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la Maison Ursulines’ Collection of Neighborhood Walks

Welcome The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City and the neighborhood surrounding la Maison Ursulines are home to an incredible number of wonderful destinations. In fact, the journey to and from your many explorations are, in themselves, journeys into the unique and steps back in history and time.

The Old City is the perfect walking town, but a driving nightmare The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a very small area. It includes Upper Town (within the rampart walls), Lower Town (between the ramparts and the St Lawrence river) and the area along a portion of la Grande Allee Est (the Plains of Abraham, the National Museum of Art and the National Parliament).

While small in its horizontal area, only 1.4 sq.kl. (0.54 sq. miles),the vertical elevation change from Lower Town to the Upper Ramparts is an impressive 98 meters (322 feet). Therefore, much of exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site is literally walking up or down. While the walks can be reversed in direction, they are presented in a manner that minimizes long up-hill climes. Some of the walks and strolls focus on Upper Town, within la Maison Ursulines’ immediate neighborhood. .Other walks focus on the ramparts, the Citadel, rue Ste Jean, the Opera House (le Capitol) and the National Parliament, just west of the Ste Louis Gate.


Other walks bring Lower Town into focus with walks to and from the marina, the farmers market, the art and antiques district and la rue Petite Champlain. The Old City is the perfect walking town, but a driving nightmare. The many narrow, one-way streets always seem to head away from your vehicle’s destination. All the one-way streets and the many pedestrian-only thoroughfares point to one solution; park the vehicles in one of many underground parking complexes (we suggest the large and inexpensive parking garage at the City Hall …one block away from la Maison Ursulines) and walk, stroll and explore the Old City ad a leisurely footpace. Enjoy a sidewalk cafe en-route, hop onto a Route 21 bus

along the way or take advantage of the Funicular the connects Upper Town with Lower Town. La Maison Ursulines is located at the very center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, overlooking la Place Tourangeils. All the walks and strolls start and end at this historic spot.


About Restaurant Staff We have welcomed guests to our vacation home, la Maison Ursulines for 18+ years. Once in a while, we’re told that restaurant staff are either rude and ignore guests. That’s certainly not the case …and here’s why.: Old City restaurants, like the whole town’s cultural fabric is much more more European than what most folks are used to day-to-day in the States.

Typically, a table is yours for as long as you like. “Turning over tables” by asking if anything more is required or by placing the check (le addition) on the table is not part of the European or Quebec tradition of service. Dining privacy and relaxed conversations are paramount, so simply enjoy the establishment’s atmosphere, ask for service when it’s needed and request the check …”l'addition s'il vous plait” (check please) when you’re ready to depart.

⊳⊳ Ste Louis Gate (looking east)

�� View from le Parc Cavalier du Moulin




About Restaurant Staff


Long Walks


A Nautical Walk


The Citadel


National Museum of Art / Plains of Abraham


rue Ste Jean


Arts and Antiques


The Lower Ramparts


Neighborhood Walks


Artillery Park


Neighborhood Churches


The Dufferin Terrace Stroll


The Powder Keep


The Opera House


The National Parliament


The Upper Ramparts


Neighborhood Strolls


rue Petite Champlain & Lower Town


Battlefield Park


The Quebec Seminary


Parc Cavalier du Moulin


Governor’s Walk, a Stroll


The Walks Welcome to la Maison Ursulines’ collection of walks and strolls surrounding the residence. The above image shows all the walks detailed in this eBook.. They are an accumulation of 18 years of teaks throughout the Old City. Each is designed to maximize your exposure to this magical place known as “la Belle Ville de Québec.”

Most walks are mobility-impaired friendly …but without the sidewalk-to-roadway grade changes that we’ve all become accustomed to …a UNESCO World Heritage Site restriction to change.

You may download this entire book or (soon) any of the individual walks. To download the entire book (a very large file), click on the PDF download image below.

Soon, you will be able to download individual walks, click on the PDF image located in the turn-by-turn directions page of a particular walk.


Each map its associated turn-by-turn directions comprises a different outing within the surrounding Quebec UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some walks are “strolls” within a particular part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the surrounding Maison Ursulines neighborhood. Other walks are focused on particular destinations which are noted in the turn-by-turn directions. Walk segments that depart from paved surfaces are noted as such in the turn-by-turn directions. Walks that remain on paved streets and walkways and are not particularly strenuous are identified with the International mobility impaired symbol. The walk directions may certainly be reversed, but the detailed directions have been designed to minimize steep up-hill climbs as much as possible. A few walks have steep downward inclines which are also noted in the turn-by-turn directions. Some walks include choices, denoted with this symbol. La Place des Tourangeiles and la Maison Ursulines is at the very heart of the Quebec UNESCO World Heritage. All walks start and end at the residence..

