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March 2015 - Volume 9; Issue 3

SURGEONS of STEEL Right to Work legislation sparks excitement in Wisconsin In this Issue WOW Workforce Development Board Planning for the Workforce of Tomorrow February 24 Roundtable Discussion Event 3 Secrets to Gaining More Prospective Customers AND Skilled Manufacturing Workers Conscientious Companies are Safety Conscious ThermTech’s Tool Steel Event A Success

President's Letter

March 2015 Manufacturing Continues to be Strong for Many Wisconsin Companies


he hottest issue going on right now, as I write this letter, is the Right to Work legislation. Many Republicans believe the Wisconsin Senate made a huge step towards improving the business climate and work place freedoms in Wisconsin by passing the Right to Work Legislation. Only a few short months ago Scott Walker said there were bigger issues for the State to work on, and that he wasn’t going to push or bring Right to Work legislation to the table. But then a few weeks later said he would sign the Right to Work bill if it were put on his desk. It was soon after the Governor’s comment that senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald went to work, and quickly brought the Right to Work legislation up to his fellow Senate Republicans, promoting “Right to Work” would help grow jobs, wages, and bring more business into Wisconsin compared to other states that are not “ Right to Work” states. Like the debates and protests with ACT 10 a few years ago, Fitzgerald knew he would have opposition and protests again, in Madison, from big company unions and his Democratic counterparts. But by the end of the debate session the Senate and Fitzgerald won the decision by a 17 to 15 vote. Wisconsin will now be the 25th state in the union to pass private sector Right to Work legislation. In recent years, Indiana and Michigan also passed Right to Work laws.

Another hot topic, and challenge for manufacturing companies and other business sectors in Wisconsin, is our current and future workforce. As the economy continues to grow, many companies want or need to hire more employees for a variety of positions. Most continue to struggle and especially skilled workers. Many business owners are concerned about current and future growth, concerned that they won’t their customer’s orders and critical leadtimes. Many good long term employees continue to be retiring at a faster pace as our primary work force gets older. Who’s going to take the place of these good, experienced workers, and how soon will companies be they need? Of course looking into automation, labor free alternatives, and introducing or adding robots are some things to seriously consider, but skilled programmers and set-up people will still be important to all growing companies. It’s good to again see higher enrollments at our technical schools in engineering, tool & die areas, machining, and welding programs, but it will likely take several years before companies actually start seeing new applications coming across their desks, from these students. Many of these younger employees will still lack knowledge, and won’t have the long term job experience that most companies have been able to depend on.

Right to Work States

I guess in time we will see how this all works out, but for now I suggest working with your local Work Force Development Center. Get to know the teachers, instructors, and some of the students at your local high schools, tech schools, and colleges. These people are great resources for young talent and potential internships, or future employee apprenticeship programs. Some companies are implementing their own in-house schooling to some of their younger, motivated employees. The Wisconsin Manufacturer’s Extension Program and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation are other good resources to contact for Wisconsin employer grants and other helpful business information. This week eight TDMAW members will be attending “Business Day in Madison”. This is an event where business leaders, from sole proprietors to major corporations, together with policymakers, all come together to meet and to discuss the most important issues facing our state. There will be speakers throughout the day including Governor Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel, and John Stossell, former CoAnchor on 20/20, will be speaking on “The importance of Economic Freedom and the Free Market”. I look forward to hearing the about everything that’s going on in our State. I’m also hoping to hear more about Wisconsin employment, the current skills gap, and any new ideas and programs that might be coming up. I will be sure to share this information with all of you in my April letter. Until next month, Yours truly, — Randy A. Weber , TDMAW President

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IN THE KNOW TDMAW was pleased to award four scholarships to students currently enrolled in Metalworking Programs at area technical colleges. Each student presented an application, including an essay explaining:

