2018 Annual Report

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MISSION & PROGRAMS Teen Recovery Solutions' (TRS) mission is to reclaim teens from substance abuse and addiction by providing a sober high school and recovery support. Our goal is for youth to create a lifestyle of recovery, gain confidence in their potential for success, and learn to engage successfully with friends, family, and society. For a teen to be successful in recovery, they need long-term continual support. TRS works with the teen and family for usually 18 months to 4 years during the most vulnerable early stages of a teen’s recovery. We want youth to graduate high school. This is especially important because a teen abusing substances usually falls behind in school or drops out. Without a high school degree, they will likely continue abusing substances, never attend college, never hold a steady job, and possibly wind up dead or in jail. With a school designed to support their sobriety, teens are much more likely to graduate and become healthy adults.

Mission Academy is Oklahoma's only accredited high school designed for teens in recovery from substance abuse and addiction

Mission Peer Group is an evening and weekend drug and alcohol recovery support program for teens including family services, support groups, sober social events, mentoring, and recovery retreats

Prevention and advocacy are key in the fight against substance abuse. Our professionals offer educational presentations to local schools.


of students graduate from high school

In December 2018, I replaced Andrew Rice as he left to pursue other personal endeavors. I am so excited to help steer Teen Recovery Solutions (TRS) into the future. I have always been passionate about the mission here at TRS as a donor, volunteer, and board member for years. In fact, my fondness and familiarity with the staff made my decision to accept this role very easy. As an adult in recovery, I have always admired these teenagers for their courage to enter recovery. Thanks to your generous support, TRS had another successful year. 2018 was a year of firsts for our teens. They competed in the 2018 Fall Youth Rowing League Championships on the Oklahoma River where they made an impressive showing. They started music instruction at Granville Community Music School and had their first ‘SPROM’ or Sober Prom. 2018 was another year of progress as TRS successfully put on our second annual Run for Recovery and hit our goal of over $200,000 raised at our fall event, Reclaimed.

We continued free community Lunch & Learns at our sober high school, Mission Academy, the second Wednesday of each month. I want to personally invite each of you to a Lunch & Learn, especially if you’ve never been to one. They are a powerful presentation of the miracle of recovery. We are wrapping up another school year and working hard toward graduation in May. Most of our seniors have been at Mission Academy for over two years, and we could not be prouder of their accomplishments. Thank you so much for your continued support and dedication to our mission. Please contact me for any reason if you have questions or would just like to chat about teens and recovery. Most Gratefully,

Joe Don Fennell Executive Director


THE SCHOOL AND SOBRIETY CONNECTION A 2017 study by Vanderbilt University showed that students in sober schools were significantly more likely than those not in such schools to report being off drugs and alcohol six months after they were first surveyed. Often a teen is returning home from inpatient treatment and needs continual support to stay in recovery. Teens are too easily tempted to fall back into old behaviors without a community of professionals and sober peers. At Mission Academy and Mission Peer Group, teens work on their recovery, complete their education, and develop behaviors that lead to a better quality of life. We know that addiction usually starts in adolescence, and a sober school is a critical piece of early intervention. Our classroom

model gives students flexibility in choosing courses that fit their academic goals and interests. Because of the 5:1 student teacher ratio, students receive individual instruction by our qualified teachers. Counseling and support groups are a regular part of the school day, and teens work through issues and develop problem-solving skills to help reduce cravings and cope with anger, depression, and anxiety. Succeeding academically can help students stay sober which in turn can help them graduate. Poor academic performance is the single strongest predictor of dropping out, and adolescents who drop out of school have a higher risk of continued substance abuse than those who finish school.


of parents agreed their child's academic needs were met

Before I came to TRS, my life was pretty crazy. I was one week out of the psychiatric hospital on my first day here. I came the first week of April 2017, so I have been here almost two years. October of 2016, I got in trouble with the police for arson and breaking and entering. November of 2016 I turned 16 and decided I was going to go all out. The thing about me is from the first time I heard about drugs and drinking I wanted to be a part of it, When December of 2016 came around I was getting into a lot of trouble at school, I had half a credit and that was for wrestling, and I was skipping class every day. On New Years of 2017 I started using cocaine a lot more, and by February I had run away from home and totally stopped talking to mom.


