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Fr om t h e cover : Cinch, Krystyn Wargo's first Texas client. See more of Wargo's photos on pages 18-21.






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Editor's Note Hello to all of our Texas Dog Lovers! I would be remiss not to discuss the pandemic that we have all been dealing with not only as Texans but as a people globally. We are reiterating our

t exasdogm agazin e.com

commitment to be #TexansHelpingTexans by continuing to


support Texas dog rescues through this time and always. During

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this time, with many people being short on funds we know that rescues have suffered with many dogs in their care. We are encouraging everyone to remember to help their neighbors, keep

EDITOR Nealie Sanchez editor@texasdogmagazine.com

the animals fed and support animal rescue groups by the means you are able.

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STAFF We would also be remiss, as a staff, not to voice our support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Each of our staff members has participated in a peaceful protest across the great state of Texas. We would like to remind everyone to above all be kind to one

Alana Holt alanaTXDM@gmail.com Linda Kessler lindaTXDM@gmail.com

another, that?s the true Texan way, y?all. Tiffany Ditto tiffanyTXDM@gmail.com

We are happy to enjoy the summer season with all of you and hope to bring you all a little joy with this summer edition. We know a lot can change in this world and quick, but there is one thing that will always remain the same: The love of our dogs.


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Dogs M atter The Dogs M at t er mission? to provide and promote a safe and healthy environment for dogs of recovering addicts and alcoholics? is one that Texas Dog Magazine fully supports and recognizes a need for. This nonprofit is based in Dallas but reaches much farther than North Texas. People across the country have benefitted from the services offered by Dogs M at t er ranging from fostering to aftercare. Not only does this organization keep the dogs safe, but it actively improves the lifestyle of alcoholics and addicts in recovery. We will continue to support the Dogs M at t er mission by fundraising throughout the year and hosting the first annual Canine Carnival which we will release updated details on throughout the summer. You can learn more about Dogs M at t er at dogsm at t er 2.or g or on social media @dogsm at t er .

This year Texas Dog Magazine has the goal of raising $3,000 for Dogs M at t er . So far we have raised $500 of our goal! Please join us in ?filling the dog bowl? by sending your donation to ?DOGS MATTER.?


Food photo created by freepik.

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Summer f un! with their hooman paws before they let me walk on it. Sometimes the ground can be too hot for a pup like me. Also, my hoomans put me in a life vest when we go to the waters! It keeps me afloat and safe.

---------------------------------------TEX Pet Columnist ---------------------------------------Is hot again outside. Must be summertime for the hoomans! I want to remind my hooman furiends about checking the ground

This summer I hope I get to go outside a lot with my hoomans a lot. We?ve gotten to be together most of the time this year because of something con-tag-ious outside, whatever that means. I know they have to go back soon and that they don?t always like being home, but I love having my hoomans here. Happy summer everyone! Be safe!


FEA TURES Br e e d f o c us: Ca n e Co r s o -------------------------------------BY: NEALIE SANCHEZ Editor-in-Chief -------------------------------------Pronounced caw-nay course-oh, or often here in the south cane course-oh, this massive mastiff breed is believed to be the ancestor of Roman war dogs. With a name derived from the Latin word cohors, meaning protector or guardian, it?s no surprise that this Italian pup was bred to hunt big game and protect property. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 2010. The AKC describes Corsi as intelligent, loyal and eager to please? all things Sarah Day, of Austin, Texas, completely agrees with when it comes to her very own Cane Corso, Riddick. ?I love my Cane Corso because they?re very loyal and extremely easy to train,? Day said. Considered a working dog breed, Cane Corso dogs are typically between 90-120 lbs. and 23-24 inches. As a part of the TXDM commitment to encourage our readers to be a dog rescuer, Texas Dog Magazine would like to recommend checking local rescue organizations and endorse Cane Corso Rescue, Inc. based out of the Austin area.

Twitter: @NealieSanchez 10 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM



Pawsome Texas t at t oo ar t ist s -------------------------------------BY: TIFFANY DITTO Staff Writer --------------------------------------

Pair aim t o im m or t alize f u r r y f am ily m em ber s

Across Texas, pet owners are showing their devotion to their fur babies by getting portraits of their beloved pets tattooed on their bodies forever. From North Texas to Central Texas, these two portrait artists are sure to blow you away with a tattoo of your pet.

