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January 2018

Toot Your Own Horn Michael Meadows, Simms

I hope that each of you had a great Christmas break where you had the chance to enjoy your family, celebrate the birth of our Savior, and get some rest for the busy semester ahead. Major stock shows, county shows, CDE teams, speaking contests, auctions, banquets, and much more will have all of us chasing our tails before you know it. Many of your students will reap the benefits and enjoy the successes of their, and your, hard work through these and other events. Unfortunately for many, the only people who will hear of these remarkable results are those who are close to them, or close to us. Why? Most of us are too busy to promote our program and students. Besides, most of us have been taught not to “toot our own horn.” I challenge you to change the way you think and devote some time this spring to promote your FFA chapter’s accomplishments. It will not only shine a light on your students, but will also help improve the public perception of our programs. For my first teaching job I was hired to fill the shoes of a man who had taught for 42 years. I was very nervous and felt inadequate. Another ag teacher realized what I was stepping into and advised me

to find something the man before me didn’t do and do it. He told me to put in the effort to be successful and publicize it as much as possible. This would help me make a name for myself and put my stamp on that program. It ended up being some of the best advice I ever received. Over time, people in that community started to recognize what our students were able to accomplish, and the comparisons bean to go away. Through this, I experienced the power of public relations. The key to that community accepting and supporting me and my program was promoting student successes through local media. You must find what works for you and your local community. Social media can be a very useful tool, some may even reach out to their local television station. Whatever the vehicle is, just do something to publicize and promote the positive things going on in your program. You, your students, and your school will benefit. It is a win, win situation. I encourage you to have a public relations plan going into the spring. If you are not intentional going in to your busy season, public relations will be

one of the first things you will put on the back burner. Most of our FFA events and activities are not spectator events. The public has no idea what we do in our profession or what great things our students are accomplishing. If we don’t “toot our own horn”, who will? If you want to control the narrative about your program, you need to be the one telling the story. Agriculture receives its fair share of bad press by those with negative agendas and who don’t know the true story. Promoting our students and what we teach is one way we can advocate for our local programs, agricultural education, and the industry of agriculture.

2018 Election Cycle on the Horizon


Barney McClure, VATAT Executive Director


As of 6 p.m. on December 11, all 2018 candidates for office had filed to run. Some, such as House Speaker Joe Strauss, had made it known they weren’t going to be seeking office in 2018. Other races had some surprise filers. Each State Representative candidate has to run every other year, half of the State Senators run every two years, half of the State Board of Education members run every two years, and every statewide candidate runs in 2018. The general election will take place in November, but many races will be decided in the March primaries. Texas is an open primary state, which means anyone can choose to vote in the primary of their choice, just not both. Typically, most races are decided in the primary. I expect that to be the case in March. Every voter should do their homework on the candidates to make the best choice possible. There are several advocacy groups in Texas who rate candidates on numerous factors. One group might rate the candidate’s fiscal conservatism, another might rate their social conservatism, still another might rate how friendly they are toward public education. No matter how you rate them, evaluate their record if they have one, and watch who might endorse them. That also tells a lot. Have a great 2018 and if our association can ever be of assistance, please let us know.

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FFA Alumni Member

Kelly White, Texas FFA Alumni President

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” - Babe Ruth

Who can become



Anyone can be an Alumni member; membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting and promoting agricultural education and the FFA.

10 Reasons

to Join


1) Monthly communications from the National FFA Organization and monthly communications from the National FFA Organization and National FFA Alumni Association, with key tools and resources to be the best volunteer possible for your local FFA chapter. 2)Electronic edition of the National FFA Organization magazine FFA New Horizons. 3) Opportunity to show your support for quality education. 4) Satisfaction of helping youth reach their full potential. 5) Be a part of a dynamic team. 6) Camaraderie and fellowship with fellow FFA Alumni members and FFA members. 7) Receive funding from the National and State FFA Alumni Associations through grants, scholarships and awards to active FFA Alumni chapters. 8) Leadership workshops at the national and regional levels from National FFA Alumni Association employees. 9) The priceless feeling of giving back to make a difference in the lives of youth. 10) Affiliates will receive the ability to use the National FFA tax reporting benefits as a National affiliate. Filing the proper documentation and keeping their active affiliate status in place provides this option as a member affiliate of National FFA.

Membership processes



Annual fee of $100 for National Dues per local affiliate for the affiliate program providing basic support to all volunteers of that local affiliate. This annual fee would be waived if the local affiliate has at least 25 life members. This process would continue to provide additional annual members in the affiliate coverage to keep them current and active without any additional fees. Annual fee of $100 for State Dues per local affiliate for the affiliate program providing basic support to all volunteers of that local affiliate. This annual fee would be waived if the local affiliate has at least 25 life members. This process would continue to provide additional annual members in the affiliate coverage to keep them current and active without any additional fees. Reported membership information in all required fields with a minimum of 10 local affiliate members will continue to be in place for the affiliate to be considered active. The affiliate must keep required affiliate information completed and updated in Ag Career Network to remain active. Designate a responsible key contact to sign up the affiliate and keep affiliate information current and communicate to members.

