2016 Annual Report

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2016 Annual Report Reclaiming teens and reuniting families from substance abuse and addiction

Our mission

Teen Recovery Solutions (TRS) is a nonprofit that empowers Oklahoma teens and families to succeed by providing an accredited recovery high school, supportive alternative peer groups, and advocacy for teen recovery. Mission Academy High School Oklahoma’s only recovery high school with a supportive addiction recovery-based learning environment. Mission Peer Group Licensed counselors lead after-school sessions for teens and parents. Organized weekend events and retreats create a positive peer community. Prevention & Education As advocates for early intervention, TRS offers community presentations and an educational series on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery.

Dear Supporter,

In July of 2016 I began my tenure as the new Executive Director of Teen Recovery Solutions as longtime director Janet Oden began her well-earned retirement. It has been a deeply meaningful opportunity each day to wake up and work alongside our talented staff and help our families and their teens stabilize their lives and rebuild their futures.

“...a key part of our success given how much hands-on work and care we aim to provide our teens and their parents.�

2016 was another positive year of progress for our organization as we held a very successful annual event in September that raised over $220,000 for our mission. This success enabled us to add personnel to our clinical staff and hire a science teacher. These added human resources are a key part of our success given how much hands-on work and care we aim to provide our teens and their parents. Our multiple, team-based approach to each student and their families enables us to ensure all the available tools and solutions are available for their day-to-day success. We are proud of our teacher and clinical staff to student ratio. 2016 also saw the beginning of a valuable partnership with All Souls Church. Our afternoon "Mission Peer Group" activities have been housed in the All Souls Community Center since the spring of 2016. This move has enabled us to have a larger and better suited location for therapy, skills building and social activities with our students and their families. We are tremendously grateful for the generosity shown by the All Souls community. Lastly, we ended the year with a special screening of the documentary film "Generation Found." Over 150 guests joined us at Harkins in Bricktown to watch the compelling film about the recovery High School and Peer Group model in Houston, which we use at TRS. It was a powerful way for the larger community to learn about our proven model for teen substance abuse aftercare treatment and education services.

Our Mission Academy seniors are full steam ahead and focused on graduating in May! We are on track to graduate the biggest senior class in the history of Mission Academy. Thank you for your dedication to our mission. We are not able to provide the education and services to our sober teens and their families without your public advocacy and financial support. Please never hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions, or if you would like to bring a guest to one of our monthly "Lunch and Learns". My Kindest Regards, Andrew Rice Executive Director

Abbigayle graduates high school this May Before coming to Teen Recovery Solutions, I had literally given up on ever graduating from high school. I had attended five different high schools before coming to Mission Academy. I had ditched school, been suspended, and dropped out by the end of my sophomore year; and I had absolutely no credit at all going into my junior year.

I am so grateful to have found Mission Academy. This school has literally saved my life. I was behind when I first came about a year ago, but now I am ahead and on time to graduate this May. I got accepted to Francis Tuttle for early childhood care and have begun my education to become a preschool teacher. I have goals and aspirations. I have plans and a path set up for me. I know I am in a better place than I was this time last year. Without TRS, I have no doubt I would be out on the streets with probably no house to live in and no family still willing to put up with me. Thank you for your donations because without people like you, there wouldn’t be this place for people like me.

“My child went from a D student to a B student.”

Excelling Academically Your support is giving teens, who otherwise may have dropped out of school or lost their lives to addiction, the chance to excel academically and plan for the future. In 2016, Mission Academy High School earned its second accreditation through the Association of Recovery Schools becoming only the 6th school in the nation to achieve this. Teens engage in state-accredited curriculum with additional enrichment such as art and literacy education, life skills, health and fitness, service learning hours, and college and work-force preparation. 

100% of parents felt their child’s academic needs were met

93% of students graduate high school

63% of post-graduates have attended higher education

Aaron’s parents celebrate one-year sobriety chip

Teen Recovery Solutions and Mission Academy High School have brought our son—and our family—back from the brink. Our son has been impulsive his whole life. Little disciplinary matters in elementary school became much larger ones in middle school. In 7th grade, we first learned that he was experimenting with pot. We truly thought that was it: experimenting. We did what we knew how to do as a family, and had his ongoing therapist and psychiatrist both addressing it. High school brought regular conversations with the principals. Our son was often truant for part of the school day. He was caught shoplifting twice. We sought a higher level of care, the first of which was a three-evening-per-week program available through my employer. A few months later, we pulled him from public school and enrolled him in a day-treatment program, where we learned the shocking full extent of his drug abuse. When he was completing that program, we learned about TRS and Mission Academy. We are approaching the second anniversary of our participation in TRS, and our son is on track to graduate this May. TRS brought our family together, recognizing that addiction does not exist in a vacuum. For our son to recover, we all had new patterns to learn. It has not been a completely smooth recovery. He has had four single-use relapses. Someone said, “Aren’t you glad it happened while he was here, so that he has support to bounce back?” At first, that was a jarring thought, because we couldn’t imagine being glad about any relapse. The concept was right on target, though: the staff and the peers have drawn him back to his commitment. He was called on it, and had to re-earn his standing in the peer group. He rose to the challenge. Recently, he earned his one-year sobriety chip. It would be very difficult to express how profoundly grateful we are to the staff of TRS and Mission Academy. We have a son who now can be trusted to drive a car. He is working his first job. Best yet: he is clean and sober, and about to graduate from high school! The program of family involvement, peer support, professional therapists, 12-Step program, and social events (teaching the teens how to have sober fun) is a genius formula for successful addiction treatment for teens. We thank the staff and all those who provide financial support to the organization for giving our son back to us.


