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Weekly News Volume 26 | No. 46 | November 17 – 23, 2012

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TCI’s third Premier

sworn in

Governor Ric Todd, on Tuesday, swore in Dr. Rufus Ewing as the third Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.



There can be no separation of church and state in TCI, Bishop Clarence Williams

IN THE Turks and Caicos Islands there can be no separation of church and state, according to Bishop Clarence Williams. PAGE  4

SIPT chose not to publicise Misick’s arrest warrant

THE Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) has chosen not to publicise a wanted notice on INTERPOL’s website ... PAGE  4

At-Large results stand

ELECTIONS officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), on Monday, recounted the ballots cast in last Friday’s polls, as was demanded by People’s Democratic Movement ... PAGE 


Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, receives instruments of office from Governor Ric Todd




November 17 – 23, 2012

November 17 – 23, 2012





November 17 – 23, 2012


There can be no separation of church and state in TCI, Bishop Clarence Williams


Out of Egypt – again


he long wait is over and the Turks and Caicos Islands have now elected a government they can call their own. The people have spoken, and so the long and difficult journey back to democracy has now begun. We want to express sincere congratulations to Premier Rufus Ewing and his party for their hard-fought victory. Although the margin was very slim, it is a remarkable feat by any standard that the PNP -- with all its baggage -- was still able to emerge again as Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Their victory must be seen as a serious indictment on the Opposition party. But while we condemn their failure, we applaud the success of Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, the first woman Leader of the Opposition, who could conceivably become one day the first female Premier of these Islands. And we must praise the seamless process that brought us once again to this constitutional stage. The Governor commended the peacefulness of the elections; he seemed somewhat surprised that the voting went smoothly. We have always had peaceful elections. We can teach the civilized world a thing or two about that. The only hiccup was the awkward system at the polling stations, put in place by the Interim Administration. Apart from that, everything went swimmingly. Now the real work begins. The new Government must not only prove itself to the British; it must prove itself to the whole world. “See how the world marks the manner of our bearing,” applies to us now more than the Bahamas, from whose national anthem the line was taken. All TC Islanders must put their shoulders to the wheel and strive to regain the ground we lost over the last three years. We have been brought to a new chapter and a new day in the life of our country. Providence has given us another chance. We need not dwell on the past; every successful country has had its failures and its setbacks. We must to look to the future. We must lay aside the baggage of the past, and like the butterfly surge towards a brand new future. We must put aside the sins of the former players and the divisive plans of the British and move forward as one people. This is a new beginning in the life of this fledgeling little nation. We’ve come out of Egypt -again. It remains now to be seen if Egypt has come out of us! We wish the new Government well. It is our hope that all members of Parliament will forget their partisanship and work together for the betterment of our country. Our future demands it. It appears that Whitehall is genuinely interested in working with the new administration. The statement of Mark Simmonds, the new Minister for Overseas Territories, has a convincing tone. Reacting to the election results he said: “I look forward to working with Premier Ewing ....... there are many challenges ahead but TCI Islanders can rest assured that we will support the new government in its efforts to build on recent reforms.....” If the Minister is serious -- and we sincerely believe he is -- then the future looks bright and promising as we endeavour to rebuild the Turks & Caicos Islands.

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BY VANESSA NARINE IN THE Turks and Caicos Islands there can be no separation of church and state, according to Bishop Clarence Williams. In an interview with the Weekly News, he said, “Separation of church and state, it depends on which country you are talking about. In the TCI there can be no separation of church and state. “The church is part of the democratic process of the country, its members are, its ministers are and it is intertwined. “There are some constitutional issues, where the church may differ and take different roles. The church’s understanding may be different. There are differences of opinions. “However, the freedom of one and the freedom of all must be respected.” Williams explained that when it comes to controversial issues, such as that of gay rights, one must make the distinction between the ‘right to’ and the ‘approval to’. The Bishop said, “One may have the right to do something, but may not have the approval of the church to do so. “It could be the gay rights issue or any other issue. “In the 2011 Constitution I can see about 26 or 27 issues that will not stand scrutiny by the church; matters

Bishop Clarence Williams

of the family, matters of the rights of the child and certain other rights of citizens, these could not stand up to biblical scrutiny.” “And in the TCI there is no separation, as the preamble in the 2011 Constitution states clearly that the country is a Christian nation.” Williams added that the infringement of rights is another issue and while the TCI is a Christian nation, the 2011 Constitution is not a “holy” constitution. The Bishop noted that many modern democracies do not have separation of church and state. “When the church and state work

together it produces a far better, decent and progressive society,” he posited. The 2011 Constitution said, “The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands are a God-fearing people with convictions based on sound Christian culture, values and principles, tolerant of other religions; affirm their intention to: maintain the highest standards of integrity in their daily living; commit to the democratic values of a just and humane society pursuing dignity, prosperity, equality, love, justice, peace and freedom for all; ensure a vibrant diversified economy, work to provide full employment opportunities, and protect their posterity.”

SIPT chose not to publicise Misick’s arrest warrant BY VANESSA NARINE THE Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) has chosen not to publicise a wanted notice on INTERPOL’s website for embattled former Premier, Mike Misick, for operational reasons. This was the response, from Governor’s spokesperson, Neil Smith, when asked why the ‘Red Notice’, authorised by INTERPOL for the arrest of Misick, was not made public. On March 19, the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) issued a press release saying, “An arrest warrant has been obtained and ‘Red Notice’ authorised by INTERPOL for the arrest of Michael Eugene Misick, former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands.” The statement added that, “Every opportunity has been given to Mr. Misick to voluntarily surrender to the SIPT’s jurisdiction for interview… despite previous indications from Mr. Misick’s solicitors that he would attend for interview, he has failed to do so.” However, in the last weeks, questions were raised over the truth of an INTERPOL arrest warrant having actually been issued for Misick. A check showed that Mike Misick

was not included in the 229 persons wanted by INTERPOL on the agency’s website, nor was Cem Kinay, a 53-year-old Turkish businessman, accused of bribing former government ministers for political favours. INTERPOL’s practice is if asked to issue a Red Notice in response to an arrest warrant, the information will be sent out to its 190 member countries, unless otherwise indicated. According to Smith, SIPT requested otherwise. Misick was last reported to be in the Dominican Republic (DR).

Former Premier Mike Misick

Police find 436 grams of cannabis MEMBERS of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Street Crime Unit, last Saturday, conducted a stop and search on a vehicle with two occupants – a 15-year-old and a 40-year-old males. During the search both males were found in possession of 463.0 grams each of suspected Cannabis. The 15-year-old was charged for possession of controlled drugs

and possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply. The 40-year-old was charged for possession of controlled drugs, possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply, resisting and obstruction. Both subjects were taken to the court on Tuesday date where they plead not guilty. The matter was adjourned until the Thursday, April 11, 2013.

November 17 – 23, 2012




TCI’s third Premier sworn in BY VANESSA NARINE

GOVERNOR Ric Todd, on Tuesday, swore in Dr. Rufus Ewing as the third Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Mike Misick was the former Premier and Galmo Williams acted in the post prior to part suspension of the 2006 Constitution. The ceremony took place at the Governor's office in Grand Turk following the Progressive National Party’s (PNP) victory in the TCI general election last Friday. Commenting on the historic day, Ewing said, “It feels great. There are lots of challenges still ahead to get into.” Asked about the work ahead, the

Premier noted that in the first 100 days, the party will be focusing on Value Added Tax (VAT), increasing investment, reorganising the employment Department of Labour to create more jobs and develop an education policy in line with the party’s development plans He noted that there is a challenge moving forward with legislations like the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill. However, the Premier stated that while it will not be easy, the party stands committed to getting the work done and addressing the concerns of the people of the Islands. When the PNP launched its manifesto, ‘Going for Gold’, Ewing made it clear that the attainment of

prosperity demands a strong plan, adding that the party’s plan has short-term, medium-term and longterm elements to put the nation back on track. The party’s plan for the next four years places much emphasis on good governance and good governance legislation.

The other priorities to be addressed: • The economy and employment, with focus on agriculture and manufacturing and processing and trade and shipment; • Education and youth empowerment, with focus on addressing learning disabilities; • Social services, with strong focus on gender equality and poverty

reduction; • National security, with a focus on reviewing and enforcing immigration legislations; • Emergency and support services, with a focus on increasing funding for TCI’s Fire Service; • Transportation and communication by pledging to enforce legislation that is in keeping with international trends; • Natural resources and utilities through the introduction of stricter penalties to protect TCI’s natural resources and improving efficiency when it comes to utilities; and • Healthcare, with a pledge to restructure the National Health Insurance Plan, but no mention of InterHealth Canada was made. The manifesto also stressed the

need to bolster a sense of national pride and keeping the heritage of the TCI alive through a multi-ministry approach and additional support to the National Trust, among others. After the ceremony, Todd said, “It is a real honour and privilege to swear in a Premier. “I look forward to working with Premier Ewing and his ministerial team to continue the on-going effort to make the TCI a more open, accountable and better managed society. “We have much to do and we both look forward to jointly facing our challenges.” Todd added that this marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the nation. The first meeting of the House is scheduled for next week.

Securing the popular vote At-Large results stand was not in vain, Skippings – Skippings only candidate to lose votes

THE closest contested election in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) saw the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) losing the majority by one seat, a razor thin margin. However, party leader, Oswald Skippings, maintains that the fact that the party took home the popular vote was not in vain. In a statement on Thursday, he said, “Be ever mindful that because of you, we already have distinguished accomplishments and are truly winners, when one looks at our performance at the polls. “You gave the PDM the popular vote; you gave the PDM the majority of the national seats; the PDM elected members for the constituency seats won by the widest margins of victories in all seats except one; and a PDM candidate has succeeded in achieving the top votes in the All Island seat.” NEXT STEP Addressing the next step for the party, particularly given that he lost his bid to be elected to the House, Skippings made it clear that he will remain leader of the PDM. He noted that the party’s deputy leader, Sharlene CartwrightRobinson, has been appointed as Leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly. Skippings announced too that party stalwart, Clarence Selver, has been selected as the PDM’s appointed member. Each side of the House is entitled to nominate one person, who was not a candidate in the elections, to be an appointed member in the House. Skippings said, “The PDM remains committed to you the people and to this country, and to that end will continue to strive for the very best for you and for the Turks and Caicos. We will keep you, the public,

PDM Leader Oswald Skippings

informed as we proceed to represent you in the days and indeed the years ahead.” The PDM leader expressed his appreciation for the support of voters who turned out on polling day in support of the party. He said, “I take this opportunity on behalf of the Peoples' Democratic Movement and myself as leader, first of all to thank God at this time and to thank all the voters of the Turks and Caicos who have voted in the recent general elections. “It was indeed commendable that you have suffered the inconvenience of standing in line in the heat of the sun for up to eight hours in some cases, simply to exercise your franchise.” (VANESSA NARINE)

the recount. All other candidates gained votes, PNP’s Carlos Simons gaining the most, 46 and Independent At-Large candidate, Oswald Simons, gaining the least, 2. The ballots were recounted by eight counting teams concurrently at Dillon Hall, Grand Turk. Six additional trained Electoral District returning officers from Providenciales and South Caicos have been brought in by Police plane to assist the All-Island Returning Officer. There were nine counting tables, each to be staffed by an assistant returning officer and a poll worker. Both PDM and PNP were allowed eight people to observe each count team, in addition to three election observers. (VANESSA NARINE)

ELECTIONS officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), on Monday, recounted the ballots cast in last Friday’s polls, as was demanded by People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, Oswald Skippings, who failed in his bid to secure a seat in the National Assembly. The results confirmed the provisional results that were made public on Saturday afternoon, which will see PDM’s deputy leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson; Progressive National Party (PNP) leader, Dr. Rufus Ewing; PDM’s Derek Taylor; PNP’s Washington Misick; and PDM’s Josephine Connolly, in the House. In the recount, Skippings moved for eight to seventh gaining eight votes, switching places with PDM’s Sam Harvey, who lost three votes in











Recount First Count





























































































































































November 17 – 23, 2012

A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Decision 2012

THE people have had their say, with 88 per cent of registered voters turning out at the polls last Friday. The Progressive National Party’s (PNP) win was by a very thin margin, one seat. What are your thoughts on decision 2012?

A show of integrity

It looks like the parties have awakened and put forth candidates that we could vote for instead of the same old people. The fact that the PNP did not run away with it again, shows that the integrity measures are working. Let's hope the two parties can actually work together to get us up and running again!

Public confidence

The PNP’s victory is an indication that the public is confident in the new team, despite the stains on the former administration. Dr. Ewing has performed well and his disposition is that of what a Premier should be, a fact clearly seen at the debates where he maintained an air of diplomacy compared to Skippings who snapped on live TV and radio. On that note, one has to consider the results of the At-Large votes, which clearly show who the public has the most confidence in. The PDM deputy leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, came out on top with Derek Taylor in third place, very close to Ewing’s second. Interesting too is the fact that Skippings placed eight, far below newcomer Josephine Connolly. Even with his experience, Skippings was unable to sway voters, since a political veteran on the other side, Washington Misick, performed well in the At-Large and secured his seat. Now that the results are out and the people

have spoken the focus MUST be on settling down to the business of government.


Decision 2012 has been a very interesting turnout. I do not know what the turnout percentage was in 2007, but an 84 per cent is excellent. I must congratulate every voter that participated in Decision 2012. Decision 2012 also indicated that some share their votes with both PNP and PDM. There were cases such as Grand Turk South and South Caicos that voted for the At-Large candidates more or less strictly by party lines. In fact Grand Turk South was the determining factor for a win for one of the PDM candidates and a loss for one of the PNP candidates. What is interesting is that the PDM leader was rejected and the PNP deputy leader was also rejected.

The ‘fat lady’ has not yet sung

Considering that the PDM had the popular vote it is clear that the average Turks and Caicos Islander wanted a PDM government. With seats rumored to be contested and now the job up top at the Integrity Commission, there seems to be no fat lady singing at this point.

Still a challenging road ahead, UK Foreign Secretary THE United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign Secretary, William Hague, maintains that the 2012 elections is a significant step to for the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). In a statement last week, Hague said, “This is a significant step and I would like to thank the Interim Administration and public servants and advisers of the TCI for their hard work to bring us to this day.” He added that the UK Government has provided practical support, as well as financial support in the form of a US$260m loan guarantee, to the interim administration for the last three years to help implement a wide ranging reform programme to address concerns about corruption and maladministration. The Foreign Secretary said, “A solid foundation has been built for a successful

return to elected government. “There is still a challenging road ahead, including the need to maintain prudent financial management and I hope the new government will continue the hard work to consolidate and build on the interim government’s legacy. “I look forward to building a strong and constructive partnership with the newly elected government.” The Interim Administration has been in place since August 2009. The previous constitution was part-suspended in August 2009 after the Auld Report found evidence of systematic corruption, abuse of power and maladministration by the elected government.

A show of maturity

I think the results finally show that the people of the TCI are politically growing up. This outcome is healthy for us all, even us scattered around the world. Now I hope everybody will get back to work and grow the country, together!

PDM is back

Given the odds the PDM did remarkably well. It was clear that the momentum was with the PDM. Where they won seats the margins were huge and wide. Where they lost or seats where at issue the margins were slim in Cheshire Hall, the Bight and Leeward. At large and nationally the PDM won the popular vote. Sharlene Cartwright and Josephine Connolly are stars. They did exceptionally well. With 8-7 we are at the 2003 moment where the PDM had 7 seats and the PNP had 6. Two seats were overturned, PNP won the bi-elections and they were able to plunder and hand over the islands to rogue developers. This razor thin margin shows that the PDM is back and under the leadership of Oswald Skippings, who despite him not reaching the first five At-Large brought the PDM party back from its near extinct position in these islands. Strongholds of the PDM such as Five Cays and the two new Blue Hills seats were recaptured. In Grand Turk North, amidst allegations of vote buying and personation the PDM is behind by only 30 votes. The trend is clear. It leaves open the room that if persons were not turned away at the polls, if voting didn’t take 5-6 hours in most cases and if everybody voted the PDM would have been the Government today. Our democracy is restored and we can plan!

Back from the dead

The PDM is back from the dead. Many persons wrote off the PDM, they said forget about Skippings. In both cases they did well. The PDM is close to victory and Skippings got over 2,894 votes at large. Seven seats is a far cry from the two seats Floyd Seymour won in 2007. The PDM does have a major problem when people like Floyd Seymour go around telling voters not to vote for Skippings. If it weren’t for these internal rebellions the party may well have won. Seymour is too angry to be involved in politics. His efforts affected the outcome. By and large the PDM is really back in the game.

Elections an embarrassment

The election is an embarrassment for the people of the TCI. We have spoken to friends in Jamaica, the eastern Caribbean and other Caribbean peoples in the USA and they cannot believe the results. The victory by the PNP is making sure the British will not leave for many years to come. How could the PDM fail to overcome the same people who are relatives and cronies of

the last corrupt government? Had the election been timelier and right after the Commission of Inquiry we would have had different results. It appears the voters feel there will be no serious prosecutions and therefore no punishment. They hope Mike Misick will soon be back and the millions will flow again hopefully into the supporters’ pockets. Ridiculous!

Skip has to go

The deputy leader of the PDM won her own landslide and the current PDM leader was only able to get his party’s support and nothing more. Skip ended up eight out of 10 realistic candidates and even behind Sam Harvey. Skip needs to go back to preaching something other than politics in Grand Turk. He does not understand Caicos Islands voters.

PDM has to stop running ‘has beens’

Since the PNP won every seat by only a few votes the behind the scene goodies did the trick, it is time for the PDM to reorganise and stop running ‘has beens’. They can't even put a decent enough candidate in Grand Turk North to win the North seat. Where was the Grand Turk influence of Derek and Skip? All three At-Large PDM candidates are from Grand Turk. After years of PNP rule doing nothing for South, North and Middle Caicos the voters went PNP again. The shame then is on the PDM. Skippings has got to go and Derek could take over as Financial Minister with his reported honesty.

A first female Premier?

Congratulations to Sharlene and Josephine with the coming disqualifications of the Integrity Commission, one of you may be the first woman Premier.

The people have chosen

The people have chosen so I am satisfied, although I voted PDM, and proud to say so. I will support the ruling party as long as it will do right by and for this country and its people. I am watching closely their actions and contributions while in house, but I will say to them if they let the ball drop ‘game on,’ they will surely not be given that opportunity in the next general elections.

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November 17 – 23, 2012




Organisational shortcomings, secrecy of the vote among concerns, Observer Mission report BY VANESSA NARINE THE Election Observation Mission’s preliminary report was made public on Wednesday and underlined concerns over organisational shortcomings and secrecy of the vote, but concluded that the process was fair and transparent. The report was completed before the announcement of results as well as the complaints and appeals process. SHORTCOMINGS According to the report, voting took place in an orderly manner despite organisational shortcomings. The report said, “During the course of voting, observers visited all 17 polling stations (some of them several times) and evaluated the process as good or very good in the majority of cases. “There were examples of very well organised polling stations. No one was observed voting more than once, and no incidents were noted of anyone trying to inappropriately influence voters who to vote for. “Procedural steps were generally followed – voter’s fingers were inked and identification documents checked in nearly all cases. “However, despite efforts and professionalism of election officials, time consuming voting procedures resulted in long lines in most polling stations visited. “The processing of voters was very slow; frequently it took five minutes for one voter to vote. “A number of details regarding voter identity had to be handwritten in the poll book and on a counterfoil of each ballot. “In addition, after marking their ballots, voters had to return to poll workers for verification of data in counterfoils. “Organisation of the voting process should be reconsidered with the view of streamlining and simplification.” The Observer Mission recommended that consideration should be given to employing more poll workers in bigger polling stations. SECRECY The report also underscored that secrecy of the vote was of concern. The report said, “Firstly, voter registration number was handwritten on each ballot potentially allowing for disclosure of voter’s choice during the count or after the elections. “Secondly, due to ballot design and folding instructions, the way the voters marked their ballots was occasionally exposed before casting ballot. “Moreover, voters had to hand over marked ballots to poll workers for inspection of counterfoil before placing them in the boxes.” The observers recommended that such practices should be changed as they violate the principle of secrecy

of vote. It also recommended that consideration should be given to strengthening training efforts and producing a more user-friendly election procedures manual before next elections.

ELECTION LEGISLATION When it came to legislations guiding the hosting of national elections, the observers hailed the legislative framework within which the polling was done. However the report said, "Despite recent improvements, the Ordinance [the Electoral Ordinance] remains unclear in many aspects such as the voting and counting procedures, and in general would benefit from a thorough review and modernisation.” The report added that, “the Political Activities Ordinance introduced strict regulations on campaign activities to address problems identified in previous elections. “The ordinance regulated financing of election campaign thus increasing the transparency and levelling the playing field among parties and candidates. “While there are no limits on total donations received by political parties and candidates, individual donations from residents or companies could not exceed $30,000. “The campaign spending ceilings for parties and independent candidates were: $30,000 in each electoral district contested by a party or an independent candidate and $40,000 for each candidate in “all islands” district. “In addition, each party could spend up to $100,000 for the promotion of a party leader. “In total, each political party could not spend more than $600,000 for campaigning. “The campaign donations and expenditures are public. Reports about all donations received are submitted to a newly appointed Integrity Commission and published weekly before the elections. “Parties and independent candidates are also obliged to submit reports about their expenditures three to six months after the elections (depending on the amount spent).” ADMINISTRATION When it came to the work of the Elections Office, headed by Elections Supervisor, Dudley Lewis, the Mission acknowledged that the Elections Office worked within short deadlines. The report said, “The election administration had to cope with short deadlines. This at times led to criticism by some political parties complaining about insufficient consultations particularly regarding voter registration. “The Election Observation Mission noted limited confidence of political parties in the integrity of the voter registration.

