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Weekly News Volume 25 | No. 43 | November 5 - 11, 2011

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SIPT make


A FORTY-seven-year-old man was arrested on corruption charges in Providenciales on Wednesday. PAGE 


Electronic tags a step closer


NHIP hike would raise

‘millions’ INCREASING monthly health contributions by one per cent per person would raise almost $3.5m a year. PAGE  5

PLANS to monitor criminals’ whereabouts with electronic tags have moved a step forward – with the prison boss himself being fitted with a device to test its effectiveness. PAGE  4

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Residents Karen Kidik (left) and Kay Vanes don ‘zombie’ costumes to mirror the effect they say dump site pollution is having on health

Smog-plagued residents raise cash to fight pollution





November 5 - 11, 2011

November 5 - 11, 2011





November 5 - 11, 2011


Electronic tags a step closer By Gemma Handy PLANS to monitor criminals’ whereabouts with electronic tags have moved a step forward – with the prison boss himself being fitted with a device to test its effectiveness. Ian Sargent, superintendent of the Grand Turk institution, was fitted with a hi-tech tag for 24 hours, along with consultative forum member Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson. The no-nonsense initiative to curb violent crime was recommended by Mrs Cartwright-Robinson last year. She said she believed the tags – which track wearers’ movements by GPS – would help prevent known convicts from reoffending. Her proposal earned immediate backing from Attorney General Huw Shepheard amid last year’s crime spate. The devices are widely used in the UK and US although critics argue they are a violation of human rights. They were tested by the TCI government with the results currently being evaluated. Mr Sargent recently travelled to the Cayman Islands where the electronic monitoring system is already in place. The visit, coordinated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and involving other overseas territories, was part of a pilot project which saw each country given two devices to try out. Tags are touted as helping supervise low risk offenders on curfew or exclusion orders, or under house arrest. Users’ whereabouts are monitored at a control centre. Attorney Ms CartwrightRobinson said she was delighted that the initiative was progressing. “I was happy to be a volunteer for this device. It was a pleasure to see

Electronic tags are widely used in the UK and US to track the wearer’s movements via GPS

Consultative forum member Sharlene CartwrightRobinson volunteers to test the device

it through to this point,” she told the Weekly News. “There are many cases where this device can be used as an alternative to incarceration. “Our prison is overpopulated with our young men on remand and we can use these as a condition for alleged offenders in bail grants for less serious offences. “I trust it will be received for the good it can do.” She said it was vital to “modernise” existing sentencing methods. “I know there are police officers who will welcome this as a crime fighting tool,” she continued. “I’m grateful to the Ministry of Home Affairs who seemed to have taken on this initiative and the enthusiasm of Mr Sargent was a

a number of criminal justice projects. These also include exploring the possibility of community service orders which require the offender to carry out unpaid work in the community as an alternative to prison. “We are all convinced that once we get these projects on sound footing we would see fewer persons being given custodial sentences and the community would benefit from offenders doing free work. “We believe incarceration should be left to dangerous and persistent offenders.” Ms Saunders added: “The consultation process regarding

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Prison superintendent Ian Sargent was one of the volunteers fitted with the hi-tech device for 24 hours

great asset,” she added. Permanent secretary for home affairs Denise Saunders said the department had been hard at work on

these initiatives is ongoing and Mr Sargent’s trip to Cayman Islands was a part of that. “We hope that in the not too distant future we would be able to take these matters to the advisory council for their approval.” Police previously backed the use of tags which they said could help alleviate pressure on detention facilities and reduce the cost of keeping people behind bars while on remand. But they said careful decisions would need to be made about who was deemed appropriate to be tagged, warning that they should not be used for serial or dangerous offenders.

TCI gun crimes may be reducing CASES of gun crime in Turks and Caicos over the past two years and 10 months hit a spike in 2010, but appear to be tapering down in 2011, according to statistics released by the police. Following a recording of 63 incidents in which a crime was committed with the use of a gun in 2009, the number shot up last year totaling 124 such instances. However, as of October 25, 2011, there were 45 of these cases with just over two months left in the year. This information was revealed in the British Parliament by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Henry Bellingham, in response to a query by Member of Parliament Andrew Rosindell, who asked for the number of incidents of TCI gun crime for the

past five years. In his answer published in the Hansard, dated October 25, Mr Bellingham stated that the information was ‘to date’, and that figures for 2007 and 2008 will be made available as soon as they are provided by the Royal Turks and Caicos Police Force. Mr Bellingham explained: “Reported crimes currently remain low with the majority being acquisitive crime such as theft and burglary. Armed robberies, some against tourists, and aggravated burglaries, while still relatively small in number, continue to be of concern.” Responding to another question posed by Conservative MP Rosindell, about the number of UK police seconded to the TCI police force, the Under Secretary of State said there are no serving UK police

staff seconded to the Turks and Caicos police force. “There are a number of officers providing specialist advice and support including in the cold case unit, the community policing unit, and the joint intelligence unit. All are on contract until next year.” Further, in answer to another question from Mr Rosindell, on the number of UK Foreign and Commonwealth officials employed in the TCI governor’s office, Mr Bellingham said there are 12 persons working in that office in Grand Turk. “This includes UKbased civil servants and Turks and Caicos Islands Government staff… In addition the UK Government [is] providing the Turks and Caicos Government with support from a number of short and medium-term specialist advisors.”

November 5 - 11, 2011




NHIP hike would raise ‘millions’ By Gemma Handy INCREASING monthly health contributions by one per cent per person would raise almost $3.5m a year. And barring work permit holders from overseas treatment would shave a further $411,000 off social health care’s crippling annual costs. Just two of the statistics in the latest government report published in a bid to shed light on the sector’s funding crisis – and seek public opinion on the best way to balance the books. Recent figures revealed there is currently a $4m shortfall in the amount needed to run operations. And whether officials choose to slash services, hike tax, or cherry pick patients, the decision is unlikely to be popular. The pioneering two new hospitals – just 18 months old – have been plagued by contention from the start, largely due to angst over their financial viability and the mandatory contributions required to run them. Health care currently accounts for 25 per cent of overall public expenditure. That’s significantly higher than in the wider Caribbean, US and Europe. Proposals for increasing revenue

also include forcing jobless islanders, presently exempt from paying NHIP, to cough up too. At the moment, 11,000 dependants are being supported by almost 18,000 participants. Introducing a minimum contribution of $25 for each spouse and forcing families to pay $10 per child, up to a maximum of two, would see the extra revenue top $1.5m. With 17,520 participants, each one per cent increase in monthly payments would raise $3,334,000 more a year. For the hospitals’ first financial year, co-payments for services brought in $413,680. Increasing co-pay by 10 per cent could see an additional $55,000. The onset of cosmetic and prostate treatments is expected to see a surge in medical tourism with government contractually allowed to pick up half of the net revenue generated. Money raised would be even higher if tentative proposals for stem cell interventions and sports medicine are given the go ahead. Meanwhile, government chiefs have been talking to hospital operators Interhealth Canada to see if there’s any room to renegotiate the 25-year contract. This might include a cap on the provision of primary care services

SIPT make arrest By Gemma Handy A FORTY-seven-year-old man was arrested on corruption charges in Providenciales on Wednesday. The unnamed accused – believed to be a high profile member of the former ousted government – was taken in by police as the sluggish pace of the Helen Garlick-led investigations finally appeared to be gathering pace. A spokesman for the special investigation and prosecution team (SIPT) told the Weekly News on Wednesday evening: “SIPT can confirm that a 47-year-old man was arrested today on Providenciales and charged in connection with their ongoing investigations and will appear in court in due course. “In accordance with their policy and to ensure fairness, the SIPT will not release the names of any persons connected with ongoing investigations until they appear in court.” It has now been more than two years since revered British lawyer Ms Garlick began the weighty task of administering justice in the wake of the Commission of Inquiry

The new hospitals have been plagued by contention since the outset

from the hospital, for example. Savings might also be made by curtailing inter-island travel for certain basic procedures, and increasing the use of professionals from the Caribbean to reduce reliance on expensive consultants from Europe and North America. More procedures look set to be administered locally too, to slash overseas referrals which continue to swallow precious pennies. And those in need of tertiary treatment off-island would be flown to regional hospitals where possible, in place of their pricey US counterparts. Plans to cap benefits include limiting temporary residents and work permit holders to on-island

which implicated five former government ministers. The barrister, and former head of the overseas corruption unit in Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, previously deemed it “highly unlikely” that none of the five erstwhile MPs would be formally charged. They include former Premier Michael Misick, his deputy Floyd Hall, former Environment Minister McAllister Hanchell, former Health Minister Lillian Boyce and former Housing Minister Jeffrey Hall. As special prosecutor Ms Garlick heads the team of dozens of investigators probing misdeeds and malfeasance at the hands of the former administration.

the facility. Talks are underway over transforming part of it to accommodate geriatrics and those in long-term care. The introduction of chemotherapy and radiology at the hospitals would also reduce the cost of sending cancer patients abroad. Interhealth Canada is now negotiating with a Bahamian entity which could provide such services. Last month, islanders were invited to scrutinise the figures and challenges outlined in health reports released and provide their thoughts. The ‘big conversation’ came weeks after new Governor Ric Todd vowed to make TCI the most transparent nation in the region.

‘Progress is being made’ FCO chief says UK still “determined” for elections to be held in 2012 By Gemma Handy

Helen Garlick

hospital and emergency care only. And new participants to the scheme could be made to wait six months before being eligible to use the services. In addition, illegal immigrants currently eligible for hospital care would instead be repatriated. Increased Belonger employment and a more cost-effective drug programme, such as setting up a national pharmacy dispensing body, are also on the horizon. Controversy has long abounded over the viability of maintaining the Grand Turk hospital, given the capital island’s tiny population. The report concedes that efforts must be made to maximise use of

“PROGRESS” is being made to achieving the all important election milestones, London officials say. This week’s visit to the TCI by FCO big-wig Simon Fraser was touted as underpinning Britain’s determination to ease the islands back into imminent self-rule. The permanent under secretary – one of the Foreign Office’s most senior officials – spent three days in the country meeting with leaders and assessing the challenges on the bumpy road back to local government. He told media on Wednesday the “intensive” trip was vital for him to understand the trials and tribulations affecting the TCI. Accompanied by Governor Ric Todd, Mr Fraser met with government advisors, political and business chiefs, and the police commissioner, plus members of the special prosecution team, advisory council and consultative forum. And with the vital ballot now tipped to be less than a year away, stabilising the economy and ongoing public sector reform continued to dominate discussions. Mr Fraser said London remained “determined” elections would be held in 2012, pointing to the

provision of increased cash and more expert advisors as evidence of Britain’s ongoing support for the beleaguered territory. “It was very important for me to come here and hear first hand about the matters facing the islands,” he said. “I have been very impressed by the reception I have had; both by the beauty of the islands themselves and the friendliness and the frankness of the people. “We have important business to do; the TCI is going through a very significant transition period at the moment. “I came here to support this process of transition towards elections.” He acknowledged islanders’ sentiments about the necessity to re-establish elected government promptly. “Progress is being made towards the milestones and conditions,” Mr Fraser added. Governor Todd, who took up position seven weeks ago, warned there was still an “enormous amount” of work to be done first, for which a “shared responsibility” between the government and residents was required. Mr Fraser’s visit, from Monday to Wednesday, was his first to an

The high profile visit by Simon Fraser (above) is said to underpin Britain’s support of the territory

overseas territory. A statement from the Governor’s office said: “The high profile visit indicates the importance placed by the FCO on the interim administration’s joint progress with the people and institutions of the islands to improve its governance and finances ahead of new elections through achievement of its milestones.” Mr Fraser, also head of the diplomatic service, is the senior foreign policy adviser to Britain’s Foreign Secretary. He is responsible for the management of the FCO in London and its embassies and High Commissions around the world. His appearance marks the latest in a series of prominent meetings between the TCI and UK, following on from the visit of FCO Minister Henry Bellingham in the summer and the recent trip by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.



November 5 - 11, 2011

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Ready for independence? WITH PNP leaders announcing an active bid for independence – and a referendum if successful in next year’s elections – we asked readers for their thoughts. Is the TCI ready for such a step – and do you agree with the party that Britain has failed the territory?

Collapse and poverty

“No, the islands are not ready for independence. We are unlikely to be large enough for independence for generations. “The idea of a referendum is only a good or a bad idea once the question to be put is known. “In any case independence would be followed swiftly by collapse and poverty. The country has debts to foreigners of over $2,000m, of which $400m is owed by the government. “The UK is doing a reasonable job preparing for self-determination, which is not the same as independence. “No, clearly the $260m debt guarantee and the other steps by the UK show that they are not failing the islands. “The PNP are keen to get their hands on the treasury and the country so that they can start looting and stealing from the Belongers all over again.”

Pipe dream

“The PNP desperately wants independence so that they can continue to rape these islands unopposed! “As we have approximately 7,500 actual voters, I don’t see that we have a ‘country’ yet! “This would be like a village in Wales declaring independence! If the UK really wants to get rid of us, they need to increase the voters list dramatically. “As it stands now, and reviewing the political criminal history of these islands, we would soon be devoid of all honest business and become a haven for all kinds of PNP criminal cronies. “Britain is woefully guilty of ignoring what has gone on here for years. The FCO needs to actually pay attention to the territories. “They are responsible for watching over things here. Where were they all this time? “Remember, we had virtual independence under the Misick regime and look at where it got us! “The PNP pipe dream of another similar regime under independence is just that - a pipe dream!”

Reactionary and wrong

“The PNP call for independence is again showing what immature leadership is at its helm; matter of fact both parties, PNP and

PDM, have weak leadership at the helm. “The call for independence is immature and wrong; it is reactionary to the UK and sounds more like trying ‘to cut off your nose to spite your face’. “One day I would like to see my beloved country go independent but now is not the time! “When we have achieved fiscal surplus, stability and elect people that are truly going to represent the people then I say let us open up dialogue for independence. “The call for independence is not the panacea for it all. The simple definition of independence is ‘I do not need anybody’. Can any right-thinking TC islander say that we do not need anybody to help us? “I dare to say no. We cannot even feed ourselves and don’t listen to those buffoons who talk about a few little crops they managed to rake out of the ground; that can’t even feed an island. “Let us be real and do not allow these so called politicians to carry us further down the road to disaster. “I call on all right-thinking TC islanders to take a stand and reject all notion of independence. “How dare any of them speak for us; they can’t even keep their own political party in order, think of a country. “We need the stability of the UK. We need only to look around us and see how the other countries are faring - Bermuda which is not independent and has fared the best through these hard economic times. It is because the world respects the stability of their UK nationality. “People, be careful what you ask for, you may just get it. There are no heroes among us anymore in our country, just a bunch of immature, self righteous, despotic leaders who are out to continue their trend of victimisation, ostracism and outright rejection of law and order. As always, behaving like children because they cannot get their own way. “They continue to heap blame on the UK, but if it was not for the UK, where or to whom would we have had to turn to? “The UK has not failed the TCI; we the people allowed the leaders to fail the TCI, we stood by with our mouths shut and by the time the cavalry came it was a bit too late. “Let us seek to build a country without these so called men calling themselves leaders. They are charlatans. ‘When these so called leaders have the honesty to criticise their own mistakes and their organisation, then and only then can they criticise others’ - Nelson


Big mistake

“With almost (potentially) 50 per cent of the voting population working for the government, you really don’t have to think too long about what gaining independence would bring.”

No more UK passports

“Independence! What?! And let politicians loose to treat the TCI as a cash-cow again?! “Independence means losing our rights to a British passport. In today’s world, when travelling on a US passport can be a liability, it gives some semblance of reassurance. “Our kids will not be able to go cheap to UK schools if we go independent.”

Immature and incompetent

“The notion of independence in the near future is preposterous. Britain was confronted with a horrendous mess created in large part by the same crowd that is now beating the drums for independence. “Some mistakes have definitely been made by the interim government but, without them and financial support from the UK, there would now be utter chaos. “We must remember the admonitions of the Commission of Inquiry that the former government was characterised by immaturity, incompetence and wide scale corruption. “Let’s wait for the additional information forthcoming during prosecutions of those who were responsible for that state of affairs before anointing anyone to lead an independence movement.”

No moral authority

“I could not resist weighing in on this Talk Back! Regrettably the PNP does not have the moral authority to speak to this issue as they were the ones who perpetrated one of the largest political atrocities upon these islands and reversed every progress that we had made towards self determination and independence. “Sadly, the guys who are advocating this premature and mischievous political rhetoric are the very same ones who had their hands in the cookie jar and selfishly sided with wealthy developers to exploit the local people and deprive them of their heritage. “I do not support purely political independence, instead an economic independence. “While the PNP were busy enriching themselves, what they should have been doing was preparing the population through education and securing the pillars that would be essential to a healthy democracy through good governance. “These guys brought in the British singlehandedly and are to be blamed for the demise of many hardworking Belongers and residents who are now suffering at the hands of the task masters (British). “Can anyone imagine what an independent Turks & Caicos would look like under a PNP Government? “All we have to do is magnify the

atrocities highlighted by Sir Robin Auld in the Commission of Inquiry times 100. “The only people who do not agree that the British failed in their responsibility towards the TCI is the FCO. Hopefully the FAC will ensure that they are held accountable in the near future. “Good luck to these guys! They are both sleeping and dreaming and I do hope when they awake, Helen Garlick will be at their doors.”

PNP failed us

“I am all for independence, but we must first be prepared to be able to fulfill the needs of what it takes to be independent. “Why is it only now that PNP or whoever is just now saying that the UK has failed us? “The former PNP administration has failed us. It was one thing to squander or pocket money - by the way it happens everywhere there is politics - but what they should have been doing also is paying the country’s bills at the same time. We would not be in this mess today.”

British taxation

“I feel that TCI is being forced to consider independence to stop some of the ill-thought out British actions such as bringing in VAT, etc. “I don’t believe TCI is ready yet for independence especially with all the difficulties still facing us. “We need our economic position to be strengthened and have all the laws enforced and the Integrity Bill fully operational before considering independence. “Our tourism market depends on visitors to these shores feeling safe and secure. “Currently being under the British flag provides that stability but I fear at the longterm cost of damaging the foundation of this country and its future development.”

Can we cope?

“The TCI may be ready for independence now (although I doubt it), but I query whether the PNP is ready to take a leadership role in the nation’s recovery. “Is there any evidence that they have fixed themselves, found new leadership, established better self-governance, etc etc etc? “The same questions might be put to the PDM, but they are pushing the agenda. “And ask yourself, why it is the PNP that is pushing independence? Does anyone not understand why this would be? “One implication of independence might be that Whitehall might finally be able to say good riddance and withdraw the resources expertise, financial - that they have extended. “Would the TCI be able to reschedule their continued 

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November 5 - 11, 2011




Small Dengue outbreak in TCI NINE cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in Turks and Caicos, and the health ministry is saying that all affected persons have been diagnosed in Providenciales and were contracted within the TCI. In addition to the nine confirmed infected persons, Acting Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health Dr Nadia Astwood, stated

Wednesday November 02 that there exists one suspected case. The first three infected cases were diagnosed in August. “I would consider it a small outbreak because there were a small number of persons infected in a short time,” Dr Astwood told Weekly News Wednesday. She said that the ministry

determined that the disease was contracted locally because all infected persons have no history of travel to other countries with dengue fever. And, though all confirmed cases are in Provo, she cautioned: “This does not mean that residents on other islands should be complacent as there is so much interisland travel.

Continued debts if left on their own?”

Short memories

“You have got to be kidding! Who is going to run this country and where are they now? Certainly not anyone who has stepped up so far. “Can you imagine tourism without a stable country and the possibility of another PNP mess? “Let’s just let things get better before we take such a huge step. “Don’t like what the Brits are doing? Think back a few years and see the difference! Get real!”

PNP set us back

“It was possible that in 2003, with the TCI still experiencing 13 per cent annual growth rates, 100 per cent of the monies taxed being collected, North West Point still having 4,000 acres of land, TC Islanders having a country they could be proud of, that the islands may have been ready for independence. “The PNP have set these islands back 20 years and because of the corruption, the collusion of the British Government in 2003 to put Mike Misick in power and Clayton Greene’s PNP, the TCI are set 20 years backwards. “No the TCI today is not ready for independence now and will have to recover from the shocks they imposed on the islands. “The list of crimes committed against the people of the TCI by the PNP number hundreds and they seek independence. Independence for what? “Have they owned up to their crimes, do they want a mandate to rip the people off in a bigger and better style? “Do they want to continue to live above the law and be accountable to no one? “They took rights from people, denied PDM supporters jobs, lands and rights and now they are asking for more power to oppress the people more. “These taxes we are paying now are the direct result of their corruption.”

Lack of foresight

“We Turks Islanders have failed ourselves, limited by lack of foresight and focus on real issues such as education and true sustainable development and integrity.”

Must be joking

“Independence calls from the PNP, they have got to be kidding. They operated independently without any interference from 2003 through 2009 and here we are bankrupt.”

Not right time

“In order to have a chance of succeeding at independence we need 1.) a balanced budget 2.) all the PNP loans and bills paid off 3.) proper non corrupt election rules 4.) a civil service that works 5.) a health system where the doctors look after the sick people and which is affordable 6.) financial reserves built up 7.) a legal system that works 8.) a bar association that sanctions members guilty of misdeeds 9.) ten years of stabile government supported by an informed electorate. 10.) land rules and land registry that is complete and honest. 11.) infrastructure including enough schools road and bridges 12) prosecutions of corrupt politicians and exclusion of convicts from holding office. 13.) immigration policies that work 14.) labour policies that work 15.) development and employment on all the populated islands. 16.) a scholarship programme that produces graduates who can fill the needed jobs with natives including nurses, doctors and above all teachers. “Give Britain 10 more years and they might get most of this right. Give the PNP any more time and we are doomed. They had three turns and failed each and every time. “We only need to look at the fate of our fellow West Indians in the independent eastern Caribbean smaller nations to see that at this point in time independence is not for the TCI.”

British back-up

“If independence is granted with the track record of the last few governments the first thing they will have to do is expand the airport to accommodate all of the people leaving the islands! “The TCI is simply not mature enough to do it at the moment. If the UK had not stepped in and suspended the government just think where the country would be now. “We are still trying to pay off the debts incurred by the previous pillaging and mismanagement. “The UK is a great back-up that gives everyone some sort of confidence in the country.”

