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ETZETERA Growing Forward, Rooted in Tradition

March 2019

Adar I and Adar II 5779

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Rabbi Richard Spiegel

Rabbi’s Message In the month of March, we will be celebrating one of the truly joyous holidays of the year. It is our wonderful festival of Purim with its Megillah reading, carnival, Purim Shpiel, costumes, groggers, hamantaschen, and so much more. The Jewish “Mardi Gras” has something for everyone.

in the Biblical canon at all. Yet, there is an important message in the story of Esther that does relate to Israel- then and now. Having no life in the land of Israel left the Jewish community vulnerable- to attack, to anti-Semitism, even to extermination. Today, many people feel that Israel is the cause of antiSemitism in the world. Anti-Zionism is so strong in so many places (including college campuses in the United States) that many people blame Israel’s existence for the troubles Jews have around the world.

Yet, in our very lively observance, there is also a very serious side. Purim is the celebration of a Jewish community in ancient Persia that was in serious danger of being wiped out, but, in the end, was saved. The bravery of Mordechai and Esther is not to be taken for granted.

The story of Purim (as well as the history of the Jewish people for so many years without Israel) teaches us a different lesson. Anti-Semitism has been and continues to be a problem of the world and of the Jewish people. There are no simple answers. But, we are blessed to live in a time when Israel exists as a strong country, and we should take pride in its many accomplishments.

An interesting aspect of the Purim story, which we read in the book of Esther, is that this is the one book in all of the Bible that does not seem to connect to Eretz Yisrael- to the Holy Land of Israel. When we read the Bible, we read about our ancestors going to the Promised Land, living in the land, building a Temple in Jerusalem, and being exiled from the precious place (and mourning its loss). There is no doubt as to the centrality of ancient Israel in the life of the Jewish people.

We pray for a time when there will be no more prejudice, no more hatred, no more war. Maybe that is the deepest Purim message of all. As great as it is to celebrate being saved from catastrophe, it would be even greater to live in a world where such dangers no longer exist.

But, in the Book of Esther, not only do we not read of Canaan or Judea and Samaria, but Shushan- the city where most of the action takes place is referred to as the capital- not Jerusalem! It is so opposite the other Books that many scholars have wondered how the Book of Esther was included

Hag Purim Sameach! Have a happy and joyous Purim holiday!

Rabbi Richard Spiegel

MARCH 3RD 7PM - 9PM Tickets $36 Per Person Includes Delicious Dessert Buffet and Coffee Bar!!

For more information and to order tickets visit or call 805-497-6891. 2

Jeff Solomon, President

President’s Message There are lots of great things going on

community. Purim may be the exception to that rule. There is

at Temple Etz Chaim every month. Last

definitely a family feel to the holiday. I fondly remember

month, the Men's Club put on a great

attending Giggles, Groggers and Grub with my wife,

Scholar In Residence Weekend with

daughters and a few of their friends. Everyone I know enjoys

Rabbi Mikael Uram, the director of

the anticipation of seeing which characters will appear on

Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania. Rabbi Uram definitely

stage at the Megillah reading. In addition to the Megillah

made me think and question how we, as a synagogue,

reading (and the Popup Purim Pizza Party) on Wednesday

operate and market ourselves. He shined a light on some of

night, March 20th, you can also celebrate by coming to the

the problems we face as millennials age and provided a

Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 17th (always a fun event for

framework for viewing two types of Jews, the Empowerment

the whole family) or the Purim Shpiel Saturday night, March

Jews and the Engagement Jews. While he provided no

23rd (a great night out for adults).

concrete answers for us, I can assure you that he got the

Interestingly, at the same time as all this joy is occurring, the

conversation around this topic started. Hopefully, the leadership







story of Purim is a very serious story with a potentially horrible


outcome. It is not the first or last story of someone attempting

Empowerment Jews) can come up with some plans to seek

to do harm to our Jewish ancestors. But they survived and we



One of the takeaways for me was that our favorite holidays




are the ones we celebrate at home, Hanukkah and Passover,

Jeff Solomon

rather than the ones we celebrate at temple as an entire







Early Childhood Education

Debbie Blumenthal, Director of ECE

It’s Purim! Purim is a joyous celebration

Summer Camp and Fall preschool registration is in progress.



