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What Does Being A Powerful Woman Mean To You? FROM THE TEEN BOSS BABES TEAM BY: LUCIA PEREZ

What does being a powerful woman mean to you? We asked a couple of our Teen Boss Babes team members and even our community about their thoughts of what it means to be a powerful woman. 1. Our lovely TBB magazine team member Sofia Caicedo told us that, “A powerful woman to me is someone who is a leader, courageous and inspiring. Powerful women don't let anyone in their way and always keep their head up.”

2. Teen Boss Babes Creative Team Member Coral mentioned, “Being a powerful woman means to put one foot forward in front of the other in any situation and to chase our dreams no matter how much strength it takes.”

3. Founder and CEO of Teen Boss babes Paola Ochoa said that “Being a powerful woman means to stand up for what you believe in and to be yourself in any situation.”

4. “A powerful woman is someone who does things that people don’t encourage them to do,” said TBB community member Anessa B.

5. TBB creative team member Lucia believes that “ A powerful woman is someone who decides to be authentic, different, and ambitious. She is also not afraid of messing up in front of others and be willing to learn from her mistake.”

Being powerful women can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Everyone can be powerful in their way just as long as you set yourself up for success and not a failure. It comes to everyone at different times and in different ways so don’t get caught up if a friend or a family member became a powerful advocate, entrepreneur, influencer before you. Just know your time will come!!

Which Powerful Woman are You Most Like? By: Sofia Caicedo

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Like Madam Vice President, you love to read and write. You will take any chance you get to be in the kitchen, whether it's baking or cooking! You are fearless and passionate, and you don't let anything get in your way!

Similar to the renowned tennis player, you are your happiest when active, but enjoy getting your nails done every once in a while. You are resilient and love lending others a hand whenever you can.

think outside the box

reshma saujani Like the CEO of "Girls Who Code," you enjoy teamwork and collaboration. You never let a challenge stop you and you are constantly thinking outside the box! Technology is one of your passions and you are an active problemsolver!

tech club

outdoors club

jacinda ardern Similar to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, you are super down-toearth and love leading and guiding others. You are compassionate, optimistic, and are always taking care of those around you!

Teen Boss Babes Magazine x Fashion + Beauty Section

Blazer Trend Yes or No? ELLEXUS GLOCKNER

Blazers have been a go to wardrobe item for working women for decades, and they appear in runaways no matter the season. But this year we are seeing blazers as one of the biggest trends, and there’s a reason why. You can style them in so many different ways, and they are incredibly versatile. Changing up the colors, the outfits, and the accessories can all make a blazer an amazing staple piece. The blazer trend is definitely a yes, and there are so many ideas on how to style them



They can be classy or casual, you can wear them as a dress or a jacket, and there really is no end to a blazer's versatility. The most classic way to wear a blazer is with jeans and a blouse or t-shirt. This can be done with neutral colors to create a simple and timeless outfit. Even creating a monochromatic look with this can be so cute. A black tank top, black jeans, and a black, or black and white blazer is an amazing outfit. Using the blazer trend in a casual outfit can even be as simple as jeans and a graphic tee with a blazer on top. If you’ve ever seen a picture of someone styling sweatpants and a hoodie with a blazer, you would know just how casual it can get. There are so many ways to make a blazer casual, and there aren’t many casual outfits that wouldn’t look cute with a blazer


Photo Credits : Pinterest


Neutral colors are always easy to style, but you can style blazers that are fun colors. Pastel colors and neon colors are so trendy and aren’t as intimidating as they might seem. The trick is to stick to a neutral outfit, with the blazer being the pop of color. A pink blazer over an all black outfit is classy and chic, but still trendy. Bike shorts and a white t-shirt with any colored blazer is trendy and stylish. No matter what color the blazer is, it will likely pair well with a neutral base outfit. If you want to be a little more bold, you can even wear a blazer with matching pants in literally any color. Matching sets may seem like something out of your comfort zone, but they look so amazing on so many people. It's a great way to bring color into your closet because you don’t have to worry about matching the blazer with anything else.

Photo Credits : Pinterest

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Blazer Trend Yes or No? 03


One of my favorite parts of the blazer trend is blazers as dresses. Pair an oversized blazer with a belt and some chunky jewelry and it's really that simple! It looks stylish and is fit for so many different occasions. You can buy blazers that are designed to be worn as a dress, or just thrift an oversized men's blazer and style it the same way. With this trend, simplicity is key. The blazer is the whole outfit, and it definitely makes a statement on its own. Just like matching sets, this is a great way to style a trendy outfit because you don’t have to worry about matching anything. You can have the ease of styling a dress, with the stylish look of a blazer.

