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Weekly News Volume 24 | No. 38 | September 25 - October 1, 2010

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Turks and Caicos


Fury over the national newspaper of the turks and caicos islands


election delay – angry crowds swarm Governor's car after bombshell announcement


David Smith


OLINT boss David Smith has been jailed for six and a half years ... PAGE 


Protestors confront constitution reform advisor Kate Sullivan as she attempts to board a plane to Grand Turk.

Two die while snorkelling TWO people tragically died after attempting to snorkel in Turks and Caicos waters this week.



Community police receive bike donation COMMUNITY police officers are set to become much more visible on the streets of Grace Bay ... PAGE 




September 25 - October 1, 2010

September 25 - October 1, 2010





September 25 - October 1, 2010


Swarms of Islanders turn out to watch the angry scenes unfold.

Protestors launch themselves at the car transporting the Governor and constitution reform advisor.

Hundreds of Islanders flood the forecourt at Provo Air Center.

Fury over election delay By Gemma Handy and Samantha Dash EXPLOSIVE scenes erupted on Tuesday as Islanders came together in an unprecedented show of united fury at the postponement of next year’s elections.

Protestors gathered at Providenciales International Airport within hours of Britain’s announcement that the widely anticipated ballot will not go ahead as planned in July 2011. They had hoped to direct their anger at visiting Minister Henry Bellingham. When he failed to

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appear, the ever-mushrooming army of outraged Islanders descended on Provo Air Center to confront the Governor. Security gates were ripped from their hinges as hundreds of people bombarded the FBO forecourt. Gordon Wetherell and constitution reform advisor Kate Sullivan were forced to endure a baying mob as they attempted to board a plane to Grand Turk. Protestors barricaded their Land Rover as it tried to make its way onto the runway. Some even lay on the ground to block its path. The Governor eventually exited the jeep and was instantly mobbed and jostled by the jeering crowds. He spoke with protestors for several minutes before being escorted onto the plane by police. But his attempts to ease their angst appeared to fall on deaf ears. Ms Sullivan’s first attempts to board the plane were thwarted by the goading crowd and she was soon forced to retreat to the car. She was eventually shepherded onto the waiting aircraft by police. Among protestors the message was clear. Local activist Euwonka Selver, brandishing a placard which read ‘We are fed up and we ain’t gonna

take it no more’, dubbed the decision to delay elections an “insult”. “They obviously don’t feel there are capable, law abiding citizens in this country who have the education or expertise to run affairs in this country,” she told the Weekly News. “We will take the fight wherever we have to. The people are no longer sitting back and allowing things to be enforced on us.” She said she also objected to recommendations by British MP Andrew Rosindell to beef up the public service with more UK advisors. “We have civil servants who have been in the system up to 30 years holding permanent secretary posts. As the Governor himself has said, the public sector is already over populated so I don’t see how they can justify bringing in more new people, especially non Belongers. It’s not acceptable.” Local poet Audley Astwood has long been outspoken against British rule. Bearing a placard with the words ‘Hello! Is anybody listening?’, he said: “Everyone is hurting and upset. This country is going through pain, frustration and hurt. “They have to keep in mind it’s five people being investigated, not

the entire country.” He warned: “It’s going to get violent, we are not going to take this anymore and that’s why we are here.” Contractor Surbrena Pedican, of Grand Turk, told the Weekly News: “Now is the time for us to stand up and make our voices heard. “England said they were coming in to deal with corrupt politicians but what has been done so far only affects the people. “They are disenfranchising our own people, our own people are out of work. “All this happened because England did not do its job – and we are to trust them again? “We want our Government back and we want it now.” Bishop Coleta Williams, of Abundant Life Ministries, said he had taken part in the protest to express his “displeasure at the state of the country” and the statement made by Mr Bellingham. “The Minister was here little more than 24 hours and there was no real consultation with the people who have been greatly affected. “We were promised an election next year and I believe there’s ample time for any changes that need to be made to the constitution within that

September 25 - October 1, 2010




Protestors attempt to block the Land Rover’s path.

The Governor has harsh words for police following the turbulence.

Activists have vowed to take their message as far as the United Nations.

– angry crowds swarm Governor's car after bombshell announcement timeframe.” The Bishop said the Governor was already head of the Cabinet rendering any fundamental constitutional changes futile. He urged all leaders in the country to come forward and show the international community that things are “dead wrong” in the TCI. “Elections are important because investors won’t come here while things are uncertain. “People have the right to be outraged, everything they have worked so hard for is at stake right now. “What the British Government fails to understand is that we had not been enjoying this prosperity for years and years. We had just got this breakthrough and the moment we got it it’s been taken away. “People had longed for the day when they could have a car or a home and they are now having them repossessed.” He cited irony in the fact that Mr Bellingham had left the TCI to attend a United Nations meeting on human rights and alleviating poverty. “As he heads off to talk about human rights and poverty, our human rights are being trampled all over and we’re on our way to poverty,” he said. “I think the British Government

will eventually get the public purse strong again – but it will impoverish the people as a result.” Also among the throngs of protestors were a number of former Ministers ousted from office in August last year. They included then Premier Galmo Williams who urged the Governor to make a statement. “We want to hear from him. If he don’t want to hear from us, he don’t have our support anymore,” he said. Also present was former Premier Michael Misick – at the centre of corruption investigations – who said he was “proud” to see Islanders stand up at this “defined moment in history”. “We cannot stop today,” he urged. “This has to be a movement for change, a movement to take our country back once and for all, out of the hands of these wicked people. “This is about people’s right to be free, to have the same rights as in England – the right to vote, the right to chose a government and, if that government mess up, the right to vote that government out.” He added: “Not only did they take away our right to vote but they did so indefinitely. Democracy has to be returned and not next year but before the end of this year; now.” Deputy Police Commissioner

Hubert Hughes told media that police would be reviewing the incident to ascertain if increased security and peace-keeping measures needed to be put in place. In a statement released on Thursday, the Governor said it was “unfortunate” that Mr Bellingham’s message seemed to have been purposefully misinterpreted. “I want to underline his key point that the UK wants elections to take place in the TCI as soon as practicable, but that July 2011 is too soon for the interim Government to complete its programme of reforms. “The Minister did not say that the postponement of elections would be for three years. This has perhaps been confused with the need for the TCI Government to balance its budget within three years, which is a condition for the temporary package of financial support that is currently being prepared by the Department for International Development.” Mr Wetherell urged everyone to work together to achieve the necessary “milestones” before elections can be held. He added that Mr Bellingham was expected to issue a brief statement in the next few days thanking all those who had shared their views with him.

Kate Sullivan is escorted onto the plane by police.

David Smith jailed OLINT boss David Smith has been jailed for six and a half years after pleading guilty to four charges at Grand Turk’s Supreme Court. The Jamaican-born businessman – at the centre of one of the Caribbean’s biggest ever fraud probes – admitted two counts of fraud and two of conspiracy on Thursday. Smith – who had been on $2m bail – previously faced more than 26 charges including conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy to transfer criminal property and conspiracy to defraud. Prosecutor David Williams QC told Chief Justice Gordon Ward no further evidence would be offered regarding the other charges. Two charges against Smith’s wife Tracey Anne were also dismissed. Last month we revealed that Smith was facing extradition to the US to answer 23 new charges. The Chalk Sound resident was indicted by a Florida court which was told he had collected more than $200m from investors under false pretences. It is now over two years since Smith’s Providenciales home and offices were raided amid investigations by the TCI’s Financial Crime Unit.

David Smith

Assets from his two locally based foreign currency exchange companies – FX Traders and Olint TCI – were frozen in summer 2008. A statement from the Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM) previously claimed there were around 10,000 Olint members with total indebtedness of up to $2bn. Special prosecutor Helen Garlick – who is heading the probe into TCI government corruption – assumed responsibility for the Olint investigation earlier this year. Olint was originally started by Smith in Jamaica before being closed down by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in March 2006. He launched operations in the TCI shortly afterwards.



September 25 - October 1, 2010

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Election suspension MONDAY’S announcement that there will be no general elections next year sparked angry protests this week. We asked readers whether they thought it was more important to finish ongoing reforms or to return the country to self-rule.

Cast them out “Why are we surprised that master is not ready to

let us go? This will teach us to stand on our own bottom when we are catching hell and use the brain that God gave us to solve our problems. “I can’t see how they are making a difference. Anyone that comes in your house and throws out the laws that you pledge to live by, don’t have your best interest at heart and needs to be cast out.”

Count our blessings

“It is inevitable that the elections are postponed as the identified systemic challenges within the governance culture of this territory continue to be uncovered and sadly remain unaddressed.  “It is all too easy to blame world recession and others. The Brits do not want this challenge but have no choice. “International pressure to enable ‘colonies’ to become self-ruling entities is all very well but the real world knows that any economy has to have a solid broad base to be sustainable.   “Such a base does not exist and is not possible in any small island wishing to become a nation without significant intelligent planning and inward investment. The only solution is to work hand in hand with the Brits and work with the assets that are here.  “Credible governance must be achieved and those who rape and pillage must be exposed, discredited and certainly not valued. “The investments of ordinary folk are at risk. Those who have chosen to visit and then perhaps reside will leave. “We should count our blessings – the sun shines, the hospital is working, the airport is being developed, the schools are resourced and a few are being chased. “This island has much to lose and the current obnoxious display of a few arrogant selfpromoters simply reinforces the determination of those that strive to make things better. “The minority is not doing anyone any favours. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. Get real.”

Take a stand “Complete violation of human and civil rights! The people will not stand for this. The world will not stand for this.”

TCI an embarrassment “I am relieved that the elections are being postponed until the laws (and penalties for breaking them) are in place, which will prevent another scenario like the Mike Misick administration’s alleged abuses of power. “Also we need to be on firm financial footings before the Brits leave, with responsible persons in all key positions. In addition to reform, resolving

the cases against those responsible for our current state of affairs – the Misick gang – would be a huge reassurance to all residents. “The handful of protestors seen these past few days, and the tiny turnout at the PNP rallies, is a clear indication that the majority of the people in the TCI do not support this man, his party or his actions. “I have no doubt the British would like to be out of here as soon as possible. We are an embarrassment (partially due to their lack of oversight) and a financial anchor. “As to the British approach to this situation, I doubt any approach would appease the small group of protesters. They want their 15 minutes of fame, on TCI TV, and they got it.”

Gloomy outlook

“As expected, because the wrong doings that need putting right are so widespread and ingrained in this society – a huge task and maybe too insurmountable to be successful anyway. “However, it is the responsibility of the British Government to attempt to recover public money and get this country ready for elections and selfgovernment. “It remains to be played out in the future if there is any party able to govern fairly with integrity and transparency for the benefit of all TCI people. “I have become pessimistic for the future; I doubt many investing expats will want to risk their money in business or homes once self-rule is reintroduced. “My guess is, in the end, those that seek the power and control to govern will and those who want independence will get it – at the expense of foreign investment. “I am sure the Brits would like to offload this country and leave it to its own devices once they have met their obligations to the public; their presence is providing potential investors with the security that their money may be safe. “Once that is removed, the country will be alone and the power struggles will begin. I hope not to be here.”

Let them wait

“If we need the British people’s money to get out of this mess that our elected officers put us in, then we have to do what they tell us to do. “It’s a shame but we did it to our self. Let the reform finish. It will help many poor people get a start. Elections only help the rich who got us in this position. If they truly want to help then they could wait.”

Just not cricket “This reminds us of a terrible ball game. The

British referees under the former Labour Government – Munn, Turner, Bryant, Poston, Tauwhare and others – were the referees not paying attention to the last internal Government and its fouls, tricks and additional players on the

field. “That team scored a lot of illegal points and messed up the stadium ownership and training of new players. They even took the gate receipts and left the bank account and bank broke. “The inquiry pointed out the problems with the players but not the sleepy referees. For a year or more, our current Governor and CEO have been both referees and players but they are using many of the old team members. “They have yet to bring the bad players to justice. With no opposing team we wonder why they have not scored many points. “Now it’s a new ball game. New Conservative league managers from Britain will try to build a fire under the interim Government and consultants. Maybe they will have to go. “The new managers say it will take yet another season to straighten it all out. That remains to be seen. Maybe two seasons. “The fans and fan club who supported the bad players from 2003 to 2009 look ridiculous crying foul. They cheered the fouls and tricks committed by their players and captain and raided the refreshment stands themselves. “Simple to understand why they want election before prosecution. Even more ridiculous are those from the original clean team seen leading the cries. Impatience will not serve them well. None of this is cricket!” Publicise progress “I am very happy that it has been postponed. We are in no way ready for a general election. It is much more important to finish with the reforms, prosecute the miscreants, return the stolen lands to the country and start afresh. “One thing the Brits could be doing is keeping us, the general public, more informed of progress and action by using the media more effectively. Make us know  what you are  doing to move things forward. “The shouting rabble who cry ‘we are going back to slavery’ are victims of their own mental slavery to gangsta ignorance.”

Short memories

“There is absolutely no question that the country is not ready for elections. The same people who were identified as responsible for the corruption and incompetence that brought the former Government down, along with their supporters, are stirring the pot again and even inciting violence. “That the former Premier, who was identified by the Commission of Inquiry as the prime offender, almost was elected as PNP party leader speaks volumes about the inability (or unwillingness) of that political party to learn from the mistakes of the past. “The PDM has chosen to spend its capital attacking the interim Government rather than coming up with constructive ideas about improving future governance of the country. “There is an obvious lack of political maturity in the TCI. The Brits mishandled the matter by prematurely announcing that elections would be possible in July of 2011. “I’m sure they didn’t anticipate that the people of the TCI would embrace the same old faces as possible leaders but that is no excuse given their awareness that prosecutions were not imminent. “They also should have known that people in the TCI have notoriously short memories.”

Smoke screen

“I think that an unspecified delay in a return to democracy is unacceptable at this time.  The very suggestion that we would have to live under direct rule for an additional minimum of three years is only a smoke screen to embed all the ‘policies’ that we are being ‘consulted’ about into

our constitution. “The fact that under the current Governor there is very little security, given that crime has risen over 300 per cent, that there is no encouraging of inward investment, that labour is being poorly maintained from a Belonger job placement area and that, in addition to the economic downturn we are experiencing, the current interim administration is now talking of implementing income tax, property tax and value added tax (VAT) to add additional strain on the population, should be a loud enough signal that these foreigners do not understand what systems would work here.  “We need to be in a position to conduct our own affairs.”

Finish what you started “Complete reforms first, then elections! Sensible

and needed reforms can only take place with an independent and single body carrying out the work. And I am afraid that to return locals at this stage in the game will result in more corruption and a slap on the wrist for Misick and his crew of jokers! “Let Britain finish her work and then return a new legislative agenda to a new group of persons who will take TCI to the next level! “To have local government meddling in this most needed ‘overhaul’ of the country’s foundations will be an exercise in folly. Let Britain finish what she started, especially put Misick and his merrymen behind bars!”

Keep the ball rolling

“It is not at all surprising that elections will be put off. No national (as opposed to ‘party’) leader has yet emerged and that person is probably still in high school. “Systems, procedures – not to mention a new constitution – are not yet in place. Ditto transparency. Ditto economic sustainability. Ditto the resolution of legal proceedings versus the past administration(s). “I think the Brits were slow off the ball and not particularly responsive to the concerns of the population; transparency focused on trivial issues. “Sure, the Brits could have taken a different approach: they could have bailed out the country with millions of taxpayer pounds. Not likely, though. “Now that the ball is rolling, keep it going. Nothing gained by turning the country back over to the old boys.”  

Send the money

“Yes, I suspected there would be no quick fix to financial problems in the Islands due to the fact that the British under Tony Blair were more interested in war than supporting their colonies properly. “Listen, poverty is no accident, it is planned by Government. The responsibility lies with a British Government that doesn’t understand economics or social policy. “Where’s the money to solve the problems? The Turks & Caicos are part of Britain.”

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September 25 - October 1, 2010




Elections in 2012 says Governor By Gemma Handy BRITISH MPs may be frustratingly tight-lipped but the Governor believes general elections will go ahead in 2012. Gordon Wetherell gave his “personal estimate” on the long awaited return to local rule during angry scenes which erupted at Provo Air Center following Monday’s bombshell announcement by visiting politician Henry Bellingham. In a speech broadcast on local radio, the Overseas Territories Minister insisted more time was needed to make necessary reforms, rendering elections originally slated for July 2011 impossible. The news came hours after fellow British MP Andrew Rosindell released a report in which he described Islanders as feeling “powerless” and “disenfranchised”. The delay has infuriated Islanders and political leaders who have been holding out for a return to self rule since the UK reassumed charge of the nation 13 months ago. Mr Bellingham met with media on Monday night during his 36-hour stay in the TCI. While he said elections would take place “as soon as practicable”, he refused to be drawn on a timescale. “It would be a great mistake to have elections before the country is ready. It will be when the time is right. I understand people’s frustration but if we rush things we will be doing the people of the TCI a disservice.” Mr Bellingham said he had made

the decision following “strong advice” from the Governor along with advisory council and consultative forum members. “The UK Government has considered all the interim Government’s work over the past 12 months; all the challenges that remain, not least economic stability. “Suspension of parts of the constitution will continue until progress is made towards embedding reforms and financial stability in TCI.” He said the matter would be kept under constant review and that he would issue a statement before the end of the year on the “remaining milestones” to be met before elections can take place. The Minister said Britain was determined to stand by the Islands during “this difficult time” but that this would not be in the form of “unconditional hand-outs of UK public money”. “We want to see the TCI stand on its own two feet,” he said. Details of another emergency loan will be announced in the next few days, he continued. This follows July’s short-term $15m loan given to pay public sector salaries. A larger loan will be forthcoming too as part of a three-year rescue plan to get the country back in the black. Mr Bellingham said it was essential to eradicate the budget deficit within three years. To assist, a new chief financial officer from the UK has been appointed. Caroline Gardner started work on

Henry Bellingham MP met with advisory council members during this week’s visit to the TCI.

Monday and will assist permanent secretary for finance, Delton Jones. The money is being put up by London’s Department for International Development (DIFD) which insisted on Ms Gardner’s appointment as a prerequisite on account of her “outstanding ability and huge experience”. Mr Bellingham said Britain’s new coalition Government was looking forward to a “new, reinvigorated, grown up relationship” with its overseas territories. “We believe they are an asset, not a liability. They may be small with small populations, nevertheless they are part of the British family.” And he urged Islanders to take part in ongoing constitutional reform consultations. “I encourage everyone, including the political parties, to participate in

the continuing consultation process so that your views can be taken into account in the preparation of the draft constitution. “Only through your full participation will it be possible to ensure that all views are considered.” He continued: “Ultimately it will be for UK Ministers to sign but we want people to join in and make their views clear in a constructive and sensible way.” Mr Bellingham said he had also met with special prosecutor Helen Garlick who is leading the probe into Government corruption. He revealed that the investigation team was “emphatic” that “serious wrongdoings” had taken place and that judges to preside over forthcoming criminal trials would arrive in the country “in the near future”.

“You will hear some announcements by the end of the year or early next year.” He said the oft-debated question of whether former Ministers under scrutiny could re-stand for public office was another reason for the elections delay. Mr Bellingham – a lawyer by profession – was also quizzed on his views on the potential axing of the automatic right to trial by jury. “It’s not a question of it being abolished, it would simply offer flexibility and would be assessed on an individual case by case basis,” he said. “There may be some exceptional cases where it would make sense to have a trial without a jury. “We are talking about very, very serious crimes being investigated and the likelihood is that charges will be laid.” The Minister said the Attorney General’s office, and consultative forum and advisory council members, were “absolutely emphatic” that the Trials Without Jury Bill 2010 should be rubber-stamped. On the question of presiding judges’ impartiality, he added: “I have every confidence in the judges who will be hearing the cases. They have an incredibly strong reputation for professionalism and total impartiality.” Mark Capes, head of the public service, said there would be recourse for appeal through the Court of Appeal where cases would be heard by a team of three judges.

Party leaders call for unified revolt By Gemma Handy

POLITICAL leaders have joined forces in a clarion call to Islanders to voice their discontent over election delays at Saturday’s street rally. People who say their views on constitutional reform are being ignored are to take to the streets from 4pm at Providenciales’ downtown ballpark. The demonstration is likely to explode in numbers in the wake of Britain’s announcement on Monday of a postponement to the return of local rule. PNP and PDM chiefs closed ranks on Tuesday, along with religious and business leaders, to devise a plan to force London to backtrack. PDM leader Doug Parnell condemned the UK’s refusal to offer a timescale – and said if Britain does not call an election, his party will. At a press conference on Wednesday, he said the country was in a “state of shock” and pledged to take all steps necessary to “return power to the people”. Mr Parnell said the PDM had contacted international media, the

United Nations and regional leaders to raise awareness of the TCI’s plight. He described the election postponement as “unacceptable, regrettable and legally challengeable” and an “insult to democracy”. He accused the UK of a dereliction of duty in failing to prepare the country for independence. “There will be no more Mr Nice Guy,” he vowed. “We want our country back and we want it now. “The time has come for us to set our own timetable for a return of our democracy. So when future generations ask if we did everything we could to return democracy to the people we can answer with a resounding ‘yes’.” Mr Parnell renewed his objection to taking part in consultations over constitutional reforms with advisor Kate Sullivan. “I have never read a document that made me feel physically sick before. We will not engage with Kate Sullivan, we reject the process, we reject the recommendations and we reject her.” He called on all Islanders to join

in demonstrations but urged them to do so peacefully. “This is a very serious time; it requires people to act but we want to encourage them to act responsibly and in accordance with the law to make sure we do not create more uncertainty and chaos. “We must show ourselves and the rest of the world that we can act responsibly and civilly.” Deputy leader Clarence Selver claimed Islanders who attended the first round of constitution reform meetings had wasted their time. “They gave their comments and recommendations on what they thought might have made a difference only to find out during the second round of meetings that not a single recommendation from the people of the TCI were among the 48 recommendations she made for us.” PNP leader Clayton Greene, who was among the legions of protestors during Tuesday’s angry scenes at Provo Air Center, told the Weekly News that postponing elections delayed the country’s growth and progression. “Henry Bellingham seemed to be

basing his argument for postponement of the elections in large part on the need to balance the budget prior to any elections being held. “What he fails to appreciate is that to balance a budget the economy must grow. Real growth will only come from an elected Government.” At a press conference on Thursday, he urged people to attend Saturday’s rally. “If you believe as I do that the Turks and Caicos Islands are being wronged then support this rally. If you have a stake in this country and want to see our economy have a fighting chance of being restored then support this rally. “If you feel as I do that Mr Bellingham has not given us any real reason for his decision not to have elections as promised in July 2011 then support this rally. “If you believe as I do that the 2006 constitution is a good one and that any amendment to that document should have the effect of making it more democratic and progressive then support this rally. If you believe as I do that where there is unity there is strength then support this rally.”

Mr Greene said he had warned the Overseas Territories Minister that the delay would not go down well among the local population. “And that if he were hell-bent on postponing elections at the very least we needed to know in clear terms when the elections would be postponed to and what milestones we had to meet in the meantime,” he added. Mr Bellingham told media on Monday he was aware that political leaders were angered by the delay. “They did not like the suggestion, of course, because elections are the lifeblood of political parties. If I was in their position I would not be happy either.” He added that he was anxious to include party leaders in negotiations with UK Ministers. “I am very keen to find ways to bring them into discussions, they represent a lot of people. “When you suspend Parliament you have a democratic deficit,” he conceded. “I want to ensure they are brought into the loop, these guys will be the Ministers of tomorrow.”