“The delineation of new constituencies required assignment of voters to the new 10 districts. “Some parties expressed concerns about last-minute shifts of voters between the districts. “Apparently, there were 146 voters who were assigned to incorrect districts. This mistake was corrected by the election administration and the register of electors was amended accordingly. “Elections Office staff contacted these voters directly to inform them about the changes. A corrected voter register was shared with the political parties. “There was also a significant discrepancy in the numbers of voters assigned to each constituency. “While on average there should be around 700 voters in each district, the biggest constituency had 983 voters while the smallest – 373. “The law requires that the maximum difference of the number of voters per constituency should not exceed 15 per cent. “However, the delineation of the new constituencies was done on the basis of the recommendations by the Independent Boundaries Commission which suggested that there was a need to ensure adequate representation to five smaller islands. “The parties accepted these recommendations. “Furthermore, the Commission defined the electoral boundaries on the basis of census population data where respondents self-declared

their Belonger status, whilst the final number of voters in each electoral district was based on voter registration where Belongership had to be verified. “It is possible some people who self-declared their Belonger status were not prepared to have this status checked during the procedure to be added to the voter register. “However, there is a balance that needs to be struck between completeness of register and providing certainty to candidates and to the voters about who can vote and where they should vote.” CONCLUSIONS What was made clear in the report was that the citizens of Turks and Caicos demonstrated an impressive commitment to the democratic process by the level of participation in elections. According to the report, the elections represented a significant step in fulfilment of a programme of economic stabilisation, introduction of sound financial management and the extensive reform of the public service required by eight milestones. Head of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Observer Mission, was Joe Bossano, Member of Parliament (MO), Minister for Enterprise, Training and Employment in Gibraltar. Bossano’s eight-member team includes Thomas Docherty, United Kingdom (UK) MP; James Duddridge, UK MP; Juliette

Penn, Election Commissioner, British Virgin Islands (BVI); Keith Lowenfield, Assistant Chief Election Monitor, Guyana; Rev. Lenworth Sterling, Senior Returning Officer for the constituency of St. Ann South Western, Jamaica; Gasper Jr. Baptiste, Deputy Chief Elections Officer, St. Lucia; and Konrad Olszewski, Senior Independent Adviser to the Election Observer Mission The mission arrived to TCI on November 6 and the observers met with representatives of all key political parties and the election administration. The Election Observation Mission to the Turks and Caicos Islands was composed of three representatives of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and four representatives of the Association of the Caribbean Electoral Organisations, as well as one independent election expert. The presence of the Commonwealth group as an international observer to the national elections put the TCI under the spotlight as it returns to democratic rule; three years after Britain suspended the government and took day-to-day control of the nation. The Election Observation Mission will publish its comprehensive final report, after the completion of the remaining stages of the electoral process, is expected to be made public in the next few weeks, according to the Governor’s spokesperson, Neil Smith.

PPP committed to collaborating with new gov’t, Harold Charles

THE Turks and Caicos Islands’ third party, the People Progressive Party (PPP), did not fare well in last Friday’s polls. However, party leader, Harold Charles, this week, stressed that his party is committed to collaborating with the new government to move the nation forward. Charles, in a statement, said, “I, along with our PPP candidates, although not successful at the polls, stand committed and available to employ all our talents and ideas in collaboration with the new administration – to engage all the power and resources necessary to pull our country out of its financial and social doldrums and help it thrive again with sustained financial independence and unity, with meaningful opportunities for all.” As to the future of the party, the PPP leader said, the party will continue to make representation on issues of interest. He said, “We are forming our youth and women’s organisations which will be the eyes and ears of our society.

PPP leader Harold Charles

“We invite you to keep current on our activities and share your thoughts and ideas through our Facebook page at” The party leader also congratulated Dr. Rufus Ewing, leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP), his successful candidates and those of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) who have offered themselves up for service. Charles said, “Sincere thanks to our patriotic Turks and Caicos Island voters who expressed their opinions at the polls on November 9, 2012,

for an elected government in our precious country, of course, heartfelt gratitude to those who believe in our PPP message and voted for all our committed and enthusiastic candidates.” The PPP leader secured 103 votes of the 703 cast in Five Cays, Providenciales; deputy leader, Zhavago Jolly, took 29 of the 451 votes cast in Wheeland, Providenciales; Dorell Pratt Delancy got 36 of 669 in The Bight, Providenciales; Edward Smith got 58 of the 829 votes cast in Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales; and Wendal Wilson secured the support of 84 voters of the 672 votes cast. The PPP’s slogan is ‘A new horizon’ and has a sunrise as its symbol.Its platform tackled economic development; education; healthcare reform; affordable housing; social services; environmental protection; creation of a community investment act; comprehensive immigration reform; and transparent governance. The PPP, TCI’s third party, was officially launched in midSeptember. (VANESSA NARINE)




November 17 – 23, 2012

Archdeacon Cartwright admonishes leaders stressing responsibility BY VANESSA NARINE ARCHDEACON Keith Cartwright had strong words for political leaders, in particular those elected at Friday’s polls, and stressed the need for responsible service to the people. He said, “Our leaders must remember that they have been chosen by God and the people to serve and not serve themselves…in the past we have forgotten what it means to be a true leader - it means to be a servant of all God’s people. “People who serve, must not serve only their political cronies, but all the people. “Jobs and contracts must go to competent and honest people, not to party supporters, but to competent people with the lowest bid no matter who they vote for. “The money in the treasury belongs to all the people in the Turks and Caicos. It does not belong to the PNP or the PDM, but to all the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. “Be satisfied with your pay. Serve the people and keep your fingers out of the cookie jar. “We must stand up for integrity and honesty and we must stamp out corruption and ‘wheeling and dealing’ wherever it is found. “The Turks and Caicos Islands cannot move forward with crooked leaders.” According to Cartwright, leaders must represent all the people all the time and in all places. He added that the interests of the people must be kept in focus, over self-service.

The Archdeacon pointed to three major areas, priorities championed by politicians in their campaigns, that need urgent attention. He said, “Urgent attention must be placed on job creation, as hundreds are without meaningful employment. This must be a united focus of government and opposition. “There is need for healthcare reform. It is a sad situation that the poor and disposed are unable to access decent healthcare because of a lack of finances…the health of a nation is the wealth of a nation. “Greater emphasis must be drawn to suitable education for the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. “It is unacceptable that only some succeed in education. It must

be a priority that access to quality education be available for all.” Cartwright touched on the issue of citizenship also, urging that the interests of Islanders must be addressed first before persons from other nation. “You who have been elected must proceed, as a matter of urgency, to address a clear path to citizenship, using the United Nations guidelines on this,” he said. The Archdeacon did not shy away from addressing the touchy issue of fiscal responsibility. He said, “Our financial house must be in order. Do not spend more than you make, be good stewards.” Members of the public were not left out, but reminded that they have

to be responsible citizens. Cartwright said, “The people have spoken and they have spoken loud and clear for all to see and hear. We must accept the will of the people. “These are the leaders that the people have chosen and all the

people must accept this and uplift our new leaders, starting with the Governor.” The Archdeacon made it clear that the Turks and Caicos Islands must work together and build together or fail together.

Return to democracy the start of a new chapter, Governor Todd THE return to democratic rule, according to Governor Ric Todd, is the start of a new chapter for the Turks and Caicos Islands. On Tuesday he said, “Both the election and the result are indeed the start of a new chapter in the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands.” “Reflecting on the election and its campaign, I would like to extend my gratitude to the parties and candidates for conducting it in such a calm and orderly fashion. “The turnout was quite remarkable and demonstrates the significance of these historic events to the people of these Islands. “The patience, fortitude and

good humour of the TCI electorate through the clearly lengthy voting process was inspirational. “A special word of thanks, however, must go to the Elections Office and their staff at the 17 polling stations across the Turks and Caicos Islands. “They worked unstintingly on Friday through Saturday, and some of them again today at the All Island recount. “Their dedication and professionalism to ensuring the proper execution of this election in keeping with our laws was quite simply a fantastic effort. “I would like to personally thank them all for making this election so


All in the family THE results are in and now the world watches as we take our place with Archie Bunker, Edith and the other silly people from that famous TV show because we refuse to turn our back on those who have done us wrong and put the country behind at least 10 years or more. The brother, niece and nephew of our former leader said he was right to assume control of millions of the countries dough – a man who ran off leaving us with a billion or more in debt and a lower standard of living. Who signed away the rights to be charged five times the rates for electrical power and who let the

People who serve, must not serve only their political cronies, but all the people – Archdeacon Keith Cartwright

By David Tapfer Doc turned Premier install the most expensive health system which in the end sends people out for anything more than an ingrown toenail; a weak system which employs his wife. The Brother is rewarded for

mismanaging the bank which took down 25 per cent of the government pension funds and 4,000 families savings and a real estate firm which used $1.3m in goodies from our chief resort to pay some of his brothers bills. The Niece, an attorney, who forgot where she was born, but voted in the last USA election and was ready to do that again until she remembered she was not born in Grand Turk. Her claim to fame is she defended her uncle Mike just before he took off running in our fancy shoes. A Nephew who was paid nearly a quarter a million for just talking to his uncle Mike and advising him to do what, run? We ask what he will do for Middle and North Caicos. Perhaps he

successful. “Finally, I would like to pledge my on-going dedication to working jointly with the new Premier, Cabinet and Legislative Assembly members in the interest of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.” Also commenting on the return to elected rule, the Minister for the Overseas Territories, Mark Simmonds, said, “I welcome the return of democratic government to the Turks and Caicos Islands. “I am particularly pleased that that so many Islanders voted in this historic election. “I look forward to working with Premier Ewing, who will be sworn in

by His Excellency the Governor as soon as possible. “There are many challenges ahead but TCI Islanders can rest assured that we will support the new government in its efforts to build on recent reforms, particularly prudent financial management, economic growth and sustainable prosperity.” The interim administration (headed by the Governor) has been in place since August 2009. The previous constitution was part suspended in August 2009, after the Auld Report found evidence of systematic corruption, abuse of power and maladministration by the former government. (VANESSA NARINE)

advised Uncle Mike to sell the farm to Dellis Cay? To top it off the very best of the other party’s candidates will have to only lead the opposition after receiving more votes than anyone else. That my friend is what Sir Robin called “systemic weakness”. Happily she and her sister in opposition will be strong voices to keep Doctor Frankenstein in check. They will be backed by five others, novices all save two. We rejected the best Minister of Works the country has ever had. However, we did dump the man who stood by and let Chinese workers build the hospital and the young fellow who let his leader spend 10 million in tourist promotion funds as his petty cash fund in Hollywood. The old man of South Caicos proves again why after six years of his multimillion dollar government Big South is in the worst shape ever. Grand Turk North still supports the CPA who could not balance his parties

or the countries check book and hid $45m in bills in drawers. It was alright they say to allow millions to access Grand Turk for three bucks instead of 12 or more so their premier and these same cronies could drive Caddy Escalades to the casino. The call to exit the British has only given them more reason to stay and whittle and twittle away. The trials now begin four long years after the inquiry which brought the mess out into the sunlight. One wonders who now elected will be implicated in this round and future rounds. In effect we have replaced the voluntary Advisory Council and Consultative Forum with a paid government who can only spend 5 thousand bucks without permission. The people who caused that problem have been re-elected to do what, lead?

November 17 – 23, 2012





British presence, expressly given the legislative framework that enables the same. Given that the United Kingdom government has made available a guarantee of up to $260m of borrowing, the UK is expected to retain oversight of the public finances to deliver a reduction in the national debt. This will enable the TCI Government to finance its borrowing independently and on an affordable and sustainable basis when this guarantee expires in 2016. The people have fought them all the way, understandably so, given the country’s claim to a history of a ‘sort of’ theocratic rule, where politicians give weight to religious beliefs as a guide to deciding national policies. A clear case in point was the Islanders’ opposition to the push for equal rights for persons with different sexual orientations, different than the prescribed norm in the Bible. The British have acknowledged this in the country’s 2011 Constitution, where the preamble states that, “The people of the Turks and Caicos Islands as a God-fearing

Minimum traffic interruption during the causeway redevelopment PERMANENT Secretary of the Ministry of Government Support Services, Wesley Clerveaux, reassured the community of Middle and North Caicos during a community meeting, October 29, that there will be minimum traffic interruption during the causeway redevelopment. Clerveaux along with his team from Public Works Department and representatives from the contractors, Cove Construction held community meetings in North and Middle Caicos to outline plans for the repairs of the causeway. In response to concerns of major traffic interruption the contractor assured the communities that during construction, one lane of the causeway will remain open at all times and that the community would be notified well in advance if the need should arise to temporarily restrict traffic access. Some of the other concerns raised by the community members included job opportunities, use

of solar street lights along the causeway so as not to disturb the night-sky, and the resilience of the engineering design. The contractor has committed to work very closely with the local communities and wherever possible, provide opportunities for employment. Solar lights will be installed on the causeway, and there will be in additional three 10ft by 10ft concrete box culvert installed to improve water flow across the causeway. Clerveaux said, “This was a very good opportunity to get some very good feedback from the community and allay all concerns. We believe that the improvements made in the design of the causeway will improve water flow thus permitting greater water exchange for mangroves and also improve the resilience of the causeway.” The contractor is schedule to commence mobilisation on November 28, and construction will peak during the period late January to March 2013.

people with convictions based on sound Christian culture, values and principles…” For the large part the Brits have tried to tread this line, but were forced to strike a balance or breech international human rights laws. CHALLENGES AHEAD Most Islanders hope the worst is over and are looking forward to what they hope will be the ‘golden’ future the PNP has promised in its four-year plan. Unfortunately, the party may not be able to ‘Go for Gold’, their manifesto theme, as soon as they promised. The next term holds fresh challenges for the newly elected


A series that seeks to act as a medium for the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands to engage prominent personalities on current issues, including politics, development and the environment, among others affecting the nation.

The work begins THE Turks and Caicos Islands has elected the nation’s second Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, and returned the Progressive National Party (PNP) to power. The party’s previous disgraceful term in office saw the British step in and take the reins– a rule that lasted three years with the part suspension of the 2006 Constitution. These past three years have not been particularly easy for Islanders nor the British who have been constantly criticised for what Islanders dubbed a ‘high-handed’ approach to governance. In the defence of the interim administration, their actions were what they considered needed to return to Islands to some sense of stability and, most importantly, credibility among regional and international countries. Their approach was indicative of distrust of locals’ ability to govern effectively, the effect of the “systematic corruption, abuse of power and maladministration”, as Sir Robin Auld described it. Even with the elections over the TCI can still expect a strong


government. Progress is not forecasted to come easy, given that the road ahead is littered with difficult compromises. Those compromises will include working around the Crown land laws that put the Attorney General in charge of land, the Chief Financial Officer Bill (CFO) that requires expenditures over $5,000 to pass through Hugh McGarel-Groves and budget decisions that will need to balance revenue with expenditures promised to voters. However, while these are only some of the major challenges, at the top of that list is Value Added Tax (VAT). Islanders have demanded that

the new tax regime, which will be implemented from the first of April 2013, is retracted. However, throughout his campaign, Ewing has tread a careful line, not committing to a repeal, but acknowledging that VAT can only be repealed if alternative means of raising a stable source of revenue can be decided on. Taxes, a word no one in the TCI wants to hear, will undoubtedly be major issue going into the next few months. Several other touchy issues the new government will be responsible for include the massively controversial Leeward dredging proposal, the Dolphin Cove development and the 28-storey development, among others. What is clear is that while the newly elected government is eagerly getting down to work, it will not be an easy process. That said, the unfolding of events in the first 120 days will make for an interesting four months.

Bossano praises level of participation of voters BY VANESSA NARINE HEAD of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and the Association of Caribbean Electoral Organisations Observer Mission, Joe Bossano, praised the level of participation of voter in Friday’s polls. He said, “In my 40 years in public life, I have yet to see an equal level of commitment to participating in the parliamentary electoral process.” A statement issued by the Observer Mission on Monday underscoredthe fact that voters had a genuine choice from amongcandidates. According to the statement, the process was transparent, accountable and the results reflected the will of the people. The statement said, “The observer mission was impressed by the clear commitment to the democratic process shown by the citizens of Turks and Caicos, their level of participation in the elections and the manner in which voters conducted themselves notwithstanding the long lines requiring them to wait many hours to exercise their right to vote. “Voting took place in an orderly manner despite organisational shortcomings. “During the course of voting, observers visited all 17 polling stations (some of them several times) and evaluated the process as good or very good in the majority of cases. “There were examples of polling stations where the process was very

In my 40 years in public life, I have yet to see an equal level of commitment to participating in the parliamentary electoral process – Joe Bossano

well organised. “No one was observed voting more than once, and no incidents were noted of anyone trying to inappropriately influence voters who to vote for. “Procedural steps were generally followed – voters’ fingers were inked and identification documents checked in nearly all cases. “Notwithstanding efforts and professionalism of election officials, time-consuming voting procedures resulted in long lines in most polling stations visited. “The counting of votes was conducted in a largely transparent manner in presence of candidates, party agents and observers. “While there was a degree of variation of counting procedures

adopted by election officials, votes were counted accurately and results reported without delays.” Bossano maintains that the observation of the elections had been done in a spirit of constructive criticism looking at areas that might in future be organised differently and specifically fewer, shorter lines and delays. The head of the Mission stressed that the presence of observers is important because of the restoration of parliamentary democracy. The Mission’s preliminary report with key recommendations was issued after the recount of votes and it will be followed by a final report that will go into greater detail and will include more recommendations for possible improvements in the electoral process.


November 17 – 23, 2012


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

Open letter to Director of Planning RE: Application PR 11370 Dolphin Cove Dear Director Lightbourne, Planning staff and Planning Board Committee, I am writing in opposition to project application PR11370- Dolphin Cove, which proposes to build a facility to house captive marine mammals that will be used for public entertainment purposes. Until a mere two weeks ago this type of project was strictly forbidden in the TCI (Fisheries Ordinance amendment gazetted October 26,2012), yet granting of a business license was announced on October 4, and the Planning publication of application PR11370 issued on October 18. As per the dates given, it would appear that a business licence was issued for a business that was unlawful, and that Planning had also accepted an application for a type of development activity that was forbidden at the time. Until the last minute amendment of the Fisheries Ordinance was signed on October 26, it seems that both applications should have been considered null and void. Apparently, and without regard to the timing, Governor Todd had already decided to amend the Fishery Ordinance that protected marine mammals in the TCI to allow for captive displays. This action was obviously undertaken without full consultation with either the departments concerned and expressly not with public stakeholder’s opinions. As the country’s main asset is the environment, and tourism its driving force, it would appear that the stakeholders in the tourism industry should have some stake in the decision making process of this new amendment to the legislation. But now, only due to a Planning requirement to post a period in which stakeholders can voice their opinion with regard to a mere Planning application does the public have a chance to give their input for public record. Unfortunately, the Planning Department and Planning Board have been put in the awkward position of having to review endless public outcry, since there is apparently no other legal forum for stakeholders to voice their views about the amended legislation, much less the planning application. With that, I make my apologies for taking up your valuable time on the issue of an amended regulation that has now become your problem, rather than the Governor’s office where it began. And since the door is now open for this type of development, I dare say that this will not be the last application you will receive for similar such developments, nor the last time you department will have to take the brunt of the public’s outrage.

My condolences to all of you in the Planning sector. Since this is only the outline permission phase with very limited details required at this stage, there is really not enough information yet in the drawings and proposal to adequately understand the numerous environmental implications and impacts that could result from the proposed development. To that regard if outline permission is granted, I would assume a thorough and unbiased EIA would be provided that would give more complete information, accompanied by various studies needed to attain the information. As a marine scientist that has worked with TCIG for over 20 years, and most specifically with environmental impacts of developments, I offer the following concerns/issues, some of which warrant in depth studies, coupled with previously acquired background information. The list is as follows: • Water quality assessments that include but are not limited to the limiting parameters indicated for inland and ocean waters, that also deal with petrochemical and heavy metal pollution (due to the proximity of adjacent marinas), and with regard to the mammals being held in captivity. As water quality changes throughout the seasons, these studies should be performed at minimum on a quarterly basis for at least one year prior to any consideration of approvals. Water clarity and runoff issues will also occur during rainy periods and storm events, so these times should also be evaluated. Background information would also need to be provided from other similar facilities with regard to effluent loads from both animals and humans in a semi-open tidally induced facility. Mathematical models coupled with flow modelling should be included to understand if the designed system can affectively accommodate minimising of effluent levels. The two adjacent ponds and the marinas should be included as well as offshore areas in these studies. I would assume that water quality information would be the priority for the proponents for the health and well-being the mammals/ animals that they use for interaction and display, as well as the in water participants. It is disconcerting to think that such detailed studies were not undertaken prior to this application when their whole operation depends upon it. • As above, computer modelling of flow and rates within the designed holding pen and to surrounding areas should be analysed for all tidal conditions, including the ‘Super Moon’ tides we experienced early this summer with ultra-lows and the ultra-highs we are now experiencing. Anticipated sea level


changes should also be incorporated into the modelling studies to ensure the facility is prepared for the long-term. • Sewer and water usage and their appropriate disposal needs to be examined, with the appropriate tertiary treatments systems in place as well as a sufficient water source. Anticipated tourism levels for the park suggest at least 110,000 visitors per year. At present, there is only a cistern planned for the operation that will catch water run-off from the parking areas and buildings and also double as containment for the dolphins during storm events. As such, this is not a potable water supply, nor likely sufficient for the crowds envisioned, even if it is used just to flush the toilets. Any grey water emanating from the systems should not be used until soil sampling proves that the effluents are not just seeping through the porous rock substratum and dispersing into the dolphin holding areas and out to the wider water resources in the area. Obviously, the use of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides should be banned. • Solid waste disposal also needs to be a top consideration with humans interacting in a water environment. Roadside trash looks bad on our highways, but trash in the ocean kills the marine inhabitants. • The quarantine area depicted on the drawings for Dolphin Cove is not ‘quarantined’ by any visible means from the primary enclosure, buffer zone or sanctuary, much less the canal and adjacent waters. • Traffic into the area and noise pollution also need to be addressed and with respect and regard for both homeowners and businesses in the area. Boat traffic along the canal should also be evaluated, with a likely need for no wake zones and other navigational aids. With those outstanding issues yet to be addressed, my arguments against this development (and others that will likely follow) have been relegated to examining other existing legislation, our lack of specific regulations to this regard, and citing numerous scientific studies and other references that adamantly oppose holding of marine mammals (and more specifically dolphins) in captivity for the objectives proposed in the Dolphin Cove development plan. To begin, the amendment made by the Governor to permit the importation and keeping of a marine mammal for display, exhibition or performance directly contradicts, by creating this exception, the Fisheries Protection Regulation 18 that prohibits interfering with or molesting any marine mammal. The new amendment also contradicts other TCI legislation and policies. As TCI currently lacks any of its own specific regulations for dolphin