All current enrolled families have priority so turn your forms

everywhere will gather at synagogues to

in soon. We don’t want anyone to miss out! I am happy to

hear the reading of the Megillah. It tells

answer any questions or give tours anytime.





the story of how the wicked Haman

Parent & Me classes are ongoing and we have added a class

plotted to destroy the Jewish people. The preschoolers will be

for our newest babies on Wednesday mornings. Contact

hearing stories of Queen Esther, Mordechai and wicked for more information.

Hamen, baking hamantaschen, and making groggers. Our

Debbie Blumenthal

children love to dress in costumes and come to Temple Etz Chaim to hear the reading of the Megillah and to see what costumes Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo and Miss Debbie will be wearing this year! On Friday, March 15th we are having a Purim Tot Shabbat and everyone is invited to come dressed in a costume! We are going to celebrate this Shabbat night with holiday songs, stories and a hamantaschen dessert reception afterwards. The Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 17th is also a fun event for the children to wear their costumes and come to play games, and celebrate this joyous holiday. The Megillah Reading is on Wednesday, March 20th at 6:15 p.m. The children can participate in a costume parade and enjoy Hamantaschen treats! There is a Purim Dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. prior to this fun service.


Joyce Bronstein, Director of Religious School

Religious School Purim will be celebrated during the month of Adar. Here, at Temple Etz Chaim, there is so much for your family to take part in. Please take a breath and enjoy these special days with your children. Our First Hamantaschen Bake which will take place on March 13th. This event will be a fun time for all as we bake and eat the first hamantaschen of Purim together. Please sign up on the website if you haven’t already. Also, please join us for the “Pop Up Purim Pizza Party” which will take place before the Megillah reading on March 20 at 5:30. All attendees will enjoy a pizza dinner and then the festivities in the sanctuary will begin at 6:15. Last year was the first time we sponsored this dinner prior to the service and it proved to be a great success. After dinner, we will continue the Purim ruach and festive mood in our Sanctuary as we read from the Megillah. It’s truly

be wearing this year. Listen to the Megillah, sing songs, enjoy

fun to celebrate Purim with all of us at Temple ... come in

hamantaschen and “boo, boo, boo” when _ _ _ _ _ name is

costume … see the fabulous themed costumes Rabbi Spiegel,


Hazzan Pablo, Debbie Blumenthal, Shannon Tepfer and I will

There is a Hebrew saying, “When the month of Adar appears,







declaration be true for your family! Celebrate Purim together, come to shul in costume, listen as the Megillah is read, enjoy the sound of children singing and laughing, and, most importantly, take pride in our Jewish traditions, customs and heritage. Wishing everyone a Happy Purim. Hag Purim Sameach!

Joyce Bronstein


USY & Youth

Shannon Tepfer, Youth Director

Spring is here and Purim is coming!!! That means that Temple Etz Chaim’s Youth Department is busy painting signs, prepping games, organizing menus, looking for cool new prizes, ordering giant inflatables, organizing the costume contest, gathering volunteers, and much, much more! Please be sure to join us for our Annual Purim Carnival on March 17th from 11:30-2:30 pm. We will have new games, puppies, dunk tank, bungee jumping, ultimate slides, food, prizes, silent auction, face painting, cotton candy, crafts, costumes, photo booth, awesome DJ and tons of fun! Don’t forget to pre-order your tickets, hamantaschen, and NOW you can preorder knish! There will be fun for kids, teens, and adults. All of the money raised from our carnival and auction helps TEC Youth attend regional and international events and supports our TEC Youth programing. Want to be a volunteer? Contact Shannon at for more details or check out the TEC website for the links to our ticket purchases, volunteer sign ups, and pre-orders. We can’t wait to see you there!!

