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Two charged

for murder – Simmons attacked in prison Investigations into the death of 25-year-old Kaziah Burke saw progress this week with two men jointly charged with his murder.



Cortez Simmons, 29, of Glass Shack and Roderick Adams, 24, are escorted into the Magistrate’s court

New powers for the Financial Services Commission PAGE  4

TCI partners with UK to eradicate financial crime PAGE 


Illegal developments under Gov’t PAGE microscope  5



May 4 -10, 2013

May 4 -10, 2013






May 4 -10, 2013

TCI partners with UK to eradicate financial crime BY VANESSA NARINE PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, stated his Government’s commitment to ensuring that the Turks and Caicos Islands is fully on board with the effort to stamp out money laundering, as well as issues like financing of terrorism, in the House of Assembly, last Friday (April 26). And he announced that the TCI will be partnering with the United Kingdom on this effort, in particular as it relates to exchange of information. Ewing explained that the TCI was a leader in the financial services sector, but has lagged behind, and in an effort to diversify the economy, expansion of the sector is a key area of focus. However, he underscored the vulnerability of the sector without the highest level of transparency. Ewing said: “We are seeking to be a forerunner in the industry, but we are living in the time when there is more need for transparency…we have to ensure that we are not having money laundered here or financing terrorism.” On this matter, the Premier stressed that the TCI will collaborate with the UK to “speak with one voice” and ensure the local financial services sector reflects high standards. HIGHER RISK On Monday (April 29), Governor Ric, commented on the partnership and acknowledged the higher risks in a globalised world. However, he noted that across the world combating terrorist financing, money laundering and tax evasion has become higher and higher profile. Todd said: “The group of eight countries currently chaired by the United Kingdom made transparency, tax transparency, one of its priorities.

“Therefore across the world there is a strong desire by all jurisdictions to ensure that the highest standards are applied, that it is hard for people to evade their taxes and it is harder for people to launder money or to finance terrorism. “So, in that context members of the G8, the European Union, G20, the OECD will be working together write improved rules, if you will, for how jurisdiction collectively combat these very dangerous and unpleasant phenomenon and of course tax evasion is very high on the public profile now, I think for a couple reasons. “First because there is a sense across the world, not just the TCI, that the global economic crisis was at least in part caused by some errors in the financial service sector, so there is desire to make sure those mistakes don’t happen again.” The Governor noted that for the local financial services sector to

Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing

advance, it must raise its standards of operation. He said: ‘We want to be a high [profiled] financial services jurisdiction. “We are not a tax haven and we are committed to working with our partners across the world to raise global standards in the fight against

tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing.” He added: “I think what we have here is a very good example of the TCI saying we are determined to be a responsible player in the world of financial services, we are a high profiled jurisdiction, we are not fighting the standards, but we feel very strongly that standards should be set high but should applied to everyone. “Therefore the rules which apply to us in the TCI, should apply equally to Hong Kong, or Leicestershire or Delaware.” Asked about tangible efforts being advanced to evidence the vision, Todd stated that the battle against money laundering and financial crime as well as countering terrorist financing is something that goes on all the time. He said: “It is like the crime fight, you don’t ever stop doing it, you have to keep on adapting the way you deal with this phenomenon. “The TCI has worked very

constructively over many years; going back to the commitment made by the Honourable [Derrick Taylor], who was Premier in 2003, when he committed the TCI to work with its partners to combat money laundering. “So the TCI is a decent member of a number of international organisations, we work with our partners… you have to keep on doing it. “I think the G8 tax transparency initiative is the latest step in this and it involves a commitment by TCI to exchange tax information.” The Governor maintained that the TCI is determined ensure that the financial services sector is reflective of the highest standards. Just last week, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) hosted an anti-money laundering seminar at the Regent Palms’ conference room – an effort to raise awareness of the issue and assist practitioners in the sector to develop policies and procedures to combat it.

New powers for the Financial Services Commission BY VANESSA NARINE ACTING Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, last Friday (April 26), in the House of Assembly, moved that the Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Bill 2013 be read a second time. And she clarified the scope of the new powers that the bill will give the Financial Services Commission (FSC). The principal ordinance is being amended by inserting after section 47 a new section. It states that a financial penalty constitutes a debt to the commission

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and may be recovered in court. And it also stresses that the commission may, after the imposition of a penalty has become final, issue a certificate certifying the unpaid amount of any debt referred to in subsection (1). The registration of the certificate in court has the same effect as a judgment of the court for a debt of the amount specified in the certificate together with the costs of registration. Under the Financial Services Ordinance the commission may take disciplinary action against a licensee by imposing a financial penalty. This bill seeks to amend the Financial Services Commission Ordinance to provide that a financial penalty constitutes a debt to the commission and may be recovered in the court. The Acting AG explained that the amendment empowers the commission to take disciplinary action relative to actions that are contrary to the provisions of the sector’s code or legislations by imposing a financial penalty. “It further provides for safeguards,” Braithwaite-Knowles said. According to her, the penalty will not exceed the limit stated in sector’s code and cannot be applied to actions more than two years prior to the enactment of the amendment. The Acting AG noted that in making provisions for wrongdoers to be penalised, the rights of the party on the other side are also recognised.

Acting Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles

She stated that the commission, under the amendment, has to advise of the penalty, not act within 28 days of that notice and consider representation by the other party, must state reasons for the penalty and only 14 days after that can the penalty be enforced. Braithwaite-Knowles said the amendment gives the commission the power to act. Governor Appointed Member, John Phillips, raised concerns about the amendment, pointing out that he does not recognise the synergy between the penalty and the provisions under the Proceeds of Crime Ordinance. Phillips stated that as it stands the commission can allege an offence and state a penalty, and the other party can explain within 28 days, but the commission still has the option to stand by its initial statement. The Governor Appointed Member said, in this way, the financial services sector practitioner is denied

a court hearing on the matter. “The amendment gives great deal of power to the commission,” Phillips said. Responding to Phillips’ concerns, Braithwaite-Knowles explained that the amendment takes a step further from what is provided for under the Proceeds Crime Ordinance. She pointed out that currently the only option available to the FSC is to revoke licenses. “The provisions are not new provisions, but ones that allow the FSC to act, by issuing penalties, which can be enforced by the court,” the Acting AG said. The Opposition’s Derek Taylor raised other concerns and asked for clarification of the effect the legislation would have on liquidators handling entities that have gone into liquidation, such as the TCI Bank. “How do we deal with a situation with shareholders and the effect on them?” Taylor asked. The Acting AG made it clear that the amendment does not address the TCI Bank situation specifically, rather provisions in the Banking Ordinance deal with this situation. According to her, the provision under FSC ordinance, gives the commission the authority to intervene in affairs, but reiterated that the amendment is not directed at TCI bank “It is directed to licensees who fail to comply with provision to meet obligation,” she said. The bill was sent to committee at the end of last Friday’s debate.

May 4 -10, 2013




Two jointly charged for murder – Simmons attacked in prison BY VANESSA NARINE INVESTIGATIONS into the death of 25-year-old Kaziah Burke saw progress this week with two men jointly charged with his murder. The two, Cortez Simmons, 29, of Glass Shack and Roderick Adams, 24, of Blue Hills, appeared before Chief Magistrate, Clifton Warner, on Tuesday, who settled on June 7 as the date for the sufficiency hearing. The matter is scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court in Grand Turk and the two were remanded in custody in Her Majesty’s Prison until that time. Simmons, the son of a well-known local businessman, was represented by Alvin Garland and Adams, the son of Acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Rodney Adams, was represented by Finbar Grant. The men’s first appearance in court was not without its hiccups, as Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), JoAnn Meloche, told the court that she has a problem with the way the charges were worded and shared between the two accused. The charges mentioned were acting together to commit murder; conspiracy to murder; carrying ammunition without the relevant permit, 10 rounds of ammunition in a 14-calibre, to be exact; and discharging ammunition. Meloche made the request for adjournment to allow for the charges to be re-examined. Both defence lawyers were unhappy with the delay; Garland pointing out that his client had been in custody for 10 days prior to charges being laid against him; and Grant requesting an adjournment for the next day. However, the Chief Magistrate informed the defence that the charges had to be read to the accused before any adjournments to another day. The court session was set to resume at 2pm and after two more delays resumed at 4pm that afternoon. The DPP, thanking the court for its indulgence, decided to proceed only with a joint murder charge. The prosecution and defence wrangled over the date of the hearing; Meloche pointing out

that the logistics of getting the necessary papers sorted, served and placed before the courts; and the two defence attorneys agreeing on the fact that if the prosecution was prepared to bring charges against their clients with the belief that there was sufficient evidence to support the charge then there should be no problem proceeding. Meloche asked the Chief Magistrate to consider both the magnitude of the case, as well as the complexity of the investigations. She requested that the date for the sufficiency hearing be set beyond the standard 35-days, after charges are read to the accused. Adams’ lawyer, Grant said that this case is no more complex than any other crime, other than the severity of the sentence that is applied to a capital offence. He told the Chief Magistrate that his client has not been found guilty, but remains in police custody. The DPP returned that the case file is “voluminous” and maintained her request for a later date for the sufficiency hearing. Chief Magistrate Warner, hearing both sides, decided on June 7 as the next court date, exactly 35 days from the time the charges were read to the accused. Grant told the court that he will be filing a bail application on behalf of Adams, prior to the sufficiency hearing. Given the fact that the charge is for a capital offence, the Magistrate’s Court could not consider a bail application, but that would have to be dealt with in the Supreme Court. Garland informed the court that his client’s bail application would be made at the date of the sufficiency hearing. PRISON ATTACK His position on the matter changed, following an attack on his client, Simmons, after he was taken to Her Majesty’s Prison in Grand Turk on Wednesday. Reports are that at 3.30pm on Wednesday Simmons was being escorted across the compound by three prison officers when they were rushed by two prisoners. During the very brief fracas they

managed to assault Simmons, who suffered minor injuries. Garland, in court on Tuesday, has made the court aware that his client had received threats and the Superintendent of Prisons should be put on alert. He stressed that Simmons’ family members are concerned and are taking the threats seriously and asked the court that the matter should not take the matter lightly. The DPP said she would take the matter under advisement. On Thursday Meloche told the Weekly News she was aware that Garland was pursuing an application for Simmons’ bail. She said she had informed the Superintendent of Prisons of the threats that have been made. According to her, she was informed that measures were put to address the possibility of inmates at the prison acting on those threats. On Thursday afternoon, the Superintendent of Prisons, Ian Sargent, confirmed Simmons had been assaulted and added that additional security measures were in

Kaziah Burke was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 13, near the New Era gas station on Airport Road

place at the time of the attack, even though the Prison had not been given specifics in relation to the alleged threats. He noted that the incident was brought swiftly under control. The Prison is currently on limited lock down whilst both police and prison officials investigate the matter for further action. Both the Prison and the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs said they regret the unfortunate circumstances, but are satisfied that clear measures are in place to protect

the prisoner. Kaziah Burke was shot multiple times on Saturday, April 13, near the New Era gas station on Airport Road in Providenciales. Emergency services responded and found the 25-year-old Long Bay Hills resident lying on the ground. Burke was rushed to Cheshire Hall Medical Centre where medical staff continued their efforts to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 9.07pm that night.

Illegal developments under Gov’t microscope DATA is currently being collected by the Government to assist in better assessing the extent of the problem of illegal developments in the Turks and Caicos Islands. That was according to Acting Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, who responded to queries about what is being done to bring the problem under control, by Opposition Appointed Member, Clarence Selver. During last Friday’s (April 26) sitting, Selver asked about how many illegal structures have been recorded to date in the various settlements on an island by island basis and

what the Government’s policy regarding squatting on Crown land and private land was. The Acting AG answered that satellite imagery was used to assess the extent of the problem. She said there are 87 illegal developments in the area of Snake Hill Road, Blue Hills; 82 behind the Williams Auditorium, Five Cays; 68 behind Silverado, Five Cays; and 23 charcoal kiln sites around Providenciales. Braithwaite-Knowles noted that proposals to dump water on the kilns from the air are being considered. According to her, complete data has not been complied for Five

Cays, as well as Kew Town and the Bight. She stated that the issue with the charcoal kilns is a difficult one as it is “practically impossible” to access and destroy them via land. The Acting AG noted that the Government has established a working group, which includes the police and the Planning Department, to complete the collection of data on illegal developments in the TCI. Braithwaite-Knowles maintained that there is a general agreement among collaborating agencies on the need and urgency to address the problem and contain it.


May 4 -10, 2013


A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

How can illegal weapons be brought under control?

PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, in Parliament’s last sitting made it clear that guns are not necessary in local communities. He talked about legislation to ensure that persons act responsibly, as well as a freeze on issuing gun licences. Also, the Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar, last week, announced an amnesty programme that would allow residents who hold unlicensed firearms to surrender the weapons to any police station, church or pastor - no questions asked. What other measures do you think should be taken to address the issue of illegal weapons on the streets of the Turks and Caicos Islands?

Police are a joke

The police and court system is ineffective in even trying repeat offenders who manage to defend themselves. Everyone is worried that any tax will scare away investors, wait till they hear people are being killed on the street. You won’t have a tourist or investor within 100 miles of this place. The police force is a joke and everyone knows it, and all the legislation in the world won’t get the guns from the criminals.

Higher fees

I understand that there are talks about raising the fee to carry a firearm from $400 to $800. If this is so, this is one sure way to increase unlicensed firearms on our streets.

One standard of justice

Treat offenders equally. Three persons brandishing fake guns are put in jail and one or two persons firing a real gun are let go on bail and seemingly without

question. If the man who has accepted responsibility for the gun gets off with a light charge the whole police effort is meaningless. The law requires five to seven years mandatory jail term. The public is watching very closely.

Turn talk into action

It would be great if the statement by Premier Ewing and Commissioner Farquhar could be taken as public policy and the AG's Chambers be instructed to craft some legislation to take these rather preliminary proposals further. I believe that there is a public consensus that we need to do something about anger, violence, and the absence of awareness of the value for one's life. Youth need guidance, leadership and concern.

Get to the root of the issue

No reasons are offered for the murders but the community needs to find out why these killings happened because they were useless and senseless. Guns, unlicensed guns, should be outlawed and fines replaced by prison terms instead of enabling people to pay their way out of this. It begs the question as to whether this is a case deserving of no jury?

Misick’s extradition a matter for Brazilian authorities THREE weeks have passed since former Premier Michael Misick was re-arrested by Brazilian Federal Police on April 13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the authority of a Brazilian Supreme Court judgement. And asked for an update on the matter, Governor Ric Todd, on Monday, said his extradition is now a matter for Brazilian authorities. According to him, the extradition papers were lodged with the Brazilian authorities and Misick has received British Consular Assistance, but there is not much that can be done from this end with regard to influencing the proceedings. TCI prosecutors submitted formal extradition papers on January 28, within the required 60 day time limit from the time of Michael Misick’s arrest. The last word out of Brazil on the matter was that Misick is being held by authorities there. On Monday (April 15), the Brazilian Justice Minister issued his decision to refuse the former Premier’s appeal against a decision not to grant him political asylum. The decision was published on Tuesday, April 16, in the Brazilian Official Gazette. With the political asylum appeal denied and the re-arrest made, local

The last word out of Brazil on the matter was that Michael Misick is being held by authorities there

prosecutors are expecting that the extradition process can now proceed unhindered. The embattled former Premier sought political asylum in Brazil in the latter part of March this year. In a statement Misick released at the time, he said: “I have been left with no other choice than to seek political asylum in a third country other than my beloved Turks and Caicos Islands. “I am not a fugitive, and will never be a fugitive. I have applied for political asylum from another country and I am merely seeking protection

from political persecution.” Misick was first arrested on December 7, last year, by Brazilian Federal Police acting on a provisional arrest warrant. His arrest was sought by the TCI Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT), set up to investigate issues arising from Sir Robin Auld’s 2008-9 Commission of Inquiry. Misick faces a number of serious charges relating to corruption and maladministration in the TCI during his time in office. (VANESSA NARINE)

Amnesty the first step

There should be a zero tolerance policy implemented. Amnesty is the first measure to get guns off the street, but has to be followed by a no nonsense policy soon after to advance change.

Comprehensive approach needed

I believe most weapons come in by sea craft, so more monitoring of sea vessels needs to be done. Also the amnesty is great, but persons whom may want to turn in their illegal firearms are still concerned about future arrest, especially given that no one knows what these guns were used for before. TCI is a peaceful place and we all need to do what we need to keep it that way. No more illegal guns.

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National Stadium land problems being addressed THE TURKS and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) and TCI Education Foundation Limited are looking to resolve a longstanding issue involving the use of land on which the National Stadium was build in 2007. Minister of Education, Akierra Missick, in a telephone interview on Wednesday, explained that the two bodies are seeking to ensure that the TCI Education Foundation is given adequate compensation for the use of the land. Missick cleared the air on possible conflict between parties and stated that no party involved is angry and that they are currently working on the most sensible solution. She said: “All parties are trying to come to a sensible resolution which can be beneficial not only to the Education Foundation, but also to TCIG in a time when financial resources are extremely limited.” Missick, when asked for her opinion on the potential outcome, said only that the outcome is expected to be in everyone’s best interest. “I think both parties are ready

Minister of Education Akierra Missick

to have this matter concluded, both parties are open in their discussions.” She added: “We will have concrete plans in place on the use of the stadium land and on access to the property by the students of the British West Indies Collegiate. “We will ensure that the stadium is kept up to speed, it is maintained and as we move forward with this and other international gain, we’re able to do so freely and have our pride and joy which is the best stadium in the TCI right now, our TCI National Stadium in Providenciales.” (DAISY HANDFIELD)

May 4 -10, 2013




Premier supports automatic info exchange


PREMIER, Dr. Rufus Ewing, on Tuesday in a letter to David Cameron, congratulated the United Kingdom government on its newly acquired presidency of the G8. He also underscored the Turks and Caicos Islands’ support of the establishment of a multilateral automatic information exchange. He said: “We subscribe to the notion that the fight against tax evasion and fraud is rightly a global priority, necessary to protect the integrity of public revenues, the confidence of taxpayers in the fairness and effectiveness of their tax systems and ultimately public confidence in open global capital markets.” The Premier pointed out that the TCI supports the efforts of the G8 and open governments everywhere in the battle against tax evasion and fraud. It has consistently worked with international partners to meet international standards and in particular, the peer review process by the Global Forum on Transparency in the exchange of tax information. Ewing expressed support for Cameron’s stated priorities of trade, tax compliance and transparency of the UK’s G8 Presidency. He said: “In particular we welcome the prominence of the issue of tax evasion and avoidance on the G8 agenda at its meeting to be held in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland in June 2013. “We also support the United Kingdom Prime Minister’s call to action in his letter addressed to the President of the European Council on April 26 2013, in the following four key areas: a new global standard for multilateral information exchange; action plan to increase transparency in beneficial ownership; reform of global tax rules; and improving the ability of developing countries to collect tax. He added: “We welcome the work of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop a common model for automatic exchange of bank information. The United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has become a catalyst for the global standard that the Prime Minister envisions. In the view of the SecretaryGeneral of the OECD: “The political support for automatic exchange of information on investment income has never been greater.” OPEN ECONOMY The Premier noted that the TCI operates within the framework of an open economy, thriving in open, transparent and competitive markets. He said: “We are also committed to developing our financial service industry as a dynamic, successful and well regulated sector which meets globally recognised standards of transparency and compliance and we stand ready to respond to change. “The Turks and Caicos Islands

will embrace this next step and commits to entering into automatic exchange of information agreements with the UK to the same timetable as the agreements which we are currently finalising with the US.” Ewing pointed out that, as history will reveal, the TCI acceded to the OECD process in 2002 and has moved gradually to enacting appropriate legislation to give effect to the sixteen Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) entered into to date, mainly with OECD countries. He said: “To this end the Turks and Caicos Islands has established an Exchange of Information Unit within the Ministry of Finance with dedicated staff working hard to ensure that the Turks and Caicos Islands meets all of its tax treaty obligations. “The Turks and Caicos Islands successfully underwent the Phase One Peer Review process and are among the first set of jurisdictions currently within the Phase Two process. “The Turks and Caicos Islands continues to work with our partners as we reform and strengthen our laws and administrative systems to ensure their effective implementation and values the recommendations that emanate from the reviews and assessments of our global partners and endeavour to give effect to them. “Since accepting the European Union Directive on the Taxation of Savings Income and enacting legislation in 2005, the Turks and Caicos Islands formally transitioned from the withholding tax arrangement under the directive to the automatic exchange of information arrangement in July 2012. “With the advent of the FATCA, the Turks and Caicos Islands undertook the necessary consultations with all stakeholders in the jurisdiction with a view to

Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing

bringing about cooperation on the subject with the US government, and has decided to enter into a FATCA arrangement with the US as part of its negotiations to conclude a TIEA.” According to him, in that vein, the TCI has taken the decision recently to engage the UK in negotiating and concluding an Inter-Governmental Agreement that emulates the UStype FATCA. The Premier said: “The Turks and Caicos Islands continues to negotiate TIEAs with jurisdictions that are inclined to concluding such arrangements and have a further 11 TIEAs in various stages of negotiations and has decided to explore a multilateral approach. “Furthermore, building on our actions as regards the EU Savings Directive, we also commit to joining in due course the pilot multilateral automatic exchange of tax information announced recently by the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. “The Turks and Caicos Islands also calls on other jurisdictions to commit to this initiative, and remove the opportunity for arbitrage between jurisdictions.”

