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In this issue Department of Labor Issues New Overtime-Pay Salary Threshold to Take Effect January 1, 2020 How Rough Is Smooth? TDMAW Discovered What’s New & Next in Manufacturing at WMTS

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Fall 2019 - Volume 13; Issue 3

President's Letter Consider Advertising in the

Surgeons of Steel

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Thank you everyone for your support the last two years serving as the TDMAW president. It has truly been a privilege. We have held steady in membership and partners and have been working diligently to add more value to our members through programming, employee development and support for manufacturing in Wisconsin. We kicked off manufacturing month by exhibiting at the Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Expo at State Fair Park. The day I worked, there was good traffic and we were well represented by member companies and partners, at the show. I attended WMC’s business and industry luncheon. There were several excellent speakers at the event, all with mixed views of what 2019 and 2020 will be like for us. There was a definite consensus that 2018 was a great year for Wisconsin. According to WMC, manufacturing is the number one contributor to Wisconsin’s booming economy, producing more than $63 billion in total output in 2018, representing 19% of Wisconsin’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Additionally, the state’s more than 9,000 manufacturers employed nearly 475,000 people in 2018 – nearly 1 in 5 workers in Wisconsin.


We are already in the silliness of the 2020 election season. I am hopeful that we will eventually arrive in a period of time where our elected officials will get over politics and start doing the business of the people who elected them. Many trade deals are left to get done that can help us keep momentum in our economy. We still have the escalating problem of finding qualified employees to fill our vacancies. Our organization will still be focused on promotion and education of young people and educators to fill our funnels with future employees. We will be introducing you to a Foundation where we can help fund technical programs and provide scholarships.

Again, it has been a privilege and I certainly feel that I and Aztalan Engineering have gotten out of this wonderful organization everything I’ve put into it and more. Please consider getting involved. I promise you’ll get a great return on your investment. Kirk Kussman President, TDMAW 2018 kkussman@aztalan.com (920) 342-9455 2 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440










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Table of Contents

2019 Board of Directors

President’s Letter .................................................................... 2

President – Kirk Kussman Aztalan Engineering Inc. 920.648.3411 | kkussman@aztalan.com

Congratulations to TDMAW Members Rich & Kay Lussier on Their Upcoming Retirement! ................. 6 Department of Labor Issues New Overtime-Pay Salary Threshold to Take Effect January 1, 2020 ............................... 7 Injured at Another Job – Covered Under FMLA? Federated Question of the Month ............................................ 8 Miro Manufacturing Adds Large High Precision Press Brake .... 9 TDMAW Summer Outing was a BLAST! ................................. 10 Tools to Succeed................................................................... 12 Federated Insurance: Can You Afford the Loss of a Key Employee? ......................... 13 How Rough Is Smooth? ......................................................... 14 Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Management, and Secure Cloud Backup Are All Necessary In Today’s Security LandscapeTDMAW 2019 Partners and Sponsors ..... 17 TDMAW Discovered What’s New & Next in Manufacturing at WMTS ............................................ 18

Vice President – John Thomann W-Steel & Grinding, Inc. 262.252.3630 | john@wsteel.net Treasurer – Brian Nuetzel Matzel Manufacturing, Inc., 414.466.3800 | Briann@mzmatzel.com Secretary – Chris Ernster eTek Tool & Manufacturing 262.377.4150 | chris@etektool.com Chairman of the Board – Pete Kambouris Wisconsin Engraving Company 262.786.4521 | pckambouris@wi-engraving.com

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2019 Calendar of Events Thursday, November 7

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Annual Member Meeting & Honor Flight Presentation

Hilton Garden Inn Milwaukee Park Place

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ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

At von Briesen, we’ve transformed the traditional law firm into a modern platform for legal innovation. Combining our industry leading expertise with innovative technology, we take a collaborative and creative approach to problem-solving the most complex matters.

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We offer a broad scopeWe of Full Site Calibration andOn Site Calibration and offerOn a broad scope of Full repair services, reducing yourservices, need forreducing multiple your vendors! repair need for multiple vendors!

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Hard gage calibration services with a 3-5 dayservices turnaround! Hard gage calibration with a 3-5 day turnaround!

