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Volume 4, Issue 11

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August 15, 2012


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vision, I’m sure they will be blessed.

it out there in that world, I hear testimony after testimony I’m very ecstatic about the on a regular basis from guys move of God throughout I’m also excited about what who have done a lot of years in the prison system here in the Lord is doing here at prison, when God blessed Texas. It’s truly a blessing The Day of the Lord Minis- them to come back in and tell when you can witness a tries. I’m happy to announce us how God is blessing them man be transformed before that our website is officially out there. But there’s a key to your very eyes. And not up and running! PRAISE those blessings, you have to be only an I seeing it here on GOD! This is something we about God’s business and not the unit where I’m ashave been soliciting prayer your own! Because there is signed, I’m hearing about it for and the Lord has also reports of many who have from others through corre- brought it to pass. It will gotten out only to return bespondence and from those add more to my wife’s ducause they chose to turn away who have come from other ties, but in the long run I from God once they were out. units. know God is going to bless The Bible says, God is not it so that He is glorified and mocked, that what a man sows Just last night here on the allow this ministry to one he shall reap, whether it be Eastham Unit we were day be self-sufficient. We good or bad. Until next time, blessed to have the “Day still solicit some volunteer stay prayed up, keep your head Star” Christian television help, so you inmates please up, and never give up! ministry come in and rec- talk to your family members ord two services. What a about getting involved and Be Blessed, blessing it was to hear the anyone in the freeworld who V.L. Wilson Sr. testimonies, professional may have some time to volChristian comedy, aweunteer please contact my some praise and worship, wife by phone: (214) 462and a mighty word from 2009, by e-mail: tdotlminisWebsite: the man of God! I wasn’t, or check able to count, but I saw out the website: www. many people surrender or E-mail address is: their life to the Lord after hearing the word. Those of you who family has access To all of my Brothers and Phone: to the internet, have them Sisters who have just gotten (214) 462-2009 log on to out or getting ready to get out, I beg of you to please to find out when the services will be aired on tele- stay focused! You can make Our Mission

Our Members

Our Vision

The mission of “The Day of the Lord Ministries” is to embrace offenders, ex-offenders, and their family members with love through the various groups under our umbrella; to assist them in becoming equipped with the things they’ll need to be productive citizens, and loving family members.

Membership in The Day of The Lord Ministries includes all persons participating in any of the stated Ministries who choose to embrace our stated vision and values

To be an instrument through which the power of the Holy Spirit can minister to offenders, exoffenders, and their family members. Causing them to be self confident as they learn their purpose; to develop a new attitude toward their circumstance and rise above it.

“... for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content”. Philippians 4:11 “BEING CONTENT” The Greek word for content in today’s scripture is somewhat different, than the word found in the other scriptures in the New Testament. This word speaks of one who is “self-complacent” or self-satisfied. Paul knew who he was in Christ Jesus, so no matter what God allowed him to face, he accepted it with contentment. He made that very clear in vs. 13! Some believers have a tendency to allow their circumstance to dictate their mood, their fellowship, their prayer life, their family life, etc. Once we can learn to trust Jesus with everything, the cares of this world become very minute. Jesus wants us to be content in this life because He is our caretaker (1 Peter 5:7). But Paul also said he had to learn how to be content. That means trial and error! Our physical man will always want things his way, with no discomfort whatsoever. But the Bible teaches us to deny the flesh, (Luke 9:23) and that we will have trials in our life (James 1:2, 1 Peter 1:6). So knowing these things in advance we should quickly learn to live this life with contentment. Our sufficiency should always be in Christ, (2 Corinthians 12:9) not in what we have or don’t have. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”, (Matthew 6:33). Have you learned to be content?

Be Blessed! Virgil L. Wilson Sr.

Gregory & Melissa Alvis Sherry Duruji-Lewis Jo Linda Gibson Jeanne Lewis Vence & Regina Thompson Sandra Wilbanks

Larry “LB” Barker Joseph Junior Evans Michael & Sandra Howard Dionicio & Nanncy Martinez Darlene Warren Virgil & Shy Wilson

Kristen Bonnee Vernon & Lora Falls Darnell & Amber Johnson Cedric & Cynthia Powell Gregory & Beretha White

Remember it's not about us, it's all about Him!

ACTIVE FRONTLINE MESSAGE FOR AUGUST Promise yourself these things:

To be strong so that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To make someone feel that there is something special about them. To look at the positive side of everything and make your optimism come true. To learn from the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To give so much time and effort to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. To acknowledge God in your life and think about His purpose for your life.

Active Frontline Ministries Beto One SCRIPTURE OF THE MONTH: Is there really One True God? With so much religion and systems of psychological self-help is one true God needed? Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power. (Rev. 20:6). It goes beyond religion and self-help into eternity. JESUS IS LORD OF ETERNITY! Rey P. “THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SECURITY” After going through the lost of my sister-in-law, it kind of pause me for a moment. You know despite of the facts or circumstances yes it hurts, but we got to move on, she’s with the Lord. She was saved by His GRACE so I just want to talk a little on “THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SECURITY”… Please read Romans 8:31-39 and here we’ll talk on three principles… Persecution exists everywhere. You can undergo harassment or mistreatment for your FAITH without moving to a foreign land where GOD is only DESPISED. While such abuse may DAMAGE our LIVELIHOOD alienate FRIENDS, or even take our LIFE, it should not DEVASTATE our FAITH… that kind of harm happens ONLY when BELIEVERS are gripping things they’d rather not SURRENDER… 1. WHAT CAN BE TAKEN FROM SOMEONE WHO OWNS NOTHING? If he acknowledges GOD as the owner of ALL his possessions, then he can’t NEVER suffer loss AMEN… 2. WHAT SERVITUDE CAN BE FORCED ON ONE WHO ALREADY DOES THE WILL OF ANOTHER? He chooses a life of HUMILITY cannot be HUMILIATED for doing what is right… 3. HOW MIGHT A DEAD MAN BE KILLED? Its only one thing can be taken from a person who has been CRUCIFIED to this world and its ALLUREMENTS, his physical life and he or she will freely exchange that for the ETERNAL REWARD OF HEAVEN… In closing, we have to truly TRUST that GOD will see us through both, the BLESSINGS & HARDSHIPS that will come our way (Ps. 23). May God greatly & richly bless each of you is my prayer… IN CHRIST, Evangelist Jimmy L. Tennison