parks, references have been made to pertinent US and UK regulations. As the first proposal to be put forth under this new amendment, Dolphin Cove is used as a case study with regard to “issues of concern” that are in further conflict with existing regulations. An appendix has been included that details the relevant legislation, policies and regulations with specific references and footnotes that uphold and/or oppose the new amendment and other legislation. The majority of the references have come from the HSUS and WSPA document entitled The Case against Marine Mammals in Captivity (2009), that is compilation of numerous resources, with footnotes on the specific studies and references that have been compiled to complete this document. Please refer to the appendix pages noted for further information. The aforementioned reference can be found in full at http://www.wspa-international. org/Images/159_the_case against_ marine_mammals_in_captivity_ english_2009_tcm25-8409.pdf Synopsis of various legislation and other relevant information • The TCI Animal Health Ordinance 2012 protects animals from hunger, discomfort, fear, distress, disease and overworking, all of which dolphins in captivity can suffer. They also must have the “freedom to express normal behaviour,” which is impossible under captive conditions. Numerous studies and reports support the TCI Animal Health Ordinance’s position on animal rights, cruelty and the need for supportive regulations. (Appendix Pages 1-3). • The TCI Animal Health Ordinance 2012 creates an Animal Health Service within the Department of Agriculture to regulate and protect animals in exhibitions, but no regulations or guidelines have been written for dolphin parks or any other exhibition. Dolphin Cove says it will follow the practices used at their other parks in Jamaica and Cayman, but no specific requirements have been given. Reports say that “almost none of these jurisdictions have appropriate controls for the health or safety of either the dolphins or humans.” (Appendix Page 5) • UK guidelines require the minimum depth of dolphin pools to be 17 feet, while Dolphin Cove proposes 12 feet. (Appendix Page 5-6) • UK guidelines say dolphins in captivity must be protected from harassment, including excessive noise, and that recreational swimming with them “may only be permitted on specific veterinary advice related to the persons concerned, and with adequate insurance cover for this activity.” US regulations say that monthly

veterinary evaluations are required of each animal. Dolphin Cove will not have an in-house veterinarian, but will have one examine the animals every two to three months and otherwise only as needed. (Appendix Pages 4-5). • TCI guidelines from DEMA (DECR) say people should not swim with, touch or feed dolphins because it can be dangerous, including the risk of infections being transmitted between humans and dolphins. People have been bitten, rammed and even sexually assaulted by dolphins in swim parks and in the wild. Skin and respiratory infections have also been documented in SWTD participants and animal caretakers.(Appendix Pages 6-8) • US regulations say a dolphin cannot swim with humans more than two hours per day and must have at least 10 hours per day without public interaction. No more than three people can be with a dolphin at one time. Dolphin Cove proposes four dolphins to perform nine hours a day for 365 days per year. There is no further information with regard to the number of SWTD interactions expected, yet they estimate 300 visitors per day. (Appendix Page 4) • TCI pollution control laws forbid discharging effluent or sewage into inland and coastal waters. Untreated waste from the dolphins in the park will ebb and flow in the Discovery Bay canal system. The park’s pen will be separated by a net from a publicly navigable canal between open ocean/commercial marina and inland residential property. (Appendix Pages 8-9). In the above, I have tried to succinctly iterate a number of concerns and issues that we now face with the newly amended legislation and the proposed Dolphin Cove. The topic of marine mammals in captivity alone has been and is a worldwide on-going debate with thousands of scientists, as well as ongoing operations of this nature proving the point that this is an unacceptable option for the tourism industry. I am adamantly opposed to the change in the Fisheries Ordinance that has now allowed the opening of the gates for any enterprise that wishes to abuse marine mammals for public entertainment and profit, and therefore also opposed to this Planning application. I do hope the information that I am providing herein will aid you all in making informed decisions with regard to this development. With respect and regard for our environment, Marsha Pardee, MerAngel Ecological Services

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November 17 – 23, 2012

No more slavery

Dear Editors, I believe that any country, whose citizens mostly are descendants of slaves, should not enslave dolphins or any marine mammal. The Turks and Caicos‘Beautiful by Nature’ does not need, nor does it want, dolphinariums! I fervently hope the newly elected

representatives will quickly reinstate the old laws that upheld the freedom for marine mammals in our waters and strike Governor Todd's cynical reversal of this law. Sincerely, Nikki Jennings, Grand Turk

No support for dolphinarium

Dear Editor, There has been much talk about the opening of a dolphin attraction for the Turks and Caicos and the Governor's actions in this regard. I reviewed the facts: October 5: Via official press release the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) informs that a business license has been granted to ‘Dolphin Cove’ for the operation of a tourist attraction featuring captive dolphins. It goes on to cite Governor Ric Todd stating, "This is potentially a very exciting development for the Turks and Caicos Islands. “Although, clearly still subject to a number of permissions, we believe that the Dolphin Cove development would significantly complement the tourism offer here in the Turks and Caicos islands.” The press release omits the fact that at press time, the import of live sea mammals is illegal both in the TCI and the UK. Dolphin attractions have been closed in the UK in 1993 and remain closed. October 26: Governor Ric Todd amends the Fisheries Protections Regulations, to allow the import of live sea mammals into the TCI - a practice illegal until then. The public learns that the business license issued on or before October 5 was for the operation of a business illegal under the laws of both the TCI and UK. After October 26, this type of business still remains illegal in the UK. October 31: The Governor's spokesman issues another press release, stating that the application by Dolphin Cove "was made in an open and transparent manner". He further outlines that the grant of a business license for an illegal business on October 5 does not preempt or influence a decision by the Planning Board, and that a further



"license to operate" is needed. In stark contrast to the October 5 release, he states that no decision has been made in this regard, nor does the issuance of a business license in breach of the law of the TCI indicate any support by TCIG for this project. The October 26: decision to legalise this already approved business was made post-factum and per decree by Governor Ric Todd 14 days before the first democratic elections were to be held since the suspension of democracy in 2009. There was no public consultation and no representation of the native people of the TCI on the change of the law to legalise the import of captive dolphins. Governor Ric Todd, who rules the Turks and Caicos Islands by decree and without representation of the people, first set foot on the Turks and Caicos Islands in September 2011. Even after democratic elections on November 9, 2012, the Governor will hold power to overrule any decision by the elected government and to pass laws without the consent of Parliament. Turks and Caicos is home to a large number of wild bottlenose dolphins. A particularly tame dolphin by the name of Jojo has been a tourist attraction on the local beaches for more than 20 years. In 1990, project ‘Into the Blue’ brought three captive dolphins from UK dolphin attractions to the TCI for their rehabilitation - Rocky, Missy and Silver were released into the wild in 1991. A petition to stop the Dolphin Cove development has gathered more than 1,500 signatures so far. There is little to no support for this venture in the native TCI population. These are the facts. There you have it. Yours,


Fact checker

Clarification Re: Accusations made by Oswald Skippings

I would like to use this medium to address PDM supporters and Turks and Caicos Islanders generally, concerning statements that have been made by Mr. Oswald O. Skippings in the wake of the results of the general election held on November 9. It has come to my attention that Mr.Skippings has on more than one occasion made the statement that he has lost his bid for elected office because: 1) I did not support him; and 2) I campaigned directly to potential voters urging them not to vote for him. I take this opportunity to address those statements and label them for what they are, false and untruthful. I would further seek to inform the public that while Mr.Skippings did not make the accusations in my presence, he did make them in the front of a meeting that I was subsequently called into. I would also seek to inform the public that when I was first made aware of the statements I confronted Mr.Skippings on the statements, in

front of the people to whom he had made the accusations. I challenged him to produce one credible person that is able to confirm that I asked them to not vote for him and he was unable to do so. He was unable to do so, simply because it did not occur and his statements were untrue. For the sake of clarity let me say that I never sought to persuade anyone to not vote for Oswald Skippings. I can also confirm publicly what I have said directly to Mr.Skippings, that Friday, November 9, 2012 was the first time in my life that I have ever voted for Mr.Skippings. He had never previously ran in any constituency where I resided and any opportunity to vote for him was in internal party elections, where he knows that he had never received my support. These latest statements and the accompanying personal attacks by persons using fictitious names are in fact just the latest in the hateful personals attacks that I have endured for the past five years. Ironically those personal attacks began shortly after Mr.Skippings was

unsuccessful in his first attempt to unseat me as leader of the People’s Democratic Movement in 2007 and intensified after his unsuccessful bids in 2008 and 2009. Throughout my life I have always conducted myself ethically and held myself to the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all my personal and professional dealings. Those that know me can rest assured that that has not, and never will change. I would therefore like to thank those who have responded to the accusations and defended me even in the absence of speaking with me directly or me speaking to the issue. I further ask all those that know the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus to continue to pray for me and also to pray for Mr.Skippings as he deals with a loss that is obviously difficult for him to accept. E. Floyd Seymour, Former leader of the PDM and of the official opposition

Fairness, love, decency and order Dear Editor, Ephesians 1:3, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, 4 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, 5 having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, 6 to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. “7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace 8 which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence, 9 having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, 10 that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both[a] which are in heaven and which are on earth - in Him". We are thankful to God, through many dangers, toils and snares, for

ringing us to this date and point of General Elections in our beloved Turks and Caicos Islands. It is our God given right to vote and each of us should appreciate the mechanisms involved in its fulfilment. I sincerely urge each voter in the Turks and Caicos Island in addition to political parties and candidates to campaign with fairness, love, decency and order, remembering we are keepers of our brothers and sisters and must live together and tolerate one another irrespective our political allegiances and differences. By the grace of God, there must not be any space for violence, trickery, obnoxious behaviours, drunkenness and conspiracy to do harm during the election campaign and voting. Let the world see that the Turks and Caicos Islands is a peaceful country respecting the rule of law in a Christian society. It is the law that you vote in secret, therefore, I call upon all the leaders of political parties and their officers to respect the voice of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands when

the result of the general election is made known. Vote in peace, go home and listen to the results in peace, celebrate in peace and righteousness with the fear of God remembering that we must all work together to build our country. I see, by faith, that the Turks and Caicos Islands will go forth with greater financial stability and economic development, which will benefit all of us, and be the desire of the Caribbean and the world. The Church of God of Prophecy will soon celebrate its 75th Diamond Jubilee Convention; with this in mind, I pray that the peace of God rest with your counsel and deliberations in all matters connected with political campaigns and your voting. The blessings of God stay with you today and always. Amen. Yours, Bishop Clarence N. Williams, National Overseer/ Bishop of TCI, The Church of God of Prophecy

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November 17 – 23, 2012

November 17 – 23, 2012





November 17 – 23, 2012

Cabinet meets for the first time THE first Cabinet meeting took place on Wednesday following the swearing in of the recently elected officials. Members met at the NJS Francis House of Assembly to settle the workings of Cabinet and the meeting was chaired by Governor Ric Todd. After the meeting Governor Todd, who is the Cabinet head, and Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, issued a joint press statement. “I am very pleased to report that the first Cabinet meeting was welcomed by all present, and was held in a very cordial and businesslike atmosphere,” it read. “All Cabinet members expressed their determination to work together for the benefit of the Turks and Caicos Islands. “One of the first pieces of business was to fix the date of the recall

and inauguration of the House of Assembly as Wednesday, November 28. “We also agreed that Cabinet would meet fortnightly on a Wednesday, with the exception of the next session which will happen on Thursday, November 29, due to the events of the previous day. “We also discussed the proposed procedures for the Cabinet and we will finalise these at the next meeting. “Cabinet briefings were received from the Deputy Governor on public sector preparations to welcome their ministers and the Public Service Ordinance, and from the Director of the Integrity Commission on the Code of Conduct for Persons in Public Life. “Cabinet also discussed the

Governor Ric Todd and Premier Rufus Ewing speaking to the media after the first Cabinet meeting

Integrity Commission’s report of remuneration for members of the Legislative Assembly and ministers.

Mark Simmonds to visit TCI THE new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Foreign Office (FCO), Mr. Mark Simmonds is scheduled to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands next week. The three-day trip, slated to begin next Monday, November 26 to 28, was announced by Governor Ric Todd on Wednesday. British Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that the 48-year-old chartered surveyor was appointed the new Under Secretary in early September. In September, at a sitting of the United Kingdom Parliament, Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Andrew Percy, asked Simmonds what steps he is taking to strengthen relations between the UK and its Overseas Territories. Simmonds said, “We published, in June, a White Paper - ‘The Overseas Territories: Security, Success and Sustainability’…setting out a broad and ambitious vision for the territories in the 21st century. “We want the territories to be vibrant and flourishing communities, proudly retaining aspects of their British identity and generating wider opportunities for their people.” Simmonds maintained that the strategy for the territories is based on three practical policy goals to: • Strengthen the engagement and interaction between the UK and the territories; • Work with territories to strengthen good governance arrangements, public financial management and economic planning where this is necessary; and • Improve the quality and range of support available to the territories.

Mr. Mark Simmonds

According to him, specific plans have also been announced to support the exchange of expertise between UK and territory public servants through a Jubilee Programme supporting training and work placements; and support the territories to engage productively with the wider world, particularly the EU and the Commonwealth. Born in Worksop, Simmonds went to Worksop College, then Trent Polytechnic, where he obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Urban Estate Surveying in 1986. He became an Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1987.

He worked as a surveyor for Savills from 1986–88, then was a Partner in Strutt and Parker from 1988-96. He was a director of Hillier Parker from 1997-9, then managing director of Mortlock Simmonds from 1999 until becoming an MP, becoming chairman. He contested the Ashfield seat in 1997. Simmonds was promoted to Shadow Health Minister in 2007. As a member of the shadow health team when the Conservative Party was in opposition but missed out on a role in the coalition government after the 2010 general election.

This will be considered by the House of Assembly in the near future.” Non-elected members of Cabinet

are the Deputy Governor, the Attorney General and the Governor is the chair of Cabinet.

DFID will continue technical assistance programme in TCI, Mark Simmonds PARLIAMENTARY Under Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr. Mark Simmonds, was questioned, in Parliament about the United Kingdom’s engagement with the Turks and Caicos Islands, moving forward. And he made it clear that the Department for International Development (DFID) will continue a programme of technical assistance in the Islands. Simmonds was questioned by Labour Party Member of Parliament (MP), Brian Donohoe. Donohoe asked if Simmonds would work with the new government of the TCI to ensure that it provides effective governance of the islands. Simmonds said, “The British government takes its responsibilities for the security and good governance of the territories seriously. “The interim administration, with support from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development, has put public finances on the right track, strengthened the legal framework for good governance and strengthened the public service. “The British government is committed to continuing its work to support Turks and Caicos

Islands. “In a statement on November 9, commenting on the elections, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, my right honourable friend, the Member for Richmond (Yorks) (Mr Hague), said that he looked forward to building a strong and constructive partnership with the newly elected government.” Donohoe also asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he would take steps to ensure resources are made available to support the new government in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Simmonds said, “The British government is committed to continuing its work to support the Turks and Caicos Islands. “It has provided a guarantee of up to $260m of borrowing until 2016 (financial year 2015/2016), and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.” Given that the UK government has made available a guarantee of up to $260m of borrowing, the UK is expected to retain oversight of the public finances to deliver a reduction in the national debt. This will enable the TCI government to finance its borrowing independently and on an affordable and sustainable basis when this guarantee expires. (VANESSA NARINE)

November 17 – 23, 2012



Newly elected officials sworn in as government ministers BY VANESSA NARINE SIX of the eight Progressive National Party (PNP) candidates were sworn in as ministers of the Turks and Caicos Islands on Wednesday, following Dr. Rufus Ewing’s appointment as Premier the day before. The PNP secured eight seats: two At-Large, Ewing and Charles Washington Misick; and six at the district level, Akierra Mary Deanne Misick, Amanda AnishaMisick, George Alexander Lightbourne, Porsha Monique Stubbs-Smith, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner and Norman Saunders. Saunders was not featured in the list of appointed ministers. After the ceremony, which took place at the Governor's official residence at Waterloo, Grand Turk, the full team of Turks and Caicos Ministers was announced as follows: • Dr. Rufus Washington Ewing – Premier; • Charles Washington Misick; • Akierra Mary Deanne Misick; • Amanda AnishaMisick; • George Alexander Lightbourne; • Porsha Monique Stubbs-Smith; and • Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner. While the new ministerial team has been confirmed, Premier Ewing is still to decide on the assignment of responsibilities to ministers and in accordance with his advice, Constitution Art 36, appointments will be made by the Governor in due course. Ewing, speaking to the media, noted that currently there are five ministries, which his government

Third from left, Dr. Dawn Perry-Ewing with her husband, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, and Governor Ric Todd, with the Cabinet ministers, with the exception of Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner

hopes to increase to six He added that there will be some rearranging and pointed out that some portfolios in the existing five ministries fall under the responsibility of Governor Todd. The PNP won eight seats in the House of Assembly, with People's Democratic Movement (PDM) securing the other seven. The National Assembly’s 15 seats

were awarded based on the results using the first past the post electoral system. In the 19-member house, one member is nominated by the Premier and appointed by the Governor; another is nominated by the leader of the Official Opposition and appointed by the Governor; and two members from TCI civil society are appointed directly by the Governor.

Mark Simmonds reiterates that VAT is a decision of government – TCIBC gives ‘cautious welcome’ to announcement BY VANESSA NARINE THE recently appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mark Simmonds, addressed the issue of Value Added Tax (VAT), which was raised again in the United Kingdom Parliament. And he said that the introduction of the tax is a decision for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. The Secretary of State was replying to a series of questions by veteran Labour Member of Parliament (MP), Brian Donohoe. Simmonds maintained the position his predecessor, Henry Bellingham, held on VAT in the TCI. On June 18 this year, Andrew Rosindell, MP, asked the then Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs about his policy on the introduction of VAT in the TCI.

Bellingham, said, “The introduction of VAT is a decision for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. “Their decision was based on thorough research and an assessment that VAT would offer a simpler, equitable and stable revenue source.” CAUTIOUS The announcement has found the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council (TCIBC) cautious. A TCIBC spokesman said, “At first glance we welcome the minister’s statement as the PNP support the abolition of VAT. “However, we are fairly certain that the Governor can and will override this, which does not say a lot for democratic government in these islands. “It also leaves Mr. Simmonds in a delicate position and we trust he understands the importance of his answer to Mr.Donohoe and the

importance of giving such an answer to the House of Commons.” “On the surface Mr. Simmonds appears to be supportive of the Turks and Caicos Islands but the question remains whether the Governor and FCO reflect his views. “The real test will come when and if the new government attempts to abolish VAT and the Governor overrules them.” The council, in the latter part of October, kicked off what they have dubbed ‘Phase Two’ of their fight. London-based lobbyists and public relations consultants, Media House International, have had their contract renewed with the TCICB and their remit involves stepping up activity at Westminster, the United Kingdom media and the global offshore press. The VAT Bill was signed into law on July 18 and will come into force on April 1, 2013.

From left, Mike Bookalam receives a cheque for $5,000 from Tourist Board Director, Ralph Higgs

Zero Tolerance gets $5,000 from Tourist Board TOURIST safety committee ‘Zero Tolerance’, on Monday, received a cheque for $5,000 to continue its work across the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). The Tourist Board Director, Ralph Higgs, underscored the value of the group’s contribution to the tourism industry in the TCI. Resident, business owner and head of Zero Tolerance, Mike Bookalam, expressed his appreciation for the Tourist Board’s support. The volunteer group has been instrumental in the improvement of resident and tourist safety through a series of initiatives, including, most notably its effort to install a closed circuit television system in critical

tourist areas with plans to expand to other areas of Providenciales, including Blue Hills, Five Cays and the Bight. Currently seven cameras are operational with additional cameras to be installed shortly. Other efforts include donating replacement streetlights to key pedestrian areas, working with government and FortisTCI to ensure long-term solution to street lighting problems, cleaning up roadways, clearing overgrown bush, improving pedestrian areas, and working in conjunction with police to establish neighbourhood watch programs Zero Tolerance was formed in August 2010.

Lifestyle... 16


November 17 – 23, 2012

The Dentist and you  Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

Drugs used in dental care IT is not unusual that drugs may be required either during your dental visit or afterwards and sometimes both. The type and amount will be dictated by the type of treatment you are having and to a lesser extent the type of patient you are and how you react to pain. I find however, that some patients are unsure about why certain drugs are used, the benefits, and the potential risks, especially if not used or administered properly. This is the first article of several in which I will outline the main drugs used during dental procedures and for post-treatment care, with explanations about how and why they are used and when their use may

Lemon Lime Slushie

FEELING the heat as summer swings into gear? Cool down with this delicious, low calorie and healthy slushie. Ingredients: • Juice from two limes • Juice from one lemon • 1 cup water • 1 cup sparkling water • 1 cup ice • 4 tsp sugar, fruit sugar or artificial sweetener to taste Method: • Blend the ice with the lemon and lime juice in a blender until the ice has turned to slush. • Pour into tall glasses and add the sparkling water. • As an alternative, replace the lemon and lime juice with half a cup of frozen mixed berries or a frozen peach.

