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Fall 2018/5778-5779 August, September, October Av/Elul/Tishrei/Cheshvan

INSIGHT into Temple Israel of Boston

Entering the 5779 High Holy Day Season Together!

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“Enlighten our eyes with Your teaching, and let


our hearts embrace Your commandments.� - Morning Liturgy


build community and encounter the sacred through relationships. embrace Torah in all its dimensions as our enduring source for inquiry, discovery, and inspriation.

explore spirituality and innovate our traditions of ritual and prayer. "Open Air" Qabbalat Shabbat in the Temple Israel garden.

pursue justice, in partnership with others, to realize our vision of what the world ought to be.


are Ohavei Yisrael, Lovers of Israel, committed to the vitality, peace, and well-being of the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world.

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draw strength from our diversity, and wisdom from all who walk through our open doors.

Entering 5779 .....................................................6 From TI President & Executive Director .............7 Being a Temple Israel Ambassador .................8-9 Rededication of the Wyner Gatehouse ............10 Temple Israel's Ner Tamid Society ....................11 Entering The FJECC Preschool's 25th Year ..........12 Adult Jewish Learning Certificate Program .......13 Partakers: College Behind Bars ....................14-15 Life Cycles and Contributions ......................16-26 Highlighted Events (Sept./Oct./Nov.) ..........27-29

UPCOMING HOLIDAY DATES... S'lichot: September 1, 2018 Rosh Hashanah: September 9 - 11, 2018 Yom Kippur: September 18/19, 2018 Sukkot: September 23 - 30, 2018 Simchat Torah: September 30/October 1, 2018


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


TI members at a rally at the State House against family separation at the US border.

Rabbi Elaine Zecher on the field at Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park.

May 'Last Tuesday Book Group' with author Jessica Keener.

Abner Marin receiving the N'divei Lev award at the Annual Gathering.

Temple Israel 12th graders at the Education Celebration. | 617-566-3960



Return Again

Why must we return again and again to the Days of Awe? Why is it impossible to graduate from Yom Kippur and the High Holy Days? In many other places in our lives, we fulfill the requirements and then move on. Why can’t we ever receive a passing grade? We confess. We recognize our transgressions. We apologize. We pledge not to do again whatever it is we have done. Our hearts are open. We end the days renewed, refreshed, and reinvigorated for the slate has been wiped clean. We enter the New Year with possibility and opportunity. Shouldn’t that mean we have completed the requirements? But, we are human. We can never achieve a grade that excuses us from the spiritual and corrective work demanded of us during this time. There is no escape. Success demands entering into these rituals each year, for they lift up our imperfection to draw us nearer to our essential humanity. Aviva Zornberg, the distinguished commentator of our own age, cites Ecclesiastes 7:20: “There is no righteous person on earth who does good and does not sin.” It is an age-old understanding that every person, no matter how righteous, will engage in wrongdoing. Zornberg writes: “Good and [wrongdoing] are mixed together…These elements need to be worked through so that they inform and enrich the force of human life. In this sense, the life of the individual…awaits the evolutions and integrations of human work.” (Bewilderments, 117-8) Each year, we return to do this human work. These holidays teach us that we are not damned by our transgressions. The weight of imperfection pushes us forward rather than immobilizes us. And yet, we can’t be better people by ourselves. Our improvement and realization of mistakes and misdeeds demand the help of others. Embedded within community, a beautiful, rich tradition of Judaism lays a foundation of how to navigate with a moral compass. We utilize the High Holy Days to provide us with the very situation we need, making a communal commitment to engage with the larger whole, acknowledging our imperfections and our need to make right what is wrong. We leave the Days of Awe with the best of intentions. Though there are those who pursue wickedness, goodness still dominates the human psyche. We understand the value of kindness, justice, and righteousness. Our tradition drives us toward uncovering our best selves. But this we know. We will need to return again just like we do every year. Cantor Roy Einhorn, Rabbis Matt Soffer, Suzie Jacobson, Jen Gubitz as well as Ronne Friedman and Bernard Mehlman join me as we look forward to being together and wishing you and your loved ones a sweet and insightful New Year 5779.

Rabbi Elaine Zecher


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

PREPARING FOR THE HIGH HOLY DAY SEASON THE MONTH OF ELUL: PEACE OF MIND Jewish tradition understands that spiritual and moral transformation is an ongoing process, not an event one can passively attend. The month of Elul, the 30 days prior to Rosh Hashanah, is a time for reflection and contemplation, allowing us to get the most out of our High Holy Day prayer and celebration. Join us this year as we read Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman's Peace of Mind and engage in this important process together. ABOUT THE BOOK In 1946, amidst a world still aching and broken by war, our former Senior Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman published his book Peace of Mind, in an attempt to provide solace and hope to a community that was struggling to come to terms with the war's new horrors and hatreds. As we read Rabbi Liebman's book today, we not only honor his insightful and compassionate legacy, we also find new meaning and urgency in his words, as we as a society once again find ourselves disturbed by newfound hatreds and institutional violence in the world. In Rabbi Loth Liebman's own words: "It may seem strange for a man to write a book about peace of mind in this age of fierce turmoil and harrowing doubts. I have written this book in the conviction that social peace can never be permanently achieved so long as individuals engage in civil war with themselves... In this book I try to present some answers that have proved helpful to me about the universal human dilemmas of conscience, love, fear, grief, and God-- crucial problems that present themselves in every kind of society, and, I believe, will present themselves as long as man is man." We invite you to buy or borrow this book and read it in preparation for the High Holy Day season. You can also find the original version of the book online, here: SHABBAT DISCUSSION GROUPS We will be using four Shabbatot of Elul (August 17, 24, 31, and September 7) at Qabbalat Shabbat to lift up some of the themes and ideas in Peace of Mind. S’LICHOT On S’lichot, the clergy will be using Peace of Mind as a foundation for our learning and reflections. We will be sharing sections that will be meaningful to those who are reading the book and accessible to those who have not read the book. Join us at 8:15 p.m. for a garden gathering and discussion, followed by a 9:30 p.m. candle-lit service. YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON DISCUSSION GROUPS Spend an hour together with other Temple Israel members who have read Peace of Mind to discuss the section on Yom Kippur. | 617-566-3960


Entering 5779 with Temple Israel of Boston HOW WE ENTER THE BUILDING: THE FRONT STEPS A first impression can make a big difference. Many people base their first impression of the Temple Israel community starting from the moment they enter the building from Nessel Way into our lobby. This summer, as we think ahead to the thousands of people who will come through our doors for the High Holy Days, we are investing in that first impression by renovating our main entrance. Working with our dedicated leaders from the Building and Grounds Committee, we are moving from a "pool stone" material to a more permanent granite and concrete solution. People visit Temple Israel for many reasons: worship, spirituality, exploration, or just to be a part of our community. We are glad to be undergoing these renovations so that our entry point can be elevated and match the intended experience.


Elul is a time to search inside ourselves for ways in which we can return to our higher selves. During this month of self-reflection, we hope you will consider helping to ease the climate crisis. Although that sounds like an impossible mission, it’s not.

TI’s Green Team is launching a Mitzvah Lights campaign, in which congregants are being asked to replace any light bulbs in their homes that are used for over an hour a day to LEDs. LEDs save 7/8 of electricity usage as compared with standard bulbs. Temple Israel has done this in its building, saving both energy and money, and we can do the same in our homes. Taking this action will reduce emissions by over 1 ton of carbon per home per year. As Helen Keller wrote, "I cannot do everything, but still I can do something." Please consider doing something—something easy, inexpensive, and meaningful—to help mitigate the ravages of climate change. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the world, so thank you for considering giving the earth this gift. Shanah Tovah!

TI CARES' ACTS OF KINDNESS ARMY As the High Holy Days draw near, we are all called to look at the ways in which we act as a community to help one another. This year, Remi Dansinger and Andy Lesser-Gonzalez invite you to join TI Cares' Acts of Kindness Army. By joining us, you can participate in just one or more of the following activities based on your availability and schedule: • Deliver a honey pot to someone who lost a loved one in the past year. • Make and bring a meal to someone who has had an illness or surgery. • Participate in making Hamentaschen and bring Purim packages to members of our community. • Send sympathy cards to those membes who have experienced a recent loss. The commitment is minimal, the impact is unlimited! To get involved and be added to the Acts of Kindness Army, email


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.



One of the most beautiful aspects of a synagogue is that it belongs to the community. Though we are led by our wonderful and talented clergy and staff, it is our congregants who truly own what happens at Temple Israel. For generations our community has operated this way, and those congregants who hold leadership positions are the driving force that makes Temple Israel the rich and vibrant community that it is today. This is done primarily through our Board of Trustees and Leadership Council. Gary Pforzheimer Board President

Dan Deutsch Executive Director

The Board of Trustees is comprised of 18 Trustees, including our three officers, and is responsible for the affairs and activities of the congregation. Members at-large are allowed to serve for two consecutive, three-year terms. Our clergy and Executive Director also attend and participate in these meetings.​Over the course of this past year, we have worked to secure the mission and the vision of our congregation to ensure that we are financially secure, programmatically robust, and have set in motion ways to plan for the future. ​ ur Leadership Council is comprised of five​distinct groups: Past Presidents, Honorary Trustees, O Elected Members, Committee Chairs of all standing and special committees​, and the Board of Trustees​. Similar to the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Council serves as guardian of the congregation’s mission and vision​. The Leadership Council meets three times a year, has fiduciary oversight of certain components of our congregation, and votes on the yearly budget. The number of members changes over time, and we currently have over 70 members. We appreciate all that the Board of Trustees and Leadership Council continue to do to help our congregation flourish. Each year we have a Nominating Committee which identifies our future leaders and members of the Board of Trustees and Leadership Council. We are fortunate to have a talented and generous congregation which allows us to prosper. Susan Ebert and Carol Targum are chairing the Leadership Development Initiative to identify improvements in this area. If you or other members of the congregation are interested in formal leadership opportunities at Temple Israel, please contact us or any member of our leadership. We wish you all a happy remainder of the ​summer filled with adventure and exploration.