CMM, Portable CMM,CMM, and Optical Comparator calibration Portable CMM, and Optical Comparator calibration and repair services. and repair services. Hardness Testers and Surface Plate calibration and Plate calibration and Hardness Testers and Surface resurfacing capabilities.resurfacing capabilities.

To learn more about our law firm, visit vonbriesen.com or contact: Marc Loden at mloden@vonbriesen.com or 608.661.3962. 4 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440

CMM part programming, contract inspection andcontract inspection and CMM part programming, layout services. layout services.


Hand tool certification & repair labs at 3 locations! Hand tool certification & repair labs at 3 locations! (including on-site services available) (including on-site services available)

Electronic, Radio Frequency, Microwave, Temperature Electronic, Radio Frequency, Microwave, Temperature Control and Process Instrumentation calibration. Control and Process Instrumentation calibration. NEW complete foundryNEW calibration capabilities! complete foundry calibration capabilities! Most calibrations can be done on site at your facility. Most calibrations can be done on site at your facility. Schedule today by emailing: Schedule today by emailing: Marty@FoxValleyMetrology.com or Marty@FoxValleyMetrology.com or Jeremiah@FoxValleyMetrology.com. Jeremiah@FoxValleyMetrology.com.


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ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited



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In the Know Please welcome new TDMAW member, Mercury Marine! Contact: Paul Schneider, Plant Manager. Paul.schneider@mercmarine.com. TDMAW logo apparel now available for sale through the new TDMAW Lands’ End store. Show your pride of membership by ordering embroidered, logoed items through the store. The store link and a sample of the embroidered logo may be found on the TDMAW website, TDMAW. org. TDMAW does not receive proceeds from your purchases but encourages you to promote the association through the use of logoed apparel or other items. TDMAW Lands’ End store link: https://business.landsend.com/store/tdmaw/ TDMAW thrives in large part due to it’s fabulous volunteers! Consier getting more involved with your Tool & Die Association by serving on a committee. It is not a large time commitment and often the group is simply looking for new ideas and opinions from its committee members. If you are interested contact headquarters: ToolMaker@TDMAW.org.

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SINCE 1976

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As a leader in supply chain solutions, we at MSC believe in local people solving local problems.



Pewaukee, WI


More than 100 years of experience solving workplace legal challenges for manufacturers


lindner-marsack.com (414) 273-3910

toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 5

Congratulations to TDMAW Members Rich & Kay Lussier on Their Upcoming Retirement! 1978, the production workload became too much for one man to handle and Columbia Grinding hired their first employee. Today Columbia Grinding employs 35 people.

increased, they built a specially designed 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility, in 1994, and added a 12,800 square foot addition in 2016.

Rich and Kay worked hard to earn the reputation as the “Flatwork Specialists�, and steadily grew the business over the years, moving from their 1800 square foot building in South Milwaukee to the Oak Creek Industrial Park. As business

Congratulations on 43+ years of dedication to our community, industry, your company and its employees! TDMAW wishes Rich and Kay a wonderful retirement and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for Adam.


n September 30th, 2019, after 43 years of ownership and management of Columbia Grinding, Rich and Kay Lussier will be retiring. At this time, they will also complete the sale of the business to their son, Adam. In 1976, Rich and Kay Lussier bought Columbia Grinding from Joe Shavor as a one man, 1800 square foot business. Richard Lussier grew up right next door to this shop and would often watch Joe work. Little did he know that his curiosity would someday lead to his owning that business. They ran the shop in much the same way Joe had done for so many years. Early in




Get paid for your recyclables. Contact Nick Schrubbe for a FREE consultation! schrubben@sadoff.com 920.960.6152


