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Issue 06 | Autumn 2021



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Aaron and Bobby visit the latest round of the British GT Championship

Highlights of an exclusive team sponsor karting day at Daytona Milton Keynes

A look at the race reports so far from the 2021 Britcar Championships

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We’re nearing the end of the 2021 season and you’ll see in our season round up that we’re in a fantastically strong position.

Aaron and Bobby have their first taste of what 2022 holds in store with a visit to the latest round of the British GT Championship.

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With an incredible start to the championship, seeing consecutive wins for the Aston and impressive performances from our BMW drivers, we set out this year with a bold and brave determination to succeed.

RACING ON THE VIRTUAL TRACK The latest news from Team BRIT’s e-sports racing outfit; eTeam BRIT.

It’s been a season of ups and downs, with the most extreme highs, seeing Bobby and Aaron repeatedly on the podium, to indescribable lows as we lost a volunteer marshall at Brands Hatch.

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The consistent theme throughout has been our determination and resilience, and whatever the outcome of the championship next month, I remain incredibly proud of what the team has achieved.

Team BRIT crew members and sponsors descended upon Daytona Milton Keynes for an exclusive sponsor karting day.

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We have our biggest news ever to announce in the coming weeks and with our fantastic team of new rookies ready and eager to begin their Team BRIT journey, 2022 looks set to be a pivotal year in our story.

THE SEASON SO FAR Incredible performances from our drivers and stellar skill and teamwork from our crew, means we’re in a strong position as we head into the final race of the Britcar Championship.

We have seen more renewed commitments from our loyal sponsors this year and have welcomed major new partners in what is set to be our most successful year on record. I’m sure I say that every year! But it’s true… and testament to the hard work and dedicated of every member of our team that has an absolute determination to succeed. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the 2021 season so far, either as a crew member, driver, fan, friend or sponsor. It takes an army to make the change we’re creating and we’re grateful to every person who supports our drive forward towards true accessibility in motorsport.

Dave Player

Team BRIT Founder


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TB HQ’S NEW SPANISH INFLUENCE 26-year old Raquel Esteban from Madrid becomes our latest racing mechanic after joining the team in July.

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STARS We’re proud and excited to welcome three new drivers into the Team BRIT line up.

Our promising new drivers have already begun their Team BRIT journey, embarking on their rookie development programme, with some set to line up on the grid for the first time this year at Donington in October. Our goal is to support as many disabled drivers as possible in their entry and development into motorsport. For some this is through a track day experience, for others, it’s through our racing team with the view of becoming a competitive driver. We’ve created a sustainable ladder of development into the sport for disabled people and aim to welcome a host of new drivers into the sport year on year. Team BRIT driver coach Jamie Falvey explains: “Not everyone can become a racing driver. “If I picked up a tennis racket and decided I wanted to be a tennis champion, it’s highly


unlikely I’d quickly become the next Agassi! It takes qualities, skills and a commitment to hard work to make this happen. “When we find someone who is keen to get involved with the team, it’s a slow and careful process to understand if they have what it takes, if we can provide the support they need, and if they have the chance of progressing. “Each of our new rookies has been working with us over the past few months, starting with an introduction and assessment at our HQ in Dunsfold, before continued assessment and coaching on the track so we can determine their potential and make sure they are safe to drive. “New drivers bring something unique and exciting to the team and we’re really looking forward to working with them and seeing how far they can go. They have a lot to learn but lots to give and I’m confident they’ve got a fantastic season ahead.” Meet our new rookies...









Car: BMW M240i 70

Age: 39


Hometown: Southampton 70

Disability: Displacement of the hips and scoliosis of the spine


Sporting background: Former wheelchair tennis champion I’ve had a love of racing since I was child when I would regularly go to Brands Hatch to watch. Before now, my only experience of competing has been in an endurance kart race when I was 16 which I won and through gaming. I was obsessed with Gran Turismo as a teenager and as an adult I was lucky to win a regional shootout sim racing event hosted by Aston Martin.


It’s hard to sum up what this opportunity means to me. Being a racing driver is something I’ve dreamt of since I was a kid, and even more so when I was a teenager, spending 5 or 6 hours a night racing sims. It’s so surreal to be given this chance but I’m determined to work hard to get as fit and healthy as I can. I want to be part of the team that makes it to Le Mans and I’ll be doing all I can to get there.