I came home at the end of February and was taken to the psychiatric hospital, I spent a long month there. I was discharged on March 31st and came to TRS, it was very weird to come from a school with hundreds of kids in your freshman year to coming here with a small class size. When I came to TRS, it was the first time I felt a part of something. I knew everyone here and they became family. All of these kids are my true friends,  Since being at TRS, I have almost caught up to where I should be in school, I have a better relationship with my family than I ever have. I met my best friend at TRS. I have had some ups and downs, but I always come away learning something. These people are my family, and they take you as you are and show you how you can grow.

We were able to learn to communicate and our relationship grew. We got closer. Teen Recovery Solutions helped all of us understand addiction.

An adolescent’s potential for success in sobriety improves greatly with the support of a family. Addiction can strain relationships, and healing the whole family is an important part of recovery. Our counselors and coaches guide families in correcting underlying issues such as co-dependency and enabling to create healthy home environments. We host family, parent, and al-anon groups and check in daily to see how home-life is improving. Families begin to open the door for communication and support their child's recovery instead of practicing denial or resentment. Parents find a supportive network with other families going through similar circumstances who they can relate to and learn from. Parent recovery coaches are just a phone call away when parents feel stuck or are working through crises. A community is vital for both the teen and parent as they embark on a journey of recovery together.


A MOTHER'S STORY This last year has been one of the hardest in our lives. Our 15 year old son, Aiden, struggles with addiction and is in recovery daily. This disease is something he will combat for the rest of his life. He also shared with us the traumatic events that precipitated his selfmedicating behavior that needs significant counseling. Needless to say, our new normal is not what we ever thought would be considered "normal." This transition would not have been possible without the counselors and support from Teen Recovery Solutions. I don't know where we would be without this amazing program. If you have a child who struggles, then you know that there are not many places in Oklahoma to turn to for help. His success comes from within but Mission Academy has provided a drug free environment to aid in his success. Aiden gets personal attention and direction. Since enrolling last October, he enjoys school, makes straight A's, and engages again at home. We now feel we have our son back!! We also have hope for his future!! Thank you - I can’t express this enough.


of parents reported yes, they would recommend Teen Recovery Solutions to others

LEARNING OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM Every year staff work very hard to give teens new and exciting experiences that keep them engaged, learning, and having fun in sobriety. 2018 included the very first SPROM (sober prom) with a special evening in Film Row. Teens competed in the 2018 Fall Youth Rowing League Championships on the Oklahoma River. They placed 5th out of 14 high school leagues! Students teamed up with Artspace at Untitled to learn printmaking, woodblock carving, digital media, and preparing art works to show in the gallery. Teens learned to play piano, percussion, and strings at Granville Community Music School. They regularly visit the gym to work on physical fitness and prepare meals in the kitchen. They volunteered with local nonprofits as part of their service learning, notably raising nearly $1,500 for homeless youth. Teens went on three very successful recovery retreats camping, hiking, skiing, and white-water rafting.


of parents reported positive changes in their child's relationships with friends and family

I was asked to join the TRS team as a recovery coach in 2017, just a few days shy of my 3rd sobriety birthday. A recovery coach helps teens navigate the path of early sobriety. They provide encouragement, guidance, and support. Coaches help establish habits and behaviors that encourage and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. I had been an extremely active alumni after graduating in 2015, often going on retreats and coming to groups. I really embraced the leadership and mentorship values I learned as an alumni, and I was grateful to be able to connect with the younger girls at TRS and provide support for them. I have been able to translate those experiences and values into my role as a recovery coach, and I have been so grateful for the opportunity to work closely with our teens. I feel privileged to get to give back to a community that gave so much to me.