1 JN 1:5

The Holy Spirit put a message on my heart [JN 16:13], I pray this message penetrates the hearts of all who are spirit filled [1 CO 2:9-16 emphasis on 14]. INSTRUCTIONS NOT NEEDED After finishing a scrumptiously prepared breakfast of sweet oatmeal with raisins, soft fried eggs, hot buttered toast, turkey bacon and freshed squeezed OJ, off to Best Buy goes the couple. Slo-Poke knew the Sharp flat screen wall mounted 52 inch class 1080P with 120 Hz, internet access, picture in picture; seeking a salesman was avoided. Entering the store in such a rush, Slo-Poke left his rib mate in the dust of his 2012 Nike Fusions. Once the transaction was completed, a red light running, stop sign avoiding, ,ad dash to home propelled the Lexus Coupe. Entering the humble abode, Slo-Poke is as giddy as a six year old child at Christmas. As Slo-Poke aggressively rips into the packaging like a lion on a wounded wilder beast, his rib mate sits astounded. His rib mate then says to him, “Dang Baby, you have not been that excited since our honeymoon five years ago.” Slo-Poke acts as if her words were not heard, never breaking eye contact with his prize possession. As he pulls the bubble wrap from the box that houses the Sharp flat screen all featured wall mounted TV, the instruction manual falls out. Slo-Poke tosses the manual to the side, his rib ask him, “Baby are you going to read the instructions?” Slo-Poke then tells his rib mate, “Baby its wall mounted, all you do is hammer two nails, hang it and Dallas Cowboys is on in my life.” Once Slo-Poke nails the two nails, he hangs the TV plugs it in prepared to watch the Boys on the wall. As he sit down, his zoo-zoo’s and wham wham’s plus quarter soda is ready to be consumed. Once he hits the on button, the TV fell in a thunderous thud, exploding and shattering glass all over him and his zoo-zoo’s and wham-wham’s. tell me readers of this Godly newsletter, when you read articles with scriptures, do you actively look the scriptures up? As a believer, we are told to let the Bible be as close to us as our skin, the instruction manual that God gave [2 TI 3:16]. I have been told by numerous people, “I’ve read the Bible three times front to back.” But they still live a worldly life. Go to [Joshua 1:8-9], pay close attention to [v.9], God not man commands us. also go to [Proverbs 3: 1-35] why do we need to read the Bible? Does it matter anyway? People read it and still live like heathens. I’ve heard people say the Bible means basic instructions before leaving earth, why are so many “tossing the instruction manual aside?” Reading the Bible and living it is two different things. “Get in the word, stay in the word, live in the word.” Do not let the wisdom of mans, “I see it this way or its nothing wrong with that get you looked at.” Just look at the story of the Israelites in [Exodus 20:1-21] God gave them the command, once they continued their folly, they got the just wrath of God [Exodus 32:1-35 emphasis on 35] Next look at [Leviticus 20:1-27 Numbers 21:4-9] the list would become colossal. For those who say, “that’s old testament or God this or that,” it is God who judges in the end [Romans 2:15-16, Hebrews 9:26-28] not humans!! In closing, Jesus Christ spoke truth when He said [John 14: 23-24], the instruction manual is the word. All the refuters are beseeched to go to [MT 7: 21-23]. The instruction manual has and will speak to those who is of God [John 8: 47]. Mark McKelvey #705997, Connally Unit, 899 FM 632, Kenedy TX 78119

The Feather Curtain of God by Joe Mathis He shall cover thee with His fathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and Buckler. Psalm 91:4 If you had ever traveled outside your native country like I have, it’s always wise to quickly find the location of your country’s embassy. Why? so that if there is ever a time you will need assistance, an embassy would be a safe place. There is something reassuring about seeing your flag, hearing your language, and visiting with others from your homeland. The Psalms are filled with references to God as a strong tower, a mighty Fortress, a Hiding Place and a Refuge. Psalm 91: 4 has been called, “THE FEATHER CURTAIN OF GOD.” As the Feather Curtain of God comes over us, we know and trust the protective nature of God. His truth shields us from attacks and like a “BUCKLER”, it will deflect the assaults of anything that comes against us. because the Lord is our refuge. We affirm His faithful protection, timely deliverance, and unfailing help when we feel helpless. Like a brooding bird that wards off any intruders to the nest, our God covers us and hides us with His Feather Curtain. He’s jealous over us, loves us, and won’t let any harm befall us. We’re in a good place !!! Bearing Burdens at Beto Brother Joe Mathis #1200592

“MY LORD” I’ve tried so hard to navigate this world; to just make it my own, But then I realized I’ve struggled every day and could barely find my way back home. I now understand that this is not your way, Lord, and this is not where you meant me to be. I’ve read of your miracles and solid healing power and your calming of the great and mighty sea. I realize today that your mercy has touched me and you had lead me through the trials of life. Blessed me dearly and picked me up and carried me through the flames of strife. You’ve not walked pass and left me entangled in pain nor too stressed with some worldly affair I simply could mot see the forest for the trees. But my Lord you have always been there. The many storms which rages, you allow to be a lesson which has to be learned our millions of prayers which go unanswered is a trust which has not been a testimony of truth and yet it has not been in vain. For today I accept that I’ve been given this second chance and in Christ I shall always remain. By: Danny R. Dean Eastham Unit 1979-2012

“FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND” PROVERB 27:6 “SO-CALLED FRIENDS” & “FOE SHO FRIENDS” (Part II) By: Johnny “Javoni” Jones #1463120, Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Road #1, Lovelady, TX 75851 Wow! Bro. Virgil explained “True Friends” to a “T” in the July 2012 issue of this newsletter. So I had to backdoor it. My mother once told me as a child before her death, you will find out who your true friends are when you go to prison or the hospital, and I understand what she meant, back then, I didn’t. During my music career with my group “Jacuz’e” and my solo music career, I had so many so called friends, but now that I’m “locked-up”, I don’t see no doors being knocked down or mail overflowing for or to me, even the two guys below, which were members of my former group, where are they now? Fake friends come and go, a true friend sticks with you – (“through good times and bad times, that’s what friends are for”) that’s what Diane and Stevie Wonder…said on the song, but where are they today? I’m speaking on true friends? “A true friend will be closer to you than a brother”…that is what the Bible says. (Proverb 18:24). Listen, I pick and choose my friends because as Bro. Virgil said, some will build us up, some will tear us down. A so-called friend tried to destroy me, but I had powerful people of God praying for me and that devil fled. (Thank you Bro. Virgil, Pastor John Peavy and Bro. Morrison; I love you all) be aware of those who will come to you as fellow Christians but is wolves in sheep clothing. So a person must prove themselves to be a true friend to me, as I will to them. My mentor and spiritual father which is “Bro. Virgil” is a true man of God, him and his wife “Sister Shy Wilson” has been like spiritual parents to me, when my own blood family abandoned me, they are the only spiritual Christian family I have in the state of Texas, I’m from New York, a long way from my home town, and they have been a blessing to me and so many others, they are an example of “true friends”. I’m so use to writing RNB – Pop songs; me and Bro. Virgil sat and talk, he inspired me to write some gospel songs, and I have and they are Holy smokin: (LOL) stay focus on God, what do the song say…”What a friend we have in Jesus”  God will put true friends and people in our lives, make sure you do not take them for granted, or over flood them with things of the world, or things of your own selfish wants, their taking time to help you. I know I got true friends within The Wilson’s and I truly cry when I say this; I’m a child at heart, never had a childhood, grew up in the street life, no family support, but I will say this, besides my blood mother, “Bro. Virgil & Sis. Shy” would be my choice of parents I would be honored to have and be a son too. I don’t even know how it feels to be a son to parents but I do know how I treated my kids with love and I wanted my parents to treat me the same way. When I’m out of line, Bro. Virgil gets on my case with love but he discipline me with tough love, he don’t shove the word down my throat, he explain it to me in everyday life. I love him so much, sometimes I picture him as my father, he truly loves me, I never felt anyone ever loved or cared for me, it was fake, but with The Day of the Lord Ministries; they love all of us, not just me, you too! I plan to get out, be stronger in my relationship with God, I will be a part of their ministry, and contribute my finances as well. They have done more for me than anyone ever in my life. They are my spiritual family and I will not use, abuse or take them for granted, they are “true friends indeed”. I know I work their spiritual nerves at times (LOL). I get so caught up, I will overwork a person, but I mean no harm, but they have not gave up on me yet, they do have to tell me to slow down (LOL) but I love them both. Sis Shy remind me so much of my mother it’s crazy. You know how a mom say “son I’m not gonna do this for you, you got to learn, but then a mothers love for a son, is so strong, she still do what she says she was not gonna do, it’s the God in Sis. Shy. I owe them a lot; I’m so excited, and have joy in my heart in the midst of a storm around me, so do away with the so-called friends and get with “the foe sho friends in Christ Jesus.” God has put “true friends” in my life when I was in the world, but I pushed them away for so-called friends but this is a lesson learned. So as Bro. Virgil said, “choose your friends very carefully”, everyone who say their friends are not, those who proclaim to be your fellow Christian sis or bro is not, you will know them by their love and the fruit they bare, (not rotten fruit either). No more will I be deceived or lead by men who claim they’re a Christian, I’m no longer blind, these eyes can see right through you like glass – 3D, I got bifocals on (LOL) just kidding. I don’t wear glasses but I am on a spiritual high.  Below is a copy of me and my group CD cover, “Jacuz’e”, these 2 other guys on each side of me, I’m in the middle, they are “so-called” friends even though we recorded together, toured the world, etc. where are they now? I’ve been locked up since “2006”, no word from either, plus they need Jesus. Last I heard they both went on to be successful clothes stylist for celebrities in the music industry but I got more than they will ever have, I got a friend in Jesus. God Bless you all.  PS: Below is pictures of me with fans, when God bless me with a promising solo music career, I’m steppin my game up: I’m writing gospel songs.  I plan to go back to Dallas, TX upon my release and take the Gospel Music Industry by storm. (Letters of support and encouragement are welcome) AMEN 

*TRADING PLACES* The world is in such a mess that the leaders of the world and the church leaders are allowing these things to happen because they have lost the fear of God. Men are altering their bodies to become women and seeking for a husband, and women are altering their bodies and seeking for wives. For this cause God gave them up into vile affections: for even their women did change the nature use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the nature use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet (Romans 1:26-27). They have lost the love of God because they are doing the things of the world according to their own understanding. The accepting of the homosexual race is climbing at an all-time rate; and the laws are being changed to rectify what the human race is doing… This is changing the course of the world because man is allowing same sex marriages that defy God’s word with upmost disrespect to our Father in heaven!! The trading places of men and women have disrupted the balance of the world and the world doesn’t see how they are destroying the world with no regards to God’s word. This is where the church must “stand” firm on God’s word and preach the word of God throughout the land in Christ Jesus name… The trading place that men and women are doing is defying what God has created them for!! For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness (1 Corinthians 3:19). Praying for you all May God Bless You Joseph Junior Evans #604541 Michael Unit Lord Jesus Christ Ministries SOW A SEED; MAKE A CHOICE! My younger brother sowed a seed in my life by speaking this passage at church on Sunday. He said: “An old man said to him at work one day; Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding, In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6). My brother sowed a seed in my life. While growing up my mother had a plague on the wall by the door which sated: “Choose you this day whom you will serve; but for me and this house we will serve the LORD”. Each time I went out the door this scripture was speaking to me whether I paid attention to it or not. (Either conscious or subconscious). My mother sowed a seed in my life. I dedicated this scripture Joshua 24:15 to my mother which is now with the Lord. The Bible declares that, “Death and life is in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. (Proverbs 18:21). God calls us to be His witnesses (Isaiah 43: 7, 10-13) He also call us to bear fruit (John 15: 1-8) The fruit in Gal. 5:22-23 must be cultivated as in 1 Cor. 3:6-9 where the Bible states that “One plants another waters but it is God which gives the increase”. SOW A SEED; MAKE A CHOICE! Planting seeds determine what choice one make in life. The choices one make determines his or her destination. The seed is the Word of God. (Luke 8:11) The Word was made flesh (John 1:14a). Choose you this day whom you will serve. (Joshua 24:15). “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thou seed may live”. (Deut. 30: 19-20). I am the way the truth and the life: no man come unto the Father but by me (John 14:6). Sow that which edify and that which brings life. One plant another waters but God gives the increase. (1 Cor. 6). There is a man in my pod which confesses to be an atheist. Who knows that if a seed is planted in this man that it may bear fruit, a seed planted may cause him to turn to God and be saved. This same man the other day while all the brothers in Christ was going to the commissary spending their $85; ignoring me. This man came to me and asked, “Would you like an ice cream?” I said yes, thank you and may God bless you”. This man sowed a seed in my life and I sowed a seed in his. “Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him: Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.” (James 5: 19-20). “But the Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness: but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) Please continue to sow seeds and make correct choices and as (2 Peter 3:18) states, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. AMEN Be Blessed, Jimmy Nash #1066121, Michael Unit