Photo Credits : Nasty Gal


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Top 5 Beauty Products BY HANNAH PABALAN



Do you love a glossy lip, but hate the stickiness that your average lip gloss has? If so, this lip oil is perfect for you! Not only does it hydrate your lips, but it also leaves such an effortless glow and tint on your lips. I began using this lip oil in December and it quickly became a favorite of mine! I use it everyday and honestly don’t know what I would do without it. Inn Beauty Project currently carries this lip oil in five different scents and colors. I have personally tried and loved the Glaze #1 that has a slight red tint and candy apple scent. They also carry Glaze #2, a berry tint and scent, Glaze #3, a soft pink tint and frozen rosé scent, Glaze #4, a clear tint and cotton candy scent, and Extra Glaze, a sheer and shimmery golden tint and glazed donut scent. This lip oil is made with natural red root oil which helps to heal chapped lips, fermented pomegranate, which gently exfoliates lips, apple extract which hydrates lips, and a plant-based plumping complex which plumps lips. I also love Inn Beauty Project because they are vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, and women owned!


Photo Credits : Inn Beauty Website


The Kosas Sun Show Bronzer provides a year long bronze and glow to the skin. It contains shea butter to soothe and soften and meadowfoam oil to moisturize and plump. Kosas describes this bronzer as “a golden hour filter you can wear” which I can attest to. I love how buildable this bronzer is and how glowy it makes your skin look without having chunks of glitter or a greasy base. I apply it in a 3 like motion from my forehead to my jawbone and also add a little across my nose for that extra sunkissed glow! I not only love this bronzer but also Kosas in general. They are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and formulated without mineral oil, silicones, talc, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, therefore their products are perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies, and anyone who want to implement more clean beauty into their makeup bag!

Photo Credits : Kosas Website

01 03


Glossier’s Cloud Paint has been a staple in my makeup bag for over a year! It is unlike any other cream blush that I have tried. It is buildable, blurring, and comfortable on the skin. I have the shades Dusk, which is a beautiful orange/brown, and Storm, which is a beautiful berry. I typically use Dusk everyday because it gives the perfect natural and sun kissed look. I blend it across my nose too to enhance this effect. I also love to mix in Storm or use it solo for a pop of color every now and then. One amazing thing about Cloud Paint is that you can also mix shades and create a unique shade that is perfect for you. So if you buy two shades, you technically have three! You can actually bundle two together for a reduced price.

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Photo Credits : Glossier Website


I have never been able to find a mascara that is able to lengthen, voluminze, and separate my lashes like the Tarte Maneater Mascara does. I have also noticed that my lashes keep their curl all day which is very rare as I have very straight lashes. This mascara contains jojoba which hydrates, strengthens, and protects lashes and carnauba wax which provides a smooth application and lengthens and volumizes lashes. Another plus about this mascara is how quick and easy it is to use. I usually like to add two layers but one still makes a great impact. I also have very sensitive eyes and this mascara does not irritate my eyes which is a must!

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The Kosas Revealer Concealer is an everyday favorite and honestly don’t know what I would do without it. Not only does this concealer leave skin with the most flawless finish, but it also has so many skincare benefits! Unlike any other concealer, the Revealer Concealer contains caffeine and pink algae to brighten, Arnica and Provitamin B5 to soothe, and peptides and hyaluronic acid to plump. Have I not sold you yet? Well listen up, this concealer blends so effortlessly into the skin, easily covers dryness and acne, and gives your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Another reason why I love this concealer is because it self sets, therefore, you don’t have to worry about applying setting powder which often leads to a cakey finish.

Photo Credits : Tarte Website

Photo Credits : Kosas Website

5 Powerful Women Outfits BY SISSY ARENAS


In our current climate, girls are vehemently ridiculed for their fashion taste, or more specifically for hopping onto fashion trends. Right off the bat, I want to encourage everyone to dress how they wish, because critical words have no place in your choice of what to wear! Here are 5 examples of outfits that powerful women might wear, unapologetically!


Photo Credits : Pinterest

Not only is this minimalistic look chic, but the elegance of the flare jeans adds to the look, making it a plus for professional settings! It’s completely eye-acatching, and an exceptional attention-catcher as you runway walk down the street. The addition of the light jewelry as well as the matching white purse and heels would make just anyone feel beautiful and even fancy.