Average number of hours teens spend with us each week

Finding Recovery Our programs teach youth how to live sober lifestyles beyond the classroom. Teens participate in social events in the evenings and weekends, and families enter addiction recovery as a team. Your gifts in 2016 helped us grow our staff to serve more teens and expand programs with a new location at All Souls Community Center. 

“The addicted teen can receive all the services they need in one place and develop relationships that hold them accountable.”

92% of drug tests for the entire year (done on a weekly basis) had negative results or no presence of drugs

82% of post-graduates are maintaining sobriety

95% of parents felt TRS provided a safe and supportive community

A single mom finds new outlook on life It's not easy being a single mom rearing a teen boy who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. I knew that I was quickly losing my son and didn't know where to turn. My son had failed in three school settings which included traditional high school, alternative school, and a military program. After he completed his residential treatment program of three months, we moved 750 miles away to Oklahoma City. He started in his fourth educational setting (home schooling consortium) and failed again. By this time he was very far behind his peers in school. He had no friends, and I had no options for his schooling. I feared that he would quickly relapse into drugs again and that I would lose him totally. I had no place to turn, and then I found Teen Recovery Solutions. Since my son started at Mission Academy High School, his entire outlook on life has changed, and so has mine. For the first time in years, we are communicating in a positive way and have become a family again — able to talk, listen and communicate effectively. He is successful in school and will be graduating on time with his class. He has grown in personal responsibility and works outside of school while maintaining sober, healthy relationships with friends he has made at TRS. Our family has the support of the other TRS students, parents and professional staff who help us over the bumps of life and rejoice with us in our successes. We are both so grateful to TRS and know that it saved my son's life and completely changed mine for the better.

“The skills he is learning are phenomenal. I was never taught how to take care of myself, set boundaries, make good decisions, and resolve conflict when I was in school.”

Life skills and changes at home Your gifts enable us to help teens make healthy choices—growing emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Families learn to openly communicate with one another and face underlying issues at home. Teens gain confidence in themselves again and build character. 

95% of parents experienced notable changes in family relationships

90% of teens reported greater empathy and compassion, honesty and integrity

95% of teens and parents reported significant progress in self-control

Reclaiming teens with your support


Average cost per student per month 

Arts education


Field trips

Health and fitness

Evening and weekend social outings

Drug testing

College and workforce preparation





School supplies



Recovery Coaches

Thank you for giving gifts of hope to our teens and families. HOPE $20,000 Charles and Cassandra Bowen Charitable Foundation Nick and Peggy Duncan E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation Inasmuch Foundation Kirkpatrick Foundation Rob and Sara Northwood Quail Creek Bank INSPIRATION $10,000 Anonymous Pat Davenport Robert Gordon Family Harris Foundation Brian and Jordan Kelley The Anschutz Foundation The Mary Gaylord McClean Foundation COURAGE $5,000 BancFirst Bergen Beef Dobson Family Foundation James and Christy Everest Kent and Liz Hoffman Judith Drabek Revocable Trust Ed and Gay Kirby Margaret Vivian Bilby Foundation Mother Huggers, Inc. Chris and Sue Neuberger St. Anthony Hospital GRATITUDE $2,500 A Chance to Change Brian Affolder David and Amy Birdwell The Fennell Family Fred Jones Family Foundation/ Boots and Carole Hall

Edward and Barbara Krei Merrick Foundation Robert Todd Owens Raymond H. & Bonnie B. Hefner Family Fund Simmons Foundation Craig and Mary Stanley The Chickasaw Nation Bill Thomas FAITH $1,000 Aaron and Gertrude Karchmer Memorial Foundation Dan and Barbara Batchelor Jim and Missie Bobo Shane and Shelly Downs Carl and Susan Edwards Mark and Jerry Gautreaux Kelly and Amy Gray Ronald and Adrianne Greenberg David and Lucinda Huffman Mike and Kay Hurley Janie Law Brad and Debbie Margo Peter and Karen Mather David and Becky McCubbin David and Jean McLaughlin Brian and Charlotte Mitchell Rick and Lisa Mullins Tal and Janet Oden Presbyterian Health Foundation Hugh and Cindy Rice Andrew and Apple Rice Chuck and Vicky Robinson Pat and Marianne Rooney Stephen and Gaye Sherman Suzanne Singleterry

Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory St. Paul's Cathedral Clayton and Marnie Taylor The Allstate Foundation/Jim Shortridge Steven Thompson Joe Dan and Janice Trigg Visionary Oklahoma Women Kitt and Melissa Wakeley WGRC, Inc. SERENITY $500 Allen Family Foundation The Beckerley Group Ike and Sherry Bennett Bruce and Suzanne Bockus Peter and Sue Burch Dan and Lou Carmichael David and Jennifer Chansolme Michael and Joan Cole Barbara Cooper Carolyn Corn, MD Klint Cowan and Laura Jacobs Mike and Cathy Cross Jim Daniel Catherine Driskill First National Bank Josephine Freede Ronald Richardson and Dina Hammam Patrick and Barbara Hill Bob and Vicki Howard Marnie Kennedy James and Sherrie Kite Steve and Renee Knox Lester Family Foundation Macklanburg-Husley Foundation/Mike Samis Robert and Marty Margo

Doyle and Sue Martin Mark and Patti Mellow Harry and Hedra Merson Bob and Debbie Monnet Vincent and Kim Montgomery Walt and Bonnie Morris Justin and Monique Naifeh Ben and Sarah Pitman Marsh and Debbie Pitman Bob and Shari Portman Paul Sund and Claudia San Pedro Ed Shadid Jeanne Smith The Peyton Family Foundation Gary and Allie Thompson Marianne Trigg Blake and Donna Wade Amy Young CHANGE $150 Jerry and Donna Amundsen Jon and Burke Beck Guy Bramble Scott and Jana Brown Maggie Brown Bumbershoot Branding LLC Bryan and Ashley Burke Larry and Debby Burns Len and Donna Cason Denise Caudill Art and Carolyn Christie Andrew and Nancy Coats Bryan and Ashley Cogar Joan Currie Timothy and Amy Dolf William and Deanne Dooley David and Jane Edmonds Katie and Brandon Ellis David and Kelly Feroli

Kathy and Jim Frankenfield Chris and Kelly Fry Gerry Gonce Pamela Hamilton Joe and Lori Hodges Cliff and Leslie Hudson Jimmie Lynn & Billye Austin Foundation Tracy Jungels Marilyn Kinnamon Sandra and Michael Kirk Jane Lepak, LADC Gary Massad, MD Elizabeth Miller Randall Mock Mike and Marcia Moore Gracie Moyers Marie Ooley Tim and Kathy Payne Tom and Marilee Peryam Mark Potts Jim and Lisa Prince Daniel and Jessica Reineke Randy and Marianne Roberts Carl and Debby Rubenstein John Semtner William and Pam Shdeed Steve and Laurie Shelley Roger and Barbara Simons Chris Singletary Roy and Marty Smith Jeanean South Ryan Thompson Mark and Amy Walters Frank and Sandi Westbrook Joe Westerheide, PhD Rachel Whelan Martha Williams David Wilson and Karen Ross

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Oklahoma City, OK Permit No. 1392

Administrative Staff Andrew Rice, Executive Director Maggie Brown, Development Director Angi Robinson, Financial Aid Administrator Clinical Staff Mike Maddox, Clinical Director Tanner Underwood, Counselor Christy Prather-Skinner, Counselor Tiffany Grochowsky, Lead Recovery Coach Jordyn Richardson, Recovery Coach Zack White, Recovery Coach DeAnne Dooley, Parent Recovery Coach Academic Staff Ginger Allison, Academic Director Doug McPheron, Lead Teacher Laneta Going, Instructor—Arts & Literacy Robyn Meade-Ritter, Instructor—Science

720 W. Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 101-A Oklahoma City, OK 73116 TeenRecoverySolutions.org

2016 Annual Report

Visit Our School Second Wednesday of each month Lunch and Learns are a great opportunity to hear stories from our teens.

TeenRecoverySolutions.org Contact Us Donation or outreach questions contact Maggie Brown 405-843-2402 mbrown@teenrecoverysolutions.org Clinical questions contact Mike Maddox 405-843-9100 mmaddox@teenrecoverysolutions.org Academic questions contact Ginger Allison 405-843-9100 gallison@missionacademyhighschool.org

2016 Board of Directors The Very Rev. Justin Lindstrom President Frank Turner Vice-President Liz Hoffman Secretary Scott Brown Treasurer Klint Cowan Nick Duncan JD Fennell Karen Mather Debbie Monnet Rob Northwood Kathy Payne Michael Smith

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