Sensible decision

“I think it is a sensible decision to include a provision for a referendum in our constitution. “Currently there is not path to independence outlined, which ought not to be the case. “Although it may not the best time for it, I believe that the country must prepare itself for independence, less we continue to be victimised under British occupation.”

Common symptoms of dengue are high fever; severe headache; pain behind the eyes; muscle and joint pain; easy bruising, minor bleeding from the nose or gums; a rash; nausea and vomiting; and diarrhea and loss of appetite. Persons suspecting they may be bearing the fever symptom are warned not to take Aspirin. Dr Astwood explained that in the majority of cases, infection results in a mild illness that may include fever. “However, in a small percentage of cases, it can result in a more serious illness called dengue hemorrhagic fever which may require hospitalization.” She added that a small number of hemorrhagic cases can be life threatening especially if left untreated. Dengue fever is a viral infection that is spread by the aedes aegypti mosquito. This type of mosquito is found here in the TCI. Once one of these mosquitoes bites a person infected with dengue fever, the mosquito becomes infected. When this infected mosquito goes on to bite another person, it transmits dengue infection. Dengue cannot be spread from person to person, she explained. Acting Primary Health Care Manager, Nurse Jackurlyn Sutton said: “When a case is reported to the Public Health Department, the case is followed-up by the public health nurse who conducts surveillance activities in the community and surrounding areas to identify additional probable cases of dengue

fever”. Chief Environmental Officer, Lorne Robinson, said that the environment also comes under scrutiny, and that department within the ministry has been identifying breeding sources of the mosquito, treating breeding sites for mosquito larvae and pupae [immature mosquitoes], and eliminating adult mosquitoes. Spraying is used mainly against adult mosquitoes, while other treatment methods are applied to water-holding containers, and swamp areas. “The Environmental Health Department began its spraying or fogging activities on all islands shortly after the passage of hurricane Irene [in late August], due to the large amount of water associated with it. The fogging programme has continued from that point.” Along with the treatment of swamps and other bodies of stagnant water, the department has been inspecting and, where necessary, treating arriving aircraft and sailing vessels. Airplanes arriving from dengue-infected countries are required to carry out disinfection prodcedures before landing. While appealing for assistance of the public in elimination of this mosquito, Mr Robinson issued the reminder that it is an offence in law to breed mosquitoes. Those who believe that they are infected must seek immediate professional medical assistance.

Fourth Crown Land Register published THE TURKS and Caicos Islands Government has announced publication of the fourth edition of the new Crown Land Allocation Register, produced by the Crown Land Unit, a department of the Ministry of Environment and District Administration. The register – containing over 4,000 listings - sets out information in relation to Crown land that has been allocated to private individuals or corporations by way of grant or lease. Government stated in a media release that this information can be accessed easily, and free, over the Internet at A download link for the raw data may be found on the Crown Land Unit page of this website. Jon Llewellyn, the Crown Land Advisor to the Governor, said: “As set out in the new crown land policy, we have today [Tuesday, November 01] published the fourth edition of the Crown Land Allocation Register. This edition continues to show how crown land has been distributed in recent

years and who the beneficiaries were. Once again, the raw data is also being published directly in spread sheet format to allow the public to analyse the information more easily”. The Crown Land Unit is encouraging everyone to help with this process. Persons are asked to indicate to the unit in writing If their names, or the name of their company, has been included in error in this register. This would ensure that the error is corrected. Similarly, if anyone has not been included in the register but is the recipient of crown land, or if there is an error in the spelling of a name, such persons are asked to inform the Crown Land Unit in writing. The Crown Land Unit can be reached at the following addresses: Crown Land Unit, Government Square, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands; or Crown Land Unit, Palmco Building, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.



November 5 - 11, 2011


Smog-plagued residents raise cash to fight pollution By Gemma Handy POLLUTION-plagued islanders collecting cash to protect their health from ‘killer’ smog oozing from Provo’s dump site have reported success at Saturday’s fundraiser. Wheeland residents – frustrated by the government’s lack of action in stemming the choking fumes – staged a yard sale at the nearby Priton Developments estate where scores of families suffer the noxious vapour on a regular basis. And to mark Halloween, they even donned zombie costumes in tribute to the disastrous effect they say the smoke from endless bonfires is having on people’s health. They had hoped to buy gas masks to safeguard their lungs from the toxins which experts say may trigger

cancer, leukaemia and heart disease. But the masks proved hard to source. Organiser Karen Kidik told the Weekly News: “The yard sale was a big success. A bunch of us had a great time dressing up. “We had a good day for sales too with the vendors reporting better than expected turn out and turn over.” She added: “Improving the situation at the dump will continue to be an uphill battle as it has been for years but we can only hope that this administration can finally work out a solution to this health crisis.” Plans to transfer the 17-acre refuse site to a private company, which will convert it into landfill and restrict access, have been in the pipeline for years. But the project has again been put on ice until April due to funding

Advisory Council in Grand Turk meeting THE Turks and Caicos Islands Advisory Council was set to meet Thursday, November 03, in Grand Turk. Among matters that were slated to be discussed at this meeting, chaired by Governor Ric Todd, are an increase in work

permit fees, and public health reform. Governor Todd was scheduled to host a press conference Friday, November 04, in Providenciales where he will report on matters arising from Thursday’s meeting.

problems. Residents blasted the latest setback and said the issue should be deemed a national emergency. Earlier this year, a consultant from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) toured the dump to scrutinise the pollution. Dr Pierre Auger’s report confirmed residents’ worst fears that the dreaded deadly toxins may cause killer illnesses. Among the dangerous pollutants released into the air, he said, are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulphur dioxide. And he went on to suggest that the toxins could even contaminate water supplies. Dr Auger said similar dumpsites had been prohibited for several decades in Canada and many other parts of the world. The fires are believed to be started by desperate illegal immigrants salvaging valuable copper from discarded tyres and wires. The consultant said there were very serious health impacts from tyre burning and wire incineration processes, with children, elderly people, pregnant women and newborns particularly vulnerable. Dr Auger concluded that there was a “clear, unhealthy situation” and urged the government to accelerate the long-delayed clean-up scheme and control access to the dump “as fast as possible”.

Doctors say irresponsible parking could lead to tragedy

Drivers urged to keep emergency entrances clear MOTORISTS are putting lives at risk at the TCI hospitals. That’s the warning from InterHealth Canada management who fear that poor parking could lead to a death. Drivers are leaving vehicles parked in front of the emergency department (ED) entrances, blocking access for ambulances. And hospital chiefs say they will be forced to get “tough” with offenders if the problem continues. Head of the ED, Dr Denise Braithwaite, explained: “Vehicles parked in the emergency areas is becoming a big problem at both the Cockburn Town Medical Centre in Grand Turk and the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre in Provo. “The access roads to the emergency departments are for emergency vehicles only and I would urge people to respect this very important rule. “While we empathise with people who come to the hospitals concerned

about injured or sick relatives and friends, they must park their vehicles in the parking lots provided. “We have no objection to people coming to the emergency department entrance to drop off patients who are unable to walk from the car park, but the driver must immediately move the vehicle to an approved parking place and not leave it at the ED entrance. “On a number of occasions ambulances have not been able to make their way to the emergency department entrance doors and delays like that could result in people losing their lives. “When an ambulance is transporting a sick person to the hospital, expediency and efficiency are crucial. If valuable time is lost due to wrongly parked vehicles, lives will be put in serious danger.” She added: “We have to get tough with offenders before someone dies and so I would urge visitors to think carefully about where they park their vehicles.”

‘Keep TCI clean’ Tourist chiefs scold ‘beautiful by nature, dirty by choice’ at launch of environment initiative By Gemma Handy LACK of “national pride” is being blamed for the profusion of litter that plagues the TCI. From beaches to backyards, highways to parks, litter-bugs and fly-tippers have left their mark, with everything from food containers to kitchen appliances dumped and discarded. And it’s now threatening the islands’ critical tourism industry with visitors bemoaning the plethora of unsightly garbage on Trip Advisor and even to Tourist Board chiefs. Such was revealed during the launch of a new nationwide initiative aimed at highlighting the importance of keeping the country pristine and unspoilt. Throughout November, the Tourist Board and the Department for Environment and Coastal

Resources (DECR) will join forces for a variety of special initiatives aimed at safeguarding the TCI’s ‘beautiful by nature’ slogan. Tourist Board director Ralph Higgs said every inhabited island would be visited in a bid to “sensitise” the public about the “long overdue” scheme. He warned that without immaculate public spaces, there would be no tourism product to market. “We are all custodians of this very important and fragile environment that attracts so many visitors to our shores. “Sometimes we get a little complacent and forget how unsightly litter can be.” Mr Higgs said any complaint from a holidaymaker was “one too many”. “We are very concerned about any reports of trash and garbage; we take them very seriously.

“It’s all about education,” he continued. “Clearly there are laws on the books, and I would like to see them become more aggressive. “I can’t recall anyone ever being brought before the courts for littering – and that can’t continue.” His sentiments were echoed by Environmental Health deputy director Kenrick Neely, who told media on Tuesday: “The islands used to be very clean. “Growing up in South Caicos, you never used to see a bottle on the ground. It’s really sad that you see that now; people don’t have enough national pride.” Stacy Cox, of the Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA), spoke of numerous comments on website Trip Advisor lamenting the problem. “I have seen comments on many

Profuse litter is said to be threatening the country’s tourism industry

occasions that we have become inundated with trash on beaches and public areas. “Protecting the environment is such an important part of everything we do,” she added. Tourism, Environment Awareness Month (TEAM) will see health inspections made to schools, hotels and shops across the TCI, plus advice issued on responsible pet ownership and the proper disposal of garbage.

There will also be a string of activities in schools, including slogan and speech competitions to teach future generations about the value of protecting the TCI’s natural beauty. Members of the public are encouraged to turn out for the TCHTA’s annual communal cleanup, ‘TCI Shines’, on November 19. It begins at 6am at the children’s park in the Bight.

November 5 - 11, 2011




15-year-old convicted of murder To be kept in special institution by Samantha Dash-Rigby THE SUPREME Court has found teenager Randy Harvey guilty of murder by reason of insanity in the killing of 81-year-old Charity Higgs. Justice Edwin Goldsbrough handed down the guilty verdict Friday, October 28 in the Providenciales court, and sentencing was postponed until Friday November 25 to allow the prosecution time to identify and contract a suitable juvenile institution for the young convict. The 15-year-old was tried by a seven-member jury panel for the August 3, 2009 murder of 81-yearold Charity Higgs at her Conch Bar, Middle Caicos home. Randy pleaded not guilty to killing the woman, who cared for him and his other siblings as though they were her own, but Defence Attorney Kendle Williams said otherwise. Williams told the court that Harvey did murder Higgs but that he was insane at the time. On August 4, 2009, Harvey admitted to police investigators that he killed Higgs even before they questioned him. He said he took a knife from his home and went Higgs’ home for three sodas and two Snickers. When the woman turned away to get the snacks he took the knife from his pocket. She turned around, saw the knife, screamed and ran out of the house. Harvey ran behind her and stabbed her in the left shoulder. A post mortem revealed that the elderly woman died from that wound. The young defendant said that after stabbing Higgs, he went to the police station but no one was there so he went home. “I didn’t mean to stab her. I didn’t want do it. I shouldn’t do it in the first place, because I know it gon be trouble. I shouldn’t do it all,” Harvey told the police during an interview. University of West Indies Psychiatrist, Dr Wendel Abel, told the court that these statements are signs and symptoms of a mentally unstable person. He said that he met and spoke with Harvey earlier this year and observed some inconsistencies in his answers and speech pattern, which denoted some level of disorganisation. He returned in May, and noted that after six months of medication Harvey’s speech became more organised and his stories more consistent. He diagnosed Harvey with paranoid type schizophrenia. He explained that this disease is characterised by disturbances in the affected person’s thinking, irrational

thinking, and in ideas. There is also disorder in one’s perception, which leads to hallucinations and impulsive behaviour. A schizophrenic will also have problems with cognitive and intellectual functions and will be socially withdrawn. Dr Abel said that at the first meeting, he thought that Harvey suffered from mental retardation but after months of treatment, he no longer thought so. He believed that the young boy was schizophrenic and grossly psychotic at the time of the murder. His professional opinion remains that Harvey is still schizophrenic and if not kept on medication, he could relapse. He advised that Harvey should be kept under supervised treatment whether it be in the community or in an institution. Placing him in an adult prison is not only dangerous but also a gross violation of his human rights, the Doctor added. During cross-examination by

Principal Crown Counsel JoAnn Meloche, Dr Abel said that it is common for persons who are paranoid to walk around with weapons because they continuously think that other people intend to hurt them. However, because they are usually so disorganised in their thinking, they are unable to formulate or plan a criminal activity but, they can display impulsive and irrational behaviour. Following Dr Abel’s testimony, Samuel Harvey, son of the late Charity Higgs and minister in the former TCI government, took the stand and made an emotional statement and plea to the jury. “As much as it pains me to know that it was my mother who lost her life, I truly understand the situation from which it came,” he told the court. “I am not here to send somebody’s child to prison. I see someone’s child needs an opportunity.” Harvey continued: “We - my 10 other brothers and sisters and I do not believe incarceration is the

Randy Harvey to be sent to a juvenile facility outside the TCI

answer. “I don’t blame him even though he is responsible. I blame his parents.” The grieving man alluded to generational curses that have befallen the young offender and by extension his entire family. “The sins of the parents will fall on the children even onto the third and fourth generation,” Harvey quoted from the Holy Bible. He told the jurors that the child had no say in which family he was born into, neither could he help the fact that he was mentally challenged. “However, if it was my mother

standing here and it was one of her children who was killed, she would be saying the same thing”, Harvey said. “Forgive him. Randy needs help. He needs treatment, complete education and to learn a trade. He needs a change.” The former minister believed that the young accused could be a good person later in life. But, if he is deprived of a secondary education and locked up, after his eventual release he would return to the community in the same frame of mind, Samuel Harvey said. “Jesus says to forgive, so I forgive him. We have forgiven him and I ask you to forgive him too”, the man said. After listening to all the evidence, the jury was told by Justice Goldsbrough that they were tasked with returning a verdict with respect to murder, or manslaughter or murder by reason of insanity. The jury decided on the special verdict stating that Harvey was guilty of murder but was insane at the time he committed the act. Harvey was returned to the Grand Turk prison where he will remain for four weeks until all arrangements have been made for placement in a special institution.

New judge favours mental health court ON the heels of a juvenile Belonger being found guilty by insanity of murder, Turks and Caicos has sworn in a judge in the Supreme Court who has been calling for establishment of a special court for such offenders. Ms Margaret Ramsay-Hale, who leaves the Cayman Islands after 13 years on the bench, was on Monday sworn in the TCI Supreme Court as a Puisne Judge. Her opinions appear consistent with new measures being introduced in the TCI. In her final interview before leaving Cayman, Ms RamsayHale spoke of the need for a ‘Mental Health Court’ in the territories. She also called for establishment of a family court and a programme dealing exclusively with persons driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). She described such institutions as having problemsolving programmes. On Friday, October 28, 15-yearold of Randy Harvey was found guilty by reason of insanity in the killing of 81-year-old Charity Higgs in her Middle Caicos home in 2009. His sentencing was postponed to November 25 allowing prosecutors time to locate and contract a suitable

TCI Puisne Judge Margaret Ramsay-Hale

place for his detention. Expressing a belief that the offender was young enough to be changed into a better person once given the right training and exposure, Samuel Harvey - a son of deceased Charity Higgs - pleaded with the court not to send the young man to jail but have him subject to specialised care. “Forgive him. Randy needs help. He needs treatment, complete education and to learn a trade. He needs a change,” was the appeal by Samuel Harvey, who is also a former minister of government. The expressed sentiments of Puisne Judge Ramsay-Hale

concurred with that of Mr Samuel Harvey when she spoke of the value of programmes keeping young people out of jail, and placing them on special reform programmes. In an interview on Cayman’s CITN television station last week, Ms Ramsay-Hale, who left that territory as a Chief Magistrate, commented on the usefulness of a drug court, the establishment of which she played a pivotal role there. “The drug court, once formally established brought recognition to the impact the problem-solving courts could have on the offending population. It is because of the success of the drug court that the chief justice has asked the attorney general’s office to undertake the work necessary to formally establish a mental health court, to formally establish a domestic violence court, and to formalise the DUI intervention programme.” She spoke of the value of these programmes: “…in restoring these people to the community as active members, contributing members”. The Supreme Court judge’s arrival on TCI comes against the backdrop of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety announcing plans for alternative sentencing initiatives such as electronic tagging,

community service orders and compliance orders. The ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Denise Saunders, stated in a media release Tuesday, November 01: “We are all convinced that once we get these projects on sound footing we would see benefits such as fewer persons being given custodial sentences and the community would benefit from offenders doing free community work. … We believe incarceration should be left to dangerous and persistent offenders”. Stressing the need for options to imprisonment, Ms RamsayHale spoke of the need to find better ways for treating young people who are in conflict with the law. She noted judicial systems worldwide: “… moving slowly towards new facilities that are designed to change behaviour by changing the way offenders think. “In many instances, particularly the youth crime, the crime, the drug use, the behaviour are all symptomatic of something that is going on in that child’s life, and if we don’t address these core issues we would never stop the offending behaviour.”



November 5 - 11, 2011

November 5 - 11, 2011




TCI students in Caribbean food quiz final Four TCI students from the H. J. Robinson High School will be among the finalists at the Caribbean Schools’ Food and Nutrition Quiz Competition to be held in Guyana on November 16, 2011. The preliminaries of the competition were held over two days last month at the University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica through the open campus audio conferencing facilities. Facilitator for the Turks and Caicos team was TCI Education Department Local Registrar, Mr Robert Newman.

He explained: “13 teams from around the Caribbean participated in round one. In that round, 20 questions were posed to each team in two stages; the first stage required each of the three team members to answer five questions individually, with no help from their teammates. In the second stage, five questions were posed to the team as a whole and team members were allowed to confer. The student who emerged with the most points at the end of round one was selected as the individual champion. That student

Shoebox Christmas for Grand Turk With Christmas nearing, the Department of youth Affairs recognizes it is a time for giving and sharing, and is embarking on an Annual Shoe Box Christmas for the boys and girls of Grand Turk. Last year was the first year for the activity and it is expected that this Christmas project has many more to come in the ensuing years. According to the department, it is easy to assist in the shoebox Christmas drive. “All you have to do is simply donate a shoe box filled with items such as school supplies and toys, and this small token will go a long way in helping to bring joy to the hearts of our children,” the department said in a media statement. Should interested persons have any questions or would like to donate to this project, they are asked to contact the Department of Youth Affairs, located in the Ministry of Education building on Pond Street, Grand Turk at phone number: 946-2801 ext 40611. The deadline for donating is December 19.

‘Cinders’ needs a home BIG-HEARTED islanders bemused to discover an unknown puppy appear mysteriously in their dog kennel are seeking a loving home for the pooch. The couple, who live in Wheeland, had a surprise last week when they went into their back yard to find the tiny dog curled up alongside their other pets. They have named her ‘Cinders’ – in tribute to her desolate status –

and are hoping to attract a ‘Prince Charming’ to take her home. The three-month-old potcake has been de-wormed and has received her first round of vaccinations. She’s described as so friendly she never stops wagging her tail and is expected to grow into a large pup. Email tcweeklynews@gmail. com or call 946 4664 if you can offer Cinders a home.

came from Guyana. “At the end of the first day, the eight teams with the highest scores from round one advanced to the quarterfinals. Team TCI advanced in third place. “At the commencement of the quarterfinals on the second day, 10 questions were posed to each team and TCI emerged from that round in a three-way tie for first place with Anguilla and Jamaica. Guyana rounded out the final four for the Semifinals. “Team TCI joined Guyana in the finals after defeating team Anguilla and edging out last year’s rivals Jamaica by one point.” Representing the TCI will be Dixie Smith, Nia Jones, Zavia Jarrett and Gabrielle Williams as reserve. All students will be given an all expenses paid trip to Guyana to compete in the finals. The team was coached by Home Economics Teachers at the H.J. Robinson High School, Mrs Eudelise Swimmer and Mrs Simone Halloway-Williams.

L-R: Mrs. Brenda Robinson, Mr. Robert Newman, Gabrielle Williams, Nia Jones, Dixie Smith, Zavia Jarrett, Mrs. Simone Holloway-Williams

Now in its 14th year the Caribbean Schools’ Food and Nutrition Quiz Competition was organized to improve the image of food and nutrition in the region; promote

nutrition and healthy lifestyles among students and the community; and help students in preparation for local and regional examinations in food and Nutrition.

British snorkeller ‘died of heart condition’ A BRITISH visitor who drowned while snorkelling near Coral Gardens had an underlying heart problem that may have caused his death, an inquest heard. Mark Crick was on a weeklong environmental field trip to Providenciales when his body was found floating in the ocean on March 26. He was described by local DECR staff as a “driven conservationist” whose friendliness touched them all. The 47-year-old father-of-two was initially believed to have died of saltwater drowning. But a subsequent report discovered Mr Crick had a condition called arthrosclerosis, where plaque builds up inside the arteries. One of the arteries in his heart was found to be 65 per cent blocked. The report said the blockage reduced space for blood to pass, and could have caused a haemorrhage which led to his death. Mr Crick, of Stamford, Lincolnshire, had been due to fly back to the UK on the day he died. He had telephoned his wife Helga that morning to say he was going for one final swim before his plane departed. Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Gordon Ryall told Mrs Crick that her husband had drowned but that the tragedy could

Mark Crick’s friendly spirit and dedication to his work touched local DECR workers

be attributed to his heart condition. He added: “Someone with that problem can be subject to unexpected cardiac events. “It may be when he was swimming that was what happened. “It is sad that this should happen. If he had been aware of his condition then he might have gone to the doctor and had treatment for it. “It is not unusual for someone

to die with this condition without knowing they had it at all.” Mr Crick had been in the islands doing work for the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), the statutory adviser to the UK Government on national and international nature conservation. He had no vital signs when he was taken out of the water and emergency staff at Provo hospital were unable to resuscitate him. Bryan Naqqi Manco, of the DECR, was among those who worked alongside Mr Crick. “Until Mr Crick’s visit to TCI in March, I had collaborated on conservation with him only by telecommunications,” he previously told the Weekly News. “On March 22 I was fortunate to be able to give Mr Crick … a tour of North and Middle Caicos to show our collaborative conservation work in action. “Mark’s presence was a gift and the questions he asked and helpful ideas he expressed affirmed him as a driven conservationist and, on more kindred terms, passionately appreciating of nature. “His friendliness touched us all.” Scientific officer with the DECR Eric Salamanca said Mr Crick had been so impressed by the islands’ natural beauty he planned to return with his wife and children.