M ANI NEGARESTAN Tattoo rate: $175 hourly Mani Negarestan is a North Texas tattoo artist at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton. His tattoos have an aura of fine art about them. Whether he is tackling a lifelike pet portrait, a floral piece, or recreating famous works of art on skin, his tattoos are striking as each detail resembles the photograph or painting they were based on. ?My approach to drawing a realistic dog portrait is very similar to drawing any other realistic object,? Negarestan said. ?I start by breaking the image into simple geometric forms so I can get the proportions right. Then keep adding details and texture and contrast. Making a good stencil is an important part of the process and it is essential because you don?t have room to make mistakes and also [you're] working on a surface that?s not flat.? Negarestan has been tattooing at Dark Age for three years. He got his start at the studio as an apprentice and is now a full-time artist. Growing up, Negarstan loved creating art across different mediums and continues to practice different forms of art such as painting, drawing and sculpting. After obtaining a degree in fine art from Denton's University of North Texas, he began looking for a way to monetize his passion ? in that search he found tattooing. ?I didn?t know much about tattooing until five or six years ago,? Negarestan 12 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

TOP LEFT: Mani Negarestan tattoos a client. TOP RIGHT AND BOTTOM: Pet portraits completed by Negarestan. Photos courtesy of Negarestan. said. ?All I knew about tattooing until that point was the traditional type of tattoos. So, seeing the possibilities that this form of art was offering got me interested in learning more about it.? Negarestan prefers to tattoo canine portraits in black and white because there is less interference from the pet owner ?s skin pigmentation, making it even easier to nail the proper contrast of the pet?s fur. He said one of the secrets to his realistic fur technique is

he uses as small of a tattoo needle as possible, that way he has the ability to add even the most minute of details. Negarestan loves tattooing and creating a personalized piece of art that people will treasure for years. His favorite part of tattooing dog portraits is hearing about the pets behind them and the unique story and meaning behind each owner ?s desire to commemorate their pet forever. ?I love meeting new

people and

creating something that?s so meaningful to them,? he says. What makes tattooing dogs different from other animals is that it?s a really personal subject for the clients so the tattoo must completely resemble how their pet [looks] in real life. It?s almost like tattooing a portrait of someone?s family member.?

SECRET KUNKLE Tattoo rate: $180 hourly (2-hour min) Secret Kunkle is a Central Texas tattoo artist at Moon Tattoo Studio in Austin. Her pet portrait tattoos are striking and would make any pet owner proud to show them off. Her attention to detail makes each drawing look like a photograph of the owner ?s beloved furry friend. When she?s not behind the needle herself, Kunkle is busy creating tattoo designs for others. She says that tattooing has consumed her life for the last few years. After obtaining a degree in art, and trying out a career as an actress, Kunkle was drawn to tattooing as a way to make money while staying true to her passion ? art. ?I love drawing for others and making something beautiful that people can not only take with them but have forever,? Kunkle says of creating portrait tattoos of beloved dogs. ?I am just honored to immortalize people?s best friends in such sweet ways.? Kunkle has been tattooing for almost four years and strives to make sure every dog portrait she tattoos captures the essence of the pet for their owner. Her attention to capturing the pet?s individual personality shows through in the tattoos she creates. She says one of the most important parts of her portrait process is looking at as many photos as pet parents are willing to send. ?Reference photos, reference photos, reference photos,? she says. ?I love when clients send me several pictures of their dog at different angles. I get to see their soul and the features that define them.? When beginning to tattoo a client,

TOP: Secret Kunkle tattoos a client. LEFT AND RIGHT: Pet portraits completed by Secret Kunkle. Photos courtesy of Secret Kunkle. Kunkle begins by examining the photos submitted by the pet owner, examining where they want the tattoo, and taking into consideration the composition as a whole if the owner wants additional elements like lettering or flowers. She prefers to do portrait tattoos in black and white but thinks it's fun to add pops of color like a red collar, or one blue eye if that?s a distinguishing feature of the pet.

Kunkle says there is more pressure when tattooing a dog portrait over other tattoos because of the pressure to ensure the portrait looks like the pet. ?Their face and features have filled so many memories, capturing their true selves is so important,? Kunkle says. And capture them she does.

Twitter: @TiffanyDitto TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 13 11

FI DO 411 From mutts to masks Wendy Stark converts her dog fashion boutique into a mask-making studio -------------------------------------BY: TIFFANY DITTO Staff Writer -------------------------------------Wendy Stark, the owner of Mr. Bow Tie Boutique, usually makes trendy dog collars, bandannas and custom dog lover shirts for pet parents, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit she hung up her collars and started making masks for essential workers. TXDM staff writer Tiffany Ditto sat down with Stark and talked with her about what drove her to trade in doggy fashion to help out during a global crisis. What prom pt ed you t o hang up t he collar s and st ar t m ak ing m ask s for hum ans (t em porar ily)? ?Originally it was born out of necessity. Both my husband and I are considered essential workers but did not have what was necessary to feel safe. While talking to a friend in Michigan, who is a respiratory therapist, I realized we were not the only ones in need of masks. I knew I had the supplies (fabric and elastic), I soon got the word out to my friends and family. The first week I made over 100 masks. I realized quickly, after I ran out of elastic, how hard it was to find supplies!? Are you selling t he m ask s or donat ing t hem ? ?I have not and do not plan on charging for the masks. I believe in times like these we truly have to just be kind. We are all stressed with the unknown and if me making and giving away masks helps then that is worth my time.? 14 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