Car: BMW 118i


Age: 42


Disability: Right-side limb disabilities


Hometown: Battersea, London


Sporting background: New to competitive sport I’ve always loved motorsport, particularly motorbikes, but I’ve always assumed racing wasn’t for me, firstly because I assumed it was ‘a rich man’s sport’, and then because of my disability. I was inspired by the story of Nic Hamilton and his racing career and saw that he had been involved with Team BRIT. When I got in touch, Dave couldn’t be more enthusiastic and encouraged me to go along and find out more.


Now, I’m excited about what’s ahead, I’m ready to push my limits and see how far I can take this. If I can also inspire people with my story, by showing them that it’s never too late to turn your life around, I’ll feel very proud.







Car: BMW M240i 70

Age: 23


Hometown: Eastbourne 70

Disability: Born with no fingers


Sporting background: GB Paralympic skier

I’ve always found adrenaline and speed to be an amazing source of stress-relief and having been obsessed with cars since I was a child, I was counting the days before I could get behind the wheel, and was go-karting when I could barely see over one! I’ve been attending track days with my own car for a couple of years but I’ve never raced and I’m so excited to get on the race track competitively for the first time. Thanks to ski racing, I have an athlete’s mindset and an eye for the racing line so I know I have as much chance as success as anyone else on the grid.




For me, it’s about attention to detail and finding the marginal gains that will add up to a real advantage. I’m 100% committed to this new challenge and every race will be about pushing for the podium. Longer term, I want to be with the team at Le Mans and there’s no reason why we can’t get there and be seriously competitive.

O U T . . .

Newest potential rookie Anjali (Anji) Silva has begun trying out for the team, being assessed to see if she could be the next team rookie. 32-year-old Anji from South Croydon has been active in sport for years, from swimming to Lacrosse. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 and was introduced to the team this year. I was really happy when I came across this opportunity and having had a chat with Dave Player, I’m very much excited about the potential to become a rookie racing car driver, and proud to be one of the only female rookies to have tried out for Team BRIT.






the perfect partnership: Team BRIT & Brit Insurance

In late 2016, we saw one of Team BRIT’s drivers interviewed on TV. Their ambition, passion – and of course the Brit name – resonated strongly with us. A few months later, we launched our multi-year partnership with Team BRIT; not just to provide funding, but also to give our employees the chance to get to know the team and get involved. The business behind the logo

Driven to succeed

Brit is a global specialty insurance company. We are a leading syndicate of Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest specialist insurance market. Combining technical expertise with industry knowledge, we create bestin-class insurance solutions that help people and businesses face the future and thrive.

Both our organisations share the passion and pride that go with working as a team towards a common goal. Four years into our partnership, the journey with Team BRIT continues to be as exhilarating and rewarding as ever. We look forward to being part of its continued success, as the 2021 season gets underway.

Redefining what’s possible Like Team BRIT, our collaborative culture embraces difference. It empowers and enables talented individuals, whatever their background, to deliver outstanding results. We’re committed to growing the skills of every single employee; helping them fulfil their potential in a supportive, respectful and inclusive work environment.

To find out more about us visit: and Linkedin

the perfect partnership: Team BRIT & Brit Insurance

A TASTE OF THE FUTURE! Team BRIT drivers Aaron Morgan and Bobby Trundley have had their first taste of what 2022 holds in store, with a visit to the latest round of the British GT Championship.


n Sunday 12th September, Bobby and Aaron visited Oulton Park to take in the action from the latest round, alongside Team Commercial Director Mike Scudamore and Team Videographer Darren Cook.

Hosted as VIP guests by championship organisers SRO, Bobby and Aaron were given exclusive access to the track, paddock and hospitality areas, enjoying incredible views of the race and taking part in the prerace pit lane walk. The drivers also spent time with a number of teams and met with Chief Executive of MSV, Jonathan Palmer.


The visit comes after the team announced its intention to enter Bobby and Aaron into British GT next year. Commercial Director Mike Scudamore confirms: “It was great to be able to spend the day learning more about the running of the championship and meeting many of our potential competitors for next year.