MONOCHROMATIC SUIT A monochromatic suit can make anyone look professional; we know you mean will business! And it’s the outfits with flamboyant colors that powerful women are unafraid to wear. Don’t feel limited by traditional colors such as black and white. Although they do make a mean statement, instead try unveiling your courage with brighter colors! Photo Credits : Pinterest


Photo Credits : Pinterest

Bodysuits are magnificent! Be it with flared bottoms or not, a bodysuit accentuates your figure which, when paired with that boss girl attitude of yours, will make it known to just anyone that you can hold your own. Pairing this look with a necklace or a hat conveys your appreciation for detail. You’ll know you look good, which is the point. Powerful women are confident! Nothing only that, but putting effort into your clothing pieces sends a bold message: that you care about your success.

WARM AND GIRLY As we all know, “girly” girls have been portrayed as shallow and weak across the media for years. However, having the courage to dress in “girly” clothes, despite knowing that these stereotypes exist is a slap to the face! This reveals you’re comfortable with your interests, which is one main factor that plays into being a powerful woman. Keep your chin up high. An assertive personality with cute clothes is the best combo! Photo Credits : Pinterest

V NECK BLOUSES Not only are these super hot, but I also find that the wearer always carries a sense of independence with them. Powerful women are just that and aren’t afraid to rock a “tomboy” style. Once again, it comes back to being unapologetically confident. Not to mention, the all-black makes one look mysterious, almost like a boss might be. Photo Credits : Pinterest

Despite the aforementioned, the main factor that makes an outfit a “Powerful Woman Outfit” is you. Your clothes radiate your personality, so be confident and wear whatever makes you feel bold!

Teen Boss Babes Magazine x Akunna + Sofia's Corner

Teen Boss Babes Magazine x Community Sectiom

TBB Magazine Powerful Woman

Paola Ochoa, Founder + CEO

Coral Pongsuwan, Boss Babe

Sarah Chase, Writer

Hannah P , Content Creator

Niki , Graphic Designer

Paula Quinones-Roman, Content Creator

Ellexus Glockner , Fashion Designer

Sissy Arenas, Performer + Writer

Bella Eng, Model + Actress

Sofia , Boss Babe

Lucia Perez, Small Biz Owner

Lauren Sarah, Content Creator

Sara Ahmad, Boss Babe

Akunna, Content Creator

MEL , Boss Babe

Boss Babes to Follow Who Are Powerful Women BY CORAL PONGSUWAN

Ever looking for more inspiration? More women to look up to? Well, this article introduces you to some amazing Boss Babes that have impacted the world one step at a time. Being a powerful woman doesn’t only mean running a business; being a powerful woman can come in the form of writing poetry, creating fashion tips, practicing makeup, and so much more! Here are 5 Boss Babes that you will feel inspired by!!



TikTok makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira provides step by step makeup routines, product reviews, and sometimes comedic content all through makeup! She’s like the big sister you wish you had! She makes sure to reach out to her fans, creating a community of love and makeup! Make sure to follow her on Tik Tok at @mikaylanogueira.


Photo Credits : @mikaylanougeria


Constantly growing through various social media platforms, Ūla is a social media influencer. She currently has two songs out on all streaming platforms, her newest one being ‘Futon’. Her content showcases her singing amazing covers, as well as living life to the fullest in Australia. Make sure to follow her on TikTok @ulaulaula and Instagram @ulamusic.

Photo Credits : @ulamusic

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Not only is she a style icon, Madison Beltran is an influencer who focuses on helping mid-size women feel beautiful in their skin. Madison does this by giving style tips, recommending brands, and even ways on how to pose. Keep up with her through TikTok @madisonbeltran! Photo Credits : @madisonbeltran



Known for her first bestseller Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur is a Canadian based poet, writing raw and emotional poems to truly reflect on one’s self. Kaur also posts a handful of her poems on her Instagram @rupikaur_. Photo Credits : @rupikaur_


Photo Credits : @christinazilber


Founder of Jouer Cosmetics Christina is a business woman, of her very own company she founded! From foundation, concealer, to highlight and blush, Jouer cosmetics has everything you could want. Keep up to date on the latest products released at www.jouercosmetics.com. page | 04


Photo Credits : @paola.ochoaa

UPCOMING EVENTS WITH TEEN BOSS BABES BY LUCIA PEREZ First off, our first Teen Boss Babes anniversary is coming up on April 2! There are many exciting things planned which will all be kept a secret until the day of. So follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok @teenbossbabes to stay updated.