September 25 - October 1, 2010


Residents to pay monthly fee for new dump site By Gemma Handy HOUSEHOLDERS are set to fork out $25 a month via an electricity bill surcharge to pay for the country’s long awaited $12m waste disposal scheme. The Weekly News revealed in May that a contract to manage the Islands’ deplorable dump sites had been awarded to Provo-based firm Turks & Caicos Environmental Management (TCEM). The news was met with elation from residents tormented for years by indiscriminate bonfires at Providenciales’ dump which send pungent black fumes billowing over hundreds of nearby homes. TCEM chiefs were poised to start work immediately but a lack of funds has delayed the project by several months. Judith Campbell, permanent secretary for environmental health, said revenue generation measures were still under discussion but were likely to comprise a levy on power bills. “That seems to be the most efficient and easiest way to collect it,” she said. The toll is expected to be between $20 and $25 a month in place of the current – and largely unenforced – $15 fee. Commercial establishments, such as hotels and resorts, would be charged per tonne of waste as it arrives. “We hope talks will be wrapped up by the end of the month,” Ms

Campbell said. “The Government can’t go ahead without a proper sustainable source of funding.” The permanent secretary admitted the scheme was unlikely to begin before the new year. “We are well aware of the health issues at the dump sites and are very keen to see this started,” she added. TCEM boss Tim Hodge told the Weekly News he was “disappointed” that the Government’s cashflow situation was so severe it had set the scheme back. “We have been sitting here all summer thinking we were a week away from starting. “But we appreciate the Government has to do what it needs to do to ensure the funds are in place. “We know they are committed to going forward and we remain enthusiastic and ready to start as soon as possible.” In the meantime, TCEM has been busy on the outreach side of its contract which involves educating schoolchildren about environmental issues. Representatives have already visited more than half the country’s schools and aim to have been to all 46 by the end of the month. “The programme is adapted for all different age groups with the main focus being on anti-littering. “We talk about our system, how it works and how we are trying to clean up the country.

Smoke from frequent fires at the dump site billows over nearby homes.

“It’s been terrific, the kids have got really into it,” Mr Hodge added. As the Government attempts to resolve the funding deficit, bonfires at Providenciales’ dump continue. The Fire Department admits it does not have equipment robust enough to extinguish the frequent blazes. Chief Carlton Jennings told the Weekly News: “We have never put out fires at the dump site. There are layers and layers of garbage there, it’s so thick and deep that it doesn’t make sense to go down there and try and put it out. “Environmental Health are responsible for it.” The problems have been aggravated further by recent

municipal efforts to sort the garbage – some of it untouched in almost a decade – which causes choking pollution to linger in the air. An Environmental Health spokesperson said recent infernos may emanate from coal kilns used for cooking by illegal immigrants living in the surrounding bush areas who scavenge at the site. “The department is close to finalising long term solutions to the solid waste disposal concerns. A programme is being worked out with TCEM for the operation and management of the solid waste disposal system throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands,” the spokesperson continued.

“In the meantime the department maintains direct responsibility for managing the site at Providenciales and has engaged E&V Equipment to push and compact waste deposits, clean up the area and put out fires caused either by spontaneous combustion or scavengers.” Advisory council members have also expressed concern about pollution from the site and urged the Government to get work underway at a meeting this month. TCEM’s project comprises a total overhaul of the way the Islands’ garbage is dealt with. It will see the development of a major landfill in Providenciales, built to tough US standards with recycling facilities. Every household in the country will receive a special garbage bin with weekly pick-ups. New legislation being drafted to facilitate the revenue collection will include penalties for litter bugs and fly tippers. TCEM estimates it will take three to four months to secrete all the garbage in a temporary underground location. It will later be shifted into a state-of-the-art landfill pit which will be lined to prevent dangerous deposits seeping into the earth. The company will also permanently close public dump sites in the other islands. In their place will be transfer stations, doubling up as recycling plants, to transport unrecyclable waste to the Provo landfill.

Ashcroft to quit top UK political post By Gemma Handy CONTROVERSIAL TCI businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft is to quit his role as deputy chairman of England’s Conservative party. The British Caribbean Bank chief’s close ties to Foreign Secretary William Hague had sparked concern locally about his potential influence over British policy towards the Islands. The Conservatives secured the most Parliamentary seats in May’s general election although the lack of an outright majority saw a coalition formed with the Liberal Democrats. Lord Ashcroft – reputed to have an almost $2bn fortune – has long been a contentious figure due to his strong-arm business methods, reticence over his tax status and the award of his peerage in 2000. The 64-year-old Belonger is expected to stand down at Monday’s meeting of the Conservative party

board. He has held the position since 2005. Lord Ashcroft remains the largest single donor to the Tory party which he is said to have given more than $20m. In November last year, TCI politician and social commentator Shaun Malcolm wrote to the UK demanding he be barred from having any say in local government. In a letter penned to party leader David Cameron and copied to the Queen, Prince Charles, then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Governor Gordon Wetherell, along with Foreign Office bigwigs, Mr Malcolm claimed the tycoon’s input posed a threat to democracy. He said the Commission of Inquiry had found many “questionable transactions involving local politicians” in recent years had been financed by Ashcroft’s bank. The billionaire was also the Conservative party’s treasurer from

1998 to 2001. He was credited with devising the Tories’ marginal seat strategy, pouring resources into constituencies where Labour MPs defended small majorities. He has published several books including ‘Smell the Coffee: A wakeup call for the Conservative Party’ in 2005. In his latest work published on Monday, ‘Minority Verdict: The Conservative Party, the voters and the 2010 election’, he criticises the party’s election campaign, particularly the historical participation in televised leaders’ debates. He also accuses the Tories of failing to get its message and brand across to voters. A Conservative Party spokesman said it was “extremely grateful” for Lord Ashcroft’s “tireless” work. “He has made a very significant contribution to the success of the Conservative Party and we thank him for his work and dedication.”

Lord Ashcroft caused a headache for the Conservative leader after it emerged he did not pay Britain tax on all of his overseas business empire.

But his departure will relieve many in Mr Cameron’s inner circle. Lord Ashcroft caused a major headache for the leader after it emerged he did not pay tax on all of his overseas business empire. The row was reignited shortly before the election when he was accused of reneging on a promise to give up his ‘non-domicile’ status

made as a condition of being handed his peerage. British-born Ashcroft holds dual TCI and Belizean nationality. He has had links with collapsed contractor Johnston International in the past and was also allegedly business partner to developer Rodney Propps behind the environmentally catastrophic Nikki Beach scheme.

September 25 - October 1, 2010




Two die while out snorkelling By Samantha Dash TWO people tragically died after attempting to snorkel in Turks and Caicos waters this week. The naked body of a resident Filipino woman was found washed ashore on Long Bay beach by police on Tuesday after she was reported missing the day before. And 63-year-old male tourist Steven Travis was announced dead after experiencing difficulties at the popular Coral Gardens snorkel site on Friday morning. The first incident occurred on Monday afternoon when Maydeline Damian Payat, aged 28, left home around 4pm for an afternoon of snorkelling. She never returned home. Her roommate and co-worker Jojo Dapnisan said he last saw her on the day of her disappearance. He was doing chores when Payat announced that she was going snorkelling at Turtle Tail beach just outside her residence. Dapnisan said that that was the first time Payat had gone snorkelling. However the young sea-loving

woman had gone swimming alone or with friends on numerous occasions, so Dapnisan thought nothing of it, the Weekly News was told. Later that evening around 9pm when he saw that she did not return Dapnisan became worried. He called out to neighbouring friends and when he was told Payat was not there he asked for their assistance to search for her. They formed a search party and combed the rocks and beach but abandoned the search under the cover of darkness. Later that evening, while fearing the worse, Dapnisan dialled 911. After a fitful and restless night, around 6am the following day the concerned friends resumed their frantic search along the beach again. Just after 7am, police ranks stumbled upon the young woman’s naked body that had washed ashore near the shipyard in Long Bay, miles away from her home. Payat worked as a housekeeper for Tracey Padgett who released a statement saying: “Our family is deeply upset by the tragic circumstances in which Maydeline

Known as Mhay Damian among her friends, the young woman planned to visit her relatives and friends in the Philippines sometime soon.

died yesterday.” The statement continued: “We, like her friends, had an anxious overnight wait for news of her fate, ultimately ending in the finding of her body this morning. “She had worked for the family for 18 months and was a lovely, young, hardworking lady and an asset to our

household. “We are all still in shock and saddened by these recent events. “Thanks to all who helped in the search last night,” the statement ended. The dead woman’s friends described her as a quiet but happy person. Some continue to leave

online messages of grief. A staunch Catholic, Payat’s Facebook page is filled with messages encouraging people to turn to God. It also shows messages from friends who are questioning the circumstances surrounding her death. Payat leaves to mourn a mother, father, sisters, brothers and a boyfriend, all in the Philippines. An autopsy will be performed on the body to determine the cause of death. The other person who died while snorkelling was vacationing in the TCI with his family. Travis reportedly experienced difficulties on September 17 while snorkelling in the vicinity of Coral Gardens on the Lower Bight Road, Providenciales. He and his family were staying at Ocean Club West when the tragedy occurred. Travis, an American national, was rushed by ambulance to Cheshire Hall Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy is to be performed to determine the cause of his death.

TCI “powerless and disenfranchised” says British MP Andrew Rosindell also calls for total overhaul of “corrupt” civil service in hard-hitting report By Gemma Handy BRITISH MP Andrew Rosindell has urged London to take proper responsibility for the TCI – saying failure to act immediately is “unthinkable”. In a hard-hitting report fresh from last month’s trip to the Islands, he speaks of the economy as being in a “critical” state – and a population left “powerless and disenfranchised”. He condemns a lack of dialogue with political parties on constitutional reform and a dearth of support in helping them prepare the next generation of policy makers. Mr Rosindell goes on to recommend a total overhaul of the civil service he claims is plagued by corruption and malpractice – and says the current immigration department should be shut down altogether. His candid comments also accuse investment promotion body TCInvest of being “completely ineffective” and severely mismanaging funds. The Conservative MP recently spent five days in the TCI embroiled in meetings with business and religious leaders, politicians, charities and community groups. He has now deemed it imperative for the UK to step up to the plate to save face internationally. “Failure to act now would be unthinkable and could lead to a swift loss of confidence in the

United Kingdom’s perceived willingness and ability to carry out its legal, constitutional and moral obligations.” The chairman of the TCI All Party Parliamentary Group says the entire public sector should be rebuilt from scratch. “Corruption and malpractice are still endemic in many departments especially at the grassroots level. Few procedures are in place and decisions by the interim Government continue to be undermined by malpractice.” He calls for the UK to install two British civil service experts in each TCI Government department. In addition to “reworking” the department, he suggests they could “talent spot” future managers. “The Immigration Department in particular should be the first to be closed down and reopened under new management as an urgent priority.” Mr Rosindell recommends the advisory council and consultative forum be merged to comprise a ‘war cabinet’ headed by the Governor. He says the new body should include business and political leaders and have direct power to enforce decisions. He also deems it essential to better engage with the indigenous population on ongoing constitutional changes. “Reforms cannot be imposed on an unwilling populous.”

“Reforms cannot be imposed on an unwilling populous” – Andrew Rosindell.

He suggests launching a ‘democracy building’ programme to help political parties prepare for a stable future. “Despite the breakdown in the parliamentary democracy of TCI, the political parties, who will eventually have to take over the responsibility of governing the territory, are not receiving any help or support to prepare or train their next generation of politicians. “This is an essential element that must be addressed in advance of the restoration of democratic elections.” Mr Rosindell notes a pervasive “sense of frustration” among residents towards the interim administration. “Confidence has gradually disintegrated since the constitution was suspended in August 2009. People feel a sense of powerlessness

and disenfranchisement from the interim Government which is compounded by the lack of direct interaction with it.” He laments “severe under resourcing” affecting the Government. “They are clearly lacking the support and resources required to be able to make real progress in the timescale that is needed in order to rescue the territory from further decline.” As anticipated, the Foreign Affairs Committee member calls for the UK to foot the bill for the $500,000-amonth investigations into corruption and to set a timescale for their completion. “The growing uncertainty over the future of the Islands is holding things back, prosecutions need to happen soon and a clear timescale for elections should be enacted.” Mr Rosindell recommends a new financial controller be appointed to oversee TCInvest. “The work of TCInvest appears completely ineffective, there are reports of corruption within the organisation as well as severe mismanagement of the budgeted funds.” Neither does the Financial Services Authority escape the MP’s sharp tongue. He declares the organisation needs to be “completely re-worked” to address lax oversight of the financial sector which he claims has led to a loss of confidence among business leaders. He also refers to widespread concern among Islanders about the recent surge in violent crime. He

says it is vital to increase faith in the police force and speed up the long overdue coastal radar system, hindered by a land dispute. “Arms and drug smuggling are considered to be out of control and this is a key catalyst for the reduction of crime. The interim administration needs to explain why a compulsory purchase order has not yet been enacted to facilitate the instillation of this vital project.” Mr Rosindell also points to “significant concern” over the welfare of inmates in “under-resourced” Grand Turk Prison. He concludes by saying it is imperative to demonstrate that England’s new coalition Government harbours a “different attitude” towards the territory than that of its predecessor. “The people in TCI must be reassured that they are a cherished British overseas territory. It is vital that everyone on the Islands hears a positive message from HMG so that they again feel wanted by Britain.” He adds: “Without immediate action by Her Majesty’s Government, the situation in Turks & Caicos Islands is likely to deteriorate….. Failure to provide necessary support at this stage will, in all probability, only lead to a greater bill for the UK taxpayer in the long run as economic and social conditions continue to deteriorate to unacceptable levels. “There is no longer any time to waste. The people of TCI need and deserve the assistance of Her Majesty’s Government.”



September 25 - October 1, 2010

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Stand up for your birthright Is this justice? – Part two

– Part one

Dear Editor, For all intents and purposes I have basically stayed out of the front line politics. Both political parties have their weaknesses, strengths and philosophies. We are such a small country that we cannot or should not afford to permit diverse political persuasions to separate, divide or conquer us. For if divided we stand, then definitely united we shall fall. The strategy of any colonial master is to divide and conquer or alternatively to control by absolute brute force. It is absolutely true that a person without political consciousness is not a complete person or human being. For we might be ‘a-political’, non-political, indifferent, passive or totally ignorant of politics, yet like it or not politics controls our lives. Like it or not social, local, national or


international politics control our lives. Once ago we lived on a planet where access to each other at diametrically opposing distances apart made it time consuming, difficult or highly impractical to communicate with each other. But in this ultra modern advanced world, the world is not round in reality but flat. At the touch of a button you can communicate with any individual any place any time you want. The flat screen of a computer system gives us access to each other as fellow human beings. Whenever America sneezes we, in the TCI, catch a cold. Being 59-years-old and only having had the privilege of voting just once in my life is a very sobering and humbling experience. Having been born in the TCI (North Caicos) and all of my generation 300 years before me coming from Africa and residing in the TCI as slaves gives

me the inherent right to voice my opinion about any issue involving the future of my native land. The blood, sweat, tears and years of my ancestors cry out for justice for and to me and all other indigenous TC Islanders like me. It is our duty to defend and stand up for our heritage, birth rights and native land. I personally have wavered between both political parties in the TCI in the past. We are all family in this small country. The philosophy of the parties does not differ to the degree where one is democratic and the others communist. The difference lies in the group of persons spearheading or running the party and the level of the commitment – is it personal self interest or nationalistic orientated? Joshua Gardiner

By David Tapfer

Making sense of commitments THE PNP Government was on a spending spree. Millions misspent. Currently the 30-bed hospitals and the NHIP contract are causing an awful budget crunch. It was thought NHIP would reduce overseas health costs. Wrong! We have a mortgage for $120m, (payments $1m per month), for hospitals estimated to cost much less. The mortgage was hidden until the current PDM leader found it out and made it public. The contractor building the hospital is conveniently bankrupt. Will this prevent an audit? All government contracts should be subject to audit; are they? Our debts mount. Ordinary bills were $135m in arrears with more still being discovered, the Governor says. He took out another loan to pay off the loans and some bills. Now we must pay it back. The last government’s last project, the runway expansion, is going forward. This will bring jumbo jets from the UK and EU. However travel agents on that

side of the world report bookings down by 35 per cent in the depressed EU. British Airways says they will not fly here. Who then? Not Air France who serves their own wholly owned Caribbean islands. The world’s third largest population lies 550 miles to our west, the USA. Far East, China and India have more people, but most of China and India’s people have small incomes. USA hosts the world’s largest economy with a very high personal income. We have only scratched the surface of the huge USA market. Three wintery states, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois, together equal Canada’s population. California alone trumps Canada’s entire population. Why spend the airport expansion money right now? The fact is the $100 plus departure tax will deter US bargain-hunting tourists. Why then take the risk at this point in time when we need inward investment and more stay-over


tourists? That $100m could replace the sand-based dissolving North/ Middle causeway which will soon be gone. It would also join Middle with unoccupied East Caicos, Joe Grant Cay and important South Caicos. The co-joined islands would be a platform to build inward investment and North Caicos port would finally be meaningful for overseas ships. However it seems we are not only ignoring the dissolving causeway but also ignoring the expensive dredging we did. The North Caicos port’s channel is filling in again. Could DECR find a private business that would dredge the channel for the cost of the sand, keeping the channel open for free? That would make smart management sense. However we are committed. Soon our short take-off Otters and USA narrow body aircraft will feel extra comfortable on that vacant jumbo runway. Does that make sense?

Dear Editor, I would suggest that the Governor asks Britain to assist them with bringing in at least 30 military men and women for about three to four months in a large vessel, along with our police and immigration team to get out there in the fields and clean up our bushes, streets, work places and even our homes where we hide a few of them. We need to do something quick if we want to save our beautiful country. Turks and Caicos Islanders – let’s remember if we do not restart our economy and bring in investors, tourists will pull out and not return. And where do we go? To hell. We have no other place to go and that my friend is the sad truth about our situation. The crumbs that have fallen from a few tables is all we have left. They are being picked, so now what are we supposed to do to survive? Our immigration laws need to be enforced, our borders are open, our gates are easily unlatched. They all walk right through with no respect. Some even brag about how they pay and in no time they got what they want (I call this a sell out). Another area we need to look into

is the police force and these security firms. A better background check of who we have coming in these islands to fill these various posts before we put them to work around our youths. Take a look at America, England and other countries. They are sending a lot of people back to their various homes. But it’s so easy to come to the TCI and find work. I thought every country would have crumbs for their own people. We have people in our country with all kinds of degrees and qualifications. Some might not have the experience, but you can only get the experience if you have a job. Our own cannot even get a job because of so many different nationalities in the work places. And they are to the front, so as soon as we give them our resume they throw it in the trash bin because they already have their own for the job. This, my people, must stop. We have to pressure these employers – they are the only ones to blame because they allow whatever happens to happen. Charles Palmer

Be merciful Dear Editor, This is the second part to my letter of last week entitled ‘The judge who fears God or men’. Luke 11: 45-46 takes the message to the lawyers – ‘woe onto you’. The lawyers can read the Bible and finish it for themselves. Lawyers try every trick in the book to come out the winner, but the Bible speaks to the lawyers because one day themselves they’ll become a victim of their own unjust behaviour. The Bible in Luke 17: 1 also said ‘offence will come, but woe to who it comes through’. As I write part two of this letter I hear Mr Hall speaking of slander without proof but only in this country we don’t have to give justice. I will continue to stand firm in the word of the Lord and in the power of his might. I have stood by and watched injustice take this country over by a storm. The Bible also says ‘when you are powerful be merciful’, but mercy and justice must live in the same heart.

So if you don’t give mercy or give justice you can’t receive. If you read this article I am writing, I am not writing it because of bitterness, I am writing it because when the rich were poor they read the Bible. When they became rich they threw the Bible in the ditch, but for sure they read the newspaper. The injustice that I see in this country is taking over. The younger generation will not take it with a grain of salt. So I just want Mr Stewart and all his other counterparts to know it’s a heavy judgement for oppression of the poor. Again the Bible says ‘offence will come, but woe to the weapon formers’. On Tuesday I watched almost everyone on the street in Providenciales hollering for what I was hollering for eight years ago. It spreads you know, and it spread like wildfire. Angela Tucker

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September 25 - October 1, 2010


& CrimeCourt

WITH Samantha Dash

No one arrested yet for IBO armed robbery POLICE are still following leads but are yet to make any arrests or lay any charges for the brazen daylight robbery of the IBO food store on Leeward Highway on September 17. Two masked men armed with guns stormed into the store, held the female cashiers at gunpoint and demanded money. Eyewitness Thomas Williams told the Weekly News that he was lying on the concrete just outside the store when the two bandits came from behind the store and walked past him with guns in their hands. They yanked open the door of the store and yelled: “Gimme the money,

gimme the money.” As the cashier near the door scrambled to safety, the men made their way to another cashier and emptied her register. They then pointed a handgun at the first cashier’s head, walked her back to her register and made her give them the money in the till. The pair then ran out of the store, around the back of the building, behind another building and onto the dirt road at the back. Williams followed the thieves and saw them jump into a yellowish jeep and drive off in a thick smoke of dust. Police investigations are ongoing.




Priest and prince

Dear Editor, I bless the all wise God for that Thursday morning when you Blythe Duncanson, the editor of the Weekly News, were a guest on Talk of The Town with Darold Miller. I heard you share the rich history of our beloved country and life, I heard you say that you will be asking the visiting British Minister about the direction/affairs of our country. And that you were afraid that should a general election take place that the PNP would win again which says a lot about the PDM party. Mr Editor this letter ought to take the place of the previous letter that was published entitled ‘God is willing to bless’. However I was inspired to publish that letter before this one and bless and praise God for letting it prosper where he directed it. I’m reminded to share these words with you and the people of our beloved country again after listening to Talk of The Town again today, Tuesday, September 21. These are the words of the Lord that came to me to share: ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. ‘Because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject thee that thou shalt be no priest to me. ‘Seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God I will also forget thy children. ‘As they were increased so they sinned against me, therefore will I change their glory into shame. ‘They eat up the sin of my people and they set their heart on their iniquity.’ (Hosea 4: 6-8) ‘Therefore my people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge, and their honourable men are famished and their multitude dried up with thirst. ‘Therefore Sheol hath enlarged herself and opened her mouth without measure, and their glory and their multitude and their pomp and he that rejoiceth shall descend into it.’ (Isaiah 5: 13-14) It is time for those of us who love people, peace and country to die, go into the pit of hell and take our people and keys to our beloved country from the Devil and his angels. They are already defeated and preserved for utter destruction by the commander-in-chief. What are we willing to die for? Let’s always remember these words from the almighty God: ‘Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ (Luke 12: 32) Let’s be priest and prince in God our father’s kingdom. God’s country, beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Peace, Jonathan  N Gardiner

Bandits terrorised Grand Turk SIX men were arrested over the weekend in connection with a kidnapping, an attempted armed robbery and letting off shots in the air in Grand Turk on Friday night and early Saturday morning. The men, whose names have not been officially released by police, reportedly used a shotgun and another weapon that was described as an AK47 to terrorise two couples in the nation’s capital. It was said that four men travelled from Providenciales and the other two lived in Grand Turk. Reports reaching the Weekly News indicated that on Friday night shortly after 9pm three men approached a Haitian couple who were sitting in the back of their parked vehicle in the Overback area. The keys were in the ignition and the three men got into the vehicle and told the couple to be quiet. Using the guns to threaten the already scared couple, the men drove off towards the north ridge. Whilst in the vehicle the bandits taped the victims’ mouths and carried them to an area in North End where they sprayed them with pepper spray and left them there. About an hour later, as former Speaker of the House Glen Evans Clarke and his wife arrived home, the men approached and pointed a gun at him demanding cash.

