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Rabbi Lisa J. Grushcow, D. Phil., Senior Rabbi


hen we lived in New York City, we used to get seltzer delivered to our door. Every other week, Walter Backerman – aka Walter the Seltzer Man – would show up with fresh seltzer in old glass bottles with silver spigots on top, delivered in a wooden box. It was a luxury, and at some point, the seltzer line in our budget was permanently displaced by diapers. But the seltzer, good though it was, was never the only attraction. The point was the visit from Walter, and the connection with the past. In an interview with National Public Radio, Walter reminisced: My whole life was spent doing seltzer, and the funny thing about it is that since I’m one of the last left as far as the seltzer world is concerned, it’s like to a lot of people I’m selling memories. It’s the same bottles that my father delivered to them, maybe that my grandfather delivered to the grandparents. You come into their house, for some reason for that moment in time, the husband’s still there, the kids are still there, they’re young. Somehow, I bring in history. I love that image, of Walter bringing in memories along with those beautiful bottles. We often approach our Judaism the same way: as bottled-up history, something which connects us with those who came before us. We sit in Temple and hear familiar tunes, and feel connected with our parents or grandparents who sat where we are sitting. For many of us, though, our stories are different. Maybe you grew up at another congregation, and came to Temple through marriage or children, or through your own spiritual search. Maybe you converted to Judaism, and are making Jewish memories here for the very first time. Maybe you grew up at Temple, but are looking for your own way to connect. Here at Temple, we have always been engaged in a holy balancing act: honouring the past, and building the future. One hundred and thirty years ago our predecessors wrote: “We, the undersigned Israelites of this City, recognizing the necessity of preserving Judaism in all its pristine glory, and making it clear and comprehensible to the rising generation, are in favour of organizing a progressive congregation…” They saw the glory of the past, and wanted to make it endure into the future. It is that charge which I am privileged to carry, together with all of you. And so, in this first year, my primary task


has been to learn and honour the traditions of Temple. I am looking forward to celebrating our history when we gather on June 13, and I am grateful to everyone involved in that extraordinary effort. It will be a breathtaking night. The more people I speak to, the more I learn how much this congregation has been shaped by generations of its members. We belong to a remarkable community, and its story deserves to be told. Since coming here, I have gone around the city speaking at different synagogues and institutions, to share some of what we offer with the broader Jewish community, and to spread the word about what we are all about. From the very beginning, we were founded as a place of inclusivity and innovation. The story of Temple, and the Judaism we represent, is not just for the outside world; it’s for us within the walls of Temple as well. This year, we have learned together about Reform Judaism, where we are coming from and where we are going. Hundreds of you know more now about the origins of the Reform movement than you ever imagined, and I thank you for coming to hear me speak on one of my favourite subjects! The Temple Centre for Culture and Learning (TCCL) has helped us get our adult learning off to a running start, and our Jewish Interfaith Family Forum (JIFF) has started essential conversations, especially for grandparents. Our newly-revived Temple Youth Group, MoFTY, is up and running, our Torah School is flourishing, and our young families are connecting with each other and Temple life. If you look at the calendar, you will see a spring full of guest speakers and programs of all kinds. There truly is something for everyone here, and the buzz in the building – whether it was at our Purim carnival or getting ready for a meaningful Passover – has been absolutely inspiring. Come in and check it out. Our sages compare Torah to mayim chayim, living water. Like Walter’s seltzer in those beautiful glass bottles, this water has meaning because it connects us to the past. What makes it alive – what has always made it alive – is how it bubbles over with possibility, taking us forward together. L’chaim!

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Rabbi Lisa Grushcow


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Rabbi We want to know what is happening in your life. If you or someone you love is experiencing an illness or other challenge, please let us know by contacting the rabbi’s study, 514-937-3575, ext. 208 or so that we can reach out. Saturday mornings, 9:00 AM - Weekly Torah Study Join Rabbi Grushcow every Saturday morning for a stimulating Torah study session. All are welcome and there is no charge. Coffee and pastries are provided. Friday, April 12, 7:45 PM - Shabbat service and Yom HaShoah commemoration Guest speaker, Dr. Catherine Chatterly, founding director of the Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, will speak during the service on the topic of “The Anti-Semitic Imagination”. Sunday, April 14, 7:00 PM - Christian Commemoration of the Shoah At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 4355 rue de l’orphelinat Friday, April 19, 7:45 PM - Shabbat service and Yom HaAtzmaut celebration Tuesday, April 23 - Hugh MacLennan Memorial Lecture At McGill University by Rabbi Grushcow on the topic of Liberal Religion in a Secular Quebec Friday, April 26 - Sunday, April 28 - Student Rabbi Daniel Kirzane will give a sermon on Friday evening titled “Going a Long Way: A Jewish Response to Global Poverty.” He will also lead the Torah discussion in the Chapel service on Saturday morning. He and Jessica Kirzane will take part in the family service. Jessica (doctoral candidate in Yiddish) will lead a Lunch and Learn session on Saturday about interfaith issues in Yiddish literature. Friday, May 10, 7:45 PM - Guest sermon by Reverend Arlen Bonner, Minister, St. James United Church Friday, May 24, 7:45 PM - Guest sermon by Rabbi Robin Nafshi, Temple Beth Jacob, Concord, New Hampshire May 21, May 28 and June 4, 7:00 - 9:00 PM - Rabbi Grushcow’s Lecture Series: “Jews and Food” Sundays, May 5 and June 2, 7:00 PM - Sunday Salon with Rabbi Andrea Myers: “How it’s Prayed: Adventures in Jewish History, Theology, and Liturgy”

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Berlusconi, Art, and the Fascists


n Milan, a centre for Holocaust education is dedicated, and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is present. All agreed, there were too many speeches, but surely every politician learns to keep eyes wide open during such events, lest he or she be caught asleep by potential voters. Not Berlusconi. He fell asleep, deeply so, and widely photographed with his eyes closed. It was even worse when he awoke. Because he currently holds no political office, Berlusconi did not speak during the gathering, but afterward, oh did he ever, saying, “Obviously the government of that time, out of fear that German power might lead to complete victory, preferred to ally itself with Hitler’s Germany rather than opposing it. As part of this alliance, there were impositions, including combating and exterminating Jews.” He insisted that Mussolini “did good things”, and described his notorious anti-Jewish racial laws of 1938 as his “worst mistake”. So controversial were Berlusconi’s remarks that the dedication of the Shoah memorial centre was virtually forgotten by the press. Italian politicians hastened to condemn his words, but some read the remarks as Berlusconi’s bid for right wing voters and for those seeking a new Il Duce to lead Italy out of its economic mess, for which Berlusconi seems not to recognize his leading role. Were Berlusconi’s remarks a “one off,” or is something unsavory unfolding in Italy, if not in Eu-

rope, in regard to us Jews? I am worried, because while Berlusconi was vaunting Mussolini’s leadership, I was viewing a huge art exhibit in Florence, “Anni Trenta,” “The ‘30’s”, a too-forgiving look at art during the period of Mussolini’s leadership. Held in downtown Florence at the Strozzi Palace in a dozen large rooms, this exhibition tries not to judge the ‘30’s in Italy, but simply to present the art of the day as it was received by the public and the press of its time. It wants to indicate that art was not strangled by Fascism, that artists could be creative and even radical under Mussolini’s nose. Such assertions are misleading. In fact, the art on display repeated motifs already 50 years old, produced Italian futurism that had turned stale, engaged in propagandistic postering and posturing, and seemed bound by an aesthetic that limited the venturesome spirit of art and awarded those who toed the Fascist line. Jewish artists who suffered through the period are represented, but their tale of suppression and fear is not told. “Anni Trenta” was a coat of shellac that tried to make the art shine for itself, but which ultimately turns dull and obscures what’s behind it. I share this with you because when, in 2013, educated people show the art of the Fascist period purposely avoiding background information, withholding the light of historical judgment, disinterested in relating that art to what it promoted

or especially what politics had suborned it from telling truth, we have evidence of a problem. It is the same problem that allows Silvio Berlusconi to think he can get away with glorifying Mussolini in the very city where he was unceremoniously hanged. Those who know better must speak up and speak loudly and speak the truth about Fascism, be it here in Italy or any place else. We do know better, so we must not fear to speak.

Rabbi Leigh Lerner

TEMPLE MUSIC Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. – Ludwig Van Beethoven. Coming up at Temple services this spring – an exciting assortment of musical accompaniment not to be missed! Here are some highlights: • Friday, April 5, 5:45 pm - The ShabbaTones, Temple’s Youth Choir, brings their joyful sound to the First Friday service in April. • Friday, April 12, 7:45 pm - The Kol HaNeshama Choir will inspire us as we commemorate Yom HaShoah. • Friday, April 19, 7:45 pm – Clarinetist, Mark Simons is our special guest, bringing a particular exuberance to our prayers. • Friday, April 26, 7:45 pm - This is a classic organ and choir Shabbat featuring the beautiful voices of the Temple Choral Sextet accompanied on the sanctuary’s built-in Cassavant pipe organ.


• Friday, May 3, 5:45 pm - The ShabbaTones, Temple’s Youth Choir, brings their joyful sound to the First Friday service in May. • Friday, May 10, 7:45 pm – Harpist, Olga Gross and Flautist, Lucie Bouchard bring an uplifting lyricism to the music of the service. • Friday, May 17, 7:45 pm - Flautist, Lucie Bouchard weaves warm harmonies through the songs. • Friday, May 24, 7:45 pm - This is a classic organ and choir Shabbat featuring the beautiful voices of the Temple Choral Sextet accompanied on the sanctuary’s built-in Cassavant pipe organ. • Friday, May 31, 7:45 pm – featuring the ruach (spirit) of the Kol HaNeshama Choir.

