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The Institute The mission of Instituto Superior TĂŠcnico is to contribute to the development of society by promoting excellence in higher education in the fields of architecture, engineering, science and technology through undergraduate and graduate studies, and continuing education; and by being involved in research, development and innovation (RD&I), which are essential for the advancement of knowledge and to provide education at a top international level.

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Técnico was established in 1911 with the explicit objective of becoming an engineering school with strong links to society. For more than a century, our graduates have contributed to the development of the Portuguese industry and have played vital roles in the creation and management of businesses and institutions. In the context of the current socio-economic environment, nationally and internationally, all institutions in Portugal, and the universities in particular, must help transform the national economy in order to make it stronger and more competitive. It is, therefore, essential that all members of the scientific community work hard to create strong links with society and with industry. The Técnico Partner Network stemmed from the recognition of the advantages that the reinforcement of these links brings for both sides. On one hand, member companies benefit from the possibility of developing, in cooperation with Técnico, new technologies, products and services that would otherwise be hard to create. On the other hand, Técnico benefits through receiving first-hand knowledge about important technical and practical challenges identified by the business sector, which, in this highly connected and multidisciplinary world, represent excellent opportunities to make significant scientific contributions. In addition, these strong links between Técnico and society have the potential to contribute to the development of our school, to establish better working conditions on our campuses, and to provide even better opportunities for our graduates, our most important asset. Participation in the Técnico Partner Network will enable all involved partners to identify and develop the best talent, accelerate internal innovation, contribute effectively to social responsibility initiatives, and participate in the development and strategic direction of Técnico. Join the future of Técnico

Arlindo Oliveira President of Instituto Superior Técnico



International Master’s students

Undergraduate programmes (Bachelor’s and integrated Master’s degrees)



International PhD students

Master’s programmes

56% Students employed before graduating

91% Students employed up until six months after graduating

31 PhD programmes




University dormitories

Approximate number of students

Spin-offs since 2009


Listing of spin-offs by area:

Undergraduate students

3 Campuses • Alameda Campus 107.137 m2 • Taguspark Campus 19.380 m2 • Technological andNuclear Campus 16.510 m2


44% Master’s and PhD students

1.302 Doctorates

1.828 Scientific publications (ISI Web of Science)

• 20 Information and communication technologies • 11 Robotics, automation and electronics, and computer vision • 7 Biotechnology and biomedical engineering • 5 Aeronautics and space • 6 Environment and clean energies

TÉCNICO PARTNER NETWORK A mutually beneficial relationship between Técnico and the world’s leading companies

The main objective of the Técnico Partner Network is to establish and develop strategic alliances with companies that are best positioned to, together with Técnico, increase the added value given to society. The activities of the Network are structured into five major groups of initiatives:

Meet the talent

More and better talent

Innovation accelerator

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Social responsibility

Involvement in Técnico’s strategic management

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MEET THE TALENT This group includes initiatives that aim to identify the persons who will be the catalysts of tomorrow’s changes in business, while simultaneously catering to the ambitions and capacities of today’s Técnico students.


Premium access to Técnico Job Bank

The Técnico Job Bank is a computer platform that allows posting employment opportunities exclusively to Técnico’s students. The companies offering the jobs are all well-known by Técnico for their past record of good recruitment practices.

Participation in student events

Participation in AEIST Jobshop The AEIST Jobshop is a job fair that takes place annually at Técnico at the beginning of May. Organised by the Técnico Students’ Union, it is designed for the students of various fields taught at Técnico. Participation in Técnico Career Weeks During the Técnico Career Weeks, an initiative that takes place every year between February and March, several events are organized by the students themselves in cooperation with companies, and with the double objective of helping students find their professional paths and disseminating information about the companies’ activities and needs.

Personalized meetings with students

Coffee Meetings@Técnico The Coffee Meetings are opportunities to put companies and students in contact during informal ‘crossing points’, for instance when students leave a classroom or are on their way to the canteen. These are one-day meetings, whose dates and venues will be announced to all students in advance. Talent Search Meetings@Técnico Face-to-face meetings between students and company representatives are one of the best ways for both parties to get to know each other, and are a meaningful contribution to any successful recruitment process. This activity, lasting half a day, may take place in a room with the capacity to seat 30 people, and students may attend these meetings after receiving a personal invitation. On-site company visits by students On-site company visits by small groups of students are simultaneously a way of creating lasting impressions and contributing to each student’s education. These visits are particularly useful because they attract students with a specific interest in a company’s activity and are an opportunity to propagate information about the company’s technology and working environment.