Wendy Stark, owner of Mr. Bow Tie Boutique poses Seely, Nipper T. Monkey and Sid, three of the nine pups that make up her pack. Photo courtesy of Wendy Stark a nose piece and an opening for a filter.? Did you com e up w it h t he design your self? ?My friend sent me a YouTube link to a step by step instructional video for an approved mask. I just modified it a little and off I went!? Do t he m ask s you creat e have space for a filt er ? ?Yes, they are a 2-ply cotton mask with

How m uch t im e per w eek have you dedicat ed t o seeing m ask s? (And t hat ?s on t op of w or k ing for how m any hour s?) ?My ?real job,? I work 32-40 hours a week, so I try to just make masks on the weekends. I have been making them since late March and have spent 4-6 hours a week on them. I believe I have made over 250.?

out. I don?t believe you even need a special skill. Once my friends and family found out I was making the masks they jumped into action and starting finding supplies for me. I had a friend from Grand Prairie find me the coated wire for the nose piece at my local hardware store, she paid for it and had it waiting for me. A friend in Austin sent me fabric through the mail. That type of kindness is contagious and when things get really frustrating and hard to handle I think about how we all came together to help a lot of people.? What else do you t hink our reader s should k now about your m ask m ak ing effor t s?

Masks Wendy Stark created and distributed to those who need a cloth covering during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Photo courtesy of Wendy Stark What w ould you say t o som eone w ho w ant s t o find a w ay t o help dur ing t he pandem ic w it h t heir special sk ills? ?You will be rewarded tenfold for anything you can do to help

?The circle of people that are making masks is amazing. Once I started telling my mother about it, you can bet she jumped right in. I think she has supplied almost half of Pilot Point with masks. The amazing staff at the McKinney JoAnn fabrics has been so overwhelmed with online orders but they continue to support me and do their best in helping me find supplies. They even had masks already cut out for people to pick up for free. Overall, I have been blessed with good health for me and my family, and absolutely wonderful friends that have been supporting me every step of the way.?

Twitter: @TiffanyDitto



TCAP?SspecialshelpfamiliesimpactedbyCOVID-19 DALLAS-FORT WORTH ? The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) aims to help families across North Texas that were financially impacted, and continue to be financially impacted, by COVD-19.

community with the methods at our disposal,? said Robert Knox, TCAP Director of Programs. ?We want to thank everyone who has supported us during this time by trusting TCAP with their pets?care.?

TCAP is committed to helping pet parents across the metroplex be able to afford essential wellness care for their pets and will continue to launch special pricing that further discounts the organization?s already low prices for sterilization surgeries and wellness care.

The #PreciousNotParents special began June 1, runs through June 30 and is valid at any TCAP location. Pets must be less than six months old to qualify for the special. Both dogs and cats are eligible. The goal of the #PreciousNotParents campaign is to make spaying and neutering affordable to pet owners. The campaign is another step toward ending pet overpopulation in North Texas shelters by spaying and neutering pets before they can have their first litter.

In June, TCAP is offering $20 spays and neuters for puppies and kittens less than 6 months old as part of their #PreciousNotParents campaign. This special follows their May special that lent a helping hand to cat owners by offering free cat sterilizations. ?We want to support North Texas people and pets, and we believe this is the best way to do this for our


?We know that this is a really hard time for many families in our area, and now more than ever, Texas needs TCAP,? TCAP Executive Director Stacey

Schumacher said. ?Our mission is to end pet overpopulation in North Texas Shelters, and we can?t accomplish that goal by promoting adoption alone. We must spay and neuter pets.? ? Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

ENSURING PETS ARE TAKEN CARE OF This unprecedented time has been challenging for all and our furry friends are no exception. Paradise 4 Paws, the industry-leading, trusted pet care services provider with the Pooch Hotel, AnimalSense Canine Training & Behavior, and Paradise 4 Paws Resorts brands, is offering a selection of services and special offerings to ensure that pets are taken care of during this pandemic. With locations around the nation, including the Pooch Hotel in Richardson at 731 S. Central Expy, and Paradise 4 Paws near DFW airport, it?s convenient

