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The hunt is on for the world’s best timepieces, art exhibitions, homes, cars and adventures


what's the time, mister?

NOT O N LY MINE BUT A PART OF ME www.francvila.com

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A tiny part that changes everything: NOMOS Glashütte spent seven years researching and developing an in-house escapement. Now Metro featuring the NOMOS swing system is here—and a worldwide first. With selected retailers: Cambridge: Catherine Jones Jewellery; Cardiff: Fraser Hart, Watches of Switzerland; Chichester: Perfect Timing; Derbyshire: CW Sellors; Edinburgh: Hamilton & Inches; Glasgow: Fraser Hart, Orro; Kent: Fraser Hart; Leicester: Stewart’s Watches; London: Fraser Hart, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland; Manchester: Watches of Switzerland; Ruislip: CS Bedford. Find out more at nomos-glashuette.com, or order online at nomos-store.com. Visit us at Baselworld in hall 1.1, stand E79.



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From the Editor... Time is a funny thing if you think about it – which we do here at Tempus, often….

this issue's timeline

About Time: Four fabulous days at Baselworld. Wasting Time: Enjoying dinner at Japanese eaterie Kouzu. When time stood still: Private jet to Ibiza and a night on the town. Time on Our hands: Investigating this season’s timepieces. Thinking time: Meeting the men and women behind the UK’s political scene. Party time: Choosing our birthday cake. High Time: Thanks to Roger Dubuis for the fabulous timepieces. @tempusmagazine

Most of us complain that time passes too fast, that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do what we have to do, yet when we’re enjoying ourselves time flies all too quickly. We also bemoan the effect that time has on our face, hair and body – or that time has turned our sweet young offspring into teenagers. There’s even a demographic term used for the typical Tempus reader – we’re ‘cash-rich, time-poor’. I realised that most of us have an unhappy partnership with Old Father Time as I rushed from one appointment to the next at the Baselworld Watch Fair, declaring ‘I’m late, I’m late’ like the demented March Hare in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. But our relationship with time is dysfunctional: we don’t like it, yet surround ourselves with objects which remind us that life is passing. I own three watches and want more. My laptop displays the time in 72-point when not in use, while I-Cal sends me at least 10 alarms a day. At home, most rooms feature a clock, the oven handily reminds me to take the chicken out on time and even my toothbrush buzzes to tell me when two minutes are up. You’d think I could leave this behind and go for a walk. Impossible. I live in Greenwich and the Meridian Line practically runs past my front door. So I have resolved (and because the clocks have just gone forward it’s a good time to make resolutions), to embrace the passage of time. I’m going to celebrate horology in all it’s forms as the feat of science, craftsmanship and human intelligence it is. My timepieces will be treated with reverence, as the works of art they truly are. I also mention time because Tempus is celebrating a milestone. This issue we celebrate our third birthday, and to mark the occasion we’ve treated ourselves to a makeover. I won’t tell you how here, but hope you’ll discover for yourselves in the pages that follow. And, of course, to go through the issue feature by feature would waste valuable time. And we can’t have that.

Dawn Alford Editor

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Dawn Alford


(Plus, we ask them what their advice would be to the next Prime Minister) Martin Roberts

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Martin Roberts

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Tracey Shaverien Travel Editor

Mark Southern

"I'd suggest to the next PM that they should try and remember what was important to them when they were young."

is our new Property Editor. Perhaps best known for his TV work on the BBC show Homes Under the Hammer, Martin also gives property industry seminars and is an author. He kicks off our new-look property section on p112.

Mark Southern

Wine & Drinks Editor

is an international travel writer specialising in the luxury travel and adventure market. He visited Zambia and Berlin for Tempus.

Peter Dean

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Peter Jenkinson

Editor At Large

Matt Walker

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Jay Boisvert

jay@curvecontent.com Business Development Manager

Ashley Collin


"My advice would be to be bold, honest and kind. And get a puppy. Everyone loves a Downing Street pet."

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Jack Marsden is

Ray Fieldhouse

a TV and film actor who now specialises in writing and testing luxury and sports cars. His real passion is GT racing.

ray@curvecontent.com Finance Officer

Sue Jones


020 3617 4697



"I'd tell the next PM that he should try and get out for a long drive alone on a beautiful road. It's good therapy and great for thinking."

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24 Basel With Love

Alex Doak reviews the best timepieces showcased at Basel 40 Talking Poli-ticks

As the clock counts down to the General Election, we look at what politicians wear on their wrists – and what it means 47 Outrageous Fortune

Tempus Editor at Large Tim Walker on the man he trusts the most – his barber 49 Viewing Pleasure

Technology writer Peter Jenkinson on the best of home cinema – pass the pick ‘n’ mix 54 Sunny side up

The best new shades of the season to keep you looking cool


58 Smoothly does it

Great potions to keep the years at bay – because men are worth it too 61 Pretty pennies

Beauty products that may cost more than a her handbag – but do the trick 77 Cars

Our new motoring column features the Rolls-Royce Wraith and the Lamborghini Huracan 87 Indulge

The very best in food and drink, whether you’re in town or off to the countryside for the weekend 99 Travel

A whistle-stop tour of Germany’s under-appreciated capital, party island Ibiza and stunning Zambia 113 Property

90 - 17 -

Tower Bridge, London, country manors or your own Greek island – read Martin Roberts’ guide to the best properties for sale around the world





C E L E B R AT I N G E L E G A N C E S I N C E 1 8 3 0




Hey, big spenders The UK has topped the list of worldwide high rollers, according to a new wealth index published this month. More than £8bn worth of goods are now sold by luxury brands each year in the UK, according to the report by Knight Frank, which documents the patterns of high-net-worth individuals. It also highlights emerging markets and predicts that the cities of Belgrade, Panama City, Addis Ababa and Yangon will become global financial capitals and havens for the super-rich.

Drone alone

A new course offering a Civil Aviation Authority qualification for commercial drone use has been launched by the UKbased firm CAT Aviation, flyinggadgets. com and Joshua Farleigh, a qualified 747 pilot. The tightening of regulations surrounding the use of drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles – for commercial purposes and use in public places means anyone flying drones for commercial use is required to have a license from the CAA. Luckily, the gadgets you can fly for fun in the park have no such requirements.

While many of the world’s multimillionaires and billionaires live in London, Tokyo and New York, many have begun migrating to more unusual emerging cities, with their untapped opportunities to make even more money, the report claims. Worldwide, the total number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) – those with $30m in assets or more – rose by almost 5,200 or more, with their population set to grow by 34% over the next 10 years. London, the report says, will continue to hold the top spot for the next 10 years, although Singapore will be catching up with a 54% growth in its population of the super-rich during the same period.

Great train clobber Memorabilia from the Great Train Robbery, including a wristwatch and signet ring worn by the late Ronnie Biggs during the famous heist, have sold at auction for more than £20,000. An original £1 note stolen in the raid made £750, while Biggs’s Timex watch sold for £900. Biggs, who died aged 84 year in 2013, was part of the 15-man gang that escaped with cash – worth around £40m today – from the Glasgow to London Royal Mail train on August 8, 1963. Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert said: “This proves the enduring appeal of this most audacious robbery and we are delighted with the results. “The entire collection was sold to various buyers in the UK, America and Japan. “Many of these items have been personally authenticated by Ronnie Biggs and Bruce Reynolds and represent a little bit of contemporary British history.”

- 19 -

- watc h li st -

Saddle up the horses

They may not appear on the most-wanted list of modes of transport but an auction of carriages at Bonhams has broken all records. The ex-Royal British Mews Landau, commissioned and used by King William IV, was the star lot, with the winning bid

of £247,900 coming from a North-East Asian buyer who was bidding online. Bidders from across the world took part, vying enthusiastically to take home part of the vast single-owner collection of Victorian carriages, coaches and related memorabilia. “Many items soared far above estimate to achieve over £1.1m for the sale,”said Rob Hubbard, Bonhams’ motoring specialist and auctioneer. It’s just the thing to arrive at Royal Ascot in style. Just make sure you leave a little earlier than usual.

Aladdin vain

World’s leading timepieces

Starman David Bowie has bought an entire collection of masks by British artist Mark Warde that depict his own face. He is said to have learnt about the collection from a team he employs to monitor the art world for pieces inspired by his life. The masks were made from an original cast of Bowie’s face that was made to promote his 70’s film The Man who Fell to Earth. After lying dormant for several decades, the cast was rediscovered by London-based artist Wardel, who began making replicas of Bowie’s face for fans, decorating them with designs that include the classic lightning bolt look used on the cover of his 1973 album Aladdin Sane. Wardel was recently contacted by Bowie’s agents, who said he wanted to buy a set of six masks The artist says: “I had a call before Christmas from Bowie’s agent saying the man himself was interested in my masks. “I wondered how he knew I had them but I was told Bowie employs people to keep a look-out for artists making images or artworks of him.” “I spent days making two of them, sent them off to New York and got a message back saying Bowie loved them and thought they were gorgeous. He now wants to buy the whole set. “Because of Bowie’s interest I have now had to take them off the market. I’m making more to send to him and will have a re-launch of them with an exhibition.”

Spotted on the wrists of countless world leaders, the Rolex Day-Date is instantly recognisable as ‘The Presidents’ watch’ At Baselworld, Rolex wowed buyers (and journalists) with it’s four evolved Day Date 40 editions. Each is available in a variety of materials and the new dials feature laser-etched motifs applied to a traditional sunray finish to create diagonal, stripe and quadrant motifs. There are also new dial colours in ice blue, sundust, champagne and silver.

Times change at Hermès Laurent Dordet has been appointed CEO of La Montre Hermès, the watch division of the Paris-based fashion house. Dordet, 46, was previously the CEO of Hermès Maroquinerie Sellerie, its leather goods division. He has been with Hermès since 1995 and has also served as CEO of Hermès Cuirs Précieux, the precious leathers division. He replaces Luc Perramond, who had held the post since 2009.

- 20 -

porsche design Timepieces


Timepiece No. 1 | www.porsche-design.com/timepieces


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with love

A postcard from Alex Doak, sent from March’s annual watch and jewellery extravaganza

The veil of our champagne hangover has lifted and the blisters on our feet are finally healing, which must mean it’s time to reconcile what we and around 130,000 other visitors actually witnessed at Baselworld 2015. Baselworld is not your typical trade fair. Instead of lean-to stands dishing out branded Biros, think an epic complex of exhibition halls housing the great and the good of the watch and jewellery world; a veritable city of multi-storey ‘pavilions’ lining pedestrianised streets thronging with fashionista glitterati, oligarchs with their leggy companions, sharp-suited CEO and, yes, lowly journalists such as yours truly. Ahead of the event I wrote a preview for Tempus revelling in the fact that we are reaching ‘peak trend’; so spoiled for choice are we that it is difficult to find anything that isn’t for anyone, or any time. I was – and now am – convinced that despite the encroaching influence of the fashion world on the watchmaking industry, the

horological landscape has never been so immune to fads and (excuse the pun) movements. Yes, like last year, there were a lot of colour pops, as well as NATO nylon straps and the righteous march of mechanical women’s watches. But the rebirth of the ‘proper watch’ scene is now so complete that the timepieces glinting through the windows of the UK’s luxury shop fronts later this year will comprise the most comprehensive spectrum of choice we’ve ever seen. The hot topic on everyone’s lips was, of course, the advent of the super-slick Apple Watch, and the establishment of the smartwatch as very much ‘a thing’. So hats off to Switzerland for hopping onto the bandwagon early rather than burying its head in the sand, as it did in the Seventies with the arrival of quartz technology, to its heinous detriment. As so many Swiss CEOs admitted, “we’ve had it good for so long,” so anything less would appear churlish.

- 24 -

The industry’s bumptious but canny spokesman, LVMH watch chief Jean-Claude Biver, conceded in an interview with CNN in March that it wasn’t necessarily through choice that his brand, TAG Heuer (nor anyone else’s brand for that matter), particularly wanted to do a smartwatch, but that “you could stay on the platform and watch the train leave, or get on board and see where that train takes you”. Judging by Basel’s ‘smartSwiss’ launches (our term), they might seem incongruous now, but could prove to be a lifeline for the lower end of the premium watch market. All of which adds up to the best sort of trend you could hope for: a smorgasbord of enduring, exciting and ultimately covetable wristwatches that represent their respective brands at their best and most relevant; all contributing to this year’s buoyant mood and putting a spring in the step of even the most hungover of journalists. Well, those without blisters at any rate.

- bas el r ev i ew -

Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

Two years on and Oris’s cleverclever dive-depth instrument remains a firm favourite of Baselworld 2013, and now it’s even more desirable thanks to a bang-on-trend sporty facelift, comprising a new yellow strap in contrasting combination with a matte-black diamond-like coated case. It’s not all style over substance though; the new armband features a safety anchor that prevents the strap from breaking loose even after a heavy impact; plus a sliding sledge clasp that enables the wearer to adjust the size of the strap without undoing the clasp – handy for when you need to wear the watch over a wetsuit. All for just CHF3,250, too.

