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The Government and the Opposition (PDM) met at the table this past week for amicable discourse on the current PAGE  5 financial difficulties facing the country. Students’ new lunch shed nears completion



Students, teachers and representatives of the Sandals Foundation

Gov't departments overspend by $19m PAGE  4

Crown land in popular tourist spot reserved for cultural HQ PAGE  7

PDM wants biometrics surveillance law for TCI PAGE  8



May 17 - 23, 2014

May 17 - 23, 2014




May 17 - 23, 2014


Gov't departments overspend by $19m – Bad budgets and mis-management to blame SCORES of Government departments spent well above their allocated budgets last financial year, according to a recently published audit report. A massive $19 million excess expenditure was recorded across the board and much of it took place without the proper controls, management and documentation. The biggest ministerial culprits were the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Ministry of Health and Education and the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs. They all had a massive overspend of close to $3 million each, while excess statutory charges also hit $3 million. Overall during the 2012/2013 financial year the Government recorded a savings of $11 million on its budget but bad departmental budgets and mis-management of accounts meant that more was not retained. This news comes just months after the Weekly News revealed that during the previous financial year the interim government overspent by a momentous $31 million. Recommendations were made to revamp the system after it was slated to be inadequate and too informal. But despite a plethora of systematic changes leading to a reduction in the Government’s excess expenditure it is still listed as ‘high risk’ and a ‘significant deficiency’ in the ‘Auditor General’s Report on

Gross excess expenditure by ministry 2012/2013

the 2012/2013 TCIG Financial Statements’. The comprehensive report was laid before the House of Assembly at their latest meeting before being referred to the Public Accounts Committee. Auditor General Anand Heeraman of the National Audit Office (NAO) led the lengthy assessment along with four auditors and four assistant auditors. The paper, dated March 19, 2014, highlights several areas of material weakness and significant deficiencies with the Government’s financial handling. WHO SPENT IT? The total Government expenditure for 2012/2013 was about $168.8 million

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and total budgeted was just over $180.2 million including supplementary expenditure. This resulted in a savings of more than $11.4 million or six per cent, the Auditor General wrote in his report. “We commend those accounting officers who tried to manage their expenditure in keeping with financial regulations,” he said. However across many departments there was a total $19 million in excess expenditure which included excess payroll costs of more than $6.7 million, and excess operating costs of $12.2 million. After accounting for various savings within each department, a massive $9 million excess expenditure was recorded for the financial year in 32 departments and ministries. This was not approved by the House of Assembly and was in breach of the 2012/2013 Appropriation Ordinance. The biggest culprit was the Attorney General’s Chambers which overspent on various projects by more than $3.6 million. When underspend on other projects within the Chambers was accounted for, this hit a huge overspend of $2.3 million or 17 per cent over its budgeted $16 million. Next highest was the Ministry of Environment and Home Affairs which overspent by $2.9 million or $1.9 million including savings. This including a huge overspend of $1.5 million in the Environmental Health continued 


May 17 - 23, 2014




PDM presents alternative plans to Gov’t on financial challenges

THE GOVERNMENT and the Opposition (PDM) met at the table this past week for amicable discourse on the current financial difficulties facing the country. Leader of the Opposition, Sharlene Cartwright Robinson and other members of the PDM secured a meeting with Premier Rufus Ewing and Minister of Finance Washington Misick to present an alternative plan to tackling the current financial issues. Although neither party would go into the details of what the plan entails, the PDM leader told the Weekly News that the plan addresses paying down the sizable debt, the need for a broad-based tax in the country and the unpopular payroll tax. She said they would first give the Government a chance to consider the document without it being in the public domain. When contacted, Finance Minister Washington Misick said he has not had a chance to examine the entire plan as yet, but has met with and spoken to the PDM members in a very amicable discussion. He added that the Government has since sent on some additional information to the Opposition members which they were not in possession of when they put together their plan. Misick said it is now up to the

Premier Rufus Ewing

Leader of the Opposition Sharlene Cartwright Robinson

Minister of Finance Washington Misick

party to consider the information and decide whether they would like to take it into account, and then they can meet again for further discussions on the issues. The PDM party has made its opposition to the proposed payroll tax loud and very clear, and is currently conducting a referendum to present to the Government. Since the Government announced its intention to introduce the tax and its efforts to get the country on stable financial footing, the Opposition has protested that the way to go is not to tax an already over-burdened country. The party has also publicly outlined several other revenue generating measures, most of which have to do with efficient collection

of millions of dollars owed to the Government which it is not making any attempt to recoup. Last week, the Weekly News broke a story which revealed a massive $26 million in unpaid revenue at the end of the 2012/2013 financial year which were unrecoverable due to inconsistencies in public accounts. The figures were pulled from the ‘Auditor General’s Report on the 2012/2013 TCIG Financial Statements’ recently tabled in the House of Assembly. The report also lists a slew of other financial blunders. Last month, the PDM said the Government needs to deal with the “rip-off” that is InterHealth Canada, tackle healthcare costs, hold a

symposium to discuss the economy and other issues, consider the alternatives given by the Opposition and others, market the country, move away from the “lazy and noninnovative” approach, refinance the debt and listen to the people. In a press statement on Thursday (May 15), the Opposition Leader said the plan that they presented to the Government is a sound and well thought out one. “We were pleased that the Ministers did take the time to listen and we believe that the plan was received in the spirit it was submitted.” She said they are looking forward to further dialogue on the issue with relevant persons and are committed

Three robberies in two days DOZENS of personal items and a quantity of cash was stolen during three separate robberies in Providenciales on Tuesday and Wednesday (Mat 13 and 14). A cash register, cash, a 26 inch television, a black laptop, a brown Digicel bag containing a Samsung phone, a pair of Cartier reading glasses, a pair of black Ray Ban shades and male and female clothing were taken. A police press release provided no further information on the incidents. There were also three incidents of malicious damage to property, three incidents of abstracting

electricity and one incident of motor vehicle interference. The press release stated that police officers caught a man in the process of removing several auto parts from two vehicles. He was arrested and is presently assisting police with their investigation. Anyone with any information on these crimes can call CrimeStoppers on 1-8008477 or use the CrimeStoppers online reporting page www. Information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

to working in the best interest of the country. “We were also pleased to have met with Alex Musson, the Debt Restructure Strategist. This meeting comes ahead of a proposed meeting on the sovereign rating exercise scheduled for next week.” Meanwhile, further discussions were set to be held on Friday (May 16) by the Ministry of Finance with members of the House of Assembly, the private sector and other stakeholders in Grand Turk. The discussion is intended to focus on the Government’s tax rationalisation strategy, the business sector in the TCI and the credit rating exercise which the Government hopes to have done soon. The PDM leader said her party hopes that following the meetings, they will have greater insight into the Government’s plans for the country. “We believe that these meetings should also aid in the preparation for the budget session in the absence of the Financial Strategy and Policy Statement (FSPS) and other critical consultations that could have been useful.” She further observed that this is the party’s first opportunity to meet for open discussions with all stakeholders. (DI)

Police to hold public meetings FOR the first time this year residents have the opportunity to speak to police officers in a public forum on the topics of crime and policing. Over the coming month Police Commissioner Colin Farquhar and several of his senior officers will host town hall meetings across the country. The forum will not only allow the force to hear public concerns and opinions but will also help them to form a new strategic plan. The three year plan will coincide with the financial year, rather than the calendar year like the 2009-2014 plan, to allow it to integrate with the budget. A press release from the police stated: “This new policing plan will be based on the police budget because it is recognised that the

budget is needed to implement the policing plan after consultation with community needs and expectations.” The first town hall meeting is slated to take place at the Regatta Village in South Caicos on Monday, May 19 at 5pm. On Wednesday, May 21, a meeting will be held at the Community Centre in Middle Caicos from 10am. That same day in North Caicos a meeting will take place at Adelaide Oemler Primary School from 3pm. In Grand Turk the town hall meeting will be held at Dillon Hall from 5pm on Thursday, May 29. There will be four meetings held in Providenciales which will all take place at 6pm on Friday, May 23, at Maranatha HS Auditorium in Blue Hills, on Tuesday, May

27, at the Community Centre in Five Cays, on Friday, May 30, at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Centre and on Tuesday, June 3, at the Tropicana Auditorium in Grace Bay. “Please pass this information along to all of your local membership groups, friends, neighbours and family. All are welcome and encouraged to attend,” the release read. “Commissioner Colin Farquhar and his staff look forward to discussing your concerns and opinions relating to crime and policing in the various communities Any questions regarding these meetings can be directed to the police on 941-4448 or public relations officer Audley Astwood at audley.


May 17 - 23, 2014


A Weekly News column that puts you on the spot for your opinions on the issues of the day

Gov’t lost millions

be uncollectible?

Where are the watchdogs?

ABOUT $26 million in unpaid revenue was owed to the Government at the end of the 2012/2013 financial year, the Weekly News revealed last week. But according to a document leaked to press much of it is likely to have been uncollectable because of huge inconsistencies in public accounts. What are your thoughts on this monumental mishap? Who should be held accountable?

Who is responsible?

Scandalous! These politicians are spineless and uncaring. Guys move around your constituencies, you may have a change of heart about implementing payroll tax. Go collect these monies and if not tell us who was responsible for this foul-up and if still employed by TCIG, retire them in the public interest.


This is the second year of this administration and the 11th year since the Progressive National Party (PNP) took over bringing their folks into the civil service including those that handle financial matters. They are carrying false receivables as an asset to make the books look better. Three and a half years of interim government tried in vain to figure out this mess. This is simple cash accounting. Put beans in the jar then take them out as you spend them. From 2003 to 2009 and 2012 to 2014 we have never seen a budget on time or followed. The Commission of Inquiry revealed the PNP could not balance their own cheque books. They forgot to apply for the land their headquarters sits on. It is called mismanagement of the people’s resources. Everywhere you look from broken developments to the overpriced hospital and healthcare. Millions in Crown land squandered. We are simply and totally bankrupt and have been this way since before the 2007 election. That just made it much worse - 11 voters in North and Middle, 17 voters in Grand Turk North, 30 voters in Long Bay, the Bight and the unbelievable voters of South Caicos need to be held responsible.

Apologies needed

The Government went through great lengths to say that the Opposition was being reckless. Four ministers launched an attack. Donhue, Rufus, Washy and Akierra should apologise to the people of this country. They said that it could not be over $20 million. I can bet they will blame this on the Brits as well as is their song now and say it

is probably all uncollectable. Even if the Government collected one quarter of that they can help. The Government should have dealt with an arrears list since they came to office and now have a clean list. This should be produced monthly by all ministries. This list exists and yet I heard Washy and Akierra say that they are doing research on the numbers and could not answer questions. What are these people doing? They are introducing taxes left and right and not trying to get a true list of arrears.

Make it public

First let me say, do not take a cent out of my pay before collecting what is owed to the Government first. If the people who owe say they don’t have any money, make them pay in manpower build more schools, a clinic and police and fire station in three more communities. And if the Finance Minister was half good at the job, he would do his best to have these funds collected, unless of course he also owes the Government and wants to hide that. All the tax we are paying, there should be a public website on what the funds are being spent on. After all it is our money so we have a right to know.

Regional problem

Try $500 million in real property tax each year in non-collected monies in the Bahamas! This seems to be a serious problem in small city-states where everybody knows everybody. Everybody is giving their friends, families and lovers a break while the nation goes broke because of taxes not collected. The Bahamas government is currently running a deficit of about $300 to $400 million each year for the last 30 years! Clearly, we in the Bahamas do not have the answer. I guess it is the curse of small city states. We give ‘our boys’ a break.

No chance of change

It is consistent with the Government to continue to burden the honest while the

dishonest get away with it. The expats have to toe the line because of the threat of being kicked off the island and continue to pay to keep the Government running. Nepotism and the British lack of backbone will ensure this never changes.

Old agreements

The Government is probably owed this amount in unpaid monies by developers’ agreements into the education fund. If monies owed were put towards its intended purpose, how much stronger would our educational system be?

File bankruptcy

The folks that created this mess were reelected so it must be the voters that are responsible. They knew that Washy was a wash out as a financial manager and Rufus has no experience except at the supper table of his daddy who could never win as a PNP. File bankruptcy, throw out the National health Insurance Plan and put Sharlene in charge. At least you will be back on the road to straightening out the mess.

Nothing new

This revelation of the public accounts being in a horrible mess is nothing new – months ago we heard of huge numbers of dollars in bank balances being written off because the absence of accurate bank reconciliations over a number of years could not verify the account balances, as well as a very high dollar value of staff advances being written off because nobody had any idea which had been repaid and which had not! Now we are told of some $1 million in business licence fees being written off as uncollectible. A business licence is renewed only when the renewal fee is paid, so how can the fee

Not exactly sure how these huge messes can go on, year after year, in spite of the Government apparently having an internal audit function, unless it is as inefficient as the departments it is auditing. How could any conscientious accounting department(s) allow the accumulation of such a huge pile of unrecorded bills that a large part of the loan we are now repaying was to settle them? Where is the vaunted Public Accounts Committee, and why does it apparently sit still when the various departments either present no information at all, or provide details which are hopelessly inaccurate? Can you imagine any private sector company staying in business under these conditions? Or tolerating such abysmal performance from its employees? While many of these write-offs are legacy issues from previous Governments, every couple of years seems to see another set of nightmares surface in this regard, so how can we have any confidence that the underlying problems are not still ongoing? It is indeed difficult to be receptive to the Government’s current pleas for additional sources of revenue when it displays such a terrible quality of stewardship over the funds it has previously been given.

We need answers

Is it a business or is it a joke? In the private sphere we are held accountable for everything. There are checks and balances and there are policies that are adhered to in the world of business. The same must be expected of our Government. When I hear things like this, it leads me back to the question of what will happen to all these potential $$ that will be garnered from more taxation of citizens. If the funds are not managed correctly, will another request be made five to 10 years down the road to stop another gap? It is time for serious business in every aspect of national life. We get appraised and we are accountable in private businesses and it is time for the same level to be maintained in the Government. Will someone be held accountable? Will there be immediate measures that will be put into place to prevent this from happening in the future or will we continue to go on hoping that someone, anyone provides the answers for these issues.

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May 17 - 23, 2014

Gov't departments ... continued from 




Department. The Ministry of Health and Education spent and excess of $3.4 million on various projects, or $1.8 million over their total budget. The Ministry of Government Support Services (GSS) was the next highest excess spender, reaching a huge $1.8 million overspend on projects or $1 million after ministry savings. Other big spenders included the police, the Ministry of Border Control and Labour, and the Ministry of Finance, Tourism and Trade. There were also five departments that spent a total of $465,544 and did not have any budget allocations at all. They were the police AntiDrugs Unit, the Police Marine Branch, the Immigration Services Unit, the GSS Works Programme and the Port Authority. “Chief Financial Officer approval was not provided for the five ministries and departments that did not have budget allocations but had expenses posted to accounts,” the Auditor General wrote. “Further, funds control mechanisms were not in place to prevent the programmes and accounts from being utilised by the ministries and departments.” WHAT WAS BOUGHT? Of the overspend a large amount was went to excess recurrent expenditure including personnel costs - $1.4 million, maintenance expenses - $1 million, civil recovery expenses - $2.3 million, and hospital provisional charges – $895,000. In addition expenditure totalling $1.7 million was incurred against 86 accounts within various ministries and departments that did not have any budget allocation. The largest of these was for more than $300,000 of Government cash, with five others above $100,000. At the time of the report the expenditure incurred against accounts without budget was not approved by the House of Assembly. All this took place despite funds controls mechanisms being in place to prevent the ministries and departments from spending against accounts without budgetary provision. The audit report explained that the cause of these accounting mistakes was that ordinances and regulations were not adhered to. It said that there was a lack of management oversight, and ministries and departments had prepared faulty budgets. There was no training on budgetary preparation and control and funds control mechanisms were not employed to prevent excess expenditure

against accounts with no budget. The report advised: “A proper audit trail should be kept of expenditure in excess of that budgeted and regular monitoring of over expenditure done so that the correct allocations are made to the budget holder’s department on a timely basis. “This helps ensure that mispostings and other adjustments are made within the accounting year and true expenditures not properly authorised are addressed.” HOW IT WORKS The Appropriation Ordinance is the limit by which ministries and departments may spend. Once the ordinance is approved by the House of Assembly and sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance by general warrant then spending can legally take place. The accounting officers in various ministries are responsible for managing and controlling expenditure and follow various legal guidelines on public finances which were enacted in 2012. Prior to these laws, the officers would follow best practices and financial management company SmartStream’s requirements. The newly enacted laws require accounting officers to provide efficient controls and audit for Government transactions. Where the excess expenditure cannot be met by a transfer of funds from within the budget then provision for supplementary funds is sought. An application must be made to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and submitted to the minister for evaluation. If approved the amount will be included in the ministry’s supplementary estimates and submitted to the House of Assembly for appropriation. “No action shall be taken by any accounting officer which creates a commitment on public funds before the House of Assembly approval is obtained.” However at the end of the financial year if any cash has been spent in excess of the amount appropriated or for a purpose which no money has been appropriated it should be included in a statement of excess. The relevant minister should lay the statement before the House of Assembly which will refer it to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), and send it to the Governor. The PAC should then report this back to the House of Assembly within six months when members will decide if it is accepted and the excess amount written into a Supplementary Appropriation Bill. (RB)


Crown land in popular tourist spot reserved for cultural HQ AN AREA of Crown land close to some of Providenciales’ largest hotels has been identified as the new location for a cultural headquarters and public park. The plot will not only become the permanent home to the popular Island Fish Fry event but will also be the site of a new Tourist Board and Culture Department building. Located in Grace Bay close to Beaches Key West Village and the TCI Cultural Market, it will provide a central location for cultural events. On Wednesday (May 14) during a meeting at the House of Assembly in Grand Turk, Cabinet “approved in principle” that the Crown land be reserved in the Grace Bay area and granted on licence to the Tourist Board. According to a press release on Thursday (May 15) the land will be allocated following completion of Crown land and public financial management procedures. The general location of the site was confirmed in a later interview with the board’s Director Ralph Higgs. “We have been working with the Government to find a permanent home for the Fish Fry and to have that venue developed in keeping with our brand,” he explained. “This is obviously good news

for the TCI Tourist Board, for TCI tourism, for TCI culture and TCI heritage. “We’re looking forward to mobilising and moving the process of developing this parcel of land to showcase our tourism, our culture and our heritage at the soonest possible opportunity, funds being available.” He said he was not able to give a timeframe of exactly when the development process would take place. “However I can say that my office will spare no effort to see that this comes about in an expeditious fashion.” Higgs said that a new building needed to be built for the Tourist Board and Culture Department to enable both offices to expand. “Tourism is our number one industry and will only grow from strength to strength so we must think about the future and in that parcel of land we hope to build a modern facility that will incorporate adequate space for the promotion and preservation of our heritage and culture.” He also spoke of a new public park being created to showcase cultural events such as the Island Fish Fry. Higgs added that the Tourist Board would be “fully cognisant” of all

Under the tree

the hotels and residential properties around the area and would select appropriate events to showcase. TCI’s weekly food and music extravaganza, the Island Fish Fry, faced closure in March after Kathleen Wood, the Director of the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), sent an angry letter to the Tourist Board. In it she claimed that the popular Thursday evening event was ruining the environment around the Children’s Park in the Bight with excessively loud noise, grease dumping, and litter. She also said that they had not come up with a large portion of the rent payments for the land since the event began in January 2013 – leaving them close to $20,000 in arrears. Wood went on to demand that the Tourist Board immediately seek a new home for the Fish Fry and vacate the park. However Premier Rufus Ewing later insisted that the park would remain the event’s home until another permanent location could be found. Higgs told the Weekly News this week that all problems had been fully addressed and the new location will accommodate the large numbers of attendees that it often attracts. (RB)

By Benneth Williams




PDM wants biometrics surveillance law for TCI SHADOW Minister for Environment and Home Affairs, Goldray Ewing will on Monday (May 19) present a motion for a law governing biometric surveillance to be introduced in the Turks and Caicos in the fight against crime. Ewing told the Weekly News on Thursday (May 15) that the motion comes long on the heels of a question asked in parliament in April 2013, about the police force’s crime fighting tools when crime was escalating in the country at the time. “We asked them about finger printing laws and surveillance laws and they said that they had no appetite for that at the time. “But after the police commissioner came out with the statistics for last year, I decided that we wouldn’t leave it up to the Government or to the police to determine what type of tools they need to fight crime,” Ewing said. He added that the decision was made to take the proposal to the house and let members recommend that the laws be put in place. “If they choose not to use it, once the laws are in place, then it’s a different matter. But we must give them the tools to work with so that they would be very effective in fighting crime.” Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analysing biological data. In information technology, biometrics refers to technologies that measure and analyse human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements for authentication purposes. Authentication by biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in corporate and public security systems, consumer electronics and point of sale (POS) applications. In addition to security, the driving force behind biometric verification has been convenience. If the motion is supported and the law drafted and passed, the next step, Ewing said, would be to set up an information bureau, responsible

Elected member for Blue Hills, Goldray Ewing

for the gathering and safeguarding of such sensitive information. He said that such a department would not take a lot of money to put in place. However, Ewing said if one wants to consider costs as a restriction to its implementation, what should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind are the safety of the populace and the reputation of the country, especially given its tourism industry. “So the actual costs shouldn’t come into effect, and it would take a while to get the bill together – I don’t see that happening right now. “If we petition the Attorney General Chambers to go ahead with the document, at least they would be ahead of the curve when it comes to us being forced to use some of these methods, especially in the financial industry, like banking.” He said if the banks were to ask the Government to legally use fingerprinting and voice scanning for people to access their accounts, the Government cannot give them that okay because there are no laws to govern or regulate that sort of thing. He added that he could see the financial industry requesting that information, because the world is going in that direction. Speaking to the information bureau, Ewing said it would be preferable and appropriate that such a unit not fall directly under the police force as more than just the force would use it.