Families at Teen Recovery Solutions are often low-income and buried under insurmountable treatment costs, fines, court or legal fees. The cost for individual and family counseling is out of reach. Their child is at risk of continued use if they return to public schools, and parents are working fulltime jobs unable to stay home with their children during the day. The generous support from our community makes these services affordable so every family has the opportunity to help their child succeed.

Revenue $694,454 Tuition 20%

Foundations 33%

Special Events 31%

Individuals 16%

Expenses $600,032 Fundraising 20%

Administrative 24%


Program 56%

HOPE $20,000 OR MORE Charles and Cassandra Bowen Charitable Foundation E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Robert & Blanche Gordon Family/Peggy and Nick Duncan Inasmuch Foundation Quail Creek Bank Sarkeys Foundation Saxum Strategic Communications INSPIRATION $10,000 - $19,999 David and Amy Birdwell French Family Charitable Foundation Kirkpatrick Foundation The Mary Gaylord McClean Foundation Rob and Sara Northwood The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation COURAGE $5,000 - $9,999 Paul and Leigh Ann Albers BancFirst Clay and Louise Bennett Anonymous The Chickasaw Nation Judith Drabek Trust Andy and Jane Evans Jim and Christy Everest

Raymond H. & Bonnie B. Hefner Family Fund Kent and Liz Hoffman Ed and Gay Kirby Love Meyer Family Foundation Robinet-Smith Foundation Bill and Alden Snipes St. Anthony Hospital GRATITUDE $2,500 - $4,999 A Chance To Change Altria Group The Baker Group Floyd and Susan Bergen The Fennell Family David Gorham The Kerr Foundation Edward and Barbara Krei Midfirst Bank Chris and Sue Neuberger Hugh and Cindy Rice/Andrew and Apple Rice Roger and Barbara Simons Liem and Deedee Trang FAITH $1,000 - 2,499 Alexion Jimmie Lynn & Billye Austin Foundation Jim and Missie Bobo Peter and Sue Burch Dr. Blake Christensen Clearwater Enterprises

Jeff and Connie Cope J.W. and Julee Coyle Pat Davenport Annette DeVore Steve Ellsworth First National Bank of Oklahoma Grace 52/Dinky Hammam Aaron and Gertrude Karchmer Memorial Foundation John Keele Brian and Jordan Kelley David and Becky McCubbin Mark and Marta McCubbin Walker Milligan Charles and Susan Monnet Rick and Lisa Mullins Tal and Janet Oden Ben and Sarah Pitman/Marsh and Debbie Pitman Ray and Pat Potts Rob Sorum Benji and Nasya Stone Craig and Marion Story The Swanner Family Clayton and Marnie Taylor Marianne Trigg John and Kathy Yeaman SERENITY $500 - $999 Dan and Barbara Batchelor The Beckerley Group Mary Lou Casper Cathy Christensen

Barbara Cooper Carolyn Corn Klint and Laura Cowan Teresa Daugherty Catherine Driskill Bentley and Lisa Edmonds Carl and Susan Edwards Joe and Sue D Esco Charitable Trust Tricia Everest David and Kelly Feroli Dave and Alice Hager Michael and Debby Hampton The Harris Foundation Dodge and Lori Hill Patrick and Barbara Hill Peter and Susan Hoffman Harlan and Christy Hubbard David and Lucinda Huffman John and Deborah Jones Tom and Jill King Richard and Pam Lane Robert and Marty Margo Valle, Tawni, and Tony McGinnis Doug and Debby McQueen Mark and Patti Mellow Brian and Charlotte Mitchell Gracie Moyers Jack and Darla Norton OKC Thunder Kathleen Oliver Pro Realty Daniel and Jamie Reineke