Bremont Jaguar MkII

When Jaguar decided to make the last six of an 18-strong line of lightweight E-Types (discontinued at chassis no.12 in the Sixties), it fell to on-off watch partner Bremont to come up with the accompanying timepiece – something so perfectly nostalgic, with its rev-counter-inspired dial and tyre-tread crown, that it couldn’t possibly be confined to just six examples. Breathe easy, then, for the MKI and this MKII chronograph version go into its ‘core collection’ this year.

- 25 -

Chopard L.U.C Regulator

The object of a watchmaking atelier or observatory’s freestanding ‘regulator’ clock was to completely separate the hour and seconds hands, so the latter wasn’t obscured for hours per day. Pure readability, in other words. So, has Chopard’s elite L.U.C haute horlogerie atelier achieved this with its new regulator for the wrist? In a word, yes. Furthermore, it features a power reserve at 12 o’clock and a GMT indication at 9 o’clock, all without spoiling that all-important legibility.

- -bas swel i ssr ev t eci ew h --

Manjaz Automatic Open Dial

A new addition to the Jura’s thriving independent scene, Manjaz draws on the local expertise of Swiss watchmaking’s cottage industry to offer a range of traditionally styled men’s and ladies’ watches at fantastic value for money. Here, the beating heart of the mechanical movement is showcased through a dial window, its balance assembly suspended by a crisply hand-finished bridge sweeping from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock.

Nomos Glashutte Metro 38 Datum

Not content with establishing its own self-sufficient factory – to the point of spending seven years and €13 million developing its own ‘swing system’ escapement – Nomos’s crisp, clean Bauhaus designs are winning awards left, right and centre. Especially Mark Braun’s colourful Metro, whose pared-down Datum version being launched this year is bound to win more hearts.

Christophe Claret Aventicum

Since stepping out from the shadows as everyone’s favourite ‘white label’ complications maestro, Claret’s cuttingedge manufacture has gone wild with whimsy, from wrist-born poker tables to pinball machines. This year’s fireworks are more subdued, however, paying tribute to the ancient capital of Roman Helvetia with a solid-gold bust of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Less than 3mm high, this likeness is magnified using an astonishing optical system known as the mirascope: two parabolics positioned one above the other.

Burberry Britain Icon Check

The iconic ‘check’ motif lining the Burberry trench coat finds a new gold and diamond interpretation this year, in watch form – designed by Christopher Bailey himself. A model made exclusively to order, The Britain Icon Check for Women reproduces the Twenties motif in a precious woven pattern, hand-set on a mother-of-pearl dial. And it’s not just a pretty face – entirely hand-crafted in Switzerland, a precision automatic movement ticks away inside, meaning this fashionista piece has brains as well as beauty.

- 26 -

Kerbedanz 3 Horses

- bas el r ev i ew -

Clearly positioning itself as a rightful competitor to Bovet’s decorative haute horologerie – right down to the pocket-watch-style lugs – Tigran Kerbedanz’s new brand, based out of Neuchâtel, gallops onwards this Basel with a beautifully realised open-worked tourbillon, celebrating mankind’s relationship with the horse. According to psychologist Carl Jung, horses symbolise the natural forces controlled by human beings, making this a visceral purchase for any self-respecting captain of industry.

the swiss smarten up At first glance, neither of Frédérique Constant, Alpina or Mondaine’s new smartwatches bear any resemblance to the blinking LED screens of their tech-sector smartwatch competitors. But the clue lies in the subdial at six o’clock. This isn’t a small-seconds or an annual calendar, but an analogue representation of the smart technology fizzing away inside each of these unique timepieces.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Lady

If ever you wanted a representation of how vibrant the ladies’ mechanical watch market has become, look no further than this beautiful but sophisticated bit of kit. Although the press release speaks patronisingly of ‘paying tribute to femininity’, its taupe and chocolate colour scheme couldn’t feel more distinguished, in combination with G-P’s art deco case design. The autowinding engine inside has been shrunk to fit the smaller case (rather than plumping for a quartz movement, thank goodness) and even boasts ceramic bearings on the winding rotor.

- 27 -

All three are powered by an identical platform, focused on monitoring activity and sleep, which has been developed through collaboration between Peter Stas, CEO and founder of Frédérique Constant (Alpina’s parent company) and Philippe Kahn, founder of Silicon Valley’s Fullpower Technologies – the man who, back in 1997, first managed to instantly upload a camera phone picture to a public network. Critically, their new company, Manufacture Movements Technologies is Swiss-based, operating out of Geneva’s Plan-les-Ouates industrial suburb. And even more critically, the battery life is two years, compared to Apple Watch’s 18 hours.

- bas el r ev i ew -

Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time ref. 5524

Do not adjust your sets – this really is an oversized vintage-styled pilot’s watch… from Patek. It’s a bold and divisive move from a brand hardly known for its conquest of the skies, despite a couple of shelved developments buried in its Geneva museum. Even more confusingly, its dark navy-blue lacquer dial is said to resemble ‘the body paint of American fighter planes in the 1930s’. Whatever you might think of a white-gold pilot’s watch from a dress-watchmaker, it’s bound to be in hot demand (this is Patek Philippe, after all) and at least its two-time zone function is handy for globetrotting pilots.

Tudor North Flag

As we all know, Tudor is Rolex’s little brother, offering fantastic value for money by combining the classic Oyster case construction with standard ‘Swiss’ (ie, ETA) movements from the Swatch Group. Well, this year sees a step up, with the engineers of Tudor tapping into the formidable in-house expertise of its parent and producing their first-ever ‘manufacture’ movement, the MT5621. Handily, it has a 70-hour power reserve (take it off Friday evening, still ticking Monday morning) and the first incarnation is just as hardy, being designed to weather the harshest sub-zero conditions.

Sarpaneva Korona K0 Northern Lights

Stepan Sarpaneva is a gnomic, lone wolf of a watchmaker, producing tiny numbers of watches from his workshop in Helsinki, all inspired by the melancholy of the Finnish winter and featuring his half-smirking, half-scowling moonphase. It’s good to see him collaborating, then, with fellow Scandinavian James Thompson, of Black Badger Advanced Composites, on a series of ultra-luminescent dials inspired by the aurora borealis. Cyber-goth watchmaking: you heard it here first.

- 28 -









A true legend of the skies Paying tribute to the iconic World War 1 aircraft, known as the ‘King of the Air Fighters’, the Sopwith Camel is the inspiration for Valour’s first offering – the Sopwith Aviator®, a limited edition model of only 200 individually numbered timepieces.

Different by design Introducing the Sopwith Aviator® desk stand, a truly elegant way to enjoy the timepiece in addition to wearing it on the wrist.

Freephone (UK): 0800 133 7216

Tel: +44 (0)20 3637 0079


Trident_ redefined. C60 TRIDENT PRO 600 – Swiss made dive watch with automatic mechanical movement, zirconia ceramic bezel and water resistance to 60 bar/600m. Available in 38mm and 42mm case sizes, five dial/bezel combinations and four strap styles.



London’s most exclusive jet-set lifestyle event

8TH - 9TH MAY 2015


Featuring over 100 luxury lifestyle brands Champagne reception . Fine cuisine . Supercar test drives




Perfect for world cruising, this elegant yacht – the Twizzle – is new on the market. Boasting naval architecture by Dubois, and exterior and interior by Redman Whiteley Dixon, she has five cabins and 11 dedicated crew. Twizzle has won a range of awards since her launch, including Best Custom Yacht, and is on the market with an asking price of €48.75m. www.y.co

- 33 -

- lu x li st -

Baby Celebrate the patter of Royal baby feet with gifts for mums and their babies

By Emma Oliver

Silver rattle – Asprey

This exquisite rabbit rattle in sterling silver is stunning – for all future musicians of the Royal Court. asprey.com

Roses Only

Every new mum loves flowers – these also make the perfect gift to say thank you to the midwife. rosesonly.com

- 34 -

- lu x li st -

Mahogany rocking horse

Great for children, the nursery and even grown-ups. hicksandhicks.com

Storksak Catherine baby bag

Aptly named Catherine baby bag from Storksak in soft leather. storksak.com

Sterling silver Tiffany Elsa Peretti Heart baby brush Collectable and usable – and can be engraved too. tiffany.co.uk

Purple Dragon play-centre

What newborn doesn’t need private club membership? This one is in Chelsea and serves the best in drinks and babyfood. purpledragonplay.com

- 35 -

- lu x li st -

The Royal Mint silver 2015 penny

Good nights

Rabbit chair

Elephant cot

A traditionally British gift is thought to bestow good fortune. This features a portrait of the new Royal baby’s grandma. royalmint.com

A Royal nursery wouldn’t be complete without a throne. bluealmonds.co.uk

Give the best gift of all to a new mother – the gift of a decent night’s sleep. edenprivatestaff.com

Bespoke cots perfect with your little one’s favourite wild animal. bluealmonds.co.uk

- 36 -

- lu x li st -

Nappy pins

Hidden treasures

Luxuriously soft baby blankets

Little Butterfly London

Fasten these personalised nappy pins around your neck for a unique touch of glamorous motherhood.

Artist Javier Atela will turn your child’s drawing into a painting, and an original work of art for you to cherish. javieratela.com

Light and soft, this comforting cashmere and Merino baby blanket will be a welcome touch. scarletandargent.co.uk

This is the first luxury British brand of organic-certified skincare for babies. littlebutterflyorganic.com

- 37 -

Unveiled at Baselworld, Montegrappa has teamed up with Bugatti to create a range of pens and cuff-links that celebrate the famous car manufacturer. montegrappa.com

Extremely rare, this RW Smith Series 2 has come onto the market, listed at £115,000. watchxchange.london Party on the world’s most exclusive private island, Mustique. Once the preserve of the villa owners, the island has, for the first time, allowed nonislanders to host up to two parties per year. dreamsmithevents.com Make travelling easier – and more stylish – with this great carry-on from Tumi’s new Celebration collection. A range of sizes and styles are available, and the collection as a whole is the ultimate in luxury luggage. tumi.com

The Lamborghini Miura is celebrated in this fourth sculpture by Dante. Produced in silver and finished in 24ct gold. dantedesign.ch

Valour’s Sopwith Aviator watch and desk stand is a truly outstanding design, and will enhance any desk environment. valourwatchcompany.com

- 38 -


poli-ticks As the UK gears up for the General Election and Cameron, Clegg, Miliband (oh, and Farage) go head-to-head, Tempus joins the political battle-buses to investigate the timepieces worn by political leaders – and analyse what their choices mean

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com


oliticians have enjoyed a long, if at times capricious, relationship with their timepieces. A watch’s significance can vary according to country borders, society, fashion and the state of the economy A watch worn with a boring business suit can offer the only real glimpse of the man or woman behind the PR and can assume a ‘political personality’. But should we judge a politician by their appearance and what they wear on their wrist? It seems most of us do. David Cameron doesn’t take any risks, saying he has never worn a watch. He admits: “I think looking good is important, of course. I’m probably no different to 99% of the population in that respect. “But as a politician, and as someone who represents the electorate, there’s a line you can’t cross. Carrying around some huge wristwatch doesn’t really fit with how most people would spend their income, so it’s not something I would do.” Style expert Nick Foulkes says: “It used to be the case that dressing well showed respect for the electorate. Now, politicians dress neatly to show respect, but also unostentatiously to show that they’re profound enough not to care about clothes or accessories too deeply. “That’s why Cameron doesn’t wear a watch – he knows the British voting public will judge

him on it and he’s happy to admit it that that’s the reason.” Laura Dunn, founder of fashion and politics blog Political Style, says: “Many politicians are mindful of what watches and accessories they choose to wear. Their image is carefully constructed as part of their political identity. “You rarely see female MPs of either party carrying a designer handbag or a male MP with an expensive designer watch. “I’ve seen powerful politicians wear inexpensive wristwatches – in fact, it’s almost always the richest individuals who wear the cheapest watches – in order to appear ordinary.” Dunn predicts the current trend for analysing both style and substance is set to continue. “I think we remain in an era where, sadly, the appearance of a politician is more important than what they say.” Former Conservative MP Edwina Currie says watches were more of a political status symbol in the 1980s. “You’d occasionally get an MP who’d flash an expensive watch. Usually, it was their way of demonstrating they had done well out of a commercial deal, or that they were one of those who had lots of ‘friends’ outside Parliament – meaning they had second or third jobs “They would use their personal style to make a statement, essentially saying: ‘Look, you didn’t make me Secretary of State, so I think you should be aware that I’m valued much more

- 41 -

- po li-t i c ks -

It’s what you do, not what you wear, that’s important in the outside world and my better quality suit, immaculate shirt and Rolex tells you all about that.’” As for Cameron refusing to wear a watch, she says: “A VIP who doesn’t wear a watch is making a statement: first, he’s not going to get caught looking bored by consulting it, and second, it implies that he’s got grovelling minions that will tell him the time.” But Patek Philippe-wearing Peter Mandelson says such assertions are unfair. The Labour grandee and king of spin told Tempus: “I don’t see how the watch I wear affects the way I do my job. We’ve got to be very careful not to interpret too much into it. “The reason politicians wear wristwatches is so that they know what the time is. “Time is a real luxury for politicians and for many others in life. I’ve always thought that if we’re constantly battling the clock in trying to get everything done in life, we should have a nice timepiece to look at.” Hailed as the one of the UK’s most stylish MPs, Chuka Umunna, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, is unafraid to wear sophisticated timepieces in front of his constituents in Streatham, south London. “I believe it’s what you do, not what you wear, that’s important. “I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable about the scrutiny of my appearance. Do people really care? Wouldn’t they rather be concerned that they have enough money to pay the mortgage?” Lord William Waldegrave, former Cabinet Minister and life peer, urges today’s younger politicians to bring back political style. “Some of the very old-fashioned politicians used to wear watches on the end of chains, which they pulled out of their waistcoat pocket. These days, I think a bit of style would go a long way. We’re in an era where the electorate believes politicians are all the same. Would it be such a bad thing for an MP to express themselves as they did in the past, and as politicians still do in other countries?”