“I’d like to thank Championship Manager Lauren Granville and Hospitality Coordinator Alaina Bull, along with everyone at British GT and SRO for their kindness and hospitality. “This time next year, we aim to be taking delivery of a GT3, which will be the car we race in at Le Mans. “New Le Mans rules means our GT3 will be race eligible, saving us millions in expenditure and making our goal even more of a reality.”

“This is a big step up for Bobby and Aaron, but one they are more than ready for. Seeing the race and the cars firsthand boosted their confidence and motivation for racing at this level even more and I know they couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead. “Our team has grown in confidence, capability and support over the last year and we’re moving towards our Le Mans goal at pace. We look forward to racing in British GT in 2022.






wo years ago, eTeam BRIT was formed - Team BRIT’s sim racing arm. The team was formed to provide a route to online racing for people with disabilities, with a view to supporting their confidence and development within the sport and potentially finding the Team BRIT rookies of the future. Team BRIT drivers have competed in eTeam BRIT events, with Bobby Trundley, Andy Tucker and Luke Pound getting heavily involved during lockdown. Bobby has even played a role as driver coach to the rookies. eTeam BRIT drivers have a range of physical and psychological disabilities. Some use specially adapted controls to enable them to race their sims at home, and the team works to raise awareness of disability racing online to encourage more manufacturers to consider creating accessible gaming controls.


• •


Launching in July 2019, the team began competing in iRacing – entering races in GT3, GTE, TCR and oval races. The highlight was the team’s entry into the 2019 Petit Le Mans where they finished 6th. In 2020, the eTeam BRIT Summer Series and GT Challenge were launched, bringing top talent to the grid including Rocket Simsport, Jenson Button, Jardier, SuperGT, Freddie Hunt, Colin Turkington and Team Fordzilla. Some of the eTeam BRIT drivers took victories against major names.

• • •

The team secured 2nd place finishes in iRacing special events Daytona 24hr, Sebring 12hr and 1st in the Watkins Glen 6hr Bobby Trundley secured an entry into the SRO Virtual British GT Championship, finishing as high 4th at Donington and beating some of the most well-known names in virtual and real racing. The team took the 4 fastest autistic sim racers in the world to compete in the iRacing special event Le Mans 24hr, moving from 49th on the grid to finish 23rd.

THE FUTURE Earlier this year, eTeam BRIT announced the next step in its esports expansion by announcing that it will start competing on Gran Turismo, thereby expanding the team into the world of console racing. Gran Turismo is famous worldwide as the best-selling racing game with over 8 million copies of its latest title sold and over 9.5 million users. The team will be managed by Lee Duncan, a veteran of racing on Gran Turismo under the supervision of team manager Max Spooner. Lee, who has Fibromyalgia and suffers from PTSD has a rich history of racing on Gran Turismo competing with some of the fastest GT drivers in the world. With Lee’s help, the team is able to run in FIA sanctioned events including the Nations Cup, Manufactures Cup, FIA Motorsport Games and if reintroduced, the Virtual Series as part of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The team works to raise awareness of disability racing online to encourage more manufacturers to consider creating accessible gaming controls

eTeam BRIT Manager Max Spooner commented: “I’m really proud of how far we’ve brought the team in just two years. “Sim racing is a huge these days, with millions of people participating every week, from complete novices to professional racers driving as part of major manufacturers’ development programmes. It’s a multi-million pound industry now. “To be hosting events of the scale we have, attracting some of the biggest names in the sport to our races is testament to the time and effort everyone behind the scenes has been putting in, but also a reflection of the quality of our drivers. “Most of our drivers are solely involved with eTeam BRIT, but we also welcome Team BRIT drivers to races regularly and it’s great to see that constant crossover. “In the same way that we see the incredible impacts of racing on disabled drivers in Team BRIT, the sense of team, camaraderie and competition also does great things for our drivers. We have a driver who was too anxious to leave the house for almost 10 years, who recently travelled to a major event to race with us where we finished 10th. We’re also taking drivers who haven’t sim raced before to competing for podiums at the highest level.