Dr Mark Osmond not be suitable. Analgesic (Pain Killer) Analgesics such as ibuprofen (e.g. Motrin), acetaminophen/ paracetamol (e.g. Tylenol) or aspirin are widely used to treat dental pain. They are usually taken orally (by mouth) in tablet form and can either be bought over-the-counter by the patient or prescribed by the dentist. These may be used for example if you are experiencing toothache before a visit to the dentist or possibly after an extraction whilst the extraction site is healing. The tablets must always be swallowed; placing the tablet next to the tooth will not relieve pain and may result in a chemical burn to the gum. Stronger analgesics may be used

if a patient has undergone a surgical procedure. These will require a prescription from the treating dentist. These should only be prescribed for a short time due to the strength and potential for addiction. Antibiotic Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infection and are only available when prescribed by a dentist or doctor. An infection in the mouth is generally in one of two places; either around the tooth in the gum (a periodontal infection) or at the end of the root which is an abscess due to a dead or dying tooth. With an infection you may experience pain, swelling, redness or pus drainage and your dentist will need to investigate the origin of the infection. An antibiotic commonly prescribed in dentistry is Metronidazole. This is used as it is particularly effective against bacteria that live without

oxygen- a common type of bacteria associated with dental infection. This may be prescribed along with a broader spectrum antibiotic such as amoxicillin (penicillin). Some patients do experience mild sideeffects from Metronidazole for example mild nausea or diarrhea and occasionally it may be suitable to use or swap to an alternative antibiotic. It is also advised, particularly with Metronidazole, that alcohol is avoided. A course of antibiotics for a dental infection can last varying lengths of time but it will usually be between 57days. It is especially important with any antibiotic that you take them exactly how they are prescribed and complete the entire course. Anti-fungal Like many parts of the body, the mouth has naturally occurring bacteria and fungi that are

necessary and healthy. However, occasionally the balance of these microbes may be altered which can result in the over proliferation of one specific organism and this can lead to problems. Oral thrush (sometimes called a yeast infection) is an example of this, caused by the over proliferation of the Candida fungus. This can happen as a sideeffect of taking antibiotics. Thrush presents as a white coating on the tongue and/or inside of the cheeks and is treated with the use of antifungal medication, prescribed by your dentist or doctor. This can be in the form of a liquid which should be held and moved around the mouth for as long as possible before swallowing or a lozenge/ pastille which should be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth. Look out for my next article which will continue to look at the use of drugs in dental care.

health Tip 

Red meat versus white meat IN AN age where people are becoming more conscious of their diets and the impact of saturated fat on the arteries and overall cardiac health, there has been a shift from eating more red meat to eating white meat. More and more practitioners are recommending it to their patients for the low fat value that it has to offer. White meat is any animal flesh that has low fat myoglobin content, giving it its typical white colour. Myoglobin is an iron-containing protein that transfers oxygen from the blood to the muscles of the animal. Chicken, turkey, rabbit and fish are sources of white meat. The component myoglobin is a

By Phillip Simmons In memory of our dear friend and contributor Phillip Simmons, the Weekly News shares with you some of his past work, enjoy.

storehouse of iron atoms which react with oxygen to provide a whole lot of energy to the muscular structures as well as to provide energy to the animal for its activities. Chicken stocks and soups are excellent decongestants and do a lot of good for an individual who has frequent

Many medics extol the virtues of choosing white meat over red.

episodes of cough and cold. White meat also is a rich source of lean protein. Red meat is not very friendly to human consumption patterns, in the sense that it also raises levels of cholesterol, fat, uric acid, hormonal secretion and other such things. Red meat also allows the body to be an open ground for a variety of cancer such as cancer of the colon, stomach, intestine, pancreas and even the breast. For the sake of my readers, it is not my intention to dictate to you

what kind of meat you should use as a part of your daily diet. I am conscious that different persons have different preferences, whether it be for personal or medical reasons. My writing is just to assist more of us in being more health conscious about what we consume in our daily diets. In closing, I would always leave it up to my readers to be the judge about what they consume for the benefit of their personal health.

November 17 – 23, 2012

Lifestyle... GARDENING 



How does your garden grow




Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Gardenia are celebrated for their sweet scent.

The joy of gardenias GARDENIAS are all cultivars of ‘gardenia angusta’ (formerly known as gardenia jasminoides). Gardenia originated in China where the Chinese cultivated the plant for more than 1,000 years. They are acclaimed for their creamywhite blossoms and unique fragrance of vanilla, jasmine and nutmeg, a fragrance that becomes spicier as the gardenia blooms age. Gardenias are evergreen shrubs that grow in height from two to 15 feet (depending on the cultivar), forming mounds of glossy, darkgreen foliage. Leaves are oval shaped and flowers vary in colour from pale yellow with purple mottling to creamy white. Probably the most distinguishing characteristic of the gardenia is its sweet scent. All gardenia blossoms possess a wax-like appearance and can be either single or double, depending on the cultivar. Most gardenias flower from late March to mid-June. Faded blossoms are followed by the appearance of a large, yellowishred, bitter-tasting berry. Gardenias are used as hedges, borders or groundcover. Gardenias also may be used as free-standing specimens or in mass plantings. Gardenias grow in a variety of soil conditions but they do best in well-drained soil that is improved with organic matter. Where practical, consider amending a planting bed with compost, peat moss or manures to improve the nutrient and moistureholding capacity. Soil pH is an important consideration for gardenias. Soil pH determines the availability of mineral elements and should be between 5.0 and 6.5 for gardenias. Where it is above 7.0 (usually due to naturally occurring limestone, marl or sea shells), a constant effort will

BY DENIS Belanger - NATURE SPLENDOR For all your landscaping, installation or garden maintenance needs, please call or write for a free estimate: 332-3381 or

be required to avoid micronutrient deficiencies, most notably iron. Since no practical way is available to permanently lower the pH of such soils, if you wish to grow gardenia despite soil limitations, consider growing one or more in containers; gardenias are well adapted to container culture. Gardenias are semi-tropical plants that perform well in a humid climate. They are not salt tolerant so planting along coastal areas is not advised. To achieve maximum flowering, plant gardenias in full sun or light shade in an open flower bed away from house foundations, pools and walkways. Because gardenias are ‘acidloving’ plants, they should not be planted near concrete where soil alkalinity almost always guarantees a gardenia will have nutritional problems. Proper fertilisation is important for gardenia growth and flower production. Most established gardenias grow well with two or three applications per year.

One application is normally scheduled around February and another in October. A third fertiliser application may be made during the summer. A granular fertiliser formulated for landscape plants or an acid-forming product is suitable. Frequently plants will become yellow (chlorotic) due to a deficiency of one or more micronutrients but typically iron is the limiting element. Foliar applications of iron are effective. Follow the directions on the product label. Yellowing of leaves may also be due to a number of other causes such as insufficient light, over watering or poor drainage but some yellowing on older leaves is normal and may occur during the fall and winter months before new growth appears. Because gardenias are primarily grown for their fragrant blossom and handsome foliage, plant them in a location with good air circulation and near patios or windows where the fragrance can be enjoyed and the flower and foliage observed.


Much informative material has been written about Diabetes and for persons living with Diabetes; however, when someone is diagnosed with diabetes it just doesn’t affect that person—it affects the entire family and/or everyone in their circle. Therefore, it is important to educate the family members on ways they can offer support to their loved one, who may have been recently diagnosed or has been living with diabetes for years. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a lonely feeling, but the road ahead can be less lonely by using some of the simple tips below: • Talk to your loved one—being diagnosed with diabetes can be a very frustrating time because it warrants making drastic changes to your current lifestyle. As a family member, it is important to find out what things are making it difficult in coping with the disease and in what ways, if any, you can offer assistance. Maybe the only way you can help is by lending a listening ear when your friend or family member needs to vent about the frustrations associated with living with diabetes. If this is the case, then try to be there when they need you but try not to aggravate the situation by indulging in foods they cannot have while in their presence. • Learn about diabetes—as previously mentioned, a diagnosis of diabetes affects everyone. Read about ways someone can manage and control the disease, such as eating healthy foods and exercising. Read about how the complications of diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Learn as much as possible so that you can help alleviate any added stress. • Find outside support—as much as you, the family member, may offer your help it may be more effective or beneficial to find a support group for your loved one. In a support group, all the members have one thing in common—they all know the struggles of trying to live a healthy life while keeping their blood sugar under control. While on this point, if you would like to join a local group, contact the TCI Diabetes Association at 241-7601 for more information. • Find ways to help—you can help with anything from helping your family member keep doctor’s appointments to making a list of questions to ask during the visit to trying out new diabetic friendly recipes together. Resist the urge to become a nag about taking medications and not eating certain foods no matter how hard it is to keep quiet. Remember, the aim is to foster accountability and responsibility in the person living with diabetes and to encourage lifestyle changes through encouragement and support. As a support system, you can use this time to adopt a healthier lifestyle for yourself. This sends a clear message that you are there for them and willing to help them tackle the difficult task of making food changes. Like my page, ACCU Medical Nutrition—Nutrition in Demand, on facebook and receive up to date nutritional information.

ACCU Medical Nutrition is based in Graceway IGA Plaza, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.


November 17 – 23, 2012


Ryesha Higgs from British West Indies Collegiate was awarded the title of Best Speaker.

Champions for Christ debate team secured the winning spot among six competing schools at the 15th annual HIV/AIDS Inter High School Debate

Champions for Christ win debate competition CHAMPIONS of Christ debate team secured the winning spot, among six competing schools, at the 15th annual HIV/AIDS Inter High School Debate at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Center on Tuesday. The debating teams represented included H. J. Robinson High School, British West Indies Collegiate, Marjorie Basden High School, Raymond Gardiner High School and Clement Howell High School. Team members and teachers from Champions for Christ agreed that it was a challenge to oppose the moot: 'Be it resolved; allowing HIV discrimination within the

TCI prohibits progress towards eradication'. Judges disclosed that it was a close contest, but eventually placed H.J. Robinson 4th, Clement Howell 3rd, British West Indies Collegiate 2nd and Champions for Christ in the top spot. Ryesha Higgs from British West Indies Collegiate was awarded the title of Best Speaker while Ms. Grant from Champions for Christ and Ms. Tyson form Clement Howell respectively took the 2nd and 3rd spot. Obviously impressed, the chief judge pointed out that all three of the best speakers belonged to teams

REPORTER TRAINEE Preferably a high school graduate with extremely good writing skills. Applicant must be proficient in English and should have a keen interest in the language. Assignments will include political rallies, the courts and general community activities. Successful candidate must be neat and well presented, and should be able to drive and use a camera. He/she should also posses a working knowledge of computers. Only Belongers need apply.

Send resume to the publisher, Weekly News,

opposing the moot. Higgs, surprised that she won best speaker, said that it was difficult to find statistics to strengthen her argument, but added that she feels like her hard work paid off.

The judges were Dawnette Simmons, Dr. Dawn O'Sullivan, Pastor Pedro Williams, Mrs. Brendalee Been and Attorney General HuwShepheard. The debate comes ahead of World

AIDS Day, December 1, which is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV under the theme: “Getting to zero discrimination together, we are our brother’s keeper”. (KH)

Government teachers gets emergrncy first response certifications OVER 100 teachers from three Government schools in Providenciales received their Emergency First Response (EFR) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certificationslast week,all thanks to Beaches Turks and Caicos phalanthrophic arm, the Sandals Foundation. The award recognized teachers and principals from the Foundation Sponsored Clement Howell High and Enid Capron Primary and also from neighbouring Primary school, Ianthe Pratt who all celebrated in a lavish cocktail ceremony held at there sort’s East Caicos Grand Ball room. Early last month teachers of the three schools participated in a twoday training workshop facilitated by the resort’s Training and Development Department which came just in time for the new school year. The seminar taught the teachers how to act in an emergency, assess the scene and patient, lay rescuer CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator device. With the use of dolls and active participation from their fellow

colleagues during role play exercises, emergency situations came to life at the workshop. “Our Clement Howell Teachers were recognized at a cocktail ceremony last week where they were each presented with a certificate of recognition and a card certifying them as CPR and ERF trained,” said Gerald Persaud, new principal of Clement Howell High School, “The School is home to over 900 students and accidents are inevitable, with the training teachers will be better able to first render some form of emergency first response or CPR before he or she is taken to seek further medical attention.” Rachel Taylor Principal of Five Cays Based Enid Capron Primary also commented on the certification award, “The CPR Training will allow our teachers to be better equipped to handle the many minor accidents that may occur at our school,” she said, “Thanks to the Sandals Foundation, now Teachers are more confident and less intimidated to care for an injured student and the community by extension.” And concluded, “Congratulations are in

place for Beaches Turks and Caicos for the role they continue to play in making a difference and promoting education as we partner with each other.” Principal of the Ianthe Pratt Primary School, Dara Thomas noted that her teachers were long interested in becoming certified emergency first responders. She said, “We work with children and from time to time we experience injuries. We don’t have school nurses, so by having this certification we’ll be better able to assist our child before medical personnel arrive. “We’re extremely thankful to the Sandals Foundation for granting us this exciting opportunity and beneficial certification.” The Sandals Foundation looks to spearhead more projects with the schools and invite them to reach out where ever possible to assist in educational prospects. The Sandals Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International with commitment to improving the education, community and environment in which Sandals and Beaches Resorts operates.

November 17 – 23, 2012



LIME kick starts Christmas campaign WITH the holiday season fast approaching, LIME launched its Christmas campaign, offering special promotions and allowing customers a chance to win fabulous weekly prizes as well as five grand prizes. In a press conference on Tuesday, LIME representatives shared details of their bargains and presented the media with one of their amazing new products - Samsung’s top Smartphone, Galaxy S 111. LIME representative Althea Been said the telecommunications network aims “to get new customers and keep the old ones smiling” with their fabulous Christmas campaign. From November 15, she encourages new customers to sign up for the pre-paid plan at the low cost of $5 and get $5 in free minutes. Customers who sign up for broadband service during the Christmas season will get free installation, free modem and free first month’s rental. By paying their LIME bill in full and on time, or topping up $10 or more and $30 or more customers will be eligible to win fabulous prizes. Weekly and monthly prizes include Ipod Nanos, Nextel tablets and a $250 shopping spree along with a chance to be one of five lucky winners to win $1,000 each. Upcoming events include the

Christmas tree lighting on December 3, customer appreciation in other islands from December 10 and finally on December 24 the announcement of the grand prizewinners. In addition to the Christmas offers, Lime’s GM Drexwell Seymour reminded customers that the network offers the cheapest rates to Jamaica at 19 cents per minute along with generous plans to Dominican Republic and Haiti – five minutes free after talking for five. The talk 24 plus plan for $2.49 includes 110 minutes to US, UK and Canada, unlimited calling within LIME’s network, 100 minutes within the region and 60 SMS. He said, “I know that some of you have experienced some interruption in services for the past few weeks …we are investing heavily in the network to ensure that you get the best services from LIME.” He also promised the launch of their 4G network, which will allow customers to enjoy super speed when using their data service. For the season, the company has some amazing deals on handsets with offers as low as $15. They also have special deals on Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Y phones, which will be retailed at $180 and comes with $150 worth of complimentary apps. (KH)

Local immigration officers get training in the UK MEMBERS of the Immigration Team in Staffordshire, United Kingdom (UK), welcomed two senior immigration officers from the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) last Monday. Officers Tito Forbes and Wendy Seymour are in the UK to undergo an intensive four week training programme that will place them among the best trained Immigration Officers in the Caribbean. Prior to the start of training the officers observed UK Immigration Arrest Team operations in Stoke, Liverpool and Sussex before joining their UK counterparts in a one-week Personal Safety (Arrest) Training course in Gatwick. This will make them the first trained Arrest Team Immigration Officers in the TCI. During their visit, they will also participate in maritime skills training and visit an Immigration Detention Centre They will later join other UK Border Agency officers in a twoweek 'Training for Trainers' arrest course in Dagenham, Essex. On their return to the TCI, Forbes and Seymour, are expected to lead the Immigration Task Force units in Providenciales

and Grand Turk, being the first designated Officers with certified powers of arrest in the Islands. At the start of their visit, Mr. Forbes and Ms Seymour were able to follow the process from arrest through to custody during Operation Mayapple. This is a UK Border Agency initiative targeting over-stayers; primarily students who have been refused permission to remain in the UK but who have failed to embark. UK Immigration Inspector Ashley Robinson who with TCI Border Control and Enforcement Change Manager, Simon Excell, delivered initial operational skills training to over twenty officers in the TCI in early October said, “My personal thanks go to the Stoke Team for their assistance in part of a wider transformation programme, enhancing officer safety and border security of a British Overseas Protected Territory.” At the conclusion both officers will be fully certificated 'Personal Safety Trainers', qualified to deliver arrest training to designated Immigration Officers in the TCI. That training is scheduled to commence in early January 2013.

Althea Been shows off one of LIME’s fabulous handset deals in the presence of LIME’s general manager Drexwell Seymour and marketing manager Rachel Harvey.

New location for Middle Caicos co-op straw-work artisans THE Middle Caicos co-op, this week, opened a new display and retail outlet at Provo Air Center FBO in Providenciales. When Lyndon Gardiner, Chairman and owner of Provo Air Center, learned that the Middle Caicos Co-op had lost their retail outlet and display space in the public airport terminal, it did not take him long to offer them a new alternative. In a generous corporate outreach gesture, Provo Air Center enabled the local artisans on North and Middle Caicos to continue promoting the traditional heritage of TCI and generating income from this nearly lost art form. Born and raised on North Caicos, Gardiner has a deep love and true respect for the culture of these islands, and decries the loss of the intimate practical and medicinal knowledge of the natural surroundings. His mother, Vanderlene Gardiner, still resides on North Caicos and in her honour the space at Provo Air Center was donated for this display and retail outlet. It is intended that greater awareness of the traditional handcrafts and the unique culture of North and Middle Caicos brought to the many visitors traveling through the FBO will indeed bring a sustainable economic benefit to the local artisans. Visitors arriving at the Customs and Immigration Arrival Hall of Provo Air Center encounter a

display of posters with artwork from two local photographers: black and white portraits from Siri White/ FableDyr, and colour photograph from Christine Morden/ Paradise Photography, as well as an original map painting by Pamela Leach. Additionally, a short silent video loop produced by Andre Kerr/ Spotlight Communications runs quietly with great images of the artisans, crafts, lifestyle and physical

beauty of the islands. In the main lobby three walls have been decorated with straw baskets, straw bags and further artwork, plus a corner retail display set up, with all items for sale through the Middle Caicos Co-op. The Middle Caicos Co-op was established as a not for profit venture in 1998, and this is a great step forward as it continues to bring alive the history, traditions and culture of Turks and Caicos Islands.


Massage Therapy and Aesthetic Trainer Cosmetologist Hair Nails and Massage Trainer Salary commensurate with experience

Contact: 2321970 or 231-5051 7468



this week

Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 18 Friday, November 16

Bowen lead you into the wonderful world of yoga! Amazing fees for an amazing class! More info at 442-6348”  Mums and Tots Dance Party classes are held every Saturday at Graceway Sports Centre for mothers and their little ones.

 Danny Buoy’s is Provo’s premier live music and sports destination, serving lunch and dinner daily from 11:30am. It is the perfect place to escape from the heat and hang with friends, all in smoke free airconditioned comfort. Happy Hour specials from 4-7pm Monday-Saturday  Get into the weekend mood with the intense and electrifying Tae-Bo class at Graceway Sports Centre from 6pm to 7pm. Free for fitness members, $12 for non-members.  Visit for more information or call 4426349.  Craig Archibold gets the party started at the Regent Palms from 7pm on Friday nights with the sound of classic Caribbean and Motown tunes. Call 946-8666 for details

Saturday, November 17  Giggles Ice Cream and Candy Parlour along with BNC Consulting Group will be aiding a fundraiser for Enid Capron Primary School The Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market organized by TCI Red Cross is on at the organization’s headquarters, opposite Lime on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales, from 10am to 2pm. Persons will be able to purchase freshly grown produce and locally sourced items. For more information on the Weekly Community and Farmers’ Market call (649) 247-8911. With regard to the TCI Red Cross’ services or how you can volunteer or donate, contact our Provo office on (649) 941-8056 or email OR for Grand Turk call (649) 946-2761 or  If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of starting your weekend, bring your yoga mat at Graceway Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am and let David

 Mothers, bring your little ones to dance, jump, twist and shake! Children have fun learning movement basics to fun music and mums get a light exercise while spending quality time. Mums and Tots classes begin at 10am and cost just $10. Dads are welcome!  Call Shara Bowen on 244-1103 for more details.

Sunday, November 18  Windvibes 2012 Kiteboarding Tournament Come watch spectacular kiteboarders. There will be a raffle for a free kiteboarding lesson sponsored by Kite Provo. Kiteboarding participants will draw for the sponsored prizes, including a kiteboard! T-shirts, food, and beverages will be on sale at the beach. Contact: 342-2941 info@

Tuesday, November 20  The Secret is Out! - pass it on to your friends and family - in support of the Youth Enterprise - every Tuesday night are having ‘All U Can Eat Spaghetti Night’ at HorseEye Jacks.

Friday, November 23  9th Annual Turks & Caicos Conch Festival A two-day event, a one-of-a-kind beach side festival attracts tourists and locals alike to celebrate the islands’ most famous delicacy, historical icon, and number one export. Great food, live music, games and contests for all ages – and you get to pick the best conch dish in all of the islands.

Saturday, November 24  Salvation Army Pre-Christmas Tent Sale on at IGA Graceway on Leeward Hwy, from 10:00am -1:00pm. There will be Christmas decorations, books, clothing, handcrafts & miscellaneous items. The Salvation Army thanks you in advance for your help in this regard as we seek to raise funds which will be used to help others.

Got an event you wish to advertise? Call us on 946 4664 or email for a free listing.