NEW S for Dallas-area pet parents to keep their dogs or cats feeling and looking good and taken care of. Special offerings during these times include the following: Puppy?s Day Out! Puppy adoptions are at an all time high while so many are spending a significant amount of time at home. Given the current shelter-in-place environment that puppies are born into, it?s more difficult than ever for pet parents to ensure the proper amount of socialization. Research has shown that puppies that have a wide variety of positive experiences with people, environments and other animals, will be better able to calmly accept these things when they are adults. As a result, Pooch Hotel Richardson is now offering a Puppy?s Day Out every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event is designed to offer pups up to five months old a condensed day of care with activities specifically geared toward proper socialization and building comfort with new things.

connections, and many are finding it in a four-legged friend. While an estimated 40% of the country's shelter population are currently in foster homes, shelters are bracing for a time when these pets may be returned or when other pets are surrendered due to the financial hardships so many are facing as a result of the global pandemic. In light of these concerns, Mars Petcare announced a new program called FOSTER TO FOREVER? to help find loving homes for as many pets as possible. The program will raise awareness of the need for pet adoption and directly support those who permanently adopt their foster pets. Mars Petcare is distributing FOSTER TO FOREVER kits to shelters around the country in some of the areas hit hardest by COVID-19 like Chicago and New Orleans. The kits will be given to more than 1,000 pet parents who are able to provide a permanent loving home to their foster dog or cat and will include some of the following:




PEDIGREE® wet food for adult dogs or puppies Coupons for free PEDIGREE dry food and PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX? treats TEMPTATIONS? cat treats ROYAL CANIN® dry and wet food for adult cats or kittens A voucher for a free veterinary visit from BANFIELD? Pet Hospital A WISDOM PANEL? Essential dog DNA test Discounts for a WHISTLE? GO pet activity tracking device Other gear and educational information from PEDIGREE Foundation and the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS? program

In addition, Banfield Foundation will provide free veterinary services for up to 1,000 additional shelter pets while they await their forever homes. For more information, bit.ly/FosterToForever.


? Mars Petcare

Each visit is $20 per puppy and reservations can be made by calling (972) 234-4146. For more information visit the website. Adult rescue and adopted dogs often have their own special needs, and a program catered to rescued dogs will be launching soon. Get Pampered! Although salons and spas around the country are closed for pet parents, the spa at Pooch Hotel Richardson is open for business. Pet parents can treat their furry friends to some extra TLC with a full spa day including a facial, pawdicure, and much more. Groomers are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Sunday at Pooch Hotel Richardson. The full list of spa offerings can be found on the website. ? Paradise 4 Paws and Pooch Hotel

FROM FOSTER TO FOREVER FRANKLIN, Tenn. ? During these unprecedented times, people are looking for companionship and social TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 17

FUR FUN A memory tohold on to Hello there, I am Krystyn Wargo. I capture the stories and images of beautiful souls. I am a mother of four beautiful rescues that enjoy trying to trick me into feeding them multiple times even though they already had dinner. My main pup is known as Bradley, he does cute things for the gram but he helps me meet new puppers all the time. He is my heart puppy and my adventure buddy in this beautiful state known as Texas. My life is full of fur and tail wags, which is how I prefer it. I was raised on a 1200-acre ostrich farm in Georgia and spent most of my childhood working in animal rescue with my family. In recent years, I was blessed to be able to move my photography business to Texas with my husband in the summer of 2019. I thought that I would have a hard time finding new furry friends but the fur was everywhere surrounded in friendship. It is my firm belief that we all should have images that we can hold on to that will not fade away when technology fails us. Now, I will admit to you I am the lady that brings up her dog in a conversation and has to show you 5,000 pictures of them sleeping upside down. Sadly, there are a lot of times that I have met people that will look down and say they wish they had captured that moment with their best friend while they were still around. I have made it my mission to give people a memory of their best furry friend they can hold onto forever. There is something truly special about the way your pet changes your whole world. The love and fulfillment from your best friend will be something that lives with you forever. Whether your best friend has hooves or a short snout with bug eyes when they happen to see a treat, I'm here for them all! When I am not holding a session with one of my loving furry clients, I am volunteering with rescue pups or helping horses in need.






Photos by Krystyn Wargo



Photos by Krystyn Wargo





Do gs o n t he Ak am ar u sit s at op t h e pit ch er ?s m ou n d.


Akamaru is a loyal and loving 3-year-old Shepherd mix who frequently gets hit with the zoomies and loves butt scratches almost as much as he loves eggs in his food. He was welcomed happily into the Texas Airhogs stadium in Grand Prairie where he ran as fast as a baseball player and got to play fetch with his favorite ball? although he could stand to work on his catching. @alan a_h olt

Ak am ar u sit s barely st ill enough for a quick phot o before t he urge t o r un all over t he br ight green t ur f k ick s in again.


d ia m o n d St ill f igh t in g bet w een a case of t h e zoom ies an d bein g t ir ed f r om r u n n in g ar ou n d f or h alf an h ou r , Ak am ar u r est s br ief ly f or an ot h er ph ot o an d t r eat .

