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January/February 2018 Tevet/Shevat/Adar 5778 Volume XLIX, No. 4

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“Meeting you where you are”

Service Schedule Friday, January 5  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  Saturday, January 6  9:00am Chapel Service  10:30am Sanctuary Service and  Bar Mitzvah of Jacob Madden,  son of Dena and Casey  Madden, grandson of Deborah  and Arthur Hiller, and great  grandson of Regina Heller  Sunday, January 7  11:00am Sanctuary Service  Friday, January 12  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  Saturday, January 13  9:00am Chapel Service  Friday, January 19  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  Saturday, January 20  9:00am Chapel Service     

Sunday, January 21  11:00am Sanctuary Service  Friday, January 26  6:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  Shabbat Shira  Saturday, January 27  9:00am Chapel Service  Sunday, January 28  11:00am Sanctuary Service  Friday, February 2  5:30 pm TOT Shabbat  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  South Church Pulpit Exchange  Saturday, February 3  9:00am Chapel Service  10:30am Sanctuary Service and  Bar Mitzvah of Henry Dinges,  son of Eric and Rachel Dinges,  grandson of Alan and Toby  Bulotsky and Daniel and Krista   Dinges, great grandson of  Ruth Dinges   

Read Your Bible Sunday, February 4  11:00am Sanctuary Service  Friday, February 9  7:00pm Family Sabbath Eve  Service featuring Grade Five  Saturday, February 10  9:00am Chapel Service  Sunday, February 11  11:00am Sanctuary Service  Friday, February 16  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service  Saturday, February 17  9:00am Chapel Service  Friday, February 23  7:00pm Sabbath Eve Service   Saturday, February 24  9:00am Chapel Service  Sunday, February 25  11:00am Sanctuary Service   

January 6 - Exodus 1:1—6:1 January 13 - Exodus 6:2—9:35 January 20 - Exodus 10:1—13:16 January 27 - Exodus 13:17—17:16 February 3 - Exodus 18:1—20:22 February 10 - Exodus 21:1—24:18 February 17 - Exodus 25:1—27:19 February 24 - Exodus 27:20—30:10 March 3 - Exodus 30:11—34:35

Candle Lighting January 5 - 4:08 pm January 12 - 4:16 pm January 19 - 4:24 pm January 26 - 4:33 pm February 2 - 4:42 pm February 9 - 4:51 pm February 16 - 5:00 pm February 23 - 5:09 pm March 2 - 5:17 pm

Bringing Judaism to where you are today The president’s recent decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, officially acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, was not unreasonable. The change in policy was the fulfillment of President Trump’s campaign promise to reverse the policy of his predecessors, each of whom chose to postpone the move until there was more progress in the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman criticized the president’s announcement, claiming he asked nothing of Israel in return for the move. One potential concession would have been a pledge to limit the number of new settlements and to cap the growth of those already established on land in the West Bank that might become part of a future independent Palestinian state. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have consistently discouraged the increase in Israeli settlements. Friedman claimed President Trump squandered an opportunity to leverage his decision by failing to press Israel for any concessions. Other opponents of the president’s decision questioned the long-range strategic rationale for the timing of the change, claiming it was no more than a shameful and clumsy attempt to shore up his support among Evangelicals and a handful of Jewish donors. While the president’s critics are not wrong, in the end, I think he made the right decision. As anyone who has been to Israel knows, Jerusalem is the undeniable and irrefutable capital of the Israeli state. The Jewish connection to the ancient city extends back 2,000 or more years to King David who united a divided Jewish kingdom and established Jerusalem as its capital. Jerusalem is mentioned in our daily prayers, and Jews have been making pilgrimages to pray at the Western Wall since 1967 when the Kotel was liberated from the control of the Jordanians, who had denied Jewish access to this holy site. One hopes that with this matter settled, at least from America’s perspective, the ongoing and seemingly intractable strife between Israelis and Palestinians can be addressed. Palestinians need to recognize Israel’s legitimacy and that its capital in West Jerusalem is eternal. And Israelis need to accept the Palestinians’ claim to self-determination and their valid right to their own independent state. While there are compelling arguments on both sides of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, one can only hope the change in American policy will serve as a catalyst for a renewed drive for meaningful negotiations and a sincere commitment to the pursuit of a lasting peace benefiting both Israelis and Palestinians. Rabbi Robert S. Goldstein


Musical Notes Shalom and Happy 2018! It is amazing how fast the year goes by. We have exciting events coming up for the next two months. On January 26th at 6 pm (not 7!), we celebrate Shabbat Shira, the Sabbath of Song. The name for that Shabbat derives from the Torah portion of that week, B’shalach. The Israelites, when crossing the Sea of Reeds, sang one of the most famous and important liturgical songs in Judaism, the Song at the Sea. In addition to celebrating this Shabbat of song with the Abbas, we will hold a special event that night. The IAC, the Israeli-American Council, is collaborating with us for a “Shishi-Israeli”, an Israeli Friday night experience. Following the service, a special dinner will be served, as well as Shira B’tzibur (sing along session), Israeli folk dancing and kids’ program. This promises to be a great event; hopefully it will emerge as a new annual tradition for our congregation. On February 2nd, we will hold another special Shabbat, the South Church Pulpit Exchange. South Church joins us on that Friday night for the annual pulpit exchange. This is going to be another great musical service as the Soul Sisters lead us in song. In between the two special events we celebrate Tu B’Shevat (January 31st), the holiday for the trees and on February 9th, our 5th Grade will lead us at our first Family Service of 2018. As we celebrate both, the New Secular Year and Tu B’shevat, which counts as one of four New Years in Judaism, I wish you double wishes for the New Years! B’Shira, Cantor Idan Irelander

to create a meaningful space to pray & learn President’s Message Dear Fellow Congregants,

Happy New Year! Wishing you and your families a year filled with good health, happiness and joy. I am feeling excited for all of the wonderful opportunities 2018 brings. As I write this I am just returning from the Union for Reform Judaism’s Biennial in Boston and feel energized about where the future of Judaism is going and the direction of Temple Emanuel. For five days several of us from the board, the Sisterhood and clergy participated in classes and plenary sessions and heard from leaders within the movement and politics talk about the incredible social action, religious and spiritual activities reform congregations are doing every day. We are part of an organization with two million members offering ideas and tools that we plan to bring back to Temple Emanuel in the coming months. Keep an eye out for additional information in the E-news and in the pages of this newsletter for all of our events that aim to inspire and include all ages of our congregation We are fortunate to have a caring and involved community and so many volunteers who work to support Bread and Roses, Project Home Again, Lazarus House, Andover Cares, the International Institute of New England and many other worthwhile organizations. Throughout this past year we have supported those effected by hurricanes and fires and anti-Semitism. One of my goals for the coming year is to put an emphasis on social action/social justice and bring innovative ways we can have a true and lasting impact on our community and the world we live in. If you are interested in getting involved or have ideas, drop me a note. Speaking of social action, I’d like to thank Jon Samel for all of his hard work and energy on putting together the very successful Concert for Puerto Rico featuring Gitit Shoval and her wonderful family. We had over 200 people attend the concert and raised close to $9,000, which helped to buy hundreds of water filter systems for people in Puerto Rico. As many of you know we have been working diligently the last few months under the direction of Marc Freedman to launch the quiet phase of The Campaign for the Generations for our 100th Anniversary. I would like to thank the entire board of governors and the early supporters who have helped us to raise a significant amount. In the coming months you will be receiving information about the campaign and ways in which all past, present and interested members can help us bring Temple Emanuel into the 22nd century. Next time you are in the building take a moment to congratulate Cantor Idan Irelander on being named president of the Cantor Association of New England and Maureen Campbell on becoming a senior member of the National Association of Temple Administrators. We have a lot of be proud of as a congregation and we look forward to seeing you in the coming months. Amy Riemer Temple President


TEMPLE EMANUEL INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY If Andover Public Schools are cancelled, Temple Offices, Preschool and the Religious School will be closed. It will be posted on the Temple Emanuel Website.

