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What We Love About Teen Boss Babes FROM THE TEEN BOSS BABES TEAM BY: ELLEXUS GLOCKNER After one year of Teen Boss Babes, there has been so much growth as a community. So many people have found a place in the TBB community, and the team has grown so much. So many new people have joined the team, including myself, and many people have been here from the beginning. So we asked our team members what they love about Teen Boss Babes and how it has helped them.



I love how supportive and empowering the TBB community is. Growing up with five older brothers, I never had a sister to look up to. The TBB community is the sisterhood that every young girl needs! I also love how TBB inspires our youth wanting to start their own businesses. TBB has helped me to make so many new friends and know that I am accepted. TBB has also inspired me to build on my entrepreneurial goals!



One thing that I love about Teen Boss Babes is the amazing community that surrounds this amazing organization from the Teen Boss Babes creative team members to the followers on Instagram, they give you so much hope and so much motivation to work on your dreams and be the best version you can be in basically all aspects of your life. Teen Boss Babes has helped me become more confident in my creative abilities and also be more proud of the content that I produce. Teen Boss Babes has made me a more confident person and I’ll be forever grateful for that.



I love that I get to meet so many other creatives and share our skills! TBB has helped me network with a whole new communityYoutubers, Influencers, Business Owners, etc!



Personally, I love that TBB has shown me that there are so many other girls like me. I’ve never felt like I could relate to kids at school and I’ve always been so motivated and now I have a group of girls who feel the same way as me. TBB has helped me grow my confidence and find friends who I know will accept me no matter what. Because of this community I have gained so much confidence in content creating and any business goals I might have.



I love how the TBB community makes me feel like I’m not alone because most of the girls have gone through similar situations. I would have never imagined connecting with so many people during the webinar and online events. The community has helped me grow as a person because I have found myself stepping out of my comfort zone. Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to support you and your business or content. TBB has helped me find a community that I feel comfortable sharing my ideas with and I am so glad to be a part of it!

What is your Favorite Part of Teen Boss Babes? By: Sofia Caicedo As you can tell from this issue, it is no secret we are super pumped to celebrate our one year anniversary. It has been such an amazing experience seeing the team and the community grow! One of the main reasons our team members decided to join our founder, Paola, is to help create a community of strong leaders and unite teenagers from all over the world. That being said, we wanted to hear from YOU, what is your favourite part of Teen Boss Babes? Here is what we got!

“You guys are so inspirational, you guys are so fierce”-@amilyah_lopez “Love how helpful + inspiring it is and that there is a community here :)” -@yurrritsjosss “The message of positivity!" -@authentic.cos “The amount of support and help [you] give others” -@ada_ez “You all are the sweetest and most supportive people ever thank you for that” -@shoptreasuresky “The community and webinar” -@briannaaaa.marieeee “I love how much everyone is so motivated and each boss babe is literally such a BOSS!” @juliannasanch_ “The community, tips, webinars and fun Instagram posts. Like story games! I also love how I got to connect with boss Babes one on one!” -@iamnaturallydezzy “My favourite part about Teen Boss Babes is how friendly everyone is & i can be myself <3” @dandelaurennn Thank you to everyone part of this community, we could not have done it without you! Happy one year, Teen Boss Babes!

Do you want to be featured next time we reach out to the community? Follow our Instagram @teenbossbabes, where you can respond to polls, quizzes or questions like this!

Teen Boss Babes Magazine x Fashion + Beauty Section

Easy Makeup Looks for Spring BY HANNAH PABALAN



Colorful eyeliner has been a hit for all of 2020 and is only going to get bigger in the spring. It is a great way to show some personality while wearing a mask and bring some color to your look. It also is so simple and a perfect way to dabble in eye looks as a beginner. The trick is to find an eyeliner that is creamy and vibrant. I love the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil. Photo Credits : Toni Malt Academy



I love the look of a blotted lip, especially in spring, because it looks like you just ate a bunch of berries and were left with an effortless tint to your lips! I love using the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rum Raisin to achieve this look, because it gives you the perfect, matte, blotted effect, but does not dry out your lips. Dab the lipstick on your lips and blend it out with your fingers. I typically blend the lipstick a little outside of my lips to soften up my lip line. Photo Credits : The Fashion Spot