6 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440


Department of Labor Issues New Overtime-Pay Salary Threshold to Take Effect January 1, 2020 Article submitted by TDMAW Sponsor, Sally Piefer, Esq., Lindner & Marsak By Kristofor Hanson


oday [September 24, 2019], the Department of Labor issued a new salary threshold that will require employers to pay overtime to employees who earn less than $35,568 per year. This new salary threshold will take effect January 1, 2020. Under this new rule, for employees to be exempt from overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), they must be paid more than $684 per week. This represents a significant increase from the previous $455 per week threshold, which annually amounted to $23,660. Effective Jan. 1, 2020, employees making less than $684 per week must be paid time and one-half their regular hourly rate for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. The new rule also increases the exempt classification of highly-compensated employees from $100,000 a year to $107,432. Employers likely recall that during the Obama administration, an effort was made to double the salary threshold to $47,476. This effort was struck down by a federal court, which led to the new increase issued today. Employers who reclassified employees following the previous effort to increase the salary threshold will likely not have to take any steps now. However, employers who did not address the classification of their employees as exempt or non-exempt at that time will now have to take immediate steps to comply effective Jan. 1, 2020. These steps may include increasing the pay of employees currently classified as exempt but earning less than the new threshold or reclassifying employees as non-exempt if they earn less than the threshold and then paying them overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. Under the FLSA, employers are not required to pay overtime wages to employees who are deemed “exempt” from the requirements of the law. “Non-exempt” em-

ployees, on the other hand, are those employees to whom employers must pay overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 in a week. The new salary threshold discussed above is the initial inquiry into whether employers must pay employees overtime wages. If an employee earns less than the new threshold, they are entitled to overtime under the law. However, an employee who earns more than the new threshold is not necessarily exempt from the FLSA’s overtime requirements. Employers must also look to the duties actually performed by employees to determine whether they are exempt. This second inquiry, known as the “duties test,” requires employers to examine whether an employee’s duties are such that they fall within one of the FLSA’s “exemptions.” Most commonly, an exempt employee falls within either the executive, professional, or administrative exemption. These “white collar” exemptions have slightly different duties tests, as summarized below: •Executive - The employee’s primary duties are managing the business or a department or subdivision of it. The employee must direct the work of at least two employees and have the authority to hire or fire workers, or effectively recommend the hiring or firing of workers. •Administrative - The employee’s primary duty must be office or non-manual work that is directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or the employer’s customers. In addition, the employee’s job must include the exercise of discretion and independent judgment on matters of significance to the employer. •Professional - The employee’s primary duty must be work requiring advanced knowledge in a field of science or learning that is customarily acquired by an advanced degree or similar prolonged, specialized, intellectual instruction and study. Lindner & Marsack, S.C. represents employers in all areas of labor and employment law. If you have any questions about the notice and invitation to file briefs or any other labor or employment issue involving your business, please contact us at any time.

TOOL & DIE STEELS for AHSS & Hot Stamping Tools Standards: A2, D2, S7, M2, H13 Specials: SLDi, SLD Magic, YXR-Matrix, HAP PM Steel, DAC Magic Die Steel

Pre-Machined, Die Insert Blocks

www.diehlsteel.com www.hitachimetals.com Call 800-543-1566 toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 7

Providing Industry with the highest quality products and customer service to meet today’s demanding manufacturing requirements!

Injured at Another Job – Covered Under FMLA? QUESTION: We have an employee

» Automation & Machinery » Die / Stamping / Fabrication

» Clamping & Fixturing

» Mold / Tool Room / Maint.

» Part & Tag Marking

» Laser Marking

www.elsimeth.com 403 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee, WI 53214 Toll Free: 800.837.9270 | Fax: 414.771.9043

wisconsin engraving, Proven

craftsmen. www.wi-engraving.com | 262.786.4521

CNC Machining • Steel Marking Stamps • Steel Embossing Dies • Graphite/Copper Electrodes • Laser Digitizing • Polishing

8 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440

who was hurt on the job at their other part time job. The employee is asking about FMLA and I’m not sure if that is something that applies here. Please let me know if they run concurrently.

RESPONSE: If an organization has over 50 employees, the employer is considered a “covered employer” under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This means that if an employee indicates a need for time off due to a medical issue that is or could be a serious health condition, the employer should initiate the FMLA process, regardless of the origin of the medical condition. In this regard, the employer should provide the subject employee here with requisite FMLA paperwork, including a Certification of Healthcare Provider form for their doctor or other healthcare provider to complete. If it is timely returned within 15 days and supports that the employee has a serious health condition necessitating leave from work (whether continuously, intermittently or on a reduced schedule basis), then if the employee meets all FMLA eligibility criteria, the employer must provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave to the employee. The fact that the employee’s health condition was sustained in the course and scope of employment at a second job does not exclude it as a serious health condition under the Act if it otherwise qualifies. In other words, the existence of a workers’ compensation claim elsewhere does not impact the employer’s obligations under the FMLA here. Click here to learn more about FMLA obligations and to download required FMLA forms.. Want to know more? Listen to our podcast on FMLA obligations. www.TDMAW.org

Miro Manufacturing Adds Large High Precision Press Brake


Economical — Huge savings over in-house management Recommended by Becky Fisher, TEAM Inc. “Clear, easily accessible reports. Outstanding customer service.”