November 17 – 23, 2012

Insights for your Innerspring

Build Confidence and Destroy Fear (Part One) IS fear real? Dr. Schwartz, in chapter three of his book ‘The Magic of Thinking BIG’, seems to think so, and he feels that “we must recognize it exists before we can conquer it.” He continues to put forward his point that “most fear today is psychological. Worry, tension, embarrassment, panic all stem from mismanaged, negative imagination … fear is success’ enemy number one.” We cannot escape the results of fear that we see in our lives and all around us. Once we accept that this emotion does exist we can take steps to destroy fear and build confidence. If we are to make any inroads into conquering fear, we must recognize that “all confidence is acquired or developed.” Over time, and with careful attention, we build the muscle of confidence. And just like the foremen in our thought factory, Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat; when we give our focus to building confidence we make him stronger while fear grows increasingly weaker. Dr. Schwartz says, “Action

cures fear,” while “indecision and postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.” What is it that you have been planning to do? You must act now! Continued postponement and indecision will encourage fear; bring about the failure disease called “excusitis” and cause frustration to take up a long-term lease in your house! You owe it to yourself to act now! Action does cure fear! Dr. Schwartz gives several examples of what kind of action to take to conquer fear. In the case of “embarrassment because of personal appearance,” he suggests, “Improve it. Go to a barbershop or beauty salon. Shine your shoes. Get your clothes cleaned and pressed. In general, practice better grooming. It does not always take new clothes.” In the case of “fear or what other people may think and say,” he suggests, “make sure that what you plan to do is right. Then do it. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized.” As mentioned earlier we must, be careful of the kinds of actions we

By Whitney Bain take in life, as our actions can either aid the growth of fear or decrease it. In addition, our thinking must be pointed in a certain direction to enable us to continue to see positive results. If we pledge to take action and think more confidently today, we cannot think negatively and drop back into the rut of excuses tomorrow. This will confuse the mind, and the little progress that was being made on your behalf will be nullified by the anti-action of negative thought that came just hours or days later. Dr. Schwartz says, “Successful people specialize in putting positive thoughts into their memory bank”, while “negative thoughts produce needless wear and tear on your mental motor.” Remember, work on improving yourself daily. Do not put pressure on yourself or be in a hurry to bring about drastic changes all of a sudden. Many, if not all, of our unfavorable habits took time to entrench themselves in our lives and thinking, so it will take time for them to be rooted out. In part, two we will discuss the five steps presented as a possible solution to build confidence and destroy.

autism awareness By Nicole Cox, a mother living with autism

The New Normal Autism Spectrum Disorder is an epidemic; that is what the statistics are telling us. However, being the person I am, I insist on seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. When a disorder or disease is “rare” then it does not get much attention. The research and the funding for that research are usually found in isolated pockets of the medical community. Treatments are addressed by the fringes of science and education rather than the bulk. But Autism is somewhat the ‘superstorm’ of neurological disorders! It spills over into so many areas of medicine and education that it is now under full on attack from both communities. Some gasped in horror at hearing the new CDC stats declaring the epidemic. I sighed with relief. Because it was then that I realized that Autism would be a major contender for research attention. This can only mean progress for my son and the millions of other children who are traveling his path. Now, what does that mean for the rest of us….you

know…the ‘normal’ people? It is simple. We are not normal anymore, not really. Now do not go running and screaming into the streets thinking the end of civilization is nigh! I just mean that we have to expand our definition of normal. It should be perfectly acceptable to spot a mom or dad providing ABA or sensory integration techniques to their child in public. It should not make you stare if you witness a non-verbal meltdown. Yes, yes, I know you are saying, “But, I don’t know what to say!” or “Should I offer to help?” or “It just makes me uncomfortable. Why should I apologize for that?” Trust me, I understand you. I HAVE to understand you because if I do not, as a mother of a child with Autism I would be constantly frustrated by the unintentional awkwardness that the rest of my ‘normal’ peers display when they realize my son is ‘not normal’. So you are forgiven before we even meet! However, what I am saying is that we ALL have to make an attempt to get out of our comfort

zones if as a society we are going to progress. Do not be afraid to ask questions or offer help. Do not be afraid to try to interact with a child (or adult for that matter) with Autism. If a parent responds poorly to your efforts then obviously there are personal matters they must address inwardly. Respect that. At the end of the day, you can feel better about your place in society because you are one who tries. You show tolerance and acceptance by TRYING to integrate yourself into the world of the very ones you must tolerate and accept. This can be on a small scale or large scale as the situation dictates. However, the sooner you decide that persons on the Autism spectrum are many and an active part of your everyday life, the sooner you will begin to grow as an individual. For whatever reason, whether biological or environmental, Autism Spectrum Disorders have propelled us into the era of the ‘New Normal’. Let us embrace it and take it on head first, together.

November 17 – 23, 2012




Swift and Bieber win three MTV Europe Music Awards

Rihanna is enjoying her single life at the moment but is planning to have a family of her own someday.

Rihanna: I want a husband and children one day RIHANNA’S suitors don’t have to lavish her with “Diamonds” to keep her happy. As she told Ellen DeGeneres during a Wednesday, Nov. 14, chat with the host, all she really wants out of a date night is some quiet, quality time with her significant other -- and the cast of Breaking Amish. “My favourite thing to do would just be to stay on the couch and watch TV, or [lie] in the bed and watch TV,” the singer, 24, shared. Her go-to show for low-key nights at home? “I love Breaking Amish right now,” Rihanna revealed. “It’s really

good. You fall in love with the characters.” The “Diamonds” crooner said she gets that her activity of choice isn’t a realistic one for a first, second, or even third date. “So the way they would ask you out is, ‘Can I come in bed and watch TV?’” DeGeneres asked. “That’s the thing. If I don’t know you that well we can’t really have our perfect date,” Rihanna admitted. The Barbados-born beauty -- who recently denied that she and ex Chris Brown are officially on again -- also discussed wanting to start a family of her own someday.

Selena Gomez is said to be the one who called the relationship quits.

Gomez taking it day-byday after Bieber breakup

While Selena Gomez’s “crazy schedule” is thought to be a reason for her supposed breakup with Justin Bieber, the former Disney star doesn’t seem to have regrets. The 20-year-old actress was in New York City Monday night as one of the honorees at Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year event, and she told CNN that she’s taking the recent onslaught of media scrutiny in stride. “I don’t know, you know,” Gomez said of how she’s dealing with the attention. “I’m just taking it day by day. I’m very lucky to do what I do, and I’m glad I can do it.” Gomez is said to be the one who called off her relationship with the 18-year-old pop star, with anonymous sources telling everyone from People

magazine to Us Weekly to E! News that their busy work lives got in the way of their teen romance. (These sources also added in a tidbit about Gomez having “trust issues” with Bieber, whatever that may mean.) Bieber, meanwhile, has given similarly vague responses to the speculation about his love life. On Saturday, he told the Open House Party radio show that he doesn’t know “what’s going on with my life,” so “to even assess that it doesn’t make sense ‘cause I have not made any comment.” He then took the stage in Boston Saturday night to sing a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” which, be it a nod to the gossip or not, is definitely being seen as such given the timing. (CNN)

TAYLOR Swift and Justin Bieber both won three prizes at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) in Frankfurt. The country singer was named best female act and live act as well as picking up the award for best look. Canadian singer Bieber was named best male act, pop act and won the world stage award but did not travel to Europe to pick up his prizes. The 18-year-old recorded a thank you message for his fans, saying “this is the greatest night ever”. Picking up her best look award for the most stylish act, 22-year-old Swift said: “I am so excited I can’t believe you gave me three awards. “I’m kind of insecure in general so this is great for my self-confidence.” Former X Factor group One Direction won best new act and the biggest fans prize after taking home the best UK and Ireland act award last month. Rihanna failed to win a single award despite being nominated six times. Alicia Keys picked up a global icon award on behalf of the family of late singer Whitney Houston, who died in February aged 48. She praised the singer’s

Taylor Swift said she was excited about the awards.

“incredible ability to captivate and mesmerise us” and told the audience she was her “home girl, my friend”. She also introduced a tribute video to Houston which included messages from One Direction and Lady Gaga. Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen, who performed her number one single Call Me Maybe, was presented with the best song award by reality star Kim Kardashian. The event in Germany was hosted by model Heidi Klum and had a circus theme with trapeze artists and fire dancers joining the acts on stage. British singer Rita Ora, who opened the event but failed to win an

award, said on Twitter: “Last night was still one of the most fun nights of my life. Thank you MTV for letting me open up the show.” Reformed pop/rock band No Doubt, Muse, Fun and The Killers also performed at the awards as did South Korean pop star Psy. He picked up the best video prize for worldwide hit Gangnam Style.

Kristen Stewart: ‘Twilight’ is forever “THE Twilight Saga” has been such a consistently major part of pop culture over the past four years, it’s hard to remember a time before “Twilight,” let alone imagine what a “Twilight”-less future looks like. And for the trio of actors at the heart of the adaptation, which has spun Stephenie Meyer’s four novels into a five-film epic, the best way to sum up the end of their “Twilight” era is “surreal.” “It’s been absolutely unreal. It’s a surreal feeling, because I can’t believe it’s over,” Taylor Lautner, who went from 15 to 20 during the making of the series, told CNN at the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2” premiere Monday. “But it’s been an honour to be a part of this, and it’s definitely tough to say goodbye to.” Robert Pattinson, 26, agreed with Lautner, telling CNN at the Los Angeles premiere that not having another “Twilight” movie to shoot is “very, very surreal.” “[With] every other premiere, I feel like I’ve gone to do another ‘Twilight’ movie three months later, or [was] already in the middle of shooting one,” he said. “I haven’t really experienced life in about five years without ‘Twilight’-related stuff.” Pattinson came of age while starring in the franchise alongside his reported girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who told CNN that the premieres may be over, but “Twilight” is

Channing Tatum had success in Magic Mike.

Tatum named People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012

Kristen Stewart at Monday’s premier of Breaking Dawn part two.

forever. “We do share it with millions of people - if that can leave you so quickly, then you’re a nutcase,” Stewart, 22, said. “I think it’s not going anywhere. The fact that the movies will exist forever, and we’ll be proud of them until the day we die. We feel pretty good walking away. I’m really glad this story is finally told.” (CNN)

FOLLOWING the box office success of “Magic Mike,” it’s no wonder Channing Tatum is taking home this year’s coveted title of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012. But the choice wasn’t so obvious to the 32-year-old actor himself. In fact, Tatum tells the magazine, he had to do a double-take when he heard the news. “My first thought was, ‘Ya’ll are messing with me,’” he said. “I told (my wife) Jenna (Dewan-Tatum) after we’d been in the bathtub washing our dogs because they’d gotten skunked. “She was like, ‘What?’ … she calls me [the Sexiest Man Alive] now.” Once she got past the initial shock, however, Dewan-Tatum, 31, told the magazine she couldn’t agree more with their choice.



Scotiabank’s Terry Day, TCHTA executive Stacy Cox and Cultural Director David Bowen share details and encourage support of the third annual Maskanoo scheduled for December 26

November 17 – 23, 2012

FLASHBACK: David Bowen leading from the front at Maskanoo 2011

Maskanoo 2012 promises to excite EXCITEMENT is in the air as this year’s Maskanoo promises to be bigger and better than ever. Organised by the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association (TCHTA) and the Cultural and Arts Commission (CAC), the third annual Maskanoo is scheduled for Boxing Day, beginning from 3pm and running until midnight. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the fun, family friendly experience which showcases the best of the islands' cultural heritage, mixing junkanoo with masquerade to create

‘Maskanoo’, explained TCHTA’s association executive Stacey Cox. Cultural Director David Bowen guaranteed a phenomenal line-up of events with highlights including Kitch Penn’s ‘We Funk’ Junkanoo group, an exciting new ripsaw band and participation from several hotels, the youth centre and the Haitian and Filipino community. Bowen reminded the public that Maskanoo is not a competition and the idea is to keep the spirit of the season. “When you get caught up in

completion you forget about the’s more than just having a parade, it’s celebrating our history and our past that’s more important.” Although anxious for participation from different groups and schools, he acknowledged it is quite time consuming to establish a team. Bowen encouraged involvement from any group that wants to join in the fun, offering to assist with costumes and other ideas and can be contacted at 941-8434. The set up and parade in Grace

Bay will follow the same pattern as last year but the goal for the next few years, Bowen said, is to make sure Maskanoo grows and expands more than it has in the past three years. Persons interested in renting tables to sell craft, retail or food items are encouraged to do so quickly since tables are going fast. Maskanoo organisers encouraged more corporate support for the success of the event, which also promises to boost the economy. Scotiabank has been sponsoring

the event for three years and representative Terry Day encouraged other companies to get on board since it’s great for tourism and business. It was pointed out that some tourists come just to see Maskanoo since a lot of the partnership is through hoteliers and the information is advertised on hotels websites as well as the TCHTA. The team invited community support for a fun filled Masquerade fundraiser at the Royal Flush Casino on Saturday, November 17. (KH)

November 17 – 23, 2012





November 17 – 23, 2012

November 17 – 23, 2012




November 17 – 23, 2012


Digicel equipped to launch 4G DIGICEL customers will soon experience lightning speed data service that only a 4G network can provide. Company executives and technical officials, on Wednesday, showed off the new multi-million dollar 4G Core comprising the latest technologies at the network’s cellular site. Digicel CEO E Jay Saunders said that the Core, manufactured by the leading telecommunications vendor, Ericsson, will provide the fastest 4G speeds, the most secured data services and the best user experience. He explained that there are a few options to providing 4G services but pointed out that the company has chosen the best, most expensive option in an effort to provide customers with the “gold standards” of service. According to Saunders, “When we turn this equipment on there will be no more digital divide in the TCI. “Every person, every household,

right across the TCI will be able to get broadband internet service with the same ease and convenience as purchasing one of our mobile phones. “I am excited about this investment and I am sure our customers will be too when they see their 4G phones and their internet at home service go into overdrive.” Hinting that the 4G network will be available by Christmas, administrators said it will provide broadband speeds that rival fixed services like ADSL and Cable Modem. Chief Technical Officer Henry Williams explained that after the process of installing the 4G equipment, the next phase will be to integrate all the components followed by testing and finally launching the network to customers. Anticipating the demand for the new service, the company will be establishing a new mobile switching centre and new cell sites. (KH)

Digicel CEO E Jay Saunders, Head of Business Sales Magnus Christie and Chief Technical Officer Henry Williams shows off the multimillion dollar 4G Core which will soon provide customers with the much desired speed of 4G.

World Diabetes Day observed MEMBERS of the TCI Diabetic Association, joined by some community supporters, set out on a 10km walk last Saturday to raise awareness and funds for the association. Rising before dawn, the group began their walk from the Graceway IGA to Beaches and back. The event was planned in observance of World Diabetes Day, November 14, to raise awareness of the escalating rate of the disease and possible ways of prevention. A trip to South Caicos followed on Tuesday and Wednesday where the group presented healthy, sugar free foods. President of the association Elaine Clare said that the organisation is mainly about education and contribution to patients since medication is quite expensive. She pointed out that when family members of persons suffering from diabetics are educated, patients are better cared for. Last year, she said, they went to all the islands, giving out testing meters and raising awareness about the illness and this year, they are trying to raise funds to buy more supplies to assist patients. TCI’s current Unsung Hero Gertrude Saunders-Forbes, who donated $500, and Fortis TCI played a noteworthy part in assisting the organisation’s cause. Association member, Angela Williams said that the organisation needs more help and encouraged donations from the community.

Associates of the Diabetic Association were joined by community supporters including children and members of the Provo’s Roadrunners Club in their 10K walk to raise funds and awareness for the organisation.

“There’re a lot of people in the Turks and Caicos living with diabetes and we are trying to get the word out there. “There is prevention and through

education there’s a lot you can do to control this disease. “It’s creeping into younger people and it’s becoming an epidemic. The association is here to help and we

want the community to know that diabetes is treatable through diet and exercise.” Previous support activities include exercise programmes with David

Bowen and lectures from medical professionals at their meetings held the first Tuesday of each month at the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources. (KH)

November 17 – 23, 2012




Regional News


November 17 – 23, 2012

Caribbean and Latin America middle class grew by 50% in last decade A NEW World Bank report released this week found that Latin America and the Caribbean registered a 50 per cent jump in the number of people joining the middle class during the last decade, which was called by economists an historic achievement for a region long riven by wealth inequality. The report, called “Economic Mobility and the Rise of the Latin American Middle Class”, found that the middle class in the region grew to an estimated 152 million in 2009, compared to 103 million in 2003, an increase of 50 per cent. “The recent experience of Latin America and the Caribbean shows the world that policies balancing economic growth while still expanding opportunities for the most vulnerable can spread prosperity to millions of people,” said World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. “Governments in Latin America and the Caribbean still need to do much more — one third of the population is still in poverty — but we should celebrate this achievement of growing the middle class and learn from it.” For decades, poverty reduction and middle-class growth in the Latin America and Caribbean region (LAC) crept along at a very slow pace, as low growth and stubborn inequality held back progress. Over the last 10 years, however,

the region’s fortunes improved dramatically due to changes in government policies that emphasised the delivery of social programmes alongside economic stability. The end result: The middle class grew by a half to include 30 per cent of the region’s population in 2009. Among the highest achievers were Brazil, which comprised about 40 per cent of the region’s middle class growth; Colombia, where 54 per cent of people improved their economic status between 1992 and 2008; and Mexico, which had 17 per cent of its population join the middle class between 2000 and 2010. There was no breakdown, however, for the Caribbean. The report found that some of the key factors favouring the upward mobility in Latin America were higher levels of education among workers; higher employment in the formal sector; more people living in urban areas; more women in the labour force; and smaller families. The report defined middle class in income terms of anyone making between US$10 and $50 per day, which it said provides an increased resilience to unexpected events and reflects a lower probability of falling back into poverty. The report, however, also described a fourth, vulnerable class, which underscored the need for countries to do much more to increase shared

prosperity. Members of this vulnerable class, representing 38 per cent of the population, fared better incomewise than the poor, but lacked the economic security of the middle class. Sandwiched between the two, the vulnerable class makes between US$4 and US10 per capita, per day. The report also determined that, with the exception of years of schooling, intergeneration mobility remains limited. A young person’s parents’ economic and social background still plays a substantial a role in determining that person’s economic future. This may change, however, according to Augusto de la Torre, chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank. “A society with a growing middle class is more likely to reduce such inequalities,” he said. “It is widely recognised that the middle class is an agent of stability and prosperity. For a middle-income region such as Latin America’s, a larger middle class has crucial implications.” Around the world, a larger middle class can mean better governance, deeper credit markets, and greater spending in social sectors, such as public health and education. But this promise has not yet been fully realised for Latin America, explained the authors of the report. They cited historical reasons for that. (Jamaica Observer)

Referendum to legalise web shop gaming in the Bahamas postpone to next January THE Christie administration announced this week that the referendum to legalise web shop gaming in the Bahamas will be postponed to January 28, 2013. And despite consultative advice that a national lottery would not be sustainable in the economy, Mr Christie said a question relating to that form of gaming would also be included when voters head to the polls on the new date. These changes, he added, came with a primary realisation that the electorate lacked a good knowledge of what a majority “no” or “yes” vote could mean for the country. In addition, he said further consultations needed to be completed and important amendments to the Gaming Act passed in the House of Assembly. Mr Christie said the government would, today, present those changes as to form the legal framework on web shop gaming. The question of Bahamians being allowed in casinos is still not up for consideration, he said. “I am a Prime Minister who listens,” Mr Christie said, “and in listening to the still evolving

public discourse on the forthcoming referendum it has become clear to me that more time is needed before the Bahamian people are called upon to vote. “Notwithstanding that initial advise, the government has decided that it would be in the interest of the broadening of democracy and consistent with its charter for governance to include a national lottery in the referendum question. In the lead up to the referendum, Mr Christie cautioned the public to ensure that they are well versed on the pros and cons of web shop gaming. He said during that time, the government would take a more active role in educating the electorate. As promised, the government’s hired consultant was in attendance. James Kidgell, a partner in the Dickson-Wilson Chartered Accountant firm based in the United Kingdom said his firm took several factors into consideration during the consultation process. He said: “We took into consideration the population of the Bahamas. And just for comparison and on some up to date figures, if

we assume that the population of the Bahamas is 350,000 people Trinidad and Tobago run a national lottery and their population is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.2 million people and up to date jackpots in Trinidad and Tobago are about 2.3 million dollars. “On simple assessment of where Bahamians are likely to spend their gaming dollars on lottery, human greed takes you to wanting to win big and with the ease of access geographically and the way lottery tickets are sold in the Bahamas then it becomes difficult to just see how a Bahamian lottery may be as successful as one may wish. “A Bahamian lottery would need investment in one form or another, whether it be the government contracting with commercial enterprises or a commercial enterprise operating a lottery itself.” Based on the figures, and information gathered, Mr Kidgell said his team found it difficult to see how a commercial enterprise would see the returns they’d expect to get from participating in a national lottery. (

Hurricane Sandy destroyed several areas of the capital, Port au Prince

UN: Haiti faces 2013 food shortage after Hurricane Sandy THE UN in Haiti says 1.5 million people remain at risk of not having proper access to food in 2013 due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters. The situation has been made worse by a drought earlier this year, it says. At least 54 people died as Hurricane Sandy hit the impoverished Caribbean nation two weeks ago. The country is still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake in January 2010. During the spring and summer of this year, rural households in northern parts of Haiti were badly hit by drought. Then, Tropical Storm Isaac caused extensive damage in August. Two months of heavy rain

followed before Haiti was hit by Hurricane Sandy on 23 October. NEW FLOODS An estimated 21,000 people were left homeless by the hurricane, which also destroyed at least 70% of crops of yam, corn and banana in the south of the country. The UN’s World Food Programme says many areas remain isolated. The Haitian government and the WFP have now appealed for an extra $39m (£24m) to continue distributing food, to rehabilitate agricultural land and for flood control. It has continued to rain heavily in most of Haiti since the hurricane. Floods in the country’s second biggest city, Cap-Haitien, left at least 20 people dead last week.

South African to honour Jamaica’s former PM FORMER Jamaican prime minister P.J. Patterson is to receive the “Order of the Companions of O R Tambo”, which is reserved for citizens outside of South Africa who have contributed to the struggle against racism and the fight for justice, equality and democracy. Patterson, who served as head of government from 1992 to 2006 before retiring from public life, will receive the award next year and become the second Jamaican politician to be honoured by the South African government. Former prime minister Michael Manley was awarded posthumously in 2004. “I am very honoured to have received the Order of Oliver Tambo. We should remember that he was the person who led the movement in exile during the days of apartheid, while Nelson Mandela and others were in prison,” Patterson said. “I was the prime minister who signed the letter to Nelson Mandela establishing diplomatic relations between South Africa and Jamaica which had not existed, and could not have existed during the days of apartheid,” Patterson added. The award is named after the late

P.J. Patterson, who served as head of government from 1992 to 2006 before retiring from public life, will receive the award next year.

Oliver Tambo, one of the founding leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) and one of the most influential international mobilisers against the apartheid system in South Africa. The announcement of Patterson’s award was made by South Africa’s minister of trade and industry, Rob Davies, during the 17th Annual Caribbean Multinational Business Conference held here over the weekend.