Mary Wehrheim 262.786.0120 l

1. Why they are interested in precision metalworking

Apprenticeship Co-Chairs Mary Wehrheim 262.786.0120 |

3. Their goals

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2. Why they chose this occupation 4. Any special circumstances they wish to be considered. TDMAW Partner, E.L. Simeth provides the money to make this scholarship possible, in the name of Steve Simeth’s father, Edward L. Simeth. The spring semester’s awardees included students from: MATC, WCTC and MPTC. Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients and thank you to E. L. Simeth! If you have an interest in participating on TDMAW Scholarship Committee, which reviews applications, electronically, twice a year, please contact the TDMAW Headquarters at Please Welcome TDMAW’s Newest Member Contour Tool & Manufacturing LLC 801A Beech Street, Grafton, WI 53024, (262) 618-4930, Type of business and services performed: Design and construction of plastic injection molds and die cast tooling. Please update your member roster! TDMAW Member NorQuist Tool & Die Has a New Owner Please update your rosters and welcome Bob and Pamela Hutchinson as the new owners of NorQuist Tool & Die, in Oconomowoc. You can reach Bob and Pamela via email at: or


Promotions Lynn Mahuta 262.502.4100 |

Wisconsin Engraving Company / UNITEX has added two new HAAS VM-2 machining centers to our equipment list. Machines feature 12,000 RPM spindles, 4th axis machining capabilities and 30” x 20” x 20” of travel. Call 262-786-4521 or E-mail:

Scholarship Steve Latus 414.228.8338 |

For Sale: ELB Surface Grinder: Max Length 23 5/8 feet, Max Width 13 3/4 feet, Max height 20". Asking $4,000 or best offer. Please contact Ron Tritz at 262-544-5454 or

2015 Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

For Sale: Dual Pallet Horizontal Machining Center: X=26 3/8, Y=13 7/16, Z=13 1/2. Asking $40,000 or best offer. Please contact Ron Tritz at 262-544-5454 or

Communications & Technology Austin Weber 262.626.6591 | Workforce Development Michael Mallwitz 414.362.7305 |

Hypneumat, Inc. has added a new Tsugami M08SY 6-axis turning center to its equipment list. This twin spindle machine is capable of chucking up to 8” diameters and bar feed 2.5” diameters. Machining requests call 414-423-7400 or email | 3

Our waste services include:

UÊÊ->viÊÌÀ>˜Ã«œÀÌ]ÊÌÀi>̓i˜ÌÊ>˜`Ê`ˆÃ«œÃ>Ê œvʘœ˜‡…>â>À`œÕÃÊyÊՈ`à UÊÊLÜÀLi˜ÌÃʈ˜Ûi˜ÌœÀÞÊ>˜`Ê`ˆÃ«œÃ>Ê «Àœ}À>“ UÊՏÞʏˆVi˜Ãi`ʈ˜Ê7ˆÃVœ˜Ãˆ˜Ê>˜`ʏˆ˜œˆÃ Our fluid services include:

UʏՈ`ʓ>ˆ˜Ìi˜>˜ViÊ>˜`ʓ>V…ˆ˜iÊVi>˜ˆ˜} UÊÊiÌ>ÜœÀŽˆ˜}ÊyÊՈ`ÊVœ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜]Ê ÌiÃ̈˜}]Ê>˜`Ê«ÀœLi“Ê܏ۈ˜} UÊÊÊvՏÊˆ˜iʜvÊVœœ>˜ÌÃ]ʏÕLÀˆV>̈˜}ʜˆÃ]Ê Vi>˜iÀÃÊ>˜`Ê,*½Ã

Call us for more information: 920-783-6600

Providing Industry with the highest quality products and customer service to meet today’s demanding manufacturing requirements!

» Automation & Machinery » Die / Stamping / Fabrication

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» Part & Tag Marking

» Laser Marking 403 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee, WI 53214 Toll Free: 800.837.9270 | Fax: 414.771.9043

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WOW Workforce Development Board Planning for the Workforce of Tomorrow


here are many important and exciting changes taking place as a result of the recent passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) that will match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. The Waukesha-Ozaukee-Washington Workforce Development Board (WOW WDB) has engaged in a multi-stage strategic planning process to strengthen its programs and services to employers and job seekers throughout the WOW area. Highlighted below are a few of the key improvements to make note of.