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iro Manufacturing advanced its fabrication capabilities with the purchase of a SafanDarley H-Brake Ultra 360 (US) ton CNC press brake. The machine is one of the most accurate high tonnage press brakes in southeastern Wisconsin. It enhances Miro’s overall ability to provide complete fabrications, from laser and waterjet cutting through forming and welding.

262-781-3670 | Fax 262-781-6077 | sales@bellwellsales.com N54 W 13864 Woodale Drive, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


The E-Bend L Blue angle measurement system on Miro’s new press brake is what sets this machine apart from others. The system maximizes accuracy and efficiency with two blue lasers that constantly monitor and adjust the machine to guarantee a final product with the highest angle precision. Combined with an integrated operator safety system, these features allow for a faster bending process, shorter production time and lower costs for Miro’s customers. Add an electrically powered CNC table to aid with the handling and forming of sheet goods and large parts and CNC controlled laser line projection to produce the complete forming center. Miro President Jeff Brown commented, “The tonnage, size and features of this new press brake allow Miro to form parts that many of our competitors cannot.” Green technology is built into Miro’s new 14’ press brake. The Start/Stop feature automatically swiches off the main motor when the machine is running in idle minimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. Miro Manufacturing’s portfolio also includes metal stamping, machining and assembly. All services are supported by a full-service on-site tool room. The company partners will complete products, or as the people at Miro say “from start to part”. For more information about the complete line of services offered by the company, contact Miro Manufacturing Inc., 201 Sentry Drive, Waukesha, WI 53186; call (262) 549-6685 or visit www.miromfg.com. toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 9

TDMAW Summer Outing was a BLAST!


articipants in this year’s Summer Outing, who shot the sporting clays course at Waukesha Gun Club, on August 12th, had a blast! This event is a TDMAW favorite and includes a picnic dinner catered by Thunder Bay Grille, door prizes and an opportunity for marksmen at all levels to shoot the sporting clays course.

Special thanks to:

This year TDMAW member company MGS Manufacturing Group took home the traveling trophy, for top overall score. Congratulations to Jim Borski of Mold Makers who won our 50/50 Raffle, with half of the proceeds going towards TDMAW scholarships.

Drink Ticket Sponsor Old National Bank

We are thankful for all who came, sponsored and provided door prizes for this event, making it a relaxed and enjoyable outing for all! Plan to join us next year on Monday, August 10, 2020!

Exclusive Dinner Sponsor Federated Insurance

High-scoring Flurry Team Prize Donor Al Weiss of Integrity Wire EDM

Station Sponsors: E L Simeth Federated Insurance Howard Precision Metals MSC Industrial Supply Superior Die Set SWICKtech ThermTech Heat Treating Von Briesen & Roper, s.c. W-Steel & Grinding

Door Prize Donors: Cincinnati Tool Steel, Camo cap Eagle Grinding, Case of Winchester AA Shells Howard Precision Metals, Three caps Kinetic Company, $25 Amazon gift card Kinetic Company, $25 Target gift card Masik Tool & Die, Four $25 Visa gift cards Sumitomo, Six caps Superior Die Set, Two cases of Remington shells TDMAW, Tactical pen TDMAW, YETI tumbler TDMAW, Shooting ear protection TDMAW, Multi-tool TDMAW, Wireless speaker TDMAW, Shell pouch TDMAW, Grill planks TDMAW, Box of TDMAW golf balls W-Steel & Grinding, 9-piece filet set Waddell & Reed, Box of golf balls Wagner, Four $50 Cabella cards Waukesha Gun Club, Shooting outing for four, including pizza and beverages Willer Tool, Travel mug Willer Tool, Two pullover jackets Wisconsin Engraving, Four Brewer tickets and parking pass 10 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440


toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 11

Tools to Succeed

TDMAW Encourages the Next Generation Through Scholarships! TDMAW is grateful to partner, E. L. Simeth Company for the scholarship they set up in Edward L. Simeth’s name, the Edward L. Simeth/TDMAW Scholarship. Every semester they fund multiple scholarships of up to $500 in value, to be awarded to students currently enrolled in a Tool & Die or Machine Tool Program at any accredited Wisconsin technical college. Every semester we receive several applications which are reviewed by the TDMAW Development Committee and awarded, to be used for school tuition or books. The students are always so appreciative of the financial support they receive. Applications may be found online, at TDMAW.org/scholarship and are due January 15, 2020, for the upcoming spring semester. Tools to Succeed is another long-standing program, where MSC Industrial Supply donates six 11-drawer Kennedy toolboxes to be donated to deserving students, selected by their instructors at accredited Wisconsin technical colleges. What a wonderful way to get these students started in their chosen manufacturing career! Thank you MSC Industrial!

Hello, Ms. Gustafson! I just wanted to send a very sincere “thank you!” to you and the association; this scholarship means a lot and will definitely be put to good use! I appreciate it beyond words! Have an awesome rest of your day and a super weekend, Samantha Trombley

12 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440

To the Tool, Die & Machining Association of Wisconsin and MSC Industrial Supply, Thank you for recognizing my hard work over these last 3 semesters at WCTC by granting me the Kennedy tool box. Over the last couple of semesters, I realized how much I enjoy Tool and Die Making because it really brings out my creativity. As I’ve progressed through my degree it has quickly changed from a job to a true passion of mine. After seeing my classmate receive this award, I realized this would be a great motivator to work hard and compete for this award. I’m truly honored to be noticed for an award I strived to attain on a daily basis. I always enjoyed working in the shop whether it was wood working, automotive or welding at Brookfield East High School. Until I toured WCTC, I never knew about Tool and Die, let alone machining in general. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life to enroll in the program. I never thought there would be so much pleasure in learning until I entered this trade. Thank you again for this wonderful award. I will put this tool box to great use in my career as a Tool and Die Maker at Milwaukee Tool. Sincerely, Derek Werchowski


Federated Insurance

Can You Afford the Loss of a Key Employee?


f you’re like most business owners, you have go-to employees when it comes to the day-to-day operation of your company. They have the management skills, technical know-how, experience, or customer relationships upon which you rely — you trust them to make the right decisions when you’re not available. They can be at any level or in any position, but they are people your business can’t do without. Now that you have them on your team, what would happen if you were to lose one of them due to a premature death, long-term illness or disability, or another employment opportunity?

Fortunately, you can offset the financial burdens your business may face as the result of the loss of a key employee. The first step is to identify them. In general, key employees are individuals whose departure could create genuine setbacks for the company, both logistically and financially. They may have years of experience with your company or the industry. Perhaps they have specialized skills that require extensive training and knowledge that would be

difficult to replace. Is there someone for whom you don’t have a back-up? Don’t forget to include yourself — you are a key person too! Once you have identified the people, consider the cost of replacing them. You will need to advertise to recruit potential replacements. In the current job market, you may need to adjust pay or offer a signing bonus to attract candidates with the skills and work experience you need. In addition to the monetary costs associated with hiring and training a replacement, the process will also require your time. It’s estimated that the cost to replace mid- to high-level employees can range from oneand-a-half to four times their annual salary. Can your business absorb those costs, especially with little notice?

Life insurance can help to keep the business running and growing, provide funds to attract, recruit, and train a replacement, and replace lost profits. It can also provide time and flexibility for survivors to make necessary business continuation decisions if the key person is you or another owner. While the policy death benefit will provide a lump sum in the event of the insured employee’s death, the cash value of a permanent policy can also be accessed through policy loans and withdrawal during the employee’s lifetime.

After you have determined the people and the cost, consider your options for mitigating the risks you could face. Life insurance is a cost-effective solution to help provide financial support toward your company’s need to replace a key employee.