Two Grand Turk residents charged with possession of ammunition ANDY Williams and Roseanna Henry, both of Grand Turk, were charged by Grand Turk police for possession of ammunition this week. Police spokesman Sgt Calvin Chase said that the police were executing a search warrant in connection with a recent attempted robbery in Grand Turk when they discovered 12 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Henry was later granted police bail and the pair are scheduled to appear in Grand Turk Magistrates Court on October 6.

The men fired shots into the air in an effort to intimidate Clarke, but he held his ground and told them he had no money. They reportedly ran away. Later around 2am on Saturday morning, they fired two shots at Rankin Joe Night club parking lot and drove off. On Saturday morning, acting on information received, police officers

went to the homes of the two Grand Turk residents with a search warrant and arrested them. A quantity of ammunition was reportedly recovered. They were granted police bail on Thursday. Meanwhile, the other four men were flown back to Providenciales and charges are expected to be laid soon.

Jamaican woman fined for drugs A JAMAICAN woman was ordered to pay a fine of $700 or spend 30 days imprisoned when she appeared before Chief Magistrate Joan Joyner in Providenciales Magistrates Court this week. Pauline Stewart Robinson admitted to the magistrate that she had in her possession six dime bags that contained marijuana with a total street value of $97. The facts of the Crown’s case are that members of the Drug Squad visited Jaclyn Smith’s yard on Venetian Road, Providenciales, in search of another individual when they saw Robinson acting suspiciously. The woman was reportedly moving away from the police

and appeared to be hiding something. A female officer confronted Robinson and questioned her suspicious behaviour and asked what she was hiding. The officers then began to search in the One Stop variety store and found a toilet tissue rolled up with the dime bags enclosed, hidden in the store. When asked what it was, Robinson replied: “Just a little tea bag.” She was arrested and charged for possession of a controlled drug. In her defence, the accused told the magistrate that one of her friends left the illegal drugs there and when she saw the officers she tried to hide it.

Prison officers preliminary inquiry to begin shortly FIVE prison officers accused of brutalising an inmate in Grand Turk prison appeared in Providenciales Magistrates Court this week for the commencement of their preliminary inquiry. Raymond Grant, Andrew Monize, William Dickenson, Jean Claude Nemours and Andrew Ellis appeared before Chief Magistrate Joan Joyner for a series of charges including attempted murder. These criminal proceedings were brought privately by then inmate Jermin Reid who claimed that the officers badly beat him on March 13 2008 and caused him serious bodily injury. At the time, Jamaican-born Reid was serving six life sentences for the Amanyara robbery but has since appealed the conviction and

Jermin Reid

sentences and won. The officers are represented by defence attorney Oliver Smith and the preliminary inquiry will continue on November 18.



September 25 - October 1, 2010


House number must be displayed – by law ALL business owners and residents must display their official address outside their building or risk a hefty fine. Legislation recently approved by the consultative forum now means it is an offence not to display a property number. 911 emergency programme manager Juliette Gooding said that it is essential that people follow the law immediately. “We are reminding you at this time to please ensure that you are complying with

the section of the law which stipulates that failure to display the official number as assigned is punishable by a fine. “If you do not yet know your official address, please do not hesitate to contact our office or visit our website so that we can confirm that number for you. “In addition, we can order the numbers for you to ensure their compliance with the standard guidelines that have

been produced, or you may opt to obtain your number separately which must comply with the minimum standards.” In the event that a resident lives in a rental property, their landlord is responsible for displaying the number. “You should remind them to do so for your own safety and emergency response,” Juliette added. If a street has not yet been named or numbered, an exception will be made until the procedure is complete.


Annual Salary: $40,300 - $81,400. Regular Full -Time IF YOU HAVE A PASSION TO SUPPORT, MOTIVATE AND LEAD PEOPLE, then consider this opportunity to be a key change agent at Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd. The Human Resources Manager provides advice and support to line managers in order to achieve the Bank’s business objective through the strategic implementation and direction of Human Resources policies and practices. The incumbent of this position will report to the Senior Manager Business Support.

 Key Accountabilities

• Maintain the Bank’s competitive compensation program by ensuring internal and external equity and competitiveness. • Initiate, design and deliver training/learning initiatives to staff at all levels in the organization including senior managers and executives. • Manage the recruitment, retention, promotion and succession planning processes by ensuring the right people are selected, trained and promoted. • Provide leadership, guidance and support on the Bank’s performance management process by ensuring performance objectives/achievements are linked to overall business strategies/ success. Oversee all disciplinary matters to ensure consistency and internal/external policies/ procedures have been satisfied. • Initiate a wide range of supportive employee initiatives and programs to foster a healthy employee relations climate that is productive, respectful and overall successful

 Requirements

• 3 – 5 years human resources management experience, preferably with an international financial institution. • Business Degree with special emphasis on human resources management, psychology or sociology. Graduate Degree preferred. • Excellent communication, presentation, leadership and organization skills. • Good knowledge of the TCI Employment Ordinance and related legislation, policies and procedures. • Thorough knowledge of cash and non-cash compensation program analysis and design. • Thorough knowledge of training and adult education principles. • Thorough knowledge of human capital planning and investment including recruitment, retention and promotional strategies, policies and procedures. • Good knowledge of performance management systems/programs. • Proven ability to develop effective employee relations programs, action plans, etc. • Proficiency in Microsoft Windows including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Scotiabank offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package with tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth to the successful candidates.

Please submit applications no later than Monday, October 11, 2010 to: Garfield White – Senior Manager Business Support Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd Providenciales, TCI E-mail:

September 25 - October 1, 2010


Bank supports cancer fund BIG-hearted residents are being called on to support an initiative which aims to assist children suffering from cancer. Yesterday (Thursday) Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) launched an intensive fundraising programme called ‘What a difference a day makes’ in recognition of Children’s Cancer Awareness Month. During the next week they hope to encourage residents across the Turks and Caicos Islands to donate generously to their Children’s Cancer Fund which could directly assist local youngsters. Toure Holder, branch manager and country head, said: “Paediatric cancer is a terrible disease and families often need financial support when their children are being treated. “The goal is to collectively raise $25,000 by holding fundraising initiatives in every country in the region where RBC has a presence. “We are inviting the public to take part as this is a cause that impacts every one of us.” To kick off the week-long initiative employees at RBC provided personal donations and raised awareness of the fund by wearing special t-shirts. The public can also contribute by donating funds at the RBC banking centre where a collection box has been set up. Cash or cheques, made payable to RBC Children’s Cancer Fund, are welcome. “We look forward to the participation of many clients, employees and community members in order to raise funds and awareness for this

important cause,” Mr Holder said. Royal Bank of Canada launched the Children’s Cancer Fund in 2008 to assist children aged 16 and under with treatment and care for cancer. The fund was created to celebrate the bank’s acquisition of The Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) which expanded their presence in the Caribbean. “At RBC one of our top community giving priorities is to provide access to health care to those that need it,” Mr Holder said. “Next to our commitment to youth and education, health care is RBC’s next major focus area for giving in Turks and Caicos and around the globe.” RBC’s parent company committed $1m to the fund and employees in the Turks and Caicos and across the Caribbean have pledged to give and raise additional funds. Although it is only two years old the Children’s Cancer Fund has already assisted children in four countries across the Caribbean. It has also provided support for foreign testing of biopsy samples, which results in quicker diagnosis and earlier treatment of cancer when identified. Lucille Lightbourne, of TCI’s National Cancer Society, said she was extremely thankful for the fund which has arrived in a “timely” fashion and will go towards helping local youngsters in need. Families of children affected by cancer can make applications to the fund at http://givehopesavelives.rbtt. com

Play postponed DUE to the “potential threat of unrest” the Grand Bahama Players’ visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands has been postponed. The professional theatre group had been due to perform ‘A Tribute to Mama’ in Providenciales and North Caicos this weekend. Organisers offer their sincerest apologies and assure anyone who bought a ticket that they will be honoured when a new date can be arranged. Host Cynclair ‘Lady C’ Musgrove said: “Due to the unease brewing in the country, the potential threat of unrest,

combined with circumstances far beyond my control, I was forced to make the difficult decision to postpone rather than have the group travel under such uncertain conditions.” The Grand Bahama Players have agreed to a new date at the end of October yet to be announced. “We have already chosen a theme ‘Restoration of Hope’ so everyone has something to look forward to. “I take this time to thank all who have supported or are prepared to support this venture,” Ms Musgrove added.


the largest readership in the turks & caicos




September 25 - October 1, 2010


Community police receive bike donation By Rebecca Bird COMMUNITY police officers are set to become much more visible on the streets of Grace Bay after receiving generous donations from two local businesses. Following a request from the TCI police force, British Caribbean Bank (BCB) pledged $5,000 for four top of the range road bicycles. And to assist with the cause sports shop Caicos Cyclery brought the bikes into the country free of charge, donated accessories and have promised to provide free repairs. At the handover of the bikes in Grace Bay on Wednesday BCB

country manager Andrew Ashcroft explained how he got involved. “I got a letter from the police asking if I would donate part or full in the bike initiative on Grace Bay,” he said. “Immediately I thought it was a great cause and offered to contribute to the programme.” Andrew said that this is the first police initiative the bank has been involved in supporting, but he hopes to help out a lot more in the future. “Community policing of Grace Bay is one of the most important things that can be done to protect our tourism industry which is the economic driver of our country,” he stressed. Doug Camozzi, owner of Nautique

Sports and new venture Caicos Cyclery, said that the company bought the bikes at factory cost and brought them into the country. The Trek 4500 bicycles have been upgraded for police use and include heavier duty handle bars and suspension as well as a rear platform for equipment. Doug also donated accessories such as helmets, lights, and gloves to be used with the bikes. He said: “Being that Caicos Cyclery is part of retail district – we’re sought after by those taking away. “So we wanted to give back and support the police force in what is now known as the golden mile of

ON YER BIKE: Community police officers on the streets in Grace Bay

retail in Provo.” Deputy Police Commissioner Hubert Hughes said he was extremely delighted to receive the bikes on behalf of the Royal TCI Police Force and thanked the sponsors. “I’ll assure you that these bikes will go a long way to fighting crime in Grace Bay area,” he told them. “I’m sure that the presence of police officers on these bikes will reassure the public that we’re here to protect them and serve them to the best of our abilities. “We will take good care of these resources to make sure they last a long time.”

Inspector Hilton Duncan who is in charge of the new community police station in Salt Mills on Grace Bay was equally as delighted. He thanked Andrew Ashcroft and BCB for answering their call and said it was one of the fastest responses the police had ever seen. “We assure you that we're going to use these bikes to maximum use they will not be sitting in the station as ornaments. “We will use them to fight crime and also as a means of getting fit.” Mr Duncan also thanked Goldsmith who donated shoes for the police officers to use on their bikes.

DONATION: Deputy Police Commissioner Hubert Hughes watches as BCB country manager Andrew Ashcroft and Doug Camozzi, owner of Caicos Cyclery, cut the ribbon on the bikes

“Prevent political interference in the courts” – John Wildish – Jamaican “fraudster” still fighting to clear his name A JAMAICAN businessman who claims he was never given the chance to vindicate himself after being condemned for fraud, has approached constitutional expert Kate Sullivan asking that she spare Turks and Caicos Islanders of the same fate. John Wildish was shocked to be condemned for financial crimes in a matter he brought against the government’s Bank of Jamaica back in 2001. In a twist of fate the British Privy Council said that he was the ‘fraudster at the heart of the case’ which he part paid to take to court - a fact that he now describes as “amusing”. “I am not as the Law Lords of the Privy Council say in their judgment a ‘fraudster’ - far from it, I am a man of integrity and honesty,” he told the Weekly News. “These harsh words from the noted Law Lords have damaged and adversely affected my good name.” Mr Wildish alleges that during the trial he had no legal council defending him, was not allowed to present his evidence and not allowed

to question his accusers. His lawyers advised that he leave the country during the case - and from his new home in the Turks and Caicos Islands he attempted to clear his name. However his numerous visits to Jamaica and requests to government and court officials for information and a way forward fell on deaf ears. Ten years later the Providenciales resident is still seeking justice. “This is a first for me in that the condemned fraudster is chasing around the government officials, the judges and the police asking them to tell him who he has defrauded so it can be worked out on the basis of the truth. And nobody answers him,” he said. “In normal societies the judges and officials chase down the condemned fraudster.” Mr Wildish is convinced that political interference in the courts led to this judgement. In order to help prevent the same thing happening to residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands, he made a request to UK constitution expert Ms

Sullivan. “The right of knowing the basic rule of law, where a copy of these rules can be found and who is in charge of upholding them should be enshrined in our constitution so as to prevent political judgments,” he said. “This right to justice should be guaranteed to all our citizens and the better educated the citizen is about the law the better our justice system will function.” In drafting the new TCI constitution Mr Wildish feels that Ms Sullivan should draw from the Declaration of Independence which states ‘Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.’ He also reflects on the British Magna Carta which states: ‘To no one will we sell, to none will we refuse or delay, right our justice.’ During a recent constitutional reform meeting and in a number of letters to Ms Sullivan, Mr Wildish asked that she seriously consider not changing the long established right

John Wildish wrote a book on his experiences with the Jamaican court system

of trial by jury. “I believe that trials by jury are the way to go. This privilege should not be farmed out to judges who are paid by the state, promoted by the state, work for the state, and in my

experience influenced by the state.” He added: “I feel that I have the right to comment and be heard in that I understand by firsthand experience the importance of protecting the citizens of a nation from the political powers and the judges of our legal system who at times become nothing more than pawns to these political powers. “So while Kate Sullivan, the Governor and his advisors are here today, they may be gone tomorrow and they will leave us with a court system which may allow manipulative political powers the right to choose a judge or jury for very sensitive trials.” The case of Dextra Bank and Trust vs The Bank of Jamaica can be viewed on the internet. Mr Wildish said he has been “adversely affected” and stressed by the ruling yet has never been given a chance to be heard. “As you can see to this day I desire justice and truth in this matter, something the court system which is supposed to serve us seems to have divorced itself from.” He has also written a book called ‘My Story’ which records in detail his side of events.

September 25 - October 1, 2010




SUNRISE RAMBLE: Residents enjoy a healthy morning walk in South Caicos

NURSE ON CALL: Free health checks in North Caicos

GIVEAWAY: Children get free healthy goodies from Lime in Providenciales

Love that body! – Hundreds take part in wellness activities HUNDREDS of TCI residents took part in a series of health fairs across the country to cap off a week of healthy activities recently. The ‘Healthy Village’ health fairs took place in Grand Turk, Salt Cay, South Caicos, North Caicos and Providenciales on Saturday, September 11, and featured free health screenings, healthy cooking demonstrations and farmers markets. There were also a number of fun activities for the whole family including tyre races, obstacle course, sack races, 200m runs and fun runs. The event was all part of the Pan

American Health Organisation’s third annual Caribbean Wellness Day celebrations which were held under the banner ‘Love that Body!’ The focus of the programme was on chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. Earlier this month Dr Darren Hall, acting director of health services, explained: “Caribbean Wellness Day stems from assessing the disease burden, the physical, economic and social impacts of what we consider lifestyle-related diseases.

PUSH UPS: Grand Turk residents take part in a group exercise event

“We have placed a lot of emphasis on healthy lifestyles because a lot of these diseases can be prevented and that’s the whole aim of the programme.” Traditionally activities take place on just one day – the second Saturday in September - but to boost the impact of the drive, local health chiefs decided to extend the

programme for an entire week. As well as the health fairs, residents also took part in sports events, healthy eating drives and a ‘Take a fruit to school or work day’. The programme was organised by the Ministry of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Board, InterHealth Canada, Redbridge and

Broward Health, local businesses and NGOs. A recent press statement from the Ministry of Health and Human Services expressed a “big thank you to one and all” who contributed to the activities. “Health is everybody’s business. It affects us all. Take control and ‘Love that Body’,” it read.

Creole movie premieres in Turks and Caicos – Actors and director enjoy red carpet welcome GLAMOROUS cast and crew members walked the red carpet for the premier showing of a new Creole movie at the LRaye Cinema in Providenciales this September. ‘Sak Ta Di Se Ou’ (This Could Be You) was written and directed by Haitian national Wilby Alexis and produced in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It tells the tale of forbidden love and stems from Mr Alexis’s own past experiences. The comedy drama stars a team of local first time actors, including news anchor Ange Toussaint, and takes place in restaurants, apartments and the beach around Grace Bay. On Sunday, September 12, scores of friends, family and film buffs packed out the cinema to watch the film for the first time and meet with the movie makers.

Mr Alexis, a four year resident of Kew Town, said it was a proud day for him and he was very happy to see so many of the Haitian community at the launch of his film. He revealed that it was just the first installment and hopes to start filming for the second part of the story soon. Mr Alexis thanked sponsors Lime for supporting him with the premier of his movie. “I want to thank Lime for the help given in the successful launch of the movie. It meant a lot to me and to the Haitian people,” Mr Alexis said. Marketing manager Rachel Harvey said: “Lime is so pleased to be involved in this venture that caters to the Haitian community and this movie gave them the opportunity to see the people that they knew on film.

ALL SMILES: Posing for a photo following a successful premier

“The company wishes Mr Alexis and his team every success.” The movie is scheduled to open in Grand Turk this Sunday and in Haiti on October 1. This September Lime also launched the International Me2U service which allows customers to transfer credit to another phone. Customers can send from $1 up to

$100 in credit to Haiti’s Voila prepaid mobile customers. They must have a minimum balance of $2 on their Lime prepaid phone in order to send credit and there is a 10 per cent transaction fee charged for each transfer. To register customers can text the word REG plus their year of birth to short code 126, for example REG 1975.

To transfer credit customers can then text to short code 126, pin, 11 digit overseas mobile number beginning with 5093 and the amount being sent. General manager Drexwell Seymour said: “Lime is committed to finding new ways to help others communicate and to keep Haiti talking.”



September 25 - October 1, 2010


Fun Friday for SNAP centre kids CHILDREN enjoyed a day filled with fun, fitness and frolics at the downtown ballpark in Providenciales on Friday. More than half a dozen youngsters from the Special Needs Association of Providenciales (SNAP) centre took time out from their lessons to try their hand at a variety of sports and games. The event was organised by Digicel, in association with the TCI Sports Commission, to “bring smiles to the faces” of the often overlooked pupils. Head of marketing Ava-Dayne Kerr said: “This project brought a deep sense of fulfilment to all of us simply because it was a joy to see the smiles on the faces of these children and to know that we could brighten their day in some way.” She added: “This by no means is a one off project for us we intend to stick with this initiative and grow on the seed that was planted today.” Digicel CEO E Jay Saunders explained the long term aim for Digicel’s involvement with the SNAP centre. “Denis O’Brien, who is the chairman of Digicel, is also the chairman of the Special Olympics committee. “For a number of years we have wanted to put together a Special

PUSH AND PULL: Everyone enjoys the tug of war contest

Olympics team from the Turks and Caicos, and this was the first start in getting a team prepared for that. “We thought we would organise a fun day for the kids first and make this an annual event, and hopefully in two to three years we’ll be able to put together a proper Special Olympics team.” Digicel closed their office for

HOME GROWN: Steamed conch and cocoa lumps were favourites on the Turks and Caicos Islands table

half a day to allow all of their staff members to participate in the fun day and give back to the community. The children and adults enjoyed activities such as musical chairs, tug of war, three legged races, obstacle courses, and hula hoop contests. There were prizes and medals for everyone who took part. The SNAP Centre opened its

EMBRACE: Digicel’s Ronan McGowan receives a hug from a new friend

doors in September1995 and caters to children on Providenciales who suffer from mild to severe developmental disabilities. At the centre they are given special care and attention to aid in their progress and improvement in carrying out daily functions. The SNAP Centre currently caters to 13 children with disabilities with

two full time care givers. SNAP centre teacher Paulette Simmons said: “This is a wonderful thing that Digicel is doing and I feel proud that someone again remembered the children at the SNAP centre. “I know the children appreciate and love what Digicel has done for them today.”

TASTE TRIUMPH: The Jamaican team won the top prize of $500

Celebrating diversity CULTURAL differences were celebrated and enjoyed during a special food tasting event at Beaches Resort and Spa this Tuesday. Staff members from five different countries – Jamaica, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti – prepared delicious dishes that represented their home nation. And they proudly allowed fellow employees and a team of judges to taste their creations.

One judge said she thoroughly enjoyed sampling such a diverse array of food. “It was a festival for my senses,” she exclaimed, “there was so much colour, design, aroma and taste. “It was really hard to pick a winner because so much effort went into the food and each dish had its own special quality.” After much tasting and testing the Jamaican team came out on top and won a prize of $500.

Their table of delights included pepper shrimp, jerk chicken wraps, ginger beer, and rum cake. The Philippines came second with a flavourful and aesthetically pleasing assortment of foods, winning $250. Third prize of $125 went to the Dominican Republic team, fourth was Turks and Caicos Islands and fifth was the Haiti table. All teams were marked on the food’s presentation, taste and cultural value.

SNAPPED UP: The Dominican Republic table was soon left bare

September 25 - October 1, 2010




Ladies go pink for breast cancer awareness THIS October ladies up and down the Turks and Caicos Islands are invited to attend a very special pink-themed event at The Somerset resort. Pink drinks, pink food, pink clothes, pink makeovers and pink prizes will all be on offer during the TCI Cancer Society fundraiser. Organisers hope the second annual ‘In the Pink’ night will raise thousands to support the cause. Karen Whitt, general manager of The Somerset, said: “The basis of the event is selling gently used or new clothing, shoes and accessories which have been donated, and the proceeds benefit the local Cancer Society.” She is urging all TCI’s ladies who

plan to clean out their wardrobes this autumn to save unwanted items for the event. “I would be happy to collect the items or you can drop them off to me at The Somerset at anytime. “Spread the word to your friends, the more we get the better.” The event is taking place on Saturday, October 16, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Attendees can browse the sale in the lavish Presidential Suite at The Somerset Resort before enjoying a girls’ night out at the O’Soleil restaurant Zen Garden. Karen said: “Last year was fantastic and we are already receiving inquiries for this year’s event.

“One thing that is being requested this year is children’s clothing – so we plan to devote one bedroom for kid’s clothes.” The event will begin at 5pm with the In the Pink sale, pre party drinks and nibbles and a complimentary pink lip make over. At 6pm complimentary pink cocktails will be served at O’Soleil restaurant and at 9pm guests can enjoy a free pink sangria. The chicest pink accessory of the night wins a pink prize and a prize draw gives attendees the chance to win pink bubbly and other goodies. There is no entry fee for the event but donations are welcome. To find out more call 946-5900.

this week

Saturday, Sepember 18 to Thursday, September 23 Saturday, September 25

Plaza opposite Jai’s jewellery store from 6pm.

 Shape those muscle groups you never knew you had during an early morning resistance training session at IGA Sports Centre. The session begins at 8.30am and costs $12 for one or $100 for 11.

