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There Are No If, Ands, Or Buts About It! We May GodOr Has A Plan There AreWish, No If,But Ands, Buts About It! A Letter Fromfrom The the Editor A Letter Editor A Letter from the Editor

Modern technology, suchdidn’t as the internet smart devices, What if tomorrow arrive? All and of your plans, hopes has changed the way consumers shop forAll necessities. What if tomorrow didn’t of your and dreams wouldn’t have aarrive? street toeveryday park on.plans, Whathopes if Everything from that groceries to televisions, tires, medications, and dreams wouldn’t have a street park on. What if and everything you decided to putto off until tomorrow never patioeverything furniture can be purchased directly from a smartphone or youwould decided off until tomorrow never happened?that There be to noput reason to save for a rainy computer. Foot traffic in stores has been greatly reduced, and happened? There no reason save for rainy day, and you couldwould sparebe someone thetotrouble of amaking the Covid 19 pandemic may have played a big role in that also. day, and you could sparelast someone the trouble of making promises. What if your opportunity seemingly expired Anyhow, many What retailers havelast adjusted how they make their products promises. if your today? What would you do?opportunity seemingly expired accessible in order for them to survive. today? What would you do?

I’ve been told that I often seem like I do too much. As a child, I remember the hugeseem department catalogs that I’ve been toldlike that I often I dostore too much. Honestly, I feel I am not doing like enough and I’m a firm would come in the mail year, usually around the Honestly, like every I am doing enough I’mChristmas a firm believer inI feel knowing thatnot God wouldn’t putand anything on me holiday season. I would look at them and prepare my list on of items believer in knowing that God wouldn’t put anything me that I couldn’t handle. I sometimes wonder how life would that that I wanted before submitting it to my mama. Sometimes I got I sometimes wonder how life to would be ifI Icouldn’t chose tohandle. sit idle and accept what it presented me. I mostbe ofifwhat I wanted, but not always. Still, looking through theI chose to sitto idle what it presented to me. haveI found that beand veryaccept boring. In my opinion, opportunity catalog and believing that would get them was very exciting for have found that beIvery boring. In my opinion, opportunity is a blessing thattoisn’t afforded to everyone. A challenge me. is Unfortunately, the catalogs are long gone now and have been blessing that isn’t afforded everyone. challenge toa me is an adventure. What isto the worst thatA can happen? replaced by digital ones. Awwwe, technology. to an adventure. What is the worst that can happen? If Ime doisnothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn Ifsomething I do nothing, I fail, and if I try I don’t, but instead learn new about myself. Relinquish your pride and in I compare those childhood catalog surfing moments to some something newlife. about myself. Relinquish your pride and in return acquire experiences I have as an adult. I have often tried to plan out my life return acquire life. by creating a wish list for various stages without the assistance of The best advice ever given to me happened when someone a department store catalog. I have made plans for various things The best ever given to me happened someone told me to advice make my tomorrow happen today.when In doing so and experiences and made plans on how to acquire and accomplish told mepressed to makemy myway tomorrow today. In that doing so I have throughhappen doors with a key only them. Those plans were submitted to God, and I’m always amazed Ihope have provided. pressed myI have way through doors with a key that only also learned the difference between at what I receive from God in response. hope I have also learned the between whatprovided. God blesses me with and what lifedifference can burden me with what God blesses me with and what life can burden me with asIwell. compare it to knowing to plans, be confident See, have Ilearned that even thoughwhen I make God hasand the as well. I compare it to knowing confident and to be quiet, final say. What I think is good for me,when God knows what isbecause truly best when to bemay quiet, because get it confused for me. Even in my lowest moments, someone God has already prepared a someone may get it confused withwhen being arrogant. path to higher ground for me. And even I choose to follow my with being arrogant. own way, He redirects. Make you tomorrow Make you tomorrow happen but most I strive to live today, a better life, a life happen today, but it most importantly count. that is connected to make God through importantly it count. Lifeand is but a make whisper and obedience grasping a better Life is but a whisper and we must ourselves in a understanding ofput what He desires we must put ourselves inisa position to hear what it for me. I admit that I don’t have all position to hear what it is tellingand us. the answers, sometimes I make telling mistakes. It’s us. good to know that even when I get off track in life, God’s love Terry L. Watson never changes.

