Meeting. 7pm – 9pm Icebreaker and Mixer for everyone  Fri., Jan. 5th – Breakfast at Hotel, Morning Tours, Lunch, Afternoon Tours. Dinner at Hotel (provided by TYF), Ag Olympics with additional activities.  Sat. Jan. 6th – Breakfast at Hotel, Delegate Meeting, Business Meeting, Sponsor Appreciation Lunch, Scholarship Auction, Workshops, Awards Banquet and After Banquet Entertainment Registration Costs:

Early Bird Registration Deadline is December 1st.

 Early Bird Registration is $125  Late Registration is $150  Registration includes: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Friday and Saturday; Thursday Mixer; Tours; Ag Olympics and After Banquet Entertainment.  Friday Night (Does NOT include the Friday Meal but does include Ag Olympics) and Saturday Only is $75 before December 1st and $100 after December 1st .  Friday Night Meal if arriving before Ag Olympics for Friday and Saturday Only Attendees - $25 each  “YALE” Contest Participants - Early Bird Registration - $75 and $100 after December 1st  Kids are $50  “Crafting” Workshop – participants will keep their projects - $10 (Registration required to get needed supplies) Register On Line at TYF website If a computer is not available, You can mail Registration Form and Registration Fees (payable to Texas Young Farmers to: Texas Young Farmers; C/O Debi Peyton, PO Box 465, Chico, TX 76431 Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 1, 2017 Name(s): ____________________________________________ TYF Area: ______ TYF Chapter: ______________ Address: ___________________________________ City, State and Zip: __________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________________ Phone: (_____)______-_________ Early Bird Registration for January 4th - 7th $125 before Dec. 1st $150 after Dec. 1st Late Registration for January 4th – 7th Friday Night Meal (Fri/Sat Only Attendees) $25 each Friday Night - Ag Olympics & Saturday Only $75 before Dec. 1st Friday Night - Ag Olympics & Saturday Only $100 after Dec. 1st “YALE” Contest Participants $75 before Dec. 1st “YALE” Contest Participants $100 after Dec. 1st Child Registration (12 & Under) $50 “Crafting” Workshop – (Participant keeps project) $10

# _______ @ $ 125 = __________ # _______ @ $150 = __________ # _______ @ $25 = __________ # _______ @ $75 = __________ # ________ @ $100 = __________ # ________ @ $75 = ___________ # ________ @ $100 = ___________ # _______ @ $50 = ___________ # ________ @ $10 = ___________ TOTAL DUE: ____________ Additional Names and Chapters included on this Registration: _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Registration using a Credit Card can only be done using the On-Line Registration. For Help call Debi @ 940-389-4052. Paper Registration only accepts Check payments. (Must be included with Registration). (Version 2) 9


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