Second, we are super excited for all of you guys to know about the exciting collaborations that are coming your way with Teen Boss Babes and other businesses. Be on the look for the exciting Collaboration announcements on our Instagram. Talking about collaborations, we do have one coming up on March 5th! The Glu x TBB collaboration where some items will be released for y'all to get your hands on. Glu is a small business created by a mom and daughter duo who wanted to make growing up a little less scary and more fun. They currently sell vegan nail polish and nail care! With this being said, get excited for the collaboration that will soon be on sale. Also, on our Instagram @teenbossbabes, we will be announcing a giveaway Teen Boss Babes and Glu will be hosting which starts this Friday March 5th!

We are also planning on having a TBB webinar, maybe midmarch or early April. We bring on some guests to talk to all the entrepreneurs and social media influencers about their experience and tips they have. Let us know on our Instagram who you would like to see as a guest on our webinar or even what topic we could talk about!

Lastly, we did release a blue embroidered Teen Boss Babes crewneck that is still on sale, so get yourself one at www.teenbossbabes.com. Can't wait for all of you to know the things we have been working on behind the scene for y'all to enjoy so definitely be on the lookout for our social media accounts.


What is TBB’s Newest Release ? Teen Boss Babes Newest Release are some super cute and motivational Boss Babe Stickers. You are able to find them on our website at Teen Boss Babes. They are perfect for a small business owner or any girl out there that needs some motivation during these hard times. Not only are there some other stickers but there are boss babe face masks, tshirts and more so go check out the Teen Boss Babes Shop !!

What to look forward to for Teen Boss Babes ? In the next couple weeks we are planning on releasing some NEW clothing items in our shop so definitely keep an eye out for that. Also, the TBB Magazine Applications will be opening up again to any Boss Babe that wants to join our Magazine team. Follow us on Instagram and turn those Notifications On so you get notified when we release the new clothing items and applications open up.


enter through our instagram @teenbossbabes

How Teen Boss Babes Team Members have been strong in challenging situations BY SARAH CHASE Every boss babe has their struggles when trying to achieve their dreams, especially when one starts young. The Teen Boss Babes team members have had their share, but have learned how to overcome their adversity. They also learned from their experiences and share their advice on how to do the same. Akunna O is a Blog writer at TBB and is the Lead journalist for the TBB magazine where she writes articles for the magazine and blog posts for the TBB website.This is her experience and advice. “I feel one of the things I have struggled as a TBB Team Member is time management and always wanting to do everything but a thing that the girls have taught me is that Balance is key. If you don’t have balance, you will be in chaos, so overall take things slow. My advice to the other amazing boss babes is that rushing will not make you feel accomplished, you might see brands/businesses growing faster than you or doing numerous things, but I promise you, doing those things and rushing will not make you feel the satisfaction of your hard work other than just waiting and pacing out your content and delivering high quality work, so plan and execute. Don’t let someone else’s business or brand dictate your brand/business.”

Lauren James is a Teen Boss Babes team member as well as content creator. She opened up about her experiences and shares something she wants other boss babes to know as well. “Before finding Teen Boss Babes, I didn't have the strong support system that I have now which I am so grateful for. When I was young, I always thought that having different hobbies and phases was weird because no one was similar to me. I was extremely ambitious and knew what I wanted, which helped me to stay strong. I knew I was going to be successful and make a name out of myself because every challenge excited me! If you let challenges excite you, it will be less scary taking them on! One piece of advice I would tell another boss babe when they are in a challenging situation is that you are stronger than you think you are. Success is the result of hard work and challenges! Remember, don’t give up because there is always someone looking up to you!”

Bella Eng is a Teen Boss Babes creative member, which includes creating story posts along with creative group assignments. Although Eng does not own a business, she knows the struggle of growing and wants to let others know how to beat that struggle as well. “Though it’s not a traditional business my business is myself since I am a working model/actress. It can be scary on set sometimes to talk to the other models/actors but I always push myself to introduce who I am and make friends! I would tell other boss babes to dive head first into situations they have in their control but are still scared of. Whether that’s taking the next step in business or simply putting yourself out there, life is too short for missed opportunities!”