Gary Pforzheimer

Dan Deutsch | 617-566-3960


The impact of being a

TEMPLE ISRAEL AMBASSADOR This past year, we had over 30 new members join the Temple Israel community through the referral of a friend or family member. Temple Israel members can serve as great ambassadors for the congregation, providing interested individuals and families with a meaningful entry into the community.

"We knew we would find our spiritual home with this clergy team in this beautiful synagogue." - Remi Dansigner My husband Michael and I moved to Brookline in July of 1999 so that he could begin a fellowship. We were married for only four months when we unpacked our wedding gifts into a sweltering apartment on Longwood and St. Paul. We quickly settled into our new neighborhood and our new lives as a young, married, Jewish couple. We explored the local restaurants, parks, and soon, the synagogues. Because it was Brookline, we had so many of all of those things to choose from. Our “shul shopping” method was to visit each synagogue for both a Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat service. Over that summer, we were warmly welcomed into the local Reform and Conservative temples we visited. We met different clergy and other young couples. But when we came to a Qabbalat Shabbat service at Temple Israel on a beautiful summer evening, where everyone was singing and worshipping in the Atrium, we fell in love. We listened to Cantor Einhorn and Rabbi Jonah Pesner- and we knew we’d found OUR temple. And then the fall rolled around and we met Rabbis Zecher and Friedman- and we couldn’t believe our great fortune. We knew we would find our spiritual home with this clergy team in this beautiful synagogue. We jumped right into to the many activities and opportunities that were offered. Over the first few years, we regularly attended Shabbat and holiday services, Torah Study, became participants in the adult B’nei Mitzvah program, Hineinu, Me’ah, Ikkarim, and co-chaired a Scholar-in-Residence weekend. We made many dear friends across generations. They became our “family away from home,” since neither Michael nor I had any family in the area when we moved to Massachusetts. Eventually we had 3 children who grew up and attended the FJECC Preschool and Religious School. With our “found family” of Temple Israel clergy and congregants, we grew and changed and lived through various life cycle


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

events- nurturing, mourning, and celebrating together, all along the way. We went from transplanted, young newlyweds to being married almost 20 years with 3 teenagers and deep roots in our adopted community. So of course, when we found out our close friends Susanna and Felipe were moving to the area, we had to introduce them to the Temple Israel community that had embraced us. Like us, they were transplants to the area, building a new life with their young daughters. They saw what we’d seen in Temple Israel’s warm, vibrant community and became active members. Their family’s contributions to our community, as members of the Education Committee and youth group programs have been rich. As a family, they have grown many deep connections and made many great contributions to Temple Israel, and we are lucky to have such a wonderful family in our community. On a different occasion, after we’d been Temple Israel members for 5 or 6 years, we were attending Qabbalat Shabbat services when we came upon a young couple who reminded us of... us, when we were newly transplanted to the area. They were clearly “shul shopping.” We approached them, welcomed them to Temple Israel and began a conversation. They were a young, soon-to-be-married couple, moving to Brookline. We had a wonderful conversation, and it began a friendship that has lasted over a decade. Not only did Stephanie and Laurence become vibrant, connected Temple Israel members, but now their children are in the Religious School and Stephanie has been a valued, contributing member of the Leadership Council. Our Temple Israel community has been made richer by their family’s presence. It has been a true blessing to not only have made Temple Israel a major part of our family’s life, but to have also shared it with our beloved friends and to see it become a major part of their lives as well.

Welcome to our Newest* Members! BOSTON, MA Phillip Lachman Sarah Paige and Daniel Doktori Jennifer and Brad Oriel Brigitte Laukien and Zachary Kofos

CAMBRIDGE, MA Carol Agate Avi Green and Sarah Almer Harrison and Emma Shulman JAMAICA PLAIN, MA Noa Katzelnik and Renerson Klemz Troy Keyser and Rebecca Rosen

BROOKLINE, MA Nicole Leavenworth and Brett Levy Christopher Martinson and Nellie Triedman James and Samantha David MEDFORD, MA Abigail Simon and Ahmad Alsaadi

SOMERVILLE, MA Ethan Jaffee and Sarah Zink SPRINFIELD, MA Francisco and Eneida Cintron *March 21 - July 3, 2018

If you have family or friends who are interested in learning more about our congregation, please feel free to invite them to join you at Temple Israel through services, learning programs, and holiday celebrations. If you have a guest interested in celebrating the upcoming High Holy Days with Temple Israel, you can invite them to consider joining you as a guest. If you would like to learn more about purchasing a guest ticket for the High Holy Days, please contact Dekel Luban, Director of Membership and Engagement, at or 617-566-3960. | 617-566-3960



Commemoration, Celebration, and Rededication “ By Ellen Steinbaum

It is both our honor and our responsibility to protect and preserve the beauty and

assets of our cemetery out of respect for our ancestors and for the generations of our families that follow.” - Marc Maxwell Like Boston, Temple Israel lives at the meeting point of past, present, and future. That intersection was especially evident recently when a newly-restored building was dedicated at the Temple Israel Cemetery in Wakefield.

On Sunday, June 3, congregants and clergy gathered to dedicate the new Wyner Gatehouse, the result of a generous gift from two past Temple Israel presidents, Genevieve and Justin Wyner. “We're so pleased to have the opportunity to restore the Wyner Gatehouse at our Wakefield Cemetery,” said Marc Maxwell, who led the building project on behalf of the Cemetery Committee. “It is both our honor and our responsibility to protect and preserve the beauty and assets of our cemetery out of respect for our ancestors and for the generations of our families that follow.” Executive Director Dan Deutsch commented, “It was a true intergenerational gathering, a celebration of the hard work that we have done to bring the gatehouse back to glory.” The restoration was overseen by the Cemetery Committee, co-chaired by Alan Morse and Seymour Small. Anita Bender coordinated fundraising for the project. The gathering included those with friends or family members buried at the Cemetery, those selecting gravesites, and those with babies in strollers. The Cemetery, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, dates back to 1859, five years after the founding of Temple Israel itself, a time when few places existed in the Boston area for Jewish burials. In establishing it, the congregation’s leaders intended more than a simple burial ground: the Temple Israel Cemetery is part of the American Garden Cemetery Movement, created, like Mt. Auburn and Forest Hills Cemeteries, more like a public park built to honor the dead, but also to be enjoyed by the living. A walk through it offers a visual lesson in the history of Temple Israel and the Boston Jewish community, with the gradual transition from German epitaphs in the oldest section to English; the heart-breaking section of tiny stones that stands as a sad reminder of the 19th century’s toll of infant mortality; and the changing tastes reflected in the design of stones and choices of inscriptions. Past Temple Israel rabbis are here, as is “the Israeli Betsy Ross,” who designed Israel’s first flag; Frances M. Jacobson, for whom the preschool is named; Richard Ross, who died on American Airlines Flight 11 on September 11, 2001; and those whose names are seen today on university, hospital, and other buildings through the area.


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


Just as we plan for the future in our own personal lives, we must not forget about the future of our community. While the day-to-day needs and priorities of our community will change over time, we will always need the appropriate resources to carry out our mission. A planned gift, also known as a bequest or legacy gift, will help to ensure that our community will be here for the next generation and beyond. The Ner Tamid Society at Temple Israel is comprised of donors who have indicated they have left a gift or bequest to Temple Israel in their estate plans. Like all fundraising, a large estate or million-dollar gift is not necessary. All giving levels and amounts are important and appreciated. Planned giving is one of the easiest ways to support the community without an upfront contribution or even an exact dollar amount of support. Many people choose to give a percentage of their estate to charities which gives them the flexibility to support multiple organizations as well as their families. While a bequest is the easiest and most straightforward way to make a planned gift, there are other giving vehicles that you can use to make a planned gift, such as life insurance policies and charitable gift annuities. You can learn more about these options on our website: There is an interactive planning tool that can help determine which options are best for you. Once you decide which gift option is best for you, your gift can be directed to our endowment fund or in some cases to specific areas. Just as previous generations built Temple Israel and helped to secure our future, it is our responsibility to do the same for the next generation. As we look to the future, consider how you can have a lasting impact on our community. If you have already included Temple Israel in your estate plans, please let us know by contacting Director of Development, Julie Gal-Or, at or 617-566-3960. We want to recognize and honor your commitment to Temple Israel and our future. | 617-566-3960


THE FJECC PRESCHOOL CELEBRATES 25 YEARS! Planning is underway for a series of events and activities that will celebrate the joyous role the FJECC has played in educating young minds and growing our community.

