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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 37 | September 15 - 21, 2012

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Equality bill

Skippings urges protest against expat principal

A GUYANESE national, Mr. Gerald Persaud, was recruited as the new principal of the Clement Howell High School (CHHS). PAGE  4

Parties must meet requirements to contest elections, Noonan

pushes gay rights

– Other freedoms include gender, race and religion THE Equality Bill was made public on Thursday and follows Governor Ric Todd’s announcement in May about changes in the Turks and Caicos Islands that would advance gay rights. PAGE  5

THE establishment of a third party in the Turks and Caicos Islands raised questions as to what requirements a party has to meet to contest the upcoming November elections. PAGE 

Regent’s got talent


SINGING, dancing, laughter and applause filled the ballroom at the Regent Palms last Wednesday evening when employees got on stage to display their best flairs in the first local talent show competition. PAGE  20

Caribbean Wellness Week kicks off

Caribbean Wellness Week kicked off last Saturday with a great turnout of fitness enthusiasts who walked, ran and cycled from the Kids Park in the Bight, with some even reaching as far as Ashcroft School. September 8, 2012 is being celebrated across CARICOM as Caribbean Wellness Day, under the theme ‘Love That Body’.



September 15 - 21, 2012

September 15 - 21, 2012






Skippings urges protest against expat principal BY VANESSA NARINE LEADER of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, at the party’s Thursday night rally in Providenciales, called for the appointment of an expat as principal of the Clement Howell High School (CHHS) to be protested. Skippings called for the party supporters to “block those bloody gates and no man move,” while he added that there are qualified and capable Turks and Caicos Islanders that can take up the post. The new principal, Mr. Gerald Persaud, a Guyanese national, was recruited as the new principal of the CHHS. Persaud, slated to start work of Monday, began on Thursday and succeeds Mr. Lloyd Fearon, who left at the end of the last school year. The PDM Leader, at the rally, said, “Enough is enough.” According to him, a PDM administration will give the Clement Howell High School, as well as the education system in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the attention it needs.

STRANGERS IN THE TCI At the rally, the PDM leader referenced the number of “strangers” employed in the TCI. He said, “We have all these strange people who are working, busy, get out of their way or they will knock you down…Who would have imagined we would have come down to this?” Skippings also tried, unsuccessfully, to explain his reasoning behind pulling a number of Haitian children, who were in the TCI illegally, out of school – an act that drew criticism. In an interview with the Weekly News on Monday, the PDM leader took another shot at explaining his decision. He said native Turks and Caicos Islanders were not able to secure placements in public schools because the schools were overcrowded and a primary reason for the overcrowding was the number of illegal immigrants enrolled. According to him, regardless if the illegal immigrants were Haitian, British or American, the same principle would apply – young Turks and Caicos Islanders have to be protected.

MORPHED When asked about the criticism of his disposition towards the expat community, Skippings maintains that his current disposition is different. He told the Weekly News that the social setting in the TCI was different in the past. “I came into politics at a time when there was racial divides, when we could not go on our beaches, when there were some places in Providenciales where blacks could not go,” he said. In 2012, however, the PDM leader said he has “morphed” and grown and recognised that Turks and Caicos Islands has been able to grow at the rate that it did because of contributions of the expat community. He said, “The level of development that we will need to get this country back to where it was, in terms of prosperity, we will need the expat community, we will need people from labourers to executives.” The recently completed 2012 Census put the population total at 31,458 persons, with 57.5 per cent of the adult population being nonBelongers.

Parties say they are open to political debate BY VANESSA NARINE THE three parties have agreed to a political debate in the run up to the November 9 elections. The People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) deputy leader, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, at the party’s rally in Provo on Thursday, stated that the party has accepted an invitation to participate in a national debate. “The lack of progress forward says to us that perhaps others are not

so inclined to address the issues. “I call on the PNP to let’s talk, let’s debate the issues, let’s talk about our party’s track records on issues and let us raise the level of politics in this country,” she said. According to the PDM’s deputy leader there is brewing a growing machinery of low base “gutter style” politics. She said, “The number of issues that we face, I don’t know why anyone that loves this country will

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seek to deflect from them and not deal with them. “This election has to be about issues, about recognising and addressing them with solutions. “Strong leaders in TCI must encourage healthy debates and relationships and not allow smear campaigns to deflect from the real issues we face.” Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, told the Weekly News on Tuesday, that the party is open to debate. However, he noted that PNP would only participate if such a debate is held after the party’s National Policy Forum, slated for the September 28 and 29, where the party is expected to make public its manifesto. “We are ready and open to debate,” Ewing said. The deputy leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Zhavago Jolly, on Monday, told the Weekly News that the PPP is also open to national debate. He said, “I do not see why a debate could be a negative thing. Anything that will be beneficial to the people of the TCI then the PPP would be interested in getting involved “Tackling the issues is the reason we formed the PPP, we wanted the people to be heard and I think a national debate is not a bad idea.” Now that the parties have agreed to a political debate, it remains to be seen when such a debate will occur.

September 15 - 21, 2012

Parties must meet requirements to contest elections, Noonan BY VANESSA NARINE THE establishment of a third party in the Turks and Caicos Islands raised questions as to what requirements a party has to meet to contest the upcoming November elections. Head of the Integrity Commission’s Political Financial Activities Unit (PFAU), Mr. Patrick Noonan, told the Weekly News that section six of the Political Activities Ordinance stipulates the requirements that parties must meet in order to contest the elections. He added that the process begins with registering with the commission. Noonan said, “We should complete registration by the end of September. To register they [the political parties] need to fill out an application form. “There are several requirements, for example, when the parties submit their application they have to submit a copy of their party constitution also. “The ordinance sets out clearly what the requirements are and the parties are aware of this.” Section six of the Political Activities also stated that the commission must grant the application unless in its opinion the party proposes a registered name which: • Would be the same as that of a party which is already registered;

• Would be likely to result in electors confusing that party with a party which is already registered; • Comprises more than six words; • Is obscene or offensive; • Includes words the publication of which would be likely to amount to the commission of an offence; • Would be likely, were it to appear on a ballot paper issued at an election to result in an elector being misled as to the effect of his vote, or to contradict, or hinder an elector's understanding of, any directions for his guidance in voting given on the ballot paper or elsewhere; • Includes script other than Roman script; or • Includes a word or expression prohibited by order made by the Governor after consulting the commission. Noonan added that the Integrity Commission will not approve the applications for registration unless all the requirements are met. The Political Activities Ordinance sets out clearly how parties finance themselves and account for the money they raise; who can donate and the amounts; and controls how the parties spend the money raised in their election campaigning. The ordinance came into effect on August 28.

Haitian Consulate to be opened in TCI by the end of November GOVERNOR Ric Todd, on Tuesday, met with a delegation of Haitian Government officials to discuss the planned opening of a Haitian Consulate on Providenciales, among other issues. The opening is expected to take place by the end of November and will offer Haitian residents in TCI the ability to process official documents locally, and have formal representation on the ground. According to a statement from the Governor’s office, the Consulate will be staffed by four diplomats and in addition to providing a document issuing service, the Consulate will be tasked with building links, both cultural and commercial, with the local communities and between our two nations. After meeting the delegation, the

Governor said, “I am delighted that the Haitian people living in the TCI will soon have formal government representation from a Provo based Consulate. “This will for example ensure that it is much easier for Haitians to obtain official documentation. The Consulate will also provide a focal point of contact for TCIG with the Haitian Government and facilitate the showcasing of the significant contribution Haitians make to the TCI. I look forward to joining the opening of the Consulate soon.” The Haitian delegation included Jacques Nixon Myrthil, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; HE Antonio Rodrigue, Ambassador to the Bahamas and TCI; and Fortune Dorlean, Legal Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

September 15 - 21, 2012




Equality bill pushes gay rights – Other freedoms include gender, race and religious BY VANESSA NARINE THE Equality Bill was made public on Thursday and follows Governor Ric Todd’s announcement in May about changes in the Turks and Caicos Islands that would advance gay rights. The proposed bill also advances gender, race and religious freedoms, among others. Governor Ric Todd said, “The constitutional provisions and those of the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) are expressed in a very general way and do not make it clear how the existence of these rights affect individuals and those involved in providing services and transacting in the public arena, and how those rights can be enforced. “Accordingly, it is prudent for more detailed provisions to be made by ordinance, providing greater certainty and clarity as to the rights and obligations individuals and others have under the non-discrimination provisions of the constitution and the ECHR.” NEEDED On May 17 the international community campaigned to stop discrimination, in all forms, against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. To mark the occasion in TCI, the Governor said equality for all, and equal treatment for all, is something that everyone should care about. He pointed to the unfair marginalisation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people forced to be an invisible minority. The Governor noted then that this marginalisation and inequality was more dominant in small community settings. According to the new Equality Bill, sexual orientation discrimination is described in the bill as restricting: • Membership of an organisation; • Participation in activities undertaken by an organisation or on its behalf or under its auspices; or • The provision of goods, facilities or services in the course of activities undertaken by the organisation or on its behalf or under its auspices. According to the bill, government ministers are not exempt from bring liable for discrimination. By virtue of the fact that the United Kingdom’s ratification of the ECHR has been extended to the Turks and Caicos Islands, the ECHR rights are also protected in the TCI. OTHER PROVISIONS The Equality Bill is intended to clarify the fundamental rights of

everyone in the TCI, starting with the areas of services, public functions, and the work place. After enactment, over time and subject to further consultation, the scope of the bill is expected to be gradually extended to other areas of daily life. The bill explains the characteristics that must be protected from discrimination are: age, disability, marriage, political opinion, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex (gender), and sexual orientation. According to the government, the bill supports the requirements of the 2006 and 2011 Constitutions, and the Turks and Caicos Islands commitments under the European Convention on Human Rights, through which all individuals should be entitled to go about their ordinary daily lives without fear of discrimination. The Equality Bill makes new provisions on discrimination and harassment related to certain personal characteristics to: • Prohibit victimisation in certain circumstances; • Require the exercise of certain functions to be with regard to the need to eliminate discrimination and other prohibited conduct; • Enable duties to be imposed in relation to the exercise of public procurement functions; • Increase equality of opportunity; and • Amend the law relating to rights

Governor Ric Todd

and responsibilities in family relationships; and for connected purposes. Under the bill, both direct discrimination and indirect discrimination are prohibited. It also calls for equal rights for employment, including public office positions. According to the bill, any person or anyone knowingly helping another to do anything that contravenes the provisions can be prosecuted in court and fined up to $5,000. The bill states that court proceedings on a complaint may not be brought after the end of three months from the date the complaint

was made. ADVANCEMENT OF EQUALITY Ultimately, it is intended that all nondiscrimination provisions in TCI law will be brought together under this equality legislation. The bill notes that the public sector has a responsibility to advance equality. According to the draft legislation a public authority must, in the exercise of its functions, have due regard to the need to: • Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under this ordinance;

• Advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; and • Foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it. As part of the on-going development of the bill, there is expected to be consideration of what additional powers and or functions should be given to the Human Rights Commission to ensure better compliance, and enforcement, of the bill. According to the government, this will include what, if any, powers should be included in the bill and those that maybe required to be made, at a later date, by way of amendment to the Human Rights Commission Ordinance in line with the 2011 Constitution. Not all of the bill’s requirements are expected to commence immediately. The government acknowledged that a period of adjustment and preparation will be necessary in some areas, and proposes to allow generous lead-in times, where appropriate. For example, those provisions that may require changes in service delivery or improved access to public spaces for the disabled will be delayed until supporting explanatory regulations have been prepared and agreed subject to further consultation. Subject to consultation, it is proposed that the bill will be signed into law in early October.

Investment policy statement launched EARLY indicators show that the local economy will also grow this year and this week Governor Ric Todd launched TCIG’s Investment Policy 2012, which is designed to underpin this growth and keep TCI on a sustainable path into the future. Todd said, “Our policy on attracting investment both to the TCI and in TCI is working...this sets out a clear focus on incentives rather than concessions. “It is about encouraging sustainable local as well as attracting foreign investment. It recognises the needs of the family islands and responds to them. “Future investment proposals will only receive concessions at the construction and start-up phases of developments, and not for extended periods beyond this. “The policy also makes clear that

the key to the long term economic development of the Turks and Caicos Islands is attracting investment and building the economy with clear rules, honest government, transparent processes and easy paths through the system. TCI is open for business. “It has a great deal to offer. TCIG is determined to do all in its power to secure investment that develops the economy and provides sustainable prosperity for the people of these islands.” FRAMEWORK A statement from the Governor’s office made it clear that the new Investment Policy is a statement of policy, setting out the framework and giving an “umbrella”. The statement said, “It does not seek to analyse every potential type

of development application nor cover all eventualities. “The analysis and interpretation for each inward investment business case will be for TCIG to perform on an individual basis, applying cost benefit analysis and the new policy’s intent.” The statement noted that TCIG’s previous investment policy had not served the country well and was not thought through sufficiently to give the country long-term benefits and sustainable economic development. With the previous policy, investment concessions were often un-transparent, benefiting individuals rather than TCI; too generous; too complex; and too difficult to administer and monitor. Additionally, with the policy concessions were not focused on the initial investment, but on continued

life-long operations. This led to developments that were foreign owned, foreign managed and staffed and not taxed for a number of years, offering few net benefits to TCI. The shortcomings of the previous policy, according to the statement, led to the development of a new policy, which addressed the interests of the long-term development of the country; a sustainable policy that provides real and demonstrable benefits to the economy. The statement pointed out that there are reasons for optimism about growth in the TCI economy; reasons that are demonstrated by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expansion of 4.1 per cent in 2011, the improved fiscal position and the success TCI has had in attracting investment both internal and external in the past year.



September 15 - 21, 2012

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Does a third party stand a chance?

THE newly formed People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is finalising its slate of candidates, according to leader, Mr. Harold Charles. To date, three others on the party’s ticket have been named: Zhavago Jolly, as deputy leader; Dr. Edward Smith, who like Charles has indicated his intention to run as an independent candidate; and Mr. Lou Clare. Party leaders, Mr. Oswald Skippings and Dr. Rufus Ewing, in television interviews last week, were confident that the new party does not pose a threat. What are the chances of a third party succeeding in the TCI?

Bad timing

Any party’s chance of success will depend on the slate of candidates it presents to the people. Mr. Charles should have continued in his bid as an independent At-Large candidate and establish a firmer foothold among voters this year and in the next elections launch his political party. As it stands right now, we have just about eight weeks to the elections and the PPP has not even finalised their slate of candidates. The candidates that have been named so far are relative strangers to the local people. Take the party’s deputy, Mr. Zhavago Jolly, for example. How many people actually know this individual? The fact that the PPP has selected a relatively unknown person to act as its deputy suggests either that they do not have the necessary people to fill their slate or that they are struggling with organisation. In any case, two months is not enough time to rally voters, if the PPP’s hopes are for any kind of major support. The PDM already has the PNP beat in terms of getting out there and rallying enthusiasm among Turks Islanders, in the run up to the elections, and the PNP has been around for a while. Rational thinking people could understand that the PPP does not have much going for them. Granted that Harold is a Haitian native he may be able to get their support, but until we have the numbers from the Census team on how many Haitian nationals have received citizenship in the Turks and Caicos Islands and will be voting – that is not something the PPP can count in its favour.

Is this party even valid?

Before commenting on whether a third party stands a chance of success, the pressing question is whether the establishment of this party is even valid. Do they have a constitution that guides their actions, in particular their selection of candidates, like the PDM and PNP do, or are they just a group of people who have set up an office, chosen a name and decided to head into the elections. That said, what are the rules that govern the qualification of parties to contest the elections? This is something that should be made clear the people of these islands.

Watch out

Considering the other parties continue to run, for the most part, the same old people with their only agenda being to fatten their own purses, perhaps the PPP will be a breath of fresh air. I do not see any career politicians on their roster, only self-made business people, who actually realise how to make a living honestly. Watch out Rufus and Ozzie!

Exciting development

A third party historically has never worked in the Turks and Caicos. However, many persons in the past few years have expressed disappointment in the two leading PNP and PDM parties. I doubt that it will have the upset as seen in the DNA in the Bahamas at this juncture, but with hard work and a good platform they may appeal to the educated voters in the TCI who are not predominately pro PDM or PNP. Harold Charles is seeking to secure the vote mainly from the Haitian population, which his focus has been centred around. I do not know if they are strong enough in numbers to secure seats for all their candidates in respective constituencies, but this should make the upcoming election even more exciting.

Breath of fresh air

I doubt he will be successful in the polls. However, quite frankly, I think it will be a breath of fresh air to have a third party in TCI. I am just tired of the old divisive and immature politics in this country. We need to get serious about TCI and this requires serious people. Mr. Charles is very bold to form a third party and that is his right as a Turks and Caicos Islander.

Cause for concern

While it is indeed, any citizen's right to consider running for political office, the brevity in which this party was formed, political experience of party executives/candidates in relation to constitutional governance and genuine ability to appeal to a broad national spectrum of voters should leave every voter concerned. Both the PDM and PNP are certainly not perfect in relation to their past administrations or even the candidate selection processes, but there are structured constitutional processes

by which candidates are selected to represent constituencies, their party and ultimately the people. The formation of the People's Progressive Party (PPP) appears, at least from the surface, as a possible afterthought to legitimise an individual's entry into the political arena for continued ‘power-brokering’ leverage and it will not succeed as a party. Unfortunately, the subordinates of this party will become expendable for this haphazardly conceived approach for individual gain.


The TCI has experienced irreparable damage from the Michael Misick administration, which of course has led to the presence of the interim administration. However, after all of the division and disrespect at the hands of the British, one is hard pressed to accept further splintering at a time when we need the two political parties to communicate their plan for governing this country moving forward. The spontaneous creation of a third political party that will remain founder focused and lacks the organisation to attract genuine grassroots candidates also lacks the fortitude to offer a true solution to the people, only a fractured ideological platform that is incapable of consolidating Turks and Caicos Islanders.

Two-party dynamic

Third parties are never successful and that will be the case with the PPP, a party correctly named. Remember the ‘United’ party, and a couple of others that flared up and burned out as fast as the tiny candles on a birthday cake We have embedded loyalty to each of the two principle parties. Only the PNP has found it necessary to change their name and pretend they have reformed themselves time after time. This time they need to rename themselves the RNP, the Regressive National Party This is not required of the PDM because the ancient heirs of JAGS have recycled themselves hoping as always to win the election after the PNP embarrasses everyone who voted for them and the country itself. If and when the PDM dinosaurs become extinct, will that party get its act together? Can PNP win on the ashes of their own disaster? PNP knows how to win elections but not how to manage. PDM follows the rules and goes to sleep but the public purse is safer with them. Perhaps in the future some cooler heads, real managers and genuine patriots will form a party to replace or truly reform one of the two present parties who force us to choose between manipulators and dinosaurs.

Skip’s endorsement

I was at Monday night’s Chamber of Commerce meeting where PDM leader Oswald Skippings said more expats should become part of the political process. If he was confident to say that then as a seasoned politician, it is an indication of the chances of third parties. Without him saying anything, anyone could rationalise that the PPP was formed too close to the elections. If they wanted a new party, they should have been organised earlier, to be able to rally

a wider support base. Mr. Charles seems confident, but as the old adage goes, ‘time will tell’.

Political landscape changing

I cannot say for sure what are the chances of success for a third party as a viable government, except to say that it does provide options and opportunity for brave people with independent minds to collaborate in a united manner and could become either a spoiler or the key to a coalition government. Leaders of both political parties should not discount the emergence of PPP as a waste of time. I think the PNP will be most affected because if Mr. Charles managed to woo the Haitian votes. Then it will be difficult for them to win since this block of voters did vote PNP in the last two elections. I think the Haitians may look seriously at Mr. Charles since for a long time they have been without representation and both political parties in my opinion have taken their support for granted. This may become a trend where each block of voters representing their ethnic background may be vying to get their own representative in parliament in the future. Is the TCI political landscape changing to reflect a more cosmopolitan picture?

PPP’s not going anywhere

They will be going nowhere. Where were these PPP folks during 2003 through August 2009 and beyond? Charles was happily running his airline and Doctor Smith has been pleading since the Brits took over for a job, any job. This in fact is the problem with all the candidates from the established parties as well. The PNP candidates were beneficiaries of their administration and despite that administration bringing the British down on us yet again they want to be restored to power. Not with my vote! The only people we heard from over the years in the PDM camp were Sean Astwood, Ashwood Forbes and of course Sharlene Cartwright Robinson in her dynamic role with the forum. The three opposition members who brought the PNP administration down have been turned out by the PDM in favour of the once silent leaders who were hibernating in Grand Turk. Only the smell of an election brought them out of the hiding places. The people they have chosen for the districts may be worthy but where did they come from except from the shadows of the PNP and direct rule government. Some were not even party members, only PDM voters.