Dear Believers & Non-Believers, I come to you this day under the anointing of “GOD,” to minister to your spirit, a timely word to comfort your soul. Mt message is entitled: “THE INTERPRETER” I begin by asking the question – “How do you (interpret) the storms in your life?” Do you interpret them as “a problem or a blessing; permanent or temporary; an inconvenience or opportunity for the Lord to be glorified?” As Christians, it’s important how we view our circumstances and situations, because viewing them in the wrong manner, can ultimately blind us from seeing the hand of God at work. If “Job” had cursed God as his wife suggested, he would not have been rewarded (double for his trouble). And if “Joseph” did not hold fast to the vision God showed him in a dream, he would not have been put in charge of the whole land of Egypt; therefore, allowing him to be in position to provide for his family, during the seven year period of famine. Despite the storm that darkened both “Job and Josephs” life, they had enough sense to interpret it as a “temporary infliction.” How was that possible? Because they “walked by (FAITH) and not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). The reason why so many Christians, today, don’t have a praise report to tell, and are inundated with frustration which causes them to live a life of (defeat) is because too often do we try to make sense of that which is “spiritual,” with our carnal mind. It’s like trying to roll up a steep hill…exerting a lot of wasted effort! I share this word with you (my brother and sister) emphasizing the fact that “the (only) reason why we (believers) are able to endure life’s aggressive moments, is because unlike those who don’t believe, we have (divine interpretation).” We recognize a problem… circumstance…demonic attack…and sickness for what it is, and then we lend our mind to God – that we might receive from Him (understanding) of what is happening, and (wisdom) on how to deal with it victoriously. And when folk see us still standing tall with a smile on our face (due to that peace that surpasses all understanding), in spite of the weight of oppression upon our shoulders – “GOD IS GLORIFIED!!!” So I ask the question once again, “How do you interpret the storms in your life?” It is never too late for you to get up under the umbrella of God, so that He can interpret…and even calm the storm for you. I pray that this message has indeed accomplished its intended purpose for your life. I now leave you as I came, in “JESUS” adorable name, AMEN! A man after God’s own heart, Minister Oesby (A.K.A) Emotional Poet Mr. Antonio Oesby #13350-007 FCC, USP – 2 P.O. BOX 1034 Coleman, Florida 33521

A STORM I come under the grace of God for His glory and under His favor. I pray that with these words that I’m fixing to share with ya, may be a blessing to someone going thru a storm. I wrote a devotional before; “Straddling the fence,” I wrote this last year when I was placed in Seg. I also wrote my testimony once called “From a Star under a Cross.” What I want to share is a situation I been in, over a storm that I’m still in, as I write these words of encouragement; being placed in Seg over an issue that has nothing to do with me, kind of killed my hope & my trust in God’s promises. So much piled up on me being placed in Seg. I lost contact of those I love & had contact with, they had in mind that I was full of games due to this walk with Christ. It’s been hard for those that know me, to believe in me, due to my past in my life style. So here I was in Seg loosing hope. My eyes done got off from Christ view unto my problems, but deep in my heart I knew I brought this upon myself spiritually by mocking God one way or another, due to pulling stunt to get shipped from Eastham, instead of dealing with my problems spiritually I ran from my problems, I just wasn’t trying to hear it, I was some sort of failure in this walk. So I got here to Hughes still trying to walk the walk with God, as time passed, months later in my arrival I got discouraged as pride took its place in my heart. In all this I placed trust in men, I stopped trusting God in providing for me, I just fell into a double minded stage, confusion just took over me for two months I was M.I.A. (missing in action) straight out of there tripping even to the edge from where God took me from that one star, back in bondage there I was. In due time a good brother Arthur Puente here in Hughes, showed me a lot, but that old man never judged me nor gave up on me, but one day him & my Kairos brothers prayed over me, told me it’s never too late to come back to God’s love, right before that, two weeks later there I was in lock up due to a riot, I was labeled as an assailant, when the whole unit knows for a fact, I had nothing to do with this, when the whole unit knows I ain’t a homeboy. So coming back here to Seg everything went left field on me, the devil found a crack in my heart & took the chance to do his thing, I went to believing I was back here being chastised by God, to allowing doubt to bring bitterness into my heart, so much was going not my way. I had a few months to come of S.I.G. file “that stopped” my family & friends stopped writing me, everything stopped. Then what got me more in a shock was SIG trying to send me to G.R.A.D. so here I was backing away even farther from God. I just fell into a self-pity stage all the way down, in regards of me not doing nothing in what I been accused in. So here I was being dumb minded & blind, feeling sorry for me, I was so lost in self-pity that I never seen God’s love among me & Christ in the midst of all this, the devil had me so blind that I never seen it, here was God in mercy giving me His grace & His blessings. God was making a way for me in all this Gods hand was there. I was fighting a disease “Hep C” since I was 17 yrs. old, I’m 32 yrs. old right now, in 2009 after I gave my life to Christ I was told by a doctor at Eastham. Lucky me, if I got to see my daughters “IS” here at Hughes I was on my way to Galveston due to the process of getting on the medical chain list, 60 days later after the blood work, I was in front of a doctor with the results. The doctor looked at me confused, said I don’t know about this, but your negative, he went to explaining to me, it might be a mistake, so they took it 3 more times different months, all came back negative, still here, me in self-pity; oh poor me I knew God did for me, but I didn’t want to accept it cause I was so focused in my issue with SEG and G.R.A.D. Selfishness was just in there deep rooted in my heart, so one day a good homie blessed the game, in this blessing I bought a legit radio out of commissary, that day I received that radio, I seen how God was doing for me. I fell on my knees & thanked God, I just went to seeing how God been there, “never giving up on me”. In all this the scripture in Isaiah out of 43:1-3 where He told Israelites not to fear that He’s there in everything, then going to vs 10-13 in the same chapter He said I am the only one & only Lord, I am the only one who can save you, then He said that He’s always been God & always will be, also that when He does something who can undo it. After that night I stopped feeling sorry for me. I had to get off that self-pity stage. That Monday after my weekend in getting back on track I received a jpay from my sister; a surprise! In this blessing one was hearing from those I thought gave up on me, she also shot me money where I had the chance to get what I needed. Then 2 days later I get another surprise from a good friend, then from that friend I get a surprise visit, so here’s God still showing out for me. Once I got on my knees in repentance of my selfishness God showed out even more. God nor Jesus Christ forsakes us, we forsake them before they forsake us, that’s straight up, no joke. In all this those that are homeboys & those that knew me & know I had nothing to do with nothing, know through my experience we can’t mock God we reap what we sow, for those here in my section, see God’s work around me. So for those going thru a storm; say brothers & sisters don’t give up as I was giving up. Seriously don’t! God’s there for you believe that! “He really is” God is going to use my storm for His glory & for His power! I pray that God may allow this words encourage someone in the storm. I love ya Brother, C. Penalosa Hughes Unit

