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“Meeting you where you are”

BULLETIN Summer 2018 | Tammuz/Av/Elul 5778 Volume XLX, No. 1 The Yiddish word for synagogue is shul, which means “school.” Much of what we do is teach Judaism to children and adults—our culture, our history, our values. Yet another name for a synagogue is kahal, a “sacred community,” where friendships are created and strengthened. A synagogue needs schools and adult education programs to fulfill its mission. However, if we did not find our relationships deepened and our lives richer because of the people we have met within the walls of our synagogue, there would be no reason for our Temple to exist.

There is an expression from the Mishnah, a compendium of Jewish law compiled in the second century, that states, “ain

chemach, ain Torah…without sustenance, there is no Torah.” In other words, for a synagogue to function there must be resources. But those resources are not just dollars and cents (although those are important to keep the heat and lights on!). They are also found in the valuable relationships and human interactions that develop because of our community. In anticipation of the Temple Emanuel Hundredth Anniversary Capital Campaign, we have held a few “parlor meetings.” (There will be more in the months to come – please contact the office if you’re interested in attending one.) In these small informal gatherings, temple members talk about our objectives and the reasons for the campaign.

Rabbi Robert S. Goldstein

What we hear over and over again is the central role the Temple plays in people’s lives. A non-Jewish father spoke about the warm welcome he received when he and his Jewish wife joined the Temple, how We have intentionally targeted a diverse much he enjoys the services and how group of congregants; some long-time accessible he finds them. Another couple members, others recently joined, to learn told of moving to the Merrimack Valley not from them about the role the Temple plays knowing a soul! They immediately enrolled in their lives now and their vision for the their young children in the Temple prefuture of our congregation. We have school, made deep and lasting friendships spoken to empty-nesters and parents with with the parents of their children’s children in our pre-school. Some who have classmates, and now consider their Temple participated in these initial discussions are friends to be their extended family with single, others married. In the case of whom they travel, celebrate Jewish married couples, some are both Jewish, in holidays and over the years have more than a few cases one of the partners supported each other during times of was not born Jewish, but chose to raise difficulty. their children in the Jewish faith.

Soon enough we will gather for the High Holy Days. I am certain the music will be inspiring, as it always is, and the prayers evocative and meaningful, but in truth, our strength is in our community. When we share our lives, create enduring friendships and support one another, we create a synagogue. I hope you enjoy the waning days of summer. And in the not-too-distant future, I look forward to being with you as we gather for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as one compassionate, caring and sacred community. Warmly,

Dear fellow congregant, brought 30+ congregants to Boston to participate in services with 5,000 Reform As I reflect back on my Jews from around the country at the first year as president of Biennial. We celebrated Simchas, we were Temple Emanuel – two there for each other in times of need and things come to mind – mourned those that we lost. first, time flies and As I look to the next year I am excited to second and more continue this journey and create more importantly, we are so Amy Riemer, memorable experiences, events and fortunate to have a President programs to bring even more people wonderful, dedicated, passionate and involved community. During together within the walls of the Temple. This summer will certainly be busy as we the past year there have been so many wonderful accomplishments by so many of prepare for the high holidays, host our 3rd annual golf outing, continue to move our our professional staff and lay leaders. 100th Anniversary campaign forward and As a community we raised $9,000 for people make structural improvements to our aging in Puerto Rico to have fresh drinking water. building. We thank you for your We donated $18,000 in scholarships to six membership to Temple Emanuel and please high school students who are off to college know we all have an open door if you have through the Edelstein Fund. We saw our thoughts and suggestions on improvements Sisterhood collect dozens of holiday gifts for we can make. those that are less fortunate and the Brotherhood host several successful events. I am happy to announce Cantor Irelander We witnessed 40+ students and several has extended his contract for the next four chaperones go to Washington, DC to visit years and will continue to lead us and Rabbi Hannah Goldstein’s (Rabbi’s expand our music program. I thank Andi daughter) temple and the Holocaust Pollinger, Rob Weisman, Eric Kachel, and Museum. We watched dozens of our young Julie Bernstein who have served on our adults celebrate their b’nai mitzvahs and board of governors for the past few years, practice Tikun Olam through their mitzvah your dedication is so much appreciated. I projects. We celebrated Passover together also want to thank Steve Fox for his years of at a community Seder. We introduced our commitment to the Temple as he steps plans for a 100th Anniversary Campaign and down from the Executive Board. And I want started to raise funds. We saw our book club to welcome our new board members, Leslie expand, more people participate in Movie Noymer, Renee Metsch, Eric Schwartz and and Deli night and the continuation of our Jennifer Srivastava, who will serve for the Mussar Group. We prayed together on next 3 years. The volunteers are the Saturday mornings with the Minyan Group backbone of our Temple and their work and sang together on Friday nights with does not go unnoticed. Cantor Idan and Gitit, the Soul Sisters and Abbas. We had a dozen walkers participate Enjoy the summer – we look forward to seeing everyone during the high holidays on the Temple Emanuel Team for the walk which begin on Sunday, September 9th. for Colleen Ritzer. We saw hundreds of students enjoy the Rabbi’s favorite half hour of the week every Sunday and we saw an expansion of our pre-school with the success of the Chickadee program. We

ON THE COVER Our Confirmands on Friday, May 18 First Row: Brenna Slomsky, Riley Griffin, Jacob Jordan, Benjamin Ashworth Second Row: Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Noah Freedman, Shawn Belongia, Seth Jablonki, and Cantor Idan Irelander


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BULLETIN Summer 2018 | Tammuz/Av/Elul 5778 Volume XLX, No. 1 Next Bulletin deadline is Friday, August 10. Please email submissions to Maureen Chapman at KEEP US INFORMED Help us stay up to date by telling us about changes in your life. Email Beth Shiro at or 978.470.1356


Members of our Soul Sisters

Kayitz sameach v‘nayim, a happy and a pleasant summer! Summer is a time when we rejuvenate our “human batteries” and prepare ourselves physically and mentally for another busy year. As a tradition, my family and I are travelling to Israel, visiting our family and friends. Since Israel is a Jewish state, every Jewish holiday and special times of the year are being observed throughout the country. During the summer, there is a special three weeks period that leads us to the observance of Tisha B’Av, the Ninth of Av (this year it falls on July 22nd). This period is called Bein Hametzarim, the “time between the Straits.” Bein Hametzarim reminds the Jewish people of the period between two major Jewish historical tragedies; the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Holy Temple. The term Bein Hametzarim comes from the book of Lamentations that we read on Tisha B’Av and which states, “All (Zion’s) pursuers

overtook her between the Straits.” Since it is a period of reflection and mourning for Jewish people in Israel and around the world, observant Jews are forbidden from “joyous” activities such as weddings (and other celebrations) as well as playing or listening to music. My younger sister had a baby girl recently and since a baby naming

ceremony is considered as a joyous occasion, she had to wait until July 23rd, the day when Bein Hameitzarim/Tish B’Av period is over, in order to celebrate the baby naming ceremony. Our “music batteries” are being emptied during Bein Hameitzarim. In doing so, it allows us to fully recharge them in time and get ready for the uplifting beautiful, powerful and inspirational music of the High Holy Days. I am looking forward to collaborate again with our soloist, Gitit Shoval, and the great singers and musicians. I am also looking forward to listening to our post B’nai Mitzvah Torah readers as well as the upcoming B’nai Mitzvah V’Ahavta chanters. Just by mentioning the High Holy Days’ music and the above participants it makes me already feel spiritually uplifted and recharged. B’Shirah