Terry L. Watson Editor/Founder Editor/Founder

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Terry L. Watson

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Angela Williams Learn more about the face and founder of Focus Point Mental Health LLC. Richmond, VA


Community Action Council 6 Louisville - May/June 2022

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Jessica Coffie Jessica Coffie is someone with a genuine love for her community. She is also passionate about the health and socioeconomic disparities affecting children from under-resourced families. Presently residing in Lexington, KY, Jessica is a native of Paducah, KY, and graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School. She later attended the University of Kentucky, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Master of Science in Hospitality and Dietetic Administration, with an emphasis on Nutritional Issues Facing Minority Women Living in Low-Income Housing. Jessica is a Certified Nutritionist in the state of Kentucky. She is also a credentialed Early Childhood Education trainer and a Certificate Community Action Professional. She has dedicated her work experience in the field of community nutrition by working with the Women Infant Children (WIC) and Head Start, providing nutrition education, counseling, and professional development to families, staff, and the community. Currently, Jessica is the Head Start Director at Community Action Council, serving 15 counties and over 2200 children and families. Jessica shares she is passionate about advocating and being involved in her community. Such passion is displayed while she serves on several local, state, and national boards. This also includes organizations and workgroups such as the National Community Action Partnership Head Start Task Force, the Kentucky Head Start Association Board of Directors, Lexington Diabetes Coalition, and the University of Kentucky Agriculture Food and Environment Alumni Board of Directors. Additionally, she has served on the Partners for Youth board for three years and loves being a part of the scholarship process that aids in propelling students to the next level of their educational journey.


“God’s communication to me about helping others was clear very early in my career. Even though I tried my best to fight it, I was led to serve others.”

Jessica Coffie Community Action Council 8

What is the Community Action Council. On March 25, 1965, a small group of just five local leaders came together in Lexington to form a non-profit organization that would address the causes and conditions of poverty in communities and intersect the economic and social injustices preventing opportunity and access for all people. “For the last 57 years, the organization has been part of our charge to stand with and amplify the voices of those who are disproportionately impacted by systems of injustice,” Jessica says. While general attitudes toward race may have changed since the civil rights movement began, systematic racism has remained, and violent acts—both seen and unseen—rooted in hatred and oppression toward people of color have continued to plague the black and brown community. The Community Action Council for LexingtonFayette, Bourbon, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization that studies the causes and effects of poverty in our communities and works toward solutions. The Council addresses poverty in Central Kentucky through service delivery, community involvement, and advocacy. “The Council makes things happen in our communities. Each year we work with more than 20,000 people seeking economic security and a chance to achieve self-sufficiency,” Jessica says. The Council is a member of the Community Action Partnership, a national network of more than 1,000 community action agencies across the United States that work to eliminate poverty on the local level. It is also a member of Community Action Kentucky, the state association representing Kentucky’s 23 community action agencies. The Council has an annual operating budget of more than $40 million and employs more than 350 staff. Serving others is something Jessica believes she has been called to do. “God’s communication to me about helping others was clear very early in my career. Even though I tried my best to fight it, I was led to serve others. Besides, that is the exact reason I picked nutrition as my area of study. I did not know anyone that looked like me educating our people on health options or challenging people to not settle for living with diabetes,” she says. Moving forward, things appear to be in order for Jessica and The Community Action Council. To learn more about the Community Action Council, please visit their website. h

10 Louisville - May/June 2022

The Wealthy Child “I am a Change Agent on the path to create a culture of wealth for the next generation” By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Ronald Pollard Delvin Sullivan is a Dave Ramsey-certified Financial Coach who believes that “The earlier money can make sense to a child, the better chance they have at being financially responsible adults.” A native of Huntsville, AL, Delvin is the author of The Wealthy Child, a book designed to teach youth about money and the world’s economic process. As someone who grew up in public housing, Delvin’s passion always led him to mentoring youth and posing as a positive role model for kids, particularly young men. Using the basic principles of wealth, he published his book to level the playing field and offer all children the opportunity to become wealthy through knowledge. Some of the topics discussed in the Wealthy Child production are budgeting, banking, investing, credit, income, and assets. “I am introducing children to the basics of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way and teaching kids about the importance of earning, saving, and spending responsibly. My goal is to ensure they understand the importance of earning, saving, and spending responsibly,” Delvin says. In addition to being an author, personal finance coach, and entrepreneur, Delvin is also a US Army veteran and recipient of the Unsung Hero Award. He holds degrees from Alabama A&M University and Murray State University. He is married to Felichia, and they have two children, Tierra and Jordan, along with three grandchildren. Delvin shares, “I began teaching at the Sparkman Homes Boys and Girls Club in 2017, and decided to develop a book and workbook that would give the students something they could take home with them.”

