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9009 Carothers Pkwy. (Franklin) Website: CEO: Herb Fritch


4322 Harding Pike, Suite 417 (Nashville) Website: CEO: Dr. Mark Harris Background: Harris has eight years of biochemistry and molecular biology research experience and a Ph.D in cancer biology from Vanderbilt. He also has an MBA. NextGxDx is a onestop, Web-based marketplace that helps physicians find and order genetic Mark Harris

tests. Services also include online test ordering and test comparison. Employees: 1 Harris speaks: “I feel we have identified a critical need within the neurology community. Physicians tell me that if we can build what I have outlined that it will revolutionize the practice of neurology. ”


(Full description, Page 5) 5200 Maryland Way (Brentwood) Website: CEO: Samuel “Bo” Bartholomew

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ENTREPRENEUR OF YEAR MAGDALENE INC. DBA THISTLE FARMS (Full description, Page 6) 5122 Charlotte Ave. (Nashville) Website: CEO: Becca Stevens


Medication Related Health Problems

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Inappropriate use of medications continues to cost employers billions of dollars each year in lost production and revenue. As new models of health care are being implemented, quality is a focus to control costs and improve efficiency. As the nation’s premier leader in Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Services, PharmMD provides customizable solutions and real cost savings for employers and employees. Our patient centered approach follows a streamlined technology that creates a 360-degree patient health record and works hand-in-hand with employers to ensure their employees are taking the right medications and at the right time as prescribed by their physician. Learn more at

Nashville Mobile Market 1211 Stevenson Center Lane (Nashville) Website: CEO: Ravi Patel Background: Patel, now a third-year medical student at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, conceived of Mobile Market as a novel solution to the issue of food access in urban Nashville. It uses a grocery store model to boost Ravi Patel access to healthy foods that are affordable and fresh to people living in “food deserts.” Employees: 1 Patel speaks: “Mobile Market relies on its loyal customers, not only to provide weekly sales but also to spread the word and expand our presence in the South and East Nashville communities.” YouthMerch (Full description and photo, Page 6) 121 Seaboard Lane, Suite 11 (Franklin) Website: CEO: Austin Casselman

SUSTAINABILITY ENTREPRENEUR OF YEAR (N)HABIT (Full description, Page 6) 427 Chestnut St. (Nashville) Website: CEO: Rachel Martin


(Full description, Page 6) P.O. Box 60945 (Nashville) Website: CEO: Bobby Bandy


(Full description and photo, Page 6) 3026 Owen Drive, Suite 107 (Antioch) Website: CEO: Steve Johnson





(Full description and photo, Page 8) 624 Grassmere Park Drive (Nashville) Website: CEO: Saurabh Sinha Parental Health LLC 256 Seaboard Lane (Franklin) Website: CEO: Scott Hudsmith Background: The startup company strives to connect seniors and the disabled with medical caregivers and family caregivers, with the aim of reducing health-care costs for customers. Employees: 4 Hudsmith speaks: “We have signifiScott Hudsmith cantly improved quality of life while reducing health-care costs. Parental Health has a timely and affordable way to empower seniors to regain the place of their choice … and providing families peace of mind.”


200 Second Ave. S. (Nashville) Website: CEO: David Klements Background: Klements joined Qualifacts (a behavioral health IT company) in 2006. He is chair-elect of the Executive Committee of the Nashville Technology Council, a JumpStart Foundry program mentor and a Junior Achievement board member. Employees: 68 Klements speaks: “Behavioral healthDavid care providers serve the most underKlements served populations with the most limited resources. Through affordable technology we bring efficiency and data based decision making to the table.”


310 25th Ave. N. (Nashville) Website: CEO: Eddie Hamilton Background: Centennial is a large, multisite, multispecialty pediatric practice. Dr. Hamilton, a native of Paducah, Ky., is dedicated to care for children regardless of their ability to pay or carry insurance. Employees: 225 Hamilton speaks: “Centennial PediatEddie Hamilton rics is willing to take chances and turn challenges into opportunities. We employ a very diverse group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds.”


1865 Air Lane Drive, Suite 2 (Nashville) Website: CEO: Sharon W. Reynolds Background: Company was launched with the concept of delivering more environmentally friendly janitorial cleaning supplies. It also strives to educate clients and suppliers about sustainable “green” cleaning products