Cantor Idan Irelander

SERVICE SCHEDULE Friday, July 6 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Friday, August 3 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Saturday, July 7 9:00am Chapel Service

Saturday, August 4 9:00am Chapel Service

Friday, July 13 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service Saturday, July 14 9:00am Chapel Service

Friday, August 10 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service Saturday, August 11 9:00am Chapel Service

Friday, July 20 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Friday, August 17 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Saturday, July 21 9:00am Chapel Service

Saturday, August 18 9:00am Chapel Service

Friday, July 27 7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Friday, August 24 *Note new Sabbath Eve Service time 6:00pm Sabbath Eve Service

Saturday, July 28 9:00am Chapel Service

Saturday, August 25 9:00am Chapel Service

10:30am Sanctuary Service and Bat Mitzvah of Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Dorin and Jerry Wilson, granddaughter of Lynn and Bruce Heckman, Ernestine Cersosimo and Clinton Wilson Friday, August 31 6:00pm Sabbath Eve Service Saturday, September 1 9:00am Chapel Service 5:30pm Mincha Sanctuary Service and Bat Mitzvah of Annika Wynters Stearly, daughter of Sherry Hoffman and Gary Stearly, granddaughter of Marv and Beverly Hoffman and Ginnie Stearly 8:00 pm Selichot Service and Program Friday, September 7 6:00pm Sabbath Eve Service Open House


Each year I am amazed by our community and I reflect on how privileged I am to be a part of our largest Reform temple north of Boston. Temple Emanuel was founded by 27 people on June Maureen 23 of 1920. Nearly 100 Chapman, years ago, those Executive families understood Director the need to have a Chavurah, a group of families who gathered to celebrate Shabbat and experience Judaism together. They felt a strong connection, almost a responsibility, to support a Kehillah, a sacred community, which we now know as Temple Emanuel.

We started from humble roots and together embarked on the journey to build a temple in Tower Hill of Lawrence. Fast forward almost 60 years, the congregation made the difficult decision to move from their first home, to our current location in Andover. Here they opened our Preschool. The Religious School continued to thrive and they continued to celebrate, mourn and pray together as one.

learning, community and spiritual growth. We want to build a community based on inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, marital status, sexual orientation, a Jew by birth or by choice,” rings true to who we are and who we strive to be.

And we have renewed our commitment to Tikkun Olam by reviving our Social Action Committee. I can see that with the work we This year we witnessed our congregation do here, and the lessons we teach our celebrate births, Consecration, Bar and Bat youth, we are sowing the seeds of our Mitzvahs, Confirmation, Adult B’Nai future, not only of Judaism, but also of our Mitzvah, Weddings, Funerals, and many humanity. other life cycle events. Temple Emanuel Allow this summer to be a time of has become a place where you can be your reflection, and goal-setting, for the year truest self. Our missions: “We seek to ahead. I look forward to seeing you all in inspire a Lifelong Jewish Journey through the Fall. a passionate commitment to Jewish life,

MAZEL TOV! Though Erik Bentley may be a familiar face, he will now be serving as our Facility Manager. Erik joined our team in February of 2016 and has stepped up to the plate at every opportunity. Erik has taken on the responsibility of overseeing our building and grounds, our vendors, and our custodial staff. We are excited to have Erik in this new role and know that our congregation can only benefit from his skills. Next time you see Erik in the halls, please thank him for all of his hard work!

BOARD OF GOVERNORS Monday, June 4 The Board was presented with the 2018-2019 budget with a deficit of $25,000. The Executive Committee recommended a 4% increase in dues as we have not had a dues increase in the past several years to help keep our deficit as low as possible. By reintroducing the Benefactors program and engaging past Benefactors and having thoughtful conversations with congregants, we hope to see additional revenue. Preschool has agreed to increase their annual contribution to help cover the costs of increasing maintenance, utilities, and other building expenses. In order to reduce building maintenance and utility costs we will need to make some building improvements over the summer months. We will begin to look for creative ways to utilize our building to increase revenue. The vote for a 4% dues increase was approved.


Rabbi Roth’s health insurance was previously capped at $10,000. He has only been using $6,500 of that cap. The vote to approve a new cap of $6,500 for his health insurance was approved

Vote to approve the 2018-2019 Budget with a $25,000 deficit was approved. Several updates to the employee handbook were suggested. All potential employees must now pass the Early Education and Care Background check (CORI) to be eligible for hire. Meal Breaks are 30 minutes. Holiday pay was updated to reflect holiday pay for the High Holy Days only. Children of employees under the age of 16 are not allowed in the workplace, unless they are here for a temple event or program. Vote to approve these handbook changes was approved. Board meetings will be moved back to Tuesday evenings. We will review the schedule with Gitit regarding conflicts with the Soul Sisters. The 100th Anniversary Campaign leadership has changed from The Lapin Group to our new consultant, Liz Cahn. We are eager to move to the next stage of our campaign under her guidance.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEETINGS Tuesdays at 7:30 pm. September 4, October 16, November 6, December 4, January 15, February 5, March 12, April 2, May 14, and May 28 Annual Meeting (7:00pm) Friday, June 14

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Sunday, September 9th Our morning will begin with a Family Service in our Sanctuary at 9:00 a.m. Afterward, students will go with their teachers to explore their classroom space and get to know classmates. Parents will enjoy a light breakfast and have time to

catch up with friends before picking up their children from their classrooms. Classes will end a little earlier than our usual time, so everyone can get home to prepare for Erev Rosh Hashanah. For our weekday classes, we will welcome students on Wednesday, September 12th, Thursday, September 13th and Monday, September 17th.

that will be ready to hit the ground running. Enjoy the last few weeks of Summer, and we will see you in September! L’Shalom

Betsy Kachel, Religious School Director

This year promises to be eventful and exciting with increased programming for our youth and even more hands-on and interactive learning in our classrooms. We welcome back a stellar staff

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS AND GESHER REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS (AGES 3 & 4 WITH AN ADULT) Children and their adult role models encounter Jewish holidays in a fun, hands-on educational and social environment. Nine family sessions on Sundays: Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot/Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Shabbat, Tu B'Shevat, Purim, Passover, Lag Ba'Omer and Shavuot, and Israel. GESHER (PRE-K) Children explore their personal meaning of the holidays in a once-a-month drop-off program that acts as a bridge (gesher) between Holiday Happenings and Gan. Hands on holiday activities include arts and crafts, cooking, stories, singing and more. Students also learn some basic modern Hebrew vocabulary. Nine sessions on Sundays. To Register contact Judy Matulsky at

PRESCHOOL Our end of year was very busy. During the special person breakfast we had over one hundred families join us for pancakes, muffins, and fruit. Children and their special person went back to the classroom where they shared a story, sang songs and worked together on a project that was brought home as a gift. The Bluebird friendship circle gave parents and children an opportunity to say goodbye to our school. The morning was filled Beth Weisblatt, with laughter and tears while the children sang Preschool songs, received diplomas and families watched a Director montage of the children’s year at school. We finished the school year on a beautiful Sunday with a family sing along and drum circle. Families filled the hall with lovely music and singing and then all enjoyed ice cream sundaes. June explorers, our outdoor science based program has been a huge success. Our busy days were filled with water play, pool activities, visits from Curious Creature and the Bubble Man, as well as summer nature projects. A great time was had by all! As we get ready for the 2018-2019 school year, we are excited about our new families, new teachers, and growing our school community. We are so lucky to have all of our specialists returning bringing their talents to share with our staff and children. We are anticipating another fabulous year. Enjoy your summer!