“It would be there for all law enforcement agencies; they would have to go through a separate channel to access people’s information. “You would have an information commissioner who would be in charge of protecting sensitive information.” When asked what the police can do in the interim to aid in its crime fighting efforts, the shadow minister suggested that a policy decision be taken to standardise close circuit television used by businesses. He explained: “A lot of businesses and public places around here have up cameras, but they are not of any high resolution. “Let’s take for instance Robbie Been’s murder. The camera picked up someone, but you cannot see anything really on it because it was not a good quality camera being used. “So, it’s almost a waste of time, using this poor equipment to do jobs that you are relying on to prosecute people.” He said regulations should be put in place to request businesses to upgrade their surveillance abilities. “Right now you cannot take video recordings into a court of law to use as exhibits – there is no law on the books for them to do that and the biometrics and surveillance law would allow law enforcement to use these as evidence.” Meanwhile, the Weekly News contacted Police Commissioner, Colin Farquhar to find out just what crime fighting tools the force has at its disposal. He confirmed that the Royal TCI Police Force (RTCIPF) uses the fingerprinting system in detecting crime. “A recent audit of the RTCIPF fingerprint system revealed that the RTCIPF is at or above recognised professional standards,” he added. The commissioner also stated that the force collects and uses DNA evidence in detecting crime. He said the DNA evidence is analysed in the USA and that personnel from the DNA lab have given evidence in TCI courts. (DI)

TCIG reintroduces cadets programme THE TURKS and Caicos Islands Government is looking into the reintroduction of the Cadets Corps programme, after being dormant for quite some time. The Ministry of Education, through the Department of Youth Affairs and the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force are making final preparations for its reintroduction on Tuesday, May 27. The launch will take place simultaneously at 3.30pm at the HJ Robinson High School, the Raymond Gardiner High School, the Clement Howell High School and the Marjorie Basden High School. The corps is expected to play an

essential role in the lives of the youth by exposing them to training in land and marine navigation, military knowledge and policing duties. This aims to teach them discipline, responsibility and adventure and instil the qualities of leadership, patriotism, volunteerism and virtue. Prior to the commencement of basic training, instructors will be trained in methods of instruction, drill instruction, leadership training and the responsibility for children and young people. This is aimed at preparing the instructors to effectively facilitate the training of new recruits. Students who want to enrol

in the Cadet Corps can obtain an application form from the principals of the schools listed above. Applications will be processed on a first come basis due to the limited number of spaces that are available. Application forms must be signed by a parent or guardian before submission. Completed forms should be submitted to the respective principals no later than Wednesday, May 23. Further information about the programme can be obtained from Lt Colonel Ennis Grant on 231-1498 or Nixon Dickenson, senior program officer in the Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Education, on 338-5101.

May 17 - 23, 2014

Education minister to explain missing $19m – But not until parliament next week ANSWERS on the $19 million unpaid revenue to the Ministry of Education and inaccuracies in accounts will be provided early next week, Akierra Missick assured press on Tuesday (May 13). The public will be given further information on the huge amounts of missing cash and why it has not been collected during the questions section of the House of Assembly meeting in Grand Turk. Last week the Weekly News revealed that about $26 million in unpaid revenue was owed to the Government at the end of the 2012/2013 financial year. But according to an audit report obtained by press much of it is likely to have been uncollectable because of huge inconsistencies in public accounts. The ‘Auditor General’s Report on the 2012/2013 TCIG Financial Statements’ highlighted the largest discrepancy as the reporting of ‘Contributions towards special school’ which differed a massive $7 million. The Ministry of Health and Education reported that it was owed $12.2 million while the department records showed missing payments of $19.3 million. The Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture told the

Ministry of Education Akierra Missick

Weekly News in an email that she was unable to respond to any questions on the issue as she had not yet seen the report. She explained that she has asked for the original document and will speak further on the unpaid revenue when she has received it. “Special school? There was a similar question on the House of Assembly agenda,” she explained. “I was unable to respond as the data was incomplete given the questions were delivered to the TCIG members of the House of Assembly late. “The House of Assembly is next week and I’ll respond then.” The minister did not accept offers from the Weekly News to provide a copy of the report before press time. Minister of Finance Washington Misick also told the newspaper that he would be producing a comprehensive response to the report’s findings within the next week. (RB)

Top female politicians to attend regional meeting THREE of the TCI’s leading female political figures are attending a regional parliamentary conference next week. Deputy Premier Akierra Missick, Leader of the Opposition Sharlene Cartwright Robinson and Lydia Butterfeld, Deputy Clerk to the House of Assembly will all be jetting off to the Bahamas to take part. The two day meeting of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) regional branch is being held in Nassau from May 22 to 23. There will be representatives from many Caribbean countries congregating under the theme ‘Women: The voice, the vote, the victory.’ Cartwright Robinson will moderate one session during the second day of the meeting entitled: ‘The state of the region: The way forward.’ She will manage the discussions from the floor and summarise the contributions. “I look forward to sharing in this experience again as a delegate. I was

able to attend a meeting of the CWP in 2000 as an observer and benefitted greatly from the encounter. “It is always good to hear of the issues other women face and to plan the way forward as to how we can make greater contributions particularly in our individual countries and our region.” The CWP was founded by women delegates at the 1989 plenary conference so women at future conferences could discuss ways to increase female representation in parliament. They also hoped to work towards the mainstreaming of gender considerations in all Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) activities and programmes. In 2004, the group was formally recognised in the CPA constitution and its elected chairperson added to the CPA executive committee. The CPA is an organisation of British origin which works to support good governance, democracy and human rights.

May 17 - 23, 2014




Global tax transparency standard for TCI

FINANCE Minister, Washington Misick has announced that the Turks and Caicos Islands is ready to comply with a major international tax transparency agreement. The announcement came by way of a Government press statement on Thursday, May 15. TCI financial institutions must soon register with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI) and obtain a global intermediary identification number under a model 1 IGA. Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles stated: “Tax transparency is perhaps the

hottest topic for conversation and implementation in the global financial sector. “Having met the initial standard we will work on regulations to ensure compliance through an effective legal framework.” While Acting Governor, Anya Williams pointed to the leading role the UK and its overseas territories have taken in combating tax evasion in the offshore financial services industry; a major international issue. She stated: “In an effort to prevent the loss of tax revenues, countries have agreed to share tax information with their treaty partners governed by a standard that protects the rights

and safeguards of tax payers and the reporting agents. We are committed to these standards in the Turks and Caicos.” The UK IGA was signed in November 2013, and the US IGA with the TCI is now ready to be signed, the release said. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was enacted in 2010 by the United States’ Congress as part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act. It requires foreign financial institutions to report to the IRS, information about financial accounts held by US taxpayers, or by foreign entities in which US taxpayers hold a substantial ownership interest.

There are two versions of the USA model agreement - a reciprocal version and a nonreciprocal version. Both versions establish a framework for reporting by financial institutions of certain account information to their respective tax authorities, followed by automatic exchange of such information. They also address the legal issues that had been raised in connection with FATCA, and simplify its implementation for financial institutions. Commendations were handed out Permanent Secretary of the Finance Ministry Athenee Harvey, the Attorney General, Director of the Exchange of Information Unit Henry Saunders and Kenisha Bacchus of

Revised 2014/2015 budget sent to UK on Thursday for approval New dates for non-profit MEMBERS of Cabinet on Wednesday (May 15) approved a revised budget for financial year 2014/2015 and agreed that it should be forwarded to UK ministers for approval. This was done on Thursday, May 15, Minister of Finance Washington Misick told this publication. The revised budget reflects changes to existing and new revenue streams, a post Cabinet update from the Governor’s office stated. The press release also gave details of other matters that were addressed by Cabinet this past week. Cabinet confirmed its intention to create a National Revenue Authority (NRA) and directed the Boards of the National Insurance Board (NIB) and the National Health Insurance Board (NHIB) to collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to establish the authority. The NRA will bring together the collection and compliance functions of the NIB and the NHIB in one authority. Discussions were also held on the NHIB payment arrears and potential solutions that are available. The members also discussed the procurement waivers granted for the period January to March 2014 as per section 21 of the Public Procurement Ordinance 2012. The waivers relate to the urgent procurement of equipment for the Providenciales morgue and emergency rescue works to the coral at Northwest Point, Providenciales; Advice was given to the Acting Governor, Anya Williams, who chaired the session, to approve the drafting of amendments to Regulation 10 of the Banking Regulations which were made pursuant to section 38 of the Banking Ordinance. The amendments will change references to 'the Governor' to 'the

Commission'. Williams was also advised to approve the drafting of amendments to the National Honours and Awards Ordinance as per the recommendations of the National Honours and Awards Committee. The amendments make provision for the following awards - The Order of National Hero, The Order of Turks and Caicos Islands, Patriotic Award, Meritorious Award, Long Service Medal, and National Young Achievers Medal. The Director of Environment and Maritime Affairs presented an information report to Cabinet. It dealt with the potential environmental, economic and social impacts associated with commercial scale shrimp farming. Approval was given for the appointments to the Telecommunications Board for 2014/15. The new appointees are Heather Allen-Greene as chairman, Terrence Robinson as deputy chairman, Andre Garneau as member, Shaveena Been as member, Herbert Ingham as member, Pedro Ariza as member, Permanent Secretary of GSS as exofficio member and secretary exofficio member. Cabinet also approved several appointments to Water and Sewerage Board for 2014/15. These are the Permanent Secretary of GSS as chairman, chief environmental health officer as ex-officio member, Director Pwd as ex-officio member, Director of Planning as ex-officio member, Director of Environment and Coastal Resources as exofficio member, chief economist as ex-officio member, energy and utilities commissioner as secretary, and Benjamin Harvey and Lydia Handfield as members.

the Financial Services Commission, for their hard work in achieving the milestone for the Islands’ Financial Services industry. The TCI now joins other UK overseas territories, such as the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, in practically demonstrating that the territories are not tax havens, but are, rather, open, transparent and well governed. Meanwhile, in a related move, the TCI Government has extended its deadline for submissions to its consultation on beneficial ownership information to 30 June 2014. Interested parties are encouraged to contribute to exercise, the outcome of which will have an impact on the future of the financial services industry in TCI.

organisations to comply with the law NON-PROFIT Organisations (NPOs) in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which have not yet done so, have been granted an extension to register their details with the Financial Services Commission and to make the required election as companies. The NPO Committee wanted a nine month extension from the March 31 deadline, but was unsuccessful in securing that length of time. They now have until July 31 for registration as NPOs – this was initially set for October 2013 - and until June 30 for the continuation of elections of existing not for profit companies. The joint announcement by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), the Governor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Chambers was made via a public notice disseminated through the Governor’s Office earlier this week. The bodies are required to register and to continue their election status as NPOs under the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2012 and the Non-Profit Regulations 2013; or what is singularly known as the NPO legislation. According to the joint statement, the TCI Government is reviewing the provisions of the NPO legislation with a view to maintaining the financial action task force’s recommendations concerning money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation financing. It noted that the recommendations set the management and accountability standards for NPOs, while ensuring that the requirements are not disrupting the good work of the NPOs for the people of the TCI.

“We recognise the good work of NPOs across these Islands,” Attorney General Rhondalee BraithwaiteKnowles said. She added that compliance with the legislation is designed to ensure that NPOs in the Islands are not being used for money laundering, the financing of terrorism and proliferation financing as well as maintaining public confidence in the NPO sector. “I would ask all NPOs to register with the NPO supervisor, Paul Coleman at the Financial Services Commission as soon as possible to ensure that there is not a bottleneck of paperwork in June and July.” Full details and the application to register are available on the TCI Financial Services Commission’s website. Since last year, the NPOs have been fighting to have their collective voices heard on the requirements of the legislation, with little to no avail. Ian McLeod, member of the CrimeStoppers TCI and the Hotel and Tourism Association has been particularly outspoken via email correspondence to the Attorney General about the issues the NPO committee have with the legislation. He told the Weekly News on Thursday (May 15) that some of the requirements are far more stringent than for companies that operate for profit. “I am not aware of a single nonprofit in this country that is not opposed to money-laundering and financing global terrorism, I think it is a bit of a stretch for the Government or the Caribbean Financial action task force to think that… any of the non-profits operating here are going

to do that. “I mean it is a real reach. We understand the kind of world we live in, but it’s a real reach to suggest that.” He said no one from any of the NPOs here was ever consulted on the legislation and as such, the drafters simply do not know how non-profits in the TCI operate. “And the nature of the small country that we have got is – there are many people who are not just involved in one organisation, they are involved with two or more and it’s by virtue of people who just want to help out the community at large. Virtually all are volunteers.” McLeod added that the vast majority of NPOs in the TCI have nothing to do with the financial industry, so they cannot understand why they have to report to the FSC. He said there are other existing Government bodies to which NPOs could report. Some of the changes require heavier registration fees and an audit if the NPO has assets of $250,000 or more among others, McLeod stated. He said several of the NPOs’ physical structures alone are worth more than that amount and requiring them to pay for an auditor is “nonsense”. “It’s a needless expense for people who are just trying to do good; it’s not needed. Our position all along is that there are graduated scales in the international body for NPOs that are potentially at risk,” he said. Under the NPO legislation, all NPOs must be registered to ensure that they are open, accountable, transparent and are being used for the purposes for which they were set up. (DI)


May 17 - 23, 2014


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Government, taxes and the economy Dear Editor, Your Opposition leader is correct in noting that TCI is the envy of the Caribbean because it has stayed relatively tax free. Actually, it is one of the few if not the only one in the world. If you own a business, and you are successful through years of hard work, you hire people to help you. You may start other businesses, and eventually hire people to help you there as well. You are a creator of jobs. You pay taxes on your successful businesses; and, you pay for your own vacation time and your own needs. If the Government is smart and is helping you to grow they should take care that the roads to your businesses are paved and maintained for you who pays the taxes through licences, fees, duty and so on. They should want for you to grow and create more jobs so other people will have money and start businesses. This reduces the need for more government revenue which means taxes. Government says the people need jobs and so the Government say they will create jobs. But the Government doesn’t make money, it collects and spends money. The more the Government spends,

the more money they need to collect from the people. The less money people pay in fees, licences, duty and taxes the more they have to spend at local businesses. The Government has a civil service for the important things like border control, police, roads and schools. But if the Government is efficient (and not for the profit of the public servants), it only needs a small amount to run a small country effectively. You pay for the people who have government jobs. You pay their salary, their vacations, their bonuses, their travel, miscellaneous expenses and so on. You will notice they work far fewer hours than people who own their own business. The Government doesn’t produce a product they can sell to pay for these jobs – the Government taxes you for every new job they add. The more civil servants you have, the more you have to work to pay to support them. The Government is a creator of taxes. The TCI does not need new taxes and should be able to vastly reduce what taxes and fees they do have. There is a lot of talk about the need for increasing revenue. Little

consideration is given to how to be more efficient, to reduce expenses, to take the burden off the people. Every dollar spent in taxes is money businesses and working people can’t spend on what they want – to grow the economy based on what they think they need. Here are several ways to move away from taxation and back to smart governing. Fortis TCI - agreements were made that brought one of the highest costs of electricity in the world and certainly in the Caribbean to TCI. All the money, a huge excess, that goes to pay such a high price is money taken away from the people and the businesses to spend in their own pursuits. The country is having its wealth stolen and given to others. Agreements can be changed. The Government should end that agreement. The people should demand it. The hospitals are a financial anchor threatening to drown you. The TCI people were involved but the British government did not provide proper oversight either. The contract should have been cancelled. The British government didn’t want to pay the large penalty

fee, so they put the monkey on the back of the TCI. Then a 12.5 per cent interest rate added - yet another monkey on your back. This is why you are being threatened with taxes. Refuse to pay them, nullify the contract. Support the people and businesses that are creating the jobs. Keep their taxes low and few. Realise this is especially necessary on the family islands where businesses are harder to create. As more jobs become available through businesses, slowly reduce the number of civil servants. Make it unnecessary ever again to be threatened with income (payroll) taxes, value added tax or property taxes. Free the people and the creators of jobs to keep their own money to

spend and invest as they see diligent. Let businesses transition excess civil servants into jobs that aren’t paid for by you. You’ll have a surplus and more. And stay the envy of the world. Everyone who wants to see the Turks and Caicos Islands thrive, to see it make their people richer not poorer, should educate themselves and let the Government and those running for government know what they want and need. One good way to do that (and all leaders should do so) is to begin this education with a book by Henry Hazlitt entitled ‘Economics in one lesson’. Cindi Welch, Pumpkin Bluff, North Caicos

We welcome letters from all members of the public on a variety of topics Please note that all submissions are subject to editing in keeping with defamation laws and newspaper style. Letters should be accompanied by the author’s full name, location and phone number. Names will be withheld if requested.

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Choo choos and credibility

I ADMIT to a love of trains, steam powered! My great uncle was a train engineer; he ran a slow service train in the steel mills of Cleveland. While he chugged along in the mills uncle dreamed of driving the high speed passenger trains of that era. As a youngster I accompanied Uncle Bob in his 1939 Chrysler to a small whistle stop station to watch the 20th Century Limited roar by. It was the late 1940s. Passenger trains lost money when highways and planes provided cheaper and faster long distance USA transportation. Now Asians are showing the way with new high speed trains. Creature comforts and competitive pricing predict a return to train travel.

Nothing will ever replace the ‘choo choo’ sound of those fossil fuel driven monsters of the last century though. The point is that returning to what worked in the past by incorporating a modern flare is something we need to seriously consider. This also applies to politics. After the short and lacklustre administrations of Oswald and Washy we got busy under Derek and chugged along growing the TCI economy. Low taxes and a welcoming people brought in US dollars. Our US military base from the 1940s and JAGS had given us the US dollar and jump started Grand Turk. Club Med was joined by Beaches and big resorts were off and running to realise the potential of Grace Bay and the Caicos Islands.


Thanks to Derek for the head start. What followed was a train wreck. From 2003 to 2009 we took upscale mentality to disastrous levels. Never mind that today Beaches is advertising on USA TV fat 65 per cent discounts on summer pricing. Discounts that could continue in a warm winter? The family plan curiously called the Government, still talks upscale everything. They have a steak and lobster mentality in a wiener and beans economy. Canned corn beef and rice now becomes Sunday dinner for the unemployed, underemployed and poor single mothers and widows. Escalate the cost of employee work permits and business licences then employers raise prices on canned corn beef! We now have to pay back the debt

By David Tapfer

David is a retired mobile hydraulic engineer and business executive. He has been married to Middle Caicos native Yvette Robinson Tapfer for 25 years and has lived in Conch Bar, Middle Caicos, since 2002. David formerly served as branch chairman of the PDM from 2008 to 2011

using the same family that created it - a family with a negative credit rating. A couple of serious bankruptcies and the obligation of a billion dollar payback on healthcare. They want the Opposition to cosign their new loan because only PDM has a stellar credit rating. Fat chance! Waiting for her chance to lead

is TCI’s answer to Thatcher, Merkle and Eugenia Charles - our Sharlene. She understands how the ‘choo choo’ worked and how to adapt it to today’s world. Up through the ranks her law degree serves her well to do the right thing. The family islands and Grand Turk North need to wake-up, feel the emptiness and who caused it.

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May 17 - 23, 2014



PDM remembers its first leader and country’s only named national hero ON MAY 9, the People’s Democratic Party (PDM) and the rest of the country remembered the life and legacy of the Turks and Caicos Island’s first Chief Minister and only national hero. Current leader of the PDM, Sharlene Cartwright Robinson recalled the tragic and sudden demise of the party’s past leader 34 years ago, in a statement to the media. Below is the full text of the Opposition Leader’s memorial: “His name continues to ring in the hearts and minds of many. Today we reflect with a deeply abiding love and profound respect for our former leader and for his vision for a better Turks and Caicos. “We believe that this vision should remain an un-shifting one for us all and we are determined to see a Turks and Caicos with justice,

freedom and equality for all. “As we reflect today on his death, we celebrate his life and call to our remembrance the service and what has now become the legacy of a great man. “Too often rejected and misunderstood, he was guided by selfless desires and a sincere passion that no one could seem to turn off. “He listened to all, encouraged participation by all, even those rejected by society and sidelined because of their youth. “He used education and information as his greatest weapons and never manipulation or divisiveness. He did not seek to have a monopoly on solutions. “A keen, decisive and strong leader faced with many challenges, he discussed the issues for others’ input and contribution. “When our leader spoke he made great attempts to ensure that

AG might challenge appellate court decision in Clyde Robinson case THE ATTORNEY General’s Chambers said it is currently considering whether to appeal a recent appellate court decision not to grant the Crown more time to appeal a land flipping case it lost to former Director of Planning, Clyde Robinson and his ex-wife. The Court of Appeal on Thursday, May 8, handed yet another blow to the Crown when it denied the Civil Recovery Team extra time to appeal Judge Margaret Ramsay-Hale’s November 2013 judgement. In an invited comment via email, AG Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles said that they are disappointed with the Court of Appeal decision not to grant the extension of time for service. “[We] are considering an appeal, given the wider impact on the jurisdiction of the court and the restrictions such a decision would place on all appellants in similar circumstances,” she said. No explanations as to what sort of wider impact was proffered, however. Last year, following Judge Ramsay-Hale’s decision, a similar response was released to the media. It stated that the chambers is considering whether to appeal the judge’s decision. That consideration evidently took too long and resulted in the Crown filing for an appeal - through Queen’s Counsel, David Phillips who is handling the Crown’s civil

Former Director of Planning, Clyde Robinson

recovery efforts in court - much too late. The judgement was given in November last year and the Crown had 28 days after this to file an appeal. As it stands currently, the Crown’s last option is to petition the Privy Council for a reversal of the appellate court’s decision. Robinson and his ex-wife, Susannah Bishop were accused of flipping land for $1.5 million. The Crown alleged that Robinson acquired land in Long Bay Hills for $70,000 and then transferred it for no consideration to his former wife. Bishop then sold it to Wawa Co Ltd, a company owned by Canadian property developer Stan Hartling for $1.5 million as part of the proposed Shore Club Development. (DI)

TCI’s National Hero, James Alexander George Smith McCartney aka JAGS McCartney

everyone understood that there was a role for each person and that the holistic approach was the sum total of one’s understanding of their individual roles for collective gain. “I am certain he felt discouraged, betrayed sometimes by those he trusted and weakened by the battle but he never lost sight of the bigger

picture. “There remain some who seek to soil his name and legacy whilst there remain others who seek to exploit him whilst not grasping the genuineness, sincerity and purity of his actions: actions to better a country and not for self-gain. “We seek to honor our leader’s memory by continuing to be the voice of the voiceless resisting the path of creating spurts of emotive outburst but educating and sharing information in an effort to inspire knowing that the flame once lit with facts and information can and will burn by itself. “I encourage us all to remain consistent and constant in our stance, well informed on the issues and doing everything in our power to resist the path of creating detrimental and destructive divisiveness among the very ones who need to be called into unity for the good of our country. “Our fight today remains real and against some of the same persons that our former leader fought but now regrettably too often against. “In our leader’s spirit, we call on us to search within ourselves, and

see if our actions are building or destroying each other. “Our party holds true to the fact and our former leader’s vision that each one has a part to play and no one is any more important than the other. “We believe that we can in fact change our tomorrow by acting decisively and consistently today. “As we reflect on his death 34 years ago today, we mourn as we did then for a great man who to me was too often misunderstood and misused but remain greatly missed. “We strive each day to find and continue on a path to offer hope to a broken and battered people. “We remain grateful for the life and legacy of this giant of a man and to his family for their support. “Turks and Caicos Islands became a better place because of him and this ought to be the legacy of us all, to leave Turks and Caicos Islands and this world a better place than we met it. “May his memory continue to live on in truth, for our edification and inspiration and may his soul continue to rest in peace.”