“Now that we’re moving into Gran Turismo as well, we’ll be able to welcome even more drivers into the sport, through its lower entry costs for kit and equipment. All you need is the game and a Playstation 4 or 5. “In the future, we really want to make an impact in our field, working with automotive OEMS, gaming and sim racing OEMS, the FIA, the IPC, disability organisations and leading personnel in sim racing and esports to help in our quest to making sim racing more accessible to disabled drivers. “We want to see disabled drivers winning the biggest prizes in sim racing – driving an eTeam BRIT car of course.” If you are a disabled racer on Gran Turismo or any of the PC based sims including iRacing, Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 and would like to find out more about joining eTeam BRIT as a driver, contact




SERIOUS COMPETITION AS SPONSORS TAKE TO THE TRACK On Tuesday 21st September, Team BRIT crew members, drivers, management and sponsors descended upon Daytona Milton Keynes for an exclusive team sponsor karting day. 15 teams entered a 3-hour endurance event, taking on the 1300m outdoor circuit in teams of up to 6. Also on display at the race was the team’s pride of fleet – the Aston Martin GT4 V8 Vantage. So as not to make it too easy for anyone, each team also had to stop during the race to change a tyre which is always a lot more difficult than it looks on screen! An epic battle ensued, with the team drivers proving their skill and experience, and Team BRIT, eTeam BRIT and KartForce teams sharing the lead positions for most of the race. Commercial Director Mike Scudamore took his own stint behind the wheel and explains: “What a brilliant day we had, and a fantastic opportunity to bring together our sponsors and supporters for a day of karting fun. “Karting is in the Team BRIT DNA, having been born from charity KartForce, and with many of our drivers learning their craft in karts. “A huge thank you to everyone who came along, to Karcher UK for providing some great prizes, and to Daytona Milton Keynes for being such welcoming hosts. “Same time next year everyone?”

R E S U LT S The sponsors fought incredibly hard, delivering some impressive driving stints. The top finishing sponsor teams were:


Simply Race




World Wide Workplace

Winners of the fastest wheel change were Your Cloud Works.

From family cars to racing cars KEEP GOING


/HavolineEurope © 2020 Chevron. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC or their respective owners.

A Chevron company product

HAV640_E-zine-0 [06/20]

Keep going with Havoline engine oils. Responding to the extreme demands of your engine, Havoline engine oils deliver dynamic protection and performance where it is needed most, exceeding even the toughest industry specifications.

T H E S E AS O N S O FA R Incredible performances from our drivers and stellar skill and teamwork from our crew, means we’re in a strong position as we head into the final race of the Britcar Championship at Donington on the 23rd and 24th October.

3 & 4 July On Saturday the heavens opened and torrential rain greeted the team for Bobby and Aaron’s endurance race. Conditions changed quickly, and with the crew working flat out to fix a throttle issue, there was little time to change the set-up on the car for the drier conditions ahead of qualifying. Bobby and Aaron pushed on regardless and placed 8th in class, which would set their start position for race 1. Instead of the usual 2 x 50 minute races, this round saw a 2-hour championship special for the Endurance Class. Hydraulics issues plagued Bobby and Aaron throughout, but they pushed on regardless, finishing in a respectable 8th in class, securing a crucial 16 points. On Sunday, Luke Pound was joined


Bobby and Aaron have a real chance at a championship win in the Aston Martin GT4 and our BMW drivers are fighting for class podiums. Here’s a round up of the last three races:

S I LV E R S T O N E in the 118 by guest driver Christiern Dart, a staff member of the team’s title sponsor Brit Insurance and Andy was joined in the M240i by Paul Voakes of sponsor, Peak.

In the M240i, Andy drove incredibly, gaining 13 places overall by the end of the first lap, handing over to Paul at P5 in class which he held until the end.

A deceptively sunny start to the day was soon replaced with heavy rain once again by the end of qualifying, which put the Team

In race 2, Christiern went from 8th into 4th. Luke held 4th place for the majority of his stint before being overtaken in the penultimate lap and securing a great finish of 5th place - only 8 seconds behind the overall winner.

BRIT drivers at a disadvantage against front wheel drive cars. Despite this, Andy and Paul qualified in P6 with Luke and Christiern in P8. In race 1, Luke and Christiern fought for P8.

In the M240i, Andy was on course for a podium finish when a turbo failure caused a freak fire at the back of his car. Andy’s quick actions prevented any injury to himself or others and saved tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to the car. Despite this, Andy and Paul finished P6 in class having completed the race distance.