I love the look of a blotted lip, especially in spring, because it looks like you just ate a bunch of berries and were left with an effortless tint to your lips! I love using the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rum Raisin to achieve this look, because it gives you the perfect, matte, blotted effect, but does not dry out your lips. Dab the lipstick on your lips and blend it out with your fingers. I typically blend the lipstick a little outside of my lips to soften up my lip line. Photo Credits : Kylie Cosmetics



I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing pink everywhere and I cannot get enough of it! Pink is a color typically associated with spring which makes it the perfect color to create a monochromatic look around. Typically a monochromatic look consists of matching eyeshadow, blush, and lip product, but you can also have fun with eyeliner, glitter, etc. I typically pair my monochromatic looks with a natural base and brow in order to let the color pop! Photo Credits : The Fashion Spot

Fashion Trends 2020 vs 2021 BY ELLEXUS GLOCKNER


Fashion trends have changed a lot in the last year, but a lot of them have stayed the same. Spring of 2020 was a strange time for fashion, lots of brands that would typically be releasing runway shows were put on hold, and that made it hard to grasp new trends. One thing that we know was trending is loungewear. Being less than a month into quarantine, no one was leaving the house, and no one was getting dressed up. We saw a huge rise in athleisure, loungewear, and even stylish pajamas. This spring is looking a little different. As life began to open up again throughout 2020, trending styles were beginning to trade in the sweatpants for more stylish looks. But even as people were leaving the house again, this relaxed energy stayed throughout most trends. Mom jeans, bucket hats, and oversized blazers were all things that people wanted, and all of them are loose, relaxed and effortless. Even pieces like oversized tees and bike shorts were in style, and people were loving these easy, trendy outfits. Throughout the months in quarantine, lots of people were starting business and learning more and more about fashion. This led to a rise in awareness about sustainable fashion. People started to care more and more about shopping in a way that was budget friendly but also environmentally friendly. This is one trend that is definitely still trending. Now that we are in Spring 2021, people are dressing to impress as stores and activities open up again. Many of the causal, effortless pieces that were trending last year are still trending. Mom jeans and blazers are just as popular as they were a year ago, and bucket hats don’t seem to be going anywhere. However, loungewear is a little less popular. While we will always be buying loungewear and it’ll never really go out of style, it's not quite as trending anymore. However, there are many new trends that we are seeing this spring.

This spring, colors are everything. While a year ago, neutrals were the way to go, colored everything is trending now. Colored jeans and trousers, colored blazers, and even funky colored rings. People are starting to really embrace the fact that we can be outside and wearing colors that show those emotions. We are also seeing lots of slip dresses and midi dresses, and recycling of the trends that we saw in the 90s. Colorful clothing isn’t the only trend either. Colorful eyeliner and hair is also super trendy right now. All around, colors are the trend of the spring and it couldn’t be more fun to style, or more different than a year ago.

Teen Boss Babes Magazine x Community Sectiom

Lippin Cosmetics I sell skin care and cosmetics. My current product line includes lip scrubs, under eye masks, lash serums, lip glosses, chapsticks and I am hoping to add more in the future! My business is cruelty free, vegan, made with all natural ingredients and it is super affordable! I am a home based business from Canada.

IG: @lippin.cosmetics TikTok: @lippin.cosmetics lippincosmetics.com

The Purple Diary Project

UPCOMING EVENTS WITH TEEN BOSS BABES BY SARAH CHASE Teen Boss Babes has had one successful year from the spark in growth and the many webinars filled with advice and guidance. That is just the beginning for TBB as we have so much more coming for every young entrepreneur that has chosen to join the family.

This summer we are hosting another summer camp. Our previous summer camp provided participants with everything they needed to know to create and launch a successful business! We guided participants in explaining why creative captions are important and we were able to host guests, such as Hannah Ashton, that shared amazing information on content creation! We even launched a sticker pack! With all that accomplished, there will be even more with our upcoming summer camp!

We are also planning a relaunch of products! We have been able to release tons of merch everyone to wear and rock. Our first year of products includes hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, masks, and even embroidered sweatshirts! We also have been able to release tote bags and digital downloads to help improve your business! Our next year we will be able to bring so much more and hopefully more designs to choose from!

We also hope that our next year brings in more community members! We are incredibly grateful for how much growth and the increase in our community and we know next year we will be able to guide and inspire more young boss babes! We could have accomplished all of this without the support of our current community we have on all of our platforms! We are so happy that we can welcome in another year of success and inspiration with everyone apart of the TBB community!

Can't wait for all of you to know the things we have been working on behind the scene for y'all to enjoy so definitely be on the lookout for our social media accounts.


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