November 5 - 11, 2011

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics.

Do they think we’re silly? Dear Editor, Clayton Greene needs to be charged by Helen Garlick for hypocrisy, being silly and thinking that the people of the TCI are silly. Who in their right mind would follow this man into the deep blue sea of deception, being misled and endless debt? The cry for independence by Clayton and the PNP is desperate

and makes one think of how shallow and silly they all are in that hollow sinking ship of a party. As a die-hard PNP, biased and dictatorial Speaker of the House for Mike Misick, Greene supported and aided Mike Misick in passing some of the worst laws these islands have seen, like the national health scam which is destroying people daily.

As Speaker he adjourned the House of Assembly so that Mike Misick could avoid a vote of no confidence. Now to the Middle Caicos land scam. As a lawyer and while being Speaker of the House of Assembly, he transferred 2,500 acres of precious Middle Caicos land and now he pretends to care about the TCI. This land would be worth far more than it was sold for.

Renewable by nature Dear Editor, How ridiculous – wind and sun neither reliable nor ready! Has the earth gone flat again? We urgently need to broaden the debate about the role of renewable energy in TCI. Fortis’s suggestion to Rotary that renewables in TCI are 20 years away (post storage solutions) and natural gas is the next step may make sense in Canada but is hardly feasible in TCI where renewables’ potential are extraordinary. Inadequate port/storage facilities

are a major cause of diesel fuel costs today and it is almost inconceivable that natural gas can ever be imported safely into Providenciales in bulk – absent major port investment. Harnessing wind and sun to supply low cost, but intermittent, electricity that will complement diesel generated power will require Fortis to become a bit smarter - so that load factors are adjusted to respond to TCI’s ‘renewable by nature’ environment. However, even at exaggerated diesel costs, the benefit of a mixed

but balanced supply of alternative power sources makes clear and immediate economic sense. The developed world now recognises that a variety of renewable technologies, including solar, wind, waste, hydro etc, complements traditional power generation and must take place alongside historic fossil fuel sources. Fortis appear to recognise the situation in Canada and Cayman – why not TCI? Colin Williams

Now he wants independence? To do what? Stop the British from prosecuting? The TCI may decide it wants independence but first the people must be free from Clayton Greene. They must be free from the bloated hospital scam which he as Speaker presided over. What Greene and his PNP members are advocating is for the right to rip the TCI people off again and avoid the need to account for it. This man is not fit to be leader of anything and is really Mike Misick’s nominee as PNP leader. Mike Misick is still calling the shots. All in all people are suffering because of what Greene did to this country and they are also paying taxes. Independence may also be tempting to the British to get rid of this problem but people will not vote for this scam. Taxes are higher because of the lands they have stolen and the hundreds of millions diverted from the treasury. To allow these misleaders to fool people again would be a shame. It just cannot happen. Clayton

Greene and the PNP should be treated as insane people. You really should not care about what they are saying. So one should grin in their face, pretend to agree, laugh inside, hope they go soon, allow them to blame the British for what they have done without accepting responsibility and hope they leave you alone soon. People like these are dangerous and will condemn an honest man to death because they really do not care about anything or anybody. Not one of them stood up to Mike Misick and told him what he was doing was wrong. Instead they helped him and now Greene as leader of the PNP is there to represent him and his lies. Helen Garlick needs to move fast, stop playing around and charge them for lies, hypocrisy, thinking the people of the TCI are silly and can easily be fooled again. Like one said, just smile in their faces, pretend to agree with them, give them a taste of their own medicine and hope they leave your presence soon. Samsune Taylor


The drag net and the safety net AN EXPECTED event happened last week. The Progressive National Party took a position calling for independence. Ho hum, no surprise at all. This is the only possible outcome for looming legal events long expected. Their former leader and their possible future leaders have been weaving this call into their proclamations for some time. If their leaders can’t get support from the required 80 per cent of the population they will at least have a platform at the UN from which to deny the authority of Britain while trying to escape SIPT’s drag net. Totally independent is the way the PNP operated since the

By David Tapfer 2006 constitutional reform gave us a Premier. Meanwhile sleepy Governor Poston and Tauwhare slept here. Without oversight we arrived right where we are. The British takeover is prolonged and in many cases poorly advised.


That does not however excuse the very serious reasons Britain is here in abundance tinkering with the system and reversing PNP policies incorporated during their reign. The interim government reflects two basic challenges; one for Britain and one for the overseas territories. 1) Having British bureaucratic civil servants, who are in many cases of questionable ability, stop in for a few months and try to solve territorial problems they don’t understand never worked. 2)We cannot keep electing people known to be incapable of managing their way out of a wet paper bag and/or who have self-enrichment as an agenda. We sure cannot change Britain

but we can change ourselves! Vote for honest fresh government with a patriotic vision. Then Britain will leave us alone. Independence reminds us of the well worn axiom of life, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. With Britain backing us we have a safety net. When politicians break the bank, get in bed with corrupt developers, run up millions in bills, take out massive loans and build infrastructure from dirt we can always call on Mother Britain to slowly bail us out. As long as the British rule of law remains the developers and expat residents will stay, the best of the civil servants will survive and oh God, ever so slowly, right will

overcome wrong. Had the British not arrived when they did, however late, we were on the road to being another Grenada or Falkland Islands. Money from Chavez or other nasties to finance the mismanagement was pending. Interference from Chavez, a declared enemy of the USA but friend of our former leaders, would have brought the troops, war ships and the helicopters. Castro’s interference in Grenada brought that result. Remember Chavez and Castro are buddies! The safety net provided by Britain may be full of holes and bounce us around but what would we do without it?

Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

November 5 - 11, 2011




Commonwealth Painting the picture scholarship in the UK

Affirmations - Defining ourselves by nature

By Nicole Cox

WHEN someone introduces themselves to you and tells you where they are from, for some reason it instantly conjures up a temporary definition of who that person may be. Their potential values and sensitivities stack onto a tentative list that you explore as you further acquaint yourself with that person. Even as you read this article you could think of a person who is American, French, British or any host of nationalities and there seems to be a stereotype to accompany their profile. Do they fit the preconceived picture? Are they ‘typical’ of the image their country propagates? Sometimes they actually are! But one thing is certain, national identity plays a large role in finding our place in the global tapestry. So what is a Turks and Caicos Islander? Ah, the question heard around the world! I know this question is fodder for political debate. By law, every nation must define exactly what criteria are necessary to claim an individual as their own. But from a philosophical standpoint, what it means to be a Turks and Caicos Islander may be a more important question. What images will be conjured in the minds of our fellow nations when they hear that this is the country from which we hail? What is the archetype that will pop to their minds? Will it be one we would want to reinforce or redefine? The beauty of the tumultuous times that we currently live in is that we are perfectly poised as a nation to create our national image for ourselves. This is a privilege that has long passed from the hands of other countries. I believe all those who dwell here should seize the opportunity for what it is. And as our law makers set the guidelines to mark what a TC Islander is, we the people should be diligently seeking to set the guidelines to what that means. But how do we do that? As young as this nation may be, we are not devoid of history. We have a fascinating culture that has emerged as distinct yet somehow familiar to those who have tasted its flavour. Perhaps to create our definition we should look to our history; the events and persons who made their marks in the evolution of our people. From these, we can glean what is true and noble; the best of who we can be and what we can achieve. We can learn from the mistakes and mishaps and then build upon the lessons. We have the ability and the right to decipher the past and use it to paint a picture for our future. There is humility in that process that can only bring closure and resolution. In this, perhaps we find the first definition of what it means to be a Turks and Caicos Islander: We are teachable.

The Office of the Public Service Management has announced that the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom is inviting one nomination from the Turks and Caicos Islands for scholarship in the United Kingdom from October 2012. The Turks and Caicos Islands is therefore inviting as many applicants as possible and will submit one candidate from any one of the following categories. One year taught masters courses or equivalent degrees; Six months of clinical training in

medicine or dentistry; doctorate degrees of up to three years duration; or. Candidates who wish to undertake extensive periods of fieldwork at home. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the Scholarship Prospectus at However, the attention of applicants is drawn to the following key points: Candidates should hold, or expect to hold by October 2012, a first degree of at least upper second-class

honours level or a degree of second class and a relevant post graduate degree. Candidates should be able to take up their awards in October 2012. Deferments are granted only in the most exceptional circumstances, and in any event will not be considered for start dates beyond January 2013. It is a new eligibility criterion that all candidates applying for doctoral study must provide the Commission with evidence of support from a prospective supervisor at, in the least, one of their chosen institutions at the time of application.

Data collection workshop ends The Gender Affairs Unit within the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety, along with key Ministries, Heads of Department and NGOs wrapped up a three-day workshop, November 1st – 3rd 2011, at the Education Department Resource Center, Grand Turk. This was a national training workshop that focused on capacity building for the production of reliable disaggregated data and was sponsored by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety and the Gender Affairs Department. The workshop’s objectives were: - to share and put into practice basic concepts of social and gender

statistics and the collection of data disaggregated by sex; - to improve data collection on women and men in the Turks and Caicos Islands in order to enhance national level capacity to monitor and report on progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); - to ensure producers and users of the statistics in the TCI understand the need to regularly review the adequacy of the official statistical system and its coverage of gender issues; - to present a methodology for the description, calculation and dissemination of social and gender indicators, incorporating statistical and inter-institutional aspects according to international and

regional recommendations and best practices. In a media release, the Gender Affairs Unit described the workshop as being important to the Department and by extension the entire Turks and Caicos Islands. The Unit further stated: “despite implementing a number of initiatives, it continues to face difficulties in addressing additional demands of monitoring and ensuring progress by the MDGs and other international commitments. Therefore it is imperative to carry out activities to ensure building and strengthening institutional capabilities for generating reliable social economic and environmental statistics throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands”.

Pathfinders - Shining light into a dark world

How firm a foundation? By Nicole Cox

“OUR country is going to hell in a hand basket!” I listen carefully to the frustration bubbling from the voices in hot debate around me. “Nobody cares about the common man, the working man, we might as well be back in the salt ponds for all they care!” “Everyone has their own agenda and we ain’t on none of them! The politicians, the businesses, the churches.” Suddenly my interest was piqued. “So, even the churches, you say?” I asked as I prepared to let the response soak in. “Oh, yes! They are the biggest criminals of all! They line themselves

up with whoever is in power, or tryin’ to get in power and take money from the workin’ man to pay for only God knows what! And they hide behind God to do it! There ain’t no God in the church!” A swell of agreements surrounded the statements. “People are hungry and hurtin’ in this place and all the church worryin’ about is what conference they throwin’ next. One pile of hypocrisy! Tryin’ to tell me how I should live while they pick my pocket!” Wow. The only thing more fascinating than the statements made were the many voices that backed them. Has the view of the church truly fallen to this level? Where is the firm foundation of the past? Turks and Caicos is a

predominately black culture and therefore the church is a central figure. This is true of most cultures within the black diaspora. Churches, the events and people that make them up and their participation in the public arena have played major roles in the shaping of community development. In the United States, the Civil Rights Movement began in the black churches and spread all the way to the White House. This phenomenon is not unique to black communities, but it is pronounced therein. So, to hear such stern accusations being levelled toward a staple institution in our community, one must wonder if one of the cornerstones of our culture has

been lost. In the following weeks, we will journey into our churches. By way of interviews with both clergy and laymen we will conduct our own inquiry into the philosophy of our modern church. We will take the time to listen as the church community spills its heart and shares its burden. What are they doing? Who is doing it and why? These are the questions that will be answered as we reacquaint ourselves with what was once a familiar friend. Whether a member, visitor or simply not religiously inclined, there was once a respect for the church that did not have to be spoken as much as it was just understood.

Hearing the voices that labour within the sanctuaries of prayer may help us all to have an accurate picture of what the objective of the new church may be. Friend or foe may be more easily decided if we allow them to speak their piece and share their experiences. Perhaps, whether we ascribe to their doctrines or not, we may be able to find inspiration from our oldest social institutions. This inspiration may be just the breath we need to move past jaded cynicism to blessed hope. If you would like your pastor or church event to be featured in Pathfinders please contact Nicole Cox at the Weekly News.



November 5 - 11, 2011


TV documentary on men released “Everyday Heroes - A Fresh Look at Caribbean Men” a documentary film produced by Journalist and Film and Television Producer, Onel Sanford-Belle, was set to be released on regional television network CaribVision on Monday October 31, 2011 at 8:30pm. ‘Everyday Heroes’ is presented in a style similar to the 60 Minutes American television programme and looks at the untold stories of Caribbean men. Mrs Sanford-Belle stated in a media release, that the programme explores a fresh and under-reported side of men in the region, and seeks to provoke thought surrounding the issues relating to absentee fathers in the Caribbean, by putting men on center stage in a positive and motivational way. She says that while viewers will be presented with a new perception of men in the region, meeting ‘unlikely heroes’ through the 90-min program will also provide a new approach to reporting in the region. “It would appear that whenever we see our Caribbean men in the press, they are often featured in a not-soinspiring context. What ‘Everyday Heroes’ purports to do is bring to light the positive side to men in our society; dispelling that negative image as well as highlighting the efforts of some of these men who are pushing the boundaries and doing way more than what is even expected of them” Sanford-Belle, who has been working on this project for the last six months, says: “If one viewer’s life is impacted as a result of this project, it would have met its objective.” ‘Everyday Heroes’ follows the lives of ordinary men in St Lucia and the British Virgin Islands, and the producer has expressed the hope that the programme’s release is the beginning of a series that would allow more men from other

autism awareness By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

Josiah, aged four

Spectrum of Hope Vol 8

Wendell Parsons, a subject in the documentary

Raymond Fonseca, a subject in the documentary

Caribbean islands to be included. Sanford-Belle says the programme was produced on a shoestring budget but sought to derive the highest quality and standards. “This started out as a no-budget

Public Notice The TCIG wants the public to note that the Publishing Department has been relocated from the Franklyn Missick building to the former Princess Alexandria Centre building, Palm Grove, Grand Turk.

project and rode on donated time and resources for most of the six months. I have to really thank two of my filmmaking colleagues, Anthony Alfonso and Suchitra Varma of New York and India respectively, for committing to this project and lending their expertise. “Another note-worthy point is that we raised US$9,000.00 through a grassroots funding campaign that allowed anyone, from any part of the world to become a financial backer of this project by pledging as little as US$1.00 towards its completion. The pledges were then processed by” She said the money was raised in 30 days. Sanford-Belle expressed gratitude to Platinum Sponsor, Courts (OECS), and other corporate sponsors: The Advancement of Children Foundation in St Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean Credit Card Corporation limited, 1st National Bank St Lucia Limited, LIME of St Kitts, Ferrands Food Products of St Lucia, and the St Lucia Golf and Country Club.

Your focus needs more focus! FAST forward 26 years from the 1984 blockbuster ‘The Karate Kid’ and you find wunderkind Jaden Smith reprising the role of the spunky underdog fighting for social acceptance. I have to admit that I didn’t intend to watch it. Firstly, the fact that it was advertised as a remake on a classic made me feel old as dirt! Secondly, as much as I think Jackie Chan is a kung fu genius, I already had my mind set that he could not touch my sweet Mr Miyagi….as if I knew him personally! Well, needless to say I fell victim to my pop culture appetite and enjoyed the film thoroughly! And, considering the ABA track that Josiah is taking as therapy for his autism, I now draw analogies to almost anything discipline related and use it as inspiration! This movie was no exception. After Xiao Dre has learned the basics of kung fu (through maddening repetition reminiscent of the 1984 predecessor), Mr Han then takes him to the Wudang Mountains to fine tune his skills and expand on their applications in the ring and in life. It is here that Han shows Dre that the basics are not enough to catapult one to mastery. “Your focus needs more focus,” Han tells him while suspending Dre inches over a dodgy looking body of water…yes, I have to go there! Josiah had been achieving great things in ABA after a year of hard work. We listened to his therapists carefully and followed their instructions to the letter. We reinforced every programme he was being taught in sessions. Twenty-four hour ABA was the goal! Never perfect, but always working toward perfection, we felt that we were becoming model ABA parents! Then the supervising therapist for the Dawn Program introduced us to ‘more focus’. Verbal Behavior (VB) is an ABA technique originally developed by BF Skinner. In VB, language is treated as a behaviour and therefore can be reinforced to facilitate appropriate and natural communication. VB takes the threat of ‘robotic responses’ out of ABA. The teaching procedure is quick paced, cumulative and expansive, taking the student from following simplistic commands (Receptive Operant) through several levels of language until being able to engage in conversation about abstract ideas (Intraverbal Operant). VB is quickly becoming the gold standard of ABA programmes around the world. If you are seeking a therapist for your child and they don’t know VB, they should! If you are looking to conduct a home programme yourself and you are being consulted by a behavioural specialist, VB should be a staple in their repertoire! It’s amazing for a child to grow from not even responding to his own name (because he doesn’t know what ‘that word’ means) to spontaneously engaging you in a short conversation about almost anything. It’s a testament to hard work, both from child and teachers. And the parent is the primary teacher, make no mistake about it. We are ‘Mr Han’. That was made crystal clear to us by Josiah’s diagnosing physician. That was the dawn in the darkness to shed light on the journey ahead of us. For more information on autism email DawnProgram@gmail. com Next week: Finding your dawn

November 5 - 11, 2011




Ministry to clear PRC applications year-end The Ministry of Border Control and Labour has said is continuing to work on clearing the backlog of Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) applications that have accumulated over very many years. The target is that all outstanding PRC applications should be cleared by the end of 2011. The ministry stated in a recent media release that this task remains extremely challenging, not least because in a number of cases the applicant has not provided all the necessary documentary evidence for the case to be decided, and there are no up to date contact details for the applicant. Attached is a summary of the current criteria, fees and conditions for PRC under the Immigration Ordinance and Regulations, which are being

applied to cases in the backlog. “It would be helpful if all applicants whose cases remain pending, and who have evidence, in the form of a receipt, that their applications were made before 26 February 2010, would now check that they meet one of the current headings under which PRC can be granted; that they have supplied evidence to confirm that they meet the criteria; that they are able and willing to pay the fee; and that they are content with the conditions which will be applied,” the ministry stated. Having done this, all those who remain interested in having their applications processed are asked to contact the ministry at the email address before 2pm on Friday November 18, 2011, to confirm that they wish their

application to proceed, to arrange to provide up to date documentary evidence where necessary, and to pay the required fee up front. Any applications, which remain pending after November 18, 2011 without the necessary documentary evidence, without fees paid, and without up to date contact details, will be regarded as withdrawn and the files will be closed. This will not apply to applications from former dependents, who had been endorsed on their parent’s PRC but have now reached 18 years. Such applications continue to be accepted despite the moratorium. Applicants for PRC are reminded that they should maintain their legal status through work or residence permits, or the government stamp, while their PRC application is pending.

this week

Friday, November 4 to Thursday, November 10` Friday, November 4  Ready to start the weekend party? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 10.30am to 11.30am. More information at or on 442-6348.

 Live music duo NaDa will be providing entertainment at Mango Reef restaurant at the Alexandra resort this evening. Starts 6.45pm. Call 946 8200 for more details.  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 442-6349. Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details.

Saturday, November 5  Pull out your dancing shoes and join the Provo Children’s Home (PCH) as they present ‘Span the Decades’ music extravaganza. Starts 7pm at Beaches’ Treasure Beach. Tickets are $75 per person with food and drinks included and are available from Finishing Touch, Yoshi’s, Top of the Cove deli, Adventurescape and the youth centre, downtown Provo. There is still time to enter the lip synching contest so get some friends to join you on stage and dance and lip synch to your favourite song dressed in the decade of your choice from the 50s to the 90s. Visit for entry forms. All proceeds go to PCH.

Hostess Foluso Ladejobi (far right) and friends take a break from serving shoppers

‘Pink’ party raises $11,000 for charity BIG-HEARTED residents and shoppers helped raise a colossal $11,000 to fight breast cancer at this year’s ‘In the Pink’ extravaganza. Organisers of the third annual event, staged at the Regent Palms last month, dubbed the fundraiser “a resounding success”. Hundreds of islanders donned the glitz in honour of the occasion which saw several rooms of the luxury hotel transformed into an affordable shoppers’ paradise. The Regent Palms’ general manager Karen Whitt said: “In the Pink, which was conceptualised by Bornewell Marketing three years ago, has taken on a life of its own. “When we opened the doors at 6pm we knew we were going to have good attendance but the numbers exceeded our expectations.”

Guests browsed reams of donated designer clothing and accessories, along with breast cancer awareness merchandise. Also on hand were representatives from the National Cancer Society to educate visitors about the charity’s initiatives. Ms Whitt added: “Once again this event would not have been possible without our resident hostesses – Josephine Connolly, Mary Lou Vanderheide, Foluso Ladejobi and their friends who are already gearing up for In the Pink 2012. “So many persons and companies came on board to make In the Pink possible this year and it shows that persons are eager to assist with the fight against cancer.” Guests were treated to complimentary Yellowglen pink

champagne, donated by Discount Liquor, and pink sangrias created by the Regent Palms’ team. There was also a special surprise at the after party at the Plunge Bar when guest bartenders Mike Michaels, Thorn Capron, John Wright and Stan Hartling dazzled the ladies. Kate Withers Green, who sewed and wore a special dress for the evening, and Claire Phillips, who donned breast cancer awareness themed attire, scooped the ‘best pink outfit’ contest. More than a dozen lucky ladies walked away with raffle prizes ranging from spa treatments to jewellery and gift vouchers. The $11,002 raised is a record high for the event and will be donated to the National Cancer Society.

 Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at The Athletic Club in Saltmills Plaza for mothers and their little ones. Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome! Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Sunday, November 6  Eastern Standard Time begins at 2am. Move your clocks back one hour. Feeling lucky? Win cash at the Rotary Club’s weekly bingo night every Sunday from 7pm at Club Pillows opposite the Veranda resort in Grace Bay.