BELIEVETH THOU THIS It was an extremely burning hot summer say, one of the hottest ever during the month of July since the year of 1959. This July 4th 2012 the temperature around 11:00AM was nearly a hundred and twenty degrees in the shade. Fausatina had three children; all girls, Brittiny who was eleven years old, Breanna was nine and little Brice the baby was three. The girls yearned to go to the back yard if but for only one little dip. “M-o-m!” “Y-e-s!” “Is it time yet?” Breanna yelled, who was encouraged by Brettiny! “N-o-o, it’s still too hot out,” Fausatina yelled back from the far room. The girls stood in the patio window looking out into the pool, “Oh God, just one little quick dive Brittiny,” whispered as she stood bouncing anxiously. “Look Breanna, I’ve got an idea, first, I’ll run out jump in the pool take a quick dive to the bottom and be back before you know it. You watch for mom first and as soon as I get back you go and I’ll watch.” “W-o-w, good idea Brittiny, hold on a minute while I go take a peep at mom.” As soon as Breanna turned to walk away Brittiny had the patio door opened and closed and in the pool. Brice looked on clapping and bouncing enthusiastically on her toes as she watched her big sister swim joyfully around in the pool until she couldn’t stand Breanna’ s constant beckoning for her to return. Getting out she ran to the door slid it open carefully she said, “Any louder you’ll have mom in here.” Without response Breanna was out the door and into the pool. “I’d better run and change before I get water everywhere, “Brittiny said. Looking up from the pool and not seeing Brittiny Breanna leaped from the pool ran into their room where she and Brittiny started arguing which only lasted long enough for them to realize they had to cover their tracks so into the shower they went screaming yelling filled with laughter that was until they heard, “aaaw, oooh my G-o-d nooooo.” In a panic they rushed toward the kitchen where they saw Fausatina fighting to revive the life of little Brice. As fast as she could Brittiny dialed 911. Fausatina lifted the lifeless body of Brice walked around the kitchen constantly blowing into her mouth to no avail. After spending an entire hour reviewing Brice’s little body the morgue had come to take her away. Family and friends gathered together at Fausatina’s home where tears of grief and sadness filled the air. Brenda Fausatina’s mother and Raymond her father did all they could to comfort them but the loss was just too devastating. The house was jammed packed from wall to wall, from the backyard to the front. This went on over the next two days, Fausatina has lost a lot of rest, she kissed many of her relatives then retired to her bedroom. While she lay upon her bed she cried endlessly as she spoke to God until she’d just about fell asleep. “Fausatina,” came a voice out of nowhere. Lifting swollen teary eyes from her pillow she looked toward her door, “s-i-g-h,” she got up opened it but found no one anywhere in sight. She opened the doors to the girl’s room walked in looked around until she heard “Fausatina,” the voice calling from her room. Rushing back to her room she looked around, opening her closet then the bathroom door, but only to find no one there. “Ooh God, I’m losing my mind,” she sighed. She went to her medicine cabinet for some sedatives, just before she could down one the voice spoke again, “Fausatina, your daughter shall live, believeth thou this?” “My daughter is dead, who is that?” “If thou will only believe the words that I say, your daughter shall live. Do you believeth thou this?” “LO’LO’L-O-R-D” not believing enough,” she cried. “Just enough faith the size of a mustard seed is all I ask.” “Lord I – I YES – YES, I believe,” she screamed. She screamed so loud that her relatives burst through the door. “Brice, Brice, I’ve got to go and get Brice,” she cried. “Oh Lord honey, get the sedatives,” Raymond said. “No, no, you take them, I’m going to go and get my baby.” They tried to hold her back but they were no match for her, she got loose got in her car and left. She raced all the way across the Arizona desert until she reached the morgue. As soon as she got inside she stopped at the desk inquiring about her daughter. As soon as the lady pointed she left in the direction calling “Brice, Brice, where’” “Oh my Lord,” she bumped into a woman who was backing out the door “she’s sneezing,” “whose sneezing,” Fausatina asked. “The – the – the de-de-the child, in there,” she pointed, leaving Fausatina standing outside the door. “Brice,” she called as she entered the room as her eyes beheld her daughter lying on top of a metal table stretching. “I believe, I believe, Lord thank you, I do believe.” she cried as everyone rushed through the door beholding Fausatina slowly spinning around in a circle as they both repeated, “Lord I believe.” Some came near them stood and looked, while others reached out touching her to see if what they actually saw was real. Tilting her head back Brice said, “Mom, I’m hungry.” Fausatina laughed, “say you are, well let’s get you dressed and fed.” She walked through the crowd holding Brice’s head to her chest she repeated, “Yes Lord, I do believe, I’ll always believe.” The Lord says; “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place: and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. (Matthew 17:20) “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6). Be Blessed Minister Jimmy Brigham #746533 Soul Survivors Ministry Eastham Unit 2665 Prison Road #1 Lovelady, TX 75851

