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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 30 | July 28 - August 3, 2012

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Proposed boundaries up for consultation – 6,884 voters registered to date THE Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC), on Monday, proposed ten new provisional Electoral Districts ... PAGE 


Skippings rejects invitation from interim administration to UK

– Governor Todd Governor Ric Todd made it clear, at a press briefing on Wednesday, that an elected government will not be able to repeal the Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation. PAGE 


Skyline Development partners agree to compromise on height

– Insist that agreement should be reached early PAGE 


LEADERS of both political parties were invited by the interim administration to the opening of the Olympic Games in London on Friday ... PAGE  4

Local woman killed by feral dogs in gruesome attack FERAL dogs attacked and killed 48-year-old, Mary Lovely Higgs, a North Caicos resident on Tuesday. PAGE 


An artist’s impression of the 28-storey high-rise development being debated



July 28 - August 3, 2012

July 28 - August 3, 2012





July 28 - August 3, 2012


Proposed boundaries up for consultation – 6,884 voters registered to date THE Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC), on Monday, proposed ten new provisional Electoral Districts for the upcoming November elections, which have been made public for consultation. The new proposed Electoral Districts are: 1. Grand Turk North (former West Road and Overback) 2. Grand Turk South (North and Back Salina and Salt Cay) 3. South Caicos, East Caicos, Little and Ambergris Cay 4. Middle and North Caicos and Parrot Cay 5. Leeward, Providenciales, Pine Cay, Little and Big Water Cays and East Cays, including Dellis Cay 6. The Bight, Providenciales 7. Cheshire Hall and Richmond HillProvidenciales 8. Blue Hills, Providenciales

9. Five Cays, Providenciales 10. Wheeland and North West and North Central Providenciales and WestCaicos. The consultation is expected to end next Sunday, July 29, and feedback is invited at tciebc@gmail. com. The EBC is expected to publish its final recommendations after reviewing the comments and recommendations from the public consultation process. DECREASE IN REGISTERED VOTERS According to the commission’s report, there was a decrease in the registered voter population from the last elections. The number of registered voters currently stands at 6,884. Their report found that the overall trend has been an increase in voter

Political party leaders pleased with proposed boundaries LEADERS of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, and People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, agree that they are pleased with the proposed boundaries set for the 10 electoral districts. The Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) on Monday made the new boundaries public and is currently inviting feedback before finalizing the 10 electoral districts. The 10 districts are a reduction from the usual 15 constituencies that have been the norm in past elections. Ewing told the Weekly News that the boundaries set do no place

one political party at an advantage over the other. He said, “I think there has been a fair distribution…it is within our expectations.” The PNP Leader added that the list of five At-Large and 10 district candidates will be made public by mid-August. Skippings, adding his bit, noted that his party is not disturbed about the breakdown. The PDM announced their five At-Large candidates on Monday. According to the PDM Leader, once the final decision is made will be ready to announce the party’s candidates for the 10 constituencies. (VANESSA NARINE)

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population in Providenciales and a decrease invoter population in the remaining islands. The current voter population in Grand Turk is 1,653, South Caicos has 342, Middle Caicos has 78, North Caicos has 445 and Provo has the largest with 4,366. The EBC’s report noted that ideally the total voter population

of 6,690 could have been divided among the 10 new districts equally, so the number of voters in one district would be approximately 669. However, the commission acknowledged that due to differences in voter populationdistribution across the islands and the geographical layout of the TCI, it isimpossible to achieve the ideal number of 669 voters in each Electoral District. The consensus from the EBC is that the boundaries were set as is reasonably practicable, in line with the constitutional order that defines

the role of the commission. The Electoral Boundary Commission (EBC) is led by chairTremmaine Swann-Harvey and members are Carl Simmons and Justice Margaret Ramsay Hale. The commissioners are expected to vacate their office on the day following the submission of their final report to the Governor. The intention is for the new district boundaries to be incorporated into a new Electoral Boundaries Ordinance, which is scheduled to be passed into law by the end of August.

Skippings rejects invitation from interim administration to UK

– Ewing and Robinson make the trip to engage officials BY VANESSA NARINE LEADERS of both political parties were invited by the interim administration to the opening of the Olympic Games in London on Friday - a trip that would also double as an opportunity to meet with United Kingdom ministers and other key officials. However, in a last minute change of plans leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, declined the invitation on Tuesday, the day before he was scheduled to leave. Skippings told the Weekly News that the administration had failed to provide him with details of the visit in a timely manner, hence his decision to decline the invitation. “The powers that be were negligent in providing me the information I needed in a timely manner. “Up to this morning [Tuesday] I had not received my travel arrangements, my ticket arrangements nor the names of the UK officials I was supposed to meet while in the UK, which was the primary reason the invitation was accepted,” he said. According to him, the visit would have been a good opportunity to advance views on a wide range of concerns of the local people, particularly VAT. Skippings said, “Of course I would have gone to the games because not going would have been disingenuous not to do so, having had the invitation that the British government paid for. “The main aim, however, was to see ministers of government where we can make appeals on different issues and form a working relation with our counterparts in the UK.” He said the delay in receiving a travel itinerary was “both unprofessional and unacceptable”. Skippings told officials from the Governor’s office that he would make arrangements for himself and a PDM delegation to meet with UK

PDM Leader Mr. Oswald Skippings

PNP Leader Dr. Rufus Ewing

ministers in the near future. UNTRUE Governor Ric Todd, when contacted by the Weekly News, said both Ewing and Skippings had their information at the same time. He noted that the information was provided to both political leaders as soon as they were received by his office. Todd said, “I very much regret having to publicly correct Mr. Skippings’ version of events issued yesterday, but I cannot remain silent when a public figure tries to discredit the Governor’s Office in this way. “My staff, together with colleagues in the UK, put together a full programme, which would have seen the leaders of the PDM and PNP join other world and Caribbean leaders at the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony on Friday, before going on to meet with the UK politicians and officials that they will work with now and after the November election.” On Thursday the Governor’s Office released the dates of communication between the Administration and Skippings on finalising the details of the trip: • Thursday, 4 July – invitation issued to both political parties from UK Foreign Secretary William Hague • Sunday 8 July – email from

• •

Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson acknowledging the invitation Monday 9 July – Reply copied to Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson providing further information on the initial programme. Tuesday 10 July – Email from Governor’s Office to Oswald Skippings confirming dates of visit and requesting passport details etc., to allow flights to be booked, which Skippings provided these by return the same day. Monday 16 July – Email from Governor’s Office to Skippings asking if he had any special dietary requirements. Reply received the same day from Skippings. Thursday 19 July – Draft programme sent to Mr. Skippings. Monday 23 July – Joining Instructions for Olympic Opening Ceremony sent to Skippings. Separately in a meeting with Governor, Mr. Skippings mentions that he has not seen a programme for the Olympic Ceremony. Tuesday 24 July – Joining Instructions re-sent to Lyndon Hall to ensure receipt. On the same day an email from Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson claimed insufficient information was provided and therefore, declining the visit. E-tickets were emailed to Skippings and to Lyndon Hall continued 

July 28 - August 3, 2012




VAT cannot be repealed – Governor Todd BY VANESSA NARINE GOVERNOR Ric Todd made it clear, at a press briefing on Wednesday, that an elected government will not be able to repeal the Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation. When asked if there was anything a government with a democratic mandate could do, Todd answered no. Since the signing of the VAT legislation the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council’s (TCIBC) chair, Mr. Clive Stanbrook, has said that the council will be looking into the grounds on which it can challenge the legislation. Todd, in response, said that the council was free to explore its legal options, as is its right. The Governor pointed out that the consultations that were held were to discuss the “how to” when it came to implementation of VAT, not whether VAT was going to be implemented or not. According to Todd, the consultations on how to implement VAT were drowned out in many cases by the argument against VAT.

However, he maintained that the interim administration listened to the concerns of the stakeholders. The Governor noted that these concerns are addressed in the VAT legislations and the accompanying regulations, which are expected to be completed within the next seven weeks. Regulations are the detailed rules and procedures that are supplementary to certain ordinances and have the same compliance requirements as the main ordinance, but are easier to update and change when required. The minister responsible generally can approve them, whereas amendments to ordinances require approval by a vote of the whole TCI House of Assembly. NO SECRET Todd stressed that contrary to assertions that the VAT legislation is being kept secret, it has been gazetted and is available. The TCIBC, at their meeting on Tuesday, saw their panel of speakers reiterating that the legislation has not been made public.

Skippings rejects invitation ... continued

on the same say, as well as the final programme. • Wed 25 July –Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson was emailed stating that the Administration had managed to get her provisional flight and accommodation bookings if she wished to accompany Mr. Skippings. On the same day, there was confirmation from Lyndon Hall that Skippings would not be travelling to London. The Governor said, “I note that our simultaneous communications with the PNP led to a successful outcome, and do not understand, therefore, why the PDM’s internal communications failed on this occasion.” BOYCOTT The Progressive National Party (PNP) leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing and member of the party’s executive, Mr. Royal Robinson, will be making the trip. However, Ewing maintains that he will not be attending the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Ewing told the Weekly News that beyond official business he has no other interest for being in the UK this weekend. He said, “I have an election

campaign to run and the interests of Turks and Caicos Islanders to represent…this is about business. “This is about dialogue with key stakeholders, to bring to the forefront issues that are important to the local people.” The PNP leader contends that the invitation was accepted after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) indicated that an official agenda enabling discussion and dialogue with key officials was added to the schedule. He said, “This meeting gives us an opportunity to engage persons with whom, as a government we will need to know in order to hit the ground running on day one. “These meetings will also provide the opportunity to build solidarity with Caribbean heads of government many of whom would be attending at the invitation of the United Kingdom.” Ewing maintains that particularly important will be the meeting that is scheduled with Minister Allan Duncan, who is responsible for Department for International Development (DFID), the department overseeing matters important to the Turks and Caicos such as the CFO Bill, the Loan Guarantee, and the newly approved Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation.

grocery store. He added that there are doubts over the capacity of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) to implement VAT, which was another criticism he debunked. The Governor contends that VAT will not impose onerous burdens on businesses and citizens of the TCI. “There is nothing special about the TCI that it cannot implement VAT like other countries have,” he said.

Governor Ric Todd at Wednesday’s press briefing

Chair of the TCIBC and Queen’s Council (QC), Mr. Clive Stanbrook, stressed this point at a prior press briefing. The Governor reiterated his position that VAT is a fair, equitable and sustainable tax system. He acknowledged the concerns, in particular the worry that prices will increase, and debunked this. Todd noted that for VAT registered businesses there is a system to reclaim monies, so there is no reason for prices to go up, especially at the

FACT BASED Chief Economist with the Resort Owners’ Economic Council, Mr. Gilbert Morris, at the TCIBC’s meeting argued that there is no intellectual justification for the implementation of VAT in the TCI. However, the Governor pointed out that the regional expert on VAT, the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC), has been working closely with the Ministry of Finance and the VAT Implementation Unit. “I disagree with Mr. Morris. There has been a great deal of work done with CARTAC,” Todd said. However, when the Weekly News asked for empirical data

from CARTAC to evidence this collaboration, the Governor noted that CARTAC had been involved in meetings with stakeholders on VAT, the result of which is reflected in the Green and White Papers and subsequently the VAT Legislation. “The regional expert on VAT says that VAT can work,” Todd said. According to him, his experience in the TCI has been that TC Islanders want a certain level of public spending, but a low taxation environment. The Governor stated that if a certain level of public spending is what the people want, then that must be balanced out with a certain level of revenue generation. Todd affirmed that the VAT Implementation Team will be advancing its public education campaign to ensure that the public has the right facts. Asked if the campaign will be aggressive, the Governor said aggression is not something a government should do. He noted that in this instance the discussions should reflect calm and patience and surround facts and reasonability.

Politicians do not commit to alternatives for VAT BY VANESSA NARINE

THE leaders of the two political parties were put on the spot at Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council’s (TCIBC) meeting on Tuesday, when asked if they will commit to repealing Value Added Tax (VAT) on the day either party takes office. Both, the leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, and People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, refused to commit to repealing VAT. Governor Ric Todd has since said that a democratically elected government will not be able to repeal the VAT legislation. The political leaders were also unable to commit to alternative means of raising revenue, in the place of the VAT system. In his argument against VAT, at the TCIBC meeting held at the Gustarvus Sports Complex, Ewing explained that from a government standpoint the need for reliable revenue generation is understandable. However, he stated that to do this and see the more vulnerable groups of society suffer is wrong. “You cannot do this at the detriment of the common man…if you take food out of the mouth of the people…this is not the way to run

government,” Ewing said. He added that the current system of taxation works and, even in a period of financial crisis, revenues have been growing. The PNP leader stressed the need to stick to what works – a simpler system. According to him, VAT will stifle growth, since it will affect small and medium sized businesses, which are the ones that drive growth. Ewing maintained that VAT will create a vicious cycle of decreased growth, while siphoning monies from the vulnerable.

DOUBLE STANDARD The PDM leader lashed out at the interim administration for their double standards, clearly seen in the push to have VAT implemented. He pointed to the 18 benchmarks for good governance that were set by the interim administration in June. The second governance principle states that, “The government of the islands should involve the participation of the people. “The government shall serve and take account of the interests of all the people in the islands. In particular, any process of consultation shall be accessible and meaningful.” According to Skippings, the interim administration has not truly included the people of the

Turks Caicos Islands, nor has the consultation been accessible and meaningful, given the overwhelming opposition to VAT. He noted that never before has there been a show of unity that is being shown now in opposition to the new tax regime. Skippings’ downfall in arguing against VAT, however, came when he quoted the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the FCO, Mr. Henry Bellingham, wrongly. ThePDM leader told the 200 plus people gathered for the TCIBC’s meeting that Bellingham said the decision to implement VAT must be up to the people. However, what Bellingham said was, “The introduction of VAT is a decision for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. “Their decision was based on thorough research and an assessment that VAT would offer a simpler, equitable and stable revenue source.” Bellingham was responding to a question, on June 18, by Member of Parliament, Mr. Andrew Rosindell, who asked him about his policy on the introduction of VAT in the TCI. The PDM leader maintained that VAT is not the answer to TCI’s problem; rather it will be a source of greater difficulties for the country. VAT is expected to come into force on April 1, 2013.



July 28 - August 3, 2012

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

High-rise or no rise?

THE three-week consultation that started last Wednesday on the development of a 28-storey European Plan (EP) Hotel and Conference Centre created quite a stir. The proposed development would feature three buildings, two 22-storeys and one 28-storey, and would rank as a four and a half star facility. It would house a 200-room hotel, 400 condominiums, a 1,200 square foot conference centre, a spa, three restaurants, retail and commercial space and a racquet club with stadium seating. The investment is tagged at $200m in addition to other possible revenues to be generated in other areas. Both political parties have declined support for the project to go ahead. What are your thoughts?

Ten-storey maximum

Perhaps the maximum should be 10 storeys at most. While I am encouraged by the fact that there are still investors in this current climate who are interested in investing in the TCI, I do not support the 28-storey project on Grace Bay. This will completely change the structure and landscape of our islands and will set the precedence for other projects. I know land is limited and we need to perhaps review our legislation to accommodate larger projects but not a 28 storey. The TCI is unique and that is what attracts visitors to it and let us remain unique. One that note however, I would like to know why our political parties took so long to provide their opinion on this project given that the developer met with them. I encourage our political parties to be more proactive. It appears they only did press statements after there were concerns expressed about their silence on the matter.

Too anxious

We do need development here but are we too anxious because of our present slow economy? Apparently there are up to 38 more new developments on the drawing board subject to approval right now. Maybe instead of jumping to give this one the green light we should see what is actually on tap. This hotel might be acceptable if the height was dropped to about 10-stories. We already have seven, so the additional three more will hardly be noticed. But maybe, that is their strategy!

Serious considerations are needed

The current proposal up for debate brings serious investment to the TCI – much needed investment to the TCI. It also begs the need for serious considerations, not opposition just for the sake of opposing. This brings me to the point that the political parties have both said no the project. Both met with the developer and still neither made any statement on the development, until after they were called out for not saying anything. Apart from the PDM’s Ewonka Selver, whose views were somewhat misguided, and the PNP’s Washington Missick, there was no political representation.

No one was there to stand up and say ‘we met with these people and this is our position’. Frightening enough also, the PNP insists that this is a project that should wait and if they are elected, they will consider the proposal. After their history in handling development deals in the TCI, it makes one wonder whether or not we are headed down the same road that has us struggling in the first place. Apart from the environmental concerns, I see no reason why this project should not be approved. The suggestion of a 10-storey limit has been raised, but it is also clear for those who are business savvy that for a project of this magnitude, some $200m, a 10-storey limit will not be profitable. The developers have said that they will be willing to accept less than 20 storeys, so maybe this is the route that should be pursued. Granted also, the whole 28-storey may just be a strategy to get the number they actually want – the old trick is tell them you want 28, but really want 20 so when the negotiations happen and you settle, you are not really settling, but getting what you actually want. However, fact remains that aside from the environmental issues raised there really should not be any reason why this project should be rejected, since it would mean a boost to the economy with hundreds of new jobs, major government revenue and an injection of much needed cash into local sectors, like construction. It was also pointed out that there are 38 other investment proposals on the table, but because these are still being negotiated, no one knows the magnitude of the investment. The 28-storey high-rise development is not something that should be easily turned down. The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands should be wary of useless rhetoric and recognize the need to seriously consider this proposal.

Mixed feelings

We have mixed emotions on this one. Beautiful by Nature demanded no more than five stories. Money under the table bought it up to seven, but planning still says five. Going to 22 and 28 stories is a tremendous jump. However, Grace Bay is now another USA Federal Highway Number 1. As you drive along looking to the sea, all you see are walls of concrete, condo after condo. On the other hand, we have not seen an honest developer in years. The slow approval

process of the Taylor years was followed by ‘grease my palm first’. The poor developers stayed and started Royal Reef, St Charles, North Caicos Yacht Club, etc, etc. Honest developers left and with development money now tight the British government are over anxious for something, anything. In true bureaucratic fashion, we have faith they will mess this up

No need

There is no need to ever have buildings over seven stories in these islands. While it is a good thing to encourage investments, I feel this project is a bad one for these islands. I have worked in tourism for 21 plus years. I have spoken with repeat visitors who kept coming back because of its simple appeal along with the sun, sand and sea. However for the past few years many say they have decided not to return, not just because the cost to enjoy a vacation here has become increasingly high, but because it is losing the attraction of what kept them coming. I suggest the developer rethinks his planning. I am against any future buildings over seven stories. By the way, for future resorts I suggest the northern end of the Providenciales or one of the other islands.

A ruse to get concessions

At best this sort of a proposal is a plan to get concessions at a time when it is now a consensus that the developed islands of the TCI are beyond the need for concessions. The business model adopted by these would-be developers needs to be defined because if they are looking for concessions by ex post facto agreeing to reduce height levels then may the talks begin. To take them seriously they must buy land, hire experienced architects on the ground, consult with project management companies who know the business and can do proper feasibility studies. Environmental issues are critical, because an assessment must be taken of local conditions, land availability and demographics. In this way the developers are nicely timed because five years after the Seven Stars project with seven floors, the island of Providenciales may be ready for a few extra floors - but not 28 or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

Importing labour

The idea is not a good one because it may prompt a net importation of labour from abroad and the next government must not allow this. Is there is a local labour supply that developers are ready, willing and able to hire? Will the local labour market obtain the net benefit? If not then the project and idea is a waste of time. If the project can be reduced to less floors and three buildings with local labour supply maybe it’s an idea worth talking about. The idea and concept on paper looks good but that is it. It needs severe evaluation by the government, TCInvest, the economist department etc. The proposal needs to be redone and reengineered because in its present form it can

be dead on arrival.


I am for this project but the major concern is the impact on the environment. However as a person with experience in the business environment it is clear that the calls for environmental studies to be done are unreasonable. No profit-focused business will invest in a study, until they have a consensus on the height of the building. In any case the developer has to do Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies before they can go to the planning board, but to demand these studies be done before there is even the slightest assurance of a consensus is unreasonable. The last thing the TCI should want to do is scare off investors, especially ones that are looking to invest massive sums as is proposed in this development.

Obvious no

The answer to this is an obvious NO! The developer is only proposing a possible 447 jobs locally when hotels with the same room capacity hire three times as many people. We know that the construction crew will be Canadian, the equipment will be brought in from Canada, the realtors are Canadian based, so I can safely assume the true work force will also be Canadian. A building of this size would be disastrous for the eco-system. In addition, if we could take a tip from China and Shanghai, they are now banning the building of such super structures since they are causing a sinking problem there. It would be a fire hazard and is not legally within the capacity of our current planning regulations. What else is there to discuss? This is obviously a no go!

Politicians show true colours

The politicians who are not even in power as yet have already begun to show their true colours. Hotels and investments are the decisions of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. We as Turks and Caicos Islanders do not want any decision made on our behalf unless it was discussed with the people of Turks and Caicos. Over the past years, politicians have not shown any vision in their decision making or they just blatantly disregarded us. I think we needed this investment, but not in the Grace Bay area. I support it, but know that one man or a handful of politicians does not run any show. We will take it to the people and have an open house debate among ourselves. From now on I think that is the way things should be done.