Rachelle Shubert

DO YOU LIKE TO SING? Contact me to talk about joining Kol HaNeshama, Temple’s Congregational Choir or the ShabbaTones, the Temple Youth Choir. I can be reached at or at 514-937-3575, ext. 235.





abbi Grushcow and I recently returned from a URJ sponsored conference in Philadelphia that was intended for Congregational Presidents and their first year Rabbis. Its goal was to provide both the President and the Rabbi with the support and information to encourage a smooth and successful transition. The conference was really useful and well organized, but I learned as much from what I experienced as from what was in the conference material. While “change” happens instantly, transition takes time. In most events, there is a beginning, middle and an ending. In the case of Rabbinic Transition, it is reversed. The process of transition goes through the stages - “ending, middle and beginning.” The “ending” has to do with both the new Rabbi and the congregation saying good-bye to relationships that they had for many years. The “middle” is the transition part where each of the different groups affected by the change are at different stages in the transition at any given time, keeping in mind that the issues for the Rabbi and her family are as large and complex as the issues for the Congregation and all of its constituents. The transition ends at the “beginning” - when both the Rabbi and the Congregation can say that they have reached a place of comfortable permanence. In most cases, according to studies done by the URJ and the CCAR, this can take many years. If any of you are interested to learn more about the process of transition as presented in the conference, please do not hesitate to ask me, either in person or by email.

At the end of the conference, Rabbi Grushcow and I agreed our transition process was going very well and we both learned things that will help us as we go forward. What I experienced at the Conference was, in many ways, more interesting. There were forty Rabbis and Presidents in attendance. Rabbi Grushcow and I were the only ones representing a Temple from Canada, and we were by far, the largest synagogue there. It was both comforting and disconcerting to learn that we are facing the same issues as every congregation represented and that these issues are common to all sizes and geographic locations - urban, suburban and rural. As Rabbi Grushcow and I talked to the other leaders about what we wanted to accomplish in the next few years, we were able to confirm that we are headed in the right direction, and in many instances, we are at the leading edge of change for what a synagogue can offer its members and community. The most interesting experience I had was participating in the Monday morning Shacharit service with forty Reform Rabbis. While each of us has an idea of what a Reform Rabbi is from the direct experiences that we have had; ours is based on the few Rabbis that we have had in our own Congregation as compared to the ones we have seen in Conservative and Orthodox synagogues. At this service, of the forty Rabbis present, some were wearing “Tefillin” and “Tallisim” and “Davening” in the same manner as the most Orthodox Rabbi you know; while the others, male and female in almost equal numbers, covered the

full spectrum of prayer practice. In fact, one of the Rabbis who led the service was formerly a member of the Army Corps of Engineers and played the guitar like a rock star. From this experience, I learned that the “how” is not as important as the “what.” While their styles of prayers varied greatly, each one was a Reform Rabbi who practiced and taught the principles of Reform Judaism as we have learned from our Rabbis in the past and as being taught by Rabbi Grushcow today. We can take pride in the diversity of the Rabbis that lead us, while taking comfort that the message is the same. I am also very proud of Rabbi Emeritus Lerner, who was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his long and distinguished service to our Temple and to the Montreal community. We are looking forward to his return from Italy so that we can celebrate this great honour with him in person. We had a fantastic Purim Spiel and celebration this year. Thank you to Rachelle Shubert and her band of Musketeers for making it so special. We have amazing plans for events for Passover. I look forward to seeing everyone participate. We have many fundraising and social events planned between now and the end of June. Temple has never been busier and we are only getting started.

Stephen Yaffe

PHOTO ALBUM Westmount Community Chanukah Celebration Rabbi Grushcow took part in the Westmount Community Chanukah Celebration and Candle Lighting Ceremony on Wednesday, December 12 at Westmount City Hall

Rabbi Grushcow, joined by Temple members, lit the indoor and outdoor menorahs and along with Cantorial Soloist Rachelle Shubert, led a Chanukah sing-along inside, where everyone enjoyed holiday treats including latkes and doughnuts.




PHOTO ALBUM Chanukah Raffle and Silent and Live Auctions Temple’s Annual Chanukah Raffle, Silent Auction and Live Auction benefiting Temple’s Torah School took place on Monday, December 10. The evening began with an elegant dinatoire. This was followed by a preview of the silent auction items and a dessert reception where our Torah School students performed several songs and Rabbi Grushcow and Cantorial Soloist Rachelle Shubert lit the menorah. The evening concluded with Ross Paperman conducting a live auc-



tion of exciting trips and sports memorabilia and finally, the draw for $10,000 in cash prizes. A heartfelt thank you to chairman Ian Shulman for once again making our Silent Auction and Raffle a huge success. We would also like to thank Ross Paperman for conducting the live auction and to everyone who supported the event by donating prizes, buying and selling tickets and bidding on the items for auction.






PHOTO ALBUM Purim Temple’s 9th Annual Purim Spiel – I Just Can’t Wait to be Queen: The Megillah According to Disney was truly a collaborative experience. As Director, I have to take a moment to congratulate the cast and the Temple family on such inspiring teamwork! There were so many examples of generosity and creativity that I am not able to name them all, but I do want to be sure to acknowledge Harry Rajchgot whose help editing the script was absolutely invaluable. Donna Pinsky’s ingenious choreography added hilarity to the production, Ali Maislin did a terrific job directing the Torah School segment of the show with the support of Melanie Alter, school director. Heidi Reinblatt produced beautiful flyers and Events and Program Coordinator, Valerie Roseman, did her magic behind the scenes. Rona Nadler supported the singing with her outstanding piano playing. Rabbi Grushcow and Rabbi Myers along with Ariella and Alice were completely hilarious as The Avengers. This event could not have

come together without the enthusiastic support of Executive Director, Shellie Ettinger and our President, Stephen Yaffe. We all had a great time working together. The amazing cast included: Ali Maislin, Alice Myers, Anne Sarah Dickman, Ariella Myers, Brenda Epstein, Cheryl Everett Rajchgot, Denise Lilliman, Donna Pinsky, Eli Samuel, Ethan Aubailly, Harry Rajchgot, Heather Solomon Bowden, Jonah Davis-Yanofsky, Josh Berry, Josh Hughes, Lucy Gimelshtein, Miriam Sossin, Natasha Lilliman, Rabbi Andrea Myers, Rabbi Lisa Grushcow, Saoirse McEntee-Velloza, Steven Zack, Wendy Thomas, Zack Billick, Zav Levinson. Watch for the announcements next winter and you too could be part of the cast of Temple’s 10th Annual Purim Spiel 2014. Here are some photos from this year’s festivities:

Megillah Reading, Costume Parade, Purim Spiel and Carnival









“Next Dor” Purim Crawl for 20s and 30s





TEMPLE CENTRE FOR CULTURE AND LEARNING (TCCL) About TCCL The goal of the Temple Centre for Culture and Learning is to create learning opportunities that will be engaging and meaningful to you as Temple members. No matter your age or your stage, whether your goals are personal enrichment and growth, a deeper understanding of our Jewish heritage and culture, gaining a greater sense of spiritual and physical well-being, skill enhancement, or simply the pleasure of meeting old friends and new and becoming a more involved member of the Temple family, we invite you to join us at our stimulating programs and activities.

APRIL The New Israel Coalition - What does it mean for the future? Presented by Paul Liptz Monday, April 8, 7:00 PM Professor Paul Liptz is a social historian who was a faculty member at Tel Aviv University for 35 years. He taught for over 25 years on the Jerusalem campus of the Hebrew Union College, dealing with modern Jewish history, Israeli society and the Middle East. He is Director of Education at the Anita Saltz International Education Center, World Union for Progressive Judaism in Jerusalem. Open to everyone. Free admission. This program is sponsored by ARZA Canada. R.S.V.P. at 514- 937-3575, ext. 213, or by April 3rd.

Third Seder for Yom HaShoah Monday, April 15th, 5:00 - 7:00 PM Echoing the Passover Seder, the annual Third Seder for Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, will feature participatory readings of contemporary and traditional texts and songs and much story telling. Prior to the communal Seder, there will be a book signing. The book will be available in two versions, one with and one without the CD, with its eighteen songs in English, Yiddish and Hebrew. Irene Lilienheim Angelico, Yehudi Lindeman and Irwin Tauben, along with Rabbi Grushcow, will host the Seder, accompanied by singers and musicians from the community. This year’s sponsors of The Third Seder are Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, the Remembrance Committee of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre and the Montreal chapter of Child Survivors/Hidden Children of the Holocaust. Suggested contribution is $8.00. R.S.V.P. appreciated at 514- 937-3575, ext. 213, or Rosie@


Wednesday, April 17, 9:30 AM coffee and pastry, 10:00 AM, review Winner of the 2011 Booker Prize, this novel tells the tale of Tony Webster, a man whose life and sense of himself is turned upside down as a result of the suicide of a childhood friend. Although The Sense of an Ending is relatively brief and focuses on the situation of a particular individual, it masterfully evokes the universal difficulty of gaining insight into our life experiences and the identity we forge out of them. Admission: $8.00








ADULT PROGRAMMING Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) Service Friday, April 19, 7:45 PM Celebrate Israel’s birthday at this special Friday night Shabbat service.

Hebrew Conversation Class EIGHT CONSECUTIVE MONDAYS, April 22- June 17, 7:30-9:00 PM * This program is highly subsidized for Temple members thanks to a very generous donation by an anonymous Temple member

Learn Hebrew in a friendly and relaxed environment. The nature of the class will be determined based on the level of those enrolled. Temple members: $18; Non-members: $118. Please note that there will be NO class on Monday, May 20 (Victoria Day statutory holiday). R.S.V.P. by April 15 to or at 514-937-3575, ext. 213.

“Little Jerusalem” Film Screening and Discussion, brought to you by the Temple Centre for

Culture and Learning, the Samuels Family and Vermont Public Television.