TEMTY EVENTS AT URJ EISNER CAMP Summer Institute for 9-12 Graders: August 22-26 Fall Conclavette for 9-12 Graders: October 12-14 678 Overnight for 6-8 Graders: October 12-14

TODDLER TIME Toddler Time is a very special program for toddlers, starting at the age of 15 months, and their parents or caregivers. The curriculum emphasizes fun activities such as music and movement, art activities, story time, instruments, finger play and laughter. Toddler Time meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:15 – 10:30. The first session will run for 10 weeks. We will be offering the first session beginning on Wednesday, September 5th. Forms and fees are due back by August 24. Child’s name: ____________________________ Child’s age (as of September 1st): ___________ Parent’s name: ___________________________ Parent’s name: ___________________________ Address: ________________________________ Who will be bringing your child: _____________ Telephone number: _______________________ Email address: ___________________________ TODDLER TIME FEE:




Jillian Dubman, Sisterhood President

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Now is the time when things slow down and our minds shift. Whether you have a trip planned or a staycation in mind, I hope you enjoy every minute of the sunshine .

please reach out to me because it is an amazing way to get involved and get to know other women.

We were so thankful to see so many members of the community attend our annual Ways and Means event on May 10th. Fabiana Marie’s story was truly inspirational, and our planning committee did an excellent job pulling this event together, so thank you again to Suzanne Emmi, Meryl Trachtenberg, Andi As you begin to make your fall plans, we hope renewing your membership or Hirth, and Holli Roberts. joining Sisterhood for the first time makes During the summer, I start to think ahead it on your to do list. You can do so by as well. Our board will reflect on last going to the temple website and clicking year’s events and begin preparing for next on “Sisterhood” under the “Our year’s activities. We are so fortunate to Community” tab. Once there, you have several new board members who download a membership form to send in will help us with this. Please welcome a check or you can click “Register Here” to Alyson D’Angelo, Lauren Tammaro, and pay online via Pay Pal. Anyone who Shlomit Cohen-Yashar to the board as registers for the 2018-19 year by August they focus on Family Programming this 27th will be eligible to win a prize that will year. If anyone else is interested in be raffled off at Paid Up Supper on serving as a board member or Thursday, September 27th. Mindee volunteering in any way this coming year, Greenberg and Ellen Mosier are already


planning what will be an amazing evening, so please join us for Paid Up Supper this fall. Over the past year, we have focused our attention on a number of charities and non-profits that empower women and provide assistance to the members of our temple and greater community, thanks to Rebecca Joyner and Kim Segal’s efforts. We are so excited to announce our partnership with Uncommon Threads this fall as we host an epic clothing and accessory swap that will make you reminisce of the running of the brides. Stay tuned for more details about this event, which will be held on Thursday, October 11th, because you will not want to miss it! Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, and planned events this year. Next year is going to be even better, so I hope to see you around the Andovers sometime this summer and at our events this fall!

SUMMER B’NOT MITZVAH Elizabeth Wilson, Saturday, August 25, 10:30 am Interests include: softball, science, activism and volunteering For my Bat Mitzvah project, I am collecting canned pet food for Northeast Animal Shelter. Annika Stearly, Saturday, September 1, 5:30 pm Interests include: Gymnastics, Dancing, Singing and Acting. For my Bat Mitzvah project, I am helping children within the foster care program and adoption


Neal Roberts, Brotherhood President

Summer is a time for recreation and being outdoors. For me, as a school teacher, summer is supposed to be relaxing and a chance to recharge. That never seems to be the case, but this year especially, as I take the reigns as your new Brotherhood president.

First of all, I want to thank David Trachtenberg for serving as president the last two years. Without his leadership our programming would not have risen to the level that it has become. Personally, I have been on the board for many years and have served as Dave’s vice president for the last two years. During this time, we along with the Brotherhood board have worked hard to build a community within a community; a group that has banded together to plan events, fundraisers and activities for not

WHO’S ON THE BIMAH? Friday, July 6

Friday, August 17

Rabbi Carol Glass

Cantor Idan Irelander

Friday, July 13

Cantor Rosalie Toubes Friday, July 20

Friday, August 24

Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Cantor Idan Irelander

Cantor Rosalie Toubes

Friday, August 31

Friday, July 27

Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Cantor Idan Irelander

Cantor Idan Irelander Friday, August 3

Cantor Idan Irelander Friday, August 10

Friday, September 7

Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Cantor Idan Irelander, and Gitit Shoval

Cantor Idan Irelander

just the “Brothers” but for all members of the temple family. As we move to new leadership, we look to the past when we have created new and innovative programming ideas while sticking with some tried and proven happenings. We sponsor and support the TEMTY Purim Carnival, their major fundraiser, each year. We organize and provide ushers at High Holiday services. We commemorate our fallen war veterans by placing flags at their graves each Memorial Day. The Brotherhood is also responsible for creating the largest, nonreligious, event at the temple; the comedy night.

would love to see you at more events and activities. We have many things planned for the upcoming year including our first of the season Tailgate Party at the temple on September 16th to watch the Patriots take on the Jaguars. The quarterly Men’s Night Out takes place on October 4th. Other upcoming events include a Sunday morning breakfast on October 21st and our annual Couples Night out on November 17th. Stay tuned and watch your email for more information on these and other events throughout the year. In order for these events to be successful, we need you to get involved! It is fun, easy and a great way to become more active in temple life. Reach out to me or Nick Hirth, our new vice president or to any Brotherhood board member. You may contact me directly via email at or my cell is 617-285-6696.

While we enjoy providing quality programming and social activities, Brotherhood is more than that. It is a way for gentleman to come together, to socialize, to serve, to learn, laugh, watch sports, eat and enjoy a beverage from time I hope to see you at our upcoming to time. programs and hope that you become a There is always room for more. This means more active Brother! you! All temple men are automatically 7 members of the Brotherhood and we


traditional flag placement at local Jewish cemeteries commemorating the war veterans interred at these locations.



The Ritual Committee has worked hard this year to continue to improve the Shabbat and High Holiday services, while remaining faithful to our goal of being true to the spiritual and religious traditions of Reform Judaism. We are constantly trying to find ways to make all of our services relevant and meaningful to the congregation. In conjunction with the Temple clergy, we will continue to strive to meet this mission. Please note that starting with our Friday Sabbath Eve service on August 24th, services will be at 6:00pm; followed by all family dinners and events.

Youth Commission worked behind the scenes to support the three youth groups and their needs for planning, implementing, driving and chaperoning various programs throughout the year. TEMTY went to many regional events, hosted the Purim Carnival, had trips to Canobie Lake and Boda Borg, and planned our TEMTY Creative Service. Our Jr. TEMTY and TEMTY K’Tanim had great events like Cake and Cupcake decorating with Sharon’s Sweets, the first ever NFTY678 Overnight at Camp Eisner, special Shabbat services, and dinners. We recognize that the youth is our gateway to the Jewish future and hope to build a strong Jewish identity within each child.