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July 28 - August 3, 2012




Immigration law singed GOVERNOR Ric Todd, signed the Immigration (Amendment) Ordinance and Immigration (Amendment) Regulations 2012 into law, on Monday, giving effect to the main messages received in the recent territory-wide consultation on the pathway to citizenship. Majority of the provision will come into effect on August 13th, but the new rules on Permanent Residence Certificates will come into law on September 10th, which is when the current moratorium on new applications for PRC will be lifted. The draft Immigration (Amendment) Ordinance and Immigration (Amendment) Regulations were completed in the latter part of June, following the end of consultations. Led by the Consultative Forum, the consultation saw more than 140 submissions made, including one from ‘The Men of Grand Turk’ featuring 387 signatures, with hundreds of people attending more than a dozen public meetings between November 2011 and February 2012. The policy and legislation were debated by the Advisory Council on May 30th and June 22nd and considered by the Consultative Forum in closed session on June 25th, and in open session on June 27th. The legislation met with unanimous support, subject to some changes of detail, mainly affecting the new residence permits, and fees, which had been raised during the debate. CHANGES The main changes to the law are in Section 3 of the Immigration Ordinance, which sets out the ways in which a person becomes a Belonger. In line with the majority of the responses to the consultation, the only ways to become a Belonger will be by birth, descent, adoption, by being married for ten years to a Belonger (other than a Belonger by marriage), or by being the dependent child of someone who becomes a Belonger by marriage. It will no longer be possible for the child of a non-Belonger who marries a Belonger to acquire Belonger status as soon as the marriage takes place, as a stepchild. There will be no provision for Belonger status to be granted in any other circumstances. It will be the responsibility of an elected Government to bring forward an Ordinance, which provides for Turks and Caicos Islander Status to be granted if certain conditions are met. This is a requirement of the Constitution, which also sets out the minimum conditions to be included in that Ordinance. Other changes to the Immigration Ordinance stipulate that: • It will be possible for Belonger status that was bestowed under the previous law to be revoked, where the Belonger is convicted of a serious criminal offence and is not resident in the Islands. This

will only apply to those who had Belonger status granted for "an outstanding contribution to the economic and social development of the Islands". • It will no longer be solely the responsibility of a Belonger to prove their status day to day: all Belongers will be able to obtain a National Turks and Caicos Islander Status Card that will be lawful evidence of their status. Cards are being issued free of charge to those who applied as part of the current exercise linked to the electoral register, but the new regulations provide for a fee of $50 in future. • There will be a new criminal offence of marrying in order to gain immigration advantage, with a penalty of up to two years' imprisonment and a $10,000 fine. This is aimed at so-called "marriages of convenience" and would apply both to the person gaining immigration advantage and to the Belonger who is marrying them in order to allow them to do so. • The law is being clarified to confirm that Belongers, PRC holders and British overseas

territories citizens by virtue of a connection with the Islands, ie TCI passport holders, are free to enter, reside, and work in the Territory, and cannot be excluded from or deported from the Territory. Amendments to the Immigration Regulations include: • Amendments to Schedule 3, to provide for a new, long-term residence permit for investors. From 13th August, it will be possible for someone who has invested $500,000 or more in Providenciales or West Caicos, or $250,000 or more in Grand Turk or the family Islands, to obtain a residence permit for up to ten years. • The fee for a residence permit for the spouse of a Belonger will be increased to the equivalent of an annual rate of $300; it will be possible for such a permit to be issued for up to 11 years; and there will be provision for dependent children to be endorsed on the permit for $150 per child. • Amendments to Schedule 2, which applies to permanent residence. From 10th September the Ministry will accept new applications for PRC under new,

standardised rules. People will qualify for PRC if they meet the general requirements, and have held a work permit, other than as an unskilled worker; or a residence permit; or have been in the Islands under Section 9, ie as a Government worker for ten years or more. Anyone who has held a work permit as an unskilled worker for ten years or more by 10th September 2012 will also be able to qualify, but time spent as an unskilled worker will not in future be able to lead to PRC. [The fees for all these PRCs will be $10,000.] • PRC will also be available to young people who have been endorsed on their parents' PRC when they turn 18; to young people who arrived in the Islands before the age of five and have been through primary and secondary education here before 10th September 2012; and to people who have been married to a Belonger for five years or more, where the Belonger spouse has died. The fees for these PRCs will be $5,0000. • Apart from those who qualify on the basis of having been a

residence permit holder, PRC holders will have unrestricted permission to work. The provision in Schedule 8 for an "anniversary" fee to be required of a PRC holder with limited permission to work, which has never been consistently applied, has accordingly been removed. This responds to points raised in the consultation. • All applicants for PRC will need to provide evidence that they have a sound knowledge of the English language and of the Islands. The TCI Community College will be involved with the arrangements for tuition and testing: more details of this policy will be issued in advance. Separately from this legislation, the Ministry will be bringing forward new British Nationality Fees regulations shortly, to increase naturalisation fees to $1,000 and registration fees to $500. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Border Control and Labour, Clara Gardiner maintains that the opinions of Belongers themselves have shaped the draft legislation following one of the country’s most comprehensive public consultations

WFD visit to assist in turning legislation into systems BY VANESSA NARINE THE Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), this week, visited the Turks and Caicos Islands for the third time and focused on turning legislations discussed during the previous visit into practical systems. In addition to David Thirlby of the WFD, the other politicians and political representatives included: Conservative MP Andrew Percy, Steven Gauge, a Liberal Democrat who addressed campaigning,Scottish National Party lawyer, Mr. Scott Martin, and James Swindlehurst, from the Labour Partywho addressed the legal aspects of campaigning. During the team’s last visit, they engaged local politicians and the government in discussions on the Elections Ordinance and the Political Activities Ordinance, among other matters. Feedback from the stakeholders has resulted in the Revised Elections Ordinance and the new Political Activities Ordinance, which is almost completed. This time round they met with stakeholders to discuss in particular the sources and uses of political finances, as well as the implementation of the Elections and Political Activities Ordinances. TURNING POINT Director of Strategy in Governor’s Office, Mr. Phillip Rushbrook, told the Weekly News that the foundation’s visit this week is a turning point in history of the TCI. He said, “We have gone from the theory of what would happen. Now

Members of the foundation, from left are, Scott Martin, Steven Gauge, Andrew Percy and James Swindlehurst

we have certainty. We have elections set for November 9…this is a turning point where parliamentarians from the UK can engage politicians here on how to use these legislations in a realistic way. “What we are trying to achieve is to create a clear set of rules that politicians can work with in the interest of good governance. “The Westminster Foundation for Democracy will be helping to turn that policy into action.” Mr. Scott Martin regularly contributes to the statutory process on election law through briefings to MPs and MSPs, and submissions to consultations run by the Electoral Commission and Governments on electoral legislation. He is also very familiar with the UK legislation, which forms the basis for the proposed TCI election ordinance and how it works in practice. According to him, the engagement goes beyond legislations since stakeholders address how to put law into practice to ensure compliance. “We look at things like if you get a

campaign donation, how you record that donation to keep in line with the laws,” he said. The Labour Party’s, Mr. James Swindlehurst, added his bit and noted that his experience allowed for an exchange on how to campaign within the limits of the new laws. He said, “We are looking, for example, at the systems that parties will need to make sure that they get to do what they need to as effectively as possible. “Our job is to support the parties here in coming to terms with the new rules and ensure the systems that they develop work for them… we are here to help them deliver within those systems in the coming months.” Conservative MP, Mr. Andrew Percy, reiterated this, adding that the new system is workable. “The new system that you have here is similar to what we have in the UK and when the system was introduced there politicians complained about it….what we are here to do is to help them work through it.

“We found that this system actually works and is one of the best campaign finance laws in the world that avoid corruption.” Percy added that on the campaign side of things, politicians are being supported on developing their manifestos, getting their message across and holding their opponents to account. In Parliament, Percy serves on the Regulatory Reform Committee and takes a keen interest in many policy areas including education, foreign affairs, local government and constitutional issues. The other member of the WFD, Mr. Steven Gauge, a Liberal Democrat, said the system in the UK is similar to the TCI. He said, “We are not coming here to say you have to do our politics the way we do. Every country has their own political structures and systems that align with their culture. “We are here to share our experience and explore how we can help to get their message across to the people.” The WFD also engaged the Governor, members of the Advisory Council, the Consultative Forum, the Elections Office, the Integrity Commission, the Chamber of Commerce, local politicians from both parties and independent candidates in the running for the AtLarge seats. The WFD is one of the worlds’ leading supporters of democratic institutions and supports the strengthening of parliamentary democracy, helps to develop political parties, local governance and civic participation.




July 28 - August 3, 2012

Anti-VAT messages stressed at TCIBC’s VAT 101 session BY VANESSA NARINE VALUE Added Tax (VAT) 101 was the theme of the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council’s (TCIBC) meeting on Tuesday, a meeting that drew a significantly larger representation from the expat community, compared to the locals present. Approximately 300 people turned out for the meeting at the Gustarvus Sports Complex. A panel of representatives from across the business community gave five-minute presentations addressing the interim administration’s error in implementing VAT. The key messages remained the same: prices will increase; large businesses will not face as much difficulty as small and medium sized businesses; the current system works well to raise revenues that are needed; and at the end of the day, the burden of the new tax regime will fall on the shoulders of the average man on the street. Chair of the TCIB, Mr. Clive Stanbrook, a respected Queen’s Council (QC), stressed that the implementation of a new tax regime by a government without a democratic mandate is wrong. A key point almost all the presenters stressed was the fact that although the VAT legislation was passed a week ago, the actual legislation has not yet been made public. WHY THE RUSH LIME General Manager, Mr.Drewell Seymour, who was also the evening’s chair, pointed out that government revenues have been growing, despite the recession. He said, “The question we have is why the rush to implement VAT? Why now?” Mr. Nick Haywood, from Pricewaterhouse Cooper, in his presentation, noted that as an accountant, he will benefit from VAT, as will persons who will be employed as enforcement officers and the foreign consultants who businesses will bring in to assist in setting up the proper

Mr. Clive Stanbrook, QC, stresses that an elected government should be responsible for deciding on it country’s tax regime

systems for implementing VAT. However, he stressed that these groups are the limit of the beneficiaries. Haywood said that VAT is bad for the simple fact that it is complicated, prices will increase, more difficult to enforce and is simply a change for the sake of change. He explained that, while he will benefit as an accountant from the implementation of VAT, in the long run VAT will hurt the economy and if the economy suffers so will the business community. “The short term benefits are not the impacts in the long term,” Haywood said. Proprietor of Building Materials, Mr. Ken Adams, added his bit and made it clear that the cost of building a home will increase significantly. He said, “VAT will drastically affect the development of the TCI.” Adams stressed that the new tax regime will only serve to create a bigger divide between the rich and those who will become drastically poorer. The Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association Executive, Ms. Stacy Cox, said VAT had been dubbed a sustainable tax, but in reality is a tax on the back of the consumers. According to her, there will be no major changes for the tourism sector, but some tourism products will be

Toddler dies in pool tragedy

EMERGENCY services were called in to an address on Cherokee Road, Providenciales, just before 9:00hours on Sunday July, after a two-year-old girl was discovered face down in the swimming pool. The girl’s family from Canada had just arrived on July 21st for a vacation. Family members and paramedics administered CPR before the child was rushed to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre by ambulance for further treatment. Sadly, the toddler was

pronounced dead by doctors at 9.41hours. According to the police, an investigation is taking place, although at this time there does not appear to be any suspicious circumstances. An RTCI Police spokesman said, “This is a truly shocking tragedy and at this terrible time our thoughts and prays are with the family affected. “Due to the nature of the investigation we are unable to give any further details at this time.”

A section of those at Tuesday’s meeting holding hands during a prayer

affected and increased prices will lead to less spending. Turning to the medical sector, Dr. Sam Slattery, maintained that while medical services are exempt from VAT, materials like office supplies, etc, that are needed for the administration of business are not and that cost will be passed down to the consumers – hence increasing prices. Former member of the Advisory Council and businessperson, Mrs. Edith Cox, stated that prices at the grocery store will increase. “The money in your pocket will not be able to buy the same things that you buy on March 31, 2013 on April 1, 2013,” Cox said. NO TECHNICAL JUSTIFICATION Chief Economist with the Resort

Owners’ Economic Council, Mr. Gilbert Morris, stressed that there is no intellectual justification for the implementation of VAT in the TCI. According to him, the priming and pace of the implementation is a major cause for concern, particularly considering that the TCI is the smallest jurisdiction where VAT was implemented in such a short space of time. Morris added that revenue projections to support the implementation of VAT are groundless. The economist explained that the interim administration projects a collection of $74m, but he pointed out that the on-compliance is estimated at 30 per cent. Additionally, he said the cost of implementing VAT was not considered – all making the revenue

estimate of $74m a groundless estimation. Morris stated that in the majority of countries where VAT was implemented the rate was increased significantly in the space of a few years. Another downside he pointed to was the fact that year on year the revenues decreased with the increases in the rate. Reverend Conrad Howell summed up the impact of VAT in one sentence, stressing that it is not simpler, nor equitable and is most definitely not more sustainable that the current tax system. “It is a burden,” he posited. At the end of the presentation, the council ended their argument against VAT with a video of St. Kitts and Nevis citizens bemoaning the impacts of such a tax.

NIB takes several businessmen to court By Samantha Dash-Rigby SEVERALbusiness persons appeared before Chief Magistrate Clifton Warner in the Providenciales Magistrate’s Court this week for failing to pay national insurance contributions. Kerry Mohnssen was accused of failing to pay contributions and additional charges as an employer during the period of February 2007 to March 2012, for $51,120.14. He pled guilty to one complaint of failure to pay $12,609.60 as an employer, but denied he owed $38,510.54 in additional charges as an employer. Mohnssen was ordered to pay a fine of $100 on the criminal debt to be paid forthwith and $12,609.60 by September 30. Meanwhile, the charge involving the larger amount was set for trial on October 11. The matter against Carlton Higgs of Club Sodax was adjourned after he pled not guilty to owing the insurance scheme thousands of dollars. Higgs appeared to answer to a

distress warrant filed by the National Insurance Board for the levying of $27,571.18. It was alleged that Higgs owed this amount after he failed to pay contributions and additional charges as an employer and self-employed person during the period of July 2009 to May 2012. He also will return to court on October 11. Wayne Higgs and Terrence Astwood of BAT Security Services also appeared to answer to distress warrants filed by the NIB for the levying of $7,000. The matter was adjourned for December 3 pending settlement. WandleIngham of Dove Security Services was summoned to appear to answer for failing to pay NIB contributions and additional charges as an employer and self-employed person in the amount of $22,469.92. Mr.Ingham failed to appear in court and as a result the court issued a warrant for his immediate arrest without bail. Joanne and Manuel Hernandez of Hernandez Construction appeared in court to answer to a distress warrant

filed for the levying of $43,180.80. They are scheduled to return to court on October 11 pending settlement. Dwayne and Denver Pratt of Crystal Pools Services appeared to answer to a distress warrant for the levying of $21,005.64. They pled guilty to four complaints filed by the Insurance Board for failing to pay NIB contributions and additional charges as employers in the amount of $11,000. Denver Pratt also pled guilty to two complaints filed against him for failing to pay NIB contributions and additional charges as a selfemployed person in the amount of $9,000. “We are fully aware of the situation and have spoken to Mr [John] Ewing.” “We want to make some payments,” they added. John Ewing, Legal Assistant in the legal department of the NIB confirmed that they are in dialogue with the defendants. The matters against the Pratt brothers were adjourned until October 11 pending settlement.

July 28 - August 3, 2012




Local woman killed by feral dogs in gruesome attack

– Government warns to residents to avoid areas where feral dogs are seen BY KAYLA HIGGS

Honorary Consul General Maximo Taveras will be providing consular services to Dominican nationals

President of United Consultant Felix Peña hopes to be named the first Dominican Republic Honorary Consul appointed to the TCI

Dominican Republic Consul General awaiting green light to visit TCI By Samantha Dash-Rigby CONSULATE General of the Dominican Republic MaximoTaveras, in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, is currently awaiting permission from TCI immigration to visit the country in early August to provide consular services. These services include registration of children born in the TCI to Dominican parents and the processing of Dominican passports, whether it is renewal or first time applications. The Consulate General along with his delegation will be hosted by United Consultant Immigration Service and is expected to arrive on August 6 to 14. President of United Consultant Felix Peña,expressed his delight that this service will be offered in the TCI for the first time in history, despite the short visit. He was especially proud that he was instrumental in the Consul General’s visit to Providenciales, as he feels burdened by the plight of Dominican nationals residing here. “The children who are born here to Dominican parents are not allowed to travel to the Dominican Republic, but they have no status

here because their parents are only on work permits,” he explained. In addition to these children being in a state of limbo since their birth, some Dominicans are unable to travel home because their passports were lost, destroyed or had expired. On July 19 Mr Taveras wrote to the Director of Immigration Mr Larry Mills: “With the utmost respect to your laws and your country, I request your authorisation to send a delegation from our consulate for a period of eight days to provide consular services such as passports and to create a registry from the Dominican Republic citizens in your territory.” Up to press time on Thursday, July 26, Mr Mills had not yet authorised the official visit but Peña remained confident that permission would be granted sometime the following day. The immigration consultant, who works out of his Downtown office on Old Airport Road, disclosed that a petition has already been submitted to the government office in the Dominican Republic to have a Spanish representative based here in the TCI. That representative, Mr Peña hopes, would make him the first Dominican Republic Honorary Consul appointed to the TCI.

FERAL dogs attacked and killed 48-year-old, Mary Lovely Higgs, a North Caicos resident on Tuesday. Higgs’ body was found on Tuesday morning on Prospect beach in Whitby, North Caicos, by police officers, who reported that her body was found lying in the sand near the water with several visible bite marks. Prior to the discovery several reports were made to the police of attacks by the roaming pack of dogs and there were reportedly three other attacks in the same community. Sources indicate that one attack occurred on Sunday and the others on Tuesday night. The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are currently investigating the incident and are working with the Department of Agriculture to bring the situation under control. The Weekly News has been informed that staff from the Agriculture Department set 20 traps across to North in order to catch the dogs and some 10 dogs were captured and put to sleep using tranquilisers. Also, an armed Police tactical Unit is on the scene and additional vehicles have been made available to staff to bring the situation under control. WARNING Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry for Environment and Home Affairs, Ms. Susan Malcolm, has since issued a statement on the matter, warning residents to beware of the dogs. She said, “As a precaution, we urge all residents to avoid the known areas where feral dogs are known to frequent. “Please limit night walks on the beach and if necessary whenever you go out to do so in a group. Residents are also advised that if you must cross these areas, arm yourselves with sticks or some other implement to effectively fend off the feral dogs. “The Department also strongly

North Carolina lawyer drowns in TCI By samantha dash-rigby THE body of a North Carolina attorney was found floating in the sea outside the West Bay Club hotel in Grace Bay on Sunday, July 22, just after 4pm. Jeffrey Paul Trent, Esq, a senior partner in the US law firm FrickTrent, PLLC based in North Carolina, was vacationing in the TCI and was scheduled to leave the island on Monday, July 23, after spending four days here. He stayed at the Beach Hotel on Lower Bight Road and a pathologist’s report revealed that Trent died of drowning. Tracy Frick, Trent’s partner,

issued a memorial statement saying: “It is with the deepest regret and great sadness that we mourn the untimely passing of our dear friend, partner and boss, Jeffrey Trent. “Jeff was doing what he loved most - vacationing and experiencing new places and cultures around the world.” She stated that he will be sorely missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing and working with him and that his legacy and contribution to the firm, will be felt for many years to come. Trent has left to mourn his immediate family, many friends, clients and his FrickTrent, PLLC family.

Mary Lovely Higgs Craig

when walking on roads and beaches. • Try not to appear threatening to dog (do not stare at the dog, do not smile to show your teeth and stand at angle to the dog) • Do not display fear or weakness. Never turn your back to a dog and run away. A dog's natural instinct will be to chase and catch you. • Shield yourself! If the dog does attack, "feed" him your jacket, shirt, purse, bicycle, umbrella or anything that you can put between yourself and the dog. • Whenever possible seek higher ground if an attack seems imminent (for example, climbing a tree or mounting a fence) • If attacked, and you fall, curl up in a ball and protect your face, neck, and head. • Never approach a barking, snarling, sleeping, eating, or nursing dog. Since the gruesome discovery, there has been an outpouring of sympathy by several sections of society, including the political parties and the Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TCSPCA). Craig was a housewife, who was loved by the public for her friendliness and happy spirit. She is survived by her three children Lincon, Megan and Charnita Craig and her husband George Craig.

suggests that elderly persons and children avoid these areas or be accompanied by people who could offer protection. Dogs in packs tend to roam at nights; extra precaution is urged especially from dust until dawn.” Her ministry is advising that persons should take the following precautionary measures: • Stay off the beach between Pelican to Prospect, Whitby until further notice. • Use extreme caution if you see a number of dogs travelling together. • Try to avoid walking on the beaches or road at nights. Please ensure that you carry a stick in the event that you have to fend off feral dogs. • Walk in groups and always inform persons where you are going. • Wear brightly coloured clothing

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July 28 - August 3, 2012

July 28 - August 3, 2012




July 28 - August 3, 2012


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

PDM in 2012 Dear Editor, Today the economy of the Turks and Caicos is in shambles. Local and international financial institutions refuse to lend to both government and local businesses to re-jump start our economy. It is a fact that the public treasury is flat broke as the government struggles to stay afloat. Potholes fill roads across the islands, especially in the communities of Blue Hills and the south end of Five Cays, without any hopes of being repaired. The official level of unemployment is between 18-22 per cent with an increasing number of Belongers losing both their jobs and homes daily. Some are reduced to working only four days per week and others cannot find work. However the former Minister of Labour and Immigration who later became the Premier stated “Belongersdo not want to work”! How can one forget NHIP? It is public knowledge within these islands that the former

PNP government ministers paid themselves handsome salaries and enacted an exorbitant pension package. All while the average Belonger was forced to make only $5 per hour with a very high cost of living. The time for an uncaring government is over. No more will we elect persons who will allow the TCI to become an exiled nation. Under a People’s Democratic Movement (PDM)government Turks and Caicos Islanders would be better off than we are today. The economy would be strong and growing, unemployment would be down including the cost of living. The PDM party understands the urgent need to fix the economy in order for the healing of our nation to begin. This party understands the social fabric of the TCI and what it takes to correct the many wrongs resulting from failures of both the present and previous administrations. No more will we suffer extraordinary hardship while we watch the quality of life decline

destroying the little hope and aspirations of its own people. The PDM is committed to restoring both our regional and international reputation, while building a better and stronger economy. Revamping our tourism product will be one of its main focuses while increasing household income resulting in a better standard of living across the islands. This party will fix the unemployment while giving us a liveable wage and not a minimum one. No more will political cronyism, corruption, victimisation and nepotism be the order of the day in the TCI. For it is said: ‘Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.’ The doors of the PDM are open to welcome all Turks and Caicos Islanders including PNPs. So join the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) in its fight in restoring good and honest government to these islands. God bless, Jamy Williams

Eleven per cent is still too high Dear Editor, After seeing the suggested rate of Value Added Tax as proposed by the interim government it is still suggested that the rate of VAT proposed at 11 per cent is still too high. The net result is that an underground economy where people do most transactions in cash will be created. After that very few dollars will reach the treasury and the economy could collapse. The proposal seems so temporary in terms of intended effect because it is designed make sure that enough taxes are collected to secure the $260m guarantee and that once the guarantee is paid off there will be no need for VAT. It would mean that they are prepared to upset the economy, uproot everything, remove what’s there in terms of economic stability just to pay off the loans. These are loans the interim government say they met from the former government but are prepared to pass the bill onto the people in the form of already higher taxes and a VAT levy of 11 per cent. Why?It seems we will never

know. Already in placeare a number of taxes. There is $0.75 per gallon on the sale of fuel.There are no proposals to remove all customs duties and or the six per cent customs processing fee but these should be removed. We are paying NHIP payments and NIS payments. That’s another 13 per cent from our income that will be passed onto the consumer. Next is the stevedoring deal at South Dock Providencialeswhich has already added some 45 per cent to the cost of living. Stamp Duty will remain at 3.6 per cent to over six per cent on the purchase of land. VAT cannot be right or fair and 11 per cent is too high. Remove all existing taxes first then people can talk. Maybe start VAT at five per cent so that after all the taxes are removed there can be more savings. None of what is going on can be fully explained. All we know is that we are being taken advantage of by the government to satisfy an agenda that is not the people’s.