Shannon Tepfer

Summer Smash 2.0

Micaylen Brenner, Summer Smash Director

Have you heard the great news?

volunteers that get to enjoy the field trips and fun activities,

Summer Smash 2.0 registration is open!

while being a leader, having a chance to expand on personal

It is going to be a fun-filled summer,

interests, and playing a role in programming.







Don’t forget to register before March 29th to receive the


20% off early bird discount!

We are open to campers entering 1st

For those of you who haven’t met me yet, my name is

through 8th grade, CIT’s entering 9th and 10th grade, and Jr.

Micaylen Brenner and I am TEC’s Summer Smash Director.

Counselors entering 11th grade. Anyone entering 12th grade

Some of you may know me from camp, and others may

or older may apply to experience the fun of working at a

recognize me from working in the TEC preschool. This will

summer camp! Campers will enjoy a summer filled with

be my second summer having the wonderful opportunity of

electives, field trips, themed days, special events, park days,

running this camp. I truly enjoyed being a part of the TEC

water days, shabbat, and more!

community, and am excited to share another year with you!

CIT’s and Jr. Counselors must apply. CIT’s will take on

Micaylen Brenner

leadership roles, while enjoying the field trips, their own special activities, and independence. Jr. Counselors are 6

Women of Temple Etz Chaim Hello, March! Spring is just around the corner, my favorite time of year. I’m always excited to see flowers blooming and the weather getting warmer. And Women of TEC has a busy spring planned! In just a few days, we will sail away for a wonderful weekend in Mexico, and then it will be back to the business of WOTEC.

12-13. This is a wonderful way to share Shabbat with friends and be a participant in services. We are so lucky once again to have Irma Sommerfeld as our chairperson. If you are interested in participating, please contact Irma or email me, and I will pass your name on to Irma. Other spring activities include a hike and picnic at Wildwood Park, and our annual Woman of Valor luncheon (chaired by last year’s honoree, Irma Sommerfeld). Dates will be announced shortly – please check the website for updates, which will be posted as soon as possible.

We are still accepting applications for summer camp scholarships. Your children are eligible if they are planning on attending a Jewish residence camp (Ramah, JCA Shalom, Alonim, etc.) or planning an Israel experience (March of the Living, Young Judea, USY Pilgrimage, etc.). If your child has already received a camp scholarship, he or she is not eligible, but may still apply for the Israel scholarship. Children of WOTEC members are given priority consideration, but applications may be submitted by anyone whose family is a TEC member. Applications are available on the TEC website, or through the Temple office.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I can be reached at I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at our activities. Please join us at our monthly meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of every month (our upcoming meetings are March 5 and April 2) at 7:30 in the Adult Lounge, located in the Kane Community Building.

Cindy Scherr

Our annual WOTEC/Men’s Club Shabbat weekend will be April

Torah Fund Campaign Guardian Torah Fund Donors:

William Tenenbaum

Cyndi Mahler

Eva Liebman

Wendy Margolis

Alan Flaschner

Barbara Rosenberg

Barbara Krupin

Benefactor Torah Fund Donors:

Liz Groden

Barbara and Richard Rosenberg

Elinor Fienberg

Elissa Lazarus

Sheila Chadroff

Cindy Scherr

Patricia Kaye

Nomi Freed

Deli Weisberg

Robin Oberman

Sybil Goldstein

Tami Wank

Harvey Gurien

Sydelle Goodman

Janice Orlowski

Sandra Fine

Ava and Robert Gold

Debbie Feldman

Bonnie Rothman

Pam Friedman

Shirley Lipkin

Susan and Sheldon Malchicoff

Jacqueline Stern

Sheri Schoenwald

Gloria Tess Wilkoff

Gail Simpson

Mary Wexler

Barbara Shannon

Susan Cohen

Barbara Krupin

Cyndi Mahler

Fay Glodowski

Claudine and David Marx

Sandy Reuben

Etta Weinstein

Lisa Eidman

Jennifer and Paul Sonnenberg Rhim

Julie Goldstein

Sheila Chadroff

Torah Fund Donors:

Eden Lazarus

Ann Goldwasser

Myrna Stelman

Cindy Scherr, WOTEC President


Men’s Club

Ken Leon, Men’s Club President

What a month February was! We started with the excitement of the World Wide Wrap on February 3rd. In our morning Minyan we had twenty-five adults and kids come in, wrap tefillin, and be together. Later that same morning the sixth and seventh graders joined Hazzan Pablo and members of the Men’s Club where they wrapped their home-made tefillin and we prayed together as Hazzan Pablo and I explained why we wrap tefillin and what they mean. Take a look below at the smiling faces of our wrappers.

around Thousand Oaks. Match wits against a series of clues to find where you need to go and what you need to find. Return first and be proclaimed Treasure Hunters Extraordinaire. March 31st is the next in our Sunday Brunch and Speaker series. We will be joined by Brianna Moffitt – Director of Education and Community Outreach for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). She will be discussing instances of hate in our own community. Also, please mark your calendars for April 12-13, 2019 where you are invited to join TEC for the annual Women of TEC and Men’s Club Shabbat. If you are interested in participating in the services, please contact Irma Sommerfeld (WoTEC – or Benny Sommerfeld (Men’s Club –

February 8-10, 2019 marked the 19th Annual Scholar-inResidence. This year we were honored to have Rabbi Michael Uram, Executive Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Hillel, and the Campus Rabbi at Penn. The author of the book Next Generation Judaism, Rabbi Uram led us through four wonderful and well-attended talks about the changing demographics and dynamics of Judaism. He also spoke to us about anti-Semitism and the BDS movement on college campuses. If you were unable to attend Friday or Saturday Shabbat services, you can go online to to view the services and his talks. Click on Live Stream and then Previous Broadcasts to find the 02/08 and 02/09 talks.

Red bookmark calendars are available in the Temple Office to keep you up to date on our events. You can also find the entire Men’s Club calendar online to the Temple’s website on the Men’s Club pages. Watch your email for event announcements. As a final note, the Men’s Club still has a few open board positions, including Religious Chair and Corresponding Secretary. If you are interested, or know someone who might be a good fit, please contact us at

Ken Leon

Coming soon we have three major TEC and Men’s Club events. On March 13, 2019 join the Men’s Club for a Treasure Hunt


Community Outreach

Tami Wank, Trustee-Community Outreach

Bereavement Support Group

3/13/19 and 3/27/19 9:30 AM in the Library

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, this community-wide support group can provide you with an opportunity to share your feelings free of charge. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (9:30am-10:30am) at TEC in the library. The Bereavement Support is led by Lori Oberman (MFT),

Order Scrip Gift Cards Our current inventory has Amazon, Gelson's, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Regal, See’s, Sephora, Shell, Sprouts, Target, Albertans/Vons and Whole Foods. You can order and pick up in the same day! So many others are also available by special order. Pay for things you are already buying using scrip (gift cards) instead of your debit card! We are all putting gas in our cars, buying groceries etc. By purchasing scrip, you are supporting TEC. Call Jessica, in the office, 805-497-6891 or email and then upon pickup simply give Jessica a check. It is that easy!

Hamantaschen Bake This year for Purim, come bake our traditional, festival food with the community at Temple Etz Chaim. For the first time ever, we will hold a hamantaschen bake on March 13, 2019. The cost is $36 per baker, which covers the ingredients and cooking utensils, if you confirm your RSVP by Thursday, February 28. We will continue accepting RSVPs until the event is full at the cost of $40. If you have any further questions, contact Joyce Bronstein at or Tami Wank at We look forward to seeing you there!


Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas?

TEC Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas Committee

Our new program format worked well in January. Three Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas dinners were held on different Friday evenings, with sixteen families participating. You can see in the photos that everyone had a great time! Many thanks to Debbie and Aaton Cohen-Sitt, Shari and Ron Mark, and Gail and Myles Simpson for hosting. Thus far, 115 Etz Chaim families have participated in this program. Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas is running again in March. You can invite your friends for dinner on ANY Friday in the month, and this month you can pick from five dates: Mar. 1, 8, 15, 22, or 29. To sign up to host or for more information, just contact us at Let’s create meaningful memories and strengthen our TEC community one Shabbat dinner at a time!