© Maison Ursulines / P Tétreault 2021

The Simon Fountain detail

Long Walks 10

A Nautical Walk


A Nautical Walk E Quai 22 (if open) or N rue Des Jardins

W rue Garneau

N rue Dalhousie S rue Pierre Oliver Chauveau

E rue Ste Anne

N (along waterfront) E rue Ste Anne

N rue du Tresor

W rue de la Barricade S rue Des Jardins

E rue De Buade

N rue Dalhousie

NE rue Port Dauphin

W rue Abraham Martin

SE Cote de la Mountagne

E rue Ste Paul

(steep incline down) S rue des Valsseaux du Roi S rue Notre Dame E Cote du Palais E rue de la Place NE rue des Ramparts N rue Thibaudeau (short distance) S rue Hamel E rue du Marche Finlay S rue Christie N rue Dalhousie

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

⊳⊳ Marina View Looking south

⊳ The new Farmer’s Market

⊳⊳ Marina View Looking north

⊳ The QuebecLevis Ferry


The Citadel


la Citadelle

Route One (all paved streets / walkways, use with mobility issues)

SW rue Donnacona

W.. Rue Ste Louis

S Cote de la Citadelle

ARRIVE: la Citadelle

Return suggestion for remaining on paved walk surfaces, retrace steps

N Cote de la Citadelle

E.. Rue Ste Louis

N rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines Looking northeast changing of the guard


The Citadel

Route Two (not all paved streets / walkways)

N rue Haldimand

W rue Ste Louis (short distance)

NE rue Des Jardins SW rue Donnacona ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines W.. Rue Ste Louis

SE rue d’Auteuil

N rue Auteuil

ARRIVE: la Citadel

Exit the Citadel, proceed NE (right turn)

ENTER: Parc Bastion de la Reine (proceed NE)

NE rue Ste Denis (short distance)

N rue Laporte Changing of the guard

⊳⊳ Changing of the Guard

⊳ Ramparts Looking north

⊳⊳ Battle for Quebec Reenactment

⊳ rue Cote de la Citadelle looking north to rue Ste Louis


National Museum of Art / Plains of Abraham


National Museum of Art / Plains of Abraham

SW rue Donnacona SE rue du Parlior SW rue Ste Louis Through the Ste Louis Gate SW Grand Allee E SE Ave Wolfe Montcalm ARRIVE: National des Beaux Arts du Quebec / Plains of Abraham Reverse route for return to la Maison Ursulines ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

Along rue Ste Louis (Ste Louis Gate in background)

⊳⊳ The National Museum of Art

⊳ Along a Plains of Abraham Walkway

⊳⊳ The expansive Plains of Abraham (the world’s 10th largest urban park)

⊳ The National Museum of Art 24

rue Ste Jean


Rue Ste Jean Walk Return W rue Donnaconna E rue Ste Jean S rue Parloir SE rue de la Fabrique W rue Ste Louis S rue Des Jardins N Avenue Honore Mercier

W Avenue Rene Levesque Est

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

NW rue J J Bertrand

W rue Ste Joachim

N rue Zouaves

ARRIVE: rue Ste Jean

rue Ste Jean atmosphere

⊳⊳ rue Ste Jean festival

⊳ rue Ste Jean

⊳⊳ rue Ste Jean cafe

⊳ Along rue Ste Jean


Arts and Antiques


Arts and Antiques

SE rue Ste Anne

N rue Des Jardins

SW rue Des Jardins

E rue Ste Anne

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

N rue du Tresor

E rue Buade

E Cote de la Montagne (steep downhill)

N rue Ste Pierre

NW .rue Ste Paul

W .rue De St-Vallier E

S Cote du Palais

SE rue Ste Jean (short distance)

SW rue Chauveau

Along rue Des Jardins

⊳⊳ Along rue Ste Antoine

⊳ Along rue Des Jardins

⊳⊳ Along rue Ste Anne

⊳ rue Ste Pierre terminates rue Ste Andre


The Lower Ramparts


The Lower Ramparts

ARRIVE: Parc de l’Artillerie

S rue Des Jardins SE rue Ste Stanislas E..rue Ste Louis SE rue Cook ARRIVE: UNESCO World Heritage Plaza

NE Walkway over Prescott Gate (down stairs)

ARRIVE and ENTER: Parc Mont Morency

SE rue Ste Anne

SW rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

N traverse park

N rue Port Dauphin

W .rue des Ramparts

SE rue Carleton

W rue McMahon (short distance) rue Ste Louis at dusk

⊳⊳ Parc Mont Morency

⊳ Porte Prescott pedestrian walkway connects le Terrise Dufferin with Parc Morency

