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LAUNCH Program Overview

Our LAUNCH Program put s 85-90% of it s t im e and em phasis on Tw o Areas? w hich are t aught each session. This 11-w eek series consist s of bot h inst ruct or-led and account abilit y sessions.

Part One = Prospect ing

Over 20 + Prospecting techniques are taught. Students are urged to focus on no more than 4.

- Ultimately it is the student?s responsibility to decide on their prospecting success recipe.

- Each prospecting technique is proven to work Each prospecting technique taught has current, active agents making over $250K GCI specializing (over half their business) on one of the techniques taught ?

Part Tw o = Core Com pet encies

- Another description for Core competencies is Real Estate Business Fundamentals that can and should be taught on a national level Some things, like contracts, are best taught locally.

Session 1:

- Introduction to United Programs & Resources designed to assist agent?s Progress and Success.

- A brief look into the past, present, and future of United Training, Education, and Development.

- Ext ra Tim e & Em phasis is placed on w hat is happening t his upcom ing quart er

- A full explanation of Launch, Surge Soar, and Unite

- A full explanation of Aspire, Connect, Empower, Influence, etc

- Learning Via Statistics. Stats that are Myth Busters and are impactful in establishing learning priorities.

- Explaining the Philosophies behind United?s Learning Initiatives.

- Discovering the 4 Types of Agents ? Which one are you?Why does this matter?

- Ult ra Deep Dive int o t he LAUNCH Program Answers:

- What is it?What are its Objectives?Why should you participate?Who are its trainers & Leaders?Where & When Launch will Launch take Place?How do I sign up?How much does it cost?

- A look at the Learning Pyramid The Ultimate Learning MythBuster How we respond to these facts?

- Simplifying the Real Estate Business. The Main Things agents should focus on.

- Various Learning Topics that will lay the foundation for the upcoming/remaining 10 courses

- 10%Rule 50-1 Rule The Power of Conversations The REBiz Golden Rule Etc

LAUNCH Program Descript ion

Session 2

- Part 2A (Prospect ing)The Magical Formula for Easy Lead Flow

- A review of Key/Relevant Session 1 Information.

- Discovering the 4 Primary Prospecting MODES

- Session Mode Focus: FARMS. Discovering the Top 6 FARMS.

- Heavy emphasis on Farm #1 ? Sphere of Influence Farming

- How to build & nurture your Database or CRM.

- What is the KLTCVA1 Process?The magic formula for Winning the Game!

- Farming Terminology. Farming Process Visual.

- Part 2B (CORE)The Magical Formula for Realtor Efficiency & Effectiveness

- Goal Setting 101. Many Goal Setting tools presented & provided.

- The importance of having a Vision and established Values

- Reverse Engineering your Goals, Vision, and Values into a Business Plan.

- A brief look at a SWOT Analysis Tool Provided

- A Deep dive into the aspects and techniques that promote Time Maximization.

- 5+ Techniques presented that combined are gamechangers

- The Importance of Balance/Harmony. How to achieve it.

Session 3

- Part 3A (Prospect ing) Free, Unlimited Leads are everywhere! How to capitalize on this opportunity

- How the GEO Farm and the GEO Hunt application differ.

- How the GEO Farm and the GEO Hunt applications overlap and supplement each other.

- Keys to Selecting your GEO Territories The foundation for GEO Success

- GEO HUNT & Farm Dialogues & Scripts.

- GEO HUNT & Farm secrets & Success Tips

- Part 3B (CORE) Servicing & Succeeding with Buyers - from beginning to end.

- Setting up for Buyer Agency Success

- The Buyer Process from beginning to end ? from the agent?s perspective.

- Top things Buyer Agents do wrong!

- Keys to Buyer Agency Excellence & Success.

LAUNCH Program Descript ion

Session 4

- Part 4A (Prospect ing) A Guaranteed Prospecting high ROI Success Path utilizing Internet Leads

- Identifying the latest Internet Lead providers. Pros & Cons of each.

- How to organically create your own Internet Leads Pros & Cons of doing this

- Best practices of internet leads ? as well as the process from beginning to end.

- The Math and Ratios of Internet Lead Success

- Scripts & Dialogues that help you win in many Internet Lead situations.

- Part 4B (CORE)Servicing & Succeeding with Sellers - from beginning to end

- Setting up for Seller Agency (Listing) Success.

- The Listing Process from beginning to end ? from the agent?s perspective

- Top things Listing Agents do wrong!

- Keys to Listing Excellence & Success Why Listings Sell or Don? t Sell

- More than 10 of the best Seller Prospecting Ideas revealed & detailed.

Session 5

- Part 5A (Prospect ing)Capitalizing on Free, Abundant, Bonified Leads.

- How to locate For Sale Buy Owners - (FSBOs)

- A winning FSBO Process. Keys to Success. winning Expired Listing Process. Keys to Success

- Scripts & Dialogues for FSBO & Expired Listing Success.

- Objection Handling of FSBO & Expired Listings

- Part 5B (CORE)Pricing Properties & Market Evaluation (CMA?s).

- How to do a CMA ? Step by Step

- CMA Tools & Resources review.

- The importance (and usage) of Sales Price vs List Price ratios, and Days on the Market.

- How to present price opinions to your Sellers & Buyers

- Other Important Market Indicators. Educating your clients on Market Conditions..