- 42 -

- po li-t i c ks -

Drop of Light / Shutterstock.com

President Obama’s trademark, relatively inexpensive stainless steel 41mm Jorg Gray 6500 Chronograph was gifted to him by his Secret Service agents (this model also makes up part of their uniform). This has only recently been replaced on the presidential wrist by a smartwatch – rumoured to be a FitBit Surge, bringing training gear into the Oval Office.

John F Kennedy sported a collection of Swiss watches, including an Omega Ultra Thin and the iconic Yellow Gold Cartier Tank he was wearing on the day of his assassination. In 1962, Marilyn Monroe gave him a gold Rolex with the inscription “Jack, With love as always, from Marilyn”. The president realised the watch would be seen as evidence of an intimate relationship with the actress, and gave it to an aide, Kenneth O’Donnell, along with a note instructing him to ‘get rid of it’. In 2005, the watch, the antique box containing it and a love poem Monroe had placed in the box sold at auction for $120,000.

360b / Shutterstock.com

Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s watch collection is just as rambunctious as his political personality. His favourite piece – a platinum 37mm Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar – is a show-stopper.

- 43 -

- po li-t i c ks -

JStone / Shutterstock.com

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he followed the minimalist, lo-fi trend of the era with a dressed-down wristwatch, alternating a digital Casio or his $50 Timex IronmanTriathlon digital quartz watch. But on leaving the White House his passion for expensive timepieces was revealed. His collection now includes at least four Kobolds, a White Gold Cartier Santos-Dumont, a stainless steel 44mm Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs, and a titanium 44mm Panerai GMT.

Tony Blair’s watch of choice was the Rolex – he had two, a GMT and the Submariner.

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy also liked to display his wealth and power. He wore a White Gold 37mm Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar, a gold Breguet Reveil du Tsar and a $32,000 White Gold 40mm Girard-Perregaux 1966 Annual Calendar and Equation of Time.

- 44 -

Š2015 TUMI, INC.

TUMI is proud to celebrate 40 years of design excellence and outstanding product innovation. This exclusive collection commemorates the meticulous craftsmanship, technical innovation and functional superiority that TUMI is renowned for and pays homage to 1975, its founding year. Designed in America for Global Citizens everywhere, this American-made, limited edition series is crafted from leather inspired by the variety TUMI imported from South America in the early years and TUMI’s signature ballistic nylon. We invite you to continue with us on our journey.

Tumi Stores Regent Street and Westfield Also available at Harrods, Selfridges and Heathrow Airport

“Let me assure you, my barber is always right.”

Outrageous Fortune


Tim Walker is our Editor At Large. You can contact him at Tim@tempusmagazine.com or on twitter @timwalker

t’s not enough any more for a successful, happening man merely to have a barber. If he’s going to be taken seriously, he needs a celebrity barber, and, ideally, a celebrity barber with interesting views. I don’t mean that his salon has to be located on the top floor of the Shard, but that this individual must be au courant with the latest developments in hair care. Hair matters to a chap, after all: it isn’t just that it can help him pull, it can help him keep his job. A startling number of the men I have seen made redundant in recent years have one thing in common: they were all too obviously over 50. My barber, Carmelo Guastella, who has attended to Sacha Baron Cohen, Robert Downey Jnr, an Arab potentate and a number of premier league footballers, operates out of the vast subterranean Rossano Ferretti salon close to Le Caprice in Arlington Street. What he doesn’t know about hair isn’t worth knowing. Long before Andrew Marr started going on about how the less he washed his follicles, the more of them he seemed to keep, Carmelo had already imparted his wisdom to me. “Look at the guys you see living rough – you rarely see a bald-headed one,” he pointed out several years before Marr wised up. “The clients I have who are most concerned about their appearance – the ones that wash their hair every day – are almost always the first to go bald. It is one of life’s great ironies.” I always agree with Carmelo. Along with my dentist and my accountant, he is a member

- 47 -

of a troika that I’d never dare to offend. He is also a Sicilian. Over more than a decade as his client, we have been through – well discussed - a lot together. The early, awful hair transplants - “hair springing up in clumps, like crocuses – wait a few years, the technique is bound to get better,” he forecast, accurately. Then there were the strange foxy red patches that were spotted in Tony Blair’s hair one summer. “If he is colouring it, this may well be a reaction with the chlorine in Sir Cliff Richard’s swimming pool,” he speculated. “Men with chemicals in their hair should keep out of pools.” Propecia pills (for male pattern baldness) were considered, but rejected. “They do seem to work, but sometimes at a terrible cost,” Carmelo informed me, darkly. On further investigation, I noticed that chemists spell it out bluntly in the small print on the packets. Side effects may include impotence. Carmelo was no fan, either, of argan oil: “It’s like jojoba and all the other crazes. If you ask me, someone, somewhere invested in a huge supply of it and wanted to shift it quickly.” Caffeine was the latest conundrum that we woke up to and smelt. It is much in vogue these days in shampoos and lotions, but was first believed to have been used in products produced by the Dominican friars at the pharmacy of Santa Mara Novella in Florence in the 16th century. “I have one client who massages cold filtered coffee into his head every morning,” he said, matter-of-factly. “His hair seems to have taken on a new lease of life. “His collars don’t look so great, though.”

Introducing Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers. Simply the most lifelike-sounding loudspeakers we’ve ever made. The new Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers deliver the highest performance of any Meridian loudspeakers to date. Launched on the 25th anniversary of the world’s first digital loudspeakers by Meridian, you need to hear them to believe them. Visit a Meridian partner today.


- To p-T i er T ec h -

for your viewing pleasure Stand by for some quality content. Fast-forward your home entertainment offering and put your life on pause to take in the latest in luxury home cinema

By Peter Jenkinson Of course, size certainly matters when it comes to home cinema viewing, but image quality is still the most important factor and will take centre stage this year. The new 4K or Ultra High Definition TV sets make HD imagery look utterly outdated and we’re going to see much more content available in the format. In fact Netflix, trailblazers in the way we consume content, now has a dedicated 4K channel. The move to HD audio standards is also gathering pace and further collaborations between speaker and TV manufacturers are a certainty. The virtual reality (VR) scene has also exploded of late, from the market-dominating Oculus Rift to a handful of players who are all moving the platform away from its gaming roots; VR cinema is one of the most exhilarating viewing experiences we’ve encountered. That’s the ‘coming soon’ , here’s the ‘showing now’:

- 49 -

- To p-T i er T ec h -

3 1



Mechanical mixologist

Midas touched

Tech control

Bone shaker

Your very own cinema cocktail bar can be a reality with this gadget that will create the perfect craft cocktails. Loaded with specially created Soma Pods containing specific ingredients cocktail lovers can tap on a smartphone image to select the perfect drink. With the entire process of creation to delivery taking just five seconds could this spell the end of cocktail shakers? Around £350 omabarkickstarter.com

Great gadgets are those that look good when also at rest and these hand-built over-the-ear headphones certainly tick that box. Created from British aerospacegrade aluminium and soft leather, each speaker chamber has been hand prepared before being coated in 24-carat gold. This new British brand have arrived in style on headphone scene. Galvanise S2 Gold - £239.95 blocandroc.com

O wning multiple home entertainment devices to create that at-home cinema experience does have one singular drawback - multiple remote controls. Tune up to 15 devices into this sleek unit and with the 2.4” colour touch screen you can swipe and tap to change channels, adjust the volume, fast-forward and rewind. Fully customizable, you can set up you favourite channels for onetouch access. Logitech Harmony Ultimate - £229.00 logitech.com

Claims of bass superiority are made by every audio system manufacturer. To be fair, a room shaking standard is of the utmost importance for us to make the cinematic experience complete. Add this piece of kit to any system for a real kick in the pants when you’re turned up to 11. Creative X7 - £329 creative.com





- 50 -


- To p-T i er T ec h -

6 7

8 Wall covering

Sitting pretty

Room filler

Audiophile pleaser

Establishing even more daylight between themselves and the rest of the projector pack, Epson have just launched this stellar piece of equipment. Featuring Ultra HD 4K enhancement, the production quality from its laser-driven beam is eye candy at its absolute max, Deep blacks, rich colours, able to produce a 100-inch screen and ready to do so in 20 seconds from start-up really stand this out from a quite average crowd. Epson EH-LS10000 - £5,999 puretheatre.com

Choose every aspect of your home cinema seating for the ultimate in comfort and style with this bespoke company. Select design, number of seats, hues and finishes to your arrangement to create the perfect place to relax and take in all the action. Five simple steps which take you through an impressive array of options, well worth a look through their online gallery at some of the completed projects for instant inspiration. Seating systems - £POA elitehometheaterseating.com

This combined surround sound reproducer and audio unit has more style than others in the category can amass between them. Substance-wise it’ll not disappoint either. Multiple roomfilling speakers inside combined with a subwoofer, offer a single box solution that easily compete systems that can litter your room. WiFi and NFC (Near Field Communication) let you stream music though it too. Libratone DIVA - £649.95 shop.libratone.com

Elegant to behold, these expertly built units fill any room - even with the sound turned off. Creating an audible feast whilst performing, nothing is left to chance. All the internals are created from the highest quality materials. Supermodel looks, Audio excellence - Sit back and enjoy. Dynaudio Confidence Platinum - from £6650.00 dynaudio.com





- 51 -

- To p-T i er T ec h -



Quality content

Reality TV

Upscale those dated DVD discs to another level with this marvelous machine that’ll take a BluRay disc and take it to near 4K viewing levels. Hook it up to your network and enjoy quality content from an unlimited on-line supply. Pioneer BDP LX-58 - £599 sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk

Casting your eye on the ultra high definition images delivered on this incredible 105 inch curved screen is a jaw-dropping affair. Integrated in the set’s stand is a 7.2 channel, 150 watt sound system delivering an audio thrill to match the formidable footprint of this 11 million pixel producing screen. LG 105UC9 105” Curved ULTRA HD TV - £60,000 harrods.com



app of the month Navigate Streaming Film and TV show streaming services are an essential way to view content and ensure we can watch what we want and when we want – and binge on boxsets when the mood takes us. Here Tempus takes a look at a few of the best services Best streaming services for; Sky subscribers - Sky Go offers access to all Sky content via smartphone or tablets. You can download films to watch later on and fill up before long-haul flights or days away from your home goggle box.

Latest releases - blinkbox.com has an impressive number of the latest releases, closer to postcinematic release than many others and well before disc release dates. Exclusive content - Netflix - With several home-made blockbuster series under their belts they’ve made themselves a top contender. Not the best place to catch the very latest film releases but the ideal spot to do some binge viewing of multiple series of superb shows.

- 52 -

Welcome to the world’s first live luxury yacht map tracker, this Yachts Around Me function lets you see where yachts currently are in the world and information on whether they are available for charter or even for sale. Share favourite vessels and destinations with colleagues and friends and when you’re ready to discover more just use the app to contact a YPI broker straight from the App. YPI Selection - iTunes



MIRAGE · 22 TIME MOVER® · German high-security safe · Fine Timepiece with German 8-day springdriven movement · Storage drawer for jewellery and watches · Viewing window made of two-way mirror spy glass · State-of-the-art LED lighting · Integrated thermometer and hygrometer displays · Swiss security lock · Height-adjustable stainless steel feet on a pedestal · Optional German HiFi system with Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod docking station Fine German craftsmanship · Finest


For your Tempus investigates the coolest eyewear to keep your soul windows in the shade this season

only By Peter Jenkinson


t’s not just as simple as picking up a brand you like, a shape you like and a lens colour. There’s much more to choosing the correct pair – or collection – of sunglasses to get you through the year, Tom Broughton, owner of British eyewear brand Cubitts, says: “In terms of style for 2015 there’s been an increase in popularity of the oversized and ‘pantascopic’shapes – rounder lenses. “There’s also growing interest in different lens technologies, particularly polarised lenses, which contain tiny filters to eliminate glare. “We’ve also seen more interest in lighter tints, particularly given the shorter days and inclement conditions in the UK. “But safety is also important when choosing a new pair of sunglasses. Always check UV protection. In the EU the best in class is category 7 ‘full’ protection. “Don’t confuse the darkness of the lens with its UV protection – darker tints with poor UV protection are often worse for your eyes, as they cause your pupils to dilate and let more UV rays in. “You should protect your eyes from UV rays all year – over time exposure to the sun can cause damage to the cornea and retina, and UV damage can be caused in winter, or even when it’s overcast. “Sunglasses can also enhance our eyes’ capabilities. Yellow lenses eliminate the blue part of the spectrum to enhance contrast and work best in overcast conditions and low light. Grey tints tend to the best at blocking out the brightest of the sun’s rays, while green lenses retain natural colour balance and most closely resemble natural human sight.