Personalized meetings with students (CONTINUATION)

Summer internship program Técnico encourages its students to acquire professional experience during their studies. Companies that are Técnico Partners may promote and disseminate their summer internship offerings through Técnico, giving students the opportunity to get to know the company’s work environment. Temporary work opportunities With regard to the benefits for students to acquire early professional experience, Técnico can help list temporary job offers. These offers must only demand dedication levels compatible with the students’ academic load, and recognize that the completion of studies is essential for the students involved. Other liaison activities for students Técnico offers companies the possibility of organizing other liaison activities for students to be defined, on a case-by-case approach, by the company and Técnico.

Marketing within the Técnico community

Advertising in Técnico’s magazine Valores Próprios With a print run of 10,000 copies, Valores Próprios is an instrument for publicising Técnico’s activities and achievements. By publishing advertisements in the magazine, Técnico Partners can associate with the student and alumni community while disseminating their initiatives, achievements or products among that same community. Presence on Técnico-TV Técnico envisages the installation of a corporate internal television system to publicise its initiatives on its campuses. The system will consist of video screens that will be set up in the main meeting areas: halls, canteens, elevator lobbies, etc.


MORE AND BETTER TALENT This component of the Partner Network aims to involve partners in efforts geared towards improving learning quality, increasing educational offers and attracting a higher number of students.


Student scholarships and merit awards

Student scholarships Promotion of scholarships in the name of the company in exchange for hours dedicated to activities of interest for Técnico. Student merit awards Merit-based awards may be offered by companies to students in recognition for their outstanding performance in a specific class or an entire programme.

Support for facilities and equipment

Support for collaborative learning facilities The Bologna model requires student work outside the traditional classroom, encouraging interaction in other more informal places during study periods, group work and collaborative problem solving. The promotion of these working spaces is a way of simultaneously providing better studying conditions, and allowing students to keep in mind the ultimate goal of a successful professional career. Support for active learning spaces The evolution of learning models has had an impact on teaching methods, while posing challenges to classroom environments and equipment. The companies involved in the Técnico Partner Network may support these new learning models by stating what share of their contribution is to be used for classroom equipment. Support for practical learning spaces Técnico has a vast number of laboratory spaces and workshops, which are used both for curricular laboratory classes and by students involved in extracurricular activities. Partner Network companies may decide to support the improvement of these facilities, conveying the importance of practical education, and committing to the continued improvement of the quality of Técnico graduates.



Professional and continuous training for employees

Professional training and continuous technological training programme Under the Técnico Partner Network association protocol, the creation of a specific educational offering, of interest to either the company or its employees, may be included. Executive training in collaboration with management schools Executive training is well-established in business administration as a way to value company executives. The integration into the Partner Network offers companies the advantage of combining such training together with continuous training in the most recent technologies that the company operates in. Support for international students A partner company may capitalize on their partnership with Técnico by supporting current or future employees in other countries. The recruitment of new students from regions where the company operates, which may be complemented by scholarships, may serve to adapt the basic education of employees to the company’s requirements, while benefitting from quality assurance and the renown of the programmes taught at Técnico. Técnico is available to disseminate its educational offerings among employees and other local interested parties within the company’s branch offices.

Involvement in innovative learning programmes

Técnico has endeavoured to diversify and innovate its educational offerings. The Técnico Partner Network companies may propose or join innovative learning programmes, such as engineering competitions, programming marathons, MOOCs, etc. These initiatives could be new educational offerings for both the academic and extra-curricular setting.




Instituto Superior Técnico was founded on May 23rd, 1911 by Alfredo Bensaúde.

Técnico has approximately 11.458 students enrolled in its various programmes.

Total of Técnico’s faculty and researchers.


INNOVATION ACCELERATOR Most current major breakthroughs result from bringing knowledge producers closer to those familiar with market needs (industry). Stepping up innovation is therefore potentially one of the greatest mutual benefits of a partnership programme between companies and TĂŠcnico.

Research and development projects

Pre-competitive research projects The TĂŠcnico Partner Network offers companies the possibility of setting up arrangements for pre-competitive research projects in a technology of your interest. This programme may include research or MSc scholarships, a certain number of hours of a member of faculty or a researcher-in-charge, a partnership with a research unit, quarterly follow-up meetings with the project team and delivery of documents associated with it. Involvement in knowledge and information communities TĂŠcnico participates in programmes of the European Institute of Technology, in particular the InnoHealth programme. These programmes are a reference in the relationship between innovation agents as they gather together industry, research units, universities and management schools. The programme includes postgraduate education, development and evaluation of new technologies, and the launch of startups for their marketing. PhD and Postdoc scholarships Promotion of scholarships for advanced studies, with or without the participation of other funding entities.



Meet our professors and researchers

Research-industry workshops Research-industry workshops are an opportunity for companies to become familiar with the work and achievements of faculty members and researchers, and for the latter to get to know the achievements and needs of a companies’ technical experts, as well as become familiar with new business opportunities they want to take on. Company visits by researchers Company visits may be an opportunity for professors and researchers to familiarize themselves with the company’s daily routine and the challenges it faces. Participation in PhD Days The PhD Days are events dedicated to exhibiting student progress in the different doctoral programmes offered by Técnico. By attending the event dedicated to their main area of operation, Partner companies will have the opportunity to learn more about current developments, suggest new strategies and perhaps consider hiring a Técnico PhD graduate in the future.