Health Minister thanks TCI’s nurses MINISTER of Health Porsha Stubbs-Smith thanked the country’s nurses for the “great and sometimes thankless service” that they provide this week. International Nurses Day took place on Monday (May 12), the anniversary of infamous nurse Florence Nightingale’s birth. In recognition of the day the minister spoke at length about the worthy profession and expressed her gratitude for nurses’ continued commitment. “Sufficient, adequately trained and motivated health workers are essential for the health of a population (WHO 2006),” she said. “Equitable access to necessary health services of good quality cannot be achieved without an adequate number of appropriately prepared nurses. “As a government, we believe that investing in our local nurses can make a difference to the provision of healthcare in the TCI.” According to the minister the World Health Assembly (WHA), the supreme decision making body of WHO, has repeatedly recognised the essential need for strengthening nursing and midwifery services in achieving better health for individuals,

Minister of Health Porsha Stubbs-Smith

families and communities. “As the largest group of health professionals, who are the closest and often the only available health workers to the population, nurses have a great responsibility to improve the health of the population as well as to contribute towards achievement of the global development goals. “It is essential that nurses and world leaders focus on the global nursing workforce as a key priority for achieving better health for all,” she stressed. Given the increased burden of chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD’s) including mental health

disorders and an aging population in the TCI and throughout the world, governments and health professionals are forced to think differently about the provision of healthcare, Stubbs-Smith said. “To make best use of nurses in the health system, we as a government should encourage and support them to perform at their highest potential through the provision of annual scholarships at approved training institutions for nursing education, adequate pay and a safe and healthy environment conducive to work.” She proffered that an educated nurse workforce and a good work environment equals high quality care. “Let me take this time to sincerely thank all nurses, those coming to our shores from abroad and our local nurses for their continued commitment and dedication to the health of our nation. “I would like to also express heartfelt thanks and prayer to God for you; may he continue to bless and strengthen you during this day and always. “I admonish everyone to take time out to express appreciation to a nurse for the great and sometimes thankless service they provide.”



May 17 - 23, 2014

Association members visiting from some 18 countries around the region

TCI hosts meeting for regional aviation handlers BY DAISY HANDFIELD THE CARIBBEAN Aviation Handlers Association hosted one of their meetings in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Friday (May 9). The association brought together many regional aviation handling enterprises to examine their businesses, grow from each other’s experiences and share the different views on how to implement industry changes. The meeting was attended at the Regent Palms conference room in Grace Bay, Providenciales, by some 18 out of the 30 members. There was representation from countries as small as Aruba to bigger Caribbean countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. One of the topics up for discussion was the interconnectivity between the Caribbean countries. Lyndon Gardiner, chairman for local airline InterCaribbean, said that in order for the Caribbean to be successful, regional bodies need to present themselves as a group. “I think it is important to get

together and form one block to promote ourselves not only through tourism, but also for the financial benefits that can be achieved. “We are all small nations with very small budgets. As I said, there is less to export so we have to be very conscience as to how we generate and spend our money. “I think that one of the things that is a good benchmark for how Caribbean integration is how we market ourselves.” Gardiner said that if the groups collectively come together with a budget and each country contributed, they could get more marketing for their dollars. As far as concerns with integration, the chairman said that these countries need to have a connectivity but so far they have not had in the Caribbean the kind of connectivity that lends itself to the progressive integration. “We at InterCaribbean are trying to do our part to try and bridge the gap,” he explained. “We are starting out in the northern Caribbean and eventually we will

extend to the eastern Caribbean, but until we have good connectivity, I think the full integration is going to be a bit difficult to really see the benefits of.” Gardiner said that Turks and Caicos Islands was chosen to host the meeting because it was becoming more and more of an important player in the region. “I think we have good infrastructures in terms of airports and good services in terms of international airlines that are flying in. “I think we have taken a leap and have done a lot more in a short time then a lot of these countries have done so, that is a testament as to how important we are to the region.” InterCaribbean has recently extended travel to Puerto Rico and is also flying within Jamaica. Also attending from the Turks and Caicos Islands was TCA Handling Limited – a full service ground handling company founded in 1992 that operates at Providenciales International Airport.

Oshin Whyte receiving her certification from Dive Provo.

Young Turks and Caicos Islander becomes dive master OSHIN White is one of only a few Turks and Caicos Islanders and even fewer females who have become dive masters in the TCI. Whyte who is 18 years of age, was recently trained and certified as a PADI dive master, by Dive Provo. Oshin first became interested in diving when she completed a Discover Scuba Diving course organised with Dive Provo through her school. She went on to do her Open Water, Advanced, and Rescue Diver Courses prior to starting dive master training.

The qualification is the first professional level qualification in scuba diving and the training is quite intensive. Oshin achieved the qualification through dedication and hard work, at the same time working at Dive Provo where she will continue in her new role until she leaves for college later this year. The staff at Dive Provo congratulated her on the achievement and wished her success. They also encouraged other young Turks and Caicos Islanders to become involved in an industry that draws visitors to this country.

Partners in education improve students’ interview skills EDUCATION experts helped to improve the interviewing skills of students who are preparing to go out into the working world this week. On Tuesday (May 13) the Department of Education hosted a mock interview session for students who were in their final year of the primary education course. The initiative was held at the Community College Providenciales campus before a judging panel of five. The panel was made up of the Director of Education Edgar Howell, principal for the Enid Capron Primary School Rachel Taylor, coordinator for the Education Department in

Providenciales Candice Malcolm, owner of Learn and Lead Yolan Robinson, and lecturer at the college Wilda Smith. Eleven students were interviewed individually and were asked different interviewing questions that would likely come up on a job interview. At the end of the interview, each student was given a grade and feedback as to how they did. Assistant of the vice-president of the Community College and coordinator for the Education Department on Providenciales, Candice Malcolm, told the Weekly News that the partners in education

Student arrives for her interviewing session

decided to host this session because they realised that the students’ interviewing skills were very weak. She said that this session was to sensitise the student teachers to the normal procedures that take place

during an interview. “One of the benefits coming out of this is, with the given feedback, hopefully they will go back and evaluate their performance here today and make improvements going

forward. “We looked at our programmes to see how best we can tailor a certain programme to meet this need to clearly develop the entire student teacher.”(DH)

May 17 - 23, 2014



Maranatha High School pupil soars as spelling bee champ BY DAISY HANDFIELD A STUDENT from Maranatha High School was awarded the title of spelling bee champion in this year’s National High School Spelling Bee competition, after hours of thorough spelling. Cristina Toomer outshined pupils from seven other high schools declaring her as the 2014 winner. The National High School Spelling Bee competition took place at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex on Thursday (May 15). Placing behind Toomer were Bryana Brown from the British West Indies Collegiate in second and Daniele Walker from the Raymond Gardiner High School in third. The young champ told the media that even prior to competing, she was not at all nervous. “Since the morning before everything began and I was hyped,”

she said. “I was not really nervous actually, there was a peace that was over me and even though throughout the spelling bee it was challenging because some things I raised my eyebrows at, it was good.” She prepared for the competition a month and a half prior to the date of the win. “My coach would help me during the day and she would test me; they were unseen words from her head.” Mother of the winner, Gloria Toomer said that she never lost hope for Cristina and that she knew God was going to favour her. “I am so overwhelmed with joy. I am one of the happiest moms right now that you can find in the Turks and Caicos Islands. “I believed it in her and not only believed in her, I believed in God because the Holy Spirit had witnessed to me to tell her to continue in the spelling because he

The 18 by 40ft structure has already begun its pre-construction phase

Winner from the Maranatha High School, Cristina Toomer and Minister of Education, Akierra Missick hold up the winning trophy

was going to give her favour.” Runner up Bryana Brown said that she was exhausted, but felt that it was all worth it because she came second and she was very proud of herself. “I do believe I was prepared because I knew all of the words on the study list, but it just started to boil down when all of the words finished and we had to go to the other pool of words.” During the event, the Minister of Education Akierra Missick brought

brief remarks. The National High School Spelling Bee is an annual feature on the academic calendar which attracts participants from the public and private high schools throughout the country. The objectives of the competition are to encourage students to explore and study words particularly their meaning, diacritical markings and origin, help students to learn and spell words quickly and accurately, help

students to learn and use proper pronunciation and word usage, and provide an environment to promote students’ self-esteem, character development and sportsmanship. Schools that participated this year are the British West Indies Collegiate, HJ Robinson High School, the Holy Family Academy, Maranatha High School, Marjorie Basden High School, Raymond Gardiner High School, TCIPS Comprehensive High School and the Wesley Methodist High School.

Students, teachers and representatives of the Sandals Foundation

Students’ new lunch shed nears completion

CLEMENT Howell High School’s brand new lunch shed is just a few weeks away from completion. By the end of this month the nation’s largest Government high school will be the proud recipient of a brand new eating facility - thanks to Beaches Resort’s philanthropic arm the Sandals Foundation. The project, which is designed to accommodate students while they dine and commune during their lunch hours, has been in the works from the beginning of the

academic year. Principal Gerald Persaud said: “I am very happy that the Sandals Foundation has once again partnered with the Clement Howell High School in building a brand new eating area. “We look forward to seeing the completed project.” The 18 by 40ft structure has already begun its pre-construction phase and has an estimated time of completion date of this May. Beaches public relations officer

Elanor Finfin Krzanowski said: “We are excited and anticipate the completion of the project. “We are very proud of the school and we are committed to continuing our efforts to improve not only the physical infrastructure of institution, but to continue to work alongside the facility to assist with education improvement as well.” One of the students and a member of the construction team - Jean Auguste - shared just how important it was for the pupils to get involved

in the building process. “It’s great to see a big business like Beaches working with students to build something so positive.” He added: “I am very grateful for the Sandals Foundation because there are many times that they give to our school and I am proud that we are allowed to get involved in building the lunch shed.” The lunch shed project is one of the many initiatives Sandals Foundation has been working on in

the Turks and Caicos Islands. Principal Persaud concluded: “This project will not only boost the canteen but will also serve as a multipurpose area which can be used for other meaningful engagements. “I want to express our profound gratitude to the Sandals Foundation for this offer and we hope to continue to partner with them for the development of student growth and success at the Clement Howell High School.”



May 17 - 23, 2014

May 17 - 23, 2014



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How does your garden grow

Seven year apple IRONICALLY the seven year apple (Casasia clusiifolia) is neither an apple nor does it take seven years for its fruit to mature. A member of the Rubiaceae family, this leathery denizen of beach fronts manages to flower and form fruit at the same time, which is a good thing because it takes a full year for the fruit to ripen. A slow grower, they are as wide as they are tall reaching up to a height of 15 feet. When it does ripen it is devoured by mockingbirds (and iguanas) that hollow out the tasty fruit and leave a dead skin hanging in the tree. Butterflies such as the tantalus sphinx (Aellopos tantalus) use it as a larval host plant, and the mangrove skipper (Phocides pigmalion) and


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others that use it for nectar float around it. You will either find the seven year apple edible or disgusting. In fact, a lot of folks can’t get past the looks of the fruit. The fruit is edible only when black ripe, and then only the pulp, not the seeds. It’s actually a berry the size of a lime. You eat it by poking a hole in the tough rind and sucking out the pulp, (again, don’t eat the seeds, they will


Weekly Recipe

Caribbean sweet potato salad SERVES: 5 INGREDIENTS • 1 large russet potato, peeled and quartered • 1 large sweet potato, peeled and quartered • 1 cup corn • 1 teaspoon prepared Dijon-style mustard • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro • 1 clove garlic, minced • 3 tablespoons canola oil • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper • 1 cucumber, halved lengthwise and chopped • 1/2 red onion, thinly sliced • 1/4 cup finely chopped peanuts METHOD • Place the russet potato pieces into a large saucepan, and cover with salted water. Bring to a boil, turn the heat down, and simmer for 10 minutes. • Add the sweet potato, and cook about 15 minutes more. Remove a piece of each potato, and cut it in half to see if it is cooked enough.

make you throw up). The flavour reminds some of prunes, others of liquorish, personally I find it just plain awful and they are probably best left to the mockingbirds. This small tree or shrub grows well along the coastline. Although it can’t take sitting in salt water like the mangrove, it does well directly on the coastline where it gets inundated with storm water. It can take full-force hurricane winds and come back with new leaves.

This is a tough plant. Seven year apples have six inch, shiny leaves that curl inward. They are thick, long and oval, and clustered near the branch tips. It has a five-pedalled cluster of white flowers with pink edges that emerge mostly in the spring and early summer, but can be found all year long. Male and female flowers are on different plants. The flowers have a magnificent smell and could easily be used in perfume. Eau de Casasia could be a big seller if the perfumers ever find enough of it. The seeds are prolific and can be propagated easily. Seven year apples grow in partial shade and full sun, but I have only seen them thriving in full

Tamika has a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and is a registered dietician with the American Dietetic Association (ADA). She is currently executive director of Nutrition in Demand, a non-profit aimed at increasing awareness to health and healthy eating. For more information email or visit

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Feet complications related to diabetes Written by a podiatrist friend, Dr Armando Gonzalez

• Once the potatoes are tender, add corn kernels; cook another 30 seconds. • Drain through a colander. Fill the saucepan with cold water, and drop vegetables into water. Cool for five minutes, and drain. • In a large bowl, whisk together mustard, lime juice, cilantro, and garlic. Slowly whisk in oil. Mix in salt and black pepper. • Cut cooled potatoes into one inch cubes, and add to dressing along with cucumber, and red onion. Toss well. • Serve at room temperature or chilled. Toss the peanuts in just before serving.

sun. Their soil must be porous. Sand and rocks are ideal. Our alkaline limestone will do just fine. They survive in the second tier away from a beach. Their drought and salt wind tolerance are high. Planted close together, they grow into a full hedge or screen. They are great as windbreaks near the ocean. Although the fruits are fairly ugly the flowers are showy, and God, that smell! Actually, the trees are closely related to the Gardenia. I think that this evergreen shrub or small tree is one of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ most exceptional native, salt-tolerant plants. It will grow right up to the first dune near the ocean.

COMPLICATIONS of diabetes are very real and if left untreated could lead to amputation of a toe, foot, leg or worst your life. Diabetes when poorly managed will affect the feeling, as well as the blood flow, to your feet and legs. Decreased blood flow and loss of feeling influences the ability to heal a simple cut, scratch or minor infection. Overall it will take longer to heal wounds of any kind. 
 When you let your diabetes go unchecked it will begin to affect the nerves in your feet. This diabetic nerve damage in the medical community is known as neuropathy, which affects the way you feel pain, cold, and heat. Most foot problems occur because of the loss of feeling to your feet. Other causes of foot problems are poor blood flow and changes in the shape of your feet or toes. The easiest solution to prevent diabetic related foot problems is to

manage and take control of your health. Timing is everything. The earlier and sooner you begin to manage your diabetes the better you are in preventing other serious complications. Build your healthcare team. This team begins with you and your primary doctor. Speak to your primary doctor about getting a dietician on board. A good dietician is able to look at your current diet and make simple modifications to help improve the way your body deals with sugar. If you begin to notice changes to your feet and/or legs, ask your primary doctor to add a podiatrist to your team. A good podiatrist is there to help prevent and managed foot complications associated with diabetes. Other healthcare team members include but are not limited to physical therapists, neurologists, dentists,

psychologists, vascular surgeons and eye specialists. 
 A few tips to take home: Do not wait to check your blood sugar level at your primary doctor’s office. You should be checking and logging your blood sugar levels at home regularly. Examine your feet every night. Check your socks and shoes for unusual stains. If anything looks, smells, or feels different do not hesitate to contact your podiatrist or primary doctor immediately. Infection can spread very quickly. Inspect your shoes for rough edges and remove any rocks or insects. Never walk barefoot, especially outside. While the above solutions are easier said than done. It takes a lot of patience to overcome many of life’s obstacles. Just remember that you are not alone and that you are ultimately in control.

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May 17 - 23, 2014




By Easher Parker

Easher is a Turks and Caicos Islands native with a natural talent for writing and a love for all things beauty and style. If you have any questions or suggestions for a topic email To find out more visit or follow twitter or Instagram @itseasher for fab instant updates.

Are organic labels the best? MANY cosmetic products are laced with the terms ‘organic’ and ‘all natural’ now. The two terms now have something to do with the misconception out there that all synthetic ingredients are bad and ingredients from the earth are automatically good. If you’re looking to get into the whole natural movement, I am here to save you some time, maybe money and definitely headaches. So what is ‘all natural’? ‘Natural’ ingredients are derived, in whole or in part, from natural sources with no synthetic compounds. Meanwhile ‘organic’ products are supposed to contain only plant-sourced ingredients that are cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides. However, it is always a question as to whether or not these products are made according to the claims about their formulations. If so, does this mean they’re any better for your skin? I am pro-natural because that is what works for my skin. However, I’ve learned that there are ingredients from our green earth that are equally capable of doing just as much damage as you would find with synthetic ingredients. On the flip side for some, synthetics don’t seem to affect their skin’s natural chemistry much. Organic labels aren’t always honest Labels lie. We’ve seen many companies receiving flack for their dishonest claims on international television. However, there is still progress to be made. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), being a common example, has a regulatory regime (not to be confused with the actual Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act) that has not seen a change since 1938. Things over the years have become even more complicated as many companies have taken the FDA’s outdated cosmetic standards into their own hands. This is not necessarily a good thing! Additionally, there are many random companies worldwide that set their own guidelines for organic cosmetics. Some even slap a fee with their seal of approval. This means a company can purchase their certification. What are the consequences to all of this? What consequences? Luckily we have those independent bodies cracking down on this issue but again, we still have many more strides to make. I have also learned that an organic ingredient’s source doesn’t determine its safety. If a lemon from North Caicos burns your skin, then a lemon from Florida will more than likely burn your skin, whether it’s grown organically, in a lab, or with all the love, fluff and rainbows in the world. So my point? It’s all about your personal preference, good judgement and a little research. Remember, this is your skin. Don’t allow the current hype fool you into believing that natural is all good, so you must abandon what has been working for you. Some natural products can also do more harm than good!

The Dentist and you  Mark Osmond BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng). Mark Osmond Dental Clinic - (649) 432 3777, or Find us on Facebook

By Dr Mark Osmond

Dry mouth SUFFERING with a dry mouth is not the same as being thirsty and has different underlying causes. The reason I want to look at the topic of dry mouth is because it can have a negative impact on the health of a patient’s teeth and gums. We need saliva to moisten and cleanse our mouths and help to digest food. Saliva also prevents infection by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth and with patients experiencing a dry mouth there is an increased risk of gingivitis (gum disease), mouth infections and fungal infections such as thrush. When we don’t produce enough saliva, our mouth gets dry and uncomfortable. Other symptoms include frequent thirst, sores in the mouth or split skin at the corners of the mouth, cracked lips, a burning or tingling sensation in the mouth or tongue, a red, raw tongue, problems speaking or difficulty tasting, chewing or swallowing and bad breath. There is a range of reasons why

a person may experience dry mouth (xerostomia). These include: -Side effect of certain medications. Dry mouth is a common side effect of many prescription and non-prescription drugs. This includes drugs for depression, anxiety, acne, epilepsy, allergies, and colds, hypertension, asthma and Parkinson’s disease. Dry mouth can also be a side effect of muscle relaxants and sedatives. -Side effect of certain diseases or infections. Dry mouth can be a side effect of medical conditions, including Sjögren's syndrome, HIV, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, anaemia, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and stroke. -Side effect of certain medical treatments. Damage to the salivary glands, for example, from radiation to the head or neck area or chemotherapy treatments for cancer, can reduce the amount of saliva produced. -Nerve damage as a result of an

injury or surgery. -Lifestyle. Smoking or chewing tobacco can affect saliva production and aggravate dry mouth. Continuously breathing with your mouth open can also contribute to the problem. There are ways to help deal with the symptoms of dry mouth depending on how severe and uncomfortable it is. If it is caused by your medication it may be worth discussing an alternative drug or dosage with your GP. Other helpful steps include sipping water regularly to help keep the mouth moist, protecting your teeth by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, and using a fluoride rinse, trying to breathe through your nose (not your mouth) as much as possible. There are also over-thecounter artificial saliva substitutes available or your dentist or doctor could prescribe a medication that stimulates saliva production.


Wear your seatbelt WE’VE all heard it before: “Wear your seat belt”. And then the Turks and Caicos Islands Government finally made it law, but some people still don’t want to wear them. Here’s my take on it, as a police officer. First let me tell you how I used to think, prior to being a victim in an automobile accident. Seatbelts felt uncomfortable. If I was well dressed for an event, I only saw seatbelts as a nuisance responsible for wrinkling my wellpressed clothes. But here’s the truth. The more car accidents I see, the more I realise how important it is to wear my seatbelt. I’ve seen people who got injured from minor car accidents, some as low as 35mph. Here’s the scenario: You’re driving down the road minding your own business and another driver pulls right out in front of you, and you hit them. Obviously you slide forward. Two things are going to happen. Your knees are going to hit the bottom of the dash (just under the steering column) and your face is going to slam into the steering wheel (unless

By Audley Astwood Audley is a former police detective and broadcaster. He is currently the public relations officer for the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force. and has dedicated his time at work and much of his free time focusing on crime prevention and community policing. For more information call 941-4448 or visit

of course you have air bags, and they go off). But airbags won’t protect your knees. And this scenario is just based on lower speeds. At higher speeds however, there are more consequences. The first thing that comes to mind is getting thrown through your windshield. This happens much more than people think, or even realise. Obviously this can mean serious injury, but usually death. I haven’t seen many people survive this type of car accident. I was fortunate. I survived. During my recovery, I had major headaches and over the counter headache pills did nothing for me. Needless to say, he who feels it knows it and my love of wearing seatbelts is not because the law requires it. Another thing that can happen to you is the victim’s wrists will bust,

pushing the bone forward and out, at the wrist. This is from not being restrained by a seatbelt and trying to hold on to the wheel at the point of impact. The momentum however is so strong that the body keeps moving forward, and of course the wrists snap. Wearing a seatbelt of course can prevent these. These are just a few of the injuries associated with not wearing your seatbelt. I think after seeing bodies that were thrown and dismembered from these auto accidents, I was pretty convinced to say the least that everyone in a vehicle should always wear their seatbelts. But only police officers and other first responders normally see these things. Please take our advice, wear your seatbelt.