START OF 2020 SEASON POSTPONED The Board of Directors of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball has postponed the start of the 2020 regular season, originally scheduled for May 19. The Association is aiming for an early July start date for a season including 80 games and extended through late September. The early July timeline, along with the length of the season, is subject to the ability to hold games in home markets while abiding by federal, state, provincial governments laws and municipal health orders and guidelines. ?The American Association looks forward to the day when we can safely re-open our stadiums to our fans and provide entertainment and social interaction,? Commissioner Joshua Schaub said. ?However, we will not jeopardize the safety of our fans, staff, players, umpires or vendors and will abide by all national and local restrictions when determining if we can open in early July.? Promotions and theme nights, such as Dog Days, will also be rescheduled and announced as soon as the new schedule is available. Any questions regarding the 2020 season can be addressed by calling 972-521-6730 or emailing info@texasairhogs.com ? AirHogs Baseball

Ak am ar u sit s happily by t hird plat e at t he Texas Air hogs st adium aft er r unning all over t he field. TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 23

OTHER V OI CES SPCAaidspet familiesamidviruspandemic SPCA OF TEXAS Facebook : @spcaof t exaspage Tw it t er : @SPCAof Texas In st agr am : @spcat exas Websit e: spca.or g

The SPCA of Texas? Pet Resource Center has been hard at work to continue helping pets and families affected by the hardship of the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Since the beginning of 2020, the SPCA of Texas has provided assistance to over 713 pet owners! From providing pet food and pet supplies, to providing financial aid, medical care and more, the SPCA of Texas has been working tirelessly to help our community and their pets during this unprecedented time. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many families to struggle more than ever before. As people are losing their income, employment and sense of stability, the SPCA of Texas is working to provide resources to pet owners to prevent them from making the tough decisions that come with financial hardships. The SPCA of Texas? Pet Resource Center helped Mr. McKeever Harris, an Oak Cliff resident, who requested help with dog food and resources to get his dogs spayed/neutered. Mr. Harris had rescued one of his dogs several months ago, and soon found out that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, only two of her pups survived. Mr. Harris was devastated, but wanted to keep the little family together. With the ongoing pandemic, he has found it hard to provide for his 24 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

Photos courtesy of the SPCA of Texas household and his beloved dogs. The SPCA of Texas was able to help Mr. Harris and his family by providing dog food to get them through their tough times, as well as giving him information on the SPCA of Texas? spay/neuter

resources, which he is strongly considering taking advantage of. Mr. Harris is extremely grateful for the help and support he has received from the SPCA of Texas. Not only has the SPCA of Texas been

able to assist individuals, they have also been able to work with local organizations, non-profits and animal rescues to help even more pets and people in need. One of those organizations, a local food bank, was in desperate need of pet food for the community. The SPCA of Texas recently received an urgent request for assistance through its Pet Resource Center from a local non-profit, Sharing Life Community Outreach, which serves food-insecure neighbors in Dallas, Rockwall and Kaufman counties. Sharing Life Community Outreach was seeing a 20% increase in clients who have recently lost their jobs, or had their hours reduced, and were seeking groceries for their families, including pet food. Pet food has been a greatly needed

resource to the North Texas community. The food donation the SPCA of Texas received from Greater Good allowed them to provide Sharing Life Community Outreach with 20 bags of pet food. They were able to distribute all bags of food to families in need throughout the Dallas-area community. The SPCA of Texas? Pet Resource Center has alleviated the concerns of many pet owners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and it continues to seek and receive funding to keep the essential services ongoing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations from the public are extremely beneficial during this time, and allow the SPCA of Texas to do even more for North Texas animals. Support their efforts by visiting www.spca.org/give.

If you or a family member has been affected by COVID-19 and need assistance with your pet, the SPCA of Texas? Pet Resource Center can help. The SPCA of Texas? Pet Resource Center can provide assistance (primarily food and urgent medical assistance through our outside veterinary partners) to families that have been affected by illness and/or business closures due to the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Please visit www.spca.org/prc for more information on how the SPCA of Texas may provide food, medical, housing, or other assistance for your pet.

This article is part of TXDM?s initiative to share the stories of Texas rescues, nonprofits and other dog related organizations, as well as the businesses that support them.