Monday, November 7 Are you in the dance mood? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with

Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 10.30am to 11.30am. More information at or on 442-6348.  Start your week with a fun and calorieburning Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7 pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. Visit for more information or call 442-6349. Girls and boys aged 11 to 19 years old are invited to take part in a fun singing group. The TCI Youth Chorale rehearses every Monday at 6pm at the Edward C Gartland Youth Centre, downtown, Providenciales. For more information call 331-7176.

Tuesday, November 8  Do you like Latino music and hot parties? Join Graceway Sports Centre and dance your booty off with Shara Bowen and her incendiary Zumba class from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. More information at or on 442-6348.  Live music duo NaDa will be providing entertainment at Mango Reef restaurant at the Alexandra resort this evening. Starts 6.45pm. Call 946 8200 for more details.

Wednesday, November 9  Kick back with live music from Soul Redemption at the Regent Palms on Wednesdays from 7pm. Call 946-8666 for details.  Are you in need of inner peace? Interested in a healthy lifestyle and a toned and flexible body? Then you need David Bowen’s yoga classes at The Athletic Club in the Saltmills Plaza. Come along on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 7am, Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm or Saturday at 9am. Call 941-8686 for more details.

Thursday, November 10  Help support the TCSPCA with a beach barbeque tonight from 6pm at Bay Bistro. Featuring bonfire, live band, silent auction, door prizes, full barbeque, dessert and cash prizes. Starts 6pm with all proceeds going towards the TCSPCA. Tickets are $40 per person and are available from the TCSPCA office at Suzy Turn. Call 941-8846/231-3052 for more information.  Get up and jump into your sports shoes for a morning Tae-bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 9am to 10 am. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members. More information at or on 442-6349.  Celebrate good health with wellness coach Benneth Williams every Thursday evening. Come along to Williams Block, suite number six, on Lower Bight Road, Providenciales, from 7pm. There you will get a free wellness consultation and an hour of fun. For more details call Benneth at 246-0300 or email

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email tcweeklynews@ for a free listing.




November 5 - 11, 2011

fitness Tip 

Yoga and tennis - a win-win situation UNLIKE many sports that require simple brute strength or speed, tennis is also a mental game. That is why yoga is perfect as a cross-training tool for any tennis player. A yoga practice can improve your game on

Apple and pomegranate crisp

TRY this delicious and nutritious festive fall dessert.


• 4 medium apples - peeled, cored and sliced • Half pomegranate, skin and light-coloured membrane removed • Half cup brown sugar • 1 tbsp ground cinnamon • Half tsp ground nutmeg • Half cup rolled oats • Half cup all-purpose flour • Half cup white sugar • Half cup unsalted butter, melted


• Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Butter a 9x13 inch baking dish. • In a large bowl, toss together the apples, pomegranate seeds, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. • Spread evenly into the prepared pan. In the same bowl, stir together the oats, flour and sugar. • Rub in the butter between your fingers until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Sprinkle over the top of the fruit. • Bake for 45 minutes in the preheated oven, until the apples are soft. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature.

many levels, most notably working on your flexibility, power, balance, injury prevention and mind control. A big part of tennis is getting rid of the inner chatter, so that when you are in a situation during a match where you think ‘I have to win this point’, yoga will help train your mind to be still, improving the level of concentration and focus. Pranayama (breath control) and meditation are yoga techniques that are applied to achieve this mental focus and develop a sense of centeredness. Yoga can also help your game by making you stronger and flexible, thus less prone to injury. Unlike most sports, tennis demands more from a player’s dominant side. The result can be imbalances that can lead to injuries. Consider the serve. The repetitive motion of overhead serving takes a toll on the rotator cuff muscles, a tight-knit group of muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. When the shoulder and upper back are too weak or tight to swing the racquet against the impact of an oncoming ball, stress can vibrate

By Anna Lukacs

Yoga and Pilates instructor

down the arm and land in the elbow. Tennis elbow results from straining the tendons that join the muscles of the forearm to the outside of the elbow joint. Shoulder strength, good flexibility and proper alignment are must-haves for a powerful forehand. Tennis players often also have problems with their knees, ankles, hips and wrists and they really need to spend some time on those areas as well. Flexibility aids in injury prevention by allowing for better extension and increasing your reach, allowing you to better turn your back to the ball. Powerful muscles will help keep your knees bent throughout the match and will make sure your serve and ground strokes are strong. Balancing poses help strengthen the back and torso muscles, working the leg muscles for ground strokes and volleys.

A regular yoga practice along with a pre-match warm-up ritual will help improve your game overall. Anna Lukacs is a yoga and

pilates instructor at Inner Balance Wellness. To learn more about tennis and yoga or for any other inquiries contact anna@ or call 331-9642.

health Tip 

Why pomegranates pack a punch WELL hello readers, thanks again to you for reading the cucumber column. I sure do hope you found some helpful and healthful tips from it. As always, most of all I continue to give thanks to Almighty God for his goodness towards me, and for all of the abilities that he has given me. This week I want to draw your attention to a fruit that we sometimes pay very little attention to, but it does have some health benefits. According to research, pomegranates are higher in calories than most other fruits. They contain anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidants. This means they are effective in helping fight disease. They are increasingly becoming popular due

By Phillip Simmons to their discovered health benefits. Pomegranates have a distinctive sweet tart taste and beautiful deep red colour. Some food manufacturers are using them in fillings, beverages, sauces and confections. The potassium content in pomegranate juice is almost as high as that in orange juice. Unlike orange juice, pomegranates are not a good source of vitamin C. Studies have found that pomegranates may slow the growth of prostate tumors.

Pomegranates may slow the growth of prostate tumors

November 5 - 11, 2011

Lifestyle... GARDENING 


How does your garden grow

The beauty of hedges HEDGES are ideal boundary screens, providing a living barrier for privacy, security, shelter and structure in the garden. Hedges are also ideal backgrounds in the garden, as they define the bush from the private garden. Hedges can be manicured for a formal look or remain natural and therefore requiring less maintenance. Here are some of species that are frequently found in the TCI: Ficus: The ficus benjaminia is a popular hedge plant, but they are in fact trees, some growing to be quite large. Because they are very fast growing plants, they have become one of the most popular hedge plants. Although one would trim the ficus to shape within one’s own landscape, the ficus roots would still grow as though it were a tree. So despite cutting down the trunk, the roots try to grow as though they were supporting a full sized tree. So after a few years, your soil will be totally invaded by ficus tree roots. Monthly maintenance is required making it a high cost plant, but good to consider if a large plant is required within the landscape. Silver buttonwood (or green buttonwood): The silver buttonwood differs from the green one as it has a layer of fine hairs covering the leaves giving it a silver like colouring. Normally, silver buttonwoods grow as a multi-trunked small tree but in ideal situations, they can grow to be 50 feet tall. If properly pruned this plant can be used as a great hedge. It is a favourite plant because it is a very adaptable and tolerant of


For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

Carissa (natal plum): The dark, glossy leaves and fragrant, white, pin-wheel flowers make carissa a deservedly popular shrub. Dwarf and tall cultivars are available. As an informal hedge, it has an added benefit: the sharp, branched spines of carissa make it an impenetrable barrier, well-suited to applications where additional security is desired. It needs full sun and is droughttolerant. Care should be taken when pruning this plant and removing debris, since the spines are ferocious. Bougainvillea: bougainvillea is colourful and great for barriers because of their thorny nature. They also require maintenance for both pests and pruning. You may also want to consider some other plants to be used as hedges that are not as well know, such as ixora, night blooming jasmin, sambac jasmin, schefflera green or variegated and copperleaf. And for low hedges: ruellia, dwarf snow bush, dwarf ixora, green island ficus.


Tip Dryer sheets

Breathe easy


IF YOU’RE planning a spot of DIY, take care of your lungs when decorating by choosing paints that don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Research shows that these cause atmospheric pollution and can be harmful to people with respiratory conditions.

DRYER sheets can be reused. Either use them for another load of laundry, or tuck them throughout your house as a subtle air freshener. You can put them between couch cushions, in drawers, and under blankets for a springy smell.



Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or tamikahandfield@yahoo. com with your healthy eating questions.

Are you at risk of diabetes?

Hedges can be manicured for a formal look or remain natural for less maintenance

diverse soil and water conditions. After being planted and established it could become a self-sufficient watering plant. It is even salt tolerant and so often planted along beachfronts. It requires full sun. Snow bush: This is a rounded tropical shrub that could reach five to eight feet tall and four to seven feet wide, but it still could be maintained at a much lower height than that. It has highly coloured foliage with leaves that look like flowers. The plant may change colour in a bright, sunny location. The colours of the leaves may change from green to maroon to pink and finally to pure white. The leaves turn green with age or when the plant is placed in the shade. The plant is not susceptible to any majors diseases or pests.


SOMEHOW we blew right through 2011 and now we are on the tail end of it wondering where the year has gone. I love this time of year for many reasons—my birthday, my son’s birthday, the birth of Christ and spending time with family and friends. However, the months of November and December have great nutritional significance. November is recognised worldwide as Diabetes Month with November 14 being celebrated as Diabetes Day. Diabetes is an epidemic that affects millions of people all over the world. According to US statistics, diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death with health care costs for the treatment of diabetes totaling around $174bn annually! While I have not been able to gain access to local diabetes statistics from the Ministry of Health, anecdotal reports suggest that this disease is wreaking havoc in the lives of many people living among us. Therefore, the entire month of November will be dedicated to answering your diabetes questions and sharing valuable information on managing and controlling diabetes. There are many factors that increase your risk for diabetes. To find out about your risk, note each item on this list that applies to you. • • • • • • • • • • • •

I am 45 years of age or older. I am overweight. I have a parent, brother, or sister with diabetes. My ethnic background is black, Hispanic or native American. I have had diabetes while I was pregnant or I gave birth to a baby weighing nine pounds or more. I have been told that my blood glucose blood sugar levels are higher than normal. I have been told that I have high blood pressure. My cholesterol levels are not normal. I am physically active less than three times a week. I have been told that I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The skin around my neck or in my armpits appears dirty no matter how much I scrub it. I have been told that I have blood vessel problems affecting my heart, brain or legs.

If you have any of these risks, speak with your doctor about prevention and/or treatment options. Like my page, ACCU Medical Nutrition—Nutrition in Demand, on Facebook and receive up to date nutritional information. Reference: US Department of Health and Human Services

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


Regional News


November 5 - 11, 2011

Caribbean focused on increasing amount of natural resources ST. KITTS and Nevis’ Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas has told world business leaders that the twin-island Federation like some Caribbean nations, have focused increasing amount of national resources and have continued to develop new and dynamic partnerships in order to reinforce and improve the skill-sets and installed capacity of their peoples. Delivering the keynote address at the forum ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Pert, Australia, the St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister pointed out that the investment by Caribbean governments in one-to-one laptop computer programmes for each student in high schools, will result in every individual being computer literate when entering the workforce in the next decade and beyond. The Eastern Caribbean, in particular the OECS countries, due to our small population size and high standards in relation to pay and work conditions, which in part reflects the quality and relatively high level education of our workers, tend to attract high-end manufacturing. For instance, St. Kitts and Nevis is the highest net exporter in the OECS Caribbean of electronic sensors and light dimmers to the United States market,” pointed out Prime Minister Douglas. He said it was no secret that small economies have in the past relied on the unique appeal of generous tax breaks and other fiscal incentives to attract foreign direct investment. And although some of these have had to be reduced or eliminated altogether, in St. Kitts and Nevis for example there remains on our law book the Fiscal Incentives Act, which provides for corporate tax holidays and duty free import concessions on items necessary for the production of goods, for up to 10 – 15 years with negotiation of a renewable contract,” he told over 1200 business leaders.

He further pointed out that in the development of the International Financial Services sector, St. Kitts and Nevis has negotiated with several countries Double Taxation Treaties, Tax Information Exchange Agreements, which resulted in the jurisdiction meet the international standards for supervision and regulation of the sector. Prime Minister Douglas also pointed out that the Hotels Aid Act provides for duty free concessions as well as tax-free concessions for specified periods for persons wishing to develop resorts and hotels on the island. “The scope of the concessions provided under these pieces of legislation tend to increase based on the size of the project proposed. In recent times however, the call for regional integration has brought into question the issue of consistency across the Caribbean region as it pertains to treatment of investment incentives and also the treatment of investors from within the region and outside of the CARICOM region,” said Dr. Douglas. He noted that the existence of a common tax regime in many Caribbean Countries has led to a reduction in many of the investment incentives investors would receive upon starting a business in the region; “we have recognized that we must do more to maintain our competitiveness and offer investors an opportunity to compete.” “To this end, throughout the region, we have been investing heavily in modern information technology infrastructure to ensure that investors have the necessary framework in which to conduct their business in real time and at reduced cost. In addition to this, because we are a 15 member community, bound together by treaty, we have free movement of skilled and professional labor throughout the community as well as free movement of goods and

St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas

services without attracting additional import and export taxes. Also, this community is located just a few hours from the United States market which is the largest consumer market in this part of the world,” said Prime Minister Douglas. He said several of countries generally, and St. Kitts and Nevis in particular, have focused increasing amount of national resources and have continued to develop new and dynamic partnerships in order to reinforce and improve the skill-sets and installed capacity of the people. “We want to ensure that new and existing investors have the trained human resource base which allows their companies to continue to compete and to grow. As a result of this new thrust and the need for ongoing training and making sure that our young people have the relevant modern 21st century lifeskills, our very small country now houses a state of the art Information Technology Centre to train people of all ages to ensure that they are equipped to take up employment in any sector,” Dr. Douglas told business leaders. He also pointed out that in recent years, St. Kitts and Nevis has been able to attract Call Centers, Data Entry Service and Data Processing type businesses.

IMF commends Belize – but flags “recent rise in poverty” THE INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a congratulatory report on the conclusion of annual consultations with Belize, but cautioned about rising poverty and the vulnerability of Belize’s banking sector against a “weak investment climate.” The IMF mission in Belize, led by Gerardo Peraza, IMF Mission Chief for Belize, began on August 15 and concluded Thursday, August 25. IMF members concluded discussions with Belize on October 21, 2011, and the public information notice (PIN) based on the consultation was released this evening. In its summary report, the IMF said

its executive directors “commended the [Belizean] authorities for their macroeconomic management, which enabled Belize to weather the financial crisis relatively well.” It cautioned, however, that, “While the near-term outlook is positive, challenges arise from the uncertain global environment, vulnerabilities in the banking system, rising gross financing needs of the public sector, and the weak investment climate.” It added that, “The recent rise in poverty is also a cause for concern.” They endorsed Belize’s attempt at developing social programs aimed at reducing poverty, the report said. “They underscored that these

programmes should be cost-effective and better monitored and targeted,” the report added. It also said that 12-month inflation (a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money) was nil in 2010, reflecting primarily continued weakness in domestic demand, but higher food and fuel prices drove it up in the quarter ending in May (the statistical year starts December). The report did not say, however, by how much these prices have increased. The IMF report highlights continued concerns over nonperforming loans (NPLs) in the commercial banking system. (

“What this says to us is that small countries have to stay a few steps ahead in the development curve, building on strategic partnerships to take advantage of technology which in turn helps to level the playing field for all. But let me also say that whilst we are doing all that is necessary to create the appropriate enabling environment for investors, I would like to urge the investor to understand that working together to secure a genuine partnership with governments redounds to our mutual benefit.” “It should therefore not be regarded necessarily as something to fear or that is inimical to the bottom line. It is not mutually exclusive. We can reconcile national expectations with profit margins. We must be able to see our efforts in common as a prerequisite for growth and not an obstacle to joint development. We can work in partnership and get what we each want. I believe strongly in this, and I want to assure any investor who is genuinely interested in St. Kitts and Nevis, and in other Caribbean countries that they will have a genuine partner in my government and other Caribbean governments.” Prime Minister Douglas referring to the current global financial crisis, the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes and the increased mobility of business particularly in the manufacturing sector to the East, has led to a considerable slowdown in growth in economies. “Our governments are therefore trying to become more creative in the way we negotiate with potential investors in seeking to entice them to make the final decision to invest within our shores, but at the same time encouraging them to become genuine partners,” said Prime Minister Douglas. “We are also seeking to become

more sophisticated in dealing with our future partners whether in (1) how we deal with and the negotiate the terms of investment agreements with foreign and local investors; and (2) measures employed to monitor the progress and the needs of these investors in order to ensure that the full benefits of investments in our small countries are realized,” said the St. Kitts and Nevis leader, who added that it is for this reason that the St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency (SKIPA) and the Nevis Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA) were established. “These agencies are specifically mandated to promote our countries as viable investment locations, to facilitate the establishment of new businesses and investments and also to monitor the progress and implementation of these investments,” said Prime Minister Douglas. He said many other Caribbean countries have also established their own Investment Promotion Agencies in order to deal exclusively with the issue of attracting and monitoring investment in their countries. A regional organization called the Caribbean Investment Promotion Agency has also been developed to allow personnel from the various investment agencies in the Caribbean Region to exchange ideas and expertise, as well as to share best practices with each other to attract and maintain foreign investment. “The Caribbean is open for business, come experience it for yourself. You will find creative, hardworking, efficient and bright people who are as committed as you are to the growth and success of your businesses, and growth and success of your country and our countries in the region,” said Prime Minister Douglas. (South Florida Caribbean news)

Mother of three voted as Ms. Big and Beautiful in the Barbados MOTHER of three Samantha Grannum, 25, is a big winner this year. She was crowned Miss Big and Beautiful on Sunday night at the Plantation Garden Theatre. The 250-plus-pounder said she knew she had the title from the moment she did her talent – a dance medley that included popular entertainer Li’l Rick. The show, now in its eighth year, saw the participation of seven contestants, who ranged in age from 20 to 27. Grannum, a crowd favourite, was the winner in a number of categories including Best Lingerie, Best Talent, Best Formal Wear and Miss Congeniality. Second place went to another crowd favourite, Sancia Craigg, who was also voted Miss Facebook and

The 25-year-old said she knew she had the title from the moment she did her talent. (Picture by Sharon Harding.)

Miss Photogenic. Ranisha Browne placed third. (Barbados Nation)

November 5 - 11, 2011

Regional News


Bahamian Christian Council calls for end to Halloween HALLOWEEN is a “day of evil” and should be done away with, according to the Christian Council. Calling for the country to give up Halloween as a “thing of our past”, the council claimed it is the result of a once-religious holiday being twisted into an occasion for “celebrating evil.” “All Hallows Eve, a day for celebrating the saints, has now become Halloween, when we place treats at the door to feed evil spirits,” the council said in a statement. According to the council, Halloween is just one among many examples of a “sacred day” that has been corrupted by secular influences. Parents should not put their children in harm’s way, the statement said, as sexual predators could use Halloween as an opportunity to strike. The council also warned that the public should be aware of the moral consequences of allowing children to dress up in costumes that have traditionally represented darkness.

“We should be careful of the effects that exist on a subliminal level when we call and dress our children as ghosts, witches and goblins,” it said. A local party supply retailer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that as far as she and her staff are concerned, Halloween is a day of fun where people have the opportunity to dress up and have a good time. Adding that business was better this Halloween than last year, she said not everyone views the day in the same light as the Christian Council. But not all of her professional colleagues are of the same opinion. A representative of Party Mart, another local party supplier, said her shop supports the Christian Council’s view and does not carry Halloween costumes or decorations. “We are of the same belief as the council,” she said. The representative added that so far the store’s sales do not seem to have been affected by this policy decision. (Tribune242. com)

Panday questions Manning’s apology FORMER Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Basdeo Panday said Patrick Manning’s national apology leaves him puzzled, saying he is not sure to whom he is apologising. Manning, former prime minister in the last PNM administration, has apologised to those who may have been “disenfranchised” by the policies of his administration. “The people you are apologising to must know who they are. I would think he should make that clear,” Panday said in an interview. Reminded that during the Manning administration, as then opposition leader, he spoke about the alienation of East Indians, Panday said, “If he meant that the PNM was discriminating against certain sections of the population, Manning must make that clear. “I am not sure if he is talking about that or about the PNM. Did he “disenfranchise” PNM supporters by getting them out of power?” Panday said he does not believe Manning is seeking to make a political comeback. Asked why he would apologise to those he hurt at this time, he replied, “Manning is a curious person who makes decisions which defy logic. “It could only be that he is being advised by some seer. I am serious.” Former PNM Laventille East MP

Patrick Manning, a former PM in Trinidad and Tobago, is ending his political career.

Fitzgerald Hinds, among several MPs who were not allowed to recontest their seats when Manning called the 2010 general election, said those Manning is apologising to must treat with the apology in a moral and spiritual manner. Hinds said he cannot know who are the people who may have been offended by what Manning did or did not do during his 40-year political career. However, as a moral and spiritual being he is urging such people to treat with Manning’s apology as moral and spiritual beings also, he said, ending further comment on the matter. (Trinidad Guardian)


Caribbean to benefit significantly from IDB financing THE CARIBBEAN is expected to benefit significantly from financing provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), following a recent increase in the institution’s funding resources, which have moved from US$7 billion to US$12 billion per annum. Representative of the IDB in Jamaica, Ancile Brewster, said regional integration and private sector development in the Caribbean are among the areas expected to be earmarked for financing from the institution’s Ninth Capital Replenishment. Speaking at last week’s launch of Jamaica’s Aid for Trade Strategy, at the Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston, Mr. Brewster said the “struggle for economic growth” has been “pronounced” in Jamaica and other Caribbean states within the last

decade, particularly over the last four years. The IDB Representative said it has been an “intense struggle” for Caribbean nations to “eke out” economic growth, pointing out that Latin America, which the institution represents, along with the former territories, “has fared quite well, in terms of the global perspective.” Mr. Brewster said factors militating against robust growth in the Caribbean, include: the small size of regional economies; the growing globalisation of the world economy; and the dismantling of many of the preferential trade regimes, “which many of our industries have grown up on.” In light of this, he said there is need for greater assessment of the role commercial cooperation can play in developing

regional economies, markets and productive and production capacities. “The IDB is cognizant of this and has made the issue of regional integration and private sector development, one of the cornerstones of its recent ninth capital replenishment. One of the key areas of focus of this new capital increase will, in fact, be promoting inter-regional trade,” Mr. Brewster said. Jamaica’s National Aid for Trade Strategy, developed by the Government in partnership with the IDB, and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), articulates the country’s trade related priorities, and is designed to attract and ensure focused access to investment and aid resources.