The vision for The Wealthy Child is connected to Delvins awareness of the many challenges that youth face, especially within his community. “Studies show 80% of crimes that send people to prison have something to do with money. I want to change that narrative by teaching children how to earn, save, grow, and respect the dollar at an early age,” he says. He shares that he loves being able to change the course of a child’s life by ensuring he or she is financially literate. He is also inspired by youth development and making a difference in his community. Growing up in similar situations that many of the young individuals he’s helping are, Delving feels that he has a sincere responsibility to create realistic opportunities for them. “I made it to where I am because of the men placed in my life at the Boys and Girls Club. It was Ugene Phillips, Cedric Wherry, and Tyrone Langford. They would preach, “if you want to be an eagle, don’t hang around turkey’s”. That kept me from becoming a product of my environment,” Delvin says. Delvin’s future goal is to continue to change the lives of millions of children by introducing them to the world’s economic process. To learn more about The Wealthy Child, please visit their website. h

Delvin Sullivan The Wealthy Child 256-468-3227 11

12 Louisville - May/June 2022

A ngela Williams Focus Point Mental Health, LLC By Dr. Marrissa Dick Photos by Still Shots Photography Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental illness has emerged to the forefront of many people’s lives. Not that it wasn’t in existence before, it just wasn’t openly discussed as it is today due to the negative stigmatism associated with it from society and family members. Fortunately, mental illness is now being acknowledged more readily by doctors, educators, the athletic world, and society. COVID-19 has revealed that individuals have problems being alone. It has also shown that depression comes in many forms, such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessivecompulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia, to name a few. It is common for most people to worry or feel anxious or downhearted from time to time, but mental illness can derail a person’s life and the lives of their loved ones. At the very least, mental health issues affect one’s ability to live life to the fullest. At the worst, it may lead to fatal outcomes such as suicide. Albeit mental illness is an equal opportunity health concern because it affects both young and old, male and female, every ethnic background, every educational level, and every socioeconomic status. Society should know that there is a difference between mental health and mental illness. Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with the everyday stresses of life, and can still work productively, while mental illness affects a person’s ability to function over a long period of time. If you fall in the latter category, you should seek help from a qualified agency that can help you come up from that “sunken place” to stop feeling as though you are on a continuous slide down the rabbit hole. One place that can help you balance the daily


stressors of life or your inability to function in a healthy emotional state over a long period is Focus Point Mental Health, LLC. Angela Williams is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of mental health agencies located in Danville, Martinsville, and Richmond, Virginia, where you can receive assistance with both mental health and mental illness. At Focus Point Mental Health, LLC, clients are provided with mental health services for adults who suffer from serious mental, behavioral or emotional illnesses resulting in significant functional impairments in major life activities. Training and supports are provided to enable individuals to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. Skill-building services are rehabilitative and help individuals acquire and maintain the greatest levels of independence possible through training in daily living skills, health and safety, appropriate behavior, use of community resources, medication management, and self-monitoring of personal health, nutrition, and physical condition. They also provide Outpatient Therapy. Each location is staffed with licensed professionals who are equipped to service Mental Health Skill Building, Crisis Stabilization Mobilization, Intensive InHome, Substance Abuse, Mentoring, Parent Aid, Psychiatric Services and Administrative Services. The Lynchburg location provides all of the same services and offers 23-hour stabilization. It suffices to say that Focus Point Mental Health is your one-stop shop for your all-around mental health needs. Angela has worked for the past 17 years in the most critical areas of mental health. From working on the administrative side as a Qualified Mental Health Professional-Auditor, (QMHP-A) and directly with the clients as a QMHP, she realized her skill while working successfully for other agencies acquiring accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF). CARF is a prestigious accreditation certification that all mental health agencies strive to achieve and in some cases must have in order to operate. After years of helping other agencies to open their own mental health facilities, she decided to open her own agency so she could make needed improvements within the mental health field regarding her own policy and procedures.