Anewnormal andahelpinghandfor Roxy Meet Roxy. She's described by her mom as a sassy, spoiled Cocker Spaniel who loves adventures! Roxy enjoys car rides and jumping into ponds. She is even known for getting her head stuck under the fence visit trying to visit with her doggie friend next door! In late September of 2019, this sweet pooch was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. The recommended procedure was amputation of her hind leg. As it would be for any family, cancer treatment was financially challenging for Roxy's family. Thanks to a dogslife grant, Roxy would be able to receive the quality treatment she needed. By November of 2019, Roxy received the surgery to remove her hind leg. She was recovering nicely and learning her new normal with three legs. For the last six months, Roxy has been living new adventures. She is conquering long walks with her mom and her favorite toy is a bouncy ball! Not only is Roxy happy and healthy, she is still as sassy and spoiled as ever! To learn more about dogslife and the program services provided, visit www.dogslife.org



Relieving canine anxiety post pandemic

-------------------------------------BY: KAREN METZLER Vet Talk -------------------------------------For many dogs, having their pet parents sheltering at home has been a dream come true. Across the world, dogs have relished in the constant presence of their owner and the attention and care that comes with it. As owners begin to return to a work or school routine, however, dogs experiencing long periods of time alone after being in the company of others can easily develop behavioral issues. By suddenly being left alone for 8-9 hours a day, your dog may be left confused, lonely, and possibly even depressed. A dog?s anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways including a loss of appetite, barking or howling, digging, pacing, destructive behavior, self-harm, inappropriate elimination and more. Taking the time to slowly transition your pet into a new routine will help to prevent the development of anxiety issues when you return to your life outside the home. Start by encouraging some distancing from your pet. Have the dog spend time outside in a fenced-in yard alone, in their own pet bed, or in their crate while 28 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

you focus on something else other than your pet. Begin with short periods of 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the interval of alone time for your pet throughout the day. When the dog is alone, it is important that they are somewhere they cannot see you. Create a safe, comfortable, quiet, relaxing area for them during their alone time. This can include having toys, cushioned beds, water bowels, soft music and access to potty areas. Create a positive experience for the dog so that they can look forward to this new alone space by giving them their favorite toy

or treat. This can help a dog build the skill to entertain themselves and enjoy their alone time. Next, try spending some more extended time away from your pet. Go for a short walk or drive that does not include your dog. This can help to restore a dog?s sense of independence. It is important to create and establish a daily routine for your dog such as regular meals, walks, and play or cuddle times. Continue your daily walks at times of day that are appropriate such that you can continue them once you

Photo by Jordan Davis on Unsplash are back in your more normal daily routine. Dogs need at least 30 to 35 minutes of aerobic exercise daily.

displays about your absence, the slower and more time you need to take in this teaching process.

Enrichment toys such as hidden treat

If you are struggling with providing

boxes, food puzzles and stuffed treat toys can be an excellent source of mental stimulation for your dog. They can help to prevent your dog from getting bored and can act as a distraction during times where anxiety may be increased.

your dog with a normal routine or are experiencing separation problems already, consider a doggy daycare. Go visit the facility and ask questions as to their cleaning, pet interaction and screening protocols. Make sure the doggy daycare requires all dogs be currently vaccinated and on a parasite control program. Doggy daycare can be an excellent solution to provide your dog with stimulation and exercise throughout the day while you are at work.

Play soothing music, turn on the TV or use a white noise machine to damper outside noises and prevent them from being startled or afraid. If you are concerned your pet may be having anxiety when left alone, set up a camera with an app linked to your cell phone so you can see what your pet is doing while you work on building time away. The more anxiousness your dog

If your dog has trouble being alone for even brief periods of time, consult with your veterinarian. They can provide your pet with a full assessment and proper treatment to help alleviate anxiety for

everyone. Dr. Karen J. Metzler is a veterinarian with Summerfields Animal Hospital in Fort Worth. Dr. Metzler was fortunate to grow up in a home filled with a wide variety of family pets including hamsters, birds, cats, dogs and horses. She has always loved animals, so it was only natural for her to choose veterinary medicine as her career path. She graduated from Texas A&M?s, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She has experience in emergency medicine as well as general practice. She has specific interests in surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, exotics and cardiology. Dr. Metzler is dedicated to her profession as well as her family. She, her husband Jeff, and their six children ? Daniel, Brandon, Madison, Meridythe, Maycie and Noah ? live in Bowie, Texas. They enjoy the country life as it supports the many family pets and farm animals they care for and love. TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 29

PUP CULTURE A tale of hope, finding your true home gold during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush. A kind-hearted man named Perrault adopts Buck to be a member of his sled team where Buck learns the art of running

set off on their own adventure, traveling ?beyond the map.? While John and Buck explore the wilderness, something calls Buck into the woods, toward the hunt.