LIMITED RESOURCES Ewing highlighted the fact that the TCI is a small jurisdiction with limited resources. He called for the United States of America and the European Union (EU) to align their tax information requirements to avoid duplication of the burden placed on small states like the TCI. He said: “We further call on the United Kingdom to deliver on its promise to assist the Turks and Caicos Islands in the development and expansion of its financial services industry. “The Turks and Caicos Islands recognises the need to work on going further to improve the robustness and availability of information on beneficial ownership. “The work of the Global Forum and the Financial Action Task Force (through the regional oversight provided by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force) has led to significant improvements, which the Turks and Caicos Islands has supported. “We recognise that the global standards continue to develop and we commit to internal assessment to ensure continued compliance with internationally established standards. “We are determined to work with our partners to take forward this agenda and hereby commit to review the effectiveness of our legal and enforcement framework and to produce an action plan aimed at ensuring that we are in the forefront of jurisdictions in respect of information and enforcement of rules on beneficial ownership as well as the other required standards reflected in the 2012 revised FATF Recommendations and the methodology adopted in February 2013.” Ewing made it clear that, although small, the local financial services sector reflects high standards, which are in sync with the required global standards.

He said: “We are not a tax haven. High standards do not frighten us and we recognise that they are good for business. “But we are determined to work for the fair application of those standards to all financial services sectors everywhere, whether off shore or on shore. “We look forward to working in close cooperation with the United Kingdom, the other Overseas Territories and international partners on these commitments and would urge rapid development of new global standards in these areas applied fairly to all, regardless to size and economy.” The Premier’s letter to Cameron followed Governor Ric Todd’s briefing to Cabinet, last Wednesday (April 24), on the fast moving developments and preparations by the G8 on the issue of tax transparency and mutual sharing of information ahead of their next meeting of heads of government. Cabinet noted that it is inevitable that further global measures will be adopted on automatic exchange of information on tax and tax transparency and that momentum on the issue is rapidly gaining across the world with particular focus on information about the beneficial ownership of companies for regulatory and tax exchange purposes. The TCI already does this for trusts and banking sectors, however, Cabinet agreed that it was in the interests of TCI to take a proactive role in global discussion on tax transparency matters and that further consideration would be given to a political commitment in the near future for TCI to engage in shaping the reform. Cabinet also underlined that there must be a level playing field for all jurisdictions and that TCI is not disadvantaged compared to competitors.

Ewing outlines vision for tourism BY VANESSA NARINE

AS THE new Tourism Minister, Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, took his vision for a revamped tourism industry to the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26). In his ministerial statement to the House, Ewing noted that he has taken over the ministry with enthusiasm and a vision for transformation and sustainability. He stressed the fact that given the industry’s fragility and the fact that it contributes 40 per cent to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), sustainability has to be a key platform. On that note he reported that work has already begun on a strategy for the sector, which will address marketing and promotion of the Turks and Caicos Islands as a tourist destination. Ewing noted that the strategy looks at expanding the Islands’ niche products and decentralising the tourism sector which is key for the sustainability of the industry. The Premier said: “We have to look at

attracting and developing tourism on other islands.” According to him the focus can be culture based tourism on all islands, agro-tourism in North Caicos, eco-tourism in Middle Caicos, which is famous for its caves, and hotel development in Grand Turk, among others. Ewing underlined the fact that the strategy puts an emphasis on safety, security and services, “the three Ss,” as he dubbed it. He explained that as it relates to safety, regulations are being looked at to ensure visitors can be safe when accessing TCI’s tourism products. When it comes to crime, the Premier maintained that his Government stands by its zero tolerance policy and is working together with the community, as well as other agencies, to provide tools and support police work. Provision of jobs for youths is also a major focus, to allow them to have the opportunity to earn a living, and the facilitation of youth programmes to keep them gainfully engaged. Ewing made it clear that crime threats can

seriously damage the TCI’s tourism product. Focus on the last S, service, according to him will see the level of services enhanced to ensure that customer satisfaction is high. The Premier pointed out that March has been best month for tourism for the Islands, with over 90 per cent of hotels reporting 100 per cent occupancy – stellar performance that he credited to the investments made by the former administration in promoting and marketing the TCI and partnership with the industry’s stakeholders, as well as bringing investors and developments to the Islands. He said: “We were successful is creating a brand, but have to focus on diversifying and ensure full development of niche products, for which we are known and can be number one.” According to him, the level of interest is encouraging. Ewing maintained that the tourism strategy is a comprehensive plan to advance the sustainability and, by extension, the success of the industry.




UK to access TCI bank account details – Fight against tax evaders steps up CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has strongly welcomed news that all those British Overseas Territories with significant financial centres have signed up to the Government’s strategy on global tax transparency – marking a turning point in the fight against tax evasion and illicit finance. Following the recent leadership shown by the Cayman Islands, the other Overseas Territories -Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands - agreed to much greater levels of transparency of accounts held in those jurisdictions. They have agreed to automatically share information bilaterally with the UK and multilaterally with the G5 the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Under this agreement much greater levels of information about bank accounts will be exchanged on a multilateral basis as part of a move to a new global standard. The agreement will mean that the UK, along with other countries involved in the pilot, will be automatically provided much greater levels of information about bank accounts held by their taxpayers in these jurisdictions, including names,

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne

addresses, dates of birth, account numbers, account balances and details of payments made into those accounts. This also includes information on certain accounts held by entities, such as trusts. The Isle of Man – the first nonUS jurisdiction to agree to greater exchange of information with the UK – has also agreed to join the multilateral initiative. Guernsey too has also expressed a clear interest. These jurisdictions have, as well as this, committed to taking action to ensure they are at the forefront of

transparency on company ownership. The UK government is working closely with them ahead of the UK’s presidency of the G8. Earlier this year Prime Minister David Cameron identified tax transparency as a key priority for the summit. This represents a step change in the level of international transparency and will make it much harder for people to escape paying taxes by hiding their money overseas. George Osborne has urged others to join this growing initiative. He said: “This represents a significant step forward in tackling illicit finance and sets the global standard in the fight against tax evasion. “I now hope others follow these governments’ lead and enter into similar commitments to this new level of transparency, removing the hiding places for those who seek to evade tax and hide their assets.” These agreements build on those the UK reached with Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey to exchange tax information automatically based on the groundbreaking automatic information exchange agreement with the US to implement the US FATCA law to tackle tax evasion.

May 4 -10, 2013

More space allocated for juvenile offenders in prison ADDITIONAL space has been allocated at Her Majesty’s Prison for juvenile offenders due to their increase in numbers, Minister of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Akierra Missick recently told the Parliament. Speaking with TC Weekly News this week, the Minister said the Superintendent has already allocated the new space and that the Ministry is in the process of examining what, if any, additional cost will be attached to the move. Missick added that they are also considering whether to hire a new teacher or to have two or more teachers assigned from schools to go in to the prison and tutor the young offenders. She noted that there may be a need for more than one teacher given the increased juvenile population. Missick also noted that the young people need to learn more than just a trade, and pointed to the importance of their receiving a solid education that will hold them in good stead when they are released. The Minster reiterated her call for a separate facility to be established soon to house the youths, as they cannot continue to be domiciled with hardened criminals if they intend for them to be reformed and reintegrated into society as productive and law-abiding adults. Meanwhile, plans for the

separate centre are still being re-worked before their second submission to the Planning Board, according to Minister of Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture, Amanda Missick. The first proposal to establish a temporary facility at Carlsberg House on the Ridge in Grand Turk was rejected by the board last March 28. Cabinet has already cited its commitment to the project and its intention to take forward the establishment of a juvenile home, given that all of the necessary allocations and permissions are done and adhered to. The Government has since taken steps to have the process pushed through for the facility to be established since being blasted by the Opposition for the delay. Opposition leader, Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, as previously reported in the media, had called for the matter to be addressed forthwith as well as for surge in the gangs and youth crimes to be looked at carefully and solutions found. Cartwright-Robinson believes that parents need help with wayward children and that policies and programmes should be put in place to keep them on the right track. She further called on the community to be vigilant and do its part to help the youths of the TCI.

LIME partners with Agriculture plans Tripoint Communications to be reviewed LIME TCI, on Tuesday, announced its recent partnership with Tripoint Communications Limited, to assist customers with the repair of their handsets. According to the head of sales at Lime TCI, Delleriece Hall, Lime customers will no longer have to pay top dollar to have their handsets repaired - they can be done right at the headquarters on Providenciales. Staff from Tripoint will be at the Lime office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 1.30pm weekly, offering top solutions for any handset device problems that customers may have. Manager and owner of Tripoint, Oscar Talbot, said: “What we’ll be doing for Lime customers is serving all the soft repairs. “If its physical damage, that’s going to have to be covered at our repair shop and of course the customer will have to be prepared to cover the cost but, nevertheless all the soft repairs like if you have problems with your software or

Drexwell Seymour

certain applications not working on your phone, were offering that diagnostics here. “We’re your first point of contact; we’re surely pleased that Lime has chosen us to partner with.” CEO for Lime TCI, Drexwell Seymour, said: “I want to say a big thank you to Tripoint Communications for partnering with us in providing a one stop solution

for our customers. “We have many customers that come in and sometimes the handset has a very simple issue and they get a new handset and sometimes it’s not necessary. “We’re here to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied without having to get a new handset. “Their handsets can be repaired while they are here so they will walk away satisfied.” The telecommunications company, also on Tuesday, made public their 2013-2014 phone directory, which featured last year’s winner of Miss Body Beautiful, Latoya Pinder along with her son as its cover. Marketing manager for Lime TCI, Rachel Harvey, said the theme for this year’s directory was ‘Value Every Moment’, adding that this year’s Body Beautiful competition is going to be called ‘The Body Beautiful Show’ featuring a slot for ‘Mr. Body Beautiful’ as well. (DAISY HANDFIELD)

ELECTED Member for Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing, last Friday (April 26), turned the House of Assembly’s attention to the agriculture sector. He asked the Acting Attorney General (AG), Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, to say how much land had been earmarked for agriculture and aquaculture and on which island land is allocated. In her response, she noted that the Physical Development Plan is outdated and the Planning Board is looking at its review as a priority to support the Government’s agriculture policy. According to her, some 500 acres are allocated in North and Middle Caicos; 10 acres in Grand Turk, which includes both private and Crown land; and 86 acres in North West and North Central Providenciales. Braithwaite-Knowles noted that consultations are on-going in Providenciales among stakeholders

about zoning of plots for agricultural purposes. “Work to identify and plan for development in this area is to be completed,” she said. Minister of Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture Minister, Amanda Missick, in her ministerial statement to the House of Assembly last Friday, stated that in addition to making available lands for agriculture the Government’s North Caicos Farm is currently focusing on research to support the development of best practices. These, according to her, will support local farmers. She noted that this builds on a successful symposium that was held in the latter part of 2012. Turning to the fact that the post of Agriculture Director is still vacant, Missick stated that efforts are ongoing to recruit a new director to advance efforts in developing the sector. (VANESSA NARINE)

May 4 -10, 2013




Consulate determined to locate illegal migration ringleaders BY VANESSA NARINE THERE have been several attempts to address the issue of illegal immigration given the recent flurry of attempts to enter the Turks and Caicos Islands. In an interview with the Weekly News, TCI-based Haitian Consul General, Karlo Pelissier, said the consulate is working to try to identify the “navigator” behind the coordination of the illegal migration. “We are working to do what we have to do to stop this practice,” he said. According to him, the consulate’s efforts are part of a comprehensive approach that includes education, and awareness of the risks of making the dangerous voyage from Haiti to the TCI. He said: “I have met with 29 per cent of the last group of people that came in on the sloop and I explained the misconception they have. “I told them that 99 per of the time there is a chance that they will get caught and if they do manage to get into the country there is a very small chance that they will get a job…there are more losses than wins and we need to get our people to understand this.” Pelissier added that advances are also being made in the area of investment, which involves the consulate working with locals and Haitians living in the TCI to encourage them to take advantage of

Haitian Consul General, Karlo Pelissier

the opportunities that exist in Haiti. “We have met with some people to talk about this,” he said. The Consul General underscored the fact that there is much work ongoing to improve the situation in Haiti and investment is one way to assist in job creation. Pelissier said: “Our government is doing much in the areas of industry, agriculture and tourism….we have to ensure our people understand this.” In Parliament, last Friday (April 26), Premier, Dr. Rufus Ewing, stated that the Minster in charge of the welfare of the Haitian Diaspora is

expected to visit the TCI soon. This is another effort at continued dialogue and collaboration to tackle the problem of illegal migration. Prior to that, on April 18, Governor Ric Todd jointly held a meeting with Turks and Caicos’ Immigration Minister Don-Hue Gardiner, Permanent Secretary Clara Gardiner and Pelissier. They agreed on action points that will see the two countries working closer together to tackle the issue of sloops arriving from Haiti in the TCI. The group agreed that the Haitian government would send an expert delegation to discuss with TCI officials how to build co-operation focused on deterring illegal immigration and prosecuting the traffickers. They also spoke about how the Governor's Office will investigate

having the Royal Navy warship which is stationed in the Caribbean to provide hurricane relief and to interdict drugs and people trafficking, contribute more to maritime patrolling between TCI and Haiti. Finally they agreed that both countries would stress in public info campaigns that any illegal immigrants making such a journey are taking a serious risk of death, they will almost certainly be caught and deported, and if they do get into the TCI they will not find work The Governor said: “Preventing illegal immigration is everyone’s business. “While positive steps have been taken such as the new coastal radar stations, clearly too many people are trying to make the dangerous 90mile sea journey to TCI.

NHIB opens office in Grand Turk

Attorney General Huw Shepheard

Huw Shepheard resumes duties as AG

RHONDALEE BraithwaiteKnowles is no longer acting in the capacity of Attorney General (AG) for the Turks and Caicos Islands, with the return of Huw Shepheard. Shepheard resumed his duties as the AG on Wednesday (May


He has been away since mid-December due to health complications and was previously expected back in March. Shepheard’s services are paid for by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG).

THE NATIONAL of Health Insurance Board (NHIB) is opening a new office in Grand Turk on May 1. Chief executive officer for the National Health Insurance Plan (NHIP), Mrs. Zaneta Burton, said the opening of the office is well overdue. “It comes at a time when NHIP needs to have a physical presence in the nation’s capital,” she said. Burton went onto to remind residents that NHIP is dedicated to the health and wellness of all Islanders and legal residents of the country. She said National Health Insurance is a form of health coverage that insures the entire eligible population against meeting the cost associated with ill health. It is, she said, a key pillar of a comprehensive social security system intended to protect the

wellbeing of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The office is located at the Larry Coalbrooke CBC building on the north side of the Red Cross Office on Hospital Road. Office hours are Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 4.30pm and on Friday from 8.30am till 4pm. The telephone number is 9462611/2622 and or 232-2555. In addition NHIP will no longer accept payments through the bank including over the counter, online billing and automatic internet fund transfer to NHIB accounts. Payments can be made from Monday through Thursday 8.30am to 4pm and on Friday from 8.30am till 3.30pm. For more information contact NHIP on 946-8861, 946-2611/2622 or 232-2555 or via email at info@

“While it is true that many of them have been lied to about the possibilities of finding work and a new life here, indeed many think that they are being taken to Miami; we must also face up to the fact that some people in TCI are prepared to employ illegal immigrants.” He stressed that employing illegal immigrants is illegal and wrong. “We are determined to enforce the law but we must work to make this as socially unacceptable as drink driving. “When an illegal person is employed it denies a legal resident the chance of a job and deprives the Government of work permit income.” Immigration Minister DonHue Gardiner told the House of Assembly last Friday (April 26), that from January 1 to April 26, five sloops have been apprehended, 507 illegal immigrants detained and 450 repatriated.

Second route out of Blue Hills under consideration

GOOD news for the residents in the Blue Hills district was reported in the House of Assembly, last Friday (April 26), when the area’s elected member, Goldray Ewing, pressed about new roads. He asked the Minister for Government Support Services, George Lightbourne, whether or not there are any plans for a second road or highway out of Blue Hills. The Minister responded in the affirmative. Lighbourne explained that plans for new subdivision roads are being considered. Speaking to the Weekly News, the Minsiter stated that the cost of the project is being looked at and if it is affordable funds will be allocated in the 2013/2014 budget, which is expected to go before the House sometime in June. “If the costs are exorbitant then we will have to defer it to the 2014/2015 budget…funds are limited so we have to prioritise the works we have to undertake,” Lightbourne said. Ewing, in Parliament, pointed out that considering the large population of that settlement and the high volume of traffic using the roadway, there is a need for a second route out of Blue Hills, particularly in emergency situations.


May 4 -10, 2013


this week

Friday, May 3 to Tuesday, May 7 Friday, May 3

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Saturday, May 4

 Cinco De Maya Join the celebration in Turtle Cove for this Providenciales tradition. Come down to the Turtle Cove marina to celebrate this day of Mexican heritage. There will be music, Mexican food, Corona and Sauza Tequila. Fun starts at 7PM and continues to 11PM. Bring your friends and family for this great event.

Tuesday, May 7

 The 2013 TCI Top Model Contest! Venue: The Williams Auditorium, Provo
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First place winners in the Ministries of Education and Health competition to raise awareness of healthy and safe hygiene to prevent the spread of cholera.

Ianthe Pratt Primary wins health awareness comp IANTHE Pratt Primary, on Tuesday, walked away with the top prize of a computer in the Ministries of Education and Health competition to raise awareness of healthy and safe hygiene to prevent the spread of cholera. The two ministries collaborated with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the Ministry of Government Support Services to conduct the competition within schools. It entailed students at the primary level creating an original public service announcement (PSA) to be aired on the radio and television stations. The top three winners collected their prizes from Ministers of Education and Health at Ianthe Pratt Primary School. Second and third places went to Mills Institute and Provo Christian schools, respectively. Mills Institute won a television and a DVD player while Provo Christian received an LCD projector. Health Minister, Portia StubbsSmith, said the programme named the Cholera Risk Reduction Project, being undertaken by her Ministry, was in direct response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic in 2010. She said: “Although there are no reported cases in the Turks and Caicos, we still remain vigilant with financial support from the Department for International Development and Technical Support from the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO).

“Today [Tuesday], we are here to highlight a school based cholera awareness initiative and to recognise the students and schools that placed first, second and third in our cholera awareness primary school competition.” The schools were required to create a PSA, which was produced by the Government’s press office. The winning PSAs will be aired on WIV TV and four radio stations including Radio Turks and Caicos. “We are very proud of the exemplary work of our students; each PSA produced [was] creative, informative and original. “These PSAs will not only benefit students, but will benefit the entire community,” Stubbs-Smith said to the gathered students. The competition is one of many activities that will be conducted to prevent communicable diseases like cholera in schools and communities, she advised. Other initiatives to be undertaken will include hygiene and home care messages and teaching aids, and cholera prevention information sessions in schools, churches and communities. Meanwhile, Minister of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Akierra Missick expounded on the importance of integrating the teaching of proper hygiene within the school system and communities. She extended her thanks to the Health Ministry, CDEMA and the Ministry of Government Support Services for undertaking the programme. Missick congratulated all the

participants and assured the winners that their PSAs will be promoted and heard throughout the Islands. Health planner in the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Dr. Jamilla Berry, acting as chairperson for Tuesday’s proceedings, detailed what the Ministry has done so far to prevent the spread of the deadly disease within the TCI. In June 2011, funding was received from the Department for International Development to carry out a cholera statistic plan. She noted that currently the Ministry conducts a weekly epidemical assessment of diarrhoea cases in the TCI and assesses environmental safety on a regular basis looking at water quality to ensure cleanliness and prevent contamination. “We also plan to run simulated exercises to ensure that all of our healthcare facilities are prepared if we have any cases of cholera in the TCI,” Dr. Berry said. She added that workshops will be conducted within communities, as well as with food handlers to ensure hygienic conditions. Monitoring of the prisons, schools, detention centres and public healthcare centres are being conducted to ensure sanitary conditions, she said. “We have identified some areas where we can make improvements and we are currently working with the Public Works Department and the Ministry of Education to make improvements to our schools and health centres as well as the facilities inside of Her Majesty’s Prison,” Berry added.