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September 15 - 21, 2012

Integrity Commission has power to scrutinise government contracts, Otuonye DETAILS of government contracts usually fall under public procurement laws, but Director of the Integrity Commission, Mr. Eugene Otuonye, stated that the Commission is an added safeguard to ensure transparency and accountability. The Advisory Council, last week, reviewed the draft Public Procurement Bill, a new legislation to protect the TCI from poor commercial decisions by government. The bill is one of a number of pieces of legislation being introduced as part of a body of legislative and regulatory changes designed to protect the public sector and its finances. The proposed improvements include: the creation of a central contract management cell led by a director of contracts to oversee the process and provide advice as required; the introduction of disciplinary and legal processes

where elected members and/ or public servants deliberately circumvent the provisions of the ordinance; and setting out clear responsibilities of the Procurement Board (also known as the Tender Board), among others. Otuonye explained that in addition to the draft legislation, Section 13 of the Integrity Commission Ordinance outlines the Commission’s role in reviewing contracts. He added too that the operations of government departments and statutory boards can come under review by the Commission, with the intention of “identifying and eliminating corruption.” The Director added that the Commission is working towards ensuring that it carries out its legal mandate and secure compliance from stakeholders. (VAESSA NARINE)

PDM’s Deputy Leader, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson calls for change

Change must happen, Cartwright-Robinson, IN HER usual dynamic manner of articulating, Deputy Leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mrs. Sharlene CartwrightRobinson stirred up supporters at the party’s rally, last Thursday, when she called for change. She said, “My people these are serious times – these are times where game playing can’t be welcomed. “We must abandon the politics of yester-year and look to putting our best and best foot forward. We as a people cannot afford to make any more mistakes. We see that the mistakes made have set us back – way back and have caused us to regress in every way.” According to her, the past must not be forgotten. She said, “Why talk about the past...I did it for two reasons. “First because like Expressions Host Robert Hall use to say, your past is inextricably linked to your future and secondly, another wise man said, your past is usually a good



indicator of what you will do in the future unless you own up and make a clean break.” The PDM Deputy Leader stressed that a vote for PDM has always been a vote in the “right direction.” She said, “We heard this before that this is a crucial time in our country’s history but I am saying to you – we have never before been faced with so many challenges at one time but there is a party that has already proven that we could handle difficult times and soar as a people and as a country. “We are at a crossroads that will determine whether we continue down a spiraling path or rise above the ashes. “This period calls for true, tested, proven, strong, and not just experienced for successful experienced leaders.” Cartwright-Robinson maintained that the PDM, as history has shown, is the best Party that always takes the TCI in the right direction. (VANESSA NARINE)


Simmonds reiterates UK support for VAT BY VANESSA NARINE THE new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Mr. Mark Simmonds, maintained that the British government supports the decision to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Member of Parliament, Simmonds, was responding to Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Andrew Percy, last Thursday, in the United Kingdom Parliamentary assembly. The Conservative MP had committed to making representation to UK ministers on the concerns of local stakeholders over the implementation of VAT during a visit to the Islands with the Westminster Foundation on Democracy (WFD) in July. When Percy asked Simmonds to make a statement on the imposition of VAT in the TCI, he said, “The British government has consistently made it clear that the introduction of VAT is a decision for the TCI Government…on the basis of an assessment that it will provide a more stable, fairer and broader based system of revenue.” According to the new Under Secretary, former Under Secretary, Mr. Henry Bellingham, addressed the issue of VAT during his visit to the TCI in June. Simmonds said, “It was also a topic for discussion during the recent visit to London by the leader of the Progressive National Party, Dr Ewing. “We received copies of letters sent to the TCI Government on this subject, together with correspondence from members of

Mr. Mark Simmonds

the public.” Acting Governor, Mr. Patrick Boyle on July 18, signed the VAT Bill into law. STAUNCH OPPOSITION Despite Simmonds affirmation of the British’s support of VAT in the TCI, local political leaders are maintaining their anti-VAT position. Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, told the Weekly News that regardless of Simmonds’ position, a PNP administration will look into repealing VAT. He made it clear that this will only happen after studies are conducted to back an alternative revenue raising strategy. After his meeting with Bellingham and other UK officials, Ewing told the Weekly News in July that an elected government would have a chance to stop the implementation of VAT. The PNP leader said then that the UK would prefer that an elected government not repeal VAT, but the British administration acknowledged that an elected government will have an opportunity to do so. The People’s Democratic

Movement (PDM) leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, told the Weekly News that it is obvious that the British government have made up its mind that they would implement VAT. He said, “I am not surprised. “This seems to be a huge experiment, given the fact that the British economy is in such shambles after the economic measures they took. “The TCI’s economy is totally different. “The people have not been consulted and the widespread notion is VAT is not supported “If you look at it, it seems that VAT is designed to ruin the very economic foundations of the TCI, because when you look at it, the interim administration has not made any positive moves to save it.” Skippings stressed that the PDM does not support VAT, as the party does not think it is right for the TCI. Deputy leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Zhavago Jolly, said, “The PPP in no way supports any kind of over taxation of the people of the TCI.” He explained that the party’s assumption, as is the assumption of the majority of Islanders, is that the new tax regime is being implemented to support the repayment of the large debt incurred in the last few years. Jolly said, “We feel that as a party there are many alternatives to VAT, but the decision should be by an elected government. “If VAT is the ultimate decision then it should be the decision of the people, not an interim administration.” VAT is scheduled to come into effect on April 1, 2013.

TCI resident Sean Pratt jailed in the Bahamas This is the report from the Nassau Guardian: Dominican jailed for four years for $2.5m cocaine bust Sept 13: A 44-year-old Dominican man yesterday received the mandatory sentence of four years in prison for having cocaine worth $2.5m. Police arrested Jose Caberra, of Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, on suspicion of drug smuggling at North West Cay, off Inagua, on August 30. Law enforcement officers dug up six crocus sacks containing 140 kilos of cocaine after Caberra showed them the hiding spot on the cay. The court heard that Caberra and others buried the drugs on the cay several months earlier when they encountered bad weather. Caberra said he did not know he was in Bahamian territory because he was lost. Caberra said his boss sent him to retrieve the drugs when he was arrested, the court heard. Caberra, who did not have a lawyer, pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to supply, cocaine possession with the intent to supply, conspiracy

Sean Pratt (back) and Jose Caberra (front with white t-shirt) are escorted to court in connection with the drug bust in Inagua

to import cocaine and importation of cocaine, when he made his initial appearance before Deputy Magistrate Carolita Bethel on September 4. Caberra appeared before the magistrate yesterday morning, but the court was unable to proceed in the absence of a Spanish interpreter. The matter continued yesterday afternoon when the court once again used defence lawyer Jairam Mangra, who worked as a Spanish Lecturer, to interpret. ASP Ercell Dorsett, the prosecutor, withdrew the charge of conspiracy to import to drugs into the country, because the charge was

not proven, since Caberra said he did not intend to come to the Bahamas. Magistrate Bethel sentenced him to four years on the three remaining counts and ordered them to run concurrently. Sean Pratt, 41, the second defendant in the case faces charges of cocaine possession with intent to supply and conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to supply. Pratt, of the Turks and Caicos Islands, has denied the charges. He has been denied bail. Pratt, who was represented by Ian Cargill, returns to court for trial on April 25, 2013.




September 15 - 21, 2012

TCIG to establish one-stopshops in family islands – Political leaders say such decisions should be left to elected gov’t BY VANESSA NARINE THE Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG), through the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs, has proposed the establishment of One-Stop-Shops in family islands. However, local politicians contend that such decisions ought to be left up to an elected government. Permanent Secretary (PS) of Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs, Ms. Susan Malcolm, said, “Governments throughout the Caribbean, especially those leading transformation have been adopting this approach to ensure that its services are not only ‘citizen centric’ but also more accessible, efficient and reliable. “This concept affords TCIG an excellent opportunity to provide a better service to the people and to both increase its productivity and reduce costs in the family islands by reducing the money spent on rental accommodation, equipment and

office supplies. “Further, as our staff will be trained in a broader range of service provision it improves their opportunities for development and promotion as they can be involved in job enrichment, job enlargement and job rotation across ministries and departments.” The One-Stop-Shops, according to her, will solve the prevailing problems in North, Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay. The establishments will essentially provide an array of government services to the public under a single building. The One-Stop-Shop model is expected to have the following benefits: 1 The administrative arm of government in the family islands will be strengthened as all staff will be trained to effectively oversee the delivery of such services. This would give them the required competencies to assist in achieving government’s

mandate of improving services and increasing the accessibility of critical services to the wider populace. 2. The overall time to transact government services will be reduced, which promotes efficiency in work processes and procedures. 3. Basic government services will become more accessible throughout the family islands, and help improve the standard of living in the family islands. 4. The public would not have to incur excessive costs of visiting Providenciales or Grand Turk regularly to have access to basic services or commute to different locations within the same island to complete the transaction of a single government service. 5. It provides government with the opportunity to link and be more connected with the islands, assess its major issues and concerns and develop strategies to effectively service the needs of its customers

on the islands. The establishment of the OneStop-Shops is also expected to redefine the role of the District Commissioner. According to Malcolm, it is envisaged that there would be one District Commissioner to oversee both North and Middle Caicos and another to oversee South Caicos and Salt Cay. In addition, there would be a Senior Administrative Officer in Middle Caicos and one in Salt Cay who will have oversight of that island and would work closely with the District Commissioners to achieve government’s mandate. According to the PS, the project is similar to what is being done by TCI’s regional counterparts who are re-engineering the way services are delivered to all its stakeholders. ROADBLOCK People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, described the decision as

another roadblock between district and central government. According to him, under a PDM administration District Boards will be brought back to effectively address the needs of the people. He said, “An elected government will be better able to address the needs of the people in the family islands.” Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing, told the Weekly News that such decisions should be left up to a democratically elected government. He said, “I do not know why the interim administration is trying to put their mark on the Turks and Caicos Islands by imposing policies. “A democratically elected government will have the mandate of the people to carry and these types of decisions should be left to an elected government.” Up to press time, a representative from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was unavailable for comment. The decision to establish the OneStop-Shops was made following public consultations earlier this year.

Freedom did not come free in the TCI, Skippings BY VANESSA NARINE A FIRED-UP Oswald Skippings contended that freedom did not come free in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), was speaking at the party’s rally in Providenciales, last Thursday, where he said, “It is important to look back because you don’t know what you got ‘til you throw it away.” Skippings told a gathering of approximately 300 that his party is ready to return the TCI to its former glory. He said, “We have been brought back further than where we took you from…we fought for the freedom

that you enjoy. Some of us went to jail for the freedom that you enjoy. “We are ready to give you your country back. “Look what the PNP (Progressive National Party) did with what we fought and died for.” ThePDM leader noted that it is “unbearable and intolerable” to allow the “unconscionable neglect” to continue. He said, “We have to ensure that our youth get the jobs, the pay they deserve, the real economic opportunities they deserve…this is what true development is all about. “The PNP don’t want the past to be rehashed. They want it to be swept under the rug and simply

Woman in custody for stabbing man A WOMAN is currently in police custody for reportedly stabbing a 33-year-old man, on Wednesday evening, during an altercation. Police reportes are that the man received a stab wound to the upper left chest area of his body. The injured man was

immediately taken to the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre where he was stated to be in stable condition. Anyone who may have heard or seen anything is asked to call the police on 911 or Crimestoppers on 1-800-8477.

forgotten….they want to end up in office to give you another six for a nine.” DAWN OF NEW DISASTER Skippings quipped that instead of the ‘dawn of a new day’ the PNP is more likely to present the people with the “dawn of a new disaster”. He said, “In spite of all the trauma that they put us all through, all the setbacks and all the suffering that the PNP has put this country through, in 2012 they have not given up and are determined and hell bent to present you with a dawn of a new disaster.” The PDM urged supporters to be aware of their current reality and not make a blind choice when given the opportunity to decide their future. He said, “You know what happens when the blind leads the blinds. “That is why they [the PNP] do not want the past to be rehashed… they are afraid that their fingerprints will be found at the scene of the horrific crimes that left this country economically shattered.” According to Skippings, TCI’s reality is that of “a land pillaged… youth displaced and abandoned… jobs given to strange people from distant land” - a fate caused by selfserving leaders. He said, “The systematic destruction of this once flourishing

PDM leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, underscores the need to fight to maintain basic freedoms in the TCI

nation was not done by mistake, but by deliberate calculated acts of greed…greedy people with little or no regard for the less fortunate. “This country has not just died, it has been killed and there needs to be a post mortem to decide the cause of death, so you can ensure that you do not unwillingly set up your own gallows once again. “You need to be aware of the suicide trap ahead….it is a mistake you cannot afford to make…the PDM will put you in the right direction.” The PDM leader maintained that his party is a party of professionals, a proven party. He said, “We will put this country in a place where we can stand up, where we are economically stable, where we know where are going, where our people have jobs and the economy is booming.”

Skippings promised that the PDM will address the many issues plaguing the TCI; a PDM administration will represent TCI’s college graduates, give juveniles the attention they need, work out a social programme for single mothers, bring down the cost of electricity and turn the economy around. He said, “You have the people here who have the knowhow and they don’t have to put a dime in mine or Sharlene’s pocket because what we do we do for our people.” According to him, if the TCI is to go places, to be successful and to prosper once again, then the PDM is the right direction. “We feel necessary that we have to show you that we have the experience …it takes planning…innovative thinking, dedication, hard work and knowhow and all the experience available,” Skippings said.

September 15 - 21, 2012



Mr. Oswald Skippings


HE saying goes that rhetoric is best underscored by action and this week ‘Face to Face’ asks politicians to act, to give answers to pressing issues; answers that can act as the benchmarks by which the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands can hold their politicians accountable. Over the course of the next three weeks, the Weekly News will be featuring the leaders of the three political parties. All three interviews were done prior to the start of this series to ensure that the answers provided were not influenced in one way or another. This week the Weekly News introduces leader of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings. Profile: Born in 1953, Mr. Oswald O'Neil Skippings is an experienced politician. He has served the Turks and Caicos Islands on two separate occasions as Chief Minister and several terms as Ministers. He remains to date the longest serving Parliamentary Member under the ministerial government. Skippings became the youngest member of a Caribbean government ever when he was first elected to the TCI Legislature in 1976 at the age of 22. He later became the youngest leader of a Caribbean government ever when he became Chief Minister in 1980 at the age of 26. Skippings was Chief Minister of the TCI between June and November 1980 and again between March 1988 and April 1991. Former Minister of Health and Education, Skippings also served as Minister of Tourism and Immigration. He remains to date the longest serving Minister of Tourism and is credited with the successful negotiations of major airlines to TCI shores and outstanding achievements in tourism. An ordained Pastor, Skippings until recently served as the Senior Pastor for Firm Foundation Ministries. Skippings on issues 1. What are top priorities for the people of TCI? Skippings: Employment and the economy, straight off the bat these are the issues that need immediate attention. We need to put our people back to work, these people have responsibilities, families to feed and basic expenses. 2. What are your views of the interim administration’s governance to date?



Skippings: They have failed. 3. What are your views on development and diversifying the economy? Skippings: There are a few ways in which we are looking to diversify the economy, in particular tourism; we are looking at health and education tourism. In addition, we are looking at new markets Venezuela and Brazil, among others. 4. What are your views on Independence? Skippings: The PDM constitution states that self-determination is a right of our people. Since we took office in 1976, we began setting the economic and social foundations and political foundation that are necessary for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to be able to afford independence. We want to be able to afford independence from an economic standpoint, but also from an academic standpoint. We need to be able to have a clear picture of what independence really means, as opposed to the sole factor of being able to run your own affairs. Independence comes with many obligations and responsibilities, such as security, etc. I would say we are ten years away from self-determination. 5. What are your views on integration – given the population make up of TCI? Skippings: We have no choice. If we were to look at other Caribbean countries, it is obvious that integration has taken place a long time ago. We have several nationalities and different races here and it behooves us to embrace and come together and combine our resources to build this country for the benefit of all. I have morphed and have grown. I came into politics at a time when there was racial divides, when we could not go on our beaches, when there were some places in Providenciales where blacks could not go. The social setting has changed since then, when it was necessary to take certain actions. Times have changed and I have been able to understand that the country has been able to grow at the rate that it did because of contributions of the expat community. In addition, the level of development that we will need to get this country back to where it was, in terms of prosperity, we will need the expat community, we will need people from labourers to executives. 6. What is a controversial issue for

you going forward? (The Weekly News asked about the speculations that as Chief Minister during 1995 to 2003, Mr. Derek Taylor, was asked by the British to fire



A series that seeks to act as a medium for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to engage prominent personalities on current issues, including politics, development and the environment, among others affecting the nation.

Skippings after he was thought to have accepted a bribe from Warren Johnson, a convicted US fraudster.) Skippings: What was said was that I had shares in a company and if that was the case, it was a company that was on the US stock market so the company itself could not have been corrupt. If the British government had any basis to fire me then they would not have asked Derek to fire me, they would have fired me. If they had basis, Derek would have fired me. I see issues coming up because I am the target of the PNP. I am the one that is prepared to take this country from where it is to where it needs to go. 7. Describe your party’s legacy. Skippings: My party’s legacy has

been to rescue the perishing, save the nation, provide jobs, raise the level of education, bring in investment – we are working to protect our people. That has been the legacy of the party and we have been successful at it. Anytime the nation is in trouble they can depend on us to bring them out of it. 8. Politicians are public servants. Respond to this. Skippings: I am a servant of the public. I have been proven. I have been in politics since 1976 and selfservice is not the PDM style and this is not about to change now.

Next week Face to Face will feature Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), Dr. Rufus Ewing


September 15 - 21, 2012


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

I am a winner Dear Editor, Many persons have approached me since losing my bid within the PDM party in seeking the nomination of the party to represent the Leeward constituency or that of an All Island member. I reiterated that I too was disappointed in not being successful, but I assured those persons as I do my people of the Turks and Caicos, that by no means am I going to stop fighting for their rights or the rights of our children. I have always been vocal on all issues affecting the people of this country and the youth through various media outlets, demonstrations, petitions and organisations such as CAPAA and that will not change. Seeking power was not my motivation in vying for candidacy, being able to represent my people in legislative council and on an international level was. Although this was not realised, I will continue to be your voice carrying forth your agenda at all times. I have had many successes during this period of struggle and have fought tirelessly and sometimes

alone against: - T h e suspension of the constitution - T h e placement of a non elected i n t e r i m administration -The media ban on the consultation with Kate Sullivan -The Chalk Sound Property Owners dispute -An election date -The Star Island Project -VAT -Tax increases -The privatization of the Tourist Board -The dismantling of TC Invest -The dismissal of School teachers -Government Redundancies -Equal pay legislation -Labour rights -The sale of the publics interest in the water company -The Fortis monopoly -Unemployment -Non Transparency in the Interim Administration -Trial by Judge alone -The non publication of the National Budget -The TCI Development Strategy

-The 28 storey high rise You my people can rest assured that if the issue concerns you, I will not allow it to bypass me, irrespective of the powers that be. I often say that I am a nationalist. I stand by that. I am not defeated and my light will not be put out because I carry you in my mind, my heart and my prayers daily. You are my concern and you will always be. Having said that I would like to congratulate my colleague on his nomination and I truly wish him every success. I would encourage everyone taking on the role of government to keep the people of the Turks and Caicos at heart, especially the elderly who paved the way and the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. Remember that our lives are in your hands. As for my personal feelings, I am not now or will ever be crushed because I am a born leader and I am a winner. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers along the way. You can trust that it will always he reciprocated. Euwonka Selver, Providenciales

Open letter to the Governor Dear Sir, It is with a great debt of gratitude that I write you, to thank you for holding true to your promise to have the North and Middle Caicos causeway repaired. Being one that was most vocal on delays in this project, I am compelled to write this letter of thanks for your concern, care and commitment to the people of North and Middle Caicos. I would also like to thank you for introducing (as far as I know) the first set of solar powered public road lighting to the TCI as a part of this project. This shows that there is a wealth of innovation coming from you and your team and that you are not afraid to make small but bold steps towards a sustainable future. I cannot continue without thanking Mr. Wesley Clerveaux and the EMS team for their work and dedication to this project thus far, and the work they will have to do to

ensure it is properly executed. You all have done a fine job so far, be encouraged and keep your shoulders to the wheel. I was further delighted to learn that the interim administration has rekindled the idea of ‘No child left behind’ when you reached into the coffers and secured elementary school places for over 60 additional bright minds of the TCI. Thank you for that as well. In recent weeks as local politicians have turned up the rhetoric, it is clear that your administration has stepped up production. Please continue to set the standards of good governance, one project at a time, as we continue to make a clean break from past mistakes and move towards a future driven by ideas and innovation. Kindest regards,

Dear Editor, My name is Jassica Eshun and the offer to become pen pals with people from the Turks and Caicos Islands holds particular interest for me because of the cultural exchange I hope to both benefit from. I am 28-years-old and my hobbies

are music, sports, meeting friends, travelling, cooking and watching movies. My email address is Jasbos@ Yours,

Devon Williams, Providenciales

Pen pals

Jassica Eshun, Ghana

Who are Turks and Caicos Islanders? Dear Editor, I would be most grateful if you would be kind enough to publish this letter for me. What I’m about to say/write will touch many raw nerves, yet what I am addressing here is nothing but cold, stark, progressive reality. In essence, the question presents itself: Who are Turks and Caicos Islanders? My hypothesis will initially earn me many enemies; but, yet, in the final analysis truth and logic will prevail. First trace of civilisation According to the bible’s account of creation, it is undeniable that Africa is the cradle of human existence. The Garden of Eden is/was located between the Rivers Nile, Euphrates,

Havlah etc. That biblical description places the location in Africa. Archaeology confirms that the first trace of civilisation has been unearthed Mesopotamia, Egypt.

The flood The tower of Babel marked the confounding of the known language and forced mankind to branch out throughout the dimensions of the earth.

West Africa (Somalia), Prince Henry the navigator sent an armada of 300 sail ships which did not return to Africa. That was 300 years before Columbus. The first TCIs then are not us socalled indigenous natives, but those Indians whom Columbus met here. The migration of the majority of Turks Islanders Between the Bahamas and the USA there are over 60,000 of our relatives who have no intentions of returning here. On the contrary, there are only about 10,000 indigenous born TCIs here, including myself originated directly from Africa.

Columbus Columbus found Indians in the TCI. These Indians actually came from

Recent census There are about 30,000 Belongers residing here. The rights of a TCI



Belonger are guaranteed within the constitution; once the required age of 18 has been attained. One of the entitlements afforded a Belonger is the right to vote in an election. Another entitlement is that of being elected to serve as a member of the House of Assembly/Parliament.

The constitution The constitution of a country is a sacred document/instrument which informs the citizens and proclaims to the world what is permissible legally in a country. Within the framework of constitution the laws of the land are made. No legal law can contravene or violate the constitution of the country they are applicable to. The constitution cannot be

– Part one

manipulated to please/appease personal agendas but apply equally to all, without fear or favour. Plus, the constitution can always be supported in a court of law. All Belongers are equal under the ambit of the law. The law will enforce its application. Thousands of Belonger statuses were issued at specific given times by both political parties for the purpose of enhancing the chance of the parties being elected to the House of Assembly. They were blinded by the gluttony for power. They did this at the expense of cheapening the road to citizenship in the TCI. Yours truly, Joshua Gardinder, Providenciales

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

September 15 - 21, 2012


Say what?