FNM questions PLP leadership vote THE Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) may not be able to have a democratic vote for leadership because of the number of stalwart councillors appointed by party leader Perry Christie, according to the Free National Movement (FNM). However, the FNM contended that any shift in power within the PLP would inevitably rip the party apart in the end. “Mr Christie has stacked the deck by appointing hundreds of stalwart councillors who can easily out-vote elected delegates and councilors,” an FNM press release said. “Opposition and its Leader are caught in a cleft stick, a classic catch-22 situation in which the party is floundering and Perry Christie is flailing about as if his political life is in jeopardy - which it is.” The FNM also contend that the PLP’s constant attempts to blame the depressed state of the economy

on the FNM, is a last ditch effort at turning the political tide. “His strategy is to impress those hundreds of stalwarts who keep him in office,” the release said. “From the very beginning of the global economic downturn, Mr Christie and his colleagues sought to convince the Bahamian people that the FNM Government was to blame by stopping, reviewing and canceling all those wonderful projects they said they had on the drawing board. “The party’s prospects for winning the next election are quite slim and there is little the leadership can do to change things.” The FNM touted its own accomplishments undertaken during its term in office in the release, citing new road corridors, new utility lines, the new airport, the new Straw Market, Baha Mar and the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre, as projects

Bahamas repatriates 111 Haitians MORE than 100 illegal Haitian immigrants were sent back to Haiti at the weekend by the Department of Immigration. According to a press release sent by the Department, officers repatriated 111 Haitian nationals to Port-au-Prince via a Bahamasair jet on Saturday at 10am. 106 immigrants were apprehended in waters off the Exumas by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, last Tuesday. They were spotted in a vessel 15 nautical miles off Wardrick Wells Cay before being escorted to

immigration authorities in the capital by 10.30pm. An additional five immigrants were found in an undisclosed location in the northern Bahamas. Authorities will not state how they found the immigrants, only that they were found without immigration status. “The Department of Immigration is committed to the timely and orderly repatriation of persons who breach the immigration laws of The Bahamas,” the release stated. (

the PLP could not get done during its five-year term in office. “Mr Christie has simply changed his tack and is looking somewhere else for resonance. Now he has done an about-face and is in essence complaining about all projects that the FNM has undertaken which has added to the national debt. “But the country’s affairs are being well-managed and the country is not ‘insolvent’ as was foolishly and irresponsibly proclaimed by Mr Christie’s Finance-Minister-in-waiting Ryan Pinder.” (

Jamaican parliament committee worried about teachers defaulting on bonds PARLIAMENT’S Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has expressed concern about the number of teachers who default on their bonds after using state resources to further their education. Permanent secretary in the ministry, Audrey Sewell, told the committee this morning that about 20 per cent of teachers who are bonded, do not return to the education system. She said some of these teachers ask for transfers to other areas of the public sector, but approximately five per cent totally leave the government service, without honouring the bonds.




November 5 - 11, 2011

Digicel launches Blackberry 7 smartphones TELECOMS company Digicel has launched three new BlackBerry smartphones which will be available in the TCI within weeks. The BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9860 and BlackBerry Torch 9810 are expected to fly off the shelves of local stores. Digicel group commercial director Brian Finn said: “Digicel is always looking to bring the very latest and best smartphones to our customers across the Caribbean. “We are very excited about the launch of these three new BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion which offer our customers better performance with a range of new features and apps in a variety of exciting designs to choose from.” Each phone features the new Blackberry 7 operating system which allows a significantly faster web

browsing experience. The new BlackBerry 7 smartphones also feature Liquid Graphics technology which

combines a dedicated high-performance graphics processor with fast CPU and high resolution display.

November 5 - 11, 2011






November 5 - 11, 2011

J.K. Rowling almost killed off Ron Weasley “HARRY Potter and the Deathly Hallows” features one of the more soul-destroying death orgies in Fantasy-lit history, with a whole cavalcade of Potter supporting players winding up as casualties in the climactic wizard battle. The series never shrank from death -- Books 4 through 6 each end with a major character dying, and the whole saga begins with Harry as a newly orphaned baby. But in a new special feature on the “Deathly Hallows 2” DVD, author J. K. Rowling notes that she’d planned one fatality that would have probably scarred a generation of young readers. As reported by the Guardian, Rowling says, “I did seriously consider killing Ron.” Apparently, she briefly thought about killing off Harry’s red-headed sidekick around the middle of the series, when she “wasn’t in a very happy place.” It’s an interesting piece of whatmight-have-been trivia. In some ways, it reminds me a little bit of the mythic notion that Han Solo was supposed to die in Return of the Jedi -- an idea which was supported by original Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz and Harrison Ford. Kurtz told the Hollywood Reporter that Solo lived because George Lucas didn’t want to kill off any of his main characters. It’s hard to accuse

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage to Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian said she rushed into marriage

J.K. Rowling doesn’t specify in what context she was picturing Ron’s death.

Rowling of any such anxiety, given the “Deathly Hallows” bloodbath. Still, it’s fun to speculate on how such a major change would have altered the book series. Rowling doesn’t specify in what context she was picturing Ron’s death, but it’s easy to imagine that he might have bit the dust relatively early. Lots of people were shocked when Rowling killed off Cedric Diggory in “Goblet of Fire,” but Diggory was

a minor character who, in hindsight, was always kind of a handsome readymade corpse -- think of how much freakier the latter Potters would have felt without good ol’ Ron around to relieve the tension. Conversely, imagine if Ron had sacrificed himself in Deathly Hallows’ climax. It certainly would have changed the tone of the ending, which was a pretty upbeat Happily Ever After, all considering. (CNN)

KIM Kardashian has confessed that she “rushed” into her marriage to Kris Humphries. The pair tied the knot in a $20 million fairytale ceremony in August but Kardashian filed for divorce on Monday after only 72 days of marriage. Writing on her official blog on Tuesday, Kardashian insisted that she still believes in love and apologised to anyone who may have been hurt by the failed union. “Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a hopeless romantic! I love with all of my heart and soul. I want a family and babies and a real life so badly that maybe I rushed into something

too soon. I believed in love and the dream of what I wanted so badly,” the 30-year-old explained. “I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster and couldn’t get off when now I know I probably should have. I got caught up with the hoopla and the filming of the TV show that when I probably should have ended my relationship, I didn’t know how to and didn’t want to disappoint a lot of people.” Kardashian also asked for understanding from her fans, adding: “I’m being honest here and I hope you respect my courage because this isn’t easy to go through. But I do know that I have to follow my heart.

Second Expendables stuntman stable after colleague’s death A STUNTMAN seriously injured on the set of Expendables 2 is now in a stable condition, after a colleague died as a result of the same accident. Nuo Sun, who was hurt while filming a stunt sequence in Lake Ognyanova, Bulgaria last week, has been taken to Germany for further treatment. Fellow stuntman, Kun Lieu, was killed in the incident. “Our deepest condolences go to the family of Kun Lieu,” film company Nu Image told the Hollywood Reporter. “His passing is tragic,” the statement continued. The accident happened during filming of an explosion on an inflatable boat on the Ognyanovo dam, 15 miles outside the capital Sofia. It said that Nuo Sun’s condition had “stabilised” and he was now receiving “top medical care from the best specialists” in Munich. Nu Image denied reports in the Bulgarian press that the stunt doubles for stars Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li had been involved in the accident.

Defence lawyers for Dr Conrad Murray say they will call no further witnesses.

Conrad Murray decides not to give evidence

The Expendables 2 reunites the star-studded cast from the first film.

Nuo Sun and Kun Lieu were working in the second stunt unit. “At the time of the accident, neither Li’s or Stallone’s stuntmen were on or near the second unit set, nor were any of the film’s main actors, director Simon West or any of the main unit crew,” Nu Image told

the Hollywood Reporter. “Only second unit filming has been temporarily suspended and will resume shortly. The filmmakers continue to work with authorities investigating this accident. Main unit production has not been interrupted and continues as scheduled.”

DR CONRAD Murray has told a judge he will not testify in his own defence in the trial over Michael Jackson’s death. He denies involuntary manslaughter but could face a prison term and the loss of his medical licence if convicted. Dr Murray told trial Judge Michael Pastor he had made his decision “freely and explicitly”, reports said. The decision comes after the defence called its last witness, propofol expert Dr Paul White. Closing statements will begin on Thursday. “My decision is I will not testify in this matter,” Dr Murray said after being asked if he understood the

choice to testify or not was his alone. Throughout the 22-day trial, both the prosecution and defence have called their own medical experts to take the stand. On Tuesday, the prosecution called their own propofol expert, Dr Steven Shafer, as a rebuttal witness to counter arguments put forth by Dr White. During earlier testimony, Dr Shafer said the suggestion that Jackson could have drugged himself was “crazy”. The defence called former patients of Dr Murray as character witnesses, and tried to introduce doubt into the testimony of the prosecution’s witnesses.

November 5 - 11, 2011




Largest ever Dining Guide launched BOASTING an impressive 132 pages, the 2012 Providenciales Dining Guide is the largest since its launch six years ago. The epic seventh edition was unveiled at the Regent Palms on Wednesday, October 26, before a crowd of industry reps. Brenda Zdenek, of Ad Vantage Ltd, explained to guests that the publication was initially a “spin off” from the Where When How magazine. “Our concept for the Dining Guide publication was to have a single source for menus at a very reasonable advertising cost,” she said. “There is definitely one thing that both visitors and residents have in common - they must eat! “So the magazine was conceptualised to provide them with dining information at their fingertips.

“We have some very interesting articles in the 2012 edition, including a wine pairing article by food and wine writer Mandy Rostance Wolf so we encourage everyone to secure their copy.” Karen Whitt, general manager of the Regent Palms, said that the resort was “elated and extremely proud” to have one of their food shots selected for the 2012 Dining Guide cover page. “Brenda and her team had the tedious task of selecting the perfect shot from the many submissions and being selected proves that Parallel 23 not only creates delicious meals but also wonderful culinary masterpieces.” The publication, with recipes from the islands’ restaurants, also serves as a souvenir for visitors to share with friends or use to plan their future reservations.

DINING GUIDE: The 2012 magazine boasts an impressive 132 pages

Approximately 40,000 plus copies have been produced and will

LAUNCH: Caesar Campbell, former TCHTA association executive, Bornewell Marketing’s Shernelle Blackman and TCHTA’s association executive Stacy Cox

be circulated to the airports, resorts and auto rental agencies. In addition to the print version the

Dining Guide has an online version which can be read in its entirety at

Preventing unwanted puppy births MORE than a dozen dogs were spayed and neutered in Grand Turk recently as part of a drive to stamp out unwanted puppy births. The Grand Turk Chapter of the Turks and Caicos Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TCSPCA) held its second surgery session last week at the Environmental Health Department mobile clinic. TCI Government vet Dr Mark Butler came from Providenciales to perform the surgeries and conduct visits for local pets, with the assistance of veterinary technician Lance Dowridge. The clinic is part of an ongoing collaborative effort between the Environmental Health Department and the TCSPCA to provide low cost

spay/neuter surgery for owned dogs and cats throughout the TCI. During the four-day clinic 14 spay and neuter surgeries were performed and vaccinations were given to both cats and dogs. The Grand Turk TCSPCA is hoping to arrange a similar clinic in South Caicos in December. A spokesperson said: “The Grand Turk TCSPCA would like to thank all of the pet owners who brought their dogs and cats to the clinic. “Thanks also go out to our volunteers including Stephanie Human, Ginny and Tom Allan and Lucy Schofield. “A special thank you goes out to the Provo TCSPCA, Susan Blehr and Dr Rich Sefcik for providing

and shipping all the medicines and supplies needed to hold this clinic.” The TCSPCA formed the Grand Turk Chapter in the spring of 2011 with the hope of providing a “voice for those who cannot speak”. Their goal has been to ensure that every animal in the Turks and Caicos Islands is cared for and free from abuse. The Grand Turk TCSPCA shop, located on Duke Street, is now open on cruise ship days as well as on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Dog and cat collars, pet toys, T-shirts and other goodies are available at the shop. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Grand Turk TCSPCA chapter can call 247-6235.

TCI Government vet Dr Mark Butler performed the surgeries with the assistance of veterinary technician Lance Dowridge



November 5 - 11, 2011

November 5 - 11, 2011




World News


Cameron threat to dock some UK aid to anti-gay nations DAVID Cameron has threatened to withhold UK aid from governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality. The UK prime minister said he raised the issue with some of the states involved at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia. Human rights reform in the Commonwealth was one issue that leaders failed to reach agreement on at the summit. Mr Cameron says those receiving UK aid should “adhere to proper human rights”. Ending the bans on homosexuality was one of the recommendations of an internal report into the future relevance of the Commonwealth. Mr Cameron’s threat applies only to one type of bilateral aid known as general budget support, and would not reduce the overall amount of aid to any one country. Malawi has already had some of its budget support suspended over concerns about its attitude to gay rights. Concerns have also been raised with the governments of Uganda and Ghana. BRITISH EMPIRE Mr Cameron told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show that “British aid should have more strings attached”. But he conceded that countries could not change immediately, and cautioned that there would be a “journey”. “This is an issue where we are pushing for movement, we are prepared to put some money behind what we believe. But I’m afraid that you can’t expect countries to change overnight. “Britain is one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper human rights. “We are saying that is one of the things that determines our aid policy, and there have been particularly bad examples where we have taken action.” Mr Cameron said he had spoken with “a number of African countries” and that more pressure had been applied by Foreign Secretary William Hague, who deputised for him during parts of the summit. Some 41 nations within the 54-member Commonwealth have laws banning homosexuality. Many of these laws are a legacy of British Empire laws. The discussion in the Ugandan parliament of an anti-homosexuality bill in 2009 sparked particular controversy, and earlier this year Ugandan gay rights campaigner David Kato was beaten to death in a suspected hate crime. Nigeria’s Senate is currently

David Cameron said that those who receive UK aid should adhere to “proper human rights”.

discussing a bill banning same-sex marriage, that includes penalties for anyone witnessing or aiding a samesex marriage. A spokesman for the Department for International Development said that budget support, which accounts for about 5% of the UK’s annual aid budget of £7.46bn, is conditional direct assistance to governments. To qualify, recipients must adhere to rules on poverty reduction, respect of human rights, good governance and domestic accountability. Malawi recently had £19m of budget support suspended following various infractions including poor progress on human rights and media freedoms and concern over the government’s approach to gay rights, the DfID spokesman said. Reacting to the news, Uganda Radio Network journalist, Charles Odongpho, said he was puzzled by the move. “I welcome any move to pressure our government to be respectful of democratic values and human rights but speaking as a Ugandan I think we have much more important issues to deal with than the rights of homosexuals. “This is your money and you know where you want to put it but we face very serious issues of corruption, poverty, education and hunger. These are the most critical issues for us, not homosexual rights.” Appointing a human rights commissioner to address this and other human rights issues was one of the 100-plus recommendations of the internal report, by the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, which includes former UK foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind. However, objections from a number of countries blocked adoption of the recommendation, according to Australia’s prime minister Julia Gillard, speaking at the end of the three-day summit in Western Australia. Besides the homosexuality rights

issue, Sri Lanka’s human rights conduct also came under scrutiny at the summit. The country will host the next head of government’s meeting in two years’ time. Sri Lanka’s army has been accused of war crimes during the civil war with the Tamil Tigers. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said he will boycott the 2013 summit unless there are major reforms in the country. SUCCESSION QUESTION In earlier comments, Mr Cameron said there had to be a “proper, independent exercise to look into the whole issue of what happened, and whether there were war crimes, and who is responsible” in Sri Lanka. BBC correspondent Nicholas Witchell said the summit had been seen as a “watershed” for the organisation as it “struggles to demonstrate its relevance, particularly on human rights”. Though the summit agreed to draw up a written charter and strengthen its ministerial action group, our correspondent said the outcome will be viewed by many “as a disappointing one and an opportunity missed”. Two other developments came from the summit - a reform of royal succession and action on polio. It was agreed that sons and daughters of any future UK monarch would have equal right to the throne. They will also be allowed to marry Roman Catholics without giving up a claim to the throne. The move was agreed by the 15 Commonwealth realms where the monarch is head of state. And Mr Cameron joined the leaders of Canada, Australia and Nigeria, in committing tens of millions of pounds towards eradicating polio in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. The campaign will be supported financially by Microsoft magnate Bill Gates. (BBC)

November 5 - 11, 2011

U.S. soldier gets 10 years in prison for rape in South Korea A SOUTH Korean court sentenced a U.S. soldier to 10 years in prison for raping an 18-year-old South Korean girl in September, court officials said Tuesday. The Uijeongbu District Court handed down the sentence Tuesday, about a month after the rape occurred in the area of Dongducheon, where the U.S. Army’s 2nd Infantry Division is based. The private, identified by the U.S. Army as Pfc. Kevin Lee Flippin, will be required to complete 80 hours of education on sexual violence, and his personal record will be available to the public for the next 10 years, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. Flippin broke into the teenager’s home and raped her numerous times in a “sadistic” fashion, the court said as part of its ruling statement, according to Yonhap. “Our sincere apologies go out again to the victim, her family and the Korean community,” the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division said in a statement. “The Republic

of Korea executed jurisdiction, requested custody, tried, convicted and sentenced the soldier for his crime inside the Korean justice system, and he will now serve his sentence in a Korean prison. “From the beginning we have worked in complete cooperation with the Korean National Police and other agencies.” This case came to light in September, around the same time that another soldier was accused of raping a South Korean girl. U.S. Forces Korea reinstated a curfew on its troops October 7, days after allegations of the two rape cases involving U.S. soldiers surfaced. “Given the incidents that have occurred over the last several months, I’m reinstating the curfew to assess current conditions,” the commander of U.S. Forces Korea Gen. James D. Thurman said early October, as he announced the 30-day curfew. Military officials had rescinded the previous curfew on July 2, 2010. That curfew had been in place for nine years. (CNN)

Former Brazilian president to undergo chemotherapy Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will begin chemotherapy in the coming days to treat a malignant tumor in his larynx, a hospital official said Saturday. Lula, 66, will be treated at Sao Paulo’s Syrian-Lebanese Hospital, said hospital spokeswoman Mirtes Bogea. It is not clear what day the treatment will begin. He was diagnosed Saturday morning after undergoing medical examinations, Bogea said. “This is a localised tumor,” noted Bogea, meaning that it has not spread elsewhere in the body. She added that the tumor has not metastasised, a characteristic of most cancerous cells. Finance Minister Guido Mantega told reporters that he attended Lula’s birthday party last week and noticed that his voice sounded hoarse. “But since he has been travelling a lot and delivering speeches, we all thought it was normal,” he told CNN affiliate Rede Record TV. On Saturday, Mantega predicted Lula would beat cancer. He noted that former first lady Marisa Leticia has been with Lula ever since he came to the hospital for a check-up on Friday. “He is a fighter,” Mantega told reporters, adding he expected Lula will leave the hospital later Saturday.

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, seen here on October 25, 2011, is expected to undergo chemotherapy to treat a tumor in his larynx.

“He has overcome lesser obstacles and will overcome this one as well.” Raul Cutait, one of the doctors treating the former president told Rede Record TV that Lula appears well. He said it is also likely that therapy will begin early next week. Sao Paulo’s Syrian-Lebanese hospital is considered one of the region’s top cancer treatment centers. Founded in 1921 by Syrian and Lebanese immigrants, the facility’s staff has also treated Paraguay’s President Fernando Lugo and former Brazilian Vice President Jose Alencar, who died in March after a long battle against abdominal cancer. Its patients also include current Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff -- Lula’s handpicked successor and is the first woman to hold the presidency -- who was treated in 2005 for lymphoma.