Dear Editor, For years residents of Salt Cay have been promised that the government would rebuild the landing and staircase that went from just above the water to the top of the south dock in Grand Turk. Several years ago the landing dock and stairs were destroyed by a hurricane and never rebuilt. Since that time residents and tourists as old as 80 years have had to climb up the steel ladders attached to the side of the concrete dock. This is not only disgraceful but dangerous. When the former Governor was asked if he thought the Queen would be willing to climb those steps he did not answer. However it is clear, if not, then neither should any of the people living or vacationing in Salt Cay. Three times a week the Salt Cay ferry makes the trek to the capital for supplies and each week people do

not know if they will have to climb the wall or be able to offload on the north side smaller dock where it is a little easier to offload. But one wrong move and they could be crushed between the boat and rocks. Those promises of rebuilding the dock have never come to light, always due to funding or some security reason. Now Mr John Young, general manager of the Carnival Cruise Centre, has pledged that the corporation would be excited to fund the project to rebuild the landing and stairs on the south dock. Letters have been sent to the Governor and Mr Watts; residents are just waiting to hear how and when the project can begin. A huge thank you goes out to Mr Young and of course Carnival Cruise Centre.

Open Letter to Developer Hugh McLean Steps for seniors?

Dear Mr McLean, Thank you for taking the time to present some of the details of your project last evening. I was insistent on being in attendance, in order that I might obtain a fair and unbiased account of the proposed project. Having sat through the entire presentation and the subsequent Q&A session I was able to develop a better picture of your proposed development, and thus I am in a better position to structure a personal opinion. I appreciate that you have an intimate understanding of the Turks and Caicos Islands, because of this I endeavoured to look beyond the simplicity of your presentation in an effort to uncover the crux of matter at hand. While the presentation did not delve into any great detail regarding your project - its exact design, its specific impact on the environment or its proposed development plan - it did help me to acknowledge that we have reached a crossroad

in our economic development, as it relates to tourism our main industry, whereby a decision has to be made as to which route we should take. Should we keep steady on the path of low density, high-end boutiques or do we branch out to incorporate other more concentrated forms of development which offer volume at a slightly different price point. As a Turks and Caicos Islander I know first-hand that we don't take kindly to the slightness intimation that we are not good enough. For this reason any undertaking which could conceivably be alluding or suggesting by contrast, that the Turks and Caicos Islands are somehow less, will without fail be met with stern opposition. In reality the same can be said of any society the world over as people in general want to be seen as equal and good enough. Suffice it to say this apprehension is obviously magnified in our awfully small society. At the end of the day I think that you are definitely on to something


with this development and I applaud your valour in going out on a limb to bring this investment to our shores. I have to admit that I do have personal reservations regarding populating Grace Bay’s shoreline with condos. I believe there is natural danger in having the industry of an entire nation dangling from the fickle thread attached to a condo owner, who has every right not to rent their suite, if they so desire. However this is an issue that requires long-term analysis on sustainability and is something for our government to consider. I look forward to learning more precise details regarding the branding, recruitment, training, staffing ratios, succession planning and the physical design of your project. Hopefully these will be made available as your development takes shape. Respectfully, Sanajah Forbes

Samsune Taylor

Concerned Citizen

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

July 28 - August 3, 2012



Skyline Development partners agree to compromise on height – Insist that agreement should be reached early BY VANESSA NARINE PARTNERS of Skyline Development Co., which proposed the construction of a 28-storey high-rise in the Turks and Caicos Islands, have agreed to compromise on the height of the buildings. However, according to developer, Mr. Hugh McLean, they have agreed provided that an agreement is reached early. In a statement made public on Monday, he said, “This is the most drawn-out process my development partners have ever encountered. “Other jurisdictions are knocking on their door and offering them a warm welcome.” According to him, while the development partners have no aversion to dealing with an elected government, come November, the approval process has already dragged on for too long. He said, “They, like all legitimate developers, have options. As a Turks and Caicos Islander who has travelled widely and worked in number of countries, I know that while we in TCI have a lot to offer that other places do as well.” McLean called for sooner engagement by the interim administration and the two political parties to facilitate timely decision making on whether the project would be given the green light or not. He said, “I will do my best to move this project forward quickly in the process suggested by former Chief Minister Washington Misick whereby the political party leaders, Governor and developer will sit down to work out a compromise deal acceptable to all.” He added that prior to the meeting

both the TCIG and the political parties were given the same presentation, in addition to a detailed business plan. “This is a complex document which took many hours of professional time to produce and which requires considerable time to read and could not be presented within the time constraints of a two to three hour public meeting. “It shows how we arrived at our numbers and insofar as possible confirms our projections. “This is detail. Detail that to my knowledge no other developer has ever had to put forward to TCIG and certainly not released in whole or in part to the public by way of their political representatives.” The developer noted that last Wednesday’s public meeting was productive and many of the suggestions made will be taken on board. SPECULATION He added that there has been “overwhelming support” for the project since. However, he acknowledged too that the issues raised during the public meeting have since been subject to much speculation. He said, “First, despite wild speculation to the contrary, our proposal has NOT yet been approved by the TCIG interim administration. “The purpose of the meeting was to present to the public our vision and second to get their input and reaction. “The meeting was meant to be part of a consultative process whereby the public was afforded the opportunity to learn beforehand our intentions.” The developer stressed that the process was designed to be transparent and to avoid the “specter of secret

dealings” behind closed doors. McLean said, with respect to physical planning and environmental concerns, Skyline Development Co. has met with the Planning Board to get their views. He stressed that with the exception of the change to height and density regulations, his group is committed to working within existing planning guidelines. McLean said, “Once the issue of height and density is decided we will work with well-respected local planning and environmental experts to ensure our development is as unobtrusive as possible. “We are sensitive to the environment and are exploring methods which would reduce both our environmental impact and carbon footprint.” He added that many local businesses are closing or cutting back for lack of trade and many Belongers are unemployed. “The construction sector on which so many families rely is almost dead. Our project can reverse this trend,” the developer said. McLean pointed out too that the proposal offers some 1,000 jobs, with a pledge of 75 per cent Turks and Caicos Islander employment, as well as a 50 per cent discount to Belongers wanting to do business in the commercial space of the complex. He said, “No other hotel operator or developer in TCI has ever offered this. Our project is about jobs, management opportunities and a chance for Turks and Caicos Islanders to be empowered and get ahead.” According to him, TCIG has been provided with detailed information on both the group’s background and financial resources and have been able

Slam bang!

to confirm that the source of funding is “clean money” coming from a G7 country, Canada. McLean said, “The TCI public should know this because it is important. In today’s environment source of funds and the bona fides of investors is paramount.” BUSINESS TOURISTS The developer stressed that the hotel/ conference centre model would shift the tourism paradigm in the TCI, bringing a new and different wave of business tourists to the islands all year round. He said, “We believe that the arrival of business executives and business owners for conferences is entirely compatible with the current boutique hotel or even hotel/condo model as these individuals once brought to the Turks and Caicos will seek to return to our shores with their spouses and families to stay in other properties. “Those in attendance heard the criticism that our project would bring low end tourists without much money to spend. This is simply not the case. “Convention delegates - whether they are doctors, lawyers, software engineers, pharmaceutical executives, automobile dealers or motion picture and recording executives - are the affluent middle class. “They are the ones who will take taxis, dine out, shop, hire charter fishing boats, use spa facilities, play golf, visit the other islands and consider buying real estate when they are here. “Additionally, statistics show they will return with their families.” McLean noted too that these ‘business tourists’ will arrive by commercial air carrier as opposed to private jet. He said, “Those concerned about the environment will know that

private jets (on a per passenger basis) have 10 times the carbon footprint of commercial aviation. “If the Turks and Caicos is truly concerned about the environment then one must question whether the increasing plethora of private jets at our airport is consistent with the claim that we want environmentally friendly sustainable development. “A 600 seat conference centre would provide many benefits to the Turks and Caicos but to succeed requires 800-900 hotel rooms.” However, he maintained that to achieve this density, the development has to go higher that the seven storey maximum. McLean said, “Clearly although tourist numbers are up our current level of visitors is not enough to sustain our economy. “The introduction of business tourists attending conventions will have an overwhelming positive impact on the economy of the islands.” The developer highlighted the endorsement of the Director of Tourism, Mr. Ralph Higgs, as an indication of the level of support. He said, “My development partners have completed more than 140 major projects over the past 25 years. Not once have they failed to complete a project. “My development partners have invited representatives of TCIG to Toronto to view first hand any of their completed developments, to see how issues such as fire safety are dealt with and to meet government and industry officials there to further confirm my group’s reputation and capabilities.” Views on the project can be sent in writing to the Governor’s Office, Waterloo, Grand Turk, or by email to or rastwood@

congress as he “marries” his longterm male sweetheart. A celebrated president, Obama, (whose pastor of 20 years preached “God damn the USA”), now comes out for gay rights and abortion. Liberal USA judges already forced the ending of school prayer, public posting of the 10 commandments and display of Christmas nativity scenes, “In God we Trust” may be removed from the money. In TCI, school prayer is under attack and gay laws imposed on us by the UK. TCI's premier on the run admitted a three-way encounter in a pool the taxpayers paid for as cronies filled their pockets from the public’s purse. Now they want us to fund their defense. Gambling at party owned casinos and a lottery ignored by clergy. The UK appointed sleeping governors and AG as FCO ministers looked the other way. A young doctor woos civil

servants and turns to politics after being a central part of a process damaging our medical care. UK's Garlick slams the developer who paid to get seven unapproved stories and now UK bosses push for a tall 28. The year old causeway built late from dirt, taken out by God's little storm, Hanna. The biblical Hanna, a favored but childless wife, eventually bore Samuel. Does Middle Caicos remember Sam? Eons ago as Lot fled from corruption his wife ignored Gods word and slam bang, turned to Salt. Now the development of Salt Cay, also corrupted has gone down the drain. The USA, TCI and the UK have yet to reach the level of Sodom and Gomorrah but they are started down that road. Time will tell if we choose a different path or eventually experience more of God's wrath.


Notorious and catastrophic local and world events are often hard to understand. Step back and look at the big picture. Remember God is in charge and God is good. However, we cannot deny the existence of evil. Currently, we are concerned about the direction the world’s democracies are traveling. God's will plays out slowly and evil appears to be rewarded. Then in the end we experience God's wrath, slam, bang! God gave us free will. The problems of the TCI, USA and the UK are the results of people and their elected governments taking the wrong roads. Eventually this

By David Tapfer brings results from God. Slackness in immigration and airline checks and 911 shocked the western world. Middle Eastern people now suffer dearly from the same evil extremism. The evil shootings in

the US by a student on his way to a doctor’s degree causes us to look for answers. Large USA manufacturing and reasonable government in the TCI have been serious injured. Paying people to loaf with consumers or taxpayers funds is destructive. With big steel and the Detroit auto industry gone, the US government turned to housing for an economic boost. Through the efforts of people like Congressman “Honorable” Barney Frank the laws of supply and demand were prostituted and housing costs and sales escalated until the bubble burst taking the financial industry and homeowners down with it. Barney is now quitting



July 28 - August 3, 2012

PDM dubs At-Large candidates ‘Fantastic Five’ BY VANESSA NARINE THE People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), on Monday, disclosed the names of their At-Large candidates – a team dubbed the ‘Fantastic Five’. The At-Large candidates are Mr. Oswald Skippings, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, Mr. Derek Taylor, Mr. Samuel Harvey and Mrs. Josephine Connolly. According to leader of the party, Mr. Oswald Skippings, the team is a strong collection of visionary professionals – a group that cannot be imitated and a group that will deliver. He noted that the ‘Fantastic Five’ team reflects a diversity of persons coming from throughout the islands with a variety of experience and leadership skills, as well as a patriotic passion for their country and people. Cartwright-Robinson, the PDM’s deputy leader, noted that the PDM has been working as a team in preparing to become the next elected government of the Turks and Caicos Islands. She said, “We have of course put in place internal structures that will secure a well-oiled political machinery. Our supporters are enthused and ready to work. “We have otherwise been involved in a number of important meetings and dialogues. These meetings were meant to be introductory and fact finding so as to chart the road ahead.” One of these important meetings, she noted, was between the PDM’s leadership team and TCIG Chief Executive, Mr. Patrick Boyle,

Cartwright-Robinson said, “The PDM leadership insisted that there should be clear, concise and written guidelines that will govern the relationship of the elected government and the TCI senior executive. “We believe that it is important that we understand that elected government makes policy and that civil servants are to offer guidance whilst carrying out the policy of the elected government. “This is a first of a series of meetings that will allow the party officials to gain greater insight into developments that may have occurred during the interim administration. “We were glad for this opportunity to make our expectations clear and to ready ourselves to take over the reins so that we can be ready from day one for full governance.” She added that other meetings have been held with supervisor of elections, Mr. Dudley Lewis, government strategist, Mr. Phillip Rushbrook and other key stakeholders. The deputy leader pointed out that the PDM also had productive dialogue with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, during their one-week visit that ended on Friday. Cartwright-Robinson said, “I believe that the PDM is heading in the right direction. We are the right party, for the right reason at the right time. “You can trust us for sober, mature and proven leadership. You can rest assured that if it isn’t good for the

The PDM’s At-Large candidates, from left, Samuel Harvey, Josephine Connolly, leader Oswald Skippings, deputy leader Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and former leader Derek Taylor

Turks and Caicos Islands, then we will not have it.” RESHAPING TCI Newcomer to the political arena, Ms. Josephine Connolly, in her endorsement of the PDM, stressed that the upcoming elections is an opportunity to reshape politics in the islands and, by extension, reshape the Turks and Caicos Islands. Connolly said, “I believe we have to reshape politics in the islands. We have the opportunity for a new start and the PDM leadership team will deliver that new start. “I know the agenda of the PDM party is the best approach which is

PNP will not “play chicken” with vital interests of the people, Carlos Simons BY VANESSA NARINE PROGRESSIVE National Party Deputy Leader, Mr. Carlos Simons, contends that his party will not “play chicken” with the vital interests of the people of Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Simons was referring to the invitation from the Interim Administration for leaders of both political parties to visit London for the opening ceremony Olympic Games and use the opportunity to meet with key officials. Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, declined the invitation and the PNP Leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing, has said that he will not be attending the ceremony, but will stick to business during his visit there. At a press briefing on Thursday, Simons said, “It is unfortunate that the Leader of the Peoples; Democratic Movement chose to pass up the opportunity to participate in these important talks.” He added that party Leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing, will be meeting

PNP Deputy Leader, Mr. Carlos Simons, at Thursday’s press briefing

with Premiers and Chief Ministers from other Overseas Territories to discuss issues of mutual interest and with United Kingdom ministers and officials from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries to bolster support for the TCI in the region. According to him, the matters up for discussion are critical to the longterm interests of the TCI. “This is a unique opportunity,” he posited.

When asked what was the expected take-away from these talks, Simons explained that this is an opportunity to kick off the dialogue with decision makers in the UK, given that the TCI is a British Overseas Territory. He reiterated that this is a unique opportunity for future leaders of the TCI to get their concerns aired, get their point across on critical issues affecting the local people. The Deputy Leader noted that the PNP now has a head start on the PDM with respect to dialogue between the authorities in the UK and local politicians. On another matter, Simons urged that the 455 persons whose verification as TC Islanders is pending to submit the necessary documentation and be placed on the electors roll. He said, “It is of crucial importance that every eligible voter has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.” Simons maintained that the PNP is the party that will deliver to the needs of the people of the TCI.

needed throughout the islands – from Salt Cay, my place of birth, to Pine Cay where our workers all require proper representation. Ultimately, we are here to take our country forward.” She made it a point to state clearly that she was never a member of the Progressive National Party (PNP), as was the speculation. The At-Large candidate said, “I was never a member of the PNP or the PDM party in the previous election years…this great People’s Democratic Movement - the more capable party - is determined to take this country out of the dilemma in which we have unfortunately found ourselves through no fault of the People’s Democratic Movement.” Connolly stated that her focus will be on supporting the provision of “realistic and ideal opportunities” to the citizens of the TCI. “I recognise that this is what the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands as a whole are interested in… the people’s party will deliver,” she said. POLITICAL IMMATURITY Connolly pointed out that Sir Robin Auld, in his report, accused the TCI of political immaturity and maintained that the PDM will work to ensure that such a charge is never levied at this country ever again. On that note, she stressed the need to move forward together. “We should be able to vote our representatives into office without bitterness and rancor. “It is right that people should support the party of their choice, but we do not need families split or friends in conflict. “We are too small to be constantly separating ourselves with false labels: PDM versus PNP; Caicos versus Grand Turk; or black versus white. “In the end, we are all part of our beloved Beautiful By Nature and the success or failure of the Turks and Caicos Islands is in all of our hands. “We must work together as one people with a common goal and purpose which is to build and

develop our country. I often hear the phrase ‘nation building’. “Well, until we see all our citizens as worthy of concern and respect we will not have a nation to build.” A former minister of government and long-serving member within the PDM, Mr. Samuel Harvey, reiterated the call for togetherness. He said, “I accepted this nomination to join force with these courageous men and women, who find it necessary to come together, for one common goal, that is, to free our people.” Former leader of the PDM, Mr. Derek Taylor, pointed out that the PDM has a team of honourable, competent, committed and visionary candidates to contest the upcoming election. He expressed confidence that the PDM team will be able to “restore our country to its former glory”, but acknowledged that it will take some time to recover from the insults, indignities, the despairs and desperations that has been the status quo in the past years. Taylor said, “We intend to end this present nightmare, the continuing victimisation, oppressions and loss of democratic rights and freedoms through the passing of legislation that handicap us, repress us, threaten our existence, rob us of our dignity and criminalise us. “We intend to regain our rights and freedoms and along with these our privileges, duties, responsibilities and benefits that reflect as well as highlight our citizenship as well as the patriotic spirit of our people. “We did it after the interim administration of 1986-1988 under the leadership of our then party leader Hon. O. Skippings and we will do it again.” The PDM is currently receiving applications for the ten constituency candidates and already a number of applications have been received. The final selection of the constituency candidates is expected to be done when the Boundaries Commission has completed its work of setting the constituency boundaries.

July 28 - August 3, 2012



Preliminary list of electors ready THE preliminary list of electors was made public on Tuesday, kicking off the two-week Claims and Objections period. Registered voters can scrutinise the list and make any claims or objections by email to The list puts the total of verified registered voters at 6,884, with an additional 455 cases pending due to insufficient supporting materials by the applicants. According to the Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Dudley Lewis, the preliminary register will be placed at 60 locations across the Turks and Caicos Islands. The register lists voters by the 15 existing Electoral Districts, which will be changed to the 10 new districts, following the completion of the work of the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC). Lewis explained that a total of 7,644 persons applied for TC Islander Status Cards through the joint Ministry of Border Control/Election Office registration process, which ended on June 29. Of these 7,063 were confirmed as TC Islanders, with 126 persons being ineligible and 455 cases are pending awaiting additional information. According to Lewis, the list of 455 pending Turks and Caicos Islander status verifications issued by the Ministry of Border Control and Labour are for those people who have not yet provided enough information to verify their status. He noted that these 455 should now contact the Ministry on 946 2801 Ext: 40707 or 40708 to arrange submission of the additional document required

Placement of preliminary register: District 1 – West Road Grand Turk: Dot’s Food Fare, E & R Supermarket, Taste of the Island Restaurant and Fulford Gas Station. District 2 – Overback, Grand Turk: Durham’s Home Centre, Tom’s Wholesale Store and Fisherman’s Paradise District 3 – North Backsalina, Grand Turk: Circle G Food Store, Cee’s Food Centre, Moore’s Cozy Corner Store and Tom’s Mini Mart District 4 – South Backsalina, Grand Turk: Palm Grove Variety Store, DNS Store, Do-It Center, Fire and Ice Bar, DC’s Office Salt Cay and Community Centre Salt Cay District 5 – South Caicos, North and East Caicos: Airport Terminal, District Commissioner’s Office and Sea View Marina District 6 – South Caicos, South: Supervalue Supermarket and G & H Enterprise District 7 – Middle Caicos: District Commissioner’s Office, Community CentreBambara and Government Clinic – Lorimers District 8 – North Caicos, East: District Commissioner’s Office, Airport Terminal, Kevin’s Enterprise and Digicel Store District 9 – North Caicos, West: Community Centre – Kew, Community Centre – Whitby and Community Centre – Sandy Point District 10 – The Bight: Kathleen’s 7-11Store, Miniature Golf Course, PTV General Office and R&E Garland Retail Store District 11 – Blue Hills: Keyse’s Variety Store, Williams Store, Three Queens Club, Lulu Variety Store, Ronnie’s Plaza and Island Cafe Restaurant District 12 – Five Cays: Texaco Station, Liz Bakery, Pal’s Electronics Store and IBO Store District 13 – Cheshire Hall: The Post Office, Grant’s Gas Station, Mackey’s Mechanic Shop, Gilley’s Restaurant, Lamont Restaurant and the Library District 14 – Richmond Hills: Chinson’s Restaurant, Provo Discount Pharmacy, Texaco Station and Discount Liquors District 15 – Long Bay Hills: IBO Food Store, Grants Gas Station, Texaco Station and KK & T Auto Rental

within the next 14 days. Lewis said once verification is complete their details will be passed to the Elections Office for addition to the Register of Electors. At the end of the Claims and Objections period Lewis is expected to issue the final register of electors, after

claims have been considered under the appeals process, during August. The Elections Supervisor pointed out that the final Register of Electors will be a little smaller than the number of person registered as Islanders as some people have exercised their right not to be placed on the voters’ roll.

Cancer Society sponsors teen holiday TWO youngsters affected by cancer were given a trip of a lifetime when the National Cancer Society sent them to a New York holiday camp. AdonicaGlinton and Jakey Cox jetted off to Camp Good Days in Rochesteron Monday (July 23) where they joined other children for a summer of activities. Just before their trip the excited teenagers said they could not wait to go and make new friends. Jakey even admitted he had trouble sleeping the night before. “I was so excited,” he said, “I woke up really early and was dressed even before my chaperone was there.” The holiday was sponsored by the TCI National Cancer Society in order to change the teens’ outlook and encourage them to be a source of inspiration to others battling cancer. Chaperone Challis Ferguson said it was also her first time at the camp. “This is something new for all of us and I'm thrilled to represent the Cancer Society,” she enthused.

this week

Friday, July 27 to Friday, August 3 Friday, July 27

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 4426349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, July 28

at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Monday, July 30  Looking for something for your child aged 12-18 to do during summer? Visit the Youth Centre! Starting this Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm, there is something for every taste. Dance class, Arts & Crafts, Movies, Basketball, Environmental Club, Games & more. All programs and activities are FREE. Call 332-9605 for information.  Shakespeare Summer Workshop at the Youth Centre Read the Tempest, Macbeth and Midsummer Night’s Dream and enjoy making Shakespeare fun. Please sign up with Roxann Wake Forbes -roxann@ (331 9602) for another great interdisciplinary workshop with Scott Cannon & Susan Cade.