Tuesday, September 28

Sunday, September 26 Legs eleven, two little ducks, garden gate, two fat ladies – who knows if one of these numbers could see you winning big bucks this weekend. The Rotary Club of Providenciales has restarted its weekly Bingo game and it is now taking place at Williams Auditorium on South Dock Road. Held Sunday nights at 7pm sharp, come out and join the fun while helping to raise funds for Rotary’s community projects. The game is open to those aged 18 and over only.

Monday, September 27 GALA GANG: Crimestoppers TCI president Ian McCloud, gala committee president Michelle Swann, and committee members Edith Skippings and Brochelle Duncanson

Crimestoppers to launch youth programme YOUNGSTERS will learn about how to make better choices thanks to the launch of a new Crimestoppers youth programme. ‘Me, Myself and Eye’ is an educational tool which has been used in UK primary schools for a number of years to get pupils thinking about the consequences of their actions. The resource comprises 10 lessons promoting and encouraging good citizenship and challenges pupils to think about choices they have and decisions they make. It encourages them to make contributions to their own well being and that of their families, friends, community and country. Ian McCloud, president of Crimestoppers TCI, explained that the programme has been adapted from Crimestoppers Trust UK to suit the current and future needs of the country’s youths. “While the lessons will focus on encouraging and promoting good

citizenship, it will also teach them the basics of law and order, and about the economic well being of their country and their families,” he said. The programme will all be made possible thanks to the financial support of the Le Reve Gala Ball committee. This year they have decided to donate proceeds from their gala event to the local crime prevention charity which helps to bring perpetrators to justice by the provision of a confidential and anonymous intelligence gathering service. Michelle Swann, president of the committee, said: “We are all well aware that crime is on the increase, and through this effort, our fourth annual gala event, our aim is to assist those that work towards the suppression of any and all forms of criminal activity in our ‘Beautiful by Nature’ Turks and Caicos.” This year’s ball will feature the masquerades, parade and theatrics of a Mardi Gras carnival.

Organisers hope it will transport guests to the drama, richness and grandeur that is Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Michelle said: “This Mardi Gras formal cocktail attire affair promises to be an evening of pure enchantment and frivolity, thrown in with the usual elegance and excellence in service. “The event will feature a street fair, a marching band, dancers, singers and a live auction to boot.” This year’s event will take place at The Veranda on Grace Bay on Saturday, November 6. “Le Reve Gala Ball is expecting a great turn out, and we encourage the community and businesses to support us,” Michelle added. “All donations, big or small, will go towards helping to combat and eradicate crime in the TCI.” For more information on sponsorship or tickets call Michelle Swann on 231-4429, Foluso Ladejobi on 231-6077, or Edith Skippings on 231-1515 or visit

 The O’Soleil restaurant has gone two-for-one crazy! From Monday to Thursday enjoy dinner for two, but only for the price of one. The offer starts today and will last throughout October, with a special two-for-one lobster menu every Tuesday. Enjoy a two-for-one dinner for only $65 per couple or the Mad About Lobster special at $42 per couple.  Get rid of the Monday blues with an intense non-traditional aerobic routine with Anca Vasile. The exciting class takes place 7pm at IGA Sports Centre and includes fun and interesting choreography. Classes cost $12 for one or $100 for 11.  Mindful Mornings with Shara Bowen are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am for mothers and their little ones. Come and play and do yoga and sing and dance! Moms can sit, relax, join in the yoga or just read a book and sample some tea. Mindful Mornings are held at Re*store in Grace Bay Plaza opposite Jai’s jewellery store to help inspire a more mindful, aware and conscious state of being. Call Shara on 244-1103 for more details.  Get all the info on how to live a healthy lifestyle with weekly Monday lectures at Re*store in Grace Bay

 Step it up this Tuesday evening with a fun fitness class at IGA Sports Centre. From 6.30pm you will be taken through a number of step combinations mixed with conditioning exercises like squats, push ups and triceps dips. Classes cost $12 for one or $100 for 11.  Aspiring artists can sign up for life drawing every Thursday at Re*store in Grace Bay Plaza opposite Jai’s jewellery store. Classes start at 6pm. To reserve your space call 3439555.

Wednesday, September 29  Officials from the Labour Department plan to visit North and Middle Caicos, and Parrot Cay this Wednesday to explain requirements for work permit applications and renewal. From October 1 employees in the family islands will be expected to ensure that a labour clearance is affixed to applications for work permits. To talk with a labour officer, visit the Immigration Department and District Commissioner’s Office in North Caicos between the hours of 8.30am and 11am or the District Commissioner’s Office in Middle Caicos between 11.30am and 12.30pm.  In need of inner peace? Restore mind, body and soul with David Bowen’s yoga class every Wednesday at Re*store in Grace Bay Plaza opposite Jai’s jewellery store. Classes begin at 6pm. Call 3439555 to reserve a space.

Thursday, September 30  Burn off your week’s excesses during with an energetic kickboxing class at IGA Sports Centre. The class begins at 7pm and will include 45 minutes of kickboxing drills followed by 15 minutes of conditioning exercises. Classes cost $12 for one or $100 for 11.  Celebrate good health with wellness coach Benneth Williams every Thursday evening. Come along to Williams Block, suite number six, on Lower Bight Road, Providenciales from 7pm. There you will get a free wellness consultation and an hour of fun. For more details call Benneth at 246-0300 or email hls_com@



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

FAX: (649) 946-4661




Looking for a SCUBA Diving instructor with experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands dive industry to conduct dive courses, lead dives and help with sales at base. Applicants must be a current PADI dive instructor and have the skills and personality for sales, reservations, & public relations. Starting salary of $3200 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to5pm or e-mail to You will be contacted for an interview if successful and the deadline for applications is 10th October 2010. Position starts 1st November 2010.

Looking for a sales person to work in a thriving Tourism Adventure Company. The applicant must have a minimum of 3 years experience with sales & reservations in the tourism industry and have superior PR, computer, and organizational skills. Applicants must be presentable, articulate, and be able to work long hours under pressure. Weekends mandatory. Starting salary of $3200 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to You will be contacted for an interview if successful and the deadline for applications is 10th October 2010. Position starts 1st November 2010. 5749




Applicant should possess a trained teachers diploma or certificate with 10 or more years experience in the classroom • Applicant with first degree beside their Teacher’s Diploma/certificate will have an advantage • Applicant must be energetic and creative and a good team player. Preferably of the Baptist faith Application must be in no later than September 29th, 2010 all application can be dropped off at B.E.S.T. Institute office, Wheeland, Blue Hills, Providenciales

To work 5 days per week. Salary commensurate with experience.


Must be hardworking and polite.



Is looking for a

Labourer To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact 241-5011



Providenciales Telephone: 241-7734


Is looking for a

Bartender To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.



Requires a qualified electricians for commercial and residential installations. Must have at least 10 years experience in the commercial field. Salary negotiable depending on level of experience.

Please fax resume to 941 7626

Salary $8.00 per hour. Only Turks Islanders need apply.



Required for resort property • Must have proper cleaning skills and be prepared to work evenings and weekends • Must be able to undertake all housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of guest rooms to high standard and perform any other task as direct by housekeeping supervisor • Must be honest, hardworking and reliable • Ability to read, write and communicate in English Salary $6.00 per hour minimum 20 hours per week

Email to or 946-5866

COSMETOLOGIST Need to work 5 days per week. Salary based on commission.


To take the business to the next level. Applicant should be able to demonstrate strong culinary skills, team leadership and ability to manage food and labor costs. Opportunity also exists to further develop an already successful outside catering business. Applicant should have at least 5 years executive chef experience. Résumé and references should be submitted to:

Contact 331-4922

Been MEP Co. Ltd

DARON EWING Is looking for a

Labourer To work from Monday thru Saturday. Must be hardworking and reliable. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Is looking for a

Domestic Worker To work Monday thru Friday 8am – 3pm. Salary $5.00 per hour. Suties include all domestic work.

Applications must be submitted on or before September 18th, 2010.

Contact 231-1723

Contact 243-1018



Gilbert Smith

Head Chef

Contact 231-2397 or 231-6717



Established busy Bar and Restaurant is seeking

P.O.Box 422 Providenciales

Is looking for a

needed electricians

We have vacancies for Electricians. Interested persons with a minimum of five years experience should submit their resumes to the above address or to Salary based on experience






September 25 - October 1, 2010

Interesting persons contact Jacqueline Smith @ 243-4214 5699

19 FAX: (649) 946-4661




Tel: (649)-946 4417. Fax: (649)-946 4437 E-Mail:


CAROL SKIPPINGS Is looking for a


Person to do container off -loads, furniture installations and repairs Experience in furniture assemble and repair necessary Experience in all types of window treatment installation necessary Experience with proper art hanging techniques Must have own vehicle and necessary tools of the trade Must be prepared to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Compensation: Starting at $8.00 Hr. Belongers only need apply All interested persons should submit an application letter along with their resume and two (2) references to the following:

Gardner To work 3 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

General Manager

Design Studio, P.O. Box 706, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Isl. Or E-mail to: 5703

Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Veranda is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.

Equipment Technician


Electronic trouble shooting, Hyundai construction equipment, case construction equipment, hydraulics. Must be able to speak French would be an asset. Minimum of 15 years experience in machinery. Need to have computer and programs.

Contact 245-2897

Worker To clean Church, Monday thru Saturday, 9am-3pm. Salary $5.00 per hour.


Opportunities Garde Manger

Job Requirements: • Two years minimum experience in a similar position • Comprehension of English, oral and written language skills • Highly creative with advance knife skills • Equipment knowledge to include slicing machine, juicer, Cryovac machine, small wares equipment • Ability to lift up to fifty pounds • Solid knowledge of health and safety procedures • Solid knowledge of sanitation practices • Solid knowledge of weights and measures • Ability to perform all kitchen job functions • Ability to work in a high pressure environment • Must be able and willing to work shifts weekends and public holidays

Security Officer To ensure the safety and security of guests, visitors, and staff, as well as being responsible for the safeguarding of resort property and assets. Job Requirements: • Must be able to interact with many types of people and situations • Must be people oriented with a positive demeanor • Highly professional and ethical; calm headed in difficult situations • Must have a clean police record and clean drivers license • Must be able and willing to work weekends and public holidays • Previous experience in resort security will be considered a plus • Must be willing to work shifts, weekends and public holidays Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

Interested persons may contact our Human Resource Manager No later than September 30, 2010 Email: Or hand deliver to our office at Veranda Resort and Residences Princess Dr. Lower Bight, Providenciales

Contact 241-0648 B & F VARIETY

Express Maintenance Seeks a qualified applicant to work as a

Labourer Maid Is seeking a

To work 4 days per week. Salary $300.00 per month.

To work 4 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 946-4086 or email:

Contact 941-6588

CAICOS EXPRESS AIRWAYS LTD. Is looking for three (3)

Labourers To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour. Contact (649) 232-6376 or (649) 243-6748 deadline for application is October 8th, 2010


To stock, prepare and present all cold and pantry-style foods; create impressive ice sculptures, fruit and vegetable carvings and, memorable garnishes for various dishes.





Contact 241-5922


PHONE: (649) 946-4664





Worker To work 5 days per week. From 8am – 5pm. Salary $150.00 per week.

Contact 244-3370


September 25 - October 1, 2010




September 25 - October 1, 2010

fitness Tip 

Weight loss products –

the power of marketing THE WEIGHT loss industry is one of the biggest money generating industries in the world and that is because people need, more than ever, to lose weight and get healthier. Marketing has a powerful effect in convincing us to buy certain products. And why is that? Because it makes it sound like it is an easy and fast process. And that’s what people want – easy and fast results,

Carrot rice Liven up rice with this healthy recipe with a difference.


• 1 cup basmati rice • 2 cups water • Quarter cup roasted peanuts • 1 tbsp margarine • 1 onion, sliced • 1 tsp minced fresh ginger root • Three-quarter cup grated carrots • salt to taste • cayenne pepper to taste • chopped fresh cilantro


• Combine rice and water in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low, cover with lid and allow to steam until tender – about 20 minutes. • While rice is cooking, grind peanuts in a blender and set aside. Heat the margarine in a skillet over medium heat. • Stir in the onion; cook and stir until the onion has softened and turned golden brown – about 10 minutes. Stir in ginger, carrots and salt to taste. • Reduce heat to low and cover to steam five minutes. Stir in cayenne pepper and peanuts. • When rice is done, add it to skillet and stir gently to combine with other ingredients. • Garnish with chopped cilantro.

with no effort at all. How many times do we hear ‘lose weight exercising only eight minutes a day’ or ‘lose weight now without having to break your back exercising or keeping yourself from foods you like…just take this pill and lose weight while watching TV’ or ‘lose 20 lbs a week’ and so on and so on. The purpose of the marketing is to make money. And even though the methods they sell are physiologically impossible the money keeps coming in. Obviously there is a lack of information out there. Most often you see fitness models or bodybuilders promoting different products. For real, do you think they got that figure exercising only eight minutes a day or just by taking a pill? Those people literally spend hours in the gym training, sometimes twice a day before a photo shoot or a competition; they eat religiously clean and don’t miss a night’s sleep. They highly endorse a product they don’t even believe in but we live in a world where money has power. For everybody out there interested in losing weight, fat, improving their figure or building muscle, let me give it to you straight: It is not easy, it is not a fast process and overnight miracles are impossible.


What you actually do when you purchase all kinds of pills or products promoted as solutions, is to pay money to get disappointed. Some of them might work as a quick fix but once you are done with them they will take you back where you started or, even worse due to some metabolic changes, set you further back. If diets worked as they are promoted we would live in a world where everybody has six-packs and nice toned bodies. I have never met a person who doesn’t want to look good. In return I have met so many people who want to look good without doing anything. All the technology we live among today delivers comfort; we don’t move much, we don’t spend time in the beautiful outdoors anymore, we don’t cook our own meals, we don’t eat naturally; people just become lazier and lazier. ‘I don’t have time’ is the number

There is no quick fix for sustainable weight loss.

one reason people give for why they can’t fit everything in, but it’s not a valid reason at all. It’s an excuse made by lazy people. We all have the same 168 hours a week. We’re all busy. But some people get in shape and some people don’t. Why? Is it luck? Is it genetics? Of course not! People who successfully get lean and muscular –and stay that way – have made training a priority in their life. They make time, even if that means setting the alarm an hour earlier every day or giving up an hour of television. To wrap this up I will say that marketing is selling illusions and it’s

time to tell the truth about how much effort it takes to develop a great physique. What most people want to hear is that you don’t have to work hard; all you need is XYZ diet, pill, machine, routine or some other magic formula. But what you actually need to hear is that there’s a substantial time and effort commitment that must be made if you want a better body. To think otherwise is delusional. Beginning is difficult but once it becomes a habit, everything will come naturally and you will love the new you – more energised, stronger, self confident, better looking, happier and healthier with a joy for life.

health Tip 

How to be happy:

Tips for cultivating contentment YOU know how to be happy? Or are you waiting for happiness to find you? Despite what the fairy tales depict, happiness doesn’t appear by magic. It’s not even something that happens to you. It’s something you can cultivate. Only 10 per cent or so of the variation in people’s reports of happiness can be explained by differences in their circumstances. The bulk of what determines happiness is your personality, your thoughts and behaviour. You may think happiness comes from being born rich or beautiful or living a stress-free life but the reality is that those things don’t confer

lasting happiness. Indeed, how to be happy can’t be boiled down to one thing. Happiness is the sum of your life choices. People who are happy seem to intuitively know this and their lives are built on the following pillars: Devoting time to family and friends; appreciating what they have; maintaining an optimistic outlook; feeling a sense of purpose; living in the moment. The good news is that your choices, thoughts and actions can influence your level of happiness. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch but you can turn up your happiness level. Here’s how to get started on

the path to creating a happier you. Invest in relationships Surround yourself with happy people. Being around people who are content buoys your own mood. And by being happy yourself, you give something back to those around you. Friends and family help you celebrate life’s successes and support you in difficult times. Although it’s easy to take friends and family for granted, these relationships need nurturing. Build up your emotional account with kind words and actions. Be continued 

Maintaining an optimistic outlook is essential to being happy.

September 25 - October 1, 2010

Lifestyle... How does your garden grow With our green-fingered guru Denis Belanger



Shaving Brush Tree ONE day I saw the most incredible tree, practically leafless, but covered in bright pink blossoms unlike anything I had ever before seen. These flowers are called ‘Shaving Brushes’. The Shaving Brush Tree or bombax tree (pseudobombax ellipticum) is native to Mexico. It is a small tree at around 30 feet in height. It is suitable for bonsai and has very interesting bark with stripes of green, yellow, brown and white. More interesting are the pink, brush-like flowers. You can sit in the evening and watch them pop open, revealing the great flower at first light. The honey bees love them so much, the tree buzzes with their activity. Woodpeckers and flycatchers also love these flowers. The curled ‘ribbons’ at the base of the flower are formed when the pod opens. These ribbons are very hard and leathery. The fast-growing tree is a hardwood, deciduous in early spring, followed by the wonderful flowers. The new leaves are bright red, turning green as they mature. This tree gives us a different view of the horizon as it changes during our island seasons. Plant it in full sun to light shade on well drained soil (no salt tolerant).


For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

With minimal water requirements it is suitable for xeriscaping. Propagate by air layers or large cuttings. The ellipticum ‘album’ or White Shaving Brush Tree is highly similar

except sporting white stamens and yellow pollen tips. There also is a similar blooming tree; the Latin is pseudobombax ellipticum. This plant comes in both pink and white.

Tips for cultivating contentment continued

careful and gracious with critique. Let people know that you appreciate what they do for you or even just that you’re glad they’re part of your life. Express gratitude Gratitude is more than saying thank you. It’s a sense of wonder, appreciation and, yes, thankfulness for life. It’s easy to go through life without recognising your good fortune. Often, it takes a serious illness or other tragic event to jolt people into appreciating the good things in their lives. Don’t wait for something like that to happen to you. Make a commitment to practice gratitude. Each day identify at least one thing that enriches your life. When you find yourself thinking an ungrateful thought, try substituting a grateful one. For example, replace ‘my sister forgot my birthday’ with ‘my sister has always been there for me in tough times’. Let gratitude be the last thought before you go off to sleep. Let gratitude also be your first thought when you wake up in the morning.

Cultivate optimism Develop the habit of seeing the positive side of things. You needn’t become a Pollyanna — after all, bad things do happen and it would be silly to pretend otherwise. But you don’t have to let the negatives colour your whole outlook on life. Remember that what is right about you almost always trumps what is wrong about you. If you’re not an optimistic person by nature, it may take time for you to change your pessimistic thinking. Start by recognising negative thoughts as you have them. Then take a step back and ask yourself these key questions: Is the situation really as bad as I think? Is there another way to look at the situation? What can I learn from this experience that I can use in the future? Find your purpose People who strive to meet a goal or fulfill a mission — whether it’s growing a garden, caring for children or finding one’s spirituality — are happier than those who don’t have such aspirations. Having a goal provides a sense

of purpose, bolsters self-esteem and brings people together. What your goal is doesn’t matter as much as whether the process of working toward it is meaningful to you. Try to align your daily activities with the long-term meaning and purpose of your life. Research studies suggest that relationships provide the strongest meaning and purpose to your life. So cultivate meaningful relationships. Are you engaged in something you love? If not, ask yourself these questions to discover how you can find your purpose: What excites and energises me? What are my proudest achievements? How do I want others to remember me? Live in the moment Don’t postpone joy waiting for a day when your life is less busy or less stressful. That day may never come. Instead, look for opportunities to savour the small pleasures of everyday life. Focus on the positives in the present moment. Don’t spend your time rehashing the past or worrying about the future. Take time to stop and smell the flowers.


Money Tip

With Mary Hamilton of Meridian Trust

The hidden cost of money IF YOU have ever failed to pay the full balance of a credit card bill on time, or have run up an overdraft at your bank, you will be familiar with the penalties levied by your account provider. Other finance costs are not so easy to spot, but can add up over time. A few minutes spent analysing these costs and adjusting your habits could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Monthly service charges Many financial service providers levy a monthly or annual service charge. Check how much yours do and compare that with competing institutions. Does your service provider offer a better service? In this case you may wish to reward them with your loyalty. Otherwise it may be time to end the relationship. Consider closing accounts you rarely use to save monthly fees. Cash withdrawals Many banks charge a fee each time you withdraw cash at the ATM. Some banks also charge a fee for over-the-counter cash withdrawals. To save money, split the estimated amount of cash you require each month into a few large withdrawals rather than multiple smaller ones. However, be sure to consider the risk of theft or accidental loss when deciding how much cash to keep in your wallet or around the house. For larger payments it may be more secure to pay by cheque or credit card. Cheques and wire transfers Your account provider normally charges you for processing wire transfers and printing cheque books. In addition, the TCI Government levies stamp duty on personal cheques at the rate of $0.20 per cheque and on wire transfer fees at 10 per cent of the fee. Reduce the cost of cheque writing and wire fees by using a credit card if you have one. Ask your retailer beforehand whether there is a fee to pay by credit card; if there is, paying by cheque or wire may still be cheaper. Consider opening an account with

your favourite retailers if it is free to do so. This will allow you to pay the balance each month with one payment. Credit cards If you cannot always pay off the balance in full at the end of each month, compare the monthly interest rate charge with that of competing cards, and shop around for the best deal. Better still, restrict your credit card spending to a level you can afford to pay off each month (or at least try to). The interest rate charged on unpaid balances is high. Do you sometimes simply forget to make your payment on time? Doh! Set up a reminder on your cell phone or PC and give yourself enough time for cheques or deposits to clear if appropriate. Investments Do you have more than three months’ worth of wages languishing in a low-interest bank deposit account? A few hours spent shopping around for a better return could reap rewards. There are several licensed mutual funds available within the Islands e.g. the Meridian Mortgage Fund, and a variety of trust and asset management companies which deal with investments every day. Contact one to find out what returns are currently available and the risks involved.



September 25 - October 1, 2010

September 25 - October 1, 2010





September 25 - October 1, 2010


The legacy of Ready Money and the Phillips family By David Tapfer CURALENA Higgs Phillips is working hard creating a botanical garden in North Caicos. The venture known as ‘Ready Money Gardens’ is located on the highway between Bottle Creek settlement and the causeway joining North to Middle Caicos. Ms Phillips started this project in 1985. “My great grandfather David Phillips came to me in a dream and outlined what he wanted me to do,” she said. Curalena then provided more family history. “Great grandad David was the son of Joseph Phillips who settled in North Caicos during the mid 18th century. Italian-born as DePhilipo, great great grandad Joseph changed his name to Phillips when he moved to Scotland early in his life. She then went on: “Joseph was a mariner who found himself for a time in Nassau, Bahamas. He then headed south alone in a sailboat until he landed in the Turks and Caicos Islands about 1748. “There he was taken in by an

African slave master. This master had a beautiful daughter named Patience. “According to family legend, my great great grandad Joseph fell in love with Patience when she performed the ‘guinea corn’ dance one evening. “In those days there was no music but as the pot boiled the corn popped repeatedly and Patience danced to the rhythm. That is how they got together and married.” When great great grandad Joseph bought 120 acres from the former Wyatt Estate this plot was called ‘Ready Money’ because Joseph paid for the land in full, up front with ‘ready money’. “My family worked the Ready Money land and sea for four generations and now, as the fifth generation, I am continuing,” Ms Phillips declared. Ms Phillips, who is a Phillips by marriage and her mother’s side, has completed phase one of her development. Three phases are anticipated. A colourful hut with thatched roof identifies the garden entrance. Within the garden are local native

A shopper examines one of the handmade bags on sale.

trees, plants and flowers which Ms Phillips has identified with laminated place cards. The underbrush has been cleared and natural fresh water creeks and springs have been opened and fortified. The property also has two wells. Throughout the garden there are rest areas which Ms Phillips has named for her ancestors. “My people worked this land supporting themselves by growing cassava, yams, potatoes, callaloo, pumpkins, beans and sugar cane. They also worked the sea fishing and harvesting conch,” she said. “They raised cattle and pigs. My great grandad also harvested sponges which he sold wholesale. He grew, harvested and prepared sisal.