November 5 - 11, 2011

World News



Girls equal in British throne succession SONS and daughters of any future UK monarch will have equal right to the throne, after Commonwealth leaders agreed to change succession laws. The leaders of the 16 Commonwealth countries where the Queen is head of state unanimously approved the changes at a summit in Perth, Australia. It means a first-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would take precedence over younger brothers. The ban on the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic was also lifted. Under the old succession laws, dating back more than 300 years, the heir to the throne is the first-born son of the monarch. Only when there are no sons, as in the case of the Queen’s father George VI, does the crown pass to the eldest daughter. The succession changes will require a raft of historic legislation to be amended, including the 1701 Act of Settlement, the 1689 Bill of Rights and the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The change to the Royal Marriages Act will end a position where every descendant of George II is legally required to seek the consent of the monarch before marrying. In future, the requirement is

expected to be limited to a small number of the sovereign’s close relatives. Announcing the succession changes, Prime Minister David Cameron said they would apply to descendents of the Prince of Wales. They will not be applied retrospectively. “Put simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen,” he said. “The idea that a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he is a man, or that a future monarch can marry someone of any faith except a Catholic - this way of thinking is at odds with the modern countries that we have become.” Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it was an extraordinary moment: “I’m very enthusiastic about it. You would expect the first Australian woman prime minister to be very enthusiastic about a change which equals equality for women in a new area.” She said the changes appeared to be straightforward. “But just because they seem straightforward to our modern minds doesn’t mean that we should underestimate their historical significance, changing as they will for all time the way in which the

Greece’s PM in crisis talks over bailout revolt GREECE’S government is holding an emergency meeting following a day of turmoil triggered by PM George Papandreou’s announcement of a referendum on the proposed EU bailout. One MP from the governing Pasok party has resigned, cutting Mr Papandreou’s parliament majority to two. Six other leading party members have called on him to resign. US and European markets, calmed by last week’s EU bailout plan, have fallen sharply since the announcement. The Greek government also faces a crucial confidence vote in parliament on Friday. News of the referendum even took Greece’s Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos by surprise, Greek media reported. As the latest crisis unfolded, it was announced that Mr Papandreou would meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy along with leaders of the EU, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and eurozone leaders on the fringes of the G20 summit in Cannes on Wednesday. France and Germany are convinced that this agreement will allow Greece to return to sustainable

growth” The Greek opposition has called for early elections, saying the referendum jeopardises Greece’s EU membership. Mr Papandreou says he needs the backing of a referendum to successfully implement the tough reforms demanded by international lenders. He has, however, ruled out elections. Last week, eurozone leaders agreed on a 100bn-euro loan (£86bn; $140bn) to Athens and a 50% debt write-off. In return, Greece must make deep cuts in public spending, slashing pensions and wages and making thousands of civil servants redundant. On Tuesday, Pasok MP Milena Apostolaki quit the parliamentary group in protest but said she would keep her seat to fight the referendum as an independent. “I have an obligation to resist this erroneous political choice that divides the nation,” she said. Shortly afterwards, another MP from Mr Papandreou’s centre-left Pasok party, Vasso Papandreou (no relation), called for a government of national unity, to be followed by snap elections. (BBC)

If Prince William and Kate had a daughter first, she would take precedence over younger brothers.

monarchy works and changing its history.” But the campaign group Republic - which wants an elected head of state in Britain - said “nothing of substance” had been changed. “The monarchy discriminates against every man, woman and child who isn’t born into the Windsor family. To suggest that this has anything to do with equality is utterly absurd,” spokesman Graham Smith said. QUEEN’S SPEECH On scrapping the ban on future monarchs marrying Roman Catholics, Mr Cameron said: “Let me be clear, the monarch must be in communion with the Church of England because he or she is the head of that Church. But it is simply wrong they should be denied the chance to marry a Catholic if they wish to do so. After all, they are already quite free to marry someone of any other faith.” The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, said the elimination of the “unjust discrimination” against Catholics would be widely welcomed. “At the same time I fully recognise the importance of the position of the established church [the Church of England] in protecting and fostering the role of faith in our society today,” he said. Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond also welcomed the lifting

of the ban but said it was “deeply disappointing” that Roman Catholics were still unable to ascend to the throne. “It surely would have been possible to find a mechanism which would have protected the status of the Church of England without keeping in place an unjustifiable barrier on the grounds of religion in terms of the monarchy,” he said. “It is a missed opportunity not to ensure equality of all faiths when it comes to the issue of who can be head of state.” In her opening speech to the summit, the Queen did not directly mention the royal succession laws, but said women should have a greater role in society. “It encourages us to find ways to show girls and women to play their full part,” she said. PREVIOUS ATTEMPTS The BBC’s royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, said this was a hint that the Queen herself backed the change. The Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee next year and there are already two generations of kingsin-waiting - Prince Charles and his son Prince William. In January 2011, Labour MP Keith Vaz tabled a Succession to the Crown Bill in the Commons to end gender discrimination in the succession to the throne. He said his bill - due for its second

reading on 25 November - could be used to introduce the reforms announced in Perth. “As a society that values gender equality so highly, this is a long overdue,” he said. “We will now have modern laws that fit our modern monarchy.” The royal author Robert Hardman said there had been 11 attempts in recent years by individual MPs and peers to change the succession laws. The laws are not a matter for the 54-nation Commonwealth as a whole, only for the 16 countries which have the Queen as their head of state, known as realms. These are Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Tuvalu, Barbados, Grenada, Solomon Islands, St Lucia and the Bahamas. CHOGM SUMMIT Mr Cameron said the realms would work to implement the changes but that for historic reasons the UK would have to publish its legislation first. The necessary changes to laws will be introduced in the next session of Parliament and New Zealand will lead a working group co-ordinating the measures across the other nations. In his speech, the prime minister also praised the Queen’s 60 years of public service and announced the creation of a Diamond Jubilee Trust to help those in need across the Commonwealth. The trust will be chaired by former Prime Minister Sir John Major. Mr Cameron said Britain would make a multi-million pound donation to the grant-making body and encouraged other commonwealth nations to do the same. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (Chogm) are held every two years, and present an opportunity for the 54 nations with current or former ties to Britain to discuss a range of issues. The Chogm summit will also discuss economic growth, climate change and human rights at this year’s meeting. (BBC)

Preacher who wrongfully predicted end of world, is embarrassed and says sorry THE PREACHER who gained national attention for claiming the world would end — then repeatedly turned out to be wrong — says he finds it all rather “embarrassing.” Harold Camping offered up the mea culpa of sorts in an audio file posted to his Family Radio website on Monday. “We’re living in a day when one problem follows another, and when it comes trying to recognize the truth of prophecy we’re finding it very, very difficult,” the 89-year-old said.

His speech was slow and slurred. Camping suffered a stroke back in June. Camping has made several predictions about the end of the world over the years. He claimed the end was nigh in 1994, then again in May of this year. When that didn’t happen, he said it would be Oct. 21. “Why didn’t Christ return on Oct. 21?” he asked. “It seems embarrassing for Family Radio, but God is in charge of everything.”

Harold Camping was embarrassed by his false predictions.


Job Listings Services Auto sales real estate MAM CLEANING SERVICE Is looking to fill the following positions:


BSL CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

Florica Lightbourne Is looking for a

Houseman Carpenter Babysitter To work 6 days Salary $5.50 per hour 2 Housekeepers salary $5.00 per hour Must be able to work 6 days per week.

Contact: 245-7282


To work 4 days per week. Salary $10.00 per hour.

Contact: 242-1402


NOBEL SECURITY LTD. Is looking for a

November 5 - 11, 2011

946-4664 Fax: 946-4661




per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Security Officer

contact: 332-2149 or 244-0006

To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

$650.00 per month Gated Community Furnished

contact: 231-6121

Contact: 231-3788




MARIE YANICK GRAY Is looking to employ

Labourer Babysitter Must be reliable and hardworking Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 244-8762

FAST SALE 1.3 Acres Of Land Ocean Drive, Turtle Tail Semi-Hilltop

$300,000 o.n.o.

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ISLAND V.I.P. TAXI is looking for a

Labourer To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 344-0850


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Real estate opportunity Two-bedroom, one bath home in the centre of phase one of Priton Developments in Wheeland.

Beautifully maintained, substantially improved, fully furnished. Situated on 0.25 acre lot, it’s close to Blue Hills and has interior open plan living/kitchen/dining room, and central air throughout. Offers over $155,000. Motivated seller.

Call 245 6620 or email


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

Tel: 946-5282

Bus Driver DISHWASHER To work 4 days Salary starts at Only Turks & Caicos Islanders need to apply



per week salary $7.00 per hour.


Worker Needed to work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 245-7557 Contact; 247-0658 5719

Kitchen Helper To work 3 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 946-2801 ext 40752 or 247-3483. Belonger only need apply

Is looking for a

Must be willing to work nights, holidays and weekends. Must have a valid drivers license. Salary $6.00 per hour

Contact: 941-5291 or P.O. Box 503



Working hours: 8 hours per day Wages: $6.50 per hour Must be able to prepare Italian dishes and meals Duties include: food preparation and cooking meals, grocery shopping and storage of food items Contact: Neon Holdings Ltd.

Salary negotiable. Belonger only need apply

Fax: 649-941-8388


Is looking to employ a




Cleaner/ Supervisor

Is looking for

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 246-2686

Is looking for a



Salary $5.00 per hour. Belonger only need apply




Labourer LABOURER Fax: 649-941-8388

Is looking for a

Is looking for a

Position available: $5.00 per hour.




Ports of Calls, Providenciales

FAX: (649) 946-4661





Tel:During 6498-941-7923 working hours


Mason To do masonry work. Must work 5 days per week. Salary $7.00 per hour.

contact: 244-8820


November 5 - 11, 2011



PHONE: (649) 946-4664 Thashena Adderley Is seeking a

November 5 - 11, 2011


Wanted Urgently


FAX: (649) 946-4661


Domestic Live-In Worker Worker Caretaker To work 5 days Domestic

contact: Chris Hall 649-243-1959

per week salary $5.00 per hour.



Contact 241-4678

Salary $150.00 per week.

Contact: 243-2473


To work 5 days per week. Person must be able to clean, cook and available to maintain house and kids when owner is traveling. Salary $6 per hour.

General Manager/ Managing Director Required for complex tour operation. Candidates must reside in Grand Turk and have the following experience and expertise • At least 7 years experience in tour, cruise ship an/ or shore excursion operations • Ability to generate and interpret financial reports • QuickBooks, Excel, Word, Publisher and PowerPoint • Excellent written and communication skills • Experience negotiating with vendors, Government agencies and cruise lines • A keen understanding of margins, managerial accounting and budgeting, tour product development, tour guide training and human resources Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications

Contact: 649-332-5939


Requirements: • • • • • • • • • • • •

BA/BS Degree or equivalent. Accounting Designation (CA, CMA, CPA) At least 10 years post qualification experience. At least 10 years management/supervisory experience at a property of similar size and quality. Experience in Condo Hotel environment, including STRATA Association set up. Extensive Resort pre-opening experience. Ability to liaise with investors at high level. Advanced knowledge and skills in computer systems, most specifically, Excel, AccPac, Quickbooks and Visual One. Complete understanding of Executive Committee level functions. Sound knowledge of both European and American Accounting Plans. Solid training in all areas of Accounting from A/P, A/R, General Ledger, Credit, Collections, Audit, Inventory control, Payroll, Budgeting, Costing, P&L preparation and analysis, etc. Ability to inspire, develop and train people for promotion.

Duties Include:

• Overseeing the overall finance departments of multi companies. • Assisting executive management, ownership and related associations with the production of financial reports, detailed analysis and business outlook. • Directing departments in the preparation and consolidation of financial budgets and projections. • Prepare, present and provide interpretation of operational reports as they impact group business finances. • Developing and maintaining chart of accounts and master lists. • Actively involved in yield management and revenue enhancement. • Coordinating internal and external audits. ONLY BELONGERS NEED APPLY Interested applicants should apply to The Sands, by delivering, faxing (946-5199) or emailing a current resume to The Sands, HR Department. Deadline is October 14th 2011





PHONE: (649) 946-4664


Procuror, Marketing and Sales person Must have own transportation, telephone and be willing to work Saturdays and Holidays. Minimum wage, plus commission of sales.

Cashier To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

Call: Donna 231-0676.


contact: 347-1726

FAX: (649) 946-4661


Consignment Shop needs

Is looking for a



Providenciales Tel: 941-7929/Fax: 941-7930

Laborer, Domestic Worker, Computer Technician, Tailors, craft person, shop attendants • Must be fluent in QuickBooks, Excel and Word • Must be able to multitask • Must have a good police record • Must have a good working relationship with teammates Salary starting $5.00-$10.00 per hour


or contact: 241-1228


Send resumes to

Salary starts at $420 per week. Only Turks & Caicos Islanders need to apply.

Is looking for a


Minimum five years experience working as an aesthetician /cosmetologist. Must have pleasant personality and excellent customer service skills are required. Be able to work independently. Be willing to work flexible hours Kindly respond to:

The Manager, Lelieth’s Ltd Town Center Mall, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands. Telephone (649) 231-1729




On behalf of our clients: Lorters Computer, Elizabeth Owen, Golden Scissors, CY-CY Craft Production,G& J Construction and Ake Apparel is looking to fill the following positions:


Islands Solutions

Labourer To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 231-0242 Deadline for applications


November 5 - 11, 2011

November 18, 2011

GENERAL PRACTIONER/ EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR REQUIRED • General practice with some emergency room work • Full time 8 hour working day with varying shifts between 8am – 8pm to meet the needs of the business • On call duty at least 2 nights per week plus 1 in 2 weekends • Must have at least 8 years post qualification experience and be registered with the health Practitioners Board • Remuneration structure available on request

Please email resume to


Public notice


In accordance with Section 39 of the National Insurance Ordinance 1991 the following employers / self employed persons in North Caicos are hereby requested to appear before a National Insurance Inspector before November 7, 2011. Brandford Gardiner Vivienne Lightbourne Roberta Outten Elizabeth Tamar Gardiner Goaley Elizabeth Forbes Annie Orlean Gardiner Courtney Missick Arnold Gardiner Franklyn Robinson Hartwell Smith Shabbor Dorval KEVIN Taylor Clinton S. Higgs

Carramilda Louise Forbes Dennis Been (Sr) Dennis Berdette Been (Jr) H Harvey & Sons Ltd. Julia Masada Harvey Roselee Elizabeth Robinson Sun Beach Properties Ltd. Arthur Macbord Gardiner (Sir) Catherine L. Gardiner Regis Cilotte Gardiner Clifford Gardiner DK’S Construction Ltd Clotilda Gardiner

Daniel Williams (Rest.) Duley Henry Missick Gertrude Claudina Phillips Hosea Mcloin Gardiner Jennifer Missick Lightbourne Olive Unima Dorsett Paul Higgs Roselan Uatine Handfield Samuel Eagle Handfield Shabber R. Dorval Vanderlin Gardiner Farrington Gardiner 5701


FAX: (649) 946-4661



Island Solutions

Labourer Female Driver Is looking for a

With own transportation must be able to work from 9am – 3pm

contact 231-3788

To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-0242


Weekly News the national newspaper of the turks and caicos islands



is looking for a

For a local design firm candidate must have at least 5 years design experience in high-end residential and commercial work; proven client development skills, and a minimum of 7 years in a leadership position. Design school and a BA in a related field is required as well as international contacts in the design and furniture industry.

Contact: 442-6220 with resume and portfolio COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION Is looking for a

The Turks and Caicos Islands’ oldest and WRITERS / leading publishing house is in need of additional staff to fill the following posts:


To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

REPORTER TRAINEE Preferably a High School graduate or someone with an extremely good command of the English language for court and community reporting. Ability to drive and use a camera a desirable asset. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience. Position available March 1, 2010


On behalf of our clients: Charles Barber Shop, Grace Bay Club

Will carry out all such duties and observe all directions and restriction from his/her supervisor

Labourer 2 Barbers To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

– Salary $5.00 per hour

Responsible to cut hair, do design Must work 8 hour per day

contact: 946-4331 or 231-0337 5709

Contact: 941-8382


P.O. Box 52, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Email: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Preference will be given to Belongers and Legal Residents Closing date for applications is November 14, 2008

Must be willing to work on weekends and public holidays. Work includes general on-the-job assistance.

Contact A.J. Newlands - 941- 4561 5707 Is looking for an


ONE (1) Qualified ACA, ACCA, CPA or ACMA For Audit Senior roles experience in audit required salary $40,000-$50,000 per annum. Apply to or fax: 649-946-4892 no later than November 15, 2011, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands


KARLENE FERRIER Is looking to hire a

WARD CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: Da Conch Shack, Horse Eye Jack

Floor Captain

Special Care

Assistant For a five year old interested persons can.

Contact: 231-7294


Forward applications to: The Publisher Duncanson Publications Ltd.



Candidates must have had actual hands-on experience selling advertising space for newspapers and magazines. Ability to assist clients with the writing of copy for ads and gathering of collateral an asset. Salary is commission based. Position available October 30, 2011

Contact: 244-1504



Candidates must have at least five (5) years experience working full-time for daily newspapers and/or news/features magazines, reporting on hard news, features and parliamentary/court proceedings. Salary paid weekly will commensurate with experience.

Is looking for a

1 –Butler salary $1500 per month






PHONE: (649) 946-4664

November 5 - 11, 2011



Electrician To work 6 day per week salary $7.00 per hour.

contact: 941-7986 5712

GLOBAL SERVICES Five Cays, Providenciales

Tel: 331-3020

Serve as floor supervisor in the restaurant and liaison between all staff member to ensure customer are happy etc. Salary based on experience/ shift hours


Responsible for organizing and training of Wait staff to ensure effortless and seemless service each night and upgrading their skills and knowledge on wines and fine dining service etc. Salary negotiable shift hours

Contact: 649-332-5533


Position: Translator, Cashier, Clerk

Salary starts at $1000.00 per month. Only Turks & Caicos Islanders need to apply 5717

November 5 - 11, 2011


PHONE: (649) 946-4664

33 FAX: (649) 946-4661



Seeks a full-time

Manicurist/ Pedicurist Applicants must have the following qualifications:

• Read, write and speak English fluently • Must have a car with a clean license • Must be able to work weekends and holidays

• Must have at least 2 years experience • Must have a fabulous personality and be incredible outgoing • Must have a license from an accredited school

Please send your resume to by October 7th, 2011


LEAD MASSAGE THERAPIST • Applicant must have a minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in a 5-Star resort and at least 3 years working experience as a therapist • Must be trained and certified by an accredited school in ALL of the following: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Facials, Manicures and Pedicures • Must be certified in all the previous

areas • Must be able to work ALL weekends and public holidays • Must be able to work from 8am -8pm • Must have own vehicle and current, clean drivers license • Must have a GREAT customer service skills and be upbeat and positive Salary is based on commission

Please send resume to: Please do not apply to this ad unless you meet all of the above requirements. Deadline for applications is October 30th, 2011


Position Available

Sale Associate/Back Office Clerk

Duties: Assist Customers, Balance daily cash, Prepare inventory reports. Prepare monthly and quarterly reports. Update point of sale system.

Qualifications, Experience & Abilities: Minimum of five CXC subjects or equivalent (Must have subject passes in English, Math and Business Studies relevant to the duties above)

Applicant must have excellent customer service skills Applicant must possess excellent oral and written communication skills Applicant must have a minimum of five years experience in customer service Applicant must be able to work independently and with minimum supervision Applicant must be punctual, reliable, extremely honest, trust worthy and possess disciplined work ethics Be available to work flexible hours, weekends and holidays

Applicant may submit responses to:

Lelieth’s Ltd, Town Centre Mall, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Tel: 649-231-1729


NOTICE OF CONSTRUCTION Construction will commence under the PR11018 for Groyne Repairs on Parcels 19-29, Block 60901, (Emerald Beach, Providenciales) on November 3, 2011. Construction will take approximately 4 weeks to complete.

CORPORATE ACCOUNT MANAGER The Corporate Account manager is responsible for procuring direct sales of Islandcom products and services to business, government and other key individuals or accounts in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Corporate Account Manager must meet or exceed established sales quotas and goals on a monthly basis.

Job Requirements

• Associates degree in Business, Sales or Marketing; or equivalent experience • Minimum 5 years related experience in telecommunications sales or marketing to business customers, billing procedures; customer care expertise and back office technical skills, • Excellent written and spoken English language communication skills; other languages a plus • Self starter with excellent team work skills and ability to work independently and without supervision • Computer literate including full command of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and powerpoint

Other required knowledge

• Mathematics-knowledge of arithmetic, statistics, and their applications are required • Sales and Marketing-knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products and services. This includes sales strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales measurement systems. • Ability to solve handset problems and understand the functionality continuously without always relying on customer care. • Administration and Management- knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic sales planning and time management. • Economic and Accounting- Basic knowledge of accounting principles and practices. For example- calculating measuring commissions, gross sales, cost of sales, net profit, customer credits, etc.

Project Description: The work will replace an 80 ft section of two existing groynes. Public access along the back beach will remain open during construction. The beach will be closed in the active work area (near the water line) between 7am and 5pm, daily.

Deadline for submission of applications is November 19th, 2011 Please submit all application to:

Engineer for the Project: Coastal Design and Engineering (CDE). Questions shall be directed to Karyn Erickson or Christin Perkinson at 941-7309 or 241-4012. 5708

Islandcom Telecommunications Ltd. Graceway House, Unit A-108 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Fax: (649) 941-8199 Email:



the largest readership in the turks & caicos



PHONE: (649) 946-4664


November 5 - 11, 2011 FAX: (649) 946-4661

NIB PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT In accordance with Section 39 of the National Insurance Ordinance 1991, the following employers / self employed persons in Providenciales are hereby requested to appear before a National Insurance Inspector before 3:00 p.m. November 4, 2011: Andrae Kangley Malcolm Andy A. Forbes Antwann Alexander Misick Beatrice Rosina Forbes Beatrice/Lisa Garland Cardinal Iotas Arthur Christopher Orthneil Forbes Derinell Maura Sindead Dempsey Heather Simpson Hermon Forbes Hillary A. Missick Hope D Hamilton Iona Annie Lourie Gardiner James N. Stubbs John E. Williams Joseph Morley Judith Simmons Lindamae Claudia Malcolm Lisa Jane Simmons Lloyd Stubbs Lydia Gertrude Parker Miriam Currlita Adams Oswaldo J. Berrios Paula Garland Premier Concierge Samantha Slattery Stephanie Hall Therese Walkin Vanis R. Stubbs Adam C.Duke ALBERT WILLIAMS Althea Simone Been Alveena A.Duncumbe Amos Variety Arthur McBoyd Gardiner JR. Avalanche Construction B&B Guttering Been & Been Enterprise BNC Consulting Group LTD Brenda Barron Brian Swann Cactus Bar & Grill Caffiero Painting Ltd Caicos Transportation Caicos Wheels Ltd Caribbean Kitchen Ltd Carl A.Gardiner Catherine Mary Walsh Cathy Braithwaite-Forbes Cathyann Patricia Hall Charles L.Williams Clarice M.Been Claude H.Lightbourne Claude Rodger Swann Club 2005 Coconut Grove at Leeward Conrado Sevilla Coral Enterprise LTD Crystal Pool Services Cynthia Chip man

Cyril Whitfield Forbes Jr. D & D Cleaning Services Daniel C.Calcano David Hugh Saunders Dayne A. Pratt Delcean L.Simmons Dellarece Hall Deneice A.Owusu Deneise Garland Denise Premise Derrick D.Hall Design House Interiors LTD Design Studio Ltd. Dove’s security services Edward V.Williams Eileen Marguerite Hawkins Eleanor L.M. Gardiner-Hall Elinore Salamanca Zaguirre Eriata Theodore Erlin Pratt Ever bright Industries(TCI) Express Water Lynden Hall F.F.C. TCI Ltd Florinda L.Talbot Fortress Security & Elec. Frederick D.King Gabrielle Connolly Girlie J.Ulysse Gladys C.Simms Handfield Builders Handford Llewent Green Handy-Pro Maintenance Ltd Happy Na Fashions Haynalka Duzsics Stephens House Of Prayer Church Hynetta L. Forbes IBO Bakery IBO Shops Ltd Indian Kitchen Island Clothing Island Construction Island Drilling Ltd Island Images Island Pro Finish Island Scoop J.G.Construction JACA TCI LTD Arlington Chuck Musgrove Jahmal Amin Missick Jamal J.Ewing Jamalco Ltd James Edward Small Jean Claude Auguste Jeffrey C.Hall Jermaine D.Glinton John E. Williams John Emanuel Williams John H.R. Benjamin Joseph Arthur Skippings