Incumbent Worker Training Employers throughout the region have expressed an interest and need for training to allow for advancement of their current workforce, making room for new entry-level employees. The training must meet certain criteria and employers must agree to the terms prior to the start of the program. Training must be: requirements of an employer or group of employers; employer to employ an individual upon successful completion of the training; and

Youth On-the-Job Training Currently, OJT’s are only available to adults, dislocated workers, and those enrolled through special on-the-job training grants and programs. New expansions will allow the board to provide OJT opportunities to the youth population. Listed below are few of the highlights:

for youth new hires

Industry Sector Partnerships The WOW WDB will promote the use of industry sector partnerships to gain valuable insight to address employer workforce needs. to increase employment in in-demand industries and occupations to match the needs of employers throughout the three-county area. The additional opportunities for work-based training and the enhancements to industry sector partnerships are just a few examples of the many important and exciting changes taking place. Employers who are interested in learning more are additional details.


of training, as determined by the board. Innovative tool dispensing solutions giving YOU control, not your supplier.


Companies that utilize an AUTOCRIB system typically experience... ◆ Reduce Item Usage 20% or more ◆ Reduce Inventory Levels ◆ Control 2nd & 3rd Shift Tool Usage ◆ Reduce Walk-Around / Trip Time ◆ Reduce Receiving Costs ◆ Eliminate Obsolete Parts ◆ Reduced Shipping & Expediting Costs Contact your ApTex Salesperson or our VMI Specialists for more info!

Mark Meier




Sandi Melville

Roxanne Mueller




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Dedicated to the art of waterjet cutting We don’t compete with you! No welding, grinding or fabricating

John Hazod President & CEO

Machine capacity of 6 ft. x 12 ft. All work guaranteed

(262) 347-1685

Transform your leaders – send them to the Open Enrollment Leadership Development Series beginning in June and October of 2015. Contact Lisa Raebel for more information and to register:

Employees leave bosses, not jobs.

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Schenck M&A Solutions Advisory with a focus on transactions up to $100MM






February 24 Roundtable Discussion Event


t a recent round table gathering of TDMAW members, three areas of common concern and challenge were posed by the group to set the stage for discussion and idea sharing. 1. Attraction, Training and Retention of your Workforce 2. Employee Motivation, and Work Ethic


3. Leadership Let’s touch on just a few points: There was agreement in the room that we have entered a time in business workers AND to keep them. Methods and candidates are not coming forward in the ways that they used to. Job postings, in the past, elicited volumes of interested candidates. This is no longer happening. Today, more and more businesses are proactively reaching out to students in high schools and in colleges, educating them on the various opportunities available to them upon graduation. One leader, for example, shared that they are building a database for future talent. Business leaders are looking for ways to both understand and address workforce issues like motivation, work ethic and ‘attitude.’ There was much conversation about this topic, combined with some head shaking. Let’s break down each of these three things.

Motivation: Some people would say ‘motivation comes from within.’ Research, however, tells us that employees are more inspired and more productive in some environments than in others. For example, we (meaning international research) have learned from employees (upwards of 11 million, actually) that they are more inspired if they feel valued, are able to do work that is both interesting and meaningful, have clarity in terms of their responsibilities and receive feedback when they are on track and when they are not on track. So, really, what you’re striving for is to create an environment in which your employees will be more engaged….a good term to Google if you haven’t studied it. Attitude: This one is a tricky one. It’s best to not label people as having

TDMAW February 24th Breakfast Meeting, hosted by TDMAW Sponsor, Haas Factory Outlet

good attitudes and bad attitudes. I am an advocate that you would never say to someone, “Your problem is you have a bad attitude.” The ‘judgment’ is simply a title for something that you’re observing. It could be that an employee is not meeting performance metrics, not smiling, coming to work late, not chatting with co-workers. It is best to have a conversation with your employees about these observable behaviors. Remain above the line in your conversations…. if you want to compliment someone for having a good attitude, instead…. tell them what they’re doing that you appreciate.