- 55 -

Photos: Oliver Peoples

men's shades

-sty le -


stylish and retro, these classic shades come in matt black with a polarised lens. oliverpeoples.com

Wollstonecraft Quartz On-trend rounded lenses encased in a classic, ice-cool frame. cubitts.co.uk

Aviator Flash

About the most iconic eyewear around, you can customise lens colours for your perfect style match. ray-ban.com

Prada Phantos

Italian excellence in eyewear for the SS 2015 season. Trend-setting design, once again. prada.com

Cartier De Sontos

A tribute to aviator Santos Dumont, the screws are borrowed from the iconic watch of the same name. cartier.co.uk

Steve McQueen 714s Pay homage to the man with an updated version of the Persol 714 classic. Handcrafted and timeless. mrporter.com

- 56 -

- sty le -


Inspired by the 60s, these are only for the chic – lenses available in four hues. oliverpeoples.com


A collaboration with Isabel Marant, these embracing 1970s-style shades are ideal for lounging. oliverpeoples.com

Tiffany Atlas

Inspired by the Atlas clock, these shades are effortlessly elegant and exactly on-brand, davidclulow.com

An alluring combination of aluminium for contemporary and classic feminine styling. oliverpoples.com

Dolce Gabanna Mosaico

Hand-crafted, each design has subtle differences. This limited edition run is truly unique. dolcegabana.com

Prada Voice

Brimming with style and oversize, these slightly unconventional sunglasses are highly distinctive prada.com

- 57 -

women's Eyewear

Prada Phantos

-g ro o m i n g -

Smooth operator

By Tracy Shaverien


here was a time when a quick shower, shave and shampoo were all that was required before a man was good to go. In 2015, it’s a different story; metrosexual is mainstream and male grooming is booming. Increasingly, men are muscling in on territory that used to be for ladies only. Recent market research from Mintel found that 25% of British men had groomed their eyebrows in the past year, 13% had removed chest hair while 12% had targeted their underarms. As more men demand specialist facials, antiageing treatments and luxury skincare, salons and manufacturers are happy to oblige.

The arrival of spring means it’s time to smooth out those rough edges


The new Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Clinic in London’s Wimpole Street offers a Guy’s Grooming Menu. Among the smorgasbord of treatments are the hydrating, vitamin-packed Man-Peel for £100, Blokes Botox from £210 and Fella’s Filler – gel dermal fillers to perk up tired, sagging skin from £280. Love handles can be banished and tummies toned with the Blokes Body Treatment – non-surgical body contouring using radio waves. Prices start at £350.



Destination Skin’s hair removal treatments for men are increasingly in demand this spring. It uses the newest technology in laser and IPL to target each hair follicle and disrupt the growth cycle, slowing down regrowth in areas like the upper arms, around the ears and the eyebrows. Treatments are also available for the back and shoulders (£2,835), lower legs (£2,025), chest and stomach (£2,227.50) and beard and neck (£1,134) – prices are for a course of nine treatments. Clinics are nationwide, as well as in London’s Knightsbridge and New King’s Road. destinationskin.com



BeautyLab® London has launched a new men’s anti-ageing skincare range. Xanthe Men® is dermatologically tested and formulated using an active meteorite complex rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, which help neutralise damaging free-radicals. The products also contain Quartz, bioflavins, Retinol A, hyaluronic acid, Lecithine, Carnitine and peptides.The range of six products includes the Meteorite Scrub (£30 for 200ml), Active Ab Firmer (£28 for 200ml) and the Sahara Quickfix firming serum, with platinum, diamond spheres and sunscreen (£37 for 30ml). beautylabshop.com

- 58 -

- g ro o m i n g -



4 4

Trevor Sorbie has launched a new salonapproved men’s electrical grooming range. The ergonomically designed Professional Dual Foil Shaver is equipped with a high-powered motor, stay sharp stainless steel blades and a 3x action cutting system for longer hairs and a closer shave (£99.99). For those who prefer to keep their beards there’s the Professional 5in1 Beard + Grooming Kit, featuring a beard trimmer, T blade hair trimmer, design trimmer, foil shaver and nose and ear hair trimmer (£39.99). Available from Boots.


Billed as ‘a must-have grooming product that every gentleman should own’, the Amano Tongue Cleanser will ensure you will always be ready to kiss with confidence. Available in a range of attractive designs, including the masculinelooking Savile Row, the £12 cleanser scrapes food debris from the tongue, ensuring fresh breath and a revived palate. amanotonguecleanser.com



Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge has unveiled three new hairstyling products – a pomade for slicked-back, high-shine styles; a matt paste for a rugged, textured look and matt clay for a natural, invisible hold (£9.99). bluebeards-revenge.co.uk


If you’ve ever been concerned about thinning on top, you’re not alone. More than a third of men aged 25-34 and almost one in five aged 18-24 are already losing their hair. Now Regaine ® has launched a new iPhone app to detect hair-loss in a simple, non-invasive way using bespoke algorithms to measure hair-loss from a digital image. Simply download the free app, take a ‘helfie’ (a head selfie) and wait for your results. regaine.co.uk/new-iphone-app


- 59 -

More compelling than outer beauty, we reshape your identity

Anti-Aging | Aesthetic Dermatology | Laser Treatments | Regenerative Medicine Clinic LĂŠmanic | Av. de la Gare 2 | 1003 Lausanne | TĂŠl: +41 21 321 20 85 | www.cliniclemanic.ch

- b eau ty -


geing is part of life, but thanks to innovative new products and treatments, it’s no longer something we have to accept at face value. With the trend in the anti-ageing industry leaning towards less invasive procedures, many of the new generation of creams, serums and technologies use organic, plant-based ingredients, helping stimulate the skin’s own collagen production to achieve natural-looking results.

Natural Youth


A new generation of treatments can help you hold back the ageing process without going under the knife



Pioneering anti-ageing brand NuSkin’s latest product, TruFace® Essence Ultra, launches on April 1. The serum capsules contain anti-ageing ingredient Ethocyn®, which is clinically proven to improve the key component of firm skin, and has been formulated with revolutionary ageLOC® science to target the sources of ageing and promote firmer, youngerlooking skin. There’s also a blend of antioxidents to protect skin from environmental damage. In clinical trials 55% of users reported firmer skin in just a week, while 80% reported improvements after 12 weeks. £191 for 60 capsules. nuskin.com


New luxury skincare brand Face Matters uses organic silicon to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Dubbed the ‘miracle mineral’, organic silicon is proven to increase the skin’s epidermal thickness and elasticity and plays a vital role in connective tissue formation, as well as bone, hair, nails, joints and cardiovascular function. The range features a Daily Moisturiser (£60), Evening Elixir (£102), 24/7 Balm (£55), Anytime Foaming Cleanser (£36) and the All Day Spritz (£50). Having spent time in a women’s refuge, founder Sally Curson donates a percentage of profits to the Refuge charity. Available from Fenwicks in London’s Bond Street. facematters-skincare.com



LightStim for Wrinkles – and the new Generation Two LightStim – are professionalgrade home beauty devices which use NASA’s LED technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and gradually restore the skin’s collagen and elastin levels in a natural way. Billed as a ‘reset button for the skin’, LightStim’s unique Multi-Wave™ Technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths (colours) of light, which work together to enhance the skin’s radiance, redefine pores and iron out skin tone, giving a more plump, radiant and youthful appearance in eight weeks. Available at SpaceNK stores. currentbody.com

- 61 -

-b eau ty -



Skincare expert and beauty pioneer Antonia Burrell’s luxury facials and natural holistic skincare range have both an anti-ageing and anti-blemish focus. Her 100% natural, nutrient-rich skincare collection blends ethically and sustainably-sourced bioactive plant ingredients and comes in a Swiss violet glass, which protects the bio-energy of the plant actives from UV light. The range consists of Natural Glow Cleansing Oil (£29.50), Forest Dew Skin Conditioner (£25.50), Radiant Light Facial Serum and Pure Therapy Facial Serum (£58.80), Luminous Light Polishing Powder (£45), Cream Supreme Facial Moisturiser (£68) and her new Mask Supreme 7-in-1 (£58). antoniaburrell.com



SILHOUETTE SOFT® is an innovative new non-invasive facelift that gives discreet, naturallooking results and leaves the face completely mobile. Its pioneering technology uses tiny absorbent thread cones, which are inserted just under the skin to lift sagging tissue, restore volume and stimulate the body to produce its own collagen. Silhouette Soft’s principal ingredient, polylactic acid, has been used in the medical field for years, including in suture thread and orthopaedic pins.The half-hour procedure, which costs around £1,700, is carried out by a specially trained medical practitioner using a local anaesthetic cream and results last up to 18 months. silhouette-soft.com



Anti-ageing vitamin skincare specialist Environ – a favourite of Elle Macpherson, Sadie Frost, Kelly Brook and Claudia Winkleman – recently launched the Intensive Revival Masque, its first major new active home-care treatment product in four years as part of founder Dr Des Fernandes’s mission to create a ‘facelift in a bottle’. Combining revolutionary ingredients Asiatic, Mandelic and lactic acid, it lowers the PH of the skin to help promote growth and hydration and improve uneven skin tone. Available from salons, spas and independent skincare therapists throughout the UK and Ireland, and in selected Harvey Nichols branches. £49.95 for 50ml. iiaa.eu/revivalmasque


Nuriss Telomere DNA Youth Repair is an intense anti-ageing night cream that repairs DNA structures and ‘re-stitches’ the skin while you sleep. Developed by GP and skincare expert Dr Anita Sturnham, it focuses on the telomeres, which regulate the lifespan of cells, improving cell quality and resulting in tighter, lifted skin and more even skin tone. nuriss.co.uk


- 62 -

- b eau ty -



Holistic well-being sanctuary COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at the Metropolitan Hotel in London’s Old Park Lane offers a new, organic, anti-ageing Celgenics Couture Facial. Created by craniosacral practitioner, nutritional therapist and clinical kinesiologist Marian Bourne, the facial works at a cellular level to promote repair and renewal, using acupuncture points and Ayurvedic plumping techniques to lift and tone the face, and boost collagen production, while low-level light frequencies boost cellular energy to create a non-invasive facelift. The 90-minute facial costs £160. Call +44 20 7447 5750 to book.


For a minimal, instant glow, try the luxurious PerriconeMD Face Finishing Moisturiser Tint. Translucent in finish, light in texture and oil free, its unique pigment capsules release upon application and is adaptable to all skin tones. Rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, it delivers powerful anti-ageing benefits with Alpha Lipoic Acid to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and contains a non-chemical, mineral-based SPF 30. perriconemd.co.uk



American dermatologist Gary Goldfaden MD has a new luxurious native botanical cell facial oil on the market. Fleuressence contains a blend of pure active botanicals, fruit extracts and natural baobab, mongogo and Kalahari oils, which help boost moisture levels, revitalise skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin radiance. It can be used alone as a face oil, mixed with moisturiser or added to foundation. Skin is left glowing, hydrated and plump. Goldfaden MD Fleuressence is available from Space NK (£105).