May 17 - 23, 2014


Winners of the poster competition in consecutive order, along with colleagues

Autism foundation receives $2,000 cheque donation from Provo Water BY DAISY HANDFIELD SEVERAL presentations were made to various organisations by Provo Water Company earlier this week. A brief press conference was held on Wednesday (May 14) at the Provo Water Company headquarters in Providenciales to give the awardees their prizes and make a donation to a selected charity. Every year the company picks a foundation or organisation to donate funds to, and this year the selected organisation was the Hope Foundation for Autism Awareness. The Hope Foundation for Autism Awareness received a cheque for $2,000 from the company to assist the foundation with their pursuit to help children with autism. The manager for water quality at Provo Water, Sherry Bell-Parker presented the cheque to the chairman

for the Hope Foundation, Maxcia Rigby, who said that the money will be put to good use. Every year Provo Water organises a list of activities to celebrate Drinking Water Week. One of the most popular initiatives is the blind tasting water challenge. People get to take part by blindly tasting a variety of water brands and selecting the one that tasted the best to them. Bell-Parker said that this year almost 100 people participated in the test. Most people voted TC Crystal as the best tasting water, for the second consecutive year. A plaque was presented by BellParker to a representative from TC Crystal who collected the award on behalf of the company. The activities for the week also included a poster competition amongst all the high schools in the

Turks and Caicos Islands. The theme for the competition was the same theme for this year’s Drinking Water celebration ‘Get to know your H2O’. This year five schools participated, with 18 students in total submitting posters. First place went to Maranatha High School student, Renard Brown, who took home an Apple iPad, second place, Zackery Leslie from the Marjorie Basden High School and third place Paola Cruz from the Turks and Caicos Institute of Professional Studies (TCIPS). The final award was to Calvin Williams from Five Cays for winning the water raffle. His water bill will be paid for a month by Provo Water Company. Drinking Water Week 2014 was celebrated around the world from May 4 to May 10.

Fourth generation winemaker visits the TCI OFFICIALS from the hospitality industry were invited to a complimentary luncheon where a well-known winemaker was introduced. The Wine Cellar invited food and beverage managers from a number of hotels and restaurants in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The event was hosted at the Blue Haven resort on Providenciales on Friday (May 9) where attendees gained first-hand knowledge about the wine industry from the certified master in the field, Pio Boffa. Invited guests also had the opportunity to taste several of the wines that were produced by Pio Cesare. Operations manager for the Wine Cellar, Anthony Garland said that since the Turks and Caicos Islands is a smaller market, the company only carries about 60 cases of Pio Cesare wines for now. Boffa is a fourth generation

A display of some of the wines produced by Pio Cesare

winemaker of Pio Cesare wines. The family began cultivating grapes in 1881 and has always insisted upon the best quality wines made from the best quality grapes.

Today the Pio Cesare estate is managed by great grandson, Pio Boffa, who has brought the wines to a famous stature throughout the world. (DH)

Shanice Williams grabbed the title of Miss Universe TCI 2014 last month

Miss Universe TCI to feature in fashion mag THE COUNTRY’s newest ambassador and winner of the Miss Universe TCI pageant will be soon gracing the pages of a Canadian fashion magazine. Next Tuesday (May 20) Shanice Williams will be photographed for Canada’s luxury Pie Magazine’s tenth anniversary swimsuit edition. CEO of Pie Magazine, Sandra Roberts, said: “We are excited to show the beautiful island queen in her element. “We love her unique features and her raw beauty. She will trance our readers and certainly through the imagery attract visitors to the islands.” Pie Magazine is a luxury lifestyle bi-annual publication with distribution in all major bookstores across Canada. It targets an affluent male and female readership and the content is all-encompassing featuring business and careers, finance, health and wellness, music and entertainment, men and women’s style, current

events, discovery and travel, food and beverage and automotive. “I am excited to bring my cherry picked team to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands next week,” Roberts said. “While we are there to boat and play we will have the amazing opportunity to shoot the beautiful Shanice Williams, Miss Universe Turks and Caicos 2014 for our tenth anniversary swimsuit edition.” Williams became Digicel TCI’s newest brand ambassador and a Saint George Fashion House Muse model after grabbing the title of Miss Universe TCI 2014 last month. Shanice Williams who wore the sash Miss Grand Turk won in spectacular style ahead of First Runner Up Codee Coalbrooke and Second Runner Up Todeline Defralien. Williams also won Miss Intellect, Best in Swimsuit/Best Body, Best Evening Gown, Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic.

May 17 - 23, 2014



Students demonstrate their vocal talents

Dariniqua ‘Niki’ Stubbs sings to attendees

Capacity crowd enjoys primary school concert A HUGE crowd attended the Doris Robinson Primary School fourth annual music concert and play at the Conch Bar Community Center on Friday evening (May 9). Attending were North and Middle Caicos representative Minister DonHue Gardiner, Opposition Leader Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, and Llewellyn Handfield, president of Turks and Caicos Baptist Union. Kicking off the affair was the fourth to sixth grade students who sang and played ‘Sentimental Journey…back to Middle Caicos’. This set the stage for this year’s theme ‘Travelling music’ as the youngsters group K1 through grade three then sang ‘Going down the road’. Nine-year-old Esther Durosier then stunned the crowd with her vocal skills singing, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’. The piece also featured an instrumental interlude by 12-yearold Matayo Neat on his tenor guitar

(baritone ukulele). Life on the steamboats of the Mississippi River was celebrated by 12-year-old Armardo ‘Raynard’ Forbes and Keneley Petit-dor, 13, with the tune ‘Old Man River’. Then a play by their youngest school mates from K1 to grade three written by teacher Brendalee Harvey brought new meaning to the story of a lamb (pre-schooler Alex Forbes aged four in costume) who followed a student to school. The programme’s ‘Classic corner’ featured the instrumental talents of 10-year-old keyboard student Tolani Oladimeji, Amardo ‘Raynard’ Forbes, 12, and Kobe Forbes, 10, on their ukuleles as they played music from classic composers. Master of ceremonies Ernest Forbes Jr then introduced principal Kiesha Mills who sang the haunting melody from the movie Titanic, ‘My Heart will Go On’. The principal’s beautiful rendition brought cheers as loud applause

filled the room. A skit by grades five and six featured talented actor Raynard as The Traveller who showed the others how to cook soup from a stone. Later in grass skirts and with flower leis around their necks, Tolani, Alexandria Robinson aged 10, Ruthann Forbes, 10, and Aaliyah Basden, 11, did the Hawaiian hula dance backed up by Matayo, Kobe and Raynard on their ukes, all singing lyrics in the Hawaiian language. The flowers were presented to audience members as the song ended. The audience joined in singing ‘When the Saints go Marching In’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ to the accompaniment of junior uke players Leonardo Louis, 8, Tayo Oladimeji, 8, Alani Mithchell, 6, and Darinqua ‘Niki’ Stubbs aged 5. Late in the programme Tolani Oladimeji sang ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ which demonstrated this young lady’s all around talents to loud applause and more cheers.

She was then joined by Esther, Raynard, Kobe, Matayo and Kendeley in a song titled ‘Only Youth’.

This piece seemed to predict the future with its lyrics: “Only youth can make the world seem right and the darkness bright.”

The Towers of Babel “An ancient city in the land of Shinar in which the building of a tower intended to reach heaven was begun and the confusion of the language of the people took place.” Gen 11:4–9. The Towers of Babel is a collective of voices consisting of various artists prepared to display their exceptional art forms and foster the inner artist in other individuals; providing a venue for the outpouring of their undeniably unique gifts. This group brings to the stage and page productions rarely displayed on stages in the Turks and Caicos Islands melding with some of the most unique artists the country has to offer. For more information email or visit

Plea By Chelsea Blues Don’t let me be alone When I am by myself I have to tolerate Being alone in my skin I get to thinking And feeling Overthinking Reassessing Putting on all of my clothes So I can get rid of The naked feelings Answering to myself Why have I locked love away? Living half hearted Joy forever drifting A wave of nausea hits me I begin to feel dizzy I don’t want to The crowd enjoys the unique sound of the ukes

Face the mirror alone Take me out I will eat drink and dance Sing for you like The bells in a jewellery box You open time and time again I will find every excuse to Be out and about Not home Not alone.


May 17 - 23, 2014




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Nasiya Misick Trent Dickenson & Sharif Parhm Evan Nathaniel Spencer Kelma Kaylathia Hamilton Talesiya Latavia Missick T & C Travel Ltd. Theodore K. Steplin Siete Palmeras Inc. Dion Glendon Ingham Anthony Gardiner Meagan Dean Jolly & Marie Hall Goaley Elizabeth Forbes Dwight & Juline Higgs Edmond Forbes Beatrice Gardiner Dieringer Longmore Bethel Forbes Frank J. O'Connor Burkley A. Malcolm & Marcella A. Malcolm Burkley A. Malcolm & Marcella A.Malcolm Daniel Carlson Been Chelsea's Beauty Salon & Spa Plus Reuben Hall & Melverne Hall Reuben Hall & Melverne Hall Reuben Hall & Melverne Hall Kishma Mills & Tyrone Roberts Mavis Cleare Misick & Stanbrook Conrad P. Griffiths QC Synara Black Marie Juslene Joinville Simlett Sarah Kennedy/James Robinson Ricardo & Richard Missick Luc Saint Jean Derek M. Astwood Alwood Wendell Gardiner Lerano Missick Dolphus Richardson Arthur Philip N. Handfield George Guzman-Fabian & Felix Guzman-Fabian Fashion Shop Rose Ducatel Jennings Michael W. Harvey Norma R. Goodridge Norma Outten Derry K. Handfield Derry K. Handfield Marie Y. Gray Nocles Jospeh Waster Chery & Job Julien Joanne Gobeil Latoya M. Jones-Harvey Ivis Daudaune Taylor Arthur Smith Frantz Bernadin Levardo Jeronomo Talbot Ramona Mari Settle Eid Macnaughton Robinson Leshem H.J. Fulford Cuban Crafters TCI Erwin Jones

Misick and Co. Monopoly Entertainment Spence Security Services School Zone Ida's Super Kids Villa Islands Nounette Variety Store Gryphon Consulting Group D'Yonce's Beauty Salon Gardiner's Plumbing Mam Cleaning Services Liz Beauty Salon Executive Cuts Beauty Salon & Spa Blue Hills Native Crusine Sweet BBS Dierin Longmore Beth's Courier Service The Pinnacle

Law Firm Entertainment Provision of Security Services School Uniforms Selling Clothes Travel Agency Retail/Wholesale Aviation Consulting Beauty Salon Plumbing Cleaning Services Salon Barber Shop / Grand Turk Restaurant Mobile Vending Sales Debt Collection Delivery Service Condo Rentals

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Providenciales Retail/Wholesale Retail/Wholesale Property Management Import/Export Retail/Wholesale Contractor-Small Retail/Wholesale Repairs/Maintenance Retail/Wholesale

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Micellaneous business Spa Services Beauty Salon Real Estate Tailor Prov. For Tourism Services Vacation Rental Retail/Wholesale Contractor (Small) Retail/Wholesale Construction

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Celeine Inelus & Jeanna Marie Charles C.J Business Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Sydeny M. Dean D'Jelicia's Bags & Shoes Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Arianna Sinovia Bovie Sugar and Spice Snow Cones Conession Stand Grand Turk Rosenell Cox-Rigby Genesisauto Mobile Repairs Roadeside Assistance/ Auto Repairs Providenciales Wenieka S. Ewing Luxe Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales William Jones & Erwin Jones Quality Small Contractors Construction Grand Turk Roger Harvey TCI Buzz Marketing Providenciales Howard Eugene Gibbs Last Chance Bar & Grill Restaurant & Café Providenciales Anca Nicoleta Vasile Overall fitness Services Fitness Services Providenciales Laura C. Smith Sister's Crafts & Furniture Art Design Providenciales Family Shop Family Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Milagros P. Gardiner A & M Cleaning Cleaning Services Providenciales Compton Clare Church of God Church (Non-Profit) Grand Turk Domingo Hernandez D.O.M Design Printing Providenciales Turks And Caicos Islands Turks And Caicos Swim Association Islands Swim Association Sports-Non-Pofit Providenciales Ramona Ranae Rigby Henry's Family Fashion Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Ray A. Harris & Olivia L. Gardiner Hi-Tech Entertainment Arcade Providenciales Louis Jocelyn Erilien & Adiorlin Bovil Accema Asscoiation Retail & Wholesale Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Beatrice Robinson-Beam Robinson's Apartment Complex Apt/Condo Sales, Rental Providenciales Francina Forbes/Marie Bayard Francina's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Metsy Missick Royal Security Provision of Security Services Providenciales Norvilus Mettelus Max's Landscaping Landscaping Providenciales Birch H. Simmons Johnny Boi Services Contractor-Petty Providenciales Alpheus Alexander Gardiner The Aquatic Restaurant And Bar Restaurant & Bar North Caicos Mclean Prince George Gardiner McLean Gardiner & Sons Pig Farming, Vegetable Farming North Caicos Romulo Antonio Berroa Romero Latino's Construction Contractor-Small Providenciales Ranscuit Leonard Missick Majestic Tours & Transport Taxi & Tours Providenciales Taylor Drotman Interiors Ltd. Domino Creative Marsha Simmons/Elcie Bernadin Bigger And Better Car Wash Car Wash Providenciales Alvin K. Garland Royal Flush Sale Of Alcohol Providenciales Karen Elaine Cox Karen's Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Providenciales Dieufruit Nathan Gregoire Sparkles Mobile Carwash Car Wash Providenciales Candi Renick Arthur Island Getaway Guest House Providenciales Paula Denise Higgs Cottons Retail Sales Providenciales Manroe Nathaniel Forbes 4M's Construction Construction Providenciales Keno K. Hall K Entertainment Entertainment Services Providenciales Marie Lourdes Hutchinson Walter's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales James T. Misick Uncle Dough's Bar Bar & Restaurant Providenciales Rafael Castillo Fillipinas Bar Bar Providenciales Ernst & Young Ernst & Young Assurance, Advisory, Tax & Insolvency Services Providenciales Abigail Ambritton, Mabelean Ambritton Abbaliscious Treats Catering (Baking) Grand Turk Lerone Ingham 649ing Threads Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Pratt's Barber & Beauty Shop Pratt's Beauty & Barber Shop Barber Shop Providenciales Oswald Richardson Fulford One Down And Two To Go Bar Salt Cay William Jason Francis Pro Electronics Electronics, Electrical Sales And Services Repair Grand Turk Edwin Andre Astwood Tubbz True Fitness Gym Service, Exercise, Fitness & Wellness Grand Turk Edwin Andre Astwood Cactus Corral Restaurant/Lounge Grand Turk Emma E. Neman Newman's Preparatory School Prep School Grand Turk Allan Ellsworth Ellsworth Vacation Rentals Rental Of Vacation Villas Providenciales Fairbell Harvey Knick Knacks Small Retail Shop Middle Caicos Wilman Joseph Wilman Consultancy Immigration & Legal Assistance Grand Turk Eva E. Jenning The Tree Page Marketing Providenciales Jeffery Chistovel Hall 3 J's Enterprise Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Quintin Morvin Selver National Gas Retail Providenciales Virginia Gardiner Island Pot Restaurant Providenciales Shaunavan Selver Premiere Towing Towing Services Providenciales Kwasi Ingham Rainbow Painters Painting Providenciales

The Massage & Aesthetics Centre Caribbean Crafts Beach Waves Mr. Tux Island Way Bus Services MJ's Thankyou Gifts & Floral Basketique Misick & Stanbrook Griffiths & Co. Tropical Escapes Juslene Souveniers JC's Café R & R Construction Saint Jean Shop O2 Kurve's Vonkeem Contracting D. A. Construction Captain Alfred's M.L.G. Quality Retail/Wholesale Ducatel Souvenirs MBJ Store Norwani Properties Services Norwani Imports DARDS Grocery Sonics Construction Gift Variety Shop C.N.X Gessi Shop Caribbean Psychological Services Oceanscapes Spa Endless Beauty Sunrise Realty Golden Scissors Plus Marine Solutions Barefoot Palms Villa All Island Cellular Abawana Contractors Cubanos Jones Quanlity Contractors

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Olem Siede and Edith Morris Olem Seide Island Contracting Contractor Providenciales Universal Product Recycling Ltd. Got It Island Supply Chemical Sales Providenciales Edith A. Humphrey/Rose Elie Jolly Gentle Touch Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Shenequa L. Outten Star Tennis Tennis Instructor Providenciales Caleb Alexander Taylor Smiley's Bargain Place Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Helen & Roger Harvey My Native Dishes Restaurant & Café Providenciales Heather S. Allen-Greene Island Hideaway Apartment Rentals & Management Providenciales Sara Alexandra Skye Alex Skye Making Waves Art & Event Studio Providenciales Henry Raymond Jennings Conchy Tote And Delivery Toting Cargo and Water Grand Turk Newmond Arlington Buckley N T A B Contractor Providenciales Paul John Taylor Pablo's Taxi And Tours Taxi & Tour Operation Providenciales Cleoohas McDonald Stubbs Caribbean Tile Importers & General Contractors Contractor-Small Providenciales Cleophas McDonald Stubbs Caribbean Tile Importers & General Contractors Trucking-small Providenciales Jacqueline A Smith One Down One ToGo Bar Salt Cay Daryl E. Pratt Reliable Pool Cleaning Services Cleaning Pools Providenciales Howard Handfield Trike World Fun Sport Vehicle Sales and Rental Providenciales Marsha Pardee Casita Sirena Rental (Vacation) Providenciales Andrea & Milagros Malcolm Mayor's Beauty Salon & Boutique Beauty Salon Providenciales Muriel Hanchell/Beverly Louise Lewis Shut Up An Drink Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Muriel Hanchell/Beverly Louise Lewis Shut Up And Eat Restaurant & Café, Other Providenciales Muriel Hanchell/Beverly Louise Lewis Ms. Moonie's Enterprises Convience Store Providenciales Alicia Swann Atlantic Consultancy Services Immigration & Labour Services Providenciales Edith Cox Real Estate Solutions Real Estate Agent Providenciales Edith Cox Premier Contracting Services Contractor-Large Providenciales Edith Cox Ultra Pure Water Water Bottling/ Processing Providenciales Edith Cox Premier Solutions Agency Providenciales Twelan Swann T Bone Construction Construction Providenciales Bryant R. Cox TCI Hot Spot Internet Services Providenciales Ehwigeo & Traceann Ewing Everything 4 Babies Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Hill View Boutique Hill View Boutique Retail Providenciales Jonathas Petit Jonathas Apartment Apt/Condo Sales up to 9 units Providenciales T. Chal Misick WEM Construction Construction Providenciales Janet Mears-Carter And Patronella Williams Just Clean Cleaning Services Providenciales Bridgette S. Been Been's Agency Customs Broker Providenciales Condira Helene Ewing Party Palace Accommodation Providenciales The F Spot Bar & Lounge Ltd. The F Spot Bistro & Lounge Bar & Restaurant Providenciales Norma Butterfield N & S Clothing Retail Providenciales Konk Holdings Ltd. O'Soleil Restaurant Providenciales Wilbert (Joe) Cliften Stubbs C And T Carpentry Contractor-Small Providenciales Charles Laurence The Charming House Vacation Rental Cottage Salt Cay Lige Levais Atlantic Rent-A-Car Motor Vehicle Rental & Sales Providenciales George Forbes North Enterprise Workshop Contractor North Caicos James Pollon Barefoot Charters Boat Charters Providenciales Manoucheca Morley Lucie Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Barbara Zaidan-Dellamano Cucina Mundi Wholesale Importer Providenciales Merline Etienne / Sherrie Forbes Ho Melie Restaurant & Bar Restaurant & Bar Providenciales Dervent CSA Quant Imaginif-Multimedia & Advertisment Development Publishing Providenciales Ezionme m. Phanor Variety Cheap Cheap Store Variety Store Grand Turk Nelson Musgrove Diamond Taxi Taxi Services Providenciales Ana Araijo Johnston Jose Joyeria Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Alex R. Mumm ARM Consultancy Services Consultant Applications Providenciales Howard Eugene Gibbs North Caicos Boat Boat Building North Caicos Annie Delancy & Joseph Ulysse Mammyta Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Christine Shervorn Handfield Pearl Gardens Inn Prov. Hotel Accommodation North Caicos Sid Prescott Robinson Prime Logistics Customs & Logistics (Brokerage) Providenciales Hubert and Beatrice Fulford Sallyemms Apartments Grand Turk Ronald Dean Dean's & Sons Fishing Charter Service Transportation-Sea(per vessel) South Caicos Richard Missick Hiteck Auto Service Auto Repair & Services Grand Turk Mac Motors Ltd. MACRENTALS Vehicle Rentals Providenciales Keisha Dawnette Williams Pinky Couture Pinky Couture (Clothing Store) Providenciales Tamera Nicoeltte Robinson T & R Electronic Rental & Sales Services Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Clean Tech Ltd. Unisource Selling Cleaning Chemicals to Hotels & Restaurants Providenciales Jatana Latonya Williams J's Island Craft Retail/Wholesale Providenciales James Larington Williams Tzzz Lounge Bar Providenciales Haidee Williams Salt Cay Beach House Guesthouse Guest House South District, Salt Cay