14 Louisville - May/June 2022

Louisville - May/June 2022


16 Louisville - May/June 2022

“I opened my own agency because I knew the field and was already preparing audits for other organizations. I wanted to be a part of the solution and assist people with finding the quality of mental health care they needed.” Read on as Angela shares her story, “I opened my own agency because I knew the field and was already preparing audits for other organizations. I wanted to be a part of the solution and assist people with finding the quality of mental health care they needed. Because I had worked in the field for so long, I saw where changes could be made to address specific areas in the mental health field, so I started by creating my own manuals that spoke to the policy and procedures that would enhance what the clients’ needs actually were. It took me almost two and a half years to create my own manuals because while I was working on them, the Department of Health and Human Services laws and criteria continued to change, and I had to fit those new policies and procedures into my manuals before they were finally approved. Once I received the approval and acquired my license from the State of Virginia, I opened my first facility in Danville, VA. Within three years, we added two additional offices in Martinsville and Richmond, VA and we’re adding our fourth location in Lynchburg, VA where we will be partnering with The Lighthouse Community Health Services, which is near and dear to my heart because they focus on mental illness for the homeless.”

Louisville - May/June 2022


In addition to the services mentioned Focus Point Mental Health, LLC also has a solid male mentoring program operated by the Chief Operating Officer, Barry Martin, who has been a staunch supporter of the organization. According to Angela, “Mr. Barry Martin has been right there with me. He’s is also one of the mentors. He works with the young boys and teaches them about being young men, making good decisions, and being a positive influence. They discuss life skills and being responsible citizens within their communities. He also works on their self-esteem. I appreciate the fact that he is hands-on. He saw the need and jumped right in to fulfill it. He has strong interpersonal communication skills that make a noticeable difference in the lives of the young men we serve. I couldn’t be successful without people like Barry Martin and our core professional team members having bought into the vision and purpose of the organization. They make the difference in everything we’re able to do here.” With such a well-rounded staff to provide all the needed mental health services, it’s easy to see how and why Focus Point Mental Health has expanded to four locations. “Yes, we’ve expanded very quickly, but I want people to know that this is not a rat race to see how many clients we can get. We’ve expanded because there is an obvious need for mental health care, and we are making a notable difference in the communities we serve. If we don’t offer the service you need, we have become a liaison by partnering with other organizations so people we cannot serve can have a place to go and receive quality care. We don’t just send people anywhere. That organization must provide the same quality care, have the same passion for eradicating mental health illness, and possess the same credentials. That’s very important because we service clients from age five to 99. We also focus on a wholistic approach and “wraparound care”. Normally we can assist the entire family because mental illness affects everyone in the house. We can address all of those needs in one location instead of clients having to go to multiple places and start building that trust with a new counselor or therapist. They already know us, and relationships have already been established, making life much easier for the person receiving the help.”

Angela Williams 434-483-5070

Futuristically, Angela is working on a non-profit organization called Focus Points Vision Inc. This organization’s mission is to acquire property to assist teen moms who are suffering from depression or anxiety because they are having difficulty dealing with the challenges of being a young mother. She shares, “I want to be able to purchase houses for these young ladies to live in with their children and teach them about financial literacy while giving them a safe place to live so they and their children can grow and get the things they need. By the time they complete these programs, they will be able to move out and get their own homes. This is just another way of creating that continuum of care for the teen mom I was also a teen mom and now have two beautiful daughters, and one grand daughter.” What an excellent way to break the cycle of children having children, but it is comforting to know that these teen moms will have a place to go for support. Focus Point Mental Health, LLC accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Private Pay, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and participates with all Employment Assistance Programs (EAP). Angela would like people to know that most employers will cover four to six counseling sessions through their EAP. Please visit their website to learn more about their programs.

18 Louisville - May/June 2022


Louisville - May/June 2022


20 Louisville - May/June 2022

Kwaku Bentil DYHYT LLC By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by DYHYT LLC While Kwaku Bentil proudly professes he is a Ghanaian, with roots in the African West Coast country of Ghana, the 32-year-old loves everyone, regardless of where they are from. He is the owner of DYHYT LLC, a company that produces urban streetwear and loungewear. Their two main goals are to make sure their clients are comfortable in what they wear and be responsible for their own happiness. Kwaku says his merch is designed for any and everyone. He has stuff for infants, toddlers, and adults, including t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks. Kwaku is a native and current resident of the DMV. He attended Frostburg State University, and while there, he received his bachelor’s degree. He later acquired his master’s in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland University College. Kwaku shares that he is a Senior Compliance Specialist by day, and Deejay and CEO of DYHYT LLC at night and on weekends. So how did things begin for DYHYT LLC. Kwaku says he had been saying the phrase “happy yourself” over the course of some years. “The term “happy yourself” is African slang to pretty much say do what makes you happy. I’ve always wanted to get into the merchandise business but I had no idea or real concept. I would be doing research here and there, and then one day in 2019, while I was in Ghana, I decided to take a risk, get some samples made and try my hand. It’s been a great journey ever since.”