“It was a hard life but a good life and the family prospered and grew.” Ms Phillips’ great great grandad Joseph and wife Patience were blessed with six children and great grandad David and his wife had 10. Ruins of the great house and chimney can still be found nearby. Ms Phillips, 54, herself the mother of two, has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. She is a registered nurse. Those visiting the gardens will also find available native foods, fish, chicken, peas and rice, johnny cake, callaloo and cold drinks. Also on sale are beautiful handicrafts from Ms Phillips’ own hands. Decorated hand bags, hats and dolls demonstrate

Curalena Phillips in front of the entrance hut with some of her handicrafts.

the skill of this energetic woman of North Caicos. As Ms Phillips completed our interview she said: “The story of the guinea corn dance great great grandma Patience performed is still with me. “In fact I performed this same dance at a family reunion and it made such an impression I was being photographed from all sides.” The gardens are now open on Fridays from 7am to 4pm. From October they will open six days a week, Sunday through Friday, during the same hours.

September 25 - October 1, 2010





September 25 - October 1, 2010

For Advertising information call 946-4664 | FAX: (649) 946-4661 | Email:


946-4996 Mob.331 0645 Black Gravel – 3/8ths.....3/4"

Limestone Gravel – 3/8"....3/4"...1"

Screened Top Soil – Mulch

Everything In Bulk or in 50lb bags. Self Delivery or We can Deliver

Creative D e s i g n s

S t u d i o





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September 25 - October 1, 2010

Regional News Experts: Caribbean corals could face record bleach

Some of the Caribbean’s coral reefs are in danger of bleaching (picture taken from

which leads to the bleached colour. If the stress is not too severe and decreases in time, the affected corals can regain their symbiotic algae. But if the stress is prolonged and the algae populations do

not recover, the coral host eventually dies. In 2005, up to 90 percent of corals in parts of the eastern Caribbean suffered bleaching, and more than half died. This week, water

SALTMILLS RESTAURANTS Saltmills Restaurant Ltd is seeking applicants for the following position:

Assistant Manager The successful candidate will have the requirements listed below along with an outgoing professional manner. They will be able to assume responsibility for the day-to-day management and continued growth of this thriving business here in Providenciales Requirements/Duties:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Must have minimum of five years experience in similar position Understand all the aspects of the hospitality industry Proven training abilities and a hands-on approach required Good communicator with the ability to work under pressure Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple projects Fluent, both written and spoken, in multiple languages, English, French and Spanish are a requirement Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential Ability to manage staff effectively Accounting management experience, budgeting, managing account preparation of financial accounts, including profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flows experience is essential. Three to five years hospitality sales and marketing experience in restaurants Expert computer skills and knowledge of micros POS system, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

BELONGERS PREFERRED Salary is in the range of $7-9/hr Apply in writing by no later than October 11th 2010 to: saltmcafe Only the suitable applicants will be contacted. Saltmills Restaurants PO Box 196, Providenciales. Or Fax: 1 941 7739

temperatures surpassed those recorded in 2005, said Eakin, who blamed a mild winter and a second straight year of El Nino, a weather phenomenon that leads to unusually warm waters. A larger area also is being affected this year than in 2005, he said. Scientists swimming in warm waters are reporting that chocolate-brown corals are turning shades of tan and gold, a precursor to bleaching. But they are celebrating that the reef-building elkhorn and staghorn corals have not yet been affected. They are the first corals to be listed as threatened under the U.S. federal Endangered Species Act. A dozen named storms that have swirled through the Atlantic during this year’s hurricane season also have helped temporarily cool waters, said Jeff Miller, a fisheries biologist with the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park. When Hurricane Earl barreled through, water temperatures dropped up to four degrees in one day, he said. “Nobody likes to get hit by a hurricane,” he said. “But a nice near-miss is actually something that helps out a reef.” Tourism-dependent islands worry about the effect that bleaching will have on the economy. After the 2005 bleaching, the World Resources Institute estimated Caribbean reef degradation would cause between $350 million to $870 million in economic losses a year, according to a 2006 NOAA statement.

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — Three Dominican police officers have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a drug deal that ended with the decapitation of two men. Police chief Jose Amado Polanco said Tuesday that the officers under investigation all belong to the narcotics division. The two victims were found Sept. 12 in a rural area of San Cristobal province. Their heads and hands were found separately. Police spokesman Nelson Rosario says one of the victims, Marcos Figueroa Ferreira, allegedly stole 3.5 kilograms (7.5 pounds) of heroin from traffickers who used him to ferry drugs from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico. One of the arrested police officers allegedly seized half the stolen heroin to sell in Santo Domingo.


Attacker kills man who was waiting to see prime minister; leader not injured CASTRIES, St. Lucia (AP) — Authorities on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia say a gunman walked into the prime minister’s home-district office and killed a man who was waiting to see the government leader. A police statement says Premier Stephenson King was in the building during Friday’s shooting, but was never in danger. The identity of the attacker is not known, and police

haven’t speculated on a possible motive. Local media say the victim was an exconvict who intended to ask King for a job. King says in a statement that the incident shows no one is safe on St. Lucia. The island has recorded 35 killings so far in 2010, putting it on pace to equal or surpass 2008’s record high of 43. Police blame the violence on the drug trade.


Wyclef Jean accepts presidential disqualification, leaves Haitian politics to promote album PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Wyclef Jean has


Is looking to fill the following positions

Mason Steel man

To work 6 days per week. Salary starting at $300.00 per week.

Contact 231-0509


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Caribbean corals are being exposed to water temperatures higher than those reported during a record bleaching period five years ago and could start dying in the coming weeks, scientists said Tuesday. The warning comes after islands entered the warmest month of the year for water temperatures, which means the problem is just starting, said C. Mark Eakin, coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Watch network. “I would love for the forecast to be wrong,” he said. “But the potential for bleaching this year is higher than in 2005.” When corals are exposed to very warm water, they either expel or consume the colorful algae they host,

Three DR cops arrested in connection with drug deal that ended in double slaying

officially ended his bid for Haiti’s presidency. A statement sent Tuesday by his publicist says the singer is leaving Haitian politics to promote a new album. Jean’s candidacy ended last month when the Caribbean country’s eight-member provisional electoral council left him and more than a dozen other hopefuls off the ballot. Nineteen candidates were approved. No official reasons were given for the exclusions. Jean is presumed not to have met constitutional requirements including living in Haiti. He lives in New Jersey. The announcement ends speculation the singer would contest the disqualification, though the council does not allow appeals.

September 25 - October 1, 2010



Regional News JAMAICA:

Reggae star Buju Banton faces trial on cocaine charges in Fla. on eve of new album’s release MIAMI (AP) — On his upcoming album “Before the Dawn,” Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton crows about standing strong, though battered and bruised, in the face of a gathering darkness. The songs sound prophetic — the four-time Grammy nominee recorded them before he was arrested on federal cocaine charges last December. The trial is scheduled to start Monday in Tampa — a week before the album’s U.S. release. He faces a possible life sentence if convicted. “I’ve been accused, wrongly convicted. Jah knows I’m innocent,” he sings in his gravelly voice, invoking the

Rastafarian God. “I’ve been badly singled out by beloved friends ... who sold me out.” Banton recorded the album’s 10 songs last year in Kingston, Jamaica, before his arrest at his Miami-area home on a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. A grand jury indictment also charged him with carrying a firearm during the course of a drug trafficking crime. He worked on the album with producers and engineers over the phone from Tampaarea jails, where the 37-year-old has been held without bail since the beginning of the year.

US, Haiti accord paves way for Korean factories PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — U.S. and Haitian officials signed an agreement Monday with a South Korean clothing manufacturer to build garment factories that they said will employ 10,000 people in this quake-ravaged nation. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed the memorandum along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and the heads of the International Finance Corporation and Inter-American Development Bank. Chairman Woong-Ki Kim signed on behalf of his Seoul-based Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd. The agreement, signed on the sidelines of the U.N.

General Assembly meeting in New York, is part of an effort to inject foreign investment and create jobs for Haiti, a deeply poor Caribbean country. Clinton also signed an agreement with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to provide a combined $50 million

toward rebuilding the damaged and underfunded general hospital of the State University of Haiti. Restoring Haiti’s onceprofitable garment assembly sector has been a cornerstone of economic plans for Haiti even before the Jan. 12 quake

— pushed most notably by the secretary of state’s husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, in his capacity as U.N. special envoy to Haiti. The U.S. Congress lent further support by extending tax-free import advantages for Haitianassembled textiles.

Career Opportunities Grace Bay Club is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.

A man pulls a vendor stall away from a street market at the end of the work day in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday Sept. 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa). Haiti is still the poorest country in the region.

Director of Engineering Position has overall responsibility for building and plant maintenance and protection, grounds landscaping and maintenance, guest and associate satisfaction and the financial performance of the department. Position oversees the development and implementation of departmental strategies and ensures implementation of the company’s service strategy and brand initiatives. The position ensures engineering operations meets the resort’s target customer needs, ensures employee satisfaction and maximizes the financial performance of the department. As a Senior Leader, develops and implements resort-wide strategies that deliver products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the target customer and property employees. Ensures long term asset protection and effectively manages capital expenditures to maximize the return on investment to the owners.




Job Requirements • Extensive knowledge of building trades; electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and general building practices • Knowledge of life safety systems • Strong project management skills • Knowledge of purchasing, inventory controls, supplies and equipment • Knowledge of overall hotel operations as they affect department • Working knowledge of hotel laws governing operations • Strong organization skills • Ability to effectively manage labor productivity • Financial management skills e.g., ability to analyze P&L statements, develop operating budgets, forecasting and capital expenditure planning • Ability to use standard software applications and hotel systems • Strategic planning skills • Ability to take constructive action without relying on directions from others • Ability to network and build relationships to grow the business • Strong problem-solving skills; encourages new innovative solutions when appropriate • Strong communication skills (verbal, listening, writing) • Strong customer and employee relation skills

An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Gender Affairs Coordinator. The incumbent in this position must be able to formulate policies on gender issues; develop rehabilitative programmes for inmates for re-entry to society and establish mentoring programmes for youths of the TCI. The incumbent must also sensitize the public on gender issues; develop awareness programmes for the media; implement skills training as well as adult literacy classes. The candidate must also be able to design apprenticeship programmes for disadvantaged youth; conduct needs analyses and collect statistical data in communities to determine which are the vital areas that should be addressed in order to improve the communities throughout the TCI. Other duties include conducting training sessions with staff; visiting homes to assist in conducting counseling sessions; preparing monthly reports on relevant matters concerning human rights and gender issues as well as attending international workshops on human rights and gender issues. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The applicant must have a Bachelors Degree from an Internationally Recognized University, in the field of Psychology. The position required at least seven (7) years professional experience working in this field, with at least three (3) years experience in a managerial role. The candidate should also have training in Counseling, Gender Issues and Human Right Laws.

Education or Certification • Experience in hotel or lodging related engineering operations – 10+ years • Bachelors Degree or higher preferred • Certifications as required to comply with local and national codes


Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience

For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10321 E-mail: and All resumes should include contact information and two letters of reference as well as a Police Certificate and should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary/ Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands Facsimile: 9461582.

Interested persons may contact our Human Resources Department No later than October 15, 2010 @649 946 5050 Ext. 1050 Fax 649 946 5758 Email: veronica.clare P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, B.W.I.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 7th October 2010 5777



September 25 - October 1, 2010

World News UN anti-poverty goals get new financial pledges UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A three-day summit to push global leaders to meet U.N. goals to significantly reduce poverty by 2015 wraps up Wednesday with a major development policy address

by President Barack Obama and new financial pledges from other countries to combat maternal and child mortality. But there was no certainty that there will be enough money and political will to

fulfill the plans and pledges. With many countries under financial pressure from the effects of the global economic crisis as well as rising food and energy prices, SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon has

vacancies Grace way IGA Supermarket is seeking suitably qualified applicants to fill the following positions:-

Deli Bakery Manager X 1 Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• Fifteen (15) years experience in a supermarket Deli/Bakery management role. • Experience in Food and Nutrition and Menu Planning. Inventory management and spoilage reduction techniques are essential • The ability to meet department’s profitability requirements and gross profit margin analysis. • Must be computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office Programs and possess good oral and written communication skills. • Ensure compliance with all local weights and measures laws and labeling requirements; follow approved procedures for receiving product price marking and restocking to ensure quality protection, accuracy and product rotation • Ability to train all department personnel in the store's method of performing departmental duties and functions. • All applicants must be able to work nights, weekends, and holidays as needed Salary Ranges, from 55, 000. 00 – 75,000.00 per Annum

Finance Analyst X 2 Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• CMA/ACA/CPA qualified with a minimum of 5 years post qualification experience in a financial analysis position • Operational and financial analysis of key business issues • Management and development of accounting system and processes, including chart of accounts, expansion of capability, and relationship management with external parties • Manage systems integration projects in relation to accounting system with operational systems • Extensive experience of preparation of Financial Statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow • Finance team development and training on accounting system and processes • Experience in financial analysis work in a retail/wholesale environment • Business process re-engineering experience in implementation of systems or process projects • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple tasks • Knowledge of SAGE accounting software essential

repeatedly urged governments not to abandon the 1 billion people living on less than $1.25 a day. Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, in prepared remarks for delivery at the Millennium Development Goals summit Wednesday, urged other countries to show the same resolve as Britain in meeting their aid commitments, despite the fallout from the financial meltdown. Clegg pointed to “fragile spaces — like Afghanistan — where hate can proliferate and terrorist attacks can be planned, where organised criminals can harvest the drugs that ravage our streets, where families are persecuted, displaced, pushed to seek refuge with us.” “So we do not see the Millennium Development Goals just as optimistic targets for faraway lands,” he said. “They are not simply charity, nor are they pure altruism. They are also the key to lasting safety and future prosperity for the people of the United Kingdom.” Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul told the leaders Tuesday that the lack of security in his home country has made it harder to achieve the anti-poverty goals, known as the MDGs. “The enemies of peace and stability in Afghanistan are still active, orchestrating well-planned attacks against schools, clinics, teachers, doctors, government employees and even young children, particularly school girls,” Rassoul said. “Unfortunately, similar attacks continue against humanitarian aid organisations and their personnel.” The world leaders are

reviewing efforts to implement anti-poverty goals adopted at a summit in 2000. These include cutting extreme poverty by half, ensuring universal primary education, halting and reversing the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and cutting child and maternal mortality — all by 2015. Ban said Tuesday that an estimated $26 billion to $42 billion will be needed annually to meet targets on women’s and children’s health between 2011 and 2015. U.N. officials said Ban will be announcing billions of dollars in new pledges at Wednesday’s event. Ban has said the world is “on track” to cut extreme poverty by half, the No. 1 goal, by 2015 though some critics say it’s mainly because of the big strides in China and India. Many recent reports show that the world’s poorest countries, especially in subSaharan Africa, have made little progress in eradicating poverty. And the U.N. said that at the current rate of progress, the world will miss the target of cutting in half the proportion of people without basic sanitation. “It rarely makes headlines but poor sanitation and dirty water kills thousands of children each day and is crippling the health of billions in developing countries,” Mariame Dem of WaterAid, an organisation working in 26 countries to improve access to safe water and basic sanitation, said in a statement. She urged the summit to give a higher priority to sanitation. At a global health event Tuesday, the secretary-general praised achievements over the last decade including decreasing HIV infections by 17 percent since 2001, saving

Salary Ranges, $45, 000.00 - $55,000.00 per Annum

Hartman Handfield

Retail Managers X 2

Is looking for a

Domestic Worker

This position is responsible for the management of the supermarket’s night- / Day time Grocery operations. Requirements include: • Over five (5) years experience in Supermarket Retail with a minimum of three (3) years in a managerial position to include management of individual departments, including overnight stocking procedures • Excellent people skills, including the ability to teach and train staff • Must have computer knowledge in areas such as Microsoft Excel and Inventory management programs • Skilled in ordering methods and practices for inventory control and wastage reduction • Ability to utilize computer systems/information for improved operational results • Strong current product knowledge of the retail industry and knowledge of Supermarket facility management • Will be required to work nights, weekends, and holidays

To work 5 days per week. Salary $150.00 per week.

$45,000.00 – $50,000.00 per Annum

Deadline for submission of applicants is October 8th 12th 2010 Submit to: Graceway IGA Supermarket main office complex or email: Please Note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted to attend interviews 5776

Contact 241-4061

an estimated 6 million lives through work on tuberculosis, and securing financing for all the bed nets needed to fight malaria. But Ban said an estimated $28 billion to $50 billion will be needed annually between 2011 and 2015 to achieve universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said donating public money is not enough to help end poverty and meet other U.N. goals. He renewed France’s push for a small international tax on financial transactions to fund achievement of the MDGs. “But this is not about replacing public funding — that’s the message that the world must get through,” he told reporters Tuesday, speaking in French. “It’s not a technical problem, it’s a political problem. We need to have strong political will.” Asked about possible opposition from other countries to the tax, the former founder of Doctors without Borders, clearly exasperated, switched to English and declared: “I know that they are not all in agreement. But it was the case when we founded Doctors Without Borders. It was impossible so we did it.” “Yes, it will be impossible, so we will do it,” he said.

Romania needs to borrow $7.9 billion in 2011 BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania needs to borrow almost €6 billion ($7.9 billion) next year to cover its budget deficit and plans to sign a new deal with the International Monetary Fund in 2011 to shore up the ailing economy, President Traian Basescu said. On Wednesday, at least 10,000 protested in Bucharest against wage cuts and other austerity measures, authorities said. Angry protesters were demanding the government increases salaries to the 2009 level and stop layoffs of public workers. They yelled “Down with Basescu!” and marched through downtown Bucharest, blocking traffic. Marchers sang the national anthem, which urges Romanians to rise up against oppression, and threw eggs at the Labour Ministry as they headed toward the main government building.

September 25 - October 1, 2010



World News UK minister attacks pursuit of quick profits

Swiss women claim majority of seats in Cabinet GENEVA (AP) — Swiss women for the first time captured most of the seats in the country’s seven-member executive branch Wednesday, brushing aside Switzerland’s history as one of Europe’s last nations to grant women full suffrage. The tilt in the balance of power came as parliament in Bern voted Social Democrat lawmaker Simonetta Sommaruga into the Cabinet. “We’ve reached the goal after a centurylong struggle,” said Ruth Dreifuss, a former Swiss Cabinet member who in 1999 served as the country’s first female president. Unlike most countries


needed Contact 246-6932


To work 5 ½ days. Salary $6.00 per hour.



MANAGER • Must have 5 years experience in F&B Management experience • Bachelors in Business Administration or equivalent • Must have experience in cost analysis and inventory controls • Must be able to operate Micros POS front and back office or similar POS • Must be able to work from 9:30pm – 4:00am 6 days per week.

Email resumes to info@


headed by presidents or prime ministers, Switzerland is largely governed by seven politicians from different parties who comprise the Federal Council. Major decisions are made by consensus, and the presidency rotates on a yearly basis among the ministers. Switzerland’s popularly elected parliament took four rounds of voting to elect Sommaruga to fill the position vacated by Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger. Free Democrat lawmaker Johann Schneider-Ammann also won a seat in a special election called after Leuenberger and Finance Minister Hans-Rudolf Merz announced their retirements.


Is the culmination of a life long commitment to public service on the island of Providenciales. Carol A. Skippings, native of Grand Turks, Founder and Manager of this newest service company has commanded a stellar career in the legal profession, garnering a wealth of knowledge that she now makes available to the wider Turks & Caicos Community professionalism is her hallmark and her many contact in the business community renders her the go to person, the pro with the proper! The menu of services includes the following:

• Full secretarial services • Faxing • Printing • Letter/resume writing • Coping

our recovery could be certainly choked off by the behaviour of the banking sector,” Cable said in an interview on British Broadcasting Corp. television. “It’s not entirely the fault of the banks because they are having to comply with regulations to hold more capital. But it’s absolutely vital for our recovery that the banking system works properly and supports business as we recover from recession,” Cable said, adding that the government is “looking at all options.” Cable, like many other critics of British banks, contends that they all benefited from the government’s costly bailouts of the weakest. The public still owns 41 percent of Halifax/ Bank of Scotland, 83 percent of Royal Bank of Scotland and 100 percent of mortgage lenders Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley. Cable’s announcement highlights tensions within the coalition between the Liberal

Democrats and Cameron’s traditionally business-friendly Conservative Party. He has forcefully advocated the separation of investment banking from retail banking, which has led some bank executives to suggest they might move their headquarters to friendlier shores. Cable recently attacked the government’s curbs on immigration, saying they were starving some businesses of skilled workers. Earlier Wednesday, his department announced plans for a review of corporate governance and short-term thinking. “Short-termism and shareholder disengagement are an increasing problem for our economy. Short-term investors and financial gamblers value a quick buck above all else, for example, by driving company boards into accepting takeover bids that make no economic sense,” Cable said. “We will look at the

TURQUOISE DUTY FREE SHOPS (2000) LTD. located in the Departure Lounge at the Providenciales International Airport is looking for:

Sales Personnel

• Affidavits • Justice of the Peace • Photography services • Visa application – local & international • Wedding coordinator

C & S Professional Services is conveniently located on the ground floor of Sam’s Plaza in Unit No. 6 directly across from the Immigration Board visit us today or

Call us on 946-5759

Pursuit of “the fast buck” is undermining Britain’s economy, Vince Cable said Wednesday as he announced a review of corporate governance, executive pay and takeovers. (AP Photo/ Dave Thompson/PA)

economic impact of takeovers, shareholder responsibility, corporate incentives and pay all the factors that can help us build a framework founded on long-term economic logic.” Concern about takeovers has risen since U.S. giant Kraft Foods took over Cadbury, the 192-yearold British chocolate and candy company, earlier this year. Kraft caused great offense by promising to keep a Cadbury factory in southwest England open, a decision reversed once the takeover was secured. The Takeover Panel, which sets the rules for acquisitions in Britain, began its own review of regulation in the wake of the Cadbury deal. It is investigating whether predators should face a higher level of shareholder backing to clinch a deal; whether there should be fuller disclosure of financing, and whether voting rights should be taken away from shares purchased during the offer period. Cable’s blast at capitalism came a day after Adair Turner, the chairman of the Financial Services Authority, called for an end to the “demonization of overpaid traders.” “In finance and economics, ill-designed policy is a more powerful force for harm than individual greet or error,” Turner said. However, he didn’t let the industry off the hook. “There were some absurd bonuses for excessive risk taking: there was an explosion of exotic product development which last year I labeled as socially useless, a phrase from which I in no way draw back,” Turner said.


• Applicant must have a positive attitude to work and excellent Customer Service Skills • Must be trustworthy, dependable and willing to work flexible hours to include weekends and holidays Salary Range: $11.00 per hour Belongers will be given first preference. Applications must be submitted via email or fax to:

email: or fax: 946-4871


Swiss Social Democrat lawmaker Simonetta Sommaruga, left, talks to Erika Forster from the Free Democratic Party, during a session of the upper chamber of the Swiss parliament. Swiss women for the first time captured most of the seats in the country’s seven-member executive branch.