SISTERHOOD Sisterhood had a year of bringing together the women in our community. We sponsored our first fine art and craft show this year, which highlighted the talent within our community and brought new audiences to the temple. We partnered with several local agencies that focus on causes related to the economic empowerment of women: ACT, A Better Chance of Andover, Uncommon Threads, YWCA, and Project Home Again. We have collected items and funds to donate to these worthy organizations, thanks to the generosity of our Sisterhood members and the greater temple community. We have sponsored several young adult members of our congregation with scholarships to further their Jewish education by traveling to Israel as part of an organized learning experience.

BROTHERHOOD The Brotherhood successfully ran many events this past year including our first ever Patriots tailgate party where we gathered outside for typical tailgating activities prior to watching a Patriots game in the multi-purpose room on the big screen. This event was so popular that we repeated it for a night game for the men later in the year. We also held our annual Couples Night Out tasting event as well as several breakfasts with guest speakers. Brotherhood sponsored and manned the TEMTY Purim Carnival concession stand to help the youth group raise money. Our signature event was our second annual A Night of Food, Fun and Laughs comedy night with four local Boston comics who left everyone in the crowd wanting more. We ended the year with our


MUSIC Music has been at the epicenter of Jewish life here at Temple Emanuel. Cantor Idan Irelander, in partnership with the Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation, taught a part of the “Music of Jewish Life.” In January we hosted our first Shi Shi Israeli event in partnership with the Israeli American Council on Shabbat Shira. We sang and danced the night away together with both American and Israelis. We heard beautiful music from the Abbas and the Soul Sisters at services, in particular the Chanukah Night of Music. Soloist, Gitit Shoval, filled our sanctuary with beautiful melodies. And we hosted a Benefit Concert for Puerto Rico that raised over $9,000 towards clean drinking water in their time of need. Cantor Idan Irelander shared Shabbat morning songs with our Preschool and guided our Religious School students in learning songs and prayers.

SOCIAL ACTION We established a new Social Action Committee called TECares. Temple members are invited to join and participate! This year the Edelstein Family and Temple Emanuel partnered with MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition) to distribute six college scholarships to deserving students. We registered a TECares team for the Step Up For Colleen Walk. On May 6th, the Temple Emanuel Team walked together to support the 2018 Step Up for Colleen race. The race honors the life and legacy of Colleen Ritzer who grew up in Andover.

President Amy Riemer presented scholarships to deserving youth as part of the Edelstein Scholarship Fund at Temple Emanuel

TECares has a team, The Sunday Walkers, that will be raising money for Dana Farber as part of the Jimmy Fund Walk taking place on Sunday, September 23rd. Sign up as a walker or supporter at fr_id=1060&pg=team&team_id=1687 to help raise money for Cancer Research.

BREAD AND ROSES The Bread & Roses Committee collected and delivered over 6 carloads of food to replenish the Lawrence-based food pantry from donations during the Yom Kippur Food Drive. The Temple donated 100 towels in December for the Bread & Roses "White Christmas". As each guest arrived at the holiday meal, he/ she received a tote bag or backpack containing a towel, sweatshirt, sox, soap and shampoo. Each month, our volunteers purchase, prepare and serve a hearty meal of baked macaroni & cheese, salad, rolls, fruit cup and home-baked cookies for 100 guests. Several of our volunteers cook and serve at the Bread & Roses pantry each month as well as provided holiday meals for Christmas Dinner and Easter Brunch

BUDGET & FINANCE Each year we aim to have a balanced budget, while still supporting our community and our mission. This past year we saw our revenue reach nearly $1.4 million; with our dues accounting for 62% of our overall revenue. Additional revenue was brought in from members who contributed above and beyond their dues, our Religious School, our Golf Outing, Discretionary Funds, among other items. As each year goes by, we see an increase in scholarships for dues and Religious School. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community regardless of financial ability. We will continue to raise awareness of our Benefactors Society, and thank those families who have given above and beyond their dues. A goal for our Board of Governors over the coming years will be to evaluate ways in which

we can increase our membership, find ways to use our building to generate revenue, and encourage our youth to become involved past their bar or bat mitzvah. Our expenses reached just over $1.5 million. With an aging building our maintenance expenses have been on the rise. We have replaced sprinkler pipes and repaired HVAC units to ensure our building is warm and inviting. Our electrical and gas utilities have continued to rise over the years and we are looking at options on how to reduce not only our carbon footprint, but our utility usage overall. We are fortunate to have a team of custodians who keep our building clean and tidy. There is no doubt that we have much work ahead of us to ensure our financial house is in order, but we are grateful to our Board of Governors who have kept a watchful eye over our accounts and will continue to guide us on the right path. This past year we have made some tough decisions that will help us move forward in a positive light, together as one community.

LIFE CYCLE EVENTS Each year at Temple Emanuel, we celebrate life cycle events with our fellow congregants. Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Cantor Idan Irelander officiate at B’Nai Mitzvah and weddings, perform baby naming ceremonies, and help our congregants honor and mourn the death of family members. Our Preschool graduated nearly 30 Blue Bird students who are more than ready to tackle Kindergarten next year. Our Religious School prepped and honored 30 third graders at their Consecration and 35 of our students became B’Nai Mitzvah. We continued to watch our youth programs flourish. And this June, we celebrated 3 congregants who became Adult B’Nai Mitzvah.


Schedule of Events 12:00 pm – Registration & Lunch 1:30 pm – Shotgun Start 6:00 pm – Dinner, Awards and Silent Auction Golfer Benefits All golfer registrations include lunch, dinner, awards, driving range, greens fees, golf cart, golf balls, and a complimentary gift. Golf Packages Player Registration (per golfer)……..…$225 Team Registration (four golfers).……...$850 Dinner Reservation Only….…………….$54 Our sponsorship packages offer businesses, clubs, and individuals an opportunity to gain exposure as outstanding members and supporters of our community. We have developed a set of sponsorships for all budgets and commitment levels. Please consider sponsorship at one of the below levels, or email Peri Kutchin at to see if we can create a specialized sponsorship opportunity. Golf Ball Sponsor…………………………………………..$2,000  Includes 3 players  Logo displayed on all online and printed materials  Logo displayed on registration board  Logo displayed on tournament gift given to each golfer  Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag Gift Sponsor……………………………………...…………$2,000

 Includes 3 players  Logo displayed on all online and printed materials  Logo displayed on registration board  Logo displayed on tournament gift given to each golfer  Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag 10

Golf Cart Sponsor……………………….…………………$1,000 Logo displayed on all online and printed materials Logo displayed on registration board Logo displayed on all golf carts Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag

   

Putting Green Sponsor.…………….……………………….$540  Logo displayed on signage at the putting green  Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag Range Sponsor………………………………………………$540

 Logo displayed on signage at the range  Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag Tee Sponsor……...………………………………………….$360  Logo displayed on hole sponsorship sign  Opportunity to place promotional items in tournament bag