Thursday, August 2

From left, Mr. Claude Swann receives the cheque from IBG’s Judy Dean

International Banking Group donates to Kidney Foundation THE International Banking Group (IBG), on Tuesday, presented a $6,557 cheque to the Turks and Caicos Islands Kidney Foundation in support of the Foundation’s work. Management Trainee, Mr. Jamie Wilson said, “Kidney Disease is a rising issue in the Turks and Caicos and to show our concern we would like to present them with a cheque.” President of the Kidney

Foundation Mr. Claude Swann said, No words can express how grateful we are for such a tremendous donation from IBG.” Swann told Weekly News that some of the money will go towards a member of the Foundation’s kidney transplant scheduled to be performed in England next month. IBG has been collaborating with the Turks and Caicos Kidney Foundation the past two years.

 The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm. Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday

 Ladies Night at Royal Flush Gaming Parlor. All the excitement starts from 7pm: -FREE TEXAS HOLD'EM LESSONS FROM 7PM-8PM $45.00 POKER TOURNAMENT AT 8PM, (men allowed to sign up) - FREE FRESH SANGRIA FOR EVERY LADY PLAYING (any game) - ALL LADIES GET 2 FOR 1 DRINKS AT THE BAR….and much more.

Saturday, August 4

 Royal Flush Casino will be hosting a Poker fundraiser. $60 buy in only 20 tickets, unlimited half price rebuys and great prizes donated by the Beach House Resort and Restaurant. Also a silent auction with be hosted and the proceeds will be donated to the united soccer league,

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email for a free listing.

Lifestyle... 16 NEWS


July 28 - August 3, 2012

Mind, Body & Soul 

How to handle criticism (Part 1)

Part one of this column focuses on what criticism consists of, the history of criticism and it begins to looks at receiving criticism from others. Part two of this article will focus on managing criticism and dealing with it in a proactive manner. Criticism is spoken or written opinions that point out one or more faults of somebody or something. It is usually unsolicited, often unwanted, and frequently unwelcomed. Criticism is a daily occurrence for most of us and as a result of criticism, we can either remain painfully affected by it or we can seek new ways to handle criticism prone environments, which will be fully explored once we understand a little more about criticism and where it comes from. When looking at the history of

Joanne Gobeil

Registered Psychologist

criticism, we find that the word is derived from the Greek word “kritikos.” It was coined by Aristotle and it was defined in the context of an intellectual activity, indicating that one was able to judge. Criticism concentrated on an admiration for works that affected an emotional and thoughtful response from the audience (e.g., criticism would be used in discussing how closely a song actually captured the essence of that which it described). Thus, in the past, criticism did not have the overwhelming negative

connotation that it has today. This shows us that criticism can be productive and constructive. Therefore, the goal of criticism should be to help others grow, recover, improve, prosper, and excel. When we receive criticism from others, we have to recognize that criticism is a part of life; but that we can manage the effects and impact that criticism has on our own sense of self-worth. The aim of receiving criticism is to rethink the issues surrounding it. With time and patient we can all become more adept at handling critical comments from others. Receiving criticism can actually trigger the flight-or-fight syndrome. As we realize that we are being criticized we may feel our heart racing, our blood pressure rising, our mouth may become a bit dry and

our skin temperature may change. We may even feel faint. Focusing on these symptoms will likely interfere with our ability to accurately hear and assess the content of the criticism. Once we experience the association of these feelings with the criticism, we may begin to engage in a structured response pattern. Moreover, the link between adverse feeling and events can be so strong that we begin to suffer

the consequences of the emotional reaction simply by recognizing the cues of a criticism prone situation, even if the current criticism is being offered in a productive and constructive manner. If you feel though you need assistance in managing how you deal with criticism, contact Joanne Gobeil at Caribbean Psychological Services (649) 432-6956 or jogobeil@yahoo. com.

health Tip 

Cassava Cake

A dessert best served cold, it is easy to make and a great treat. Ingredients • 2 cups grated, peeled cassava • 2 eggs, beaten • 1 (12 ounce) can evaporated milk • 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk • 1 (14 ounce) can coconut milk Directions 1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). 2. Stir the cassava, eggs, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut milk together in a bowl until thoroughly combined; pour into a baking dish. 3. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour. Switch the oven's broiler on and bake under the broiler until the top of the cake is browned, 2 to 3 minutes. Cool completely in refrigerator before serving. (Nutritional Information: Amount Per Serving Calories: 329 | Total Fat: 15.5g | Cholesterol: 65mg)

Cassava, the neglected crop When reading about this root crop, it reminded me of my days of walking up 'flamingo pond field road' especially during the summer time – good memories. Now for some new information, based on my findings: Cassava comes from a plant originating from South America. Cassava can grow in poor soil, and can withstand drought. However, some studies suggest it is a neglected crop. Also called yucca, it is an important famine reserve crop in countries with unreliable rainfall. Cassava is also a moderate source of B-complex group of vitamins such as folates, thiamin, pyridoxine, Vitamin C, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. Cassava is also low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. The root is the chief source of some important like zinc, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, fibre, and manganese. The dietary fibre - has been associated with lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, and helping control diabetes. Other studies show that cassava may help support the nervous system, and help alleviate stress, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome. Cassava is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics.

It is a major staple food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for around 500 million people. As always, it is with much joy

that I give praise to God, for his 'love towards me'. This week I leave you with words of wisdom that are powerful, even

By Phillip Simmons though their writer is anonymous, “Preparation is never time wasted.”

July 28 - August 3, 2012

Lifestyle... GARDENING 



How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Firecracker plant is a large plant and must have room to grow. It does not respond well to heavy pruning and looks particularly ugly when sheared or boxed; in fact, some plants never recover from severe pruning.

Firecracker Russelia equisetiformis, alternately known as firecracker plant and coral plant, is nearly leafless and bears hanging flowers on wisp like stems, gracefully arching towards the ground. Use firecracker plant as an informal hedge or border plant as long as there is enough width for the plant to grow. Place russelia amongst larger foliage like alocasia for a bold effect! It also looks superb when planted adjacent to other flowers that hang downward, such as the (also red) Hibiscus or maybe some angel's trumpets. Some other hummingbird attracting plants with red flowers include firespike, coral bean, heliconias and bromeliads. There is also a cream flowered form but I don’t like it as much and there is a rare form with salmon-colored flowers. Also easy to propagate by division of clumps, it is a bit more difficult to start from cuttings, and you can collect seeds to replant as well. Obviously, the big selling point on firecracker plant is its long floral display, lasting all year and attracting of hummingbirds. I love how the flowers seem to dance and vibrate even when still, with all the pendant blooms angled slightly off kilter so they trick your eye into seeing rhythm. The plant's habit is billowing one, and this is used to great effect when planted on hillsides, behind retaining walls and in large containers or hanging baskets so the feathery stems can drape down in a lush curtain. This makes it perfect for obscuring eyesores. On the other side of the heap is a weeping yaupon holly that mirrors the effect of the graceful weeping foliage nicely, so when you

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

approach down the side yard you just see arching foliage. Russelia is usually known as a drought tolerant plant, but here in the Islands they required water regularly. I'll also note that my largest plant is located in a wet spot that never quite dries out. The crown stays above the waterline, but it still seems pretty well adapted to its soggy situation. Firecracker plant is a large plant and must have room to grow. It does not respond well to heavy pruning and looks particularly ugly when sheared or boxed; in fact, some plants never recover from severe pruning. In south west Nigeria the plant

is used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes and leukemia and in traditional medicine it is also said to promote hair growth. It is also used to treat malaria and inflammatory diseases Gardening news: Care to share your gardening thoughts, insights, triumphs, disappointments or photos with your fellow gardening enthusiast? I invite you to now join the new active discussions gardening forum specially created for the Turks and Caicos gardeners. Please come share your comments and thoughts at

Blueberries: A Super Food? The month of July is celebrated as National Berries month but more specifically, it is celebrated as Blueberry Month. Berries, all berries, are nutritional power houses but blueberries have been labeled a ‘super food’. In recent years, foods like acai berry, pomegranate, and Nonie juice (among many others) have all been labeled ‘super foods’. But is there a super food? My professional training tells me there is no such thing as a ‘super food’ because all foods contribute a variety of nutrients that then work synergistically to positively affect overall health. The term ‘super food’ gives the impression that a particular food has some magical benefits that can fix or heal every known medical condition. The result is, persons start eating large amounts of these so-called ‘super foods’, while at the same time neglecting other beneficial foods. The berry family, especially blueberries, is jammed packed with nutritional benefits. Blueberries have cancer fighting, cholesterol lowering and digestive tract health benefits—just to name a few. Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruits! Antioxidants are nature’s cancer fighting compounds because they protect the cells from damage and help to slow the aging process. This coupled with the abundance of vitamins C, B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, copper (a very effective immune builder and anti-bacterial), selenium, zinc and iron makes blueberries come very close to really being a “super food”. I need to pause here and address the high cost of blueberries here on the island because I can hear you saying, ‘does she know how much these things cost?’ Yes, I do and there are some ways around the high cost. Many of the grocery stores have been having quite a bit of sales and most times, you can get two cartons of blueberries for the price of one or even less. You can stock up when they are on sale and freeze for later. You can also buy frozen blueberries, which are just as beneficial as the fresh ones. Below are some quick serving ideas A Few Quick Serving Ideas • Add frozen blueberries to yogurt and 100% fruit juice to make a breakfast smoothie. • Fresh or dried blueberries add a colorful punch to cold breakfast cereals. • Layer yogurt and blueberries in wine glasses and top with crystallized ginger for a deliciously elegant dessert.

Russelia is usually known as a drought tolerant plant, but here in the Islands they required water regularly.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


Regional News


July 28 - August 3, 2012

Slum eviction planned in Port- US$21 trillion hidden from taxman in Caribbean Au-Prince sparks protests PORT-AU-PRINCE acts as a magnet in the poor Caribbean nation, which was struck by a catastrophic 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 225,000 people and displaced 1.5 million, one in six of the population. Haitians flock to the capital from badly deforested and degraded rural areas in the hope of finding work to support their families. But 80 per cent of people in the capital live below the poverty line, many in squalid tent cities or in rickety housing near the edge of deadly ravines. Some shantytowns are built on flood plains that risk being washed away when rainstorms come. Many camps lack basic sanitation, leaving them more prone to infectious diseases like the cholera epidemic that has claimed more than 7,500 lives since sweeping the country in the wake of the quake. For all these reasons, there have long been moves afoot to relocate slum dwellers to safer housing. When the quake hit and the international community turned its attention to Haiti’s woes, those calls became a clamour. But many slum dwellers don’t want to leave. A lot of the housing alternatives being offered are outside the capital, which would mean less opportunity to find work. “I was born here,” 62-year-old William Jean told AFP as he sat on a bench facing his small dwelling in the optimistically named “Jalousie” or “Jealousy” neighbourhood. “At the beginning, there were just a few houses.” In tents or makeshift abodes made out of sheeting, families eke out a miserable existence in the camps. When the flood waters pour in, mothers try to sleep standing up, cradling their babies. “It’s a delicate matter,” Environment Minister Ronald StCyr told AFP, adding “something has to be done.” The government recently launched a programme promoting the return of earthquake victims to

Wilkens Sinar carries his daughter as he walks through the slum area of Cite Soleil in Port-auPrince, Haiti. (Photo: REUTERS/Swoan Parker)

their original neighbourhoods, with a subsidy of around $500. St-Cyr has proposed levelling 2,000 houses near the most dangerous ravines. In addition, all new buildings on such sites would be banned. Many slum dwellers are livid at the plans and have taken to the streets of Port-au-Prince to protest, erecting flaming barricades and sometimes clashing with police. “There’s no danger in Jalousie,” said a clearly angry Sylvestre Veus. “Over my dead body will they evict us.” Sylvestre Telfort works for an organisation defending the rights of Jalousie residents and has called for a dialogue between residents and the government while encouraging those living in danger to move. “Every socio-economic crisis has pushed people to come here, just like in the other ghettos of Port-au-

Tourists to Barbados being harassed – tourism group head HARASSMENT of visitors from drug pushers, prostitutes and vendors is threatening the local tourism industry, says Barbados

Jamaica pastor on bigamy charges remanded A MINISTER of religion who is accused of marrying three women without getting a divorce has been remanded on bigamy charges. Forty-five-year-old Peter Wellesely of Spanish Town, St. Catherine appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court earlier this week before Resident Magistrate Simone Wolfe-Reece. She ordered that Wellesley be remanded until August 28.

Prince,” Telfort told AFP. Some 400,000 Haitians continue to live in tents, according to the International Organisation for Migration. “It’s in the shantytowns that they come looking for voters, after that they forget them,” said Jocelyn Louis, sitting on his bike. “I say no! No one can tear us away.” As those around him muttered their approval, he accused the Haitian government of reacting slowly to the crisis and not respecting “the constitution that guarantees housing for every son of this country.” Some residents pointed angrily to luxury homes nearby. “They want to evict us but the owners of two- to three-level houses continue to enjoy their position,” said a pregnant woman, pointing to large residences hidden behind high walls with barbed wire.

It is alleged that the pastor married three different women between 1996 and 2008. The discovery was made when the second wife went to the Registrar General’s Department to get copies of some records. She then made a report to the Spanish Town police. An investigation was launched which resulted in Wellesley being charged with three counts of bigamy. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA) president Patricia Affonso-Dass. She has therefore suggested that an eight-year-old proposal to train hotel security as Island Constables (ICs), be dusted off and put into motion to give security guards more power to clamp down on the illegal activity. Affonso-Dass told the WEEKEND NATION the situation does not augur well for Barbadians or the island’s main foreign exchange earning sector. “The consequence to the visitor is secondary to the consequence to our people if we let it get out of hand because it will ultimately mean personal security and job losses,” said Affonso-Dass, group general manager of Ocean Hotels which include South Beach, Sea Breeze Beach Resort and Ocean Two. (Barbados Nation)

A NEW report says the wealthiest people in the world have exploited loopholes in international tax rules, evading the taxman and sheltering US$21 trillion or more in offshore accounts in the Caribbean and other places. The report, released in New York by the economic transparency group, Tax Justice Network, titled The Price of Offshore Revisited, noted that between US$21 trillion and US$32 trillion could be hidden in tax havens in countries like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. The report said that about US$10 trillion stashed away in offshore accounts is owned by only 92,000 people, or 0.001 per cent of the world’s population. “These estimates reveal a staggering failure: inequality is much, much worse than official statistics show,” said John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network. “People on the street have no illusions about how unfair the situation has become,” he added. The report notes that private banks and investment firms have

enabled these wealthy individuals and corporations to take advantage of loopholes and gaps in crossborder tax rules. Questions about offshore accounts and tax shelters have recently become a major point of contention in the United States presidential campaign, with Democrats accusing Republican candidate Mitt Romney of stashing some of his wealth in offshore banks in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. But Romney’s campaign dismissed the allegations as an “unfounded character assault”. Tax Justice Network said almost every country has suffered from the billions of dollars in lost tax revenue, adding that sub-Saharan Africa and oil-producing states like Saudi Arabia have been especially hard hit. In some cases, the total worth of these hidden assets far exceeds the international debts owed by these countries, Tax Justice Network said, noting that it compiled the report using thousands of data and sources, including information from the International Monetary Fund. (CMC)

T&T boy rescued from kennel TWO relatives of a 12-year-old boy found locked in a kennel at a house in Cascade on Thursday last were expected to be charged while another relative was released by police on Thursday night. The boy’s grandmother, who did not want to be named, however, sought to justify the action, saying one of the boy’s close male relatives was simply trying to keep him out of trouble since he was deemed a “trouble maker” in school. Speaking to reporters, she said, “I am sad about what had taken place and as a grandmother I think the (boy’s relative) handled it the wrong way.” She said, “His guardians were frustrated because that was not a normal child and in school (Rosary Boys RC) his teachers deemed him a trouble maker so the (boy’s relative) must get frustrated.” The boy remained at the Port of Spain General Hospital being treated for dog and mosquito bites. The three were detained on Thursday when Belmont police officers responded to a call from residents at Upper Cascade Main Road. The residents reported hearing the boy’s cries throughout Wednesday night. Officers found the boy naked in a kennel which he shared with a pitbull. He was coaxed to come out and

taken to the hospital. The Express visited the area on Thursday last and spoke with several residents who felt a sense of elation because the boy was rescued and slight embarrassment that it did not happen sooner. The Express also tried to speak to a middle-aged woman in the house where the boy was found but she said she had nothing to say and that the people involved in the incident “lived downstairs”. Others residents spoke. “I now hearing all these stories because everything coming out now,” said one woman, who asked not to be named. Sitting in her porch, she said their household had an idea about the goings on in the house but she simply was not sure. She said the man who placed the child in the kennel would often beat him savagely. Another neighbour, an elderly man, said he did not know the extent of the abuse suffered by the child. “I used to hear things … I really did not want to get involved in them thing but Wednesday night was the worst,” he said. A group of young men who sat near the house where the incident occurred said they could not sleep that night because of the boy’s screams. They said the boy was so exhausted he “passed out” in the kennel. Trinidad Express)

July 28 - August 3, 2012

Regional News


Guyanese preacher: From gay life to God’s glory HE’S a former homosexual now turned preacher, and he is waging war in a battle to help others. For 16 years, Eon Hendricks lived his life as a homosexual. Alcohol was his dear friend and being in and out of same-sex relationships was his weakness. However, at age 25, he turned his life around, forsook this “dark period” of his early years and gave his life over to God. It was not an easy road for Hendricks, who was raised by a single mother. At ten years old he was told by her boyfriend: “Fellows will one day take advantage of you.” Only three years ago did he wonder if those words had put a curse on his life. His past lifestyle is not a problem any more for the 35-yearold Guyanese born-again preacher who, “with the help of God”, wants to preach to the entire world that homosexuality and lesbianism are the works of Satan but deliverance from their “ugly” clutches is possible. Hendricks says he is ready to take his message to the schools, churches and every nook and cranny in Barbados. In fact, he has already shared information on his life as a homosexual on public television in Guyana. “Today I am very proud of my new lifestyle with God. I want the world to know what He has done for me. Homosexuality is an abomination. I paid attention and took heed. It’s time for people to wake up,” he told the SUNDAY SUN in an interview this past week. “A lot of people are living sinful lives in homosexual relations. Many are here in Barbados. It’s in the

Eon Hendricks says that with God’s help he wants to preach that homosexuality is the work of Satan.

church, the schools, it’s everywhere. I know men in Barbados who are struggling with their sexuality. “Many who are married are dabbling in homosexual relationships. If they fail to get help, it will bring a lot of disgrace to them. They are living a double-standard lifestyle instead of dealing with their situation.” It was at the tender age of seven that Hendricks discovered his deep attraction to members of his own sex. By 15 he had left school because his mother could not adequately provide for her family of five. He started living a promiscuous lifestyle around 16 and was already a heavy drinker who was preyed on by members of his own sex. Throughout this season of his life he watched helplessly as friends “died from one thing or another”, with never a chance to change their lifestyle.

Food prices might rise in Jamaica

THERE could be a huge markup in prices for some agricultural products in Jamaica, due to rising grain cost in the United States. This, according to chief technical director in the Ministry of Agriculture Dr Marc Panton, could result in consumers feeling the pinch from the hike in charges in the next few weeks. However the price increases will not go down easy with some local producers, vendors and consumers who are already raising concerns about the possible effects. It has been reported that a severe drought condition in the United States has resulted in a steep rise in grain prices on the global market. “It is expected to have tremendous impact on Jamaica especially in terms of our animal feed cost. So that is going to affect all the chicken farmers, it should have direct effect on our chicken prices, pork prices and definitely it will affect our dairy and the ability for our dairy to be competitive,” Panton explained.

“The drought is quite significant and the speculators are entering the market which will further drive the cost up,” he added. Panton said while most of the effects would be on the animal products, consumers should also brace for price increases in other agricultural products such as fertiliser. This means that consumers will also have to dig deeper in their pockets to purchase vegetables, ground produce and other farm products. “Our farmers are going to be affected negatively as it will affect all sectors of crop production. Our producers cannot absorb these costs very much longer and I am sure that the people who import the corn are feeling the price increase now. So, over the next few weeks we are going to start feeling the effects,” he said. Christopher Levy, chief executive officer of the Jamaica Broilers Group, said it was worrying as the prices were going up astronomically and it was very difficult for producers to react so quickly.


Christie aims to take back majority stake in BTC PRIME Minister Perry Christie told an international audience the government will soon engage in discussions to “re-capture” the majority stake in BTC. During his keynote address at the CANTO Annual Conference and Trade Show in Miami over the weekend, Mr Christie reiterated the government’s commitment to regaining the majority shares of and controlling interests in BTC from Cable and Wireless Communications. He said: “As you know, the majority stake in BTC was sold by my predecessors to Cable and Wireless, and with it, executive control over BTC as well. “My government, however, was elected with a mandate to take all lawful means to re-capture majority ownership of BTC and I expect that discussions towards that objective will soon begin.” Following the submission of his resignation letter to the House of Assembly on Thursday, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said the government is not serious about its attempt to retake the majority share of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. He claimed Prime Minister Perry

Perry Christie said that his government was elected with a mandate to take all lawful means to re-capture the majority of the ownership of the BTC.

Christie’s pronouncements on the matter so far are just “fluff”. When questioned by the media, Mr Ingraham said that he did not believe Mr Christie’s administration was seriously making a bid to do so. “I don’t think so. I think that is all fluff. And I believe that the owners of BTC believe that is all fluff,” he said. Mr Ingraham added that he thought it would be better if the Prime Minister followed through

with the FNM’s plans to widen the ownership base in BTC by offering nine per cent of its 49 per cent holding to the public. These shares, Mr Ingraham said, should be sold to the public at the same price that Cable and Wireless Communications was able to purchase its 51 per cent majority stake. Mr Christie, however said the government will be proceeding with their campaign promise. Additionally, Mr Christie told attendees in order to increase Caribbean countries GDP and make them competitive with the rest of the world, access to “affordable and reliable” internet is needed. “It is not because of the lack of skilled labour and talent in the Caribbean but because of the lack of affordable, reliable high speed Internet,” said he said. “Broadband is referred to as the Crude Oil of the 21st Century - I am sure that the Caribbean Executives in this room have from time to time imagined how the economies of the region would change if we could only compete with India for Call Centres for Fortune 500 companies creating thousands of jobs in our island nations.” (

Minnis questions plan to create 10,000 jobs in the Bahamas FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis this week questioned the feasibility of the Christie administration’s pledge to create 10,000 jobs within the next year. Dr Minnis was responding to Deputy Prime Minister Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, who recently said the government still plans to make good on that promise, which was a major cog in the PLPs 2012 campaign message. While admitting that he would “be more than happy to see the goal materialise,” Dr Minnis said the PLP has chosen to make this major promise based on hopes of foreign investments that are only in the primary stages if discussion. “The difference between the FNM and the PLP is that we are results-oriented. When we’ve made announcements, it’s because we know things will come to fruition. The announcement they made about jobs is only based on the initial discussions they’ve had regarding foreign investments,” Dr Minnis said. “Furthermore when he (Mr Davis) talks about creating these jobs, I firmly believe he is talking

The opposition leader Hubert Minnis questions the ability of the Bahamian government in created the large amount of jobs.

about taking jobs away from FNMs and giving them to PLPs. So essentially it’ll be a displacement and not a creation.” Noting ongoing discussions between the Genting Group and the government over a resort at Bimini, Dr Minnis said even the outcome of those talks is uncertain.