The Frances Jacobson Early Childhood Center at Temple Israel will mark its 25th year during the 2018-2019 academic year. Established in 1995 through a generous donation by Murray Jacobson to honor his beloved wife, and Dr. John and Bette Cohen, the preschool has educated nearly one thousand students, connected hundreds of families with the Temple Israel community, and created a number of innovative educational programs. Under the thoughtful leadership of Helen Cohen, the FJECC has developed a reputation as one of the top Jewish preschools in the country and a leader in the Boston community. The school embraces a play-based curriculum and highlights values such as respect, individual dignity, and self-worth. Children at the FJECC are given the opportunity to thrive and grow, to have fun, and to enjoy themselves while learning about their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional selves, their language, and their world. From counting in Hebrew numbers to learning about Israel, Judaic learning is seamlessly integrated into the daily routine in order to establish the building blocks of the children’s Jewish identity and provide them with an awareness of their Jewish heritage. Special moments include the weekly Shabbat Sing in the Sanctuary, often with Temple Israel clergy, baking Hamantaschen for Purim, and the Rita and Adam J. Weiner and Family Outdoor Classroom. Planning is underway for a series of events and activities that will celebrate the joyous role the FJECC has played in educating young minds and growing our community. A key focus of the celebration will be community outreach: reconnecting former parents and students to the school and strengthening the bonds between the preschool and the larger community. The FJECC will also conduct a capital campaign in order to strengthen the school’s programmatic, physical, and financial resources. Together, these efforts will ensure that the school continues to be a beacon for Jewish early childhood education for the next 25 years. The FJECC 25th Anniversary Committee is actively seeking volunteers to help with event planning and coordination, video production, fundraising, and other exciting activities. Rachel Goldman and Ari Mervis have been appointed as chairs of the FJECC 25th Anniversary Committee. To volunteer or for more information, please contact Rachel and Ari at


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Chochmat Lev, A Learned Heart:

A Certificate Honoring Commitment to Adult Learning at Temple Israel of Boston The Tabernacle, once completed, would be nothing less than God’s residence among the Israelites in their long trek through the desert. Nothing could have seemed more important to them; no space more holy. Gathering the construction materials called for the Nadiv Lev, the generous heart. The Tabernacle would be “crowdsourced” - all building materials would be freely contributed by the people from among their most beautiful, valuable things. But the next step was different. The work of building the Tabernacle required the Chochmat Lev, the learned heart. Generosity then combined with inspired skill to transform the raw materials into the sacred structure of the Tabernacle. In this New Year of 5779, we will begin to honor Temple Israel’s committed learners with the “Chochmat Lev, A Learned Heart” certificate. With this introduction comes five new categories of learning in “The Classroom” space of the Center for Adult Jewish Learning (CAJL), determined by TI’s Adult Education Committee, clergy, and staff: • • • • •

History Justice, Politics, and Contemporary Issues Bible, Rabbinics, and Philosophy Arts and Culture Spirituality

The Chochmat Lev certificate will be earned by those who complete five “Classroom” courses, one from each of these categories, over any length of time. The CAJL "Classroom" brings exceptional teachers from the region, including our clergy, to offer courses every fall and spring semester. Course listings and descriptions are detailed in the CAJL brochures and online at Courses range in length - most are three to five weekday evening sessions at a cost of $25 per session for Temple Israel members, or $35 per session for non-members. The Temple Israel clergy offer longer courses, often on weekday mornings, that are free of charge. Temple Israel has been a congregation of tremendous learning for many years. Our dedicated learners honor us, lift us up, and help to define our community. The Chochmat Lev, A Learned Heart certificate will allow us to honor our Learned Hearts as well as our Generous Hearts, and to see that both are needed in the ongoing work of building this sacred community. | 617-566-3960



Because of the commitment and compassion of Temple Israel members, our

Partakers College Behind Bars Mentoring program has experienced an incredible growth that enables us to provide opportunities to many more incarcerated students. We optimistically look forward with gratitude for this exceptional engagement.” - Arthur Bembury, Executive Director of Partakers Partakers: College Behind Bars mentoring program provides incarcerated people an opportunity to build trusting, personal relationships with volunteer mentors while pursuing higher education. Through visits and regular correspondence, mentors support incarcerated students while they complete their coursework. Participating in the Partakers program dramatically increases people's chance for success when they return to the community. With a national recidivism rate of over 50%, Partakers students show a recidivism rate of just 2%.

TIkkun Central's Criminal Justice Working Group of the Racial Justice Initiative connected with the Partakers program in 2017. Currently, we have three Temple Israel teams (12 people) actively participating as mentors through the Partakers: College Behind Bars program, with close to 30 more trained as mentors awaiting a match with a mentee. We also have four Temple Israel members volunteering in the Partakers office and helping to run programming, including Partakers' big fundraiser with the Longwood Symphony Orchestra in March 2019. Partakers is just one way we at Temple Israel have an impact on our criminal justice system - to learn how you can get involved, email Social Justice Educator and Community Organizer Tali Puterman at

Few experiences have made me feel more sad or humble than visiting an

incarcerated person and seeing how the system works to dehumanize its charges. And that's only in the Visiting Room - I can't even imagine what it's like every other hour of every other day. I had to keep reminding myself that our visits bring some comfort and connection to the outside world.” - Jen Grella

Team Jean has been visiting for about four months now. One observation we have

shared is his need for outside contact. He is hungry for contact, wants to fill us in on his life and goals and is very open about his life. In some ways it feels as if he was waiting for us to be with him." - Ron Ebert


Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Reflections from Team "Andrew" Incarcerated people are often voiceless statistics. Our work with Partakers enables us to not only give an individual a voice, but to amplify that voice so that it may be heard beyond the walls of the prison. Our mentee “Andrew” is deeply committed to the college courses he is taking and passionate about publishing a book someday. In addition to meeting at the prison, we correspond regularly, a vehicle for Andrew to express himself.

In "Andrew’s" voice: “The course we took last semester was truly amazing and helped me to understand issues pertaining to my own standing in society…and the way other groups were marginalized as well. It brought my male privilege to my attention, which is something I was somewhat oblivious to.” – Letter to our team “I’m fully confident that all of you will be of great value when it comes to my growth as a person, student and a writer…. This college program has reinvigorated and empowered me, refueling me with a determination to contribute to the world in a positive way.” – Letter to our team “Being a natural introvert, I used you to hide in plain sight until you seemed to take on a life of your own. As it turns out, I was foolhardy in my belief that I could comfort myself in objectivity. Of course, I realize this now that I see you for what you really are…not just a pen, but an oracle. A prophet who was designed to bring the revelation of my thoughts to the world” – Creative writing assignment

Letters to team from "Jean" | 617-566-3960



5 years Rachel Spekman & Robin Smith Courtney Swartz & Katherine Moskop 10 years Naomi Shatz & Ryan Cauley 15 years Robert & Emily Carroll 20 years Rachel Kogan & Josh Habib Richard Lewis & Rochelle Sharpe Benjamin Linas & Deborah Goldman Mike Short & Elizabeth Frankl Joanne Tuck & Stuart Freedman 25 years Alison & Mathew Avram Joseph & Florence Steinberg 30 years Susan Hellerstein & John Triedman 35 years Robert Sege & Karen Victor 40 years John & Amy Berylson Gordon Freeman & Arlene Sharpe Steven & Sharlene Grossman 45 years Frank & Mary Epstein John & Linda Freeman Alan & Judith Leichtner 50 years Robert & Ellen Jaffe Jerome & Miriam Smulow 55 years Dan & Nancy White


5 years Trisha & Adam Feldman Ariana Sicairos-McCarthy & David McCarthy Mary Lyn Stein & Jonathan Levy


15 years Jennifer Aft & David Kokorowski Paul & Ashley Bernon Mark & Abigail Goodman Dan King & Amanda Lukens 20 years Jessica Greenfield & Paul Hummel Shahar Hecht & Lior Neiger Andrea & Meredith Lesser-Gonzalez Joshua & Jan Nagler 30 years Leo Sorokin & Pamela Wolf 40 years Ruth & Andrew Dean Paul & Barbara Joskow 45 years Leonard & Helen Krulewich Robert & Salwa Smith 50 years Marc & Manja Miles Kenneth & Gerri Sweder 55 years Isaak & Diana Shklyarov

OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES 5 years Erica & Eric Grey

10 years Rachel & Glen Goldman 20 years David & Jocelyn Belluck Dan Solomon & Mindy Berman Andrew & Sarah Bishins Robert Trestan & Jacqueline Hart 25 years Joel & Randi Cutler 30 years David & Amy Abrams 35 years Jon & Bonnie Rotenberg

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS Daniel Azrin Alexander Bick Robert Bralower Ryan Cassidy Barbara Cevallos Gerald Cohen Judith Diamond Marty Flax Linda Freeman Nadene Freeman Benjamin Gewurz Ilan Goldberg Gaby Goldstein Ellen Goodman Eric Grinberg Aileen Hart JoJo Jacobson Sara Kane Nada Kane Gigi Kellett Nancy Kramer Mara Krechevsky Rita Kropp Michael Leavitt Howard Levine Jane Lewis Phyllis London Jack Minsky Alison Moskowitz Debra Neiman Harry Nudelman Gloria Prince Daniella Prussia Maureen Raynes Susan Rees Grant Rhode Deborah Rose Laurena Rosenberg Suzanne Samuels Daniel Saul Noah Sawyer Lynn Shaffer Mitchell Shames Benjamin Sommers Rachel Spekman Courtney Swartz Claire Valentin Nancy White Andrew Zelermyer