Please send logos electronically to Peri Kutchin at



In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Rose Cohen—Barbara Cohen Kennedy Temple Emanuel greatly appreciates your Beloved father, Stanley Karl—Barbara and Gene donations, which not only acknowledge Mainen people and events in our lives, but assist Beloved father, Allan Mainen—Gene and in programming and events for our community. Our minimum donation is $6 and Barbara Mainen cards are sent to the recipient. In an effort to Beloved grandmother, Stella Fishman—Philip be “greener”, we are no longer billing for Byers donations, so please mail in your payment. Beloved father, William Byers—Philip Byers Beloved father, George Cohen—Neal Cohen BUILDING FUND Beloved mother, Sylvia Green—Shelley Green In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor and Edward Marut Beloved brother, Bernard Masters—Arlene Sanft Congratulations to Donor Beloved cousin, Donna Weisman—Alan Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of LeBovidge daughter, Abigail—Janet and Joel Smith Beloved aunt, Ada Kahn—Alan LeBovidge Beloved father, Alvin Marshall—Janet Smith GENERAL OPERATING FUND Beloved grandmother, Gertrude Movshovitz— In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Janet Smith Beloved grandmother, Ida Roth—Lesley Roth Beloved grandfather, Isadore Movshovitz—Janet Beloved father, Mortimer Roth—Lesley Roth Smith Beloved father, Murray Meshnick—Howard In Memory of Donor Meshnick Eve Pilch Glick, beloved mother of Elaine Brem, Beloved grandmother, Betty Rosenberg— Arnie Glick and Lenny Glick—Carol and Howard Meshnick Alan LeBovidge Beloved father, Mauri Sherman—Carl and Marjory Bindman Congratulations to Donor Beloved father, Arthur Bindman—Carl Bindman Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the college Beloved brother, Morris Gallant—Michelle graduation of granddaughter, Elise and her Chapper acceptance to a graduate program—Etta and Beloved sister, Isabelle Pollack—Albert and Stanley Shapiro Michelle Chapper Etta and Stanley Shapiro on the high school Beloved mother, Betty Danis—Allen and Joyce graduation of granddaughter, Lauren—Carol Danis and Alan LeBovidge Beloved sister, Rose Goldman—Louis Scolnik Wendy and Jeffrey Shapiro on the high school Beloved mother, Bessie Scolnik—Louis Scolnik graduation of daughter, Lauren—Carol and Beloved sister, Ida Kaneff—Louis Scolnik Alan LeBovidge Beloved brother-in-law, George Revitz—Louis Speedy Recovery to Donor Scolnik Marcella Lemberger—Carol and Alan LeBovidge Beloved mother, Ida Edelstein—Michael Edelstein CANTOR’S MUSIC FUND Beloved brother, Harry Jacobson—Edith In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Jacobson Lama Beloved father, Kalman Liss—Roberta Liss Mael Beloved brother, Israel Jacobson—Edith Beloved mother, Sandra Rapaport—Wendy, Jacobson Lama Mark and Samantha Rapaport Beloved brother, David Jacobson—Edith Beloved father, Michel Copel—Lynn Elzweig Jacobson Lama Beloved mother, Marilyn Rubenstein—Betsy Beloved father, Mel Zaft—Judy Matulsky Brother Beloved wife, Patti Cardozo—Arnold Warshaw Beloved mother, Barbara Serkman—Marcie and Beloved mother, Henrietta Master—Arlene Sanft Jim Trager Beloved mother, Frances Shiro—Art and Beth Beloved mother, Rebecca Jacobson—Maxine Shiro Glassman Beloved father, Sol Needle—Samuel Needle Beloved father, Henry Bower—Cynthia Fine Beloved brother, Steven Isenberg—Karen Beloved husband, M. Arthur Neyman—Susan Weinstein Neyman Beloved father, Melvin Tamarkin—Kenneth Beloved father-in-law, Jerold Barton—Daniel Tamarkin Bernstein Beloved sister, Alice Alperin—Marcella Beloved father, Louis Zetlan—Howard Zetlan Lemberger Beloved father, Louis Glickman—Diane and Beloved mother, Ann Myers—Elaine Lewin Alan Cohen Beloved friend, Michael Tye—Lewis and Helene Beloved father, A. Leonard Goldstein—Mark Gack Goldstein Beloved father, William Shugar—Joan and Arthur Friedman In Appreciation of Donor Beloved mother, Sonny Shugar—Joan and Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our Arthur Friedman daughter, Chloe—The Goldman Family Beloved mother, Jeannette Friedman—Joan and Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our Arthur Friedman daughter, Hannah—Jeff and Beth Jordan Beloved father, Max Friedman—Joan and Arthur Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our Friedman Daughter, Zoe—Marc and Nadine Levin Beloved mother and father, Jack and Edith Cantor Idan Irelander for facilitating a wonderful Ginsberg— Seder—The Gardner Family Norman and Deborah Ginsberg Cantor Idan Irelander at our time of need—Kevin Beloved brother, Robert Ginsberg—Norman and and Aileen Peters Deborah Ginsberg Cantor Idan Irelander —Leah Goldstein Beloved mother, Dora Barenboim—Shirley Bonier

Beloved mother, Rita Jacobs—Edward and Vicki Jacobs Beloved mother and grandmother, Alice Frankel—Evelyn and Leslie Weiser In Memory of Donor Philip Averback, beloved father of Nancy Provencal and Judy Pearlson—Bob and Sandy Milstone Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Celia Rogers Bunny Wilner, beloved mother of the Wilner Family— Celia Rogers Congratulations to Donor Jeff Freedman on the Bar Mitzvah of son, Beau—Malcolm and Betsey Freedman Stanley and Etta Shapiro on the high school graduation of granddaughter, Lauren— Michelle and Al Chapper Speedy Recovery to Donor Marcella Lemberger—Michelle and Al Chapper

HEARING IMPAIRED FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother-in-law and grandmother, Sarah Bromberg—Ellie, Steve and Dave Bromberg, Sue Brenner Beloved father-in-law and grandfather, Max Bromberg—Ellie, Steve and Dave Bromberg, Sue Brenner

HOLOCAUST FUND In Memory of Donor Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Susie and Dave Novick Congratulations to Donor Marla and Larry Curtis on the birth of grandson, Nash—Susie and Dave Novick Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Susie and Dave Novick Elayne and David Weener on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail Remis—Susie and Dave Novick Susie and Dave Novick on the graduations of sons, Karl and Max—Denise and Bobby Nash, Marcy and Bill Shack

LIFELONG LEARNING FUND Congratulations to Donor Paul and Susan Slovin on the college graduation of son, Jeremy—Janet and Joel Smith David and Susie Novick on the graduations of sons, Karl and Max—Janet and Joel Smith Toby Hodes on her new home—Jeff and Gerri Weiss

ELAINE MANDELL YOUTH FUND In Memory of Donor Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Beth and Howie Swartz

MINYAN FUND In Memory of Donor Betty Ann Landy, beloved mother of David, Susan and Karen Landy—Kathy and Phil Berman Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Kathe and Alan Tuttman

NEW MEMBER FUND In Memory of Donor Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Paula and Ed Jaye

RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Rosalyn Kline—Susan Altman Beloved father, Hyman Robinson—Lewis Robinson 11