22 Louisville - May/June 2022

Being a business owner has its perks, and Kwaku says he enjoys the opportunity he has to express his creativity through his current merch, and is equally excited about what is coming in the future. “This experience has made me a better businessman and taught me how to handle my business thoroughly,” he shares “I am inspired by the success of my peers and others, and I truly love a good success story. I love seeing people run and go after their dreams. That motivates me even more because naturally, I am selfmotivated.” Kwaku says he wouldn’t be where he is in life without the love and support of family and friends. “I know a lot of people, but the ones closest to me have been thorough with me and honest. I trust them and they trust me, and it’s a never-ending building process.” Kwaku has put some great plans in place for the future. One, he would like to own either an NFL or an NBA team. He would also like to build a major state of the art hospital in every major region in Ghana. He also has film and documentary ideas he would like to make happen. His immediate plans are to make DYHYT LLC flourish as much as possible and hopefully partner with a major retail store. Finally, he also plans to get into real estate and build up a good stock portfolio. h

Kwaku Bentil DYHYT LLC


Mother Hustlers Network 24 Louisville - May/June 2022

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Kamisha Petgrave Kamisha Petgrave is a go-getter. The Atlanta, GA resident is a young single mother and graduate of Strayer University. There, she obtained her degree in Criminal Justice before venturing off into the world of entrepreneurship. Kamisha shares that being an entrepreneur has always been a goal for her. Another goal for this single mother was to become financially secure and provide a future for her daughter. “Everything I do is for my daughter and to better myself for her. As a kid growing up, I knew that I didn’t want to work a traditional job. I also didn’t know where to start, and because of that, my entrepreneurial journey didn’t begin until I became a mother in 2015,” she says. During that time, Kamisha was on maternity leave, and she had no income. Soon she discovered an opportunity with a direct sales company and took her last $100 and jumped in. She says that was the beginning of entrepreneurship for her, and IamKamishaP, The Networking Strategist, was born.. “During my journey as an entrepreneur, I discovered another passion; motivating and empowering single mothers like myself to take charge of their financial freedom, and become “a YES MOM”. That is how Mother Hustlers Network was formed, an organization geared towards helping single mothers earn additional income by starting a business in the network marketing industry, while building a personal brand and erasing the need to work a second job,” she says. They also cater to single mothers who are already on their entrepreneurship journey. “As single mothers, we understand that attempting to build a profitable business while you are raising a family can be very challenging. That is why it’s essential to have an adequate support system.”

“During my journey as an entrepreneur, I discovered another passion; motivating and empowering single mothers like myself to take charge of their financial freedom, and become “a YES MOM”

Mother Hustlers Network began with only a thought five years ago. The vision took years to come into play due to many hurdles that Kamisha had to overcome. The Mother Hustlers Network community organization officially started in 2020.

Louisville - May/June 2022


While Kamisha says she finds enjoyment in seeing mom’s faces light up when they become “Yes Moms,” she admits there are some challenges that come with being your own boss. “It has not been a smooth road, especially being a single mother. There were times when I felt like giving up because things weren’t going how I wanted them to go. People who I thought would be happy for me were the same people wishing the worst on me. I also had to drill it into myself that your friends and family will not be the most supportive. I learned to keep my head held high and tell myself that no matter what, I will keep pushing. Even though I didn’t give up, I did take a break to refocus on my why, and I was able to jump back in like I never left,” she shares. Her advice to others who might follow in her footsteps is to have faith in yourself. “It does not have to be perfect to start. Start exactly where you are and grow from there. Business is forever changing, and you will always find a new way or a new system that makes your business better,” she says. h