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

LIFE CYCLES SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS Fannette Adelman Jonathan Adler Ahmad Alsaadi Elizabeth Ascoli Caroline Beer Ted Berk Joseph Bower Rhona Brand Niki Diller Deborah Filler Ruslana Frazer Joan Garb Suzanne Garb Matthew Groves Adele Israel Erik Jackman Richard Kalish Devin Kanabay Paul Karofsky Christine Keegan Lisa Kerrigan Jason Kravitz Catherine Kung Raphael Lewis Paul Lipson David Mersky Christopher Noe Jane Patrick Robin Pelzman Jonah Pesner Marie Radler Marie Schwartz Yoav Shapira Toby Zaltsman

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS Albert Axelrad Deborah Bates Kimberly Davis Adam Doctoroff William Drucker Esta Epstein Matthew Feinberg Betsy Fitzpatrick Arthur Goldberg Josh Habib Judith Josephson David Kokorowski Michael Kotlyar Diane Krane

• Sally Beckerman

Matthew Mandel Melanie Marcus Jennifer Mosley Beatrice Nessen Deborah Panoff Eric Putnoi Judith Rosenthal Phyllis Sage Michael Sandman Judith Schlager Maggie Seelig Gary Shuman Michael Shwartz Katrina Spencer Christine Tschoe Donald Warner

• Stanley Cavell husband of Cathleen Cavell • Lois Goldstein Coff mother of Jill Janows and grandmother of Ben Rubenstein • John F. Crigler, Jr. father of Dru Greenwood • Hannah Goren Greenspan Galerstein stepmother of Saralynn Busch • Esther Rachlin Fisher aunt of Joan Rachlin and cousin of Amy Richman • Joan Flax Fields sister of Jane Lewis, aunt of Mindy Berman, cousin of Dan Romanow and great-aunt of Anna, Ellie, and Rachel Solomon

Mazal Tov!


• Jacques Goldfeder grandfather of Ronen Gal-Or and great-grandfather of Ziggy and Dahlia

• Adina Bess Kogan Habib daughter of Rachel Kogan and Josh Habib in September 1

• Eliot Arnold son of Jill and Matthew Arnold on September 8 • Katya Sacharow daughter of Stephanie Sacharow on September 15 • Lucas Diller son of Niki Diller and Marc Diller on September 29


• Gerard Goldstein father of Wendy Goldstein Pierce and grandfather of Jack and Lulu • Elizabeth Botkin Hoskins cousin of Linda Okun • Gerald Kates brother of Richard Kates • Lawrence Laba father of Cindy Laba

• Theo Hummel son of Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel on October 6

• Neila Mitkus mother of Cathy Mitkus and grandmother of Jennifer and Rebecca Wishnie

• Sophia Emily Schneider daughter of Sonia and Samuel Schneider on October 13

• Peter Rabinowitz son of Joy Rabinowitz

• Murray Rose Finard daughter of Andrea and Todd Finard on October 27

May their memories bring blessing. RECENT DEATHS

• David Ira Barcan uncle of Sara Barcan and Dan Barcan and great-uncle of Katie and Sam Draisen and Max and Abe Barcan

• Arlene Rachins • William Scott Thoennes father of Jaden Kohen • Clara “Scrappy” Yallum cousin of Sue Misselbeck • Lorraine Zimmerman wife of Jerry Zimmerman | 617-566-3960



• Joyce and Stephen Antler on the birth of their grandson Micah Ronen Meagher

• Linda and Jonathan Kay, parents, Marshall and Barbara Sloane and Millard Kay, grandparents, on the engagement of Josh to Brooke Patkin

• Aviva and Ross Benson on the birth of their daughter Simone Jacqueline

• Sophie and John Krentzman on the birth of their son Micah Gil

• Alex and Michelle Parsons Bloom on the birth of their son Nathan Harrison

• Shelley and Bruce Lipschultz on the birth of their grandson Jacob Lipschultz

• Glenda and Bob Fishman on the birth of their granddaughter Miley Starr Davis

• Linda and Henry Okun on the marriage of their daughter Michelle to Lindsie Alterman

• Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and Joe Fuller on the birth of their grandson Henry Joseph Resolved Fuller • David and Lisa Saunders Hartstein, parents, and Donald Saunders and Liv Ullmann, grandparents, on the marriage of Tal to Nate Enos

• Sy and Debby Raboy on the marriage of their grandson Harrison Lewis Raboy to Jenna Hoops

• Michael Rosenstein and Erika Gorman on their marriage • Avishai Shafrir and Roberta Steinberg on the birth of their granddaughter Sydney Jane Vladeck • Anne Sunshine on the birth of her grandson Eliya Sunshine • Maryanne and Roger Tackeff on the marriage of their son Michael to Samantha Beik • David and Rhoda Trietsch on the engagement of their daughter Genessa to Andrew Clemenza

• Pamela and Dean Richlin on the birth of their grandson Reuben Bard Paquette


Sarah L. Abrahamson Rabbi David Bear Alpert Evelyn Barlow Emily S. Bean Irene Goldbarg Bennett Benjamin Bernson Evelyn Chefitz Herman C. Cofman Nathan Daniels Saul Charles Fechtor Leona K. Fishel Frederick Frank Molly Galpert Samuel Glen Meyer Harold Goldman Ida Carolyn Goldman Harry N. Gorin Hannah Leah Gorin William E. Harting Mary Ann Hitt Hyman Hubbard Tekla Huvos Vivienne Silverstein Kalman Bernard Kaplan H. Louis Kramer Sidney Lampert


George Martin Lane Frank Lanes Henry Lasker Anna Simons Levin Alfred Levy S. Bernard "Buddy" Lieberman Mary A. Mades Leon Margolis Dr. Leo R. Milner David Nadell Saul Norman Nectow Elizabeth Pfeffer Frances Greenberg Polin David A. Ramler Ella Frankfurter Rogers Louis E. Ross Sadie Salmansohn Ellen Berman Sandler Abraham Schilder Dorothy M. Shapiro Grace Cohen Shohet Edna G. Shpiner Alan Sigman Maurice Charles Simons Pauline Singer Marion Rutt Steinberg Berthold S. Stern

Julius Stone Dr. David Weintraub Rose Salter Wolfson

AUGUST 5 - 11

Bessie Strauss Abraham Gerald G. Auerbach Dr. Benjamin M. Banks Stanley Joseph Berkman Ellen Lois Berman Charles Brown Maurice Cherazie Celia H. Davis David Einhorn Herman Feffer Bessie Fellman Israel Fellman Phyllis Hyde Fisher Gerald Flaxer Janis Arne Gold Joseph L. Goldman Adele Adler Gordon Rebecca Gorin Laurence E. Gross Paul Haas Dr. Louis Hermanson Isabel Hurwitz

Jacob J. Kaplan Irving Klein Murray P. Koblenzer Isidore Kressel Fannie Freedman Leavitt Leon J. Levenson Milton Linden Lewis L. Martinson Laurence M. Meyer Barbara Astroff Morse Sandra Vogel Nagelberg Wendy Jane Nessel Joseph Parker Aaron Perlmutter Evelyn D. Poretsky Rebecca Leven Roberts Rhoda H. Rosenthal Betsy P. Rubin David J. Seder Ruth C. Segel Harvey Shwartz Dr. Benjamin F. Sieve Ronald David Sigel Annie Snyder Benjamin Spelfogel Frances P. Steinberg Hyman Stern

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

YAHRZEITS Sumner Stroyman Michael Miller Sulkin Frank Wallace Betty Kahn White Anna Frank Wolfman Charles Yallum

AUGUST 12 - 18

Sylvia Hanauer Adelson Louis Berenberg Nathan Bierbrier Melissa Remedi Brown Esther L. Cibel Maxine Elmont Irving J. Flax Leah Nataupsky Freedman Max Geller Benjamin I. Goldberg Eva A. Goldberg Evelyn Goodman Charlotte R. Goodman Montie M. Gordon William Irving Gorfinkle Helaine M. Gorin Stella Sydeman Grossman Albert Gutterman Siegfried Horowitz Sally Frank Kaplan Judy Bailen Kateman Maurice Keezer Lena Salter Kulvin Saul Maurice Marcus, M.D. Harold Margolis Maurice I. Miller Rhea Miller Morris Narva Samuel Alexander Nemzoff Charlotte (Dolly) Rabb Rose S. Rachlin Bernard Morris Rivkin Fay Rotenberg Ruth Rothenberg Minna Dreyfus Rubenstein Claire W. Sandberg Anna Sandler Fannie Saxe Faye Zeichik Schenk Burton Donald Segal Harry Benjamin Shpiner Lillian Rosenberg Silbert Jacob George Sloane Yetta Steinfeld Bertha Swartz

Russell Lee Theise Harold I. Trietsch Pauline Bunshaft Wasby Stanley Fred Waterman Paul Allan Weiner Abraham Weisberg Fred H. Wolff Taffy Zimbler