31 July - 1 August



This race will never be forgotten due to the tragic events that occurred on Saturday.

importance on this occasion, when we consider the tragedy that occurred on Saturday.

During a race taking place before our championship, a car left the track and smashed through a barrier into a marshal’s post. The marshal did not survive. All racing was cancelled for the rest of the day.

“Motorsport could not take place without the amazing dedication of our Orange Army. Racing marshals are all volunteers and come out in all weather conditions to don their famous orange overalls and provide their expert support that helps ensure races run smoothly and safely.

On Sunday, our BMW M240i started both races in P6, finished race 1 in P6 and sadly DNF in race 2 due to electrical issues. Driver Andy Tucker was later named ‘Driver of the Day’ by race organisers.

“To have a marshal lose their life whilst carrying out the job they love has hit the racing community hard, so racing this weekend was rather insignificant. “This weekend will never be forgotten – by all of us in Team BRIT and the wider motorsport community. We will remember our marshal and send our deepest condolences to their family.”

The BMW 118i qualified P8 in both races and whilst in P3 in race one, it was taken out by another car. The damage was too much to repair in time for race 2. Team BRIT Founder Dave Players comments: “Our racing performance felt of no


21 August Luke and Andy were the only Team BRIT drivers in action with no Endurance Category racing taking place this time. Both were paired with guest drivers from title sponsor Brit Insurance with Andy accompanied by James Birch and Luke joined by Christiern Dart. Heavy rain pelted the track once again, but both teams fought hard, with Andy and James finishing P6 and Luke and Christiern P5. The torrential rain saw a number of races cancelled but luckily race 2 went ahead. The conditions caused huge challenges with a number of incidents on track. Andy drove his heart out and was the quickest on track for most of the race.

Sadly, a penalty awarded for an error in the pit lane robbed him of a P3, pushing hum down to P5.

Luke and Christiern fought hard, facing disadvantage in a rearwheel drive in very wet conditions and finished in P6.

CURRENT STANDINGS Britcar Endurance Class 4

4th Aston Martin GT4


Britcar Trophy Class 1

3rd BMW M240i


Britcar Trophy Class 3

5th BMW 118i




PROUD SPONSOR OF TEAM BRIT Team BRIT creates equal opportunities in motorsport for people living with disabilities, enabling them to accomplish goals they never thought they could achieve. This reinforces BRIT’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. AAAtraq shares these values: we want the web to be inclusive for all. However, the vast majority of websites (94%), are non-compliant with the ADA, and failure is easy to demonstrate, leading to law suits rising sharply. AAAtraq is a Risk Control Service (for those managing risk not digital); providing a simple to understand inclusion score, a monitoring service and an AI brain that automates the detection of vulnerabilities and prescribes mitigation action. The service comes with up to $50,000 of litigation cost coverage.

Take a minute to understand your risk, free at:

Distribution Partner

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TOP TEAM TRANSPORT with Woodford Trailers


or nearly two years, we’ve had use of a top of the range race trailer to help transport our cars and kit to races and events.

You’ve been making trailers for a range of markets since 1989. What kind of products do you provide now and have these changed over the years?

It’s become an essential part of race logistics and an example of how our partners support us with essential products to keep us on the move and heading towards our goals.

We provide a unique range of open and fully covered professional vehicle transporters, trailer parts and accessories. We also offer a customisation service where clients can pick the colour of their trailer and other bespoke options. Over the last 30 years we’ve been constantly innovating new trailer models with the focus on being the lightest and strongest in the market. The latest additions to our range are the RL7000 and the Autocruiser.

The trailer is supplied by specialists Woodford Trailers – a leading player in the automotive trailer industry for more than 30 years. Based in Northamptonshire, the firm set out in 1989 to innovate the industry and now manufactures quality, adaptable trailers for customers in the industrial, sport and leisure markets. We talk to managing director Jolanta Ozimek-Sopel about the business, why she decided to help us and her plans for the future. How did you get introduced to Team BRIT? Dave Player contacted me back in December 2019, asking if we might be able to help with the supply of a trailer and I didn’t have to think twice – I knew I wanted to help. Why did you decide to support the team? We love how Team BRIT demonstrates what can be achieved through motorsport without any boundaries. Everyone at Woodford is honoured to support the most inspirational team in motorsport.

