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Health Mason, which works to streamline health-care administration, billing and payments. Employees: 8 Novin speaks: “Our success is based on simple fundamentals, offering our clients a technology service that improves efficiency and quality. … We … want to remove all risk from our clients’ decision making.”


9009 Carothers Parkway (Franklin) Website: CEO: Herb Fritch Background: Fritch has more than 38 years of experienced in managed health care. HealthSpring started operations in the fall of 2000 and became publicly traded on the New York Stock Herb Fritch Exchange in 2006. Employees: 3,250 Fritch speaks: “We have a unique understanding of the needs and challenges facing both Medicare beneficiaries and physicians, and thus have developed a collaborative and innovative model that provides more access to preventive care for members while supplying physicians with what they need to deliver that care more cost effectively.”


P.O. Box 40347 (Nashville) Website: CEO: Michael BrodyWhite Background: After working seven years in various roles with a Fortune 30 company, Brody-White said he gained the experience to Michael start InQuickER as an Brody-White “innovative, cloud-based software vendor with the aim of streamlining consumer access to health-care services nationwide. Employees: 14 Brody-White speaks: “Nashville is teeming with eager and capable health-care entrepreneurs, who dream big and take action, and we are inspired by the drive to succeed and hunger for innovation we find in others.”


5200 Maryland Way (Brentwood) Website: CEO: Samuel “Bo” Bartholomew Background: McWhorter, a well-known venture capitalist, and Bartholomew, an HCA veteran who also has played key roles in a telemedicine physician-access startup, are the top executives behind

PharmMD. The company has experienced a swift national expansion and yearover-year exponential growth in the past five years. Feeding off health-care reform and other related trends, PharmMD aims to improve the administraSamuel “Bo" tion of medicines to Bartholomew patients. Employees: 29 Bartholomew speaks: “PharmMD is an industry leader when it comes to innovation around medication therapy management. PharmMD saves lives.”


617 Eighth St. (Nashville) Website: CEO: Mary Bufwack Background: Bufwack has served as CEO for 23 years at United Neighborhood Health Services Inc. It is a private, nonprofit network of neighborhood Mary Bufwack health centers that provides primary medical care to low-income residents of Nashville. Employees: 125 Bufwack speaks: “Rather than expecting the patient to come to us, we have gone to the patient with clinics in schools and public housing. Primary care clinics such as those run by United Neighborhood Health Services are a model of low-cost, high-quality care that is central to reducing the total cost of health care in the future.”

Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs When starting a new venture, the challenges will be many, but with the right guidance and support, the rewards can be great. We too are entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of experience working with startups and venture-backed companies, so we’re not new to new businesses. Because we have been there, we know the challenges you will face. As such, we have built our firm around providing the tools and services to help you. LBMC’s specialized accounting, payroll and technology support allow young companies to start strong, run with integrity and build momentum for the future.


5409 Maryland Way, Suite 202 (Brentwood) Website: CEO: W. Mark Dixon Background: Since a corporate name change nine years ago that created USr Healthcare, the firm has focused on health-care staffing. Through a pilot program with HCA that started in 2002, USr has expanded its recruiting model to 23 states while Mark Dixon working with partner hospitals to place more than 37,000 new employees since 2004. Employees: 73 Dixon speaks: “Business leaders in the community — especially in the healthcare market — are open to new concepts moreso than in other communities around the country.”

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