Business or Persons Applying

Business Name

General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Haidee Williams Castaway Guesthouse Guest House North District, Salt Cay Sydney Garland ADONAY Souvenir Store Grand Turk Peter Dennis Holmes BD Holmes & Company Audit, Accounting & Business Advisory Grand Turk Jean Duvil C & M Wholesale & Retail Clothing Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Rosemary Duncanson Mission For Jesus Outreach Ministry Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Sidney Stuart Stuart's Executive & Concierge Services Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Rafaela Morris Lil J. Bikes Cycling Rentals Grand Turk Hungria C. Martinez Spanish Church Of God Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Dwayne Stafford Taylor Memalay Private Transportation Providenciales Tracy Smith L & L Accessories Boutique & More Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Ricardo Fulford Hispaniola Agency Services Immigration Services Grand Turk Rodeline Deetjen-Joseph Discount Auto Parts & Patrick Jeosph And Tires Services Retail Sales Providenciales Brian Swann WC Petroleum Wholesale of fuel & Lubricants Providenciales Ariel Gray Gray Bus Service Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Dennis Wayne Maynes Lost Cay Bottling Company Bottling Gingerbeer Grand Turk Mico Yon Seymour World Of Girlz Boutique Beauty Salon Providenciales Joyanna Misick & Kimberley Hall Forever Treasures Furniture & Home Décor Furniture & Décor Providenciales Branford Dean Dean's Taxi Transportation Providenciales Charles Labranche Bagayla Retail Sales Providenciales Lazario Jennings Turquoise Adventures Water Sports Providenciales Mary Tyler Doub Tyler House Accommodation Providenciales Sharad Garland S & S Sales Rental & Beach Supply Rental Grand Turk Enrique Akeem Albert Dickenson Dickenson's Security Services Security Services Salt Cay Keturah Hall Kera's Café Restaurant & Café Middle Caicos T & C Travel Ltd Villa Islands Travel Agency Grand Turk Oliver Lightbourne Ollie's Kitchen On Wheels Sell Food Grand Turk Kirkley Parker Adrian Meat Market Meat Market Grand Turk Russell Jennings Turquoise Fishing Fishing. Provision for tourism South Caicos Gladys Noel Gladys Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Everette McDonald Freitas E & R Super Market Ltd Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Trevor Cooke Cooke Construction Contracting Grand Turk Herbert Saint Cyr HB Taxi Transportation Providenciales Nickia St.Theresa Rigby Classic Styles Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Lloyd C. Stubbs Skipper Taxi & Tours Transportation (Land) Providenciales Rochelle Thompson The Secret Garden Retail/Wholesale Providenciales David T. Carter Carter's Fashion Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Glasgow Wilson Salt Cay Taxi Taxi & Tour Operation Grand Turk Joab Germain Louisa Snack Mobile Service Sale of Snacks, Ice cream etc. Grand Turk Matson McDugal Delancy Gold Finger Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Charles A. L. Misick Tragos Bar Providenciales Cilotte Gardiner C & H Transportation Transportation Providenciales Ginevra Carraro, Giada Carraro & Geramalo Carraro Villa 3 G Private Villa Rental Providenciales Marie L. Torchon Barry Barry Fashion Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Genoveva Cabrera Lebron Iglesia Pentecostal Senal De Vida Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Anthony Williams A & A Jelly Coconuts Sales of Coconuts Grand Turk Zelnoria Brisco Power & Beauty Hair Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Doreen Oreta Been Doreen's Place Restaurant & café Providenciales Franklyn A. Saintelmon NC Brokerage Services Customs Declaration/Clearance Providenciales Brittaya Seymour-Daley D And B Auto Sales Motor Vehicle Rental & Sales Providenciales Nickina Jennings-Williams The Ink & Toner Depot Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Sally Anne Louise Greenwood Sally Greenwood Music Entertainment Services Providenciales John W. Williams Williams Delivery Water Sales Providenciales Desmond Missick/Teresa Brunner Concha Woncha Tours Land Tour Company Providenciales Tamika S. Handfield Accu Nutrition Nutrition Services Providenciales Matthew Cole Waziri Wazz African Movie Production Retail /Wholesale Providenciales Cyril Forbes & Alvira Williams Forbes P & J Souvenirs & Gift Shop Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Ashlin Davis Davis Construction Contractor-Petty Providenciales Felix Pena Heavy Construction Contractor-Petty Providenciales Hazel Thomson Beachcomber Art Painting / Craftwork Jewelry Grand Turk Marino Mieses B & M Construction Contractor-Petty Providenciales Manoucheka Desvales Chriscom Christian Movies Company Providenciales Derek Campbell 4 U Mobile Food Sales Providenciales Vicki Wilson/Ladarnya Smith Lafemme Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Vicki Wilson/Ladarnya Smith The Kitch"N" Catering Providenciales Oliver Smith Spot Jitney Jitney Providenciales

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May 17 - 23, 2014




Business or Persons Applying

General Nature of Business

Business Name


Principle Place of Business

Oliver Smith Spot's Plaza Rental of Commercial Building Providenciales Sherman P. Hutchinson G & W Variety Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Marie Carmile Jean MCJ Transportation Transportation Grand Turk Tanya Jean GT Online Ordering Services Online Ordering Services Grand Turk Monica Bloneva Walkin-Richards Double D's Cleaning Cleaning Services Providenciales Marie Macline Missick Angel Eyes Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Dolores C. Conolly Dee's Hair Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Danver Michelet Fortune D's Shell Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Esther Campbell Esther Campbell Variety Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Trinidad R. Williams Martha Beauty Salon And Boutique .Beauty salon Providenciales Standella B. Smith & Noreiga M. Rigby Mart Plus Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Beggitta George / Darell Forbes D&G Fashion Trend Kids Store Kid's Clothing Store South Caicos Richard Stubbs The Hideway Bar Bar South Caicos Jean Felicia Taylor SuperSavings Store Selling used Items Providenciales Keith Jennings RJ's Shop and Save Retail Sales (Dry Goods) Grand Turk Lagneau Brumvert Lagneau Jitney Jitney Providenciales Elite Management Limited Aqua Adventures Recreational WaterSports Providenciales Adolph Davis & Sona Davis Topo Survey Surveying/Technician Providenciales Juana Yudelkis Cabral Judy Mini Bar Bar Providenciales Eliasu Ali Save-More Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Nataliz Mieses TLC Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Myrlande Mompremier Castan Unique Beauty Supplies Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Terina Tralawn Reasias Baby Momma's Surplus Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Jacques Gascon Capt. Hook's Grill Restaurant / Bar Grand Turk Dieufruit Nathan Gregoire Bow Tie VIP Services Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Carla Blake / Curtis Forde Triple S VIP Services Transportation- Land Providenciales Cee's Family Enterprises Ltd. Blue Print Construction Constructions - Renovations Grand Turk Doneita J.G. Quant Lola's Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Providenciales Rudolph & Lucerne Francis Island Jerk & Bar Food & Drinks Grand Turk Eliza Doughty Kare BBQ Joint (Restaurant) Restaurant & Bar Grand Turk The Security Centre Ltd. SCTC Security Services Prov. For security services Providenciales Marcus Lushen Gray Everready Taxi Service Taxi Services Providenciales Joel A. Swann OGIS Farming North Caicos Sanardia Walkin Girls Dream Retail Sales Providenciales Dorika O.Talbot Dominique Beauty Salon & Supplies Beauty Salon Providenciales Samuel Kofi Owusu Sams Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Robert & Catherine Becker Villa Shambhala Villa Rental Providenciales Dudley L. Lightbourne Shant's VIP Service Transportation Providenciales Elsa Marie Roja Juana Aquino Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Candle Alexander Thomas Kendal & Sons Construction Contractor Providenciales Rex Swann R & R Taxi Service & Tours Taxi & Tour Services Grand Turk Samuel E. Been Sammy's Been Plaza Rental Office Space(s) Providenciales Barbara (Bonnie) B. Adams R & B Tires And Auto Zone Service Station/Garage Operation Providenciales Albert A. Grant Grant's Petroleum Service Station Providenciales Linda Sherlane Smith Precious Jewel Daycare Child Care Services Providenciales Burkley C. Missick Technical Services Electronics Repairs Providenciales D & C Transportation D & C Transportation Transportation- Land Providenciales Dudley L. Lightbourne Mangos Bar & Restaurant Restaurant & Café Providenciales National Colony Realty Ltd Turquoise Vacation Rentals Accommodation Providenciales Robert Lightbourne Get On Board Water Sports Water Sports Grand Turk Kimiko Talbot Mookie's Restaurant Providenciales Island Capers Ltd. Coyaba Villa Accommodation Providenciales Anthony Williams Forbes Photos Photographer Grand Turk Hong Cay Holdings Ltd. Pelican Holdings Royal Estate Holding Company Providenciales Hong Cay Holdings Ltd. Salty Cat Yacht Charters Vessels for Hire Providenciales Tina Mayolo Pic Bonefish Haven Villa Rental Providenciales Raynardo Cox & Donnell Final Finish Mobile Car Car Wash Providenciales Kendrick A. Forbes/ Ardley O. Forbes Royal Transport Services Transportation- Land Providenciales Serge & Yardley Charles Hill Top Apartments Apartment Rental Providenciales Van Vlahakis Bestview Villa Villa Rental Providenciales Candice Malcolm Island Express Agency Customs Agent Providenciales Kenneth Handfield Kenneth & Son Trucking & Custom Brokerage Service Agency Providenciales Andrenna Yates & Lena Warren Spa Turkoise Spa Services Grand Turk Joan Astwood-Sutton Employment, HR, Workplace Health & Safety Services Training & Services Providenciales Tracey Darlene Parker Island Brokerage And Consultancy Agency Providenciales Tracey Darlene Parker T & G Variety Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Gillian Been Sailorman Tours Tours To Keys Grand Turk Walter & Rita Gardiner G.Q Car Spa Car Wash Grand Turk Nakier Wilson & Emilio Seymour Innomark Marketing Providenciales

Business or Persons Applying

Business Name

Nakier Wilson Kier's Hairapy Maxfred Gordon and Williams Gordon Provo Electric Ryan O'neal Smith AddyLeidy Molina David & Sharon Saffer Kishanti Aldisha Hall Wayne Newton Garland Beatrice Casimir Leon Eric Cox Akicar Jennings David R. Rivera Paula Latrice Jennings-Ward Weston Bovell Richard O. Cameron Shaun Henfield Janiece Gertrude Carter The Pearl Residences Of Grace Bay Beach Limited Elbert E. Higgs Carolyn Jean Ellis-Outten Juan Jose Taveras Jason Ferguson & Nicholette Ferguson Clifford Bascombe Glenda Clarke Glenda Clarke Kimberely Missick Ruth Missick- Martin Jamekika J Harvey Maril De Jesus Duncanson

General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Service


Mobile Hair Salon


Smart Business Solutions Computer Services & Sales Grand Turk Iglesia Pentecostal la Piedra Viva Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Flamingo Cottage Guest House Providenciales One Life Entertainment Event Management & Marketing Providenciales Shore Way Construction Contractor-Small Providenciales Faith Variety Store Retail Sales Providenciales Bayside Ballers Club Music & Dancing (entertainment) South Caicos Jennings Seaside Liquor Place Bar & Restaurant South Caicos Sarah's Groceries Retail/Wholesale Providenciales P.J's Barber Shop Barber Shop Providenciales Business Intelligence Computer Services / IT Grand Turk Passion For Fashion Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Alternative Energy Supplies (Bi-Tron Global) Internet Sales & Distribution Grand Turk Carter Boutique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Impulse A & S Funeral Services 4 C's Dental Clinic La Donas Super Market

House Rental Funeral Home Dental Clinic Grocery Store

Hardcore Fitness Club Fitness Services Sunbelt Enterprises General Supplies The Lunch Box Retail Sales G.C. Clarke & Associates Legal Services Multi-Use Agency Hey Hose Restaurant & Café Paradise Smiles Dental Service Marilyn Export & Import Trading Import/Export

Providenciales North Caicos Providenciales Grand Turk Providenciales Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales South Caicos

Willie & Rhonda Francis Willie Snack Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Derek Delroy Hepburn Hepburn's Party Supplies And Rentals Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Dudley Forbes Nice Yece Knock Out Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Gary Lee Mead The Shadow Bar Slot Parlor Providenciales Clayton Bernard Thomas & Sophia Adeline Thomas Fenelon Empowerment Services Consulting/Training Services Providenciales Plymouth Auctioneering Ltd. Caribbean Staffing Solutions Man Power Services For Cruise Ship Providenciales Plymouth Auctioneering CSS Man Power Services Providenciales Monique Julmice-Missick Water Supply Service Water Sales Providenciales Harolen WilliamsTaylor & Neroy N.Kennedy Fire & Ice Rum Spout Bar Grand Turk Rose Duverna R & R Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Karen U. Higgs Kayjo's Restaurant Restaurant & Café Providenciales Angela Sharonna Jennings Clippers Barber & Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Trillion Corp. Ltd. Mega Draw Monthly Cash and Prize Raffels Providenciales Goldray Ewing/Nidia Lightbourne Nidia Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Amethyst Property Global Green Consultants Environment Consulant Providenciales Dallas Diamond Limited Touch Of Bliss Spa Services Providenciales Durell Landy Lyte Convenience Convenience Store North Caicos James Joseph Kyle & Barbara MacMannis Kyle James Joseph Kyle & Barbara MacMannis Kyle (Parcel Number 60906/168 Unit Numbers K13-206/K14-207) Apartment/Condo 4-units Providenciales Vernard Handfield Palm Spring Water Water Sales Providenciales Berlie L. Williams Bugaloo's Conch Crawl Restaurant & Café Providenciales William & Claudette Clare New Age Book Centre Translations/Notary Services Retail/Wholesale Providenciales William & Claudette Clare New Age Book Centre Translations/Notary Services Interpretation Service Providenciales Skyline Distributors Ltd. Java Island Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Marcian Edward Sturrup Sturrup Construction Paving, Hauling Materials & Site Clearing Grand Turk Tanya Jean & Ronald Hyppolite RT Business Services Business consultant / Management Services Grand Turk Aubrey Capron Cape Construction Building Construction Grand Turk Amber Orlandi Thomas Ayanna's Lingerie Retail South Caicos Ronald Peter Curley GT KWIK KASH Atm Machines Grand Turk

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May 17 - 23, 2014




Business Name


General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Peter P. Campbell JC Beauty Salons Beauty Salon Providenciales Delton Benfield Jones Delton B.Jones & Associates Consultancy Grand Turk Jeremy Quant ECINJA Cleaning Services Car Wash (Mobile) Providenciales Robert Antonio Been Cellular Pro Repairing of Cellular Phones Providenciales Bradley Handfield Adeola School Of Massage & Beauty School Providenciales Ezekiel E. Hall Maintainit General Maintainence & Repair Providenciales Sonny Forbes Jr. Jr's Taxi Taxi Transport Providenciales Reef Entertainment Limited Blakout Crew Entertainment Providenciales Debby-Lee V. Mills Mills Institute School Providenciales Claudius C. Williams Brooksaffirestyles Retail-Clothing Providenciales Ricardo Fulford Universal Garage - Mechanic Shop Best Sales & Repairs, Repairing Vehicles & Selling Tires Providenciales Suzana Mompremier Dove Retail Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales BerthaLee Belle Belle Law Firm Providenciales Norman B. Saunders Jr. Saunders & Co. Law Firm Providenciales Brian Trowbridge Brian Trowbridge Attorney At Law Attorneys Providenciales Transport Solutions Ltd. GB Service Center Service Station Providenciales Maria Margrita Williams Provo Scrap Metal Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Yanique Valcourt Hinson Nickie's Café Take Away' (Fast Food Service) Restaurant Providenciales Toussaint L. Capron Mia's Snack Shack Take-Out (Restaurant) Providenciales Menvella E. Pratt Mama's Kitchen Restaurant Restaurant & Café Providenciales Ezra Taylor EZ Bar & Lounge Bar Providenciales Ronald Seymour R & R Motor Sales & Rental Motor Vehicle Rental & Sales Providenciales Jean Ulyesse Deluis Spend For Less Retal Sales Providenciales Larington Williams Universal Product Recycling Metal Salvage Providenciales Neffer Malcolm Fermin's Delicacies Restaurant Providenciales Carlos Simons Express Car Dealer & Rental Car Dealer & Rental Providenciales Samara Lightbourne Samara's Internet Café Internat Service Provider Providenciales Pamelar williams Kaii's Taxi & Tours Services Grand Turk Erica Susette Henfield Erika (MEP) Services Construction Providenciales Larvardo Barranco / Shurland Millington Caribbean King's Promotions Entertainment Providenciales John Hanchell Joel's Drafting Drafting Grand Turk John Hanchell Joel's Contracting Contracting Grand Turk John Hanchell Conchman's Take Out Restaurant Grand Turk Dunavan Robinson Shore Catch Charter Provision for Tourism Services Providenciales Stephan M. Kroell Stephan M. Kroell Condo Rentals Providenciales Ana Cabera Johnson-Williams J I D Barber Shop Barber Shop Providenciales Provo Cultural & Sport Club Graceway Sport Center Sport And Recreation Center Providenciales Bethsheba Yvette Tapfer Little Oasis Retail/ Wholesale Middle Caicos Herbert Swann Jr. & Carlton Higgs The Oasis Bar & Sky Lounge Bar Providenciales Earl Basden E and R Contracting Contracting South Caicos Heather Chait OCW 722 Condo Rentals Providenciales George Garland & Geraan Garland Paradise Floats Renting Inflatable Floaters Providenciales Ananda Ltd. KB Home Center Retail/Wholesale Over 2000sq ft Providenciales Marie Juslene Joinville Simlett God Bless Variety Store Grocery Store / Dry Goods Grand Turk Tanya Jean & Ronald Hyppolite Perfect Imaging Production Photography Grand Turk Erwin Edwards Jones GT Aqua Fresh Water Retail Other Grand Turk Ferguson Williams Just Cool Construction Construction Grand Turk Charles Simmons Simmons Sport Fishing Fishing Grand Turk Antoine Michel Antoine Variety Store Wholesale/Retail Provo Mamie Pierre Louis/ Marcus Lightbourne M & L Amazing World Provo Larrington Williams Las Coquetas Salon Provo Whitney Bain Jr./Glen Penn Island Adventures Excursions Provo Sherry Lightbourne Sunseth Gourmet Retail Provo Pierre M Tanis Tanis Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Provo Charles C. Palmer Palmers Apartments Apts/Condos Provo Dwanya Higgs Our Children's Place Childrens Clothins ans Accessories Provo Janardo Laporte Fresh Catch Restaurant/Food& Provo Kendal Samuel Handfield Royal's Taxi, Tours Taxi, Tours &VIP Services & VIP Services Transportation Provo Ethan R. L quant VenQuest Capital Partners Agency Provo Tony Rigby & Elsa Rigby T & E Auto Repairs Auto Repairs Provo Khemisha R. Hall Sophisticated Glam Make Up Artisry Grand Turk Ludwick & Mikael Smith Smiths Cleaning Pros & Supplies Janitorial Office Cleaning Grand Turk Nocles Joseph N. J Taxi Transportation Providenciales Watersports TCI Ltd. Kiteprovo Kiteboarding & Watersports Providenciales Earle Fulford & Leonard James Eaker III Pleasure Ride Rental & Tour& Tour Atv's & Jet Skee Rental & Tour Grand Turk Jelicia Natalia Malcolm Lici's Hair Supplies Hair Supplies And Product Providenciales Friedise Registre The Patty Place Restaurant & Café, Designated Providenciales Gascon International Investment Ltd Santa Maria Gaming Salon Casino Grand Turk

Business or Persons Applying

Business Name

General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Devon J. Adams D & D Taxi Services Taxi Services Providenciales Iquita Brooks & Toriono Williams Platinum Express Transportation Providenciales Wear It All Ltd Wear It All Printing (Other Than Newspaper) Providenciales SIM Powers TCI Ltd SIM Powers TCI Misellanous (Solar Products) Providenciales Raycal Edeleise Handfield Bath And Body Works Plus Retail/Wholesale Providenciales E & E Apartments E & E Apartments Apts/Condos Providenciales Cay Supply Ltd. Provo Building Supply Sale of Building Materials and Hardware Providenciales Glen A. Williams Flamingo Trucking Trucking-small Providenciales Nickina Jennings-Williams Beyond Beautiful Salon Hair Styling / Nails Providenciales Lorna O'Gilvie Diamond Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Providenciales Angena Agenor Angenor's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Belinda J. Martin Aqua Marine Concierge TCI Concierge Providenciales Iramene A. Basden Eben-Nezer Laundry/ Dry Cleaning Providenciales Nattanya Freites-Danvers 4 T's Jerk Shack Sale Of Food Grand Turk Lisette Dayana Forbes Express Café Restaurant & Café Providenciales Yudelka Altagracia Smith JD Upholstery Furniture & Décor Providenciales Discovery Tours & ARS Transport Transportation Land Providenciales Kevin G. Myers K-Plus Grocery & Variety Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Wenceslao M. Jimenez Jackmigui Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Shunter McDonald Delancy General Construction Construction- Small Providenciales Glenroy Gardiner Side - Line Construction Carpentry & Construction Grand Turk Doreen A. Francis S.A.S.S Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Grand Turk Londolozi Ltd. Beach House Turks & Caicos Accommodation Providenciales Olin Santana Olin Water Delivery Water Delivery Service Providenciales Natasha Sirrisa Hall Natasha Consultany Consultancy Services Providenciales Immacula Cyrius-Dor Enid Beauty Salon & Spa Salon Providenciales Kenneth D, Grant Kenpro Services Business consultant / Management Services Providenciales Elery James Technical Concepts Graphic Design/ IT/ Consultancy Providenciales Elisa & Ralph Doughty KARE Caribmart Retail Grand Turk Gregory Spencer Williams Unity Promotions Entertainment Services Providenciales Joel A. Swann Dusk 2 Dust Retail/Wholesale North Caicos Jean Eddy Jerome E And V Construction Construction Grand Turk Yvonne Malcolm - Thomas Unique Creations Retail/Wholesale Less than 500 sqft Grand Turk Teodoro Severino Belen Jesus King Of Peace Church Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Jean Odell Been Tripple J Taxi & Tours Transportation Grand Turk Hartman R. Handfield Hartman Construction Construction Providenciales Kendra F. Hall Party Tyme Retail Sales Providenciales Doween Delano Handfield Mairan's Bakery Bakery Operation Providenciales Idaila Elizabeth Forbes Opal's Beauty Supplies & Accessories Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Karen Higgs & Joseph Higgs UHOF Kingdom Ministries Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Immacula Cyrius-Dor Enid Spa Massage/ Spa Providenciales Weston Bovell IRIEDAWTA Retail/Wholesale less than 500 Sq ft Providenciales Wadland Telusma WAK9 VIP Entertainment Providenciales Arthur S. Williams Bonnies Spot Restaurant Grand Turk Courtney Brown & Taniesha Brown University Prep Center Education Consulting & Tutorial Services Providenciales Attimi Ltd. Attimi Photography Profesional Photography Services Providenciales Attimi Ltd. Attimi Maintenance Repairs Handyman, Plumbing Repairs Providenciales George Christopher Forbes The Church Of God Church (Non-Profit) North Caicos Jean Odell Been The Classic Baby Store Baby Necessities: Pampers, Whipes, Food etc. Providenciales Jean Odell Been It's Fabric (Store) Selling Fabric Providenciales Ariza Brothers John & Sons Contracting Services Electrical Contracting & Services Grand Turk Fred Neehuis Caicos Corral Horse Back Riding Providenciales Alden Leon Hamilton Turks & Caicos Experience Photography Providenciales Charles G. Rooker Rooker Taxi Transportation Providenciales Jahmial A.T.T.S. Hutchinson Water Sports Kings Provision for Tourism Services Providenciales Rodston Kendrick Adams The Barber Shop Barber Shop Providenciales Marie I. Jean La Patience Shoppe Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Wayne Higgs Frank's Store 4 U Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Cheerful Helena Handfield Tottie's Canteen Restaurant North Caicos Oscar A. Talbot New Life Construction Construction (Petty) Grand Turk JF LemoineProfessional Ltd. Prime Sports Medicine Providenciales Chalmers Djan Misick Taboo Grill & Lounge Providenciales Jeremy Theron Rigby Grace Taxi & Tours Taxi & Tours Providenciales Eunica Davol E & C Taxi Services Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Lia Sepe Point Of View Villa Villa Rental Providenciales Elysee Angelo Gospel Entertainment Gospel Entertainment & Promotions & Promotions Grand Turk Dave Morris Morris And Sons Brokage & Shipping Customs Brokage Grand Turk