Beloved mother, Janet Marcus—Adam Marcus Beloved father, Richard Hornung—Neil and Maryanne Hornung Beloved mother, Edythe Gold—Bernard and Cynthia Gold Beloved father, Meyer Steinberg—Cynthia and Bernard Gold Beloved husband, Maurice Needle—Helen Needle Beloved husband and father, Loeb Katz—Natalie Katz, Andy Katz and Laura Hillman Beloved father-in-law, Hyman Faigel—Marilyn Faigel Beloved brother, Edward Weiss—Sindy, Ira, Justin and Jordan Weiss Beloved mother-in-law, Rose Silverman—Myrna Silverman Beloved father, Morris Stein—Rhonda and Dan Casper Beloved grandfather, Nathaniel Lampert—Jill, Ed and Julie Kutchin Beloved mother, Ruth Trilling Weiner—Jay Weiner Beloved father, Samuel Ekster—Mark and Carol Ekster Beloved mother, Dorothy Levin—Steven Levin Beloved mother, Rose Wishnow—Marcia Balin Beloved father, Erwin Jacobs—Vicki and Ed Jacobs Beloved mother, Pearl Schwartz—Steven Schwartz Beloved mother, Barbara Binder—Ellen and Steve Parker Beloved father, Roy Walmsley—Cynthia Mencis Beloved husband, M. Arthur Neyman—Debbi and Michael Silverman Beloved mother, Dorothy Kazer—Herbert Kazer Beloved father, Charles Missle—Lois White Beloved husband, Melvin Slovin—Harriet Weiner Beloved son, Richard Milstone—Robert and Sandra Milstone Beloved son, Chris Tonks—Richard Tonks Beloved daughter, Kaytlin Tonks—Richard Tonks Beloved father, Harry Steinberg—Dorothy Shaker Beloved father, Marvin Freedman—Emily and Joel Porten Beloved father, Wendell Berman—Marlene Lewis Beloved mother-in-law, Mollie Wolk—Bernice Wolk Beloved grandfather, Louis Goldstein—Scott Feffer Beloved mother, Jeanne Rosenblum—Susan and Richard Payne Beloved mother, Lillian Stein—Ralph Stein Beloved father, Max Stein—Ralph Stein Beloved sister, Ann Reagan—Sarah Goldberg Beloved mother, Elaine Hornung—Neil and Maryanne Hornung Beloved father, Morton Tannenbaum—Marcy Tannenbaum-Fox, Harold and Jeremy Fox Beloved father, Sidney Geller—Phyllis and Bob Shulman Beloved mother, Elizabeth Gilboard—Paul Gilboard Beloved brother, Harold Gilboard—Paul and Marilyn Gilboard Beloved mother, Rose Cohen—Mark and Sue Cohen Beloved aunt, Edith Rosenthal—Elliot and Donna Katzman Beloved mother, Beatrice Bass—Richard and Kim Bass


In Memory of Donor Philip Averback, beloved father of Nancy Provencal and Judy Pearlson—Saul and Sarah Goldberg Betty Ann Landy, beloved sister of Ed Weiner— Barbara Brandt-Saret and James Saret Congratulations to Donor Ian and Allison Glick on the Consecration of daughter, Julia—Charlotte and Hyman Glick In Appreciation of Donor Rabbi Goldstein on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Hannah—Beth and Jeff Jordan Rabbi Goldstein on the Bar Mitzvah of our grandson, Beau—Malcolm and Betsey Freedman Rabbi Goldstein on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Chloe—The Goldman Family Rabbi Goldstein on the Bar Mitzvah of our son, Jack—Gillian and Jon Pearlson Rabbi Goldstein on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Zoe—Marc and Nadine Levin Rabbi Goldstein on the Marriage of our daughter, Alyssa to Adam—Carl and Marge Bindman Rabbi Goldstein on the baby naming of our daughter and granddaughter, Isla—Cynthia Cohen, Joshua and Jessica Cohen Rabbi Goldstein at my time of need—Marlene Lewis Rabbi Goldstein at our time of need—Aileen and Kevin Peters Rabbi Goldstein—The Confirmation Class Rabbi Goldstein for his service to the community—Elizabeth Baer and Henry Maimin Speedy Recovery to Donor Elaine Goodman—Selma and Bucky Flieder


MYRNA SCHOEN PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENT FUND In Memory of Donor Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Melanie and Martin Shipon Best Wishes to Donor Tara Satlow on her 49th birthday—Jill and Michael Thaler

FAMILY FUNDS ROBERT BARENBOIM INTERFAITH OUTREACH FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother-in-law, Dora Barenboim—Phyllis Barenboim Beloved father, Herman Stolzberg—Phyllis Barenboim In Memory of Donor Philip Averback, beloved father of Nancy Provencal and Judy Pearlson—Phyllis Barenboim, Maureen and Jim Barenboim, Tom and Kori Barenboim, Norma Klein, Beth and Art Shiro

ROBERTA AND KENNETH BRAVERMAN INTERFAITH FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Jennie Finn—Paula and Leland Bradbard Beloved sister, Carole Finn—Paula and Leland Bradbard Beloved husband and father, Kenneth Braverman—Bobbi Braverman, Larry Braverman In Memory of Donor Edward Landy, beloved husband of Linda Landy and beloved of Caryn Souza—Paula and Leland Bradbard, Beth Penney

Congratulations to Donor Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Amy and Stan Riemer Judy and Norm Rogers on the arrival of granddaughter, Willow Aliza Rogers— Maureen and Steve Weisner



In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Anna Bresky—Harriet Flashenberg

In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Marjorie Lutz—Wendy Shapiro Beloved father, Abraham Gerber—Lori and Sam Gerber Beloved mother, Diana Gerber—Lori and Sam Gerber Beloved mother, Ruth Trager-Greenberg— Marcie and Jim Trager Beloved father, Wilbert Serkman—Marcie and Jim Trager Beloved father, Max Gordon—Gail Weisman Beloved father, Mauri Sherman—Janice and Jimmy Epps Beloved father, Abraham Schwartz—Arlene Abugov Beloved father, Leo Panzirer—Bethany Gilboard In Memory of Donor Betty Ann Landy, beloved mother of Karen, Susan and David Landy—Myrtis Fineman Peter Harris Paul, beloved brother of Alex PaulSimon—Nancy and Stephen Rotman Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein—Claire and David Shaby Joe Felser, beloved husband of Phyllis Felser and brother of Fred Felser—Nancy and Stephen Rotman

In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Nathan Lorde—Marjorie Cypres


Congratulations to Donor Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Harriet Flashenberg Paul Chabot on the birth of his granddaughter— Harriet Flashenberg

LILLIAN AND BENJAMIN KESSEL MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Freda Weener—Elayne and David Weener In Memory of Donor Benjamin Levin, beloved father of Ronald Levin—Elayne and David Weener Congratulations to Donor The Hornsby Family on the Bar Mitzvah of grandson, Jordan—David and Elayne Weener Elayne and David Weener on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail—Carol and Alan LeBovidge, Ed Weiner, Paula and Ed Jaye Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Ed Weiner, Denise and Bobby Nash, Paula and Ed Jaye

LYNCH SCHOLAR FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved uncle, Jonathan Lynch—Nancy Gould Sandman Speedy Recovery to Donor Charlotte Lynch—Beth and Howie Swartz

HOWARD D. AND PHYLLIS PONTY ETHICS LECTURE FUND Congratulations to Donor Hunter Moskowitz on his graduation from Cornell University with Honors—Ronna and Cliff Markell Ira Moskowitz and Caren Ponty on the graduation of their son, Hunter from Cornell University with Honors—Ronna and Cliff Markell