Work Ethic: ensure that your leaders are having conversations with employees about what good looks like. Do they know what their leader is looking for? Again, another label risk - it usually sounds like: “The problem with young people today is they don’t want to work hard.” My dedicated to one piece of paper what you’re looking for day in and day out from your people. This will address

performance, conduct and timeliness/ attendance?” And, you would start by saying, “I would like to spend some time with you to describe what I’m looking for on a day in and day out basis. This is essentially my view of success.” Describe it and then ask: “What is your reaction to this?” “Do you feel up to this?” And surprisingly, the best time to have this conversation is when you’re recruiting someone. We didn’t resolve these issues, as you might imagine. Here is what we did, and I encourage you to do as you continue moving forward with your businesses and the accompanying challenges. 1. Make note of the ideas you have to share with others…and then share them. 2. Ask others for the ideas they have to share with you. As you attend events involving your peers, seize the opportunity to talk about these issues with others. Be in the habit of sharing and asking. Submitted by Aleta Norris, Partner at Living As A Leader | 7


World Class Technology and Complete Solutions Morris Midwest brings machine tools, tooling and accessories, and engineering and support services together for you. We source and integrate virtually everything you need to optimize machine tool performance. Our custom turnkey solutions are found in automotive, medical, small engine, agriculture, recreational products, energy and other industries. From highly advanced, automated production cells to single unit installations, our goal is to help you achieve greater productivity, higher quality, and improved profitability. Let us help solve your next manufacturing challenge.

Where Customers Come First

Locations across the Upper Midwest:

Milwaukee Wausau Merrill Minneapolis

To learn more, contact us: 9300 West Heather Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53224 (414) 586-0450 CNC Short Run Turning Chuck capacity up to 25 ½” diameter x 44” Bar fed capacity to 3 ¼” diameter. Vertical Turning Lathe 40” chuck x 29.5” N118 W19137 Bunsen Drive | Germantown, WI 53022 262-502-4100 | E-Mail:

8 | TDMAW HQ 262-532-2440

3 Secrets to Gaining More Prospective Customers AND Skilled Manufacturing Workers — in One Shot Submitted by TDMAW Sponsor, Cultivate Communications


midst the resurgence of Milwaukee manufacturing, successful manufacturers are looking for the best ways to bring in employees. Why not streamline the process and craft your content marketing strategy to achieve both objectives? Here’s how… 1. Entice Skilled Manufacturing Workers with Great Content Attracting a new generation of skilled workers? You’ll need great content (like helpful FAQs and interesting pics and videos) on your website and social media channels. The good news is all that great content can work to both entice prospects and customers and attract the skilled employees you need to stay ahead of the competition. For example, that cool video of your time for your manufacturing enterprise, as it will impress your customers, while also showing skilled workers how great it would be to work at your company. Those photos of corporate events show your customers you’re active in the community and convince prospective employees to apply so they can be part of the fun.

they share a nice mixture of industry news, humor and networking content that appeals to their customers and potential employees alike. Lincoln Electric, global welding equipment manufacturer, uses

You’re ready to go, right? Not quite. A great piece of content is nothing without your call-to-action (CTA). A great CTA entices your website viewers to take the next step and engage with your business in some way. But your CTA is nothing without that lead capture form. For example, a CTA might inspire the viewer to call or email your business, or to download a helpful and robust piece of content. Each CTA should be set up underneath a lead capture form to collect a few bits of prospect information in exchange for that additional content.

3. Don’t Stop at the Lead Capture— instead, Nurture Just like the CTA is nothing without the lead capture—the lead capture is nothing without lead nurturing. Studies show 35 to 50% of sales go to the vendor who many other manufacturers a potential customer has contacted. According to the Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make

Each CTA should be: that are not. call to action. You may have pages with several CTAs, but the important ones should be larger. prospect’s attention. If your website visitor can’t see your CTAs or if they blend in with everything else, you’ll have a harder time getting clicks information.

with a similar approach. Calls to Action

used when blogging or posting to social media platforms. Use one style of CTAs to attract customers and use another to attract skilled employees.

around it to avoid confusion with any other webpage elements or CTAs.