May 4 -10, 2013




May 4 -10, 2013


We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

The lions’ mouths are shut

Dear Editor, You have published several of my letters in your fine paper to our Governor concerning the Dextra Bank case and Judge Harrison, and the only thing I can compare my situation to is Daniel in the lion’s den. Here I am like Daniel wrongly thrown in the den of condemnation and the Governor and all his officials, like the lions, cannot open their mouths when justice is called for by Daniel. I am sure my situation mirrors the sermons on this matter that are preached in our fine churches, which may go this way. Well the great Privy Council has thrown me in here with you Governor, so let’s get it over with. You need to punish me for what I did wrong, or at least tell me who I committed the great crime against so I can make amends. But the lions’ mouths were shut. Am I not in your den, being protected by God’s angel of righteousness, because I have stood up for what is true and just and call for the impartial rule of law in the land? But the lions’ mouths were shut. If myself and God’s angel are wrongly stuck in the den of condemnation behind the seals and judgment stone of the Privy Council, can you not see when we are in here

with you, your mouths are tightly shut so you can’t deal with the spirit of Barabbas and bad boys on the loose? Because when that which is good is wrongly condemned; that which is evil must be loosed, even the judge Pontius Pilot understood this law. But the lions’ mouths were shut. I guess God’s angel and I will have to wait until morn when the light of truth arises, the seals will then be broken and the wrongful judgment stone laid down by Judge Harrison and the Privy Council will be rolled away. God’s angel and I will leave the den of condemnation and then their mouths will be open to eat the evil ones who

Governor has too much power

perverted justice and are now on the loose in our society; am I not correct? But the lions’ mouths were still shut. Maybe this is why I have yet to hear a word from our Governor and all the officers of the court when I ask for justice and truth openly in your fine paper. For their mouths appear to be shut as tightly as the mouths of Babylon’s lions who were in the den with Daniel and God’s angel. May God’s truth shine forth and bless the Turks and Caicos Islands and her people. Sincerely, John D Wildish

– Response to Johnson’s letter Dear Brianca Johnson, I read with interest to your piece in the April 16-22 edition of the Weekly News, headlined ‘Governor, we are wondering why’. I am a retired expat who happens to love these beautiful islands. I stay out of politics most of the time, but I too pondered the exact same questions. Why on earth would the Governor take this stance on the Conch Farm? A nasty thought occurs, which I dismissed immediately: Could the Governor be in Lord Ashcroft’s pocket? Perish the thought. However, one cannot help but see that the Conch Farm is in the way

No hike in firearm licences

Dear Editor, I understand that the Government needs to put a hold on crime and the use of firearm related crimes but don’t they think that they are making the innocent pay for the guilty with their decision to once again double the cost of attaining a keep and carry licence? There is no record of the use of legal firearms and their holders being involved in any firearm related crimes so for the Government to impose a fine of $800 on law abiding

licenced firearm holders is somewhat outrageous. This step they are about to take is more likely to cause people to retain an illegal firearm to protect their businesses and family. They need to take the streets of the Turks and Caicos back and eradicate the violence instead of punishing innocent people that are doing the right thing. Some legal firearm owners earn a monthly salary and have other responsibilities or doesn’t the Government consider that?

In the same breath of trying to protect their families and property that extra money is going where it is not needed. Just food for thought - they should put other measures in place to deal with this crime wave of young people and illegal firearms off the streets so that the people will feel safer instead of drying our pockets. Sincerely, Concerned legal firearm owner

of the Nikki-Mega-Marina-Blue Haven-Monaco of the Caribbean pipe dream. Then I thought about the Dolphinarium and the long line fishing study and it occurred to me that Governor Todd may be the victim of what in the United States is lobbying. It is not illegal and it is not corrupt, although I am not sure exactly why. But it can be very effective. What I am worried about is that the Governor has tremendous power in this British system and I do not see him as understanding the nature of these Islands. Does he snorkel? Does he fish? I invite him to Google ‘reef destruction from dredging’. The good news I read is that the Planning Board refused the Leeward dredging proposal. What surprised me was the fact that the dredging of Star Island etc, had been declared illegal once. Was that not the precedent once? Back to the Conch Farm, for Heaven’s sake, is it not clear what an attraction it could be? And consider the other possibilities, fish farming. So thank you Ms. Johnson, I think you deserve an answer from His Excellency. Sincerely, Concerned resident


It’s all about trust WE have an organization known as the National Trust. The word “trust” itself has two definitions. One is believing in something and/ or someone without question. A trust as your banker knows it is an entity which has specified rules which must be followed. Every legal trust must conform to law. Here in the TCI the National Trust fills both definitions, but has been ignored, maligned and been tried and punished for trying to do their prescribed preservation work. The National Trust has a mandate that stands today unchanged and unfunded. Dogooders have ignored the Trust

By David Tapfer and gone off on separate paths to promote their favorite program. The administration, who manipulated themselves into government in 2003, did everything in their power to throw the Trust under


the bus. They are still here and still have the same agenda. The Interim government was poor because they were poorly advised by the people who are a part of the legacy of the Doctor of Deception. No, not Doctor Ewing, he is a real doctor and now only a pawn. Doctor Michael Misick owns the legacy of the financial and moral mess the country finds itself in today; a phony doctor with a phony agenda. In 2008 I wrote an article posted on the TCI Journal, we all remember the Journal, don't we? The article was entitled ‘Playing Ping Pong with Ft. George Cay’. That Cay is a historical site and was promised to the National Trust.

However Piper another pawn of Doctor Mike was trying to install an aquarium with captured Dolphins. Happily it got nipped in the bud or we would have had another concrete monument with dead dolphins dedicated to the folly of those years. In 2003, Doc Mike preached about his agenda to maintain the environment. My 2008 article attempted to expose him. I will never forget that first 2003 Christmas meeting at the airport in Middle Caicos. We all remember the airport in Middle Caicos don't we? Words flowed from Doctor Mike intended to tickle our fancy. We were promised the moon and some thought we were going up there to taste the green cheese. Up until that meeting I had given Mike a chance but his speech turned me off. It was obviously bull feathers. The Trust has survived all efforts to destroy it and here we go again. Doctor PNP Ewing says he favors the Trust but

wants to “collect revenue” from the cave. The small fee from cave visitors is one of the Trust sources of income needed to pay their employees and wardens. They do not have the fat salaries of the Minister of Home Affairs who has now taken up Portia’s job of dog catcher. Don-Hue wants to install electric lights in the cave. There is no electricity at the cave welcome center because greedy Fortis wants 50 bucks a foot to install it. One of the cave guides says no lights please, it will ruin the ambiance, and we agree. To appreciate the caves history you have to see it as the Indians and ancestors saw it. Here we go again! However the PDM has promised to assist the National Trust achieve their mandate. We believe we can trust them.

Please keep your letters to a maximum of 450 words or we may not be able publish it.

May 4 -10, 2013



Justice Ramsay-Hale ruling being appealed in Conch Farm case

ATTORNEYS for Governor Ric Todd were slated to appear in the Supreme Court on Friday to appeal the decision by Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale not to submit the Conch Farm case to arbitration. On February 11, Justice RamsayHale ruled that the full details of the case - which sees the Government being sued for up to $100m - should be heard in open court, despite the Government’s requests for it to be settled privately. A representative at the Attorney General’s office confirmed to the Weekly News that the Governor’s lawyers are appealing this decision. Managing Director of Trade Wind Industries, the parent company of the Caicos Conch Farm, Richard Berke, also speaking with Weekly News, said his lawyers have filed a motion asking that the appeal be rejected on the grounds that the defendant has already accepted the decision of the court. Berke contended that the defence cannot say they are going to appeal the decision then act as if they are going to abide by it. According to information received by this publication, the

defence team has complained to the court and Berke’s lawyers about the plaintiff making certain statements in the local media, and that this could be another issue being dealt with when the parties appear in court. TWI has taken the Governor to Court for breach of contract, malicious falsehoods, defamation and unlawful interference with the company’s economic interests. TWI is being represented by Attorney-at-law, Monique Allen of Saunders and Co. while lawyers from international law firm, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, appear on behalf of Governor Todd. During the last appearance, Allen argued that the matter should be heard in the public so that her client could be vindicated and that a private dispute resolution – which the defence prefers – could result in additional costs, delays and differing results. The matter stems from the withdrawal of a $15m long term loan for the breeding centre at Heaving Down Rock in Providenciales, forcing the closure of the Caicos Conch Farm in August 2012.

Digicel hosts 4G pre-launch party DIGICEL TCI held their ‘Be Extraordinary’ corporate party for the launch of the greatly anticipated 4G network at the Somerset Hotel in Providenciales on Tuesday evening. Although the party was prior to the official launch, Digicel customers in Grand Turk were able to sign up for the newly added service plan, which will be made available on Thursday – also the scheduled date of the opening of the Digicel new building in the nation’s capital. On Friday Digicel will reopen its office space next to the Graceway IGA, also giving residents on Provo the opportunity to sign up for the 4G network. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Digicel TCI, E. Jay Saunders, noted that this party was a representation of the company’s milestones. He said: “After a while you come to a point where you become very mature and you realise that it’s not about you anymore. “We realised that if we want to be a full telecommunications company then it has to be more then just about us. “It’s about giving back to the costumers so that’s what this whole ‘Be Extraordinary’ is about. “It’s not about Digicel being extraordinary, it’s about the customer being extraordinary, it’s about

empowering our customers through our tools, this party is the start of that journey.” The event was well attended and guests were offered a variety of finger foods and drinks while they enjoyed pole dancing and a live band. Saunders briefly explained what 4G really was. He said: “4G simply means the fourth generation of cellular service. “When cellular first came out it had no data capabilities and that was considered 1G, so 1G simply means the first generation. “Then they went to 2G and it would allow you to send some data services over the network and that was things like SMS and GPRS services where you were really with no browsing but you could send some emails. “They then went to two and a half gigabytes which is Edge and Edge which allowed a bit of browsing but not the rich experience that you would get on your desktop. “Then 3G came out and they realised that the same experience that you could have on your desktop was now possible on your phones. “4G now takes it even further and this is what they call Long Term Evolution (LTE) plus the experience is very rich. I can watch a trailer on my phone with no buffering.” (DAISY HANDFIELD)

TWI contended that the Government caused the upheaval because a development order which was needed to secure the loan, failed to appear. However, Governor Todd disputed this, and claimed that Government had done nothing wrong. Last August the company released a statement which alleged that the Government had modified previously granted concessions in the development agreement between the two. That agreement was signed by then Governor, Gordon Wetherell on May 28, 2010. TWI accused the Government and the Crown of breaching the terms

and conditions of the development agreement. The company also hit out at the Government for the length of time it took to have the order finalised. It further claimed that due to the failure of the TCIG to fulfil its obligations, the lender withdrew its letter of intent to the company. TCIG in its own statement sought to clarify the matter. It said the negotiations to convert the original agreement into a development order took some time to complete. It stated that the company had no objections when consulted on the draft document in June 2012. According to the TCIG statement,

the developers subsequently requested that TCIG make changes to the terms of the original agreement to extend the operation to include the capacity to farm fish. This was later refuted by TWI in a second statement. The company said the agreement had always included the right to farm fish, and that it did not request any concessions from the current administration. TWI further requested that the TCIG and the Crown honour the development agreement and supplemental concessions granted in writing by former Governor Wetherell. No response was forthcoming from the TCIG or the Crown.

Lifestyle... 14


May 4 -10, 2013

The Dentist and you  Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

Cosmetic dentistry

COSMETIC Dentistry is a general phrase used to cover any dental procedures that are performed for aesthetic reasons, that is to improve the appearance of teeth- rather than for clinical or medical purposes. In this article and the following one, I will discuss the various treatments that can be performed to cosmetically improve the appearance of your smile. Tooth Coloured Fillings: Although I have not personally placed a metal, mercury based filling for well over 15 years, this material is still commonly used both in USA and UK. (Some European countries have now banned it due to its potential to break down and be harmful.) From a cosmetic perspective, metal fillings look ugly and unnatural and for some people can be clearly seen in the mouth when talking or smiling. It is a simple procedure to remove the metal fillings and replace them with toothcoloured (white) filling material. A range of colours are available which ensure a perfect match can be found

Dr Mark Osmond for your teeth and once complete, your teeth will look completely natural and as though you have no fillings. Occasionally the grey colour of a large metal filling can actually leach deeply into the dentine of the tooth and discolour the whole tooth. A white filling will not eliminate this problem and the best solution in this case may be to crown the tooth. Dental Whitening: Dental whitening or bleaching can be performed when the teeth appear dull and grey. The whitening eliminates discolouration and brightens and whitens the smile. From a clinical perspective, there are two types of tooth discoloration, extrinsic (on the surface) and intrinsic (within the tooth itself).

Apricot friends

Ingredients: • 3 egg whites , whisked to soft peaks • 100g unsalted butter , melted and cooled • 125g icing sugar • 40g plain flour • 100g ground almonds , sifted together with the icing sugar and flour • 3 apricots, very ripe, stoned and diced (if you want some on top, as pictured, keep back a few pieces to add with the almonds) • 3 tbsp flaked almonds Directions: 1. Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Fold the egg whites and butter into the dry ingredients, followed by the apricots. Spoon into 8 well-buttered friand or muffin tins. Sprinkle with almonds. 2. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool before serving.

Superficial extrinsic stains can largely be removed by regular brushing at home and professional cleaning at your dentist. Intrinsic staining is when the dentine inside of the teeth has changed colour and this is where dental whitening can really make a difference. Dental Whitening Solutions:

- In-office:

The procedure takes about an hour, and because it uses a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel requires a dentist to administer it. The lips and gums are protected and the bleaching gel is painted into the teeth. A 'laser' light can then be

used to help activate the gel. This accelerates the bleaching effects of the gel and generally improves whitening results. The gel is removed after approximately 15mins and the procedure is repeated another one or two times. This method produces the most rapid results; you will see an immediate, significant colour change at that first appointment. For 3 days after this procedure it is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything highly coloured. If the patient chooses, this can be followed up with the same in-office

treatment around 7 days later or by using the home-use kit. Professionally dispensed whitening kits for use at home This method is still effective but uses a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide so results are achieved more gradually over a period of days. The kit contains pre-loaded trays which are applied onto the teeth for a period of an hour. I recommend repeating this for 4 or 5 days although the kits I stock contain enough for a 10 day course.

health Tip 

Apricots APRICOTS are those beautifully orange colored fruits that have many benefits. Cancer Prevention: The powerful antioxidants found in apricots help protect the body from free radical activity and damage to cells and DNA. Though controversial, recent studies say that apricot seeds fight cancer due to their laetrile content. Laetrile, also known as B17, is a controversial substance found in the seeds (also known as "pits" or "kernels") of apricots. B17 has been noted for both its cancer-fighting potential as well as its supposed toxic effect on humans. The FDA banned laetrile in 1971 because it contains cyanide, a well known poison. However, recent studies have questioned its level of toxicity and many researchers claim that laetrile kills cancer cells without serious side effects. More research is still needed and individuals should consult a doctor before consuming apricot seeds. High In Antioxidants: Apricots are a good source of vitamin C and a great source of vitamin A, providing 20% of one's DV per serving. Heart Health: The beta carotene found in apricots is now considered by many studies to play a positive role in cardiovascular health and heart disease prevention. They help prevent oxidation to LDL cholesterol

and detoxify the blood. High In Fiber: The high fiber content in apricots offers a variety of health benefits. It may be essential in colon health, is great for digestion and helps balance the metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight. Eye Health: Fruit like apricots, high in vitamin A and carotenoids, are now considered by many to help strengthen the eyes. One report stated that eating 3 or more servings of these fruits per day may help to prevent age related eye disease like

macular degeneration. Anemia: Apricots contain a good amount of iron and copper, both of which may help in the formation of hemoglobin. Skin Health: Rubbing apricot oil on the skin may help relieve the symptoms of conditions like eczema and scabies. Weight Loss: Apricots are a low calorie, nutrient rich food source that may be a great addition to any weight loss program. In addition, the fiber in apricots may help to maintain a healthy weight level. The apricot is often overlooked in favor of other common fruits such as the apple, pear, orange or banana. But the apricot is just as healthy as those other fruits, in some cases even healthier.

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Tamika graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a Masters degree in Dietetics & Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and licensed to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state of Florida. Email Tamika via or with your healthy eating questions.

Growing lime trees can be rewarding and fun

Growing a lime tree LIME fruit has enjoyed a boost in popularity in the past few decades. This has prompted many home gardeners to plant a lime tree of their own in their garden. Growing lime trees can be rewarding and fun. Many people choose to purchase a lime tree from a local nursery rather than grow them from seed (though they are very easy to grow from seed). Once you have purchased your lime tree, you will need to plant it. The steps for how to plant a lime tree are pretty much the same whether you plan on planting it in the ground or in a container. First, make sure that where your lime tree will be planted will receive plenty of sunshine. Second, make sure the drainage is excellent. If you pay attention to no other lime tree tips, you must pay attention to this one. Growing lime trees in soil that does not have excellent drainage will kill your lime tree. Make sure that your lime tree will never be exposed to standing water. If planting in the ground, make sure the soil around the tree is a little higher than the ground outside the planting hole to prevent pooling of water around the lime tree. Third, when backfilling the hole or container, make sure that the soil is firmly in place around the root ball. If a pocket of air is created, the tree will die. Tamp the soil continually or water the soil every few inches while you backfill. Care of lime trees is pretty straight forward. Here are two tips:

Water consistently – Lime trees will drop their leaves if left dry for too long. This being said, too much watering will kill them as well. Best care of lime trees mean that you water consistently but not obsessively.

Fertilise frequently – Lime trees are heavy feeders. They will quickly deplete the soil around them, in the ground or in a container. Be sure to fertilise every few months with compost or a nitrogen rich fertiliser.

Cooking with children MY son and I share many favorite moments but I think one of our most favorite moments would be the times he helps me in the kitchen. From a very young age I discovered he liked “helping” me in the kitchen. Of course, in earlier years his “help” wasn’t always perceived as that; as a matter of fact, I am pretty sure many of you have memories of your children using the pots and spoons to make wonderful music. Maybe you remember yourself, as a child, in the kitchen with your mother as you painstakingly clean the bowls with your fingers and savoring the taste of the cake or sweet bread batter. Cooking together can be a great way to spend quality time with your child. It is also an excellent way to teach valuable nutrition information about eating healthy from the start. The Bible reminds us in Proverbs 22:6 to: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” While this scripture is usually used when speaking about discipline, I believe it is applicable in this sense. Children are much more likely to eat healthy foods if they see their parents doing it and if they are involved in the purchasing and preparation of those foods. Teaching nutrition to children should be a fun, hands on experience and the kitchen is a fabulous place to start. No matter the age of the child, there is something that can be taught in the kitchen. For example, very young children may not be able to take part in the actual food preparation but they can have a grand time playing with rice grains, grits or oatmeal in a can. They are learning about the various grains. School age children love mixing, stirring, pouring and cracking eggs!! There’s something about cracking eggs that make them feel so grown up. Older kids can even practice some math skills as they help you measure out ingredients. At this age, they learn about how food change when heat is added; they learn about the health benefits of some foods and may also learn about substituting a ‘not so healthy ingredient’ for a healthier option. For teens, they may want to impress their friends by making a special dish or just feed themselves. While the objective for cooking together at this age may be slightly different, the end result is the same—your children are taught healthy eating habits. If you would like to have nutrition & cooking classes conducted at your school, please contact me for more information. ACCU Medical Nutrition is based at Provo Plaza (old Pizza Pizza Building) No. 5, Providenciales. Call 946 8308, 242 3978 or 442 3978.



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Insights for your Innerspring

UK PM wants to help build jails to repatriate foreign inmates

Insights for your Innerspring The Magic of Thinking BIG, the final chapter (Part One) IS HAS been a pleasure moving through the book, ‘The Magic of Thinking BIG’, with those who have chosen to read the column. I made a few detours since starting the column several months ago to add some variety to what was being presented and I trust that those detours were beneficial to you. I am ending our tour of ‘The Magic of Thinking BIG’ by Dr. David J. Schwartz in this column and will embark on other discoveries that will hopefully challenge our current thinking and expand our knowledge. The final chapters of the book are fascinating! Like a finely tuned runner the book is just now hitting its stride as we are getting into chapter six and beyond. The ultimate intent here is to encourage you to get the book (if you have not already done so) and read the rest of it. As an encouragement I will be giving a synopsis of the final chapters in the following columns. In chapter six Dr. Schwartz’ chapter titled ‘You are what you think you are’, he is a telling statement in so many people’s lives. As I see it he asks ‘Who do you think you are?’ and as you answer him you recognize that you are what you think you are. You start observing your

surroundings, your accomplishments; you start to look at your friends and other relationships. Indeed, for many they come to the realization that they are in fact the sum total of what they have been thinking over the years – for some it’s scary, for others it’s downright depressing and still for some it is exhilarating. Dr. Schwartz begins this chapter by saying that others see in us what we see in ourselves. We get the kind of treatment we think we deserve. He asserts that thinking regulates action. Therefore, how you think determines how you act, how you act in turn determines how others react to you. In chapter 7 Dr. Schwartz addresses a critical area of concern in the quest to become a better person, our environment. His title for this chapter is called ‘Managing your Environment: Go First Class’. Dr. Schwartz said: “The body is what the body is fed. By the same token, the mind is what the mind is fed. Mind food, of course, does not come in packages, and you can’t buy it at the store. Mind food is your environment – all the countless things that influence your conscious and subconscious thought. The kind of mind food we consume determines our habits, attitudes and personality. Each of us inherited a certain capacity to develop. But how much of that capacity we have developed and the way we have developed that capacity depends on

By Whitney Bain the kind of food we feed it.” In short our environment shapes us. He further highlights aspects of some of our current individual environments as such – “prolonged association with negative people makes us think negatively; close contact with petty individuals develops petty habits in us. On the brighter side, companionship with people possessing BIG ideas raises the level of our thinking; close contact with ambitious people gives us ambition.” He encourages the reader to remember people who tell you it cannot be done almost always are unsuccessful people, are strictly average or mediocre at best in terms of accomplishment. The opinions of these people can be poison! Some of the advice Dr. Schwartz suggests relative to our environments are as follows: “Circulate in new groups (make new friends), select friends who have different views from your own and select friends who stand above pettiness and who breathe encouragement into your plans and ideals.” He states that since conversation is a big part of the environment that you create for yourself, always make it positive!

autism awareness Spectrum of hope – By Nicole Cox

Beware the Jabberwock Part 3

THIS week we look at the conclusion of ‘Is It Asperger's Syndrome or ADHD? Are your child's symptoms related to ADHD or Asperger's syndrome? Learn more about the differences between warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Asperger's syndrome’ by Eileen Costello. This article comes from the Fall 2010 issue of ADDitude. Costello writes that: Asperger's Diagnosis and Treatment: Getting Evaluated for Asperger's Syndrome: Parents who suspect that their child has Asperger's syndrome should consult with a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, a child psychiatrist, or a psychologist with expertise in the autism spectrum. The evaluation will likely involve observing your child and talking to you about his development. You may be asked about your child’s social interaction

and communication skills. Your child may undergo several tests to determine her level of intellect and academic abilities, and to assess her abilities in the areas of speech, language, and visual-motor problem-solving. Parents can assist the doctor’s evaluation. Write down any symptoms you have noticed, key personal information (any major stress or recent life changes), a list of medications, vitamins, and supplements your child takes, and questions you want to ask the doctor. Treatment Plan for Children with Asperger's Syndrome: Most children benefit from early, specialized interventions that focus on behavior management and social-skills training: learning how to interpret gestures, eye contact, tone of voice, humor, and sarcasm, for example. Cognitive behavior therapy may help them manage obsessive behavior and anxiety. About half of children with AS will be treated with medication. While

May 4 -10, 2013

stimulant medications, like Ritalin, are among those most commonly prescribed, caution is advised. Stimulants are less likely to be effective than in children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD alone, and more likely to cause side effects. Accommodations for Asperger's at School: Schools are getting better at providing services for children with Asperger's syndrome. Many schools offer pragmatic language therapy, which helps a child learn the basics of social interaction. Look for “friendship groups,” or a “lunch bunch.” Parents should make sure that social skills accommodations are part of their child’s individualized education program (IEP). Because AS children have a greater capacity to lead an independent life than children with more severe forms of autism, parents and their professionals who work together can help AS kids learn to advocate for themselves as they approach adulthood.”