Don’t risk the short- and long-term success of your business by not planning for the loss of a key employee. Consider permanent life insurance on your most important team members as part of your overall risk management strategy.

toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 13

How Rough Is Smooth?


his technical article is an overview of the topic of surface roughness as it pertains to the products offered by Superior Die Set. We will first review Superior’s in-house standards for surface roughness. We will provide an explanation for the Ra scale for surface roughness and what that scale actually represents. We will also talk about why surface roughness is an important characteristic in our products. In addition, we will show you the surface roughness measuring equipment used at Superior Die Set and how it works. Finally, we will talk about how perception can influence objectivity with respect to measurement of surface roughness. Superior Die Set complies to the basic industry standards of surface finish which is 63 Ra for Blanchard ground plate and 32 Ra for Surface ground plate. It must be understood, though, that many factors contribute to these values that can cause different readings such as lubricants, oxidation, scratches, and condition of testing unit to name a few. Variable testing results are possible.

average roughness value, then the surface is smooth and Ra is low. Another surface roughness scale that may be used is the RMS (root-mean square) scale. The formula used to calculate RMS surface roughness is different than Ra but uses the same individual height measurements of a surface’s peaks and valleys. The RMS scale is typically not specified as commonly as the Ra scale, because of the fact that a single large peak can raise and distort the overall measurement of RMS surface roughness, compared to the Ra calculation. Surface roughness can be important for different reasons. The most common place we measure surface roughness at Superior Die Set is on ground plate. In that situation, the surface roughness is important mainly because it typically correlates to how well we were able to hold size and parallelism of the plate. A poor or inconsistent surface roughness can be an immediate visual clue that there may be a problem with size or parallelism.

Surface roughness can be measured several different ways – but by far the most common method (and the method used by Superior Die Set) is the calculation for Ra, which corresponds with the average of the absolute roughness value compared to the mean. Imagine that you are looking at the surface of a plate, visualized as such: What we are concerned with is the height of both the peaks and valleys of a surface compared to the average. If the peaks and valleys are relatively large compared to the average roughness value, then the surface is rough and Ra is high. If the peaks and valleys are relatively small compared to the

14 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440

Aside from the surface roughness we can measure on Blanchard ground or surface ground plates, there are other situations where surface roughness matters. For example, the surface roughness of milled pockets or machined holes can affect performance – specifically with regard to wear resistance and crack formation. Rough surfaces typically wear more quickly than smooth surfaces. Avoiding crack formation is important in many of the tooling components for stamping applications, and especially bolster components and the bolster itself in forging applications. Below are a few pictures of the portable profilometer used at Superior Die Set in action, measuring surface roughness: It works by pulling a diamond-tipped stylus across the surface that is being measured, for a specific distance and with a specific contact force. The device plugs the stylus’s displacement data into the appropriate surface roughness formula and then displays it in Ra format. Other surface roughness formulas are also avail-able. The main advantages of using a contact profilometer are:


Acceptance – most of the world’s surface finish standards are written for contact profilometers Surface independence – contacting the surface is often an advantage in when dirt, foreign material, surface reflectance, or color can cause inaccurate results with noncontact profilometer Resolution – The stylus tip on some profilometers can be as small as 20 nanometers which allows for a resolution that is significantly better than even white-light optical profiling. But what can be taken away from this image? Just because steel is removed using a certain process – be it Blanchard grinding, surface grinding, or even CNC milling – that doesn’t mean your surface roughness results have to be limited to a predefined range. In fact, it is possible for Superior Die Set to hold Ra to a range of 8-16 even on a Blanchard grind (see “16BL” above) and especially so on a surface grind (see “16G” above). It is also common for Superior Die Set to hit Ra values for milled edges in a range of 16-32, even though those milled edges may look completely different than a surface ground face! The cutting tool marks or grinding stone marks do not necessarily mean anything with respect to surface roughness – it’s more about how we go about the process of grinding or milling. In conclusion, here are the main points of this article: •Superior Die Set has internal standards for surface roughness on all ground plate • Ra is by far the most common surface roughness measurement, and is also used by Superior Die Set • Surface roughness is important for ground plate be-cause it sometimes correlates with size/parallelism Image 1-Quick Milled Edge Results, Image 2-Surface Ground Results, Image 3-Blanchard Ground Results, Image 4-Graphic Data Objective measurement is king when it comes to determining surface roughness – however, perception of manufacturing process results can get in the way of that objective measurement. As you will see in the image below, there are visual surface roughness comparators used by many skilled personnel in the industry, in order to get a rough estimate of surface roughness without taking a measurement.