AUGUST 19 - 25

Dr. Henry Jacob Bakst Samuel R. Berkman Alice Bloomberg Harriett Slome Brownstein Irving S. Canner Florence Bloomberg Cerf Henrietta Nast Cofman Eleanor Grossman Cohen Hazel L. Cutler Lena S. Damon Zelda K. Davis Bella Diamond J. Laurence Fine Adolph A. Freedman Philip Furshman Abraham Gashin Jerry Nathan Goldberg Jacob Bernard Gordon Joyce L. Forman Groper Naomi Virginia Hambro Myron E. Helpern Audrey F. Hoffman Richard Loring Hyde Maurice Jacobs Stanley H. Kaplan Nan Bennett Kay Dr. Leon Kessler Elizabeth R. Kirshen Anna Klein Arthur I. Lee Susan Levi Sam Levin Fannie Loitman Lawrence Marcus Edward Markell Patricia J. Maslon Frances C. Michaelson Frances M. Mordecai Carolyn Levin Morrill Howard W. Muellner Viola L. Myers Sidney M. Palder Lorna Marilyn Phillips

Frank Popper Irving Rabb Avner Rakov Joseph Rapaport Sylvia Rice Adele C. Robbins Sumner "Sonny" Rodman Samuel Joseph Rosenberg Ralph Harold Schein Selma R. Singer Bessie Slesinger Jeanette Snyder Simon Melvin Starensier Emanuel Starr Dr. Herman M. Strauss Arthur Stroyman Julia Goodman Thurman Mae Vernon Efrem Weinreb Florence Mendelsohn Weiss Rose Wekstein Samuel H. Wexler Florence Esther Winograd Abe Leon Wise Abraham Joseph Wolfe


Sally Laskoff Abrams Gustaf H. Abrams Frank Alter Miriam Aserkoff Doris Stern Bacharach Dr. Paul Barrabee Herbert Quint Bayard Gabriel W. Becker Dr. Ralph H. Bender Florence Berke Harry B. Braude Etta B. Casson Anna Burstein Cohen Walter Corty Frances Ebert Mitchell Roy Emers Rose Escovitz Milton M. Feinberg Rae Goldman Marcia Q. Greenglass Esther Hershkovitz Ruth Horwitz Omar R. King Rae Krokyn Emmanuel Kurland

Walter A. Landau Barry L. Lass Norman G. Levin Aaron H. Levin, M.D. Bernard Levine Walter Lewis Elaine Marcus Harry L. Marks Andrew T. McAfee Beatrice L. Miller Otto L. Myers Barnet Nemrow David Passer Beatrice Hirsh Poorvu Bella Porter Ida Droker Queen Irving Rosner Nessie Seltzer Rovner Goodman Samuel H. Sackman Daniel Saltzberg Isaac M. Sholkin Joseph Moses Shurdut Sally Viola Sieve Rebecca Silverman Rose Silverstein Lila Ginsburg Simberg Miriam Brief Solomovitz Martha Alland Sperber Hyman I. Sperber Oscar Sterman Robert Yallum Albert David Zecher Miriam Zuckerman


Shirley Zolloto Abrams Donald Howard Alberts Elizabeth Davidson Alland Peter Belfer Marshall L. Berkman Gertrude J. Berman Max S. Bloom Morris Bronstein Matthew Brown Dr. Benjamin Jacob Chefitz Joan Cutler Sylvia Kanter Davis Martin Faurer Dr. Sidney Fish Benjamin Gargill Sophia Goldstein Isaac Goldstein | 617-566-3960


YAHRZEITS Ida Standel Greenberg Jacob Gruberger Harry H. Harpel Benjamin A. Helman Fannie Horwitz Morton Jolles Florence M. Kahn Ida Sarah Kanter William S. Koster Joseph Maurice Krasnoff Harry Krosner Celia Q. Kupferman Ida Levensohn Anna D. Mitnick Naima Simha Murad Lena L. Neustadt Mathilde T. Queen Helmer M. Raphael Charlotte S. Sallinger Abraham E. Sapers Alan R. Shoolman Esther L. Singer Ida C. Snyder Alan David Solar Mildred Tarshish Meyer Tattenbaum Jacob Toochinsky Theodore Towvim Myra Bresky Ullman Sarah Werner Ellen Wilf Lilla Morse Wolfson


Honorable Herbert Abrams Sara Ackerman Linda Lurie Alpers Isaac Bachrach Louis Barron David Berkman Tal Berman Richard Neil Braude Ralph M. Brody Edith Reinstein Bufferd Morris Zavel Burstein Harry Aaron Cohen Marie A. Coyne Frances Goldman Dana Irene Grass Faneuil Benjamin J. Finn Marion Goldman Ida Mae Kahn Dr. Meier Karp


Nick Knez Jennie R. Levine Lillian S. Levy James A. Lippman Philip Locke Eli London Esther Brief Maixner Kimberly Anne Markell Maurice Masters Gary Mendelson Paul Milch Jessica J. Miller Dr. Joel Mark Noe Luba Okun Maynard Petkun Louis Pinkos Mary Price Frank L. Reinherz Nathan M. Rodman Louis Rosenthal Richard B. Ross Esther Sadow Samuel Schaffer Hyman Schatz Arthur H. Schein Dr. Joseph Segal Sarah Shain Clarence Shapero Robert Sherer Ellsworth H. Sherin Belle E. Shine Beatrice Diana Sigel Minna Steinfeld Dr. Hyman B. Swig Edith Trietsch Helen Marion Ulin Simon Vorenberg Dr. Jacob Wallace Ruth Weisberg Edith C. Weissman Will G. Wilton Mark Yesley Albert M. Zolloto

SEPTEMBER 16 - 22 Lawrence Baker, M.D. Billie Bernhard Belloff Dr. Saul Berman Robert Bookston Nancy M. Bower Herman Brightman Harvey Chopp Dr. Samuel Cline

Beth Einhorn Robert A. Feer Morris Feldberg Hyman H. Freedman Philip Frieze Maurice Gans Goldie Gilbert Sylvia Gilman David Ginsburg Max Goldman Rebecca Goldman Louis Lazar Goldstein Alfred P. Grossman Marjorie Gunner Carl M. Haas M.D. Joseph Bernard Klein Herbert Monroe Kramer Helene Kramer Gallagher A. Sarah Levensohn Walter Sabin Levenson Clarence A. Lipman Seymour N. Logan Max Miller Doris Julia Panoff Marcel Pfeffer Ernestine Potter Harold Isaac Reingold Ida Robinson Judge Charles Abraham Rome Selma Ann Rosen Rachael Gertrude Rosenberg Dorothy Rosenthal Dr. Maurice J. Savitz Gerald Segel Nathan Shiffman Ruth Eleanor Silver Rose Mary Sloane Rebecca Smilg Morris Tarlin Herman Louis Tritter Louis H. Wax Charles Weiscopf Augustus Weiscopf Aaron Weissman Lester Werman Dianne Wilderman Samuel Winograd


Deborah Barron Blazar Mina Bloom Justin Livingston Bromberg Adolph I. Dinner

Anne Rubin Feinberg Theodore M. Feldman Lena Frank Reeva Porter Freeman Rosalind Sperber Frye Dr. Samuel Leon Gargill Joseph Samuel Ginsburg Lester H. Glasser Beryl David Gorin Edna Grace Frank A. Greenberg Harold Horvitz Louis Hyneman Leonard Kaplan Sarah Karp Pauline Kuhn Hyman J. Levensohn Inez Werman Levenson Edith Kohn Levine Frances R. Levy Dr. David Lewis Sarah Libin Andrew Mark Lippard Norman A. Mandel Myer Marder Judith Sabin Meisel Lillian Palder Elsie G. Porter Fannie Ramler Milton E. Robinson Ethel A. Rogal Herbert Warren Rubin Mollie Sagansky Bertha Levene Schein Leonard Leo Schulman Joel Neal Shapiro Leo J. Sieve Paul Simons Marian J. Smith Ida Wallick Sadie Cohen Weinreb


Ida Allen Aaron Alpern Maria Benado Jean K. Benjamin Bessie Ruth Berman Ida S. Bornstein Col. Samson K. Cohen Charles L. Cohen Celia Traister Feldman

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

YAHRZEITS I. Robert Forrest Edith Gargill Howard Glazer Alex Gold-Pitegoff Khava Gorlovsky Jack Gottlieb Captain Mack K. Greenberg Elise Lottie Haas Celia Hodess Morris Holtz Lena Holzman Reuben Kaplan Joseph Kaplowitz Anna Wasserman Kohn Ethel Krosner Bernard Kusmin Jacob Lerman Dorothy June Levy Harry Liebmann Abraham Leopold Loewenstein Arthur Benjamin Lourie Joseph Marder Gertrude Martinson Rita May Louis Milender Harold L. Miller Amelia Spring Morris Abraham Edward Pinanski Michael H. Porter Joseph N. Rosen Morris Rostau Harold Dana Rudginsky Michael Rudnick Harry Otis Sandberg Joan Baylor Schilder Paul Sobel David Stoneman Daniel S. Swerling Sherry Jill Tucker Barbara Yamins Weinreb Howard Jay Wolfe Elmore Yallum

OCTOBER 7 - 13

Leah W. Banash James Berns Margareta B. Bernson Newman M. Biller Hope Lynn Edinburg Adolph Ehrlich Gertrude Mazur Feldman Dr. Gary L. Fisher Charles Augustus Goldman