– Jamaica topped the nationality list in 2012 THE British Government is to fund a prison-building programme in poor countries, including Jamaica, in order to get more foreign inmates out of the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron announced late last week. According to a report in the online edition of the Daily Mail newspaper, Cameron admitted that too many foreign prisoners were in England and said “helping to build prisons in their own country” would ensure more were kicked out. “Despite promises to cut the number of foreign inmates behind bars in Britain, the numbers have increased in recent years,” the Daily Mail report said. “Ministers have struggled to remove even hardened criminals because jails abroad are overflowing or do not comply with human rights laws,” the Mail added. “By paying for building new jails or making existing ones more ‘comfortable’ so they approach British standards, it is hoped more will be repatriated.” According to the newspaper, the prime minister made the announcement during a ‘Cameron Direct’ event on the local elections campaign trail in Carlisle. “When people are sent to prison in the UK we should do everything we can to make sure that if they’re foreign nationals, they are sent back to their country to serve their sentence in a foreign prison,” the Mail quoted Cameron. “And I’m taking action in Government to say look, we have strong relationships with all of the countries where these people come from. Many are coming from

Jamaica, many from Nigeria, many from other countries in Asia. “We should be using all of the influence we have to sign prisoner transfer agreements with those countries. Even, if necessary, frankly helping them to build prisons in their own country so we can send the prisoners home. “I’m going to be setting out a programme of how we do that, country by country by country. Because it is not good enough, the situation we have in Britain today,” Cameron said. According to the Daily Mail report, there are now 10,861 foreign inmates in British jails. They make up around 14 per cent of the prison population, with each costing an average of approximately £40,000 a year to keep inside. Jamaicans, the newspaper said, top the nationality table with 900 prisoners last year, followed by Poland with 750, Ireland 737, and Nigeria 594. The Mail said that since 2010, there has been a sharp fall in the number of serious criminals sent home. “That year, 5,342 were deported. The following year — the first full 12 months of coalition Government — the figure was down 13 per cent to 4,649. “In the first nine months of 2012 some 3,382 were deported — suggesting the annual total would fall even further.” However, the Mail pointed out that sending money abroad to lock up prisoners, in addition to the billions spent in foreign aid, while budgets are being cut at home, will prove highly controversial for the Cameron Government.

BVI’s Premier courts investors, tourists in Brazil BRITISH Virgin Islands Premier Dr Orlando Smith recently concluded a trade mission to Brazil, courting financial services investors and potential tourists. The BVI delegation hosted a series of financial services promotion workshops in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and led several tourism promotion events. The delegation attended the sixth annual Brazil Investment Summit, at which the BVI was a “platinum sponsor,” according to Smith. “Overall, the BVI financial services practitioners came away with a number of viable opportunities to strengthen, grow and expand the BVI business in the Brazilian market,” Smith said. The Premier, who is also the territory’s Minister of Tourism, also led the delegation to Travel Week Sao Paulo, a four-day luxury travel networking event during which the BVI Tourist Board held a series of one-on-one meetings with travel

professionals. “Brazil is quickly becoming an important market for BVI Tourism and measurable growth has been seen in tourism arrivals,” Smith said. “Brazil’s attributes of economic stability and growing wealth lends itself as a natural target market for BVI Tourism.” The BVI is the latest Caribbean territory to seek investors and tourists from Brazil, drawn by the promise of Latin America’s largest economy, although improve airlift will be essential to any significant improvement in tourism from the South American giant. “We have created a foundation on which to build on in Brazil and Latin America, as we attempt to diversify and explore new markets, in order to ensure further development of our two pillar industries and the long term stability and growth of the economy of this territory,” Smith said. (Caribbean Journal)

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Bahamian minister: ‘no need for panic’ over financial work permits

David Stuart and his young son.

Abuse might be link to young boy’s death in the Bahamas A FATHER is in custody assisting police with investigations into the death of his two-year-old son, who is believed to have suffered injuries that might be consistent with allegations of sexual abuse. Although the police have remained tight-lipped about circumstances surrounding the incident, there have been unconfirmed reports of injuries to the buttocks and neck. According to police reports, the child was discovered unresponsive at a residence

in the Magellan Crest area on Monday evening. Inspector Terecita Pinder reported that sometime around 4:45pm, police and EMS personnel were called to the residence for assistance. She said the toddler was taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead by a doctor around 5:30pm. Emerick Seymour, Grand Bahama’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, said police are awaiting the results of an autopsy for the exact cause of death.

DR is looking to enhance the image of its people and culture over the next 10 years.

DR hopes to attract 10M visitors annually by 2023 THE Dominican Republic has big ambitions for its tourism sector, hoping to attract 10 million annual visitors by 2023. That would represent a drastic jump from its current totals of almost 4.6 million, a number which already leads the Caribbean region. “We should at least carry out the effort — when we fix goals, we can reach them,” said Radhames Martinez Aponte, technical vice minister at the Dominican Ministry of Tourism. “What we need is to reach an agreement to

understand that all of us [in the industry] are part of one system.” Coming close to that number will require efforts both to increase the number of visitors from traditional markets and to tap new ones, like Russia, which Aponte said Wednesday had seen significant growth in the last two years. The Ministry is also making a renewed push for Latin America, particularly countries in the “Southern cone” such as Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

THE Minister of Financial Services in the Bahamas said on Tuesday that he had submitted a written policy proposal to deal with the sector’s Immigration needs, and said there was “no need for panic” over work permit issues. Allaying fears that the Bahamian financial services industry could be the next target of a work permit crackdown, Ryan Pinder told Tribune Business that while international participation in the industry was necessary, he was “very bullish” on Bahamians in the sector. Mr Pinder said the financial services industry had build up a significant amount of Bahamian human capital, which held posts at the highest levels in several institutions. He added that his Ministry

Ryan Pinder says his Ministry had held consultations with the financial industry on Immigration matters to get definitive numbers on how many Bahamians and foreigners were employed, and the positions they held

had held consultations with the industry on Immigration matters to get definitive numbers on how many

Bahamians and foreigners were employed, and the positions they held. “We have also asked them to provide information about training and succession planning in their respective institutions,” Mr Pinder said. “The financial services industry is an international industry by nature; it has international participants, but we as a government are 100 per cent committed to advancing Bahamians in the industry. “It’s an industry in which we have largely developed a significant amount of Bahamian human capital. Today we are seeing Bahamians at the highest levels within these institutions. Bahamians have advanced significantly in the financial services industry.” Mr Pinder added: “I have

written a policy proposal in the context of a comprehensive Immigration policy plan that the Minister is working on to deal with financial services. “We’ve written and submitted it to the Minister [Fred Mitchell] for consideration. We have also consulted with the industry on matters of Immigration to get an understanding, on a definitive basis, the ratios of Bahamians to foreigners, and at what positions in banks and institutions. We have also asked them to provide information about training, succession planning and the like. “I don’t think there is any need for any kind of panic that the Government is going to be focusing on the financial services industry to the point where we are going to be damaging the industry,” said Mr Pinder. (Tribune242)


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May 4 -10, 2013

Willem-Alexander sworn in as king of the Netherlands WILLEM-Alexander has been sworn in as king of the Netherlands following the abdication of Queen Beatrix. He became the country’s first king since 1890 when his 75-year-old mother signed the abdication deed earlier on Tuesday after 33 years on the throne. The day’s celebrations culminated in a water pageant, with the king sailing down Amsterdam’s River IJ, greeting the thousands of people lining the banks. Some 200 boats took part in the royal flotilla, many decorated in orange. From a stage on the riverbank, the royal family were treated to a video montage of the country’s sporting achievements since the king’s birth 46 years ago. The diverse evening of entertainment included rap and classical music performances, a high-bar display by a male gymnast, and a ballet duet. Earlier in the day, the new king swore to uphold the constitution at a colourful enthronement ceremony in the Nieuwe Kerk, a decommissioned church, before a joint session of the Dutch parliament. “I swear that I shall defend and preserve the independence and territory of the state with all my powers,” he said. “That I shall protect the general and individual freedom and rights of all my subjects and shall use all available means granted to me by

Liberal pastor, Father Roberto Francisco Daniel, has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church in Brazil.

Catholic church excommunicates Brazil priest for liberal views Willem-Alexander became the country’s first king over 120 years.

law for preserving and promoting general and individual prosperity as I befitting of a good king.... So help me God almighty.” An estimated 25,000 people crowded into the square outside cheered as the announcement of his inauguration was made amid a trumpet fanfare. ‘HAPPY AND GRATEFUL’ The queen had announced her intention to stand down in January, saying her son was ready to reign and that it was time for the throne to be held by “a new generation”. She formally relinquished the throne at a short ceremony in the Royal Palace on Tuesday, signing a statement transferring the monarchy to her son “in accordance with the

statutes and the constitution of the Kingdom of the Netherlands”. Huge cheers erupted in Dam Square, which is situated next to the palace, from those watching the ceremony on giant television screens, as she, her son and his wife Maxima - a 41-year-old Argentineborn investment banker - signed the deed of abdication. Shortly afterwards, the three royals emerged on a balcony above the square. The visibly emotional Princess Beatrix told the crowds: “I am happy and grateful to introduce to you your new king, Willem-Alexander.” He thanked his mother for “33 moving and interesting years”, saying he and the public and people in Dutch overseas territories were “intensely grateful” to her.

THE Catholic Church has excommunicated a Brazilian priest after he defended homosexuality, open marriage and other practices counter to church teaching in online videos. In a statement released late on Monday, the priest’s diocese said Father Roberto Francisco Daniel, known to local parishioners as Padre Beto, had “in the name of ‘freedom of expression’ betrayed the promise of fealty to the church.” The priest “injured the church with grave statements counter to the dogma of Catholic faith and morality.” The actions amount to “heresy and schism,” the statement said, the penalty for which is excommunication, or expulsion from the church. The rare punishment follows what

Daniel’s bishop and the priest himself said were repeated rebukes about the videos and other public activities, such as a radio broadcast and local newspaper column, in which he challenged church doctrine. The 47-year-old cleric, who studied theology in Germany, is popular in the southeastern city of Bauru, where he has been a priest since 2001. He is known for his rock T-shirts, a silver stud pierced through his right ear and his habit of posing, as on his official Facebook page, with a glass of beer. On Facebook and Twitter, Daniel posted a brief statement about the excommunication: “I feel honoured to belong to the long list of people who have been murdered and burned alive for thinking and searching for knowledge.”

Drunken deaf couple kill baby for screaming, Texas cops say A DRUNKEN deaf couple beat their baby girl to death because she wouldn’t stop crying even though they couldn’t hear her, police said. Hector Rene Cupich-Quinones, 35, and Maria Guadalupe Zuniga, 37 allegedly battered the 5-month-old girl on Saturday night at their home in Richardson, Texas. Cops claim Cupich-Quinones — who, like his wife, cannot hear or speak — became angry at the vibrations his daughter’s screams were creating. He is accused of shaking her and then smashing her head against a counter — before sliding her across the counter so she fell head-first onto the floor. Cupich-Quinones then left his wife to put the girl to bed. On waking up at 3 a.m. Sunday, he found the baby struggling to breathe. He called paramedics, who noticed suspicious bruising while performing CPR. The girl was rushed to Medical City Dallas Hospital, where staff

The aircraft had been flying at 4,000ft when the incident happened.

Airliner ‘had narrow miss with UFO’ Hector Rene Cupich-Quinones and his wife, Maria Zuniga, of Richardson, Texas, are both deaf. Police say the vibrations from their baby’s crying motivated CupichQuinones to fatally beat their 5-month-old.

spotted bruises on the baby’s chest, back, both arms and head. The couple were arrested, and their child was pronounced dead at 10 p.m., reports.

Cupich-Quinones has been charged with capital murder, and Zuniga faces a charge of injury to a child. Both are being held in jail. (NYdailynews)

A PASSENGER aircraft had a narrow miss with an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Glasgow, a report has revealed. The Airbus A320 was making its final approach to Glasgow Airport on 2 December when an object passed about 300ft underneath it. The pilot of the aircraft said the risk of collision with the object, which did not show up on radar, had been “high”. A report by the UK Airprox Board said investigators were unable to establish what the object had been.

The A320 was flying with its landing lights on, in clear conditions and at an altitude of about 4,000ft above the Baillieston area of Glasgow, when the pilot and nonflying pilot saw an object “loom ahead” at a range of about 100m. The object passed directly beneath the aircraft before either of the crew members had time to take avoiding action or had “really registered it”. But they both agreed that it appeared to have been blue and yellow or silver in colour with a small frontal area, but “bigger than a balloon”.

May 4 -10, 2013

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Carmen Tarleton before her estranged husband attacked her with industrial-strength lye and burned over 80% of her body in June 2007.



Tarleton appears in July 2011 before her face transplant surgery. She is totally blind in one eye and partially blind in the other.

Tarleton with Sheldon Stein, her piano teacher and boyfriend. Her goal, she says, is to be able to give Stein a kiss.

Face transplant recipient’s goal: A kiss AFTER Carmen Tarleton’s estranged husband doused her with industrialstrength lye, doctors saved her life with a medically induced coma and more than 50 surgeries. But they could do little about her scar-ravaged face. She was so disfigured that children ran away from her. When TV news shows did stories about her, they warned that the images might be disturbing and advised viewer discretion. For four years Tarleton lived with this reality, plus enormous amounts of pain. Then her plastic surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston made a suggestion. He’d recently done the first facial transplant in the United States, and he thought it might work for her. At first the idea sounded a bit strange -- going through life with someone else’s face? -- but it didn’t

take long for Tarleton to say yes, and on Wednesday, Tarleton unveiled her new face at a press conference. She doesn’t know her deceased donor’s name but said she thinks about her every day. “I have conversations with her and let her know how grateful I am,” Tarleton, 44, told CNN during a visit Monday to her home in Thetford, Vermont. “I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled with what I’ve got.” DOCTOR: ‘WE HAD SOME SLEEPLESS NIGHTS’ Dr. Bohdan Pomahac had never seen anyone like Tarleton. The director of the burn unit at Brigham and Women’s, Pomahac assessed Tarleton’s wounds when she came in after the June 2007 attack. The lye had burned more than 80% of her body, and the burns went deep -- all the way through her skin.

In 2011, Pomahac and his team made headlines when they performed the nation’s first full facial transplant on Dallas Wiens, a Texas man who got too close to a high-voltage line while at work. Tarleton was approved for a full transplant in December of that year. It took about 14 months -- an unusually long time -- to find a donor, because she had so many antibodies in her immune system built up from the blood transfusions and surgeries used to treat her injuries. She had the 15-hour transplant surgery in February, becoming the sixth person in the United States to get a full facial transplant, according to Pomahac. An animation of the procedure done by the hospital shows how surgeons removed her skin, muscles, tendons, and nerves, replacing them with those of the donor.

At first, it didn’t go so well. Tarleton’s body started to reject her new face -- a rejection so strong doctors feared the transplant might fail. “We had some sleepless nights,” Pomahac said. But a well-tailored cocktail of anti-rejection drugs saved Tarleton’s new face. ‘HE WAS ABLE TO SEE ME THROUGH MY SCARS’ Completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other, Tarleton is still able to live on her own in her apartment in Vermont. She did have to quit her job as a nurse. Donations she received after she appeared on “The Doctors” television show have helped support her and her two daughters, who were 12 and 14 when they witnessed their stepfather attack their mother.

Private insurance and Medicare have paid for her medical care. Emotionally, Tarleton has recovered by forgiving her exhusband, who’s now in prison, and by giving inspirational talks and publishing a book, “Overcome: Burned, Blinded, and Blessed.” In December, she started taking piano lessons from a local teacher named Sheldon Stein. The lessons were before the transplant, when her face was so badly disfigured, but still he fell in love with her. “He was able to see me through my scars,” she said. Stein helped her through her February transplant and during her recovery. At first, she had hardly any control over her face, but she can now muster a bit of a smile, and her doctors say with time she should be able raise her eyebrows and make other facial expressions.

Bangladesh ‘slave labour’ condemned by Pope POPE Francis has denounced as “slave labour” the conditions of workers caught in a deadly building collapse in Bangladesh last week. More than 400 people are confirmed to have died in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building near the capital, Dhaka. It housed several clothing factories, some supplying Western retailers. At May Day parades in Dhaka, marchers demanded the death penalty for the building’s owner and better conditions for workers. The Pope said he had been shocked by reports that some of the labourers had been paid just 38 euros ($50) a month. “Today in the world this slavery is being committed against something beautiful that God has given us - the capacity to create, to work, to have dignity,” the Pope said at a private Mass. “Not paying a fair wage, not

giving a job because you are only looking at balance sheets, only looking to make a profit, that goes against God,” he was quoted as saying by Vatican radio. ‘BETTER SAFETY’ At least 410 people are confirmed to have died and more than 140 are missing following the collapse of the eight-storey building a week ago, police and army officials said. Some 2,500 people were injured. It was the country’s worst industrial disaster. More than 30 of those killed, whose bodies have not been identified, were buried in a mass funeral on Wednesday. In Dhaka, an estimated 20,000 people took part in the main May Day march, while separate demonstrations were held in other parts of the capital and elsewhere. “I want the death penalty for

the owner of the building,” said one marcher, 18-year-old garment factory worker Mongidul Islam Rana. “We want regular salaries, raises and absolutely we want better safety in our factories.” Others in Dhaka held banners with the words: “Hang the killers, Hang the factory owners.” Speaking at a rally in the industrial township of Narayanganj, the leader of Bangladesh’s main opposition party, Khaleda Zia, alleged that the government was hiding the real casualty figures from the building collapse. She also claimed that if the army had been given control of the rescue operation earlier, more lives could have been saved. The European Union has said it is considering “appropriate action” to encourage improvements in working conditions in Bangladeshi factories.

A woman mourns before a mass burial in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Wednesday, May 1, a week after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in nearby Savar.

It said its actions might include the use of its trade preference system, which gives Bangladesh duty- and quota-free access to EU markets. Bangladesh’s garment industry makes up almost 80% of the country’s annual exports and provides employment to about four million people. However, it has faced criticism over low pay and limited rights given to workers, and for the often

dangerous working conditions in factories. Both Primark, which has a large presence in the UK, and Canadian company Loblaw had clothing made in the Rana Plaza, and have said they will offer aid to victims and their families. Rana Plaza owner Mohammed Sohel Rana, a local leader of the youth wing of the ruling Awami League party, is in police custody.


May 4 -10, 2013


Spotlight on Salt Cay

Victorian ‘Morals and Manners' By Candy Herwin

THERE are a few ‘grand dames’ living in the South District who have been friends for well over seventy years. Together, they have witnessed many life-changing events on the island including the move from oil lamps to electricity. From a sociological point of view these older folk in their youth, lived through an era when community adhered to a strict code of ethics. The eldest of these remarkable ladies is Ms. Melvina Simmons who we fondly refer to a Ms. Melly. Now Ms. Melly can recount colourful stories of days growing up on Salt Cay in the first part of the 20th century, when chores had to be completed, devotions were said daily and children obeyed or risked the wrath of angry parents. These oral stories are important as they show how community life functioned in a previous period of time.

