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PAUL MURPHY AND RISE JOIN PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT COVID DELAYS TO LUCAN SWIMMING POOL This is a huge step forward for the left as we unite together to build a stronger voice for workers across Ireland. We want to pose a serious challenge to the continuous cycle of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael rule and fight to see a genuine left government for workers. As we welcome Paul Murphy and Rise, People Before Profit is now the largest Eco socialist party in Ireland and we are growing every day.

If you want to fight for workers’ rights, housing and healthcare for all, and a genuine left government without Fianna Fail or Fine Gael, today is the day to get involved and join People Before Profit.


Together we can build a strong eco-socialist voice for workers from Palmerstown, Clondalkin, Lucan and Tallaght – and across the island.


build a stronger voice for workers across Ireland. We want to ycle of Fianna Fail for workers.

The construction of a new primary healthcare facility in Clondalkin has Due to the Lev commenced. The construction of the centre will take place in two phases. The first Lucan Swimming has been in halted for the2021. last few phase of the development is expected to Pool be completed November The months. is now the largest ecosocialist party in Irelandsecond and wephase are is expected to be complete by February 2023. growing every day.

The services provided by the HSE to public patientsthat from the new proposed Unfortunately, this means the swimming pool will not Primary Care Centre include public health and community nursing, be able to open in the summer as originallyphysiotherapy, hoped. Once occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics and counselling. open, however, the pool will pro overnment withoutThere Fianna willFail also be HSE disability services for children and young people, with a new or Fine Gael today is the day to get involved and joinfor People centre a children’s disability network team. This is a very welcome development for decades for primary health care inonClondalkin.

Together we can build a strong eco-socialist voice for workers from Palmerstown, Clondalkin, Lucan and Tallaght - across the island.





The slow rollout of the vaccine in Ireland has been frustrating for many, however, the delays we have faced are nothing in comparison to those in the global south.

In 2020 Ireland had the 5th highest mortality rate for female breast cancer in the EU. This is unacceptable and something we can change. To address this, I am bringing a motion before the Dail.

At least 90% of people in 67 low-income countries stand little chance of getting vaccinated against covid-19 in 2021. Not only is this morally wrong – it is dangerous for public health as new strains of the virus develop which could render some vaccines useless. PBP is calling for patents on the vaccines to be waived so that they may be mass-produced, and we can vaccinate not just those in Ireland but those in the global south too. The Biden administration has now said that the US will drop its opposition to patents on the Covid 19 vaccines. This has shone a light on just how backwards the EU is. Angela Merkel, for example, has come out against the lifting of patents rules and there is a split between EU countries on the issue. Despite the bland welcome statement from the Irish government, they have spoken against calling for the patents to be waived every time PBP has brought it up in the Dail. The next WTO meeting on the subject is on June 8th PBP is calling on the Government to add their voice to the over 100 other countries calling for the patent to be waived.

PBP is calling on the government to: ● Introduce screening for breast cancer from the age of 40 through publicly funded & run programmes. ● Guarantee immediate access to diagnostics services for young women at risk of breast cancer & ensure access to a triple assessment for young women who present with possible breast cancer. ● Immediately revise the criteria for access to genetic testing so that all women at high risk of BRCA related breast cancer have access to genetic testing and counselling in the PUBLIC health system. ● Initiate a publicly funded education programme in schools around breast examination. These changes are vital and if implemented they will save lives.

COMMENCEMENT OF THE MEDICAL CANNABIS ACCESS PROGRAMME It’s now nearly five years since I put forward legislation to change government policy on prescribing medical cannabis. It has been an arduous and frustrating process but one which will benefit many in the coming years. Last year the Department of Health made provision for those that were granted a ministerial licence to have their prescription delivered from the Netherlands by courier. This was welcomed but major problems still exist concerning reimbursement which can be arbitrary. The Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) in 2019 was underpinned by a change in the law. Families and campaigners who have fought a hard battle to get the government to recognise that cannabis can be a medical treatment will for the first time be able to access this medicine by prescription in Ireland.

Protesting outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin after the murderous assault on the people of Gaza which left over 200 Palestinians dead including 60 children. People Before Profit have called for the immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and sanctions against Israel for its continued occupation and state violence against Palestinians.

People Before Profit Occupied Territories Bill. DYING WITH DIGNITY BILL



Launching the Dying with Dignity Bill with Vicky Phelan, Tom Curran and Gail O’Rorke outside Leinster House.

Last September, I introduced the Dying with Dignity Bill 2020. This legislation will give the legal and medical provision to those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that is progressive, incurable and likely to lead to the person’s death the choice to have a peaceful end to their life. As of a vote on the 7th of October, the bill was progressed to the next stage of the process and has gone to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality for detailed scrutiny. In November the Justice Committee invited written submissions from the public, about the bill. In this process, contributors are invited from a broad spectrum of the debate around the issue of voluntary assisted dying. At the end of that process which could take several months a report is issued by the committee making recommendations to the Dáil. I look forward to a rational and respectful debate. Below is a link to the Dying with Dignity Bill.

After over 400 days of strike action, the ex-Debenhams workers have called an end to the pickets. While the strike may have ended, the Debenhams workers remain undefeated despite having faced heavy-handed responses from the Gardaí in Blanchardstown, Limerick and Henry Street. The workers have accepted a €3 million education fund from the government. While this is nowhere near the 2+2 redundancy deal that the workers were owed by Debenhams it is still a significant concession from the government who were determined to give these workers nothing. The Debenhams workers are an inspiration to all workers in Ireland and have led the way for workers’ rights throughout this pandemic. While this strike comes to an end I and People Before Profit will continue to support these workers as they fight for the implementation of the Duffy Cahill report to ensure that workers are not mistreated like this again.

THE RIGHT TO HOUSING People Before Profit’s Bill on the Right to Housing has been passed into committee stage. This bill would see the right to housing included in our constitution. If passed through all stages, there would have to be a referendum to enshrine the Right to Housing in the constitution. This bill is more important than ever as our housing crises deepens, we have seen the deaths of 50 people in homelessness this year, thousands of people on waiting lists and many more edging closer to evictions since the ban was lifted. Housing is a right, not a privilege and it is time our government recognised this and included it in our constitution. While PBP welcomes the passing of this Bill, it is vital we continue to build a broad campaign to ensure the Bill is not watered down during the legislative process and that we achieve a referendum so that the right to housing, including secure, social and affordable housing, can be included as part of the common good in the constitution. This would mean that any future government would not be able to rely on constitutional arguments to avoid introducing eviction bans and effective rent controls.




I am delighted to have been appointed Health Spokesperson for People Before Profit and a member of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and the Sub-Committee on Mental Health. For obvious reasons the health committee has been largely focusing on the public health emergency around the Covid-19 pandemic. As society emerges from the crisis it’s imperative to address some of the consequences of the prolonged lockdown due to vital services been suspended. At a local level I am keen to address issues around access to health care for residents in Dublin Mid-West including primary and community care as well as GP surgeries. Access to public health and mental health care will be the primary focus I will be focusing on during the duration of the health committee.


Several concerns have been raised concerning the coliving development that is being built as part of the new private nursing home on the Convent grounds in Clondalkin Village. The site being developed by Bartra faced massive opposition by local people before it was granted permission by An Bord Pleanala. In addition to the 145 nursing home rooms, the development includes refurbishing an existing building into a co-living facility of 25 bedrooms for staff. I’m very concerned about the co-living aspect of this development, both in terms of the living conditions for staff and infection control and the health of nursing home residents. I supported the local campaign against this development, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this development has nothing to do with the local community but all to do with making profits.


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