Wednesday, April 24, 7:30-9:30 PM

Join us as we view the one-hour documentary entitled “Little Jerusalem”, depicting the rich history and everyday life of Burlington, Vermont’s ultra-traditional Jewish community. From the late 1800s until World War II, it was clear that the 40-square-block neighborhood known to its residents as “Little Jerusalem” was unlike any other city in the United States. Learn the unique story of several hundred Jews who migrated from Lithuania and settled in northern New England through archival images and interviews with historians and descendants of the original settlers. The film screening will be followed by a stimulating discussion with Dorothy Dickie, Little Jerusalem’s Program Producer at Vermont Public Television. Cost: $8 for Temple and Cummings Centre members, $12 for non-members. R.S.V.P. Rosie at 514-937-3575 ext 213 or at by April 17. Saiger’s Department Store in Burlington, Vt.’s Jewish neighborhood in the early 1900s. Located on North Avenue at North Street, it later became Colodny’s market. Courtesy of UVM Special Collections.

Samuelson Children: Coonie, Bussie, Bub and Charlie Samuelson, who lived in the Jewish neighborhood of Burlington, Vt. The photo was taken approximately 1910. (They were Mark Bercuvitz’s uncles and an aunt. Mark’s mother, not pictured, moved to Montreal to find a husband – and did.) Courtesy Mark Bercuvitz.





“Ceremonial Cups: My Cup Runneth Over” A LECTURE BY RABBI ANDREA MYERS

Tuesday, April 30, 7:30 PM Join us for an exciting and educational evening. Admission is free. Dessert and coffee will be served. To register, please contact Valerie Roseman at 514-937-3575, ext.212


Musée des Religions and the Bird Sanctuary

Monday, May 6 (weather permitting) The Aron Museum is planning a bus trip to the Musée des Religions du Monde, which has an exhibition representing the world’s largest religions. Over the years, Temple’s Aron Museum has displayed many artifacts in the Musée. Our guides will be Dr. Victor Goldbloom and Barbara Weiser. It also has a sculpture garden dedicated to Quebec’s heroes. In the afternoon we will visit a marine wildlife habitat near Nicolet, Quebec, that is famous as a feeding ground for snow geese during the spring and fall migrations. Cost $60.00 for the bus, the museum entrance, and the kosher lunch and snacks that will be provided. Registration is required, as spaces are limited. To reserve a place for this exceptional tour, please call the Cummings Centre for Seniors at 342-1234 or Temple 514-937-3575, ext.213


Wednesday, May 8, 7:30 PM This darkly funny and original novel set in the American West during the Gold Rush tells the story of a reluctant assassin and his murderous brother. Homage to the classic Western and a comic tour de force, it won the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, The Roger’s Trust Fiction Prize and the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour in 2011 in Canada; in England, it made the short list for the Man Booker Prize. Admission: $10.00


“Kippot for Biblical Figures”

Coming to the Aron Museum at the end of May and running until mid-August, the exhibit will feature 25 kippot created by members of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Textiles, Toronto. The exhibit showcases the Guild Members’ creative use of a variety of materials and techniques. Each kippah is dedicated to a biblical figure and is embellished with references relevant to events in his or her life.

JUNE Book Lovers’ Forum: STEPHANIE KING REVIEWS “THE MARRIAGE PLOT” BY JEFFREY EUGENIDES Wednesday, June 12, 9:30 a.m. coffee and pastry, 10:00 a.m. review It is the early 1980s—the country is in a deep recession, and life after college is harder than ever. Madeleine Hanna, dutiful English major, is writing her senior thesis on Jane Austen and George Eliot, purveyors of the marriage plot that lies at the heart of the greatest English novels. As Madeleine tries to understand literary theory, real life, in the form of two very different guys, intervenes. Leonard Bankhead—charismatic loner, college Darwinist, and lost Portland boy—suddenly turns up in a semiotics seminar, and soon Madeleine finds herself in a highly charged erotic and intellectual relationship with him. Are the great love stories of the nineteenth century dead? Or can there be a new story, written for today and alive to the realities of feminism, sexual freedom, prenups, and divorce?





Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom Dedicated. Diverse. Dynamic.

Temple@130:Reflections In celebration of our 130 year history

Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom invites you to an elegant dinatoire and private viewing of


Thursday, June 13, 2013 *Benefactor.... $360....... 5:30 pm *Patron...........$225........ 6:30 pm *Friend............$72.......... 8:00 pm

(dinatoire, valet parking, guided exhibition preview) (dinatoire, exhibition) (exhibition)

Dessert reception for all to follow R.S.V.P. 514-937-3575, ext. 215 or by June 3, 2013. Please provide MMFA member number if applicable. Proceeds will be used for Temple’s lifelong learning and interfaith outreach initiatives. If unable to attend, a donation would be most appreciated. Please call 514-937-3575, ext. 215 *Partial tax receipt will be issued.





JEWISH INTERFAITH FAMILY FORUM (JIFF) Jewish Interfaith Family Forum is a Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom initiative that offers a range of programs that respond to the issues and needs identified by interfaith families as well as celebrate and enrich the interfaith family life. Our programming to date has welcomed both members and non-Temple members and the enthusiastic response from the numerous participants expressing their appreciation for having the opportunity to share their experiences indicates to us the importance of providing venue for this discussion for both our Temple family and the community at large. Past programs included “Grand-parenting in an Interfaith family: Let’s talk about it” ; an evening in November with over 30 grand-parents discussing with Rabbi Grushcow and family therapist Barbara Lis their experiences in Interfaith families . On February 25th- the Interfaith Grandparents Forum continued the discussion focusing with Rabbi Grushcow on issues of interest identified by past participants such as navigating life cycle events and holidays and sharing Jewish culture and values with grand-children while respecting and supporting adult children in their choices. In December we hosted an evening of Latkes and Vodka for past and present members of the Intro To Judaism classes. Host chef Erit Gillman demonstrated the art of mastering the perfect latke, Rabbi Andrea Myers shared her interfaith family experience of Chanukah, and we lit Chanukah candles and enjoyed some very innovative Vodka martinis mixed up by talented self-proclaimed mixologists from the group. In January “One Religion, Two Religions, No Religion, Whose Religion?” was an evening for parents led by committee members Shauna Van Praugh and Catherine Masden along with guest presenter Daniel Wienstock who drew from their personal experience and professional insight to lead round table discussions about roles of religion and community identity in their families. We have been busy and plan to continue the momentum. JIFF will collaborate with Federation CJA West Island to bring both the Interfaith Grandparents’ Forum introductory program and an interfaith parenting program to the West Island residents shortly after the Passover holiday. For specific dates refer to the Temple web page and/or weekly updates. We are proud to be chosen for support by Federation’s GEN J Project and aspire to continue to celebrate interfaith families in our communities. We are very grateful to our committee members who represent the different family generations living the interfaith experience and could not accomplish our goals without their dedicated involvement. The Temple gift shop is now stocking the informative and thought provoking book “Mingled Roots- A Guide for Jewish Grandparents of Interfaith Grandchildren” by Sunie Levin. Please contact Valerie Roseman at 514-937-3575, ext. 212, or for further information or if you have program suggestions.




ADULT PROGRAMMING ONGOING PROGRAMS Weekly Bridge at Temple Fridays, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Join us for a fun and challenging game every week in Community House. Cost: $10 p.p. includes lunch. Information: Howard at 514-937-3575, ext. 201, or

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50+ PROGRAMMING WESTMOUNT MINI CENTRE Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom, 395 Elm Avenue, Westmount Contact Michelle Lander 514.342.1234 local 7216

CONTEMPORARY MORAL ISSUES – NEW TOPICS Examine your moral beliefs with Dr. Michael Schleifer, ethics professor and psychologist, in this thought-provoking course as he explores six disputed moral issues. In many cases our convictions will be challenged. Topics include: Paternalism: Should the Government be Protecting Us? Free Speech: What are the Limits? Capital Punishment: Arguments for and against, Morality in War: Terrorism and Torture, Religion: Ethics, Politics and Education and Free Choice: Is it an Illusion? See Michael’s website:

Mondays, April 22 – June 3

1 – 3 p.m.

6 sessions


Dr. Michael Schleifer

ARON MUSEUM DAY TRIP TO MUSÉE DES RELIGIONS DU MONDE Join us for The Aron Museum of Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom trip to the Musée des Religions du Monde in Nicolet, Quebec, guided by Dr. Victor Goldbloom and Barbara Weiser. Over the years the Musée has proudly displayed many artifacts on loan from the Aron Museum. The Musée boasts the world’s largest exhibit of world religions and a sculpture garden dedicated to our Quebec heroes. Weather permitting, we will visit the Marine Wildlife Habitat renowned as the feeding grounds of the snow goose, native to the area. Registration is limited. Cost for the day includes transportation, entrance to venues, boxed lunch and snacks.

Monday, May 6

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Dr. Victor Goldbloom, Barbara Weiser

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: HIS MUSIC AND HIS JEWISH HERITAGE Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809-1847), child prodigy and musical genius, was the grandson of the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn. Born into a prominent Jewish family, he was raised without religion and baptized as a Lutheran Christian at age 7. He was a prolific composer, excellent musician and a much-loved conductor. His music was later banned by the Nazis as he was considered a Jew and re-emerged to great acclaim after the war. Audio and visual material will be used to explore the Mendelssohn family, the music of Felix and his legacy.

Tuesday, April 30

10 – 11:30 a.m.

1 session


Joseph Gilbert, MD

OBAMA, THE 9/11 DECADE AND BEYOND: THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS Explore the socio-political environment offered by a changing international political landscape. Probe the unique opportunities, challenges, themes and debates impacted by these “real world events” in both national and international arenas. Has the United States redefined its priorities in relation to ongoing developments and policies by transnational, regional and international actors? How will President Obama face the challenges of foreign policy, international conflict, security, global political economy and multilateralism?

Wednesdays, April 24 – June 5


10 - noon

6 sessions


Marvin Hershorn, MA



ADULT PROGRAMMING NEWS & VIEWS An analysis of national and international news of the day.