Kamisha Petgrave

Mother Hustlers Network 26

28 Louisville - May/June 2022

SEMAJE Nobody But You, God

By Dorjea’ McClammey Photos Provided by Semaje Now, reader, you will want to remember this name, Semaje. The 29-year-old breakout singer hails from Detroit, Michigan. As the middle child of three, Semaje’s parents made sure he and his brothers Demarcyon and Noah never missed a day of church. He has carried those values throughout his life, and the only time he did not make it to church was when the Covid 19 pandemic hit. Semaje Collier describes his style as contemporary, pop, urban and funky. “I am bringing a new urban inspirational sound to the music industry,” he says. Growing up in the church helped Semaje develop his talent. First, he started in the church choir and then sang with the praise team. On his own time, he would spend hours listening to and studying the sounds of J.Moss, James Moore, Mary Mary, Usher, Karen Clark, Daryl Coley and Michael Jackson being two of my biggest influences. Daryl Coley’s vocal abilities inspired Semaje, and it’s quite noticeable their voices sound similar. “I was amazed by Coley’s riffs and runs and the amount of conviction and presence he gave when he sang,” he shares. As for Michael Jackson, he was amazed by his ability to take risks and start trends. He shares, “Michael was confident in what he did and kept doing it regardless of what others thought about him. I am moved by Michael’s unadulterated ability to captivate audiences. I am inspired by Michael Jackson vocal ability, his distinctive tone, one of a kind vibrato. The way he layered and stacked his background vocals on his records is completely insane. I see so much of myself in Michael.” His journey as a musician has been nothing short of a blessing. He tried out for the gospel singing contest “Sunday Best,” and although he made it to the judging round, he did not make it all the way. “I got a little discouraged and asked God what He was trying to tell me? I realized it was not in God’s plans for me, but I didn’t allow that experience to discourage me. I kept singing, ministering, and putting out music covers,” he says. Louisville - May/June 2022


Things began to change for the better for Semaje. One day, he was blessed with the opportunity to work with Fred Jerkins, who has also worked with Dark Child to produce hits for artists Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Brandy, and more. Fred featured Semaje as the lead vocalist on his song “Reason of Praise” which, of course, landed at the number four position on the Billboard charts. Semaje described the moment as surreal. “Seeing all the different plaques on the wall for songs such as Lose My Breath, Deja VU, the Boy Is Mine, and Michael Jackson’s Rock My World; I couldn’t believe that I was in the studio working with the same legendary producer that worked with Beyonce and Micheal Jackson and Now I am working with him, this is a dream! I grew up saying I wanted to work with the Dark Child squad,” Semaje shares with excitement. After that experience, things kept rolling for Semaje. One day during the pandemic, the accomplished gospel artist, Deitrick Haddon called and told him to get on the social media platform Clubhouse, and play some of his covers. He played his cover of “All I Do” by Stevie Wonder, and everyone went crazy. Semaje says in no time, his inbox became full of messages from producers and artists wanting to work with him. Soon he was speaking with Tyscot Records, known for their artists such as PJ Morton, John P. Kee, and Anthony Brown. After talking for about two to three months, they offered him a partnership deal. They worked together to put out his cover to Bill Withers Lovely Day, which debuted at the number nine position on the Billboard Charts. He has continued to work with Tyscot Records alongside Anesha Birchett, who has experience with artists Beyonce, Justin Bieber, H.E.R., Mary Mary and more, but now she’s stepping into a new role as Executive Producer of his upcoming debut album. “My sound, my creativity, vocal ability and interpretation of music has changed

“I desire to share with the world that no matter what the circumstances are, nobody is exempt from living a good life. We all have gotten it wrong but we serve a God who can make us right.” since working with the gamechanger Anesha, I can’t imagine doing this without her,” says Semaje. Semaje has finally found his distinctive lane and sound with iconic producer Shajuan Andrews from Brooklyn, New York. “He’s the fresh new sound that was missing in music, he’ll be listed as one of the greatest of all times,” says Semaje. The three of them are working together to produce Semaje’s debut album, including his latest single, You written by Jamel Smith which debuted April 22nd and landed in Top 20 Billboard Charts.. Semaje loves being able to change the world through his music. “I desire to tell people that no matter what they have done in life, no matter how many mistakes they have made, we serve a God who makes us right,” he says. “Nobody is exempt from living a good life through God.” Now we know about his musical inspirations, but Semaje says his family is his biggest inspiration. “My father, mother and big brother demarcyon and grandmothers have played a huge part in making me the person I am today, mainly by setting such highexamples to live up to,” he says. Semaje is currently attending Oakland University in Rochester Hills, earning his bachelor’s degree in human resources in public relations. He has recently welcomed his nephew, Denver James, into the world. “ The greatest thing that’s happen in 2022 is my nephew, says Semaje” You can expect a lot from Semaje in the near future. This will include albums, tours, and radio appearances. He is also working on receiving more endorsements, including being featured in commercials, “I want to bring more faith to television and tell the world about Jesus,” he says. His advice to others who may have a passion or a dream such as his is clear and concise. “Never adjust your life to what makes sense to another individual as long as you continue to follow the voice of God. Doing that way, you can’t go wrong.” To learn more about Semaje, check out his Instagram @isemaje and on Facebook and Twitter at Semaje Collier. You can also find his music on all platforms. h