Zelda Grass Alan J. Greenfield Bertha Herman Harris Morris D. Hershkovitz Bertha Holtz Ethylene Winberg Kaplan Joseph P. Keller Ida Kirsner Leonard I. Lappin Murray Lepie Colman Levin Irving Levy Lillian Loeb Celia London Sarah Lotto Kattie Marder Harry Meilman Lewis J. Miller Louis Edward Morse Arthur Moser Sara Beth Narins Sussman Benjamin George Phillips Sidney R. Rabb Jacob Riemer Estelle G. Rosenberg Leon Samuel Rosenstein Charlotte Grass Schneider Diana Karr Schrager Bess Weisberg Silver Isadore Silverman Henry Simon Frieda Mikels Smith Julius Stern Ruth Sondheim Vigman Wilfred B. Werner Louise B. Zelermyer

OCTOBER 14 - 20

Ruth Sleeper Adler Edward I. Bailen Samuel Barkin Hyman W. Berkman Ernestine R. Birnbaum Phyllis Esther Bomhof Nathan Brezner Lottie Caplan Phyllis Levine Dana Marjorie L. Edenfeld Dr. Spencer N. Frankl Florence Silverman Franks Blanche Gass Dr. Manuel Morris Glazier Pearl M. Goldshine

Aaron Lee Goodman Abraham L. Gordon Alfred S. Grass Rose T. Greenberg Rezso Robert Hidasi George Nathaniel Kalish Dora Lanes Mark Levine Ida Marder Ralph May Michael L. Michael Herman Miller David H. Murad Vivian M. Neyman Esther Roslind Norman Goldie Novins Max Plutzky Regina Schnaider Plutzky Gertrude Popper Ethel Presson Ellen Raphael Sophia Charak Reinherz Dora F. Richmond Joseph Rogers Roy Ross Lotte Scheiberg Benjamin D. Schwartz Morris S. Shapiro Ruth Gordon Shapiro Harold Singer Laila Karnes Slater Edith Sperber Carl Albert Steinbaum Samuel Sidney Stoneman Louis Strauss Rose S. Swartz Frieda Silbert Ullian Esther L. Weiner Hy Winer

OCTOBER 21 - 27

Quincy I. Abrams Marion A. Bailen Robert S. Benjamin Bessie K. Braude Jack Goddard Brown Frances E. Bunshaft Louis Abraham Charnow S. Sydney DeYoung Harry H. Elbinger Isabelle C. Epstein Manuel M. Epstein Lillian S. Feinberg

Robert Eliot Freeman Otto Fromholz Sarah Gordon Julia Greenberg Joseph Guttentag Arthur C. Halpern Fannie F. Hanauer Steven K. Helman Belle R. Helman Frances Maxine Jacobson Phyllis M. Knez Gertrude Wasserman Korshak Max Kotler Irving Kotlier Frances Kramer Ralph Jon Krensky James Levensohn Harriet J. Levin Rose Winer Levin Dora C. Levin Samuel Lurie Susan Strauss Manello Harriet Phillips Morse Dr. S. Richard Muellner William Pokross Bessie E. Printz Frances Finn Rothberg Lt. Stanley B. Sandberg Anne H. Sapers Jessie Harris Savitz Helen Miller Shamus Roy J Sheinwald Myron S. Silbert Freda Silver Harold Silverstein Charles Singer Esther Z. Small Herman Steinfeld Mark Steinfeld Shirley Swartz M. Murray Weiss | 617-566-3960



David and Leslie Kates • In appreciation of Cantor Roy Einhorn for his sensitivity and thoughtfulness officiating my brother Jerry's funeral

Robert Sege and Karen Victor • In appreciation of Cantor Roy Einhorn for helping us observe shiva after Bob's mother’s death


Ann and Howard Katz • In loving memory of Mildred Kharfen Lehman

Gloria Sonnabend

Harold and Jamie Kotler • In loving memory of Lionel Benado

Nanci Sharon • In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn for his officiation at the funeral of my mother, Arlene Rachins

Elaine Shain • In loving memory of Emily Mehlman

Jill Hahn

Barry Weisman and Michele Fishel


Sandy Krakoff • In appreciation of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson and Cantor Roy Einhorn for their guidance in helping Helen throughout her journey to become a Bat Mitzvah


Eleanor Lewis • In appreciation of the visit from Rabbi Jacobson and Cantor Einhorn

Anonymous • In memory of Elaine Shames

M. Leonard Lewis • Thanking Rabbi Elaine Zecher for acknowledging my birthday

Jim Dalsimer and Ellen Steinbaum

Anonymous (3)

Anita Bender • With many thanks to Rabbi Elaine Zecher and Rabbi Matthew Soffer in the naming ceremony of my great grandson, Zachary Dildine Nancy Faneuil King • In loving memory of my beloved father, Phillip Faneuil Jennifer Gold • In appreciation for Cantor Einhorn leading my mother, Janet Gold's memorial service Lois Finn • In memory of my beloved husband, Alvan D. Finn, on his yahrzeit • In memory of my beloved mother-inlaw, Alice Resnick Finn, on her yahrzeit A.J. and Cindy Janower • In honor of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson and Cantor Roy Einhorn Ellen Kaplan Kardon • In loving memory of my dear father, George I. Kaplan


Matthew Milikowsky and Nicole Eldredge • In honor of the naming of Samuel Marcus Milikowsky Sharon and Daniel Milikowsky • In honor of the naming of our grandson Samuel Marcus Milikowsky Linda and Henry Okun • In memory of Carol Sege, mother of Robert Sege and grandmother of Adam, Rachel, and Aaron • In appreciation of Cantor Einhorn for his officiation at the wedding of our daughter, Michelle, to Lindsie Alterman Diane Rose • In gratitude to Cantor Roy Einhorn for his officiation at the memorial service for my son, Jimmy Rose • In loving memory of my mother, Ida F. Marks Natalie Schatz • In appreciation and with deepest gratitude for Rabbi Elaine Zecher officiating at the funeral of my beloved husband, Arthur Gilman Schatz

Margot Strom • In appreciation of Rabbi Ronne Friedman and Rabbi Elaine Zecher for all their help and love during Terry’s illness and death • With love and appreciation to Sue Misselbeck for all her caring and guidance during Terry’s illness and after his death The Tackeff Family • In honor of Rabbi Zecher Carl Warsowe • In loving memory of Jennie Warsowe Jennifer Weber and Laurence Bailen • In appreciation of Rabbi Suzie Jacobson and Cantor Roy Einhorn officiating at the B'not Mitzvah of Lily & Molly


Elisabeth Horowitz • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, daughter of Judith Herman

FRANCES JACOBSON EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER Murray A. Jacobson Family Foundation Mimi and Jerry Smulow • In loving memory of Clara Yallum, cousin of Sue Misselbeck • In honor of Susan Fuhrman’s retirement from the Presidency of Teacher’s College at Columbia University


Murray A. Jacobson Family Foundation

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


Paul and Rhona May-D’Onofrio • In memory of James M. Matarazzo Sr.

GALE RAPHAEL SUSTAINING TILLI FUND Elaine Abrams • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, daughter of Judy Herman

Anita Bender • In memory of John F. Crigler, Jr., father of Dru Greenwood Joan Gordon • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, daughter of Judy Herman Naomi Gordon • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, daughter of Judy Herman Judith Herman • In memory of Arthur Schatz, husband of Natalie Schatz Ruth Klepper • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, daughter of Judy Herman Marcia Krasnow • In memory of Arthur Schatz, husband of Natalie Schatz • In memory of Elizabeth Sarah Ommen, daughter of Judy Herman • In memory of John F. Crigler Jr. father of Dru Greenwood Judith Towvim Murad • In loving memory of Miriam Coplan Towvim on her yahrzeit Henry and Linda Okun • In loving memory of my grandfather, Abraham Botkin, on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of my mother, Ruth Botkin Morse, on her yahrzeit Nancy Raphael • In loving memory of my beloved father, Max Starr Stephen and Rosalie Snyder • In loving memory of our parents, Bernice and Herman Snyder and Shirley and Maurice Krasnoff, on their yahrzeits

Rhoada Wald • In memory of John F. Crigler, Jr., father of Dru Greenwood • In memory of Jimmy Rose, son of Diane Rose


Marlene Yesley • In memory of Elizabeth Ommen, beloved daughter of Judy Herman • in memory of John F. Crigler, Jr., father of Dru Greenwood

Marcia Krasnow • In memory of Ralph Abrams, brother of Ann Abrams • In memory of Margery Goodman, mother of Carol Goodman Comras



Tom Grossman • From the Nissie and Ethel Grossman Foundation in loving memory of Ethel Grossman on her yahrzeit • From the Reuben and Lizzie Grossman Foundation to help continue our good work


Sumner & Phyllis Darman • In loving memory of my mother, Eva Tolman on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of our beloved son, Paul Darman on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of our father William Lebow, on his yahrzeit Alan Fisch • In loving memory of Allene G. Fisch on her yahrzeit Dru Greenwood • In gratitude for Cantor Einhorn's kind support at my father's memorial service Shirlee Isenberg • In memory of my cousin Jim Robbins on his yahrzeit • To wish Lenny and Helen Krulewich many, many more healthy and happy days and years ahead in their new home Susan Richman • In loving memory of my husband, Dr. Justin L. Richman on his yahrzeit

Amy Kaplowitz • In loving memory of Harry Dollins on his yahrzeit

Marlene Yesley • In honor of the special birthday of William Cowin • In honor of the second Bar Mitzvah of Rabbi Herman Blumberg


Alan and Jean Miller • In honor of the birth of our grandson, Haiden Locke Ehrenberg