-------------------------------------BY: TIFFANY DITTO Staff Writer --------------------------------------

in the Yukon?s harsh weather. The team

From there the movie kicks off as the

works for the mail service and Buck quickly

duo set out on an adventure that not only

becomes the leader of the pack. Buck?s

tells the heartfelt story of a man and his

love for running through the Alaskan back

dog but of finding the one place you

Disney?s Call of the Wild is a riveting tale

country flourished. When one of his

belong ? a place to call home.

of finding the true meaning of home. The

owners falls through the ice, it?s Bucks

film brings a classic novel to the big screen

heroism that saves her life.

with nail-biting adventure, and villains that make you wish they we?re defeated earlier on. The story follows Buck, a large St.

The film keeps many of the key elements Jack London wrote in this novel, but many

However, the tale doesn?t end there.

of the more violent aspects of the book

When Perrault is told his mail route is

have been cut out to make way for a more

canceled, Buck and his team are sold to a

family-friendly version of the film. Call of

group of rich wannabe gold miners who?s



cruel nature put the dogs to the test.

quarantine in the U.S. The film is a

lifestyle often gets him into trouble. One

Eventually, Buck is separated from his

must-see for dog lovers because it doesn?t

day, Buck is snatched from his home in

team when he collapses during a run due

tell the traditional dog story we are used

California, where he lives a leisurely lifestyle

to mistreatment from his owners.

to, and challenges us to think about our




with a judge, and shipped off to Alaska where his thieves hoped to make money selling him as a sled dog. Sled dogs were in high demand as



troubled man searching for salvation in the backcountry of Alaska ?

rescues Buck

from his owners and takes him in. The duo





furry friends and the wild instincts that call them. We give Call of the Wild four out of four paws up.

Twitter: @TiffanyDitto Photo courtesy of The Call of the Wild Facebook page.

people came from far and wide seeking

John Thornton (Harrison Ford) ?



A modern takeon classic characters -------------------------------------BY: TIFFANY DITTO Staff Writer -------------------------------------Scoob! made its debut May 15 amid the coronavirus pandemic. The movie aims to introduce today?s youth to the iconic characters we all know and love. The film doesn?t quite do the gang justice, but it wasn?t so bad that we would tell you to skip it either. Scoob! is full of modern-day jokes but also serves as an origin story for how Scooby and Shaggy met. At the beginning of the film, we see a lonely Shaggy, just a kid at the time, and a dog with no name who is causing trouble throughout the town stealing meat. In an effort to save the dog from being picked up by police, Shaggy dubs the dog Scoob ? officially naming him Scooby Doobie Doo. The duo later meets Fred, Velma, and Daphne while out and about trick or

Photo courtesy of theScoob! Facebook page.

treating for Halloween. The group of kids solve their first masked ghost mystery and

played Lucious Malfoy in Harry Potter).

was how much Scooby talked in this film.

thus Mystery Inc. is born. Fast-forward and

Though the storyline is fun and proves that

At times it bordered on a bit creepy.

the gang are working together to solve

friendship conquers all, the film lacks key

numerous mysteries.

elements that would have made parents








Scooby-Doo fans will see a hidden gem as the film recreates ionic Scooby-Doo scenes

nostalgic for

the good


days of

Scooby-Doo, Where are you! ?- namely not revealing who the villain is until the end.

Overall, Scoob! was a new take on a classic and was enjoyable as it did have a storyline that evoked emotions of joy and sorrow. The movie had some funny jokes, and drew us in (even if it wasn?t the same

that we all remember and love, like the

In this new film, we know who the villain

formula as the older movies and shows). It

intro sequence from Scooby-Doo, Where are

Dick Dastardly is for most of the film, and

wasn?t quite what an OG Scooby-Doo, Where


are even given a Despicable Me style look

are You! fan was expecting or looking for in

into his life. If fact, the character may

this reboot, but it is worth watching. We

remind you of Gru, as Dastardly even has

give Scoob! three out of four paws up.

As the movie progresses Scooby and Shaggy find themselves at the center of a world-ending






superhero named Blue Falcon (voiced by Mark Wahlberg) to stop the evil Dick Dastardly (voiced by Jason Isaacs? who

an army of quirky robots that seem almost minion-like. Another





Twitter: @TiffanyDitto

off-putting for existing Scooby-Doo fans TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 31 13


Pawesome books for kids' summer reading lists -------------------------------------BY: TIFFANY DITTO Staff Writer -------------------------------------1. LITTLE MONA MEETS A PUP By: S. Renee Mac Little Mona Meets a Pup is a youth picture book that tells the true story of the author ?s experience meeting a scared wet pup on a chilly, rainy day. Written by a Texas neighbor in Louisiana, this book is a story about long lasting friendship and the love between a girl and her pup.