Joseph Forreston Higgs Jover Construction Judymae Mcintosh June Elizabeth Harry Kayonn Missick Kelo V.Penn Kendal & Tazana Disposable Services Kendra F.Hall Kenneth Daniel Iulo Knowledgeable Marketing Laranda C.Parker Laurette Estimond Leasa R.Clarke Levardo J.Talbot Lewelyn N. Handfield Lewis Alexander Smith Lidra Nickitta Barranco Livingston S. Lightbourne Lyndon Delroy Robinson M & R Construction M& M Cleaning Services Madge R.A.Williams Maranatha Retail Maria Karen Pardo Marilyn Alice Delancy Marvin Mcbride Missick Mary O’Neill May Alice Adella Forbes Megan C.Dean Melbourne A.Wilson Milton Fils-Aime Monaco Investments Mysan Ltd. Nakia Williams Nature Splendor New Hope Baptist Church Nickia S. Rigby Oliver Joseph Stubbs Oscar G.K.Talbot Osprey Construction Ltd. Palm Adventures Paradise Arts Patrick Fornari Paula Brooks Paula D.Higgs Prestige Management Ltd. Prestigious Properties Ltd Provo Cultural & Sports Pulse Ltd Purilun’s Enterprises Ltd Rachel E Constant Phillips Raquel Lightbourne-Regan Raycal Edeleise Handfield RC Limo Service & Rental Reliable Consultant Agency Remax Turks & Caicos Rhonda Kaye Gibson Robert A Been Robert A.Sonderman

Robert C.Fulford Rudolph Uriah Warren Samuel Forbes Selvers Air Conditioning Selvin M.Gardiner Shandra’s Craft & Souvenir Shereen V.Prospere Shining Finish Shopia Nyoka Stubbs Stephen C. Been Tanithca Kennedy TCI Contracting Company Trade winds Industries Ltd. Trenching Uilities Carl Moore Trevor M.Lewis Tropical Latitude Ltd T & C Real Estate Ass. Usril A.Morris Valarie Ann Rigby Venice Rosenthal Gray Ventura Boutique Vernon Lindsay Forbes Vicenta Del Carmen Lee Vicki F.Wilson Walter Comelius Stubbs Watson Jolly Wilbert Clifton Stubbs Wine & Spirits Ltd WN Financial Management Zenneth Yvonne Hall Alpha Christian Academy Annie Jean Adams April Nicole Hall Ardly Orthniel Forbes Asikk Employment Services Bonnie Patrice Penn Calvin Sheffield Deane Catherine Pendita Williams Chantay Lightbourne Cleveland George Thomas Coastal Design and Eng. Crandell Anton Lightbourne D.L.S Agency Daron Deshield Nayton Dudley Forbes Edmud Arthur Lightbourne Elsa Melanta Rigby Emilie Delancy Florise Jean- Louis George Gilbert Gardiner Gerard Herblot Global Electric Jesse Alexander Ewing Jhen-Yuh Wu Joanel Tailor Shop John A Williams John Richard Auger Judy Mae Delancy Karen E. Hausch

Continued  5734

November 5 - 11, 2011


PHONE: (649) 946-4664


35 FAX: (649) 946-4661

NIB PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Kennard Cruickshank Lorters Computer Services Lydia Handfield Richards Mandry Williams Marcia V.Forbes Marsha Casandra Capron Massage By Nadia Nancy Toussaint New Waves Hair Design Normica Campbell Ocean Vibes Scuba/ Water Ocean point Development Ogail Brahim Awad Oren A.Walkin Oreta Isadora Stubbs Paul Gardiner Perry Alvin Delancy Philomise Joseph Professional Services Provo Sand & Sea Tours R.L Employment Services Rachel E.Constant Phillips Roberta Iuda Delancy SAG Construction Saint Jean Shop Samantha M. Williams Sara Redmond Stroud Dental Practice Tamera Robinson The Pentecost Bookstore Theresa D.Williams Timothy C.Phillips Tracey Louise Padgett C. Whittingham A & G Electrical Aditha Sincere Brown AG Construction Andrew A. Gardiner Anouze Williams Jean Arthur Robinson A-Z Management Services Beatrice Louise Robinson Bamboo Gallery Ltd. Bareste Etienne-Rigby Been Landscaping Ltd Berlie L. Williams Bernice Rozan Robinson Breeze Construction C & J Employment Service Cabrine V.Harvey Caicos Plumbing Caribbean Dreams Carol Musgrove Skippings Carol O.Hall Casa Management LTD. Cecelia Rosemary Forbes Charles A.Williams Charles Barber Shop Chinnson Pastries Allen Hutchinson Chrisene Jennings Christoval Williams Cindy L.Dossou Claire Colette Parrish Cleo C Morgan Colvin M.Pereira

Conch Pearl Restaurant Bar D& A Variety Store Damara C.Ingham Damian A.Williams Daphne Shenna Forbes Dawn Hilary Higgs DBG Construction Deka Monique Williams Della B.A Howell Dellerise Bottex Delroy Lightbourne Denise Botex Dennis Smith Dorine S.Bottex Doris B Walkin Eddy Bien-Aime Eleanor Etoy Seymour Emanuel A. Carter Eulon Dawnette Stubbs Ever Curious Stitch Faithful Mayolean Forbes Franky’s Bus Service Froggie’s On the Beach Gabriella Rieschi George Stephenson Grant Geovanna N.Garland Gerald D. Williams Gomez Leon Rigby Gregoria Ewing Gretle Bathsheba Dean Grisilder Eleen Lightbourne Guareno Construction Co. Guerda Dorsainvil Gilles Hartman Ranscutt Handfield Helena Garland-Adams Horse Eye Jack’s Arlene Jennings Howell International (TCI) Hugh Emanuel Adams Ivanelle J.Francois Ivy J.Robinson Jamal D.Harvey James C. Williams James Gordon Lightbourne Jeff Handfield Judy & Bernard Deane K & B Store Keith Stanley Robinson Kishma Charmaine Adams Lerry F.Williams Leslie S Myers Lewitt Hendfield Linda Grant Rigby lindamae Zapata Linen Shoppe Lloyd’s Electrical & Electronics Service Lucienne D. Handfield Lucky Shots Promotion M & L Bus Service M & L Trump Employment Mafil Otto Wailcot Forbes Maggy Henson-Milien Malphrus TCI Ltd. Mamerta Eduvirgis Graveley Maria M.C.Ventura

Marice E. Simmons Marie A. Desronvil Marie Lucie St.Fleur Marie Mercie Garcon Marilyn Claudette Grant Marsha Cassandra Capron Marsha M. Simmons Marshall Ewing Matsuri Maxwell Walkin McDonald S. Parker McLean Robinson Realty Mercilia St.Juste Elie Michelia Alexis Monique Nicole Been-Hall Nikki M. Seymour No Limits Fitness Omar Mckenzie Omega Consultants One Stop Laundromat George Seymour Seymour Corporation Ltd TCI Weekly News Waste Management Out-of-Africa P&G Construction Ltd Paula Lydia Graham Paula Sandra Dee Capehart Pioneer Construction Provo Building Supply Quality Tiling Company Reliable Electric Gurvan Stephens Requelle A.H. Saunders Rolling Pin Restaurant Robert Been Rosanna Chartable Aristile Rose Clevois Ferguson Roselyn Carignan Rosheeda Monique Russell Rothermel Cooke Rudolph R.Smith Rupert E.Robinson Sailing Paradise Samantha S. Charles Sarah Adelphine Belisarius Sarah Jane Charles Saundralee Ewing Shamrock Development Ltd. Shantell J.Grant Sherwin Rigby Shirley Louise Landy Shirmay Sylvia Ingham Shirward Construction Shurline Verneter Lewis Sonia J.Toussaint Stanley Edward Landy Stanley M.Lightbourne Stan’s Variety Store Stephanie Bernadet Forbes Susan Teresa Wilson Susan V.Gardiner Sygnal McNeal Parker Sylvia C. Melhado T & C Free Press Ltd Tabatha Samantha Forbes

Tammy A. Smith Tanya Monique Russell Thelionord T.Raphael Tiadel Pierre Turks & Caicos Glass Ltd. Turks & Caicos Sporting Ulysse J.Deluis United Reliance Int’L Ltd. Universal Rent All Ltd. W I International Furniture Wigglesworth & Associates Windilina P.Macion Wrecker #1 Service Youki N.S.Osborne Jackson A & G Variety Adam & Eve Water Alice D. Gibson Alvin J.Garland Ana J.Ingham Ana R.Johnson Williams Anne Chery-Francis Asseneth Gardiner Astraneak Louis B & L Envisage Barbara Rigby BAT Security LTD Beautiful Beginnings Beauty Benson Edward Rigby Bertha S.Cepeda Joubert Black & White publishing Branford Alexander Gibson Carol Evangelis Joseph Casimira E. Almonte Williams Cassie E.Forbes Cecil G.Bailey ChalmersMisick & Co Clevinson G.Lightbourne Clinton H. Wilson Club Cameo Steven Rigby Coco Palms Bar Crypton International LTD D.A. Individual of Five Cays Daniel C.Been Daniel T.Handfield Darren S.Campbell Deon Henderson Wilson Dominga Rojas Forbes E. Bernadette Smith Earl M. Hamilton Easy Shop Edward Armando Barranco Elite Landscaping & Design Employment Services Ltd Enid Capron Primary School Enoch Simmons Eric Leon Cox Eufemia Reyes Smith Evas Elizabeth Ewing Ezekiel Isaac Johnson Felicita L.Cox Fish & Thing Florina Gertruda Gray Flossie Beatrice Howell Floyd Rendell Forbes Francina’s Variety Store Guilaine Brutus

Continued on page 36




FAX: (649) 946-4661



Barmaids Bartenders


Kitchen Helpers


Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour

To work when needed salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-5678 5737

Contact: 241-3208

Deadline for applicants is November 19th, 2011

Is looking for a


Is looking for a

Is looking to fill the following positions:




PHONE: (649) 946-4664

November 5 - 11, 2011

CARPENTER Applicant must be able to work six days a week including weekends and public holidays. Salary is $6.00 per hour

Domestic Worker/


Interested persons should call 344 8734


To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 345-9808



Gustavus N.Francis Hairport International Beauty Hendfield’s Welding Ornament Henry N. Rigby Hensel C.Mcintosh Hensel Churchill McIntosh Hopeful Henfield Horace Allan Coverley Ianthie M.Mcintosh Ida Ianthy Rigby Indiana Desirmona Robinson Isabella E.Hinson Ivan Barber Shop J&C Internet Cafe J.S.D Products James T. Handfield Jeannette Assorted Store Jennifer Rosita Forbes John Alexander Robinson John Lenard Williams Kerlyne Victor Key Express Ltd Koppas Retail & Wholesale L.T.C Fisheries (1995) Latoya A. Rigby Lavern Albert Seymour Leila E.Rodney Leroy Nelson Bassett Levy Anthony Hinson Linda May Alian Rigby Lion Construction Love M & L Amazing World Mallikharjuna R.Gazula Manfred Stanford Seymour Marie H. Jeantine Taylor Marie J.Charles

Marie Yanick Gray-Joseph Martin V. Adderley Maurean Couzet Gibson Menvella Pratt Merline Duverge Mervin S. Deane Meseal Pierre Hall Messenger Baptist Church Michael Washington Harvey Miracle Restaurant And Bar Miracle Revival Fellowship Bible move Inc N.C Employment Services N.TA.B- NEWMOND Arlington Buckley Nadia’s Apartment Complex Nakia Williams Nese’S Boutique New Image Beauty Centre Olwick E.Neat One Ltd. Optical Vision Center- Annis Hilton P & A Prime Agency Paula L.Jennings Ward Paula Lydia Seymour Philadelphy Baptist Church Pierre Limitor Provident Management-e Queen of the Sea Rest. Quincy Ricardo Jennings Quintin Morven Selver Quinton Mc.Lee Dean R & C Snack Bar Rafael Castillo Rebecca Brenda Harvey Rezia Navil-Pierre Rigby Builders

Rodman A.B.Johnson Rolyn Antonio Almonte Romeo L.Outten Ronald Gardiner Rose Marie Higgs Rose P.Cenary Roseta Loriane Musgrove Roshae’ Saida Meriz M.Prospere Salomon Morency Sammy’s Car Wash Sean D.Penn Seandra Shalawn Mills Shantal Jasmin Shaphan Metillus Hinson Sharonna Barnette Walkin Sherri Marie Smith Sherrie Forbes Simeon Rigby Smith’s Beauty Salon Solomon Morency Solomon Belisarius Sophia Registre Stephanie Jean Stephen J.Clarke Stylz Above The Rest Sun Charters (Sol Enterprises) Surplus Construction Chester Smith TCIPS Foundation Wayne Jackson Telucien Tellus Tendra V.Musgrove Terence Elliott Ewing The Salvation Army Thompson Conch Tracy .A. Smith

Tre Designeri Ltd Tyrell Marlique Kelly Union Barber Shop Universal Product Recycling Urban Construction Valeria Houseman Vendah Barbaralyn Robinson Walner Registre Walter E.Cox Wayne S.Gardiner Welington Walkin Wilbert Brevil William B Dietz JOANN TUCKER /HERNANDEZ CONSTRUCTION MASTERS ACADEMY- Barbara Hamilton AL SERVICES LTD- Mcallenster Hanchell Whole Gospel Academy- Coleta Williams Caribbean concrete/Fransica Triana Lucayan Holdings Ltd/Tanya Parnell Quixotic Ltd /Delancy Direct Transport Ltd Lofton Morley JR. Abc Printing Ltd Tender Loving Care Day Care Turks and Caicos Sun Sky Juice Ltd/ Dion Pratt Ocean Vibes Scuba & Water sports Wayne Hall Club Sodex / Carlton Higgs/ Puritan Higgs Brenadalee Oladimeji/ Enquiring Minds Day Care 5734


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

November 5 - 11, 2011


PHONE: (649) 946-4664 Is looking for a

VERNICE GRAY Is looking for a



To work 3 days per hour.

Contact: 244-7088


MAX’S ELECTRICAL Is looking for a

Labourer Labourer To work 3 days per week to do general yard cleaning salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 341-8363


for rent Fully furnished three bedroom two and a half bathroom house

Located in Long Bay, Providenciales. $1300.00 a month.

Contact: 244-4445 or 242-0200


Looking for a

Mechanic To work five (5) days. Salary $5.50 per hour. Contact The Tuscany Resort at 9414667 deadline for applications is November 21, 2011


LABOURER PERSONAL ASSISTANT • Must work split shifts 7-11, 6-10 • Salary $350.00 per week 40 hours a week • Morning, evenings, holidays and weekends • Must speak and write English and Spanish • Ability to assist me in work at restaurant during the day and evening • Ability to check in deliveries made to restaurant • Ability to supervise gardeners and other staff in preparation for day to day maintenance

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 941-3177 5742

SILVER DEEP Is looking for 2

Labourers To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 946-5612


One (1) Chief of Security • Must be of sound and mature mind, physically fit, honest, disciplined and be capable of working with very little or no supervision. • Must be a male, 45 years and older with at least 15 years experience as a expolice/soldier or of similar training with impeccable service record, training in the use of firearms with 5 years experience and hold a clean police record. • Must have served at least 10 years in a supervisory or senior position in same field. • Must be responsive to surveillance and undercover duties, have experience in taking statements, writing reports, investigation of incidents, and experience as a legal clerk or worked in collaboration with a legal office and have the ability to gather evidence and present same in court. • Must be able to formulate and implement policies as required for optimum performance of staff under his supervision, supervise, motivate, train and lead them for the protection of the company, its’ employees and customers as appropriate. • Must be vigilant, conscientious, alert and observant thus having the ability to detect and prevent criminal activities/offences using logical and physical surveillance • Must have skills in fire prevention and first aid training • Must be prepared to be on call 24-hours 7 days a week with long hours and or night shift when required and work as a security guard when necessary • Must be able to handle, resolve, deal with situations, problems, fairly and justifiably in the interest of the company and all involved • Must be a licensed driver with clean record.

One (1) Executive Assistant/ Procurement Specialist

Is seeking to employ a

Primary Duties

Labourer To work 5 days a week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 231-1390


CASTILLO CONSTRUCTION is looking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Worker

Tile Layer

– salary $6.00 per hour

Handyman – salary $5.50 per hour


Butterfield Gold Ltd., seeking qualified applicants to fill the under-mentioned positions


– salary $5.00 per hour

Submit all resumes to P.O. Box 543 Deadline November 17th, 2011

FAX: (649) 946-4661






Must be able to work 5 days per week.

Contact 244-8584 5750

• • • • • •

Building Material Procurement Specialist Assist the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations Prepare and dispatch correspondence Assist with Financial Analysis, Budget & Project preparations Prepare various reports; take notes at meetings and prepare minutes Schedule management appointments

Qualification, Experience & Abilities

• Minimum of three (3) years work experience and knowledge in purchasing all types of building materials, including, but not limited to roofing and prefab building structures for the Construction & Maintenance division of the company. • A minimum of five (5) years work experience in an administrative position with duties including Project preparation, Report Writing and assisting with financial project management and evaluation. • Five (5) CXC subjects or equivalent • Applicant must provide certified courses and/or diplomas relevant to the above duties. • Proficient in Microsoft Office • Applicant must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written. • Applicant must be able to work independently with minimum supervision. • Applicant must be open to being on call outside of regular business hours to deal with and complete assigned tasks. Wages: Commensurate with experience starting from $2,250.00 per month Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified. Submit applications to by November 11, 2011 to:

Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall, Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211




PHONE: (649) 946-4664



is looking to fill the following positions:

Is currently seeking qualified applicants on the behalf of our clients:

Assistant Manager

– to assist with the day to day operation

Store Attendant

– stocking shelves making sure the shelves are properly stocked


– to assist in every area of the business

Domestic Workers

– to assist in the home and must be good with children


– to take care of premises and properties Salary $5.50 per hour Contact: P & A, IBO Building, Downtown behind the ball park, Providenciales Monday – Friday @ 341-8754


Hairdresser Bartender Nail Technician Salary $5.50 per hour Must be able to work 6 days per week.

Contact: 241-9194


Diamonds International Grand Turk stores are recruiting

8 SALES PERSONS are needed


•at least 2 years of sales experience is mandatory •experience in jewelry sales - advantage •impeccable references and a police clearance •impeccable English, other languages - advantage •high level customer service and customer attending skills •sales references - advantage

Fax number is: 946 1988


PRELIMINARY NOTICE OF AUCTION SALES FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Ltd, as Chargee, pursuant to section 72 of the Registered Land Ordinance, hereby gives notice that it will cause to be sold by Public Auction the scheduled property outside of its offices at 1271 Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands at 10:00 am on Friday, November 25, 2011. 1. Title No. 61004\05 Juba Salina, Providenciales Comprising 0.60 acres residential ocean view property consisting of a detached single-storey residential home which includes an open plan living and dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and utility room. In addition, there is also a detached two-storey building comprising a garage, an unfinished studio unit, office and an upper level studio apartment with bedroom, large living area, kitchen and bathroom. Total gross floor area is approximately 4,930 square feet. Registered Proprietors, Olympia Technologies Ltd. For more information please contact Mr. Corey Clarke, CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Head Office, Bridgetown, Barbados (Tel: 246 467 1654/email: or MCKNIGHTS International Law Firm, Attorneys at Law, 46 Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay, Providenciales (Telephone 649-941-2330/ Fax 649-941-2331/email: 5745

November 5 - 11, 2011 FAX: (649) 946-4661

Furniture carpenter Salary: $6.00 hourly Contact Person: Stephan Gaudet Location: PO Box 238, Central Storage Business Park, TC Millwork, Providenciales Contact : phone 231-4537

Skills Required:

• 10 years work experience in woodworking and/or construction field. Individual must have previous experience with manufacture, construction, and installation of high end cabinetry. Must be familiar with operation of all current woodworking machinery and tools with proper safety practices. Must be able to read Auto-Cad drawings. English speaking, bilingual preferred. • Duties: • Cabinetmaking, refinishing, and installation. Assist other employees in general millshop operations and maintenance. Must be professional and courteous.

Applicants please send a resume via preferred contact method. 5747

November 5 - 11, 2011

Sports International



World Cup-winning Pakistan cricketers guilty of betting scam coach Henry steps down GRAHAM Henry has stepped down as head coach of New Zealand’s All Blacks just nine days after leading them to their first World Cup triumph since 1987. Henry, who took charge of the team in 2003, is discussing the possibility of remaining with the New Zealand Rugby Union in a mentor role, though he has expressed interest in working with England’s national set-up. “It’s been an enormous privilege to coach the All Blacks and I am exceptionally proud of how the team has added to the All Blacks legacy over the last eight years,” Henry told a media conference in Auckland. “I am also exceptionally proud of how they have developed an extremely professional and enjoyable culture and environment, and how they have reached out to people of all ages and put a smile on their faces, both here in New Zealand and overseas. The narrow 8-7 win over France in Auckland on October 23, added the World Cup to the five Tri-Nations

Henry and assistant coach Steve Hansen will now head for Europe to coach the Barbarians against Australia

titles the All Blacks won under Henry’s guidance. The 65-year old, who previously coached Wales and the British & Irish Lions, ended with a remarkable win percentage of 85.4% from 103 Tests. “He leaves the All Blacks job as one of the greatest coaches in the game,” said NZRU chief Steve Tew, in quotes carried by All Blacks. com. “His record is unsurpassed and while he will now get time to spend with family and friends, and the odd bit of fishing, we are delighted that Graham is still going to be involved in New Zealand rugby.”

PAKISTAN cricketers Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif have been found guilty of their part in a “spot-fixing” scam after a trial at Southwark Crown Court. Former captain Butt, 27, and fast bowler Asif, 28, were both found guilty of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to accept corrupt payments. They plotted to deliberately bowl no-balls during a Lord’s Test match against England last summer. Another bowler, Mohammad Amir, admitted the charges prior to the trial. The guilty pleas by the bowler, who was 18 when the scam took place, could not be reported before. The jury was not told of these pleas. BBC sport news correspondent James Pearce says all three are facing the prospect of jail terms. Our correspondent also says the case “raises serious questions about the integrity of Test cricket”. A statement was read out by Amir’s lawyer at the start of the trial, before any evidence had been heard. He said: “Mohammad Amir

accepts full responsibility for deliberately bowling two no-balls and, in due course, you will hear how this vulnerable 18-year-old boy was subjected to extreme pressure from those on whom he should have been able to rely. “He recognises the damage his actions have caused Pakistan cricket.” Spot-betting involves gamblers staking money on the minutiae of sporting encounters such as the exact timing of the first throw-in during a football match or, as in this case, when a no-ball will be bowled. After deliberating for nearly 17 hours, the jury unanimously convicted Butt and Asif of conspiracy to cheat. Our correspondent said Butt’s wife, Gul Hassan, had given birth to a baby boy one hour before he was found guilty. The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool, in Lahore, said the story was leading the national news in Pakistan and the fourweek trial had been closely followed in the country. The judge, Mr Justice Cooke, extended bail for Butt and Asif until sentencing later this week.