Great content is only part of the battle. You’ve hammered out a great content

Your CTAs should each be channel

types of content ready to distribute across your website and social media channels.

than the CTAs on your manufacturing website. Yet another CTA should be

Sure, you need the information from the customer before you can convert, but you must act on that information to convert. Create a system that automatically sends lead capture to your sales team so they can close the deal. Similarly, your CTAs that most appeal to skilled workers should funnel directly to your HR department for follow up. By implementing a great content strategy, compelling CTAs and a clear lead nurturing process, your content marketing can work double-time for your manufacturing enterprise, attracting both prospective customers AND skilled manufacturing workers. Content marketing is an excellent way for today’s modern manufacturers to outshine the competition, so now is a great time to get started. | 9

Legistative Update



overnor Scott Walker today expanded workplace freedom and improved the state’s business climate when he signed historic Right to Work legislation at Badger Meter. “Governor Walker has put our state on the national landscape for job creation and business expansion by signing Right Bauer, WMC President/CEO. WMC is Wisconsin’s chamber of commerce. “Governor Walker’s visionary leadership on reforming government unions, and now providing workplace freedom to private sector workers, has made our state a national leader in expanding economic freedom and prosperity for our citizens.” Bauer added: “Combined with tax relief, regulation relief and lawsuit reform, the Walker era is an era of growth, hope and opportunity that has seen job creation go up and unemployment go down.” On Monday, Walker signed the Right to Deer Road, in Brown Deer. Passage of

Right to Work is a top policy reform on the WMC public policy agenda. Right to out of paying union dues. WMC Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley said that the Right the business climate. “Wisconsin is truly open for business,” Manley said. “Site selectors frequently just skip states that are not Right to Work. This reform puts us on the map for job creators. “ In late February, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) announced that they would bring the Legislature into extraordinary session to pass the workplace freedom reform. In 2011, the Legislature and the Governor enacted Right to Work for government unions in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the 25th state in the nation to pass private sector Right to Work legislation. In recent years, Indiana and Michigan passed Right to Work laws.

“We need to compete with our industrial competitors in the Upper Midwest,” Bauer said. “We hope to see Wisconsin compete and beat other states for jobs in the future with this reform.” From

262.251.1771 f 262.251.4026 N88W15326 Main Street Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Common Right to Work Myths » The Middle Class Argument

Unions often claim that Right to Work hurts the middle class. However, the objective data show that Right to Work states have faster job growth, faster wage growth and higher disposable income. It’s unclear how any of those economic measures are bad for the middle class.

» The Poverty Argument Opponents often argue

that Right to Work will reduce wages and lead to greater reliance on public welfare programs. On the contrary, welfare utilization is actually lower in Right to Work states at 5.8 TANF recipients per thousand in 2013. That’s less than half the rate of 16.7 welfare recipients per thousand residents in forced-union states.

» The Anti-Union Argument Union leaders often

characterize Right to Work as a policy to harm unions, but the data shows otherwise. In the period from 2010-

10 | TDMAW HQ 262-532-2440

2013, Right to Work states collectively grew union membership by 57,000 workers, while forced-union states actually lost 248,000 union members.

» The Worker Training Argument

Opponents argue Right to Work will jeopardize training in the construction trades, but that has not been the experience in other states. In Wisconsin, skilled training is paid for by employers and is not dependent upon union dues. Moreover, Right to Work states have 28% more operating engineers employed per capita than forced-union states.

» The Free-Rider Argument Union leaders claim

Right to Work is unfair because the union is required to represent all employees, even if they do not pay dues. However, these “exclusive representation” agreements are not mandatory and unions are not required to negotiate these clauses into their contract.

systems are upside down all over the country. January 2012 was an unusually violent month for severe weather, with more than 70 tornadoes reported. Unfortunately, extreme weather is becoming more commonplace: Over the past three years, the Federated Insurance United States has averaged more than 1,300 tornadoes.1 Deaths and property damage from tornadoes are not limited to the most severe storms: 109 people were killed in 2011 by storms rated EF3 or lower.2 So what can we do? In a word, PREPARE!