Alumni dues deadline February 15, 2018


UPDATE Notes From


Executive Secretary

Don Beene, Texas Young Farmers Executive Secretary

It is with mixed feelings that I write this note, because this will be my last. As many of you may know, I have decided to retire from my position as Texas Young Farmers Executive Secretary. When I accepted this job in January 2004, I never thought I would be in this role for 14 years. We have traveled a lot of miles and made hundreds of friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed the memories. I am retiring, but not quitting! I still plan to attend our state convention and the National Young Farmers Institute for years to come, for as long as my health and finances allow. I believe that this is the best decision for our organization. We have found a very enthusiastic retired ag teacher to fill my current position. I believe that Bob Young will help lead our organization to achieve great things, including increasing participation. We have an excellent Texas Young Farmers State Convention planned for January 4-7, 2018 at the Inn of the Hills in Kerrville, Texas. Here are three reasons for you to attend: 1) It’s educational; you will come away with something you did not know. 2) The fellowship is wonderful, and you will have a great time with many laughs and quality meals.

3) You are guaranteed to make new friends from across the state. Texas Young Farmers members attended the 51th Annual National Young Farmer Educational Association Institute last month in Savannah, Georgia. The event was very educational due to the opportunity to visit with various agricultural corporations across the United States. It was also a great occasion to meet new friends from various states with similar interests. I have had the privilege to meet people from Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, California and South Carolina. I look forward to this trip every year. In December 2018, the event will be held in Rogers, Arkansas. Save the date on your calendar!

National Young Farmer Institute in Savannah, GA

Thank You to Our Texas Young Farmers Sponsors



[left to right] Chad Wood, Tommy Ketchum, Don Beene, Bob Young, Connie Koopmann, Stephanie Wood, Jackie Casey, Clovia Ketchum, Charles Rochester, Kenny Bulger, Janet Bulger, Linda Janacek, Herb Casey, Ethel Rochester, Allen Koopmann, Wesley Janacek, Charlie Rochester and Robert Bland. [not in the picture] Bill Ward, Limestone County; Annie Perez and Natalie Swenson.

Thank You From Your Past President

Kenneth Brown, TYF Outgoing Past President

I write this as the deadline approaches wondering what to say. I believe the appropriate comment here is “thank you”. The last five years have seen a tremendous change for me. I started this venture with almost no ability to speak in public, little knowledge of convention planning, and as someone who never had an active role in agriculture as a student. Today, with the help and support of this great organization, I feel like anything is possible. I’ve learned so much, gained many contacts across this state and nation, and have a much deeper appreciation of what it takes to put food on the table. I owe this to the Young Farmers and its members. God blessed me by allowing me to be part of something great and I pray that I was able to give back. Thank you all for a wonderful journey!

Notes From the Incoming Executive Secretary Bob Young, Texas Young Farmers

I am very excited and appreciative to have the opportunity to serve the Texas Young Farmers as Executive Secretary. I look forward to continuing the exceptional progress the organization has made under the very capable leadership of Don Beene, who is retiring at end of the State Convention in January. Don has worked extremely hard to provide guidance and wisdom to the association for fourteen years. He has done so with great passion and enthusiasm that has spread throughout the local chapters of the Texas Young Farmers. He continues that hard work by helping me successfully assume the duties he has handled so well. We all owe Don a tremendous amount of appreciation for his accomplishments as Executive Secretary. In August 2015, I retired from teaching Agricultural Science, having served eight years in high school and twenty-three years in junior college. I now reside on the family farm near Axtell where I was raised, which has been in the Young family since 1908. I raise cattle and hay. I have two daughters and a grandson. My mother (soon to be 97 years old) and my sister live in Waco. I am proud to help part-time in the office at my church each week. I had the opportunity to serve as Young Farmer Advisor and then as a Young Farmer member many years ago in Katy. I have great admiration of the principles for which the organization