As a senior, I celebrate many famous sayings, quotes and the lyrics of certain folk songs. The messages they send are true to life and continue to have meaning down through the years. My favorite is from President John Kennedy’s inauguration speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” That statement needs to be permanently posted over the entrance of every government door, worldwide. Sometimes you do not know why people say what

By David Tapfer they do. Are they trying to be silly and just playing a joke. When I read the Devon Williams letter congratulating Governor Todd for issuing the causeway repair contract I giggled all night long.

Now I am not sure what our friend “Dev” was up to. He did take the opportunity to pat “sand man” Wesley on the back. That was not surprising or even interesting. When reading what Ozzie Simons had to say when he announced he was running as an independent candidate we had to pause and wonder. Ozzie promised, if elected, to work on the countries financial woes, health care troubles and education voids. Clearly, the problems he speaks of were the results of his brothers' parties' 6 years of maladministration. Political preference in the TCI often follows along family lines.

I believe that 40 per cent of the population supports one party and 40 per the other. Therefore, the independent 20 per cent who can swing one way or the other decide elections. The last 2007 landslide election swung on only 7 per cent of the popular vote. PNP won 57 per cent to PDM's 43 per cent. If 7 per cent of PNP voters had gone for PDM, the popular vote would have been a 50-50 tie. Stacking the district voter lists however provided a 13 to 2 seat victory. According to the recent election census, a grand total of 450 valid voters in South and Middle Caicos gave us three PNP seats. Interesting is that all three of these Ministers have either been in court or are now in court. I read a saying the other day that applies to politicians here in the TCI: “A clear conscience is a sign of a poor memory.”

Now that I am too senior to get in much trouble, I find myself asking God to forgive my past sins. Sometimes a good memory can be a problem! With both USA and TCI elections only 60 days away, we have no clue as to who will win. I have to fall back on the old favorite folk tune, “the answers my friends are blowing in the wind.” In the USA the polls have the election a dead heat. The incumbent, the polls say, is better liked. However, the pollsters give the challenger better marks for management! In TCI, there are no unslanted polls so we do not have a clue what those 1,400 independent voters are thinking. With the Brits haunting the election process we will not really know until November 10.

Skippings underscores importance of partnership with private sector BY VANESSA NARINE THE People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) met with the Chamber of Commerce on Monday evening and leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings, underscored the importance of partnership. Skippings, deputy leader, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright Robinson and At-Large candidate Mrs. Josephine Connolly met with about 25 of the Chamber’s members, a group that included a small delegation from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). Skippings said, “Unity is important if we are going to go ahead.” In addition to a partnership, he promised to support: • A free market/capitalist system that will operate without hindrance and with the full support of the PDM; • Policies that will be investor friendly to encourage both inward investment and local investors; • Zero tolerance on corruption; • An anti-VAT position; • Diversification of the economy as a necessity to expand the country’s main economic earner; • A push for green energy; • Greater use of information technology; and • An expanded economy that recognises the role and contribution of expats. BECOME PART OF PROCESS The PDM leader, who has been criticised in the past for his antiexpat disposition, urged that expats become part of the political process in the Turks and Caicos Islands. “If we are going to progress at the rate we want then we must respect each other…the PDM will embrace

all races, nationalities and creeds,” he said. Skippings said the country has come of age and the PDM is looking for advances that will reflect the same. “If we are to be competitive we have to make changes… the antiquated ways of the past must go,” he said. He added that he has benefited from the both the positive and negative experiences that have helped him grow and mature. The PDM leader said his experiences have taught him the value of partnership and given him an appreciation for diverse cultures and opinions, as well as how to disagree without being disagreeable. He noted advancing civil engagements that lead to amicable resolutions, democracy in other words, will help move the country forward. “We are all stakeholders at the end of the day,” Skippings said. According to him, the advance of TCI depends on the cooperation of all stakeholders. Skippings said, “We need all hands on deck…we expect to work with you…we do not want it and will not have it any other way.” He made it clear that moving forward together the people of the TCI will be returned to the quality of life they enjoyed, the prosperity and liberty that the PDM had advanced in its terms as government. “We value your ideas,” Skippings said. The PDM leader stressed that his party’s vision is for a first world success in a country that can be and stay on the cutting edge. Skippings stressed that the private sector in any country is the engine of growth and his party will forge

The PDM team at the Chamber of Commerce, from left, Mrs. Josephine Connolly, leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings and deputy leader, Mrs.Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson

polices that will ensure that the government succeeds in its economic obligations, while the private sector operates at a profit. He noted that there is much to be done in providing opportunities so that more people can become entrepreneurs to contribute to the economic and social development of the TCI. As an example, the PDM leader pointed to the goal of affordable housing as an area the party is looking to tackle, and stated that his party will put local contractors back to work and in the long-term improve both the economic and social situation in the TCI. ASSURANCE One member of the Chamber of Commerce quipped that Skippings was trying to boil the ocean. He noted that what was missing was the input of the people, to have a plan endorsed by the people. The PDM leader assured the members that the party’s outreaches have been organised to serve that purposes. He explained that the people have

expressed their views on what they would like to see, the future way – views that are reflected in the PDM’s manifesto, which Skippings said will be made public soon. Another member raised the question of the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP). Skippings pledged that the NHIP will be scrapped and assured that the party is looking at the most suitable health care system for the TCI, one will ensure that people get value for money. On the note of making changes, another member questioned how these changes would be made, in light of many policies that have been passed into law by the interim administration. The PDM leader stated that his party has been in engagement with the Governor and the Permanent Secretaries of the five ministries and has made clear their objections to polices like the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill, among others. However, Skippings acknowledged that many of these laws are safeguards given the maladministration of the previous

government. That said, he stressed that these are not safeguards that the PDM needs, since it has proven itself to be government that can manage the country’s assets and deliver where the people need them too. Access to venture capital for entrepreneurs was another query raised by another member and Skippings stated that the PDM is looking to establish an initiative that will see government working with a financial institution to provide low interest funding to entrepreneurs. When asked about shortterm stimulation of the economy, Skippings said that the PDM will open its doors to investors from day one. He added that the PDM already has investors with projects that have been approved by the Planning Board, but are awaiting a change in government. Another member raised the question of the cost of doing business in the TCI. Skippings stated that the TCI is pricing itself out of certain markets. “We have a plan to bring down the cost of living,” the PDM leader said. Deputy leader, Mrs.Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, noted that the party is also looking at cutting down the amount of red tape that deters investors. She added that the work of the PDM will have to be reversing some policies, while at the same time delivering on their promises to the people. Cartwright Robinson maintained that the PDM has the calibre of people to do the job. The PDM team concurred that the party will be aggressive in the pursuit of responsible and mature governance.



September 15 - 21, 2012

PDM constituency and At-Large candidates make bid for Provo’s support BY VANESSA NARINE THE People’s Democratic Movement’s (PDM) six constituency candidates for Provo and the party’s five At-Large candidates made their first bid for support as a team last Thursday, addressing about 300 people. Thursday night’s rally was the PDM’s first, since announcing their full slate of candidates earlier this month. The candidates touched on pressing issues in their constituencies and some outlined plans for their areas. RESTORATION Constituency candidates for Leeward, Mr. Ezra Taylor, stressed the note of restoration for the TCI, pointing out that restoration will not be easy. “We cannot achieve our objectives without you,” he said. According to him, the lessons learnt during the years under the interim administration’s rule were that the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) needs: a government that it can trust, an inclusive government, to protect its resources and leaders that accept spiritual advice. Taylor said, “The PNP tried and failed miserably.” He maintained that the solution is clear, the solution is the election of a PDM government. The Leeward candidate said, “This will not be a sprint, but a marathon, one that the PDM will finish.”

A cross section of the crowd at Thursday night’s rally

Mr. Isaac Oral Selver, for Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, underscored the need for restoration. He said, “We are hearing the cries of our people and we are working together to serve the people of TCI… the PDM will change the dynamics of this country.” NOT FOR SALE Mr. Sonny Forbes, representing the Bight, stressed that the TCI is not for sale. He pointed out that the former PNP administration sold off TCI’s assets. “There are buyers still waiting for a price…in November 9 we will tell them that the Turks and Caicos Islands is nor for sale,” Forbes stressed. The constituency candidate

maintained that a PDM government will change the course that the PNP and the British have charged for the TCI and lead the nation in the right direction. He made it clear that the TCI needs honest leaders who are not greedy and cannot be bought – leaders with integrity and vision. On that note, Forbes stated that his plans for the Bight included support for local entrepreneurs, road works and the construction of recreational facilities, among others. IT WASN’T BROKE Mr. Goldray Ewing, representing Blue Hills, called the PDM’s campaign “a campaign to launch a rescue mission”. According to him, the PDM had brought the TCI to a place of

progress and prosperity during its last administration. Ewing pointed out that the people voted the PDM out of office based on the PNP’s promises and the result is a TCI that is worse off. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke,” he quipped. Ewing called on supporters to ensure they do not make the mistake he said they made last time at the polls. “Change is coming,” he assured. The Blue Hills representative took a swing at the leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Harold Charles, saying, “The bigger they come the harder they will fall.” According to him, the PDM has plans for major redevelopment of Blue Hills. Mr. Sean Astwood, representing Five Cays, reiterated similar sentiments, adding that this election is not a fight for a prize; rather it is a fight for TCI’s future. He called on supporters not be sidetracked, but to remain strong in their convictions for progress in the country and support the PDM by becoming real stakeholders in the development of the TCI. “The PDM is a belief system we subscribe to…make the right decision and we will look at decades of prosperity. “If not we will be looking back to say that we missed our opportunity to get it right.” Wheeland and West Caicos’ representative, Mr. Delroy Williams, reiterated the fact that PDM has a record of proven leadership. “Change will come, but it will only come under a PDM administration,” he said. BEST TEAM The five At-Large candidates concurred that the PDM has the best team going into the November 9 elections. PDM’s deputy leader, Mrs. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, said, “The road going forward will call for all Turks and Caicos Islanders to play their part in restoring TCI. “It is not a mission impossible. We have done it before and we can do it again. “This team is the best team you

will find. We are not arrogant but confident that we have what it takes to address the challenges that we face as a country now. “This period calls for experience. We have two former Chief Ministers and a former Deputy Chief Minister with their own success records… HonorableHarvey is the people’s person and one of our high achievers in public works and infrastructure. “We have ideas from those who knows how to make money and be successful at it - Josephine brings that and more. “Our Magnificent Ten and especially our six here tonight bring all the skills we need for the road ahead; strong management, strong and visionary leadership, farmers, major players in the hospitality industry, strong government and civil service experience, lovers of youth and sports. “We got it all on board this train and we are not going recklessly full speed ahead but steady as she goes with passion, commitment and with great responsibility. “We need you to go to the polls and vote for a government that has proven that they can lead in difficult times – vote a government that you can trust.” PDM leader, Mr. Oswald Skippings added that the turnout at Thursday’s rally is indicative that the people are ready for the PDM to take them in “the right direction”. He said, “I reflected on where the PDM brought this country to and what the PNP and the British had systematically destroyed…our very lives have been altered in such a disastrous way that we no longer feel welcome in our country...this has got to change, time is of the essence.” Skippings stressed that the TCI has been set back at least 20 years. “We have assembled a team of men and women who will work to right the wrongs…the PDMis the right direction,” the PDM leader said. Member of the party’s young democrats, Mr. Maxovanna Thomas, gave an impassioned speech that urged supporters to embrace “proven leadership” by voting for the PDM. He pointed out that the interim administration has changed the way that Turks Islanders live and the PNP has left behind a tainted legacy. “The PNP wants one more time to wine and dine, to wind up our debts and then Rufus will resign,” Thomas quipped. The young democrat stressed that the way forward demands changes – bold changes that the PDM is prepared to make, so that the legacy left for future generations is one they can be proud to inherit. “The PDM will work hard,” he posited. Over the weekend, the party also campaigned in South Caicos on Friday and Middle and North Caicos on Saturday. The PDM is expected to be in Salt Cay and Grand Turk on Friday.

September 15 - 21, 2012



PPP leader put on defensive on Expressions show BY VANESSA NARINE PEOPLE’S Progressive Party (PPP) leader, Mr. Harold Charles, was put on the defensive on the popular radio show Expressions. Deputy leader, Mr. Zhavago Jolly, and party member, Dr. Edward Smith, joined Charles on Wednesday’s show. Callers lashed out at the fact that Charles was born in Haiti, even as the PPP leader staunchly defended being a Turks and Caicos Islander who has been living here for the past 39 years and has contributed to the country. One caller made no bones about stating clearly that TCI needs Turks and Caicos Islanders as their leaders not Haitians. HAITIAN ROOTS Another called for the laws of the land to state clearly that only persons born in the TCI can run for public office. To that, the PPP leader pointed out that children of Haitians living in the TCI legally would be eligible, in an attempt to debunk criticisms about his Haitian roots. Charles pointed out too that many children in the Turks and Caicos Islands are born either in the Bahamas or in the Unites States of America and such a prejudiced law would prevent them from running for office. He added that racism and segregation will not serve the TCI well. Charles urged Islanders to step away from the negatives of division. According to him, TCI is too small of a country to be able to afford such division among a population of less than 40,000 people. He stressed that he is a Turks and Caicos Islander and his allegiance is to the TCI.

Charles played the family card when he questioned the impact of such criticisms on his children. One caller questioned whether Charles acted as an ambassador for Haiti, before deciding to run for office in the TCI, adding that Charles might be of more use in his native country. The PPP leader cleared the misconception that he ever held any ambassadorial post. He acknowledged that he was offered the post, but it was one that he declined. Charles added that the only position he holds in Haiti is that of a member of an advisory board that supports the Haitian President and is made up of several influential persons from across the world. Another called charged that the PPP leader encouraged the presence of illegal immigrants in the TCI to create business for himself as owner of air carrier Sky King, which was used to deport illegals. Charles rubbished this comment, adding that the comment was unfounded. “We have to grow up and be more mature and face the problems we have,” he said. The PPP’s deputy leader added that the party has taken a proactive approach to dealing with illegal immigrants. Jolly stated that the party has met with the Haitian Ambassador in the Bahamas and the Haitian Foreign Minister to ascertain what steps can be taken by the Haitian government to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. When another caller asked how Charles would deal with the illegal immigrants, he said a PPP administration would empower law enforcement to enforce the law illegals must be sent back to their home country.

SHOW OF SUPPORT However, not all was lost, as a few callers expressed their support for Charles’ decision to run as leader of the PPP in the upcoming elections. One woman, who said she was proud to be half-Haitian, underscored the fact that Charles has been in the country for decades and supported the Turks Islanders during that time.

Another caller, added that as a Turks Islander, his two children were born in America, but have been living in the TCI all of their lives. On that note, the caller urged locals to give Charles and the new party a chance, rather than bash a fellow Islander. Another supporter stated that Charles has proven himself as a successful businessperson whose employment record was 80 per cent Turks Islanders. He added that he sees the PPP as not only a plan, but a movement. “Turks Islanders need to stop being silly on radio,” he posited. Charles was appreciative of the support and assured the listening audience that the doors of the party’s office will be open to engage the public. MISSED OPPORTUNITY The deputy leader in his closing comments noted that he was

“unhappy and concerned” about the content of the majority of the comments made. According to him, it was a missed opportunity, since the team came prepared to address “hard questions” on current issues. Jolly maintained that the status of an individual should not affect the change that the PPP envisions. He pointed out that the PPP team is one that is willing to make the sacrifice of civil service. Dr. Smith, adding his bit, said the PPP will place TCI on the map. Charles ended the session by pointing that despite having travelled around the world, the TCI is home and his decision to enter the political arena is based on wanting to give back to the country that helped his prosper. “I want to serve the people,” the PPP leader stressed. He added that the party’s slate of candidates will be announced soon.

Harold Charles denies any link to Lord Ashcroft BY VANESSA NARINE LEADER of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), Mr. Oswald Skippings, last Thursday, charged that leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Mr. Harold Charles is being backed by embattled billionaire Conservative peer Lord Michael Ashcroft. The PPP leader rubbished the Ashcroft link when the Weekly News spoke to him on Monday. He said, “Linking me to Ashcroft is absolute rubbish. I do not know when the last time I spoke to anyone from Ashcroft. “I have a king behind me that is

the almighty God and my team and the people who support my vision. This is all I have or all I need. “There have been no donations from Ashcroft.” LOAN TO OWN SCHEME Speaking at the party’s Providenciales rally, Skippings said, “Those who persist, who are buying out our airport, who have ended up owing everything with their loan to own scheme, who have engineered this corruption from England and who have now pledged support to Mr. Harold Charles. “I want you to know what you are up against in this election.

“God had broken the PNP stronghold on TCI…this is only half the struggle, the other half is one man called Ashcroft… his hold can only broken by you the people on November 9.” Skippings added that Ashcroft’s attempt to control the Turks and Caicos Islands has not stopped with the Progressive National Party (PNP) out of power; rather it has been elevated by the interim administration. He said, “The PPP is the tool to make it [Ashcroft’s control] happen.” The PDM leader warned supporters that the TCI is “hogtied and being sold out” under their noses. “This is war,” Skippings posited.

LIME gives students a reason to smile, getting back to school EDUCATION is a cornerstone to the focus of LIME Turks and Caicos Islands and the company continues to invest in this vital area for the country’s growth. Team members from LIME, last week, were able to visit the islands of North Caicos and South Caicos with some token for students going back to school. Students in Middle Caicos and Salt Cay also received items from the LIME event. Students from Grand Turk and Providenciales visited the LIME office to collect their “Back to School” goodies and the boys got an opportunity to receive a free haircut in most locations. Mr Drexwell Seymour, General Manager of LIME TCI said, “LIME wanted to be present as students began a new school year

to encourage them to do well and to give an incentive as they commenced a new year. “Everybody understands that these are challenging economic times and LIME wanted to make a tangible contribution to assist parents. LIME provided haircuts for the boys. That means that some parents were able to save on that cost to use those funds elsewhere for their children.” Some of the Primary School Principals echoed similar words of thanks to LIME for not only thinking about the students but allowing staff members to be present on the island to distribute the goodies. Mrs. Commencita Morley said, “We would like to thank LIME for coming to Hubert James Primary

LIME at Hubert James Primary School - North Caicos

and we look forward to continuing a great working relationship.” Mrs. Linda Walkin from Adelaide Oemler said, “I am happy that LIME did not forget us and we thank you for your presence and the tokens as the school embarks on another year. “We are appreciative and we would also like to thank LIME for

being in South Caicos to share with the students,” said Mrs. Earleen Elliott from the Iris Stubbs Primary School said. LIME’s Marketing Manager, Ms. Rachel Harvey, said, “The company cannot lose when investment is made in the lives of the children and young people of our nation. Seeing the smiles on

the faces of the little ones made the venture special and once the kids are happy, that settles it all. “Oftentimes the little things might be taken for granted but Team LIME wanted to be present to say “we care and we will support you as best as we can” as the students and teachers get ready for the 2012/2013 school year.”

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September 15 - 21, 2012

fitness Tip 

Seven tips tostay motivated and committed With the overwhelming options of diet and exercise programs on the market, which one will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time? Is it personal training sessions at the gym, Zumba classes or some other programme. The answer: It is up to you! The real question is: How will you stay motivated and committed to your workouts? The biggest task is showing up six times a week to put in the work. This is usually tougher than the exercise itself. Between long hours on the job, school, spouse and parenting responsibilities, time will always be an issue when it comes to exercise. Being “On the go” doesn’t help when it comes to sticking to your diet plan either.

Cantaloupe Frenzy

By Jon Pere

Beachbody coach

Scheduling your workouts is the first step to making your goals a reality. Whether you have to wake up an hour earlier, stay up later or hit the gym during lunch, book the time and make the appointment. Once you have managed the time for yourself to exercise, the battle is halfway over. The next challenge is to stay focused and engaged for the duration. Seven Tips to Stay Motivated & Committed to Your Workouts: 1. Know Your “Why” - Establish your reason for exercising. Are medical conditions pressuring you to change? Is it for your spouse or to be able to interact with your children? Does it make you feel happy and relieves stress? Whatever your reason, know it well. This is what “Drives” you and will get you through the days you may not feel like going to the gym. Determination is everything! 2. Write Down Your Goals - There is a Huge difference between writing down your goals and

having an idea in your head. When you build a house, do you wing it from an image in your mind or do you follow a set of plans? Writing down your short/ mid/long term goals, with a plan to get there in “X” amount of days, is your blueprint to success! Your workout appointments on your calendar will become your plan of attack. Record your progress weekly to stay on tract. The weight scale and measuring tape will be your best friends. 3. Believe In Your Regimen Consistency and Intensity are key to seeing results. Is your workout regimen pushing you hard enough? Do you have enough (Or any) resistance training included? Enough cardio? A good regimen will have the perfect blend of both resistance and cardio training. Find a program that you believe in and that will push you slightly out of your comfort zone. If you’re not sweating in the first 15 minutes, either you are not pushing yourself hard enough or you may consider a more intense regimen. 4. Have a Success Partner - Find a friend who is on a similar journey to share your success and progress with. You can keep each

other motivated and accountable. This is a great tool to staying committed. When people begin to notice your transformation and compliment you, cherish it. You earned it! This will become your fuel to drive and push harder. 5. Envision the Body You’re Sculpting - Have a concrete image of the body you are trying to achieve. Whenyou are tempted to over indulge, ask yourself; Will this keep me aligned with the body I’m sculpting? Is this piece of Cheese cake worth throwing away the three hours I spent in the gym this week? Go as far as pasting you head on another picture. Keep this image in mind to drive you. This is your purpose of putting in the work. This will be the “New You” when you reach your goal! 6. Conquer Your Journey Through Nutrition - Proper nutrition is the basis of good health. No matter how hard or frequently you exercise, it all comes back to your eating habits. What you are eating, when and how often are all as equally important. Understanding how your metabolism functions

and keeping it fueled can be the difference between burning fat and storing it. 7. Get Past the First 3 Weeks - It’s not just the physical aspect that causes so many people to fall off the wagon, it’s mentally as well. Staying with your regimen the first three weeks is the magic threshold to condition your mind. You will have formed a new habit and the rest of your journey will be down hill!

fiber, potassium, magnesium, calories, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamins B1, B3, B5, and B6. Cantaloupe is beneficial in tackling obesity, constipation, abdominal, stomach gas, disorders of the kidneys and bladder, fever, high blood pressure and arthritis.