- More than 10 of the best Buyer Prospecting Ideas revealed & detailed.

LAUNCH Program Descript ion

Session 6

- Part 6A (Prospect ing) How to identify over Ninety Percent of Real Estate clients before they Buy or Sell

- What are Life Events?

- How might tracking certain Life Events help an agent?s career?

- A detailed list of Life Events ? Instructor Provided plus class collaboration.

- How to track and approach various Life Event Targets.

- Additional Dialogues & Scripting related to Life Event Prospecting

- Part 6B (CORE) How to win the Real Estate Game! 25+ reasons why Agents Succeed or Fail

- The main causes of Real Estate Career Failure

- Attributes that that can be developed, and which lead to Realtor Success.

- How to overcome a ?Flatlining?Real Estate Career.

- How to gain and sustain Momentum

- The importance of Real Estate Professionalism A checklist for becoming a true Professional

Session 7

- Part 7A (Prospect ing) Making every person you encounter a possible Career Building Opportunity

- An overview of methods of Social Interaction Prospecting.

- Tools & Resources that assist in Social Prospecting.

- How to effectively Network at a Social Gathering.

- Hosting Events: Ideas on how to get Pro-Active with Social Interaction Prospecting

- Helpful Scripts & Dialogues for Social Interaction Prospecting

- Part 7B (CORE)Learning about the three main Real Estate Marketing areas

- All about building your Personal BRAND. Why is this so important?101 Checklist provided.

- Advertising Techniques for Listed Properties. Components of a great Listing Marketing Plan

- An ultra-quick look at Call-to-Action Advertising for lead flow (Covered deeper in session 8)

- Keep in Touch Programs How many Touches?The many modes to administering touches

- A lookback at session 2 ? The Magical KLTCVA1 Process

LAUNCH Program Descript ion

Session 8

- Part 8A (Prospect ing) Call to action Advertising.

- How to create an Incoming/Reactive Prospecting program Call to Action Ads (CTA)

- Leveraging Post Cards & other mail techniques

- Leveraging Technologies Note: A lot of this type content is covered in Session 11

- Leveraging Billboards, Radio, and TV

- Additional CTA Techniques. CTA Tips & Best Practices.

- Part 8B(CORE) From Under Contract to Closing/Settlement or Title Transfer.

- Generic (Most Common) Contract to Closing Steps

- The most common Landmines or Obstacles that occur after the closing

- How to prevent and/or how to solve them

- Common Safety/Risk Issues. Prevention Advice.

- Common Compliance or Legal Issues. Advice on how to stay out of harms way.

Session 9

- Part 9A (Prospect ing) Obtaining Business or Referrals from other professionals

- A2B1 - Agent to Business Prospecting (Closed Group Approach)

- A2B2 - Agent to Business Prospecting (Open Approach) .

- A2A - Agent to Agent Referrals.

- Community Involvement Approach towards prospecting.

- Additional Agent and/or Business Strategies

- Part 9B (CORE) Technologies, Niche Markets, Competitive Advantages, and Trends

- Most Common and/or Valuable Real Estate Agent Technologies

- Trainer Provides & Explains 15 ? Student Provides & Explains 10+.

- Most Common and/or Valuable Real Estate Agent Niche Markets.

- Trainer Provides & Explains 10 ? Student Provides & Explains 5+.Current Trends to take advantage of Crystal ball into the future ? emerging Trends

LAUNCH Program Descript ion

Session 10

- Part 10A (Prospect ing) Distressed Situations for gaining prospects.

- Pre-Foreclosure Opportunities 101 Agent Opportunities

- Short Sales 101. Agent Opportunities.

- REO Properties 101 Agent Opportunities

- Foreclosures Opportunities beyond REO properties.

- Additional Distressed Opportunities and Info such as Probate, etc

- Part 10B (CORE) ADeeper Dive into Working with Buyers. Expanding on Session 3 content.

- The Buyer Consultation Process Deep Dive

- Advanced Buyer Servicing Techniques/Ideas. Strengthening your Value Proposition.

- Buyer Pre-Qualification ? How an agent should handle it

- Buyer & Buyer Agent Fail & Success Stories. Words of Wisdom.

- Current Lending Opportunities 101

Session 11

- Part 11A (Prospect ing) An Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Prospecting Emphasis)

- The Top 5 or 6 Social Media Prospecting Opportunities.

- 1) Facebook, 2) Instagram, 3) YouTube, 4) Linkedin, 5/6) Trainer?s Choices

- Student collaboration on what is working for them. Possible Guest expert.

- The Kitchen Sink of Additional Prospecting Methods not mentioned in sessions 1-10

- Note: United is targeting a Q1 2024 rollout of a program called ?Influence?to provide continuous, up to date, training on Social Media Prospecting, Branding, and Property Marketing.

- Part 11B (CORE) A Deeper Dive into Working with Buyers Expanding on Session 3 content

- The Listing Presentation Deep Dive.

- Advanced Seller Servicing Techniques/Ideas Strengthening your Value Proposition.

- A quick Look at Common Seller Objections ? Scripting on how to overcome

- Seller & Listing Agent Fail & Success Stories. Words of Wisdom.

- A quick look at Sales Techniques used in a Listing Presentation

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