Intellectual property seminars

Técnico regularly offers training seminars on intellectual property, which are designed for experts with different levels of knowledge of intellectual property issues, including protection mechanisms, patent research, patent application, territorial extensions, valuation, etc. The companies that have joined the Partner Network, which show interest in this issue, will receive the annual seminar programme and may designate one employee to attend each session.

Research support

Support for research labs A company from the Partner Network may opt to channel part of its contribution to specific Técnico labs or research units related to its area of activity. The company may therefore sponsor facilities or equipment, furthering progress in these fields. Company-named invited chair Naming a chair in a relevant field of knowledge is a sign of prestige used in most universities across the world. This distinction is awarded for the period of the partnership and corresponds to the award of funds for the payment, wholly or partly, of the salary of an invited professor, administrative support and funds for his or her research.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Being concerned with societal issues has been one of the characteristics of Técnico’s students, who are aware of the role of education in the promotion of social mobility.

In regards to liaisons with society, Técnico has also involved the whole academic community of the region of Lisbon, bringing diversity and complementarity to its initiatives.

Técnico has a vast number of social responsibility initiatives, which involve its students as much in the promotion of mathematics and physics as in social volunteering actions, such as the recovery of buildings or activities in developing countries.

The Técnico Partner Network is an opportunity to find synergies between corporate social responsibility activities and these concerns.


Involvement in Técnico Learning Center

Located in the former Arco do Cego station, the Técnico Learning Center will become a place of reference not only for Técnico’s students, but also for all of Lisbon’s academic community. Técnico Partner Network companies may opt for being involved in this large project by giving their name to a space inside the Center, which may be used as a collaborative study area, workshop room, etc. This support will be recognised on the map existing at the entrance of the Center and on a support recognition panel to be set up at a visible place inside the Center.

Use of Técnico Learning Center for company initiatives

The Técnico Learning Center will have a multipurpose space of 1100 m2, which may be used for a number of initiatives: exhibitions, meetings, hackathons, concerts, etc.



Support for social awareness activities

Financial support for activities in primary and secondary schools In its mission to attract more young people to the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Técnico has had a regular presence in many elementary and secondary schools. Partner companies may also support some of these contact initiatives with young students, associating their brand with Técnico. Support for activities that promote STEM learning at Técnico Areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are also promoted through initiatives such as visits to Técnico’s campuses and leisure activities during holiday periods. Initiatives of this type could also be designed specifically for the children of the employees of a company. Support for an installation in the Técnico Science Garden In the context of a partnership with the Loures City Council, Técnico has made a science and technology garden available to the population on its Technological and Nuclear Campus. This garden is a recreation centre, which aims at arousing visitors’ curiosity with equipment linked to science and technology. For this purpose, there are outdoor areas dedicated to setting up technological equipment with information about their purpose and how they function; for example, wind generators and solar collectors, which indicate the amount of energy produced; building structures and their applications; equipment taken from assembly lines; etc. Companies may sponsor this public space by supporting installations of equipment relevant to their business. Support for projects promoted by student groups Técnico has a vast and active community of student groups, which range from computer science to photography to the so-called “Formula Student” group, whose goal it is to build an electric racing car from scratch. The companies that are part of the Partner Network may choose the student group they want to sponsor through specific programs. Career mentoring program Companies may contribute to the development of students’ careers by offering their professionals the possibility of being mentors to students or groups of students.


PARTICIPATION IN TÉCNICO’S STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Members of the Técnico Partner Network will have the possibility to take part in the strategic management of the institution with a privileged link to the school’s governing bodies.

Meeting with the president of Técnico/ Participation in the Advisory Council of Técnico Network members will have the opportunity to hold an annual meeting to discuss strategic issues with the president of Técnico, and participate in the institution’s Advisory Council.

Summary Meeting the talent • Premium access to Técnico Job Bank • Participation in student events • Personalized meetings with students • Marketing within the Técnico community

More and better talent • Student scholarships and merit awards • Support for facilities and equipment • Professional and continuous training for employees • Involvement in innovative learning programmes

Innovation accelerator • Research and development projects • Meet our professors and researchers • Intellectual property seminars • Research support

Social responsibility • Involvement in Técnico Learning Center • Use of Técnico Learning Center • Support for social awareness activities

Participation in Técnico’s strategic management • Meeting with the president of Técnico for discussion of strategic issues • Participation in the Advisory Council of Técnico

More information Contact our Corporate Partnerships team to learn more about becoming a part of the Técnico Partner Network: Sandra Godinho Borges Tel: +351 218 419 842


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