As always, I give honour to the King of kings for his Extended Grace. This week I leave you with words from Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.”

(Jon Perez is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. In 2010, at age 34, Perez’s weight began causing serious health problems. He was hospitalized with a trial fibrillation— an abnormal heart rhythm—and diagnosed with fatty liver disease. His doctor warned him that without a drastic change in lifestyle, he faced a stroke or early death. Now he continues sharing his enthusiasm for fitness, both formally as a coach for Team Beachbody (the developer of P90X and other fitness programs) and informally through example and words of encouragement to those surrounding him.)

health Tip 

A cantaloupe smoothie!! Perfect for those hot summer days or an after school snack to cool down with! Ingredients • 1 cantaloupe - peeled, seeded and cubed • 3 tablespoons white sugar, or to taste • 2 cups ice cubes Directions 1. Place cantaloupe cubes and ice into the container of a blender. Process until the ice is in small pieces. Add sugar, and puree. Pour into tall glasses and serve immediately. (Nutritional Information: Amount Per Serving Calories: 111 | Total Fat: 0.3g | Cholesterol: 0mg)

Curious about cantaloupe? Wonderfully delicious and unique flavored cantaloupe or ‘muskmelon’ is thought to have originated in either India or ancient Persia or Africa. According to research, they grow best on draining sandy soil with good irrigation facility, and require honeybees for effective pollination. When cantaloupe is raised in proper lighting, watering, and feeding conditions cantaloupes can mature in as little time as 80 days to about 12 weeks. This fruit is one of the staples, in the garden, on the farm, on produce

By Phillip Simmons stands, on fruit platters, and in supermarkets. The most popular variety seen is the "Earlisweet". Cantaloupe which is called the 'wonder fruit' is highly concentrated with excellent levels of folic acid, dietary

September 15 - 21, 2012

Lifestyle... GARDENING 



How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

A popular plant in landscapes is Ixora, an ever-blooming shrub that is often unknown to recent residents. Ixora is closely related to the exotic Gardenia. Despite its common use in the Islands, this evergreen shrub is a native to southern Asia. The glossy leaves grow across the stems from each other, have a strong midrib that ends in a slight point and have very short leafstalks (petioles). Full sun allows Ixora to produce the maximum numbers of flower clusters. However, this shrub can tolerate partial shade. It is tolerant to moderate levels of salts in the irrigation water, but plant it away from direct ocean breezes. Ixora shrubs are best adapted to well-drained soils that are slightly acidic. In our soils, they develop iron and manganese deficiencies, which will appear as yellowed areas between the green veins. Severely neglected Ixora have almost pure yellow leaves. Temporary relief from these PH induced deficiencies can be treated by applying chelated iron fertilizers. Better results occur when the plant is placed in acidic soils or if copious amounts of organic materials and mulch are added to the planting area. Special acid fertilizers with minor elements made especially for Azaleas, Gardenias and Ixora are recommended if your soil pH is high. Few pests bother Ixora. If scales and aphids are allowed to build up, black sooty mold will appear on the leaves. Insecticidal soaps can take care of both of these concerns. Occasional nematode damage is reported, and generous use of organic mulches will also reduce the injury from these microscopic soil pests. Ixora are commonly used as foundation plantings and respond well to shearing. Sides of hedges


BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

should be tapered to allow light to reach the lower branches. If unpruned, Ixora can reach to twelve feet in height, and would work well as a screening plant. The red, orange, yellow or pink colored flowers are what makes Ixora a popular landscape plant. Flowers grow in clusters on the ends of stems and appear almost any time of year, but especially in summer. A single flower cluster can last for 6 to eight weeks. Maui is a bright red-orange variety that produces a medium size shrub with medium size foliage. Nora Grant is a dark pink blooming variety with a habit similar to Maui. J.G. Yellow produces butter yellow blooms on a shorter, compact shrub. Superking is a large growing variety often growing to 5-6 feet tall with large, glossy leaves and large dark red blooms. This is a striking variety. Dwarf ixora come in red, yellow, pink and orange. They are ultracompact, often growing to no more than 10 to 12 inches. They bloom in great profusion, but are slow to re-bloom. If space is a problem, try

these compact tropical jewels. Occasionally the flowers will produce a round berry that matures to a purple black color. They are described as edible, but not very palatable, and can contain seed which is rarely used for growing new plants. The preferred way to grow new Ixora is by stem cuttings, which assures that the desired characteristics will occur on new plants. While other landscape plants have higher maintenance, the Ixora requires little extra care. Regular maintenance includes adding a thick layer of NON-cypress mulch, and monitoring for aphids and scales. If black sooty mold appears, use an insecticidal soap to keep the pest levels manageable. Minimal irrigation is required, but periodic fertilizers are applied. Gardening news: Care to share your gardening thoughts, insights, triumphs, disappointments or photos with your fellow gardening enthusiast? I invite you to now join the new active discussions gardening forum specially created for the Turks and Caicos gardeners. Please come share your comments and thoughts at tcigardening.

Cholesterol focus The month of September has many nutritionally related observances; last week we observed Healthy Aging and this week we will be observing National Cholesterol Education Month. Having higher than normal cholesterol levels is a problem that affects many persons; however, many of those affected have no idea that they have a problem. Therefore, it is important to have regular check ups. What is cholesterol and why is it important? Cholesterol is a waxy like substance that is made in the liver and found only in animal products such as meats, dairy products and eggs. Cholesterol is important to the body for various functions: it is responsible for making Vitamin D, hormones and bile salts which helps in the digestion of fats. The typical diet today has more than enough cholesterol and this is where the problem begins. While cholesterol alone may not cause heart disease, having higher than normal levels is definitely a risk factor for developing heart disease later in life. Cholesterol is deposited or laid down in the arteries and over time can cause the arteries to become stiff and narrow. The narrowing of the arteries can lead to heart problems because the blood flow to the heart is reduced. Are all cholesterol created equal? No. You may have heard of the “good cholesterol” and the “bad cholesterol”. These names refer to the types of cholesterol. The Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) or “bad cholesterol” is the main source of cholesterol buildup in the arteries. The higher the LDL, the higher the risk of heart disease; so, we should aim to keep our LDL below 100mg/dL. On the other hand, the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or “good cholesterol” helps the body get rid of some of the cholesterol in the body by removing it from the blood and taking it back to the liver where it is processed for excretion. Expert organizations such as the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recommends having HDL levels of 60mg/dL or higher. The NHLBI also recommends having a total cholesterol level of below 200mg/dL. It is important to know your numbers, so ask your doctor for a simple blood test. ‘Like’ my page, ACCU Medical Nutrition—Nutrition in Demand, on Facebook and receive up to date nutrition information.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


September 15 - 21, 2012


this week

Friday, September 14 to Thursday, September 18 Friday, September 14

 World Travel Awards (WTA) hosted at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa. For more info about WTA’s Caribbean & The Americas Ceremony 2012 visit:www. caribamericas2012

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday

 Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 4426349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, September 15  The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the

organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm.

Graceway IGA donated more than 600 packages of fruit to the ECPS and also sent some more to primary schools in North and South Caicos. Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Tuesday, September 18  The Secret is Out! - pass it on to your friends and family - in support of the Youth Enterprise - every Tuesday night are having ‘All U Can Eat Spaghetti Night’ at HorseEye Jacks.

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email for a free listing.

IGA contributes to Caribbean Wellness Week activity “ONE way we can live healthy lifestyles is by eating healthy foods.” This is what Enid Capron Primary School (ECPS) principal, Rachel Taylor, told students as they received fruits from Graceway IGA on Wednesday, in observance of Caribbean Wellness Week (CWW). ‘Bring a fruit to school or work’ was one of the highlights of the Ministry of Health and Education’s week of activities throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). TCI joined the rest of the CARICOM region and Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) in organising activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and Taylor seized the opportunity

to teach the children about good nutrition and healthy eating. She said, “This is a good way to start the new academic year reminding us about the importance of eating healthy … [fruit] is what should be in our bags when we come to school, along with a nutritious meal.” Graceway IGA donated more than 600 packages of fruit to the ECPS and also sent some more to primary schools in North and South Caicos. Produce manager of Graceway IGA, Uroy Willliams, said they were happy to give back to the community, especially in a way to promote heath. CWW in TCI commenced

on September 8 and this year’s activities are celebrated under the international theme, ‘Love that body: building the foundation for healthy lifestyles’. Its objective is to promote activities that will encourage and sustain healthy and wellness by drawing attention to the lifestyles related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity in the region. It also looks at ways to modify risk factors and promote prevention of such non-communicable diseases. Caribbean Wellness Day was introduced in 2008 to draw attention to the high levels of life-style related diseases in the region. (KH)

Fuel reduction for September FORTISTCI, on Wednesday, announced that customers will see a reduction in the fuel factor rate in their September bills. According to a press statement from the power company, electricity customers on Providenciales, Pine Cay, North and Middle Caicos can expect to see another decline from previous months in the fuel factor listed The fuel factor for August that will be reflected on customers’ September bills, is $0.2116, representing a 19 per cent decline in the fuel factor this year and a 10 per cent decline from July’s fuel factor of $0.2353. Vice President of Customer and Corporate Services, Mr. Allan Robinson, said, “The primary factor causing current international fuel price volatility is concerns over

potential supply interruption of crude oil from Iran. “Given the unpredictability in global oil markets, it is important that our customers continue practicing energy conservation and ensure that the electricity supply connections at their premises are properly grounded. “The single most effective way that customers can lower their energy bills is by actively managing the energy consumption in their homes and businesses.” The Fuel Factor is calculated based on the cost of fuel used to generate electricity by the Company and is reviewed and approved by the Electricity Commissioner each month before being implemented. The statement noted that FortisTCI works with its fuel supplier to ensure

that the company is getting the best possible price and any reduction in that price is passed on to consumers as quickly as possible. World fuel costs started to trend downwards around May 2012, but because of the relatively long supply-chain in the delivery of fuel to the Turks and Caicos Islands, it took approximately three months before the price reductions began to be reflected in prices from the Company’s fuel supplier. FortisTCI maintains that it continuously assesses the economic and technical feasibility of other sources of energy, including renewable forms of energy like wind and solar. Diesel fuel remains the most economical platform for energy production in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

September 15 - 21, 2012




Michael Jackson insurance claim dropped An internal investigation has cleared two white Atlanta police officers of racially profiling director/actor Tyler Perry.

Atlanta police clear white officers of profiling in Tyler Perry case TWO white Atlanta police officers who pulled over and questioned entertainment mogul Tyler Perry have been exonerated of racial profiling by an internal investigation, according to documents released Tuesday. Just after noon on February 24, Perry left his studio in southwest Atlanta alone in a white Porsche Panamera. As the actor and director later explained in a lengthy Facebook post, Perry made an illegal left turn to make sure he wasn’t being followed. Two Atlanta police officers in a patrol car pulled Perry over and questioned him for about six minutes before letting him go without issuing a ticket. Perry described the incident as “hostile” and that he felt unsafe.

One of the officers continued to “badger him” during questioning, the entertainer said. After a four-month investigation, an internal affairs officer reported, “I would submit the evidence shows the actions of both officers with the regard to the traffic stop of Mr. Perry were justified, lawful and proper.” A representative for Perry said he was unavailable. “Tyler Perry is out of the country and unable to comment at this time,” said spokeswoman Keleigh Thomas. The report said the officers were working for the auto theft task force and one thought Perry’s $110,000 sports car was similar to one on a list of stolen cars. The officer said that as he turned around Perry made the illegal turn.

MICHAEL Jackson’s former concert promoter AEG Live is withdrawing a $17.5m (£10.9m) insurance claim over the singer’s cancelled comeback gigs. AEG had filed the claim against insurer Lloyd’s of London for its concert-related losses in 2009. However, the insurance company sought to nullify the policy, saying AEG made false claims about Jackson’s health. A lawyer for AEG said the company dropped the claim because it had been reimbursed by the singer’s estate. The move comes a week after the publication of leaked internal emails from the concert promoters which saw them voice concerns over the 50-year-old’s stability and health. In one email, sent the day the singer appeared in London to announce his This Is It shows, AEG chief executive Randy Phillips described the singer as “locked in his room drunk and despondent”. The company’s lawyer Marvin

Jackson died in June 2009 from an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol.

Putnam said the decision to withdraw the insurance claim had “nothing to do with the recent leak”. Lawyers said they suspected the emails were leaked from material shared between the two sides in a

The famed actor says that a downturn in the economy has changed things in the movie industry.

Sir Paul gave the thumbs up after receiving the award.

Sir Paul McCartney receives France’s Legion of Honour SIR Paul McCartney has been given France’s highest award, the Legion of Honour, for services to music. The former Beatle was decorated by President Francois Hollande during a ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris. As an officer of the Legion of Honour, Sir Paul joins such cultural icons as actor Clint Eastwood and singers Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli. In his native Britain, he was knighted by the Queen in 1997 earning the title Sir. Sir Paul said afterwards: “It is such an honour to be awarded this.”

He recently performed to a global audience at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Legion of Honour was created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, and comes in five grades Knight, Officer, Commander, Grand Officer and Grand Cross. Sir Paul, 70, has enjoyed a long and successful music career after rising to fame with The Beatles. He and bandmate John Lennon penned such hits as Yesterday, Hey Jude and A Hard Day’s Night, before the Beatles split up in 1970. McCartney went on to forge a solo career. (BBC)

Brad Pitt says big Hollywood salaries ‘don’t work now’ BRAD Pitt says the days of actors getting multi-million dollar salaries are over. “Yeah, that thing died,” Pitt laughed when asked if it was possible for stars to still command a price tag upwards of $10m (£6.2m) per movie. “That arithmetic doesn’t really work right now... that deal’s not flying these days.” Pitt has been a familiar fixture on lists detailing the highest paid actors. The most recent Forbes list for 2012 was topped by Tom Cruise, with an estimated yearly salary of $75m (£47m). Meanwhile Pitt is thought to have earned $25m (£16m). As for what state Hollywood is in, in general, Brad Pitt concedes: “It’s a really interesting time.

“A lot of the studios have been challenged because of the economic downturn as well so they’ve been betting on bigger, more tent pole kinds of things. “At the same time that opens up a vacuum for really interesting new film makers to come in.” So-called ‘tent pole’ films take the biggest budgets but their profits are expected to prop up other movies for the major studios. Brad Pitt’s acting work over the past few years has ranged from the Oscar nominated Moneyball, to the children’s animation Happy Feet 2 and most recently the crime thriller Killing Them Softly. “You take the roles for the roles,” Pitt says, “and you’ve just got to balance economics like everyone does.”

separate legal case between AEG and Jackson’s mother, Katherine. Mrs Jackson has accused the promoters of pressuring the singer to carry on with the sold-out comeback shows despite indications he was too weak. “We are standing by AEG’s lawyers comments that the withdrawal of the claim was not related to the leaked emails,” Paul Schriffer, a lawyer for Lloyd’s of London said. “In exchange for AEG withdrawing its insurance claim, underwriters agreed to dismiss AEG from the case and to waive any costs recoverable from AEG.” Michael Jackson died on 25 June, 2009 from an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol. Last November his personal physician, Conrad Murray, was convicted of his involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in jail. (BBC)

Chris Brown says that the tattoo is not a representation of Rihanna.

Chris Brown denies controversial tattoo is of Rihanna A TATTOO of a skull on Chris Brown’s neck is not his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, a spokesperson for the singer has said. There had been outcry online over the design’s similarity to pictures of a beaten Rihanna in 2009. Brown’s representative told US site TMZ the design was “not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported.” He pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to five years probation after attacking Rihanna in 2009. The R&B singer, who was 19 at the time of the attack, also had to complete community service and domestic violence counselling.


Regional News


September 15 - 21, 2012

Caribbean coral reefs vanish CARIBBEAN coral reefs — which make up one of the world’s most colourful, vivid and productive ecosystems — are on the verge of collapse, with less than 10 per cent of the reef area showing live coral cover. With so little growth left, the reefs are in danger of utter devastation unless urgent action is taken, conservationists warned. They said the drastic loss was the result of severe environmental problems, including over-exploitation, pollution from agricultural runoff and other sources, and climate change. The decline of the reefs has been rapid: in the 1970s, more than 50 per cent showed live coral cover, compared with 8 per cent in the newly completed survey. The scientists who carried it out warned there was no sign of the rate of coral death slowing. Coral reefs are a particularly valuable part of the marine ecosystem because they act as nurseries for younger fish, providing food sources and protection from predators until the fish have grown large enough to fend better for themselves. They are also a source of revenue from tourism and leisure. Carl Gustaf Lundin, director of the global marine and polar programme at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which published the research, said: “The major causes

Less than 10 percent of the Caribbean’s coral reefs are showing live coral cover.

of coral decline are well known and include overfishing, pollution, disease and bleaching caused by rising temperatures resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. Looking forward, there is an urgent need to immediately and drastically reduce all human impacts [in the area] if coral reefs and the vitally important fisheries that depend on them are to survive in the decades to come.” Warnings over the poor state of the world’s coral reefs have become more frequent in the past decades as pollution, increasing pressure on fish stocks, and the effects of global warming on the marine environment — in the form of higher sea

temperatures and slightly elevated levels of acidity in the ocean — have taken their toll. Last year, scientists estimated that 75 per cent of the Caribbean’s coral reefs were in danger, along with 95 per cent of those in south-east Asia. That research, from the World Resources Institute, predicted that by 2050 virtually all of the world’s coral reefs would be in danger. This decline is likely to have severe impacts on coastal villages, particularly in developing countries, where many people depend on the reefs for fishing and tourism. Globally, about 275 million people live within 30 kilometres of a reef.

Minnis: Nassau ‘gone funky’ under the PLP THROUGHOUT New Providence, garbage bins and roadsides are clogged with uncollected and overflowing piles of garbage, FNM leader Dr Hubert Minnis said. As the trash continues to pile up and create a health hazard, he said it seems a state of paralysis has gripped the Department of Environmental Health in the Bahamas. Dr Minnis said: “The piles of garbage harbour rodents and other disease carrying vectors, such as mosquitoes, and contribute to an unfavourable image of filth and decay in our urban centres. “Once again, under the PLP, it seems that Nassau has gone funky; roadside verges are largely unmaintained; pot-holes are un-filled, and drains and gutters are clogged with dirt. He noted that the PLP budgeted $16 million for Urban Renewal 2.0, and have knocked down “a few, allegedly, abandoned buildings”. But, the FNM leader said, the government has also gutted the Budget of the Department of Environmental Health Services by assigning all contracts from that department to the over-burdened Ministry of Public Works. “In an effort to strip all known

FNM leader Dr. Hubert Minnis says that throughout New Providence garbage bins and roadsides are overflowing with piles of garbage.

FNM supporters of any contractual work, the new order of the day is that contracts ‘go by favour’ under the PLP,” he said. “The result is mass confusion, lack of detailed scopes of work, and chronic neglect throughout the island of New Providence.” Dr Minnis said it seems that garbage collection is hampered by a lack of maintenance on the fleet of garbage trucks, and that there is little or no supervision by the Ministry of Public Works to ensure that contracts issued to “PLP cronies and contractors” are properly and efficiently performed. “The chronic neglect of garbage

collection strikes hardest in those traditional urban areas which are most loyal to the PLP, yet today, these areas are the most painfully neglected,” Dr Minnis said. “Additionally, many roads in the capital are deteriorating into pot-holed or rutted tracks, as the government seems unable to implement an effective, island-wide, system of occasional and responsive road maintenance. Such neglect and inefficiency is not to be expected of a governing party who solemnly promised to the Bahamian people that they would be ‘ready on day one’.

Minister of Financial Services Ryan Pinder, Minister of Agriculture Alfred Gray and Charge d’Affaires John Dinkelman.

Bahamas Aims to sign up WTO by close of 2014 ESTABLISHING a Notification Authority in the Bahamas is a major step on the ladder to World Trade Organisation membership, Minister of Financial Services Ryan Pinder said on Tuesday. Outlining the benefits of the move, Mr Pinder told participants at the opening day of a WTO conference at the British Colonial Hilton that such an authority would serve as a reference point for local importers. If the plan to have the Bahamas ready to sign on to the WTO by the end of 2014 holds, Mr Pinder said, the Bahamas would become the 158th member of the organisation. Membership would open the way to Bahamian products being sold in more than 150 countries, he said. Mr Pinder said: “The establishment of an Enquiry Point / National Notification Authority, an international trade obligation, is an undertaking that we are obliged to execute on two fronts. “Firstly, as a signatory state to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) the Bahamas has committed to establishing an enquiry point for matters related to sanitary. “Secondly, the Bahamas is

engaged in negotiations for accession to the World Trade Organisation. As members of the WTO, we will be required to have a more transparent and predictable trade regime, which will serve to benefit Bahamian consumers and businesses.” Mr Pinder added that the government is also looking to initiate a Standards Bureau to objectively measure and monitor the quality of imports to the country. “What the Standards Bureau will achieve is it will be an independent metric of standards in the country. So if you go to the US and you see USDA or USDB different quality types of ratings on their beef for instance, that is an objective of a Standards Bureau to provide, so the consumer is aware of the different standards.” He said demand for such a bureau was sparked by concerns that inferior products were being sold in the Bahamas. While the government has not assessed the overall cost of the bureau’s implementation, Mr Pinder said technical and financial assistance is available that could help alleviate the direct cost to Bahamians. (

Carrot truck loaded with people crashes in Haiti; 12 die A HAITIAN official says that 12 people have died in a road accident outside the Caribbean nation’s capital. Nadia Lochard of Haiti’s Civil Protection Office says the Tuesday night accident occurred near the eastern town of Fond Parisien after the brakes of a truck carrying carrots went out and veered off a mountainous road. Twenty four others were

injured and taken to a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders. The victims apparently were riding in the truck, many atop the cargo. The truck had left the southeastern mountain village of Thiotte and was travelling to the capital of Port-au-Prince. Lochard released details of the accident Wednesday morning. (

September 15 - 21, 2012

Regional News



Caribbean judges not on par with British counterparts – Jamaica attorney

Mosquito numbers had dwindled by fourfifths at the end of a 23-week period.