Hello Virgil & Shy May God bless you spiritually, mentally and physically and your family. Thank you for the newsletter. It comes right on time and when I’m in need. God is good. Your ministry is doing a very beautiful job. Keep up the good work. Bro. Virgil the friendship you gave was wonderful. Here’s another note for friendship for you and others: FRIENDSHIP - My definition is built on two things respect and trust. Both elements have to be there and it has to be mutual. You can have respect for someone, but if you don’t have trust the friendship will crumble. Samuel Harris FORGIVENESS I have trouble with forgiveness! What I’m about to say, helped me to start forgiving. It’s a project! Do we have anger, bitterness, or hatred in our life or heart that keeps you from victory? Think about that, seriously. Are WE holding the master key to unlock our own prison door. Forgive and be forgiven (Mark 11:25). Holding grudges is poisonous for our spiritual soul. It stops our spiritual growth with the Lord and from growing holy. Have you truly forgave yourself? I have still got a lot of growing to do in that area in my life. Have you truly forgave the ones that hurt you? I have, I’m still working to break the unforgiveness wall with others; especially family members, the ones that says the do love me and show differently. I forgive the ones I don’t know, even in situations to maintain any real spiritual progress. We must forgive injuries, not just in worlds, or as a matter of form, but in our heart. How can I forgive anyone else, when I can’t forgive myself! That rottenest to the soul, my soul, your soul. I need, we need to inventory the motives first. Forgiving yourself or someone and accepting to be forgiven is change and responsibility in our life. Take your petition to God and ask him to forgive you for ALL, not some but ALL your wrong deeds. Start making a list of people that you have hurt or harmed mentally, physically and ask for forgiveness from them. It can be through the Lord, mail, in-person if possible. The Lord will do the rest. Stand firm on your word in forgiveness. This will take away the stress, worry and will bring joy to your life, into your spiritual soul and your spiritual walk. Now, you have forgiven yourself, and others truly. God has already forgiven you! If we don’t, or if I don’t forgive, God will not forgive us. How can you tell your kids to forgive and you can’t even forgive yourself, parents, ex’s or anyone? Unforgiveness is a sickness! I forgave myself first, I forgave my family, so-called friends, enemies; Now I’m at peace knowing that I forgave so God can forgive me. I walk and talk differently towards them and anyone. AMEN God Bless Samuel V. Harris #1587734 Goree Unit SHOUT-OUT to my future love & wife; Mrs. C.R. Harris SHOUT-OUT to my Big Bro Lemar Ervin - my God Bro on Hughes Unit - Richard Leigh, my Christian brothers on Eastham, Mitchell Shelby, Bear, my Kairos group, my Sunday class group. GOD IS GOOD! Samuel Harris

A WORD OF EXHORTATION TO: THE DAY OF THE LORD MINISTRIES + I believe if you remain faithful to God in the work that He’s doing in your life in the work of the ministry greatness is your destination even if you don’t desire it. It is simply a reward for the faithful. I perceive The Day of the Lord Ministries breaking barriers & making history and a tool of uniting God’s people for a common purpose that purpose is what we were primarily created for and that’s to worship and serve God in love. Here’s what they said about Jesus Matt. 11: 19 “Behold a man gluttonous and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners But wisdom is justified of her children.” Also Matt. 3:9 God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. This to say some that is part of your ministry will become great & also make history, but it is up to you to arm yourself as a soldier of Christ to war a good warfare that attacks the kingdom of righteousness and all manner of ways but persevere the storms & trials as a good soldier and let your strength be “LOVE” 1 Jn. 4:19 because love never fails. 1 Cor. 13:8 GOD BLESS, James C. Monk - Polunsky Unit WE ALL STUMBLE MANY TIMES JAS. 3:2 FOR: KRISTEN BONNEE #1720910 Despite their best efforts, even family members and our dear spiritual brothers and sisters may at times blurt out things that hurt our feelings. Instead of quickly taking offense, patiently analyze why they may have said what they did. (Eccl. 7: 8,9) Were they under pressure, fearful, not feeling well, or struggling with some external or internal problem? Recognizing the factors may help us to understand why people sometimes say and do things the should not and move us to be forgiving. All of us have said and done things that hurt others, and we hope that they will graciously forgive us. (Eccl. 7: 21,22) Jesus said that in order for us to receive God’s forgiveness, we must forgive others. (Matt. 6:14, 15-18:21, 22, 35) therefore, we should be quick to apologize and quick to forgive, thus maintaining love—the perfect bond of “union” within our family and within the congregation. (Col. 3:14) FROM: COLE B. #605638 WYNNE UNIT “RESPONSE TO KRISTEN BONNEE” Sister in Christ, I understand your struggle with unforgiveness. For many years during my incarceration, I couldn’t forgive myself for coming to prison and not appreciating family, couldn’t forgive my uncle for molesting my mother as a child, or my stepfather for his abuse towards her, or my mom for her physical abuse of me. It wasn’t until I accepted Jesus Christ, that I was able to forgive and let all that go, even praying for them. Does that mean everything will be smooth sailing from now on? Of course not. Several months ago I heard from my baby sister for the first time in over 20 years. After telling me all the wonderful news, she then told me that our father had raped her at age 14, molested one of her daughters, and our baby brother. Do you think it was easy to forgive him? I did, only through Christ, but I trust God will bring him to justice in His time (Eccl. 8: 11-13). I’ve learned 2 things about holding in unforgiveness, it’s like drinking poison and waiting for it to affect the other person. It’s also like acid it corrodes you on the inside and who you're around. The way we handle the hurts of our past will determine out future. In conclusion, please read and meditate on John 16:33 and 2 Timothy 3:12-13. Expect trouble from Satan; he’s a punk. But through Christ we overcome. Don’t give up. trust God to sustain you and He will. (Romans 8:31, 2 Tim, 4:14-18). Stay focused. IN HIS SERVICE, YURI K. LUCKETTE, ACTIVE FRONTLINE MINISTRIES - BETO ONE


T R I V I A – J u l y

A n s w e r s

Trivia Questions & Answers

“ K n o c k

K n o c k ”

1. What two commands on prayer, besides knock, did Jesus give in His sermon on the Mount? (ask and seek; Matthew 7:7-8) 2. What servant girl left Peter knocking while she went to tell others he was outside? (Thoda; Acts 12:12-16) 3. What did Jesus say servants should be doing when their master return and knock on the door? (watching; Luke 12: 35-38) 4. What did Jesus tell the church in Laodicea He would do with them if they opened the door to His knocking? (eat with them; Revelation 3:20) 5. What kind of knocking accompanied the handwriting on the wall that terrified the Babylonian king Beshazzar? (the knocking together of the king’s knees (Daniel 5:1-6) B I B L E

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

T R I V I A – A u g u s t “ L A N D ”

2 0 1 2

Who did God say should have first inheritance rights to the property of a man who died without sons? What did the law forbid Israelites to do to their neighbors’ landmarks, or boundary? Which tribe of Israel, set apart to be priests, did not receive land inheritance? What field was purchased by the chief priests with the blood money they got back from Judas Iscariot? What special celebration, every fifty years, saw property that had been sold returned to its original owners?