What does 2022 look like for Woodford Trailers – do you have any news you wish to share? Our ongoing success and growth means we are now expanding to a second workshop which will allow us to maintain the availability of our wonderful range of trailers as well as develop new ones so watch this space! We would love to thank all our customers for their ongoing support, especially through such an unprecedented time. What do you think of Team BRIT’s performance this year? It’s been great to witness how Team BRIT has been pushing the limits and seeing this recognised by driving awards and podium finishes. Find out more about Woodford Trailers at

What does helping the team mean to you and your staff? We share the same ethos centred around teamwork. Just like Team BRIT we are dependent on a united approach from everyone at the factory to ensure every trailer is built to the very highest standard. We are so excited to be a small part of Team BRIT’s ambition to make racing history and take a team to the world famous Le Mans 24hr endurance race.







Race Engineer Al Locke recently appointed a new member to the Team BRIT crew. 26-year-old Raquel Esteban from Madrid joined the team in July this year as a race mechanic and is bringing experience, insight and influence from a diverse motorsport background to the crew.


e find out more about her background and her thoughts on the importance of getting more women into the industry. Have you always been a fan of motorsport? I think I’ve somehow always been a fan, my dad used to watch races in the early 2000s and I think that awoke my interest. I would watch the races with him and we still enjoy watching them together today. I’ve also been surrounded by engineering in general, my grandad was a lorry mechanic and my dad is an engineer so I’m sure this all had a big influence on me. Did you know from an early age that you wanted to work in the motorsport industry? I’ve always liked cars, but I don’t think I wanted to turn it into a career until I started mechanical engineering at university. I actually wanted to study aerospace engineering, but my grades weren’t good enough, so I chose mechanical instead. I met some incredible people that were into cars and motorsport and became friends with them. In Madrid there is a track, Circuito del Jarama, that was used for F1 in the late 90s, so we started going to events celebrated there every other weekend, from classic car racing to truck racing. I also joined ‘Formula Student’, which I was part of for four years and was involved in the design, manufacturing and competing of the first four prototype racing cars. This meant my hobby turned into passion. I then decided to move to the UK and study an MSc focused on motorsport that could give me more chances of getting my foot in the door. The rest is history.


What training / qualifications do you have? I graduated in mechanical engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where I also completed an MSc in mechanical engineering. I have a second MSc in motorsport engineering from Oxford Brookes University. What was your first motor / motorsport role? Professionally, my role with Team BRIT is my first motorsport job. However, in Formula Student I started as aero and steering design assistant to the suspension and vehicle dynamics lead in my last season, and when I joined Oxford Brookes Racing, my position was vehicle dynamics lead. Some don’t consider university motorsport to be useful when it comes to real life roles, but it gives a lot of valuable experience and has been one of the most useful things I learnt at uni. When did you move to the UK and why? I first moved to the UK in September 2019 to study my masters, I lived in Oxford for almost a year before the pandemic happened and universities shut down, moving to online learning. I went back home in April 2020 before returning to the UK in September, to start working at a damper manufacturing company called Quantum Racing. How did you find out about the role with Team BRIT? While I was working at Quantum, I kept looking for a job in an actual team, because that was what I wanted to accomplish when I came to this country. I was determined to get involved with a team, but with the pandemic underway, teams were very limited on staff and not

many came back to racing until very late in the season. I was then introduced to Al and I explained that I was looking for some trackside experience, so he invited me to one of the first testing sessions at Silverstone in early March. That testing session turned into a couple more and then into race weekends, before finaIly being offered a fulltime job as a race mechanic. Describe your day to day role with Team BRIT? At the workshop we get all cars ready to race for the next meeting, whether that’s an academy day, an official testing session or an actual race weekend. We check them over if they come from a track day and fix any issues they might have experienced, install updates to any of their systems and set them up for the race. I still have a lot to learn because I don’t have as much experience as the rest of the members of the team but I’m in a good place for it. Now that the current season is ending, we will do the same but looking towards some winter testing and next season for both BritCar and British GT. What is it like for you on a race weekend? My role during a race weekend is keep on top of what’s going on with the cars when they are on track, stay alert for when they come into the garage and get them ready to go back out. During the race I participate in pitstops, whether it is assisting with the refuelling, driver change or tyre change. We work on solving any issues that arrive during the race and have the car ready to go back out as soon as possible. I’m still in the learning process but it’s the part of the job that I definitely enjoy the most.