“With the project in Bimini, the Group has applied to Florida State to build a casino. If that is approved, the Bimini project might not materialise and the job number of the project would be affected.” The PLP has projected, since winning the 2012 general election, that at least 30,000 jobs are to be created during their term in office. As it stands, there is widespread uncertainty over the current unemployment statistics. As of last November, 15.9 per cent of the population were unemployed. According to the party’s “Charter for Governance” job creation is to be anchored by four pillars: • The effective promotion of the Bahamas at home and abroad • Recognition of the importance of foreign direct investments • An increase in local entrepreneurship • The removal of impediments to businesses The plan also states the PLP would aim to increase the opportunities for Bahamians to become employers through a national resort development initiative. (Tribune242. com)


July 28 - August 3, 2012


Young Enterprise comes to the TCI BY KAYLA HIGGS THE Providenciales Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Turks and Caicos Department of Youth Affairs, announced the establishment of a world-renowned youth in business program for the country called Young Enterprise (YE), on Thursday. Known in some parts of the world as Junior Achievement (JA), the program will begin in the islands in September 2012. Young Enterprise is a business and enterprise charity that believes in learning while you work. It is touted as opportunity that will not only give student a chance to learn how run a business, but also help boost the economy. President of the Provo Chamber, Ms. Tina Fenimore, said, “This is the most exciting thing for the Provo Chamber of Commerce. We not only now have a closer bond with the Department of Youth, but we get to be a part of establishing a meaningful organization which will touch the lives of all children in the Turks and Caicos.” Working closely with Youth Director of the Turks and Caicos is the Chamber’s Treasurer, Mrs.

Chamber of Commerce board members, from left, Trina Adams, Deandrea Hamilton, Angela Musgrove and Wendy Hill

Angela Musgrove, and Office Administrator. Ms. Wendy Hill. They are expected to work with schools to see the first phase of the program established at the Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos, the HJ Robinson High in Grand Turk, Champions for Christ and the Clement Howell High School in Providenciales. Musgrove said, “For this pilot phase, we are targeting about one hundred young people and we are looking to have about ten groups, each group having eight to ten individuals. Eventually we would like to see the numbers enrolled into the thousands.” “I think the YE/JA program will open the minds of students to move from ‘the employee’ to

‘the employer’. We know that in any successful economy, small businesses form the core and the Turks and Caicos can benefit from having a greater entrepreneurial spirit among the local population.” “What we will have are sharper young men and women unafraid to take risks. Young people who are prepared to go out there and do more, be more. Many of our young people are still shy, we need to break them out of that shell; I believe this program, will help them to do that.” The board of directors formed to manage the program consists of Cathrice JamesWilliams, Anya Pratt, Tamera Robinson, Trina Adams, Deveraux Malcolm, Wendy Hill and Angela Musgrove.

July 28 - August 3, 2012





July 28 - August 3, 2012

Three generations keep alive their legacy of farming BY VANESSA NARINE FAMILY legacies that are passed on vary between everything from heirlooms to particular traditions that are observed at special occasions, but for one North Caicos famer, Mr. Emmanuel Missick, his legacy is his farm. The Weekly News met up with Missick at the Red Cross’ weekly Farmers’ Market, where he proudly boasted of his legacy – three generations of famers. Missick was at Saturday’s market with his son, Mr. Spencer Missick, and grandson, four-year-old Joshua Missick. The tot was excited to be out and about at the market, trying his hand at the sales end of things – as his father does. Little Joshua said, “I like selling, feeding the animals on the farm. I like going to the playground because I have a lot of friends…I like farming and school and ice cream.” A smiling father, the Junior Missick, explained that his son likes to spend time on the farm and enjoys nature. He noted that unlike his father, he is more sales-focused and handles that end of the family business. A farmer for decades, the Senior Missick told the Weekly News that his farm, Green Acres Farm, is his passion. He stated that the farm has come a long way, moving with the times, from slash and burn practices to cultivation that utilizes new technologies, like the drip irrigation system, to produce all organic fruits and vegetables. The drip irrigation System allows timely and consistent distribution of water along the root zones of plants, uniformed distribution, and reduction of wastage. SUPPORT NEEDED The Senior Missick said, “It is all done organically, but there are the challenges….what North Caicos need is the attention of their government to assist farmers there to meet the needs of the Islands. We need a machine to help us cultivate

the land. “The soil in North Caicos is very fertile, but the farmers need the assistance. “Agriculture is dead in the TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands), with the exception of a few farmers who continue to do it. It is sad because there is much potential to do more.” The farmer added that currently his crops include pumpkins, bananas, plantains, tomatoes and corn. He noted that he is putting down avocados, sugar apples and sour-sops, among other new fruit crops so that when the current crop is harvested, he can rotate his production. “I have a herd of pigs, but because of the cost of operation I had to reduce my number from 160 pigs to just over 100 now,” the Senior Missick said. GOOD MARKET According to him, the Farmers’ Market is a good avenue to market his produce, but he bemoaned the lack of support from the local community. He said, “Sometimes you have some of the women that come up from North with their produce and they end up going back home with a lot it. “I sell papaws to IGA for $2 and they resell for more than that, they sell for about $2.65…what the market gives people is the chance to get fresh produce straight from the supplier at a cheaper cost.” The farmer explained that if the support were greater then the North Caicos farmers could look at continuing their sales on a consistent basis, which would be very helpful for the famers who need a steady avenue to market their produce. He said, “Today we had a good turnout, people were here from early, but we really need the support. “Farming is what we do. It is our livelihood.” The Senior Missick contends that the long-term impact of such an investment in agriculture is the empowerment of the local people and focus in this sector will contribute to creating a sustainable breadbasket for the TCI.

Prime pork, from the senior Missick’s herd

Three generations of farmers

This little tot trying his hand at making a sale of his own

Mr. Emmanuel Missick at the Farmers’ Market making a sale

July 28 - August 3, 2012





July 28 - August 3, 2012

July 28 - August 3, 2012




Stewart reportedly cheated on Robert Pattinson with married director who is twice her age

A judge temporarily suspended Katherine Jackson as the guardian of Michael Jackson’s children.

Katherine Jackson temporarily loses custody of Michael Jackson’s children A JUDGE appointed Tito Jackson’s son Wednesday as a temporary guardian of Michael Jackson’s children. In addition, the judge temporarily suspended Katherine Jackson as the children’s guardian because she is in Arizona and hadn’t spoken with them in several days. TJ Jackson appeared in court and sought the temporary appointment, but his attorney said he wasn’t trying to replace Katherine Jackson permanently. TJ Jackson said he spoke with Katherine Jackson on Tuesday,

but she sounded strange. He says she was using words he had never heard her use and her voice at times sounded slurred. The appointment came after days of turmoil among the Jackson family, with a relative reporting Katherine Jackson missing before she was located safely with other family members in Arizona. Katherine Jackson is the courtappointed guardian of her son Michael’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. The children have remained at the home they share with their grandmother in Calabasas.

Winfrey visited the Taj Majal during her week-long visit to India, her first trip to the country.

Oprah Winfrey attacked for ‘ignorant’ India special OPRAH Winfrey has been criticised after the broadcast of a two-part TV special about her trip to India in January. The Oprah’s Next Chapter special was called “myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche” by one Indian commentator and “snobbish” and “snooty” by another. The Daily Bhaskar website said the “ill picturised and badly scripted show” portrayed India “in poor light”. Winfrey, 58, drew particular criticism for remarking on the Indian tradition of eating with one’s hands. “I heard some Indian people eat with their hands still?” she is seen asking a Mumbai family she joins for dinner.

“Using our hands to eat is a wellestablished tradition and a fact none of us are ashamed of,” blogged Rituparna Chatterjee of the CNNIBN news channel. “As a responsible public figure about to air a show that will be beamed across the world, you should have done your homework.” Winfrey’s week in India saw her rub shoulders with Bollywood royalty, attend a literary festival in Jaipur and visit the Taj Majal in Agra. The result, according to the Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time blog, typified “India as Westerners imagine it, one stereotype at a time”. The programme was originally shown in the US this April, but premiered in India over the weekend. (BBC)

THE SUN may be setting on the romance between “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson - because she reportedly cheated on him with a married director almost twice her age. Us Weekly revealed Tuesday that it’s set to publish photographs of a “marathon makeout session” between Stewart, 22, and “Snow White and the Huntsman” helmer Rupert Sanders, 41. It said the father of two and his darkhaired ingenue were caught in a series of clinches on July 17 and “it seemed like they couldn’t get enough.” Stewart’s camp is in damagecontrol mode, with a source telling People magazine that she’s reeling from her betrayal of Pattinson, 26, her boyfriend of three years. “Kristen is absolutely devastated,” the source said. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.” “She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad

Kristen Stewart and director Rupert Sanders reportedly were caught in a ‘marathon make-out session.’

choice.” Sanders, who is married to a model and has two young children, could not be reached for comment. Representatives for Stewart and Pattinson also had no official comment. But he had high praise for the actress on the red carpet for their film last month, telling E News Stewart has “a great spirit, she’s really quite rebellious ... and feisty

and kind of wild.” Representatives for Stewart and Pattinson also had no official comment. The duo have shown no signs of stress in their recent public appearances, showing up on stage at the Teen Choice Awards just five days after the actress’s reported tryst looking picture-perfect. (

Paparazzo charged in Bieber free-way chase THE PAPARAZZO who was the alleged ringleader in the wild Justin Bieber Freeway chase in L.A. earlier this month has been hit with multiple criminal charges. According to the L.A. City Attorney, 30 year old Paul Raef -- a freelance paparazzo -- was hit with a total of 4 counts stemming from the July 6 incident. -- 2 counts of following another vehicle too closely and reckless driving, with the intent to capture pictures for commercial gain -- 1 count of reckless driving -- 1 count of failing to obey the lawful order of a peace officer. This is the first case filed under the new paparazzi law ...which makes it a crime to create a dangerous situation while following a celebrity for profit. TMZ broke the story ... Bieber was cited for driving 80 mph in his chrome Fisker Karma. Justin told police he was trying to escape a gang of paparazzi who had been relentlessly pursuing him for miles. Officials say Raef was among the pack of photogs giving chase ... and was driving his Toyota Rav at speeds “well in excess of 80 miles per hour across all lanes and even, at times, on the shoulder.” Officials say other motorists were forced to apply their brakes and swerve to avoid colliding with the vehicles. Officials say cops caught up with Bieber and Raef during the chase and tried to pull them both over. Justin obliged ... but Raef allegedly blew off the lights and sirens and fled the scene.

Justin Bieber was driving 80 mph per hour trying to avoid the camera.


World News


July 28 - August 3, 2012

Britain’s economy slumps for 3rd straight quarter THE British economy slumped for the third consecutive quarter, adding to the economic concern throughout Europe, with some economists calling this the most prolonged double-dip recession in the United Kingdom since the 1950s. Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy, contracted 0.7% in the months of April, May and June, according to the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics. The decline was broader than the 0.2% drop economists had forecast. Investec economist Victoria Clarke said this is a “very prolonged and severe economic downturn” that is “driven by a global financial downturn” beginning in 2008. The London-based economist said this is the longest double-dip recession since the British started tracking their GDP in 1955. On a year-over-year basis, GDP fell 0.8%. “This morning’s GDP is little short of a disaster for the UK economy and a humiliating blow to [finance minister] George Osborne,” said Richard Driver, analyst for Caxton FX. “The government will surely have to adjust its austerity stance now and a clearer growth strategy must be put in place to get Britain back on track.”

Jon Blunk and his girlfriend Jansen Young, whose life was saved when Blunk threw himself on top of her in the hail of gunfire at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ shooting: Three heroes died in Aurora taking bullets for their girlfriends The British economy continued to contract for a third consecutive quarter, for which the weather is to blame, along with a slumping construction industry and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“We’ve said the situation would get worse before it gets better,” said Jeremy Cook, chief economist at the foreign exchange company World First. “Anything worse than this and we are risking depression.” A stagnant construction sector, and less dramatic slumps in manufacturing production and the services sector also did their part to drag down GDP, according to the report. Construction activity dropped by 5.2% in the second quarter. The holiday from the Queen’s

Diamond Jubilee and wet weather might have contributed to the slowdown, said James Knightley, senior economist at ING Commercial Banking London. “The wettest April-June period on record and the dullest June (in terms of hours of sunshine) since 1909 likely deterred shoppers,” said Knightley, adding that the GDP report is “merely a very early estimate based on only 44% of the complete information required to provide the ‘final’ GDP number.”

Kim Jong Un is married, North Korea confirms NORTH Korea’s new, young leader Kim Jong Un is married, state TV reported Wednesday for the first time in a brief and otherwise routine announcement that ends weeks of speculation about a beautiful woman who has accompanied him to recent public events. Kim toured an amusement park with his “wife, comrade Ri Sol Ju” on Tuesday, while a crowd cheered for the leader, the news anchor said without giving any more details about Ri, including how long they had been married. The couple smiled broadly at each other as they walked through Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground, at one point watching a dolphin show. Kim also smiled and leaned slightly toward her as the two gazed ahead in the same direction. In another scene, Ri quietly looked down at her husband as Kim sat a bench and spoke to officials. Kim’s several public appearances with the woman, and Wednesday’s almost off-hand announcement that he is married, are a striking contrast to the style of his father, Kim Jong Il, whose 17-year rule was known

for its secrecy. The elder Kim’s companions and children weren’t discussed — including Kim Jong Un, who was virtually unknown before his formal introduction to the world in late 2010. “Kim Jong Un is breaking with his father’s secrecy-shrouded leadership,” said Lim Eul-chul, a North Korea expert at South Korea’s Kyungnam University. “The revelation of his wife is a sign that Kim wants to show a more open leadership.” Ahn Chan-il, a political scientist at the World Institute for North Korea Studies in South Korea, said the revelation of Kim’s wife suggests the North Korean leader is inching toward a “more Western-style” leadership. He said it also leads ordinary North Koreans to feel their new ruler is not someone eccentric or far from social norms. The new leader’s style is considered more similar to his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, who built homes, parks and schools and was often shown alongside his wife, Kim Jong Suk,

THREE survivors of the Colorado movie-theater massacre escaped with minor wounds, but were left with broken hearts because their heroic boyfriends died saving them. In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery. Blunk’s girlfriend, Jansen Young; McQuinn’s girlfriend, Samantha Yowler; and Teves’ gal pal Amanda Lindgren made it out of the bloodbath — but they would have been killed had it not been for the loves of their lives. “He’s a hero, and he’ll never be forgotten,” a tearful Jansen Young told the Daily News of Blunk. “Jon took a bullet for me.” She was too distraught to speak more, but her mother called Blunk, 25, who had two young children from a previous relationship, “a gentleman.” Jansen Young, 21, said Blunk took her to see Friday’s midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises” to celebrate her graduation from veterinarian school. As the black-clad killer burst into the theater and unleashed tear gas and a torrent

of indiscriminate gunfire, Blunk selflessly protected his girlfriend. He pushed Jansen on the ground and under her seat, then threw his body on top of her, the mother said. “He was 6-feet-2, in incredible shape, which is why he was able to push her down under the seats of the theater,” the mother said. “He pushed her down on the floor and laid down on top of her and he died there.” Jansen Young told her mother she could feel Blunk holding her tight as chaos reigned in the movie theater. She said she heard a woman nearby screaming, “I’ve been shot!” and recalled the “boom, boom, boom” of gunfire and smelling gunpowder. “There was kind of a break in between each gunshot,” Jansen told the “Today” show. “Every gunshot, I was like, ‘This is it . . . I’m done for.’ Jon gave me one good push against that concrete again and then . . . I didn’t really feel his arms against my back anymore but I knew he was still there.” When the shooting subsided, she realised Blunk was shot. “I started shaking him and saying, ‘Jon, Jon, we have to go . . . it’s time for us to get out of here,’” she said, adding that she tried to pull Blunk by the shoulder, but he didn’t move.

Libor scandal: Geithner warned UK authorities in 2008 North Korean leader Kim JongUn (2nd L) and his wife (red), who was named by the state broadcaster as Ri Sol-ju, visit the Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang in this undated picture released by the North’s KCNA on July 25, 2012.

and with children in his arms. There have been other changes. In the seven months Kim Jong Un has ruled since his father’s death in December, the 20-something leader has promoted younger generals and officials and, most recently, dismissed former military chief Ri Yong Ho, once seen as a key mentor during Kim’s rise to power. (NYdailynews)

US TREASURY Secretary Timothy Geithner has said that he had warned UK authorities about problems with the Libor inter-bank lending rate in 2008. He told US politicians he had emailed the Bank of England with suggestions on how to solve these issues. He went on to question whether the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), which oversaw the setting of Libor, was the right body for the job. Concerns about Libor’s reliability had also been in the public domain in 2008. The process banks use to set the benchmark rate at which they lend to each other was discredited following an investigation into Barclays that led to a £290m fine.

There is widespread belief that other banks were also involved in manipulating Libor, which is one of the most important interest rates and is used as the basis for pricing a range of loans and investments. In testimony to the US House of Representatives, Mr Geithner, who was head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank at the time problems with the Libor rate surfaced in the US, said the BBA, which is a private body, was not strong enough to oversee the setting of Libor. He likened the BBA to a police force in a small town where the population had multiplied 10 or 100fold. When that happened, he said, you had to increase the size of the police department.

July 28 - August 3, 2012

World News

Victim of torture murder in Oklahoma may have been alive when she was dismembered

A TEENAGER whose dismembered body was found last October in a duffel bag in a suburb of Oklahoma City may have had her foot sawed off while she was still alive. A witness told police that one of the men charged in the murder beat Carina Saunders, tied her with a rope to a table and performed the vivisection, according to an affidavit obtained by the Associated Press. Luis Ruiz, 37, and Jim Massey, 33, of Oklahoma City were charged Monday with first-degree murder for the 2011 slaying of the 19-year-old – a murder that authorities believe is tied to a human trafficking and drug ring. Police believe that Ruiz and Massey killed Saunders in front of another woman to frighten the woman and her friends into cooperating with the trafficking ring, which also involved prostitution. Animal welfare workers discovered Saunders’ body behind a grocery store last October while they were gathering feral cats in Bethany, a suburb of Oklahoma City. Ruiz and Massey are currently being held in Oklahoma County jail without bail. Ruiz is accused of planning as well as carrying out the grizzly slaying, according to the affidavit, NewsOk reported. Michelle Hanshaw, a witness, told police that Ruiz tried to cut off Saunders’ right foot, but stopped when the saw broke, NewsOk reported. Hanshaw reportedly jumped out of a window to escape. Another woman, Tia Downour, told police she had seen a video of the horrific killing on Ruiz’s cellphone. Downour was sharing a room at a hotel with Ruiz this May when she caught a glimpse of the video and



Carina Saunders, 19, was tortured and dismembered, Oklahoma police say. Her remains were found stuffed in a duffel bag in the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany.

saw a person who she recognized as Ruiz sawing off Saunders’ foot. “Downour said she watched for a few seconds until Saunders began to scream,” Bethany police Lt. JR Jencks wrote in the affidavit, according to NewsOk. The medical examiner’s office confirmed that Saunders had been killed in a violent manner, but did not give any further details. Massey was arrested on a warrant for the first-degree murder of Saunders in December 2011 – well before Ruiz, who was arrested on July 5. Massey, at the time, admitted to kidnapping an unidentified 20-yearold woman and forcing her to watch others murder Saunders. Police, however, claim that Massey told a fellow inmate that he actually participated in the murder and gave intimate details about the torture, killing and dismemberment that authorities had not made public. (

Aurora shooting: Colorado gun sales up after cinema killings THE NUMBER of people seeking to buy guns in Colorado has soared since last week’s mass shooting in the US state’s town of Aurora, say law officials. In the three days after the shooting, applications for the background checks needed to buy a gun legally were up 43% on the previous week. The shooting at a cinema showing the new Batman movie left 12 people dead and 58 injured - 20 remain in hospital. The suspected gunman appeared in court for the first time on Monday. James Holmes, 24, is accused of throwing two canisters of gas into a busy midnight showing of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, before firing at random into the crowd. Prosecutors say Mr Holmes had legally bought his weapons and the thousands of rounds of ammunition he had stockpiled in his apartment, which he had booby-trapped with explosives. LAW FEARS According to data released by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations, 880 people applied for the stateapproved background checks on Friday, 13 July, days before the shooting. On Friday, 20 July, the day following the shooting, the number was 1,216, and on the Saturday, 1,243. In total, 2,887 people were approved to buy a gun over the weekend, an increase of 43.5% on the weekend before, said the bureau. The bureau’s figures cannot confirm how many people then bought a firearm, but gun shop owners also reported a rise in sales. Dick Rutan, owner of Gunners Den in the Colorado town of Arvada,

The Associated Press news agency said sales were also up in other states, including Florida, which recorded a 14% rise from the previous week, and Oregon, where July’s sales were up by 11% over June. Background checks in the days after the shooting were up 10% in Florida compared with the same period last month.

Accused movie theater shooter James Holmes was said to have asked how the Dark Knight Rises ended while in prison. He committed the crime less than half way through the film.

said sales were “off the hook”. “What they’re saying is, ‘they want to have a chance’,” he told the Denver Post. “They want to have the ability to protect themselves and their families if they are in a situation like what happened in the movie theatre.” An employee at Mr Baker’s shop, Jake Meyers, said there had been up to 20 people waiting outside when he arrived at work on the day after the shooting. “A lot of it is people saying, ‘I didn’t think I needed a gun, but now I do’,” the Denver Post quoted him as saying. “When it happens in your backyard, people start reassessing, ‘Hey, I go to the movies’.” Brandon Baker, who owns the Rocky Mountain Guns & Ammo in the town of Park, only 15 miles (24km) from Aurora said his sales had gone up, as had requests for firearms training.