Minutes from November 2 Meeting Prior meeting minutes: Approved Exec Director: Carl Bradshaw is our new bookkeeper. He has temple and preschool experience. He is here Tuesday-Friday mornings. We have 2 new custodians – Adam and Edwin. We are up to 558 members with 18 new member families this year and about 13 resignations. The annual appeal will have its last big push on Giving Tuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Old Business: 100th anniversary campaign – The board is welcome to join the leadership team which does not just involve solicitations. There are other roles or you could host an evening at your house for your friends to learn more about the campaign. Nov. 19 from 11:302:00 Avrum Lapin will give training to help people prepare for the campaign’s launch. Entire board is invited. Lunch will be provided. New Business URJ Biennial will take place Dec. 6-10 in Boston. 5,000 leaders from temples all over the country will be there. We will offer a free bus ride that Friday to the URJ’s evening service in Boston. Talk to Maureen if you’re interested. We will have dinner at the temple before the bus leaves. The service starts at 7:15pm.

If Andover Public Schools have a delayed opening, there will be no morning Preschool. Lunch bunch will begin at noon. There will be Religious School in the afternoon. If the weather becomes inclement during the day and we make a decision to close the Temple and Schools, you will receive an email. Calls will be made to Andover and North Andover Public Schools so that students are notified via school announcement. On the weekend, please check Channels 4, 5 and 7 or for Religious School cancellations. Please note: in most cases, services are held whether or not the Temple and Schools are closed. For the latest updates, visit

Previously at Friday night services, someone from the executive board sat on the bimah and board of governors members were greeters. We are now combining those jobs. We need board members to sign up to greet people at 6:40 p.m. and then sit on the bimah and read the announcements. All Board meeting dates are on Thursday Evenings at 7:30pm. January 25 February 15

March 15 April 12 May 17 June 15 – Annual Meeting

Creating an inclusive environment for all Executive Director

I have now been a part of this community for a year. My how the time has flown! In the last year I have learned a lot, met many wonderful people, shared in good times and sorrow, and I have seen this community come together. It has truly been a blessing to get to know so many of you, and I hope that I will have the chance to meet all of you in the coming months. I welcome you to reach out to set up a time to chat over coffee. I want to hear what you have to say, what you would like to see, and how you would like to be involved. We are a diverse and inclusive community that we should all be proud of. In the last year we have had many accomplishments. We have launched our Annual Appeal, that we will continue to revisit and revise to make it more effective. We engaged our community through adult education opportunities with our Book Club led by Professor Silverman and our Mussar group led by Rabbi Carol Glass. We made improvements to our technology in the building, including how we see, hear and participate in services. We opened our doors for folks who may have a disability or require accommodations, whether it be learning, hearing, visual, physical or mental. We have welcomed Jews by birth, Jews by choice, interfaith families, the LGBTQ community, and our Merrimack Valley Community at large. Our Preschool has grown and has needed to introduce a waitlist, and our Religious School once again has over 250 children enrolled. We welcome speakers for our Lynch, Shack and Braverman lecture series. We celebrated Chanukah together at our “Friday Night Fever” Chanukah night of music. And we have seen our young adults prosper in their careers, especially Alyson Gerber who wrote the book, “Braced” and had her launch party with us! Temple Emanuel is about the needs of our community. And we will continue to strive to meet you where you are and travel with you along your Jewish journey.


Maureen Chapman

Religious School Director

Pre-School Director Our winter curriculum is in full swing. This December, Chanukah was celebrated by singing songs, playing dreidel and with eating delicious latkes that were generously donated by Sisterhood to our preschool. We have been so fortunate so far this year to have a mild winter that has allowed the children to play outside on our beautiful playground. The Bluebirds and Redbirds are participating in a variety of winter activities including reading “The Mitten” while acting out the story, learning about hibernation, watching an amaryllis grow inside their classrooms and charting its growth in their science journals. We would like to welcome our new families to Yellowbirds this January. The Yellowbird and Chickadee children are just blossoming. They are having fun listening to felt board stories, playing with puppets, collaging and finger painting. Most of all, they love playing with their friends! Our tinker room continues to be a great success. The children are learning the steps toward innovating and inventing. They are planning, designing and building. Their creations are unique and amazing. Parents are invited this January during “Chat with Beth” to a Zumba class led by our own Mary Russo. We will be exercising for fun and then discussing healthy eating. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated teachers at our school that continue to keep our school vibrant and current. Beth Weisblatt

Last week, surrounded by thousands of other Reform Jews from North America and around the world, I participated in the URJ Biennial. I attended informative, interesting and exciting sessions that gave me a fresh perspective on youth, family, and teen engagement. I thought about the incredible work our teachers do in our schools and ways to help us do an even better job. I loved hearing from other educators about what was working and what wasn’t working in congregations of all shapes and sizes from around the country and beyond. Ultimately I was reminded of why the work we do in our religious school is so very important. Rabbi David Stern addressed the audience with a powerful presentation with the tag line “we have company.” When he spoke of “company,” he was referring to the faces of our children who learn to live and love Judaism through programs like our religious school. Rabbi Stern went on to say “even if you think you are an empty nester, or that you have aged out of the responsibility for creating a vibrant youth community in your congregation, you’ve got company”. Stern reminded us that children are not the future, but they are our present. He stressed that “the more we ask them what they think about worship or Jewish learning, the more we put them on search committees and task forces… they will help us be better at what we do.” I have taken Rabbi Stern’s message to heart and already begun talking to our youth. Listening to what is working for them in their Jewish learning journey and how our staff can improve their experience. I am letting students know that as a community, the adults see and hear them, and we know that “we have company.” If you haven’t walked through the school wing lately, I invite you to take a stroll the next time you are in our building. Knock on my door, introduce yourself and come see our students learning and praying together. Share your stories of raising your own children at Temple Emanuel or come read a story to one of our classes. Help us to show our youth the power of our own community. B’Shalom, Betsy Kachel

who wish to be part of our community TEMTY TEMTY and Jr. TEMTY go skating!! Please join TEMTY and JR. TEMTY for a winter delight at Boston's Frog Pond on Sunday, January 28th from 1-5pm. Chaperones will be needed!! For more information, including pricing, please email David Joslin at It's Purim Carnival time once again! Please join the entire Temple Emanuel community in celebrating Purim on Sunday, March 4, 2018. More details including how to volunteer to come. Stay tuned. David Joslin