stands: agriculture, leadership, education, community service, and support of FFA. My burning desire to again be an active part of agricultural education has brought me back to Young Farmers. I want to be a positive influence on our youth and adults. I believe that everyone involved in our industry has an obligation to improve our communities by promoting agriculture and sharing our talents. I am very impressed with the performance of our Texas Young Farmer State Board members. Each year the Board is charged with the responsibilities of making sure the association adheres to the principles of the organization, work with local chapters to enhance their programs, encourage area agriculturists to form local chapters, and to plan and orchestrate the Annual Texas Young Farmer Convention, which will be held January 4-7, 2018 in Kerrville, TX. Excellent tours, educational workshops, contests, state awards presentations, scholarship auction, socializing, booths, entertainment, and great food will make the convention very informative and enjoyable. We encourage all Young Farmers and advisors to attend. Twenty-two Texas Young Farmers represented our state and joined delegates from over twenty other states at the recent National Young Farmer Education Association Institute in Savannah, Georgia, December 6-9. We participated in many tours of agricultural industries and businesses, as well as several educational seminars. This annual event provides great opportunities to learn about agriculture in other states and to discuss important farm-related issues. We will continue to encourage all our local chapters to send members to the Institute next year in Rogers, Arkansas, December 12-15, 2018. I have set several goals for myself as Executive Secretary, for local chapters, and for the State Association. 1) I will provide leadership and support to all Young Farmer officers, members, advisors, and supporters. 2) I will visit local chapters to help them enhance the success and effectiveness of their chapters. 3) I will visit as many FFA Chapter Advisors as possible to explain the advantages of having a Young Farmer Chapter, encourage them to form a chapter, and support them during and after the process. 4) I will support, encourage, and advise the State Officer Board in all necessary activities and decision-making issues. I pledge to do my best to help make the Texas Young Farmers Association even more successful than it is presently. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Phone: 903983-6969. Email: 9

2018 2018 Texas Young Farmer Convention Texas Young Farmer Convention th – 7th, 2018 January 4thJanuary – 7th, 42018 in Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville, Texas Registration Form Registration Form

Hotel: Inn of the Hills; 1001 Junction Hwy., Kerrville, TX 78028; Phone: 830-895-5000 -- on line at . (Deadline is Dec. 21st.) Website: Use Group Code: TYF18 or State Association of Young Farmers. Room Rate: Hotel “Convention Block” less than $100. Schedule: Complete Details at:  Thurs., Jan. 4th – 3pm – 5pm State Board Meeting. 7pm – 9pm Icebreaker and Mixer for everyone  Fri., Jan. 5th – Breakfast at Hotel, Morning Tours, Lunch, Afternoon Tours. Dinner at Hotel (provided by TYF), Ag Olympics with additional activities.  Sat. Jan. 6th – Breakfast at Hotel, Delegate Meeting, Business Meeting, Sponsor Appreciation Lunch, Scholarship Auction, Workshops, Awards Banquet and After Banquet Entertainment Registration Costs:

Early Bird Registration Deadline is December 1st.

 Early Bird Registration is $125  Late Registration is $150  Registration includes: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Friday and Saturday; Thursday Mixer; Tours; Ag Olympics and After Banquet Entertainment.  Friday Night (Does NOT include the Friday Meal but does include Ag Olympics) and Saturday Only is $75 before December 1st and $100 after December 1st .  Friday Night Meal if arriving before Ag Olympics for Friday and Saturday Only Attendees - $25 each  “YALE” Contest Participants - Early Bird Registration - $75 and $100 after December 1st  Kids are $50  “Crafting” Workshop – participants will keep their projects - $10 (Registration required to get needed supplies) Register On Line at TYF website If a computer is not available, You can mail Registration Form and Registration Fees (payable to Texas Young Farmers to: Texas Young Farmers; C/O Debi Peyton, PO Box 465, Chico, TX 76431 Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 1, 2017 Name(s): ____________________________________________ TYF Area: ______ TYF Chapter: ______________ Address: ___________________________________ City, State and Zip: __________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________________ Phone: (_____)______-_________ Early Bird Registration for January 4th - 7th $125 before Dec. 1st $150 after Dec. 1st Late Registration for January 4th – 7th Friday Night Meal (Fri/Sat Only Attendees) $25 each Friday Night - Ag Olympics & Saturday Only $75 before Dec. 1st Friday Night - Ag Olympics & Saturday Only $100 after Dec. 1st “YALE” Contest Participants $75 before Dec. 1st “YALE” Contest Participants $100 after Dec. 1st Child Registration (12 & Under) $50 “Crafting” Workshop – (Participant keeps project) $10

# _______ @ $ 125 = __________ # _______ @ $150 = __________ # _______ @ $25 = __________ # _______ @ $75 = __________ # ________ @ $100 = __________ # ________ @ $75 = ___________ # ________ @ $100 = ___________ # _______ @ $50 = ___________ # ________ @ $10 = ___________ TOTAL DUE: ____________ Additional Names and Chapters included on this Registration: _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Registration using a Credit Card can only be done using the On-Line Registration. For Help call Debi @ 940-389-4052. Paper Registration only accepts Check payments. (Must be included with Registration). (Version 2) 10

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