What are your career hopes? The category that I’ve always dreamed of working in is endurance racing, although I’d like to work in as many motorsport categories as possible. I find it even more fascinating than F1 or any other motorsport league, because cars have to be able to last for more than just a certain amount of laps, as well as being competitive and quick. Reliability is key and that is something most motorsport categories could live without.

Why do you think there are so few women in the industry? What would you say to another woman or girl who is keen to get involved? My mum always says that I have a strong sense of fairness, and I think that can reflect in my perspective on this. Sadly, this whole world started as a male dominated industry for many different reasons, and human beings are really difficult to move on from habits! People have slowly started to realise that anyone can do anything, so as in other many

Every day, more and more successful teams have women as a very important part of their structure, whether as a mechanic, a driver, an engineer or as part of the business team. Motorsport shouldn’t be a gender matter or a disability matter, but about whether you’re good enough for it or not. The industry is already competitive enough without building more barriers around it, so if you’re good for the job, you should be given the same chances as anyone else.

A Formula 1 car can come back to the workshop with 300km on the clock after one race and get new parts due to an engine failure, because the parts are not tough enough to last longer. In a 24h race, you can’t afford to have that kind of issue. It’s also very important to know how to make the most of the car you’re working with, because it’s not just you outside but 20 other cars going for the same goal, so performance is also a big part of it.

Equality is a two-way street, nothing is going to fall into your lap or be easier just because you belong to a certain collective. I believe motorsport should be as objective as it can be, because at the end of the day what we’re looking for is being the winning team. If I’m as good as any other to change a tyre or calculate a strategy, why shouldn’t I be given the opportunity to prove it, or even better, to prove that I can be better at it than someone already doing that job?

I also like the rush, the excitement and the challenge that comes with trackside roles, so in the future I’m hoping to become a race and performance engineer in the World Endurance Championship, particularly in the prototypes field (LMP1/2/3, LMDH).

So, the most important message here is never be discouraged or afraid of chasing what you feel is right for you. If you really want it, you’ll put in the effort and the means to be where you want to be, and won’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


different roles (nursery for men, army for women, and so many other examples) motorsport is becoming more and more appealing and accessible to anyone that wants to get involved.






PIECING TOGETHER THE PARTS TO SUCCESS It takes an army of sponsors and supporters to help us achieve our bold, ambitious goals. The support from each and every sponsor is crucial. Some provide us with the essential funding we need to operate, others provide us with ‘value in kind’ (VIK) - products or services that keep us going.

Mike Scudamore Commercial Director explains: “There is so much involved in our operation, from the right kit, to the right equipment, technology, supplies and expertise. Financial support is just one part of the wider picture.


“It’s all these things coming together that supports our success and we’re incredibly grateful for every sponsor and partner that plays a part in this. “They’re all part of the Team BRIT story and all influential in the huge success we’re achieving. A heartfelt thank you to every sponsor that is making our dream a reality and opening doors for so many more people to the amazing world of racing.”


Here’s a snapshot of the VIK support that makes us strong…

CORBEAU Race Seats


AVERY Vinyl for car and support vehicle wraps

MFX Wrapping services

WOODFORD TRAILERS Covered Tri Axle Race Trailer

QUENTOR Garage walling systems

IMB RACEWEAR Official team wear and merchandise


KANTAR Media Insights

DBOX Haptic motion system for our simulator

SIMPLY RACE eteam BRIT race support

VESARO Racing simulator

RHINO PRODUCTS Towbar, step, ladder and roof rack for our van

JCC LEVITON Lighting for the workshop, race trailer and pit garage

MRTC Kenwood Radios & Race communication technology

RACELOGIC VBOX Data logging system with video

ATL Specialist race refuelling system

GREAVES 3D Premium Pit Equipment

DURA Workshop cabinets and tool trays

FUZE Website design and hosting services

BOLD COLOURS Printed stationery and newsletters

GRID Custom built roll cages for our BMWs

IOMART High speed internet for Team BRIT HQ

PAOLI / CES Wheel Guns

LIFELINE In car fire extinguisher systems






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RTC has been a specialist in the motorsport communication business for over 40 years. During this time, it has worked with some of the most prominent teams and organisations across the motorsport industry and many motorsport championships.