JR. TEMTY Jr. TEMTY is the temple’s youth group for students in 6th through 8th grade. In December we participated in helping out with the Sisterhood’s Children’s Chanukah Party, and Jr. TEMTY and TEMTY celebrated together with our own Chanukah party. Winter events to look out for: Social Action event at Marland Place, January Skating Event, Purim Carnival, and Ice Cream Sundae Event TEMTY K'tanim is the temple’s youth group for students in 3rd through 5th grade. In December, TEMTY K'tanim held a very special Shabbat Service, Dinner and Movie Night. Events to look out for: Purim Carnival, Passover, and Cupcake Decorating on April 22. Sherry Gordon-Shulik


Sisterhood President

In the spring, we will partner with the YWCA to support victims of domestic abuse during our Fine Art and Craft Show on April 8th, All I can say is “WOW!” What an amazing and our Ways and Means speaker will inspire all of us on May 10th experience to have the URJ Biennial in our own with her particular journey. backyard this past December, and it was wonderful that so many members of our temple Another way we give is by sharing information and experience with community could be a part of it. What this each other. We have several members who are willing to teach the experience teaches us is that we are part of a novices how to play Mah Jongg (buy your cards through Carol much larger community. We are all looking for LeBovidge by January 15th and look for Mah Jongg dates soon), opportunities to help others, lift people up, and we will learn from our members about planning for a bar and/or bat to empower people. This new year brings a renewed purpose of mitzvah on March 18th, and we will feature Katie Greer to talk working together to help those throughout our community. Our about internet safety for children on January 28th, among other Sisterhood members try to do their part in small and large ways. activities. We hope to see you, we hope to inspire you, and we This past fall, we sponsored a number of families during the hope to work together to make this a great new year! holiday season through our Share the Light initiative, and we Best wishes, collected purses and clothing at Paid Up Supper to empower Jillian Dubman women through Uncommon Threads. We sent gifts around the fall and winter Jewish holidays to our college students enrolled in the College Youth program. We sponsored a festive Hanukkah celebration for the entire community on December 10th, with thanks to Kim Segal, Marissa Leaversuch, and Ivy Rabinowitz for planning and the Temty and Jr. Temty kids for their participation.

MAH JONGG MAVENS It’s time to order the 2018 cards!

Send your order to (Check payable to Carol LeBovidge): Carol LeBovidge 93 Bonny Lane N. Andover, MA 01845 Each card ordered earns Sisterhood $2.00. However, we must have a minimum order of 35 cards. The deadline to order is Jan. 15, 2018. You again have a choice of two size cards. The standard card is $8 and the large print card is $9.

Building connections and relationships Sisterhood Donations For $5, a card will be sent to honor relatives and friends for a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. For $18, we will send a beautifully illustrated card. The money from these donations is directed toward education and scholarship and program enrichment. Allison Glick at 978.409.2750



Come shop Hermie's Chosen Gift Shop Offering great wedding, bar/bat mitzvah and hostess gifts. Now accepting MC, Visa and Discover

If you would like to share a project that is meaningful to you, please contact Laurie at

The Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel sponsors the mailing of your bi-monthly Bulletin.

to engage & connect with one another Requirements of Recipient 1. Mother must be a Sisterhood member 2. Letter of request from Child 3. Commitment of recipient to speak at sisterhood event 4. Information brochure or website about program Contact Renee Metsch at with questions. Sisterhood has scholarship money that is available for temple youth interested in Jewish summer experiences. Children of Sisterhood members are encouraged to submit requests no later than May 1, 2018. All requests should be sent in writing to: Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel, 7 Haggetts Pond Road, Andover, MA 01810


Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the Share the Light gift drive this year. Your generosity brightened the holidays for 80 children in the Merrimack Valley. We are so grateful for your support.

Brotherhood President

Happy New Year, I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and cold of winter! Your Brotherhood is busy planning for a busy winter and spring. Back in December we had a fun Men’s Night Out watching the Patriots on the big screen at the Temple with plenty of Pizza and beverages. Look for a NFL Playoff edition of the Men’s Night Out sometime in January (once the schedule comes out). We will have our next Brotherhood Breakfast on January 28, 2017. Come hang out and have some bagels and lox. We are excited to announce our lineup for the 2nd Annual Night of FOOD, FUN and LAUGHS. We are pleased to welcome Boston Comedy icons Joe Yannetty, Don Gavin, John Perrotta, and Johnny Pizzi for the “Respect the Wall Tour 2” here at Temple Emanuel on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Tickets are on Sale on the Temple Website or by using the link in ENews! Don’t wait to reserve your spot because this is sure to sell out quickly.

For those who might be looking for volunteer opportunities, Brotherhood helps Project Home Again by picking up furniture donations that go to families in need. Please contact me ( if you are interested in joining us on this fun and fulfilling Mitzvah. Your Brotherhood President, Dave Trachtenberg

Investing in our future by sustaining our Who’s On The Bima? Friday, January 5 Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Cantor Irelander and Gitit Shoval Friday, January 12 Rabbi Carol Glass and Cantor Idan Irelander Friday, January 19 Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Gitit Shoval Friday, January 26 (6:00 pm) Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Cantor Idan Irelander and the Abbas Friday, February 2 Tot Shabbat with Rabbi Goldstein and Cantor Idan Irelander at 5:30 pm South Church Pulpit Exchange with Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Reverend Dana Walsh, Gitit Shoval and the Soul Sisters at 7:00 pm Friday, February 9 Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Cantor Idan Irelander featuring Grade Five Friday, February 16 Rabbi Robert Goldstein and Gitit Shoval Friday, February 23 Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Rabbi Carol Glass and Gitit Shoval


February 2 | April 20 | June 8 5:30 p.m. Service followed by dinner A great way to start introducing Jewish rituals into your children’s lives and a musical Sabbath Eve service that is fun for everyone! $18 per family for dinner. Please register at:

commitment to Judaism and our youth

Mazel Tov Sam and Lori Gerber on the birth of granddaughter, Juliette, born to daughter and son-in-law, Alyson and Andy Kabala Rita Labell on the birth of great grandson, grandson of her daughter and son-in-law, Alison and Michael Sage Harry and Sherry Comerchero on the birth of granddaughter, Miriam Jane born to daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Andrew Quirke New Members Wendy Venti, N. Andover Harry and Deborah Bernheim, N. Andover Alex and Kori Pasternak, Lowell Ezra 7 years Nina 5 years Oneg Shabbat November 3—The Srivastava Family November 10—The Lichtenberg Family November 24—The Graubart Family December 1—The Religious School Families Pulpit Arrangements November 3—The Srivastava Family November 10—The Lichtenberg Family Candle Blessing November 3—Abby and Jennifer Srivastava and Bette Batson November 10—Amanda and Susyn Lichtenberg November 24—Debra Yavner, Alyssa, Rebecca and Jen Fishbein, and Andrea and Barbara Labinger


January and February B’nai Mitzvah Jacob Madden, Saturday, January 6, 10:30 am Interests include: Playing sports. Hockey is my favorite sport but I play Soccer and Lacrosse too. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am collecting hats and gloves to help keep Lazarus House guests warm this winter. Henry Dinges, Saturday, February 3, 10:30 am Interests include: Running, Soccer, Reading, Playing piano and drums, Building things and Destination Imagination. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I volunteer for the Wish Project in Lowell providing household items for those in need in the Merrimack Valley.