Conscientious Companies are Safety Conscious

Tornado season lasts from March to August, but tornadoes can occur year-round. More than 80 percent of tornados occur between noon and midnight, and one quarter occur from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tornadoes are most likely to occur between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. While tornadoes have been reported in every state, they are most prevalent in the area known as “Tornado Alley,� which includes states located between the Rocky Mountains and Appalachians.


ot enough can be said about the value of employee

Tornado strength is measured on theregular Enhanced Fujita (EF) Intensity Scale, which correlatestodamage with windlearned speed. can The giving them opportunities use what they’ve safety training. If you conduct safety training, scale has six wind-damage levels, as shown on the accompanying chart. help create a more motivated Operational workforce. That can have a good for you! There’s ample evidence that makes a EF Scale

distinct connection between a company’s attention to safety training and its progress towardfor overall success. Plan with How can you prepare a tornado?

direct impact on the company’s bottom line and itsGust ability to EF Number 3-Second (mph)

stay productive and successfully service its customers. a PURPOSE 0 65-85

1 86-110 tornadoes Askhave yourbeen employees for their2opinion of their training. If it’s been awhile since your last employee safetyAlthough meeting and 111-135If the reported United States, some are these clearly feedback at higheryou riskget than is that it’s not entirely what they want or need, you want tothroughout restart yourthe routine, good for you, too!areas Consider 3 136-165 it might be time for some creativity to make the sessions more others. in favor of resuming regular safety meetings.1 arguments 4 166-200 interesting and keep the learners engaged. Training meetings 5 they learn or involve Over 200 Identify a “safe� room where others can gather during a tornado. the to practice what that allowInthem them in Joplin, Missouri, storms of 2011, people survived by taking shelter in a walk-in demonstrating a procedure can be good, hands-on alternatives about their welfare. It helps set the tone of a company culture that you can alternate presentations. cooler. designate as your and safethat room, it create should be determined beforewith you classroom need it. Examine your property— that isWhatever focused onyou eliminating accidents, helps

both your home and business—and create a plan. A basement location away from all windows is preferable. If there is no a healthier workforce. Whether you’re an old hand is at another providing safetyOnce training basement, an interior hallway or room on the lowest floor is best. A nearby sturdy building option. youfor your just setting up a program, Federated can help designate a safe room, consider having it reinforced, if possible, foremployees, additionalorprotection. more job satisfaction with higher morale.


in a positive direction.

It’s Our Business to Protect YoursŽ .... ‌.. ......................


This publication is intended to provide general recommendations regarding risk prevention. It is not intended to include all steps or processes necessary to adequately protect you, your business, or your customers. You should always consult your personal attorney and insurance advisor for advice unique to you and your business. Š 2012 Federated Mutual Insurance Company. All rights reserved. Federated Mutual Insurance Company Federated Service Insurance Company* Federated Life Insurance Company *Federated Service Insurance Company is not licensed in the states of NH, NJ, RI, and VT.


! er n t ar p n o i t a i c o s s a ur o XXXGFEFSBUFEJOTVSBODFDPN

Federated Mutual IOTVSBODF$PNQBOZr'FEFSBUFE4FSWJDFInsurance Company r'FEFSBUFE-JGFInsurance Company Owatonna, Minnesota 55060 | Phone 507.455.5200 | *Not licensed in the states of NH, NJ, and VT. Š 2015 Federated Mutual Insurance Company | 11

Ballbar Testing Can Give Simple, Quick Insight on Machine Performance


f you are looking to take the guesswork out of determining your machine tool’s capabilities and quickly establish its performance level – before the machine makes bad parts – a Ballbar Test is simply your best bet.

A ballbar system monitors a CNC machine tool's spindle movement as it follows a programmed circular path and compares the actual machine spindle path to that of an imaginary perfect circle.

At Busch Precision, we recommend utilizing the latest state-of-the-art Renishaw QC20-W wireless ballbar system, which is what we use for our customers. This tool dynamic and geometric performance of the machine tool. These error values are then ranked in order of percentage of total actual spindle path error. Early error detection procedures and machine tool repairs. For more information or to schedule your Ballbar Test, call (414) 362-7300 x266 or email:

The telescoping ballbar is considered by the manufacturing industry to be the most convenient, practical and comprehensive diagnostic tool available for the assessment of the actual contouring accuracies of CNC machine tools. This simple but comprehensive test can observe almost every motion error that exists in the machine axes. Typical machine inaccuracies include: -Axis reversal spikes -Backlash -Cyclic Error -Geometric Squareness -Scale mismatch -Servo Mismatch -Stick–Slip



Before Mori Seiki Slant Bed Lathe Realignment

After Norton Grinder Machine Rebuild

      12 | TDMAW HQ 262-532-2440

System Integrator

Solution Partner

ThermTech's Tool Steel Event A Success


hermTech would like to thank all of the TDMAW members that joined

luncheon and Technical presentation, to enjoy some networking, lunch, listen to an hour long talk, and have the chance to ask our three metallurgists some questions relating to heat-treating. Please remember that our engineering people are always available to answer any heattreat question you may have and you can reach us for these questions via the itself on being a technical partner to our customers and the TDMAW.