MRTC delivers a complete package of services which allows customers to concentrate on the race itself; delivering high quality systems and technical support, taking over the organisation of all aspects of communication.

to support such incredible individuals who, despite daily challenges, continue to thrive and inspire others.

For more than six years MRTC has supplied the team’s full communications solution - a complex radio system allowing communication between the engineer, drivers and pit crew including headsets, radios (incar and mobile), and repeater stations. The kit is manufactured by co-sponsor, Kenwood. MRTC’s Managing Director Jo Price tells us more:

Having the very best communication system at the track is extremely important which is why MRTC not only specialise in durable, reliable communications with high quality audio, but we continue to invest time and money into developing our products to deal with the unique challenges posed by the motorsport environment. The combination of a harsh operating environment with high temperatures, extreme vibration, constant ambient noise and variable terrain demand specialised products, MRTC are forward thinking and are constantly improving our products to overcome these obstacles.

What made you get involved with the team and why have you been a supporter for so long? We’re extremely proud to be in partnership with Team BRIT. Watching the team continue to grow and flourish within the motorsport industry is truly inspirational. We are honoured


Why is it so important to have the very best comms kit at the track?



What are your plans for the business for the rest of the year and into 2022? MRTC are constantly developing and improving our products, we have some exciting projects in the pipeline at the moment and we are very excited to see these come to fruition over the coming months and into next year. What are your predictions for Team BRIT over the coming year? Team BRIT has achieved so much over the years we have been involved with them. Their plan for 2022 is to take part in the British GT Championship to get them nearer to being able to enter Le Mans. It would be absolutely amazing for Team BRIT to become the first all-disabled race team to enter Le Mans and it is a privilege to be involved with the team as they achieve this. Further information on MRTC can be found at





Five questions with... Team PR Manager Lucy Sheehan Lucy has worked with the team since 2017 when she supported the announcement of title sponsor BRIT Insurance. Handling everything from media relations to content creation and wider communications, she works to push the team’s message far and wide.

How did you get involved with Team BRIT? I had recently set up my own PR consultancy having a left a job in corporate communications when I came across a tweet from Dave Player looking for freelance PR support for the team. I knew nothing about motorsport but was instantly fascinated by the team’s story and knew I could help them spread the word. I was lucky enough to be given a chance and have been working with them ever since. What changes have you seen in the team since you started? The change is hard to describe. When I began working with Dave and the team, we had two cars in the Fun Cup, we were outsourcing the running of the cars and we had limited experience. Today, we have four cars, an established racing academy, a fully staffed HQ and workshop of our own and we’ve worked with some incredible drivers. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the constant determination to succeed. It’s 100% what has enabled this growth. What’s the hardest bit about your job? The hardest thing about any PR work is being heard by journalists. It’s such a competitive space out there fighting for headlines, TV or radio time, so having a solid story is key. Luckily, our media reach has been consistently high since 2017 but I never take that for granted.



The individual stories of our drivers, the incredible tech our team creates and the story of our achievements are amazing – it’s up to me to make sure other people see that and give us the media space we deserve. What’s the best bit about your job? The people. A small group of us have been working on the management of the team for a number of years, following Dave’s determined lead, and I’m very lucky to be part of it. Then, we have the amazing drivers, the crew and various people who support us with services and help. What a brilliant group of people to be around. What’s your personal team BRIT goal for 2022? 2022 will be phenomenal for the team. We’ll be entering British GT, which steps us up to a whole new level of racing. On top of that, we’re welcoming new drivers into the rookie ranks in our BMWs and pushing forward the reach of the academy. I want to secure regular mainstream coverage for each part of this journey, showing sponsors, fans and the rest of the industry just how serious we are about changing motorsport forever.




Experience the thrill of the track with world leading racing hand controls for disabled drivers. New COVID-19-compliant packages • • • • •

Half-day sessions Top UK circuits Professional coaching and instruction Top of the range simulator Track time with video de-brief

To find out more email *Motorsport UK Covid regulations mean instructors cannot join a client in a car and garage numbers are limited. Clients will therefore drive on track independently with regular coaching feedback.