⊳⊳ rue Ste Stanislas

⊳ Lower Rampart overlook looking northeast


⊳⊳ View of Lower Town from the Lower Rampart overlook

⊳ Lower Rampart with le Quebec Seminary beyond

⊳⊳ Richard Mille clock at City Hall Plaza, rue Des Jardins

⊳ Row of Lower Rampart armaments

Neighborhood Walks 38

Artillery Park


Artillery Park Walk Route One (through Ursulines campus)

SW rue Donnacona

SW .. Continue into Ursulines grounds, onto Ursulines Donaconna. (Day use only, gated at rue Ste Ursule)

SE rue Ste Anne S rue Des Jardins S rue Des Jardins ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

Route Two (all public streets)

SW rue Donaconna SW Rlle des Ursulines S rue Parlior N rue Auteuil N rue Auteuil NE rue McMahon (short distance) NE rue McMahon (short distance) ARRIVE: Parc de L’Artillerie ARRIVE: Parc de L’Artillerie S rue Ste Stanislas S rue Ste Stanislas SE rue Cook SE rue Cook SE rue Ste Anne

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

⊳⊳ rue Ste Anne turns west. Continue straight for rue Cook.

⊳ Boar War Memorial, Parc National Fortifications.

⊳⊳ Parc de l’Artillerie

⊳ Restaurant along rue Des Jardins


Neighborhood Churches


Neighborhood Churches

Seminary de Quebec

Chalmers-Wesley Church

(on left)

(on right)

N rue Des Jardins SW rue Coullard Ursulines Chapel and Monastery (on left)

Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral

Notre Dame du Sacre Cour Seminary de Quebec

(on left)

(on left) E Ave Ste Genevieve E Cote de la Fabrique (short distance)

(on right)

NW rue de la Porte S rue Pierre Oliver Chauveau

E rue de Buade

NW rue Haldimand W rue Ste Anne (short distance)

Notre Dame de Quebec (on left)

SW rue Ste Louis (short distance) SW rue Ste Anne N rue des Jardins

NE rue des Ramparts

St Andrew (on right)

Seminary de Quebec (on left)

W rue Hebert

SE rue Ste Ursule

Cross rue Ste Louis, proceed on rue Ste Uusule)

ARRIVE:: la Maison Ursulines

⊳⊳ Norte Dame de Quebec Basilica

⊳ ChalmersWesley Church & Notre Dame du Sacre Cour

⊳⊳ Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral

⊳ Ursulines Chapel (left), Holy Trinity Cathedral (ahead) 46

The Dufferin Terrace Stroll


The Dufferin Terrace Stroll

SW rue Donnacona

E.. rue Ste Louis

ARRIVE The Dufferin Terrace

W.. rue Ste Denis (Consulate of the United States on left) NW ENTER: Parc des Gouverneurs

W rue Mont Carmel

N rue Haldimand

W rue Ste Louis

N rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines rue Ste Anne

⊳⊳ Terrasse Dufferin

⊳ Parc du Govenors

⊳⊳ Quebec Seminary gates along rue du Fort

⊳ Along rue Ste Anne, rue Des Jardins just beyond


The Powder Keep


The Powder Keep

NE rue Donaconna ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

SW rue Donnacona E rue Ste Anne N.. rue Ste Louis

ARRIVE la Poudriere (Parc Hist. Nat. Fortifications de Quebec)

S rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

NW rue d’Auteuil

NW Reenter Parc Hist. Nat. Fortifications de Quebec

NE rue Ste Anne

Alternate Route SE rue Ste Ursule

NE Rlle des Ursulines

Enter Ursulines Monastery Grounds through gate. Continue NE Sunset view looking south

⊳⊳ Along rue Ste Louis

⊳ Boar War Memorial

⊳⊳ Ste Anne Gate

⊳ Historical reenactment


The Opera House


Opera House Walk

SE..Cote d’Abraham

N rue des Jardins

NE ..rue Dauphine

W rue Ste Anne

NE Through Kent Gate

W rue Cook

SE rue Ste Ursule

NW rue Ste Stanislas

NE Ruelle des Ursulines (gated, daytime only)

SW rue Ste Jean NE Through Ursulines” Monastery SW Through Ste John Gate NE rue Donaconna ARRIVE: Opera House, le Capitol (on right)

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

Place D'Youville (on left)

SW Rue Ste Jean le Capitol interior

⊳⊳ Place D’Youville

⊳ Ste Jean Gate (Opera House just beyond)

⊳⊳ The Opera House (le Capitol)

⊳ Opera House interior


The National Parliament


The National Parliament N rue Des Jardins SW rue Donnacona ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines SE rue Parloir

SW.. rue Ste Louis

N Ave Honore Mercier

ARRIVE The National Parliament

Exit The National Parliament

SW Grande Allee Est

S Cours du Genewral de Montcalm

E Ave George VI

Rejoin Grande Allee Est (just west of Ste Louis Gate) NE.. rue Ste Louis Parliament from la Grande Allee