Items of the Month: Thinsulate gloves | Winter hats |Warm socks | Underwear Small & medium-sized fleece blankets | Deodorant | Razors Bath towels + washcloths | Toothpaste + Toothbrushes Shaving cream | Shampoo + Conditioner | Soap/Body Wash

Honoring our past; remembering who 2020 B’NAI MITZVAH ASSIGNMENTS Once again it is time to assign dates for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, this time for the year 2020! Within the next few weeks, we will take the list (printed below) of our children born in the year 2007, organize them into chronological order and place them on our calendar of available dates. If we have more children than available Shabbat mornings, we will assign doubles to those birthdays that are the closest. We are making available a limited number of late Saturday afternoon Mincha (Havdalah) services as alternatives to the usual Saturday morning service. There will be ONE available per month from late August through June. From among those who request them, we will hold a lottery to determine the families who will have Mincha/Havdalah services. They WILL NOT be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, but only through the lottery. If you would like to take advantage of this potential alternative, please contact Barbara Holstein in the Temple Office by Friday, January 12th via email only at If you have a child born in the year 2007 whose name does not appear on the list below, it is very important that you inform Barbara by January 16th. Also, your child MUST be a registered Religious School student at this time in order to be eligible for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. We will be assigning dates in mid-January and while it is easier to make adjustments now, it becomes much more complicated once dates have been assigned. Having an official date for Bar/Bat Mitzvah is exciting and makes it seem as though the event is just around the corner. Enjoy the anticipation! It is a wonderful experience for the entire family! Please feel free to speak with us about your plans and any concerns you may have. It is important to us to help make this milestone as rich for every family as it can be.

CHILDREN BORN IN 2007 Noah and Zachary Aronson, Jack Atkins, Anne Barnhart, Joshua Barton, Aislyn Colbert, Ethan Cooperstein, Avram Dawson, Keira Donohue, Frank Gouveia, Bailey Huddleston, Sidney Katz, Noah Lann, Ethan LeBovidge, Matthew Marad, Henry Miller, Abby Mittelman, Alexander and Madeline Morrissette, Dylan Moses, Zachary Pawlowski, Kevin Pruslin, Emma Remis, Charlotte Robichaud, Leah Satlow, Henry Schutzbank, Aiden and Samantha Schwartz, Ryan Schwartz, Adam Segal, Abigail Srivastava, and Adrian Werner


Purim Carnival Sunday, March 4 at 11:30am Join us after Religious School for Purim like you have never seen it before! Best Child and Best Adult Costume will win age appropriate prizes!

came before & celebrating the present ah l l i g e M s g n i d a Re y 28

ebruar F , y a sd Wedne t 5:00pm m a 5:00p t a 1 h c y, Mar :00am a 1 1 d t s r a u 4 h Th , Marc y a d n Su

Be on the look out for more Purim details in the coming weeks! 11

Providing a safe space for Jews by birth,


TEMPLE EMANUEL SCHOLARSHIPS Funding is available for summer Jewish camping and youth leadership programs through: Sheila Brodie Zetlan Passport to Israel Fund, which promotes youth programs in Israel. Lilyan Male UAHC Camp Fund, which promotes summer camp programs within the Reform Movement. Written requests for funding should be addressed to Rabbi Goldstein, c/o Temple Office by May 13. For more information, call the Temple at 978-470-1356.

LIVE STREAMING Streaming and archives for Sanctuary and Chapel services can be accessed by visiting our website

Jews by choice, and Interfaith families


Contributions Temple Emanuel greatly appreciates your donations, which not only acknowledge people and events in our lives, but assist in programming and events for our community. Our minimum donation is $6. Acknowledgement cards are sent to the recipient. BUILDING FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Dorothy Charm—Gerald Charm Beloved grandmother, Bessie Close—Gerald Charm Beloved father, Gilbert Gold—Robert Gold Beloved uncle, Leslie LeBovidge—Alan LeBovidge

Diane and Alan Cohen on the engagement of daughter, Hilary to Jason—Ina and Marshall Leinson Ruth and Martin Baer on the birth of granddaughter, Kayla—Diane and Alan Cohen In Appreciation of Donor Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Jennifer and for leading the trip to Israel—Larry and Kathy Hurst Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bar Mitzvah of our son, Jacob—Jen and Sunny Srivastava Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Abigail—Jason and Jennifer LeBovidge Cantor Idan Irelander on the Bat Mitzvah of our granddaughter, Abigail—Carol and Alan LeBovidge Cantor Idan Irelander on the B’nai Mitzvah of our children, Benjamin and Marah—Alex and

Beloved father, Louis Koffman—Toby Hodes Beloved father, Robert Freedman—Alan Freedman Beloved mother, Eva Froman—Celia Rogers Beloved father, Dexter Gould—Nancy Gould Sandman Beloved husband, Seymour Lubin—Sally Lubin Beloved grandfather, Erwin Rosenthal—Jill Kutchin Beloved brother, Edward Koffman—Toby Hodes Beloved mother, Pauline Scheinfein—Michael Scheinfein Beloved grandfather, Sam Tessler—Michael and Peter Scheinfein Beloved mother, Gertrude Popowitz—Leonard Popowitz Beloved grandfather, Yankel Khazak—Rita Blanter Beloved mother, Lyubov Khazak—Rita Blanter Beloved brother, William Scolnik—Louis Scolnik

Inspiring lifelong Jewish journeys through Beloved grandmother, Rebecca LeBovidge— Alan LeBovidge Beloved grandmother, Celia White—Alan LeBovidge Beloved grandfather, Joseph White—Alan LeBovidge Beloved father, Kurt Hellmann—Joel Hellmann In Memory of Donor Jack Frangiamone, beloved father of Donna Katzman—Carol and Alan LeBovidge Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Carol and Alan LeBovidge

Linsey Goldman Cantor Idan Irelander on the Baby Naming of our granddaughter, Hallie Roth—Beth and Howie Swartz Cantor Idan Irelander for beautiful High Holiday services—Debbie and Michael Gerstein Cantor Idan Irelander—The Sideman and Kates Families Cantor Idan Irelander—Dana and Cindy Cohen Temple Emanuel—Lea Goldstein


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Clare Koffman—Toby Hodes Beloved father, Sol Wilner—Eric Wilner In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Ruthye Isenberg—Karen Beloved father, Louis Waks—Leroy Waks Weinstein Beloved brother, David Shatz—Valerie Waks Beloved father, Irving Isenberg—Karen Beloved father, Abraham Albert—Naomi and Weinstein Howard Gardner Beloved grandmother, Frances Newburgh— Beloved mother, Roslyn Manin Geller—Phyllis Karen Weinstein and Bob Shulman Beloved step-mother, Bernice Liss—Roberta Liss Beloved mother, Belle Josephson—Alan Josephson Beloved mother, Ina Segal—Jeremy Segal Beloved father, Meyer Shapiro—Sondra Finegold Beloved father, Arnold Canner—Jeff Canner Beloved grandfather, David Kahan—Nancy Vogel Beloved father, Murray Postal—William Postal Beloved father, Abraham Morgenstern—David Beloved husband, Irving Altman—Patricia Morgenstern Altman Beloved father, Jack Alson—Joel and Judith Beloved mother, Rhoda Brier—Robin Mallory Alson Beloved father, Solomon Tessler—Judy Alson Beloved father, Rabbi Meyer Baer—Martin Baer Beloved brother, Arthur Chedekel—Deborah Beloved aunt, Bessie Gross—Martin Baer Hartman Beloved father, Daniel Burtnick—Sharon Beloved grandmother, Ethel Morrison—Lois and Burtnick Belavitch Brad Sideman Beloved grandmother, Fannie Katz—Barbara Beloved mother, Ida Spiegel—Susan Solomon Cohen Kennedy Beloved father, Samuel Gack—Lewis Gack Beloved father, Joseph Green—Shelley Green Beloved grandmother, Esther Kahan—Nancy and Edward Marut Vogel Beloved father, Henry Lustig—Alan Lustig Beloved mother, Rosalyn Cooper—Donna Sack