2. A KID?S GUIDE TO DOGS: HOW TO TRAIN, CARE FOR, AND PLAY AND COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR AMAZING PET! By: Arden Moore Written by Texas author and pet first aid instructor Arden Moore, this book provides a comprehensive guide for 32 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

child dog owners to learn about how to care for their furry brother or sister. The book features fun tips and tricks to ownership, how to teach your dog tricks and commands, trivia quizzes, and DIY arts and crafts for kids to do with their doggos. This fun book is a must-read for any young pet owner.

3. DOG MAN: GRIME AND PUNNISHMENT By: Dav Pilkey Written by the esteemed author of the Captain Underpants series, Pilkey has done it again creating a full-color illustrated comic-style book about part dog, part man Dog Man who digs into deception and rolls over robbers. This fun book is sure to keep your kids reading and laughing. This book is sure to make reading fun and engaging.


By: John R. Erikson Many Melinnials grew up reading Hank the Cowdog, and now your kids can too. In the latest installment of the series Hank helps Slim and Loper as an their cattle get out in an ice storm. Their cattle roping adventure is full of mishaps and what turns into a frozen rodeo.

5. CAT DOG DOG By: Nelly Buchet This laugh-out-loud picture book tells the story of a mixed animal household as two pet parents become a couple and move in together. The household, now featuring two dogs and a cat, struggles as the pets adapt to life together. This book tells the story of how to adapt when life throws you curveballs, and is sure to resonate with any kids dealing with changes in their life.

Twitter: @TiffanyDitto

TEXAS TOP DOG Nam e: Bear Br eed: Goldendoodle Age: 2 1/2 months Favor it e Tr eat : Apples, carrots and cucumbers Favor it e Toy: My best friend Jack (stuffed dog) Bio: Often mistaken for a cloud thanks to his lush ivory locks, Good Boy Bear is a goofy and lovable English Cream Goldendoodle from Dallas, Texas. Raised to always be on his best behavior, hence the name, this pup loves cuddles, snacking on crunchy fruits and vegetables, playing ball and most importantly bringing a smile to everyone?s face! 34 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

Dogs of t h e M on t h

#tex asdogsof i nsta


LIFE VESTS AT THE LAKE BY NEALIE SANCHEZ Summer is here and we want to take our furry friends on all of our fun in the sun adventures. At the lake and when boating we put our littlest children to even the best adult swimmers in life vests to avoid dangerous situations that may result in drowning. However, it is equally as important to ensure that our pups have the proper safety flotation devices. Here are some steps, reasons and brands to consider when outfitting your dog







Kn ow t h e r isk s. Even dogs that are strong swimmers can get tired





Remember, not all dogs can swim. According to Dr. Becker with Healthy Pets it is a myth that all dogs are born with a ?swimming genes.? In fact, the ability to swim varies not only by breed, but also dog to dog within those breed groups.

w ill best f it you r dog. According to

that your animal is uncomfortable in

SOutdoors.com these measurements

traditional floatation devices, there are

should come from around the neck,

alternatives. Hedz UP Pets Watercollars

around the torso as well as slightly


further back and finally, from the neck

designed to keep your dogs head above

to the point that the body slopes down

water in the event that they fall into a

from the rump. Always put your pet?s

pool or lake. The collar comes in sizes


life vest on their body to assure it has


the correct fit. It is im por t an t t h at

pounds. For more information, or to


you r dog?s lif e vest isn?t t oo sn u g or


introduction step should be

t oo loose as eit h er of t h ese pr oblem s


taken in puppyhood, but it

cou ld r esu lt in t h e in ju r y or even


deat h of you r dog.

you r

w at er .






parents with older dogs to know how


location and be aware of your dog?s is important



r epu t able



product you are buying for your dog. Here are a few brands that have





EzyDog, Frisco, Outward Hound, Paws

Take accurate measurements and be sure to have your pup try on the life vest. M easu r e you r dog's n eck , t or so an d len gt h t o ch oose a size t h at 38 | TEXASDOGMAGAZINE.COM

Have f u n at the lake and furry





deeper understanding of the

introduce your pet to water before an outing to accommodate your


product reviews to gain a


outing, or have time set aside at an



br an ds. Always conduct your

Be sure to choose a safe and shallow body language. It


breathe easy knowing your

Resear ch

their dog will react in and around water.





In t r odu ce



Abroad and KONG. Con sider f loat at ion

alt er n at ive devices.


know your pet and their comfort best. In the event

Note: With so many events canceled and constantly rescheduling, we wanted to remind you of a safety tip for your pup in the great outdoors! Just because we don?t have a calendar here, doesn?t mean there aren?t plenty of ways to have fun with your pup. Stay active and have fun this summer. Don?t forget to tag us in the pics at @texasdogmagazine. We?re all in this together!



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