Saul Kurlat • In support of the Village for Families with Young Children Peter and Beatrice Nessen • In support Cantor Roy Einhorn's musical programs in memory of Anny and Alfred Wolfner Gabriel Padawer • In support of music at Temple Israel


Richard and Nancy Lubin • In loving memory of my father, Newell B. Kurson, on his yahrzeit


Fran and Don Putnoi • In honor of the college graduation of Jason Jermanok, son of Steve Jermanok and Lisa Leavitt • In honor of the college graduation of Naomi Eisenberg, daughter of David Eisenberg and Rabbi Elaine Zecher | 617-566-3960


CONTRIBUTIONS (MARCH 16 - JUNE 30, 2018) • In honor of our grandson, Will Berlin’s graduation from high school • In honor of Isak Shapiro and Hannah Hummel being confirmed at Temple Israel • In memory of John F. Crigler, Jr. father of Dru Greenwood

REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT FUND Mike Ehrenberg and Donna Richman • In memory of Dr. Justin L. Richman on his yahrzeit

Gary and Mary Pforzheimer • In honor of Tyler Hack on his becoming a Bar Mitzvah


Leonard and Christine Bierbrier • In appreciation of the Queer Jewish Folks Shabbat programming, and in memory of our dear mother Mary Bierbrier Joshua Fox • To support Soul Food Friday, with special acknowledgement to Rabbi Gubitz for the welcoming way that she leads Soul Food Friday Shabbat services Richard and Virginia Seegel • In loving memory of Samuel E. Seegel on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Pearl Seegel on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of our son, Eric J. Seegel, on his yahrzeit


Marsha Feinberg Saul Kurlat Richard and Wendy Levine • In memory of John F. Crigler, Jr., father of Dru Greenwood



Herman and Judith Chernoff • In loving memory of Robert and Martha Finn on their yahrzeits


Nancy Cutler • In loving memory of my beloved father, Joseph Wise, on his yahrzeit


Saralynn Busch and Andrew Fenves • In memory of Dru Greenwood's father, John F. Crigler, Jr. Henry and Anita Gewurz • In honor of Sara & Ben Gewurz’s 14th wedding anniversary


Jonathan Benjamin • In loving memory of my wife, Jeanne Benjamin, on her yahrzeit Bernard and Nancy Berkman • In loving memory of Sara Berkman, Samuel Seegel, and Pearl Seegel on their yahrzeits Isobel Bertman • In loving memory of my mother, Sylvia Dane Nathanson, on her yahrzeit Arthur Blasberg • In loving memory of Rose Blasberg and Mary Blasberg on their yahrzeits Marjorie Bloom • In loving memory of Harvey Olenberg on his yahrzeit Steve and Mona Blumstein • In loving memory of our beloved daughter, Emma Blumstein, on her yahrzeit Allan and Rhea Bufferd • In loving memory of Jack H. Bufferd on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Joseph Jacob Kot on his yahrzeit Sue Cahners • In loving memory of Walter James Cahners on his yahrzeit Mollie Ceder • In loving memory of my brother, Harry Fienman, on his yahrzeit

Elaine Ellenbogen • In loving memory of S. David Ellenbogen on his yahrzeit Robert and Iris Fanger • In loving memory of Beatrice Hollander Mandel Meyers on her yahrzeit Jacqueline DeJur Feinberg • In loving memory of Ralph A. DeJur on his yahrzeit Norman and Pamela Fine • In loving memory of Pauline Goldstein Fine on her yahrzeit Michael and Linda Frieze • In loving memory of Bernice Frieze on her yahrzeit Joseph and Joan Garb • In loving memory of Edith Robbins Katz on her yahrzeit Betty Goldberg • In loving memory of Stanley and Ruth Rothenberg on their yahrzeits Brian Gordon • In loving memory of Lillian Hall on her yahrzeit Paul and Annette Hodess • In memory of Louis Hodess on his yahrzeit Phyllis Hoffman • In loving memory of my husband, Robert J. Hoffman, on his yahrzeit Howard and Adele Israel • In loving memory of Barney Israel on his yahrzeit Richard and Celia Kaplan • In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of our granddaughter, Anna Kaplan

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

CONTRIBUTIONS (MARCH 16 - JUNE 30, 2018) Nancy Karp • In loving memory of Leona Karp on her yahrzeit

Henry and Linda Okun • In loving memory of Philip Okun on his yahrzeit

Richard Tuck and Jerome Tuck • In loving memory of Ethel Tuck on her yahrzeit

Myra Kolton • In loving memory of my husband, Frank Kolton on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of my brother, Robert Gargill, on his yahrzeit

Edith Orenberg • In loving memory of my dearly beloved mother, Annette P. Lourie on her yahrzeit

Sidney and Helene Wartel • In loving memory of Charles Wartel and Goldie Wartel on their yahrzeits • In loving memory of David Wartel on his yahrzeit

Saul Kurlat • In loving memory of my wife, Gitta Kurlat, on her yahrzeit

The Rashi School • In honor of Avigail Neiger becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Thomas Werman • In loving memory of Ruth Werman

Michael Lepie • In loving memory of Pearl Young

Dean and Pamela Richlin • In loving memory of Sylvia Richlin on her yahrzeit

B. Andrew Zelermyer • In loving memory of my father, Stanley S. Zelermyer, on his yahrzeit

Robert and Sandra Marcus • In loving memory of Betsey Berman Marcus on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of S. David Ellenbogen on his yahrzeit

Robert Rosenbaum • In loving memory of Bertha Gordon on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of Stanley Rosenbaum on his yahrzeit

Michael Zimman and Ellen Rovner • In loving memory of Samuel Rovner, Phyllis Zimman, and Barry Zimman on their yahrzeits

Marcia Marcus • In loving memory of Warren Presson, Ethel Presson, and David Presson on their yahrzeits

Judi Ross Zuker • In loving memory of my father, Harold Rotenberg, on his yahrzeit

Joseph and Nancy Marglin • In loving memory of our mother, Aida Klein Marglin, on her yahrzeit • In loving memory of our father, Harold I. Fruitman, on his yahrzeit Nancy Mazonson • In appreciation of Rabbi Gubitz and the work that she has done with our daughter and son in law in the Modern Couples, Big Jewish Questions class Mr. and Mrs. William Mendelson • In loving memory of Gertrude Ann Mendelson on her yahrzeit Susan Miller • In loving memory of Joseph Wise and Madeline Wise Levin on their yahrzeits Ed and Judith Murad • In honor of the wedding of Michelle Okun and Lindsie Alterman, daughter of Linda and Henry Okun Judy Nugent • In loving memory of Frederick Rosenbaum on his yahrzeit • In loving memory of Elizabeth Rosenbaum on her yahrzeit

The Sandman Family • In memory of our beloved cousin, Sylvia Sandler Levine S.Lawrence Schlager • In loving memory of Beatrice Schlager on her yahrzeit Gail and Elliott Schlang • In appreciation of Rabbi Zecher and Cantor Einhorn for their officiation at the Bar Mitzvah of our grandson, Tyler Elisofon

Marcia Zonis • In loving memory of my father, Dr. Harmon Shohet, on his yahrzeit • In honor of Naomi Gordon


Alan and Pamela Goodman • In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Simon Baron, son of Jessica and Shane Baron Jane and Joel Larus • In loving memory of Mark Bortman on his yahrzeit Justin and Genevieve Wyner • In loving memory of our father, Rudolph H. Wyner, on his yahrzeit

Lauri Slawsby • In loving memory of Gertrude B. Sherman on her yahrzeit Marcia Starensier • In loving memory of Melvin Starensier on his yahrzeit Richard and Harriet Steinberg • In loving memory of Lewis Steinberg on his yahrzeit Jerome and Arlene Tuck • In loving memory of Morris Stein and Nettie Stein on their yahrzeits | 617-566-3960


FRIENDS ANNUAL FUND (MARCH 16 - JUNE 30, 2018) WISDOM $20,000 AND ABOVE • Anonymous • Pam Kohlberg and Curt Greer —In honor of Cantor Roy Einhorn as he retires from a long and wonderful career at Temple Israel. He will continue to hold a special place in our family memories. UNDERSTANDING $15,000 - $19,999 • The Davis Family Foundation STRENGTH $10,000-$14,999 • Amy and David Abrams KINDNESS $5,000-$9,999 • Anonymous • Georgia and Jesse Feldman • Gordon Freeman and Arlene Sharpe • Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel • Mark and Marie Schwartz • Gary and Melissa Tearney • Justin and Genevieve Wyner INSPIRATION $3,600-$4,999 • Alan Einhorn and Suzanne Salamon • Meryl LeBoff • Marc Maxwell • Christopher and Shari Noe • Donald and Sandra Perrin • Gary and Mary Pforzheimer • Donald and Cheryl Warner • Barry Weisman and Michele Fishel VISION $1,800-$3,599 • Laurence Bailen and Jennifer Weber • Cantors Roy Einhorn and Jodi Sufrin • Todd and Andrea Finard • Jeffrey and Amy Glass • Andy Goldfarb, Caroline Goldfarb, and Lucy Goldfarb • Mark and Abigail Goodman • Brett and Abby Gordon • Andrew and Allyson Jaffe —In loving memory of Robert S. Lipman • Carol Michael • Sy and Deborah Raboy • Jason and Erinn Rhodes • Susan and Paul Ridker • Judi Ross Zuker and Edward Zuker • Bram and Jen Shapiro • Mitchell Shames • Jeane Ungerleider and William Stone • David and Terry Yoffie • Michael Zimman and Ellen Rovner CONNECTION $1,000-$1,799 • Leonard and Christine Bierbrier • John and Bette Cohen • Lisa Danetz and Craig Smith • Gerald Davidson and Debra Kocar • Steven and Jean Dubowsky • Sylvia Green • Holly Gunner and Anne Chalmers