Ms. Melly describes her mother, Ms. Emily, Eliza Kennedy, as a strict and hard woman with a “no messing about” attitude, the kind of attitude where “if you did not jump to attention you’d be pinched or whipped.” This strictness was in fact indicative of the 1900’s and Victorian morality which had spread throughout the Empire from England, leaving behind a strict code of values: expounding duty, hard work, respectability, good attendance at church and obedience. Evangelicals and missionaries preached good moral conduct and the importance of female chastity. Girls were therefore closely watched especially at dances. The young men arrived in black pants and “dickies” and the women wore long sweepers and they danced under lamplight. Any act of impropriety and the girls were marched home for a good beating.

Miss Melly tells the story of when she was young and her mother and grandma, Melvina Kennedy would go fishing and by the time they reached home somewhere after noon, all the chores had to be done by the children, food on the table and you had to mind your P’s and Q’s. It was a ‘no nonsense’ household ruled by her father Roderick Robinson an intelligent man. “There was nothing he couldn’t do” said

Melly, “he was a mason and he kept pigs, donkeys, mules and cows. He moved houses from

South to North on large rolling wheels with the men pushing and shoving.” for in those days, wooden houses were often relocated when couples intended marriage. Certainly entrepreneurial, Roderick was also the agent for the turtle catchers from Nassau, bringing in their catch to the Town dock to be sold. With many mouths to feed Roderick spent hours making shoes as a ‘cobbler’ and had his own set of tools including an anvil, hammers, stick for measuring and stretching pliers for the leather. Roderick too, was a salt

raker who had his own shares in the pond, “He made us children put on our shoes, early in the morning, and go and rake salt” laughed Ms Melly “and then we got it ready for the next morning when the mule and cart would carry it out, and all of this before sunrise when he went to his day work”. Miss Melly’s stories confirm that in the late 1800s onwards community life on Salt Cay centeredon good Victorian morals and manners, hard work and discipline. Obey or get a good licking was the order of the day!

Filipino Community elects new President MATHEMATICS teacher at the Champion for Christ International School of Excellence has been elected by the Filipino Community in the Turks and Caicos Islands to represent their interests and provide leadership. Gregorio secured his win when he captured 62 per cent of the votes cast, while incumbent Erwin Panga received 27.5 per cent. Other officials elected included Francisco Villaruel, Evangeline Persuso, Filemon Cacanindin, and Edwin Tatel. They will serve as vicepresidents. The officials will be formally sworn in this Saturday, May 4, at Mango Reef at 1pm. The new president told Weekly News that during his one-year tenure he intends to ensure that the good relations the Filipino Community enjoys with the TCI and its government continues. He said: “We are planning to help with any plans the TCI Government has in educating the youths. “Vocationally, there are some things we can teach them, maybe some youth programmes during the summer, among other things.” Gregorio said this will be a main focus of his as he recognises the challenges facing youths in the TCI today. He said: “We want to help the youths of this country… we want to help in whatever way we can, the situation with the youths of the island, because it is a real problem here, basically that will be my drive, to help them to lean on God. “We are also planning to help the TCI Government to minimise or eliminate issues

Newly elected president of the Filipino Community, Rizaldy Gregorio, poses above other elected the members

with regard to over-staying of Filipino people in the islands.” With regard to the issue of illegal entry, the new association president said he intends to advance efforts to work with the Government to try to eradicate this problem. Early last month, nine Filipinos were captured and detained at the Five Cays Detention Centre after authorities found them residing illegally in Providenciales. Eight of these persons have since left the TCI. “We don’t want our people to land in a difficult situation because of loss of their jobs,” he said. “What we heard in the

meeting with the Immigration Board and in the tribunal is that as much as possible they don’t want any non-legal status persons in the island, so as much as possible we will try to adhere with it.” Gregorio has been a long standing and active member of the local Filipino society along with his wife, also a teacher at the same school, and children. He told the Weekly News that he intends to reinforce the principle within the Filipino Community that they are in the islands to impart their knowledge to help whichever community they may be a part of to grow and not just to gain income for themselves.

May 4 -10, 2013



TCIG marks Labour Day in salute to workers MAY 1, 2013 was celebrated in the Turks and Caicos Islands as Labour Day. This week (April 28 to May 4) the Employment Services Department, Ministry of Border Control and Labour joined the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other worker organisations worldwide to celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at work under the theme ‘The Prevention of Occupational Diseases’. Recognising the need to sensitise employers and employees of their individual responsibilities Labour Commissioner, Michelle FulfordGardiner, said: “It is our aim to make every effort to minimise and prevent where possible, any incidents of occupational disease through training, education, awareness initiatives and campaigns. “To commemorate this year’s theme we invited medical practitioners to come in and assess staff blood pressure rates within our department. “As a part of our stakeholder engagement programme we will be delivering safety kits to schools and key agencies to further promote health and safety among their workers.” An occupational disease is defined a disease contracted as a result of exposure to risk factors at work. Recognition of the occupational origin of a disease at an individual level requires the establishment of a relationship between the disease and the exposure of the worker to certain hazardous agents at the workplace.

Clear progress on new high school block

EDUCATION Minister, Akierra Missick, reported to the House of Assembly that efforts are continuing as it relates to the addition of a new block to the HJ Robinson High School in Grand Turk. A $1.7m contract to begin the construction of new classrooms, offices and sports facilities at the only government high school on Grand Turk was signed by Governor Ric Todd last October. Under the terms of the deal J&H Construction will build a new block that contains five new classrooms, an upper floor for administrative purposes and a new basketball court at HJ Robinson High School. New funding for the refurbishment of the school was announced in the new budget. The project had been scheduled to commence in September 2008, but damage from Hurricane Ikeacross the island meant that it was stopped due to a lack of funds. In addition to the new construction, the works will entail the removal of rotted timbers and rested steel works and the replacing of necessary materials for the completion of the works on the areas started before September 2008. The works are due to be completed by September 2013.

Occupational diseases cause huge suffering and loss across the world. Minister of Border Control and Labour, Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner, said: “Inadequate prevention of occupational safety has profound negative effects not only on workers and families, but also on society at large due to the tremendous cost

implications, particularly, loss of productivity and heavy reliance on the social security system. “Undoubtedly, prevention is more effective and less costly than treatment and rehabilitation. “It is critical that employers and employees within the Turks and Caicos Islands take concrete steps to

improve their capacity for preventing occupational diseases.” The general public is encouraged to join the Employment Services Department by organising activities within their establishments which promote the health and safety among workers. The department is also accepting

photos from these events to be posted on its website. According to ILO, there are 2.34 million occupational fatalities every year, 321,000 or 14 per cent are due to accidents. The remaining 86 per cent or 2.02 million deaths are caused by various types of work-related diseases.


May 4 -10, 2013


Juanita Grant celebrates 40 years with Anglican Diocese MEMBERS of the Anglican Diocesan office staff held a special luncheon to celebrate, recognise and thank Juanita Nairn Grant for 40 years of service. Grant served as administrative assistant to Bishop Laish Boyd and was employed with the Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands on March 12, 1973. She has had the distinction of having worked with all three Bahamian Diocesan Bishops. Joining in the celebrations three Fridays ago (April 12) were Bishops Boyd and Thompson, Chancellor Bernard Turner, diocesan treasurer Emeritus Basil Sands, diocesan staff and members of Grant’s family. Her colleagues spared little in showering her with accolades and gifts. The highlight of the event was a special rendition of ‘You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady’ by Archdeacon James Palacious. Summing the past 40 years with the words “how time flies”, Juanita Grant recapped the last four decades of her life and shared how her employment at the diocesan

office helped in her growth and development. According to Mrs. Grant, when she was employed at the diocesan office at the young age of 19, the total staff complement was five employees - the late Bishop Michael Eldon, who had become Bishop in 1971, Father Etienne Bowleg (diocesan secretary/ treasurer), Mr. Rudolph Duncombe (bookkeeper), Mr. Henry Glinton (messenger/gardener), and her. Later they were joined by the late Archdeacon Murillo Bonaby and his secretary. Today the Diocese has 27 fulltime employees. Over the past 40 years Grant has also seen the evolution of technology in all aspects of her work. Her first typewriter was a manual typewriter with a carriage about two feet long. She said: “There was the typewriter eraser to correct mistakes on originals and, yes, carbons too. “There was the spirit duplicator for making copies which was eventually replaced with the ink duplicator. “How tedious the tasks were back then. Those equipment have evolved

into the computer, photocopier and the ‘white out,’ making the tasks easier.” Grant said that although she has held the same position for 40 years, due to the fact that she worked with three different Bishops, each change in boss was like going to a new job. “I have had three bosses – the late Bishop Michael Eldon, Archbishop Drexel Gomez and Bishop Laish Boyd. “Bishop Eldon and Archbishop Gomez were very supportive and Bishop Boyd continues to be a very supportive boss. “They each brought different personalities and methods of operations,” she said. She added that as administrative assistant to Archbishop Gomez, who also served as Archbishop of the Province of the West Indies, she received international exposure by travelling to parts of the Caribbean like Jamaica and Barbados to work at conferences. “This allowed me to meet the other Bishops and the provincial secretary of the eight dioceses that comprise the province.

Students prepping for the concert

Middle Caicos Primary to host concert and play PRINCIPAL of Doris Robinson Primary School, Kiesha Mills, this week announced that the school’s third annual concert and play is set for Friday, May 10. The affair is scheduled to

be hosted at the Conch Bar Community Centre at 6.30pm. This year’s theme for the musical will be folk and gospel songs. Students will entertain with songs and instrumental duets.

There will be a $5 door charge for all those over 16-years-old and the proceeds will go to the school’s athletic fund. Last year’s concert was hailed a big success.

Bishop Boyd presents Mrs. Grant with a plaque

“Grant added that her exposure did not end there as she had occasions to meet persons of the worldwide Anglican Communion from the United States, Canada and England - when they travelled to Nassau on business or vacation. “I was able to put faces to names of persons who I had been communicating with via letters, emails and the telephone,” she said. According to Grant, her ambition was to become an attorney, but placed this goal on hold in order to educate her two children. “My aim was to get them to stand on their feet. This was more important to me. “Today, I am a proud parent of two: Jamaal who is in his fifth year at Sanpin Motors as a mechanic, having trained at Universal Technical Institute in Orlando, Florida; and my daughter, Tiffany, who returned home recently having attended the University of King’s College in Halifax, Canada, graduating with a BA Honours degree in Journalism. “She is presently employed on a six month contractual basis in the Communications Department at the College of the Bahamas,” Grant said. She noted that she never gets bored with her job because she is required to interact with the clergy and laity from across the Bahamas and the TCI. Grant paid special mention to all who have supported her over the years. She said: “In appreciation I cannot forget Archdeacon James Palacious

who also has been very supportive. “I remember when he was in seminary and then joined the office staff as diocesan youth officer. He now serves as diocesan secretary/ archdeacon for administration. “There is also Bishop Gilbert Thompson, Assistant Bishop, who is now semi-retired. “He makes his way to the office every day until 1.30pm. He has recently written a book on the history of the diocese, ‘A Goodly Heritage’. “He brings a jovial personality to the office as he always makes a comment that puts a smile on one’s face. “I must also mention Sir Orville Turnquest and Mrs. Rubie Nottage, retired Chancellors, Mr. Bernard Turner, Registrar, and Chancellor, and Mr. Samuel Campbell, Vice Chancellor – the legal minds of the diocese, who played or still play important roles in the diocese. “There is Mrs. Basil Sands, Treasurer Emeritus, and the other Archdeacons – Archdeacons Ranfurly Brown, Kingsley Knowles, Harry Bain and Keith Cartwright. “Also there is Father Colin Saunders, development officer.” Grant added her appreciation to family and members of the diocesan staff for honouring her. “If someone told me that I would be making this speech on my 40th anniversary, I would have responded: ‘You have to be crazy, I would not stay in one place for that long.’ “How time flies, and here I am today. I have no regrets, only a grateful heart,” Grant said.

May 4 -10, 2013




Rihanna reportedly drained by rollercoaster romance after Drake speaks out

Gwyneth Paltrow plays PA turned CEO Pepper Potts in the latest Iron Man film.

Iron Man 3 betters Avengers international debut AUDIENCES around the world flocked to see Iron Man 3 over the weekend, enabling the latest title from Marvel to beat the debut of Avengers Assemble. The film, starring Robert Downey Jr as a metal-clad crimefighter, made $195.3 million (£125.7m) in 42 markets ahead of its US release on Friday. That tally exceeded the $185.1m (£119m) made by the Avengers blockbuster when it opened in 39 markets 12 months ago.

Crime yarn Pain and Gain was the top film in the US and Canada this weekend. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay’s tale of bodybuilders who become kidnappers made $20m (£12.8m) between Friday and Sunday. The mid-budget thriller, which also stars former wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, marks a change of pace for the director of Pearl Harbour and the Transformers films.

Billy Porter (left) and Bertie Carvel (far right) are both nominated, for their work in Kinky Boots and Matilda respectively.

Kinky Boots and Matilda musicals lead Tony Awards field MUSICAL adaptations of 2005 British film Kinky Boots and Roald Dahl’s children’s book Matilda lead the nominations at the 2013 Tony awards. Kinky Boots, about a shoe factory that finds a new outlet making fetish footwear, has received 13 nods, including one for Cyndi Lauper’s original score. Tim Minchin is also nominated, for his Matilda score - one of 12 nominations for the RSC production. The Tonys will be presented on 9 June. Tom Hanks receives his first Tony

nomination, for his Broadway debut, in Nora Ephron’s play Lucky Guy. Hanks, who starred in Ephron’s films Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, received praise for his performance when it opened last month. Ephron receives a posthumous best new play nomination for Lucky Guy, which she was writing when she died last year aged 71. British actor Tom Sturridge, recognised for his role in the revival of Lyle Kessler’s 1983 play Orphans, is up against Hanks for the best actor award.

WHILE Barbadian superstar Rihanna recently broke a 20-year Billboard record with “Stay,” reports suggest that she’s pretty broken-up on a personal level amid rumours that her rekindled romance with Chris Brown may be on unsteady ground following her ex-boyfriend Drake’s recent disclosures on East Village Radio’s “Keep It Thoro” show. In an interview with journalist Elliott Wilson, the Canadian rapper lashed-out at Brown, apparently in retaliation for Brown’s March 29 release of lyrics on Young Jeezy’s song “R.I.P” that taunted Drake, telling him to “come out the closet.” When Wilson asked about his feud with Brown, which started when the two rappers came to blows at the SoHo nightclub last year, Drake responded: “His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him. At one point in life, the woman that he loves fell into my lap.” The much-publicised nightclub brawl was reportedly over Rihanna, who Drake had briefly dated during the period when her relationship with Brown was ostensibly over for good in the aftermath of Brown’s infamous assault on the “Umbrella” girl in 2009. Now, sources are claiming that Rihanna, who has cancelled some shows from her Diamonds World Tour reportedly due to illness, is grappling with concerns over her future with the 23-year-old American R&B star after Drake’s on-air comments. The “We Found Love” star is said to be worried about the impact of Drake’s remarks on her relationship with Brown.

The Barbadian star is said to be worried about the impact the Canadian rapper’s radio interview will have on her relationship with Chris Brown.

Insiders have been quoted as saying that the last thing Rihanna needed was for old news to be brought up again. The famous party animal is said to have lost her usual zest for life and barely touched a drink at BFF Melissa Forde’s recent birthday bash, in light of her latest romantic concerns. “Ri is normally the life and soul, but at Melissa’s party she didn’t even drink,” a source told Heat magazine. “She’s emotionally drained by the Chris rollercoaster, and she’s now

even worrying if it will last. “Chris kept Rihanna at arm’s length last time the Drake thing blew up. The last thing she needed was for it to be brought up again. She’s spent most of the tour in her hotel room – she’s feeling so low.” The 25-year-old Barbadian star’s younger brother Ronald Fenty also expressed his concerns about his sister to the magazine, saying: “I think she needs a little rest. I think she might be working too hard. It’s taken a toll on her.” (Caribbean360)


May 4 -10, 2013



Zoe Saldana thinks men are ‘Adonises.’

Zoe Saldana: ‘I worship men’ SHE’S the object of affection to many men, and Zoe Saldana wants them all to know she loves them, too. “I worship men,” the sexy 34-year-old actress told In Style UK, according to the Daily Mail. “Men are Adonises.” Well, OK, then. Apparently, breaking up with heartthrob actor Bradley Cooper didn’t have a lasting effect on the “Avatar” star, who says she still believes in love. “I believe in love because I had it for so long, so I know it’s possible,” Saldana said. Before Cooper, 38, the actress

previously dated entrepreneur Keith Britton for 11 years. “When it didn’t work [with Britton] it was heartbreaking for the both of us, but it’s life,” she said. “I’m not one of these people who’s going, ‘Oh, because I was with someone for so long I need to take a break.’ What if love is just around the corner?” So what is she looking for next? The fun-loving “Star Trek” beauty has a very specific answer. “A bada-- renegade! A pirate! A pirate who can cry. Oh my God!” (NYdailoynews)

`NSync singer Lance Bass appeared on the cover of People in August 2006 with the headline “I’m Gay.”

Bass gave Collins advice on “coming out” AS THE NBA’s Jason Collins made history by coming out as gay, he sought advice from someone who’d walked this road before: Lance Bass. In case you don’t recall, the singer soared to fame in the late ‘90s as part of the popular boy band ‘N Sync, but he didn’t open up about his sexuality until 2006. At the time, Bass told People magazine that he was acknowledging it mainly because of rumors, and that coming out made him feel like “it’s on my terms. I’m at peace with my

family, my friends, myself and God, so there’s really nothing else that I worry about.” Bass, who now hosts SiriusXM’s “Dirty Pop With Lance Bass,” revealed on his show Monday that Collins reached out to him for guidance through a mutual friend, actress JoAnna Garcia. “He’s been trying to plan this for a very long time, contemplating if he wanted to do this. In fact, he said he was going to call me months ago, but he got too scared,” Bass said.

May 4 -10, 2013


Deanna Durbin was given a Juvenile Academy Award at the age of 18.

Deanna Durbin, Hollywood film star, dies at 91 DEANNA Durbin, one of Hollywood’s biggest boxoffice stars in the 1930s and early ‘40s, has died aged 91. Her son, Peter H David, made the announcement in a newsletter to her fans, saying she died “a few days ago”. In 1947 she was the highest-paid star in the United States. But she retired from the business the following year when she was just 27. Durbin made her film debut in the 1936 MGM short Every Sunday,

in which she appeared alongside Judy Garland. Born Edna Mae Durbin in Winnipeg, Canada in 1921, Durbin was nurtured and promoted by producer Joe Pasternak. Her first movie for the Universal studios, Three Smart Girls, was nominated for the best picture Oscar in 1937. Durbin auditioned for the part of Snow White in 1936. But Walt Disney turned her down, saying her 15-year-old voice was too mature for the part.

Fleetwood Mac’s last album was released in 2003.

Fleetwood Mac releases new music after a decade WHILE some musicians make a splashy entrance when they’re returning from a recording hiatus, Fleetwood Mac has been far more subtle. The legendary group has released a four-track EP called “Extended Play,” which became available Tuesday on iTunes. It’s the group’s first studio release since 2003’s “Say You Will.” While Lindsey Buckingham said at a concert in April that

fans should look out for a new EP from the band, “Extended Play” simply popped up on Tuesday. The EP contains three songs written by Buckingham - “Sad Angel,” “It Takes Time” and “Miss Fantasy” as well as a fourth, “Without You,” that was penned by Stevie Nicks years ago in the era of Buckingham/Nicks and was rediscovered for the EP. (CNN)



Pink says her sexual songs are an attempt to rebut the notion that men who sleep around are praiseworthy and women are sluts.

Pink not backing down after 13 years on Billboard charts A two-year-old daughter and 13 years on the Billboard charts haven’t mellowed rocker Pink out. The 33-year-old singersongwriter, whose real name is Alecia Moore, opened up to Glamour’s June issue about her latest album, “The Truth About Love,” particularly the number of sex-related songs on the record. “I’m a reformed slut,” Moore admitted, explaining that she was reclaiming the word in her songs. Pink says she chose the name “Willow Sage” for her daughter because of her positive associations with those plants. “I love the idea that a willow tree cannot be snapped or broken. And we burn sage all the time. It clears bad energy.” “It’s my very

unsophisticated way of taking the power back. I’ve always had an issue with [the idea that] ‘OK, we’ve both decided to do this. Why am I a slut and you are the player? You didn’t get anything from me that I didn’t get from you.’” The “Just Give Me a Reason” singer, who got her start touring with NSync and 98 degrees, shared some stories of mischief while on the road. “It was Beatlemania for those boys,” Moore said. “I got in trouble for toiletpapering 98 Degrees’ bus.” Moore also caught the eye of one particular NSync member. “Joey Fatone was in love with me,” Moore recalled. “He took me to Friendly’s on a date, and he bought me an ice cream. Such a sweetheart. He asked my dad’s permission.”

The ‘How to Love’ singer had multiple seizures just last month.

Lil Wayne hospitalised after suffering another seizure in Los Angeles: report LIL Wayne has been hospitalized after suffering from another seizure, according to a TMZ report. The 30-year-old rapper was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital late Tuesday night in Los Angeles by his bodyguards, a source told the gossip site. According to the report, Wayne suffered just one seizure, was treated and released early Wednesday morning. The “How to Love” singer had multiple seizures just last month, causing

him to spend a week in the hospital and six days in the ICU. Wayne admitted after the serious health scare that he is in fact epileptic and has been suffering from this condition since he was a child. “This wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh ... I have had a bunch of seizures, you just never hear about them,” he revealed in an interview with Power 106’s DJ Felli Fel late last month. (NYdailoynews)

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Preference will be given to experienced and qualified Belongers. Only those receiving an interview will be contacted.