In Memory of Donor Zion Eran Fraiman, beloved brother of Ronit Cohen—Cynthia and Sheldon Fine


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved grandmother, Bessie Colitz—Jeff Weiss Beloved grandfather, Samuel Colitz—Jeff Weiss Beloved grandmother, Ida Bernstein—Robert Congratulations to Donor and Judy Mack Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the Bat Mitzvah of Beloved mother, Rose Jacobs—Judith Jacobs granddaughter, Abigail—Bill and Arlene Beloved father, William Gold—Cynthia and Patterson Bernie Gold Minda Reidy on becoming President of Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation—Cantor Beloved daughter, Audrey Gold—Cynthia and Bernie Gold Idan and Einat Irelander


Beloved parents, William and Rebecca Zidle— Betsy Hornik Beloved father. Julio Topp—Arno Topp Beloved father, Charles Close—Alan Close Beloved mother, Rachel Posternak—Michael Posternak In Memory of Donor Beloved father, Robert Landowne—Judith Werner Ari Pernick, beloved son of Matthew and Susan Pernick—Cynthia and Sheldon Fine Harry Kushnir, beloved father of Michael Kushnir—Judy and Larry Matulsky Bernard Berger, beloved father of Robert Berger—Beth and Art Shiro Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Ronald and Nancy Marks Congratulations to Donor Harold Traub on his 90th birthday—Marcia Robinson Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail—Michelle and Al Chapper Vivian Siegal Scult on her 90th birthday— Michelle and Al Chapper Lisa and Ken Samel on their new home—Myrtis Fineman Lori and Sam Gerber on the birth of granddaughter, Juliette—Gerri and Jeff Weiss Anne and Barry Chudnofsky on the marriage of daughter, Alyssa to Margaret—Gerri and Jeff Weiss

HOLOCAUST FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved grandfather, Josub Haber—Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub Beloved father, Kalman Schwarz—Susie Novick In Memory of Donor Harry Kushnir, beloved father of Michael Kushnir—Susie and David Novick Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Susie and David Novick Congratulations to Donor Tana Goldberg on the birth of grandson, Andrew Benson Hahn—Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub

Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub on the engagement of son, Jonathan—Elaine Lewin and Paul Chabot Judy and Jim Sciabarrasi on the marriage of son, Joel to Brittany—Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub

LIFELONG LEARNING FUND Congratulations to Donor Ruth and Martin Baer on the birth of granddaughter, Kayla—Shelley Green and Edward Marut

ELAINE MANDELL YOUTH FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Mitchell Koffman—Julie and Mitchell Levine Beloved mother, Faye Koffman—Julie and Mitchell Levine Beloved mother, Gina Levine—Julie and Mitchell Levine

RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Jessie Risman—Estelle Kublin Beloved father, Albert Lane—Judith Rogers Beloved father, Saul Kaplan—Alan and Leslie Kaplan Beloved father, Alvin White—Arlene Sherman and Harvey Goldman Beloved brother, Daniel Edelstein—Bernard Edelstein Beloved mother, Ida Siman—Bernice Wolk Beloved father, Samuel Siman—Bernice Wolk Beloved husband, Herbert Wolk—Bernice Wolk Beloved father, Jerry Cohen—Wendy Gilbert Beloved Gisela Tuttmann—Grace Tuttman Beloved Herta Tuttmann—Grace Tuttman Beloved husband, Samuel Tuttman—Grace Tuttman Beloved father, Leo Adams—Anita and Ken Adams

Beloved mother, Anna Goldberg—Saul Goldberg Beloved father, William Goldberg—Saul Goldberg Beloved father, James Dunbar—Sarah Goldberg Beloved father, Gersh Stolerman—Galina Nizhnikov Beloved mother, Nellie Faigel—Myrna Silverman Beloved father, Harry Jacobs—Judith Jacobs Beloved husband and father, Bennett Rogers— Celia Rogers, Norman Rogers Beloved father, David Belotserkovsky—Anna and Ed Shenker Beloved father, Israel Shenker—Eduard Shenker Beloved father, Donald Franks—Karen and Phillip Glendye Beloved mother, Evelyn Franks—Karen and Phillip Glendye Beloved mother, Bessie Colitz—Myrna Weiss Beloved father, Samuel Colitz—Myrna Weiss Beloved mother, Eleanor Resnik—Janie Haas

a passionate commitment to Jewish life Beloved husband, Robert Tober—Harriet Tober Beloved sister, Sylvia Rothman—Harriet Tober Beloved mother, Bessie Cohen—Ira Weiss Beloved mother, Pearl Kravetz—Stanley Kravetz MINYAN FUND Beloved Tillie Palastrant—Stanley Kravetz In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Phillip Kravetz—Stanley Kravetz Beloved mother, Anne Sherman—Marjory and Beloved mother, Selma Martin—Suzette and Paul Carl Bindman Martin Beloved father, Morris Silverman—Helene and Beloved father, Joseph Block—Michael Block Lew Gack Beloved father, Ernest Krakauer—Kathrin Krakauer In Memory of Donor Beloved mother, Jeanne Miller—Harriet and Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Frank Forlizzi Krentcil—Patti Ratner McWeeney, Jay Weiner, Marjory and Carl Bindman, Paulette Beloved father, Bernard Miller—Harriet and Frank Forlizzi and Jeff Brown, Barbara and Michael Sarullo, Beloved brother, M. Jack Miller—Harriet and Charlotte Ginsburg, Rabbi Mark and Alice Frank Forlizzi Golub, Kathe and Alan Tuttman Beloved Rose Binder—Ellen Parker NEW MEMBER FUND Beloved father-in-law, George Berman—Dorette In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Berman Beloved mother, Esther Jaye—Ed Jaye Beloved grandmother, Eva Weiner—Heidi and Michael Yoken In Memory of Donor Beloved mother, Cathy Weiner—Heidi and Robert Brodsky, beloved husband of Michele Michael Yoken Brodsky—Paula and Ed Jaye Beloved grandmother, Anne Rosenberg—Heidi Bill Maren, beloved father of Jonathan Maren— and Michael Yoken Paula and Ed Jaye Beloved father-in-law, Charles Segal—Edward Congratulations to Donor Weiner Paula and Ed Jaye on the birth of grandson, Beloved mother, Bertha Weiner—Edward Weiner Joseph—Carol and Alan LeBovidge, Beloved mother, Marian Shapiro—Sondra and Etta and Stanley Shapiro, Arlene and Michael Finegold Bill Patterson, Elaine Lewin and Paul Beloved mother, Gertrude Walmsley—Cynthia Chabot, Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub Mencis Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the Bat Mitzvah of Beloved father, Israel Mencis—Lester Mencis granddaughter, Abigail—Paula and Ed Jaye Beloved father, Merrill Pollinger—Andi Pollinger Jennifer and Jason LeBovidge on the Bat Beloved mother, Bessie Berman—Marlene “Pat” Mitzvah of daughter, Abigail—Paula and Ed Lewis Jaye Beloved father, Manuel Epstein—Martin and PRAYERBOOK INSCRIBED Joan Epstein Beloved father, Irving Altman—Richard Altman In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Burton Leider—Joel and Jean Beloved parents, Herbert and Ruth Alfond— Leider Sandy and Barbara Alfond Beloved father, Ike Rosenheck—Leonard Rosenheck In Memory of Donor Beloved mother-in-law, Sylvia Caplan—Helen Malka Fridman, beloved of The Fridman Caplan Family—Elayne and David Weener Beloved father, Fred Berman—Elaine Goodman Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Beloved father, Irving Sarlin—Marilyn Faigel Krentcil—Paulette and Jeff Brown Beloved mother, Rose Ginsberg—Steven Ginsberg Beloved sister, Toby Kaufman—Ruth Baer