⊳⊳ TheTourny Fountain (The Simon Fountain) with the parliament spire in beyond

⊳ The Royal 22nd Regiment

⊳⊳ The Tourny Fountain detail

⊳ Along Grande Allee Est


The Upper Ramparts


The Upper Ramparts

SW rue Ste Jean

S rue Des Jardins

SE rue Ste Ursule

NE rue Ste Louis

NE Ruelle des Ursulines (gated entry, daytime only)

SE rue Haldimand NE rue Donnacona SW rue Mont Carmel S rue Des Jardins S rue des Garisons

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

ENTER: Parc du Bastion de la Reine) Destination: (la Citadel de Quebec)

NW Cote de la Citadel

Cross rue Ste Louis

ENTER: Parc de l’Espanade (stairs up to ramparts) Destination: Fortifications de Quebec Parc de l’Artillerie

SE rue Ste Angele Cote de la Citadelle

⊳⊳ Atop the Kent Gate

⊳ Upper Ramparts View

⊳⊳ Upper Ramparts View

⊳ The Citadel


⊳⊳ Atop the Kent Gate

⊳ Ste Louis Gate

⊳⊳ Upper Ramparts

⊳ The Upper Ramparts and Upper Town Roofs

Neighborhood Strolls 68

rue Petite Champlain & Lower Town


rue Petite Champlain

(This walk’s directions for walking down to rue Petite Champlain and using the Funicular to Return to Upper Town. The Funicular may naturally be used for both going to and returning from la rue Petite Champlain)

S Boulevard Champlain

W (walkway to rue Petit Champlain)

N rue Petit Champlain

Funicular du Vieux Quebec (up to Upper Town)

N rue des Jardins SW rue Ste Louis E rue Ste Anne N rue des Jardins N rue du Tresor ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines E rue de Buade

NE rue Port Dauphin

SE Cote de la Mountagne (steep incline down)

S rue Norte Dame

W rue du Cul de Sac rue Norte Dame

⊳⊳ rue du Culde-Sac

⊳ rue Petit Champlain

⊳⊳ View from rue Sous le Fort

⊳ Along rue du Cul-deSac


Battlefield Park


Battlefield Park

SW rue Donaconna

NE rue Parloir

W rue Ste Louis

NW rue d’Auteuil (short distance)

ARRIVE Battlefield Park (on west side of street)

Traverse park or remain on rue d’Auteuil

E rue Anne

SE rue Ste Anne

S rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines rue du Paloir

⊳⊳ Battle Field Park with Kent Gate in foreground

⊳ Atop Kent Gate at the guard post

⊳⊳ Ste Louis Gate

⊳ One of several historic buildings in Battlefield Park


The Quebec Seminary


The Quebec Seminary

ARRIVE The Quebec Seminary

N rue Des Jardins Return Alternate Route S rue Ste Famille (short distance) E rue Ste Anne E rue Baude N rue du Tresor E. Rue Ste Anne (short distance) W..rue Buade SW rue du Fort N rue Ste Famille (short Distance)

ARRIVE The Quebec Seminary (Laval University School of Architecture)

SW.. Rue Ste Louis

N rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines

NE Treverse the City Hall - Notre Dame Basicila Square

N rue Ste Famille (short distance) rue Ste Ste Stanuslas

⊳⊳ Seminary grounds from Parc Mont Morency

⊳ Inside The Seminary Courtyard

⊳⊳ Along rue de Tresor

⊳ Along rue de Tresor


Parc Cavalier du Moulin


Parc Cavalier du Moulin

S.. rue Des Jardins

E rue Ste Louis (very short distance)

S rue Haldimand

W rue Mount Carmel

ARRIVE Parc Cavalier du Moulin

Return suggestion, retrace steps

E rue Mount Carmel

N rue Haldimand

W rue Ste Louis

N rue Des Jardins

ARRIVE: la Maison Ursulines View form la Parc Cavelier du Moulin

⊳⊳ View from redout looking northwest

⊳ View looking south

⊳⊳ Fort walls from rue Ste Louis access via rue du Corps de Garde

⊳ From inside the oldest redout in the city 84

Governor’s Walk, a Stroll


Governor’s Walk, a Stroll

S rue des Jardins NE rue Ste Louis ENTER: Terrasse Dufferin S Terrasse Dufferin NW rue des Carrieres SW rue Mont Carmel NW rue de la Porte NW rue Haldimand SW rue Ste Louis (short distance) N rue des Jardins ARRIVE la Maison Ursulines

Terrasse Dufferin

⊳⊳ Place de Armes

⊳ Along rue Ste Louis

⊳⊳ Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral

⊳ rue Ste Anne


View from Parc Bastion de la Reine

Parc de l’Artillerie

Porte Ste Louis

Foreground, la Place des Tuurangeiles. Ursuline Chapel / Museum to right, Maison Ursulines at left.