Fully qualified Architect required for the following role:

Job Summary • The successful applicant will be expected to undertake the traditional role of a professional Architect. • This includes detailed architectural design work, planning submissions, preparation of tender documents, construction contract administration, contract cost control and direct liaison with clients, consultants and contractors. Essential Skills/Experience • RIBA Parts 1-111 Professional Qualification • Fully qualified RIBA/ARB registered Architect. • Minimum 5 years post-professional qualification experience as Project Architect with direct Client liaison. • Minimum 5 years experience in contract administration and cost control on JCT contracts. • Minimum 5 years experience in managing an architectural team. • A strong background of technical detailing. • Excellent skills in AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Photoshop, Sketch-up, Excel and Word a pre-requisite. • Experience in the design and production of presentation and marketing materials including website programming. Salary rated according to experience, between $4k & $6k per month. Interested applicants should contact Mr. C Davies via e-mail by May 17, 2013 with current CV to or in writing to the address below. Only applicants meeting the minimum requirements listed above will be contacted for interview within 5 days of receipt of their application. Only suitably qualified Turks & Caicos Islanders need apply. Coast Architects, 82 Cherokee Road, PO Box 941, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands 8158

Is looking for a

Contact: 941-3047

contact: 346-5941

– $7.00 per hour Must be willing to work 6 days per week


Ocean Club Resorts is looking for qualified, experienced applicants for THE POSITIONS OF:

Please drop off resumes at the Ocean Club Front Desk to the attention of the


Boat Captain

– $5.00 per hour

Is looking for a

All applicants must be able to present a clean Police Record if offered a position. Wage commensurate with experience. Individuals must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a flexible schedule dictated by business demands. Ability to speak English is mandatory.

is looking for a

Domestic Domestic Worker Worker To work 1 day





Labourer/ Yardman To work 3 days per week salary $120 per week.

contact: 231-3184

To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.


AUDITOR NEEDED BSBA graduate major in accounting.15 years experience in internal and external auditing. Excellent knowledge of QuickBooks, POS, Peachtree and Quicken software’s. Excellent knowledge in preparation of financial reports Must be able to work on deadline Email:



per week salary $5.00 per hour. Contact: 232-5583


B & M CONSTRUCTION Is looking for the following persons:

Finish wood


Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary commensurate with experience.

Contact: 242-3256


Mega Yacht Operations Manager New marina seeking to fill this position in demanding industry. Applicants must possess all of the following:

;5 ; or more years experience in mega yacht operations and a thorough understanding of the mega yacht industry. ;5 ; or more years experience in the marina industry, specifically marina operations and management, including sales and marketing and management of marina events. ;Familiar ; with the budget process and have 5 or more years experience at managing budgets to meet or exceed financial goals. ;A ; well developed network within the mega yacht industry, specifically the Caribbean and Mediterranean markets. ;An ; understanding of the mega yacht charter industry and connections in the charter broker industry. ;Advanced ; skills in all Microsoft applications are essential and knowledge of IQ Ware is an advantage.

Please submit your resume with a cover letter to with “Marina” as the subject by Monday 13th May 2013. 8148

May 4 -10, 2013




Is looking for a

• •

Supervisor To work 6 days per week salary $10.00 per hour. Contact: 441-6669


• •

For Graceway Sports Centre Must have certification in Qwan-Ki-Do Must have 5-7 years of training in respective field and 3-5 years minimum teaching experience for different age groups and levels are mandatory He or she must be able to physically demonstrate, explain and teach techniques, postures, poses and sequences English language skills are also required

Email your application to:


Certified Auto Electrician With at least 10 years experience must be able to read auto electric diagram. Salary $8.00 per hour.

Contact: 649-346-8025



is presently considering applications for:

is in need of filling the position of


• • • • • •

Successful applicants must possess the following qualifications: Previous experience in managing a similar sized automotive dealership Must be familiar with all facets of the management of an automotive dealership Experience in managing a busy automotive service department Experience with collision estimation Experience in automotive sales, including vehicle purchasing and manufacturer pricing negotiation • General knowledge of automotive mechanics a definite asset • Excellent communication, writing, and computer skills • Starting salary approximately 50k/year but commensurate with experience

Please send resume via email to: Those applicants with required qualification will be contacted for interview BELONGER ONLY NEED APPLY 8134

VACANCY British Caribbean Bank is looking for applicants to fill the role of

Supervisor – Credit Interested parties should possess: • At least 10 years banking experience; • Professional Qualifications in the field of Banking or Finance; • Experience in Retail Banking, Operations, Commercial Lending, Relationship Management and Computer Literacy

Contact: PO Box 270, 101 Governor’s Road, Leeward, Providenciales Belongers need only apply





• Must have minimum of 10 years knowledge of Neapolitan and Roman style pizza making • Must know preparation with short and long rising dough’s • Must have experience with a high temperature refractory oven • Must be willing to work weekends, evenings and holidays • Must be available to work 6 nights per week • Must speak, read and write English • Must have clean police record • Salary $450.00 per week


• Must have 5 years experience on the line with Italian cuisine • Must be willing to work weekends, evenings and holidays • Must be available 6 nights per week • Must speak, read and write English • Must work well with others and work well under and work well under pressure • Must have clean police record • Salary $6.00per hour

Submit resume to P.O. Box 543 or deliver resumes to restaurant Monday – Friday 10:00am-3:00pm closing date for application is May 10th, 2013

Associate Relationship Manager – Business Banking Turks & Caicos Islands

The successful candidate should possess the following qualifications: • 3 or more years banking experience • ABIFS/AICB Diploma or a degree in banking or a related field would be an asset • Previous experience as a Lending Officer is mandatory Required Skills • Negotiating/Selling Skills • Problem Account Management • Knowledge of Financial Analysis and risk assessment • Critical Thinking • Time Management • Relationship building/Planning/Organizing/Closing Sales • Effectively manage risk • Impact and Influence • Ability to manage multiple priorities • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills • Microsoft Office Proficiency (Outlook, Word, Excel) Responsibilities Include: • Responsible for retaining and growing relationships with Business Banking (BB) clients, contributing to the strategic priorities of Sales Volume and Revenue Growth and improving the Client Experience. • Responsible for the on boarding of products and services for existing and new clients, identifying, referring and fulfilling on new opportunities as appropriate, promoting collaboration amongst Business Banking relationship team and partners. • Providing direct support to Business Banking clients with all lending and non-lending activities. • Developing a strong knowledge of client’s operational requirements in order to provide financial solutions (primarily Cash Management and Deposit Solutions) that add value to the customer’s needs and goals, while driving revenue growth. • Providing credit and sales support for Relationship Manager (RM) to enable the identification, planning and delivery of solutions for client and prospect needs. • Effectively supports the RM with their assigned portfolio of accounts and participation in all aspects of portfolio credit management including, but not limited to, preparation of annual reviews at an acceptable level of risk and assisting with the compilation of documentations required in the origination/booking of deals. Responsibility and accountability for final sign off will rest with the RM with regard to the completion of BBTR/RAF. • Being the service champion for BB clients including coordination of the service team, focusing on ensuring the client experience in delivered effectively through appropriate service partners. • Acting as the Problem Resolution champion leveraging appropriate partners to resolve client concerns. A competitive compensation package (base salary & bonus) will commensurate with relevant experience and qualifications. Please apply by May 10, 2013 to:

Assistant Manager, Recruitment & Employee Development Human Resources Bahamas Regional Office RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited P.O. Box N-7549 Nassau, N.P., Bahamas Via fax: (242) 322-1367 Via email:


May 4 -10, 2013




The Provo Children’s Home is seeking caregiver/supervisors for the Home located in Chalk Sound in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. The following requirements apply: • Preferred but not mandatory, a degree in psychology, counseling or social work • Experience working in related field ie teaching, nursing, coaching, day care, etc. • Ability to build constructive, caring, nurturing relationships with children with complex needs • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office programs • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Preferred qualifications in food prep and handling • Ability to cook meals for large numbers • Preferred First Aid training • Must hold a clean, valid driver’s license



;; Through knowledge of food products, standards, recipes and proper preparation ;; Good communication skills, both verbal and written ;; Excellent computer skills ;; Must be able to swim ;; Minimum of 5 years experience working as a chef ;; Must be prepared to work long hours including weekends and public holidays and to live onboard the vessel ;; Starting salary of $400 per week ;; Belongers only need apply

Please email resumes to 8124

These posts are residential and require a certain percentage of over night shifts. Private accommodation and meals provided on overnight shifts. Salaries start at $1200 per month and are dependent on experience and qualifications. Only Belongers need apply.

The position(s) are available from July 2013. Interviews will be by appointment only. Please send resumes to PCH Director at All correspondence is via email and all applications must be received by May 15, 2013.

Hertz / Mystique Car Rental Tel# 649-941-3910

Vehicles for Sale Make/Model

Year License # Colour Price

Nissan March Nissan March Nissan March Nissan March Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Toyota Vitz Mazda Demio Mazda Demio Mazda Demio Ford Focus Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Hyundai Accent Ford Taurus Ford Taurus Toyota Corolla Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Jeep Wrangler Mitsubishi Pajero Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country Dodge Caravan Town & Country Dodge Caravan Ford Freestar Ford Expedition Ford F150 Ford Escape Daihatsu Terios Ford Explorer

2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2007 2007 2007 2006 2007 2006 2007 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2006 2006 2006 2007 2007 2007 2000 2005 2005 2005 2006 2005 2006 2005 2004 2004 2009 2007 2008 2009

7724 7725 7727 7728 7738 7739 7741 7742 7743 6794 7735 7736 7018 7654 7501 7652 7653 7655 7656 7657 7658 6790 6791 6889 6897 6853 6890 6597 6693 6695 6694 6800 6698 6789 6697 6497 6867 7703 7012 7332 7593

Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Light Blue Silver Blue Silver Silver Silver Silver Burgundy Silver Dark Gray Dark Grey Silver Light blue Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Grey Silver Silver White Grey Blue White White Gold White Silver Navy Blue White Blue Gold Red Tan White Tan White Silver

Newer vehicles are available for information please call the Office 941-3910

8000.00 9000.00 10000.00 8000.00 9700.00 9000.00 8000.00 10200.00 9500.00 7500.00 8500.00 6500.00 7500.00 12000.00 9500.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 12000.00 6500.00 6000.00 10500.00 20000.00 20000.00 20000.00 8500.00 8500.00 8500.00 8700.00 9000.00 8500.00 10000.00 10500.00 6000.00 15500.00 29900.00 18000.00 16000.00 30500.00




Must have open water scuba diving certification Must have at least 5 years experience working on yacht Must be fluent in Spanish, English and German Must be computer literate Must be prepared to work long hours including weekends and holidays and to live onboard the vessel • Starting salary of $400 per week • Belonger need only apply

Please email resume to 8125

Tropical DMC is looking to fill the following position: CONCEPT DESIGNER NEEDED • This position is part time and would require someone with an artistic background to come up with design concepts for weddings and events held on island. • The candidate must be able to use power point, MAC and other software to create floor plans and layouts of locations. Web experience an asset to assist in setting up design ideas online • The candidate must have a background in artistic design and hold an art degree from a recognized institution. • Experience with oil and water based paint, clay, pottery wheels, sculpting and airbrushing. Candidate will need to be able to hand paint set designs,

welcome gifts, signage and other items per event. • Floral design experience also required. • Physical labor to set arbors, and other set props will be necessary so candidate must be in good physical condition • Candidate must not be afraid of heights as climbing ladders and hanging lighting will be required • Must have vehicle and valid insurance and driver’s license • Rate of pay $10 per hour • Hours will vary depending on the season • This is a part time position as hours will range from 10-25 hours per week depending on events.

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Teresa Brunner, Tropical Destination Management | 649-231-4161


Architect required to assist design team with preparation of Construction Documents, Drawings, and Specifications, with focus on the Design, Construction Management, and Supervision in the single family residential market in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Successful applicant will possess a comprehensive understanding of Building Science and Architectural Design, with good communication skills and team attitude, and, must be a Graduate Architect with minimum 10 years experience in the industry. A knowledge of Jandy Caretaker in-floor pool cleaning system and Pentair Prologic Control system would be a great asset.

Computer literacy shall include:

• AutoCAD Architecture and 3D imaging • Critical Path scheduling software (preferably Primavera's SureTrak) • QuickBooks Accounting system • Adobe Photoshop • Sage Master Builder • On Screen Takeoff • Word processing • Spreadsheet applications

Interested individuals shall submit resumes to: R.A. Shaw Designs Project House, Leeward Hwy, Providenciales. Tel. 941-4394


May 4 -10, 2013



The Meridian Club On Pine Cay

OMARI’S Is looking for a

Turks & Caicos Islands British West Indies


Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

at The Meridian Club on Pine Cay

contact: 241-1429


GENTS BARBER SPA Is looking for a

Barber contact: 347-3121


To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

JIMBOLYA TRUCKING Is looking for a

Mechanic To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

email: jimbolyhr2014@ 8152

Note: Meridian Club operations include a hotel and home rental operation, along with restaurant, bar, guest excursion, marine, maintenance, gardening, commissary, K-9 security and housekeeping services. We handle all reservations and marketing services in-house. Given our size and limited housing capacity, we cannot afford to have management personnel for each area of operations, so these are unique positions requiring multiple skills and obligations. Hours in each position are those necessary for proper operation of resort and island 7 days per week throughout season. Both employees must therefore reside full time on-island. Husband and wife team strongly preferred because of joint responsibilities and limited housing capacity. Salaries: Commensurate with education, training, experience, work record and capability. Minimum combined salary for both positions $75,000/yr. Duties of General Manager: Oversees all island and resort operations; schedules all staff work and vacations; ensures staff discipline; oversees restaurant and commissary operations; interviews and hires new staff members as necessary; conducts staff performance reviews; oversees staff training programs; oversees preparation of operational budgets; oversees reservation services, guest services and marketing operations for hotel and home rental operations; schedules all staff, homeowner and guest transportation to and from island; oversees some resort capital improvement projects; maintains cordial guest relations; oversees scheduling, catering and service for special events; oversees homeowner services; ensures safety of all persons lawfully on island; oversees all homeowner, guest and staff accounts; represents resort at meetings of Hotel Association and Tourist Board; arranges entertainment for resort functions; must dine and socialize with guests some nights every week during resort season; provides first aid and CPR to guests, homeowners and staff when necessary and arranges evacuation for medical care when indicated; jointly oversees and personally provides care, training and handling services for K-9 security dogs. Qualifications Required for General Manager:

MANVELLA PRATT is looking for a

Caretaker To work 5 days 8151

per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 441-0022

1). General Manager and 2). Island Administrator

;; Minimum of 4 year bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university in hotel management or equivalent discipline. ;; Minimum of 10 years experience as general manager of 4-5 star resort. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in overseeing restaurant operations. ;; Must be skilled in handling all duties specified above. ;; Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis, 24 hrs/ day. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in resort marketing operations

;; Must have at least 5 years experience in managing resort reservation operations. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in preparing resort operational budgets. ;; Must have training in first aid and emergency resuscitation techniques. ;; Must be willing to work evenings when necessary and remain available for emergencies at all times. ;; Private island work experience desirable. ;; Must have training and experience handling K-9 security dogs or be willing to take K-9 training courses. Duties of Island Administrator: Oversees all homeowner service operations and some capital projects( in conjunction with Assistant Island Manager/ Head of Maintenance); oversees all resort administrative functions, including bookkeeping, ordering, staff time records, payroll and billing; assists in maintaining staff discipline; handles insurance issues for resort and island operations; oversees front office staff; participates in establishing operational budgets for resort and island; ensures proper hurricane preparations; maintains records of homeowner services; represents resort and island at hotel and tourist Board meetings; oversees gardening/landscaping operations; works with General Manager to ensure island safety and cordial guest and homeowner relations; provides first aid and life-saving assistance for guests, homeowners and staff as necessary in emergencies and arranges for evacuation to medical facilities on Providenciales if indicated; monitors night security of island and responds to security problems; serves as liaison with Government Labour and Health officials; required to dine and socialize with guests some evenings every week during resort season; jointly oversees and personally provides care, training and handling services for K-9 security dogs. Qualifications Required for Island Administrator: ;; Minimum of 4 year degree at accredited college or university. ;; Minimum of 5 years experience in handling administrative duties at 4-5 star resort. ;; Must have at least 5 years experience in resort guest service operations. ;; Must be skilled in handling all duties specified above. ;; Must have experience in preparing resort operational budgets. ;; Must be willing to reside on Pine Cay on a full time basis, 24 hrs/ day. ;; Must be skilled in using Quickbooks bookkeeping system. ;; Must have first aid and emergency resuscitation training. ;; Must be willing to work evenings as necessary and remain available for emergencies at all times. ;; Experience working on privately owned island desirable. ;; Training and/or experience in landscaping or horticulture desirable. ;; Must have training and experience handling K-9 security dogs or be willing to undergo K-9 training courses. Starting Date for Both Positions: Upon acceptance.

Contact Person and Contact Information: Board of Directors of The Meridian Club, Limited. Please send: 1. resume with your contact information (mailing address, e-mail address, phone number) and 2. several references with contact information and a statement of how you know each person named, by e-mail to or by fax to 649-941-7010 or deliver to The Meridian Club c/o Turks & Caicos Sotheby’s, Venture House, Grace Bay road (Salt Mills area) 3. please respond no later than May 5, 2013 Additional Information: All qualified applicants will be interviewed.


May 4 -10, 2013




Is looking for a

Labourer To work 5 days per week.

Is looking for a


To work 5 days per week. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 241-4061


Salary $6.00 per hour.

Job Advertisement Caicos MARINA & SHIPYARD Marine Labourer


;; Must have proven experience hauling and blocking boats in the correct areas on blocks or stands. ;;General understanding of boat construction ;; Keen attention to detail. ;; Self motivated ;; Ability to work some weekends and holidays.

Duties Include:

Cleaning the facilities, landscaping, greasing machinery, washing boats, pressure washing boat bottoms, sanding and painting boat bottoms using antifouling paint. Wage rate: $8.00 per hour.



;; Must have proven experience repairing outboard motors. ;;Keen attention to detail. ;; Ability to work some weekends and holidays ;; 10 yrs experience in marine engine repairs, formal training in mechanics and electrical 12V systems

Duties Include:

Diagnosis and repair of marine gas engines and installation of new units. Analyzing defects and adjusting or repairing mechanical systems of outboard motors as well as replacing parts, such as gears, magneto points, piston rings, spark plugs etc. and reassembling motors. Wage rate: $10.00 per hour



;; 5 years experience working with fiberglass ;;Must be willing to work in full chemical suit with respirator ;; Have a general knowledge of boat construction ;; Prior experience painting and installing fiberglass in a marine environment. ;; Keen attention to detail ;;Ability to work some weekends and holidays

Contact: 345-9911



School For Field Studies, South Caicos Job Title:

Student Affairs Manager

Job Summary:

Manage the non-academic affairs of US college students in a field-based, study abroad program. Salary: Salary commensurate with experience. Qualifications: BS or Masters (preferred) in relevant discipline, Current Wilderness First Responder/CPR Certifications, Experience managing student groups, Experience managing logistics

To Apply: Please send your CV to RDAKE@FIELDSTUDIES.ORG by April 30, 2013. CV’s will be reviewed and only potential candidates will be contacted. Start Date: August 2013


Community Fellowship Centre Accepting applications for:

Church Administrator Requirements:

• Must be a born again believer • B.SC in Business Administration/Management studies or related field • At least 5 years in an administrative capacity • Strong leadership, organizational and administrative skills • Must possess experience and training in Business Administration or Church Administration • Must have effective budgeting and accounting skills Suitable applicants may forward resumes addressed to

Church Board – Community Fellowship Centre Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: 649-941-3484 Fax: 649-941-3482. Email:

Duties Include:

Grinding and installing fiberglass, sanding bottom paint, assisting with hauling boats and preparing boats for painting. Wage rate: $11.00 per hour



;; 10 years experience working with fiberglass ;;Thorough understanding of the various types of resins and their uses ;; Thorough understanding of boat construction ;; Experience operating boat lifting equipment ;; Must be willing to work in full chemical suit with respirator

Duties Include:

Construction of fiberglass molds, sanding and painting bottoms and operating boat lifting machinery. Wage rate: $11.00 per hour

Applications must be submitted in writing and delivered by hand to Caicos Marina and Shipyard, Long Bay Highway, Providenciales, Tel: (649) 2321905/ 946 5600. Applicants must have five plus (5+) years experience working at a marina. Closing date for applications is 30th April, 2013. Suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Housekeeper/Dog Sitter needed

Job requirements

• include full responsibility for house, as well as taking care of dogs. Cleaning, changing linens, ironing walking, washing and feeding the dogs are just a few of the many various tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis. • Candidates must have experience in care of very elderly a necessity. • Must be available on short notice, including nights and weekends. • Must be bilingual: Spanish and English. • Must be enthusiastic and like dogs. • Base salary $5 an hour. Applications in writing, including 3 references, can be sent to:

Rockgarden Ltd. c/o Saunders and Co. Post Office Box 257 Town Centre, Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Deadline for submissions I May 2013

May 4 -10, 2013


The Somerset Strata Management Co. Ltd.