Beth Meyer, Cindy Scherr, Myles Simpson TEC Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas Committee Irma Sommerfeld helps Debbie Cohen-Sitt prepare dinner

The Mark family hosting the Zwicker, Bronstein, Scherr, Leon, and Wank families


Mark Goldstein, VP of Social Action

Social Action This year, we are holding Social Action/

first time. These and other efforts enhance our bonds with

Interfaith Interaction monthly meetings

those of other faiths in our community and provide non-Jews

the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30

an appreciation for our traditions which leads to greater

pm. Please joins us on March 26. We’ll


be planning the below.


Please come to our next meeting to learn

The next major Social Action event is the 2019 Conejo Valley

Have you heard of Bimah Benefits? We all like how nice the

Walk to End Genocide, Sunday, April 7, 2019. Hope you can

bimah looks with flowers. But flowers have no extended

participate. We are coordinating with our local chair of the

impact. The Bimah Benefits team will provide alternatives to

event, Michael Lysobey. To help promote the event and

flowers for those sponsoring bimah decorations. The

participate in planning, please come to our next Social Action

alternatives will not only enhance the sanctuary but will also

meeting and join the Walk to End Genocide team. For more

benefit reading, education, food and hunger initiatives. Bimah

information see

Benefits alternatives will include stacks of books for reading or school

The Interfaith Interaction Committee continues to prepare roll







wheelbarrows with vegetables for food pantries and hunger

out of two teams. Our Learning Seder Team will provide mock

causes. Please come to our next Social Action meeting to

educational Seders to other faiths in our community at their

share your ideas for bimah alternatives that benefit our

places of worship. We are currently planning a Learning Seder

community and join the Bimah Benefits team. Hope to see

for Unity of the Oaks in Thousand Oaks. Please join us and be

you on Tuesday, March 26 at 7:30 pm.

part of this exciting experience. A Visitor Welcome Team is being formed to guide those visiting Shabbat services for the

Mark Goldstein




Contributions to our Synagogue Rabbi Richard Spiegel Discretionary Fund

Jotkowitz Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

In memory of Evie Alpert, Etta Weinstein

In memory of Robert Bernick, Joan Bernick

In memory of Bert James Mallinger, Mollie Helfand

In memory of Ben Sanders, Etta Weinstein

In memory of Betty Bard, Rose Frederick-Horowitz In memory of Nancy Colton, Ted Wasserman In memory of Alfred Agranoff, Eileen Sachs In memory of Milton Silverman, Lewis Silverman In memory of Virginia Denk, Barbara Lamarche In memory of Evie Alpert, Liz and Ronald Groden In memory of Phil Marko, Reuben Finkelstein

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In memory of Evie Alpert, Bonnie Rothman In memory of Ben Sanders, Bonnie Rothman Ed Jotkowitz, Get well soon, Shirley and Alan Lipkin Wendy and Lester Halpert, Mazel tov on Sarah and David’s engagement, Shirley and Alan Lipkin Susan and Alan Flaschner, Our condolences, Elissa and Steve Lazarus Susan and Alan Flaschner, My deepest sympathies, Phyllis Dankberg

In memory of Betty Marko, Reuben Finkelstein

Jon Alpert and Family, Our condolences, Sybil and Ron Goldstein

In memory of Lynda Berk, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Errol Berk

Wendy Maher and Family, Our condolences, Sybil and Ron Goldstein

Torah Fund

In memory of Joel Berk, Errol Berk

Amy Scop, In memory of Evie Alpert & wishing Ed a speedy recovery, Myrna Stelman

In memory of Florence Brookstein, Edward Chadroff

In memory of Roslyn Dallek, Susan Cohen In memory of Herbert Denk, Barbara Lamarche In memory of Sylvia Groden, Ronald Groden In memory of Josephine Gubner, Michael Gubner In memory of Elena Bernick, Joan Bernick In memory of Pauline Garfinkel, Arnie Garfinkel Susan and Alan Flaschner, Our condolences, Liz and Ron Groden