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May 17 - 23, 2014


Business Name


General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Paradise Scooters Ltd. Paradise Scooters, Rentals, Complete scooter rental, Sales, Tours & Service sales and service centre Providenciales Paradise Ltd. Paradise Sales and Accessories Retail Sales Providenciales Yanique Hinson-Valcourt Jolie Boutique Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Donavon Erskine Francis Clip N Snip Barbers & Stylist Beauty Salon Providenciales Cleveland A. Clarke Cecelia's Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Rosamae Penn Roshae's Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Christine Parker Christ Café Restaurant Providenciales Prospero L. Olivo Reyes JR Construction Construction Providenciales F Corporate & Freight Forwarding & Management Services Ltd. F Brokerage Customs Brokerage Providenciales Miller Delgado Morgan D & B Tile Contractor-Petty Providenciales Fuller Gardiner F & G Construction Construction North Caicos Dunavan M. Robinson Donnie's Taxi Providenciales Kevin T. Taylor Kervin & Sons Construction Constractor- Small Providenciales Sandy Lou Talbot GTC Contracting & Construction Contractor Providenciales The Outstanding Loan Company Limited TOLCO Debt Collector Providenciales Delores Robinson Delores in the weeds & Howard Robinson / H.R. Productions Video Recording Grand Turk Ellen Wright-Stead Stead Fast Rental of Condominium Unit Providenciales Marva V. Dean Triple A Used Parts Service Station, Garage Operation Providenciales Delcean L. Simmons Double D's Variety Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Kano C. Wilson Tripple K's Painting Services Painting Providenciales Wilbert & Christine Jennings Kingdom Dominion International Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Deronetta Tekorah Forbes D & G Total Quality Services Administrative Assistant Grand Turk Daniel Christopher Brisco Family Man Chicken Shack Restaurant Providenciales Bernadette Fortunate Cash and Carry Retail Wholesale South Caicos Kyle Ortwin Brooks Leydi's Hair Care Salon Cosmetologist Grand Turk A & W Ltd. Mis Amigos Restaurant Providenciales Jose M. Ovando Ro El Rancho Restaurant & Café Providenciales Romeo Rondell Higgs Watchful Security Service Provision for Security Services Providenciales ASIC LTD IRIV'S Fashion Jewerly/ Sorveniers Beach Wear Grand Turk Bryant R. Cox Nesha's Grill Mobile Snacks & Soft Drinks Providenciales Glasgow Wilson Wilson Enterprise Selling Grand Turk Bryant R. Cox Naeo's Mart Mobile Grocery Providenciales Daniel L. Delancy Ace Taxi And Tour Transportation Providenciales Kenrick A. Penn Island Café Bar & Restaurant Restaurant & Café Providenciales Tracey Darlene Parker Lunar Delmar Cruises Provision for Tourism Services- Diving Providenciales Hart Wilson Jolly Caicos Farming Agricultural Consultants and suppliers, farming & Aqua Culture Providenciales Vanencia F. Forbes & Stanley F. Forbes Dollar Plus Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Agapita M. Howell Y.A.3.B Consultancy Consultancy Services Providenciales Nickia Rigby Natural Delight Restaurant Providenciales Marcian E Sturrup Slick Garage Auto Body Repair and Mechanic Repair Grand Turk Mickcal Williams Girls 'R' Us Beauty Supply Providenciales Elery Cordell James Lapels TCI Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaning Providenciales Sandra Musgrove Reliable Electrical Solutions Contractor-Petty Providenciales Rose-May Mullings No Stress No Panik Grocery (Dry Goods) Providenciales Donovan Linton/ Bryan Brown B & E Variety Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Indiana Desirmona Rosario Indy's Delivery Service Courier Providenciales Annie Delancy & Joseph Ulysse D & J Tire Shop Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Carmen Rochelle Brown Turks & Caicos Zip-Line Tours Prov. For Tourism Services Providenciales Lindsay Martin Butterfield V6 Rake and Scrape Band Music Grand Turk Leonardo R. J. Patrick Native Eye Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Joel & Yasmah Richards Da Affordable Lunch Box Mobile Restaurant Providenciales Kilo G. Walkin/ Roschad A. Bethel Kilo GFX Graphic Design Providenciales Earl & Raquel Basden E & R Daycare Daycare Centre South Caicos Lakisha K. Grant Michabic Agency Providenciales Barbara Requel Smith- Jules J's Construction Electrical & General Construction Providenciales Patricia Musgrove Island Pot II Restaurant Providenciales Meoshi Smith D's African Movies Store Sales Grand Turk Marron M. Sturrup Nakey's Water Delivery & Service Water Sales (Small) - Trucking Grand Turk Laurence Forbes Latisha And Sherlicia Grocery Shop Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Donny Navil Blue Top Taxi & Tours Taxi & Tour Services Providenciales Ludwina A.T. Fulford Any Occasion Beauty Bar Full Service Salon Grand Turk Ezekiel Hall & Judith Campbell Global Green Eco-Lab Water & Wastewater Testing & analysis Providenciales David D. Campbell D N A Construction Small Contracting Providenciales Lofton A. Morley L & L Clothing Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Elie Josaphat Mamoune Ticyl Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Wendel Joseph, Jeanne & Osias Joseph Unique Tours & Rentals Provision for Tourism Services Providenciales Delroy C. Gibbs Global Security & Electronics Services Security Services Providenciales

Business or Persons Applying

Business Name

General Nature of Business

Principle Place of Business

Kimmit Lowell Harvey Best Day Tour Transportation-Sea(per vessel) Providenciales Caro Jermaine Missick D & M Taxi Transportation Providenciales Howard A. Stubbs Need For Speed Rides & Tours Water Sports & Sport Fishing charters Providenciales N & A Holdings Ltd Starlite Restautant Providenciales N & A Holdings Ltd Copacabana Dance Hall Providenciales Elizabeth V. Jones Local Colour Providenciales Dieufruit Nathan Gregoire Impressive Quality M.E.P Car Wash Providenciales Wilner Agenor Geno's Taxi Services & Tour Transportation Providenciales Devon Williams Glitz Couture Retail Providenciales James Theophilus Handfield Glennys Mini Market Retail Sales Providenciales Authur W. Quelch Lawn Care Services Lawn Care and Yard Cleaning Service Grand Turk Jacques Gascon Turks & Caicos Construction Construction Grand Turk Keurys M. Smith Public Figure Presentation Providenciales Paul Gardiner Hot Spot Café / Liquors Restaurant & Café Providenciales Shirleen & Berardino Adderley D And S Wave Danser Charter Service/ Operations Providenciales Edwin B. F. Taylor Dynasty Management Training & Consulting Services Providenciales Elvera Williams R. J. A Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Arlington Musgrove Millenniym Heights Supermarket Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Paul Gardiner Fabulous Hair & Beauty Supply Beauty Supply Providenciales Alex Higgs Super Cuts Barber Shop Barber Shop Providenciales Barbara Handfield The G.E.E.M.S Project TCI Workshop, TV Show Providenciales Lillian Louise Jennings Tre's Diva Heels Variety South Caicos Claude Rodger Swann S & S Variety Grocery Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Yan Carlos Vargas Miguel Vargas Fashion Clothing Store Providenciales Gordon Joseph Gordon's Poetry & Retail Sales Sale of Poetry and other goods (Drinks, Snacks) Grand Turk Dorn R. Fulford/ Joseph M. Vixaille Auto Tech Mechanic/Auto Sales Providenciales Ezekiel & Arlene Hall Subway TCI Fast Food Restaurant Providenciales Jose Luis Soto Ovando JLX Clothing Store Clothing Store Providenciales Fairbell Harvey Fairy's Contracting Petty Contracting Middle Caicos Earl Percival Jennings Jennings Taxi & Tours Taxi & Tour Services Providenciales Franklyn L. Virgil B & R Water Sports Water Sports Grand Turk John R. Beltramo Jr. Juliet Sailing And Diving Provision of Tourism Services-Diving Providenciales Convey Capron All Pro Cleaners Mobile Cleaning services Providenciales Solomon Morency SNR Studio Beauty & Barber Variety Beauty Salon Providenciales Lydia R. Butterfield L'delights Mobile Foods Grand Turk Steveson Cleveson Astwood Nell's Taxi #2 Transportation Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Reuben Missick Jr. Presidential Taxi & Tours Taxi & tours Providenciales Terrence Thomas L & R Fashions Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Ury Jn Gilles Pierre-Louis Pool Cleaners Contractor-Petty Providenciales Edith Mesa John's Ocean View Bar Bar Grand Turk Frank Lockhart Hill Top Grocery Retail / Wholesale South Caicos Jovoano Tremaine Forbes Provo Waste Collection Service Garbage Disposal and Collection Providenciales Franciette Francois Joseph Jojo Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Goodmark Jewelers Ltd Mark Henry Boutique Retail Jewelry Sales Grand Turk Andy A. Williams Peka's Taxi And Tours Taxi Providenciales Jean Marie Walkin Trinity Printing Services Printing Providenciales Joan S. Astwood-Sutton Greensleeves by Joan's Unique Creations Arts & Craft Providenciales Tanya Jean Top Tires & Accessories Retail Providenciales Debbie-Lyn Trager Mad Holdings Guest House Providenciales Rochelle Gray Airport Café Café Salt Cay Rochelle Gray Salt Cay Buggie Rental Rental Salt Cay Cadelin Pierre Vivid Memories Imaging & Media Production Providenciales Eliza Doughty & Ralph Doughty KARE Barbecue Joint (Resturant) Services (Restaurant & Bar) Providenciales Alvin Ellesley Parker 3 A Construction Construction Providenciales Romaine S. Missick TCI Fetish Retail Sales/ Auto Rentals Providenciales Isabella Forbes Bell's Food Store Retail Sales Grand Turk Darin Scott Clare Sky Boutique Comestic / Mixins Clothes South Caicos Denise Premise Smith Repair-It-4U Computer/ Mobile Device Repair Service Providenciales Joseph Smith All Natural Ice Cream Ice Cream Grand Turk Mr. Trevor Misick TCI Quality Contracting Services Medium: Small Contracting Providenciales Mr. Trevor Misick TCI Quality Tour Services Provision of Tour Services Providenciales Michael J. T. Burchill Fox And The Sound Entertainer Providenciales Livenie Ellis Livenie Document Secretary Agency Agency Providenciales Alpheus Smith Jr./ Melvin Elsie Cellular Tronics Phone Sales Providenciales Hector Bienvenido Mercedes Hector Cleaners Cleaning Company Providenciales Jamesly Prosper Snip & Clip Barber Shop

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May 17 - 23, 2014





Business or Persons Applying

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Reuben H. Hall II Turks & Caicos Marching Band Entertainment Phara Noel Fashion Boutique Beauty Supply Friedise Registre & Deyon Seymour Domino Center Small Restaurant and Bar Simeon A. Darville Supernatural Catch and Tours Provision of Tourism Services Janet & Bianca Williams Munchkins Bakery Sale of Snacks Gold Star Nail Center Gold Star Nail Centre Nails & Accessories Kimberley Walkin / Levelt Juilen Julien Electric & Plumbing Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electric and Plumbing Arnold / Melanie Smith Service Magic Construction - Petty Fidel lewis Seymour Seymour's Plumbing Plumbing Jobs Ojay Durham Durham's Transporation Services Transportation Services Kigmoa Willams Hot Spot Bar Sale of alcholic beverage Devon Hayles Platinum Fitness GYM Emily Eveleta Forbes Lazarus Gold Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Ruthphine Smith Phine's Varity Store Retail / Wholesale Louis Jocelyn Erilien R & E Tire Shop Tire Repair Shop Beverly Ekendahl BKH Fashion Design Retail Sales Tericke Akeem Astwood Mobile Tech TCI Selling Repairing of Cellular Phones Clyde Bradley Robinson Paradise Solutions Architecture Jeminita Carmell Sinclair Twisted Sisters Beauty Salon Hugh G O'Neill Hugh G O'Neill & Co. Law Firm Antonio Clarke Tony's VIP Taxi Tony's VIP Taxi Inga C. Brooks I B Brokerage Customs Brokerage Keith Douglas Malcolm Travel to See Restaurant & café Gloria Symonette & Francina Forbes G & F Taxi Taxi Service Terence Anthony Astwood Security Depot Sale of Security Equipment Terence Anthony Astwood Security One Security Service Caroline Elizabeth Gray Native Tings Retail Sales Miriam Adams F. N & M Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Hugh G O'Neill & Church Of The Good Times Ministry of Rhum TCI Society Providenciales Glenville Forbes & Anthony Swann Auto Empire's Taxi Taxi Services James Julien Caribbean Vacation Connet Miscellaneous Business Pastor Reuben Missick Jr. Holy Everyday Church Nondenominational Turks & Caicos Islands Church: Non-Profit Dugald S. Mcleod Ocean Restaurant & Café Beatrice V. Forbes Misty B's Taxi Transportation Alizee N.J. Zimmerman Zimmermann Retail/Wholesale Marilyn A. Williams Mel's Braids Braiding Hair Ricky S. Sinclair Sinclair Auto Electirc Sales & Services Auto Electric Sales & Services Jessica Hall Web Solutions Web Design Tannia Deyon Hall Quinyal Listings Personal Assistant Patricia Musgrove Variety Of Varieties Retail/Wholesale Dolphus Arthur Sun Down Commercial Fishing Llewlyn Williams EW Fisheries Fishing Theophilus Fritz TCI Enterprise Gaming Jacquelin Smith Local Braiding & Beyond Braiding Teslen Lurlean Forbes Half Moon Store Retail/ Wholesale Mervin Michael Forbes Rising Stars Basketball Club Basketbal- Sports Island Reservations Ltd. Turks & Caicos Reservations Reservations Agency Delano Jerome Pratt Deyzariah's Taxi Taxi Services Stanley Alexander Williams S & S Beauty Salon & Spa Beauty Salon & Spa Iklyn J. Stubbs Techtronics Electrical Rental Sales & Services Jean And Beverly Souvenir B And J Restaurant And Bar Restaurant And Bar Yadley Dorvil-Legagneur Mr. Grouper Restaurant Donald Francois El Rapido Water Delivery Water Sale Joan S. Astwood-Sutton Grace Bay Framing Custom Framing and Arts & Crafts Janet Varine Williams Paradise Events Event Planning Edd Blackman Blackman Taxi Taxi Services Roselore Dumee Hairtastis Beauty Supply Store Sails Lolian Williams LKJ Snack Place Retail/ Wholesale Cadron Elroy Delancy Nordac Taxi Taxi Services Beatrice C. Criar Sunrise Restaurant Restaurant & café Kerelalou B. M. Higgs Turks & Caicos Travel Smart Travel Agency Swann & Swann, Attorneys Bugaloo's Restaurant & café Deron R. Thompson A & D on Call Spa On Call Spa Services Lionel Bassett Superior Painting Contractor-Small Loreta Rocal Robinson Jabez Business & Anthea Louis Mctaire Management Services Agency Rosita B. Butterfield Rosie's Boutique Retail/Wholesale Bishop Bernard A. Young One Nation Empowerment Church Church (Non-Profit) Devino S. Missick V-Mart Retail Sales & Vending Services Evette Hall Thiana's Variety Store Retail Sales

Principle Place of Business

Business or Persons Applying

Providenciales Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk Providenciales

Sophia Registre 4 A's Agency Service Agency Providenciales Marcusson L. Lightbourne, Earle L. Barranco & Terrance L. Robinson Tasty Caribbean Seafood Farming, Harvesting Seafood Providenciales James Theophilus Misick Executive Auto Rental Auto Rental & Sales Providenciales Richard Emmanuel Missick Green Acres Farm Farming, Harvesting Seafood North Caicos Chinson Grill Shack Limited " Got Jerk ?" Restaurant & café Providenciales Jose M. Ovando Rodrigues Caribbean Terminator Construction Providenciales Bishop Bernard A. Young MBA Genesis Leadership Training Church, Commumity & Training Institute & Business Leaders Providenciales Pertmy Saint Louis Higgs Shellande's Auto Parts & Services Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Trevor Misick Scrap Metal Movers TCI Paul Antonio Vaughn TCI Cycles Bicycle Tours, Rentals, Repairs, Maintenance And Sales Providenciales Diaz Tiling Diaz Tilig Contractor-Small Providenciales Gerardo & Almina Diaz Rodriques Diaz Variety Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Jason Harvey Doraty Caribbean Sun Power Solar Systems Providenciales Jason Harvey Doraty Dynamic Security Service Security Services Providenciales The Meridian Club Ltd. The Meridian Club Hotel/ Private Community Pine Cay Rogers McIntosh Kew North Caicos Dry Goods Retail/ Wholesale North Caicos Oswald Oneal Skippings Zion Zibrations Music Productions (Record Label) Grand Turk Franklyn & Claire Rose Clare IBO Car Rentals & Sales Vehicle Rental Providenciales Marguerite Altidor Taylor Shop & Retail Sewing Clothes and Selling Clothes & Retail Grand Turk Roy A. Martinez & Jose Luis Soto Ovando JLX Clothing Store Retail Providenciales Yan Carlos Vargas Miguel Vargas Internet Café Internet Café Providenciales Alvirna Green Natural Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Beauty Salon & Spa Providenciales Franklyn Lou Clare Atlantic Island Financial Investment Limited Accounting Providenciales Rita Jean Gardiner Reliable Consultancy & Consultancy Grand Turk Bridgette Misick Djour's Cleaning Services Cleaning Services Grand Turk Bridgette Misick Riordan Turquiose Destination T.C.I Event Planning Grand Turk Cheryl Astwood-Tull Floral Couture Lounge At Grace Bay Weddings, Flowers, Events Management & Gifts Providenciales Bernard Young / Bulah Young Intimate Moments Catering Services Catering Providenciales Georgia B. Dunn Grand Turk Islander Hard Ginger Beer Making Ginger Beer Grand Turk Maria Jennings Caribbean Souvenir Center Retail Sales Grand Turk Alison Capron Capron Communications Public Relations Providenciales Latoya M. Jones Harvey Oceanscapes Spa Spa/Massage Therapy Grand Turk TCI Micro Facilitors Ltd. Cash Now Consultancy/ Providing Micro Loans Grand Turk Melinda Anne Mensen GSD Consulting Consulting Providenciales Danielle Noyes Coco-Nuts Grand Turk Shavon Mitchell CSavi Entertainment Inc. Entertainment Grand Turk Melissa Shaw-Rowe Kaniel's Kinder Kare Day Care Providenciales Jose M. O. Rodriguez Express Pawn Shop Pawn Shop Providenciales New Vision Limited PriceWise Retail Providenciales Maxia Thomas/ Robert Bart Maxi Royal's Wear Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Edith A. Burns The Crystal & Gift Gallery/ Dollar Depot Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Collen Delancy / Francois Michelet First Pentecostal Church Of God Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Lys Elius Lamarre Lys M.E.P. Electrical And Plumbing Providenciales Mavis L. Smith Edrico's Souvenir & Fashion Shop Retail Grand Turk Junie Ariza J.N.N. Construction Contractor-Small Providenciales Shnaydeurse Valentin Jeanty Provo Technical Services Contractor-Small Providenciales Terrence Robinson Provo Vista Online Services Providenciales National Engineering Ltd. Theo Durham Surveys Land Survey Providenciales Commenci Toya Duncan Turquoise Native Crafts & Souvenirs Retail Providenciales Clive St George Stanbrook Stanbrooks Legal Advice And Consultancy Attorney Providenciales Edwin Bernardo Hernandez New Style Salon & Barbershop Barbershop Providenciales Robin Roselita Cox Genesis Auto Mobile Enterprises Service Station/ Garage Providenciales Melbourne Penn I Am Here Blue Hills Providenciales Robin Roselita Cox The Colony Apartment Providenciales Tania Garcia Grace Bay Totz Child Daycare Providenciales Michael W. Harvey H.B.B. Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales New Vision Limited PriceWise Meats Retail/Wholesale Providenciales

Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Providenciales North Caicos Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Cane Apprecation Grand Turk Providenciales

Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Middle Caicos Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales North Caicos

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May 17 - 23, 2014

May 17 - 23, 2014





May 17 - 23, 2014

May 17 - 23, 2014






Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts gets release date WARNER Brothers has set the release date for the Harry Potter spin-off film. Fans will have a two-year wait until they’re able to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The film is based on the textbook Harry Potter uses at Hogwarts, a guide to magical creatures written by

fictional author Newt Scamander. Although the cast for the new magical movie is yet to be announced, the film will arrive on the big screen in 2016. Warner Bros has previously said the film series was part of an “expanded creative partnership” with JK Rowling but has not given

any indication as to when the film could go into production. In an interview with the best-selling author earlier this year, she talks about finishing the script in record time. “I thought, ‘I’ll give them this plot’ and then, fatally, I sat down and thought, ‘I just wonder what it would look like...’, and wrote a rough draft

in 12 days.” The film will be released on 18 November 2016. (News Beat) The film is based on the textbook Harry Potter uses at Hogwarts, a guide to magical creatures written by fictional author Newt Scamander.