New British brand Arkeya has revived the beauty secrets of ancient Egyptian royalty to inhibit the effects of ageing. Its new, luxurious Rose Rejuvenating Cream blends a mix of essential oils used by Cleopatra and other ancient queens of Egypt to preserve their youth and beauty, including Bulgarian rose otto, sandalwood, lavender, geranium, palma rosa, calendula oil and carrot seed. Many essential oils have high antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from the free radicals that can damage cells and age skin. arkeya.com



Time Bomb Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel ‘detonates”’on contact to visibly smooth, re-densify and tighten skin. Highly charged with micro-collagen, pervasive moisture and a barrage of broad spectrum antioxidant, it contains dermis-supporting Pycnogenol©, which is found to maintain skin structure by binding to and reinforcing collagen and elastin. £39 for 30ml. timebombco.com

12 - 63 -

Robert Adam by

9A Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 2JJ England t: 00 44 (0)1494 680488 e: info@delamerie.com www.delamerie.com

The Tempus guide to what’s hot on the art scene for 2015

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

Tate Modern, London The World Goes Pop is a ground-breaking exhibition revealing how artists around the world engaged with the spirit of pop, from Latin America to Asia, and from Europe to the Middle East. At Tate Modern from 17 September 2015, the show will explode the traditional story of pop art and show how different cultures contributed, rethought and responded to the movement. Around 200 works from the 1960s and 1970s will be brought together, including many which have never been exhibited in the UK before. tate.org.uk

- 66 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

The Bowes Museum, County Durham “Fashion fades, style is eternal,” Yves Saint Laurent once said. Articulating this idea, the exhibition at the Bowes Museum shows 50 garments, including some iconic pieces from the Russian Collection, the Mondrian dresses and the Tuxedo. It is the first exhibition in the UK to present a comprehensive display of the French designer’s work and life and highlights the significant influence the designer has had on fashion. thebowesmuseum.org.uk

- 67 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

The Merrifield Gallery, London Tom Merrifield is recognised as a major living artist and is one of the finest sculptors of his generation. He has sold his work in London, Paris, New York, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Brussels, and Monte Carlo. Tom works from life, preferring to sketch and model his dancers at his Hampstead studio. He is internationally celebrated, in particular for the power and beauty of his life-sized sculptures of dancers, many of which grace prominent public places throughout the world. The exhibition at the Fitzjohns Avenue gallery runs from July. tommerrifield.co.uk

- 68 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

The Albermarle Gallery, London Jamil Naqsh’s exhibition, entitled The Muse, Messengers & Miniatures, will be held at the Albemarle Gallery from 11 June to 11 July 2015. Born in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh in 1938, the artist is Pakistan’s bestknown contemporary artist, and is also well established in international auctions. His work reflects not just the culture of Pakistan, but also that of the whole of the Indian subcontinent, both Muslim and non-Muslim. albemarlegallery.com

- 69 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

Proud Gallery, Chelsea, London As chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine from 1967 to 1970, Barry Wolman pioneered a new genre of iconic rock photography, giving readers unprecedented access to musicians. The Rolling Stone front cover has embodied generations of popular culture, immortalising writers, filmmakers and musicians, becoming the magazine’s graphic centrepiece. For artists, it is a coveted career achievement, representing the fantasy realm of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. This exhibition, held at Chelsea’s Proud Gallery, brings together a collection of images of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Janis Joplin, The Who and The Grateful Dead. proud.co.uk

- 70 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

NYC Art Fair, New York Sirenes Fine Art is exhibiting at this prestigious art fair between May 13 and 17. Flower Power is a collection of hand-made original artworks from the Norwegian artist. She describes each dot of a flower within the art as a ‘thank you’. The exhibition then continues its tour to Milan. sirenes.no

- 71 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

V&A, London Savage Beauty is a major retrospective in Europe of the work of the visionary fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen. One of the most innovative designers of his generation, McQueen was celebrated for his extraordinary creative talent. He combined a profound grasp of tailoring and eclectic range of influences with a relentless pursuit to challenge the boundaries of art and fashion. Originated by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Savage Beauty has been edited and expanded for the V&A’s large exhibition galleries. It features 66 additional garments and accessories, including some rare early pieces, lent by private individuals and collectors. It runs until August 2. vam.ac.uk/savagebeauty

- 72 -

- fo r a rt's sa k e -

- 73 -

p ro m ot i o n

ife rarely travels in a predictable, straight line. Situations can arise – family emergencies, investment opportunities and cash flow gaps, among others – that require significant amounts of capital at short notice.


You may consider a traditional loan, or selling one of your prized watches, but there is an alternative option – luxury asset-backed lending. The process is safe, fast, respectable, private and very dependable. We have loaned more than £20m against luxury watches from Audemars Piguet to Cartier, and loaned close to £2m against Patek Philippes alone. Our largest watch loan to date was £90,000 against a Patek Philippe Platinum Manual Wound Perpetual Calendar with Chronograph. In addition to watches, these short-term loans can also be executed against jewellery, fine art, luxury cars and more. It works like this: licensed appraisers determine the fair market value of your asset, after which an appropriate loan is made, often within a day or two.

How to borrow against your luxury watches

The lending company will store your timepiece or other asset in a highly secure location and it is fully insured for the duration of the loan. Once you repay the loan and any interest that has accrued, your asset is returned to you. There are three options for you to privately borrow the funds you need. The Bridging Loan (representative APR 50.9%) allows you to secure a short-term loan using luxury assets. If you are looking to sell your luxury assets, Borro will manage the sale while providing funds upfront with the Sale Advance Loan (representative APR 18.8%). The third option is our recently launched Term Loan, which is available to high-net-worth individuals looking to borrow a minimum of £100,000 for periods of 18, 24 or 36 months, with monthly interest rates starting at 0.75%. Loans against watches have numerous advantages. When utilising the Bridging Loan or Term Loan, you don’t have to lose precious pieces of your collection. All three of these services allow you to avoid the time and commissions involved in putting the item on the market. Moreover, you avoid selling a watch quickly under ‘fire sale’ circumstances, which might result in a significant loss of real value. Another plus to loans with Borro is that they do not rely on, or impact, personal credit scores. The transaction is private so no details are reported to third parties.

by Paul Aitken founder & CEO, Borro

If you’re wondering under which circumstances people typically take out Borro loans, it’s rarely due to financial distress. In today’s economy, opportunities arise with short lead times and limited windows of participation. Individuals of means – many of whom have spent years building their net worth and whose wealth is tied up in stocks, real estate and various expensive possessions – need funds quickly in order to take part. Borro’s online lending platform gives them the flexibility they need to capitalise on an opportunity, realise their financial gain and repay the loan from the profits. With luxury asset-backed lending, you have an avenue beyond banks, friends and family for obtaining cash quickly. Loans with Borro are fast, convenient and responsible. As one of the most innovative solutions around, they can help you achieve your financial goals and objectives, on your terms. If you’d like to take a loan against a piece of your collection, give Borro a call on 0808 223 2768 or visit www.borro.com/tempus

A Bridging Loan is not a long-term financial solution. In the event that you are unable to repay your loan to Borro, the asset(s) that you used to secure your loan may be sold in order to recover the outstanding loan balance, according to the terms and conditions of your signed loan agreement.

By Jack Marsden

Lightning bolt

While the motoring world celebrates the fastest-ever road car, the Bugatti Veyron, British engineer Anthony Keating has been busy putting a spanner in Bugatti’s works with his own sports car – the Keating TKR, which has literally left the world’s supercar manufacturers in his dust! The sports car builder from Bolton, Lancashire has already blasted his supercar to a blistering 288mph at the El Mirage Dry Lake in USA and is hoping his latest design, the Keating Bolt, will smash through the 300mph barrier and stake his claim in automotive history in Dubai later this year.

- 77 -

Racing and Motorsport. The new collections from Porsche Driver’s Selection. Porsche and motorsport: the two are inseparable. With over 60 years of racing history and more than 30,000 victories, Porsche is the most successful marque in motorsport. Now Porsche Driver’s Selection is celebrating this heritage with two exciting new collections. Marking our Le Mans 2015 bid and Carrera Cup GB Championship, both the Racing and Motorsport collections embody the spirit and success of Porsche on the racetrack as a stylistic element across every item including jackets, polo shirts and espresso cup sets. The Racing and Motorsport collections are available from our Porsche Centres and online at


Discover more about Porsche Driver’s Selection

- p r est i g e -

Word on the

Gentlemen, start your engines

Bond’s back Gone in 30 seconds With filming under way in Austria for the 24th Bond film, Spectre, I have turned motoring spy and can reveal that 007 will be driving a fleet of British cars from Jaguar’s Special Operations Division. Daniel Craig will be getting to grips with the superb Range Rover Sport SVR, which my sources have informed me is the most powerful Landrover has ever produced, the imposing Landrover Defender Big Foot and the stunning Williams-tuned Jaguar C-X75. But if fans are worried that Bond has ditched his Aston Martin DB10, I’ve been assured that his trademark motor will feature in a dramatic chase through the streets of Rome.

It seems we Brits can’t wait to get back in the saddle of the new Ford Mustang – there was a stampede from potential owners eager to register for Ford’s first phase of the long-awaited sports saloon. The allocation was snapped up in just 30 seconds, while more than one million users visited the website The Mustang will be available in a range of options and you can even build your own configuration on the website. You can read my full review in the next issue of Tempus; I’m hoping to create my own Steve McQueen moment.

Olga Besnard / Shutterstock.com

Darren Brode / Shutterstock.com

- 79 -

Rodrigo Garrido / Shutterstock.com

Silverstone throughout the summer. An impressive field of more than 30 supercars will feature on the grid this year, including the monstrous Bentley Continental GT of Generation Bentley Racing, the Ferrari 458 of FF Corse and the McLaren 650s of Von Ryan Racing. For those who have yet to see a GT race, I’d urge you to add a date to your diary. What better way to spend a day than witness cars at their best while enjoying a glass of chilled bubbly – you’ll never want to go back to polo again.

CHEN WS / Shutterstock.com

This month sees the start of the motor racing calendar and Tempus will be heading track-side to enjoy the best UK racing series this season with the British GT Championship. If your idea of a great day out is to watch top of the range sports cars such as Ferraris, Aston Martins and Bentleys going hell for leather at the country’s most iconic racing circuits, then you’re in for a treat. The season gets under starters orders at Oulton Park in April, then racing continues at Brands Hatch, Donnington and

Minor motor sells for mammoth sum There was nothing minor about the hefty price tag of £25,000 paid this month at auction – for a Morris Minor. But this wasn’t any old Morris Minor, it was the millionth one off the production line. Described as a ‘quintessential British motor car’ by the auctioneers, it just goes to show that investing in classic cars doesn’t only mean spending £2m on a vintage Ferrari.

CARROLL'S TIME Swiss watchmakers Baume & Mercier has created two limited edition watches to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Carroll Shelby’s triumph at the 1965 FIA World Sports Car Championship. Shelby is the only individual to have won the championship as a driver, team manager and manufacturer.

- 80 -

- p r est i g e -

A Viennese waltz to remember Tempus motoring editor Jack Marsden partners up with the Rolls-Royce Wraith


trip to Vienna to experience the new Rolls-Royce Wraith on behalf of Tempus readers is a hard invitation to turn down. So it was with no reluctance whatsoever that I found myself outside the Austrian capital’s airport, being picked up in a chauffeur-driven Phantom and taken to test the latest in the RR range of luxury motoring, which includes the Ghost, the Phantom and the Wraith. I was whisked through this stunning city to the exclusive 30-suite Palais Coburg Hotel, where I was greeted by the beautiful Wraith, in all its glory, in the hotel foyer. The car – such a word seems alarmingly understated – had already drawn a crowd, with the obviously discerning guests being hugely impressed. The Wraith draws you in with its understated but elegant and commanding styling; you immediately know that this is a force to be reckoned with. Looking at the Wraith’s performance specifications you wouldn’t be wrong; this is the most powerful car Rolls-Royce has ever produced, boasting a twin-turbo V12 that delivers a heart-pounding 624bhp to an adrenalin-fuelled top speed of 186mph. Would you believe that most Rolls-Royces are never actually driven by their owners? That’s not surprising when I recall the journey from the airport in the Phantom, which is a big car and needs to be driven by a professional. However, the Wraith, with its more compact and sporty styling, is definitely a driver’s car, albeit one that still delivers that all-important presence you’d expect from the luxury manufacturer. For Rolls-Royce, the Wraith is not only a leap forward but also a return to its traditional motoring heritage, celebrating the spirit and energy of those gentlemen racers from a bygone age.

- 81 -

I was fully aware of that heritage as I sat behind the wheel the next day and headed off along those same demanding twists and turns towards the Austrian Alps. It didn’t disappoint. The Wraith has a beautifully raked rear that harks back to the sophisticated saloons of the 1950s, and this theme is accentuated with the distinctive twotone colour scheme.The rear-hinged coach doors simply add to the Wraith’s statement style. But don’t be fooled by these laid-back touches. Despite its refinement, this is a GT and its eightspeed electronic gearbox can launch it from 0-60mph in just four seconds. It even boasts a satellite driving system that tells you what the best gear is for the road that you’re on. The Wraith is packed with all the usual refinements you’d expect from Rolls-Royce – lamb’s wool carpets, heated seats and steering wheel, and a superb sound system, but then it goes further with the starlight LED roof lining (or you can go for the fixed glass roof option). You can’t help but be seduced by the bold styling of the Wraith’s fastback silhouette. Coupled with the fixed glass roof, it gives the driver an experience unique in the motoring world, especially when you put your foot down. The Wraith is something of a ‘game-changer’ for Rolls-Royce because it has put the owner back in the driving seat. With its superb, classic styling and sporty performance, you can’t help but feel like one of those bygone ‘gentleman racers’on which much of Rolls-Royce’s reputation is built. My advice if you are considering buying this stylish saloon, either for fun or to impress, is to make sure you take it out for a long run, and often, but leave the chauffeur at home!