Ed Jotkowitz, Our condolences, Ann and Elliot Sturman The Alpert and Jotkowitz Family, In memory of Evie Alpert, Nomi Freed Ed Jotkowitz, Our condolences, Donna and Marty Lichtmann Ed Jotkowitz, My deepest sympathies Janice Tytell Inbar Israel Travel and Education Scholarship Fund

In memory of Evie Alpert, Claire Maultasch Wendy Maher, In loving memory of Evie, Myrna Stelman Ritual Fund Avremi Manzur, Happy 80th Birthday, Peggy and Varda Marlow Tzedakah Fund In memory of Jacob Funk, Myron Funk USY Youth & Scholarship Fund

Rabbi Spiegel, In appreciation, Joe Jotkowitz

In memory of Sophie Goldenberg, Merrill Goldenberg

Hazzan Pablo Duek Discretionary Fund

Religious School Fund

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In memory of Frances Levine, Jerome Ratzan In memory of Fay Falk, Beryl Mann In memory of Abe Kessler, Gil Kessler In memory of Celia Gorman, Sandy Rosenfeld

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Harvey Moskowitz, Get well soon, Carolyn and Neil Bordofsky Ed Jotkowitz, Speedy recovery, Carolyn and Neil Bordofsky The Alpert Family, Our condolences, Carolyn and Neil Bordofsky Nay and Bob Wexler, Our condolences, Carolyn and Neil Bordofsky Hazzan Pablo Duek, In appreciation, Harvey Moskowitz Temple General Fund In memory of Earl Lutzker, John Lutzker In memory of Evie Alpert, Lesley and Mitchell Schneider In memory of Betty and Oscar Honigsberg, Max Honigsberg In memory of Abraham Platt, Susan Schehctman In memory of Sam and Sarah Jacobs, Harold Jacobs In memory of Ruth Waters, Hattie Wolf

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Lipnick Religious School Scholarship Fund

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Wendy and Jon Alpert, Our condolences, Sheri and Jeff Schoenwald Harvey Moskowitz, Get well soon, Sheri and Jeff Schoenwald Bob Wexler, Our condolences, Sybil and Ron Goldstein Women of TEC Beautification Fund In memory of Daniel Presser, Francine Finkelstein Wendy Maher, In loving memory of Evie, Myrna Stelman Women of TEC Scholarships Fund In memory of Gail Cohen, Stuart Hockman

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Susan and Alan Flaschner, My deepest sympathies, Rivka Moscovitch

Women of TEC Tributes

Barbara & Harvey Scherr Memorial Fund

Norman Braveman, In honor of the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl LIII, Susan and Alan Flaschner

In memory of Evie Alpert, Shirley and Alan Lipkin

In memory of Morris Moskowitz, Harvey Moskowitz

In memory of Ben Sanders, Shirley and Alan Lipkin

Fienberg-Lerner Chapel Minyan Fund

Susan and Alan Flaschner, Our condolences, Gloria and Irwin Katz

In memory of Melvin Feder, Shirley and Alan Lipkin

In memory of Evie Alpert, Lois Gorsky



March 2019 Sunday





Friday 1


24 Adar I 2

9:00 AM Preschool Grandparents Day 6:00 PM Religious School First Grade Program

25 Adar I

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat


26 Adar I


27 Adar I 5

8:30 AM Minyan 9:30 AM Religious School Chapel Service 9:30 AM B’nai Mitzvah Organizational Meeting 10:30 AM Camp Fair

5:30 USY Senior Hangout and Homework Group 7:15 PM Minyan

7:00 PM Comedy Night


3 Adar II

8:30 AM Minyan 9:30 AM Religious School Chapel Service


9:30 AM Religious School Students Baking

12:00 PM Mall Scavenger 7:15 Minyan Hunt


10 Adar II


11:15 AM Mah Jongg Beginners Class 7:30 PM Women of TEC Board Meeting

6:45 PM Purim Prep Lounge

7:15 PM Minyan

12 Adar II

6:15 PM USY and Men’s Club Yom HaShoah Candle Packing

18 Adar II 26

9:30 AM Religious School Music with Jeffrey 7:15 PM Minyan Prince 11:30 AM Machar Passover Play