• Surface roughness is also important in other situations for wear resistance and avoiding crack formation • Superior Die Set uses a contact profilometer to mea-sure surface roughness • Cutting tool and grinding stone patterns do not necessarily mean “good” or “bad” surface roughness toolmaker@TDMAW.org | 15

WISCONSIN SUPPLIER NETWORK wisconsinsuppliernetwork.com




The Wisconsin Supplier Network (WSN) is an online directory platform designed to connect suppliers and service providers to new business growth opportunities. Companies that are expanding or relocating to Wisconsin can use WSN to identify a local supply chain, while companies already based in Wisconsin rely on WSN to source new services or products. Create a free listing to get access to buyers and receive communications promoting new business opportunities, supplier development resources and networking initiatives.


For OEMs

Listing your company on WSN is a free and easy way to promote your products and services to OEMs expanding to Wisconsin or other companies already in the state.

Search for products and solutions using key criteria or post RFPs to find new supply chain partners from thousands of reliable providers in Wisconsin.

Sign up for the WSN newsletter and timely alerts to stay connected with new business opportunities and updates on resources to help you stay competitive for future growth!


16 | TDMAW HQ (262) 532-2440


Multi-Factor Authentication, Password Management, and Secure Cloud Backup Are All Necessary In Today’s Security Landscape Article submitted by TDMAW Partner, SWICKtech


magine that it’s the middle of a Monday morning at your office. All at once, without warning, all of your computers are locked down and on everyone’s monitors is a message that reads:

“Your files are encrypted. To get the key to decrypt files you must pay $20,000 USD in Bitcoin. If payment is not made in 72 hours your files will be destroyed.” This scary situation is becoming all-too-common for municipalities and businesses in today’s security landscape. Rather than trying to fight the attack or refusing to pay, victims are paying off cyber-attackers every day, leading to more and more attacks every day.

In order to protect yourself from a ransom attack, there are three things outside of anti-virus and email filtering that you must implement immediately at your business or government network. 1) Backup your data to a secure cloud server a. The most important thing you can do to protect from ransomware is to backup all your data daily to a secure cloud-based server so that you won’t have to pay to see your data again. It’s important that the backup is done to a cloud server rather than a server on-site. Some ransomware attackers will work through a desktop system to encrypt and lock onsite backups. b. At SWICKtech, we offer space and access to a secure cloud-based server system through Microsoft Azure. 2) Multifactor Authentication (MFA) – put it on everything a. MFA is a security system that confirms a user’s identity by requiring at least two forms of authentication. Rather than just asking for a password, a user might have to provide an additional code from a phone application, answer a security question, provide a fingerprint or facial recognition before access to data is granted.

b. By confirming a user’s identity, you’re building a wall around your critical data that only you and your users can access. 3) Manage Secure and Unique passwords a. Ensure that your employees are using secure and unique passwords by implementing a password vault. These systems protect and store passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to information with the help of a master password. b. At SWICKtech, we can provide a password vault for everyone at your organization! SWICKtech helps hundreds of businesses and organizations lock down their data and protect from vicious ransomware attacks. We can assess your security environment and recommend appropriate security guidelines to ensure that you won’t be attacked and ransomed.

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very-other-year the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show is held at State Fair Park Expo Center. TDMAW hosted a booth, October 8 – 10, and was pleased to connect with many current and prospective members, partners and sponsors, along with others with a vested interest in Wisconsin manufacturing. Thank you to those of you that helped man our booth, including Honorary Member Mike Mallwitz of Puffing Coaching & Consulting LLC, President Kirk Kussman of Aztalan Engineering and sponsor Nick Schrubbe of Sadoff Iron & Metal.

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PERFORMANCE EVALUATION BEST PRACTICES AND TRENDS Presented by MRA 8:00 Breakfast Meeting at The Kinetic Company 6775 W Loomis Rd, Greendale Registration now open! This meeting is intended for anyone who is responsible for executing performance evaluations within your organization. Visit tdmaw.org/event-3571729 for details and registration.

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Fall 2019 TDMAW Surgeons of Steel  

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