Thursdays, April 18 – June 3 10 – noon Thursdays, June 13 – 27 10 – noon

6 sessions 3 sessions

$96 $48

Stan Nachfolger, MA Stan Nachfolger, MA

IN THE CITY Innovative programs about unique people and places… in the city!


LECTURE, SOUPER LÉGER AND THE METROPOLITAN OPERA LIVE IN HD Start with a new edgy interactive lecture with Jonathan Patterson as he details the music and story of the opera *Rigoletto. Following a souper léger, we will then meet at the Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal, 977 St. Catherine St. W., to watch Director Michael Mayer’s modern production of Rigoletto (inspired by the antics of the Rat pack in Las Vegas in the 1960’s) *Rigoletto (Verdi) in Italian with English sub-titles.


Monday, 3 – 10 p.m. April 8

$48 Entire Program (lecture, souper léger & Rigoletto screening) $30 Rigoletto screening only (6:30 p.m.) Please register by Wednesday, April 3. $4 Parking rate with theatre ticket available at Place Ville Marie (Vinci Parking, entrance Cathcart Street) Jonathan Patterson has a diverse background in opera, theatre and dance. He teaches both the Acting and Movement classes at McGill University and is stage director for their Opera Excerpts class. Jonathan was most recently seen on-stage as Society Max in Guys and Dolls, Mr. Mell in The Play’s the Thing and played Harry Y. Esterbrook in Segal Centre’s Inherit the Wind.

MOVIES AND MUNCHIES presents THE MATCHMAKER Avi Nesher’s latest film mixes comedy with drama as it tells a unique coming-of-age story. Arik, a teenage boy growing up in Haifa in 1968, gets a job working for Yankele Bride, a matchmaker. Yankele works in a movie theatre run by a family of seven Romanian dwarves. As Arik begins to learn the mysteries of the human heart through his work with Yankele, he falls in love with his friend Beni’s cousin Tamara, who has just returned from America and is full of talk of women’s rights, free love and rock and roll. The disparate parts of Arik’s life collide in unexpected, often funny and very moving ways as he lives through a summer that changes him forever.

Tuesday, May 28th, 7 p.m. $10 refreshments included

MOTHERS’ AND OTHERS’ DAY TEA LECTURE AND BOOK SIGNING BY DEIRDRE KELLY What better way to say thanks to that special someone in your life! Grab your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, partner, in-law, or anyone with an interest in ballet, to attend a lecture and book signing by Deirdre Kelly, author and Globe and Mail journalist who wrote Ballerina: Sex, Scandal and Suffering Behind the Symbol of Perfection. Her revealing exposé paints an accurate portrait of the behind-the-scenes world of ballet. Add special cakes and tea on fine china and you have all the ingredients for an exceptional afternoon.

Door prizes and a special gift for everyone. Thursday, May 9, 2 p.m. COST: $36 For the most up to date information, please visit For more information about Mini Centre or In the City programs, please contact: Michelle Lander CUMMINGS JEWISH CENTRE FOR SENIORS 514-342-1234, ext. 7216




ADULT PROGRAMMING “TEMPLE WEST”: TEMPLE ON THE WEST ISLAND Temple West offers something for everyone! In addition to High Holy Day services and weekly West Island Torah School and Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes , “Temple West” offers family holiday celebrations, children’s activities, adult education, interfaith family programs and more – all on the West Island!

West Island Torah School and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs Mondays, 4:30-6:30 PM at the Hampton Inn- PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME AND LOCATION Temple’s Torah School offers classes on the West Island for students in grades 1 through 7. In addition to weekly classes, grade 6 bar/bat mitzvah students receive 9 half-hour private tutoring sessions. Grade 7 bar/bat mitzvah students receive 18 half-hour private tutoring sessions to teach them their Torah portions. For more information or to register, please contact our Director of Education, Melanie Alter, at 514-937-3575, ext. 210.

West Island residents, Temple wants your input! Temple’s goal is to continue to expand its presence in the West Island and to offer programs and activities that meet the local Jewish community’s needs. For more information or to share your ideas about how Temple can best serve you, please contact Valerie Roseman at 514-937-3575, ext. 212 or For information about upcoming programs, please visit the “Temple West” page on Temple’s website at

Save the Date: Temple West Spring Family Mitzvah Day Sunday, April 28th, 2:00-4:00 PM DOLLARD COMMUNITY CENTRE (CIVIC CENTRE) 12001 de Salaberry, D.D.O.

Come together with family and friends to participate in meaningful mitzvah projects that will help those in need. Open to all. Invite your family and friends. Snacks will be provided. No charge. R.S.V.P. or 514-937-3575, ext. 213, by April 23,

“NEXT DOR AT THE TEMPLE”: JEWISH COMMUNITY FOR 20s AND 30s “Next Dor at the Temple” is Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom’s young adult initiative (“Dor” means “generation” in Hebrew.) “Next Dor at the Temple” offers a taste of Jewish life in Montreal to young Jewish adults, both inside and outside the synagogue’s walls. Temple is proud to be the first Canadian congregation to join the “Next Dor” network – a group of congregations dedicated to reaching our young adults, where they are, whatever their background or interests. To learn more about “Next Dor at the Temple”, please contact Valerie Roseman at 514-937-3575, ext. 212 or Valerie@ You can also visit the “Next Dor at the Temple” page on Temple’s website at




CHILDREN’S, YOUTH and FAMILY PROGRAMMING “First Fridays” Early Kabbalat Shabbat Services April 5, May 3, June 7 The first Friday night of every month is dedicated to our families. On these dates, Friday evening services begin at 5:45 PM (no 7:45 PM service) and feature a more casual atmosphere, focus on singing and include a story/ dvar torah. After services, please join us for a special Oneg. IS YOUR CHILD CELEBRATING A BIRTHDAY THIS SPRING? Come to the “First Friday” service of your child’s birthday month! Birthday children will receive a special birthday blessing and of course, cake! Invite your family and friends!

Weekly Family Services on Shabbat Mornings Saturdays at 11:45 AM, whenever Torah School is in session Join our weekly Family Service from 11:45 AM-12:15 PM. All are welcome to attend, whether enrolled in Torah School or not.

Tot Shabbat Saturday morinings, 10-11:30 AM - April 6 to May 11 For children aged 18 months to 3 years accompanied by an adult. Parents and children will enjoy storytelling, arts and crafts, music and other activities that teach Jewish customs. Tot Shabbat introduces children to basic aspects of Jewish holidays and values and instills a positive feeling about Temple. Don’t forget– Junior Torah School starts at age 4! To register, please contact Melanie Alter at 514-937-3575, ext. 210 or

MoFTY- Temple’s Youth Group MESSAGE FROM OUR NEW YOUTH ADVISOR, LILY CHAPNIK: Hey there Temple! This is Lily Chapnik, your new Youth Advisor! In case you all didn’t know, Temple Emanu-El’s youth group, MoFTY (Montreal Federation of Temple Youth) is back up and running and better than ever! We’ve already had our first two events – a bowling adventure and a mini-golf event- both of which were AMAZING! MoFTY is for high school students aged 13 to 17 and is a fantastic way to meet people you might never have met otherwise! We are part of NFTY (the North American Federation of Temple Youth), a continent-wide organization that brings Jewish high school students together several times a year to make friends, learn, and have a great time! I am a NFTY alumnus myself and I can attest that being party of NFTY is one of my best high school memories! MoFTY is part of NFTY North-East Region, which includes congregations in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Upstate New York and of course, us, here in Montreal. If you have any questions about youth group, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Children are introduced to Temple life through stories, Hebrew language, song, dance and art. Following class time, children are invited to attend morning services with their families.




CHILDREN’S, YOUTH and FAMILY PROGRAMMING Junior Torah School - Ages 4 and 5 Saturday mornings at Temple 9:00 AM -10:00 AM- optional playtime/daycare supervision 10:00 AM-12:00 PM- classes

Torah School - Grades 1-5 Westmount - Saturdays from 9:00 AM-12:15 PM

West Island- Mondays from 4:30 PM-6:30 PM at the Hampton Inn and Suites Dorval Our cutting-edge Jewish studies and Hebrew curriculum was specifically developed for Reform congregational schools and is based on the key concepts and values of Jewish life. Students learn to decode in Hebrew, and then begin our prayer-based Hebrew program, which is child-centred and allows each student to progress at his/her own pace.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program - GRADES 6 AND 7 Pre Bar/Bat Mitzvah Workshop These three 90-minute sessions are designed to provide an overview of Jewish holidays, lifecycle events and important biblical figures in the Torah for grade 6 and 7 students and their families who are new to Torah School and have no prior Jewish education.

Grade 6 The goal of the grade 6 Jewish studies program is to develop a sense of Jewish values, synagogue life and mitzvah in our students. In Hebrew, students will learn the Torah trope (cantillation) and how to read, chant and understand the Torah blessings for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah service. Students also receive 9 half-hour private tutoring sessions. Students who have had no prior Hebrew reading experience may require additional tutoring (additional fees apply).

Grade 7 The grade 7 program consists of Judaic studies in English, including mitzvah and core knowledge, as well as occasional special services. Students and their families attend several Bar/Bat Mitzvah breakfasts where they explore the meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah from a spiritual, musical, and artistic perspective. Students receive 18 half-hour private tutoring sessions that focus on learning to read, chant and understand their Torah and Haftarah portions. Students who have had no prior Hebrew reading experience may require additional tutoring (additional fees apply).

Family Education Temple offers engaging and enriching family experiences for students in grades 1-7 and their parents, offering fun and meaningful opportunities to strengthen their Jewish identity.