• Benjamin Holtz • Jane Holtz • Richard Kazis and Jill Medvedow • Sarah Kianovosky and Frank Friedman FRIENDS UP TO $999 • Anonymous • Leah Abrahams • Carol Agate • David and Jane Akiba • David and Helene Bailen • Phyllis Baker • Henry and Judith Banks • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bertman • Marcy Bienen • John and Rosalie Bookston —In memory of Jane Halgren, twin sister of Rosalie Bookston • Jaclyn and Robert Bralower • Karen Bressler and Scott Epstein • Martin Broff and Freya Bernstein • Rima Burroughs • Saralynn Busch and Andrew Fenves • Herman and Judith Chernoff • Helen Cohen • James Cooper and Susan Horwitz • Fran Cronin • Jim Dalsimer and Ellen Steinbaum • The Dansinger Family • Dan and Amy Deutsch —In honor of Gary Pforzheimer completing a great first year as President • Howard and Wendy Ecker • Marsha Feinberg • Jonathan and Carol Fine • Alison and Ezra Freedman • Louise Freedman • Elsa Galdston —In loving memory of my parents, Dr. Morton and Irene Galdston • Julie Gal-Or • Joseph and Joan Garb • Bradley Gerratt and Susan Powers • Friedhelm Glauner and David HaidacherBassong • Robert Goisman and Jeanne Traxler • Andrew and Shoshanna Goldberg • Priscilla Golding and Barbara Burg • Pam Goodman and Michael Shwartz • Ruth Gordon • Naomi Gordon • Marisa Greenwald Kenney and Keith Kenney • Ted and Dru Greenwood • Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz • Roger Herzog and Kathryn Madden • Joan Hinrichs • Lesley and Ben Inker • Michael Kalin and Rebecca Lambert —In honor of the Village for Families with Young Children • Mark Kaplan • Amy Kaplowitz • Yetta Katz • Jon Kingsdale and Rosalie Phillips • Ruth Klepper • Laurence Koff and Barbara Smith Koff • Helen Kolsky • Martha Koster

• Leonard and Helen Krulewich • Susan Levin • Jane and John Lewis • Rebecca Lien • Benjamin Linas and Deborah Goldman —In loving memory of Bertha Chayes on the occasion of the unveiling of her headstone • Allan Z. and Joan F. Loren • Marian Mandell • Michael and Stephanie Meyers • Harvey and Amy Michaels —With gratitude for the welcoming friendship of the TI community • Fred and Beth Monaco • Alan and Cecily Morse • Robert and Ann Peck • Ben Poor • Daniella and Kevin Prussia • David and Jeanne Rintell —In honor of Alane Shanks and the work she lovingly performs as Treasurer of Temple Israel • Diane Rose • Robert and Esther Rosenthal • Irene Ross • Judith Rothenberg • Evelyn Rydz and Isaac Adatto —With thanks to the Village at TI for providing such a great community of families and wonderful opportunities of shared learning and exchange • Marc Rysman and Michelle Ephraim • Sean and Marcy Sacks • Kelly Starr Schein • Gerald Schuster • Sara Sclaroff • Joshua and Jennifer Segal —In appreciation of the Village for Families with Young Children • Alane Shanks and Jeremy Solomons • Valya Shapiro • Sidney Sherter • Rebecca and Adam Siegel • Jerome and Miriam Smulow • Jessica Solomon and Mike Sanders • Joseph and Florence Steinberg • Donald and Erica Stern —In honor of Ben Stern • Susanna Stern and Felipe Pait • Melanie and Nathaniel Stinnett —In honor of the Village for Families with Young Children at Temple Israel and Rabbi Soffer's leadership • Gabriella Salvatore • Roger and Maryanne Tackeff • Andrew Tarsy and Bridget Samburg • Everett and Emily Tatelbaum —In honor of the Village • Tony and Nancy Tauber • Phyllis and Robert Tobin • William and Barbara Trilling • Rona Troderman King • Joanne Tuck and Stuart Freedman • Michael and Marilyn Winer • Charissa Zapata • Marcia Zonis

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.



For the full schedule of events, please visit or email for a hard copy.

Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 6:00 p.m. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 Thank Goodness It's Shabbat!

REVISION URBAN FARM CSA PICK UP Thursday, September 6 Thursday, September 13 Thursday, September 20 Thursday, September 27


Torah Study begins at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday with a short service followed by a lively discussion. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1


Weekday Minyan is at 6:15 p.m. every Monday - Thursday when Temple Israel is open.


First Day of FJECC Preschool!

On S’lichot, the clergy will use our congregational read, Peace of Mind, by our former Senior Rabbi Joshua Loth Liebman as a foundation for our learning and reflections. Read online at:


Tot Rock Shabbat FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 • Join us as we celebrate this harvest festival at the Urban Farming Institute SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 • Village for Families with Young Children Sukkot Family BBQ • Festive Celebration under the Sukkah of Justice and Compassion: Service and Potluck with Community Partners MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 • Young Children’s Sukkot Program • Festival Service with Study Session

HIGH HOLY DAYS 5779 Sunday, September 9 Erev Rosh Hashanah September 10 & 11 Rosh Hashanah Tuesday, September 18 Kol Nidre Wednesday, September 19 Yom Kippur Sunday, September 23 Erev Sukkot September 24 - 30 Sukkot Sunday, September 30 Erev Simchat Torah

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 • “Pizza in the Hut” for all Religious School, Pre-K, and Sandbox families (also on Thursday, September 27!) • Riverway Project Farm to Sukkah Dinner

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 First Day of Religious School! | 617-566-3960




For the full schedule of events, please visit or email for a hard copy.

Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 6:00 p.m. MONDAY, OCTOBER 1 Village for Families with Young Children Simchat Torah Program

Torah Study begins at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday with a short service

followed by a lively discussion.


Columbus Day - Temple Israel offices will be closed


Weekday Minyan is at 6:15 p.m. every Monday - Thursday when Temple Israel is open.

Thursday, October 4 Thursday, October 11 Thursday, October 18

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 Soul Food Friday For 20s & 30s

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 • Pre-K Fall Session Begins • Sandbox Fall Session Begins MONDAY, OCTOBER 15 • Tent Fall Session Begins

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25 Conversation with Anat Hoffman, Executive Director at the Israel Religious Action Center

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30 Last Tuesday Book Group: Peace of Mind


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12 Tot Rock Shabbat

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 6th Grade: Social Justice in Action 7th Grade: Introduction to Facing History and Ourselves

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.


For the full schedule of events, please visit or email for a hard copy.

Join us for Qabbalat Shabbat every Friday at 6:00 p.m.

Torah Study begins at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday with a short service


NOVEMBER 9 - 11 RYFTI Fall Kallah

followed by a lively discussion.

Soul Food Friday For 20s & 30s

Weekday Minyan is at 6:15 p.m. every Monday - Thursday when Temple Israel is open.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Tot Rock Shabbat

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 In partnership with Porter Square Books, we welcome Rebecca Soffer, author of "Modern Loss" to facilitate an intergenerational conversation on grief.


Happy Thanksgiving! Temple Israel offices will close early on Wednesday, November 21 and will be closed all day on Thursday, November 22.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 FJECC Preschool Open House

NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 1 BURSTEIN SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE WEEKEND: ANTISEMITISM IN AMERICA With Jonathan Weisman, author of "(((Semitism)))" and a panel discussion with ADL leaders | 617-566-3960



Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact. | 617-566-3960


USPS 50648 Founded in 1854 Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism Issued 4 times/year Printed on recycled paper Rabbi Elaine S. Zecher Cantor Roy B. Einhorn Rabbi Matthew V. Soffer Rabbi Suzie Jacobson Rabbi Jen Gubitz Rabbi Ronne Friedman, Rabbi Emeritus Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman, Senior Scholar

Temple Israel of Boston

INSIGHT Temple Israel 477 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02215-5396

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Gary Pforzheimer, President Marc Maxwell, Vice President Alane Shanks, Treasurer Dan Deutsch, Executive Director Helen Cohen, FJECC Preschool Director Emma Koblick, Director of Communication 617-566-3960


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 8:15 p.m. Garden Gathering & Discussion 9:30 p.m. Candle-lit Service If I am not for myself, who is for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when? We start on this pathway of thought on S’lichot, our midnight gathering, which draws us into these Days of Awe. With candles illuminating our path, we begin to pose the eternal questions of our existence. Through exploration, forgiveness, and apology, we return to our best selves. Out in the garden, as the sun sets, the clergy will be using our congregational read, Peace of Mind, as a foundation for our learning and reflections by sharing sections that will be meaningful to those who are reading the book and accessible to those who have not read the book.

Living Judaism together through discovery, dynamic spirituality, and righteous impact.

Insight, Fall 2018  

Temple Israel's quarterly publication

Insight, Fall 2018  

Temple Israel's quarterly publication