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Whitney Morgan M-Powerment Solutions LLC

By Terry L. Watson Photos Provided by Whitney Morgan He is young, black, and making moves in the Kansas City, MO, business district. He is the owner and founder of M-Powerment Solutions LLC, an experienced financial literacy company that focuses on credit restoration and helping individuals become debt-free. They also help businesses establish business credit and funding options. Their award-winning services have assisted in removing all types of derogatory items such as bankruptcies and medical bills from their client’s credit files. To be clear, M-Powement Solutions LLC gets the job done. At just 34 years old, Whitney Morgan has seen a lot. While he presently resides in Kansas City, he has also lived in Atlanta, GA, Port Townsend, WA, and his native home of Minneapolis, MN. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a masters degree in Urban Planning from the University of Kansas. His background involves Transportation Planning, City Development, and Small Business Advocacy, and he’s held many leadership positions and volunteered just as well. His volunteering efforts include Kappa Alpha Psi, Freedom Schools, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials, Finance and College Ministry Leader with Faith City Christian Center, and Black Student Union. What separates M-Powement Solutions LLC from other companies that provide similar services? Whitney says it’s their commitment to providing quality service at a very affordable cost. “We also have various products to help our clients build positive credit in their name, such as our secure credit card with cashback rewards. We also have the Credit My Rent program that adds all positive rent payments to their credit report, and we partner with various credit builder companies like Self, Credit Strong, Grow Credit, and more. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent solutions to address their financial struggles,” he says. Louisville - May/June 2022


Some of the additional tools offered by Whitney and his team are Credit Restoration Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney, and Budgeting/Debt Payoff Education. There is also a Smart Credit Monitoring App that allows users to view all three credit scores, and Merchant Services that offer payment processing systems for businesses. Additionally, they offer a Youth Financial Literacy Scholarship and Educational Program, Rocket Lawyer Services, Student Loan Assistance, Mobile Telehealth Services, and Business Credit Business Funding.

“Experience is the best teacher. Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is. If knowledge by itself were power, most librarians would be millionaires.”

The decision to launch M-Powement Solutions LLC happened in June 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, Whitney shares. “My wife and I struggled with bad credit caused by debt consolidation. That debt was built because my wife was laid off multiple times, and I was repeatedly passed up for promotions I qualified for. This caused a lot of stress in our marriage and ironically served as a learning experience. We decided to educate other families about the importance of having good credit and the opportunities that come with it.” Whitney says what he loves most about his business is being able to help people buy brand new houses and new cars, find funding for their business, and increase their financial literacy. “We are breaking generational curses,” he says. Waking up every day knowing that he has a gift that can help a lot of people and then putting his gift into action is what pushes him. He also credits his father and grandfather for being great examples of what a man should be. “I was raised by a single father. He has instilled loving and caring principles in me and showed me how to work hard and provide for my family. He told me ever since I could remember that I could be anything I wanted to be and often called me Mr. President as a child. My grandfather taught me how to fish. He also showed me what a consummate professional and respectable Christian man looks like. He has been married to my grandmother for over 50 years. He has held multiple civic positions and joined a fraternity. My grandfather is an architect and has designed buildings all across the country. He’s been retired for over 20 years and wakes up every day and does what he wants,” Whitney says. Whitney offers the following advice for those who may follow in his footsteps. “Experience is the best teacher. Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is. If knowledge by itself were power, most librarians would be millionaires.”

Whitney Morgan M-Powerment Solutions LLC (816) 348-3223


As life continues to happen for Whitney, he plans to use his products and services to help people across the country. There are also plans to expand. To learn more about Whitney Morgan and M-Powerment Solutions LLC, please contact them directly or visit their website. h

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Cutest Baby


Marrel Gravely Foushee The son of Sunny Gravely Foushee and Marrel Foushee Louisville - May/June 2022

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