SYDNEY “SHYER” ROSENBERG EDUCATION MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved brother, Philip Rosenberg—Jason Rosenberg Beloved wife, Hermine Rosenberg—Jason Rosenberg

ERIC RUDERMAN MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved husband, Eric Ruderman—Ruth Ruderman In Memory of Donor Esther Cohen, beloved of Mark and Linda Cohen—Ruth Ruderman

ESTHER AND BENJAMIN RUSSEM FAMILY EDUCATION FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved husband, Jerome Russem—Margery Russem Beloved mother, Dorothy Asher—Margery Russem Beloved father-in-law, Benjamin Russem— Margery Russem

THELMA AND ABE SIMON MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Abe Simon—Esther Simon Bushell

GLADYS TRAUB SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved brother, Neil Traub—Harriet and Harold Traub Beloved sister, Eileen Lefkowitz—Harriet Traub Beloved wife, Gladys Traub—Harold Traub In Memory of Donor Betty Ann Landy, beloved mother of David, Susan and Karen Landy—Rita Labell Bertha Zall, beloved mother of Carol Lincoln— Rita Labell

SHEILA BRODIE ZETLAN PASSPORT TO ISRAEL FUND In Memory of Donor Betty Pelletz, beloved mother of David Pelletz— Mimi and Jeffrey Queen

SISTERHOOD FUNDS MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of Donor Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debbie Silberstein—Ruth Weiner Beloved father of Marla Sigman—The Hurst family

HAPPY DAY FUND Congratulations to Donor Estelle and Jack Hayman on the graduation of granddaughter, Anna from University of Michigan—Ruth and Martin Baer Ruth Weiner on her Distinguished Service Award from Phillips Academy—Amy Sebell Kevin and Ellen Keller on the engagement of daughter, Sarah to William Balaschi—Amy Sebell Elayne and David Weener on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail Remis—Ruth Weiner Cindy and Matthew Remis on the Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Ruth Weiner Speedy Recovery to Donor Elaine Goodman—Maureen and Steve Weisner

Sisterhood Donations For $5, a card will be sent to honor relatives and friends for a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. For $18, we will send an illustrated card. Dana DiNino at 978.409.2814

“FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION” Condolences to the families of: Cedric Braude, beloved brother of Eric Braude Raymond Rahmin, beloved father of Debra Silberstein Yahrzeits The following names of loved ones whose Yahrzeit are observed during the preceding week will be read before the Kaddish Prayer at Sabbath Eve and Saturday Minyan Services: July 6 — 24 Tammuz Anna Cheran Murry Cohen David Davis Rose Dworkin William Finger Bessie Gill Hyman Goddess Sydne Hecht Lillian Kaliner Louis Kimel Claire Krakauer Max Labell Julius Linden Hans Marum George Peters Isabelle Pollack Shirley Pollack Phyllis Ponty Haas Eleanor Ruskin Anna Samel Charles Silver Raymond Simon Isador Siskind Herman Sokol Herman Stolzberg

David Swartz Henry Trounstine Joseph Tye Bessie Weiner Charles Weiner Isadore Weintraub Philip Weisberg Jeannette Werling Mikhail Zilberberg

July 13 — 2 Av Allen Ash Samuel Ashkenazy Hilda Brandwein Gertrude Butt Frances Close Leah Cohan Thomas Faigel Morris Frank Philip Frankel Frances Franks Milton Heffron Carl Heifetz Lillian Kessel Harry Kimel Isadore Korn

Isabelle Krivelow Sarah LeBovidge Irene Levene Sandra Lichtenberg Frances Miller Philip Neumark David Perlitsh Jacob Piel Esther Raphael Hermine Rosenberg Mary Sanft Sidney Sanft Harry Schwartz Samuel Schwartz Julius Scolnik David Shack Maria Slobodyansky Irina Slutsky Wendy Smith Harvey Sternberg Mae Traub Yakov Yatskar Minnie Zeder Arthur Zetlan

July 20 — 9 Av Hyman Bass Mamie Berman Irving Brodie Rachel Brownstein Paula Budd Thomas Carta Norma Feldman Nathan Fine Jake Fineman Shirley Fox Jacob Freedman Maurice Freedman

James Gilbert Muriel Gordon Joseph Herskovits Irwin Hirsh Lillian Hyman Martin Jablonki Roberta Klopman Ina Kravetz Selma Leopold Steven Mencis Celia Meyers Rosaline Miller Gertrude Mollov Ida Perlberg Sophie Pincus Louis Quint William Riemer Margaret Saret Rose Sawyer Gerald Silverman Jean Solomon Sam Soreff Sadie Sporn Steven Turransky Jerry Waldman Frank Weinrich Jerrold Winer

July 27 — 16 Av Israel Brown Keith Burtnick Irving Cohen George Driben Harold Eskin Joni Finegold Charles Fineman Robert Glickman Dora Gurland

Nathan Handler Terry Horn Saul Karelis Ruth Kaster Harris Levinson Sally Maren Samuel Nemzoff Samuel Newburgh Morris Scolnik Lena Silverman Rose Soreff Abraham Troupin Yakov Zilberberg

August 3 — 23 Av Benjamin Alfond Louis Aronson Harriet Atamian Charles Bennett Israel Bernstein Herbert Bilus Lillian Birnbaum Yetta Friedman Jacob Gack Sarah Gack Andrew Gold Samuel Goldstein Arnold Goodman Muriel Gottesman Harold Gushin Solomon Israel Suzan Kamm William Kaplan Rubin Katcher Jacob Kepner Benjamin Kessel Bruce Kirle Nettie Kisloff

Matthew Kleinman Sophie Klopman Edith Koffman Mollye Laycob Harry Lebowitz Harry Mason Dora Mencis Bessie Minton David Pearlstein George Peraner Ann Perkins Benjamin Perlitsh Eva Proman Sally Resnick Louis Risman Philip Schwartz Victorine Shaby Blumah Siskind David Turek Bernice Warshaw David Weinerman Edith Weinerman Jack Weingart Mary Zetlan

August 10 — 30 Av Sadie Alfond Ida Axelrod Edward Bassen H. Donald Bogatin Abraham Borkum Fred Braude Herbert Brown Max Cohen Lillian Cussell Frank Davis


August 10 — 30 Av Simon Dereshinsky David Ellsworth Jacob Fine Jeanette Issenberg Theodore Kanell Thomas Katz Geraldine Kepner Mitzi Kutchin Beatrice Lee Marilyn Levy Nathan Lichtman Lillian Mason Louis Master Murray Meshnick David Morrison Sybil Nannis Val Newman H. William Pelton Ralph Perlberg Jessie Rosen Fannie Schneir David Selwyn Sam Sherman

Pearl Singer Philip Sodnowsky Arthur Soreff Jeri Traub Nancy Tumarkin Abraham Umansky Boris Vanzler Sheryl Vitcavitz Arnold Warshaw Shnayer Warshaw

August 17 — 7 Elul Charles Alfond Frank Astroff Leon Auerbach Charles Birnbach Robin Brown-McNary Rose Tobin Cohen Molly Dawson Rose Feigenson Louis Freedman Lewis Ganz Deborah Gilbert Paul Goldman