- p r est i g e -

Going down a storm Jack Marsden takes the new Lamborghini Huracan for a spin

- 82 -

- p r est i g e -


s the storm clouds gathered overhead in what had been a rather sunny Cheshire, I was introduced to the force of nature that is the brand new Lamborghini Huracan. But the dramatic skies formed the perfect backdrop for what is a bold step for the supercar builders as it showed off its latest model. The Huracan (Spanish for hurricane) replaces the much-loved and iconic Gallardo which, after 11 years of production, is joining the company’s long list of supercar poster pin-ups. The Huracan first charged on to the scene at the Geneva Motor Show last year, resulting in a staggering pre-order of more than 1,000 cars, with the first models being delivered to their new owners at the end of last year. The Huracan is more subtle and refined in its styling compared to some of the ‘Batmobiles’ we have seen with the Aventador models or the famously outrageous Countach. It even looks quite compact, despite the fact

that it is the same width as a Range Rover. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this new addition to the family doesn’t measure up, the name Huracan also refers to an iconic fighting bull from 1879. And like a charging bull this Huracan feels tight, taught and full of charging muscle, with a punchy and responsive feel. Driving it – or should I say handling it – puts you in mind of those bullfighters of old. The Huracan comes to market with all the latest tech spec you would expect from a supercar builder. It includes the new RTN carbon-fibre body and aluminium chassis, married to the tried and tested 5.2 litre V10, which will blow you from 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds and deliver you with tornado force to 202mph. For those of you with an eye on the climate, the Huracan comes with stop/start technology and is linked to a dual-clutch, seven-speed auto gearbox, which reduces emissions by 10% over the Gallardo. One major decision by Lamborghini that

- 83 -

will raise eyebrows is that the Huracan does not offer a manual gearbox option, but it does come with the new Anima driving system (Anima translates to ‘soul’ in Italian), which allows the driver to change the performance settings from normal to comfortable or sporty. New interior details include a full LED lighting system and a stunning full colour 12-inch TFT video screen, allowing for smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, with fine Nappa leather completing the luxurious styling. The look of the Huracan is firmly under the control of Lamborghini and is only being made available in seven colours: vibrant orange, red and green, and the more subtle tones of black, blue and grey; not forgetting classic white. There is no disputing that the Huracan has become an instant hit, even carrying it’s premium price tag of £200,000, but it is a price worth paying for this true charging bull. And let’s not forget that it’s the fastest Lamborghini to ever grace the Top Gear track.

The original artworks - Roma - Amor (80 x 100 cm) & You are Enough (80 x 100) - are part of Sirenes Flower Power Collection

The original artworks - Happy (80 x 100cm) & Thank You All (70 x 100 cm) - are part of Sirenes Flower Power Collection

Find more exclusive artwork and print at : www.sirenes.no +47 478 89 841 post@sirenes.no


Presents The Golden Iconic Sportscar Sculptures (Limited Edition)

Ferrari 250 GTO 1:4 Scale

Design by Dante GmbH | Murtenstr. 34 | CH-3202 Frauenkappelen | Switzerland | info@dantedesign.ch | www.danteart.ch

Picture of health

Indulge in some healthy fresh spring recipes with this new cookbook from health resort Chiva-Som. The collection of recipes from executive chef Paisarn offers health-foodies both inspiration and guidance on recreating some of their iconic dishes at home. There’s also a guide to holistic ingredients and full recipes, with beautiful imagery to inspire. chivasom.com

- 87 -

- i n d u lg e -

- 88 -

- i n d u lg e -

Something for the weekend Getaway gastronomy is good for the soul, as Ray Fieldhouse discovered


here are some firm rules that those of us who work and live in London should stick to. High up on the list is to get away for the weekend and soak up some countryside. So after a somewhat stressful week I refused an offer to go the pub with colleagues and instead joined my partner in a cab to Paddington en route to Berkshire. Our destination was the Crown & Garter restaurant in Inkpen, a small village just outside Malborough, one of those fine-dining establishments that come with beautiful bedrooms as an aperitif. The award-winning head chef, Matthew Ambrose, while very young, already has an impressive resumé. He trained for six years at Claridge’s, winning many young chef awards before joining the Crown & Garter. On arrival I was greeted by Tiago Figueiredo, the Portuguese manager who has a supreme knowledge of wines from around the globe. His recommendation of a Portuguese white, Dona Ermelinda 2012, was spot on. For starters I enjoyed the grilled aubergine cannelloni with mascarpone – a nice mix of savoury and sweet. This was followed by roast leg of guinea foul with celeriac mash and baby carrots, cooked perfectly and succulent in taste. For dessert we chose lemon tart with a Sipsmith’s gin and tonic sorbet – the perfect end to a lovely meal and a novel way to clear and freshen the palate.

As mentioned, what better way to end dinner than to simply retire to our room. No cold air, no vying in the rain for a cab … just a stroll up some stairs. It’s like being at home – albeit a rather grand home – and enjoying a meal not cooked by mum, but by an award-winning chef. The Crown & Garter has several different post-dinner rooms available, all with varying décor – from modern contemporary to a more classic look. Our room was a mix of the two, with probably one of the most comfortable beds I’ve have slept in. Breakfast the next morning was at the on-site bakery, complete with pastries as fresh and light as they should be. It was hard to return to London and, of course, we needed a fresh country walk to exercise off some of that fine fare. But we felt refreshed and the whole experience was a real treat. My advice to Londoners – or indeed anyone who works in any city – would be to try, if you can, to escape at the weekends and take in some countryside. Not only does it do wonders for your soul, fresh air really helps you work up an appetite. Luckily for me the Crown & Garter was on hand to help. The Crown & Garter, Great Common Road, Inkpen Common, Hungerford, West Berkshire RG17 9QR crownandgarter.co.uk

- 89 -


of the best reasons to try:

- i n d u lg e -

something new L'Escargot

M in the City

As the Bank area of London gets ever more buzzy, M has followed up its splendid hotel offering with this jazzy Asian fusion restaurant, which just might possess the coolest hidden private dining room in the City. Offering a contemporary blend of chic Asian fusion in a highly contemporary urban space of clean lines and sharp suits, M in the City is a fiercely individual creation that offers City slickers a piece of cool calm among the financial madness. For those seeking something a little more personal, speak to someone in the know to check out the secret room hidden on the top floor, kitted out with the latest chrome and leather boys toys, which is available to hire for parties with a twist. mrestaurants.co.uk

Located in a beautiful Georgian townhouse on Greek Street and bringing a sophisticated slice of Paris to the streets of Soho, L’Escargot is not your typical French restaurant. Elegance and subtlety are the currency here, with a rich and sometimes challenging menu offering something for both special and everyday occasions. The carefully cultivated offerings can be described as French crossover, but contain enough local zest to put a very unique spin on classic French fare. Needless to say, try the snails. Meanwhile, the Upstairs Club housed above, which opened last year, offers a typically erudite and impressive meeting and social space. lescargot.co.uk

Bobo Social

If you’re looking for something a little different in Soho, check out the Experimental Burger Society at Bobo Social every Monday night. Under the tutelage of the head chef, you’ll create your own burger from scratch using a variety of eclectic ingredients, including crocodile, ostrich and beef, among others. Lessons are fun, hands-on and nicely messy, with one burger from every Monday winning a place on the menu for a week. Outside of the playful Monday club, Bobo’s is still a fine place to visit, with a simple yet winning menu reflecting the decor and the happy, bright ambience and service. bobosocial.com

- 91 -


Singularly delicious

Three standout Grandes Pagos

Grandes Pagos de Espana is 10 years old and is helping wine lovers to discover some of Spain’s best ‘single estates’. The driving force behind single estate wine is quality. Many wineries that have a house style import grapes from other sources in order to blend a generic style. Single estate means working with what you have and doing everything on the estate with ‘the terroir’ to exacting standards, a wine-making philosophy that means you may get exciting differences from year to year. Ten years ago, Grandes Pagos de Espana was formed to give single estates in Spain a marketing platform to showcase their quality wines and compete against the well-known Rioja, Priorat and Ribera del Duoro regions. Finca Moncloa, the latest winery to join the association, is a 42-acre estate near Cadiz, the part of Spain that is almost more African than it is European, due to its baking heat and Moorish influences. It is an area most associated with sherry, although winemaker Jose Manuel Pinedo decided to bring back red winemaking to the soil. To give an idea of the heat here, the grapes are all done and dusted by August, a good one to two months before most European harvests. Jose makes big, powerful blended wines Moncloa and a premium label 11 Barricas, and a dessert wine that will make him famous. Being Spain, the association has created some divisions, but for serious wine-lovers it’s a dependable hallmark of quality Spanish wine that might otherwise have slipped off the radar.

Albarino, Fillaboa 2013 DO Rias Baixas A class act from Galicia, this ever-so-slightly spritzy albarino is fresh, unctuous and complex all in one. There are notes of pineapple, citrus and stone fruit here, and a full but refreshing mouth-feel. The acidity is well balanced, in fact all the component parts are here and beautifully integrated. Serve with snow crab meat and mayonnaise, or octopus and potato pintxos. Berry Bros & Rudd, £19.99

A shot in the dark

Tintilla de Rota, Finca Moncloa, 2011 Cadiz An old grape variety native to the Cadiz area, this first appeared on Gonzalez Byass’s books in 1841 when it was sold to the Royal Family. The grapes are left to dry on mats, vinified to 5% then fortified to 15%. Similar to Italian passito, this is a complex mix of red fruit, coffee, wood and marmalade. Fortnum and Mason, £49.99, 37.5 cl


After the cider revolution, get set for even more choice when it comes to craft beers. Marston’s has been experimenting with different flavours and its Revisionist range features ingredients such as maple syrup, smoked malts, juniper and liquorice.


To accompany the yacht, villas and millionaire trappings, any Hollywood A-lister these days isn’t worth their salt until they have their own brand of booze. We’ve had Branjelina’s rosé, Miraval, and Sean ‘Diddy’ Coombs’ vodka, so welcome please the latest star to this exclusive set, Mr George Clooney. Casamigos is his own brand of tequila that comes in three varieties – blanco, reposado and anejo – that retail at around £50 and is great neat, on the rocks. George has been making it for six years and has just started selling it retail, a launch not harmed one jot by him drinking it at his wedding and hand-signing each batch. As for the label’s design – that has its inspiration from an altogether earlier screen legend. “We talked about how this was going to be like the bottles you see in old John Wayne movies where you slide the bottle down the bar, pull the cork out with your teeth and pour yourself a shot,” says George.

Peter Dean is our wine and drinks writer.Contact him at Peter@tempusmagazine.com or on twitter @TweetaDean

Secastilla old vine Garnacha 2009 DO Somontano Given that this is 100% garnacha from a hot Spanish summer (14.5% ABV), the result is amazingly elegant and fresh. The wine comes from 100-year-old vines and is an explosion of intense chocolate and kirsch on the palette. Drink slightly chilled with meat, peppers, oil and spices. The DrinkShop.com, £20.68

- 93 -

time Ask Men’s The Watch Snob answers your horological conundrums.

If one were to acquire just one expensive watch in life, is there any reason you could conjure as to why one of the ideal choices could not be found in the Vacheron Constantin model known as the Métiers D’Art Mécaniques Ajourées?


There is no reason whatsoever that I can think of, to be utterly frank. They are ridiculously beautiful watches and the fact that they are also ridiculously expensive should not deter you from acquiring one. If you seek to acquire just one really good watch, however, it’s a good idea to consider the relative versatility afforded by the watch in question. This one is quite beautiful – one of the nicest things Vacheron Constantin has done in many years – and in many respects more appealing than its complicated watches, which somehow manage to be both incredibly impressive and very boring at the same time. But it is a very specific kind of watch and you may find yourself, after a certain interval, either wishing you had gotten something a little less narrow in character, or that having one of this kind of watch, you want several. So proceed, but cautiously – in this case you are paying a dramatic premium for a very particular kind of watchmaking and you ought to be as sure of your decision as possible.


I am fortunate enough to own a Patek Philippe, but wonder why luxury watches cost tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds?