Chuck and Vicky Robinson Jody Sanchez Tony and Katie Say Pat and Fred Schonwald Ralph and Marjie Shadid Steve and Laurie Shelley Steve and Gaye Sherman Harrison and Joanne Smith Roy and Marty Smith Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes Michael and Joanna Smith Craig and Mary Stanley Karen Waddell Blake and Donna Wade Beth Wells Denise White-Bryant Donna Wilson Jim and Cindy Wolfe John Yoeckel CHANGE $100 - $499 Anonymous Sara Barry Erin Batey Tony and Janienne Bella Ike and Sherry Bennett Hugh and Ann Benson Charles Berry Charles and Marilyn Bethea Dan Billingsley Mike Boss Guy Bramble Robert Brown


Paige Brown Maggie Brown Gary and Judy Bush Scott and Alison Calhoon Spence Carson Art and Carolyn Christie Michell Cohn David and Amy Cottrell Paul and Rosemarie Coulter Jean Cunningham Charles and Julie Daniels Gary and Fran Derrick William and Deanne Dooley Walt and Ann-Clore Duncan Brandon and Susie Dutcher David and Jane Edmonds Robert and Nancy Ellis Barbara Eskridge Marcia Estes Carol Fehrle Jim and Kathy Frankenfield Peter Fryer Robert and Laura Gary David and Stacia Gillett John Goodman Tracy Grammer Green Shoe Foundation Carl and Mitzi Hancuff Olivia Hanson Larry and Nancy Herzel Alexander Hilton Jeanne Hoffman Smith Kate Huston

Robert and Gennie Johnson Russell Jones Judy Jordan Carey and Carol Joullian Susan and Frank Kates Marty Kavanaugh-Williams Marnie Kennedy Michael and Sandra Kirk Perry and Elizabeth Kliewer Bryan and Petie Lewis Lisa Lunsford Macklanburg-Husley Foundation Steve and Kathryn Mansell Brian and Meredith Matthews Mrs. RB McCubbin McLaughlin Family Foundation Katie Mentzel Harry and Hedra Merson Debbie and Bob Monnet Mike and Marcia Moore Nichols Executive Travel Larry and Polly Nichols Jackie Norvell Clark Nye Todd Owens Tim and Kathy Payne Linda Payne The Peyton Family Foundation Suzan and Thompson Phillips Luke and Dianna Pitman Oliver and Suzanne Pointer Mary Pointer Mark Potts

Robert and Candy Reece Dr. Eli Reshef and Mrs. Edie Roodman Elain Richardson Debra Roberts Belinda Ruffel Carolyn Schoeb Brook and Paula Scott Jennifer Seaton William and Pam Shdeed Michael and Rhea Siatkowski John and Shyla Slay Lee Allan Smith Chip and Shelley Smith Jim and Debby Stone Andy and Sue Moss Sullivan Kendall Sykes Tiffany Talton Teresa Tedder Ryan and Victoria Thompson Nancy and Mark Thompson Austin Wade Buddy and Paula Wade Mark and Amy Walters Daniel and Sarah Whitmarsh Wiggin Properties, LLC David Wilson and Karen Ross Kersey Winfree The Womble Company Amy Young Up to $100 Sharon Ammon

Laura Barket Leonhard Bartel Charles Bartusch Robin Bates Lauryn Baxley Heather Baxter Kala Beard Betty Bell Donna Bentson Nels Bentson Tricia Bequette Kristi Birk Larry Boyanton Loree Boyanton Sherry Bray, LADC Bobbie Brewer Derek and Ashlea Briggs Randy Brinkley Anna Burch Samantha Burris Kelly Carrell Carlotta Carreno Linda Cason Corrine Castro Lorry Cates Tiffany Cheng Susannah Copeland Tiffany Couch Matt Crew Liam Cumberpatch Lahcen Dallaly Jerianne Davis Pam Davis