DID YOU KNOW? One of Harry Houdini’s most famous tricks was swallowing some needles and a piece of thread. The he would pull out the thread with the needles neatly threaded. The Paris-Dakar rally is the world’s most challenging motor race. Driver’s travel over 6,000 miles, including driving across the Sahara Desert. The oldest known person was Shigechiyo Izumi from Japan. He died at the age of 120 years and 237 days in 1986.


TRUTH’S TODAY’S REMINDER: You will never get what you truly deserve, if you’re constantly too attached to the things you’re supposed to let go of. YOU KNOW: We always say R.I.P. to those that are gone. We should also start saying L.I.P. to those that are still here. Live In Peace… TRUTH: Doubt puts our circumstances between us and God; while faith puts God between us and our circumstances.


Provide a support group for women who have husbands/spouses incarcerated. Meetings held monthly to encourage and lift the wives of incarcerated husbands. (Refreshments typically provided) Please contact Shyrolon “Shy” Wilson at the ministry’s PO Box or have your wives to call (214) 462-2009 for more information or directions. NEXT MEETING: 3rd Friday of EVERY month @ 7:00PM Building the Kingdom Community Church

Smokey John's BBQ, Great Food • Great Service • Since 1976 1820 W. Mockingbird Lane • Dallas, Texas 75235. Phone: 214-352-2752 • Fax: 214-3525496 … 7-9 every Thursday night. Free food and fellowship for ex-offenders and families. One Man’s Treasure Clothes Closet 519 E. I-30 Suite #211 Rockwall, TX 75087 (214) 697-5152 (For those paroling to the Dallas area only)

The Job Lead Generator: Victor Pratt Criminal B 6011 Harry Hines Floor 7 #112 UT Southwestern (214) 648-1740

BIC (Bound in Christ) BIC is founded by Liz Compton and is a support group for men and women… meetings are held every 3rd Sunday at Saturn Road Church of Christ 3030 Saturn Road Garland Texas 75041 (972) 271-2444

P.W.C. PRISON WIVES CLUB FREEDOM LIFE CHURCH 2435 E. Hebron Pkwy. Carrollton, TX 75010 NANCY FRAMPTON (972) 235-0955

Concerned Christians for Inmates P.O. Box 101094 San Antonio, Texas 78201-9094 NEED ENCOURAGEMENT, HOPE LETTERS OR PEN PAL A CUP OF WATER MINISTRIES P.O. BOX 161759 FT. WORTH, TEXAS 76161-1759

Postage Stamp Drive Continues at The Day of the Lord Ministries

For August Newsletter: Cedric & Cynthia Powell Michael & Sandra Howard Laura Adams Darnell & Amber Johnson Dionicio & Nanncy Martinez Vernon & Lora Falls

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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The Day of the Lord Ministries, Newsletter: “The Spoken Word” has experienced amazing growth! PRAISE GOD!!! With all the inmates requesting to be added to the mailing list, we’ve reached almost 400 “snail mail readers”, our postage expenses have increased tremendously. We do not solicit cash donations, but there are so many other ways that you can get involved and help. Pledging 10 x $0.65 stamps ($6.50) will help us reach more and more brothers and sisters in white. The next time you go to the post office… please ask for an extra 10 x $0.65 stamps and just put it in and envelope and send to: The Day of the Lord Ministries PO BOX 543004 Dallas, TX 75354 Thank you for your pledge. Together we can make a difference. _________________PLEASE SEND BOTTOM PORTION WITH YOUR DONATION_________________ Name:___________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _________________ Zip Code: __________________________ # of stamps donated: __________

Angela, Baby, God my world beautiful when He gave me you. I love you and wish you a happy birthday, it is your special day Baby, enjoy it and know that you are loved with all my heart and soul. Blessed is the man that finds true love.

Marissa, just wanted to wish you a “Happy Birthday” wishing that I could shower you and your mom with gifts, but always remember that the best gifts are tied with heart strings and you mija have my heart strings in your hand.

Love, Nandy

To: Mrs. Michelle Robinson, The beauty of our relationship shines so bright. I love you so very much Yellow Bone. The devil takes us through trials and through tribulations just to test our faith in God. Baby you’re my everything. You’re my treasure that’s so priceless. You know the right words to say when I feel down. And Beautiful you do know the sweet words to cheer me up. I love you my Angel. And my Angel you will always be for the rest of my life on this earth and even up in Heaven. Mrs. Michelle Robinson yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever I will always love you with all my heart and soul until death. Daddy’s almost home. I LOVE YOU Your Husband 4 Ever Mr. Michael Robinson “To Eastham” What’s up to all my brothers out there. I’m still here. God is still on my side; believe that! I might of slipped a bit here and there; we ain’t perfect no doubt. But I don’t want to use that as no cop out in my faults. Carrillo & Care Bear ya use to tell me the devil is a lie, yeah bro he sure is. I’m good tho bro. God is rebuilding me right now thru this storm. S.E.G. is my storm right now, it’s a worth while one too. Care Bear in all this has showed me a lot bro. God got some crazy ways trying to get our attention; He really does. Say what’s up to Shelby, Peavy, & Rocky Montez & to Ike. Also give my love to Pelon, Tresa Rico, Chuky, Lil E and Chris & the rest of the brothers. To everyone else I’m still here, God is not finished with what He started. Yas brother Payaso C. Penalosa ~Hughes~ Juan & Andrea Cardenas; Juanio what’s up bro. I pray you read this shout out. Homie I ain’t heard from ya man. I hope everything is good for ya out there bro. Manito don’t give up bro. Don’t let life distract you bro. life will distract you one way or another. Israelites did that when they was taken out of Egypt. So be careful bro. just know that ya are in my prayers Manito. I love you bro. Payaso