The Presentation we put on was done by our Tool Steel Plant Manager, Casey Nieznanaski, Assistant Metallurgist, Chuck Hartwig, and President, Steve Wiberg who went through a typical H-13 tool steel job we would heat-treat, to explain all of the steps we perform to insure we adhere to industry and quality requirements. While talking through our procedure they touched on how our software system works, and they also described what information we need on purchase orders, from our customers, in order to successfully write up an acceptable order in a timely manner. From those steps they proceeded to describe in detail the thermal processing steps necessary to achieve a proper micro-structure of the tool steel and the repercussions of taking short-cuts by not pre-

Corey Mir, ThermTech Customer Service Manager and Mary Sringer, ThermTech Vice President.

heating, achieving the proper temperature or under soaking the tooling during vacuum hardening. They also explained that critical to achieving successful heat-treatment of any tool steel, is proper selection of the temperature that the parts will be tempered to, and the number of tempers needed to avoid parts growing or cracking during subsequent coating, or EDM processing, post heat-treatment. Our sales representatives, Michael Van Dusen and Steven Wiberg, Jr, gave a quick visual explanation of our ThermTech order forms that many of you utilize, and afterwards, our Customer Service manager, Corey Mir, gave a quick overview of our customer service group, and reiterated that this department was established to further our goal of keeping our managers on the processing of your work, and the training of our employees. ThermTech's Vice President, Mary Springer, then closed our presentation by expressing our company's dedication to servicing the Tool Steel market and the TDMAW member companies. Several people have responded to our request regarding giving us some ideas on what to talk about next time we put on another technical presentation. If anyone within the TDMAW has feedback regarding this, we ask that you contact us via the sales email address.

ThermTech has presented the TDMAW with a check of $700 towards the Jerry Persik Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donation funds were raised by raffling off several items, and the amount was boosted when matched by ThermTech.

We hope those of you that attended found that it was well worth your time, and enjoyed your chance to mingle during the lunch and the open bar held afterwards. | 13

Top 12 Network Security Trends & Terms for 2015


s technology evolves, so does the sophistication of cyberattacks. Below is a glossary of the most relevant network security vocabulary of 2015.

1. Hybrid Cloud:


A DIVISION OF SUSSEX TOOL & SUPPLY 19967 WEST MAIN STREET LANNON WI 53046 P 262-251-4020 F 262-251-4181 Email :

Instead of asking, “Should we move to the cloud?” try asking, “Should we move everything to the cloud?” Depending on your industry, moving all your business applications, the best solution. A hybrid cloud approach allows businesses to get the best of both worlds. The term “hybrid cloud” can refer to 2 approaches: 1. Running some systems from a private cloud while running others from the public cloud, or 2. Running some systems on in-house servers and running other systems from the cloud. Oftentimes, running more sensitive systems in-house for handling sensitive data, especially for

2 Botnet:

Also known as a zombie army, a botnet is a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group—without the owners’ knowledge. This slave network performs automated tasks over the internet to forward harmful programs such as spam or viruses to massive amounts of people and accounts. A botnet can also be used to attack computers and servers, or used to commit other types of crime and fraud.

3. Web Filtering: involves screening all webpages to determine if a particular user is allowed to access a particular webpage, based on provides a cloud-delivered network security service that delivers automated protection against advanced attacks for any device, anywhere.

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Blacklist/Whitelist: These two terms mirror each other. When you “blacklist” an application, user, service, program or website, you restrict access and privileges. On the opposite end, if you “whitelist” an application, user, service, program or website, you grant full access.