ELECTION ISSUE Law officials said gun sales have in the past had risen after significant events, including the election of President Barack Obama and the shooting in Arizona which killed six people and injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in January 2011. This is often attributed to fears that a mass killing could prompt the government to reconsider the Second Amendment to the US constitution, which gives people the right to bear arms. A small group of Democratic lawmakers in Washington renewed calls on Tuesday to ban high-capacity gun magazines. But there is little expectation that gun control will be addressed by politicians in the run-up to November’s presidential election. Mr Holmes is due to be charged next week. The judge in his case has ruled that cameras will not be allowed into the hearing. It follows a request to the media by some of the victims’ family members that they avoid using the suspect’s name and his photos. On Monday, he appeared dazed in court, prompting speculation about his mental state. Twenty of the people he wounded remained in hospital on Tuesday, including six in critical condition. (BBC)

Gay marriage to be introduced in Scotland

SCOTLAND could become the first part of the UK to introduce gay marriage after the SNP government announced plans to make the change. Ministers confirmed they would bring forward a bill on the issue, indicating the earliest ceremonies could take place by the start of 2015. Political leaders, equality organisations and some faith groups welcomed introducing same-sex marriage. But it was strongly opposed by the Catholic Church and Church of Scotland. The announcement was made in the wake of a government consultation which produced a record 77,508 responses. Same-sex couples in Scotland currently have the option to enter into civil partnerships and the Holyrood government has insisted no part of

the religious community would be forced to hold same-sex weddings in churches. The Scottish government said; It would work with UK ministers to amend equality laws to protect celebrants from legal or disciplinary action if they refuse to take part or speak out against same-sex ceremonies. A bill would be brought forward to the Scottish Parliament later this year to bring in the change. Scotland’s deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said: “We are committed to a Scotland that is fair and equal and that is why we intend to proceed with plans to allow same-sex marriage and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships we believe that this is the right thing to do. She went on: “The Scottish

government has already made clear that no religious body will be compelled to conduct samesex marriages and we reiterate that today. Such protection is provided for under existing equality laws. “However, our view is that to give certainty on protection for individual celebrants taking a different view from a religious body that does agree to conduct same-sex marriages, an amendment will be required to the UK Equality Act.” The Scottish government said it was now going ahead with another consultation to consider what extra measures are needed to guarantee freedom of speech, including the protection of religious beliefs of teachers and parents in schools. Ministers said the Scottish Catholic Education Service would

continue to decide on the faith content of the curriculum in Catholic denominational schools. Welcoming the government’s approach, Tom French, policy coordinator for the Equality Network, said: “Same-sex marriage is about equality and freedom - the freedom for couples, and religious and humanist groups that want to, to celebrate same-sex marriages, but equally, upholding the freedom of other religious groups to say no to same-sex marriages. “That’s the right way for Scotland to deal with the different opinions on this.” The Church of Scotland, which will report on its own investigation of the issue in May 2013, expressed concern the government was rushing ahead with its plans. The Rev Alan Hamilton, convener

of the Church of Scotland legal questions committee, said: “We are acutely aware that opinions differ among our own members and that many people are anxious and hurt in the current situation. “We believe homophobia to be sinful and we reaffirm our strong pastoral commitment to all people in Scotland, regardless of sexual orientation or beliefs.” He added: “We are concerned the government will legislate without being able to effectively protect religious bodies or their ministers whose beliefs prevent them from celebrating civil-partnerships or same-sex marriages.” A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said: “The Scottish government is embarking on a dangerous social experiment on a massive scale.


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate



DANNY BUOYS Is looking for a

FOR RENT Bar Captain 6866

To work 6 days per week. Salary $9.00 per hour. Contact: 946-5921

3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664


1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop

July 28 - August 3, 2012

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661




$225,000 o.n.o.

$650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

CONTACT: 231-3788

Contact: 231-3788

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

POSITIONS AVAILABLE A busy fine dining restaurant in one of Providenciales resort is inviting applications for the following position


Wanted To work 5 days. Per week. Minimum wage.

946 4732




• The successful candidate will be enthusiastic, self motivated, energetic and creative with good people and organization skills • Must be willing to work all public holidays and weekends • Knowledge in the following areas in a necessity, mother sauces, basic vegetable cuts, garde manager and mis en place, cutting and dressing of meat cuts, fish and shellfish, kitchen management, food costing, safety and sanitation • Computer literacy in MS Excel, absolutely

essential • Qualified applicant must have classical training with exposure to Modern Caribbean Fusion and a broad range of European cookery styles, French, Mediterranean as Asian with at least 6 years experience in a similar capacity • With at least 6 years experience in a similar capacity • Qualification: city and guilds or diploma from an internationally recognized Institution salary commensurate with experience

Woodland Enterprises Is seeking to employ a

Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 946-4291

Qualified Belongers only please submit resumes to P.O. Box 459, Providenciales


Stephen Jennings looking for one

Is looking for a

BARTENDER Requirements:

Cosmetologist 6877

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 243-6007


Acting on behalf of our clients: Casa Blanca Casino, Divas Beauty Center, Southwind Millwork is looking to fill the following positions:

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Applicant must be a minimum of 19 years of age Be fluent in written and spoken English Possess a High School Certificate Have two years experience as a Bartender, or one year as a Bar back in a five star-hotel upscale environment Perform specified bartender duties, including food and drink orders, preparation and serving Direct and assist the bar back and beverage servers Follow specific cash and system handling procedures Be responsible in the serving of alcohol and the laws and regulations surrounding it Maintain ongoing knowledge of the hotel operations Maintain the cleanliness, working order, and presentation of the bar top, tables, service areas and outlet itself Qualified Belonger need only apply Salary range: commensurate based on qualifications and experience

Send resume to

Gardener Barber Bartender Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 345-7512





To work 6 days per hour salary $6.00 per hour.

Lot for Sale

In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o.


Contact: 341-4992

Amazing Value!

Call 231-3788

Anthony Garland Is seeking to employ

Labourer Carpenter Must be willing to work 5days per week. Must be trustworthy and reliable Hours are 8:00-4:00pm Salary $5:00 per hour.

To work Monday – Saturday from 7-5pm salary 8.00 per hours.

Contact 649-345-7512



Contact: 649-4536 Between the hours of 9:00am – 3:00pm 6942


Is looking for a

Acting on behalf of our clients: Video Wave, Beaches Turks & Caicos is looking to fill the following positions:


Sales Clerk To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

To work 6 hours a day. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Play Maker To entertain the

contact: 649-243-1095

Contact: 345-7512

guest salary $6.00$7.00 per hour.





July 28 - August 3, 2012


July 28 - August 3, 2012



Waterloo Investment Holdings Ltd.

Is a diversified Group with major interests in the Hospitality Sector. We manage or own several hotels and the largest marina in TCI.

Currently, we’re looking for a

GENERAL MANAGER The applicant must possess the following: • 5 years experience as a Hotel General Manager with staff over 100 • 3 years experience managing several hotels, resorts and marina for different target groups • Extensive F&B experience, congresses, marina operations • Extensive business development experience • Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or equivalent required MBA degree desired • Fluency in four languages Belongers need only apply.

Please Submit Detailed Application to: P.O. Box 270 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands


Is looking for a


WANTED Domestic Worker/ Nanny

– salary $5.50 per hour


To work 6 days per week salary. $6.00 per hour.

– salary $5.50 per hour

Contact: 941-3212

– salary $10.00 per hour



– salary $7.00 per hour Cosmetologist – salary $6.50 per hour

2 Laborers

– salary $5.50 per hour


Contact: 245-6962




the largest readership in the turks & caicos

Government Vacancy PRESS OFFICER





An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Press Officer. The incumbent in this position must assist Ministries and Departments in communicating with the wider Public Service and citizens. He/ She must be able to participate in a team to ensure arrangements are made to cover press releases, events, conferences, seminars, meetings as well as facilitate coverage for ad-hoc events. The incumbent must contribute to the development and content management of the Government Press Website and Portal; conducts interviews with Public Servants and citizens regarding Government and community issues. The successful candidate must also maintain a database of records inclusive of all Government Press activities and all information disseminated. He/She must also be able to work closely with critical Ministries and Departments as well as Non-Governmental Organizations in case of emergencies to inform and sensitize the public on disaster preparedness. The incumbent must also posses the ability to research, draft and update newsletters, reports, brochures, leaflets and handbooks for the Turks and Caicos Islands Public Service and perform any other related duties as may be required.

An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Senior Administrative Officer within the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs on the islands of Middle Caicos and Salt Cay. The incumbent in this position will assist the District Commissioner in overseeing the administration of Government Services under the ‘One Stop Shop’ initiative. He / She will be expected to work closely with the District Commissioner to oversee all administrative, development and operational issues / projects / programs on the island; ensure adherence to rules and guidelines in the effective delivery of Government services; propose, develop, initiate and oversee the completion of viable development plans/ projects/initiatives/programmes; organize and cheer public meetings; oversee the functioning of the various Government Departments; work closely with the police; as well as analyze labour and immigration trends on the island. He / She is also expected to supervise staff members; coordinate Disaster Management Programmes in conjunction with the District Commissioner; act as the Accounting Officer; prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly reports; perform duties as Justice of the Peace, manage the processing and delivery of mails to residents as well as perform any other duties as may be required.



The position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations and/or Marketing and at least three (3) years on the job experience to acquire the necessary competencies to respond effectively to the challenges of the job. The incumbent must also possess intermediate Organizational Development, Photography, Videography and Computer Skills. Good working knowledge of the use of Graphic Design Software would be an asset.

The successful candidate must possess an Associates Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration or its equivalent, with at least two (2) years experience working in a similar capacity. The position also must possess a sound knowledge of the operation of Government and development plans and must be able to exercise prudence in handling financial matters. The applicant must also possess good time management and scheduling skills, sound report and speech writing skills and excellent interpersonal skills.

SALARY: $25,704 - $30,024 For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582

SALARY: $28,512.00 - $32,292.00 per annum For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: recruitment@ Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582



APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 27th 2012. 6897



Bartender To work 6 days

per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 243-7992


GENERAL LABOURER NEEDED To work around yard, washing vehicles and vehicle maintenance. To work 5 days per week including weekends and holidays. Salary is commensurate with experience. Contact telephone:





Acting on behalf of our clients: Night and Day Ltd., PJ’s Barber Shop, Bottom Up is looking for the following persons:

Is looking for

Labourers To work 6 days per week salary commensurate with experience.

contact: 649-946-8671


For a private home in Providenciales. Must be hardworking. Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Send resumes to: Mrs. Sandra Walkin, email: walkinmarine@ or telephone: 649-946-4411 or 231-3342

Domestic Worker Nail Technicians Kitchen Helper Salary starting at $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 345-7512


Is looking for a






July 28 - August 3, 2012


FARM LABOURER Needed to clean the yard for the Church of God of Prophecy, Middle Caicos salary $5.00 per hour must be willing to work 4 days per week.

Contact: Shirley Smith 246-7169 6903

ROSENTHAL L. GARDINER North Caicos Is seeking to employ a

Farmer To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 246-4692

Acting on behalf of our client: Computer Plus Net


• Sales Person • Sales Clerk • Cashier Salary $5.00 per hour

Petition filing for: USA, Canada, Europe, TCI Visa * Work Permit * Naturalization * PRC * Passport * International Drivers License



Duties include all aspects of customer service, car rental sales and dealing with E-mail correspondence pertaining to car reservations. To work 5 days per week including weekends and holidays. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Contact telephone:



Video Editor Must possess Bachelor of Arts degree in video production with strong background in marketing, animation, graphics and sound understanding in and proven skill of cameras, lighting and broadcast systems. Need to be proficient in video and graphics software and use of the PC and Mac. Salary $21,600 per year. Minimum 10 years experience.

Email resumes to

DIRECTOR OF CROWN LAND UNIT SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Director within the Crown Land Unit. The incumbent in this position will be instrumental in leading the reform in Crown land administration and management. He/She would be expected to provide overall responsibility for organizational management of the Crown Land Unit, coordinate and regulate the use, issuance and disposition of Crown land and fulfill the responsibilities and functions of Director in accordance with the Crown Land Ordinance 2012. The successful candidate would also Develop and implement exemplary processing of land applications and land transactions; ensure that land transactions and are executed in accordance with the law and meet performance targets; direct, supervise, and mentor the staff of the Crown Land Unit ensuring that work is conducted efficiently, transparently and in accordance with the Department’s goals and objectives and the laws of the Islands. He/She must also Develop, monitor and report on the implementation of the Crown Land Policies, procedures and standards for Crown land administration and perform any other duties as may be required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must posses a Bachelors Degree in Property /Estate Management, Land Economics, Surveying or its equivalent with at least five (5) years professional experience, working on land/estate or natural resource management issues, three (3) years of which must be with managerial responsibilities. The candidate must be able to demonstrate sound managerial and administrative abilities and show leadership potential. The candidate must also possess good knowledge of land law and land management and administration practice in the Turks and Caicos Islands (or similar jurisdictions). SALARY: $43,200 per annum For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582 APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 30th 2012.



the largest readership in the turks & caicos


32 CLASSIFIEDS C & J Employment Act on behalf of: Barefoot Café, Ocean Vibes Scuba Water sports Ltd, North Caicos Contraction, and Discount Auto Parts & Tires.

– $5.00 per hour

1 Tour Desk Agent – $5.00 per hour

2 sales clerks/ cashier – $5.00 per hour

Contact #9418382 6939

Carolina Cox Is seeking to employ a

Cleaner Must be able to speak, read and write English fluently, work flexible hours including weekends and public holidays $5 per hour. Belongers only need apply.

Contact: 941-7986


hour. 6 days per week. Contact C. Rigby


– $5.00 per hour


Caicos Petroleum Seeking to employ a

3 Labourers 2 Bartenders

July 28 - August 3, 2012


Novia Higgs

@ 941-5755

Requirements: • Applicant must be a minimum of 19 years of age • Be fluent in written and spoken English • Possess a High School Certificate • Have two years experience as a Bartender, or one year as a Bar back in a five star-hotel upscale environment • Perform specified bartender duties, including food and drink orders, preparation and serving • Direct and assist the bar back and beverage servers

• Follow specific cash and system handling procedures • Be responsible in the serving of alcohol and the laws and regulations surrounding it • Maintain ongoing knowledge of the hotel operations • Maintain the cleanliness, working order, and presentation of the bar top, tables, service areas and outlet itself • Qualified Belonger need only apply • Salary range: commensurate based on qualifications and experience


DA CONCH SHACK is looking for a

Is looking for a

Restaurant Captains Needed Beach House Turks and Caicos

Floor care giver Captain To work 6 days To work 6 days caretaker per per week salary week salary To work 6 days per week. $5 dollars per hour.

$7.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-2460563

contact: 946-8877 is looking to fill the following positions:

Is looking for the following persons:



• Must be willing to work 6 days per week • Salary start at $5.00 per hour

Contact: 946-5885 or email:

Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.



To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 241-4061 6912

Please forward your resume to . Short listed candidates will be contacted directly to schedule an interview. Wage will be proportionate to experience



Labourer Babysitter Sales Person


Is looking for a

language, preferably French or Spanish. Expertise in wines, foods and spirits is a must, with certification preferable. You must also value punctuality and integrity, as well as understand that this type of work is sales oriented and requires you to perform your duties throughout the resort, including the beach. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position. Leadership and guest interaction skills are key to a successful candidacy, as well as providing at least two references from upper management of 5 star or 5 diamond restaurants.






Contact: 649-333-2547

Contact: 245-7282


$5.00 per hour.

One of the top Boutique hotels in the Caribbean is seeking Restaurant Captains to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. If you have at least 5-8 years of experience in boutique, 5 star or 5 diamond restaurants, believe that your intelligence comes through your curiosity, are willing to show your skills as well as learning new ones, can work split shifts, holidays, Sundays and are willing to work in a challenging, fast paced environment, this is your opportunity. Computer skills and POS experience are a must. Ideal candidates have great English language skills and good knowledge of a second

LUC SAINT JEAN Is looking for a

Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 342-9136


VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos


Looking for an experienced gardener to plant and maintain the owner’s grounds. Salary: $250.00 per week

One (1) Post Mix Technician Applicant must have at least nine (9) years experience in: • Installing, maintaining and trouble shooting fountains & dispensers • Refrigeration & air-conditioning maintenance of tool/materials • Clean drivers licence Salary: commensurate with experience Requirements for all Applicants: • Hardworking team player with excellent people skills. • Willingness to work, weekends and holidays as required. • In addition to the performance of the essential functions employees may able required to perform supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor. Only Belongers apply for these positions. Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified. Submit applications to by August 2, 2012 to:

Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211


July 28 - August 3, 2012



Professional Servers Needed Beach House Turks and Caicos

One of the top Boutique hotels in the Caribbean is seeking waiters to cater to our upscale restaurant clientele. If you have at least 3 years of experience, believe that your intelligence comes through your curiosity, are willing to show your skills as well as learning new ones, can work split shifts, holidays, Sundays and are willing to work in a challenging, fast paced environment, this is your opportunity.

Computer skills and POS experience are a must. Ideal candidates have great English language skills and working knowledge of French or Spanish. You must also value punctuality and integrity, as well as understand that this type of work is sales oriented and requires you to perform your duties throughout the resort, including the beach. Additional cleaning and restocking duties are integral to this position.

Please forward your resume to . Short listed candidates will be contacted directly to schedule an interview and Server test. Wage: 6.25$ per hour plus a portion of hotel service charge

Automotive Paint Tech (Mixer)

This is an experienced level position primarily responsible for accurately and efficiently mixing paint. Which includes, but is not limited to, knowledge of all FM paint lines, labeling laws, procedures for changing, tracking and disposing of empty tint and Hazmat procedures. MUST have at least 8-10 years experience in dealing with PPG/NEXA paint systems. MUST be able to lift 80 lbs.

What we offer: • FT hourly position, 40 hour per week • Monday - Saturday work schedule • Competitive salary • Opportunity for advancement

1 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully furnished

Call: 231-3788

Applicants MUST apply in person at:

TCI PAINT & SUPPLY Ltd, Leeward Highway, Providenciales

House and ½ land Richmond Hill


POSITION AVAILABLE Requirements: • Previous auto paint industry experience • Excellent computer and communication skills • High school diploma or GED equivalent • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen




Operations Assistant CLERK OF WORKS Government Vacancy

The Operations Assistant will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following roles/duties:


* Organizing/scheduling staff at various corporate/social event locations; * Proposing, developing, creating, planning and delivering innovative ideas for future events; * Timely responding to emails and phone calls; * Updating and providing documents pertaining, but not limited to, activities, events, special requests and guest arrival information; * Maintaining updated accounts for multiple parties; * Greeting and liaising with guests in a professional manner; * Negotiating and co-ordinating with Vendors; and * General administrative duties

An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Clerk of Works, within the Ministry of Government Support Services. The incumbent in this position is responsible for the daily inspection of works in progress to ensure that there is conformity with: drawings, specifications, TCI Building Codes, contract and work programmes. The post holder is also expected to conduct site visits to monitor activities and procedures and ensure adherence to quality and safety on the site. Duties also include the preparation of weekly and monthly reports to the Principal Architect as well as attending departmental and site meetings to present progress reports and air concerns. The incumbent is also required to perform any other related duties as may be required

THE OPERATIONS ASSISTANT SHALL POSSESS THE FOLLOWING: * Minimum Three (3) years of office administrative/management experience; * A Post Secondary/University degree from an internationally recognized institution * ECDL (or equivalent) qualifications; * Staff Scheduling/training experience; * Strong accounting skills in payroll and general accounts reconciliation; * The ability to work irregular weekday hours, weekends and public holidays; * Their own reliable, registered motor vehicle and a valid driver’s license; * Proficiency in Peachtree accounting software and Microsoft Office; * Their own computer, internet service and printer with Microsoft Office installed; * Extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, and in particular those activities particular to the TCI; * The ability to carry out minor maintenance repairs; * Strong organizational, data entry, file management and inventory control skills; * Proficient English written and verbal communication skills; * The ability to attend to multiple responsibilities simultaneously; * The ability to negotiate with and co-ordinate Vendors; * The ability to work independently in a time sensitive and pressured environment; * Strong interpersonal skill; * The ability to think creatively and to propose and develop new business strategies and models; and * A valid passport Please do not respond to this add unless you meet all of these requirements.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires a Diploma in construction with at least five (5) years experience in monitoring building and civil engineering projects as well as, new and refurbishment works. The incumbent is also expected to have sound knowledge of site practices and construction methods. SALARY: $25,704.00 Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: recruitment@gov. tc Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582 APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6th August 2012

Email : 6935


July 28 - August 3, 2012



Latoya Rigby

Pampered Paws Ltd

Minimum of 15 years experience in casino industry. Must be knowledgeable all table games. Must be able to work flexible hours. Excellent surveillance system and communication skills is a must. Salary per hour $18.75

Domestic Worker To work 6 days

Labourer positions

Is seeking to employ a

Contact: 649-331-8692



Contact: Ms. Stephens 941-3737

per work salary $5.00 per hour.

Must be fluent in English (written and spoken). Must have detailed experience with animals. Must have transportation. Must be willing and able to work weekends and holidays.

Please present resumes to Pampered Paw Spa, or contact: 649-431-1119 email Address:


WANTED Painter/ Nanny – salary $5.50 per hour


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Deputy Director of Disaster Management and Emergencies within the Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies. The incumbent in this position would be responsible for coordinating the general policies of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government relating to the mitigation of preparedness for response to and recovery from Disaster and Emergencies in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The successful incumbent will be expected to manage the Disaster Managements’ Office and accompanying staff on the island of Providenciales. He/She would also be expected to contribute to the implementation of the Governments’ Disaster Management policies, programmes and projects; coordinate and monitor the implementation of appropriate strategies to reduce the country’s vulnerability to hazards of all kinds and work closely with the Director on the determination of long-term risk reduction measures, that can be incorporated in the development planning process. The successful candidate would also be expected to assist with training activities to enhance the Disaster Management’s capacities at all levels and within all sectors of the community; as well as develop/conduct public information and education programmes to raise hazard awareness and knowledge of safe practices and methods to reduce associated risks. He/She would also contribute to maintaining capacities, infrastructure, facilities, systems, inventories and procedures required to ensuring that there is a high level of preparedness at all times for all hazards as well as undertake training and simulation exercises to refine and update agency and sector plans performance and procedures for all hazard response. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must possess a Degree in Social Sciences, or an equivalent qualification, with at least three (3) or more years of professional experience in emergency response and disaster risk reduction issues. The incumbent must possess two (2) years experience operating in a managerial capacity. He/She must also posses experience working in National Disaster Offices in the Caribbean; sound knowledge of emergency and disaster management concepts, programmes and practices. A project management certification or at least two (2) years project management work experience in disaster management agency or similar organization would be an asset. RENUMERATION PACKAGE: SALARY $38, 880.00 PER ANNUM Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, and an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment.