CHILDREN’S, YOUTH and FAMILY PROGRAMMING Learning by Doing We believe that children learn most effectively through hands-on experience. That’s why we have introduced Yerusha to our program for students in grade 1-3. This program is guided and structured by a series of ranks and requirements, which students advance through at their own pace by completing tasks, such as making and hanging a mezuzah or creating a map of where Jews live in the world. Within each rank, there are recognized milestones for accomplishing required activities, so students are rewarded as they progress. Students advance through a 7-step rank system. To advance to the next rank, students must complete a number of activities, such as making an art project about a bible story, reciting a Shabbat blessing or learning a Hebrew song. (Eliminate this) When all the activities are completed, the student receives a kippah in the colour that corresponds to the rank and advances to the next rank. The student’s name is then posted on the Wall of Honour and their achievement is recognized during family services. Experiential learning is also happening in our grade 4-7 classes in Westmount. This year, we have introduced a series of electives as part of our religious school program. Students will now have the opportunity to choose an elective course, such as “Judaism Rocks”, “Jewish Traditions through Art”, “Jewish Eats and Treats” and “Tikkun Olam through the Senses”. These courses will allow the students to participate in fun and exciting activities while exploring Jewish themes, values and history.

“The Deep Dish” GRADES 8 AND 9 Saturdays, 9:00 AM- 12:15 PM at Temple Students will enjoy a pizza dinner and “dish” about topics and subjects that interest them. As a group, students will choose what they would like to study from a series of possible topics, including ethical dilemmas, current events, the Holocaust, Jewish and personal identity, comparative religion, and Israel and the Middle East. The overall theme of the Confirmation year is “What I know about being Jewish…and taking it on the Road”. Students will have the opportunity to synthesize all that they have learned throughout their years at Temple and to continue with their own ongoing development of Jewish identity and faith. In the spring, students will have an experiential learning opportunity on a Confirmation class trip, where they will have a chance to visit some interesting Jewish sights and connect with other Jewish teens. “A-TEEM” - GRADES 10 AND 11 (Assistant Temple Emanu-El Madrichim) The A-TEEM Madrichim program is a leadership and teaching experience for students in grades 10 and 11. The madrichim will have administrative duties as well as hands-on involvement with students. The A-TEEM will have the opportunity to facilitate school-wide tzedakah projects, assist with elective courses, photograph school events and holiday programs and help ensure the smooth running of day to day activities. Join the A-Teem! • Help shape Torah School • Gain new skills and develop new interests • Connect with friends, clergy, staff and the greater Temple community

To learn more about Temple’s Torah School, please contact our Director of Education, Melanie Alter, at 514-9373575, ext. 210 or




B’NAI MITZVAH We congratulate our B’nai Mitzvah and their families on this signal occasion in their lives. We look forward to them becoming members of the Confirmation Class and serving the Jewish, religious and community cause with devotion and commitment

Claudia Majdell daughter of Mandy Steinberg and Jude Majdell APRIL 11

celebrate Chanukah. I would like to donate to this organization because MADA prevents people from going hungry in my community.

thing to me in my life. My Bar Mitzvah means a lot to me. I believe it is the most meaningful event in the Jewish faith. My favourite school subjects include math, geography and gym. My trip to Israel was the greatest event I can remember. Visiting sights like Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and my dad’s birth place Rishon le Zion. I would like to give Tzedakah to MADA for the needy in the Jewish Community.

Micah Provost Zack Billick son of Katia and Kendall Billick April 13 I attend Lower Canada College in NDG. What I liked most about preparing for my Bar Mitzvah was that I learned to read a new language. An important lesson I learned was to help people in need who belong to my community and my world and do it “not for ourselves alone”. If there was one Mitzvah, commandment, that I would emphasize in my Jewish life it would be to help others. There are many different ways to help people; it’s not just giving someone money. Making a difference in someone’s life is caring. At my school we do community service to help others. I recently went to MADA. Having a Bar mitzvah is important to me because I am very excited to carry on the family tradition and the Jewish tradition of having a Bar Mitzvah. My favourite school subjects are definitely science and history. My hobbies are reading, doing magic tricks and hanging out with friends. My favourite sports are baseball, tennis, badminton and soccer. Something I want the congregation to know about me that this questionnaire doesn’t ask is that I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to many different places like Alaska, Italy, Turks and Caicos and to many parts of the United States. The organization I would like to give Tsedaka to is definitely MADA. MADA is an organization that helps mostly Jewish people in times of need. I recently volunteered at MADA to help pack mini menorahs to people who were not as lucky as me to be able to


son of Shauna Van Praagh and René Provost April 20 I’m in Secondary 1 at Collège Stanislas in Outremont, where my favourite subjects this year are Sports, History and Geography. In preparing to become a Bar Mitzvah, I enjoyed discussions with my teacher, Ali, about everything. I’ve learned from my studies that you should not take revenge or bear a grudge. In Jewish life, I think it’s important to give help or money or food to people in need. To me, becoming a Bar Mitzvah means being more autonomous, reading from the Torah, and taking on more responsibilities as a member of Temple and of the Jewish community. My favourite activities are reading and soccer. I have two brothers, one older and one younger. I would like to give tzedakah to the Red Cross because they help people in need particularly in difficult times.

Daniel Suissa son of Cathy and Ramy Suissa April 20 I currently attend John Rennie High School in Pointe Claire. You could say that I’m a very active individual. Since the age of five, I have been a member of a team sport such as soccer, hockey and baseball. I really enjoy preparing for my Bar Mitzvah, which brings me closer to my religion. My dad has spoken Hebrew to my brother and I since I can remember which has really helped me in my Bar Mitzvah studies. If there was one commandment that I would emphasize in my Jewish life, it would be to obey and respect your parents who have meant every-

Justin Goldenberg son of Lissy Kates and Peter Goldberg May 2 I attend Lower Canada College. What I liked most about preparing for my Bar Mitzvah was learning about my religion. The commandment I would emphasize in my Jewish life is being honest. Having a Bar Mitzvah is important to me because it’s a big step in my Jewish life and a bigger step to independence. My favourite school subjects are French, History and English. What I want the congregation to know about me is that I am an honest and reliable person and I have a lot of friends. I would like to give tzedakah to the Diabetes Foundation.

Leah Annia Plante-Wiener daughter of Sylvi Plante and Neil Wiener May 4 I attend The Study in Westmount. I was always happy to go to Torah School. I liked learning Hebrew. I am always eager when it comes to learning new languages. I also enjoyed talking about events happening in our lives, and making connections between them and stories from the Torah. With learning new languages comes a lot of work. This experience taught me to never procrastinate,



B’NAI MITZVAH hanging out with my friends and shopping at the mall. I would like the congregation to know that I once had a chance to write in a Torah and now I am excited about reading from one. I would like to give Tsedakah to the Montreal Children’s Hospital because they do amazing work and the staff are supportive, special people.

and always do things when you can! Going to Torah School, I learned more about the commandments. So, when I am asked which commandment I would emphasize in my Jewish life, I feel like I should emphasize all of the commandments. The world would be such a nicer place if everybody was able to set aside their differences and respect each other. For me having a Bat Mitzvah means that I am starting a new phase of my life, and I find that it’s a very important one. During my free time, I like to write and draw. I also enjoy acting and singing. I strongly believe in equality, whether it’s for equality between genders, races, or religions. Everybody deserves to be treated the same way. I would like to give Tsedakah to Sun Youth. Sun Youth is a non-profit whose goal is to help all people in need, in any way that they can. Their center offers services such as summer camps, seniors’ clubs, and a food bank.

Julianna Rubenstein daughter and step-daughter of Alys Geiger and Lawrence Rubenstein May 11 My name is Julianna Rubenstein and I attend Lindsay Place High School in PointeClaire. The thing I liked most about preparing for my Bat Mitzvah is the idea of learning to read a new language. My favorite subjects at school are Math and English and my favorite sport is swimming. My favorite pastimes are


Zoe Grossman daughter of Joanie Schwartz and Glen Grossman May 25

Tyler Baum son of Andrea Davis and David Baum May 18 I attend Royal West Academy in Montreal West. What I liked most about preparing for my Bar Mitzvah was learning to read Hebrew. An important lesson I learned from my Bar Mitzvah studies is that even if things seem hard or tough at the beginning, always persevere! If there is one mitzvah I would emphasize, it would be to respect others; treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Having a Bar Mitzvah is important to me because my grandfather was never able to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah due to the war and it is important to continue traditions and to have him witness me celebrate my own Bar Mitzvah. My favourite school subject is Science and my favorite sport is hockey. I would like to be a physician and work at the Children’s Hospital. I would also like to give Tsedakah to the Children’s Hospital.

Jesse Tonks son of Marla Raymer and Roy Tonks May 18

Zachary Goldenberg son of Rhona Goldenberg and Normand Cote May 25


I attend St. George’s High School in Montreal. What I liked most about preparing for my Bat Mitzvah was learning how to read from the torah and that even though it was difficult I persevered and for me it was a great accomplishment. One thing that I learned from my bat mitzvah studies was to not be so hard on myself because I did make a lot of mistakes but I still kept going and I accomplished a lot. The most meaningful commandment for me is that I will always have respect for my parents. Without them, I wouldn’t have received the necessary support throughout my life. Having a bat mitzvah is important to me because all of my relatives have had bar/bat mitzvot and I feel that it is a big part of our family tradition. My favorite subjects are science and art. I love playing many sports, basketball, skiing, and swimming. Something that I want the congregation to know about me is that I give back to my community by donating my time at the Friendship Circle teaching disabled children how to play basketball. I would like to give tzedakah to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Joshua Samuel Hughes son of Paola Samuel and Michael Hughes June 1