Ellexus Glockner holds a few positions at Teen Boss Babes including assistant fashion and beauty editor for the magazine, a blog post writer, and the PR assistant. She does not own a small business, but as a fashion designer knows all too well how hard the industry can be. She shared how she has used her strength to beat odds and some advice that many forget to take. “For the past year I have been working towards releasing my first collection and there have been a lot of challenges to get through. I think the biggest one for me is learning to manage my time and accepting that not everything will be perfect. I’m definitely the type of person to want everything to be done right or I just won’t do it. But unfortunately that mindset doesn’t really work in most situations. I’ve had to push myself to get things done and be okay with them not being perfect. I gained a lot of strength from this because I can now go into other challenging, time sensitive situations and be able to get them done. The biggest piece of advice I could give to other boss babes is to take a break when you need it. Burnout is real and if you don’t let yourself relax you won’t be very productive. Even just sitting on the couch for 5 minutes can make a huge difference when you’re working through something challenging.” So, yes, being strong in challenging situations is difficult, but it is not impossible! Whether you learn to have the right support group, utilize time management skills, figure out how to put yourself out there, allowing a break or two, or even reassuring yourself on how strong you are, being a teen boss babe is strong within itself.

BY : Niki

@t ee nb os sb ab es








5 Habits To Build As A Powerful Woman BY : ELLEXUS GLOCKNER

1. Plan a budget and create spending goals Managing your money is a great way to be successful, independent, and strong. If you create a budget of what you want to save and what you are okay with spending every month, you will know exactly how much money you have and be able to feel confident with whatever is there. You will also build these money managing skills at a time when it is less crucial. When the time comes for you to go out into the world and rely on yourself financially, you will already have these habits formed and skills to use.

2. Set minimum/short term goals Setting long term goals is an important part of being a strong woman, but so is setting short term goals. Smaller goals that are more easily accomplished can help you feel like you are getting something done and make those long term goals seem less daunting. These goals can be anything from finishing a school assignment, to gaining 100 Instagram followers, to taking time to spend with friends. These goals will help you get one step closer to your long term goals.

3. Reach Out To New People Weekly Being strong and successful doesn’t happen alone. Having a support system and connections is so important. Reaching out to some of the people who inspire you over email or Instagram DM

can lead to amazing friendships, and even just someone to get advice from. I have made so many friends and learned so many things just by sending someone a DM hoping they respond. And if someone doesn’t respond, that’s okay too! Having friends and people to rely on makes you even stronger, and sometimes those people don’t have to be far away. Talk to someone new at school or reach out to an old friend. Building connections with people who will help you socially is just as important as business and career connections.

4. Writing / Journaling Taking time at the end of the day to write down what you are grateful for is a great way to appreciate things you may overlook. Part of being strong is acknowledging the things in your life that make you strong. Spending time reflecting on your day makes you realize everything you have to be thankful for and everyone you have supporting you. Being aware of these things makes you so much stronger and so much more self aware. Even write down things that you didn’t love about your day to help yourself learn how to make the next day even better.

5. Focus on Mental Health Strength comes from so many different places, and being healthy is the best way to build it. Both your physical health and your mental health are important things to focus on to be a strong woman. Eating food that makes you feel healthy and spending time on walks or exercising makes you physically stronger. It also just makes you feel better and feel healthier. You don’t have to change yourself or eat things that you think you are “supposed” to, but rather do the things that make you feel like your best physical self. Physical strength and health isn’t the only important thing though. So much of your strength comes from your mind. Practicing self care and doing things that make you happy make you so much stronger. If you’re overwhelmed and overworked, you won't be nearly as strong. Prioritizing your mental health is one of the strongest things you can do.

New Teen Boss Babes Magazine TEAM Members!

Hannah Pabalan

Hey Teen Boss Babes! My name is Hannah Pabalan. I am 17 years old, a senior in high school, and I live in Southern California. I love fashion and beauty and am attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA this fall. My dream is to work as a product developer for a clothing line and eventually start my own line revolving around inclusivity, sustainability, and eccentricity. I cannot wait to continue writing and creating content for the TBB community!

Sarah Chase

Hey! My name is Sarah and I am 17! I love to read and I love to write. I run my own news/media organization (Courageous Curls Media) where we highlight people of color as well as a blog that takes the reader along my political journey! I was born and am being raised in Alabama, so I plan to take my college career to the University of Alabama or to an HBCU. I will also on major in news media and minor in political science. I hope to be able to turn Courageous Curls Media into a living as well as my blog and I know that with the Teen Boss Babes community, I will be able to do just that!


We are always looking for new content ideas for the TBB Magazine and new boss babes to be apart of the magazine! Feel free to email us teenbossbabesmagazine@gmail.com



Paola Ochoa

Paula Nicole

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