5. BitLocker Drive Encryption: security service available on Windows. With data security protection, without having to

6. Sandboxing: A security mechanism

8. BYOD: Bring Your Own Device is a business technology model that encourages employees to use their own personal technology for work. BYOD has many advantages, but because it’s a new model, there are a number of important problems— namely security concerns. Businesses adopting this model should establish security-centric BYOD policies to minimize these potential threats.

designed to separate running programs from the rest of a network system. Sandboxing is used to execute unknown

9. Security Analytics:

third party vendors, untrusted websites, suppliers, and users. Tightly controlled and heavily restricted, sandboxing is a way to test a program to determine if it has some form of malware without allowing it to spread to any other part of the network.

analyzing large amounts of network security data. The challenge in security analytics is deciphering a way to automate reporting on such a huge amount of event data. These advanced security analytics will aid in identifying security threats and enable faster response.

7. Internet of Things (IoT): The constant transfer of data and communication between every single piece of technology that uses the internet to some capacity. This goes far beyond stationery computers connected to a network—this is the interconnection of individual computing devices (including sensors, biochips, software, electronics, and more) able to transfer data over a network, automating data exchange and ushering in a new world of potentially exploitable systems and technology.

10. Ransomware: Ransomware is installed on your computer from a remote location, then it locks down a computer or network from use, demanding the user pay a ransom fee to the creators of the malware to remove the restriction. These programs use fear tactics to coax users into paying a ransom. However, even if the ransom is paid, there’s no guarantee the user will gain 11. Embedded Mobile Security: Security protocol intended to protect networks by restricting access of non-

compliant devices. With the increasing awareness that personal mobile devices are alarmingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, the security technology industry is focusing for mobile devices, via encryption, better password management, and understanding user error/vulnerability.

12. Application Control: Sooner or later, any network’s users could unintentionally download malicious applications and software. Application control seeks to counteract these user errors by providing protection against unwanted applications. Typically any executable application must be approved to function, and automated executable applications are entirely prevented from operating on an application controlled network. Submitted by Swick Technoloiges, TDMAW Group Buying Partner

Lock it down. When there are wolves at the doorstep of your hen house, you need to shut the door and lock it down. SWICKtech protects your IT infrastructure! Call today and ask us about the TDMAW member specials.

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Kelly Welding Corporation Investment in Laser Technology Continues Miro Expansion Waukesha, WI – Miro Tool & Mfg., a contract manufacturer specializing in metal stamping, fabrication and machining, continues to advance its manufacturing service capabilities with the purchase of a Mitsubishi eX Series 2D CO2 laser. The significant investment allows Miro to increase its laser and waterjet cutting capability and capacity, enhancing their fabrication services. Having been partners for 20 years, Miro worked closely with Mitsubishi distributors in selection and integration of the new machine tool. Miro President, Jeff Brown, commented, “Miro continues to focus its growth, both in terms of capacity and technology, in manufacturing services, primarily fabrication, metal stamping and machining. Our new laser will not only help us directly in fabrication, but also in the many projects we process involving a cross pollination of the manufacturing services Miro offers.” This eX Series model is the fifth generation in a line of powerful 2D Mitsubishi lasers. Low running costs and eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption make the acquisition one of the most cost-effective machines on the market. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding and diversified shops, the laser combines ease of operability, high-speed lens movement, upgradable automation and Mitsubishi’s patented resonator design that delivers the highest cutting power per watt available. Building on its background as a tool & die shop, Miro further transitions itself into contract manufacturing with the purchase. The company partners with customers from product design through the manufacturing of parts and assemblies, or as the people at Miro like to say “from start to part”. For more information about the complete line of services offered by the company, contact Miro Tool & Mfg., Inc., 201 Sentry Drive, Waukesha, WI 53186, Phone: (262) 549-6685 or visit

Announces Availability of In-House Blanchard Grinding 60” Blanchard Grinder Kelly Welding Corporation announces immediate availability of in-house Blanchard grinding. Many customers have already benefited from shorter leadtimes and competitive pricing. Blanchard grinding is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Kelly Welding’s commitment to deliver comprehensive capabilities on one-convenient location. Founded in 1975, Kelly Welding Corporation is a local leader in welded fabrications and flame cut plates. The company serves Tool & Die Shops, Machine Shops and Machine Builders. For more information on Kelly Welding please visit us on the web:


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