Beloved mother, Dorothy Kolodny—Paul Kolodny Beloved mother, Pauline Resnik—Louis Resnik Beloved father, Herbert Tatelman—Jack and Richard Tatelman Beloved husband, Paul Factor—Sally Factor Beloved father, Melvin Edinberg—Nancy Weinstein Beloved father, Murray Piatok—Debbie, Nate, Zach and Josh Walker Beloved sister, Dina Samick—David and Elaine Samick Beloved wife, Debra Tonks—Richard Tonks Beloved mother-in-law, Kayla Sommers— Richard Tonks Beloved mother-in-law and father-in-law, Matilda and Philip Weiser—Evelyn Weiser Beloved mother, Rachel Posternak—Charles and Nancy Posternak Beloved father, Joseph Posternak—Charles and Nancy Posternak Beloved father, Barney Mollov—Steven and Paula Mollov Beloved father, Abraham Kleiman—Hannah Thyresson Beloved mother, Betty Casper—Dan Casper Beloved husband, Robert Frank—Marilyn Frank In Memory of Donor Fred Silton, beloved father of Karen Balin— Marcia and Ted Balin Andrew Rubinstein, beloved son of Michael and Linda Rubinstein—Michele Katz Beloved father of Louise Allard—Carole and David Werner Harry Kushnir, beloved father of Michael Kushnir—Ellen and Dana Munick, Saul and Sarah Goldberg Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Ellen and Dana Munick, Rebecca and Ron Cooper, Jeri and Elliot Goldberg Marlene Gordon, beloved sister of Iris Lorber— Michele Katz Beloved mother of Kevin Andresen—Denise and Bobby Nash Bill Maren, beloved father of Jonathan Maren— Jay Weiner

Congratulations to Donor Barbara and Jim Saret on the Bar Mitzvah of grandson, Isaac—Marcia and Ted Balin Ruth and Martin Baer on the birth of their granddaughter—Myrna Silverman Marcia Balin on her special birthday—Millie and Ralph Stein Sandy and Steve Shapiro on their new home— Millie and Ralph Stein Erin and Derek Leider on the birth of son, Blake Allen Leider—Joel and Jean Leider In Appreciation of Donor Rabbi Goldstein for High Holiday honors—Judith Rogers, Joel Leider, Carol and Alan LeBovidge, Edward and Jill Kutchin, Sondra Finegold, Toby Hodes, Michael Gerstein, Mark Lapp Rabbi Goldstein on the Bat Mitzvah of our granddaughter, Abigail—Carol and Alan LeBovidge Rabbi Goldstein on the Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Abigail—Jennifer and Jason LeBovidge Rabbi Goldstein on the Bar Mitzvah of our son, Jacob—Jennifer and Sunny Srivastava Rabbi Goldstein on the B’nai Mitzvah of our children, Benjamin and Marah—Alex and Linsey Goldman Rabbi Goldstein at the High Holidays—Claire Blustein, Sherry and Eric Nadworny, Sue and Stan Pearlson Rabbi Goldstein on the Baby Naming of our granddaughter, Jamie Brooke—Jane and Steven Waldman Rabbi Goldstein on the Baby Naming of our sons, Luca and Noah—Rachel and Patrick Saint-Firmin Rabbi Goldstein on our Marriage—Rachel and Rob Rogers Rabbi Goldstein at our time of need—Bonnie, Faran and Seth Krentcil Rabbi Goldstein—The Sideman and Katz Families Rabbi Goldstein —The Ginsberg Family Rabbi Goldstein—Ronald and Rebecca Cooper Rabbi Goldstein—Lesley Roth and Howard Meshnick Rabbi Goldstein—Alice and Bob Friedenson Rabbi Goldstein—Dana and Cindy Cohen Rabbi Goldstein—Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel

Leslie Sigman, beloved father of Scott Sigman— LYNCH SCHOLAR FUND Amy Sebell In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved Edward Levine—Charlotte Lynch Congratulations to Donor Martin and Ruth Baer on the birth of HOWARD D. AND PHYLLIS PONTY granddaughter, Kayla—Ann and Herb Kazer ETHICS LECTURE FUND Ed and Paula Jaye on the birth of grandson, In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Joseph Nils Samuel Jaye—Marcella Beloved friend, Louis Rose—Kathy and Philip Lemberger Berman Speedy Recovery to Donor SYDNEY “SHYER” ROSENBERG Amy Sebell—Joel and Judy Alson, Gail Weisman


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Regina Stolzberg—Phyllis Barenboim

ROBERTA AND KENNETH BRAVERMAN INTERFAITH FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Esther Bradbard—Bobbi Braverman Beloved father-in-law, Abraham Braverman— Bobbi Braverman Speedy Recovery to Donor Amy Sebell—Bobbi Braverman


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Dora Bernstein—Frances Waterman


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Louis Bresky—Harriet Flashenberg Stephen Flashenberg, beloved husband of Harriet Flashenberg—Elaine Lewin Beloved father, Jack Myers—Elaine Lewin Congratulations to Donor Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail—Elaine Lewin and Paul Chabot Tana Goldberg on the birth of grandson, Andrew Hahn—Elaine Lewin and Paul Chabot Ilene Bornstein on the birth of grandson, Dillon— Elaine Lewin


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father and brother, Sydney Rosenberg—Neil Rosenberg, Jason Rosenberg Beloved father, David Rosenberg—Jason Rosenberg


In Memory of Donor Bernard Reisman, beloved brother of Jerald Reisman—Ruth Ruderman

ESTHER AND BENJAMIN RUSSEM FAMILY EDUCATION FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved brother, Norman Asher—Marge Russem Beloved father, Jacob Asher—Marge Russem


Best Wishes to Donor Harold Traub on his special birthday—Joan and Marty Epstein

LILYAN S. MALE UAHC CAMP FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved father, Myron Male—Leslie and Bruce Male