LONDON (AP) — Pursuit of the quick buck is undermining Britain’s economy, a government minister said Wednesday as he announced a review of corporate governance, executive pay and takeovers. Vince Cable, who heads the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, spoke at the annual conference of the Liberal Democrats, the junior partner in Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative-led coalition government. “The government’s agenda is not one of laissez-faire. Markets are often irrational or rigged,” Cable told party members. “So I am shining a harsh light onto the murky world of corporate behaviour.” Richard Lambert, directorgeneral of the Confederation of British Industry, was disturbed by Cable’s tone. “It’s odd that he thinks it sensible to use such emotional language,” Lambert said. Banks, who have been accused of withholding credit needed to support industrial recovery, loomed as a key target. “There is a real danger that



Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate


weeklylistings Great Rate //

► $1 per word minimum 15 words ► $5 for additional graphic


for sale

High quality decorative

curtain rails for sale 4 X 1.5m long plus 3 extendable rails 28-48 inches long Call 245 6620

September 25 - October 1, 2010

Professional Building For Rent

Good location, near NIB and Courts On Leeward Highway Fully furnished, ready to move in (3,000 sq feet) Ideal for a lawyer, accountant, doctor or architect Tel: 946-4664, 946-4894

New Apartment for Sale

(2) one bedroom fully furnished (1) three bedroom 2 bath upstairs Call for price 241-8843

Apartment for rent $850 per month One bedroom Richmond Hills Contact 946-4894

Wedding Gown for Sale Size 18W champagne & Beige wedding Dress. Worn once in good condition Asking $800.00. Call 241-2000

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One Bedroom

Leeward Palms House 1 bath 1 bedroom Fully Furnished/ Washer & Dryer Asking Price $850 p/m

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Slumber party Girls’ bicycle - $30, 26 inch panasonic tv - $250. Also other household items. No reasonable offer refused. 346-1434, 344-1779, 242-6904.

Chalk Sound , Ocean View (Located Before Silly Creek Area) 1 bed 1.5 bath Fully Furnished/ Wrap around deck/ VerySpacious/Washer & Dryer Asking Price $1000 ***********************

Juba Sound Apartments Located in Lovely Living Environment!! 2 bed 2 bath Nicely Furnished Asking Price $1400 ************************** Grace Bay Condo Grandview 3rd Floor unit

Sergio F. Carrasco

Chris Stubbs


Is looking for a

3 bedroom 3 baths Nicely Furnished Call for More details !!! *************************** The Venetian 2 bedroom 2 bath Fully furnished / Fully Equipped Kitchen/Pool Asking Price $ 1800 p/m ************************** Sunview Town Homes, Grace Bay Road 2 Bed 2.5 Bath with Pool Asking Price $1,600/per month ************************* Long Bay Beach Front 2 bed 1 bath w/ Loft Fully Furnished/ Screened Deck facing Beach Asking $2000 p/m *********************** Ocean Club Plaza, 2nd Floor Unit, Grace Bay 2 Bed 2.5 Bath, with Pool/Fully Equipped Kitchen Asking Price $2,000/per month ************************* Leeward Landings Townhome 2 bedroom 2 ½ bath Fully Furnished Asking Price $1600 ************************** Long Bay Apartments 2 bed 1 bath Fully Furnished/Washer & Dryer Asking Price $1200 p/m Three- Four Bedrooms ************************* MUST SEEE !!!! Beautiful Home Discovery Bay Canal Front Home 3 bedroom 2.5 bath Spacious Beautifully Furnished/ Fully Equipped kitchen /52” Plasma Televisions Asking Price $2300 p/m Negotiable ************************* Juba Sound Home 3 Bed 2.5 Bath Ocean View, Terrace, Asking Price $2200 REDUCED !! ************************* Low Cost Home, Blue Hills 3 Bed 2 Baths Furnished Central AC/ Washer & Dryer/Dishwasher Asking Price $1,350/per month ************************* Leeward Canal Front Home 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths Spacious/Nicely Furnished Asking Price $4000 p/m

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Labourer Worker Gardner needed Salary $5.00 Contact 946-4398

per hour.

Contact 243-3993


To make dresses for girls and ladies. Must be able to work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 343-9353


To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.


Contact 246-0202


To work 5 days per week. Salary $200 per week.

Fax: 946-4661



New Work Trucks:

2009 Daihatsu Delta 3 ton Long Bed - $ 34,900.00…now $ 33,900.00. 2008 Daihatsu Delta 2 ton Dumpster - $ 34,500.00…make offer! 2008 Daihatsu Delta 2 ton Short Bed - $ 26,500.00…make offer!

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New Automobiles:

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Mac Motors

New Vehicles with Factory Warranty; 2009 FIAT 500 Sport BZ 1.2 2Dr Auto (Bossa Nova White) *248033* - 29,700. 2009 FIAT Panda Dynamic 1.2 Auto (New Orleans Blue) *323248* - 22,900. 2009 FIAT Grande Punto 1.4 Auto (Ambient White) *466162* - 26,500. 2009 FIAT Bravo Dynamic 1.4 Auto (Steel Grey) *196447* - 35,500. 2008 Land Rover Discovery III SE TDV6 (Keswick) *469067* - 68,000. 2008 Dodge Caliber SXT Sport App. 2.0L (Surf Blue) *599952* - 27,000. 2009 Dodge Journey SXT FWD 3.5L (Silver Steel) *535698* - 37,000. 2009 Dodge Durango 4x2 SLT 4.7L V8 (Silver) *703733* - 40,000. 2009 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x2 (White) *186265* - 32,000. 2009 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 (Deep Water Blue) *765339* - 35,000.

Certified used vehicles;

2006 Jaguar X-Type Estate Manual Trans, 2.0L Diesel, AVALABLE FOR LEASE - 39,000. 2006 Land Rover Freelander TD4 Atacama Sand 22,500. 2007 Dodge Ram Mega Cab 5.7L V8 4x4 Hemi (Red) Very LOW MILES!!! - 41,000. 2008 Dodge Ram Sport 1500 5.7L V8 Hemi 4x2 (Sunburst) - 36,500

Mac Motors

is looking for a


Is looking for a


FULLY FRANCHISED DEALER FOR LAND ROVER, JAGUAR, DODGE, JEEP, CHRYSLER & FIAT SALES / WARRANTY* / SERVICE / DIAGNOSTICS / BODY REPAIRS FREE First Service with New Vehicles Finance available for qualified buyers *Land Rover / Jaguar : 3 Years Factory Warranty *Dodge / Jeep / Chrysler : 2 Years Factory Warranty *Used : 3 Months Warranty on 'Certified Used Vehicle’

for sale 10m 2010 Torch is for sale for $950. The kite is in very good condition with only one small tear, which was repaired. Also selling 130cm Momentum for $400. It comes with new foot-pads and fins. The board has some scrapes on the bottom. Contact 342-2941

services Earn money now. Sell Avon 346-1434 / 246-1434

The Flower Girl Bed and Bath Shop Bed and bath sets and Lingeries For more information, call us at 649-9464894 or 649-2313788, you may also e-mail us at ******************************** We now accept Upholstery jobs. Have your cushions re-covered at excellent prices Drape fabrics are also in stock For more information, call us at 6499464894 or 649-2313788, you may also e-mail us at flowergirlprovo@ The Flower Girl Bouquets, Mix and Tropical Arrangements for all occasions Price ranges from $15.00 and up For more information and reservation, call us at 649-9464894 or 6492313788, You may also e-mail us at *********************** Easter Baskets and Easter Dresses available For more information, call us at 649-9464894 or 6492313788, you may also e-mail us at ********************** Cards for all occasions, Gift Sets for men and women Designer Vases on display. For more information, call us at 6499464894 or 649-2313788, you may also e-mail us at flowergirlprovo@ ************************ Fresh and Silk flower Arrangements available for centerpieces And decorations in all sizes ************************* Customized Gift Baskets for her and him…tell us what You want and we’ll do it for you! ************************* Decors and flowers for wedding from ceremony to Personal flowers and all through the reception ************************* Sympathy Wreath and Casket Sprays available in different sizes *************************** Inspirational Gift Items and baskets in different designs On display For more information, call us at 6499464894 or 649-2313788, you may also e-mail us at

September 25 - October 1, 2010


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

33 FAX: (649) 946-4661




Telephone: 341-5811-241-3609

Is looking for a

BCQS Limited seeks

A Chartered Quality Surveyor


Duties will include and candidates should have experience in: • Pre and post conrtact Quantity Surveying duties • Marketing appraisals • Feasibility studies

Only Turks Islanders need apply


Must have good Christian principles. Salary $5.00 per hour.

M&S CRAFT Is looking for a

An annual salary of $42,000.00 plus performance related commission is offered for this position. The suitable candidate will be aged 28-40 years old and be able to work under his own initiative and be able to see through projects from concept to completion. This position is available immediately and closing date for application is September 30, 2010.

Contact: William





Apply in writing to BCQS Limited, P.O. Box 158, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands or fax to 946-7184. Contact Simon Taylor on email:

Must be willing to work on weekends and public holidays. Work includes general onthe-job assistance.

Worker To work 4 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 342-6274 5706

To work 5 days per week. Must be hardworking and honest. Salary $6.50 per hour. Interested persons can contact 231-2621 Deadline for application is October 12th, 2010



Worker To work 5 days a week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact 344-8826

Isaac Selver/ Quick Step Repair Providenciales Tel: 941-4880

LABOURER Salary starts at $5.00 per hour Only Turks Islanders need apply



The successful applicant must possess • BSc in Quantity Surveying or RICS-recognised qualification. • Five years post qualification work experience. • Computer literate with experience in Word, Excel, MS Project & Vector BQ System.


Domestic Workers/

Government Vacancy JOB TITLE:


Government Vacancy


An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Psychiatrist within the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The incumbent in this position must be able to provide quality psychiatric services through the assessment and management of clients at health care facilities and other institutions in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The incumbent is expected to be instrumental in the development and maintenance of a Community Mental Health Programme with emphasis on health promotion, prevention and treatment of mental disorders; assist in the development of protocols directed at standardization of care for the mentally ill in the Turks and Caicos Islands in keeping with international standards; lend support in the training of physicians and non-physician staff through continuous Medical Education as well as conduct ward rounds and outpatient clinics in health care facilities in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The incumbent should also be readily available and accessible to provide care in emergency situations; supervise the care given by the Community Mental Health Nurse and perform any other duties as may be required.

JOB TITLE: DIRECTOR OF THE HEALTH REGULATORY AGENCY SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Director of the Health Regulatory Agency. The incumbent in this position must ensure that all Health Facilities in the Turks and Caicos Islands are registered and maintain high standards of services as determined by the Health Regulatory Agency (HRA) Ordinance. The incumbent is expected to develop policies and standards for the provision of health services; perform inspection of Health Facilities; review adverse reports submitted by National Health Insurance Board (NHIB), Hospitals, the public and Health Professions Boards as well as perform daily supervision of all staff in the HRA. He successful candidate must prepare annual operating and revenue budget for the HRA; monitor changes in standards of Health Care Services delivery nationally, regionally and internationally and review and deliberate on Health Facilities License Applications in conjunction with the Chairs of the Health Professions Boards and other relevant government technical officers. The incumbent is also expected to issue Health Facility Licenses in accordance with the regulations governing the establishment of Health Facilities in public and private sectors; review adverse health statistics in collaboration with the Director of Health Services and the Chief of Epidemiology and Research; assess statistics on medical referral overseas in collaboration with the NHIB; prepare detailed compliant investigation reports for submission to all relevant agencies or bodies and perform any other duties as may be required.


The position requires the incumbent to possess a Graduate degree in Psychiatry from an accredited School with at least five (5) years experience and must be licensed with a Government or Local Medical Board.

SALARY: $39,960 - $43,200 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Facsimile: 649-946-1582 Extension: 10318, E-mail: and All resumes must contain contact information as well as be supplemented by two letters of reference and a police certificate. It should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department.

QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to possess a Masters Degree in Public Health or Certificate in Health Policy and Management with at least five (5) years experience in the field of general medicine, managing Health Facilities and must possess certified training to the Health Standards and Regulations.


SALARY: $70,200 - $75,600 PER ANNUM 5750

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Facsimile: 649-946-1582 Extension: 10318, E-mail: and All resumes must contain contact information as well as be supplemented by two letters of reference and a police certificate. It should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department. APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 5th 2010 ONLY SUITABLE CANDIDATES WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED




PHONE: (649) 946-4664



YOSHI SUSHI BAR Is looking for 2

Sales Clerk Must have 3-5 years experience in selling audio and alarm electronics must be an excellent communicator, customer service and sales driven. Able to work with minimum or no supervision and own initiative and able to meet sales targets. Salary $6.50 per hour

Turks Island Citizens or Belongers need only to apply to the Manager via P.O. Box 734 5724


Cleaners To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact 333-2825

■ 2006 Dodge Durango (Black) Fair Condition

■ 2002 Mercury Mountaineer (Beige) Fair Condition

■ 2008 Ford F-150 Truck (Grey) Fair Condition

■ 2006 Jeep Commando (Black) Fair Condition

■ 2007 Ford Freestar Van (White) Fair Condition

■ 2007 Mercury Milan (Black) Good Condition ■ 2006 Kia Sorento (Silver) Poor Condition ■ 2006 Daihatsu Terios (Black) Fair Condition ■ 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (Blue) Fair Condition

Please submit bids in writing to: FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANK, Receivables Management Unit, Leeward Highway, Providenciales or call 649-946-4245 Ext. 343 for more details.


• Motivate the kitchen team to strive for culinary excellence at maximum efficiency • Assist in implementing new kitchen strategies and action plans • Train and monitor the development of all levels of kitchen staff • Supervise the preparation and cooking of various food items • Develop and implement creative menu items that adhere to Bagatelle brand standards • Plan, coordinate and implement special events and holiday functions • Monitor food production, ordering, cost and quality and consistency on a daily basis • Fill in for Executive Chef when necessary • Manage hourly kitchen employees through scheduling, payroll, training, coaching, evaluating and hiring

Coxco Construction Ltd. Have the following position available for suitably qualified Belongers with building experience on high end commercial and resort hotel building projects.

Mill shop Manager/Foreman Who holds a degree in fine wood working/cabinetmaking/furniture finishing. This degree must be a minimum of 18 month full time course that offers extensive coverage of fine wood working skills (Joinery, properties of wood species, how they react with various fasteners/anchors & environments, health & safety, furniture history, drafting/design, etc.) & specialized machinery (panel saw, jointer, planer, mortising & tenon machines, shaper, molder, over head pin router, automatic louver machine and automatic industrial spray machines). Must have at least 5 years experience as a mill shop foreman working with tropical & domestic hardwoods to the highest degree of quality. Must have full knowledge of standard & non-standard wood working machinery, ironmongery / cabinetry hardware. Who will have a minimum of 5 years supervisory experience on large commercial projects and be able to effectively manage skilled cabinet makers, furniture finishers & labourers of different nationalities. Who will have adequate knowledge of AUTOCAD program to produce, read & modify shop drawings as needed. Must be able to read architectural drawings to produce shop drawings. The candidate must have full computer knowledge of various programs to be able to price large projects effectively & have extensive knowledge of cabinetry/furniture materials to make orders abroad. Must be able to work closely with directors, project managers & clients to produce the highest quality windows, doors, cabinetry & furniture required. This is a salaried position & the person must be ‘hands on’ and be willing to work long hours, weekends and public holidays to meet project objectives. Salary range 60k to 70k

Requirement – Qualifications: • • • •

3-5 years experience in food and beverage service Aspiration to advance your career into the chef position or beyond Must enjoy and be able to succeed in a fast-paced work environment Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with customers and coworkers • Ability to work a flexible schedule based on department and store needs • Food handler’s card may be required according to local requirement

Technical Requirements:

Follow/enforce company policies and procedures Assume responsibility, accountability Experience training food prep employees Abilities to inspire, train and develop people for promotion Ensure that level of quality, portion control, and plate presentation is adhered to consistently Experience in production techniques of large banquets Banquet experience serving very discrimination and demanding groups Consistently check line plating and quality Inventory control skills some purchasing experience helpful Ability to prepare a variety of cuisines, using skill and creativity Experience developing innovative banquet menus Current knowledge of regional and national trends in F&B Experience with demonstration kitchens Proficient in general computer knowledge Proficient in English, Spanish and French

Contact Gansevoort @ 941-7555

■ 2004 Isuzu Asender (Silver) Poor condition

■ 2008 Ford Explorer (White) Good Condition

The successful candidate will be a creative team player with a minimum of three (3) years of fine dining kitchen experience in a supervisory role. They must demonstrate excellent communication skills, strong organizational sand leadership skills, and the ability to multitask while maintaining exceptional quality, service and efficiency standards.

• • • • • • • • • •

FAX: (649) 946-4661

Invite bids for the following repossessed vehicles located at Bayview Motors Storage compound on Leeward Highway, Providenciales.


• • • • •

September 25 - October 1, 2010

Apply to Mervin Cox at Coxco Construction Ltd., Cherokee Road. Telephone 946-5754, Fax 946-5166 5681

September 25 - October 1, 2010

FAX: (649) 946-4661





Is looking for a

Is looking for a


Worker To work 3 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 245-7557

Responsibilities include:

• Scheduling appointments • Checking stock • Keeping salon clean

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact 345-9986



Salon Assistant

Domestic Worker

This person will report to salon manager

Contact 941-5279




Providenciales Telephone: 241-7734


Experienced domestic helper required for full time work at large residence at the Turtle Tail area. Must be willing to work late hours - six days a week. A demonstrated ability to work unsupervised with excellent communication skills is essential for the position. Work description includes household work – cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, dog care, shopping, running errands, etc. Must have a valid driving licence. Salary is $1,000.00 per month. Please apply no later than Monday 24th September,, 2010 as soon as possible.

Belongers only need apply to. P.O. Box 260, Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands

Hilltop Beauty Salon

is looking for a



To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Needed to work Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. Salary $350 per week. Must be able to speak Spanish.

Contact Joseph Campbell

Contact 345-4220


or 241-3665

Government Vacancy JOB TITLE:


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of District Nurse- Midwife within the Ministry of Health and Human Services. The incumbent in this position must be able to provide general nursing care to clients within the community. He/She must be able to conduct antenatal clinic sessions within the Division of Preventive Health and Wellness; work along with Inter Health Canada Limited (ICL) team during enrollment of new pregnant women; provide Health Education in the Community and collaborate with the Maternity Unit at the ICL Hospitals for information on discharges. The incumbent is also expected to assist in the planning and implementation of programs designed for healthy lifestyle practices and perform any other duties as may be required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to be a general trained nurse from a recognized training institution and must possess at least one (1) year post basic training. The successful candidate must also hold a current license and be knowledgeable of current trends in nursing as well as posses the ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships and adhere to the rules of confidentiality. SALARY $22,680 - $24,354 PER ANNUM



Must be at least 3 years experience must be able to speak English salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact 241-2688

Salary starts at $8.00 per hour.

Only Turks Islanders need apply



is looking for a




• must be hardworking • must be able to lift heavy objects • must be able to speak English • must be willing to come to work on time Salary $5.00 per hour







Interested persons can email their resumes to Donny @ Johnsonandnavil. com or



PHONE: (649) 946-4664


Labourer To work 6 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact 946-5612



the largest readership in the turks & caicos

Government Vacancy JOB TITLE:


SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Dental Nurse. The incumbent in this position has nation-wide responsibility for the Dental Health Services and Dental Education in the community. He/She is expected to generate results that are deemed to be satisfactory when the number of cavities and incidence of tooth decay are reduced; treatment programs are successfully introduced and hygiene and asepsis of dental offices, surgery and clinics are maintained. The successful candidate is also expected to perform any other duties as may be required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to possess a Bachelors of Science Degree in Dental Nursing with at least three (3) years experience in Dental Health Education, Dental Surgical procedures (Basic), Sterilization Procedures and Operative and Restorative Dentistry. SALARY $19,926 - $22,248

For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Facsimile: 649-946-1582 Extension: 10318, E-mail: and All resumes must contain contact information as well as be supplemented by two letters of reference and a police certificate. It should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department.

For more information on the Job Description, please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Facsimile: 649-946-1582 Extension: 10318, E-mail: and All resumes must contain contact information as well as be supplemented by two letters of reference and a police certificate. It should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Serving Officers should apply through their Heads of Department.







PHONE: (649) 946-4664

September 25 - October 1, 2010 FAX: (649) 946-4661



Queen Angel Luxury Condominimus & Resort

Positions Available

T urtle C ove , P rovidenciales

GARDENER & MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN DUTIES: Tropical garden maintenance Sprinkler system maintenance Pool/ hot tub maintenance Pump station maintenance Waster water system Maintenance

Busser and Waiter

• Must be fluent in English language (write and spoken) • Two years in the hospitality field • Flexible working hours are required • Complete high school • Certificate in Hospitality Field

EXPERIENCE/ EDUCATION: Diploma in landscaping Gardening three years experience In similar environment/ resort

Head Chef

WAGES: $7-$8 per hour depending upon experience

• Five years experience in hospitality field. • Must be able to manage and maintain the kitchen and staff


Laborer/ Handy man

• Duties include maintenance and other assigned duties • Working Monday – Sunday with one day off Salary is negotiable

All Qualified applicants must summit there Application to the following address 5721

Janusz Bukala Queen Angel Resort, to make an appointment email: phone: 242-4479 position is open until September 18th, 2010

• Must be able to work long hours and in each area of the kitchen • Must be able to speak and write English clearly. • Certificate in culinary arts at accredited collage or university

Sunny Reef Ltd, Po Box 811, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Island B.W.I

J & W CONSTRUCTIONJOSHUA HARVEY Providenciales Telephone: 231-4519

QUALITY SUPERMARKET Providenciales Tel: 941-7929/Fax: 941-7930

LABOURER BUTCHER Salary starts at $5.00 per hour. Only Turks Islanders need apply.

Salary starts at $420.00 per week. Only Turks Islanders need apply.

Ever Curious Stitch

Tailor Is looking for a

To work 5 days per week. Salary based on commission. Contact 244-6656


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

September 25 - October 1, 2010 PHONE: (649) 946-4664




R egent H ouse V illa R enaissance

Is looking for a

Is looking to hire 4

Contact 941-5010 5687


Confirmed with a minimum of 4 years professional experience: • Good attitude, guest service oriented mandatory • Guest service experience • Aesthetician: facials, makeup, manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, and retail sale • Massage therapist (Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone) • Body treatments (wrap, scrub) • Experience in spa retail sale, daily operation, computer, reception and guest welcome • Spa attendant (professional hygiene, spa cleaning)

Please call and provide resume at the spa Contact 941-5051 or email

Is looking for one


Is looking for a



To work 5 days per week. Must have at least 3 years experience. Also must speak English. Salary $8.00 per hour.


Contact 946-7202

EBEN-ZER Is looking for a


To work from 7am – 5pm 4 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Must be hardworking, honest and reliable. Police record required.



needed To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 242-6894



RENT A BUGGY Is looking for a


Contact 231-0271


To do maintenance around apartment complex. Salary $7.00 per hour.


Contact 231-1466 GIBSON DESIGN BUILDERS Is looking for a

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact 946-4158

Labourer To work Monday thru Friday 7am -3pm. To do all general labourer work. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 341-6010

Kuber Ltd. D.B.A. Goldsmith Seeks to hire a

Jewellery Repairman 4 Sales Clerks To sell merchandises must be able to speak English. Salary bases on experience.