Eighty percent of dengue mosquitoes killed in Cayman trial THE journal Nature Biotechnology reported on Monday that genetically modified mosquitoes released by British biotechnology start-up Oxitec Ltd wiped out eighty percent of the dengue-carrying pests in a study conducted in the Cayman Islands. Over three million genetically modified male mosquitoes, members of the Aedes aegypti species that carries dengue, were released in a trial that Oxitec and the Mosquito Research and Control Unit on Grand Cayman conducted in a 16-hectare (39.5-acre) area in 2010. After 23 weeks, mosquito numbers had dwindled by fourfifths in the treated area of the site, compared with the untreated area, according to the researchers. “This mosquito is really hard to control,” Luke Alphey, chief scientific officer of Abingdon, England-based Oxitec, said. “There are plenty of toxins you can use, but that only works if you can find every single breeding site. This shows there is another mosquito control method and it’s incredibly effective.” Oxitec’s technology changes the DNA of the dengue-carrying Aedes

aegypti mosquito by inserting one copy of an altered gene into the mosquito. The modification causes the insects to produce excessive amounts of a protein that disrupts their cell machinery unless they’re given the antibiotic tetracycline. When modified male mosquitoes with this gene are released and reproduce with wild females, their offspring inherit the trait and, without the antibiotic, die before adulthood, reducing their overall numbers. Dengue, which is caused by a virus carried by the insects, afflicts as many as 100 million people annually worldwide, or about 20 times the number of serious influenza cases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In its worst form, the virus can cause severe flulike symptoms and fatal bleeding. Oxitec has released genetically modified mosquitoes in other experiments in Malaysia and Brazil. The US Food and Drug Administration is reviewing Oxitec’s proposal to release the mosquitoes in a trial in Key West, Florida. (Caribbean 360)

Bahamas Petroleum says drilling licenses renewed BAHAMAS Petroleum Company Plc said its oil drilling permits were renewed by the newly elected government of Bahamas, ending months of speculation that they would not be extended. The company, whose portfolio comprises five exploration licences in the Bahamas, has been dogged by uncertainty over the renewal of it licences as politicians in the region use oil exploration as a rallying point. The licenses expired in April amid media reports that they would not be renewed. The new government intends to hold a national referendum on oil

exploration in Bahamian waters, the company said in a statement. Drilling a well would depend on the outcome of the referendum, it said. As a result, it will not be required to drill a well before April 2013 as was required under the terms of its original licences. “It is a positive step, which assures the integrity of the licence area and enables the company to schedule drilling to avoid the 2013 hurricane season,” Chief Executive Simon Potter said. Shares in Bahamas petroleum closed at 6.5 pence on Friday on the London Stock Exchange. (Reuters)

A FORMER senior prosecutor who has served across the Caribbean is asserting that judges in Jamaica and the rest of the region are not capable of delivering judgments that are on par with their British counterparts. Consequently, Jamaican attorney Hugh Wildman, who made the assertion on Monday, urged regional governments to tread cautiously in their move to replace the United Kingdom-based Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). “I am not confident or comfortable that we are going to replace the Privy Council with a court of equal standing in terms of erudition,” Wildman told a Gleaner Editors’ Forum held at the newspaper’s offices in central Kingston. But Wildman, the former director of public prosecutions in Grenada and deputy DPP in Jamaica, did not stop there with his comments that surprised Attorney General Patrick Atkinson and other prominent attorneys at the forum. “It is my considered view that the quality of the judgments given by the Privy Council are far superior to what we are seeing in the region and for that matter what we are seeing coming out of the CCJ,” he continued. “As it stands now, when one looks at the quality of the judgments coming out of the region, including Jamaica, I cannot say if we were to replace the Privy Council (with the CCJ) that we would be attaining that level of competency,” he added. Currently, Jamaica has established the CCJ in its original jurisdiction, to deal with trade matters, and the Government has placed legislation before Parliament to have the court established in its appellate

Jamaican attorney Hugh Wildman says that the region should not be in a hurry to replace the Privy Council.

jurisdiction. To bolster his argument, Wildman pointed to a study he claimed was done by a reputable international law firm which showed that the Privy Council has overturned 62 per cent of the appeals that came from Jamaica. “Having practised in other jurisdictions in the Caribbean, I am even more fortified in saying that I don’t think that we have reached the level that we should now go and abolish the Privy Council at this time,” Wildman said. But in a swift response, Atkinson defended Jamaican jurists, declaring the country’s standard of justice matches favourably “with any one of them”. “I reject completely any suggestion that the decisions coming out of our courts are inferior to decisions coming out of the English

UK snorkeller dies after Grenada speed boat collision A BRITON residing in Grenada has been killed after he was hit by a speedboat whilst snorkelling. Martin Beaumont, aged 55 and a private club general manager living in St George’s, the Caribbean island’s capital city, was declared dead at the scene. He had been snorkelling with a colleague now being treated in hospital for injuries sustained in the accident, which occurred on Sunday evening. According to sources, the speedboat is owned by an as-ofyet still unnamed physician. Mr Beaumont was the manager of the University Club on the campus of St George’s University, which is widely regarded as being Grenada’s best independent medical school. Mr Beaumont, who originally hailed from Cornwall, had been living in the Caribbean with his wife for four

years. A close friend told reporters that Mr Beaumont was a good human being that will be sadly missed and was very outgoing while boasting a good sense of humour. The club that Mr Beaumont managed is located in an idyllic setting close to a beach while being shaded by mango and palm trees. Another friend detailed how the Briton was a keen swimmer. During his time in Grenada, Mr Beaumont was dedicated to making other visitors feel welcome on the Caribbean island. Police in Grenada, a country of 100,000 that relies heavily on its tourism industry, have thus far released few details regarding the accident but have said that their investigation is well underway. (Cheaphotelbookings. com)

courts,” he stressed. “I absolutely reject it. I think it is unfair, I think it is untrue and I don’t think it is based on any kind of statistics or careful study,” insisted Atkinson. Opposition Spokesman on National Security and Justice Delroy Chuck also distanced himself from Wildman’s comments. “I don’t agree with my friend Hugh Wildman that we don’t have persons of intellectual brilliance … and indeed some of the judgments out of the Caribbean Court of Justice are quite good judgments,” Chuck said.

USVI man gets 25 years for raping child A U.S. Virgin Islands man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for aggravated rape and production of child pornography. U.S. Attorney Ronald Sharpe says Akeem Gumbs was also sentenced Thursday to a lifetime of supervised release and must pay restitution to his 8-year-old victim. Gumbs was convicted in February for repeatedly raping the young girl at his mother’s home. The victim’s mother left the small child and her brother with Gumbs and his mother when she worked at night. He raped the girl for nearly two years. During a search warrant of Gumbs’ home, a U.S. agent found a thumb drive in the 22-year-old man’s bedroom with video clips of him raping the child. The restitution amount is to be determined at a future hearing. (



September 15 - 21, 2012


Regent’s got talent

Viewer’s choice winner Chrystal Charles

SINGING, dancing, laughter and applause filled the ballroom at the Regent Palms last Wednesday evening when employees got on stage to display their best flairs in the first local talent show competition. The idea of ‘Regent’s Got Talent’ emerged as human resources personnel Tiersa Smith and Barbara Weinstein explored ways to boost employees’ morale and create a closer bond between staff. Smith said, “This year alone we have been doing a lot of new projects and trying to find ways to engage the staff.” The event featured ten performances, solo, duo and group, vying for the top prize of $300 and a coveted trophy. Contestants passionately sang and danced as they sought to wow the audience and win the judges’ approval. Victorious as viewer’s continued 

September 15 - 21, 2012


Entertainment choice was Chrystal Charles who sang and performed to a popular Beyoncé song, pleasing the crowd with her amazing vocals and sizzling moves. A remarkable dancing duo, Jenny Capili and Winston Rodas, arose as winners of the competition after an outstanding dance routine. Participants were judged based on performance, audience reaction, originality, stage appearance and presence. Judges assigned with the task of selecting a winner were former Miss Earth TCI Tameka Deveaux Francis, local musician Reuben ‘Kazz’ Hall, singer and dancer with the TUCA Group Jacquelin Bernadin and multi-talented Ling Riley. Supporting staff members and judges were pleasantly surprised by talent within the Regent family and undoubtedly entertained with the acts. (KH)

Regent’s Got Talent’ winners Jenny Capili and Winston Rodas

Carlisa Williams crowned Miss Earth TCI CARLISA Williams copped the crown of Miss Earth TCI at the pageant held last Saturday evening at the Williams Auditorium. The 20-year-old first-timer to pageantry also captured Best Evening Gown; Miss Popularity via text votes through Lime’s network and Miss Cover Girl, which makes her the new face for Grace Bay Pharmacy. Other prizes presented to her included a Lime phone and a $5,000 wardrobe. Breanna Johnson won the first runner-up spot and also secured the titles of Best Body and Best Interview. Second runner-up position went to Fara Etienne who took the Best Costume award when she displayed a creatively put together outfit made from various recyclable materials. Etienne also took the Miss Intellect award, which she secured last week in an earlier question and answer segment at the Environmental Centre. There the three contestants answered questions about environmental and social issues and possible ways in which the problems can be alleviated. The competition began with more contestants but the number decreased as they pressures of the competition increased, organiser Tameka Deveaux Francis explained. In the initiation it took

The new Miss Earth TCI, Carlisa Williams

on a modern slant and began with a six-week reality show where contestants were faced with various challenges in order to prepare them for the international stage and give them more exposure and a feel of being in the spotlight, Francis said. Williams will represent the TCI in the Miss Earth 2012 pageant after three years of absence and is expected to leave for the October 28 pageant in Bali, Indonesia, the first week in October. She said she was very surprised and excited with the

win and is looking forward to representing TCI on the international stage. Beginning Monday she will be working closely with the different sectors in an effort to enhance her knowledge of the environment and to strengthen her platform on preserving the history of the TCI and enhancing agriculture to provide sustainability. Collaborating with the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs, she will be involved in her first beach cleanup as Miss Earth TCI on Saturday. (KH)



September 15 - 21, 2012


Simmonds is new FCO Under Secretary of State BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron has introduced the Turks and Caicos Islands to a new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Foreign Office (FCO), Mr. Mark Simmonds. No official reason has been given for the removal of the former Under Secretary, Mr. Henry Bellingham, but Cameron’s decision is being touted as a political move. The new Under Secretary is a 48-year-old chartered surveyor. Born in Worksop, Simmonds went to Worksop College, then Trent Polytechnic, where he obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Urban Estate Surveying in 1986. He became an Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1987. He worked as a surveyor for Savills from 1986–88, then was a Partner in Strutt and Parker from 1988-96. He was a Director of Hillier Parker from 19979, then Managing Director of Mortlock Simmonds from 1999 until becoming an MP, becoming Chairman. He contested the Ashfield seat in 1997. Simmonds was promoted to Shadow Health Minister in 2007. As a member of the shadow health team when the Conservative Party was in

Mr. Mark Simmonds opposition but missed out on a role in the coalition government after the 2010 General Election. In last Thursday’s sitting of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament, Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Andrew Percy, asked Simmonds what steps he is taking to strengthen relations between the UK and its Overseas Territories. Simmonds said, “We published, in June, a White Paper—‘The Overseas Territories: Security, Success and Sustainability’…setting out a broad and ambitious vision for the Territories in the 21st century. “We want the Territories to be vibrant and flourishing

communities, proudly retaining aspects of their British identity and generating wider opportunities for their people.” Simmonds maintained that the strategy for the Territories is based oh three practical policy goals to: • Strengthen the engagement and interaction between the UK and the Territories; • Work with Territories to strengthen good governance arrangements, public financial management and economic planning where this is necessary; and • Improve the quality and range of support available to the Territories. According to him, specific plans have also been announced to support the exchange of expertise between UK and Territory public servants through a Jubilee Programme supporting training and work placements; and support the Territories to engage productively with the wider world, particularly the EU and the Commonwealth; Simmonds said, “From this year we will upgrade the annual ministerial meeting with Territory leaders to give it a mandate to lead work to review and implement the commitments in the White Paper.”

September 15 - 21, 2012





Ona Glinton students get back to school supplies DIGICEL and Building Materials Do it Center, collaborated, last Friday, to donate over 100 back to school kits to the students of the Ona Glinton Primary School. The presentation was made to the Principal of the School Mrs. Gwen Harvey. The School kits, which are intended to be distributed to the neediest of students, consisted of notebooks, pencil cases, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, school glue and other essential school supplies. Digicel and Building Materials Do It Center collaborated on the effort in order to make sure that students receive some of the basic tools they need to perform in school. According to Head of Marketing for Digicel, AvaDayne Fulford, “Digicel is aware that times are difficult for many families and we understand the immense struggle parents face to provide essentials for their little ones to attend school.

September 15 - 21, 2012


Happy 2nd birthday Tranique

Digicel Reps, Ava-Dayne Fulford and Paola Hidalgo present back to school supplies to Principal and students of the Ona Glinton Primary School “We are pleased that between Digicel and our partner Building Materials Do It Center over 100 students who truly need assistance will be helped by our donation. ” Principal of the School, Mrs. Gwen Harvey, in expressing her appreciation, said, “We are indeed grateful and appreciative

to Digicel and Do It Center for their act of kindness towards our students. There are a number of students who were in need of school supplies and we are glad that those needs were met.” The Ona Glinton Primary School has a school population of approximately, 270 students.

The school faced tragedy in 2010 when the main classroom block, which also housed the computer lab and tuck-shop that were destroyed by fire. Today, the school is still in need of assistance to rebuild and replace valuable teaching equipment.

Two years gone by, How time has flown, We can't believe how much you’ve grown! She's such a joy and much fun too, Oh my! Our baby's turning two, Such a sweet little girl, You've grown so lovely everyday Petite and dainty in every way. We cherish each moment with you today and wish you a blessed birthday. We pray you many more Greetings from your parents: Garnique and Bob; your siblings, especially Lil Mikey; your grandmothers Rev. Violet Thompson and Ala Paul; aunts Marie, Beverly, Malissa, Sugar, Nishka, Brianna, Candia, Remy, Tanya and Tanika; uncles Tyrone, Marvin, Merv, Georgie, Darron, Kevin and Johnathon; and cousins, grand aunts and uncles family and friends! We Love you Tripple T.

Happy Birthday Anoushka Cox God gave a gift to the world when you were born, A person who loves, who cares, Who encourages and lifts people up, Who spends energy on others rather than herself, Someone who touches each life she enters, And makes a difference in the world, Because ripples of kindness flow outward As each person you have touched, touches others. Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday, Because you are a special treasure For all that you’ve done. May the love you have shown to others eturn to you, multiplied. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many, many more, So that others have time to appreciate you as much as WE do! Greetings from: your loving sons Raheem and Racari; parents, especially Joan; sisters, Marie, Beverly, Malissa, Sugar, Garnique and Brianna; Brothers Tyrone, Marvin and Merv; nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and the entire family circle. We love you Ms. Sweet 16!

Happy 9th Birthday Gelear Penn Every Birthday joy be yours, Fortune, Health and Wealth, I wish you everything that’s good That you could wish yourself. And may your LUCKYSTAR above Shine brightly down to bless All your cherished dreams today And crown then with success. Greetings from mommy and daddy, Tany and Georgie; sister Gelisia; brothers, Gequille, Denzel, Shaquant and Giovanni; grammy Trudy and Olive; aunts, uncles, cousins especially Tranique and the entire family circle. We love you baby girl! Send your special occasion to: Rebecca Bird, Weekly News, Cheshire House, Leeward Highway, PO Box 52, Providenciales or email to Free of Charge!

Please limit your messages to 150 words.

September 15 - 21, 2012


Backpacks donated to Ianthe Pratt students

STUDENTS at Ianthe Pratt Primary School were all smiles when presented with backpacks last Friday by the Grace Bay Resorts Community Foundation. Five hundred and fifty backpacks were donated in the back-to-school drive, one to each of the school’s students. Chairman Dr. Carlton Mills said that the foundation is committed to education in the TCI and has adopted five schools across the islands with the Ianthe Pratt Primary School being the most recent and only one in Providenicales. The foundation which was founded in 2009 has 25 members, and although they donate to other important causes, Dr. Mills said that they have collectively agreed that education is the number one priority.

He explained that they are very supportive of teaching and learning, and added, “Since the government has cut back significantly on education, we see ourselves as a kind of bridge to help offset that process...we want to help the process of education as best as we possibly can.” Teachers at the school were pleased with the donations to the students, and said that it helps to alleviate the difficulties that the parents encounter and that the children are very happy to have received such nice school bags. Earlier in the week the foundation distributed backpacks to Charles Hubert James Primary School and Adelaide Oemler Primary School on North Caicos and also to Marjorie Basden and Iris Stubbs in South Caicos. (KH)

Five hundred and fifty backpacks were donated in the backto-school drive, one to each of the school’s students.



World News


September 15 - 21, 2012

“Astonishingly high” diabetes rates found in Caribbean, other UK ethnic groups HALF of all people of South Asian, African and African Caribbean descent living in Britain will develop diabetes by age 80, scientists said on Monday in research which also points to an alarming future for rates of the disease in Africa and Asia. In the first study to reveal the extent of ethnic differences in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, researchers said it seems a “Westernised” lifestyle of urban living with a poor diet and a lack of exercise could prove “toxic” for many British blacks and Asians. The study, which tracked 5,000 Londoners for more than 20 years, found that by age 80, twice as many South Asian, African and African Caribbean men and women had developed diabetes compared with Europeans of the same age. This means that approximately half of all South Asians, Africans and African Caribbeans in Britain will develop the disease by age 80 compared with only one in five of European descent, the researchers said. “I think people underestimate the size of the problem,” said Mike Knapton of the British Heart Foundation (BHF), who was not involved in the study but commented on it at a briefing in London. “This is a huge number of people…and it causes a significant problem both for the individuals themselves and for

the health service.” Type 2 diabetes is a long-term condition characterised by insulin resistance that affects around 2.9 million people in Britain and, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 310 million people worldwide. In the UK, an estimated 11.9 billion pounds ($19.1 billion) a year is spent on treating diabetes and its complications which include heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease and blindness. Health experts have known for some time that people of South Asian, African and African Caribbean descent in Britain are at higher risk of becoming diabetic in mid-life, but they were not clear why, or whether the extra risk continues as people age. URBAN ENVIRONMENT IS “TOXIC” For the study, published in the journal Diabetes Care, researchers led by Nish Chaturvedi at Imperial College London looked at people aged between 40 and 69 who did not have type 2 diabetes, and from 1988 recorded those who developed the disease. The team found that while Africans, African Caribbeans and Europeans tend to be diagnosed at around the same age of 66-67 years, South Asian men were five years younger on average when diabetes

was diagnosed, meaning they are at even greater risk of complications. The study also found that people who have increased resistance to the effects of insulin, as well as those who carry fat around the middle of the body when they are middle-aged, are at higher risk of developing the disease. The researchers said their findings suggested the higher rate of diabetes in some South Asian and African Caribbean women is due to greater rates of obesity and higher resistance to insulin, which helps the body process sugar. Chaturvedi said diets rich in high-calorie foods, combined with lifestyles which include little physical exercise, were the main factor behind the increased rates. “The urban environment is a toxic environment,” she told the briefing. Therese Tillin, also from Imperial, said the findings highlighted “astonishingly high risk of diabetes in middle-aged people in our ethnic minorities” and should serve as an early warning for countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean for what might come as populations adopt Westernised, urban lifestyles. A WHO report in May showed rates of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease are already rising fast in poorer regions such as Asia and Africa as lifestyles and diets change. (Reuters)

Hillsborough papers: Cameron apology over ‘double injustice’ David Cameron has said he is profoundly sorry for the “double injustice” of the Hillsborough football disaster. Speaking after an independent report into previously unseen documents about the tragedy, the prime minister said police had failed to do enough and had also tried to blame Liverpool fans. Ninety-six fans died after a crush at Sheffield Wednesday’s ground in 1989. Campaigner Trevor Hicks said the report showed a faster response from emergency services could have saved lives. Mr Hicks, who lost two daughters in the disaster and is a member of the family support group, said it would now press for criminal action against those involved in the disaster. “We feel a breakthrough has been made. The truth is out today and the justice starts tomorrow,” he said. The report has been compiled by the Hillsborough Independent Panel, which scrutinised more than 450,000 pages of documents over the last 18 months. The victims’ families have

The victims’ families welcomed the report’s findings.

always challenged the original inquest, which concluded all the victims were dead or brain dead 15 minutes after the game had kicked off at 15:00. Anne Williams claims her son Kevin was still alive at 16:00, and has called for the government to open a new inquest into his death. By analysing post-mortem test results, the panel found 28 of the 96 victims had no “obstruction of blood circulation” and there was “separate

evidence that, in 31, the heart and lungs had continued to function after the crush”. The medical advisor on the panel, Dr Bill Kirkup, said up to 41 of the 96 who died could have potentially been saved if they had received treatment earlier. “In total, 41 people therefore had potential to survive after the period of 3:15. What I can’t say is how many of those could have been saved,” he said.