November 17 – 23, 2012

Regional News

CARICOM pledges support for Caribbean Sandy victims CARICOM Secretary-General Irwin LaRocque has pledged the commitment of the Community to provide support to Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. According to a press release from the CARICOM Secretariat the hurricane barrelled through the Caribbean on its way to the US, leaving a path of death and damage estimated at billions of dollars in its wake. In messages to the respective governments, LaRocque extended his sympathies and noted with distress the tragic loss of life and extensive damage wrought to key sectors such as agriculture and tourism, in those countries. To the Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller, the Secretary-General noted with deep concern, reports from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries that indicated significant damage to the country’s agricultural infrastructure as well as loss of crops and livestock. “The Community,” he said, “acknowledges that the effects of Hurricane Sandy [are] long term with serious implications … as tourism and agriculture are at the centre of economic activities in the affected areas of St Mary, Trelawny, St James, Westmoreland, St Elizabeth, Manchester, St Catherine and St Andrew.” According to the SecretaryGeneral “this latest bout of devastation is also particularly disheartening” because it would definitely affect Jamaica’s efforts to address the economic challenges brought about by the global and financial meltdown. Notwithstanding these challenges

however, the Secretary-General expressed confidence that the courage and resilience of the Jamaican people would fortify them as they continue to rebuild. Haiti took the brunt of Sandy, which left more than 50 dead in its wake, the release said. Those most affected areas included those in tent cities and those in the Ouest, Sud, Grande-Anse, Nippes, Sud-est, Artibonite and Gantier. In his message to Haiti’s President Michel Martelly, the SecretaryGeneral said the Community was acutely aware that in the past two years, Haiti had suffered more than its share of natural disasters, and that Sandy’s passage would impact the progress already made after the earthquake of January 2010. LaRocque was confident, however, that the indomitable spirit and courage of the Haitian people would strengthen their resolve to overcome. “The Caribbean Community stands ready to provide support to the People and Government of Haiti as the process of recovery continues despite this latest setback, strong in the assurance that Haiti will move forward, pressing onward to its highest development aspirations as families, communities and as a nation,” the Secretary-General concluded Cuba was not spared the wrath of Sandy, leaving a vaulting death toll and significant damage to the tourism and agricultural industries. The Secretary-General, in his message to President Raúl Castro, said, “Tragedies of this enormity only serve to accentuate the importance of our continued regional efforts to collaborate in critical areas of disaster mitigation and preparedness.”

Antigua investigators may be joined by Scotland Yard in double murder probe WHILE significant progress is said to have been made in the investigation of last month’s murder of two Dominican nationals at Cedar Valley, Antigua’s National Security Ministry has reportedly approached Britain’s Scotland Yard with a view to the possibility of assistance in the probe. Reports indicate that two Barbados-based British government officials have already travelled to Antigua to assess the progress of ongoing investigations and determine what level of assistance, if any, is required from Scotland Yard. Antigua’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Henry Christian, who is in charge of the force’s operations, has confirmed talking to the consultants. The Deputy Commissioner said local lawmen are continuing the



investigation and significant progress has been made. The bodies of the slain Dominicans were found at a house in Cedar Valley about a month ago. The murder victims, Dermouth Riviere and Alwin Robin, had both been shot in the head. Riviere, who had been missing for 24 hours prior to the discovery, was found with his hands bound. Thirty-five kilograms of cocaine were found at the scene and two former policemen have since been charged in relation to that offence. The two ex-cops, Arleigh Byer and Cosbert Sergeant, were granted $1.2 million bail and ordered to surrender all travel documents. They are nevertheless yet to pay the $100,000 cash to secure their release. (Caribbean 360)

Opposition demands reconvening of parliament to debate Grenada’s “crippled” economy THE MAIN opposition New National Party (NNP) has called on Prime Minister Tillman Thomas to reconvene Parliament to allow legislators to debate the current state of the local economy. Former finance minister Anthony Boatswain said on Monday that the recent decision by the New York-based Standards & Poor’s to lower Grenada’s foreign currency sovereign credit rating to SD after the island missed a coupon payment is “devastating”. The rating agency said the cut “follows the government’s failure to pay the coupon due Sept. 15, 2012, on its US$193 million bond due in 2025. “In its Sept. 12, 2012, statement to bondholders, the government of Grenada stated its intention to use its best efforts to pay the coupon within a 30-day grace period,” the S&P statement said, adding: “However, according to our criteria ... we consider an obligation in default unless payment is made within five business days of the due date, regardless of any grace period”. Boatswain said that the NNP is “again calling upon the (ruling National Democratic Congress) NDC too urgently reconvene parliament to allow for a debate on the state of our crippled economy”.

“This downgrade further weakens whatever little investor confidence there is in the current administration whose tenure has been marked by low growth and high debt and further confirms the mismanagement of the economy under the failed economic policies of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Finance Minister Nazim Burke.” Boatswain said that the prospects for any positive action in the local economy “will be further debilitated and so we call on the Prime Minister, who no longer has the support of the majority of parliamentarians, and indeed the people of Grenada, to allow for the nation to collectively decide its destiny”. In September, Prime Minister Thomas announced that he had requested Governor-General Sir Carlyle Glean to prorogue Parliament. The two-paragraph statement from the Office of the Prime Minister gave no date for the start of the new parliamentary session but indicated that “the traditional Throne Speech is expected to be graciously delivered by His Excellency, the GovernorGeneral”. The decision to prorogue Parliament resulted in the Prime Minister not facing a motion of no confidence that had been filed by his former foreign affairs minister Karl

Hood. Hood is expected to re-file the motion whenever the Parliament is reconvened even though political observers predict that Prime Minister Thomas will call general elections first. General elections are constitutionally due in 2013. Boatswain said the NNP has already outlined a 10-point agenda “to help kick start this ditched economy” but that “none of this can happen in the absence of confidence”. “Confidence is, indeed, the fuel that drives any economic revival. It is now clear that Grenada’s economic revival will only begin when the architects of this failed policy are removed from office. NDC’s failed economic policy has increased poverty throughout the island and engineered a sense of complete hopelessness. “The pain and suffering of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique is being further prolonged by their refusal to call parliament to allow for debate on the economic direction of the country,” he said, adding “as a result our nation will continue to suffer on their selfish, short-term political agenda”. “Grenada cannot continue to be held to ransom while the NDC seek to settle political scores,” Boatswain added. (CMC)

Jamaica bans Bible preaching on commuter buses JAMAICA’S public transport authorities have banned lay preachers from addressing commuters in public buses. Jamaica is a predominantly Christian country, but many passengers have complained about the noise and disturbance. Drivers have been instructed to politely warn religious ministers that they are no longer allowed to evangelise fellow passengers. Preachers say the decision infringes freedom of speech and religion. “I am all for evangelising, but they cannot use the bus as their platform,” Hardley Lewin, managing director of the Jamaica Transit Company Limited said. He told The Gleaner newspaper that commuters resent being a captive audience. “I think this is what makes the bus an attractive mobile church. I suppose you cannot just get off because you have spent your money,” said Mr Lewin. Correspondents say lay ministers - many of them Christian

Jamaican commuters say the authorities should now tackle other forms of disturbance, such as loud music on buses

evangelicals - have accepted the decision for now, but may decide to challenge it by citing Jamaica’s constitution, which inludes the right “to manifest and propagate his religion”.

Prominent evangelical pastor Herro Blair said preachers should have approached the public transport company before embarking on attempts to evangelise commuters. (BBC)


World News


November 17 – 23, 2012

Prosecutor appeals for “knife carver” to die behind bars THE maximum sentence isn’t enough punishment for this savage killer. An outraged Manhattan prosecutor exhorted the parole board to ensure murderer Raul Barrera dies behind bars for carving up his beautiful ex-girlfriend in her lower East Side apartment. Barrera plunged five knives into 23-year-old Sarah Coit, who suffered nearly three dozen stab wounds in the attack last year. He was sentenced to the maximum 25 years to life Tuesday for the inhuman attack on the woman who had begged the killer for months to leave her alone. “Twenty-five years just doesn’t feel like enough — not in this case,” said Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos. “To the parole board I say the word: Never. Never. Never.” Barrera’s apology for his butchery fell on deaf ears inside a Manhattan courtroom, where the prosecutor delivered a harrowing account of the blood-curdling April 2011 killing inside the woman’s new Clinton St. home. The sentencing judge was similarly appalled. “You intentionally caused the death of a woman with great promise and potential,” said Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Richard Carruthers. “You also have destroyed your

Obama: US wealthiest must pay more tax

Raul Barrera stabbed his ex-girlfriend more than 30 times, one which broke the tip of a knife in her skull.

own future. You could have avoided this grief and harm if you had done what she asked you to do: Leave her alone to pursue her own life and happiness.” The out-of-work publicist stabbed the helpless victim more than 30 times, breaking off the tip of one knife in her skull. A second knife was bent by the brute force of the 2 a.m. attack. And one stab wound punctured Coit’s lung, bringing bolts of pain with each of her final breaths. “For months she begged him to leave her alone, begged him not to beat her,” Bogdanos said. But Barrera, 35, was unmoved by his

victim’s pleas for peace. The cold-blooded killer, after leaving the gore-spattered murder scene, changed his clothes and fled the apartment to make his getaway from Penn Station. Barrera then called his dad, who convinced the killer to surrender. He pleaded guilty in September, just before his murder trial was to start. The killer, wearing a gray pullover with the collar up, apologized to Coit’s family and blamed the murder on his depression. His lawyer, Paul Feinman, said Barrera had tried to commit suicide in 2000. (

Expecting a win, Mitt Romney was ‘shell-shocked’ after defeat

MITT Romney went into Election Night expecting a victory and was “shell-shocked” when he finally realized he had lost, CBS News reported. Despite early signs of a strongerthan-expected turnout for President Obama, it wasn’t until the crucial state of Ohio was called for the president that Romney began to face the likelihood of defeat. Even then, he and his team had trouble processing the news, senior advisers told CBS News. “We went into the evening confident we had a good path to victory,” one adviser said. “I don’t think there was one person who saw this coming.” So Romney’s campaign aides continued to wait and hold out hope that the Ohio call was wrong – as Karl Rove was arguing on Fox News. But once Colorado and Florida were also called for Obama, Romney knew it was over. That’s when his personal assistant, Garrett Jackson, called Obama aide Marvin Nicholson. “Is your boss available?” Jackson

“We went into the evening confident we had a good path to victory,” a Romney adviser told CBS News. “I don’t think there was one person who saw this coming.”

asked Nicholson. Romney’s running-mate Paul Ryan also seemed shocked by the loss, CBS said. Ann Romney cried, as did Paul Ryan’s wife Janna. “There’s nothing worse than when you think you’re going to win, and you don’t,” another adviser told

CBS. “It was like a sucker punch.” Shortly after the call, Romney stepped on stage to give the concession speech he thought he wouldn’t need. “He was shellshocked,” one adviser said of Romney. (

Obama: US wealthiest must pay more tax US PRESIDENT Obama has reiterated his call for high earners in the US to pay more in taxes, in his first news conference since winning re-election. He called for quick legislation to rule out tax rises on the first $250,000 (£158,000) of income, but refused to extend cuts for the wealthiest 2%. “We should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy,” Mr Obama said. The US faces a so-called “fiscal cliff” of spending cuts and tax rises. The fiscal cliff, looming at the

end of 2012, would see the George W Bush-era tax cuts expire in combination with automatic, acrossthe-board reductions to military and domestic spending. The automatic cuts are set to occur because Congress failed to reach a deal on deficit reduction after a stand-off over the US debt ceiling in mid-2011. Congressional Republicans have said since last week’s US elections that they are open to raising revenue thought tax reform and closure of loopholes, but oppose tax rises on the wealthy. (BBC)

Denver man wanted to kill President Obama A DENVER man accused of plotting to slaughter children during a Halloween trick-or-treat event and then assassinate President Obama days later made his first appearance in federal court Tuesday. Mitchell Kusick, 20, was arrested on Nov. 9 and charged with making threats against the president. The Secret Service said Kusick had been tracking the President’s schedule as part of plan to assassinate him and also “made credible threats and took steps” to open fire on kids at a Halloween event at a Denverarea high school, Reuters reported. Kusick landed on the feds radar after blabbing about his plans to his therapist, who alerted police. The sicko was desperate to be famous and told authorities he had dreamed of committing mass murder for five or six years, authorities said. In several interviews after his arrest, Kusick told agents he was obsessed two mass shootings that happened in the Denver area: 1999’s Columbine High School massacre and the murder spree at a Batman movie in Aurora in July. According to the complaint, Kusick said his mother worked in mental health and was a first

responder to the scene, local television station KDVR reported. He had also closely followed the kidnap and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway of Westminster, whose dismembered body was found in a suburban Denver park on Oct. 7. Kusick agents he wanted to go down in history as the “guy who killed Obama” --- even though he didn’t think Obama was doing a bad job --- and had planned to shoot the President during a campaign stop at University of Colorado at Boulder on Nov. 1. After admitting his fantasies to his therapist, Kusick was placed under a three-day mental health watch at a local hospital. The Halloween party and Obama’s visit occurred while Kusick was in the hospital. Appearing before a federal magistrate judge in U.S. District Court in Denver on Tuesday, Kusick said only “Yes, sir” and “Yes, your honor,” when asked if he understood the charges against him, Reuters reported. He has not been charged in the Halloween plot, but could face five years in prison for threatening to kill Obama. (

November 17 – 23, 2012

World News



Rapists will be Sri Lanka: UN admits it chemically castrated failed to protect civilians in Bolivian city

THIEVES will have their hands amputated and rapists will be chemically castrated under a controversial new judicial system for Bolivia’s indigenous people. Trained doctors will be paid to operate on convicted criminals in the city of El Alto after they are sentenced by a newly created court. And if medical professionals refuse to perform the surgery, lessertrained indigenous doctors from the rural, highland provinces will be paid to take on the work. Carmelo Titirico, leader of the National Council for Ayllu y Marka people, said the brutal punishment had been approved by the area’s indigenous community ‘as it’s the only way to stop those crimes’. He told LV7 Radio: ‘Indigenous justice is handled differently, not between four walls as ordinary justice is. We will not be sending people to jail in these cases.’ He added he was aware the measures could lead to widespread rejection, but said his council would not back down. Rapists will be chemically castrated, and thieves who are caught offending three times will have one

of their hands cut off. Titirico said the punishments were permitted under the ‘community justice law’ enshrined in the South America nation’s constitution promulgated by President Evo Morales in 2009 The new system is part of the ‘Law of Separate Jurisdictions’, in force since 2010, that defines the boundary between ‘community justice’ and the usual legislative process. Community justice can only be dispensed against indigenous people, whereas the regular legal system can be applied to everyone. The first court to work under the ‘community justice’ framework, made up of three men and women, was appointed in the city of El Alto, next to the country’s capital La Paz, this week. But Titirico insisted that the court ‘respects human life’ and that the panel will not approve a person being put to death, even if they have been convicted of murder. He also revealed that nonindigenous people who commit a crime inside the territory of an ethnic community would be judged by the ‘community justice’ framework. (

Cattle rustlers kill 38 Kenyan police IN THE worst single incident for Kenyan police in living memory, 38 officers were killed in northern Kenya over the weekend by heavily armed cattle rustlers, according to injured police reservists who were on the scene. Local media reports put the number at between 37 and 42 dead. Internal Security Minister Katoo Ole Metito would not give a total figure on how many police officers had died. The police officers were part of an operation to recover cattle belonging to the Samburu tribe that had been stolen by the Turkana tribe, according to the minister. They were ambushed in a valley when a large group of Turkana fired on police, leaving dozens dead and many injured. The Turkana and Samburu, both pastoralist groups, have frequently engaged in tit-for-tat cattle rustling operations over many years. Villages in the region are heavily fortified by residents, and it’s not unusual to see cattle herders armed with automatic rifles. In the most recent incident, Turkana raided the Samburu last month and took a large amount of cattle, according to the internal security ministry. The Kenyan government

intervened and gave an ultimatum for the Turkana to return the cattle last Friday, or it would respond with force. The Turkana did not meet the deadline, prompting the police operation that ended in tragedy. Both Turkana and Samburu leaders have frequently asked for more security in the region from the government. They say the police are outmanned and outgunned. While visiting wounded officers who had been airlifted to a Nairobi hospital, the minister said the government is addressing those complaints. “The ratio of police to civilians in the country is far below the international standards, but we are looking for more resources to bring balance,” he said, claiming the government is working to reconciling both communities. Some wounded police reservists recovering at the hospital weren’t so sure. “Reconciliation will only work if the Turkana are forcibly removed from Samburu territory. That’s the only solution,” said Ledemiano Lenankani, a Samburu reservist. Lekirnyei Masianai, another reservist, agreed. “There is no room for reconciliation. I’ll not put down my weapon while my community is being attacked.” (CNN)

A UN report on its failure to protect civilians in Sri Lanka’s civil war will have “profound implications” for the global body, UN chief Ban Ki-moon says. Publishing the damning internal report, which was leaked to the BBC, Mr Ban said lessons had to be learnt. A senior panel will advise him on how to prevent the system breakdowns that led to “grave failure” in Sri Lanka. The government and Tamil rebels are accused of war crimes in the conflict, which ended in May 2009. The 26-year war left at least 100,000 people dead. There are still no confirmed figures for tens of thousands of civilian deaths in the last months of battle. An earlier UN investigation said it was possible up to 40,000 people had been killed in the final five months alone. Other estimates say the number of deaths could be even higher. The government’s own estimate of deaths in the final few months is 9,000. ‘DIFFICULT DILEMMAS’ The internal review concluded that various UN agencies, including the Security Council and Human Rights Council, had failed at every level to meet their responsibilities in the last months of the civil war in Sri Lanka. In particular it highlighted the organisation’s reluctance to publish casualty figures and its decision to withdraw staff from the war zone, as well as its failure to report evidence of widespread government shelling. As a result, the report recommends

Hundreds of thousands of Tamils were displaced during Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war

a comprehensive review of the UN’s implementation of humanitarian and protection mandates. “I am determined that the United Nations draws the appropriate lessons and does its utmost to earn the confidence of the world’s people, especially those caught in conflict who look to the organisation for help,” Mr Ban said in a statement. He added that events in Syria were the latest reminder that the UN’s core mission to protect civilians was crucial. The report had been made public, Mr Ban said, as “transparency and accountability are critical to the legitimacy and credibility of the United Nations”.

Petraeus affair: Obama sees ‘no evidence’ of breach

US President Barack Obama says he has seen “no evidence” that former CIA director David Petraeus’ extramarital affair compromised national security. Gen Petraeus’ resignation should be a “sidenote” to his distinguished career, Mr Obama added in his first public comments on the scandal. The general will testify to Congress about September’s attack on the US consulate in Libya, a top senator says. Republican senators have called for a joint committee to probe that attack. Mr Obama declined to say whether the White House should have been informed earlier of the investigation into Gen Petraeus. “I am withholding judgment with respect to how the entire process surrounding General Petraeus came up. We don’t have all the information yet,” Mr Obama said.

Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus

He added that he had a lot of confidence in the FBI and that they have a “difficult job” to do. News of the scandal shocked officials in Washington in the immediate aftermath of the US election. Congressional leaders of both parties have said they should have been informed earlier. (BBC)

The UN’s former humanitarian chief, John Holmes, has criticised the report. Mr Holmes said the UN faced “some very difficult dilemmas” at the time and could be criticised for the decisions it had taken. (BBC)

MP ‘attacked with rocks’ at Sussex campus

An MP had to be escorted to safety by police during a protest at the University of Sussex in which he claims he was “attacked with rocks and missiles”. Mike Weatherley, Conservative member for Hove and Portslade, said objects were thrown at him by “50 prosquatting protesters” in Falmer, near Brighton. He had been due to address students at the campus. Sussex Police said officers took him “to safety” during a disturbance. A spokeswoman for the force said: “We are investigating reports that a stone may have been thrown at Mr Weatherley’s party and may have caused a slight injury to one of his team.” EVENT ‘HIJACKED’ She said police were called to the Silverstone Room in Arts Road at the university just before 13:50 GMT after a report of a disturbance. “A group of people were surrounding the room where Mike Weatherley MP was present. Officers took Mr Weatherley to safety in a police van,” she added.


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Senior Tour Desk Specialist Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to meet sales targets • Experience managing more than one retail outlet

The salary for the position listed above ranges from $23,000.00 to $30,000.00

Remuneration: Bi-weekly base pay plus commission


Housekeeping Department requires

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing a medical and other employee benefits • Knowledge of contracts The hourly rate for the position listed above ranges from $7.00 to $10.00 per hr.

The Administrative Department requires:

Director of Guest Services

Housekeeping Supervisor

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Supervises and may participate in housekeeping services including cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, sanitizing the floors and other surfaces The rate for the position listed above is $7.00 to $15.00 an hour.

The Watersports Department requires:

Requirements include but are not limited to: • 5 years’ experience working with characters and costumes • 3 years’ experience in coordinating kids’ activities • Physically fit • Ability to manage a multi-cultural team

Requirements include but are not limited to: • 5 years’ experience working with characters and costumes • 3 years’ experience in coordinating kids’ activities • Physically fit The rate for the positions listed above ranges from $6.00 to $8.00 an hour.

The Weddings Department requires:

Weddings Manager

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing multiple wedding retail outlets • Proven sales track record in Weddings exceeding sales targets • Ability to up and cross sell • Over 3 years managing a wedding portfolio The salary for the position listed above ranges from $20,000.00 to $35,000.00

The Gift Shop Department requires:

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in solving guest concerns to resolution including compensation • Knowledge of and a ability to interact with Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Room (this list is not exhaustive) • Five (5) years relevant experience

Dive shop Manager

Salary for the above mentioned position range from $20,000.00 to $35,000.00

The salary for the position listed above ranges from $23,000.00 to $30,000.00

Dining Room Department requires:

The Sales and Weddings Department requires:

The salary for the positions listed above ranges from $20,000.00 to $35,000.00

Food and Beverage Manager

Weddings Manager

The Project Department requires:

Gift Shop Manager

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing a Dive shop operation • PADI certification • First Aid Certification

Requirements include but are not limited to: • 10 years’ experience in F/B Management, • Knowledge of restaurant, bar/lounge, banquets, room service and kitchen operational experience. • Knowledge of OSHA standards.