Contact 241-2866






To work 5 days a week responsible for cleaning surroundings and outside salary $5.50 per hour interested person

and one

To work 5 days per week. Salary $300.00 per week.

Contact 649-244-5211



Contact 244-9145



To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

Is looking for a

FAX: (649) 946-4661



Albert Stubbs


the largest readership in the turks & caicos



F R CONSTRUCTION is looking to fill the following positions:

Been’s Consulting Services is looking for the following persons on behalf of our clients:

4 Domestic Workers 4 Laborers 1 Security Officer 1 Sales Person 2 Babysitters 2 Handymen

2 Carpenters

– salary $8.00 per hour

2 Carpenter Helpers



Ernest Williams is looking for a

Is looking to fill the following positions on behalf of our clients:


► Clerk

– must work 8 hours per day salary $5.00 per hour

Interested persons please contact


Is looking for the following persons on behalf of our clients: Sweet T’s Restaurant, Hermon Forbes, C&P Welding & Fabrication, C&D Apartment, Quality Supermarket, Accordia Insurance, Barefoot Café’, Neal’s Cabinetry & Subcontracting

► 2 Kitchen Helpers

For more information contact

Frank 649-242-2548


– salary $5.00 per hours to clean yard etc.

– salary $125.00 per week

1 Babysitter


Salary $5.00 per hour. Applicants must be willing to work with little or no supervision.

– salary $6.00 per hour

FAX: (649) 946-4661


► 3 Domestic Workers – to clean cook, wash etc. salary $5.00 per hour

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour Contact 241-1737

– must have over 15 years experience in different classes of insurance underwriting & claims experience

► Maintenance

– responsible to fix electrical etc. salary $8.00 per hour

J&W Construction

► Dishwasher

Is looking for a


– to clean dishes, help in the kitchen salary $5.00 per hour

If any questions required please contact 941-8283


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

September 25 - October 1, 2010

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact 941-7247



Project Field Manager Job Responsibilities: • Construction program scheduling; • Managing contractors and other related vendors; and • Regular reporting to management team. Qualifications Required: • Estimating construction projects, including detailed take-offs, labour estimating, etc.; • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and project specifications; • Minimum of fifteen years experience as a project field manager or similar; • Must have experience in constructing and opening five star quality hotels.


Other Job Requirements: • Must relocate full time to the project site at West Caicos, and • Candidate must be available to work weekends and holidays. Position available immediately. Salary starts at $4,000/ month based on qualifications and experience. All applicants will be reviewed; however only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Belongers only need apply by September 25th 2010 to: Logwood Hotel Development Co. Ltd. (Attn: Manager) P.O. Box 766, Salt Mills Plaza unit #15, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Email: Phone: 649-941-3804. Fax: 649-946-8597

Bingo will start on Sunday August 1st at Williams Auditorium Doors open at 7:00 PM


“You can’t win. . ” ! y la p t ’ n o d u o If y Jackpot amount is


in 36 numbers. All proceeds benefit the Rotary Club of Providenciales’ community projects NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING DURING BINGO.

@@ Attractive incentive @@ Great part-time job for school kids or adults looking for an extra income

Contact: The Publisher

Turks and Caicos

Weekly News

Call: 946-4664

September 25 - October 1, 2010


PHONE: (649) 946-4664


39 FAX: (649) 946-4661


Provo Stevedoring is seeking a qualified individual to fill the following opening. Only candidates who meet the minimum qualification and requirements will be considered.

Operations Manager (Hiring Salary Range is $55K - $60K annually)


Responsible for hands on implementing and management of Operations, Maintenance and Safety Programs as it relates to Stevedoring Work at the Port of Providenciales and/ or the Port of Grand Turk as directed by the General Manager: - Assist the General Manager in developing operational procedures and logistics to ensure a safe and efficient work environment including coordinating with shippers, Customs and Ports Authority and other governmental departments as required. - Responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the port and equipment maintenance and ensure that equipment and personnel are maintained and managed effectively. - Responsible for verbal and written communicating and coordinating with Ports Authority, Shipper and Shippers Agent on operational issues. - Responsible for developing and managing the implementation of the company equipment preventative maintenance program to ensure that equipment are maintained in good repair and in accordance to manufacturer and/or company standards. - Responsible for the development and implementing Safety programs including rigging training, equipment operator training and hazmat training. - Responsible for employee and equipment certification including notification to the Ports Authority. - Exercise courteous and respectful communications/relations with Customers, Customer Personnel, Port Authority Personnel (Customs, Security and Immigrations), Vendors/Suppliers and all individuals within the confines of the Port of Providenciales and Port of Grand Turk. - Exercise courteous and respectful communications/relations with Management,

Supervisors, Co-workers and all individuals either directly or indirectly associated with Provo Stevedoring, its Partners and its subsidiaries. - Assist in providing contract deliverables to the Ports Authority as directed by the General Manager. - Other miscellaneous activity as directed by the General Manager. MINIMUM QUALIFACTIONS AND EXPERIENE

Five years mid to senior level management experience with three (3) years experience in stevedoring operation including port operation logistics, human resources management and developing/implementing equipment preventative maintenance programs. Must be willing to work extended hours, night/day, weekends and public holidays and cooperate and work as a joint team with other staff members. PHYSICAL REQUIRMENTS:

Sitting, standing, walking, driving, climbing/ladders, squatting/kneeling, reaching, grasping, pushing/pulling, twisting/bending, lifting/carrying up to 50 lbs multiple times per shift, fingering, talking, hearing, and seeing. WORKING CONDITIONS:

Strong working knowledge and command of the English language and ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally. Must summit a clean police record, a valid driving license & a clean drug medical. Spends most time outdoors, frequent exposure to extreme hot temperature for one hour plus. Possible exposure to distraction/ uncomfortable noise levels and vibration of body or extremities. Risk of bodily injury from mechanical parts, electricity, etc. Possible exposure to fumes, odors, etc. that may effect respiration and skin.

Please submit Resume and completed job application to the attention of Crystal Greene, Human Resources Manager by October 15, 2010. Job application forms can be obtained at Provo Stevedoring Limited administration office located at South Dock Road or call 649-941-8975. 5771



Car for


Seeking a mature and kind female as a domestic worker, to do general cleaning of home and care for a young infant. Salary: $5:50 per hour for 40 hour work- week.

Grey 2000 Jeep Cherokee Contact Barbara

at 946 4732

Call today to advertise 5775

946-4664 OR EMAIL


Is looking for a

Is looking to fill the following positions

Nail Technician Cosmetologist To work 6 days a week. Salary $5 per hour.

Security Officer And Sales Clerk

Contact 346-9758

Contact 241-2866 5672

Must be able to speak English salary based on experience.


Domestic Worker Needed

Please call 241-1909 Position available immediately

FAX: (649) 946-4661



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

September 25 - October 1, 2010

CAICOS CAFÉ’ LTD. IN GRACE BAY is looking for a



• Must be able to work weekends, nights and holidays 6 days per week • Must be able to clean the kitchen after service • Must have at least 8 years experience and have a good knowledge of butchery, sauce, soups, stocks fish cookery and meat cookery • Must be willing to work on a hot grill • Must be able to understand and speak English • Must be physically fit, dependable and hardworking

All resumes cv’s letters of reference along with a clean police record must be delivered at Caicos Café Grace Bay

► SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONBILITIES: An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Director of Survey and Mapping. The incumbent in this managerial position is responsible for the distribution of Crown Lands, setting performance and service delivery standards in the Department; supervising the collection of revenue by the Surveys and Mapping Department as well as authorizing expenditure of Department’s funds. The incumbent must also prepare detailed budgets for the Department; prepare accounting reports and answer audit queries as well as investigate any discrepancies in the Cadastral Survey records. The successful candidate must also take action in consultation with the Registrar of Lands to correct any such discrepancies; liaise with other Government Departments and assign staff appropriately to bring about the execution of surveys. The candidate must also be able to assist in the processing of applications for Leases/Title over Crown Land, provide detailed information on crown land parcels resulting from mutations/subdivision surveys; carry out land surveying services for Crown Land; check / approve survey files after receiving submissions from the Department and manage the disbursement of the approved Department’s budget in a sound financial manner.




An exciting opportunity awaits you in the Turks & Caicos Islands Government Service for the post of Mechanic. This position has direct responsibility in the maintenance of the fleet of the Turks & Caicos Islands Government vehicles. The incumbent is required to perform regular vehicle servicing and maintenance and effect repairs. The incumbent is also required to provide supervision for Trainee mechanics and quality control of their work and perform any other duties as may be required.

The incumbent must have a Masters Degree and seven (7) years experience as a District Surveyor, four (4) of which must be at a senior managerial level or a Bachelors Degree with at least ten (10) years experience as a District Surveyor and above, five (5) of which must be at the senior management level. The applicant must also have professional qualifications obtained in the field of Surveying and Mapping or Geographical Information Systems from a recognized Institution. Candidates with membership from an Internationally Recognized Professional Association such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors would be a asset. The candidate should also have good knowledge of land policy issues in the Turks and Caicos Islands (or similar jurisdictions) and must understand the basic concepts of Surveying, Mapping and Environmental Management.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE The position requires the incumbent to possess a Certificate in Mechanics from an accredited School with at least three (3) years experience which must include: Diagnosing vehicle malfunctions, effecting service repairs. The incumbent must also possess good interpersonal skills and the ability to comprehend with both Workshop/ Maintenance and Spare Parts Manuals.


SALARY: $18,900 – 20,520 PER ANNUM For more information on the Job Description please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10318 E-mail: and Telephone: 946-2801. All resumes with contact information and two letters of reference and a police certificate should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary/ Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk. Facsimile: 946-1582




For more information on the Job description Please contact the Office of the Public Service Management Telephone 649-946-2801, Extension: 10321 E-mail: and All resumes should include contact information and two letters of reference as well as a Police Certificate and should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary/ Office of the Public Service Management, Church Folly, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands Facsimile: 946-1582.


Salary is paid based on experience and quality of work

PHONE: (649) 946-4664


41 FAX: (649) 946-4661


TCMillwork ltd.

Architectural woodworking, Cabinetry and Design Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Position: Millshop Foreman • Supervision of workforce. • Prepare and provide work, supplies, drawings to employees. • Prepare orders for materials necessary for ongoing millshop operations in a timely and prudent manner. • Delegation of work. Quality control. Ensuring the facilities at the millshop operate safely, efficiently and profitably, and are kept in clean working condition. • Overseeing production schedules. • Liaise with Owners, Purchasers,

and consultants, site personnel, staff, employees, subcontractors and suppliers of TCMillwork in a professional and courteous manner. • Certificate required: Carpentry-Cabinet making-Joinery • Working knowledge of AutoCad • High-end technical woodworking skills • Must have excellent leadership and communication skills, multi-lingual preferred • Professional, disciplined, punctual, reliable and affable Salary at $15.00 per hour

Please send applications to: contact person: Mario 941-4907


REQUIREMENTS: • Proven experience in managing housekeeping operations in a large resort • Instruct housekeeping staffing details of work and ensure rooms are maintained to the standard required • Willing to work along side housekeeping staff, cleaning rooms • Shifts will include late evenings and weekends • Ability to deal with guests complaints

in relation to housekeeping matters in a professional manner • Complete daily report on rooms including deficiencies and problems • Organize laundry and handling of all linens • Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently, be physically fit, dependable and hardworking • Must have a valid driver’s license and own vehicle • Police clearance required Starting salary $1,600.00 per month

Applications in writing with resumes to:


Construction will commence under the DDP and Building Permits, PR10419 for Beach Cleaning and Grading Fronting on Parcels 16-23 and 25-27, Block 60901, (Emerald Beach, Providenciales) on September 10. Construction will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. Project Description: The work includes removing large conch shells and rocks as well as grading vertical scarps along the beach. Work Areas: Work will commence at the east end of the Project Area (Emerald Point) and proceed west, with work occurring in three segments: Segment A (Parcels 26 - 27), Segment B (Parcels 22 - 23 and 25) and Segment C (Parcels 16-21). The beach will be closed in the active work segment between 7am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Engineer for the Project: Coastal Design and Engineering (CDE). All questions shall be directed to Karyn Erickson or Christin Perkinson at 941-7309.


OPERATIONS MANAGER • Must possess good practical knowledge of all aspects of construction (but not limited to) carpentry, masonry, electrical • Must possess good practical knowledge of swimming pool operations and machinery, RO Plants commercial size irrigation systems • Monitor and manage construction project budgets & expenditure • Previous Caribbean experience on high end/ value projects • Computer literate, including MS Project, Excel, Word, Auto-Cad etc. • Supervise workers on daily basis • Plan and instigate Pre Planned Maintenance schedules • Able to deal with high end clientele & VIP’s • Undertake extensive background checks and sign confidentiality agreement • Willing to work evening, weekends, public holidays often without notice • Willing to work continuously, without breaks on time critical (emergency) tasks • Posses advanced First Aid such as MIRA or ATLS • Have previous security/ asset protection experience in police or Military service


One Limited, on behalf of Strata Corporation #95, is looking for an owner/manager who lives within the community of One Lofts and who has the requirements below. Position requires employee to be on call 24 hours/day and requires flexibility with working hours. Candidates will need to be able to work with owners/strata committee and must have strata accounting experience and solid computer skills.

• •

This position is for a small strata corporation and is remunerated on a very limited budget. No office and no car are provided.

You must possess the following: • Must be an owner of a One Loft

• •

residence who lives in the One Lofts complex Must be willing to be on call 24 hours, work on weekends and have flexibility with working hours Ability to work with minimal supervision; must have good time management and ability to operate under pressure Capability to work closely with existing vendors and owners, managing relationships professionally Advanced experience with Microsoft Office Strong written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and positive attitude Fluency in English References required

Please send application & resume to: or FAX: (649) 946 5452

CARIBBEAN CRUSIN’ LTD. Is seeking to hire a qualified person to fill the position of

Operations Manager Duties: • Maintain and review the schedule of services, both prearranged ferry trips and custom charter trips. Check, record and balance the number of guests on all trips whether scheduled ferry or charter. • Monitor and control the receipt of funds and the payment of funds related to the daily operation of the business. Ensure that an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures is kept. • Maintain and review the maintenance schedule of all vessels and vehicles owned by the business. Ensure that all vessels and vehicles are maintained according to company policy. • Supervise Train, Motivate, Discipline, and Review and generally manage all other staff. • The continuity and success of the business relies on satisfied customer experiences. The operations manager is responsible for ensuring that the customer satisfaction rate remains and

that scheduled ferry trips and charter schedules are honoured in a timely fashion. • The manager will be responsible for all vehicles and vessels that are conducting company business at all times of the day. Qualifications • 2 years experience on a Passenger Vessel in local water • 5 years experience in Marine Management • Proven track record in corporate and personnel management • Local Capitan’s license • Maritime safety certification • Salary commensurate with experience and commission base on revenue generated. Hours of Work The Ferry Schedule is from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday and 9:30am to 5:15pm on Sundays.

Interested persons can contact John at 231-5646 or Keith at 232-3082 or resume can be sent to

Meridian Trust Company Limited, P. O. Box 599, Suite # Caribbean Place Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands


September 25 - October 1, 2010



PHONE: (649) 946-4664

needed Salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact Deadline for application is October 2nd, 2010


Established High Volume restaurant requires





To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

@@ Min 15 years experience in a restaurant management position @@ Sommelier Certification and experience building extensive wine lists @@ Human Resources & Management experience, experience in training new staff members @@ Proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, and QuickBooks, as well as POS systems with an emphasis on accounting systems for restaurants @@ Proven ability to build, strengthen and maintain customer relations @@ Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills @@ Ideal applicants will have experience in high-pressure situations, with the ability to work independently, and as part of a team. All applicants must have a valid driver’s license, and be willing to work 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays Salary $400.00 per week plus depending on experience level

Contact 241-1242



Please send detailed resume and cover letter to Only applicants that send a resume will be considered.

Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands:

1. Parcel 60720/75 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, Providenciales comprising 1.32 acres of land on which is constructed a concrete two storey apartment building consisting of five apartment units. Registered proprietor: Terrance McNeil Adams and Alecia Leopathra Adams

2. Parcel 61113/59 Long Bay Hills Providenciales comprising 0.50 acres of land on which is constructed a concrete 1 storey apartment building consisting of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Registered proprietor: Marva Alveica Lightbourne

9. Parcel 60809/188 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs Providenciales comprising of approximately 0.5 acres which consists of an incomplete single family home two bedrooms and two bathrooms Registered proprietor: Brendalee Nancy Harvey

4. Parcel 50500/231 Whitby North Caicos comprising 1.00 acre of ocean front land. Registered proprietor: Roy Dixon 5. 60701/36 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill Providenciales comprising 1.43 acres of land on which is constructed a three bedroom, three bathroom house. Registered proprietor: Kenneth Norman Russell 6. Parcel 60802/58 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs Providenciales comprising 0.23 acres of land on which is constructed a concrete two storey building consisting of four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Registered proprietor: Francina Louise Forbes 7. Parcel 50208/144/K4 Whitby, North Caicos on which is constructed a two bedroom, two bathroom beach front condominuim.

FAX: (649) 946-4661



3. Parcel 60900/73 Leeward Going Through Providenciales comprising 0.40 acres of land on which is constructed a two storey three bedroom, two bathroom concrete structure. Registered proprietor: Stanley Marcus Lightbourne and Belinda Venesser Lightbourne

September 25 - October 1, 2010


Registered proprietor: Donovan Lloyd Noble


8. 60003/121 North West & North Central, Blue Hills, Providenciales comprising 0.25 acres of land on which is constructed a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Registered proprietor: Lydia Louise Handfield

PLANT & FUEL FACILITIES CONSULTANT Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified persons to fill the position of Plant & Fuel Facilities Consultant in our Production and Engineering Department on Providenciales. Description

Responsible for the efficient, effective and safe construction and installation of production assets of Fortis Turks & Caicos. As a member of Management Team, to understand the corporate vision and successfully gain support for the implementation of that vision.

10. Parcel 10404/183, Central, Grand Turk, comprising of 0.4acres which consists of a two storey mixed use incomplete building Registered proprietor William Jason Francis

Main Duties

• To provide detailed supervision of contractors involved in the construction and installation of large generation assets as determined by and normally under the general direction of the Vice President of Production & Engineering. • Responsible to see that all assigned construction of civil, mechanical and electrical assets at the plant site is completed in a safe, efficient and effective manner. • Responsible to see that assigned projects are brought in on budget and on time. • Responsible to see that the plant site is secure at all times. This includes seeing that the plant and yard is prepared to deal with hurricane season and to develop and implement a plan for recovery of the plant site after a hurricane. • Responsible to see that in all situations all construction activity is performed consistent with best practice concerning safety, environment, quality, budgetary control and reporting standards. • Be familiar with all Company Policies and procedures (including those established by past practice) relating to the position and to observe and enforce compliance with these policies and procedures. • Responsible to see that statistical records required by the company are kept with respect to building projects

11. Parcel 60503/145 Blue Hills & Stamers Run , Providenciales, comprising of 0.38 acres which consists of a single storey and part two storey building, an incomplete upper section at the front of the building is arranged as a two bedroom apartment Registered proprietor: Sharon Elizabeth Rigby. 12. Parcel 60900/230 Leeward Palms, Providenciales comprising 0.72 acres of land on which is constructed a two storey residential building consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms. Registered proprietor: Marvin Stubbs. 13. Parcel 60717/102,103,104,105 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill Providenciales comprising of 1.75 acres of land comprising four adjoining lots, one of which supports an existing detached single storey residential building. The building provides three bedrooms, two bathrooms and outdoor pool. Registered proprietor: Solomon Holdings Limited/Richard Sankar

and building maintenance as well as develop and maintain reports that will keep senior management updated with the progress of construction projects at the plant. • Be responsible for facilities management of PPC assets. • Operate Company vehicles as required. • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum Requirements

• Diploma in (Electrical, Civil or Mechanical) Technology (3 year program), or equivalent. • Extensive experience in Power Plant operation and construction. • This position requires a minimum 20 to 25 years experience in the construction management of power plants and related equipment. • Mid level management experience is required (minimum 10 years). • The Language of work will be English. The ability to write comprehensive reports as well as the ability to make verbal presentations in English is required. • Computer literacy is required (familiarity with Excel, Word, MS Project.) • Health must be good • Must to able to carry out the physical work of the classification.


• Salary Grade 15: $79,000.00 - $98,750.00 based on qualifications and ability. PPC offers a competitive compensation package for more information contact Human Resources Director

Deadline for submission of application is September 24th, 2010. Please submit to:-

The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10:00 o’clock in the morning on Thursday the 30th day of September 2010 A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels.

Terms and Conditions of Sale by Auction are available by request from Scotiabank Collections Manager (649) 946-4750 extension 295 or fax number (649) 946- 4409.

Ms. Judy V. Missick Director, Human Resources PPC Limited P. O. Box 132, Providenciales Email address: or by fax 941-4304 Website:



the largest readership in the turks & caicos


September 25 - October 1, 2010 PHONE: (649) 946-4664




FAX: (649) 946-4661


Maitre D’Hotel Requirements • Have at least 10 years experience in the Restaurant Industry • Must have attended Catering College and possess relevant certificates relating to customer care and management • Possess a good knowledge of Italian food and wine • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs and have general computer and accounting skills • Posses staff training experience • Must be able to work up to 11hr shifts, 6 days/nights per week, including weekends and public holidays • Be a team leader and work well under pressure • Annual Salary - $30,000.00 plus gratuity Applicant must fluent in English and be physically fit, dependable and hard working. All resumes/CVs, a letter of reference and a clean police record must be submitted by 30 September 2010. All documentation must be forwarded to:

Miller Simons O’Sullivan PO Box 260, The Beatrice Butterfield Building, Butterfield Square Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands 5711



With over 5 years experience in all types of nails, hands and feet care services. Applicants experience must include working in the Tourist Sector. Wages $300 per week plus commission scheme. The successful applicant must be a team player and highly notivated to excel. For an interview or appointment phone Sandy Lightbourne at 946-8212 Mon to Fri between hrs of 10am and 5pm. Resumes and references required. Applications would be considered from Belongers only and must be received by 24th September, 2010.


With over 5 years experience in all types of hair care services. These services must include colours, tints, cuts, trims, styling, perms, blow-drying, braiding and weaving. Some experience in Manicure/Pedicure would be a plus. Wages $300 per week plus commission scheme. The successful applicant must be a team player and highly notivated to excel. For an interview or appointment phone Sandy Lightbourne at 946-8212 Mon to Fri between hrs of 10am and 5pm. Resumes and references required. Applications would be considered from Belongers only and must be received by 24th September, 2010.