Britain’s Prince Harry is shown the Apache flight-line, Sept 7 2012 by a member of his squadron (name not provided) at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where he will be operating from during his tour of duty as a co-pilot gunner. (John Stillwell/AP PHOTO)

Taliban threatens to kill Prince Harry A TALIBAN spokesman said Monday that the terror group would use “all our strength” to kidnap or kill the U.K’s Prince Harry, who has just begun serving a four-month tour of duty as a chopper pilot in Afghanistan. “We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Reuters by phone. “We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him.” Mujahid made the same threat in an interview with Agence France Presse, saying the Taliban had a “high-value plan” to get the prince. “It is not important for us to kidnap him,” he said. “We will target him and we will kill him.” Prince Harry, known as Captain Wales in the British Army, is stationed at Camp Bastion in

Helmand province, on the front line. Harry also served a tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2008, though it was cut short because of publicity. The 27-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana is third in line to the throne, after his father and his older brother William. The British government has declined comment on the threats against Harry, but NATO SecretaryGeneral Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was not worried. “That’s not a matter of concern,” said Rasmussen as a press conference in Brussels. “We do everything we can to protect all our troops deployed to Afghanistan, whatever might be their personal background.” Harry was in the news last month after he was captured on film partying naked with friends in Las Vegas. (ABC)

Aamir Siddiqi: ‘Incompetent’ hitmen’s wrong victim

TWO MEN have been accused of “staggering incompetence” in performing a contract killing on the wrong person. Aamir Siddiqi, 17, of Cardiff, was stabbed to death on the doorstep of his home in April 2010. Swansea Crown Court heard Jason Richards, 38, and Ben Hope, 39, were paid to carry out the killing but went to the wrong address. Both deny the murder and the attempted murder of the student’s parents, who tried to defend their son. The court heard the intended target was a father of four who lived 70 yards (64 metres) away from the Siddiqi family. The jury were shown a map of the family home in Ninian Road as well as a house in Shirley Road behind it, where their intended target lived. Patrick Harrington QC, prosecuting, told the jury that Mr Richards and Mr Hope had been paid by a businessman, angry because a property deal had collapsed, to kill his chosen victim in Shirley Road.

Aamir Siddiqi was killed because his house looked the same like the house of the intended target.

But on Sunday 11 April they went instead to a similar looking redbrick, end-of-row house in nearby Ninian Road, he said. It was, said Mr Harrington, a colossal mistake - a fatal mistake for Mr Siddiqi, a student and only child hoping to study law at Cardiff University. He answered the door to face a cowardly and brutal attack by two heroin-fuelled killers wearing balaclavas, said Mr Harrington.

September 15 - 21, 2012

World News



Monstrous acts: Texas man admits to killing teen he’s accused of raping, say police

American who risked life to stop Gadhafi killed in Libya

FRANKLIN B. Davis was accused of raping Shania Gray two years ago. He is now charged with her murder after he told cops he picked the 16-year-old up from school and killed her. Her family says he did it so she wouldn’t testify at his trial. Shania claimed that Davis raped her while she babysat his two kids, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. She did tell someone — her grandmother — and Davis, 30, was eventually charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child. He plotted to meet Shania at her Irving high school Thursday afternoon by posing on Facebook as a teenager in her social circle who had a crush on her, the Dallas Morning News reported. “The trial was coming up in October and I think he didn’t want her to testify,” said Sherry Ramsey, a friend of Shania’s mother who spoke on the family’s behalf. “She definitely wouldn’t have talked to him if she knew who he was,” she added. But she got into his car and he drove away. Irving police spokesman Jon Stovall said Davis killed her at a local park her within an hour of picking her up. Shania’s parents reported her

CHRIS Stevens, an American who risked his life to help Libyans overthrow dictator Moammar Gadhafi, was killed overnight in the former rebel capital of Benghazi -a city he helped save, making it an especially tragic place for him to die, President Obama said Wednesday. An Arabic speaker who loved Libya and understood it deeply, Stevens died along with three other Americans when an angry mob stormed the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. He was the first U.S. ambassador to be killed in the line of duty since 1979. The consulate was one of several American diplomatic missions in the Middle East to face protests Tuesday after the release online of a film mocking Islam and depicting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a child molester, womanizer and ruthless killer. But U.S. sources told CNN on Wednesday that the Benghazi attack was planned, and the attackers used the protest outside the consulate as a diversion. The sources could not say whether the attackers instigated the protest or merely took advantage of it, and they say they don’t believe Stevens was specifically targeted. A senior U.S. official familiar with the details of the attack said a rocket-propelled grenade set the building ablaze, leaving the Americans facing a fire inside and attackers outside. Stevens and the others who died were separated from the rest of the staff while trying to escape to the roof of the building and

Franklin Davis, 30, posed as a teenager on Facebook to meet up with 16-year-old Shania Gray after school. Within an hour of Davis picking her up, cops said, she was dead.

missing early Friday. Her body was found dumped in a river Saturday, and cops recovered the .38 caliber pistol that killed her from a nearby pond. Davis was arrested Friday on a traffic warrant. When cops grilled him about his connection to Shania, he confessed to the shocking murder, police said. He was charged Sunday with capital murder. Cops believe he acted alone. (

US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was said to have had Libya in his heart.

succumbed to smoke inhalation, the senior official said. The official said there were several “valiant but unsuccessful” attempts to get back into the building and rescue them. In Washington, President Barack Obama said the violence was unwarranted and vowed that “justice will be done.” “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others,” he said. “But there is absolutely no justification for this type of senseless violence -- none.” Another senior U.S. official told CNN that American surveillance

drones are expected to join the hunt for jihadists who may be tied to the attack. The drones are expected to gather intelligence that will be turned over to Libyan officials for strikes, the official said. In June, a senior Libyan official told CNN that U.S. controllers were already flying the unmanned craft over suspected jihadist training camps in eastern Libya because of concerns about rising activity by al Qaeda and like-minded groups in the region. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dispatched Stevens to Benghazi to be the American link to rebel forces battling to overthrow Gadhafi in 2011. (CNN)

Richard III dig: ‘Strong evidence’ bones are lost king All victims were employed at the factory.

At least 289 killed as fire in Pakistani garment factory rages AT LEAST 289 people were killed in a fire that swept through a garment factory overnight in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, a local official said Wednesday. The toll from the fire, which continued to burn Wednesday, is expected to rise, Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh, Karachi’s top administrative official, said in a phone interview with CNN affiliate Geo TV. A child is among the dead, and at least 25 people have been injured, said Zakir Khan of the Karachi Fire Department. All the victims were employees of the factory, he said.

Firefighters were trying to bring the blaze under control, Khan said, but their task was made more difficult because they couldn’t enter several portions of the weakened building. The building might collapse any time because the fire heavily damaged parts of its steel structure, said Mustafa Jamal, a senior government official in Baldia Town, the area of Karachi where the factory is situated. Dozens of people may be trapped in the basement of the building, according to Khan. An operation is under way to try to rescue them.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS searching for the grave of Richard III have said “strong circumstantial evidence” points to a skeleton being the lost king. The English king died at the battle of Bosworth in 1485. A dig under a council car park in Leicester has found remains with spinal abnormalities and a “cleavedin skull” that suggest it could be Richard III. The University of Leicester will now test the bones for DNA against descendants of Richard’s family. Professor Lin Foxhall, head of the university’s School of Archaeology, said: “Archaeology almost never finds named individuals - this is absolutely extraordinary. “Although we are far from certain yet, it is already astonishing.” A university spokesperson said the evidence included signs of a perimortem (near-death) trauma to the

skull and a barbed iron arrow head in the area of the spine. Richard is recorded by some sources as having been pulled from his horse and killed with a blow to the head. The skeleton also showed severe scoliosis - a curvature of the spine. Although not as pronounced as Shakespeare’s portrayal of the king as a hunchback, the condition would have given the adult male the appearance of having one shoulder higher than the other. Philippe Langley, from the Richard III Society, said: “It is such a tumult of emotions, I am shellshocked. “I just feel happy and sad and excited all at the same time. It is very odd.” As the defeated foe, Richard was given a low-key burial in the Franciscan friary of Greyfriars. This was demolished in the 1530s,

but documents describing the burial site have survived. The excavation, which began on 25 August, has uncovered the remains of the cloisters and chapter house, as well as the church. Work focused on the choir area, in the centre of the church, where it was indicated Richard was interred. The bones were lifted by archaeologists wearing forensic body suits in an effort to limit contamination by modern materials. DNA will be extracted from the bones and tested against descendants of Richard’s family. Dr Turi King, who is leading the DNA analysis, said: “It is extremely exciting and slightly nerve-wracking. “We have extracted teeth from the skull, so we have that and a femur, and we are optimistic we will get a good sample from those.” The tests are expected to take about 12 weeks to complete. (BBC)


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


Brama Kumaris

September 15 - 21, 2012

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661



FRANKLIN ROBINSON Is looking for a

Raja Yoga FOR RENT

3-bedroom apartment $1100.00 per month it will be available May 1st.

contact: 946-4664

Meditation Centre Turks and Caicos Islands

Telephone 946-4760 & 332-4101 Email:


Painter To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

contact: 244-5702

Construction scaffold and roof tiles for sale CONTACT: 431-1591 OR 231-3788

September 15 - 21, 2012






Responsible for assisting all departments with cleaning in all areas of the resort. Strenuous physical labour requires one who is able and willing to perform heavy lifting, and other physically demanding functions. All applicants must be able to present a clean Police Record if offered a position. Wage commensurate with experience. Individuals must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a flexible schedule dictated by business demands. Ability to speak English is mandatory. Please drop off resumes at the Ocean Club Front Desk to the attention of the Human Resource Manager, or via email to Preference will be given to experienced and qualified Belongers. Only those receiving an interview will be contacted


Is looking for a

Labourer Salary commensurate with qualifications resume can be faxed to 941-3425 and the Labour Department, Providenciales as soon as posible


WORKERS NEEDED Labourers Domestic Workers Mechanic Security Officer

To work 5 days per week must have experience salary commensurate with experience Belonger will be given first preference.

Send resume to P.O. Box 954 or contact: 341-5029


VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos


Immediate opening Restaurant and Bars Manger The Restaurant and Bars Manager will oversee the daily operation of P23 fine dining restaurant, Plunge casual outdoor restaurant and bar, Green Flamingo bar and In-room Dining.

Requirements: • Minimum of 7 years management experience in luxury setting in at least 2 international locations • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • Strong knowledge of a variety of cuisines and wines/beverage • Strong understanding and proven track record of operational controls and sales • Proven ability to train and develop team members • Ability to take initiative while working effectively in a team environment • Excellent organizational skills • Passion for luxury food and beverage service; positive and cheerful attitude with high energy • Computer skills at advanced level (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions within the Director of Public Prosecutions’ Office, Providenciales. The successful incumbent in this position must be able to provide legal advice to the Police Department in their investigations and Statutory Bodies in relation to criminal prosecutions, in particular and direct any serious fraud or money laundering cases, which may develop. He/ She must also be able to conduct the prosecution of defendants in relation to criminal trials, including preparatory casework and appearing as prosecuting attorney before the various courts in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The successful candidate will also be expected to procure, restraint/ freezing orders, tracing and recovery of property as well as assist with civil recovery proceedings under the Proceeds of the Crime Ordinance. As Deputy DPP, he/she will be expected to take full responsibility for the management of the DPP’s Office (legal and support staff) under the direction of the DPP. He/She would also perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Public Prosecutions (Attorney General).

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful applicant must be qualified and eligible to practice in a Commonwealth Law Jurisdiction or the Republic of Ireland. Experience in Criminal prosecutions particularly serious fraud or money-laundering cases would be an advantage. This is a very demanding senior post with responsibility for senior and junior attorneys and an applicant of less than ten (10) years’ post qualification experience is not likely to be appointed. The division of responsibilities varies from time to time depending upon the volume, nature and complexity of the work being undertaken and the experience of the respective post-holders in the DPP’s Office. The applicant must also possess a high level of self-confidence, tact, discretion and confidentiality. He/She must also be computer literate with a good working knowledge in the use of Microsoft Word and possess the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. The position also requires a good knowledge of the workings of Government. The applicant must be courteous and respectful to both office staff and the general public and must also possess good time management skills.

Duties include:

SALARY: $85,000.00 per annum

• Supervising, training and coaching staff to meet Regent’s standard of luxury, and ensure Regent Experience for guests. • Developing business strategies for food & beverage outlets aligned with business objectives for maximizing revenue and guest satisfaction. • Participating in development of budgets and monitors status regularly to ensure achievement of financial targets. • Assisting in developing and implementing marketing and promotions to increase business and revenue. • Working closely with culinary team to create and implement menus consistent with guest expectations and Regent standards of luxury and quality. • Starting salary $40,000.00 per annum, not including service charge.

Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to no later than Friday, September 7, 2012


Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For person recruited from outside of the Turks and Islands a two or three year extendable contract is offered. Other benefits may include: Professional, Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, Transportation Allowance, end-of-contract gratuity of 15% of salary, return passage for family of up to two children under the age of 16 years, duty free on the shipment of personal effects imported within six months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318, E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Acting Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582.



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September 15 - 21, 2012


Expanding Community/Retail Pharmacy Located on the Island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, is seeking 4

Fulltime Pharmacists Skills required:

1. A minimum of three years experience within the Retail Pharmacy business will be an asset. 2. Certification from a reputable institution as well as proof of current pharmacist registration. 3. Good communication skills, and keen attention to details 4. Knowledge of the Kroll pharmacy computer program or similar pharmacy program. 5. Must be willing to work flexible hours, including holidays and weekends in rotation. Position is open to all suitably qualified applicants.

Applicants can apply for further details via e-mail addressed to Mrs. Vender Walters, Box 276, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands or email 7173

Amazing Value! Lot for Sale

In Gated/Planned Community in Long Bay. Flamingo Crossing lot comes with full set of House Plans, all underground utilities, etc.

$49,999 o.b.o. Call 231-3788



W & T BARBER SHOP Is looking for a

REQUIRED FOR RESORT PROPERTY • Must have certificate/ diploma in Massage Therapy • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends • Must be honest, hardworking and reliable • Ability to read, write and communicate in English • Salary $7.00 per hour

Email to: or 946-5866 7172

Barber To work 7 days per week salary based on commission.

Contact: 2310882 or 344-8968


Popular retail store in Grand Turk requires a

Sales Person/ Jewellery Maker With at least 5 years training and experience in jewelry making especially with fresh water pearls. Successful candidate will also be required to assist with stocking the store, inventory control, sales and sales reports, as well as efficiently addressing customer needs. Salary is $250 per week.

All interested persons please submit resumes to by September 12, 2012.



the largest readership in the turks & caicos



Caicos Pride Products seafood processing plant located in South Caicos is seeking employes,both male and female, to fill the following positions:

Conch Peeler Fish Cleaner Lobster Cleaner Prospective employees are required to reside in South Caicos and must be willing to work for extended hours, weekends and selected public holidays. Wage rates are commensurate with performance.

Applications may be submitted to the Labour Department or directly to the company via email: info@ or fax: (649) 945-3571. The deadline for all applications is September 17th, 2012.


September 15 - 21, 2012

VACANCY A local airline support service company is looking for a qualified

Operations Manager

With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in various fields of the airline industry including Aircraft Dispatch, Ground Handling Services, Emergency Response, Aircraft Loading, Ground Security and Safety Coordination. The qualified candidate must currently hold a valid Federal Aviation Administration License with advanced ETOPS Certification. The successful candidate will also be required to assist with managing company operation by engaging in staff planning, conducting equipment inventory, ensuring all facilities are in line with Federal, state and local airport authorities regulations, policies and procedures, and general oversight and supervision of staff to ensure excellent customer service. Salary will commensurate with experience. Interested persons must reply with their resumes and any copies of their certifications and/or diplomas/degrees and valid license, on or before September 19, 2012 to

W.C. SECURITY Is looking for a


Security Maid/Domestic Officer Worker 7183

G & J CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

PLUMBER HELPER To work 6 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 941-3937

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. send resumes to email:


NOTICE This is to inform the public that Caroline Mary Samuel of india no longer works with the Flower Girl and has no authority to do any business transaction on behalf of the Flower Girl Ltd. Management

C & J EMPLOYMENT acting on behalf of our clients: Paradise Entertainment, Philip Hawkins, Williams’s Construction, House of Miracles, Charles Barber Shop, AM J’S STORE, T.C.I. House Pastry is looking to fill the following positions:


To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 231-0242 deadline for application is September 28th, 2012



– $6.00 per hour

Domestic Worker – $5.00 per hour


– $5.00 per hour

Painter – $6.00 per hour

Income Auditor – $6.50-$7.00 per hour


Secretary – $6.50 per hour.

Contact: 941-8382


Kiwi Connections Ltd.

Unskilled Labourer $5.00/hr – Must be able to lift heavy material of 100lbs+ Must be able to work early morning and late evenings both on weekdays and weekends - with varying schedules Applications accepted from Belongers / Turks & Caicos Islanders Only

Call (649) 941-5613 7205



CRÈME X RECORDS Is seeking the services of a


• Must be able to do the following: • Self conduct studio sessions • Maintain, upgrade and repair studio hardware • Use Protools, Sonar, Nvendo and other DAW’s Arrange, create, mix and master music *in addition to above persons who are proficient in computer programming would be an asset

SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Deputy Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position facilitates the management of TCIG’s estate on a day to day basis inclusive of carrying out periodic inspections and putting in place improvement programmes. He/She would be expected to introduce, implement and assist with the management of a Planned Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management regime aimed at keeping accurate information in relation to TCIG’s Estate and its development. The incumbent will also be responsible for the management process in accordance with TCIG Governance, lease development and Landlord interface, renegotiating of lease conditions with existing leases. He/She will have direct liaison with Land Registry in connection with development of TCIG’s Estate inclusive of matters relating to leases and licences; will act as the Estate Management Department’s point of contact in relation to TCIG’s Disaster Management Policy and perform any other work related duties that may be assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering or related field with at least ten (10) years post degree experience in the above mentioned fields. He/She must be a member of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and health and safety preferably gained within the private as well as the public sector planned preventative maintenance, contract management would be an asset.

SALARY: $40,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582


who specialize in Reggae, Dancehall music and who are able to write and arrange their own songs • Male or female • Between the ages of 18 – 30

Interested persons can contact Livingstone Lightbourne at 649-345-1247 or email




NOTICE The business establishment located west and adjacent to T.C. Gas, formerly known as Kerry’s Mechanic Shop, has on its property many abandoned vehicles, boat trailers and miscellaneous personal items, some of these items have been there as long as 7 years The general public is hereby notified that these items will be sold for unpaid rent

Please contact: 231-4949 or 232-6969 for further information

September 15 - 21, 2012


SAG CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

BEAUTY AND BEYOND Is looking for a


Car Technician

Steel Fixer

Beauty Advisor


Contact: 231-6889

Contact: 941-8928

contact: 231-4371

To work 6 days per week salary $9.00 per hour.

To work 6 days per week. Salary based on commission.


EXPRESS EQUIPMENT is looking for a

Is looking for a

To work on North Caicos to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


Must have at least 15 years experience Must speak English, Spanish and French Specialize in Computer analysis and Alignment Specialist Salary based on qualification Belonger only need apply Application deadline September 14th, 2012

Contact: 649-245-2897


VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) Service for the post of Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position will act as the professional link to senior officials of TCIG and external parties in the delivery of the Estate Management function and the Development and control of the Estates Management Department. The incumbent is also responsible for Asset Management Planning inclusive of Financial Planning (Capital and Revenue), control and governance of allocated annualised Funding Streams (Capital and Revenue), Facilities Management inclusive of Planned Preventative Maintenance, Property/Land Acquisition and Disposal quality management and Contract management in accordance with TCIG Governance. Although based in Grand Turk the Director of Estates will have an overarching role to manage the Estate throughout the Turks & Caicos Islands.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires as a minimum a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering, with a Masters Degree in a related field with at least fifteen (15) years, post degree experience in Estate Management, Membership of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and contract management is a plus. SALARY: $ 55,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-ofcontract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: recruitment@ All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649946-1582



JOB ADVERTISEMENT PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are seeking interested persons to fill the position of PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER


As PR Officer, the incumbent will be required to undertake the : • Preparing and distributing press releases to the media locally and internationally. • Arranging and assisting at press conferences on behalf of the Police Department. • Act as the liaison between the News Media and the Police Department. • Attend major scenes including serious accidents. • Preparing Annual Reports that are to be released to the public. • Releasing information under the direction of the Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Commissioner of Police.


The position will require the incumbent to: • Demonstrate exceptional oral and written communication skills. • Display a high level of confidence, integrity and professionalism. • Demonstrate excellent planning and co-ordination skills. • Be available for duty 24 hours per day due to spontaneous activities. • Be able to work in stressful situations

QUALIFICATIONS: The incumbent: • Should be versatile in audio visuals and Public Speaking. • Should have experience in Public Relations. • Should hold a degree in communications, journalism or mass media. SALARY attached to this position is $25,000 per Annum plus Applicable Allowances. Salary MAY be negotiable depending on education and experience.

Interested persons should submit their Application and attached Resume to:

A/Insp. Dwight Gardiner – OIC Human Resources, or Sgt. Curvalene Skippings - Human Resource Officer Police Headquarters, Church Folly, Grand Turk TCI TEL: 946 2731 Ext 30312, Fax 9462099, Email: or Deadline for Submission: SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

September 15 - 21, 2012

IODA STUBBS Is looking for a




DOLPHIN’S SPORTS BAR Is looking to fill the following positions:


To work 5 days per week salary $10.00 per hour.

contact: 343-0812

7207 or fax: 649-946-4734


PIZZA PIZZA Is looking for a


2 Bartenders 4 Waitresses

Salary is negotiable Interested persons please.