In Memory of Donor Alan, beloved of The Weisman Family—Mimi and Jeffrey Queen Harold Cooper, beloved father of Ronald Cooper—Mimi and Jeffrey Queen Doc Hallisey, beloved husband of Lynda Hallisey—Mimi and Jeffrey Queen Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Mimi and Jeffrey Queen

Constantly evolving to meet the needs of SOCIAL ACTION FUND In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved mother, Ida Kimel—Roberta Steinberg Beloved father, Samuel Gerstein—Michael Gerstein Beloved mother, Lita Gilboard—Bruce Gilboard Beloved mother, Rita Tannenbaum—Marcy Tannenbaum-Fox, Harold and Jeremy Fox Beloved father, Irving Malis—Andrew Malis Beloved mother, Rose Karl—Barbara and Gene Mainen Beloved husband, Irving Lemberger—Marcella Lemberger Beloved mother-in-law, Rose Weisman—Gail Weisman Beloved father, Barney Trager—Jim Trager In Memory of Donor Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Amy Sebell, Nancy and Stephen Rotman

Ed and Paula Jaye on the birth of grandson, Joseph Nils Samuel—Harriet Flashenberg Harriet Flashenberg and Mike Evers on their new home—Rabbi Mark and Alice Golub


In Memory of - at Yahrzeit Donor Beloved uncle, John Silver—Elayne Weener Beloved uncle, Walter Silverwatch—Elayne Weener In Memory of Donor Len, beloved of Marsha Stelman—Elayne and David Weener Bill Maren, beloved father of Jonathan Maren— Elayne and David Weener Congratulations to Donor Carol and Alan LeBovidge on the Bat Mitzvah of granddaughter, Abigail—Elayne and David Weener



In Memory of Donor Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil—Ruth Weiner, Maureen and Steve Weisner Selma Joress, beloved mother of Marilyn Monderer—Andrea, Stewart, Jennifer and Jonathan Monderer


Congratulations to Donor Sam and Lori Gerber on the birth of granddaughter, Juliette—Ruth and Martin Baer, Maureen and Steve Weisner, Ina and Marshall Leinson Mariel and Adam Silevitch on the birth of son, Theodore “Teddy” Jack—Pam and Barry Silevitch

Yahrzeits (continued from back page)

Louis Siskind Elaine Rick Naomi Solomon Merrill Rosenberg George Sternberg Abraham Young Lillian Roth Norma Warshaw Harriet Zagoren Abraham Rothseid Minnie Weinrich Eunice Seeche Ann Weinstein Elizabeth Segal 18 Shevat Walter Wertheimer Miriam Shatsky Harry Lynch Edward Simon Mark Mael February 16 - 2 Adar Beatrice Marks George Meltz Mary Pearlstein Myer Aisenberg Samuel Michelson Harry Piltch Hannah Aronovitz Edward Milstone Richard Quint Philip Assiran Donald Moorin Roberta Raphael Abraham Baker Joseph Needelman Abraham Rothman Benjamin Barry Marvin Newman Theodore Samel Myron Birnbaum Saul Nitzberg Jessie Samuels Roberta Brilliant Joseph Prolman Kurt Saret Tracy Bydairk Freda Raduziner Sarah Schneiderman Sumner Charm Sandra Raphaelson Leon Shapiro Katie Cogan Sarah Rosenberg Marcella Siegel Irving Danis Isadore Rothstein Marilyn Simon Bernard Ernest Harry Rutstein Abraham Sokolow Morris Fire Rebecca Sandler Ruth Waldman Benjamin Goefenbauer Sherwin Schloss Thayer S. Warshaw Martha Hecht Benjamin Schoen Irving Willis Ida Heffron Lisa Battaglia-Schwartz Dora Wyse Mildred Heimowitz Rubin Schwartzstein Fern Ziegler Paula Hirschfeld Moshe Irelander Evelyne Segal Ida Iskols Stanley Segall 25 Shevat Morris Jacobson Roberta Seifer Bennett Greenberg William Katz Joseph Shade Anna Heffron Bertram Kline Gerald Sheinhait George Kaufman Abraham Kremer Jennie Tolmatch Lucille Kay Stuart Labell Nachmin Viener Nathan Klaiman Fannie Lampert Mary Weinberg Elsie Lazarus Sarah Lasovick Simon Werlin Jack Leblang Ruth Leavitt Jean Wish Lewis Lee Milton Lebowitz Yav Ella Yavner Howard Levine Asher Levek Evelyn Zaretsky Edward Liffmann Bert Levine Rebecca Zidle Alice Linden Jack Mandell February 23 - 9 Adar Mitchel Miller Samuel Cohen Robert Misch Mildred Barkin Joseph Curtis Jack Monderer Edward Barr Anne Faigel Doralie Myerson Myrna Baylis Debra Freeman Robert Perlberg Samuel Beletz Joseph Friedman Estelle Poretsky Selig Blank Iken Gans Albert Rick Jack Budd Paul Cahn Esther Glazerman

January 26 - 11 Shevat Lester Waks Mabel Weiner Oscar Wolk

February 2 Arthur Abraham Davis Bassen Dora Beletz Sadye Berenson Alvin Berman Lorraine Block David Boruchin Harvey Byers Edna Close Evelyn Cohen Esther Davis Elsie Epstein Lawrence Ferber Miriam Gardner Joan Gordon Phillip Gottesman Alan Greenberg Bert Hirshberg Joseph Keller Fannie Klaiman Iris Krieger Faye Levitt

February 9 Matthew Adler Howard Aisenberg Max Arkin Robert Barenboim Carrie Bassen Ann Bernstein Louise Bloom Henry Bogatin Gecheved Boruchin Judith Branz Julius Cates Anne Cohen Myer Cohen Saul Effenson Annie Feinberg Khova Fortunov Bruce Glassman Sadye Goodman Elaine Gordon

Joseph Goldman Alice Gordon Ruth Gordon Harry Grossman Lillian Gushin Henry Harris Isadore Heyman Marilyn Iskols Rose Jacobson Anna Katz Morris Klaiman Charlotte Levitan Henry Lewin Harriet Mack Saul Matulsky Anna Needelman Eva Pepper Leonard Pike Solomon Rath

Mary Rosenberg Elizabeth Schwartz Louis Schwartz Ross Scott Solomon Shenker Samuel Shiff Israel Shinberg Marcia Simon Roland Siskind Pearl Swartz Sumner Trilling Janos Vajda William Weener Louis Wishnow Celia Yavner Tobias Yavner Clarice Yoken Lillian Zaft

March 2 - 16 Adar Rose Alfond Ruth Aronovitz Davis Axelrod Irma Bass Ed Berman Julius Bernstein Bernice Birnbach Ellen Blinderman Diana Braverman Janice Cohen Morris Davis Philip Fixman Franz Frankl Sanford Freedman Max Gardner Dorrys Glassman Sheldon Goldberg Simon Goldberg Frances Goldstein Irving Goldstein Rose Grossman Howard Harrison Rose Haykin Philip Heifetz Mildred Karas David Klein Yosef Korol James LeBovidge