Spa Therapist

With over 5 years experience in all types of Massages, facials and other skin/body care services. Some experience in Manicure/Pedicure would be a plus. Applicants experience must include working in the Tourist Sector. Wages $300 per week plus commission scheme. The successful applicant must be a team player and highly notivated to excel. For an interview or appointment phone Sandy Lightbourne at 946-8212 Mon to Fri between hrs of 10am and 5pm. Resumes and references required. Applications would be considered from Belongers only and must be received by 24th September, 2010. Spa Sanay Ltd, Grace Bay Court, c/o P.O. Box 270, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Phone: 946-8212. Fax: 946-8313


New Turks & Caicos Islands Hospitals

Nursing Staff (Part-Time) The Cheshire Hall Medical centre has a requirement for a number of Registered Nurses and Midwives who are able to work part- time or on an ‘on-call’ basis. These positions will supplement the current full-time staff and should be prepared to do regular ‘on-call’ shift duties, mainly at nighttimes and week-ends. There may also be opportunities for some daytime shift duties. Remuneration will be at regular staff rates on an ad hoc basis when called in to duty in the hospital. Applicants should be in possession of a BSc in Nursing plus three years practical experience or a Diploma in Nursing plus five years experience. Only suitably qualified applicants will be considered. How to Apply

Applications should be made by submitting to Interhealth Canada a comprehensive CV showing your qualifications and experience. Copies of qualification certificates should be attached. Submissions should be made by hand to Reception at Cheshire Hall Medical Centre or by email to: Please ensure that a contact telephone number or email address is included on the application

Sunrise Rentals

One Labourer Who will be responsible for the daily maintenance of the building and its surrounding • Must be able to drive any range of vehicle including buses • Must be courteous at all times • Must be willing to carry out duties assigned • Must have excellent customer service skills • All applicants must posses a valid driver’s license • Willing to work with little or no supervison • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays • Must be able to drive a manual vehicle • Must be computer literate Salary is in the range of $5.50 per hour Please summit all application between 9am-5-pm Monday – Friday



the largest readership in the turks & caicos



Sports International


September 25 - October 1, 2010

Panesar back in England squad for Ashes tour LONDON (AP) — England went with the tried and tested on Thursday as it announced its squad for the defense of the Ashes against Australia, with Monty Panesar, Chris Tremlett and Steven Davies winning the race for three of the backup roles in the 16-man test party. Panesar, whose most recent appearance for England was in last year’s home Ashes series, has been recalled as the deputy to first-choice offspinner Graeme Swann. Lanky pace bowler Tremlett is back in the squad after winning his

David Beckham

Beckham to sue over allegations in US magazine LONDON (AP) — David Beckham’s management company says it is taking legal action against a U.S. magazine which published claims the former England captain slept with prostitutes. The company said in a statement the allegations in the weekly In Touch are “completely untrue and totally ridiculous as the magazine was clearly told before publication.” “Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it. We are taking legal action against the magazine,” the statement said. Beckham has been married for 11 years to former Spice Girl singer Victoria. The couple have three sons. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder now plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer. The magazine quotes a 26year-old woman, identified as Irma Nici, as saying she was a prostitute who slept with Beckham five times in 2007. She claims he also slept with a second prostitute.

last cap in 2007 against India and Davies, who is the only member of the squad yet to win a test cap, will be the reserve wicketkeeper behind Matt Prior. The rest of the squad picked itself, with selectors choosing seven batsmen, two wicketkeepers, five fast bowlers and two spinners. The first test of the five-match series begins in Brisbane on Nov. 25. England is looking to retain the Ashes in Australia for the first time since 1987 — the last time England was Down Under, the team was whitewashed 5-0 in 2006-07. “I am excited by the test squad we have selected for the upcoming Ashes series as I firmly believe we have a number of match winners across all areas of the squad,” said captain Andrew Strauss, who led England to victories in test series against Bangladesh and Pakistan this year. “It’s exciting to have the Ashes as our sole focus from this point on and I know every member of this Ashes squad will be relishing the challenge of retaining the Ashes in Australia.” Panesar beat James Tredwell and Adil Rashid in the race to be Swann’s backup following an impressive season with English county championship side Sussex in which he took 52 wickets. The left-arm spinner has taken 126 wickets in 39 tests but has disappeared off the England radar since his rearguard action helped

Monty Panesar

England save the Cardiff test against Australia last summer. England went on to win the series 2-1. After the test series, England will play Australia in two Twenty20s and seven one-dayers. The England and Wales Cricket Board said the limitedovers squads is set to be announced in mid-November. The ECB also announced it had awarded 12-month central contracts to Jonathan Trott and Finn for the first time. Squad: Andrew Strauss (captain), Alastair Cook, James Anderson, Ian Bell, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, Paul Collingwood, Steven Davies, Steven Finn, Eoin Morgan, Monty Panesar, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior, Graeme Swann, Chris Tremlett, Jonathan Trott.

Els gets in on the first ballot ATLANTA (AP) — Ernie Els has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in the first year he was on the ballot. Els, a three-time major champion from South Africa with 62 victories around the world, received 66 percent of the vote from a panel of journalists, golf officials and Hall of Fame members. Doug Ford, whose 19 wins on the PGA Tour include the Masters and PGA Championship, and two-time major winner Jock Hutchison from Scotland were elected through the Veteran’s Category. The Hall of Fame also will have a former U.S. president enshrined for the second straight time. Former president George H.W. Bush was selected in the Lifetime Achievement category. The induction will be May 9 at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida.

Ernie Els, of South Africa, holding up the Arnold Palmer trophy after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament at Bay Hill in Orlando, Fla. Els has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in the first year he was on the ballot.

Workers clear the debris from a pedestrian bridge that collapsed Tuesday outside the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main venue for the Commonwealth Games, in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010.

Teams intend to travel to New Delhi for CommGames LONDON (AP) — With the opening of the Commonwealth Games only days away, several of the teams due to compete at the event said they intend to travel to New Delhi despite concerns about the living conditions at the athletes’ village. The Wales team said Thursday it has been assured by the local organizing committee that the village and all venues are ready for the Oct. 3-14 games. The athletes’ village opened Thursday, but on Tuesday it was labeled “unsafe and unfit for human habitation” after excrement was found in some rooms. “We are confident in the assurances that have been provided,” the Wales team said in a statement. “The advance party will now be moving into our accommodation and we look forward to welcoming our athletes in the coming days.” Scotland, which decided Wednesday to delay its departure to India because of the problems, also said that things have improved in New Delhi. “We have continued to make progress addressing the maintenance and operational issues within our own accommodation block and things are looking much better,” Team Scotland representative Jon Doig said. “Therefore subject to a number of assurances from the organizing

committee being realized over the next 24 hours, we feel we will be in a position to confirm tomorrow that our team will travel as scheduled on Saturday.” The village, which is meant to house more than 7,000 athletes and officials, opened Thursday with 138 Indian athletes and sports officials moving in, organizers said. Canada and New Zealand have also said they would delay their departures, but South Africa said it planning to leave for India as scheduled. “SASCOC met with the relevant state security personnel who have recently returned from India and we are satisfied that every area of our concern has been covered for now,” said Tubby Reddy, the chief executive officer of South Africa’s Olympic committee. New Zealand Olympic Committee President Mike Stanley said that the travel changes would put a strain on the country’s athletes. “We know how hard this must be for athletes and we’re continuing to push ... for an urgent resolution,” Stanley said. The Australian government said it was sending experts to assess hygienic conditions in the village and has upgraded its travel advice to alert tourists to possible construction “deficiencies.”

September 25 - October 1, 2010


Sports National


Josh for Sports

Points of sailing ALTERING courses from one point of sailing to another can be compared to changing lanes in a highway—in going from one point to another. Changing lanes mean you steer the boat closer too or further away from the direction of the wind. Steering towards the wind is called “heading up” and steering away from the wind is referred to as “bearing away.” A boat cannot sail directly into the wind; instead a boat sails at various angles to the wind—the closest of which is about five degrees. The point of sail closest to the wind is called close-hauled. The sails are steered close into the boat and the vessel is steered as close to the wind’s direction as possible without

the sails luffing. If a boat is sailing in the same direction as the wind it is running with the wind at an angle between close-hauled and running on a reach. On each of these points of sail, sail trim varies and the duties of the crew and helmsman vary as well. SAILING CLOSE-HAULED Sailing close-hauled is also known as beating to windward. At point ‘A’ the sail appears to be well trimmed and the boat is moving through the water. To ensure efficient wind flow the helmsman heads up (steers the boat towards the wind) until the sail just starts to luff (point ‘B’); when the helmsman bears away again (point

Bramble bailed after rape claims NEWCASTLE, England (AP) — Police say Sunderland defender Titus Bramble has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of rape. The 29-year-old Bramble and his brother Tesfaye were detained after the alleged rape of a woman at a city center hotel was reported to police early Wednesday. The Sunderland player denies any wrongdoing. Northumbria Police said on Thursday that “both men have been bailed pending further inquiries.” They will answer bail on Dec. 2. Bramble, who joined Sunderland from English

Titus Bramble

Premier League club rival Wigan in the offseason, did not play in Tuesday’s 2-1 home loss to West Ham in the League Cup.

Ronaldinho wants to play 2014 World Cup in Brazil SAO PAULO (AP) — Ronaldinho has put behind him the disappointment of not playing in this year’s World Cup and wants to help Brazil win in 2014 when it hosts the tournament. Ronaldinho says he didn’t even watch this year’s World Cup after not making the squad, but expects to be in condition to play the next one even though he will be 34 years old. He told Globo TV on Sunday that his goal is to “do very well in the years ahead of the World Cup” to guarantee his place in 2014. Ronaldinho said he should have made the 2010 World Cup squad after his performances with AC

By Joshua Gardiner

‘C’), the sail fills and the boat is once more sailing close-hauled (as close to the wind as possible).

If the helmsman bears away (point ‘D’) and the crew does not ease the sheets the boat will continue to sail, but less effectively and it will slow down. Sailing close-hauled is exciting. The wind is in your face and the boat works through the waves. Sailing windward on a balanced boat is a thrill because you and your boat become one since you feel every wave and every puff of the wind. A boat is balanced when it will sail in a straight line with little action on the tiller. In fact it is possible to balance the boat so there is no need to use the tiller at all. However most boats perform best

when there is some weather helm. This means the wind on the sail pushes the boat to turn towards the wind. It should take approximately two to three degrees of rudder to counter this force and keep your boat in balance to get an upward destination. As quick as possible sail as close to the wind as you can without allowing your sails to luff; you want to keep the boat moving at optimum speed at the closest possible course to the wind. Therefore it is important to have a better understanding of sail trim and helm tendencies. Learning to gauge the wind by your telltales and a mast-head fly will help you sail windward efficiently.

Afridi: Riaz hit by Trott, called a ‘match-fixer’ ISLAMABAD (AP) — England batsman Jonathan Trott called Wahab Riaz a match-fixer and hit the Pakistani fast bowler in the face with some cricket pads in an altercation before the fourth one-day international, according to Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi. Afridi said Riaz was walking near the practice nets before Monday’s match at Lord’s when Trott told him: “You are a match-fixer, you people have killed test cricket.” The pair then reportedly clashed physically. The England and Wales Cricket Board said the two players only “had an exchange of words” and both were spoken to by ICC match referee Jeff Crowe. Afridi told Geo Television in Pakistan that Trott was lucky criminal charges weren’t filed and said the Pakistan team had considered pulling out of the match, which the visitors

England’s Jonathan Trott

won to send the series to a deciding fifth game. “It’s a crime here to hit someone in the face with pads,” Afridi said Tuesday. “I think Trott was wrong and did a bad thing by hitting Wahab with the pads. I think we showed a big heart by not taking any action

against Trott. “There was such a suggestion before the toss of not playing, but I think that was not the right thing to do. We are going through a difficult situation and we should not react and I think patience is the best thing for us.” England had also considered not playing Monday after Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt had accused the team of throwing Friday’s game, which Pakistan won for its first victory since the ICC suspended three of its players for alleged “spot-fixing.” England captain Andrew Strauss said his players and the ECB are still considering taking legal action over the accusations. Like his three teammates, Riaz was questioned by police over the allegations but hasn’t been suspended or charged by the ICC.

Button: F1 leader Webber will be feeling pressure


Milan. He was so disappointed at being left out that he didn’t even watch the tournament and preferred to “stay out of it” completely.

SINGAPORE (AP) — Reigning Formula One world champion Jenson Button turned up the heat on his potential successor Mark Webber, saying the Australian must be feeling the pressure of knowing this is likely his only chance of winning the title. The parallels between Button’s 2009 campaign and Webber in 2010 are strong, not only because they entered the final five races with the

championship lead, but because they were experienced drivers who mounted title challenges after many had thought their chance had passed. Webber has four challengers who could potentially overtake his points total this weekend at the Singapore Grand Prix: Red Bull teammate Sebastien Vettel, Button and his McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

Button said on Thursday that Webber would be feeling the same kind of anxiety that he felt in 2009, and that long experience in F1 can be a double-edged sword for a first-time title aspirant. “It can be a bad thing, because you think to yourself ‘I’ve got a good car and experience of 10 years but this could be my last chance to fight for a championship,’” Button said.



September 25 - October 1, 2010

Sports National TCIFA’s Soccer Scramble Defending champs raises over $7000 fail to reach semis Filipino Basketball League:

YOUTH football was the winner of the Fifth Annual Soccer Scramble after the 18-hole golf competition and raffle tallied over $7000 for the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association’s youth department. Hosted at the Provo Golf and Country Club in Providenciales,  the four-person net scramble was held this year in collaboration with TCI’s premier travel provider – Marco Travel; and saw 18 co-ed teams competing to be named the Soccer Scramble’s overall champion. That honourable award was given to the team of Chris Butcher, Meg Butcher, Cindy Alston and Jim Alston. Second place went to Steve Kendrew, Simon Wood, Garry Hastings and Blair Mason, while the third place finishers were Tom Lewis, Bridgette Thomas, Caesar Campbell and Perry Delancy. In conjunction with the scramble, the TCIFA also ran a grand raffle with a three-night stay at either the Omni Royale Orleans or French Quarter Chateau Lemoyne  hotel in New Orleans (USA) for two persons as the first prize. The top prize was won by Norman Hamilton. Second prize went to Syed Hassan - a three-day Dollar-Rent-A-Car  car rental in Miami, Florida. Both prizes were courtesy of Marco Travel.  Third prize, a cash prize of  $500went to Mallory McComish, who also won a blender. Other prize recipients from the raffle and silent action included Sam Slattery winning a Blackberry,

First place winners: Chris Butcher, Meg Butcher, Cindy Alston and Jim Alston with TCIFA executive member Paula Garland .

Blair Mason a home entertainment centre, Jurgen Wildt a PSD player, Jo Pretorius flowers by Environmental Arts, Patrick Slattery an iron, Tina Wolfe a DVD player, Annie Garland a Digicel phone, Lucas Coles a food and beverage voucher from the Gansevoort while both Gordon Kerr and Bryan Kennedy won an 18-Hole voucher from the Provo Golf Club. According to information from the TCIFA all proceeds raised will be used by the association for its Youth Development Programme 2010/11, and other initiatives put on by the organisation. Paul Slattery, vice president (GT) of the TCIFA said: “TCIFA is delighted with the turnout and success of this year’s Soccer Scramble. A big thank you to marquee sponsors Marco Travel and Provo Golf Club, without whom the event would not be feasible.

Further thanks to all our sponsors, those that purchased raffle tickets and all golfers that competed.” “TCIFA rely on fundraisers such as this to enable our youth programmes to thrive. Over 300 children throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands regularly participate in the programme at absolutely no cost. The success of our programmes are now enabling us to compete within the region - as evidenced by the under 20s boys recent fighting performances against USVI earlier this month in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) U-20 Men’s Qualifying Competition.” For more information on how you can assist the TCIFA financially or otherwise with its Youth Development Programme, kindly contact Sonia Bien-Amie, Secretary General, TCIFA - on 941-5532 or email

A NEW champion will be crowned this year in the Money Gram sponsored Filipino Basketball League after Hartling Group failed to make it into the semi-finals of the event. With a shaky start the defending champions were always playing catch-up and with their players failing to dominate like they did last year making it to the final four was always an uphill battle. Caesar Lorenzana has played well for the side, but a few other key players like their big centre Richard Sanchez and shooting guard Jai Cabrera have failed to take centre stage resulting in the under .500 finish. TEAM TO BEAT Beaches have so far been unstoppable, but they will face worthy competitors HAB in the semi-final of the event this Sunday while the other game will be between Money Gram and Gracebay Car Rental and Sales. Beaches will be led by Junel Baybay who has been the most dominant big man of the league. Support should come from power forward Andy Barrina (who had a good start but was overshadowed in the latter stages this season) and shooting guard Ronald Hernandez.  The strength of Beaches offensively is their depth in scoring with capable bench players putting up big numbers on any given night. HAB will be led by Jojo Salvacion

and Tony Lamanilao. Salvacion, who dominated last year, has not had an excellent season, but he has game winning potential. Lamanilao has proven himself this season. So too has Andruf Macalino who has scored somewhat consistently. CLOSE GAME The other semi-final between Money Gram and Gracebay Car Rental and Sales would be another interesting battle, with both teams capable of not only winning, but blowing the other team out. Money Gram will be led by one of the leading scorers in this year’s league Mark Micabalo with strong support from Alejandro Tibalao. Micabalo, who is capable of the drives and pull up jumpers, has averaged over 20 points with Tibalao just below that mark, but unfortunately for Money Gram there has been no consistent third scorer and if Gracebay Car Rental and Sales manage to put stops on their two offensive machines there can be trouble. Gracebay Car Rental and Sales will be led by Paul Zaguirre.   The guard has the ability of splitting the defence and driving to the basket with ease, but there will be a lot of help in the paint with big men Jovan Sayao (power forward) and centre Brian Dulantre. Support can also come from Don Dela Rosa and Junekeith Prinsipe among a few others.

Athletes to attend Commonwealth Games A LOCAL business has stepped up to help send a team of athletes from the TCI to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi this summer. Royal Bank of Canada handed over a generous cheque to the TCI Commonwealth Games Association at the National Stadium in Providenciales last week. Client care manager Virginia Gibson said: “I would like to present this donation to assist with the team that is travelling to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. “Royal Bank of Canada takes youth as a very important part of the community therefore we would like to wish them well as they travel.” Tourist Board director Ralph Higgs also made a donation to the cause and handed over a cheque to association members. “I hope this will go a long way in helping to make things a little more affordable and a little easier for our team,” he said. “I want to thank you guys for getting yourselves ready and I’m sure you will make us proud.” The two cheques will be added to

WINNING FORMULA: TCI Commonwealth Games Association members with athletes

HELPING HAND: Virginia Gibson, Royal Bank of Canada client care manager, hands over the cheque to TCI Commonwealth Games Association president Rita Gardiner and chief executive Cheryl Shand

the remainder of a sizable donation which the TCI Commonwealth Games Association received from the New Delhi Commonwealth Games Association four years ago. Association president Rita

in whatever discipline they are participating in.” “I’m really happy that we got it because this year we do not have the same kind of support from government.” A team of nine athletes, aged 17 to

Gardiner explained that the money was provided specifically for athletes heading for Deli 2010. She said it has been used to “develop their game and to ensure they reach their highest potential

30, will be heading over to India on October 3 for their two-week trip to the international athletics event. They will be accompanied by their coaches and members of the TCI Commonwealth Games Association.

September 25 - October 1, 2010




faizool deo Provo Softball League:

Silver Deep females one win away from title SILVER Deep Ladies recorded two victories last weekend to move one step closer to the 2010 Provo Softball Playoffs title. After winning the opening game the ladies are now three up in their best-of-seven series against the Absolute View Dominicans. Last Saturday at the Downtown Ballpark the ladies won 17-8 while on Sunday they stamped their authority on the competition with a 33-4 win. With three victories and momentum on their side the

defending champions will look to finish the series this weekend at the same venue. Throughout the finals Silver Deep have dominated. GAME TWO On Saturday Paula Stubbs, A. Lightbourne and Jacklyn Christopher scored three runs each to lead the defending champions to the nine run victory. After a 2-2 first innings tie, the eventual winners pulled forward

with two or more runs in every other innings. All three batters scored in the seventh innings with Stubbs, the captain of the side, hitting a home run. Andrea Mejia led the Absolute View Dominicans attack with three runs. GAME THREE Game three on Sunday was just batting practice for Silver Deep as they blasted eight runs in the second innings and 13 runs in the sixth to race to their mammoth total of 33. On the field pitcher Christopher had the Absolute View Dominicans’ batters in a quandary. After three runs in the opening innings the second place finishers only scored another run in the third then they went on a dry spell with a total of only two batters reaching second base  in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Angela Puello and Emilyann were flawless; they scored every time they batted to finish with six runs. Both batters scored twice in the sixth innings. Santana Rigby added five

Silver Deep females can win the 2010 Playoffs this Sunday.

runs while Paula Stubbs scored four and Bridgette Been and Christopher added three each. Pitching coach of Silver Deep Arthur Dean said that his girls were victorious because of their:   “complete dedication and love for the team by all the players,

especially the captain Paula VirgilStubbs and the full commitment of the three coaches: especially batting coach Arthur Dean; pitching coach “Pringle” Dean and team coach Keith Cox.” Silver Deep will look for a clean sweep this Sunday.

Cricket Friendly:

Alexander and Brown clobber Caribbean All-Stars

Silver Deep male team finished champions of the league format.

Silver Deep male team wins softball league format DESPITE a wobbly last few weeks the Silver Deep male team held on to their lead to finish as the top team in the league format of the Provo Softball League. The Silver Deep men also won the league format last year, but lost the Playoffs to Provo Building (Now Discount Tigers). They will open their campaign against either Predators or Kischo (the two teams will play one game with the winners advancing to the playoffs), while Discount Tigers will challenge Air Turks and Caicos from Saturday in the second semi-finals. Manager of the side Arthur Dean said he is confident that Silver Deep can go all the way. “I

feel confident about the playoffs in general, and I am looking forward to the confrontation with the [Discount] Tigers.” Silver Deep has lost two players over the last few weeks in Pablo Batista and Juan. Batista has been invaluable for them with the bat and was the leading scorer for the side early in the league; nevertheless Dean still feels he has enough firepower to carry the side to a much needed playoff title. In the two games played last weekend the Predators defeated Air Turks and Caicos 11-6 after the latter had scored all of their runs in the first innings, but they lost to Silver Deep 3-4.

FORMER Jamaican national youth player Jessie Alexander and countryman Douglas Brown whipped rivals, the Caribbean All-Stars, to gain sweet revenge in a friendly cricket clash against the side. Batting first the Jamaican AllStars scored 224-2 while they restricted their opponents to a paltry 121 in 14.4 overs. The Caribbean All-Stars had won the previous match, but that was not obvious when the Jamaicans went out to the middle. Alexander, a batting all-rounder, clobbered the ball all over the ground to score 101 unbeaten runs while Brown, who has shown form of recent, did the same to finish with 92 unbeaten runs. The innings by Alexander is a welcome sign for the new season which is weeks away since he failed to establish himself in the last league (PPC Twenty20). Last Sunday at the Downtown Ballpark he showed signs of his explosiveness and belted ten fours and three sixes while he picked the

Jessie Alexander slammed his way to an unbeaten century

Douglas Brown hit seven sixes and an equal amount of fours in the Jamaican All-Stars’ victory.

singles well. Brown, who scored a half-century in the last game, was unstoppable he hit seven sixes and an equal amount of fours. Marcus Charlemagne was the pick of the Caribbean All-Stars’ bowlers with two wickets for 28 runs from his four overs. Caribbean All-Stars in reply lost three wickets for 27 runs in their first three over—they never recovered

and were soon bowled out in the 15th over. Damien St Ange held the innings together and chopped away at the bowlers to finish with 46 runs, but it was never a threatening innings. Bowling for the Jamaican AllStars Captain Robert Johnson captured three wickets for 22 runs from his four overs while Calvin Aarons nabbed three for 31 also from four overs.



September 25 - October 1, 2010

Turks and Caicos Weekly News - Issue 38  

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