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing multiple wedding retail outlets • Proven sales track record in Weddings exceeding sales targets • Ability to up and cross sell • Over 3 years managing a wedding portfolio

The salary for the position listed above is negotiable

The salary for the position listed above ranges from $23,000.00 to $35,000.00

• Banquet Manager • Restaurant Manager • Supervisor

Weddings Coordinator

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Three years managing/ supervising a restaurant with seating over 100 persons an asset. • Excellent customer service skills • Knowledge of wines

Supervisor (Bar)

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience in coordination of weddings and other functions • Ability to up-sell and reach sales targets • Ability to meet deadlines and an eye for detail • Knowledge of Martha Stewart and her branding Hourly rate for the above mentioned position range from $6.00 to $8.50

The Sales Department requires:

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Knowledge of stock ordering and maintenance of par levels • Ability to mix a variety of drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Soon Come Back Liaison Requirements include but are not limited to: • Knowledge of rooms and categories

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Experience managing multiple retail outlets • Proven sales track record with exceeding sales targets • Ability to up and cross sell

Project Administrator (Regional)

Requirements include but are not limited to: • Prepare budgets, programs and monitor expenditure • Working experience over 20 years. Hotel Industry over 5 years • Review all design drawings, and prepare design drawings where necessary • Inspect and set out all FF&E for pools, restaurants, hotel rooms and Public areas • Co-ordinate all shipments, and quantify and orders FF&E items • Strong Knowledge of BMS, RO plants, Fire, Chill Water System and irrigation system • Co-ordinate ALL Local building approvals eq Health, Planning, Environmental, Fire • Co-Ordinate all warehouse inventory for installation • Train Project Co-ordinators and Local tradesmen • Travel to Nassau, Exuma, Fowl Cay and Jamaica to review all room upgrades • Software knowledge: ACAD, Microsoft Projects, MSWord, MSExcel, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat • Work and communicate with all GM’S, HM’S , CE’s and HOD’s The salary for the position listed above is negotiable

Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road


The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales

And should reach not later than November 16th 2012. Otherwise, please call anytime for an appointment tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138




November 17 – 23, 2012


FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Ltd as Chargee pursuant to the Registered Land Ordinance hereby gives Notice that it will cause to be sold by Public Auction the following scheduled properties outside the offices of Miller Simons O’Sullivan, Second Floor, The Beatrice Butterfield Building, Butterfield Square, Providenciales at 10:00 a.m. on 19 November 2012.

1. Title No. 60101/21 K2&3, North West Point, Providenciales

Registered Proprietor: North West Point Resort Ltd. Comprising approximately 570 feet of frontage onto the reef projected white sandy beach and excellent views of the North Shore. Upon this has been constructed two condominium buildings containing units. This property also contains on site facilities included gated entry, restaurant/cabana area, swimming pool, deck area and gardens. This unit has 1,572 square feet and is known as unit 102 in Building B1. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living/dining area, living area, balcony/veranda and closet space.

bedrooms two bathrooms , one with an en- suite, open plan kitchen and dining area, living area, balcony/ veranda, closets and basement storage area.

6. Title No. 60400/330, Chalk Sound, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: Karen Rigby

This property is located on the south side of Chalk Sound drive. The property has a single storey residence with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining, utility closet and a front and rear porch. The property has no external improvements in terms of driveway or parking aware. The total floor area is 1,832 square feet.

trees. The property is located on Chalk Sound Road, approximately half a mile beyond the Silly Creek Estate junction on the northern side of the road. The property has a view of the Chalk Sound National Park.

12. Title No. 60713/90/K9, Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: Ivan Gregory Kennessey

Located in the Queen Angel Development comprising of studio, one, and two bedroom villas, which can be found in the Turtle Cove area. The property is Unit A201, a second floor one-bedroom corner unit in Building A. Unit A201 has a 1,275 unit entitlement and 1,275 square foot gross external area. The unit is unfurnished and comprises one bedroom, one bathroom, open kitchen/ living/dining area, utility closet and storage space. The unit also has use of the resort facilities including the communal swimming pool and deck.

2. Title No. 60101/21 K29 North West Point, Providenciales

7. Title No. 10304/142, 143, 144, Central, Grand Turk

Comprising approximately 570 feet of frontage onto the reef projected white sandy beach and excellent views of the North Shore. Upon this has been constructed two condominium buildings containing units. This property also contains on site facilities included gated entry, restaurant/cabana area, swimming pool, deck area and gardens. This unit has 1,572 square feet and is known as unit 102 in Building B2. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living/dining area, living area, balcony/veranda and closet space.

Comprising 0.96 acre parcel containing a partially complete commercial development located on Front Street, Grand Turk with the potential to be used for office or residential units.

13. Title No. 51201/22, Bottle Creek Central, North Caicos

8. Title No. 60609/24, Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales

Comprising 1.75 acre parcel with a commercial building that is currently operated as a supermarket. The property also contains a bathroom, storage facilities, a loading area and office space. The gross floor area of the building is approximately 5,100 square feet. The property is located along Kings Road in North Windsor, Bottle Creek Central.

Registered Proprietor: North West Point Resort Ltd.

3. Title No. 60101/21 K36, North West Point, Providenciales

Registered Proprietor: North West Point Resort Ltd. Comprising approximately 570 feet of frontage onto the reef projected white sandy beach and excellent views of the North Shore. Upon this has been constructed two condominium buildings containing units. This property also contains on site facilities included gated entry, restaurant/cabana area, swimming pool, deck area and gardens. This unit has 2,223 square feet and is known as unit 201 in Building B2. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living/dining area, living area, balcony/veranda and closet space.

4. Title No. 60101/21 K37, North West Point, Providenciales

Registered Proprietor: North West Point Resort Ltd. Comprising approximately 570 feet of frontage onto the reef projected white sandy beach and excellent views of the North Shore. Upon this has been constructed two condominium buildings containing units. This property also contains on site facilities included gated entry, restaurant/cabana area, swimming pool, deck area and gardens. This unit has 1.556 square feet and is known as unit 203 in Building B2. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living/dining area, living area, balcony/veranda and closet space.

5. Title No. 60101/20 North West Point, Providenciales

Registered Proprietor: North West Point Resort Ltd. Comprising approximately 0.29 acres which contain the Manager’s House with 1, 190 square feet and Reception Building 1,340 square feet. This property contain two

Registered Proprietor: Whale Watchers Ltd

Registered Proprietor: Claudine Pratt

Located on the south-western tip of Providenciales, in the area known as Norway & Five Cays. A two story house on 1.03 Acres of land. The house is not yet completed with only snagging items, minor finishing items and some site works left to be completed. Once completed the gross floor area of the residence will be 2,435 square feet. The property benefits from approximately 120 linear feet of iron shore frontage onto the Chalk Sound with impressive 180 degree views being enjoyed to the west.

9. Title No. 60505/250, Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: Samuel Jules

Comprising 0.26 acre parcel with bare land containing indigenous bush and small trees. The property is located between Blue Hills and the northern part of Kew Town and is accessed by turning on Bible Street, the second turning on Blue Hills Road, heading towards the T-junction and taking the northern hand turn to the end of the road and the property is the last lot on the left below the ridge land.

10. Title No. 60719/87 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, Providenciales

Registered Proprietor: Gregory Raymond Pinder and Lisa Phillips-Pinder Comprising 0.74 acre parcel with bare land containing dense native shrubbery and the rear of the plot overlooks the canal. The property is located in the Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill area of Providenciales.

11. Title No. 60400/284, Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: BNA Ltd

Comprising 1 acre parcel with a partially completed block structure, dense mature native vegetation and small

Registered Proprietor: Samuel Handfield

14. Title No. 51203/37, Bottle Creek Central, North Caicos Registered Proprietor: Samuel Handfield

Comprising 0.55 acre parcel containing two structures that are currently in poor condition. The main house contains three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a living room area. The gross floor area is approximately 1,225 square feet. The annex building is a split level building that was previously used as a general store and a one-bedroom apartment. The gross floor area is approximately 1,063 square feet.

15. Title No. 51302/11, Bottle Creek South, North Caicos Registered Proprietor: Samuel Handfield

Comprising 10.2 acre of undeveloped land and is currently being used as a local farm with native produce. The property also contains a small thatched shed that is used for storage of the farming materials and tools. The property is located on the west side of Bottle Creek Road.

16. Title No. 51108/106, Bottle Creek North, North Caicos

Registered Proprietor: Garnett and Rosemary Jolly Comprising 0.62 acre parcel with a gated townhouse development consisting of ten two-storey two bedroom townhouses, with a small swimming pool, deck, gazebo, marl driveway, car parking, limited landscaping, BBQ area and a surrounding security fence and wall. The property is located in the Major Hill district of Bottle Creek.

Continued 

November 17 – 23, 2012



17. Title No. 60719/110 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: Finbar Grant

Comprising 0.59 acre parcel with a two-storey detached residence, a guest suite and a single-storey guesthouse and is located in the residential sub-division in Discovery Bay. The two-storey detached residence has four/five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, library, a substantially complete cinema room, laundry room, kitchen, breakfast room, family room and a separate office. The guest suite contains a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchenette. The single-storey guesthouse contains a studio with a bedroom and bathroom and a separate efficiency unit with a bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette. The property also contains a swimming pool and a concrete boat dock.

Essco Ltd. as Chargee pursuant to the Registered Land Ordinance hereby gives Notice that it will cause to be sold by Public Auction the following properties outside the offices of Miller Simons O’Sullivan, Second Floor, The Beatrice Butterfield Building, Butterfield Square, Providenciales at 10:00 a.m. on 19 November 2012.

1. Title No. 10203/68 North West Suburbs, Grand Turk Registered Proprietor: Otis Chuck Morris

Comprising 0.45 acre parcel with bare land containing dense indigenous bush and trees in a cul de sac called Cactus Close. The property is accessed from North Wells Road or North Creek Road and is midway between the western ocean shore and North Creek.

2. Title No. 10204/152 North West Suburbs, Grand Turk


VACANCIES Grace way IGA Supermarket is seeking qualified applicants to fill the following positions in our Accountant Department:

Financial Controller Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• Production of financial budgets and forecasts incorporating profit and loss projections, cash flow analysis and capital expenditure estimates. • Direct and control Finance staff to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and trained and carry out their responsibilities to the required standards • Prepare and present financial presentations to the Board of Directors to support investment decisions. • Produce accurate and timely financial information concerning the company's financial status and performance to enable decisions to be taken relating to the company's financial strength and security • Produce all necessary financial statements and reports to enable the accurate measurement of cash flow, profit and loss, stock and debtors. • Develop and oversee all financial controls, specifically relating to cash and inventory control • Coordinate with bankers, auditors, insurance brokers and attorneys as required • Act as the main point of contact with external auditors and coordinate the production of financial statements in preparation for annual audit. • Carry out any necessary internal audit reviews and monitor the financial effectiveness of systems and controls • Recommend any changes necessary to improve the company's financial performance and financial controls

Knowledge, skills and experience required

• Must be a professional qualified accountant (ACA or CPA) with a minimum of 8 years of post qualification financial management experience. • Must have advanced knowledge and experience of analyzing day-to day retail and wholesale financial accounting and system processes and controls • Experience managing computerized accounting systems, and analyzing financial data is a must • Must have sound managerial experience • Excellent communication skills are required Salary compensation: Subject to experience.

Registered Proprietor: Otis Chuck Morris

Comprising 0.35 acre parcel with two single-storey detached buildings, each split into two apartments with an above-ground cistern, garden and parking area. The property is in a residential sub-division and is located on the land side of North Creek Road overlooking North Creek to the east. The gross external areas of the buildings (each inclusive of a porch) are 1,224 square feet and 2,400 square feet respectively.

3. Title No. 10203/198 North West Suburbs, Grand Turk Registered Proprietor: Otis Chuck Morris

Comprising 0.34 acre parcel with bare land containing low-lying dense indigenous vegetation. The property is accessed by North Wells Road and taking a western turn onto Quarry Lane and a subsequent left turn and the property is located on the left side of the road.

4. Title No. 10302/21 Grand Turk Central, Grand Turk Registered Proprietor: Otis Chuck Morris

Comprising 0.35 acre parcel with a partially complete two-storey apartment building with sixteen studio apartments and front and rear garden/parking areas. The property is located in a residential sub-division to the north-west of the Town Salina. The property can be accessed by heading north on Lighthouse Road and taking the left turn after Murphy Alley until the T-junction at the end of the road. The gross external area of the property is approximately 2,880 square feet and 1,820 square feet for the covered communal access decks and stairs.

Joseph Michael Hennebury as Chargee pursuant to the Registered Land Ordinance hereby gives Notice that he will cause to be sold by Public Auction the following property outside the offices of Miller Simons O’Sullivan, Upper Floor, East Wing, The Beatrice Butterfield Building, Butterfield Square, Providenciales at 10:00 a.m. on 19 November 2012.

1. Title 60506/116, Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales Registered Proprietor: Rory Ernest MacDowell

Comprising 0.82 acre parcel with bare land and can be accessed by turning onto Thompson Cove Road from Leeward Highway and taking a right on Heron Street.

Financial Manager Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• ACA/ACCA/CPA qualified with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience in a financial analysis/financial reporting position. • Responsible for preparation of monthly financial reporting pack and year end Financial Statements including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. • Responsible for management of general ledger, including posting of month end accruals, prepayments, deferrals, cost reallocations and a wide range of journals as required. • Responsible for production of year end audit pack, documenting detailed reconciliations of year end closing balances of all accounts within the trial balance and liaising with auditors to assist with ad-hoc queries. • Perform analytical review of monthly financial reports, highlight, investigate and explain unusual variances to budget / prior year, posting correcting journal entries to general ledger as required. • Extensive experience of preparation of financial reports including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow and ability to manage a month-end reporting cycle is essential. • Management and development of accounting system and processes, including chart of accounts, expansion of capability, and relationship management with external parties. • Management of stock transfer process. • Operational and financial analysis of key business issues. • Strong written and verbal communication skills essential. • Attention to detail and flexibility to manage multiple tasks. • Knowledge of SAGE accounting software beneficial. Salary rate will commensurate with qualification and experience

Senior Finance Analyst Job Requirements & Responsibilities:

• ACA/ACCA/CPA qualified with a minimum of 2 years post qualification experience in a financial analysis/financial reporting position. • Responsible for preparation of monthly financial reporting pack and yearend Financial Statements including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. • Responsible for management of general ledger, including posting of month end accruals, prepayments, deferrals, cost reallocations and a wide range of journals as required. • Responsible for production of yearend audit pack, documenting detailed reconciliations of year end closing balances of all accounts within the trial balance and liaising with auditors to assist with ad-hoc queries. • Perform analytical review of monthly financial reports, highlight, investigate and explain unusual variances to budget / prior year, posting correcting journal entries to general ledger as required.


Is looking for a


Is looking for a

Labourer Contact: 243-9068


Minister/ Evangelist

Contact: 231-1803


To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour Only Turks Islanders need apply.




Looking for SCUBA Diving instructors and/or Divemaster with experience in the Turks and Caicos Islands dive industry to conduct dive courses, lead dives and snorkel trips and assist on other eco-adventure activities at Big Blue. Applicants must be a current PADI dive instructor and/or Divemaster and have the skills and personality for sales, reservations, & public relations. Starting salary of approximately $2000 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to Positions start in December 2012.

Must be willing to work 6 days per week salary $10.00 per hour

contact: 245-3431




November 17 – 23, 2012





Looking for persons with experience and qualifications in the field of Marine Biology to join Big Blue’s team of eco-tour guides and dive instructors. Applicants must have experience in tropical waters and be able to lead educational kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, scuba diving and sightseeing eco-adventures. Applicants must have a current first aid and CPR certificate and have the personality for sales, public relations and education. Applicants with boat driving experience, and STCW’95/TCI boat captain’s license preferred and will enjoy a better salary. Starting salary of $2000 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to Positions start in late 2012 or early 2013.

• Responsible for ordering all provisions pertaining to food and cleaning supplies and kitchen equipment • Responsible for supervising general cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment • Responsible for taking food inventory at the end of each month • Responsible for respectable food cost Salary: $7.00 per hour

Certified Kiteboarding/ Kitesurfing instructors needed.


Description of suitable person: • Must be hardworking and efficient • Must have a positive attitude toward works • Must be able to work 6 days per week, weekend and holidays if needed

Contact: Mrs. Tate Forbes between the hours of 9:00am-3:00pm @ 649-946-4472 or email:gilley’

Looking for a sales person to work in a thriving Tourism Adventure Company. The applicant must have a minimum of 3-years of experience with sales & reservations in the tourism industry and have superior PR, computer, and organizational skills. Applicants that are able to speak and write French will be considered first. All applicants must be presentable, articulate, and be able to work long and flexible hours under pressure. Weekends mandatory. Starting salary of $2000 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to Position starts 1st December 2012.

IKO or PASA certified with solid experience teaching students young and old, new and experienced. Starting salary of $2000 per month. Please drop resume and cover letter to Big Blue at the Leeward Marina between the hours of 8am to 5pm or e-mail to start in December 2012 7466

November 17 – 23, 2012

BENJAMIN WALKIN is looking for a


NIDIA BEAUTY SALON is looking for a

Carpenter Hairstylist is looking for a

Labourer To work 5 days per week Salary $5.50 per hour.


Contact 649-242-3747


to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 231-0770 7447

Contact: 231-1928


is looking for a

Is looking for a qualified, experienced applicants for the position of:




The successful applicant must possess the following skills and experience: • Must have 2 years experience in your respective field • Food safety certificate or equivalent • Must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a flexible schedule • Ability to speak English is essential • Must have clean police record Preference will be given to experienced and qualified Belongers

• Must have a valid drivers license • Must be able to work holiday and weekends • Ability to speak Spanish a plus Salary $13.00 per hour

Please contact: 441-3466 for an appointment or interview. Wage commensurate with experience

Contact: 649-343-0727


Caribbean Café/Dolphin Sports Bar



Must be willing to work nights and able to manager basic accounting procedures. Base pay of $6/hr plus bonuses.

Housekeeper is needed to look after an elderly lady. Applicant will also be expected to perform housekeeping duties.


Interested persons please send resume to or call 231-4307 or 331-4307 to schedule an appointment.



Is looking for a

is looking for a

Domestic Worker



Luna Dal Mar Cruises Seeks to employ the following positions:


• Should possess a valid USCG 50 ton Masters Captain License with towing and sailing endorsements • Over 4 years working experience as a Boat Captain • CPR/ First Aid certification • Knowledge of diesel engines and highly skill with tools • Must be exceedingly reliable and be able to live on board vessel Salary starting $1,500.00 monthly


To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Barber To work 6 days 7465

Contact: 946-5369

contact: 331-4337



Interested parties call 649-332-6364

To work 5 days per week. From 10am5:30pm salary $6.50 per hour.

Must be able to work alone. Must be able to verify skills. Salary $10.00 per hour


Is looking for a


Dorean Williams



per week. Salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 347-2707


• Should possess a valid Seaman’s credential • Over 4 years work experience in the dive industry • CPR/ First Aid Certification • Must be hardworking and reliable • Must be exceedingly reliable and be able to live on board vessel • Must be able to understudy the captain Salary starting $900.00 monthly Please submit resume to:

Luna Dal Mar Cruises Southside Plaza, South Dock Road, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Island. Te: 1-649-241-5286 Email:





Is looking for a

Seeks the following:

KANCHAN TOLANI is looking for a

Domestic Worker To work 6 days per week to cook Indian food salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 232-4699


seeks the following:

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour contact: 946-4699




Is looking for a


contact: 649-245-4750

contact: 332-1126

days per week.


Seeks the following:

Two Deckhands



to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour

contact: 232-5538 7445


Labourer To work 5


Is looking for a

to work onboard a vessel

Duties include but not limited to: • Loading and off loading vessel • Receiving and wrapping cargo • Person must be willing to live on board vessel • Must have STCW Certificate

Contact: 941-5707


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


REYCHELLE NAIL STUDIO is looking for 2

Nail Technicians To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

contact: 2323352 or 244-3241 7463



• Able to work with little or no supervision, be physically fit, dependable and hard working • Must be self motivated and able to understand, read, write and speak English fluently

Candidates must have a minimum of four years’ experience in Hospitality Industry, in Food and Beverage operations. Service includes fine dining restaurant, pool and beach service. Knowledge of Micros POS is preferable but not essential. Candidates must be prepared to work extended hours, split shifts and have flexibility with working days/nights/weekends and holidays as required. Wage range: $5.00 to $7.00 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

Send inquiries to:


Norstar Group Ltd. Courtyard Plaza Unit 2C Leeward Highway, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands. Tel: 649-941-3500/3600

Is seeking a general labourer, this position is responsible for cleaning all common areas (stairwells, patios, public bathrooms etc.), garbage removal and cleaning of garbage areas, general housekeeping duties and laundry assistance. Several years experience in a similar position is required, as well as good communication skills, including excellent English; must have a pleasant and outgoing personality. Must be willing to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Wages range: $5.00 to $6.50 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.

PRITON DEVELOPMENT LTD. SEEKS (2)Air Condition Specialists (2)Carpenters (3)Masons

Maintenance Technician

Is seeking a well-qualified candidate for the position of Maintenance Technician. We require an all-round Maintenance Technician with experience in plumbing and electrical repairs, painting, pool maintenance, tool and equipment maintenance, Klargester sewage systems, woodwork and general labour. Candidate must be prepared to work weekends and holidays, and be on-call evenings. Wages range: $5 to $9 per hour depending on experience and qualifications.

Must have at least 3 years experience and be able to work with little supervision. Salary start at $6.00 an hour and is based on experience. Deadline for applications is November 20th 2012.

Site Supervisor

• Must have at least 5 years experience. Must have good knowledge of construction. • Must be able to work on holidays, must be able and willing to lead a large construction team. • Salary is based on experience


Belongers only need apply

Closing date: December 15th 2012 Please apply in writing to: Human Resources, Point Grace, PO Box 700, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Email: or Fax: 946-5097. No phone



Jewellery Repairman

To work 5 days per week. Person must live in North Caicos.

Contact: 946-7705

November 17 – 23, 2012


Interested persons should be dependable and send applications via fax at (649) 941-4034. C/o Alliance Realty Ltd.



Is looking for a

Supervisor To work 6 days per week salary $10.00 per hour.

contact: 441-6669

TDMG CONCORDIA is looking for:

Logistics Manager Superintendent

• Must have at least 5 years experience • Salary is negotiable • Belonger only need apply Application deadline is November 16th, 2012

Fax: 649-941-3446

Y A 3 B CONSULTING Acting on behalf of our clients: BJoin Griffith and Anny Garcia is looking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Worker – salary $5.50 per hour

Salon Helper – salary $5.50 per hour

Must be willing to work 6 days per week.