May 17 - 23, 2014

May 17 - 23, 2014



Court battle over Bob Marley songs begins in London THE High Court in London has begun hearing arguments in a copyright dispute over 13 songs by the late Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley. The publisher Cayman Music is attempting to retrieve the rights to the songs, among them No Woman, No Cry. It claims they were not included when it sold some of its rights in 1992 to Blue Mountain Music, as Bob Marley had penned them under other people’s names. But Blue Mountain says the songs were covered under the transfer deal. The case is centred on an agreement the two companies signed in 1992, 11 years after the music star died of cancer.

MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A lawyer for Cayman Music, Hugo Cuddigan, said the songs, which were written between 1973 and 1976, were not part of the deal because they had been “fraudulently attributed” to other people. Cayman claims Marley did so to avoid the provisions of his publishing agreement with the music company. But Ian Mill, a lawyer for Blue Mountain, said the lawsuit had to be dismissed because the “plain intention” of the 1992 deal was to “transfer all rights”. There are millions of dollars at stake in the case, and a verdict is expected by the end of this week.

Rapper Andre Johnson was reportedly on PCP when he sliced off his penis and then jumped from a second-story balcony in Los Angeles

Rapper explains why he cut off his penis and jumped from balcony ANDRE Johnson, the Los Angeles rapper who hacked off his genitalia before taking a dive from a second storey balcony in North Hollywood, has finally spoken out about what motivated last month’s gory selfmutilation. Depression drove him to do it, he revealed. Johnson, who performs under the stage name Christ Bearer with the Wu-Tang affiliated group Northstar, was reportedly high on the dangerous psychedelic drug PCP on April 16 when he performed his apparent DIY eunuch stunt. The 40-year-old nevertheless went on to tell celebrity website TMZ that he was smoking weed and reading about monks and vasectomies just before the self-castration. He felt as if his “world was collapsing,” he said, after a restraining order prevented him from seeing his two daughters. He also revealed that he had a third child on the way. TMZ also reported that doctors were able to reattach Johnson’s member. Johnson claims that he will regain full functionality of his privates, although his ability to father more

children is considered unlikely. Conflicting reports surround the case, which is classified as an attempted suicide by police. According to friends in the apartment building where the castration took place, Johnson pulled off the mutilation quickly before hurling himself over the balcony. E! Online nevertheless reported that Johnson cut off the tip of his penis first, then removed his testicles and the remainder of his genitalia. The E! report said that the rapper was under the influence of PCP at the time, a mind-bending drug which is also known as Angel Dust or Phencyclidine. PCP is a “dissociative drug” meaning that it distorts perceptions of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and self. Meanwhile, as the drama unfolded and occupants of the apartment building raced downstairs to see if Johnson had survived the fall, they found him on his feet, screaming. He was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in critical condition. The butchered organs were recovered upstairs.

In addition to the worldwide hit No Woman, No Cry, the titles under dispute are: Crazy Baldhead, Johnny Was, Natty Dread, Positive Vibration, Rat Race, Rebel Music (Road Block), Talking Blues, Them Belly Full, Want More, War, Who The Cap Fit and So Jah Seh. (BBC)

The court dispute centres on 13 songs by Bob Marley, including the hit No Woman, No Cry.



May 17 - 23, 2014



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Wilman Joseph Wilman Art Design Art Design (Artist) Grand Turk Collen Delancy Tree Of Life Church Of God Church (Non-Profit) Providenciales Austin Smith A & B Taxi Taxi Services Grand Turk Kevin Harvey & Silbert Evans Blazer Elite Academy Sports (Non-Profit) Providenciales Devon Kyle Cox Dawn Program for Autism Behavioral Sciences Agency for sourcing Providenciales Simon A. Slattery TCI Agri Systems Agricultural Consultants and suppliers, farming & Aqua Culture Providenciales Robert Angelo Williams Raw's Kitchen Cooking and Selling food (Grilling) Grand Turk Louis Arturo Graveley Island Taxi & Tours Taxi services Grand Turk Nichelle Durham Simons Taylors Universal Shop Sewing Grand Turk Curtis Anthony Lightbourne Lightbourne's Taxi Site Seening Taxi Services Grand Turk Diondre A. Rolle Uprising Taxi & Tours Taxi Services Providenciales Edna Elizabeth Sterling Anytime Airconditioning Services Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Nancy & Karl Roes Roes Long Bay House Accommodation Providenciales Trakana Deanthony Taylor Gourmet Catering Catering Providenciales Roger Oberg Danny Buoys Full Service Bar & Restaurant Providenciales Tendra Musgrove 649 Business Magazine Providenciales Shadika Green Ton Of Youngsters Babysitting Providenciales Patrice Thomas Max's Beauty Salon Salon South Caicos Deborah Dawson Casa De Isle Villa Rental Providenciales Dwyane Albert Krzanowski Cardinal Points Business Efficiency Solution Marketing And Training Providenciales Diamond Waves Ltd. Aqua Scene TCI Provision for Tourism Services Providenciales Joshua Mcintosh Big Josh Mcintosh Retail Retail/Wholesale North Caicos Franklyn Freites Lucky's Restaurant and CafĂŠ Bar and Restaurant Grand Turk Cyliane Emmanuel Cyliane Variety Store Retail Store Providenciales Dave Wilburn Johnson Flamingo Gas Station Gasoline & Mini Mart South Caicos Hart Wilson Jolly Pot Man Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Genoveva C. Lebron McDonald Lebron's Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Earl Llewelyn Forbes Mother's Annie Shop Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Kingsley Johnson K & K Garbage Collection Sanitation Middle Caicos Rhondal Lahmot Gray R And S Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Rev. James Prospere All Saints Baptist Church Non-Profit Providenciales Susan Paulina Garland Jeem Variety Store Retail Variety Grand Turk Oswald Cazi Body Shop Garage Garage Providenciales Shanga E. R. Rigby First Class Productions Promotions Providenciales Marie Ellda Garland S. K. & C Variety Store Grand Turk Audrey Rigby Trendyz Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Ana Godit Paloma variety Selling beauty Supplies & Shoes Grand Turk Marjory Williams Marjory's Taxi & Tour Services Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Christobalina Coverley & Angela Garcia Cri's Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Grand Turk Miriam Marie Rigby Virtual Business & Accounting Services Accountancy, Other Providenciales Evans Joseph & Judith Pierre Joseph Patience Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Maxwell Handfield Jr. Jay's Food Mart Retail/ Wholesale North Caicos Katiusca Rodriguez / Christian Martich SCAP Appliances & Parts Retail Sales Providenciales Romaine S. Missick Fetish TCI Clothing Store Providenciales Nestora Williams Jose Ovando Car Dealers Car Sales & Rentals Providenciales Nestora Williams Jose Ovando Construction General Contractor Providenciales Clever Robert Hinson Hinson Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Grand Turk Doreen Rigby D. M Gift Shop Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Debbi Lyn Trager Mad Holdings Rental House Providenciales Roy Lindsay Antioch seventh-Day Adventist Church Church Grand Turk Lainya Rashad Walkin Timely Taxi Services Taxi Services Providenciales Philip Robinson Caribbean Pest Control Pest Control Providenciales Almando F. A. Rigby & Maxcia L. Rigby The Hope Foundation for Autism Awareness Non-Profit Providenciales Louis Arturo Graveley Aris Mobile Kitchen Food Sale Grand Turk Rosemary Simons SS Super Sales & Services Selling General Merchandise Grand Turk Garvin Thomas, Tomiko Glinton, Sabrina Hamilton, Clover Harvey, Jovard Glinton & Alvin Parker South Caicos Hope Foundation Non-Profit Providenciales Damian Noyes Screaming Reels Private Fishing Charters Fishing Charters & Boat Excursions Grand Turk Damian Noyes Salty Dawg Grill Mobile Food Sales Grand Turk Bridget Simons Bridging the Gap Retail Sales Grand Turk Shirnay B. Pratt Blessings of Beauty Salon & Makeup Center Beauty Salon & Spa Providenciales Myranie St Juste Bryan Upholstery services Upholstery work Providenciales Jenny Odena Les Beatitudes Grocery Store Providenciales Pressely Hall P & J Construction Contractor-Small Providenciales Felix Pena Escort Latino Escort Service Providenciales Martin Gray/Y Construction Y and R Construction Construction Providenciales

Business or Persons Applying

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Desmond Michael Wilson 4T's Impound Lot Vehicle and Other Storage Grand Turk Sherlock Forbes Sunset Inn Guest House Rented Rooms South Caicos Evelyn Pierre Evelyn Variety Store Retail Dry Goods South Caicos Christopher E. Hall Veda Variety Retail South Caicos Jean Louis Chico Wholesale/Retail South Caicos Albert Clare Premier Management Services Management Services South Caicos Erocde Pierre Best Price Supermarket Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Verlena Jackson C & V Enterprize Wholesale/Retail South Caicos Cerano Jackson & Verlena Jackson Triple J's Grill South Caicos Romeo Cox Mary Dry goods Retail South Caicos Alexander & Rosabelle adams Adams Apts Apartment Grand Turk Isemane Joseph IJ Variety Store Retail Providenciales Winston Ewellynton Parker WP Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Raphiel J. Gray R. Gray Contracting Contractor Providenciales Jeffrey Eric Rollings Happytilapi Farms Agriculture, Farming, Etc. Providenciales Samara Lightbourne Island Luxury Transportation Services Providenciales Robert Roberts Sandy Toes Rental House Salt Cay Joesph Serwa Genesis Beach House Rental Single home Salt Cay Debbie Been Salt Cay Real Estate Real Estate Sales Salt Cay Pierre Stein Lady Pirate Single House Rental Salt Cay Jason J. Delancy Caicos Tubing And Water Sports Water Sports Providenciales Ezionne M. Phanor Cheap Cheap Store Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Pierrik Marziu La Salamandre Guest House Providenciales Jose Miguel Martinez Alexandra Fashion Clothing Store Providenciales Wayne Hall Sweet Escape Villa Rentals Property Management Providenciales Megan Gardner & Justina Elizabath Hanchell Monarch Wellness Studio Spa/Massage Therapy Grand Turk Rigoberto Delgado Here And There Taxi Service Transportation-Land (per Vehicle) Providenciales Leegalease Limited Legalease Angency Providenciales Eugene Williams & Rudy Taveras Bro's Auto Repairs & Auto Parts Service Stations & Garage Operations Grand Turk Elery James Lapelstci Cleaning Services Sanition Providenciales Karen U. Higgs Kayjo's Kitchen Restaurant Providenciales Marie Rose Celican Estel Extel's Boutique Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Alvin Parker & Sherry Parker Advanced Student Athlete Program (ASAP) Sports Non-Profit Providenciales Daniel L. Delancy Ace Cuts Barber Barber Shop Providenciales Erica Butterfield Popping Tags Retail Clothing Store Providenciales Hans Eyma Hans Variety Store Retail/ Wholesale Providenciales Nickia Rigby A & N Affordable Construction Construction Providenciales Quentin B. Williams Quintin Fishing Deep Water Fishing Providenciales Michael Connolly Casa Isabella Accommodation Rental Providenciales Erica Susette Henfield S & S Enterprise Repairs/Maintenance Providenciales Kimberly Cox-Baker K's Taxi Transportation South Caicos Clayton Harris & Elaine Harris Firm Foundation Ministries Church Ministry South Caicos Era Coral Properties Ltd Era-The Property People Real Estate Providenciales Era Coralie Properties Era-The People You Real Estate Providenciales Era Coralie Properties LTD Era - The Name You Know Real Estate Providenciales Dudley D. Been & Calvert S. Robinson Take 4 Jazz Entertainment & Recording Grand Turk Dudley D. Been & Calvert S. Robinson Take 4 Studio Entertainment & Recording Grand Turk Ednold Pierce Island Eagle Aviation Providenciales Pulse Ltd. The Athletic Club Gymnasium & Health Club Providenciales Cable & Wireless LIME Fixed & Mobile Telecommunications Services, Internet, Television, Videos & Entertainment Services Providenciales Sharon Musgrove Outreach Ministry of Love Ministry Grand Turk Elva A. Swann Jesus Christ is Lord Ministries Religious Activity Providenciales Elva A. Swann Bread From Heaven Ministries Religious Activity (Media Involvement) Providenciales Anthony Walkin & Althea Ewing-Williams, Peter Stubbs, Dr. Ken Peterson and Arminthele Seniors Sunset Foundation Development Facilities & Promote Proper Care and Social Interaction of Senior Citizens Providenciales International Marketing Ltd. Imagine Marketing Providenciales Fidelity Insurance (Cayman) Limited Fidelity Insurance Brokers & Agents Insurance Brokerage Providenciales Samuel, Daniela, Louis & Zoe McCleery Samuel, Daniela, Louis & Zoe McCleery Corporate Agents & Administration Grand Turk F.F.C. TCI LTD Quick Cash Wire Transfer Providenciales Minister Lorna S. Brown Royal Gem Productions Ministry Event Planner Grand Turk BHS (T&C) Ltd. Thai Orchid Restaurant Providenciales Suny Company Ltd. Suny Market Place Shipping and Distribution of Goods Providenciales Hugh O'Neil Claudette Rigby Medical Fund Charity to Raise Medical Funds Providenciales Margeurite St. Victor Margeurite St. Victor Store House Retail / Wholesale Grand Turk Ricardo Fulford Ricardo Fulford Contracting Contracting Grand Turk

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Hosea & Mercedes Simms Mercedes Nails Manicures Grand Turk Adesina Isikily Pharmaceutical House Pharmacy Providenciales Betty Forbes & Barrington Smith Lucky Company Ltd. Gaming Grand Turk Pearl Residences of Grace Bay Beach Limited Conch Pearl and Reef Pearl Holiday Letting Providenciales Holton Williams Old Nick Transportation (Land) Transportation (Land) (Land) Providenciales Oswald M. Simmons Aqua Aires Water Vendor Providenciales Falcon Realty Limited TCI Falcon Realty Real Estate Brokers Providenciales Mattie O. Hamilton Sophisticated Beauty Salon Beauty Salon North Caicos William Tullock The Suite 131 Tourist Accommodation Other than Hotel Providenciales Royele Communications Ltd. Royele Models Modeling Agency Providenciales Royele Communications Ltd. TCI Supermodel Contest Contest Event Providenciales Royele Communications Ltd. TCI Top Model Contest Contest Event Providenciales Royele Communications Ltd. TCI Super Model Competition Contest Event Providenciales Tracy H. Prospere TV Now Ltd. Satellite Installation Grand Turk Tracy H. Prospere Quick Construction Contractor (Small) Grand Turk P.T.S. Ltd. / Belinda Martin P.T.S. Ltd. Equipment Rental & Sales Providenciales LMGC LTD LMGC LTD Developer Providenciales Kevin A. Been / Janice O. Bean Caicos Petroleum Services Station Providenciales Robert Wilson Serendipity Tourist Accommodation Providenciales Brittaya Seymour-Daley D and B Auto Parts Selling Car Parts Accessories Providenciales B. Zaidan Terrapin Villa Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan L. Sulak & E. Sulak Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan La Salamantra Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Windrose Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan JJG Plus 3 Ltd. Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Windiver Investments Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Pelican Vista Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Caicos Blue LTD Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Bright Idea Vacation Rental Providenciales B. Zaidan Tranquility Property Management LTD Property Providenciales Taurain James Fisherman's Paradise Restaurant & Bar Providenciales Willie Francis Willie Snack Retail / Wholesale Providenciales Charles Wheatley Dawn Beach Ltd. Rental of Villas Provision of Tourist Accommodation other then Hotel Providenciales Clyde Benjamin Ewing C & B Contractual Services Ltd. Construction & Contractor Providenciales Jocelyn Osma John Vanessa's Variety Store Retail / Wholesale Providenciales Marsha Blanche-Capron Manpower MEP Construction Providenciales Marsha Blanche-Capron Libanesa Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Yoshihisa Ono Yoshis Sushi Bar Restaurant Providenciales Yoshihisa Ono Matsuri Sushi Bar Restaurant Providenciales Hormel Harvey Turks & Caicos Taxi and Transportation (Land) Ltd. Transportation (Land) (Land) Providenciales F. W. Lorne Rowe Management Support Services Accounting Services Providenciales Samer Hakoura & Renes Hakoura TCI Waste Disposal Services Provision of Sanitation Services Providenciales Elcie Hinson & Yujar Caicedo E. Y. Contractors Contractor (Small) Providenciales Edwin B. Capron Kings Construction Contractor (Small) Providenciales Maria S. N. Malcolm The Columbian Group Contractor (Small) Providenciales Maria S. N. Malcolm Columbia's Takeout Restaurant Restaurant & Café Providenciales Ronald Walkin A+ Taxi Services Transportation (Land) (Land) Providenciales SunIsland Routes Adventures Island Routes Luxury Adventure Tours Destination Marketing Providenciales Samuel & Sonia Williams Williams E. Business Consultancy Consultancy Providenciales Tammy Smith & Conroy A. Smith Platinum Promotion Providenciales Brenda Ludington & Pamela Leach Paradise Arts Apartments Rental Providenciales Whale Investments Ltd. Ports of Call Shopping Village Rental & Retail of Commercial Space Providenciales Mane Investments Ltd. Comfort Suites Hotel Hotel Operation Providenciales Raymond Fenimore T & C Travel Travel Agency Grand Turk Wettington Hall Wellington Hall's Groceries Retail / Wholesale North Caicos Bedigra Ltd. Bedigra Ltd. Retail/Condo Rentals Providenciales Marguarita Odilion Missick Maguerita Retail Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Carolyn Affeleck Island Scoop Ltd. Ice Cream & Ancillary Items Providenciales Carolyn Affeleck Footprints in the Beach Rental Villa Providenciales Mihaela Zins Mysan Ltd. Restaurant & Café Providenciales The Terrace Ltd. Bay Bistro Restaurant at Sibonne Hotel Restaurant/Catering Providenciales Russell Cox Vision Designs Sports Club Sports Providenciales Russel Cleveland Cox Vision Design Architects Architecture/Other Providenciales Market Place Villas Ltd. The Market Place Property Management Providenciales Nature's Vision Ltd. Nature's Vision Landscaping Designs Providenciales Discount Liquors ltd. Discount Liquors Conduct Business Importer, Distributors, Wholesale Retail, Spirits Beer, Wine, Tobacco & Non-Alcoholic Providenciales

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Samuel Emanuel Hall S J Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Vino Tiempo Vino Tiempo Cigar & Wine Bar Wine Bar Providenciales Frankie W. Soman Landtech Surveyors Surveying Technician Providenciales Deborah & Daniel L. Dawson Casa De Isle Villa Rental Providenciales Mryna Been Alpha & Omega Learning Centre Tutoring Grand Turk Michael & Marlene Milne Dreamscape Villa Occasional Villa Rental of Private Home Middle Caicos Galmo Williams Discount Accounting Auctioneers Providenciales Pauline Williams Pauline Tug Shop Retail/Wholesale North Caicos Marie L. St. Fleur M. L. Patience Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Cleola Barbara Garland Cleo's Red Snapper Restaurant Restaurant & Café, Other Providenciales Samuel & Sonia Williams / William E. Business W.E.B. Sales E. Business Sales Providenciales Donte A. Williams Onyx Designs Architecture Providenciales Saha Limited Clarity Marketing Solution Marketing Providenciales Christian Papachaistou Bishop Papachristia Prudoe Law Firm Providenciales Chanthainc Baccus Taste It Treats Pasty Mobile Providenciales Samantha Frampton-Williams & Steve Guess ASR Pool Products Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Steve Guess Provo Vending Vending Machines Providenciales Allan AXT Allan Welding & Repairs Services Station Providenciales Kimbelee Missick The Help Desk Consultancy Providenciales Roger Martin Buoy Charlie Caicos Limited Villa Rental Providenciales Karen Elaine Cox Yelena Craft Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Linda Mae Malcolm-Zaparta Matrix Consultancy Immigration Consultancy Providenciales Linda Mae Malcolm-Zaparta Intimate Essence Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Linda Mae Malcolm-Zaparta Matrix Construction Contractor (Small) Providenciales Claudia E. Seymour Claudia's Catering Catering Services Grand Turk Ryan's Trucking Ltd. Ryan's Trucking Trucking (Small) South Caicos Kimberly Cox-Baker Local Shipping Shipping South Caicos Laccom Enterprises Ltd. Laccom Internal Services South Caicos Laccom Enterprises Ltd. Kisa Services Agency Lewis Cornelius Cox Seaview (Provo) Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Laccom Enterprises Ltd. Pretty Woman Beauty Salon Beauty Salon & Supplies Providenciales Cougar Holdings Ltd. Central Storage Storage Providenciales Scott Sutherland Provo Cultural & Sport Club NPO Sport & Athletic Center Providenciales Dr Michael Reid & Dr. Lisa Cloutier Courtyard Family Chiropractic Chiropractic/Medical Services Providenciales Henley Dunwell Lewis H & S Construction Contractor (Small) Providenciales Dudley Been D and C Office Machine Services Office Machine Repair Grand Turk Silver Palm Holding Ltd. Ocean Beach Hotel Hotel Accommodation North Caicos Silver Palm Holding Ltd. Silver Palm Restaurant Restaurant/Bar North Caicos Helena Roger Harvey My Native Dish Restaurant Siena Ltd. Magnolia Restaurant Providenciales Clare Lois Jardine Turquoise Divers Ltd. (DBA) Dive Provo Resort Scuba Diving Providenciales Hymenous Misick & Karen Preckschat Beach Cruiser Tourism Services Beach Charters North Caicos Sunny Reef Ltd. Mango Reef Restaurant Providenciales Beryl Nelson TCI Pad Electronic Information Delivery Providenciales Beryl Nelson Local Knowledge Information and Computer Sales and Services Providenciales Marlon Orlando Malcolm Bangis Cuts Barber Shop Grand Turk Rosabelle Adams Rosa's Variety Store Variety Store Grand Turk Susan Bradley TCI Helicopters Ltd. Transportation (Land) (Air) Providenciales Jane Wilhemina Swann Caribbean Arts and Crafts Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Bennett H. Gardiner Global Airways Transportation (Land) (Air) North Caicos Mansfield Deck Ltd. Sibonne Beach Hotel Hotel & Restaurant Providenciales Mansfield Deck Ltd. Turtle Cove Inn Hotel & Restaurant Providenciales Mansfield Deck Ltd. Anchorage Restaurant Restaurant, Food & Providenciales Quincy Cartwright Project Plan Carpentry & Construction Construction Providenciales Marla & Barry Morton Habour Club Villa & Marina Providenciales Christina Ann Pretorius CP. Consulting Business Consultancy Management Services Providenciales Business Solutions & Repairs Ltd. Business Solutions Retail / Services Providenciales Landy Norvil Landy Washing Machine Car Wash Providenciales Endi K. Potter The Express Company Limited Money Transfer Providenciales Artur Ashton Classical Wear Clothing & Appliances Grand Turk Eugene A. Williams Bro's Barber Shop Barber Shop Grand Turk Judith Williams Island Supreme Beauty Beauty Salon Providenciales Chandeira Otis Morgan Rocklike a Star Retail Clothing Store Grand Turk Chandeira Morgan Diamonaire Boutique Retail Clothing Store Providenciales Tanya Williams-Taylor The Gift Shop Souvenir Shop Grand Turk Johannes Jacobus Pretorius Dental Services Ltd. General Dental Services Providenciales Clyde Holiday Grand Turk Meat Sale of Meats Grand Turk Clyde Holiday Holiday Construction Construction Grand Turk