Madison Botelho daughter of Mia Mendelssohn and Tony Bodelho June 8



Emily Bloom daughter of Karen Gropper and Robert Bloom June 15 My name is Emily Bloom, and I am 11 years old. I am a grade six student at Hebrew Foundation School in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. What I enjoy most about preparing for my Bat Mitzvah is I am beginning to feel like I am a part of the community. In attending and participating in services and Bat Mitzvah brunches, I am getting to know the congregation and my fellow B’nai Mitzvah students better. I am enjoying the experience of learning to read and chant from the Torah. Although my

great grandparents, who survived the Holocaust, have passed away and will not be able to hear my prayers, I know that they would be very proud of my efforts. A Mitzvah that plays an important role in my Jewish life is treating others, as you want to be treated. A very important lesson that I learnt throughout this experience is that G-d has a different meaning and role to everyone. To some G-d might be their conscience, and to others G-d might mean nothing at all. Having a Bat Mitzvah is important to me because I think that it is an important part of growing up and becoming responsible for my actions. Some of my favourite things to do are singing, art, acting, reading, biking, skiing, baking, and like most other teenagers I enjoy using the internet. Also, every summer I go to Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa, the happiest place on earth for me!!! At school, my favorite subject is English. I enjoy writing, reading literature, and I have enjoyed learning and reading about Hana Brady and Iqbal Masih. It is not easy to pick one charity because there are so many worthy causes. I have chosen two organizations that I have an attachment to: the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) Foundation, and the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Maya Lubell daughter of Valerie Walker and William Lubell June 22 I attend Face School in Montreal. What I liked most about preparing for my Bat Mitzvah was creating my Dvar Torah speech, because to create it I had to dig deep inside myself. I learned that you can’t depend on others doing your work for you, you have to take the up the responsibility yourself. I think that it is important to treat others like you want them to treat you. I want to know what wisdom enlightens us when we read the Torah and also what new responsibilities do we have. My favourite subjects are History, Math, and Science. I love every type of sport and I love to play every type of sport. I love making friends, and I love finding new things to do. I would like to give Tsedakah to Free wigs for kids, it’s where you give your hair to people to make wigs to kids around Quebec who have cancer and lost their hair. This is a non-profit organization where the wigs are provided free to the kids, they are also custom-made to fit each kid and adjusted as needed, all for FREE!

Drop by Temple’s Gift Shop Browse our new merchandise, including Judaica, jewellery, books, wedding gifts, baby gifts and gifts for all occasions. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our gift shop volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Lynn Waxman at 514-712-2199, Nancy Strohl at 514-846-9698, or the Temple office at 514-937-3575, ext. 213.




SCHEDULE OF SERVICES *Please note changes in times of weekly services. FOR WEEKLY TORAH COMMENTARY WE RECOMMEND:


• SAT., APRIL 27, 2013

Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Emor

• MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2013

Pesach, 7th day Congregational Breakfast 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:00 AM Yizkor service Song at the Sea

• FRI., APRIL 5, 2013* “First Fridays” Early Kabbalat Shabbat Service with a performance by The ShabbaTones, Temple’s Youth Choir: 5:45 PM • SAT., April 6, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Blessing for Iyar Torah Portion: Sh’mini


• FRI., MAY 3, 2013*

Kabbalat Shabbat Service: 5:45 PM • SAT., MAY 4, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Blessing for Sivan Torah Portion: B’harB’chukotai

• FRI., May 10, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., May 11, 2013

Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: B’midbar

• FRI., April 12, 2013 7:45 PM

The Kol HaNeshama Choir presents songs of Yom HaShoah SAT., April 13, 2013 • Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Tazria-M’tzora Shabbat Atzma’ut

• TUE., May 14, 2013

Erev Shavuot 7:15 PM Ma’ariv service Confirmation of Torah School grades 8 & 9 Ice cream Social

• WED., MAY 15 2013

Shavuot Congregational breakfast 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:00 AM Yizkor service Book of Ruth

• FRI, April 19, 2013 7:45 PM,

Israeli music for Yom Ha’atzma-ut with special guest Mark Simons on clarinet SAT, April 20, 2013 • Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Acharei MotK’doshim

• FRI., May 17, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., May 18, 2013

• FRI, April 26, 2013 7:45 PM Classic Shabbat with the Temple Choral Sextet and organ



Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Naso

• FRI., May 24, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., May 25, 2013

Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: B’haalot’cha

• FRI., May 31, 2013 7:45 PM • Saturday, June 1, 2013

Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Blessing for Tammuz Torah Portion: Sh’lach L’cha


• FRI., June 7, 2013*

Kabbalat Shabbat Service 5:45 PM • SAT., June 8, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Shabbat Rosh Chodesh (or Blessing for Tammuz) Torah Portion: Korach

• FRI., June 14, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., June 15, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Chukkat

• FRI., June 21, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., June 22, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Balak

• FRI., June 28, 2013 7:45 PM • SAT., June 29, 2013 Torah Study: 9:00 AM Shacharit: 10:15 AM Family Service: 11:45 AM Torah Portion: Pinchas



Spring is in the air.


have to say it feels strange writing that seeing as it has been snowing for two days and

I just came in from shovelling! Hopefully by the time you read this the snow is melting and it is starting to feel like spring.

That being said, it is time to think about

flowers for the graves of your dearly departed. There are many options and prices available at both Eternal Gardens and Mount Royal that are invoiced to you by Temple. We also offer long term care plans at those cemeteries so you don’t have to think about making arrangements every spring. A onetime payment will guarantee that flowers will be planted for years to come. The money is placed in a professionally managed investment fund and the annual interest pays for yearly planting.

If you would like to honour the departed’s

memory in another way, here are some other choices. A plaque in the memorial hall, a bench with an inscription in the section of the cemetery, a donation of prayer book(s) with an “in memory of” acknowledgment on the inside cover, or the creation of an endowment fund.

As for Kehal Israel and Lakeview, arrange-

ments are made directly with the cemetery for annual plantings. Feel free to contact Howard in the Temple office for information and pricing options.

It must be noted that it is against cem-

etery regulations to plant flowers on your own.

I am happy to announce that we are con-

tinuing the Extended Payment Plan for plots. Please see the advertisement on this page.

If you have any cemetery concerns please

contact me at or leave a message at the office, it will be my pleasure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you and Happy Passover....I have to

get back to shovelling! Ian Shulman, Cemetery Chair


EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN CEMETERY PLOT PROMOTION! Special limited time offer for Temple members

Purchasing cemetery plots may not be something you want to think about... but a deal is a deal! Don’t miss your chance to purchase a plot today and pay for it later… Mount Royal Cemetery Regular price $12,000. Purchase a plot with a $7,000 down payment and the balance payable in 5 equal payments of $1,000 over the next 5 years. Lakeview Cemetery Regular price $6,000. Plots may be purchased with a $3,500 down payment and the balance in 5 equal payments of $500 over the next 5 years. Eternal Gardens Regular price $1,800. You may now purchase a plot here with an $800 down payment and the balance payable in 5 equal payments of $200 over the next 5 years.



MILESTONES Have we omitted a milestone? Please advise the Temple office at 514-937-3575, ext. 213, as soon as possible so that we may acknowledge it in a future issue.

Milestone BIRTHDAYS MARCH March March March March March March March March March March March March March March

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Stephanie Senay Lauren Tascan Shari Segal Janet Smith Mario Seracino Gail Issenman Vera Metrick Michael Tordjman Monica Berger Earl Luger Jennifer Schweiger Louise Girard Eric Engels Yehudi Lindeman Susan Wener Joseph Abramson Lorne Kirsch Robert Katz Barry Katsof Merrille Pinsky

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Byron Shay Eva Rosenfield Cathy Suissa Diane Guay Howard Nemeroff Leonard Babins Arnold Leider Jonathan Herman Cheryl Kostin Darren O’Connor Judy Roitman David Mizrahi Sam Burstein Carole Davis Ariel Fenster Ron Touaty Sarah Choquette-Fuks Veronique Messier Paul Echenberg Marilyn Schiff Sheri Joseph David Lipes Carmele McGeary Kathleen Kaufman Elena Perlitch Carole Hitelman Michel Jebrak Julia Reitman Ilanah Milgram Nicolas Nadeau

Milestone BIRTHDAYS - MAY May 1


Geri Blatt Peter Kalichman

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Stephen Schneider France Ellyson Albert Zinman Michele Elizondo Chantal Gravel Sheila Herskovitz Seymour Socransky Shawn Berry William McDonald Harry Morris Richard Cherney Martha Koltai Mitchell Bobb Suzanne Shaffer Janice Lipes Ted Nashman Djordje Konforti Lilian Jukier Gerry Lisser Jacqueline McGroarty Carol Engel Arthur Hiess Michael Libman Eva Prorok Jesse Prupas Joanne Sadegursky Gail Bernstein Kenneth Wolfe Durrin Refref Peter Reiskind Ben Sevack Judith Bougaieff Lori Medoff Marilyn Reim Erin Lieberman Jason Taite Lucille Gates Cynthia Telio Alain Rodrigue Toba Brecher Susan Heckler

Milestone BIRTHDAYS JUNE June June June June June June June June June June June

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Leah Mitelman Thomas Kahn Uri Saragovi Evelyn Rosenberger Esther Cimet Anita Marak George Iny Lynda Luber Jean-Luc Berger Fred Greenberg Ivan Koltai Josephine Izenberg Marie-Chantale Bergeron Adam Weinstein

June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 June 22 June 23 June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27 June 29 June 30

Bernard Isaacs Saul Perelman Robin Chemtov Keli Kott Phyllis Cohos Inge Baber Kenn Hollinger Gregory Lazar Lazarowitz Lisa Reitman Leslie Eiser Hind Aoufoussi Lisa Carsley Sean Carr Paul Chamitoff Anne-Marie Fenster Lynne Goldberg David Marshall Gerry Weiner Stephanie Kerner Marielle Benamou Zelda Myers Christina Summerside

Milestone ANNIVERSARIES – MARCH March March March March March March March March

3 9 12 14 15 20

24 27

Charles and Evelyn Lusthaus 45 years Berel and Joyce Pedvis 10 years Michael and Amy Kornik 35 years Eugene and Sara Riesman 20 years Marina Breslavska and Vladimir Sapojnikov 25 years David and Trudi Berger 30 years Uri and Carina Saragovi 20 years Barry and Judith Levine 45 years Robert Ricci and Marla Gelfand Ricci 25 years