Annie Levin R. Harriett Lyman Celia Mann Mae Mascott Sophie Nemzolb David Paresky Edward Paris Ralph Pepper Gertrude Perlitsh Louis Prolman Katie Robbins Albert Rothseid Anna Schneider Douglas Schwartz Frances Sciabarrasi Ethel Sherman Sonny Shugar Mary Silverwatch Violet Siskind Lawrence Smith Celia Steinberg Shirley Tamarkin Adele Taymore Morris Tolmatch Henry Umansky Frances Witover Harold Young Melvin Zeitlan

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OFFICE USE ONLY Please send with your check to: 7 Haggetts Pond Rd., Andover, MA 01810 Date _______ Acknowledged:__________ I (we) are pleased to contribute (circle the amount or fill in “Other”) to the Fund indicated below: Billed:_________________ $6.00 (minimum donation) $18.00 $25.00 $50.00 $100.00 Other Amount $_________ Bulletin:________________ ____General Operating Fund ____Building Fund ____General Fund ____Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund ____Lifelong Learning Fund ____Elaine Mandell Youth Fund ____Religious School Fund ____Minyan Fund ____Cantor’s Music Fund ____Holocaust Fund ____Social Action Fund ____Hearing Impaired Fund ____New Member Fund ____Family Fund_________________________ Please send acknowledgement to: Name:__________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ Contribution from: Name: _________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ Occasion: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Does a family member’s stone need a power washing? Contact Tony Cerro of Fairmount Landscaping, (617) 791-9779 Jon Samel – (978) 474-0810 Beth Shiro – (978) 470-1356

By renting the floral arrangements, you can bring the joy that accompanies a child becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah into another family’s life. All proceeds from rentals help pay for the expense of either a tutor or for a small Kiddush lunch for a family who could not afford to have their child take part in and celebrate this beautiful life cycle event. The rental donation for the floral arrangements is $180 for two, or $90 for a single arrangement.

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Rabbi……………….….…....Dr. Robert S. Goldstein Rabbi Emeritus…..………..…...Harry A. Roth, D.D. Cantor and Music Director……..…….Idan Irelander Soloist………………....…….………….Gitit Shoval Executive Director……………....Maureen Chapman Religious School Director....….……….Betsy Kachel Preschool Director…………….....…..Beth Weisblatt President………..…………..….…..…..Amy Riemer 1st Vice President……….……....…..….....Steve Fox 2nd Vice President…….…………....Marc Freedman 3rd Vice President…….……..…David Trachtenberg 4th Vice President…………………...Joel Mittelman Treasurer…………………….......Jonathan M. Samel Assistant Treasurer………………………Les Satlow Financial Secretary……………..…...David Holzman Assistant Financial Secretary……......Alex Goldman Recording Secretary……...……...……….Dana Katz Sisterhood President……………..….Jillian Dubman Brotherhood President….....……David Trachtenberg TEMTY President………..………......Joshua Levine


“FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION” Condolences to the families of: Jack Frangiamone, beloved father of Donna Katzman Stuart Krentcil, beloved husband of Bonnie Krentcil Leslie Sigman, beloved father of Scott Sigman William Maren beloved father of Jonathan Maren Yetta Smolensky, beloved mother of Karen Sachs Donald Weiss, beloved father of Robert Weiss Yahrzeits The following names of loved ones whose Yahrzeit are observed during the preceding week will be read before the Kaddish Prayer at Sabbath Eve and Saturday Minyan Services on:

January 5 - 19 Tevet Dorothy Alfond Mitchell Altman Zelda Cohen Florence Cooperstein Jack Cooperstein Sarah Cooperstein Lewis Cutler Minnie Cutler Irving Davis Abraham Feingold Moishe Franks Samuel Franks Tuba Franks David Goldsher Hannah Goldstein Melvin Hacker Beatrice Heifetz Milton Jaye Philip Kochman Zlata Korol

Carl Krasnoo Simon Kublin Jack Levine Samuel Levine Emma Loeb Ida Lyons Theodore Mael Emil Marut Harry Meyers Betty Needle Ann Nevins Ida Paresky Ben Peterfriend Walter Pfeffer Edward Rauh Joseph Rivitz Jeanne Rubin Gertrude Sandler Louis Sanft Rebecca Schwartz

Maurice Seeche Morris Seidel Tillie Silverstein Thelma Simon

Marge Solomon Agnes Tonks Gerald Weinstein

January 12 - 26 Tevet Robert Alberg Ida Babner Max Birnbach Jack Bloom Simon Borenstein Ruth Branz Augusta Caplan Goldie Caplan Sharon Dubinsky Kenneth Edelson Faye Finegold Samuel Freedman Daniel Goldberg Hedwig Goldschmidt Sadie Golub Estelle Gould Donald Hartman Ida Holt Sarah Hook Jerome Iskols Max Katz Samuel Kolsky Eli Landy Jeanette Levine

Lawrence Mann Fred Mascott Abraham Mass Rubin Needle Irving Newman Arthur Noymer Minna Rabinowitz Morris Reinhart Mary Risman Donald Ross Leonard Rubin Theodore Rudnitsky Bessie Schifrin Moe Shipon Ruth Sklar Mary Stein Michael Joseph Stern Leonard Ullian Clara Vogel Anna Weiner Jane Weiner Irving Werlin Saul White Mollie Zeder

January 19 - 4 Shevat Joseph Albertson Mary Alson Annie Altman Clifford Appel Pauline Balin Regina Baron Fred Berkowitz Rosalie Blum David Braidy Lillian Braidy Naomi Brenner

Arnold Cohen Howard Davis Henry Dine Morris Flieder Edward Gelt Howard Gerber Sarah Gilboard Edith Heffron Irving Jaffe George LaDue Harold Landy

Sarah Landy Harold LeBovidge Melvin H. Levene Eleanor Lite Eleanor Lustig Barbara Maren Henry Michelson Peter Misch Maurice Paresky Harry Payne Esther Rivitz Sara Rudnick

Esther Russem Nan Samel Emma Sarlin Harriet Schneir Donald Schwartz Sarah Shapiro Evelyn Sternberg Theodore Touster Beatrice Weinerman Jason Weisman Emma Zimmerman

January 26 - 11 Shevat Harold Bargar J. John Berger Malka Beznos Mildred Budin Lawrence Cohen Elizabeth Davis Elaine Dillon Morris Feinberg Jeremiah Finn Dora Freedman Rose I. Freedman Bertha Friedenson Emanuel Gantz Fred Gerber Fannie Goldbin Marvin Gruss Harry Gurland Mildred Habelow Thelma Hellmann David Hirth Milton Isenberg Milton Issenberg Gertrude Kaplan Irving Keshner Lee Kleinman Dora Kovner Alice Leider

David Lemberger Irving Leoff Harold Levin Sandra Levin Rae Libowitz Ronald Myers Etta Neumark Eileen Newman Lillian Newman Louis Payne Melvin Perlitsh Mary Piltch Ruth Pollinger Maurice Prolman William Raduziner Noah Rosenblum Edith Rosman Beatrice Ross Doris Ross Ida Rotman Helen Russ Sima Schwarz Robert Sherman Jeanne Snyder Phillip Sporn Harry Steinberg Ralph Svarson

Yahrzeits Continued On Page 17

January february 2018 final  
January february 2018 final