Salman Butt (left) and Mohammad Asif were on trial at Southwark Crown Court

ROSELEE MISICK is looking for a

Domestic Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 231-5170


The Meridian Club On Pine Cay

Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies Email: Ph:649-941-7011 Fax: 649-941-7010

Position Available Executive Pastry Chef at The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

Salary: $10-12/hr or more depending upon training, experience, work record and capability. Duties: must be able to create a large variety of tasty desserts, breads and pastries from scratch (4-5 different dessert offerings must be available each day for lunch and dinner and pastries for breakfast). Must be able to do other food preparations and assist in meal preparation. Must assist Executive Chef in overseeing and training kitchen staff, as needed. Qualifications Required: - Must have degree in culinary arts from an accredited college or university - Minimum of 3 years experience as Pastry Chef in 5 star restaurant. - Must be skilled in handling all duties specified. - Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay, a small private island on a full time basis.. - Must furnish health certificate or be willing to undergo medical examination to ensure freedom from communicable disease. - Must be willing to work weekends, nights and holidays Starting Date: immediately. Contact Person and Contact Information: Beverly Plachta, Resort Manager. Fax to 649-941-7010 or email to a copy of resume with your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) Resume must include min. of 3 references with contact information and how you knows these people. Also include copy of passport, police report. All qualified applicants will be interviewed within 2 weeks.



The Provo Children’s Home is seeking caregiver/supervisors for the Home located in Chalk Sound in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

The following requirements apply:

• Preferred but not mandatory, a degree in psychology, counseling or social work • Experience working in related field ie teaching, nursing, coaching, day care, etc. • Ability to build constructive, caring, nurturing relationships with children with complex needs • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office programs • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Preferred qualifications in food prep and handling • Ability to cook meals for large numbers • Preferred First Aid training • Must hold a clean, valid driver’s license These posts are residential and require a certain percentage of over night shifts. Private accommodation and meals provided on overnight shifts. Salaries start at $1200 per month and are dependent on experience and qualifications. Only Belongers need apply. The position(s) are available from December 1st 2011. Interviews will be by appointment only.

Please send resumes to PCH Director at All correspondence is via email and all applications must be received by December 1st, 2011.


Sports National


November 5 - 11, 2011

Islandcom Wireless Dominoes Competition:

‘Undefeatables’ are grand champions again in TCI The ‘Undefeatables’ dominoes team players lived up to their name when they emerged as grand champions of the annual Islandcom Wireless Dominoes Competition for the second straight year at Horse Eye Jack’s on October 22 in Providenciales. To earn the title of grand champions among the 20 competing teams, ‘Undefeatables’ first conquered other Provo squads and then took on and overcame champion sides from North and Middle, South Caicos and Grand Turk. The Championship draw saw François Borgelar and Wilfred Moline of ‘Philomes’, South Caicos winners, facing up against Kevin Saunders and Robert Forbes of ‘Just Us’ from Grand Turk. Provo winners Lowell Anderson and Orville Taylor

of ‘Undefeatables’ were matched up against North Caicos winners Harold Gray and B Spring of ‘Ruff N Tuff’. ‘Philomes’ of South Caicos and ‘Undefeatables’ of Provo, last year’s defending champions, advanced to the semifinals with ‘Undefeatables’ coming out on top again. All four teams that took part in the Grand Championship Finals were recipients of their local pots, as much as $640, as well as Nokia Touch and Type 3G phones with six months of free Islandcom talk time. ‘Undefeatables’ took home $2,000 cash as well as the $500 local Provo pot and 3G Blackberry Bold smartphones with one year of free Islandcom service. The Provo leg saw an uneven mix of teams so a random draw resulted in two lucky pairs being given the

opportunity to play again. Xavier Malcom and Jamario Hamilton of ‘Team GT’ were thrilled to have a second chance to play as they were matched up against ‘D.S.’. Rigby and Martinez of ‘D.S.’ beat out ‘Team GT’ six to three only to fall to ‘Bangers’ in the second round. Provo had just one lady, Euwonka Selver, competing with the men. Following the second round, the games moved quickly with Lowell Anderson and Orville Taylor of ‘Undefeatables’ taking out Sean and Chris of ‘Ghost Light Boys’ six to two in the third round quarterfinals, moving the defending champs right along to the semifinals. Jonathan Hall and Khama Coalbrooke of ‘Stage Champs’ also cruised right into the semifinals to face ‘Undefeatables’ after knocking ‘Bangers’ out in the

third round six to two. The other semifinal match-up saw Junior Rigby and Manuel de Jesus Jiminez of ‘Cool Cats’ going against ‘Ghost Light Boys’ who got another chance to play after their quarterfinal knockout. Uneven brackets again necessitated a random draw to fill a gap in the bracket. Despite a second chance, ‘Ghost Light Boys’ were eliminated by ‘Cool Cats’ seven to one, placing the winners in the finals against ‘Undefeatables’.

After a short break the competing teams took their seats and expectations were for a close match but ‘Undefeatables’ took out ‘Cool Cats’ six – love, winning the Provo qualification round for the second year in a row. Following the Provo finals the winners from North and Middle, South Caicos and Grand Turk joined the newly crowned Provo Champions at the table to take part in the Grand Championship Finals.

Euwonka Selver was the only lady brave enough to compete

Sailrock U-14 Girls’ League:

No clear favourite as yet

The audience watched attentively as ‘Bangers’ faced up against ‘D.S.’

Sailrock U-13 Boys’ League:

Pierre and Sylvain on target in Sharks’ victories THE SAILROCK U-13 Boys’ League completed its second round of games with some high scoring and entertaining football last weekend. In the opening game Blue Hills Sharks defeated Long Bay Revolution 3-1, with two goals from Wikins Sylvain and one from Jackson Pierre. Idlin Belony scored the consolation goal for the Revolution. In the second game, Five Cays edged out

Leeward Knights (3-2) with Ras Diamond (2) and Greshawn Been netting for Five Cays and Deshawn Dorcius and Ledson Gerome for the Knights. Two high scoring games rounded off the morning’s action as the Sharks overcame the Knights by a 5-2 margin. Gerome was again on the scoresheet for the Knights and Samir Tolani added the second goal, but it was not enough to stop

a dominant Sharks performance as Sylvain added two more goals to his impressive tally and Pierre rounded off his MVP performance with a hattrick. The final game was the best of the day as Long Bay Revolution beat Five Cays FC 4-3. The game was closely, fought but two goals apiece from Marvin Joseph and Gabriel Diotte-Joly outscored the efforts of Kevin Simon (2) and Wendy Joseph. MVP for Week two was Jackson Pierre

THE Sailrock U-14 Girls’ League produced some exciting games last weekend and after two weeks of action it is difficult to spot a clear favourite as all teams are close on the league table. The Yellow Jaguars tied 1-1 with the White Wolves. Ella O’Connell placed the Jaguars ahead, but an own goal gave the Wolves a share of the points. The Titans then beat the league leaders, the Green Dragons, by a 3-1 margin. Gianna Roberts, Octavia Gardiner and Makayla Ellis scored for the Titans and Briande Brooks for the Dragons. The Striking Cheetahs tied 0-0 with the Red Devils before

going on to beat the Titans 2-0 with goals coming from Evnisha Saintvertu. The Red Devils tied for the second time on the day, this time with the Jaguars (11) as Lomekiah Thompson and Guerline Hall’s goals ensured the honours were even. The final game of the day was a six goal thriller as the White Wolves beat the Green Dragons 4-2. Tiffany Grant and Briande Brooks gave the Dragons hope but a Waldine Pierre hat-trick and a Cessia Johnson goal put the Wolves on top of the league. All six teams are in close contention as the league moves into its third week.

November 5 - 11, 2011

Sports National


PABA League:

Lions bounce back from opening defeat THE LIONS bounced back from an opening defeat at the hands of the Knights (53-47) to whip the Steelers by 37 points (56-19), the largest margin of victory since the Provo Amateur Basketball Association League started on October 22. Marcus Lightbourne finished with a double-double (10 points and 10 rebounds) while Cameron Henry scored 10 of the Steelers’ points. In the opening week’s defeat Damian Seymour had scored 18 points and made four steals for the Lions while Saundro Jermain dominated the middle with 17 points and 13 boards. The league opened with the Steelers defeating the Cobras (5951) with Henry scoring a whopping 25 while grabbing eight boards. South Caicos Harbour Boys then defeated Keith Cox’s Flyers 66- 59. Rudy Fulford scored 22 and grabbed five rebounds for the Flyers while Alvardo Parker had 13 pts and 13 rebounds for South Caicos. In game two last Friday night Flyers defeated Cobras 58 -28. Anthony Cash (Flyers) scored 20 pts, with six assists and five steals while Jeffery Bien-Aime (Cobras) had 10 pts, 8 boards and

two steals. In the final game of the night the Knights defeated the Police Badgers 49- 47. Germain continued his inside dominance with 16 points and 18 rebounds. Kjuanna Doughty led the lawmen with 18 pts. Game one on Saturday night ended with South Caicos on top of the Filipinos 68-44. Damieko Dean of South Caicos finished with 12 points and eight rebounds while Julito Tranza (Filipinos) had 10 pts. Then Flyers handed the Steelers their second defeat (66 -58). Chad Campbell led the winners with 11 points, five rebounds and seven assists. Henry ended with 15 points and five rebounds for the Steelers. The Predators closed Saturday night’s action with a 40 – 38 defeat over Custom Collectors. Troy Saunders led the Predators with 22 points and 10 rebounds while Ezra Taylor (Customs Collectors) just missed a double-double after grabbing 12 boards to go with his eight points. Games continue every Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00pm at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Centre. Tickets: adults $6.00, children $3.00.

Charlie’s Corner What you put in, you get out

It is not easy being a TCI soccer (football) star. You have to be on time. Train hard. Get fit. And get your kit on! You also have to get a pair of boots that fit! You have to learn the soccer language. I shout things like ‘Man on’, ‘One-Two’, Mark him’, ‘Shoot’ and my favourite when things are going wrong ‘REFEREE!!’ Soccer is like life really. One minute you are up. Next minute you are down. And sometimes you are not up or down. Just in the middle. That is what we soccer stars call a draw! My teammates all try hard. Now they may not be the best but they do try hard. And sometimes the harder they try the better they get. But not always! Food is very important if you want to be a soccer star. You can’t eat all that fried rubbish. You have to eat healthy stuff like fruit and vegetables. You also need to drink lots of water. Not sodas because they are full of sugar

Charlie McKnight gets ready for a big game and no good for you really. Drink water and you will have a very good chance of being a soccer superstar like me! See you next week!


AND1 tour re-ignited basketball passion in youngsters – Director of Sports THE AND1 basketball tour did more than entertain the Turks and Caicos Islands, it re-ignited a passion and love for the sport, especially among the youngsters, opines Director of Sports Alvin Parker. “The youths were very pumped up and it showed by the turnout at the game. I believe the trip was more than a game it was an opportunity to play with the Legends- the ones who first started with AND1. Many of TCI All Stars and up-and-coming youths have expressed the need to practice harder. The TCI All Stars have stated that they want a rematch and can’t wait for another opportunity to play with this caliber of talent.” The onus is now on all stakeholders to push the game forward in a structured way. Parker feels that having clinics for young players can inculcate proper basketball values. “Currently the Provo Amateur Basketball Association and the Sports Commission run a ‘More than Basketball’ clinic every Saturday morning from 8-11am. If the Turks and Caicos Islands Amateur Basketball Federation can implement similar programmes around the islands it would help greatly in the

AND1 members with students from the Clement Howell High School.

growth of the sport.” Parker feels that if similar programmes take place all the “youths around the country can be exposed to the same opportunities.” AND1 TOUR The world popular ANDI team recently visited these shores and along with playing an exhibition game against the national team (won 120-74); the guests visited a number of schools and had encouraging words for the youngsters. To Parker the visit was not just about a basketball game. “During their visit to the schools

they spoke to the student about various challenges and problems that affect our youth and student population, and used basketball positions and terminology to help relay their message of being responsible, hardworking, self discipline among others to the student.” Discussions are already underway to have the AND1 team revisit the TCI for another week for two nights of games and more school visits. The AND1 players also voiced there enthusiasm about coming back and the friendliness of the people. One player stated: “This feels like family”.

Delancys rewrite Ryder Cup’s history By Paul Baker PROVO Golf Club officials are busy rewriting the record books following last weekend’s annual Ryder Cup competition. And one name that will feature prominently in its latest chapter is Delancy. The Ryder Cup is the club’s biggest tournament, with North America taking on an International line-up for the coveted trophy. This year’s showdown saw history made before a ball was struck as Agatha and Elijah Delancy became the first ever grandmother and grandson to be selected for duty. The talented duo represented the International side with 15-year-old Elijah being the youngest player and first ever junior to take part. And if that wasn’t enough, Agatha also became the first woman to hit a hole in one in the tournament. In fact the only downside to an otherwise perfect weekend was that the Delancys finished on the losing team, with North America recording a 26-19 victory. Agatha, a youthful 62, said: “It was a wonderful occasion and I was very proud to have been selected alongside Elijah. “Elijah knew before I did that he was playing and I was so pleased for

Agatha and Elijah Delancy became the first ever grandmother and grandson to be selected for duty.

him. I then rang the International captain, Chris Bruno, on another matter and I was shocked and surprised when he told me I’d been selected too. “Getting the hole in one in the singles on Sunday was such a big surprise too. It came on the fourth hole – a hole I had played badly in the pairs on Saturday. “I have a bad knee which was playing up a bit and a combination of that and the poor shot the day before just helped me relax. I knew I’d hit it well with my trusty 7-wood, but had no idea it had gone in the hole until I actually got up on the green. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s my first hole in one ever and all my team mates and opponents were so kind and pleased for me.”

The Delancys moved to the TCI just over a year ago from the Bahamas and so neither had expected to be thrown into Ryder Cup action so soon. “I was delighted to be picked”, said Wesley Methodist School pupil, Elijah, who has a handicap of just 15. “I played a little bit of golf in the Bahamas but only started seriously here in the TCI. “To play in the Ryder Cup alongside my grandmother was incredible and I would like to thank my captain and all the guys at Provo Golf Club for their amazing support. “It’s a shame we didn’t win the competition but it was still a very special occasion for me and my family, and I am so proud of my grandmother, especially after her hole in one.”



Hugh G O’Neill/Caribbean Snow Removal 2011 Ryder Cup:

Ryder cup revenge for North America -International 19 North America 26 By Paul Baker HALF a decade of Hugh G O’Neill/ Caribbean Snow Removal Ryder Cup hurt came to an abrupt end at Provo Golf Club last weekend. After five successive loses, North America halted that sequence in spectacular style with a thumping victory over their International rivals. The crushing 26-19 victory was their first since 2005 and it brought the overall score in the annual competition to 12-7 in favour of the rest of the world outfit. And North America’s delighted skipper, Mike Adamo, warned his opponents they would have a tough job wrestling the trophy back again next year. He explained: “I am really proud of my players. That was a big team effort and everyone played their part. “It was important for us to bring the International’s team’s winning run to an end and we did just that in great style. That closes the gap between them and us to five wins and hopefully it will give us the momentum for further successes. “One thing is certain, now we have a taste for it we won’t be letting the trophy go without a fight in the future.” The American’s held a slender 8.5 - 6.5 lead after the first day four balls,

November 5 - 11, 2011

Three Olympian volleyball players for next week’s GObeachfest III CLUB Med in Providenciales will play host to three Olympians and over a dozen US national players in next week’s GObeachfest III. Action spikes off on Sunday and runs until November 13th; according to local estimates, over 500 guests are expected for the event which mixes playing and partying for volleyball enthusiasts. General Secretary of the Turks and Caicos Islands Volleyball Federation (TCIVF) CJ pointed out that organiser Albert Hanneman, who has been putting on this event for the past 18 years, will work closely with the local body. BENEFITS Hanneman said that the event

has a huge economic impact on tourism for the TCI and opined that the objective will be to make the sport bigger on the islands while attracting more tourists. He said without support from the local tourism board “this will be our last season here.” Local enthusiasts can also benefit from skill clinics and playing exposure with top athletes. Day passes can be purchased at Club Med to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. There will also be mini tournaments (mixed doubles, 2’s men’s, 2’s ladies) every day. CJ pointed out that the event can act as a catalyst in spurring the interest of the sport at community and school levels.

North America’s skipper Mike Adamo proudly lifts the Ryder Cup (Photo compliments of Rebecca Davies)

but it was in the Sunday singles that they really turned the screw. Adamo’s men and women were in superb form as they cruised to a 17.5 - 12.5 success to seal famous victory. “It was tight after the four balls and when the first of the singles games teed off”, he explained, “it could have gone either way. “But we really played some excellent golf on the Sunday and to win by such a big margin was fantastic.” Despite the loss, International captain Chris Bruno was generous in defeat. He said: “It was an amazing weekend and once again the Ryder Cup has strengthened it reputation as the best tournament and golfing occasion in the TCI. “The camaraderie, the

competitiveness and the spirit of the event was tremendous and I congratulate the North Americans on their success. “A big thank you goes to all the players and to all the club and ground staff for their hard work and support before, during and after the event.” And those sentiments were echoed by Adamo, who also paid tribute to the tournament sponsors. He added: “I too would like to thank all the Provo Golf Club staff for putting on a wonderful weekend’s golf. My thanks also go to Chris and his team for their fabulous company and competition. “And on behalf of both teams, I would like to express our gratitude to sponsors Hugh G O’Neill and Caribbean Snow Removal, without whom, there would be no Ryder Cup.”

Hugh G O’Neill/Caribbean Snow Removal Ryder Cup results: Saturday four-balls (International names first) International 6.5 North America 8.5 Nick Haywood and Steve Cumming beat Fraser Dods and Dan Blouin, Steve Ross and John Donatien drew with Terry Erskine and Rob Mensen, Chris Bruno and Will Shoreman beat Bill Confer and Rob Ayre, Gordon Lightbourne and Jurgen Wildt lost to Jeff Lee and Jared Fulton, Bryan Kennedy and Paul Murray lost to Jim Gefucia and Rick Sanmiya, JP Srinark and Chris Davies beat Jack Sims and Kent Soukup, Graham Malyan and Dale Hodgkins lost to Mike Adamo and Trevor Bromley, Tim O’Sullivan and Toby Barkworth-Knight beat Matt Gibbs and Chris Lemire, Shaun Breeze and Dillet lost to Jim Alston and Todd Foss, Keith Pickavance and John Stevenson lost to Jo Pretorius and Tim Mack, Louis Dickenson and Elijah Delancy beat Tito Myhres and Jason Bailey, Blair Mason and Graham Shaw beat Dale Peters and Keith Durant, Dorothy Trocha and Emer O’Sullivan lost to Carol Wilson and Madelaine Erskine, Lesley Stevenson and Agatha Delancy lost to Carol Brown and Cindy Alston, Chris Pretorius and Andrea Todd lost to Denise Douglas and Bridgette Thomas.

Sunday singles (International names first) International 12.5 North America 17.5 Lesley Stevenson drew with Carol Wilson, Agatha Delancy lost to Madelaine Erskine, Emer O’Sullivan beat Bridgette Thomas, Andrea Todd beat carol Brown, Dorothy Trocha lost to Denise Douglas, Chris Pretorius beat Cindy Alston, Jugen Wildt lost to Chris Lemire, Louis Dickenson lost to Jared Fulton, Chris Bruno beat Rob Mensen, Paul Murray lost to Fraser Dods, Toby Barkworth-Knight lost to Tito Myhres, Tim O’Sullivan lost to Matt Gibbs, Blair Mason beat Keith Burant, Gordon Lightbourne lost to Dale Peters, Dave Gillett lost to Tim Mack, Keith Pickavance lost to Jeff Lee, Shaun Breeze lost to John Stevenson beat Jo Pretorius, Graham Shaw lost to Jason Bailey, Elijah Delancy beat Todd Foss, John Donatien beat Trevor Bromley, Steve Cumming beat Jim Gefucia, Nick Haywood lost to Terry Erskine, Dale Hodgkins lost to Rick Sanmiya, Will Shoreman lost to Kent Soukup, Chris Davies beat Jack Sims, Jumphol Srinark beat Bill Confer, Bryan Kennedy lost to Mike Adamo, Steve Ross beat Dan Blouin, Graham Malyan lost to Rob Ayer.

The Silver Deep Cruisers were unstoppable in the Danny Delancy National Softball Tournament.

Second Annual Danny Delancy Softball:

Silver Deep teams take spoils PROVO Softball Association league winners the Silver Deep Cruisers and the Silver Deep Sharks carried their momentum to the Second Annual Danny Delancy National Softball Tournament in Grand Turk and came away with all the spoils. The female side, the Cruisers, who were spotless in the league, achieved a similar feat. Teams from North Caicos, South Caicos, Providenciales (also an invitational team) and Grand Turk competed. Second place went to the Grand Turk Female All-Stars while the South Caicos Female All-Stars placed third. Best Pitcher was Mrs. Angela Jennings-Lightbourne while Mrs. Paula Virgil-Stubbs once again

nabbed the most valuable player award. Nevis Guzman was voted as the Invitational side’s MVP. The Sharks were also flawless and duly deserved their prize, but special mention should also be given to the North Caicos All-Stars (coach by Virgil-Stubbs), who on debut defeated Grand Turk to reach the championship clash. The best pitcher was Nelson while the MVP was Wendy. The Turks and Caicos Softball Federation would like to thank Mr. Kirklyn Bowe out of the Bahamas for umpiring the games. Appreciation was also shown to the tournament sponsors, the Grand Turk spectators and the sporting public at large in the TCI.

November 5 - 11, 2011





November 5 - 11, 2011

Turks and Caicos Weekly News - Issue 43  

November 5 to November 11

Turks and Caicos Weekly News - Issue 43  

November 5 to November 11