For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649946-1582



– salary $7.00 per hour

Cosmetologist 2 Labourers

– salary $5.50 per hour


– salary $10.00 per hour

Contact: 245-6962


To work 5 days per week. Must be able to clean yard. Salary $5.00 per hour Belonger will be give first preference.

Needed to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour email info@ or fax:


Send resumes to P.O. Box 954 6888

FLOWER GIRL Is looking for a

Store Clerk

• To work 6 days per week • Must be energetic, honest, friendly and outgoing • Must be between the ages of 30-50 • Must submit a resume along with a reference from your last employer

– salary $6.50 per hour


Government Vacancy


– salary $5.50 per hour




Is looking for applications for full and/or part time

Contact: 231-3788

PM - Gas (TCI) Ltd. PM Industrial Gas, a leading producer and distributor of industrial Medical, recreational, and specialty gases, as well as welding And medical products and related equipment, is seeking an experienced and proven leader.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Candidates for the following position:

Operation Supervisor Duties of this position include: handling, filling and delivery of cylinders; general maintenance of premises and equipment; customer service and quality control; and safety compliance. Requirements include: at least 5 years relevant experience, a clean police record and driver’s license with a successful drug screen; excellent health mobility, allowing for the handling and delivery of heavy cylinders; at least a high school diploma; possess a good employment track record with demonstrated superior customer service skills, supervision of plant workers and delivery drivers; importing of cryogenics; knowledge of U.S. pharmacopeia standards. Salary: commensurate with experience. Applications comprising a letter, resume, references, Police record etc. should be sent to:

The Manager PM - Gas (TCI) Ltd. C/o P.O.Box 127, Richmond House Leeward Highway, Providenciales Tel: (649) 946-4734 0r Fax (649) 946-4732 Email: 6908

July 28 - August 3, 2012




Requires fully qualified


• Bachelor in Optometry qualification required and at least 5 years post qualification experience • Both hospital and community optometry practice experience and advantage Salary commensurate with experience ranging from $50K All applicants must be registered with the TCI Health Practitioners Board Belonger Only need apply 6919

Please send CV to or fax: 649-946-4942

Gilley’s Enterprises is looking for

A Chef

Description of job: 1. Responsible for ordering all provisions pertaining to food and cleaning supplies and kitchen equipment 2. Responsible for supervising general cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment 3. Taking food inventory at the end of each month 4. To make sure your cleaning staff keep your kitchen in good clean and healthy order 5. Be responsible to discuss menu for

REASA SHERELLE LOUIS is looking for a

Been MEP Co. Ltd

• for commercial and residential installations • Must have at least 10 years experience in the commercial field. • Salary negotiable depending on level of experience.

Labourer To work 6 days

Please e-mail resume to

Contact: 243-4289


per week salary $5.00 per hour.


VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

banquets and conferences 6. Responsible for a respectable food cost 7. Responsible for purchase food and negotiating prices Salary: $10.00 per hour Description of suitable person 1. must be hard working and efficient 2. must have a positive attitude 3. be able to work (6)six days a week, weekends and holidays if needed

Hours are from 6:30 am – 3:30pm – six (6) days per week Contact: Mrs. Tate Forbes between the hours of 9:00am – 3:30pm @946-4472. Email: gilley’


VACANCY Assistant Facilities Manager / Chief Engineer

ICC&Sco are currently recruiting for an experienced Assistant Facilities Manager / Chief Engineer, responsible for the M&E and FFE of two hospital facilities In TCI; @@ The successful candidate must have a minimum of 7 years experience in Healthcare / Clinical Engineering at Management level, Soft & Hard services Facilities Management, knowledge in contract management also essential. @@ The position is based at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales with minimum of weekly travel to Cockburn Town Medical Centre Grand Turk @@ Must be able to work nights, weekends and public holidays, and on call 24hrs. Post Minimum Requirements / Qualifications or equivalent: @@ City in Guilds Electrical Qualification, Masters Degree, or equivalent in engineering @@ BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) @@ IHEM (Institute of Healthcare Engineering & Estate Management) @@ Certified AP (Approved Person Medical Pipe Line systems) @@ L8 Certified @@ Good knowledge of computer applications. @@ IOSH Certified Salary is based on qualifications and experience of the successful applicant.

Please forward CV‘s with email and telephone contact to the closing date for application is Monday 6th August 2012.

Vacancy Notice Director/ Democratic Services SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for the Post of Director of Democratic Services. The incumbent in this senior position is expected to provide strategic and technical support to the Chief Executive/Deputy Governor, especially as it relates to the effective operations to the Machinery of Government. He / she must be able to support Permanent Secretaries (PS), with the design and implementation of effective corporate governance and machinery of Government systems and controls. The role will also need to ensure the efficient operation of the Assembly Processes, the Permanent Secretary Board and ensure the effective and consistent operation of PS Private Offices, Secretariat, Departmental management teams and formal committees and working groups. This individual must also manage the Chief Executive/Deputy Governor’s Office budget, ensuring annual estimates of expenditure are in alignment with budgetary provisions.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires an under Graduate degree in the field of Public Administration, Business Administration, Communications, Events Management or related area from a recognized institution. The candidate must have at least five (5) years experience, two (2) of which should been functioning at a managerial level. SALARY: $61,200 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. Other benefits offered in addition to basic salary include Transportation Allowance and Telephone Allowance. For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582


July 28 - August 3, 2012


VACANCIES Gansevoort Turks & Caicos is a contemporary luxury full service boutique resort on Grace Bay Beach. We are looking for driven and energetic professionals with Five Star experience and who are committed to achieving excellence by ensuring Five Star standards and services are continuously delivered to exceed our guests expectations.


2-4 years experience working in the maintenance team of luxury properties. Must be able to lift heavy items, work outside, speak and write English, able to speak with guests professionally. Also, all applicants must be prepared to work flexible schedules and holidays to serve our guests. Salary: $7.00-$10.00 Hourly

Executive Housekeeper

Report Directly to the General Manager. Responsible for directing and controlling housekeeping operations and staff of the housekeeping department. Co-ordinates between housekeeping staff to inspect assigned areas to ensure standards are met. Establish and/ or implement operating procedures and standards. Plan and coordinate the activities of housekeeping supervisors and their crew. Coordinate inspection or inspect assigned areas to ensure standards are met. Apply human resource management skills, such as hiring, training, scheduling and evaluating performance. Complete financial management tasks, such as setting and adhering to a budget. Handle administrative tasks. Requirement: A College degree in Hotel or Business Management is an asset. Professional attitude. Previous experience working in housekeeping is required. Previous supervisor or manager experience is an asset. Basic accounting skills. Good customer service skills. Purchasing and inventory skills is an asset

Sous chef

Report directly to the Executive Chef. A Sous chef will supervise kitchen personnel and all related culinary activities; estimate food consumption and requisition or purchase food; select and develop recipes; standardize production recipes to ensure consistent quality; assist in establishing presentation technique and quality standards; assist in planning and pricing menus; ensure proper equipment operation/maintenance; and ensure proper safety and sanitation in the kitchen. The Chef must have the ability to manage in a diverse environment with focus on client and customer services are essential to success in this role. Previous experience with control food and labor cost, demonstration cooking, menu development, and pricing and development of culinary team preferred. The ideal candidates will possess an associate’s degree or related culinary degree with four or more years of industry and culinary management experience.

Restaurant Supervisor

Report Directly to the Restaurant Manager. This position is responsible for supervising all activities of the Food & Beverage Departments for the organization. Supervise the activities of restaurant service personnel, Bartenders, Beverage Attendants, Host/Hostess. Creates new opportunities and maximizes existing ones to generate extra revenue. Maximizes profitability by increasing turnover (revenue and covers). Ensures that department’s operational budget is strictly adhered to and that all costs are strictly controlled. Recommends measures to control/reduce costs. Works closely with the Controller and provisioning in regards to inventory taking, cost control, loading, ordering and storing. Ensures that all bars are counted after each shift and investigates discrepancies. Assures correct pouring and ensures proper void handling. Requirements: • High School diploma or College degree in hospitality management, business administration or related field preferred. • 2-4 years restaurant operational management experience in 4/5 star hotels, restaurants • Fluent in English, both verbal and written. A second language is preferred. • Experience in supervising a large multi-national staff. • Extensive knowledge of varying brands and quality of liquors. • Knowledge of new and old world wines including food and wine pairing. • Ability to read, interpret and demonstrate the preparation of drink recipes. • Ability to investigate and solve guest complaints, follow up and meet/exceed guest expectations. • Extensive knowledge of Micros POS and Opera All applicants must have the following attributes requirements • Good communication skills • Flexibility to work hospitality shifts • PC skills a must • Team Player • Motivated • English Language a must

Interested applicants can contact our Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm. Closing date for all application is July 18th, 2012. E- Mail cover letter outlining your interest and supporting experience in a particular position and, along with your Resume or C.V. to


ANNY BEAUTY SALON Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Barber To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 243-6197


Labourer LABOURER Must be willing to work extended hours. Salary $5.00 per hour. Belongers only need apply.

Fax: 649-941-3446 Application deadline July 21st, 2012


To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour. contact: 649-332-1466


Gansevoort Turks & Caicos



Looking for a

Service Coordinator

To provide specialist tourism services from Providenciales. The successful applicant must be capable of conducting a range of activities within the program including tourism wellness and aerobic services, vacation planning, and special events. The applicant must be well presented, speak fluent English, with excellent computer skills and internet time management, and be capable of maintaining a website and other social media outlets. Also have experience coordinating accommodation and activity options across the different islands, and be comfortable working alone. The applicant must be formally trained in a variety of wellness and fitness disciplines including yoga and pilates, provide their own vehicle, and must be willing to work at a variety of locations for extended hours including early mornings, late evenings & weekends.

Send resume and cover letter to The closing date for applications is 3rd August. Job begins October 2012, starting salary $500/week + expenses.


Government Vacancy COURT INTERPRETER (Providenciales)

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Court Interpreter. The incumbent in this position must possess the ability to interpret fluently and simultaneously Spanish into the English Language and English into Spanish in a courtroom setting, as well as being able accurately to translate documents in a timely manner. He/She must have the ability to concentrate and follow verbal instructions as well as assist with clerical and administrative tasks or any other related duties outside of court as may be required.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires an individual who has studied as well as spoken the English language for a minimum of six (6) years. Applicant must be eighteen (18) years or older, preferably with a Turks and Caicos Islands High School Graduate Diploma.

REMUNERATION PACKAGE SALARY: $18,900 - $20,520 per annum ISLAND ALLOWANCE: $2,160 per annum For more information on the Job description Please contact the Human Resource Management Directorate’s Office, Telephone 649-946-2801, Facsimile: 649-946-1582 Extension: 10318, E-mail: . All resumes must contain contact information as well as be supplemented by two letters of reference and a police certificate. It should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director of the Human Resource Management Directorate Office, Church Folly, Grand Turk. APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 25th 2012



July 28 - August 3, 2012



Island Fire Supplies Ltd. Requires a fully qualified

Acting on behalf of our clients: North Caicos Contracting, Discount Auto Parts & Tires, Ocean Vibes Scuba and Water Sports Ltd.

fire alarm technician


Is looking for a

PABLO BARBER SHOP & BEAUTY SALON Is looking to fill the following positions:

Is looking for 3

For commercial and residential installations

Labourer Bartenders 2 Barbers

– salary $5.00 per hour

2 Sales Clerks – salary $5.00 per hour

Tour Desk Agent

Contact: 941-8382


– salary $5.00 per hour


Please fax resume to

1 Nail Technician

2 Labourers

To work on North Caicos 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-6340


To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 345-5473

Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


• Must have at least 10 years experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems including Suppression Systems and Sprinkler Installation. Knowledge of Gamewell FCI , Simplex and FireLite Systems is a must. Salary negotiable depending on level of experience.

Contact: 247-0187



and enjoy the Widest circulation in tci


Government Vacancy

DISTRICT COMMISSIONER (South Caicos & North Caicos



SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of District Commissioner within the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs on the islands of North Caicos and South Caicos. The incumbent in this position will act as the Central Administrator for the island, oversee activities in either Salt Cay or Middle Caicos and ensure adherence to rules and guidelines in the effective delivery of Government services. He / She will supervise the administration of Government Services under the ‘One Stop Shop’ initiative to make essential services readily available to the people of the islands. This post-holder must be able to propose, develop, initiate and oversee the completion of viable development plans/ projects/initiatives/programmes to ensure the appropriateness and sustainability of the island; organize and cheer public meetings. The successful candidate will also oversee the functioning of the various Government Departments; work closely with the police and analyze Labour and Immigration trends on the island. He/She will also be expected to supervise staff members; coordinate Disaster Management Programmes; act as the Accounting Officer; prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly reports; perform duties as Justice of the Peace, manage the processing and delivery of mails to residents as well as perform any other duties as may be required.

(Grand Turk)

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Aide de Camp. The incumbent in this position would be responsible for providing personal security, delivery of official mail, transport and general assistance to H.E. the Governor and the Deputy/Acting Governor in performing their official duties. The successful incumbent will be expected to transport official visitors and office staff to and from work. He/She will be expected to travel with H.E. the Governor on official trips to the family islands; liaise with the spouse/partner of H.E. the Governor over their official diary and ensure the security of H.E. the Governor and family. The successful candidate would also be responsible for maintaining and organizing the general maintenance of a clean and reliable Government vehicle and office bus and oversee the work of the Governor’s House Handyman and Gardeners. He/She would also be expected to assist the Residence Manager in the preparation for the management of official functions at the Governor’s House, as well as perform any other duties as may be required. This is a high profile and challenging role. Normal civil service working hours will apply although some evenings and weekend work will be required. An overtime allowance will be paid in compensation.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must possess a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration or its equivalent, with at least two (2) years experience working in a similar capacity. The position also must possess sound knowledge of the operation of Government development plans and must be able to exercise prudence in handling financial matters. The applicant must also possess Project Management Skills, sound report and speech writing skills, excellent interpersonal skills and computer skills.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must possess a high school diploma with at least two (2) years working in a similar capacity. In addition to the diploma a tertiary level degree would be desirable. The position requires the incumbent to be a mature, responsible and accountable individual who will be expected to maintain high standards and very punctual. The incumbent must be able to pay keen attention to detail and be able to work flexible hours. The candidate must also be physically fit in order to carry out the assigned duties and responsibilities and possess a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.

SALARY: $31,536.00 - $36,936.00 per annum Qualifications and experience will be taken into account when determining the starting point on the salary grade. The successful candidate/s will also receive a Responsibility Allowance of $350.00 for overseeing the activities in either Salt Cay or Middle Caicos.


For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582







For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582 BELONGERS ONLY NEED APPLY


Sports International


July 28 - August 3, 2012

Nine athletes banned for doping offenses A TOTAL of nine athletes, including Olympic bronze medalist Nataliya Tobias, have tested positive for “sophisticated doping” offenses, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has confirmed. Six of those athletes were caught using a new “biological passport” method, which builds up a profile of each individual over a prolonged period of time. The remaining three, including Tobias who came third in the women’s 1500 metres in Beijing four years ago, were suspended after further analysis of samples they gave at the World Championships in Daegu last year. “Today’s announcements underline the IAAF’s continued and unwavering campaign against doping in athletics,” IAAF President Lamine Diack said in a statement on their official website. “They demonstrate the IAAF’s commitment to use advanced methods to detect doping and to enforce increased sanctions when justified. “We will not stint in our resolve to do everything in our power to eradicate cheating.” The IAAF said they had been collecting samples from various athletes in the build up to the Olympics and would conduct 200 more biological passports during the Games. That method accounted for six bans, for Morocco’s Abderrahim

Usain Bolt is ready to defend his Olympic titles.

Ukraine’s Nataliya Tobias won a bronze medal in the women’s 1500m at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Goumri, Greece’s Irini Kokkinariou, Turkey’s Meryem Erdogan, and three Russians -- Svetlana Klyuka, Nailiya Yulamanova and Yevgenina Zinurova, the 2011 European Indoors 800m champion. Along with Tobias, fellow Ukrainian Antonina Yefremova was charged after synthetic testosterone was found in their systems, while Bulgaria’s Inna Eftimova tested positive for a synthetic growth hormone. All three athletes admitted the offense and waived their right to a “B” sample, meaning their four-year bans were halved. The six caught via the “biological passport” method were flagged as suspicious in 2009 and were found to have persistently used banned substances over a long period, the IAAF said.

Four of the six -- Erdogan, Klyuka, Yulamanova and Zinurova -- admitted their offense and waived their right to a “B” sample, meaning their original four-year bans were cut in half. The IAAF said Goumri had recently received a four-year ban by the Moroccan Athletic Federation, but was permitted to appeal as the decision had not yet been ratified by the IAAF. Kokkinariou has been banned for two years by the Greek Athletic Federation but the IAAF said they were appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to have it doubled on the grounds of “aggravating circumstances.” It was not immediately clear whether any of the nine athletes were part of Olympic teams set to participate in London 2012. (CNN)

Bolt fitness confirmed by Jamaica team doctor USAIN Bolt and Yohan Blake are both “fit and raring to go” at the Olympics, says Jamaica track team doctor Winston Dawes. He has shrugged off suggestions Bolt will miss the Games with injury and promised “something fantastic” from the sprint pair. Reigning 100m and 200m champion Bolt is understood to have been suffering with niggling leg and back problems. But Dawes said: “Both of them are at the top of their game.” He told BBC Sport’s Leon Mann: “If the conditions are ideal, then we are going to see something fantastic. We may see records go.” Bolt holds the 100m record of 9.58secs and 200m world best of 19.19 but Blake beat him at the Jamaican trials in both distances less than four weeks ago. Bolt, who suffers from scoliosis, a condition in which the spine is curved

from side to side, will be in full health when the 100m preliminaries commence on 4 August. “He’s back fully,” said the doctor. “He has been training very, very hard and his performance is on track. We expect he’ll be fully fit by the time the Olympics come around. “He had some slight cramps [in his legs]. He had had an accident before, so that might have shaken him up a little.” Bolt and Blake will be up against compatriot and former world record holder Asafa Powell along with American pair Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin in the showpiece 100m event. But Dawes is confident that friends and training partners Bolt and Blake will produce something special. “They are 100% fit and 100% raring to go. They are mentally fit and they are going to be going all out.” (BBC)

The Open 2012: Ernie Els consoles Adam Scott after win Capello is appointed the explain. For some reason I felt ERNIE Els urged his friend Adam new Russian football boss something good was going to come Scott not to dwell on losing the Open at Royal Lytham & St Annes. The South African clinched his second Open title when Scott blew a four-shot lead with four holes to go in a dramatic finish on Sunday afternoon. “I said to him, ‘I’m sorry how things turned out’,” said Els, who also won the US Open in 1994 and 1997. “I told him ‘I’ve been there many times and you’ve just got to bounce back quickly. Don’t let this linger’.” Els, who also won the Open in 2002 at Muirfield, trailed overnight leader Scott by six strokes at the start of the final round and was still six adrift at the turn. But four birdies on the back nine, including a long putt from across the green on the 18th, coupled with the Australian’s four closing bogeys, gave the 42-year-old Els victory by one shot. Els fired a final-round 68 to Scott’s 75 and was four clear of Americans Tiger Woods and Brandt Snedeker.

Ernie Els Birdied four holes on the back-nine including a long putt on the 18th to take the title. It helped that overnight leader Adam Scott fell to pieces.

“Amazing, I’m still numb. It still hasn’t set in,” said Els, who was ninth at last month’s US Open. “It will probably take a few days because I haven’t been in this position for 10 years, so it’s just crazy, crazy, crazy. “I just felt good. It’s hard to

out of this.” Els, who has finished runner-up in six other majors, said he believed Scott could go on to surpass his haul of four major titles. “Thankfully he’s young enough,” said Els. “He’s 32-years-old. He’s got the next 10 years that he can win more than I’ve won.” Els, who has dropped to 40th in the world rankings, missed the Masters for the first time in 19 years this season after failing to receive an invite from Augusta officials. “This is unbelievable. Considering they didn’t give him an invite to Augusta... I think this will make those guys think a little bit now,” said Els’s caddie Ricci Roberts. “He was gutted. A player of his calibre. The golf ambassador he has been and, even more so, the way he was playing going into Augusta. “It is not for me to call, they have their rules and regulations and they work by those, but I think it was sad he didn’t get in.”

FORMER England manager Fabio Capello has been named as the new manager of the Russian national team. The Italian held talks with the Russian Football Union and is reported to have signed a two-year deal in succeeding Dick Advocaat. The 66-year-old has been out of work since leaving the England job in February. He was part of a list of high-profile names, including Harry Redknapp, who the Russian FA had targeted. Capello will lead their qualification campaign for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but had mixed fortunes with England. He had the highest win ratio of any England manager by winning 67% of his games, although the national team struggled at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where they were knocked out in the last 16 stage by Germany. He led England to qualification for Euro 2012 before resigning after

Fabio Capello has been out of work since leaving the England job in February.

the Football Association stripped John Terry of the captaincy. During an illustrious career in club management, Capello won seven Serie A titles in Italy and another two league titles in Spain with Real Madrid. He also won the Champions League with AC Milan in 1994. (BBC)

July 28 - August 3, 2012

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North Korean women’s McLaren chief: F1 teams must unite team stage walk out in row over flag mix up NORTH Korea’s women’s team walked off the pitch prior to their Olympic football clash with Colombia after the flag of archrival South Korea was mistakenly shown on Hampden Park’s big screen. The team left the pitch in Glasgow shortly before the scheduled kick off at 7.45 pm local time after a South Korean flag appeared next to profiles of their players. They eventually returned to start the match over an hour later, as London Games organisers were forced to issue a hasty apology. “Today ahead of the women’s football match at Hampden Park, the South Korean flag was shown on a big screen video package instead of the North Korean flag,” a statement released to CNN read. “Clearly this is a mistake, we will apologise to the team and the national Olympic committee and steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again.” The delayed kick off didn’t seem to affect North Korea when the game eventually got underway as they recorded a 2-0 win.