Milestone ANNIVERSARIES – APRIL April April April April

8 12

15 17

Gilbert and Judy Zimmerman 40 years Gerald Levy and Duane Drover 5 years Raphael Schieir and Anna Stahl 5 years Harold and Judi Borts 40 years Elliot and Mirelle Mechanic 25 years


MILESTONES April 21 April 23 April 26

Michael and Vicky Abelson 45 years Norman and Linda Shacter 20 years Barry and Debbie Schwartz 45 years

Milestone ANNIVERSARIES – MAY May May May May May May May

12 17 18 19 22 24 26

William and Marilyn Reim 50 years Sasha Orshanski and Patricia Occhiuto 15 years Lawrence and Peggy Sakow 45 years Mark Sniderman and Alejandra Pena 10 years Stuart and Diane Pollack 20 years Marvin and Mandy Werbitt 35 years Maurice and Ruth Miller 65 years

May 27

Charles and Elizabeth Rawas 40 years

Milestone ANNIVERSARIES – JUNE June June June June June June June June June

1 3 7 9 11 15 19 20 25

Peter Thanassoulis and Hannah Schwartz 10 years Sheldon and Meryl Elman 40 years Maxwell and Carol De Koven 45 years Brahms E. and Vivian Silver 50 years Alex Amyot and Susan Schneir 25 years Victor and Sheila Goldbloom 65 years Julius and Henrietta Lis 25 years Morris and Frances Gordon 45 years Herbert and Lila Paperman 60 years

June June June June

26 27



Leonard and Carole Pedvis 30 years Steven Blumenthal and Gem Silver 20 years Wayne Sossin and Emma Saffman 20 years Benjamin Abecassis and Erica Cuthbertson 5 years Phil and Myrna Gotfrit 30 years Fred and Sondra Wener 55 years Bryant and Lillian Shiller 50 years

DONATIONS Adult Education Fund

Della Pergola Music Fund

Bryna Roseman-Rubinger, in honor of Sandra Duchow’s special birthday

Felicity and Howard Blatt, in memory of Betty Blatt, Jack Blatt

Aron Museum

Estelle Katz and Stanley Lipsey Family Growth Fund

Miriam and Ralph Weiner, in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday

Estelle Katz, in memory of Stanley Lipsey, Sam Selinsky

Beno and Goldie Eskenazi Memorial Fund

Raymond and Rita Felson Growth Fund

In memory of Beno Eskenazi: Jak and Darin Baruh Larry and Liana Baruh Izak and Erin Bilmen Mickey and Kim Davidman Dora Gesser Suzi Glazer Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo Maurice and Grazia Kanza Ralph and Yolande Kanza Suzi Kanza Thomas Kanza Kirsten and Max Katz Emin and Klara Levi Lesley Levy and Michael Dworkind Benjamin and Rosie Mizrahi Jak and Suzie Mizrahi Eric Nichols Merle Wolofsky

Rita and Ray Felson, in memory of Solomon Berkowitz, Mary Berkowitz

General Donation Nani and Austin Beutel, in honour of Elaine Podbere’s special birthday Susan Szalpeter and Joseph Carlton, in memory of Rachel Kanatkin, Jessie Carlton Susan Szalpeter and Joseph Carlton, in memory of the death of Lottie Van Horne Gail Small Judith and Andre Bougaieff, in appreciation Miriam and Ralph Weiner, in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday

Jonathan and Maxine Lithwick, in honour of their grandson Jacob Israel, in honour of Dara Lithwick’s 35th birthday, Mazel Tov to Dara and Marci on the birth of Jacob Surkes-Lithwick, in memory of Sydney Lithwick, Irving Cohen Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo, in memory of Norma Cummings Sydney Pedvis and Family, in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday Harriett Wener and Ruth Bornstein, in honour of Ana Pascal’s special birthday Seymour Gelespy and Maxine Newton, in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday Alissa and Barry Katsof, in honour of Ana Pascal’s special birthday Merle Stein, in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday Norma Gelfand, in honour of Ana Pascal’s special birthday Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo, in honour of Richard Grover’s special birthday Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo, in honour of Bruce Moidel’s special birthday Continued on next page




DONATIONS AND YAHRZEITS Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo, in honour of Irving and Brenda Epstein’s special anniversary Bert Greenford and Helen Malmo, in memory of Klara Nadler, mother-in-law of Jeff and Hela Boro Rose Yaffe, in honour of Stephen Yaffe’s birthday Shelley and Morrie London, in honour of Stephen Yaffe’s birthday

Mazel Tov

In honour of Shura Haichin’s special birthday: Hanny Varsaneux Nancy and Stephen Engels Barbara and Michael Feldman

Member to Member

In memory of Michael Kogan: Lynda Gould Miriam Morris Ruth Nadler Joyce Silver Sherri Rubinstein and Brian Miller Janet and Stuart Mason

Dr. Sheila and Dr. Victor Goldbloom Growth Fund In honour of Victor Goldbloom: Lillian Segall

Eva and Hermann Gruenwald Holocaust Fund Rosalia Frattolillo and Richard Mason Hans Strauss

Martha and Shura Haichin Growth Fund Brian and Vivian Grant, in honour of Shura Haichin’s special birthday

Steffi and Harry Halton Growth Fund Terry and Joanne Halton, in memory of Edgar Wener

Kahn Family Growth Fund Helen Kahn, in honour of the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson, Daniel Nathan Kahn, son of Jonathan and Anne, in Toronto

High Kiddush Nathalie Avalichvili, in memory of Larry Schacter Scott Sternthall and Tasha Lackman, in honour of the baby naming of their daughter Sarah Sternthal Elana Bloom and Lori Posluns, in honour of the baby naming of their daughter Katie Bloom Posluns


Lori Posluns and Elana Bloom, on the birth of their daughter Katie Bloom Posluns Spencer Schatia and Lucy Saunders, on the birth of their son, Cade Madden Schatia, and grandparents Bonnie and David Schatia Richard Grover, on the birth of his grandson Jonah Phillip Grover Aaron and Barbara Blauer Nancy Maklan and Martin Smith Jonathan and Susan Wener

Mishkan Tefillah Prayer Book Fund Robert Wiener, in memory of Ella Wiener

Naomi and Jack Richer Growth Fund Naomi and Jack Richer, in memory of Harry Richer

New Members

Temple extends a warm welcome to the newest members of our congregation: Leon Anderson Shawn Berry & Sondra Goldman Ben Geist & Courtney Dick Mikhail Kadychevitch & Debbie Samek Peggy Kaufman Gaon Nancy Leung & Charles Samuel Suzanne Liberbaum Adam Oberman & Jillian Mallory Jonathan Perzow & Jessica Frampton Ari Tietolman & Amanda Shane Robert & Lori Winsor Luca Cefis & Anouk Ptito-Taras

Oneg Shabbat Natalie Schacter, in memory of Larry Schacter Berel and Joyce Pedvis. in honour of Berel Pedvis’s special birthday Neil and Carol Tryansky, in honour of the baby naming of their granddaughter Noa Tryansky Stephen Yaffe and France Ellyson Stella Samuels

Prayer Book Fund Bernie and Joan King, in honour of Helen Robinson’s special birthday Thelma Bogante


Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Maxwell and Carol De Koven, in honour of Maxwell De Koven’s 75th special birthday Anthony and Helene Robinson, in honour of Helen Robinson’s special birthday Donna and Alain Benitah, in honour of Helene Robinson’s special birthday Peter and Rennie Claman, in honour of of Peter Claman’s aliyah for his special birthday Stephen Yaffe and France Ellyson, in memory of Rita Engels Peggy Gaon, in memory of Helen Kaufman Louis Charbonneau and Bonnie Kaplan Barbara Morningstar and David Mizrahi In Appreciation: Pat and Pekka Sinervo Kalervo Sinervo Sybil and Martin Carsley Elaine and Avrom Podbere Margie Golick William and Feigue Cieplinski David and Bonnie Schatia Sophia and Harry Wolkowicz Marian Kay Gray Ruth and Maurice Miller

Rabbi Emeritus Fund In honour of Rabbi Lerner’s award: Lynn and Ron Waxman Rita and Ray Felson

Bette Shulman Family Endowment Fund Shulman Family, in memory of Harold Shulman Bette Shulman, Ian Shulman, in memory of Evy Bell

Fred Ullman Growth Fund Lionella, Vivian, Howard, Lori, Michael, Debbie, Elliot, Jaclyn and David In honour of Adolf Ullman’s special birthday

YAHRZEITS Joyce Abracen, in memory of Ida Bordoff Waldman Betty and Barry Abugov, in memory of Leib Jakubovic, Esther Abugov Mirna and Saul Alter, in memory of Bella Rosenzweig Ellis and Debbie Basevitz, in memory of Sally Basevitz


YAHRZEITS Bettina Bayreuther, in memory of Willi Bayreuther Larry and Claire Behar, in memory of Joseph Behar, Liliane Behar Leatrice Berger, in memory of Wilbur Berger Aldo and Dianne Bensadoun, in memory of Emile Bensadoun Harry and Elaine Blank, in memory of Yudel Blank, Shirley Izen Aaron and Barbara Blauer, in memory of Muni Blauer Jack and Rhoda Blumer, in memory of David Blumer Thelma Bogante, in memory of Jack Bogante Q.C. Irving Bookbinder, in memory of Harry Engelberg, Liza Bookbinder Thelma Bogante, in memory of Hilda Bogante Judi and Harold Borts, in memory of Paul Pinkus Marina Breslavska and Vladimir Sapojnikov, in memory of Michail Sapojnik Rosalie and Samuel Burstein, in memory of Adela Nisen, Michael Burstein Don and Elaine Charness, in memory of Stella Charness Joyce and Jerry Cohen, in memory of Doris Wagner, Howard Leibov Phyllis Cohos, in memory of Abraham Cohos, Mildred Reisler Robert and Giovanna Cooperman, in memory of Norman Cooperman Shirley and Sam Cossever, in memory of Mimi Aspler Maureen and Edward Daniels, in memory of Louis Tucker, Celia Tucker Sophia Davis, in memory of Lloyd Davis Jeffrey Derevensky and Lynette Gilbeau, in memory of Abraham Derevensky Ronda Diamond and Richard Cherney, in memory of Arthur Diamond Michelle Duhaney, in memory of Nzebi Duhaney Victor and Leslie Eiser, in memory of Herman Eiser Jack Douek and Louise Bourke, in memory of Henry Douek Mendy Ellen and Marlene Levenson, in memory of Gertrude Ellen, Israel Ellen, Ascher Ellen