19 Adar II

6:15 PM USY Kadima Lounge

5:00 PM Bingo


1 Adar II 9


13 Adar II

Erev Purim

4:30 PM Religious School Party

15 Adar II

Shushan Purim


20 Adar II

16 Adar II

10:00 AM J.A.M. 5:00 PM Bingo


21 Adar II 29

22 Adar II

9:30 AM Bereavement Support Group 7:15 PM Minyan

7:30 PM Sixth Grade Learner’s B’nai Mitzvah Service

5:00 PM Bingo

6:30 PM Purim Shpiel

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

6:15 PM Kindergarten Shabbat

7:45 PM Men’s Club 7:30 PM Social Action Treasure Hunt Committee Meeting


10:00 AM Shabbat Services

5:30 PM Pop Up Purim Pizza Party 6:30 Megillah Reading

9 Adar II

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

14 Adar II 22


10:00 AM Shabbat Services

8 Adar II 16

6:00 PM Tot Shabbat


2 Adar II

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

7 Adar II 15

7:30 PM Hamantaschen Bake 5:00 PM Bingo

8:00 PM Men’s Club Board Meeting

10:00 AM Tuesday with Rabbi

9:30 AM Religious School Chapel Service


7:00 PM Book Club 7:30 PM TEC Board Meeting


6 Adar II

9:30 AM Bereavement Support Group

9:30 AM Religious School Chapel Service

17 Adar II

7:30 PM Social Action Committee Meeting

5 Adar II 13

10:00 AM Tuesday with Rabbi


30 Adar I 8

7:15 PM Minyan

10:00 AM Tuesdays with Rabbi

11 Adar II 19

7:15 PM Minyan


Women of TEC Cruise Departs

8:30 AM Minyan

11:30 AM Purim Carnival

29 Adar I

10:00 AM Tuesday with Rabbi

4 Adar II 12

Women of TEC Cruise Returns

28 Adar I 6


23 Adar II

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

24 Adar II

8:30 Minyan 9:30 AM Religious School Chapel Service 10:30 AM Men’s Club Brunch and Speaker 11:30 Session Two B’nai Mitzvah Family Education Program

SAVE THE DATE April 5 Religious School Fourth Grade Shabbat Dinner and Program

April 7 Walk to End Genocide & Blood Drive

April 13 Men’s Club & Women of TEC Shabbat Service 15

April 19 Preschool Seder Erev Pesach

April 27 Eighth Day of Pesach

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 131 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Temple Etz Chaim 1080 E. Janss Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Temple Leadership Clergy Rabbi Richard Spiegel

Board of Directors

Hazzan Pablo Duek

Jeff Solomon, President

Elissa Lazarus, Corresponding Secretary

Rabbi Emeritus Shimon Paskow

Shari Mark, Executive Vice President

Larry Slomowitz, VP Building and Grounds

Sherri Finn, Immediate Past President

Felicia Toporoff, VP Religious School


Debbie Cohen-Sitt, VP Youth

Tami Wank, Trustee Community Outreach

David Brook, Executive Director

Mark Goldstein, VP Social Action

David Yodkovik, Treasurer

Debbie Blumenthal, ECE Director

Robin Kahn, Trustee Business Services

Joe Zwicker, VP Early Childhood Education

Kathy Sharp, ECE Assistant Director

Ken Leon, VP Religion and Worship

Terri Zwicker, Trustee Strategic Planning

Joyce Bronstein, Religious School Director

Gideon Manzur, VP Communications

Ken Leon, Men’s Club President

Shannon Tepfer, Youth Director

Wendy Margolis, Financial Secretary

Cindy Scherr, WOTEC President

Beth Meyer, Recording Secretary

Gary Katz, Past President

Tom Milhaupt, VP Personnel/Legal

Marshall Scherr, Past President

Michael Roberts, Trustee Bingo

Myles Simpson, Past President


Profile for Temple Etz Chaim

March 2019 Bulletin  

March 2019 Bulletin