JOB VACANCY The Somerset Strata organization is seeking suitable qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently.


Responsibilities: Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on heating, cooling and ventilation systems Paint and repair drywall along with performing routine maintenance jobs and repairs around the property General Requirements: Must be a team player with a desire to deliver excellent customer service to our guest Must have clear English communications skills (written or oral) Previous experience in this area would be an asset Salary for this position will commensurate with qualifications and experience Qualified Belonger candidates are requested to submit a CV by e-mail to:

Aleisa Musgrove, Strata Operations Manager The Somerset Resort on Grace Bay Submissions for this job position should be received no later than April 30, 2013


the largest readership in the turks & caicos


For Sale

Was $ 379,000 Now $300,000 USD, Three options Available. One newly built (2007) spacious three bedroom, two bathroom house for sale on Blue Hills Road in private subdivision near to Blue Hills and Thompson Cove beach, three and fifteen minutes walk to churches, downtown Providenciales and Providenciales International Airport. Further information: This spacious affordable, income generating 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house is located off Blue Hill Road, back of Thompson Cove and fourth road on left after Walking Marine and the third house on the left after turning off Blue Hills Road. It is built on 0.25acres of land and on a corner parcel and is distinguished by a surrounding concrete wall and three side and wooden pickle fence on the fourth with one 16ftwide steel/wood gate (wood gate will be changed to steel gate by current owner). This property has hurricane shutters on all windows and is equipped with one 11kw propane generator with 200 lbs propane tank, and Klargester system. It is built out of 8inch concrete block with wood roof and asphalt shingle, with colonial push up windows, single and double design glass doors. The yard is very fruitful with fruit bearing and ediblle trees All utilities, electricity, telephone, TV and water is underground and through out the subdivision. Excellent community to live in. Options: (1) $300,000 USD Cash. Availabe anytime cash is paid into Bank Account (2) 25% down payment balance paid off over 14-28 years interest free (Turks and Caicos Islanders Citizen only. Available Anytime down payment is paid into Bank Account. (3) Lease or lease to own. Available 1st August 2013.

Serious inquires only

Contact 1649-242-3910 or for appointment, ask or address to Jonathan Gardiner.

Patient Administration


The Somerset Resort Management Ltd. is seeking Labour Clearance for the positions listed below. Suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently. Positions require a flexible schedule which includes holidays, weekends and evenings, and extended hours on occasion. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications.

Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales, TCI

InterHealthCanada (TCI) Ltd wishes to appoint a healthcare professional to the post of Patient Administration Manager. Reporting to the CEO, post holder will be responsible for the following:-


• Management of Patient Health Records & Statistics (Preparation of statistics and monthly reports as required by Management and Head Office) • Management of patient administration and financial function (including billing, dept collection) • Liaison – Medical and Insurance agencies and doctors (internally and externally) • Management and training of the overall within the department • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures

Outgoing, friendly and highly experienced swimmer. Must be energetic and enjoy working outdoors. Ability to lift heavy objects weighing up to 50 pounds is required. CPR/First Aid certification is required. Lifeguard and rescue experience desired. Must have previous watersports experience in a five-star resort environment.

ROOM ATTENDANT Possess at least 3 years of experience in five-star resorts. Strong attention to details and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required. Must be a team player with a strong work ethic. Courteous individuals who possess a positive demeanor and a commitment to excellence are required.


The incumbent must have at least an associate’s degree in business management or equivalent with 5 years experienced in cash collection and revenue protection. The incumbent must poses a minimum of two (2) years in managerial or supervisory experience preferably in a healthcare environment, excellent organizational skills, interpersonal communication skills and the ability to function independently. Extensive knowledge of medical terminologies is a bonus.

LINEN ROOM CONTROLLER Possess at least 3 years of experience in five-star resorts. Must be calm, efficient, proficient, professional, knowledgeable and organized to fulfill requests consistent with five-star luxury standards. A good knowledge of hotel operations with a focus on housekeeping is vital. Ability to direct and resolve issues and/or concerns promptly is required. Ideal candidates must be able to influence and promote a cohesive and positive work attitude among all staff members.

Remuneration packages will be based on qualification and experience. Only qualified B.O.T.C-Turks and Caicos Islands and persons with Belonger Status should apply.

Email qualifications and experiences to: Closing date for application: Tuesday 30th April 2013


Qualified Belonger candidates can complete an application form in person at The Somerset on Grace Bay or submit a resume by e-mail at Tel: 946-5900. Fax: 946-5839. The closing date for applications is May 6, 2013.




May 4 -10, 2013

WARD CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients: Ripple Ltd., Coyaba, Southwind Millwork is looking for the following persons:

Assistant Manager of Special Projects and Procurement Requirements: • Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of Saflok Door Locking systems • Specific engineering experience related to water treatment plants, swimming pool equipment, irrigation, lighting systems • Must have existing relationships with product suppliers in India, China and other Asian countries with knowledge of Indian languages helpful (Hindi, etc) • Project management experience including managing construction labor, contractors, engineers and architects • Minimum of 5 years experience in procurement and managing refurbishment budgets • Understanding and Experience of Strata Management • Diploma in International Hospitality Management • Computer literacy (Microsoft Word, Opera,CAD) Responsibilities • Planning and managing all capital expenditure projects as decided by the hotel owner, including setting out and managing budgets, procurement, purchasing and installation where necessary of furniture, equipment and other items for the hotel, negotiations with subcontractors, management of labor and equipment companies. • Negotiating with international suppliers, including existing key suppliers in India, China and other Asian countries. • Assisting the hotel Engineering department with procurement needs, and repairs when necessary to systems installed in the hotel rooms, restaurant, kitchens, swimming pools and all other areas of the property. Knowledge of the installation and maintenance of Saflok Door Locking systems • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Personal Concierge/Butler Requirements: • Provides a very personal, detailed, seamless service to guests • Take care of guests needs in a highly professional manner. • Be seen by the guests in response to all the guest’s needs and requests. • The attention to detail required and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests needs demand that the butler is a consummate hotel professional with impeccable standards • Strive to create an atmosphere that makes a ‘wow’ impression on the guests • Will not accept anything less that the best available presentation of the suites/ rooms and public areas of the floors. • Must take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest • Fluency in a second language preferably Spanish or Italian would be an asset • Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Cook Job Requirements: • Middle level culinary skills • Dependable, proactive, organized, team player • Education from a formal culinary program • At least two to three years cooking experience; preparing international breakfast, lunch and dinner in regional cooking environment • Sanitation certificate • Ability to plan, organize and execute meal plans • Must speak and read English fluently • Additional languages an asset • Qualified Belongers need only to apply • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer/VP S&M (COO/VP S&M) & Marketing Coordinator JOB OVERVIEW: The Executive Assistant to the COO/VPS&M is responsible for supporting the COO/ VPS&M in all professional duties, including but not limited to, personal and business phone calls, emails, texts and faxes, travel requirements ie. Visa applications, Accommodation, tickets as well as creating travel schedule to manage all business meetings, booking conferences, report writing, data input, expenses/travel budget etc. As Marketing Coordinator key responsibilities include assisting pre-arrival coordinator with VIP Calendars and itineraries for key influencers, issuing gift certificates for suites when approved by Director of Sales and Marketing (DOSM), processing local marketing invoices when approved by Director of Marketing (DOM), responding to sponsorship requests, ensuring adequate exposure gained from sponsorship. Ensure all PR material is tabulated and filed. Alias with DOM and have photo library updated. Ensure copy on partner websites is current. Database management for DOSM, COO and E Marketing.

CFWF assist COO REPORTS TO: COO/Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DOSM & DOM (all daily duties and tasks to be coordinated with DOM) KEY RELATIONSHIPS: Internal: Grace Bay Resorts Sales and Marketing, Senior Leaders at any resort under Grace Bay Resorts Management, Reservations teams and all other relevant departments External: Key S&M & and PR Representatives, Resort guests, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Meeting Planners. Minimum Qualifications: Essential: • Minimum 5 years international experience as executive administrative assistant/ manager. • International, five star, hospitality experience • High school graduate. (College degree is desirable) • Fluency in English (A second language is highly desirable). • Front Office, Reservations, and Sales experience preferred • Food and Beverage Marketing & knowledge • Experience with Opera is desirable • Must be willing to make international trips in support of the COO/VPS&M, • Must have excellent communication skills and ability to support the COO & S&M team as necessary. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS • maintain strict confidentiality and discretion • Problem solver, effective communicator and team player. • Dependable, trustworthy, exceptionally organized.; a true multi-tasker • Ability to work with little to no supervision • Must work well under pressure with extreme time lines • Must be detailed oriented and highly organized • Will be responsible for daily organization of the Chief Operating Officer's personal and professional calendar. • Must be able to represent the hotel and the COO/ VPS&M, in his/their absence. • Must always demonstrate a professional appearance. • Must have demonstrated PC skills including PowerPoint, MS Project, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe C Suite, Excel pivot tables and databases. • Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy. • Prioritize and organize. • Be a clear thinker, remain calm and resolving problems using good judgment. • Follow directions thoroughly • Understand guest’s services and needs. • Work cohesively with co-workers as part of a team. • Be able to manage several responsibilities and roles that report to DOM, DOSM and COO/VP S&M • Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than May 6th 2013

@ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: | Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indie

Waitress Labourer Cabinet Maker Must be willing to work 6 days per week. Salary range $6.00-$7.00 per hour

Contact: 345-7512


Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience

SHEIK & SASSY is looking for a

Masseuse/ Hairstylist To work 5 days per week salary commensurate with experience

Contact: 331-1809


Jayne Hutcherson is looking for a

Painter To work 5 days per week salary $8.00 per hour.

Contact: 245-4742


Career Opportunities

LAS BRISAS RESTAURANT is looking for a

Waiter To work 6 days per week including weekends. Salary $6.00 per hour. Must have 3-5 years experience. Must have a smiling and pleasant personality while serving tables. Must know how to communicate with customers.

Contact: 946-5306





Is looking for a

Security Officer

Is required to work in a busy family home


Contact: 231-1000


An opportunity exists for two fully qualified accountants who possess a minimum of six years professional experience gained within a “Big Four” public accounting firm. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. If you wish to be considered for these opportunities please apply in confidence by sending details of your experience and qualifications to either: KPMG Ltd. or The Labour Commissioner, P.O. Box 357 Labour Office The Village at Grace Bay Butterfield Square Providenciales Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands

Or fax your particulars to 946-4619


Job Requirements • Level 2 International Tennis Federation approved • Hold a Physical Trainer Degree • Minimum 7 years experience as a junior and professional tennis player • Certified for junior training • USTA player 7.0


Primary Duties



Is seeking suitably qualified Belongers to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates must possess luxury resort experience, a professional demeanor, and a strong command of the English language (oral and written). Relevant experience and a passion for hospitality is required. Salary is based on experience and qualifications.

Lead Server Cost Controller Controller to Food & Beverage

Closing Date March 9, 2013 BELONGERS ONLY NEED APPLY

Bridgette Thomas BNC Consulting Group, Ltd email: phone: 649-332-2565

IMMEDIATE OPENING We are actively recruiting an Outlet and Banquets Manager who will provide hands-on oversight of a popular outdoor, beachside restaurant. The incumbent will ensure guest service and financial goals are met or exceeded. He or she must be flexible to work long hours as business demands, and must be able to manage banquet activities from inception to completion. The successful candidate will assist other restaurants or bars within the resort and will work a shift schedule with rotating off days.

Job requirements: • Certified as a personal trainer and group trainer • Minimum of 7 years experience as a trainer and fitness instructor • Degree in sales/ marketing with minimum 7 years experience • Proven results in managing businesses in a successful and profitable manner • Proficient in Microsoft application (office package), Photoshop/ Corel Draw • Website and facebook account maintenance Wages commensurate with experience and certification

Rooms Division Manager Kitchen Steward Room Attendant Commis Chef

Applications must also apply in writing with resume to: or P.O. Box 143, Providenciales


Is looking to employ

Please send your resume to:

• The successful candidate must possess the following qualities and experiences • Full of energy, reliable and trustworthy • Use their own initiative and be able to multi-task • Experienced housekeeper who is also use to looking after children • Possess a clean TCI drivers license is essential • Dog lover • Be willing to work flexible hours including holidays, weekends and evenings • Be willing to look after the household when owners are absent including the dogs • Possess excellent command of English • Summary of duties and responsibilities • General housekeeping duties • Looking after children • Running errands and grocery shopping • Cooking • Walking and washing 3 dogs


To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

• Hands-on management of the daily service of assigned restaurant, including responsibility for daily closing to ensure adequate supervision of outlet staff. • Oversee the implementation of service and brand standards, share recommendations and guest comments with the Chef and F&B Management team • Develop and implement outlet promotions calendar for F&B products and events. • Conduct competitor analysis and remain knowledgeable of local market initiatives, analyze food and beverage statistics through point of sale system • Monitor performance of the restaurant through analysis of guest feedback (comment cards, trip-advisor, etc.) and financial results. • Maintain and enforce procedures to ensure the security of monies, credit and financial instruments and transactions • Replenish supplies and inventory in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing waste and controlling costs. • Ensure restaurant and all restaurant equipment is in proper operational condition and is cleaned on a regular basis. • Participate in budgeting and forecasting and P&L analysis including productivity and cost management. • Directly responsible for meeting financial, service and guest satisfaction targets for assigned outlet.

Job Requirements

Hospitality Degree or equivalent combined experience and education Minimum 5-7 years proven restaurant management and banqueting experience within a resort environment Demonstrated ability to work with and engage multicultural/multi-ethnic teams and guests Strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent command of the English language Pleasant, outgoing personality with the ability to handle the pressure of a fast-paced environment Quality oriented with focus on details and high performance standards Flexibility to work rotating shifts Strong knowledge of food costing and working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Infogenesis POS system

Competitive compensation package

If you possess the required qualifications, please contact Bridgette Thomas, BNC Consulting Group, or call 649332-2565 to schedule an interview or obtain additional information. 8140


May 4 -10, 2013

Is looking to fill the following positions:



is looking for the following persons:

Acting on behalf of our clients is looking to fill the following positions:

Domestic Worker – $6.00 per hour

Kitchen Helper – $6.00 per hour

Caretaker – $7.00 per hour

Sales Clerk

Contact; 343-3123


Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

2 Salespersons 1 Cashier Must be willing to work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour3.

Contact: 241-0976


Greenskeeper Domestic worker

– $5.00 per hour

Labourer – $6.00 per hour

3 Painters – $7.00 per hour

Maintenance Man – $7.00 per hour Must be willing to work 5 days per week including weekends and holidays

Contact: 649-245-6962



Worker Needed to provide housekeeping services this includes preparing and serving meals, laundering must have previous domestic work experience salary $14,000.00 per annum

Submit application with detailed resume and references to Brigget Jolly, Leeward Palms, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands or Tel: 649-231-8891 no later than May 1st, 2013



;; A long standing integrated Financial Services & Commercial Group requires a very experienced financial controller to assist the Finance Director in the following areas: ;; We are looking for a financial services accounting professional ;; (CA/CPA/CGA/AMA) with at least 19 years experience to administer our financial and accounting function. ;; Hours of works will vary with job demands and future growth of the business. ;; Compensation will be determined upon the chosen candidate’s relevant work experience and professional qualifications and group ;; Medical coverage will be provided. Interested and qualified persons should forward resumes in strictest confidence to:

McCollum & Newlands, P.O. Box 678 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands



is looking for qualified, experience applicants for the position of:

Is looking for a

is looking for a


KITCHEN HELPER BARTENDER DISHWASHER • The successful applicant must possess the following skills and experience: • Must have experience in your respective field • Food safe certificate or equivalent • Must be willing to work holidays and weekends on a


;;Must be able to verify skills ;;Must be able to hang and finish drywall ;;Must be willing to do some laborer tasks as needed ;;Salary $7.00 per hour

flexible schedule • Ability to speak English is essential • Must have clean police record • Preference will be given to experience and qualified Belongers

Contact: 231-1928

Please contact: 441-3466 for an appointment or interview Wage commensurate with experience 8155


Tile Layers

To work 5 days per week salary $7.00 per hour.

Contact: 346-6830


Y.A.3.B Consultancy Acting on behalf of our clients Major Beauty Salon, Provo Entertainment Denise Smith, V&M Security Ltd. is looking for the following persons:

Security Officer – $7.00 per hour


is looking to hire

3 Gardeners/ Labourers

2 Waitresses – $6.00 per hour

2 Bartenders – $6.00 per hour

1 Hairdresser

Contact: 344-4540


Submit application with detailed resume and references to Brigget Jolly, Leeward Palms, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands or Tel: 649-231-8891 no later than May 1st, 2013


Must be hardworking respectful and have firm command of the English language and must be good with dogs.

Please contact Twa, Marcelin, Wolf at 946-4261


SALES AGENT WANTED job vacancies ;;Candidate must have English language O’level standard ;;Computer literate and prepare to learn the Blue Bird Auto Rental System • Include all aspects of customer service, car rental, sales and dealing with email correspondences pertaining to car reservation • Should also be willing to work weekends and holidays

– $5.00 per hour

Contact: 242-0388

Needed to provide housekeeping services this includes preparing and serving meals, laundering must have previous domestic work experience salary $14,000.00 per annum.

Labourer needed. duties to include general chores related to yard, house also running general errands. Must be able to work 5 days a week. Salary $5.50 per hour.

• Starting salary $5.50 per hour • Must have previous gardening experience and be familiar with landscaping equipment such as lawnmowers etc. • Must be willing to carry out work such as heavy lifting, digging, weeding, trimming and plant waste removal • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays • Must have a clean police record

Please contact: 332-4280 to arrange an interview

per week salary $8.00 per hour.

Domestic Worker




Domestic Worker

Carpenter To work 5 days



May 4 -10, 2013




Please contact: Josephine O Connolly Tropical Auto Rentals Ltd. Tropicana Plaza Providenciales Telephone: 649-946-5775/946-5300


HOLE IN THE WALL Domestic Worker



Cashier Salary commensurate with qualification

Resume can be faxed to 649-941-3425 and the Labour Department, Providenciales as soon as possible 8131

May 4 -10, 2013

Sports International



Gatting to be MCC president as redevelopment announced

Mike Gatting will begin his one-year contract on October 1.

JOJO KIDS WORLD is looking for a

Teacher with Montessori certificate To work 5 days per week salary $800 monthly.

contact: 343-1089



FORMER England cricket captain Mike Gatting has been named as the new president of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Gatting, 55, will begin his one-year term on 1 October, with the MCC set to celebrate the bicentenary of the present Lord’s ground in 2014. The MCC, which retains responsibility

for the game’s laws as well as owning Lord’s, has also announced a “Masterplan” for its redevelopment. The plan, to be completed in 2027, has a projected cost of £180m-£200m. The proposed redevelopment has not been without controversy, with former Prime Minister Sir John Major resigning from the MCC committee in December 2011 because


seeks a

Recording Engineer

;; With a minimum of 1 year experience ;; Must be between the ages of 21-35 ;; Must be able to speak English and Spanish fluently ;; Wages commensurate with experience

Is looking for a


Please send resume to:

To work 5 days per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Closing date: 17th May 2013 BELONGERS ONLY NEED APPLY

contact: 441-0022


of “fundamental disagreements” over the direction of the MCC’s “Vision for Lord’s”. The £90m first phase, funded from the club’s own resources, will include the rebuilding of the Warner Stand by 2016 and the Tavern and Allen Stands in time for the 2019 World Cup - hosted by England - which will increase the capacity of Lord’s by 2,700 to 32,000.

MARIA VARIETY is looking for a

TEVEL GARDINER Is looking for a

Domestic Worker To work 5 days per week. Salary $6.00 per hour.

Contact: 245-7557 8172

Handyman To work 6 days per week salary $6.00 per hour must be able to speak and understand English.

contact: 244-4665 8170



IMMEDIATE OPENING Manager of Resort Services

Application are requested for the above mentioned position


Primary Responsibilities: • Detailed cash flow projection and analysis • Reconciliation of daily sales • Weekly internal audits, with written reports to principals • Preparation of monthly financial statements • Implementing and documenting policies and procedures • Plan and develop systems and procedures to improve quality controls and efficiency of all departments • Responsible for inventory control • Maintain financial records in accordance to U.S. and U.K. standard • Oversee and manage bookkeepers and cash accountants of company and subsidiaries • Applicants must have minimum of 4 years higher education degree in Accounting or Finance. Must be proficient with the ability to train others in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or higher • Must be proficient and knowledge in the development of extensive financial formulas in Excel and Access with the ability to train others • Position requires nights, weekends and possible holiday work schedules • Must have strong analytical and organizational skills • Exceptional written and verbal skills in English is a must • Applicants will be subjected to extensive testing and background checks for confirmation on the above criteria • Salary commensurate with experience • Belongers preferred

Duties include:

• Develops and implements resort and guest service strategies, initiatives and programs which are aligned with Regent’s overall mission, vision and market strategy/positioning. • Implements all Regent standard services and programs and ensures ongoing compliance. • Oversees and directs management of the housekeeping, pool and beach and laundry departments. • Develops annual departmental budget and capex budget and accountable for financial results. • Drives for continuous improvement by gathering and analyzing customer feedback, reviewing management reports and developing strategies to improve department and resort services. • Oversees and ensures all physical facilities and décor are aligned with Regent’s standards, image and aesthetic. • Starting salary 50k per annum not including service charge.