The mysteries of Patek Philippe pricing are of a depth and abstruseness that would challenge the wisdom of the greatest hermeticists, kabbalists, erudite theologians and masters of scholastic logic that ever came down the pike (as they say), were they all gathered from beyond the grave for a symposium on the subject. Part


of it, of course, is simply the prestige afforded the perpetual calendar. It is, for better or worse, considered a more august complication than the annual calendar, and augustness will cost you. The perpetual calendar and Patek Philippe have a length and richness of history before which a simple enumeration of parts must bow and pull its forelock in silent respect. To have a perpetual calendar by Patek is like having a suit by Poole & Co or your lasts at John Lobb – in the end it has nothing to do with logic (or parts count) and everything to do with intangibles like prestige and tradition. There are certainly arguments to be made that an ultra-thin self-winding movement, finished to within an inch of its life, with a microrotor winding system and a design language that immediately makes one feel a sense of connection to some of the most extraordinarily beautiful watches ever made, should command a premium. I owned a Rolex Explorer II, Rolex Datejust II (41mm) and Panerai Luminor Marina (PAM111). Recently, I moved to Asia for work and I take the subway every day. Thus, I am looking for a lower end day-to-day watch that would fit under my shirt cuff. I am deciding between the Cartier Tank Solo XL (automatic with date) and Omega Speedmaster Professional (approx £2,250) since the budget I have in mind is £2-3,000. I am inclined to purchase the Speedmaster because I have yet to own a chronograph watch. However, the Tank Cartier is a dress watch and hence would fit nicely for work. Please advise


- 94 -

which watch is worthwhile to purchase in terms of horological history, and should remain a classic. The Cartier Tank is one of those watches that makes the poor Snob cry, along with Faust: “Two souls, alas, dwell within my breast!” (Again).The Tank is one of the oldest of modern wristwatch designs, although like many interesting watches its actual origins are shrouded in the mists of equal parts apocrypha and wishful thinking. It was actually a quite difficult watch to get for much of its history and it’s been worn, if you care about that sort of thing, by more than its fair share of arbiters elegantum over the years. The problem is that it has been imitated to within an inch of its life, and not the least often by Cartier itself, which decided to sell its birthright for a bowl of red pottage in the late, unlamented 70s, and brought out thousands of ghastly Must de Cartier versions of really incredible cheapness (one of the last things my dear departed paterfamilias vouchsafed to observe about the Tank before shuffling off this mortal coil was that they should have called it the Must Not). A lot has happened to enable the Tank (and Cartier) to regain its respectability, but unfortunately the most interesting current model – the Tank Louis Cartier Skeleton – is well out of your budget. The Speedmaster is for you (it’s also more than £2,500, but not by much). There are other quite good watches at roughly that price – Nomos Glashütte and Grand Seiko both come to mind – but they should be entertained after the Speedmaster (Moonwatch!) is yours.






Provides an initial advance of capital while Borro experts manage the sale of your luxury assets and maximise the sale value for you.

Enables the use of your luxury assets to secure short term funding. No credit checks are needed and assets are returned upon loan repayment.

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Parties, launches and fabulous people This issue: Baselworld

Bulgari celebrated the 40th anniversary of the iconic Bulgari Roma watch with a cocktail party hosted by SEO Jean-Christophe Babin. The party was ‘enlightened’, say Bulgari, by the presence of model Eva Herzigova. The model and actress endorsed the new Bulgari LLvcea white gold case and bracelet with full pavé diamond-set dial. The guests were serenaded by award-winning singer Gena West and DJ Isaac Ferry.

wat ch

- 96 -

At EG Chauffeurs we offer a luxury, secure and discreet chauffeur service in London and UK wide, with an exceptionally qualified and reliable team to truly boast about. Whether you require a business chauffeur, leisure travel or a chauffeur for that special evening out, we are confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations. Our large fleet of top-of-the-range vehicles are nothing short of impressive, and everybody receives the VIP treatment. For London’s finest chauffeurs please call us on: 0207 117 2905



• Official Service Station for Agusta • A dedicated and professional team for an efficient follow-up after-sales

• The leading expert in providing safe and secure helicopter transportation • A specialized helicopter management team with a professional and discreet service • One of the most exciting European helicopter fleet for a unique service from its bases of Monaco, Geneva, Courchevel, Paris, St Tropez and Le Castellet

• A large fleet of single and twin engines helicopters for business transfers and VIP transportation • A dedicated helicopter management, from flight operation with a customized handling service to the maintenance support • The perfect helicopter/yacht interface to support yacht’s owners in helicopter management operation


Héliport de Monaco Avenue des Ligures MC 98000 MONACO Phone: +377 97 97 39 00 info@monacair.mc


Aéroport International du Castellet Hangar n°3, 3100 route des Hauts du Camp 83330 LE CASTELLET Phone: +33 4 94 98 39 92 info@skycam.fr

Hélistation Archamps International Business Park 74160 ARCHAMPS Phone: +33 4 50 39 85 21 info@skycam.fr

SKY MAINTENANCE SERVICES Aéroport International du Castellet RN8, 3100 route des Hauts du Camp 83330 LE CASTELLET Phone: +33 4 94 98 39 94 info@skymaintenanceservices.fr


ALPHAPRINT 06 - 04 93 14 91 65


• Licensed Part 145 for Eurocopter and Agusta helicopter family

- t r av el -

me Stunning Zambia has topped a list of must-see countries. With safaris, river adventures and of course the spectacular Victoria Falls, the country has seen a recent boost in tourism with a crop of new luxury boutique and larger hotels. See page 108.

- 99 -

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By Mark Southern


ack in 1986, soft-rockers Berlin soundtracked Tom Cruise’s Top-Gunning adventures with their ode to inhalation. Mark Southern jetted to the German capital to discover if the city nobody’s favourite band took their name from lives up to the hype. Hype, it’s a funny old creature. Decades of celebrity tabloid tittle-tattle and everincreasing hyperbole have conditioned us to a life where even the most mundane of things claims to be the biggest or the best, the most this or the greatest that. Naturally, the hype machine has worked its mechanical tentacles into international tourism. So we get New York telling us it’s the ‘busiest’, Vegas the most ‘fabulous’, Paris the most ‘romantic’, and Dubai the ‘fastestgrowing’. It’s a global game of mine’s bigger than yours, which almost everyone’s playing. But the truth is nearly always far removed from the tourist board’s spurious claims. But there’s one city out there that you don’t often hear from, and you absolutely should. It’s a city that could make a serious claim to be the most historic of the past 100 years; that could make a case for being the most welcoming destination on the planet, and less positively, a pretty decent argument for the worst food in Europe. That city is Berlin, and it is remarkable. Perhaps the most remarkable city you’ll ever visit, and they can put that on the poster if they like.

But they won’t be putting that on any promotional material because, unlike almost every other tourist destination, you’ll struggle to find a more self-effacing and humble people than Berliners. While most cities wear their history on their sleeve, broadcasting a proud symphony of their past, the modern Berliner walks among visual reminders of events they wish had never happened. From dozens of world war museums and monuments to parts of the infamous Wall still on show, the chilling past is displayed in a respectful way that complements the bustling metropolis the German capital has become. It’s a truly astonishing place for anyone with even the tiniest interest in history, and it makes for possibly the best weekend break you’ll ever take. From fascinating retellings of the bleak past in the meticulously maintained museums to the reconstructed Checkpoint Charlie, the modern history of this beautiful city is laid out in a very honest and open way. They don’t hide anything, but simply accept the city’s past and try to make a better future both for themselves and the people who visit. This frank and sincere attitude is stamped across everything and everyone you meet, and it’s genuinely moving to see how the people of this great city have come together to create a capital that is a credit to its nation. In 1963 President Kennedy famously said: “Ich bin ein Berliner.” More than 50 years later, the world would be a much better place if we could all say the same thing.

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Stay. As you’d expect from a city with

Get about. It’s a big old city,

and taxis are sometimes tricky to find. However, it’s also the kind of place you really need to see from ground level, with an experienced guide who can talk you through some of the century-defining history you’d otherwise miss. The very best way of doing this is on a Segway. Being a progressive city, much of it is very cycle friendly, with wide open squares and safe roadside paths, and zipping around at 20kph on a Segway is the perfect way to get a feel for the place. Highly recommended. erstesabsinthdepotberlin.de

so much to see there are plenty of hotels to choose from. However, to visit Berlin and not stay at the world-famous Hotel Adlon Kempinksi would be the kind of mistake you’ll have nightmares about in years to come. Situated just yards from the Brandenburg Gate, the hotel has a classic, epic quality with a modern flourish. Everything from the stunning lobby to the exquisitely appointed rooms is finished in the most stylish way, with those parts of the original hotel not destroyed in the war lovingly restored in the most seamless fashion. Don’t be cheap though, splash out on the very best hotel room in the city, the Presidential Suite. Not only is this spacious suite one of the most gloriously decadent you’ll ever experience, with but you’ll also be able to tell friends you stayed in the suite where Michael Jackson infamously hung his baby from the window. When we say history is around every corner, we’re not kidding. During your visit make sure you take at least a couple of hours to visit the hotel’s award-winning spa, and book two hours in the self-contained private spa rooms, which feature your own hot-tub, sauna and steam room. In a weekend when you’ll be on your feet a lot (hint: take sensible shoes; it’s a big place and you’ll walk most places), the hotel’s spa is a lovely way to kick back and relax. kempinski.com


For all of Berlin’s many qualities, culinary heaven it is not. There is a reason why Germany, along with Britain, is the butt of chefs’ jokes worldwide, so don’t expect an unforgettable taste experience. However, there are some excellent places in which to dine out, including the gourmet fine dining restaurant at the Hotel Adlon, Lorenz, where the tasting menus are as good as any you’ll find. If you’re looking for something different, try dining in pitch darkness at the Unsicht Bar, where the customers are served by blind waiters who navigate the complete blackness with ease. The added sensation of losing the sense of sight takes a while to get used to, but is worth it for the increased taste sensation. unsicht-bar.com

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Image: Rob Truijen

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Party. In the 1920s Berlin was considered the most party-licious hot spot in Europe, with a liberal anything-

goes attitude to its nightlife. These days, it’s winning that reputation back, with hundreds of cool bars and clubs. For something memorable (or not as the case may be), get along to the Absinthe Depot for a tasting session of the finest vintages of the green fairy you’ll ever experience. Hosted by a fun and knowledgeable English speaker, guests taste a variety of absinthes and party the night away. Just don’t blame us if you start seeing things. erstesabsinthdepotberlin.de

Culture. Words cannot hope

to do justice to the sheer number of important landmarks and museums in Berlin. The handy thing is that many of the most ‘don’t-miss’ destinations are within close proximity of each other, and a visit to Museum Island will see you learn about everything from German culture to ancient Egyptian art. However, it’s the museums dedicated to two world wars and subsequent fall-out that hold a special interest in this city above all, and both the Topography of Terror and the Wall Museum are fascinating beyond belief. topographie.de

Bird’s-eye view.

The contrast between the beautiful, classic German architecture and the far less attractive but pragmatic Soviet communist buildings is as stark as you would imagine. A great way of taking all this in is to go up the TV tower and enjoy the stunning views of Berlin while enjoying a cocktail, or even dinner in the rotating restaurant. tv-turm.de

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Getting there. BMI fly to Berlin from Heathrow, and its business class has become truly world class, with great food, service, comfort and lounge. Check it out on your next flight as it’s not to be missed. flybmi.com

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hen it comes to a short European break, it doesn’t get much better than a whirlwind trip to Ibiza. Indeed, what could be better? Throw in a private jet, huge private villa, dinner at the hottest restaurant in town and a night of partying at the legendary Pacha, and you have the recipe for maybe the best 36 hours of your life. My weekend began on a dreary Tuesday morning at 5.40am, when I was picked up in a chauffeur-driven car and taken to Luton’s private terminal to catch our Jet Partners flight. Jet Partners, which was set up by Patricio Zunino and Antony Rivolta, is the first of its kind

in the private jet world. The company specialises in what is known as ‘empty leg flights’, where companies sell seats on jets that are flying empty from one destination to the next. There may be any number of reasons for the spare capacity, such as flying to collect passengers or returning to base to be positioned for their next flight. Jet Partners acts as a broker to sell these seats at a very cost-effective price and, until now, there was no one place you could visit in order to find and book these flights – so jetpartners. net was launched. Private jet travel could not be more different to normal aviation travel. There’s no hustle and

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bustle trying to fight your way through security, no long queues, just a comfortable lounge to relax in until the aircraft is ready. On board the captain introduced himself and gave us a quick brief as to flight times and the route, and also mentioned that they would be trialling the new menu from Novikov – what a pleasant little surprise. It matched the champagne perfectly as we took to the skies and Novikov must have got the wrong brief – there was enough food to last six months on a desert island, everything from lobster and caviar to scrambled egg with truffles.

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It was like a scene from Goodfellas, walking through kitchens, dark passageways and stairs to our VIP table

Upon landing in Ibiza we were taken by private transfer to the villa, where we would be putting our heads down that evening (or not as the case may be). The villa itself is 15 minutes from the airport and located on the side of a beautiful mountain with sea views. Recently renovated, the eight-bedroom Can Tehani villa is decorated to a very high standard; every room has been meticulously thought out and tastefully decorated. Celine, the owner, joined us for lunch on the deck overlooking the infinity pool. After a few hours of relaxation in the villa it

was time to break my Ibiza virginity. Having heard stories for the past 20 years about this wonderful party island, I was looking forward to seeing what it had in store. We started the night at Bambudhha Grove, a restaurant which is as famous for its food as it is its celebrity clientele. I’d heard great things about Bambudhha and it didn’t disappoint. We were welcomed by head chef Alejandro Arquero Martinez, who talked us through his inspiration for the food and told us to relax and enjoy the taster menu, introducing each dish himself. After finishing our meal we were met by Felden, who runs Boutique Ibiza, a company

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he set up to cater for the island’s elite – when it comes to knowing what do to or where to go, Felden is your man. He had arranged for us to visit one of the island’s most famous clubs, Pacha. Striding past the 800-strong queue, it was like a scene from Goodfellas, walking through kitchens, dark passageways and stairs which suddenly led us to our table in the VIP area. Within five minutes we were surrounded by drinks. Go Felden. We then partied the night away like a group of 18 year olds, getting home at 7am, which I don’t think I’ve done since 1997.