Contact: 332-6364



• Employee will assist the Manager in all areas related to the operation of the new sanitary landfill on Providenciales and Grand Turk. The areas of assistance will include but not be limited to: safety oversight, employee and equipment oversight, financial management, procurement and reporting for contract and environmental compliance. • Requirements: • Work experience: minimum of 10 years of experience in solid waste management field and sanitary landfills and transfer stations in particular, with US EPA Subtitle D (or equivalent) procedures • Education: minimum Bachelor of Arts or Sciences • Skills: • Accounting software –QuickBooks and Peachtree • Waste Tracking Software – Trashflow, Wasteworks or similar • MS Office Suite References Required

ROMNEY MISSICK Is looking for a

Landfill Supervisor Requirements: • Work experience: minimum of 10 years of experience in sanitary landfills operations with US EPA Subtitle D (or equivalent) procedures • Required Certifications: SWANA Solid Waste, Machinery Operators, Landfill Operator Certification References required

Butcher to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 941-8010


Skill Requirements: • Must be consistently punctual for work. • Maintain a clean work station throughout shift. • Must be able to multi task in a fast pace, high pressure environment. • Be able to stand on ones feet for 8 hours and be comfortable lifting 25 pounds or more without physical restrictions. • Be available to work holidays and weekends with a flexible schedule • Must be able to communicate in English • Must be polite and cordial to co-workers and guests at all times Duties and Responsibilities: • Work with staff members to assure that the restaurant is clean and well maintained throughout the duration of their shift.Washing dishes,Basic food preparation such as portioning items or peeling vegetables, Assist cooks when needed in the preparation of meals for guests. Must supply Resume, Cover Letter, References and Police Record to be considered.

Please apply by email: or call: 941-8260 7201


VACANCY DIRECTOR The applicant must possess the following:

• Strong international corporate finance background, preferably in a major investment bank. • Minimum of 20 years senior management experience in the Finance and Banking Industry • Strong Leveraged finance contacts in the US, UK and Europe • Post graduate degree in Finance or equivalent required Belongers only need apply.

Please Submit Detailed Application to: P.O. Box 270 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Contact: 441-7130



Gardener To work 6 days per week. Must be honest, reliable and hardworking. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 243-3769


Domestic Worker

to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 242-0785



Kitchen Helper

Belongers Given Preference

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour Belongers will be given first preference.

Is looking for a

Description: Employee will supervise daily operations at the two new sanitary landfills on Providenciales and Grand Turk. The areas of oversight will include but not limited to: laying out daily active face specifications, ensuring proper compaction, slope ratios and stability, overseeing environmental controls such as erosion, vectors, odor and noise, safety oversight, employee and equipment oversight, adherence to design to fill plans or fax: 649-946-4734


Chief Compliance Officer- US Compliance Officer- TCI Position Description: Responsible for maintaining current status of all regulatory requirements including but not limited to the following: •

Maintaining amicable working relationships with the following regulatory bodies: Employees of Financial Services Commission – TCI Employees of Financial Services Commission – Anguilla Employees of US Departments of Insurance Employees of Health & Human Services Offices Employees of various regulatory departments

• Maintain a Library of Documents relating to legal requirements to establish and continue operations for Captives/ Risk Retention Groups • Developing and maintaining all corporate documents required to establish and continue operations as a Captive/Risk Retention Groups • Act as liaison with professional business partners who advise on regulatory issues. • Maintain awareness with other VCM employees of issues relating to reimbursement, cost reporting and other regulatory issues • Provide complete accurate data to regulatory officers as required • Keep Senior Management informed of all pertinent issues • Oversee all systems requirements

Required Competencies and Skills: • • • • • •

Excellent interpersonal skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Flexibility and multitasking Excellent organizational skills Works well in a small team environment A person with a “take charge” attitude

Preferred Education, Experience: Advanced degree At least two (2) years U.S. healthcare experience Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism experience

Applicant must be able to work in the Turks & Caicos Islands, Anguilla, and in the United States. Salary will be between $15,000 to $20,000. Contact :- PO Box 260, Providenciales, TCI. 7217



September 15 - 21, 2012


Ward’s Consultancy


Acting on behalf of our clients: Complete construction, Platinum Security, Steele Unlimited, Sushi Bar is looking to fill the following positions:

English/Literature & Science/Math

Teacher Needed

Requirements: • Bachelors/Masters degree from reputable institution in area of discipline; Advance degree a plus • Minimum of 5-7 years teaching experience in secondary or postsecondary education • Experience with Christian education curriculum • Persons must be an active born-again Christian who believes in the work of the Holy Spirit; Submit resume and three references including one from current Pastor. • Salaries will be based on qualification and experience. No phone calls please Address applications:

Executive Board Champions for Christ International School of Excellence #5 Park Place Industrial Park Providenciales,Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Email: Fax: 1-877-580-8743

The successful candidate will assume the role of AREA MANAGER for Sun Oil Turks and Caicos Limited, reporting to Management at Sun Oil Limited in the Bahamas. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of the business including but not limited to Operations, Sales, and Business Development. The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, ability to work will within a team environment and must possess strong work ethics. A successful work experience in the petroleum industry would be an asset. Core Responsibilities • Safely manage the petroleum operations inclusive of the import, storage and distribution of petroleum products. The products include gasoline, diesel, jet a1, propane (LPG) and packaged lubricants. • Manage all aspects of local business development and customer service. • Comply and maintain all accounting and internal control requirements. • Ensure company’s compliance with all local laws and regulations. Job Minimum Requirements • Must be a Turks and Caicos Islander with a right work within the country. • A Bachelors degree in a technical or business field of study. • 5 years minimum work experience in a similar management capacity. • Excellent computer skills with working knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs. • A strong appreciation for safety and compliance with procedures and regulations. • A strong mechanical aptitude with some experience with equipment maintenance and repairs. • Strong leadership skills with the ability to effectively lead the local team. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • The ability to work flexible hours, holidays and weekends. Benefits include: Competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with work experience and qualifications.


Is looking for a

Is looking for a suitable person to fill position as

Salary $5.00 -$7.00 per hour

Nail Technician To work 6 days per week

Contact: 345-7512

contact: 345-0856

salary $5.00 per hour.



Worker Employee to work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 247-2369



the largest readership in the turks & caicos



Interested persons should apply no later than September 30, 2012 to:

Cleaner Cook Security Officer Labourer Carpenter


An affiliate of A Touch of Love Ministries International Center


Government Vacancy Financial Manager MINISTRY: ALL MINISTRIES  SUMMARY OVERVIEW: An exciting opportunity awaits you for the post of Finance Manager in one of the TCIG Ministries. The post holder is responsible for the shaping of the government budgetary and financial policy such as revenue generation, cost containment and delivery of other budget targets. Providing advice to the Permanent Secretary and Heads of Department, each Financial Manager is expected to generate results that are deemed satisfactory when:• Proper financial systems and controls are in place and maintained correctly • The Ministry’s budget is kept in balance • Revenue collection is increased wherever possible • Government creditors are paid on time • Other budget targets are met  SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: • Develop fiscal policy framework • Respond to queries from the Public Accounts Committee • Advise the Permanent Secretary and the Hon. Minister on policy issues relating to finance • Ensure accurate recording of receipts, payments and income • Providing monthly financial management reports • Ensuring staff development and training • Developing mechanism to manage and monitor income and expenditure • Analyzing department budgets for feasibility • Advising departments on budget adjustment and amendments • Managing the creditors payment settlement system  QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The successful candidate must possess a Bachelors Degree in Finance or Accounting or equivalent. In addition to the degree or professional designation, the position requires specialized training in Budgetary Control, Financial Planning, and Economics analysis, Management Information Systems, Strategic Planning and Team Leadership. The position requires at least eight (8) years on the job experience to acquire the competencies necessary to respond effectively to the challenges of the functions. This is a specialized position that requires frequent use of analytical and reasoning skills and visual dexterity. SALARY T39 - T43 $39,960 – $43,200 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Human Resource Management Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801 Extension: 10321, Facsimile: 649-946-1582, E-mail: All resumes should be addressed to Mr. Mark Greenway, Director of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Resumes must include applicants current contact information and be accompanied by two letters of reference and a police certificate. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department.



HELPER To work 6 days

per week salary $7.00 per hour. contact: 244-9287



SALES CLERK • Must have strong knowledge, experience of Beverage Industry with specific knowledge of wines, spirits and tobacco • Must have a positive attitude to work and excellent customer service skills • Must have knowledge of Counter Point • Must be a team player and able to work with individuals at all levels of the company • Must be flexible to work company events as needed Salary $8.00 per hour


$33 PER WEEK CALL 946-4664

Send resume to: discount@ or fax: 649-946-4871


Grace Bay Suites Is looking to fill the following positions:

the largest readership in the turks & caicos

•Cleaner •Maids •Life guard •Masseuse •Beach/pool Attendants •Front desk •manager

Part-time & live in position available immediately Please deliver resume with salary expectations to front desk. References will be given to qualified Belongers



DSR BUILDERS LTD. is looking to secure a

Hair Stylist

Barber Successful applicants must have at least 3-5 years experience in particular field expected to work six days per week salary arrangements based on qualifications.

Contact: 649-243-1775

KEVIN GORDON Is looking for a

Labourer Labourer Duties include: Light construction work and any other duties that may be assigned. Salary $5.50 per hour. Individual must be hardworking, honest and reliable.

Contact: 231-1666 closing date is September 18th, 2012 7180

to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour must be punctual, dedicated and trustworthy.

Contact: 342-6268


DRAUGHTSMAN TRAINEE SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Draughtsman Trainee within the Department of Survey & Mapping, Attorney General Chambers/Lands Division. The incumbent in this position is responsible for assisting the Draughtsman in the drafting of Maps, Plans, Charts and Sketches, and the continuous updating of the cadastral Block Plans. He/She would also assist with the storage and retrieval of survey reference files (J-files), consisting of the records of surveys executed by authorized government and private land surveyors. The successful candidate would also assist with the printing and reproduction of Maps and plans, and survey file plans, and the proper storage and retrieval of all such plans as well as ensure that there is good maintenance and storage of the drafting material equipment and tools of the department. He/ She would also be expected to perform any other work and related duties assigned from time to time by a supervisory officer.

House and ½ Acre land Richmond Hill


1 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully furnished

The position requires a High School Diploma; with at least three (3) or more GCE or CXC passes including English Language and Mathematics with an aptitude for drafting/ drawing, training in the Auto-CAD drafting application as well as experience in terra Model software application would be an asset. BELONGERS ONLY NEED APPLY!

SALARY: $14,148 - $16,740 per annum


Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human Resource Management Directorate, Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318, E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582


Is seeking the following:

is looking for:


Is looking for a








September 15 - 21, 2012

Call: 231-3788



September 15 - 21, 2012


MARIA’S VARIETY is looking for a


PRECIOUS MOMENTS Is looking for a

TASTY BURGERS is looking for a

DIVAS BEAUTY CENTER is looking for the following persons:

is looking for a Driver to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour


is looking for 2 Hairdressers to work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour

PROVO ENTERTAINMENT is looking for a Labourer to work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour

Contact: 243-6772



2 Commercial Laundry Pressers


to work 6 days per week 8am-4pm. Salary $6.50$8.00 per hour based on experience.

contact: 245-7557

contact: 946-5663

to work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


and enjoy the Widest circulation in tci

Hairdresser – salary $5.50 per hour



Contact: 344-4540

contact: 241-8247

To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


Nail Technician

– salary $5.50 per hour

Cosmetologist – salary $6.00 per hour

Contact: 344-4540


the largest readership in the turks & caicos




An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Deputy Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position facilitates the management of TCIG’s estate on a day to day basis inclusive of carrying out periodic inspections and putting in place improvement programmes. He/She would be expected to introduce, implement and assist with the management of a Planned Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management regime aimed at keeping accurate information in relation to TCIG’s Estate and its development. The incumbent will also be responsible for the management process in accordance with TCIG Governance, lease development and Landlord interface, renegotiating of lease conditions with existing leases. He/She will have direct liaison with Land Registry in connection with development of TCIG’s Estate inclusive of matters relating to leases and licences; will act as the Estate Management Department’s point of contact in relation to TCIG’s Disaster Management Policy and perform any other work related duties that may be assigned.


The position requires a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering or related field with at least ten (10) years post degree experience in the above mentioned fields. He/She must be a member of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and health and safety preferably gained within the private as well as the public sector planned preventative maintenance, contract management would be an asset.

SALARY: $40,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582






An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) Service for the post of Director of Estates within the Department of Estate Management, Government Support Services. The successful incumbent in this position will act as the professional link to senior officials of TCIG and external parties in the delivery of the Estate Management function and the Development and control of the Estates Management Department. The incumbent is also responsible for Asset Management Planning inclusive of Financial Planning (Capital and Revenue), control and governance of allocated annualised Funding Streams (Capital and Revenue), Facilities Management inclusive of Planned Preventative Maintenance, Property/Land Acquisition and Disposal quality management and Contract management in accordance with TCIG Governance. Although based in Grand Turk the Director of Estates will have an overarching role to manage the Estate throughout the Turks & Caicos Islands.


The position requires as a minimum a Bachelors Degree in Estate Management, Construction Management, Building Engineering, with a Masters Degree in a related field with at least fifteen (15) years, post degree experience in Estate Management, Membership of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Royal Institute of British Architects (or similar) or British Institute of Facilities Management (or similar). Relevant experience in strategic management in a rapidly changing environment and operational performance, facilities management, asset utilisation, building management systems and contract management is a plus.

SALARY: $ 55,000 per annum Serving officers should apply through their Heads of Department. For persons recruited outside the Turks and Islands a two-year contract is offered. Other benefits offered include a Housing Allowance, Telephone Allowance, an end-of-contract gratuity of fifteen percent of salary; return passage for family of up to two children under the age of sixteen years as well as duty free concession on the shipment of personal effects imported within six (6) months of appointment. For more information on the Job Description please contact the Human resources Directorate Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Human Resource Director, Human Resource Management Directorate, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 649-946-1582


David Savic will remain banned for life from his sport.

September 15 - 21, 2012

David Savic fails with appeal against tennis life ban SERBIAN tennis player David Savic has failed in his appeal against a life ban for match fixing. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) confirmed the

ruling reached by the Tennis Integrity Unit last October. Cas did set aside a fine of £63,000 for Savic, who was found guilty of three violations. He is only the second player to



Is looking for a

Sales Clerk to work 6 days per week salary $250.00 per week.

Contact: 245-1239




Is looking for an

Artist To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 431-6163

White Sands Beach Resort

be banned for life, following Daniel Koellerer who was also found guilty of match fixing in May. The three violations, which occurred in October 2010, include "contriving or attempting to contrive the outcome of an event". The details of the case have never been disclosed. Last year, Savic claimed the charges related to allegations made by an unidentified "top player", whom he had not spoken to in 11 years, and that the TIU had prevented him from naming his accuser. Savic was found guilty by the TIU, who met on 12 September last year. (BBC) A Cas statement said: "Cas has confirmed the decision ... to rule that David Savic be permanently ineligible to participate in any event organised or sanctioned by any tennis governing body.


VACANCIES Applications are invited from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders to fill the post of

Santa Maria Gaming Saloon reporting directly to the Owner. The General Manager, Santa Maria Gaming Saloon, leads the overall operation for the Santa Maria Gaming Saloon. The individual oversees gaming operations, monitors security and risks, expertise in marketing, slot expert, gaming experience, delegates work, sets schedules, maintains budgets, hires employees, and ensures patron satisfaction. The General Manager, Santa Maria Gaming Saloon, is a results oriented leader with demonstrated ability to envision a longer term strategic direction, develop tactical goals/objectives, and execute.


• At least 15 years’ experience in casino and gaming environment including Office administration and bookkeeping procedures, Hospitality industry, Casino industry service, Casino marketing, Casino accounting, Slot machines, Slot machines – information systems (hardware/software), Gambling sociology, Business knowledge strategies, and Payroll and HR related policies • Have successfully built at least 3 businesses, in the past 15 years, of projected revenues in the hundreds of thousands • At least 10 years’ staff management, training and supervision experience, of teams of at least 25 employees or more. • At least 3 years’ experience in event planning and management. • Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a combination of work/experience will be considered.


• Good people skills, Excellent customer service, Advanced leadership skills, Teamwork and teambuilding skills, Expert Analytical, math and problem solving skills, Decision making skills, Strong 360 degree leadership and communication (verbal, written, listening, presentation) skills, Troubleshooting skills, Effective verbal and listening communication skills, bilingual English and French, Spanish nice to have, Attention to detail and high level of accuracy, Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work, Computer skills including ability to operate computerized accounting (e.g. QuickBooks), payroll administration, spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) and word processing programs, and email at a highly proficient level

Work environment:

• Willingness to work long hours, overnight shifts if required, and inconsistent shifts.

Please submit resumes to White Sands Beach Resort at

Aviation Security Officers


White Sands Beach Resort

Within the Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority (TCIAA), International Airport, Providenciales.

Is hiring an

Assistant Manager

Personal Qualities • Reliable and Punctual • Able to work shifts including weekends and Public Holidays • Able to work under pressure and unsupervised • Confident in dealing with difficult passengers • Strong interpersonal skills • Team player • Short hair trim and no visible signs of tattoos • Clean Police Record • Fluently speak, read and write in English

Reporting directly to the Owner.

Experience/Education: @@At least 8 years’ experience managing a beach resort. @@At least 5 years’ supervision experience, of teams of at least 5 employees. @@At least 3 years’ experience in event planning and management. @@Must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration or a combination of work/experience will be considered.

Medical Requirements • Physically fit with good eyesight, color vision and hearing Education and Experience • Good general education including CXC (or equivalent) passes in English and Mathematics • Previous security experience is not necessary as training will be provided • Customer Service experience is desirable

Responsibilities: @@Staff supervision for housekeeping, maintenance, security, bar and restaurant operations @@Responsible for accounting, sales, purchasing and security. @@Responsible for overall site maintenance, including hotel rooms, pool, landscape, storage, bar and restaurant sites @@Responsible for inventory management and control for hotel amenities, bar and restaurant supplies @@Experience in managing, planning and organizing of special functions including wedding, private parties.

Responsibilities • Provide good customer service • Screening of airport staff and departing passengers and their luggage • Control airport access points • Screen unattended or suspicious items • Patrol restricted and public areas • Monitor curb side parking and work closely with Traffic Liaison Officers • Log Book management • Prepare incident reports when necessary

All applications should be sent to Human Resources, Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority, International Airport, Providenciales. Fax (649)-941-5996. Closing date for applications is Friday September28th, 2012.

General Manager

Skills: @@Display a high level of energy, have an entrepreneurial spirit, be a motivational leader, effective communicator, effective in providing exceptional customer service and ability to improve the bottom line. @@Work environment: @@Willingness to work long hours, overnight shifts if required, and inconsistent shifts.

Please submit resumes to White Sands Beach Resort at . 7219



Sports International


September 15 - 21, 2012

Ricky Hatton comeback set for approval by boxing officials FORMER two-weight world champion Ricky Hatton’s comeback has moved closer after he appeared before boxing officials to ask for his licence back. Hatton, 33, attended a British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) meeting in Cardiff on Wednesday and is set to hold a news conference on Friday. General secretary Robert Smith told BBC Sport: “His licence will be granted pending the completion of medicals. “He spoke well, looks fit and he wants to have one more hurrah.” Hatton, nicknamed ‘The Hitman’, has not fought since suffering a second-round knockout by Manny Pacquiao in May 2009. The Manchester-based former light-welterweight and welterweight champion formally retired last year with a record of 45 wins and two defeats and now runs his own promotions company. In 2010, Hatton was stripped of his licence to box by the BBBoC after allegations of cocaine usage. “He looks very well, everything seems to be in order and he’s sorted himself out,” Smith said. “From what he was saying, he seems very settled with his family. He has already had some of the medicals and we are making sure he’s on track.”

Andy Murray will now replace the injured Rafael Nadal as world number three on the official men’s rankings.

Murray wins historic US Open Ricky Hatton (left) has not fought since suffering a secondround knockout by Manny Pacquiao (right) in May of 2009.

Hatton dominated the lightwelterweight division and his most notable win at that weight came against IBF champion Kostya Tszyu in 2005. The following year, Hatton defeated Puerto Rican Luis Collazo to take the WBA world welterweight title, following that victory by beating Juan Urango to reclaim his IBF light-welterweight title. He lost to American five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather in 2007 and suffered a comprehensive beating by Pacquiao in his final fight three years ago. Hatton, who frequently ballooned

in weight between bouts, has lost three stone this year and is tipped to return to action with a fight in November. He stopped Paulie Malignaggi in 11 rounds in his penultimate fight in 2008, since when the American has become the WBA welterweight champion. Former world champion Barry McGuigan has told the BBC that Hatton can win a world title again. “There’s every chance we’ll see 90% of the Ricky Hatton we saw a few years back and that will be good enough to beat someone like Paulie Malignaggi,” McGuigan said. (BBC)

Kevin Pietersen row: Players could have sorted it - Vaughan FORMER England captain Michael Vaughan says the Kevin Pietersen dispute could have been resolved by the players. The batsman was dropped for sending texts about team-mates to rival South African players earlier this year. In a BBC Radio 5 live special, Vaughan calls the row “very sad” and says it could have been sorted by a few senior players taking Pietersen “to dinner”. Pietersen, 32, has already been left out of England’s World Twenty20 squad and is set to miss the tour to India. The squad for the Test series in India was due to be announced on Thursday but has been delayed until Tuesday. Vaughan added: “I do find it very sad it’s come to this. It could have been put to bed many months ago when all these issues were around, with a few senior players saying Kev, what are you doing? Get your head straight, this is England, this is what we’ve worked for.” Vaughan said he was unsure whether a conversation had taken place between Pietersen and senior

ANDY Murray became the first British man to win a Grand Slam final since Fred Perry in 1936 after defeating Novak Djokovic in the final of the U.S. Open. The Scot even surrendered a twoset lead during a five-set thriller that lasted almost five hours, before he regained his focus to win 7-6 (12-10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2 in swirling winds at Flushing Meadows. It proved to be fifth time lucky for the Olympic champion, who -- like his coach Ivan Lendl -- had lost his previous four Grand Slam finals. Murray will now replace the injured Rafael Nadal as world No.3 in the official men’s rankings. “They were incredibly tricky conditions. It was really tough because Novak is really strong and fights all the way,” said Murray after the final. “I have always had tough matches

with him. I don’t know how I managed to come through in the end.” With his support team in New York swelled by fellow celebrity Scots, Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and actor Sean Connery, the 25 year old singled out Lendl, a three-time U.S. Open champion, for praise. “He was one of the greatest,” Murray said. “He has helped me through the tough times as have all of my team. It’s the best feeling for me, I’ve had an unbelievable summer.” Murray put the bitter disappointment of losing this year’s Wimbledon final against Roger Federer behind him by taking the Gold medal at the London Olympics at the Swiss star’s expense -- a result many believed could be a turning point in the Dunblane-born star’s Grand Slam fortunes.