It marked a controversial start to Olympic competition for London before Friday’s opening ceremony officially kicks off the 2012 Games. Earlier, Team GB’s women’s team gave the host nation a rousing start to the festivities with a 1-0 victory over New Zealand. In front of a crowd of around 25,000 fans at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff -- the biggest attendance for a women’s international match in Britain -- Stephanie Houghton scored the only goal of the game. It was the first time a female football team from Great Britain has ever competed in the Olympics, coming 62 years after a men’s team from the UK last played. In Wednesday’s other matches, defending champions Team USA got off to a winning start after beating France 4-2 at a sparsely populated Hampden Park in Glasgow. Current FIFA Women’s World Cup holders Japan won their opening match by beating Canada 2-1 at the Ricoh Arena, Brazil thumped Cameroon 5-0 and Sweden beat South Africa 4-1. (CNN)

MCLAREN boss Martin Whitmarsh has called on Formula One’s notoriously argumentative teams to unite and guarantee the future of the sport. F1’s commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone told CNN that the teams had agreed a deal until 2020 to replace the existing Concorde Agreement, which expires at the end of this year, but it has yet to be formally put in place. “My fear is that at the moment the deal hasn’t been done and therefore it adds some volatility to the situation,” Whitmarsh said on the official F1 website. “At times Formula One has lost opportunities because of inner frictions. We create dramas out here between us rather than saying, ‘Hey, this is a fantastic sport, a world sport, and we should all work together and point in the same direction.’ “ Whitmarsh revealed that most of the teams had signed individual contracts, but he warned that a new Concorde deal was needed to tie in motorsport’s ruling body the FIA and dispel rumors of a breakaway competition. “We must to come to the point of saying Formula One is big and important to all of us, so in large areas we should be aligned, and if we just can put aside our individual differences and focus on what we all want -- for example to be successful in America -- then that reflects on all of us,” he said. “I hope that there will be a Concorde Agreement that ties it all together because at the moment there are individual contracts. If we were not happy with our contract we wouldn’t have signed it, but

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali, left, talks with McLaren counterpart Martin Whitmarsh in March 2010.

the danger is that if we all have individual contracts that is probably not aligning us and bringing us together. “The Concorde is a tripartite agreement -- teams, commercial rights holder and FIA. It has never been perfect, but it’s a model that before we abandon it we should be very cautious. Why reinvent something if it functions? Let’s use it.” McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull are expected to be represented on F1’s new extended board but Whitmarsh said the English team would not take part until all have signed up. “I don’t think that it is a secret anymore that nine teams have signed the contract -- and I really hope that the silver team next door (UK-based Mercedes) will sign very shortly and it will be then that we will take up our board position,” he said. “We’d like to see that all the teams have signed before we join the board. I think it has to be clear that anyone joining this board isn’t there to represent their team interests but

try to contribute to Formula One and take a broader view. “It is a phenomenally interesting opportunity. We have to come together more effectively -- then we can make it an even better sport in the future.” Whitmarsh is head of the Formula One Teams Association, which was involved in a bitter row with Ecclestone and the FIA over the future of F1 before finally signing the last Concorde Agreement in 2009. Ferrari, Red Bull and Sauber pulled out in December 2011, raising the prospect of fresh division among the teams. McLaren and Ferrari are the two most successful teams in F1 history, but Whitmarsh said he was confident they could overcome their differences for the good of the sport. “I have a very good relationship with Ferrari. We’ve known them for 30 years now and have been fighting them on the track, in the pit lane, in the paddock, in FIA meetings, in court -- everywhere,” he said.

Chelsea sign Brazilian Oscar Andy Murray would have to play 2008 doubles gold medal winner Stanislas Wawrinka in the first round.

Murray handed a tough draw at the Olympics

ANDY Murray has been handed a tough draw as he bids to win Olympic singles gold at London 2012. The Scot plays Stanislas Wawrinka, a gold medallist in the doubles in Beijing 2008, in round one. Murray could then face Richard Gasquet, Tomas Berdych and Novak Djokovic before a possible final against Roger Federer. Second seed Djokovic won bronze in Beijing and leads the head-to-head with Murray 8-5, while world number one Federer has beaten the British number one

in three Grand Slam finals, most recently at this year’s Wimbledon Championships. Top seed Federer opens against Columbia’s Alejandro Falla and Djokovic plays Fabio Fognini of Italy. British number two Keothavong has the hardest draw of Team GB’s female trio in singles action, with Wozniacki of Denmark a former world number one. Watson will see Spain’s Soler Espinosa, a clay-court specialist, as a beatable opponent, as will Baltacha against Szavay of Hungary. (BBC)

EUROPEAN Champions League winners Chelsea have announced the signing of Brazil international Oscar from Internacional. The 21-year-old is currently on international duty with Brazil at the London Olympics and has joined the English Premier League club on a five-year deal. Oscar, who has been compared to compatriot Kaka, came through the youth system at Sao Paulo and was part of the Brazil side that won the Under-17 World Championships in 2008. He moved to Internacional in 2010 and made his debut for the national side in September 2011, having represented his country at every level from Under-15 upwards. Oscar’s first international goal came in a 4-3 friendly defeat to South American rivals Argentina, played in the United States last month. He is the third high profile signing of the close season by Chelsea, who secured their first ever European Champions League triumph last season.

Belgium international Eden Hazard joined the London club from French side Lille for a reported fee of $49 million, while Marko Marin was also signed from German side Werder Bremen. The trio of attacking players will look to provide the ammunition for Spain striker Fernando Torres, after Chelsea stalwart Didier Drogba left the club for China. Midfielder Frank Lampard, who has been at Chelsea since 2001, said the club’s close season business will add fresh impetus to an experienced side, that also contains former England captain John Terry. “Last year we proved to be a great team and a great unit in the second half of the season with what we achieved,” he told the club’s official website. “This year maybe we are slightly different because we have more new young players coming in so there might not be the settled togetherness that we had on the pitch because we had been together a long time but there is an excitement about our team

Oscar made his international debut for Brazil in September 2011 and is part of their Olympic squad.

as well and that’s probably the main difference. “Everyone is trying to impress, and you never lose that in preseason, there’s not one manager I’ve met yet who will close the door on any player. “We are all playing for our season at this stage trying to show Robbie that we are fit and ready regardless of last year. We have to perform at a high level to stay in the team because of the quality of the squad we have.”


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July 28 - August 3, 2012

Road to the London Olympic Trials 2012 By Rita J. Gardiner

President, Commonwealth Games association. Vice President, Turks and Caicos Amateur Athletic Association

OVERVIEW DURING the years of the late 80s going into the early 90s, a concerned citizen of the Cayman Islands with Turks and Caicos Islands heritage was bent on the TCI becoming a member of the International Olympic Association (IOC). This person was Robert “Bobby” Nunes. He tried as much as possible to work with government officials to achieve this goal, but it seemed far-fetched at the time, for although the political will of the Ministers of Government was evident, the interest from the sporting public was just not there. To become a member of the IOC there were specific demands that had to be met. Firstly, all countries seeking IOC membership were required to have at least five associations in order to have international affiliation with their respective member federations. RECOGNITION OF ASSOCIATION BY INTERNATIONAL FEDERATIONS At this time the Turks and Caicos Amateur Athletic Association (TCAAA) was the only association in the country that was recognised by an international federation, the International Amateur Athletic Association (IAAF) since 1977. I am proud to have been a founding member of this noble institution and have been working with it since then to the present (35 years later). Due to the fact that other disciplines were not stepping up and forming their respective associations, the government had no alternative but to abandon the goal, since private citizens were tasked with the formation of the associations before it receiving the support of the government. This decision still haunts us today, one the country will live to regret and the youths of this nation will consequentially pay dearly in their quest to reach their full potential in sport. CHANGES MADE BY OLYMPIC CHARTER A decision made by the IOC in 1996 severely affected dependent territories, leaving Turks and Caicos Islands right in the midst. The Olympic Charter made a ruling that it would not recognise any country or territory that was not a sovereign independent state, unless “grandfathered in”. Therefore, countries such as Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and BVI qualified under this policy and were allowed to remain because they were recognised by the IOC under the then applicable rules prior to 1996. This decision excluded those countries including the TCI from accessing Olympic Solidarity: funding, training and

information exchanges vital to youth and sports development in their developing country. FORMATION OF A TCI NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (STEERING) In 2001, a group of concerned persons led by Canadian National, Ray Carbery, started a campaign to actively seek membership to the IOC, a steering committee was formed known as the Turks and Caicos Islands National Olympic Committee (Steering). The main objective was to seek recognition as an independent National Olympic Committee by the IOC, or seek assistance through our mother country, as it was already established that the IOC would not take on any more dependent territories. This did not discourage the members who believed there was a mission to be achieved, and they were willing to do whatever it took to achieve that mission, even if it meant taking on the giant IOC. The Committee was comprised of six members, presided over by Ray Carbery. I was named one of the three vice presidents, along with a secretary and a treasurer. CAMPAIGNING FOR RECOGNITION In 2002 the campaign got actively on its way, with letters going back and forth to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the British Olympic Association (BOA), and as far as to the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and other countries who were in the same position as the Turks and Caicos Islands (without IOC status). We needed those countries as allies to strengthen our appeal and broaden our power base. This was found mainly in Gibraltar, who at the time was in a legal battle with the IOC for not granting them membership on the grounds of discrimination. That case ended a few years later with Gibraltar losing their long standing battle in a Swiss Court. HARSH REALITIES The answers to our correspondence were always the same from the UK Officials and Sporting bodies. They empathised with our situation, but there was nothing they could do to change the IOC’s decision. We must face the hard realities that until the Turks and Caicos Islands become an independent nation; the only access to participation at the Olympic Games would appear to be through the British Olympic Association (BOA). INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING At the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, I was approached by the then President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Michael Fennell, who spoke to me about Turks and Caicos becoming a

full member of the CGF. He said he recognised the work that our CGA was doing for the last two Games, 1998 and 2002 in which the Turks and Caicos participated. He said he believed the interest was there (referring to the years between 1978 and 1998 -two decades when there was no participation from the TCI). Turks and Caicos participated in just one Commonwealth Games in 1978 and it took 20 years for them to compete again. This was not a good sign and because of that the country had lost its status. But considering the great lengths that the association went through to get reinstated and their attendance at both games, he was willing to support our application for a full membership and we would be able to enjoy the same benefits as other CGA’s. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to strengthen our sporting bodies, motivate our athletes and open the doors for them to compete at higher levels. In other words, some of the barriers would be removed and the bar would be raised in sports for our athletes. I returned home excited and ready to start the work of getting the necessary documents in place for the next CGF Meeting which would be held early 2003. Members of National Governing Bodies (NGBs) were contacted for the election of an independent Commonwealth Games Association (steering). Following the guidelines of the CGF, everything was put in place including the Constitution. OBTAINING INDEPENDENT MEMBERSHIP TO CGF In 2003 the Turks and Caicos Commonwealth Games Association was established. It became an independent entity and emancipated itself from the TCAAA under whose umbrella it operated since 1977. I was elected by a democratic process as the first CGA President. We were given an annual stipend to maintain an office and later in preparation for the 2010 Games in Delhi, the CGA received funding to train our athletes. This came at an opportune time, because despite the downturn in the economy and the fallout of local government we were able to attend the Games in Delhi with the largest athletic contingent and our athletes were trained and competed in all regional championships. Also, the association was fortunate enough to have our proposal honoured for funding from Glasgow to train our athletes who are targeted to compete in the 2014 games. We are now seeing the results of our track and field athletes, who are now making a great impact on the regional and world stage, with financial support from Glasgow. In my position as President of the CGA, I networked with other countries and collaborated with my counterparts on best practices and accepted their support for training

for administrators, coaches and athletes and used my position to lobby my CGA and IOC Colleagues every time an opportunity presented itself. I went as far as taking our dilemma with the IOC to the Vice Patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Earl of Wessex, at a meeting in Delhi, India, prior to the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when he asked to meet with members from the Overseas Territories. It was evident that all (non IOC Members) were frustrated with the situation of being in such a position of not being able to receive Olympic Solidarity and their athletes could not compete in the Olympics under their country’s name. Case in point: Anguilla has one of the best athletes in the world in the women’s long jump, but she is competing for Great Britain. We knew once the time came that Turks and Caicos reached the Olympic status of having an elite athlete qualifying for the Olympics, we would have to follow suit similarly. QUALIFYING WITH OLYMPIC STANDARDS In 2010, the time that we were all awaiting for, after many years, arrived, when a young athlete by the name of Delano Williams training in Jamaica, qualified at the 2010 CARIFTA Games for the inaugural IOC Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, held from 14 – 26 August, 2010. The TCAAA received the invitation for his participation and the celebration had begun as we were about to make history, but that was short lived. Three days later another urgent letter was received from the Local Organising Committee that although young Williams qualified for the games he was unable to participate due to the fact that his country was not a member of the IOC: he could participate if he could get in under another country. In September, 2010, Delano competed in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where he clocked his then best time for the 200 meters. In November, he was nominated at the ‘29th Commonwealth Sports Awards 2010’ held in Birmingham, England, for an award in the category as ‘Outstanding Young Achiever’. He ended up as 1st Runner up. CGA/TCAAA’S CAMPAIGN FOR INCLUSION In the absence of an IOC, the CGA has the mandate to move forward in assisting that particular NGB with the assistance from the government to seek inclusion for athletes to participate in sports that are not part of their International Federation. In this case, it was the Olympic Committee. After much consultation with the athlete and members of the TCAAA we decided to have Williams participate under the UK Team. We, accordingly, sought the support of the Governor’s Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth

Office in soliciting the BOA to have him included on their team, but to no avail. UNITED KINGDOM ATHLETICS (UKA RESPONSE) In response to the Governor’s support letter of June 1, 2010, for Williams’s participation at the Youth Olympics, the Chief Executive Officer of UK Athletics, on June 3, 2010, confirmed that the rules for GB selection team to the Olympic Trials are published in advanced of the relevant trials to enable any athletes wishing to be considered for selection to ensure they are aware of the criteria. With regard to the Youth Olympics the team was selected based on those published criteria and it would be both inappropriate and unfair to seek now to deselect from the team in order to accommodate another athlete who was not qualified via the published route. This decision was accepted with much disappointment, but we had to move on to our next plan of action. Pursuant to the instructions contained in the response which clarified the criteria required for Williams or any other athlete wishing to represent Great Britain at future international championships or Olympics, we immediately began the process of preparing him for the Olympics 2012. ROAD TO THE LONDON OLYMPICS Armed with this information, our quest to have Delano Williams compete in the London Olympic Trials began immediately with support from the Governor’s Office in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the BOA and my fellow colleagues from the Commonwealth Games Federation’s family, who also gave guidance and assistance, when necessary. THE BOA POLICY: SUPPORT FOR UK OVERSEAS TERRITORIES The BOA is the National Olympic Committee for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and UK Overseas Territories which do not have their own National Olympic Committees. Thus, TCI falls under the remit of the BOA. ELIGIBILITY FOR TEAM GB Any individual who holds a valid British passport is eligible to compete for Team Great Britain at the Olympic Games. In addition, individuals must be affiliated with the relevant British governing body of sport which is a member of the BOA who in turn is affiliated with the appropriate International Federation of that sport. That athlete must also meet the Olympic qualifying standard. continued 

July 28 - August 3, 2012

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Brown destroys Grand Turk – All round effort propels Provo to overwhelming victory TEENAGER Kevaughn Brown bowled at a lively pace to sink Grand Turk to a 117-run defeat at home in their grudge battle against Providenciales. The son of the hard-hitting Douglas Brown snarled four wickets for 14 runs from four overs after he scored 34 quick runs at the Parade ground last Sunday. Batting first the visitors, Provo’s Finest, chalked up 187-7 before they restricted Grand Turk’s Best to a meager 70 in the prestigious clash to dictate the best island in the sport. Provo lost the early wicket of the hard-hitting Christopher McFarlane (0) with three runs on the board via the run-out route, but Gareth Butler (21 runs) and the 18-year-old Brown

rebuilt the innings and pushed it to 81-3 in the ninth over. The visitors’ innings was given a further push when the experienced Ira Baptiste came to the crease. Baptiste, who has shown form over the last few competitions, blasted 59 runs from 22 balls. He clobbered seven sixes and a four to push his side to the winning total. Another experienced campaigner for the home team, Howard Dickenson, was the pick of the bowlers with 2-14 from his four overs. Grand Turk scored a total of eight fours in their innings with Earl Henry, who also plays in the Provo leagues, scoring two back-to-back shots in the second over, but his flamboyance was short-lived and it was a chain reaction of the entire

Road to the London ... continued from page 40

ATHLETE QUALIFIES FOR OLYMPIC TRIALS At age 18, Delano Williams achieved the ‘A’ qualifying standard after clocking 20.53 seconds at the Western Championships in Jamaica, in February, 2012. This was followed by a string of UK media ascending on his doorsteps in Jamaica or wherever he was competing. However, in Delano Williams’ case it was not so easy, there were few hurdles he had to cross over in addition to qualifying. Firstly, he had to become registered as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) in the UK before obtaining the UK passport, since he became naturalised after 2002 and just one of his parents is a Belonger. This took some time, but with assistance from the Naturalisation’s Office it was done in good time. Once the Certificate of Registration was received, the application for the passport had to be made – again, the support from the UK Officials in the Naturalisation’s Office and the Governor’s Office could not be matched. We owe them a wealth of gratitude. The passport was completed in record time as we were working with total deadlines. On receipt of the UK passport, we had to align and register him with a reputable and established club. After much collaboration we chose Enfield and Harringey, a club that was established for more than three decades in London. INVITATION TO COMPETE IN THE UK TRIALS Having met all the criteria the ultimate piece of the puzzle was received in early March, with a

number of daily correspondence, documents to be signed and updates on every aspect of the trials. In May, 2012, the BOA sent their final participation and eligibility documents to be signed by the athlete and returned via Federal Express. On 18 June, 2012 Delano Williams left Jamaica for the United Kingdom to prepare himself for the London Olympic Trials. He was accompanied by Mr. Alvin Parker, the Director of Sports for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Delano remained in London training at the Enfield and Harringey Track with Olympic Coaches before travelling to Birmingham for the trials. Also travelling to the UK from the Turks and Caicos Islands were: Delano’s mother, Mrs. Ruth Barton; President and Vice President of the CGA and TCAAA, Mrs. Rita Gardiner and Coach Mr. Neil Harrison. The Trials were held at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham on Sunday 24th June, 2012. A number of fans from TCI living in the UK also attended to give Delano support and to witness history for the Turks and Caicos Islands. The heats commenced at 3pm UK time and Delano was listed in the 1st heat, clocking a time of 20.90 seconds. Although not his personal best, he qualified in the top eight for the finals. The finals were held just three hours later. To us this was a tremendous achievement and for me personally, our objective had been met. A TCI athlete for the first time made it to the Olympic Trials! History was made, the door was now open for others to walk through, thanks to Delano Williams, the Trailblazer, a Legend for TCI’s aspiring athletes. Indeed: ‘Yes we can!!!”.

home side. Henry led the attack with 11 runs, the only batsman to reach double figures. Brown, who was later named the MVP for his all-round performance, came on at the first exchange and took wickets in every over to restrict Grand Turk to their meek total in 15 overs. Damian St. Ange, who opened the bowling finished with 2-11 from three overs. A return match is scheduled for late this year.

The Provo players now have bragging rights until the next Island clash.

Smith acquires US Soccer National “B” coaching licence OLIVER Smith, who has been instrumental in local football and who was duly elected as the second vice-president of the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) a short while back, recently successfully completed his United States Soccer Federation National "B" Coaching Licence Course. Smith, an attorney by profession and coach of the U-14 Centre of Excellence Squad, took the nine-day course last month with assistance from the association. The National "B" Licence Course is designed to introduce concepts that are targeted toward coaching players age 16 to college level. It focuses on recognising the principles of the game and its technical applications in 11v11 game situations.

at advanced levels, along with preparing those coaches who wish to pursue the National "A" License.

Newly elected second VP of the TCIFA, Oliver Smith is now one step away from the highest coaching licence offered by the US.

During the course, Smith and his counterparts learned to teach and implement these principles through functional training sessions leading up to the 11v11 game. Additionally, the course is geared towards helping candidates get a better understanding of the responsibilities of coaching

FURTHER DEVELOPING LOCAL FOOTBALL "I am now just one step away from obtaining the highest coaching licence offered by the US Soccer Federation and one which is recognised by FIFA as being on par with the top licences offered by UEAFA and other confederations," said the 2nd Vice President. He adding: "I would like to thank the TCIFA for the generous assistance it provided to me in pursuing this rather hectic and involved course. It is my hope and intention to use what I have learnt in furthering the development of football locally."

“Race for the Conch” Eco Swim:

One-mile winner was preparing for a sprint finish PROVO’S resident Dan Redmond, who won his first one-mile race when he competed in the recently held “Race for the Conch” EcoSwim, was expecting a sprint finish towards the end of the gruelling event, but he pushed himself so hard that he completed the swim a clear 15 seconds over his nearest competitor. The triathlon participant, who clocked 20 minutes and 28 seconds to take the title and finish as the best resident swimmer on the island, admits that this has been his best swimming performance in recent years. He finished fourth in 2010 and fourth again last year, but he was beaten only by a few seconds. He pointed out he was humbled by his performance since some of his competitors were very accomplished swimmers. “The standard of the competition is very high, with some of the competitors having reportedly achieved world rankings in the pool in the past, and other competitors being very experienced in open water events. Many of the competitors have also travelled a long way to participate and having made such an effort to get to the start line it was

obvious they hadn’t come here to mess around.” Redmond said that open water swimming “is always challenging”. “Anyone who knows the ocean understands that two days on the sea are never the same, there’s varying wind directions, wave heights and currents that affect all of the competitors. On top of that leaking goggles or mis-navigating the course are also factors.” The winner said that he prepared by regularly making use of the swim zones in Grace Bay, which he hoped would have given him a home ‘pitch’ advantage. “We don’t have the same quality of swimming pools for training as mainland North America, but we’ve got the ocean on our doorstep and best of all it’s free!” KEEPING IT CLOSE He said that he tried to keep a consistent pace throughout the race. “There’s always some excitement at the start where the swimmers will try to find clear water for themselves. I wanted to go home knowing in my heart I’d given my best possible effort, regardless of position and this meant that I’d probably have to go

out hard and lead the pack. Last year in the mile, positions 2nd through to 5th all finished within three seconds of each other, I was expecting it to be similar this year, so I was prepared for a sprint finish, but was surprised to find that I’d managed to open up a gap.” That gap saw him beating US swimmer Clay Britt by 15 seconds. Redmond said that for the rest of the year his main focus is simply getting back to work and “knuckling down”. “I’ll participate in the local road running events and the tag rugby league. For any athlete from here travelling abroad to compete is expensive and I’d have to be very selective and committed before giving consideration to a swim event abroad’. The One Mile Women’s Division saw a dramatic finish as American Ann Lobello took first with a time of 27 minutes and three seconds followed by fellow American Kerin Crockett just two seconds behind. Provo’s resident, Nicola Jordan, came in third with a time of 28 minutes and 35 seconds. World class marathon swimmer Marcos Diaz from the Dominican Republic won the 2.4 miles race in 42 minutes and 20 seconds.



July 28 - August 3, 2012

July 28 - August 3, 2012





July 28 - August 3, 2012

The Turks and Caios Weekly News  

The National Newspapers of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Dated July 28- August 3. Vol 26 Issu 30

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