Carol Engel, in memory of Lillian Sandler Nancy and Stephen Engels, in memory of David Nadler Martin and Anette Epstein, in memory of Carole Epstein Dorothy Flomen, in memory of Eddy Flomen Michael and Judith Florian, in memory of Herman Florian Carrie and Garry Garbarino, in memory of Fanny Kastner, Arnold Kastner Robert and Sheila Garfield, in memory of Sam Garfield Saul Gerson, in memory of Gerald Gerson, Dorothy Gerson, Dora Gerson Lorna Gittleson, in memory of Mary Ralph Sheila and Victor Goldbloom, in memory of Alton Goldbloom Lynn Gordon, in memory of Goldie and Phil Gordon Una Graham, in memory of Douglas Lion Carol Greenberg, in memory of Bernard Salomon, Fanny Gardner, Rae Gardner, Joseph Salomon Susan Greenberg, in memory of Avrom Brodsky Irwin Haberman, in memory of Ettie Haberman, Saul Haberman Cindy Hass, in memory of Carol Litwin, Sara Segal Claude and Carol Henle, in memory of Laure Henle Joan Herschorn, in memory of Norman Herschorn Bernard Isaacs, in memory of Sydney Isaacs Warren Jacobs and Harriet Lieberman, in memory of Alvin Jacobs Sheri Joseph and Gary Levitt, in memory of Irving Weinstein Elizabeth and Isaac Jesion, in memory of Wolf Zalshtein Helen Kahn, in memory of Nathan Ross Thomas and Carol Kahn, in memory of Frederick Kahn Janis Kerman and Simon Wahed, in memory of Esther Pascal Sylvia Kirstein, in memory of Issie Trachimovsky, Esther Trachimovsky

David and Jacqueline Klein, in memory of Bess Klein, Emile Boyte, Lucile Boyte, George Klein Therese Klein and Georgette Pardo, in memory of Antoine Autonius Barbara Kneller, in memory of Rudolf Freundlich Anita Kogan, in memory of Irving Kogan Djordje Konforti, in memory of Samuel Konforti Michael and Joy Korenberg, in memory of Rita Korenberg Rhoda Kott, in memory of Cecil Kott Judith and Norman Kronick, in memory of Henry Pass Sheila and Sheila Ladenheim, in memory of Celia Dickman Jeannie and Leslie Laing, in memory of Leslie Guttmann Carole Lax, in memory of Abel Lax Gordon Lax, in memory of Sarah Lax Robert Lazarus, in memory of Audrey Lazarus, Dorothy Samit Helen Lefevre-Clark, in memory of Harry Clark Harriet and Martin Lepler, in memory of Roslyn Melnicoff, Sydney Melnicoff, Beverley Ronik Hinda and Bill Letovsky, in memory of Esther Schachter Carol Libman, in memory of Sadie Mauer, Elie Mauer Lawrence and Barbara Libman, in memory of Blanche Libman, Judith Libman, Annie Linder Julius and Henrietta Lis, in memory of David Lis, Gertrude Lis, Judith Shuster, Ian Shuster, Sam Szabo Charles and Evelyn Lusthaus, in memory of Sheila Lusthaus, Sophie Lusthaus, Sanford Lusthaus Aubrey Miller and Elena Notargiacomo, in memory of Bella Miller David Mizrahi and Barbara Morningstar, in memory of Maurice Mizrahi, Yona Mizrahi Barbara Morningstar and David Mizrahi, in memory of Paul Polacek Miriam Morris, in memory of Myer Insky

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YAHRZEITS and YISKOR Rita Mosel, in memory of Ida Cramer Allister, George Cramer, Harry Cramer, Sam Cramer, Tillie Cramer, Cyril Mosel Edna Myers, in memory of Bernard Myers Ruth Nadler, in memory of David Nadler Francelle Neftin and Vicky White, in memory of Nettie Morantz Howard and Joanne Nemeroff, in memory of John Dupuis Harry and Evelyn Orenstein, in memory of Anna Orenstein, Becky Palefsky Claire Ostroff, in memory of Marilyn Guttman David Pariser and Elaine Tolmatch, in memory of Geula Pariser, Rowy Elron Lila Pascal, in memory of Joe Pascal, Sam Pascal Norman and Claire Pearl, in memory of Esther Schwisberg, Harry Schwisberg, Issie Pearl, Lorna Rosenfeld, Morris Schwisberg, Minnie Pearl Berel and Joyce Pedvis, in memory of Norman Pedvis, Eleanor Pedvis Sydney Pedvis, in memory of Maurice Pollack, Saul Pedvis Penelope and Michael Polak, in memory of Clifton Kershaw Charles and Elizabeth Rawas, in memory of Victor Rawas Janice Reid, in memory of Ron Boro Doreen and Michael Rennert, in memory of Pauline Rennert Helene and Anthony Robinson, in memory of Denise Robinson Inge Ross Abony, in memory of David Abony Ralph and Jane Rothstein, in memory of Dora and Joseph Rothstein Gordon and Nancy Rubin, in memory of Ben Rubin Lawrence and Peggy Sakow, in memory of May Kleiman, Duncan Campbell Roy Salomon, in memory of Hilda Salomon Julia Sax, in memory of Julia Davis, Florence Glickman Bonnie and David Schatia, in memory of Gloria MacDonald, George MacDonald, Pauline Schatia Ben and Eve Sevack, in memory of Naomi Greenberg,


Louis Cheroff, Lily Sevack, Bertha Cheroff, Maxine Sevack David Shapiro, in memory Jo-Anne Solowey Shapiro, Marie Solowey Elaine and Elie Shapiro, in memory of Frank Zakam Paul and Rhoda Shinoff, in memory of Samuel Shinoff, Bertha Brigger, Isadore Brigger Karyn Simon, in memory of Saul Simon Claire Smith, in memory of Sam Smith Heather Solomon-Bowden and Robert Bowden, in memory of Sari Solomon, Kate Reider Sylvia Schneider Speyers, in memory of Jack Schneider Maurice and Lise Shriqui, in memory of Solanges Hetu Isabel and Joseph Shuster, in memory of Max Esar Aubrey Smofsky, in memory of Nathan Smofsky, Frances Smofsky Barbara and Alan Stein, in memory of Myrtle Gates Shirley Stein, in memory of Ernest Stein Nadine Steiner Stock, in memory of Brian Stock Grace Stober, in memory of Arnold Stober, John Rinzler, Sylvia Moses Susan Szalpeter and Joe Carlton, in memory of Louis Salpeter Carol and Neil Tryansky, in memory of Ruth Boxer, Morris Tryansky Hanny Varsaneux, in memory of Jean Varsaneux, Hildegard Weissman Carol Vengroff, in memory of Michel Bolduc Lillian Vineberg, in memory of Stephen Vineberg, Etta Caplan, Gordon Caplan, Gertrude Vineberg, Stanley Vineberg Dara Wald and Adam Greenspoon, in memory of Dean Browman Lynn and Ron Waxman and Family, in memory of William Sonny Solomon Larry and Barbara Weiner, in memory of Hyman Weiner, Lily Weiner Sondra and Fred Wener, in memory of Barbara Belson Green, Adolph Green Dorothy Wisenthal, in memory of Miles Wisenthal Sophia and Harry Wolkowicz, in memory of Marian Reichental


Albert and Toba Zinman, in memory of Abe Zinman, Saul Zinman, Dora Zinman


Donalda Doyle-Coleman, died on October 30, 2012, mother and mother-in-law of Veronica and Stephen Brownstein Arnold Webber, died on November 8, 2012, father and father-in-law of Kenneth Webber and Lori Medoff Edgar Wener, died on November 9, 2012, father and father-in-law of Jonathan and Susan Wener Rita Engels, died on November 14, 2012, mother and mother-in-law of Stephen and Nancy Engels Susan Vadnay, died on November 23, 2012 Shirley Blauer, died on November 25, 2012, sister-inlaw of Aaron and Barbara Blauer, Ruth Selesnick Therese Laflamme-Charbonneau, died on December 2, 2012, mother and mother-in-law of Louis Charbonneau and Bonnie Kaplan Michael Kogan, died on December 6, 2012, husband of Clayre Kogan Diane Rotaple, died on December 6, 2012, mother of Michael Rotaple Norma Cummings, died on December 20, 2012, mother and mother-in-law of Nancy and Marc Gold, grandmother of Jenny Gold and Matt Aronson Hershel Pesner, died on December 23, 2012, husband of Joan Pesner Lester Morris, died on December 31, 2012, brother of Harry Morris, brother and brother-in-law of Peggy and Saul Perelman Lois Peters, died on January 1, 2013, mother and mother-in-law of Helene and Norman Braunstein Helene Berthoz, died on January 1, 2013, mother of Miriam Berthoz Bernard B. Lax, died on January 3, 2013, brother of Carole Lax Continued on next page


YISKOR Riven Ostrowski, died on February 5, 2013, grandfather of Lindsay Flegg and Jon Michel Solly Wener, died on February 6, 2013, brother and brother-in-law of Fred and Sondra Wener

Evy Bell, died on February 6, 2013, mother and mother-in-law of Cheri and Jeff Wise Beno Eskenazi, died on February 7, 2013, father and father-in-law of Sheila and Joseph Graham

Joyce Stuart, died on February 11, 2013, mother and mother-in-law of Howard and Miu-Kuen Stuart


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Voice Newsletter, March 2013  

Voice Newsletter, March 2013