Contact: 344-4540



TROPICAL BAR is looking for a

Is looking for a

Sales Waiter Person To work 6 days

per week salary $6.00 per hour contact: 241-0426

to work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 344-1903


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

A Dynamic Mobile Service provider seeks to recruit for the following post:


CORPORATE SALES/ ACCOUNT MANAGER The Corporate Sales/Account Manager is responsible for maintaining and retaining all existing Corporate Business as well as securing new sales for Islandcom products and services to business, government and other key individuals or accounts in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Corporate Sales/Account Manager must meet and preferably exceed established sales quotas and goals on a monthly basis and must be available on a 24/7 basis to deal with Customer issues and questions.

Job Requirements

• University degree or Associates degree in Business, sales or marketing; or equivalent experience • Minimum 5 years related experience in telecommunications sales or marketing to business customers, billing procedures; customer care expertise and back office technical skills • Excellent written and spoken English language communication skills; other languages a plus • Self starter with excellent team work skills and ability to work independently and without supervision • Computer literate including full command of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Other required knowledge

• Mathematics –knowledge of arithmetic, statistics, and their applications are required • Sales and marketing-knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products and services. This includes sales strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales measurement systems. Ability to solve telecommunication device problems and understand the functionality of telecommunication device without always relying on customer care. To continuously improve knowledge and abilities in this area. • Must be available and accessible on a 24/7 basis to respond to Customer issues and queries • Administration and management- knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic sales planning and time management. • Economic and Accounting- Basic knowledge of accounting principles and practices. For example- calculating measuring commissions, gross sales, cost of sales, net profit, customer credits, etc.

Head of Corporate Sales Reports to: General Manager PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF JOB: The Role of the Head of Business Sales is to manage the ICT and Corporate development project in the Turks & Caicos delivering an effective & functioning ICT and Corporate postpaid sales operations structure in the market. The successful candidate must, be able to meet tight reporting deadlines and have a strong work ethic and will be involved in: • Delivering an effective & functioning corporate postpaid sales operations structure in each market • Identify & exploit local opportunities to drive ICT & corporate postpaid sales • To manage the rollout of new sales skill processes, reward structures, performance management/sales reporting structures and admin processes into Digicel markets • To adapt the above processes to fit into each markets culture • Refine the processes and document all improvements to allow best practice to be shared throughout all markets • Stay in the market after implementation to support the local team and ensure the new processes being used effectively at all levels • Measure the success of each initiative and report findings to Digicel Group • Evaluate, share and report on best practice from the markets In order to be a successful in this position, you must have a minimum of 10 years proven and demonstrable direct sales experience within a ICT and corporate postpaid telecommunications environment. Key experience required: Cisco sales expert, multi site management, project management, training, and coaching & feedback experience. You must have a proven ability to negotiate at all levels within the organization. Naturally you are required to have an excellent understanding of Cisco and corporate telecoms sales techniques & operational processes. You must be a team player with strong business and commercial awareness. Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills are a must and you will be an organized self-starter with drive and initiative; analytical and creative skills and proven track record of achievement in Sales Salary Based on Experience

Interested applicants should forward their resume to






November 17 – 23, 2012



Description of job: • Responsible for ordering all provisions pertaining to food and cleaning supplies and kitchen equipment • Responsible for supervising general cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment • Taking food inventory at the end of each month

• To make sure your cleaning staff keep your kitchen in good clean and healthy order • Be responsible to discuss menu for banquets and conferences • Responsible for a respectable food cost • Responsible for purchasing food and negotiating prices Salary $10.00 per hour

PERSONAL ASSISTANT • Must work split shifts 7-11, 6-10 • Salary $350.00 per week 40 hours a week • Morning, evenings, holidays and weekends • Must speak and write English and Spanish • Ability to assist me in work at restaurant during the day and evening • Ability to check in deliveries made to restaurant • Ability to supervise gardeners and other staff in preparation for day to day maintenance.

Description of suitable person: • Must be hard working and efficient • Must have a positive attitude • Must be able to work 6 days per week, weekend and holidays if needed • Must have 5 years experience in this field Hours from 6:30am-3:30pm


Contact: Mr. Tate Forbes between the hour of 9:00am3:30pm @ 649-946-4472 email: gilley’

Bryant’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


Must have Knowledge of Mitsubishi A/c equipment (VRF systems, City Multi systems) & Air cool & water cool chiller systems. Capable of repairing minor & major brands of equipment.

2 Domestic Worker & 2 Labourers

Applicants must have a minimum of five

to work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


VACANCIES Duties & Responsibilities: - Oversee the safety of the crew, vessel and catch - Responsible for the service and maintenance of the engines aboard the vessel, including any attached lifeboats -Checking and recording the catch for each crew member, including self, catch from traps and ensuring both tallies with total overall catch -Deep-sea line fishing with reel -Assist the trap man to set and pull traps -Gut, ice and store fish, in common with the crew, including the captain/engineer Requirements: -Clean Police Record -Two character references, including one from last employer - Ability to lead a team -Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience working in same capacity on commercial fishing vessel Salary: Stipend plus based on catch shared equally with crew

Four (4) Crew/Fishermen

Duties & Responsibilities: -Prepare and maintain traps -Prepare bait for traps -Deep-sea line fishing with reel -Cleaning, icing and storing of catch -Responsible for cleaning and maintaining the vessel Requirements: -Clean Police Record -Two character references, including one from last employer -Ability to work with minimal supervision -Minimum of two (2) years’ experience working in same capacity on commercial fishing vessel Salary: Based on catch shared equally with crew and captain

Only Belongers need apply. Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Only applicants selected for interview will be notified. Application deadline: December 1st,2012

Barber Salary $6.00 per hour must be willing to work 6 days per week


CARIBBEAN ENERGY Is looking for a

Contact: 946-5759 TCI INDUSTRIAL Providenciales Telephone: 231-1205


Able to do general repairs (Masonry, plumbing, painting, and electrical wiring etc.

One (1) Captain/Engineer for Commercial Fishing Vessel


Acting on behalf of our clients: E & J Beauty Salon is looking to fill the following position:


1 Maintenance Helper

Islands Pride Fisheries Ltd.

Submit all resumes to P.O. Box 543 Deadline December 1st, 2012

Is looking for a

years experience. Must be able to understand, speak & write English. All Applicants Must have a valid driver’s license. Salary based on experience.

Please fax or email resume to Fax: 946-4283 Email: Suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview.


contact: 441-6669

To work 6 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact 232-1619



2 A/c Technicians

November 17 – 23, 2012





Salary $2400.00 per month. Only Turk Islanders need to apply.


November 17 – 23, 2012



Sports International Messi passes Pele's goal milestone


WALKIN FUEL Is seeking a

Labourer To work daily including weekends and holidays salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-941-8898 or 231-0088 between the hours of 7am-5pm 7467


Is looking for a

celebration than when he scored late in the shock midweek Champions League loss to Scottish side Celtic. "Leo continually breaks records. His goal tally is spectacular," said Barca manager Tito Vilanova, who has yet to experience a


beauties." Messi has now scored 64 goals for his club and 12 for his country this year, from just 59 matches overall. Pele managed 75 from 53 as a 17-year-old in 1958, helping Brazil to win the World Cup for the first of a record five times.


Massage Therapy and Aesthetic Trainer Cosmetologist Hair Nails and Massage Trainer

To work MondaySaturday doing landscaping and yard maintenance salary $6.00 per hour. Contact: Sherlock Walkin @ 231-0088 or 332-0088

domestic league defeat after his first 11 matches in charge, equaling the best start to a season set by Real Madrid. "It takes other great players seven or eight seasons to score the amount of goals he scores in one season. Also, some of his goals are absolute

Salary commensurate with experience

Contact: 2321970 or 231-5051 7466



Domestic Worker



To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact 241-8795

that kept the Catalans three points clear in Spain's La Liga, leaving him just nine short of Gerd Muller's all-time record. The 25-year-old, who became a first-time father earlier this month, was able to put a bit more enthusiasm into his new thumb-sucking

Repairman To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.


Contact: 649-941-4440

Audio/Video Editor Main Purpose of Job: Responsible for Preparing programs for television, advertisements, titles and graphics


Lionel Messi his nine goals short of Gerd Muller’s alltime record of 85.

THE GOALS just keep flowing for Lionel Messi, who on Sunday surpassed soccer legend Pele's mark of 75 in a calendar year to help Barcelona bounce back from a rare defeat. The Argentina star netted twice in the 4-2 win at Mallorca

S. WALKIN & SON Blue Hills, P.O. Box 583, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Tel: 649-946-4411


Diagnostic and troubleshooting the following engines: • Suzuki, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Seadoo • Must be willing to work a minimum of 44 hours per week, holidays and weekends if necessary Salary will commensurate with experience (10-15 years) and performance

Fax resumes to: 649-946-4945 7465

Essential Duties: • Responsible for creative materials liaising with the creative team, graphic designer and the Marketing Director to ensure smooth and efficient delivery. • Responsible for accuracy and consistency of written, visual and web materials. • Work with various offices to produce production schedules for creative proofs and liaise with international offices. Experience, Qualifications and Skills: • Certificate or Diploma related to video editing • Eight or more years experience in Television Broadcasting (must possess relevant certification) with good production/trafficking skills and be able to work in a fast paced environment. • Skilful operator of Audio/Video Editing Systems working on both online and offline materials as well as on special communication projects • Knowledge of TV, Camera, and Lighting for Quality Control, Animations • Production experience, good interpersonal skills and creative ability, good storytelling skills, a methodical mind, and ability to communicate well. • Ability to meet deadlines and have strong organizational skills as well as an eye for detail. • Management skills would be an asset. • Required to work evenings, weekends and holidays Salary commensurate with experience.

Send Resumes to or P.O. Box 230 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. No telephone calls please.



Sports National

November 17 – 23, 2012


Josh for Sports

Current TCAAA lagging behind predecessors FOR you who may have missed one of my columns in which I related the history about the founding of the TCAAA, here is a retake for your benefit. The first TAG Rugby Championships was a great success and the TCIRFU (the governing body of the sport in the islands) hopes this event is better.

Inter-schools TAG Rugby Championships billed for Saturday

THE Inter-schools TAG Rugby Championships will be held this Saturday, Nov 17th, at the Meridian Field. All schools are invited to register teams (boys and girls). The TCIRFU’s Rugby Development Officer Jamie Tait has been visiting schools over

the last week to get teams signed up and players registered. The rugby body said that it hopes to build on the momentum of the inaugural championships, which they described as “a great success”. The Championships start at 10am

and all participants, along with parents and caregivers who wish to watch or act as volunteers, are encouraged to be there at 9:30am to get prepared. There will be music and food at the field and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Hurricanes defeat Revolution in WFL encounter

AFTER two tense 0-0 draws, goals finally came to the Women’s Football League (WFL) last weekend as AFC Hurricanes defeated Revolution FC 2-1. The Hurricanes made a positive start and should really have seen the game safe by the halfway stage, but Revolution FC proved their resilience yet again as they pushed their opponents all the way to the last minute of the game. Hurricanes looked dangerous from the beginning with Jacinda Alfrena and Sarah Cenary combining well and it wasn’t long before they took the lead as Cenary cut in from the left wing and drove her shot into the bottom left corner of the goal. Rather than fold, Revolution held out well and managed to create a few half chances as Simone Smith used her strength and experience to control the midfield and protect her defence. However the introduction of Gaya Smith, in a more advanced position than she is used to, swung the momentum back in favour of the Hurricanes who finished the first half strongly with several shots on goal which were well saved by Marie Dorellus. In the second half the Hurricanes finally started to pass the ball around more effectively and the likes of Smith, Cenary, Alfrena and Lilli Fenelus came close to scoring on several occasions, but still the Revolution’s defence, led by Joan Whent and Meghan O’Reilly managed to stand firm. The breakthrough finally came mid-way

through the second half as Cenary followed up Smith’s dangerously placed corner. Smith then hit the bar and Cenary had another chance to secure the win before Tamara Hall turned the game on its head as she latched on to a through ball and expertly placed the ball behind Sanadia Forbes in the Hurricanes’ goal. Forbes had been somewhat of a spectator during the second half. The final ten minutes were tense for the Hurricanes as they held off a late challenge from the re-invigorated Revolution players who sensed they had a chance to score an equalising goal. Revolution head coach Paul Collis said: ‘It was a very competitive game

with both sides giving 100% effort. The Hurricanes had the better of the play for most of the game, but I was always hopeful we could break away and score a goal or two. Tamara Hall scored her first goal for Revolution and it was just reward for the work she has put in on the training ground over the past few weeks.’ Hurricanes’ head coach Gerry Gregg was philosophical about the victory: “Obviously we are pleased with the win but we will need to raise our game if we are to mount a serious challenge for the title. We have to improve our finishing and communicate more throughout the team”.

Sailrock U-14 Boys’ League:

Grasshoppers have title in sight THE Grasshoppers look set to win the Sailrock U-14 Boys’ League title this year as a win and a draw saw them extend their lead at the top of the standings to five points with only two games remaining. Marvin Joseph scored twice for the Grasshoppers as they tied their opening game 2-2 with the Tigers who had scored through Ras Diamond and Tariq Germeil. The Grasshoppers then claimed a resounding 4-0 victory over the Eagles with goals coming from Mackenson Cadet, Jameslee Louis, Jeffty Desvales and Joseph. The Tigers secured second place with

a 4-1 win against the Golden Retrievers. Diamond found the finishing touch with two more goals as Germeil and Rodrigo Vasquez added the others. Idlin Beloni scored the consolation goal for the Retrievers. The Retrievers did however record a win of their own against the Eagles (2-0) courtesy of Timothy Gill and Adner Davilmar. With one week left to play Tigers and company will need the Grasshoppers to lose both games if they are to stand a chance of taking the title from them. MVPs for week five were Jeff Beljour and Henry Williams.

1977 In the middle of 1977 I came back to my birth country TCI for the second time in my life. I left Bottle Creek, my birth place at age four months. I had lived in the Bahamas all my life; however, I had spent two years in Jamaica where I’d completed my final years of high school at Munro College in St. Elizabeth. I attained six GCE O’ levels at Cambridge in religious knowledge, English language, English literature, chemistry and history. After three months at government high school in Nassau studying for ‘A’ levels, I received a NCAA full athletic scholarship to attend the Southern Illinois University (SIU) at Carbondale, Illinois. I was Jamaica’s Class I (Senior Boys) champion in the triple jump (1968 and 1969). While at SIU (a school of 24,000 students), I was ranked number 2 in all universities in the USA Division I. At that time the USA had a population of about 250 million. I was an 18-year-old freshman when after three months I literally became Illinois’s State champion (indoors) and record holder and the central collegiate and mid-western conference champion. Adding to that I won the Kansas relays outdoors. THE SUMMER OF 1970 During the summer of 1970 I represented the Bahamas at the Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh, Scotland. I competed in the long jump and triple jump. I competed against Olympic medallists in both long and triple jump [Lynn Davies from England and Phil May from Australia respectfully]. Co-incidentally, those Games represented the last time that the Legendary Tommy Robinson represented the Bahamas in international competition. He was a sprinter and must have been about 40 years old at that time. I was 19-yearsold. TRAGEDY STRIKES -1974 In January 1974 I was diagnosed with all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Becoming disillusioned I quit university and came to TCI for the first time since birth and applied for a job as a physical education teacher in Grand Turk. I was turned around for a whole month without

By Joshua Gardiner any success. In frustration I returned to Nassau, created the “Bain-town Flyers” Track Club for Dr. Norman Gay. I was president and head coach. Out of that club came many Bahamian International champions such as Pauline Davis, Eldece Clark (two of the Olympic Golden Girls), Frank Rutherford—Olympic triple jump bronze medallist, Greg Rolle, Norbert Elliot (current coach at the University of Tennessee), Pedro Valdez, Rupert Gardiner, Hon. Desmond Bannister among numerous other legends. I was then 23 years old. 1977 In 1977 I returned to the TCI and created the Turks and Caicos Athletic Association. I was founder, president and also the first national coach and sports director appointed by Hon JAGS McCartney. Within eight months I was successful in putting the TCI on the map of the world in track and field with my athletes winning international medals at the Florida Relays (gold, silver and bronze) as well as a bronze at the Carifta Games in Nassau in 1978. We also participated at the Commonwealth Games in Canada in 1978 in athletics, rifle-shooting and weight lifting. THE VISIONLESS CURRENT TCAAA It is beyond me as to why the TCAAA has never gotten one single track scholarship for any of our athletes. A POTENTIAL WASTE OF TALENT As I write there is a young man by the name of Kivarno Handfield who on August Monday jumped 6’ 11 and should be able to receive a full athletic scholarship to almost any university in the USA. The government does not need to give him a scholarship. All that is needed is for the TCAAA to become pro-active and aggressively pursue a NCAA scholarship for this young man before he falls by the wayside.

November 17 – 23, 2012

Sports National



Rajhan Munnings scored twice to keep the Flames unbeaten. Against the Pirates two Saturdays ago, he scored 10 goals.


Flames too hot for Panthers RAJHAN Munnings was not as aggressive as the previous week, but his team, the Saunders and Co. Flames, remain unbeaten in the Midget Division of the Provo Hockey League. Munnings, who has been unstoppable this season, had scored 10 goals against the TCBC Pirates two Saturdays ago at the Graceway Sports Centre. Against the Carib Gaming Panthers last Saturday Munnings and Benjamin Saunders (also one assist) made two successful strikes each to lead their team to a 4-2 win. Valentine Antolonez scored the Panthers’ goals. The Panthers lost their second clash when they faced the Pirates. Chris Robinson scored twice while Gregory Lewis had a single successful shot to go with two assists. Gabriel Diotte-Joly also played his part in goal for the Pirates in the 5-1 win. MINI DIVISION The Sailrock Lobster defeated the Gracebay Car Rental and Sales Owls and the Gansevoort Gators when action continued in the Mini

Division. The Owls’ clash was a high scoring affair with the game ending 9-7. Tristan Grandsire was on fire with seven goals and an assist for the Lobsters while Carson Greatrex and Aiden Paisley finished with two goals each for the Owls. The Lobsters defeated the Gators 6-2. Grandsire and Joshua Saunders had two goals and two assists each for the winners. BANTAM DIVISION The J & W Construction Hurricanes was the most successful team last Saturday with two commanding victories in the Bantam Division. They defeated the Scotiabank Sharks 9-2 and the Coco Bistro Lightning 9-3. Against the Sharks Ricaldo Valcin led the attack with five goals while Orrin Campbell was also impressive with four goals and an assist. Dylan Ayer scored three goals and an assist to lead the Hurricanes in the second clash while Valcin and Dylan Brubaker added two goals and an assist each. Javiera Bovell led the Lightning with two goals and an assist.

The 2012 Filipino Basketball League champions: Allied Management Services.

Allied Management Services win Filipino Basketball League MARK Micabalo and Eddie Reyes combined for 15 points in the last quarter to propel Allied Management Services to a series win and the title of the Filipino Basketball League last Sunday at the Gus Lightbourne Sports Complex in Provo. Micabalo, who was later crowned the MVP of the league, finished with 30 points in the second game of the best-in-three encounter. Of his points 21 were scored in the second half. Reyes was also aggressive with 28 points

in the 86-81 win. Hartling Group, who were the defending champions, had moments of glory and Jai Cabrera attempted to keep them alive in the second half, but his 21 in that period (23 in total) was not enough. Richard Sanchez had 24 points, but only two of those were scored in the last 10 minutes of play. Sanchez was named the defensive player of the year. The Mythical First Team includes: Sanchez, Micabalo, Cabrera, Reyes and Cezar Lorenzana

(Hartling Group); while the Mythical Second Team have: Junel Baybay (Moneygram) Gary Competente (Allied Management Services) Adrian Achuela (Hartling Group) King Otero (HAB) Jojo Salvacion (HAB). Albino Dayupay (Allied Management Services) copped the best coach award, while Adrian Achuela from Hartling won the Islandcom 3-point shootout competition. Achuela won a trophy and an Android Tablet from Islandcom.

Sailrock U-15 Girls’ League:

Titans way ahead in title hunt THE SAILROCK U-15 Girls’ League title seems to be heading the way of the Titans as two more wins secured a seven-point lead at the top the standings. They obliterated the Red Devils 9-2 in the opening game with goals coming from Waldine Pierre (3), Shinaydine Pluviose (3), Rhian davies (2) and Evnisha Saintverlu. Monae Gooden and an own goal ensured some respectability for the Devils. The next game for the Titans was the most crucial as they faced

the Striking Cheetahs, who were the only team close enough to catch them. Titans managed to pull off a narrow 1-0 win and will consider themselves fortunate winners as the Cheetahs dominated proceedings and should have scored on several occasions. Jenny Fluerenvil was firing off shots like a machine gun but Magreny St.Louis managed to pull off some great saves and when Deasia Ewings’s shot came back off the crossbar the Titans managed

to hang on for the all important win. Clearly the win may have taken its toll on the Titans as they lost their final game 3-1 against the Green Dragons. Saintverlu again scored for the Titans, but a Crystal Stirling hat-trick gave the Dragons a well deserved victory. In the remaining fixtures the Purple Panthers claimed two wins against the Green Dragons (4-2) and Red Devils (1-0) before falling to the Yellow Jaguars (3-2). Yarileny

De la Cruz (2), Dorisha Francois (2) and Cydnee Campbell scored for the Pirates whilst Crystal Stirling added two goals to her daily total in the Dragons’ defeat. Yarielca De la Cruz scored twice and Briandie Brooks added another in the Jaguars 3-2 win. The younger De La Cruz sister had a good day in terms of scoring as she scored twice in the Jaguars 5-2 loss to the Cheetahs and scored a hat-trick herself against the Green Dragons to take the top spot in the goal scoring charts ahead of Jenny

Fluerenvil. In the remaining games Fluerenvil (4) and Deasia Ewing scored in the Cheetahs’ win against the Jaguars and goals from Gentavia Moore and Guerline Hall saw the Cheetahs tie 1-1 with the Devils. With three games left to play the Titans (26 points) can still be caught by the Cheetahs (19 points) and the Jaguars (16 points) can still catch them, although the odds are not in their favour. MVP for week four was Crystal Stirling who attends the BWIC.



November 17 – 23, 2012

November 17 – 23, 2012



LAND FOR SALE In beautiful Bottle Creek, North Caicos

.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


CALL 232-3508, AFTER HOURS 332-6398



November 17 – 23, 2012

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Turks and Caicos Weekly News  

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