Camelot has already won the 2,000 Guineas and Epsom Derby.

Camelot ready for Triple Crown bid in St Leger at Doncaster Kevin Pietersen was not awarded a central contract from 2012-2013 because of the row.

players, adding: “If it has and he still acted the way he has, he’s been an idiot.” Pietersen was left out of the third Test against South Africa at Lord’s in August after admitting sending “provocative” texts to Proteas players. The batsman is alleged to have criticised captain Andrew Strauss, who has since retired from all forms of cricket and handed over the reins to Alastair Cook.

With little sign of a reconciliation following talks with England head coach Andy Flower, Pietersen was not awarded a central contract for the 2012-13 season. He was also left out of the party for the World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka. Vaughan was skipper when Pietersen made his international debut against Zimbabwe in November 2004 and oversaw the 2005 Ashes series in which Pietersen emerged as a Test star.

CAMELOT will face eight rivals as he bids to become the first Triple Crown winner since Nijinsky in 1970. The three-year-old, trained in Ireland by Aidan O’Brien, runs in the St Leger at Doncaster on Saturday having already won the 2,000 Guineas and Epsom Derby. Camelot will be O’Brien’s only runner after he withdrew stablemates Imperial Monarch and Chamonix on Thursday. Opponents include Derby runnerup Main Sequence and the John Gosden pair, Thought Worthy and

Michelangelo. Camelot will again by ridden by Aidan’s 19-year-old son Joseph and is likely to start an odds-on favourite. William Buick has chosen to partner Derby fourth and subsequent York winner Thought Worthy, rather than Michelangelo (Frankie Dettori), for Gosden, who has won the last two St Leger runnings with Arctic Cosmos and Masked Marvel. Camelot will be running over oneand-three-quarter miles for the first time after victories in the Guineas, which is run over a mile, and the mile-and-a-half of the Derby.

September 15 - 21, 2012

Sports International



Champions Spain start 2014 World Cup quest with narrow win

Serena Williams of the United States celebrates defeating Victoria Azarenka of Belarus 6-2, 2-6, 7-5 in the 2012 U.S. Open women’s singles final on Sunday, September 9, in New York. See more U.S. Open action here.

‘Shocked’ Williams wins U.S. Open final thriller SERENA Williams battled back from the brink of defeat to claim her 15th grand slam title and win the U.S. Open for the fourth time with a 6-2 2-6 7-5 victory over world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka on Sunday. The American added to her 2012 Wimbledon and Olympic crowns after being pushed to the limit by the Australian Open champion, who forced the 30-year-old to drop her first set of the tournament. “I honestly can’t believe I won. I was preparing my runner-up speech because she was playing so well,” Williams said courtside after the match, which lasted two hours 18 minutes. “I’m so shocked. It’s remarkable.” It was the first time in 17 years that the women’s final went the distance in New York, and it ended Azarenka’s run

of 12 successive victories in matches lasting three sets. “Serena deserves to win. She showed how true a champion she is,” Azarenka said. “I definitely gave it all today. Stepping off this court I will have no regrets.” Williams won the hard-court tournament for the first time as a 17-year-old in 1999 but has not enjoyed much success since her third win in 2008. She lost in an ill-tempered final last year and was also fined in 2009 after being involved in another incident during her semifinal defeat. The former world No. 1 won the opening set in just 34 minutes, as she threatened to steamroll Azarenka as she has all opponents since bouncing back from her first-round defeat at the French Open.

Wigan say they have agreed to “a substantial settlement fee for the 25-year-old Blake Green.

Hull KR half-back Blake Green to join Wigan Warriors

BLAKE Green will join Wigan Warriors from Hull KR for the start of 2013. Wigan say they have agreed “a substantial settlement fee” for the 25-year-old, who still had two years remaining on his contract with Rovers. The Australian-born half-back had spent two years at Craven Park, having joined the club from Canterbury Bulldogs.

Wigan’s regular half-back pairing, Brett Finch and Thomas Leuluai, are both set to depart the DW Stadium at the conclusion of the play-offs. Wigan coach Shaun Wane said: “I am really excited to have Blake joining us. “We have admired his style of play for some time at Wigan with his ability to attack the line, his kicking game and his strong defence.

CHAMPIONS Spain began the defense of their World Cup title with a hard fought 1-0 win against Georgia in Tbilisi on Tuesday. Playing their first qualifier in Group I, the 2010 World Cup winners had to wait until the 86th minute before striker Roberto Soldado finally broke down a stubborn Georgian side. For much of the game, the home team, who hit the post early in the second half, defended with 10 men behind the ball against a side who retained their European Championship crown in July. Goalkeeper Giorgi Loria had proved an immovable barrier but after he was replaced due to injury late in the second half, substitute Cesc Fabregas teed up Soldado to sweep home. The win maintains Spain’s twoyear unbeaten run in competitive matches, which stretches back to their 1-0 loss against Switzerland in their opening game at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Spain are second in their group, three points behind 1998 champions France, who won their second match in four days when overcoming a second-half wobble to beat Belarus 3-1 in Paris, with goals from Etienne Capoue, Christophe Jallet and Franck Ribery. In London, England suffered a scare when trailing Ukraine for long periods before Frank Lampard

Spain celebrate with Roberto Soldado after the striker silences a packed stadium in Tbilisi with his late winner.

scored a late penalty to earn a 1-1 draw, after Yevgen Konoplianka had curled home in the first half. England captain Steven Gerrard was sent off for a second yellow card shortly after Lampard’s penalty, as a first competitive game at Wembley for coach Roy Hodgson lacked the feelgood factor that has accompanied local sportsmen in London in recent weeks during the Olympics and Paralympics. Hodgson’s predecessor Fabio Capello enjoyed a more fruitful evening as his new Russian side won 4-0 in Israel while their next opponents -- and main Group F rivals Portugal -- needed late goals from Helder Postiga and Bruno Alves to add gloss to a labored 3-0 win over

Azerbaijan in Braga. Italy, the runners-up at this year’s Euro 2012, were another leading nation who struggled to overcome less fancied opponents, as a stoppage-time own goal helped the four time world champions to a 2-0 win over islanders Malta. One of Tuesday’s more intriguing games took place in Lucerne, where hosts Switzerland beat Albania 2-0 to go top of Group E. Build-up to the game had been dominated by the issue of players with Kosovan heritage, with six starting the match for Albania and three more for Switzerland -midfield trio Granit Xhaka, Valon Behrami and Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri.

UEFA cracks down on 23 clubs by withholding prize money SOME of Europe’s leading clubs -- including Europa League and European Super Cup winners Atletico Madrid of Spain -- have had a taste of just seriously UEFA is taking the idea of Financial Fair Play after the European governing body temporarily withheld the payment of prize money to 23 clubs. UEFA Club Financial Control Body’s investigatory chamber, chaired by former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene, handed out the punishment after identifying that the clubs owed money to either other teams, their employees or had failed to pay taxes. Atletico’s fellow Spanish club Malaga, which is taking part in the Champions League for the first time this season, is another of the 23 clubs that has had the payment of prize withheld. Sporting Lisbon, Hajduk Split, CSKA Sofia, Rubin Kazan and Fenerbahce are some of the others major clubs to have been sanctioned. “I am still very worried about the current situation,” Dehaene told the

Spanish clubs Atletico Madrid and Malaga are two of the 23 clubs to have been sanctioned by UEFA.

European Club Association’s (ECA) general assembly. “The Financial Fair Play Regulations are known for more than two years, but I have the impression that some clubs still need to do their homework.” ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge added: “It seems that quite a few clubs have not understood the message. Time has come to take the new rules seriously. ECA will continue to support Financial Fair

Play.” UEFA said the measure would remain in place until the clubs had paid the money they owed and have asked the 23 teams to provide an update on their finances by the end of September. In a UEFA report published last year, it was estimated that about 50% of top European clubs were losing money and 20% were recording sizable deficits.


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September 15 - 21, 2012

Josh for Sports

Appreciating our legends WITHOUT vision the people perish. I am an advocate of preserving the roots of one’s heritage. Civics should be taught in school. Civics informs you of where you came from. Thus, you will have an appreciation of where you are and have a perspective vision of where you want to go. A prophet is not without honour, except in his/her own home town, specifically, I am alluding to the sporting aspect of our sporting heritage. THE JAMAICAN EXAMPLE Do you think that for one moment Usain Bolt, the foremost accomplished and revered track and field living athlete in the world today, popped up from a poster one day and discovered that he could rule the sprinting world? Wrong! Mr. Bolt had a vision. He had motivating incentives. Jamaica had many role models/legendary heroes that stimulated the national pride of that country and indeed the whole Caribbean. These legendary pacesetters were athletes like Herb Mc Kinley, Mc Arthur Wint, Lennox Miller, Donald Quarry, Una Morris, Kieth Gardiner, Merline Ottey among others. One such was Michael Fray, who conquered the world to become World Champion and

Olympic Champion and in so doing stimulated the national pride of all Jamaicans. They all wanted to be like those legends to bring world respect and recognition to their beloved country, and by extension, us Caribbean people—ex-slaves (Caribbean Africans). In fact, it was because of my awareness of these athletic giants that I influenced my father to send me to school (Munro College) in Jamaica. I wanted to be the best in Jamaica. I succeeded by becoming the national senior boys (Class 1) triple jump champion in Jamaica for two straight years. I became a school legend in Jamaica. Actually, at age 16, I literally, unofficially, broke the world’s record for my age group in house sports at my school in 1968. I triple jumped 49 ft 6 in. HALL OF FAMES To preserve their historical accomplishments, the Jamaicans, like many other countries, established a national Sports Hall of Fame. That Hall of Fame serves as a stimulus to motivate other Jamaicans to strive to achieve ultimate excellence in sports—to be the best that they can be. You only have one life to live. Do your ultimate best.

doing, we will encourage our youths to excel beyond us. They too can become world champions. For, if in my mind I can conceive it, and in my heart I can believe it, then, by my actions I can achieve it.

By Joshua Gardiner

THE WILDERNESS AT HOME We here in the TCI have absolutely no concept of the richness of our sporting heritage. We have had, and still have a voluminous amount of legends who have made their impact on the world sporting scene. We have no national pride or appreciation for each other’s accomplishments. Sports in the TCI is not living up to its full potential. We need to shed the black crab mentality that we historically adopted here at home. A spade is a spade. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER We must establish a national TCI Sports Hall of Fame. We must give our legends what they truly deserve, while some of us are yet alive. By so

NATIONAL HALL OF FAME The time is now for us to get up off of our laurels and create an institution that would live on as long as life lasts. SOME DESERVING CANDIDATES TRACK AND FIELD Hon Dan Malcolm, from South Caicos, should be at least 75-years old. He was Jamaica’s high school champion in the high jump. Mr. Malcolm actually made Jamaica’s Olympic team, but he did not attend because of injury. 1978 (OUR WHOLE CARIFTA TEAM) Andre Tayloy, Kelvin Williams, Foster Glinton, Ruth Adams, Brenda Bell, Bertha Bell, Corina Capron, Daphnie Brooks, Beatrice Delancy, Cindy Smith, Edith Been, Beatrice Handfield, Dale Taylor, Stanly Carter, Robert Simons (Beads), Rita Mills, Georgina Ingham, Anita Smith, Lillian Gardiner, Hon.

Almost 200 return to youth football programmes THE TCIFA re-opened its youth football programmes last Saturday as almost 200 players eagerly returned to their field of dreams to show off their skills. 2012 has been a busy year for the association so far as it has again increased its player base and expanded its youth and senior leagues. Technical Director Matthew Green was pleased with the opening day’s turnout and predicts further growth for the association. “We have had a great year so far, especially with our youth teams doing so well against foreign opposition. Our aim now is to continue to raise the standard of play across all age groups and throughout the country.” Programmes will be starting in South Caicos and Grand Turk this week and hopefully in North and Middle Caicos within a few weeks. The TCIFA has over 400 players involved in its youth programmes and Green said he would like to see this number increase, but admitted that in order for this to happen more support is needed. ”Hopefully we can get more parents involved with our youth programmes to help coach our children. In addition the more sponsors we can find the more we can help players get the equipment they need like boots and shin guards.

Action on the opening day.

Ultimately we would like our players to play more competitive games against international teams, but sadly this can be very expensive. However, I am constantly impressed with the level of enthusiasm of our players and coaches who do a great job.” The TCIFA has focused heavily on youth development in recent years and the association is finally reaping the rewards. Green commented that “not only have we been able to produce youth teams that play attractive football, but we have a lot of young people coaching and refereeing in our leagues and

academies, earning qualifications that will help them later on in life. Although we are a small country our association offers more than most federations in the region. We have a Beach Soccer programme, youth leagues and school competitions which are raising the profile of football within the country. Many of our players are now doing very well studying and playing overseas and hopefully when they return to the islands, they will use their experience to help develop our programmes even further. Sport is a great way for children to develop skills that will

help them in life and our association is proud to play an important part in the development of many young people in our country”. Practice sessions are open to players of any age from five upwards and are free of charge. The TCIFA can be contacted on 231 1860 / 941 5532 – tcifa@tciway. tc or Schedule: U-7’s Coed – Born 2006/2005 - Monday 4.30-5.45pm / Saturday 8.30-9.30am U-9’s Coed – Born 2004/2003 - Monday 4.30-5.45pm / Saturday 8.30-9.30am U-11 Boys – Born 2002/2001 Monday 4.30-6.00pm / Saturday 9.30-10.30am U-14 Boys – Born 2000/1999/1998 - Tuesday 4.30-6.00pm / Saturday 9.30-10.30am U-17 Boys – Born 1997/1996/1995 - Friday 5.30-7.00pm U-20 Boys – Born 1994/19931992 - Thursday 5.30-7.00pm U-11 Girls – Born 2002/2001 Wednesday 4.30-5.45pm / Saturday 8.30-9.30am U-14 Girls – Born 2000/1999/1998 - Wednesday 4.30-5.45pm / Saturday 8.30-9.30am U-20 Girls – Born 1997-1992Wednesday 4.30-5.45pm

McCartney, Jim Lawlor. OTHERS Rosalie Ingham, Candice Williams. Lionel, Barronco, Tony Smith, Tyroid Smith, Rodney Cox, Russell Cox, Judith Robinson, Aphaes Gardiner and Susan Garland among several others. RIFLE SHOOTING: Lee Astwood, Albert Grant, Fred Braithwaite, Aloin Williams. WEIGHT-LIFTING: Hugh Wilson, Dee Briscoe among others. BOXING: Gary Lightbourne, Porter, Eddie Taylor. SOFTBALL: Marvin Cox MOTOR RALLY: Stan Hartling among others RUGBY: Gordon Kerr, Francis McDonald, Paul Dempsey. There are also numerous heroes in other sports on our beloved TCI. The way to finance this Sports Hall of Fame is by a national sports lottery.

Junior rugby season starts this weekend THE Turks and Caicos Rugby Football Union (TCIRFU) will start its junior rugby season from this Saturday at the Meridian Field. All boys and girls, with or without rugby experience can join. The rugby played will be of the non-contact variety for the younger players. As well as having fun, the juniors will be introduced to the basic rules and skills of the game. The TCIRFU said that it is looking to build on the great turnout that the inter-schools tournament had at the end of last season. For further information visit the rugby website or contact the TCIRFU’s Rugby Development Officer, Jamie Tait on rdo@ or 441-1215. Girls will train from 9:00h, while the 8-15 year-old boys will take the field from 10:00h and the U-19 boys from 11:00h.

September 15 - 21, 2012

Sports National



FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup:

Bien-Aime says Japan tour was “amazing”

THE Turks and Caicos pride in football administration, Mrs. Sonia Bien-Aime is fully satisfied with her recent tour of Japan, where she served as an ambassador of FIFA (the world governing football body), and as a Match Commissioner for the U-20 Women’s World Cup. “This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had throughout my football administration career. I was very lucky to have been chosen from amongst the committee members,” the current secretary general of the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) said. Bien-Aime, who was serving her second tour of duty for the FIFA Organising Committee, spent three weeks in Tokyo (August 19thSeptember 8th). She was appointed to the Hiroshima Big Arch Venue in Hiroshima, Japan (August 18th to August 24th) for the first round of competition for the Group ‘D’

category. She was also appointed as match commissioner for matches held in Saitama, Japan (August 27th). Another appointment was to the quarterfinals in Tokyo, Japan (August 30th); along with being chosen as match commissioner for the 3rd place match between Nigeria and Japan (September 8th). Of the appointments, the secretary general said that she was particularly “blown away” by the news of her final undertaking, given that it was a task of great importance and one of major responsibility. Information from the local football administration indicates that Mrs. Bien-Aime’s appointment speaks volumes, especially since she was chosen from a pool of experienced match officials— some of whom had served on other committees. “This assignment, along with the others says a lot about Mrs. Bien-Aime… [and what] she brings in terms of leadership style and professionalism to the world’s

PHL registration sessions begin on Saturday

THE Provo Hockey League (PHL) organisers are gearing up for another season of the popular indoor rollerblading sport and two days have been allocated for the registration of players. On Saturday, September 15th,

and next Saturday, September 22th the organisers of the league will be at the Graceway Sports Centre from 13:00h-15:00h to register players for the new season. Hockey gear will also be on sale.

most loved sport,” a TCIFA release stated. “I have received a lot of excellent feedback from the Japan Local Organising Committee, FIFA staff and the general coordinators for the competition, which have encouraged me to continue my work to improve my Member Association (the TCIFA), the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) on which I serve as a member and for myself, as an individual,” the general secretary pointed out. Bien-Aime added that she is eager to attend meetings in a few months to start preparations for the next U-20 Women’s World Cup which will be held in Canada in 2014. Other members appointed to the Organising Committee for the FIFA

Mrs. Sonia Bien-Aime (fourth from left) next to FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter and other football dignitaries.

AFC Strikers defeat AFC Hurricanes in warm-up clash PLAYERS are already preparing for the Women’s Football League which is set to begin at the end of October. In a recent practice match organised by the TCIFA Technical Director Matthew Green the AFC Strikers defeated the Hurricanes 6-4. The girls, some of who are new on the scene, were also playing for a chance to represent the two Academy clubs in the league. The warm up clash, which was played on the association’s artificial pitch, gave many new players an

opportunity to play 11-a-side football for the first time. Strikers opened the scoring when Kadine Delphin beat the offside trap and passed the ball to Trincy Reid who scored from close range. Sarah Cenary soon evened things up as she was allowed too much space in the penalty box and shot into the bottom left corner. The Strikers regained the lead as Yarielca De La Cruz scored from the penalty spot and her sister Yarileny extended the lead as she converted Jenny Fluerenvil’s cross from the

TCIRFU elections:

Women’s Development Officer post available this year – New captain and vicecaptain will be voted in THE growth of female rugby has propelled rugby officials to include the post of Women’s Development Officer in this year’s elections of office-bearers. The AGM and elections of the Turks and Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union (TCIRFU) will be held on Tuesday, September 18th from 19:30h at the Meridian Field clubhouse. Information from the rugby union indicates that Blair Mason has decided against continuing as club captain for the new season. There will also be a new vice-captain since Simon Taylor will also stand down. Others, who have decided to leave the rugby administrative

body for the new season, includes: current Treasurer Paul Jobling, Social Development Officer Harry Turbyfield and Junior Development Rugby Officer Zhavago Jolly. The post of “Director of Rugby” would be terminated from this year. Public Relations Officer Gareth Butler pointed out that since there is a Rugby Development Officer post, there is no need for the former. The rugby union indicates that anyone, who has cleared their membership dues, can run for office. That individual simply needs to be nominated by a current “paid up” member and seconded by another member who has also paid all monies owed to the union.

U-20 Women’s World Cup include: Chairman - David Chung, Oceania Football Confederation President, Deputy Chairman – SenesErzik, UEFA 1st Vice President and Honorary President Turkish FA, Bangladesh’s Mahfuza Akther. Members are Mozambique’s Palmira Francisco, former USA national team player, April Heinrichs, Coach for South Africa’s Senior Women’s National Team, Fran Hilton-Smith, New Zealand’s Shelley McMeeken, Italy’s Marina Sbardella, Colombia’s Celina Sierra, Germany’s head of women’s soccer, Heike Ullrich, China PR, Xue Li. Advisors to the committee are: former Japanese football player, Kozo Tashima and Canada’s IOC Member, Walter Sieber.

Female rugby continues to grow in the TCI.

right wing. The goal fest continued as Cenary added two more goals to tie the game at 3-3. Both De La Cruz sisters scored again as Yarileny finished off a well timed pass from Fluerenvil and Yarielca followed up a defensive error to give their team a 5-3 lead. However, the Hurricanes were not finished and a strong run from Cenary saw the ball fall to Edwine Rousseaux whose long range effort sailed into the goal. A tense final few minutes ensued before the game was effectively ended when Yarielca De la Cruz scored from the penalty spot after she was fouled whilst through on goal. Green was very pleased with what he saw: “Women’s football continues to grow in our islands and I am very happy with the level of play. Both teams played attractive football; they kept possession well and were comfortable on the ball. There was also plenty of goals which is always good to see and the game was very competitive. Even though the players train together, they pushed each other hard, but they also played with respect and great sportsmanship. The Women’s League is always a closely fought affair and I believe both our young teams will give Net Rockers and Revolution a run for their money. It promises to be an exciting season and I am glad to see so many young players trying to make the teams, we actually have almost enough players to have a third team compete this year.” The MVP was Juhnee Dickenson who attends Wesley Methodist School. The Women’s Football League is due to commence on October 28th with a Fun Day scheduled for October 14th.



September 15 - 21, 2012

September 15 - 21, 2012






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September 15 - 21, 2012

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