Always, Nando

Dionicio & Nanncy, Thank you so much for your friendship, prayers, and support, your compassionate acts of mercy and intercessory support have demonstrated your loyal friendship to me. I love you both Brother Joe Mathis

Virgil & Shy, Me & Tiffany continue to keep you’ll in our daily prayers. The Day of the Lord Ministries has open so many peoples eyes and hearts to the learning of the Word. Me and my wife may be quite at speaking a lot but we continue to strive and learn the Word. God is always a part of our home and marriage; that is one of our Vows. You and Shy have played a key part of our transforming and we are still learning. You’ll are like Brother & Sister to id, you’ll always have, you’ll always will be. May God continue to Bless you’ll Always Loyce & Tiffany Stevenson Giovanna, I want to thank you on behalf of your friendship, not too many have that special one to call friend. But what’s so cold, we been friends since we was two little kids, just lost contact in life. But God made a way for us to cross paths after 15 yrs. I’m blessed to have you as a friend in that I love you as a good friend. Just know that you’re appreciated in everything. I also want to thank you for them two visits with you & your babies. In my prayers you stand. I love you as the friend you been to me!!! Love, ~Paya~ Hughes

Olga Hernandez, I’m still here Manita! What’s up sis? Just know your in my praciones. Don’t act as you can’t come my way. Stop being a stranger girl! I ain’t forgot about you “believe that” it’s just that I’ve been on something else; nothing personal on your behalf but I’m good Manita. Abrazo y bezo goes your way. De tu manito! Aber si sabes quieries!

Virgil & Shy Thank ya for yas newsletter. I pray God bring blessings to ya on behalf yas ministries. Prayer Request: pray for my grandpa Mario to be healed from a liver infection also for Larry Rigsby for healing as well. Bro. Paya

PRAISE REPORT I saw the love of my life, CONTACT for the first time sine 1992-1993. she was SO beautiful. God is working. Please keep our friendship/ relationship in your prayers. ~YURI~

Heaven-O-Gigi: I just wanted to tell you that after six years; you are still the love of my life. You are my “Queen”. If we are, “The Royal Couple,” it’s only because of you. you’ve made me so very happy. I’m so glad you came into my life. “HAPPY SIXTH ANNIVERSARY!!” ♥Remplissez mon coeur de votre amour♥ Love Michael

Michael David Reynolds - Ellis Unit H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y !!! !!! !!! "I LOVE me some MICHAEL DAVID REYNOLDS" I'm gonna bless your life for the rest of our lives. I love you with all my heart. You have prayed me through some of the roughest times of my life and I'm grateful. I thank God EVERYDAY for conditioning your heart to love me.....and wooing me for you.

Michael Schwartz: The day I said do is when I said I do accept you as you are, I do love you with all my heart, I do put you before myself, I do take my vows seriously and for better or worse is exactly that even when things get tough still that is when we need to really pull when I said I do I mean just that and am so thankful that the Lord brought a special person in my life as you. Your wife and best friend Ez To my WONDERFUL HUSBAND, MICHAEL! I know we both thought you’d be HOME BEFORE NOW. GOD IS WORKING THIS OUT IN HIS PLAN for OUR VICTORIOUS and PROSPEROUS FUTURE!!! We have WORK TO DO in HIS NAME! YOU and I WILL DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to HELP VIRGIL and SHY WILSON’S - THE DAY OF THE LORD MINISTRIES! They have been SUCH A BLESSING TO US and so many others, by the NEWSLETTERS and ALL THE THINGS THEY DO! WE HAVE BEEN TRULY BLESSED BY GOD to BE ONE ANOTHER’S SOUL MATE 4LIFE! JUST REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR FAITH STRONG! DO NOT EVER GIVE UP HOPE, for GOD IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL! HE WILL REUNITE IS and BRING YOU HOME. THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG, with US, YOUR FAMILY! MICHAEL, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! I ANTICIPATE YOUR RETURN MOMENTARILY! IT WON’T BE LONG NOW BABY, JUST BE STRONG, and HOLD ON TO GOD’S PROMISES! WE WILL BE SET FREE FROM THIS INJUSTICE! I AM YOUR WIFE, QUEEN, and SNOW BUNNY! MRS. SANDRA HOWARD

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. I pray that you experience His FAVOR in every area of your The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 life. May you ALWAYS KNOW that I love you with all John 4:18 that I am. I speak life, joy, happiness and healing into our marriage. Remplissez Mon Coeur DeVotre Amour You are my hero. You are the love of my life. You are my king from The KING. May we ALWAYS be joined, inseparable, happy, submissive, in love, conquerors, healed, whole, connected to each other. I love you. Happy Anniversary, Regina "GiGi" Reynolds

Baby, I thank you for being obedient to God and allowing Him to use you to drive out my fear. God has given me so much joy in loving you, and we’ve just started. I love you soooooo much Baby and I’m looking forward to being “made perfect in love” with you! Loving you always! ~ Your Wife SHOUT OUT TO MICHAEL B. ROBINSON COFFIELD UNIT The storm is almost over! Don’t throw in the towel yet. God is working it out now in our favor. Love you Baby, Michelle

The Day of the Lord Ministries celebrates August Birthdays James Anderson Dava Butler Bernadine W. Hayes Erica Butler Harry Johnson Kerry Larocco David L. Shaw Sr. Angelo Clark Jerald “Raw Dog” Washington Margie Aguilar Nanncy Martinez K. Scott Brown Sam Wilson Johnnie Dale Campbell Keith Bodley Keisha Bodley Deshun Page Kenneth Clemons Joe Mathis Jason Edward Hall Alex Trevino David "Snoopy" Tomberlin Keith Wallace Pastor Victor Jackson Victor Carter John Broadus Jason Clark Brian Rawlins Nene Ramos Juanita Ramos

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Happy Anniversary Michael & SRegina Reynolds ALVATION IS FREE! 1-Aug Richard & Lois Smith Nelson & Gloria Wallace

18-Aug 24-Aug

Thinking of you on your special day and sending warmest thoughts your way. Asking God to hold you near and bless you with each passing year. God Bless you on your birthday. -Virgil & Shy Wilson

TDOTL August 15 2012, Volume 4 Issue 11  

TDOTL Ministries Monthly Newsletter August 15 2012, Volume 4 Issue 11 More info at

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