Emily Dennis Michelle Dershem Jennifer Duroy Deborah Eastman-Shelton Suzette Ellison Becky Faaborg Rob Fennell Virginia Fenner Douglas Foss Reid Foster Tara French Carl Friend Chris and Kelly Fry Kimberly Galluzzi Gayla Garrett Heather George Jordan Gilbert Laneta Going Sharon Gooden Angela Guadiana Bill Guy Annette Hager Angie Hamilton Justin Hanes Hannah Hanzel Donnie Harris Suzanne M. Harris Mandy Hayes-Chandler Brokke Heard Chris Hensley Betsy Hilburn Kelly Hilburn Lauren Himmelberg Skeeter Hogue Carene Hoskins Dan Howe Scott Hubbard John Huff Lauren Jerichow John Jordan Thomas Kelley Yolie Kernes Laura Kerr Carter Kimble Richard Kirby Daniel Knowles Abigale Koontz Jeff and Sharon Kramer Katelyn Kuhn Jamie Landers Michelle Larsen Squetta Lehman Mark and Candace Lisle Allison Litterell

Julia Lomheim Kevin Long Ashley Lopez Christina Lovern Beth Lowery Diana Macaulay Carlo Madrid Emily Mathews Randall McDaniel Merry McGinnis-Monaco Traci McKee Richard Mildren Grant Miller Kristin Molloy Spencer Monroe LeAnn Moses Jennifer Mulanax McKinley Murray Kindra Nelson Rob and Sarah Northwood III Darlene Osterholt Jessica Osterholt Brandi Parker Denise Parsons Cody Perreault Laura Ponder TJ Ponder Tristen Ponder Amy Price David and Erica Pritner Darren and Sherry Ragon Clifton Rampey Jason Redman Ari Ree Janice Reese Kaytlin Reeves Heather Riden Anna Rinehart Mary Robbins-Van Meter LPC, LADC Julie Robinson Rebecca Rosher Evelyn Rowland Carl and Debby Rubenstein Maria Ana Sada Eduardo Santoyo Jamel Seals Patti Shahan-Smiley Bob and Barbara Shane Jonathan Sharp Sandy Shelton Susan Shields Marc and Susan Silver Jacqueline Sisson

Ashley Skelton Ashley Slawson Travis Slawson Michael and Jill Sleem Nick Sleem Lance Smiley Audra Southerland Cyndy Southerland Alicia Stone-Zipse Jones Sheena Stoops Jonathan Straub Ty Stroble Dottie Summers Chris Tanner Dale Tanner Kalin Taylor James Tedesco Ann Thompson Amber Toppah Victoria Trang Cole Trippet Joe Trivisonno Frank Turner Sergio Valles Amanda Visor-Iraggi Sarah Walker Dawna Weaver Jeremy Webb Jim and Mary Wells Rachel Whelan Robin White Katie Whiteman Kristin Williamson kristene Willis Donna Wilson Luke Wilson Samantha Wilson Samuel Wilson Marvin Winterink Amber Wodraska Alexandra Wolfe Jamie Wyckoff Denise Zona

Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions within this donor list by contacting Maggie Brown. 405-843-2402 mbrown@teenrecoverysolutions.org

Board of Directors Frank Turner, Board President Scott Brown, Treasurer Paula Wade, Secretary Klint Cowan Liz Hoffman Kate Huston Brian Kelley Laura Kerr Tracy Martin Brian Matthews Chris Neuberger Kathy Payne Ryan Thompson Advisory Committee Nick Duncan Kelly Fry Patti Mellow Rob Northwood Marnie Taylor Marianne Trigg


Administrative Staff Joe Don Fennell, Executive Director Maggie Brown, Director of Development Mission Academy Staff Laneta Going, NBCT, Arts & Literacy Specialist Doug McPheron, Lead Teacher Robyn Meade-Ritter, Academic Coordinator Mission Peer Group Staff Ana Wilcox, MS, LMFT, Peer Group Director & Counselor Rachel Perrault, Lead Recovery Coach Ty Illgen, Recovery Coach Nigel Moore, Recovery Coach DeAnne Dooley, Parent Recovery Coach

Nonprofit organization US Postage Paid Oklahoma City, OK Permit No. 1392


Your support helps teens transform through addiction recovery.


We offer a free community Lunch and Learn the second Wednesday of each month.

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With a run in the spring and a banquet in the fall, there are lots of ways to give.


Bring or prepare a lunch in our school kitchen. We're also looking for school tutors.

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