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After a few hours sleep, it goes without saying that I didn’t feel particularly fresh. It helped that we now had 4-5 hours sitting beside the pool in the gorgeous sunshine before our return flight to London. Having a private chef on hand certainly managed to cure those hangover blues. Our time in sunny Ibiza was coming to an end, and way to soon. I had just started to get into the swing of life on the island and now it was time to fly home, albeit by private jet. The whole experience was superb – however, the highlight for me was travelling by private jet. Having travelled extensively over the years, the real issue I have is airports and the whole experience around flying, which can be long and drawn out. Travelling by private jet really does take out all of the hassle that comes with flying commercial, plus it’s so much quicker. I would urge anyone who hasn’t flown private to give it a try. Jet Partners has bought this opportunity to the masses by launching this superb service and you’ll be amazed at some of the prices available. Thanks all for a memorable trip. Jay Boisvert

Get there. www.jetpartners.net | www.bambudhha.com www.boutiqueibiza.com | www.joriwhitepr.com

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Born for serious fun LuxuryWaterToys provides yacht standing watersports services, sales and Rental. Our innovative and exclusive products are selected and designed to meet your high expectations. Our Jetsurf is the lightest powered surfboard ever built. Made from high tech materials such as Carbon Fibre and Kevlar, the Jetsurf will bring a whole new, thrilling experience to your time on the water. The Jetsurf combines physical effort and pure fun, mixing the world of extreme sport with the world of Luxury. VIP Training: We offer you an exclusive service with personal trainers. Wherever you want - in villas, hotels or on a boat. Whenever you whant - our teams are avalaible at any time to show you the perfect match between serious action and fun. As Jetsurf World Champions 2013, we guarantee you the highest quality instruction. Let us show you a new form of leisure - we know you will be amazed.

www.luxurywatertoys.eu - info@luxurywatertoys.eu - +33(0)

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River Deep, Memorable Moments High By Mark Southern

Africa deserves its reputation for friendly welcomes, but Zambia provides those who make the effort to travel there with the kind of genuine hospitality you will rarely find elsewhere. Boasting vast, sprawling national parks, the country is well stocked with luxury hotels. But it’s the Royal Livingstone Hotel, in the town of Livingstone, that is the jewel in the nation’s crown.

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ituated on the green and pleasant banks of the relentlessly rolling Zambezi river, the hotel occupies a sensational spot for the luxury traveller. Built and styled in a blend of Victorian splendour and local flavour, the hotel sits in the middle of a spacious walled complex, where giraffes, zebras and monkeys drift and scurry around the grounds, much to the delight of guests. The true glory of the hotel’s location is only hinted at on arrival, though, as guests make their way down the river on a water taxi, dodging in and out of the hippos before witnessing the rising steam of what is one of the biggest and most powerful waterfalls, Victoria Falls, just a short distance from the hotel’s front lawns. It’s not until you take a short trip to the other side of the Falls that their real majesty is revealed, where the imposing wonder stretches over a mile wide and the water crashes down over 100 metres, cloaking the entire area in a glorious wet mist. Microlight flights over the Falls are available and are highly recommended, with the tandem pilots soaring in and out of the blissfully refreshing micro-climate the moisture creates. Food at the hotel is exceptional, with an eclectic mix of Zambian, French and Italian fare. The ambience is first class luxe, dining in style with the astonishing wildlife grazing just yards away. The town and the hotel are named after the Scottish explorer, David Livingstone, whose African adventures were the stuff of legend in Victorian Britain, and the Royal Livingstone should be on the to-do list of every luxury traveller seeking their very own eyeopening adventure. suninternational.com

Get there.

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Fly British Airways from Heathrow to Livingstone, via Johannesburg. Don’t forget to upgrade to BA’s award-winning First Class for the perfect way to arrive in style.

Life as it should be

Hidden within Montenegro’s mountainous terrain and undulating landscape, is where you will find Luštica Bay, a pioneering real estate and lifestyle development. Encompassing luxury villas, quaint townhouses, two marinas, boutique hotels, and a signature 18-hole golf course designed by Gary Player, Luštica Bay is leading the charge in placing Montenegro on the map. The inherent active lifestyle is one of this region’s greatest attractions. Life is best enjoyed outdoors, where sunrise yoga sessions, golf competitions and sailing regattas rule the roost. Located just ten minutes from Tivat airport, it is tantalisingly close to various cultural hubs including the quiet town of Perast and the UNESCO world heritage site of Kotor. Design at Luštica Bay pays homage to the classical Montenegrin architecture found at these locations, with each home resonating the region’s traditional style, coupled with modern, eco-technology.


+382 77 200 100


Luštica Development AD Tivat , 85323 Radovići, Montenegro


ONE TOWER BRIDGE The final stage of this extraordinary scheme in the heart of London has now been unveiled. Each residence benefits from high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalise on the commanding panorama. The One Tower Bridge lifestyle also provides residents with a five-star, 24-hour concierge service by Harrods Estates and a plethora of leisure and entertainment facilities, including state of the art gym, private health club and spa, a Barr and Wray-designed swimming pool lined with Italian mosaic white gold titles, virtual golf simulator and a deluxe business lounge. Prices from ÂŁ1.4-15m. onetowerbridge.co.uk

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Combine luxury country living with an easy commute into the city with one of these stylish properties By Martin Roberts

The property market has fluctuated since records began, with periods of growth followed by periods of adjustment. However, two things always remain true:

Commutable country manors If you need to work in a city but prefer the quieter life of the countryside you can have it all. Here are three perfect properties that are just a stone’s throw from your office desk

1. In the long term, house prices have always risen, approximately doubling every ten years since the 1940s. 2. Desirable properties in sought-after locations will always weather any storms better than others. With that in mind, I’m on the hunt for the most outstanding properties in the UK and will bring them to you in these pages every month. They will be a selection of the very best that’s on offer, from the Highlands of Scotland to fishing villages in Devon. Even if someone else has beaten you to them by the time you read this, use them a guide to what you should be looking for and as inspiration for the incredible properties that are out there waiting for you.

Knowsley Manor, Bolton, Lancashire

This astounding Georgian-style manor house enjoys the latest in intelligent home technology and has recently undergone a professionally designed interior transformation. It boasts a purposebuilt cinema and stunning lower ground floor swimming pool, gymnasium, games room and leisure area. Boasting seven bedrooms and a three-bedroomed detached housekeeper’s bungalow, this is a splendid period property that offers sublime elegance and future-proofing. Guide price: £6m. fineandcountry.com

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Durford Hatch, Petersfield, West Sussex

This substantial country house combines quintessential English country views with a modern layout and extended accommodation, perfect for family life and entertaining. With seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a media room, orangery, outdoor heated swimming pool and breeze house, this home provides handsome facilities. It’s even got an impressive treehouse and is set in more than six acres of beautiful countryside. Guide price: £3,75m hamptonsinternational.com

Goldingtons, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Only 29 miles from central London, this impressive Grade II Georgian manor house has a historical importance and sits in approx 51 acres of the beautiful Chess Valley. Comprising eight bedrooms, eight reception rooms, seven bathrooms, indoor pool and a tennis court. There is also a Victorian coach house with stables and a lodge cottage within the beautiful grounds. Guide Price: £4,95m. savills.com

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a s ' e Lif

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h c a e b

Many of us are now looking for homes abroad. Here’s Martin Roberts’ guide to three of the world’s most exclusive addresses Savvy property investors have recognised the benefits of foreign property ownership for decades, but the advent of regular flights to a range of destinations in recent times has opened up new markets for those wanting to buy abroad. Owning a holiday home in an idyllic setting has obvious appeal, but buying in a ‘hot’ location can also provide diversification to an investment portfolio, with the added appeal of being able to let it out to holiday-makers. You decide if this is just for family and friends or if you want to generate a rental stream. While the popularity of destinations such as the USA, Spain and France remain, new emerging places are now witnessing a return in buyer confidence. If you’re serious about foreign property ownership, ensure you carry out plenty of research, consider resales as well as new developments, and always consult a UK-based specialist overseas property lawyer. Remember that exchange rate fluctuations will also impact on the price and ongoing expenses.

Sunwatch, Barbados

Consistently aspirational, Barbados has for years been the secondhome choice for celebrities and high fliers. The famous West Coast plays host to the likes of Sir Cliff Richard and Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber, while The Cliff restaurant in St James is quite simply one of the best in the world. Just down the road from The Cliff you’ll find Sunwatch – one of the finest homes on the exclusive Sugar Hill Resort. This singlestorey 669 sqm villa sits in two acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and enjoys unobstructed views of the coast. Comprising six bedrooms, six bathrooms, swimming pool, tennis courts and leisure facilities, it is accessed via a wooden bridge over a lily pond, where you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking view of the ocean. The property has a two-bedroomed detached cottage in the grounds, which is perfect for renting out. Guide price: $5.95m. knightfrank.com

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Lustica Bay, Montenegro

One of shining stars of the new generation of foreign destinations, Montenegro’s rugged beauty and stunning coastline boasts A-list celebrities and royalty among its regular visitors. Being tipped as the next Monte Carlo, foreign investors from Russia, and the UK in particular, are being drawn to the Adriatic shores of Montenegro, which boasts everything from charming coastal resorts to unbridled glitz and glamour. Voted as one of the top 10 glamorous destinations in the world, Montenegro is giving the Côte D’Azur a run for its paparazzi-flashed money. There’s strong demand for property and one of the best developments is Luštica Bay, which brings together a unique blend of local heritage and untouched nature with eco-friendly architecture and worldclass facilities. A joint initiative between Orascom Development Holding and the Government of Montenegro, Luštica Bay has been designed as a highly sustainable and sociable coastal community. From year-round sporting activities to shops, spas, beaches, bars and an extensive selection of accommodation, it’s rewarding to see that Luštica Bay is committed to the protection and preservation of the natural beauty of this amazing coastline. Prices range from $220,000 to $3m. lusticabay.com

Kaltsonisi Island, Greece

The shores around Greece are renowned for being among the bluest in the world, and here’s a chance to buy your very own piece of them. Grecian islands very rarely come on the market – so one as charming as this is quite a find. Sitting just off the southern tip of Paxos, the island covers 25 acres. It is undeveloped, but permission has been granted to build a 380 sqm house there. The only existing building is the 17th-century church, which is used once a year; for the rest of the year you have the thickly wooded island to yourself. It can be reached via boat from Gaios and would make the perfect secret retreat. Price in the region of $5m. aylesford.com

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Doodle Rug

A contemporary design in a wool mix. Makes a stunning centrepiece or brightens a dull room. £229 dwell.co.uk

style By Kirsty Withyman

Jamaica Bold Print Bed Set

Spring tends to come with a plethora of new, fresh designs celebrating colour, and the trend for bold, citrus shades shows no signs of abating. Team these saturated hues with softer, neutral colours to make a scheme more liveable.

The bright citrus shades of lime yellow, violet blue and crisp white make this Italian bedding fresh and fun. £435 eu.frette.com

Russel Wright at Bauer Pottery

This iconic and technically innovative tableware is now produced by a small Los Angeles-based pottery and comes in a range of muted pastel colours. Modern pitcher in Sea Foam.
£75. eclectdesign.com

White Feathers Ceiling Light Shade

Sculpted in white feathers, this delicate ceiling lamp shade is eye-catching and unique. Matching lamp shades are also available. Very chick, I mean chic. £199 hurnandhurn.com

Murphy Armchair

A modern rendition of the much-loved armchair has a contemporary silhouette and is fashioned in luxe velvet in a variety of soothing colours. Handcrafted in the UK. £995 luxdeco.com

Bisque Designer Radiator

Well known for its designer radiators, Bisque has just launched its new Acid Pastel range. A bit of a blast from the 1980s, these brighter shades are not quite neon, not quite pastel, and are very 2015. Classic radiator in Lemon: from £359

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Saraille Wallpaper from Contarini Collection by Designers Guild Create a fresh look to any room with this stunning wallpaper that gradually fades from intense colour to white. Available in a variety of spring-like shades. £213 amara.com

Master a classic, rally-prepared Porsche 911 on an ice-covered lake in northern Sweden. With meticulously prepared lake circuits, lined by cushioned snow banks and world-class instruction, we deliver the ultimate ice driving experience for all abilities.


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The flagship of the new Fortis collection, the Terrestis Orchestra a.m, is elegant yet unpretentious. The domed sapphire crystal, domed dial, drop-shaped lug and new crown make this an unmistakably, yet discreet, elegant timepiece. The rosegold indices and hands emphasise the classic attitude of this timepiece. The dial of the Orchestra is available in the a.m. version, with a silver-opaline dial, and in the p.m. version, with an anthracite dial. The case is available in stainless steel or rose-gold.

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