Max Goldstein Samuel Greenbaum Isaac Grossman N. Robert Jacobson Edward Katz Benjamin Kenner Milton Klaiman Abraham Kolodny Sonia Mandelbaum Elsie Messinger Rose Nevins Samuel Proman Sophie Rose Albert Rosenberg Fred Sanft Gussie Schycon Milton Seiden Harry Shainker Rose Shiro Rosa Tepper Sy Vogel Alexander Weiner Samuel Weinstein Gordon Weiss

August 24 — 14 Elul Rose Berman Aaron Bloom Ethel Brenner Rose Brodie Marilyn Brodsky Morris Cohen Philip Cohen Dora Corn Israel Feigenson Harold Feldman Julius Gilman Hyman Goldstein Leah Gordon Sarah Halpern Herman Holt Arlene Kahan Julius Kovner Alfred Marum Benjamin Pollack Harry Ponty Rose Samel Kenneth Schaffer Harry Segal

Sarah Sneider Herta Stern Robert Strauss Gloria Turner Ralph Warshaw Arnold Weiner Lewis White Mini Wolfman Isaac Zeder

August 31 — 21 Elul Gertrude Assiran Lillian Axelroad Samantha Rose Baer Warren Baer Bea Bloom Rachel Bloom Evelyn Borkum Bernard Davis Samuel Factor Morris Feldman Richard Fernandez Milton Finegold Esther Finger

Wolf Flieder Sidney Frankel Larry Gottfried Samuel Granetz Florence Jacobson Sidney Kaliner Ida Kimel Evelyn Klein Martin Lazar Samuel Levine Ruth Mass Betty Matulsky A. Ruth Nicholson Doris Ruderman Robert Scheinfein Peter Shiro Israel Trieber Salo Tuttmann Abe Tvisher Stanley Weinberg Edward White Gertrude Winnick

LIFE CYCLE EVENTS Mazel Tov Joyce and Al Danis on the birth of granddaughter, Max born to Candace and Jeff Danis Rita Labell on the birth of great grandson, Yosef Shalom, grandson of Gidon (Adam) and Malka (Marcie) Labell Oneg Shabbat May 4—The Freedman and Huddleston Families May 11—The Marad Family May 18—The Miller Family May 25— The Poritzky Family June 1—The Remis Family June 8—The Margolin and Neyman Families June 15—The Barton Family June 22—The Robichaud Family June 29—The Rapaport Family Pulpit Arrangements May 4—The Freedman and Huddleston Families May 11—The Marad Family May 18—The Miller Family May 25— The Levin Family June 1—The Remis Family June 8—The Margolin and Neyman Families June 15—The Barton Family June 22—The Robichaud Family June 29—The Rapaport Family Candle Blessing May 4—Laurie Huddleston and Carren Strock May 11—Jami Marad and Bobbi Brodie May 18—Sophie and Jessica Miller and Paula Sack-Walsh May 25—Zoe, Nadine, Fran and Sandy Levin, Laila and Nicole Chamuel, and Tami Cooperman June 1—Abigail and Judy Remis June 8—Luba Margolin June 15—Jocelyn and Yana Barton June 22—Jen Schutzbank, Wendy Donohue, and Lauren Kosky-Stamm June 29—Samantha and Wendy Rapaport


Items of the Month: Tuna Fish, Pasta, canned mixed vegetables, coffee, tea, sugar, Splenda, beef and chicken broth, beef and chicken gravy, canned sliced carrots, grape and strawberry jelly/jam, ranch salad dressing, Ziploc bags (snack size), laundry detergent pods.

BOOK CLUB October 2 at 7:00pm | Herzog by Saul Bellow This is the story of Moses Herzog, a great sufferer, joker, mourner, and charmer. Although his life steadily disintegrates around him - he has failed as a writer and teacher, as a father, and has lost the affection of his wife to his best friend - Herzog sees himself as a survivor, both of his private disasters and those of the age. He writes unsent letters to friends and enemies, colleagues and famous people, revealing his wry perception of the world and the innermost secrets of his heart.

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July 6 - 8:05 pm July 13 - 8:02 pm July 20 - 7:57 pm July 27 - 7:50 pm August 3 - 7:42 pm August 10 - 7:33 pm August 17 - 7:23 pm August 24 - 7:12 pm August 31 - 7:01 pm

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Chapel Service 9:00am Sanctuary Service and Bat Mitzvah of Elizabeth Wilson 10:30 am

September 1 Sabbath Eve Service 6:00pm


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Chapel Service 9:00am Mincha Sanctuary Service and Bat Mitzvah of Annika Stearly 5:30 pm Selichot 8:00pm

Deadline for September/October Bulletin: Friday, August 10, 2018

TEMPLE EMANUEL CEMETERY YOUR FAMILY COUNTS Call for Details Members and Non-Members Welcome



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Does a family member’s stone need a power washing? Contact us to make arrangements. Jon Samel – (978) 474-0810 Beth Shiro – (978) 470-1356 Just a Reminder— When visiting the Cemetery, please remember to lock the gate upon exiting.

Mitzvah of the Month

Mitzvah of the Month is a Sisterhood program that was developed to encourage our Temple community to become more involved in helping our town, our nation, and the international community. How do you get started? If you need an idea I have a list of projects that may suit you. Contact Laurie at

"Rent an Arrangement" Would you like to perform a mitzvah and have the bima look beautiful at your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah? By renting the floral arrangements, you can bring the joy that accompanies a child becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah into another family’s life. All proceeds from rentals help pay for the expense of either a tutor or for a small Kiddush lunch for a family who could not afford to have their child take part in and celebrate this beautiful life cycle event. The rental donation for the floral arrangements is $180 for two, or $90 for a single arrangement.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah and General Gifts Jewelry / Cards / Books / Tallitot / Mezzuzot Baby Gifts / Household Gifts / Wrapping Needs

To rent an arrangement, please contact the Temple Office at 978.470.1356. You can also email Barbara Holstein at

Sisterhood Donations For a $5 donation, a card will be sent to honor relatives and friends for a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. For an $18 donation, we will send a beautifully illustrated card. The money from these donations is directed toward education and scholarship and program enrichment. Dana DiNino at 978.409.2814

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Orthopaedic Surgical Associates 14 Research Place North Chelmsford, MA 01863 978 / 454-0706

Attorney Eric Schutzbank Berid & Schutzbank, LLC 800 Turnpike Street, Suite 304 North Andover, MA 01845 (978) 655-4282 Handling Family Law, Criminal Law and Elder Issues

Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage

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HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICE SCHEDULE 5779 Selichot Saturday, September 1 8:00p.m.

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Erev Rosh Hashanah Sunday, September 9 7:00pm

Second of Rosh Hashanah Tuesday, September 11 10:00am

First Day of Rosh Hashanah Monday, September 10 Early Service: 9:00am Late Service: 12 noon

Yom Kippur-Kol Nidre Tuesday, September 18 Early Service: 5:30pm-7:00pm Late Service: 8:00pm –10:00pm

Yom Kippur Wednesday, September 19 Early Service: 9:00am Late Service: 12 Noon Children’s Service: 3:00pm Healing Service: 4:00pm Mincha: 4:30pm Neilah: 5:30pm

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Temple Emanuel Summer Bulletin