Interested applicants should apply to the Regent Palms, Monday through Friday and bring along an updated resume or by emailing to marjorie.dorsett@,no later than Friday, May 10, 2013.

Interested applicants are asked to submit your resume/CV by email to:

• Minimum 15 years management experience in luxury hospitality, having been head of department in at least 3 different departments and Executive Committee level for 5 years. • Minimum 5 years international hospitality management experience with branded hotel/ resort. • BA/BS degree or equivalent. • Previous experience in application of management contract requirements and brand standards within luxury hospitality operation. • Previous experience in development and implementation of guest services within luxury hospitality operation. • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. MUST BE ABLE TO WORK ALL DAYS AND SHIFTS




Sports International


May 4 -10, 2013

Bayern stun Barca to reach final BAYERN Munich pulled off a stunning 3-0 victory over Barcelona at the Nou Camp to complete a record Champions League semi-final aggregate win. Arjen Robben opened the scoring shortly after half-time when he cut in from the right and found the top corner. Gerard Pique turned Franck Ribery’s cross into his own net before Thomas Mueller headed in at the far post to complete the 7-0 aggregate rout. Bayern now meet fellow German side Borussia Dortmund at Wembley on 25 May. Jupp Heynckes’ side were beaten by Chelsea in last season’s Champions League final but, on the evidence of their two performances against the Catalan giants, it will take an almighty effort from Dortmund to prevent them winning their fifth European Cup. Barcelona, who left injured talismanic playmaker Lionel Messi on the bench, were once again outplayed by the brilliant Bavarians. And if Bayern’s first-leg demolition shook Europe, their second-leg dominance should ensure even bigger reverberations - such was the magnitude of their dominance in the Nou Camp. From Mario Mandzukic’s selfless work as the lone striker, to the slick pass and move skills of those behind him, the visitors outplayed Tito Vilanova’s side. Their ruthlessly efficient counterattacks always carried a goal threat,

Jose Mourinho does not feel he is appreciated enough at Real Madrid. Bayern Munich footballers celebrate the historic win.

to the extent that Barcelona were reluctant to commit enough men forward to seriously test the stout Bayern defence. Perhaps lifted by the absence of Messi, who is still struggling with a hamstring injury, Bayern started brightly and Pique had to be alert to deny both Robben and Philipp Lahm. Despite the onus being on them to score, Barca were not able to test Manuel Neuer until the 23rd minute - the Germany international goalkeeper tipping Pedro’s 25-yard shot over the bar. Content to let the Spanish side pass the ball about in their own half, Munich sat back and pounced on loose passes to mount dangerous counter-attacks on the beleaguered Barca backline.

Xavi fired over for the hosts while, at the other end, Robben had a shot charged down. Something had to give, and it was Barcelona’s slim chances when, three minutes into the second half, David Alaba switched play to Robben, who expertly cut inside and curled a left-footed shot into the top corner. Not content with their commanding advantage, Bayern continued to counter and Pique summed up Barcelona’s evening when he failed to deal with Ribery’s cross from the left and shinned the ball past his own keeper Victor Valdes. The record aggregate victory was completed when Mueller rose highest at the far post to head home another super Ribery cross.

Mayweather planning ‘big, big fight’ in the UK Floyd Mayweather is planning to fight in the UK for the first time, according to his adviser Leonard Ellerbe. The eight-time world champion, 36, will fight welterweight Robert Guerrero in Las Vegas on 6 May in the first of six bouts over a 30-month period. Ellerbe said: “Floyd cannot wait until we can come over there and give the UK fans a big, big fight.” On Monday, Britain’s Amir Khan told BBC Sport he wants to fight the American, once he regains his world title. Bolton fighter Khan, lost his WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles to Peterson in 2011, before being reinstated as champion after the American failed a drugs test. However, Khan lost the belt again in July 2012 when he was stopped in round four by Danny Garcia. Khan secured a hard-fought win over Julio Diaz on Saturday and is ranked second by the WBC for a shot at Mayweather’s welterweight title, despite having never fought at 147lbs. Mayweather’s fight against Guerrero will be his first since

Floyd Mayweather might fight UK’s Amir Khan; although nothing is official as yet.

beating Miguel Cotto for the WBA light-middleweight title in May last year which extended his record to 43-0 (26 KOs). The American then served a twomonth prison sentence for domestic violence before he was released on 3 August. He is planning on visiting the UK later this year ahead of returning for a fight. “Floyd has a tremendous fan base in the UK and we’re looking at working on something now where

he’s going to come over there,” added Ellerbe. “Ever since the Ricky Hatton fight back in 2007, UK fans have been very loyal to Floyd and he definitely acknowledges that and he wants to bring a big, big event to the UK. “I’m talking with a couple of people now and they’re giving me some options, and Floyd will definitely be coming to the UK. “The UK are his biggest and best fans. He has tremendous love affair for the UK fans

Real Madrid manager hints at summer exit JOSE Mourinho says he may not remain as Real Madrid coach next season and plans to be “where people love me to be”. The 50-year-old former Chelsea manager saw his side exit the Champions League at the semi-final stage after a 4-3 aggregate defeat by Borussia Dortmund. The Portuguese has been linked with a move away from Spain and hasspoken in the past of a return to England. After Tuesday’s match, he said: “I know in England I am loved. I know I am loved by some clubs, especially one.” But he insisted he would wait until the end of the current campaign before deciding his future. When asked by ITV if he would be at Real Madrid next season, he responded: “Maybe not.” Questioned where he might go, he replied: “I don’t know but I want to be where people love me to be.” He later added that he had not made a decision about his future because he was still under contract with Real Madrid and had “respect” for both the club and its president, Florentino Perez. “At the end of the season, I want

to sit down with the president and speak about it,” Mourinho continued. Mourinho left Chelsea in acrimonious circumstances in September 2007, after a falling-out with owner Roman Abramovich. But he remains Chelsea’s most successful manager with two Premier League titles and three domestic cup wins. Current Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez, an unpopular figure among many of the club’s supporters, has said he will leave Stamford Bridge at the end of the season. That has led to increased speculation that Mourinho will return. The former Porto boss has made no secret of the fact he enjoys managing in England. “I am loved by the fans and the media who treat me in a fair way,” he said. “I know in Spain it is different because many people hate me.” Real Madrid are currently 11 points behind arch rivals Barcelona in La Liga with five games remaining. They face city rivals Atletico in the Spanish Cup final in May, Real’s last realistic chance of winning silverware this season.

O’Sullivan says he is ready to retire from snooker RONNIE O’Sullivan says this year’s World Championship could be his last major event, stating he only returned to the sport for “a bit of money”. The defending champion, 37, beat Stuart Bingham 13-4 on Wednesday to move into the semi-finals of the tournament. O’Sullivan pulled out of the 2012-13 season last November because of “personal issues” before ending his snooker sabbatical in February. “I’ve realised I don’t miss

snooker but I needed a bit of money,” he said. “I’ll be honest, I still owe the school money for my children’s school fees, I haven’t paid the last two or three terms. “I didn’t know what was going to happen here but I’ve made a little bit of money now so I can go and pay the school fees now for the next two years. “But really I don’t think snooker is for me. This could be my last proper major event.” (BBC)

May 4 -10, 2013

Sports International



Murray condemns ‘cover up’ in Operation Puerto doping case

Twelve-year-old Ye Wocheng is juggling school with his historic golfing career.

Golfing prodigies: 12-yearold Ye set to make history PREPARE to meet the young apprentices to China’s Masters sensation Guan Tianlang. The 14-year-old stunned the golfing world when he made the halfway cut as the youngest player to enter the prestigious major, finishing as Augusta’s leading amateur. But Guan is likely to be just the start as China prepares to unveil its next crop of golfing prodigies at this week’s China Open in Tianjin. China’s brat pack is led by 12-year-old Ye Wocheng, who tees off as the youngest player in the history of the European Tour on Thursday. Alongside him will be15-yearold Bai Zhengkai, who earned his place in the field after winning the China Junior Match Play Championship, as well as qualifier Dou Zecheng, a relative old-timer at 16 years of age. That trio will all be hoping to follow the headline-grabbing example set by Guan at last month’s

Masters. “We’re always all helping each other out, and turning to one another for advice,” explained Ye, who at 12 years and 242 days will beat the record for the youngest competitor at the China Open set by Guan last year. “I think the main reason for the success of young Chinese players is that we pick up the game at an early age, and we practice really hard. Hopefully that practice can pay off this week.” The Chinese youngsters will be up against the likes of Europe’s Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley and Scotland’s Ryder Cup player Paul Lawrie at the Binhai Lake course, but if Ye finds that youth is not quite a match for experience he has a secret weapon to hand. “I always wear my lucky hat out on the course, because it helps me shoot lower,” Ye, who lives in the industrial city of Donggaun in Guangdong province, explained.

Gatting to be MCC president as redevelopment announced FORMER England cricket captain Mike Gatting has been named as the new president of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Gatting, 55, will begin his one-year term on 1 October, with the MCC set to celebrate the bicentenary of the present Lord’s ground in 2014. The MCC, which retains responsibility for the game’s laws as well as owning Lord’s, has also announced a “Masterplan” for its redevelopment. The plan, to be completed in 2027, has a projected cost of £180m-£200m. The proposed redevelopment has not been without controversy, with former Prime Minister Sir John Major resigning from the MCC committee in December

2011 because of “fundamental disagreements” over the direction of the MCC’s “Vision for Lord’s”. The £90m first phase, funded from the club’s own resources, will include the rebuilding of the Warner Stand by 2016 and the Tavern and Allen Stands in time for the 2019 World Cup - hosted by England - which will increase the capacity of Lord’s by 2,700 to 32,000. From 2020, the remaining phases - paid for by “a combination of MCC funds and sensible levels of borrowing” will include the removal of the Nursery Pavilion and the resiting of the Nursery Ground towards the Wellington Road, and a new “food street” behind the Compton and Edrich Stands, which will be redeveloped in 2027. (BBC)

U.S. Open tennis champion Andy Murray has condemned the handling of the Operation Puerto doping trial by the Spanish authorities, accusing them of the “biggest cover up in sports history.” A criminal trial in Spain concluded Tuesday with sports doctor Eufemiano Fuentes given a one-year jail term for supplying cyclists with blood transfusions to boost their performance. But the judge hearing the case, Julia Patricia Santamaria, ordered that over 200 bags of blood and plasma seized from Fuentes, be destroyed, pending any appeals. Murray, an outspoken critic of doping, used his Twitter blog to express his frustration. “Puerto case is beyond a joke... biggest cover up in sports history?,” he tweeted “Why would court order blood bags to be destroyed? #coverup.” During his trial, Fuentes gave evidence that he had clients from other sports, including tennis, football, boxing and athletics, but did not identify them. At the time of his arrest and the raids on his premises in 2006, doping was not a criminal offense in Spain, but he was found guilty of endangering public health. He was also barred from practicing as a sports doctor for four years, but under the Spanish legal system his jail term will be suspended. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) also expressed its disagreement with the court decision

Andy Murray has voiced his disapproval of the court ruling in the Operation Fuentes doping trial in Spain.

Wednesday. “The decision to order the destruction of all the blood bags is particularly disappointing and unsatisfactory for WADA, and the whole anti-doping community,” it said in a statement. “Access to this evidence motivated WADA’s involvement in this case. This would ensure appropriate sports sanction processes against the cheats who used Dr Fuentes’ services.” WADA said it was reviewing its next course of action in conjunction with the Spanish National AntiDoping Organisation (AEA). The deadline to appeal the court decision is May 17 The International Olympic Committee signaled its frustration with the court ruling Wednesday.

“It’s unfortunate that the evidence used in this proceeding is not now being made available to antidoping organisations to further the fight against doping,” it said in a statement. British No.1 Murray went public in February with his demand for more blood testing in tennis, saying it needed to do everything it could “to ensure that everyone competing at the highest level and below is clean.” He was joined by fellow grand slam winners Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in demanding stricter tests and in March the International Tennis Federation announced it would be introducing a Biological Passport program - a more stringent control against doping. (CNN)

NBA’s Jason Collins comes out as gay It’s the biggest move of his career and it’s off the court. Jason Collins, who played with the NBA’s Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards this season, has disclosed that he is gay, making him the first active openly gay male athlete in the four major American pro team sports. The centre, who said he is now a free agent, made the disclosure in a column appearing in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated. “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, ‘I’m different.’ If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand,” he wrote. Collins also wrote that the killing of three people at the Boston Marathon persuaded him to make an

announcement. Things can change in a moment, so why not start living more truthfully, he wrote. On Twitter, Collins thanked everyone who sent him messages of support. “All the support I have received today is truly inspirational. I knew that I was choosing the road less traveled but I’m not walking it alone,” he wrote. Sports Illustrated’s managing editor said Collins was reticent about being a flag bearer. “It is a much simpler, more personal reason. He wants to have a family,” Chris Stone told CNN. “He wants the same life that his twin brother, Jarron, has. This is a secret he’s kept for a very long time. He didn’t even inform his brother that he was gay until late last summer. ... So much for twin telepathy.” Jarron, who played in the NBA for 10 seasons and was Jason’s teammate at Stanford, tweeted to his

Jason Collins has played for numerous NBA teams in the past.

brother: “Very proud of you.” Collins is a 7-footer who has played with six NBA teams -- the Wizards, Celtics, Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and New Jersey Nets -over the past 12 seasons. He has averaged 3.6 points and 3.8 rebounds in 713 career games, and he has had a great deal of playoff experience with the Nets (who have since moved to Brooklyn) and the Hawks. (CNN)


May 4 -10, 2013


Sports National

Captain Marvin’s Beach Soccer League:

Pink Mermaids win again to stay undefeated THE Pink Mermaids defeated the White Sharks 7-5 in overtime to stay undefeated and in the process move to the top of the Captain Marvin’s Women’s Beach Soccer League. At the TCIFA Academy ground last Sunday the Great White Sharks took an early 2-0 lead through Jancilia Cox and Simone Smith before Kadine Delphin scored for the Mermaids. The second period was just as close as the Mermaids took a 3-2 lead before Jacinda Alfrena tied the game at 3-3. The final period was a tense affair as Delphin scored for the Mermaids before Smith ensured that the game would go into overtime. The Mermaids then put in a desperate effort to win the game and the youth and exuberance of Delphin and Yarileny De la Cruz showed as they combined to score three goals in less than a minute to give their team a 7-4 lead. Smith pulled one back for the Sharks, but it was not enough as the Mermaids picked up their second win in two weeks. The second week opened with a closely fought encounter between the Blue Marlins and the Purple Pirates. The Pirates scored within six seconds as Sarah Cenary blasted home at the start of the opening period and she soon doubled the lead

before Yarielca De La Cruz pulled one back for the Marlins just before the end of the first period. The second period was evenly balanced until De La Cruz took control of proceedings and scored three goals in succession to give the Marlins a 4-2 lead. The final period was very competitive and Cenary ensured a nail-biting finish as she scored from a header. Both teams had additional chances to score, but the Pirates could not break through the Marlins’ defence as they held on for a 4-3 victory. FIERCE COMPETITION TCIFA’s Technical Director Matthew Green was delighted with the day’s action: “The league has really improved this season and the competition is fierce, but fun. Each team is very competitive and it will come down to composure in front of goal as well as team spirit to decide the winners this season. There were some great goals from Simone Smith, Kadine Delphin, Sarah Cenary, Yarielca and Yarileny De La Cruz, but I was also impressed with the defensive play of Ketani Marajah and Briandie Brooks who were excellent today.” Games are played every Sunday from 4.30pm-6.30pm at the TCIFA Academy field.

The Great White Sharks (on the attack) took an early lead, but were eventually beaten by the Pink Mermaids in overtime.

Bay Bistro Women’s League:

Black Warriors assured of place in final

Alvardo Hall led Paradise Baptist Church to their third win.

Armell Mayham scored three runs for Bethany Baptist Church.

Provo Church Softball League:

Bethany and Paradise record victories

DEFENDING champions Bethany Baptist Church and Paradise Baptist Church have joined the Jericho Baptist Church and the Prophecy Church with three wins each to sit on top of the points table in the Provo

Church Softball League. On Monday night it was Armell Mayham who carried Bethany to a one-run win over St. Monica’s Church. Mayham scored three runs including a home run in the 13-12

run win. Also making three runs was Alvardo Hall for Paradise in their 10-8 win over Methodist Church in the opening game at the National Stadium in Providenciales.

WITH just one week to go of the regular season in the Bay Bistro Women’s League, the Black Warriors have assured themselves of a place in the grand final. Currently on 24 points, the closest team in the following pack is the Red Devils on 15 and then the Pink Panthers on 12. Bringing up the rear are last year’s winners the Blue Knights with 12 points. Despite their dominance at the top of the league the Warriors were lucky to win both of their games recently. A long range shot from Marie Dorrelus gave the Warriors a 1-0 lead against the Pink Panthers. The Warriors were on the back-foot for the rest of the game as the Panthers pushed hard for an equaliser with Crystal Stirling and Yarileny De La Cruz going close. The Warriors also received a slice of good fortune in their final game as they overcame the Red Devils 2-0. Shinaydine Pluviose’s clearance bounced over the head of the Red Devils’ goalkeeper to open the scoring. Kadine Delphin rallied her troops and the Devils dominated possession, fashioning numerous chances, but some

desperate defending kept the Warriors in the lead. The Devils continued to press hard but the score was ultimately settled when Sarah Cenary finally escaped her shackles from the Devils’ defenders and broke away and scored a well taken goal to secure the win. In the other games the Red Devils had a comfortable win against the Blue Knights as their passing game proved too much for their opposition with both Delphin and Gaya Smith finding the back of the net. The Blue Knights were on the end of another defeat as they fell 3-1 to the Pink Panthers. Melissa Jean Guy opened the scoring for the Knights but well placed shots from Yarileny De La Cruz (2) and Chrystal Stirling (1) ensured the Pink Panthers moved up into third place and a shot of making the top two places which will guarantee them a place in the grand final. MVP for week five was Ketani Marajah whose defensive skills ensured the Warriors were undefeated in both their games.

May 4 -10, 2013

Sports National



Rozo Football Club are the 2013 President’s Cup champions.

Jeanlis Job has been one of the main strikers for Rozo.

Job fires Rozo to President’s Cup title

JEANLIS Job scored four goals to hand Haitian side, the Rozo Football Club, the President’s Cup title last Saturday in

Providenciales. The AFC Academy, who had shocked favourites and league winners Cheshire Hall to reach the

final game, played hard, but were not that sharp defensively since two soft goals were scored by the eventual winners.

Rozo went up 2-0 quickly and the Academy side fought back with Jensen Joseph scoring, but Job proved up to the task as his side won

4-1. The striker Job was later named President’s Player-ofthe-Week.

KB Homes strengthen team for T20 competition – National player Bruno, two others join – Police not fielding a side POWERHOUSE Police will not field a team for the Turks and Caicos Islands Cricket Association (TCICA) T20 competition which will now bowl off on Saturday. Former skipper and national batsman Garvin Bruno decided to switch to the KB Homes side, which was made up of predominately rugby players. The move has resulted in the Lawmen not entering the competition. The talented batting all-rounder, Bruno, told the Weekly News that there were too many distractions on the Police team. “I’m not interested in captaining. Just want to focus on my game and coming back strong… but after all said and done they (the Police team) will always be in my heart. That would always be my team. Unfortunately, the team broke up after I made my decision.” STRONG KB HOMES Bruno is not the only inclusion on the KB Homes team; former Skipper Gareth Butler said that Australian Randy Schulz

and English man Paul Collis have also registered for the team. The national opener Butler said that all three players are “very good batsmen” and that Randy is a very useful left-arm bowler. Bruno has also fared well as an off-spinner. With the strengthen side Butler feels his team has a chance this season. He said he is “confident we can challenge for the championship this year having not won a game in two seasons.” Butler, who is an executive member of the national cricket association, has also passed the mantle of captaincy to Neil Coles. “Neil [Coles] has plenty of cricketing experience having played extensively in the UK, and will bring a fresh new approach and ideas to the captaincy, after having played with the KB Home teams since its inception.” Since last Sunday’s game was postponed, this Saturday will be the first game (KB Homes against Jam Turk) of the new series.

Garvin Bruno, Paul Collis, Randy Schulz and new captain Neil Coles with their new KB Homes jerseys.

Heineken/Pizza Pizza Tag League:

Marauders and Trail Harriers ahead THE Meridian Marauders and Trail Harriers have won three of their four games so far to sit on top of the Heineken/Pizza Pizza Tag Spring League points table. None of the eight teams competing have gone undefeated and only two points separate the top six teams.

It was the Trail Harriers who defeated the Meridian Marauders 4-2 on Week One, while the former went down in the second week to the Wahoos 6-8. The Wahoos and the BCQS Jolly Ranchers are tied for fifth on four points. While the Legion of Doom and The Vix

Tipsy Turtle are tied for third on five points. The Marauders have recorded two big wins so far. Against the Scotiabank Red Mist, they won 15-4 while they defeated the Jolly Ranchers 9-1. The league will run until midJune.



May 4 -10, 2013

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May 4 -10, 2013

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