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May 17 - 23, 2014



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Edith Dickenson Moore's Cosy Corner Retail/Wholesale Joseph Missick Rankin Joe Productions Promotion/Entertainment Joseph Missick ISS & Al Apartment Complex Apartments Joseph Missick Rankin's Restaurant Restaurant Joseph Missick Rankin's Sport Bar and Night Club Disco Kiwi Connections Ltd. Blue Mountain Premium Water Water Sales Desmond Garland Island Blinds Contractor (Small) Lisette D. Forbes Sarena Market Food Retail Delroy Jamiel Harvey MS Consulting Consultancy Management Tyrone Delano Handfield T.D.H. Drafting & Design Services Drafting Mark Pankhurst Stargazer Villa Rental Accommodation Mark Pankhurst SaltMills Restaurants Ltd. Restaurant & Café Tumbalena Carter-Issaka Shining Finish Contractor (Small) Kervin Hield Top Finish Carpentry Sea Feathers Ltd. Villa Pisces Rental Villas Sea Feathers Ltd. Villa Mimora Rental Villas Sea Feathers Ltd. Villa De Liqera Rental Villas Sea Feathers Ltd. Villa Palermo Rental Villas Elvera Williams Grab & Go 7-11 Retail Grocery/Western Stacia E. Arthur Arthur's Variety Grocery Store Emmanuel C. Hall Hall's Tour Taxi co. Transportation (Land) (Land) Cee's Family Enterprises Company Ltd. Cee's Superstore Retail Grocery Cee's Family Enterprises Company Ltd. Cee's Home Supermarket Retail Grocery Roger I. Rolle Payless Towing Services Towing and Recovery Beatrice & Rogdreika Rolle Yunique Gifts Retail Louise Stubbs Island Crafts & Souvenirs Retail Cassandra Gardiner Caicos Crafts Retail/Wholesale Walter Gardiner Computer Line Computer Sales & Service Neffer Malcolm Gift Bazaar Retail/Wholesale Neffer Lopez Malcolm Precision Translation Services Interpretation Services Neffer Lopez Malcolm Spotless Cleaning Services Provision of Sanitation Services Charles K. Zdenek Acadia Villa Vacation Rental Orian Bassett Logistics Solutions Fire Safety & Extinguishing Services Orian Bassett Provo Recycling & Solid Recycling of Bottles, Waste Management Paper & Cartridges Clayton Cox C J Craft Retail/Wholesale Clayton Cox 3C's Transportation (Land) Transportation (Land) Clayton Cox Clayvanna's Variety Retail/Wholesale International Transfer Company Ltd. C.A.M. Money Transfer George Seymour Shamrock Apartments Rental William Delancy Lee's Notions Retail Elvera Williams Nell's Taxi & Tours Transportation (Land) Elvera Williams Nell's Gift Shop Retail/Wholesale Rafael Castillo Castillo Construction Contractor (Small) Dr. Hugh R. Malcolm Carolina Pharmacy Pharmacy Dr. Hugh R. Malcolm Carolina Medical Clinic Medical Clinic Carla Peta-Gay Blake Sure Security Services Provision of Security Services Charlton Valentino Walkin Organic Architecture Architecture Charlton Valentino Walkin Walkin Inspection Services Home Inspection Services Diamond Development Professional Services Agency Agency Bruce R. Twa, Yvette D. Marcelin, Bernd G. Wolf Twa, Marcelin, Wolf Attorney at Law Bryant R. Cox Body & Soul Retail/Wholesale Bryant R. Cox Five Cays Car Wash Car Wash Cox Management Company Ltd. Bryant Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Air Conditioning Services Cox Management Company Ltd. B & B Construction Construction (Small) Bryant R. Cox Mesha's Restaurant & Café Bryant R. Cox B.B.G. Auto Parts Retail/Wholesale Bryant R. Cox Five Cays Dry Cleaners & Laundry Laundry / Dry Cleaning Cox Management Company Ltd. Five Cay 7-11 Retail/Wholesale Bryant R. Cox Waeo's Books & Music Entertainment Services Bryant R. Cox Mary Craft Retail/Wholesale Marie Wilson Professional Island Looks Braiding George Seymour One Stop Laundromat Laundromat George Seymour One Stop Convenient Store Retail/Wholesale Jonathas Petit Creole Boutique Retail/Wholesale Jonathas Petit Caribbean Nursery Nursery Wayne Outten Outten Taxi & Tours Services Transportation (Land) Joseph Morely Geodeoon Variety Retail/Wholesale Joseph Morely Jo Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Karen Elizabeth Akrigg K. Seaglass Sea-Glass Jewelry-truckers

Principle Place of Business Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Grand Turk Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk North Caicos Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales North Caicos Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Providenciales Grand Turk

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Litlan Ltd. Sunrise Tourism Accommodation other then Hotel Providenciales Litlan Ltd. Sanddune Tourism Accommodation other then Hotel Providenciales Litlan Ltd. Seabreeze Tourism Accommodation other then Hotel Providenciales Hopeful Handfield Angie's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Keith Robinson K & H Taxi & Limousine Services Transportation (Land) Providenciales John Williams The Stage Bar & Grill Bar & Grill Providenciales TCI Services Ltd. Giggles Ice Cream Parlour Ice Cream & Candy Providenciales P & M Ltd. Amphibious Adventures Provision of Tourism Services Providenciales S A B Brokerage Services Ltd. S A B Brokerage Agency Providenciales Stanley Arthur Rossetto S A B Transport Trucking Providenciales Mervin Cox Coxco Landscaping Landscaping Providenciales Mervin Cox Mozie Motors Motor Vehicle Sales Providenciales Charles Palmer Blue Hills Bed & Linen Depot Sales of Beds & Linen Providenciales Charles Palmer Chaitalia Men's Shop Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Charles Palmer Oh Baby! Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Titus De Boer TDB Art Search Fine Arts Providenciales Titus De Boer Titan Services Interpretation Services Providenciales Kinana Shatelle Jennings Cs Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies Retail/Wholesale Providenciales James Ingham & Javern Ingham James Protection Security Company Provision of Security Services Grand Turk Deloris Ingham & Javern Ingham Mama Dea Taxi Services Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Deloris Ingham Mama Dea Child Care Services Grand Turk Antonio Oswaldo Fulford Bob & Ancies Cool Ride Taxi Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Damian M. Noyes Screening Reels Provision of Tourism Services Grand Turk Arthur Noyes Cockburn Town Beverages Retail Grand Turk Kuthlyn Spencer Spence Variety Retail Grand Turk Irvin H. Coalbrooke Irvin's Contracting Contractor (Small) Grand Turk Arabella R. Smith Smith Rental Services Retail/Miscellaneous Grand Turk Adelyn Johnson The Wind Jammer Restaurant Restaurant Grand Turk Lida Walters Tecshack Information Technology Grand Turk Jack & Kathy Williams Four Corner Agency Filing, Ship, Airplane Souvenirs Grand Turk Jack & Kathy Williams Grand Turk Adventure Tour & Historical Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Jack & Kathy Williams Jack & Kathy Williams Four Corners Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Amanda's Apartments Amanda's Apartments Apartment Rental Grand Turk Thomas Saunders Tom Saunders Business Solutions Providing Immigration Consultation Grand Turk Thomas Saunders Tom & Jacques Construction Construction (Small) Grand Turk Susan Pauline Garland Jeers Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Susan Pauline Garland Jeers Contract Construction (Small) Grand Turk Katrina Joy Brit Kalee Boutique Clothing Gifts Grand Turk Katrina Joy Brit Grand Turk Inn Bed & Breakfast Grand Turk Jason Francis Urban Gas & Lubes Services Station Providenciales Urban Francis Elite Sports Bar Bar Providenciales Iona Forbes Iona's Enterprises Convenient Store Providenciales Samuel Been Tammy's Bar Providenciales James Latince Cot Hamilton Sterling Property Management Tourist Accommodation Providenciales Roxie C. Williams Hairway to Heaven Beauty Salon Providenciales S. Walkin & Sons Walkin Shoes Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Digna Williams Mar Azul Bazaar Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Gloria Irene Symonette Gloria Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Art Pickering Warrior Enterprises Art Design Providenciales Gloria Irene Symonette Westside Convenient Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales April Wood April Place Beauty Salon Providenciales Robert David Gascoine The Wavey Line Publishing & Selling Nature Books Providenciales Kenro Gardiner Blitz Sports Bar & Grille Sports Bar / Grille North Caicos Clifford Gardiner Pelican Beach Hotel Hotel North Caicos Clifford Gardiner Pelican Car Rental Motor Car Rental & Sales North Caicos Donna Gardiner K.D.G. Retail Retail/Wholesale North Caicos Brandford Mchart Gardiner Caicos Waterway Express Transportation (Land) North Caicos Lewis M. Walkin Lew & Jan Construction Construction North Caicos Charles Hall Gaming/Amusement Machine Gaming Providenciales Charles Hall Kids Place Restaurant Providenciales Stephanie Hall 3K's Appliances Appliances Providenciales Haywood McIntosh Nu Look Contracting Building & Remodeling Providenciales Judy Stubbs McIntosh Burger Barn Bar-B-Que Restaurant & Grille Providenciales Bradley Malcolm Coalbrooke Bradley L. Malcolm Coalbrooke Studio Design Grand Turk Oseta Clarke O & P Sales Grand Turk Helen Talbot A & H Mobile Snacks Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk One-Love TCI Ltd. One Love Craft Restaurant & Café Grand Turk Ruthpande Smith Ed-Rico's Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk

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May 17 - 23, 2014





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Dennis Smith Dennis Smith John Greene & Patricia Saxton Claudius Grant Moses Ambriton Hughette Astwood Jocelyn Fortunate Bruce Jennings Albert George Fulford Dimple Duncanson Sherlock Forbes Sherlock Forbes Alvin Parker Alvin Parker Darell Forbes Darell Forbes Earle MacDonald Malcolm Sherlock Forbes George Fulford Raynold Jacinte Raynold Jacinte Rita Smith Joanne Handfield Lynette Bassett Carlton Lewis Albert Clarke Albert Clarke Marva Parker Noreane Lightbourne Pearl Juanita Parker E. Christopher Hall / Branford Hall Carlton Lewis Valeria Glinton Sunny Reef Ltd. Diamond Waves Ltd. Skippings Rutley Patsy Jennings Patsy Jennings Patsy Jennings Victorina Elizabeth Jennings Eudora L. Williams Ludwina Fulford Anorel Pierre Kendle Bernette Williams Stanley Eutace Williams Stanley Eutace Williams George Cunningham Jerry Skippings Raphiel Gray Thomas Handfield Culleon Handfield Daphne V Delancy Daphne V Delancy Norman Lightbourne Virginia Gardiner Janice Sefeik Graham K. Shaw Flor De Liz Polanco De Harvey Hopeful A. Henfield Flexice Forbes & Idalia Forbes Idalia Elizabeth Forbes Jervon Laporte Jervon & Beverly Laporte Majorie Gertrude Bassett Franklyn Cunningham Edward Armando Barranco McArthur J. Delancy Ceriocia Tralorni Pratt Water Unlimited Ltd. Water Unlimited Ltd. Selwyn R. Walkin Heartlyn P. Wright Art Pickering Art Pickering Winefred O. McIntosh Scott Fredrick Grey Daniel O. Forbes Daniel O. Forbes

Linda's Foot Wear Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Supershuttle Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Island Pure Water Water Sale & Other Grand Turk Grant's Construction Construction (Small) Grand Turk M & M Taxi Services Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Sett's Chicken Shack Café Grand Turk Fortunate Bargain Store Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Bruce Gas Services Station South Caicos Fulford Variety Store Retail/Wholesale South Caicos D & K Enterprise Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Bayside Laundry Laundry / Dry Cleaning South Caicos Cham-B-Groceries Retail/Wholesale South Caicos New Star Construction Construction South Caicos New Star Rental Motor Car Rental South Caicos Sessey's Beauty Salon Beauty Salon South Caicos Sunset Café Restaurant South Caicos E & M Cafeteria Bar & Restaurant Grand Turk Cham-B-Rental Motor Vehicle Sales & Rentals South Caicos G & H Enterprises Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Zizi Variety Dry Goods and Groceries South Caicos Zizi Taylor Shop Tailoring/Upholstery South Caicos Rita Groceries Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Faithwork Bookstore Retail/Wholesale South Caicos First Choice Convenient Store Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Calcon Construction Construction South Caicos Premier Management Project Management South Caicos SoulRock Development Co. Development South Caicos C & L's Variety Retail/Wholesale South Caicos Noreane Rental Motor Car Rental South Caicos Veda's Variety Retail/Wholesale South Caicos C. H. Construction Construction South Caicos South Caicos Building Materials Building Materials South Caicos Eastern Inn Restaurant Restaurant South Caicos Mango Reef Restaurant Restaurant & Bar Providenciales South Caicos Diver Provision of Tourism Services South Caicos Skippings Rutley Law Firm Providenciales Dream Spa & Salon Spa Providenciales Occasions Clothing Store Providenciales The Magic Cuts Barber & Salon Providenciales Mookie Pookie Pizza Palace Restaurant Grand Turk Cliff's Enterprise Retail Grand Turk Any Occasion Flowers, Gifts, Baskets & Gift Items Grand Turk Silence Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Kendle & Co Law Firm Providenciales Imperial Agency Services Courier Services Grand Turk Imperial Security Services Provision of Security Services Grand Turk Romeo Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Jerry's Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Club Mojito Restaurant & Café Providenciales Brush Taxi Transportation (Land) North Caicos Brush Construction Contractor North Caicos Daphne's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Ocean View Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Norman & Sons Taxi Services Transportation (Land) Providenciales Variety of Varieties Dry Goods Providenciales Luna Sea Studio Apartments Short Term Rental Providenciales Building Services Design Ltd. Professional Engineering Services Providenciales Liz Beauty Salon & Boutique Beauty Salon Providenciales H & A Retail Retail/Wholesale Providenciales North Caicos West Variety Store Retail/Wholesale North Caicos Low Cost Business Services Accountancy / Other Providenciales Sounds of Sax Entertainment Services Providenciales Clear View Window Cleaners Provision of Cleaning Services Providenciales Bric's Academy School Providenciales Chubby's Taxi Taxi Services Providenciales Barranco Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Lifestyle Taxi & Tour Transportation (Land) Providenciales Design It Draft It Build It Architecture Providenciales Provo Beverages Wholesale/ Liquor Imports Providenciales TC Crystal Water Sale - Other Providenciales Leaf's Fumigation & Pest Control Fumigation & Pest Control Providenciales Amazing Retail/Wholesale Providenciales PMS Contractor (Small) Providenciales Caicos Classic Blue Marlin Tournament Providenciales W. M. Craft Centre Retail/Wholesale Providenciales G-Spot Bar Bar Providenciales Middle Caicos Co-op Handcraft Sales / Small Retail Middle Caicos Forbes, Forbes, Forbes Ltd. Real Estate Services Middle Caicos

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Daniel O. Forbes Daniel's Café Restaurant Middle Caicos Daniel O. Forbes Middle Caicos Co-op Services Administrator Office, Training Services Middle Caicos Joshua McIntosh Big Josh Food Services Retail North Caicos Joshua McIntosh Big Josh Food Services Retail North Caicos Jeff Clare World Net Café Internet Café Providenciales Olga & Colin Taylor CC's Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Olga Taylor & Colin Taylor Taylor's Variety Store / Klass Enterprises Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Olga & Colin Taylor COT Consultancy Consultancy Services Providenciales Sherman Taylor Sherman Taxi Services Transportation (Land) Providenciales Sherman Alexander Taylor Seaview Guest House Guest House Middle Caicos Dale & Sherman Taylor Taylor Taxi & Limo Services Transportation (Land) Providenciales Hosea & Mercedes Sims Mercedes Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Grand Turk Henley Dunwell Lewis Henley's Transportation (Land) Providenciales Rhonda Collymore Express Maintenance Maintenance Providenciales Rhonda Collymore Omega Consultants Agency Providenciales Karen L. Walkin Unforgettable Moments Women's Clothing Providenciales George Cunningham George & Family Variety Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Rosethal Yvette McIntosh Siggie's Café Take Out Providenciales Tropical Latitude South to Southwest Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Robert Luker Holiday Rentals Motor Vehicle Sales & Rentals Providenciales Lyda Walters Keyse's Variety Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Bertulia Pierre & Serge Pierre B & SP Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Serge Pierre Hard Drive Construction Contractor (Small) Providenciales Marie A Morley P & M Variety Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Albert H. Williams Sunshine Trading Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Albert H. Williams Froggies on the Beach Bar Providenciales Dimple Musgrove/ Jeanne Osais DJ's Variety Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Osias Joseph O.J. Trans Transportation (Land) Providenciales Osias Joseph O J Caicos Glass Repairs / Maintenance Providenciales Edith Hall Cory's Deliveries Courier Services Providenciales Edith Hall A W Global Construction Construction Providenciales Edith Hall Cory's Supplies Supplies Providenciales Rouddy Delancy Rouddy Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Art E. Pickering Master Baits Fishin Supplies Providenciales Vernette Kelly Skippings Simple Pleasures Retail Providenciales Tyrone V. G. Wright Amazing Hands Contractor (Small) Providenciales Kenneth Prospere Kenneth Taylor Shop & Fabric Tailoring Grand Turk Lavado Simmons Island Bike's Rent Bikes Grand Turk Lucerner Loretta Frietes Frances Triple A's Taxi Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Jamell & Yolande Robinson Learn & Lead Educational Center Tutoring & Educating Grand Turk Noel Roberts Roberts Food Store Retail/Wholesale Grand Turk Edwin Dickenson Sunset Marina & Fuel Services Wholesaler Grand Turk Edwin Dickenson Edwin's Agency Agency Grand Turk Edwin Holton Dickenson Olympic Construction Ltd. Construction Grand Turk Fanny T. Simmons & Veronica A.M. Vasquez Veronica Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Grand Turk Gloria A. Stubbs-Blake Shining Star Say Care School Providenciales Sharlene N. Gardiner SNG Financial Services Accountancy / Other Providenciales Russell Alwell Construction Advisory Services Ltd. Surveying - Professional Providenciales Judy Stubbs McIntosh 4K's Straw & Souvenir Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Isaiah Noel Forbes M and N Taxi Transportation (Land) Providenciales Dottie Stubbs / Margarette Fletcher Island Sportique Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Keith Howell International Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Providenciales Keith Howell Cellular Tech Cellular Phones Retail Providenciales Julbert Jean Rousseaux Julbert Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Louis Joseph Rousseaux Rousseaux Construction Services Contractor Providenciales Susan Dorothy Mclean Keneizan K & B Store Retail/Wholesale Providenciales Rudolph & Lucerne Francis TC Eye Adventures Provision of Tourism Services Grand Turk Lydia Eaveen Henfield Lydia's Catering & Retail Services Catering Grand Turk Daniel Richardson Hall Hall's Taxi Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Maurice Skippings Y & M Tourist Store Retail Grand Turk Daphne James The Treasure Chest Retail Grand Turk Erika Faller Salt Raker Inn Hotel / Restaurant / Bar Grand Turk Stanley Alexander Francis Things Galore Retail Grand Turk Oscar L Carter Carter's Taxi Transportation (Land) Grand Turk Irvin Robinson Porky's Garage Service Station/Garage Operation Grand Turk Liao Qiong Captain Zueng Restaurant & Bar Grand Turk Ann Dempsey / Liao Qiong Ann's Shop Retail Grand Turk Liao Qiong Joan's Deli Restaurant & Café Grand Turk John A. Garland J & A Construction & Janitorial Services Construction Providenciales John & Sophia Garland The Enriched Learning Homework Centre Homework Studies Providenciales Clever Robert Hinson Hinson Variety Store Retail Grand Turk

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Regional News

May 17 - 23, 2014


John Kerry: Haiti “taking steps” The Bahamas tops region on royalty payments to hold free, fair elections – TCI among those criticised in US

HAITI is “taking steps to hold free and fair parliamentary elections and to seat a new Haitian Parliament,” United States Secretary of State John Kerry told the US Congress in a recent communication. In a statement published in the Federal Register and released by the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Kerry said the government of Haiti was “respecting the independence of the judiciary” and “combating corruption and improving governance, including passage of the anticorruption law to enable prosecution of corrupt officials and implementing financial transparency and accountability requirements for government institutions.”

United States Secretary of State John Kerry (right) with Haiti President Michel Martelly earlier this year (Photo: OP Haiti).

The certification by the Secretary of State is required before certain US funding can be provided to the country’s government. It was related to the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act. The US has been among Haiti’s international partners urging the country to hold legislative and municipal elections that have been delayed for nearly three years. Kerry met with Haiti President Michel Martelly during the latter’s visit to the White House in February. At the time, he said Haiti’s “indicators have gone up and that’s the direction we want to see it going.” (Caribjournal)

Teenager accused of stabbing man to death for a dollar in the Bahamas A TEENAGER was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison yesterday after being charged in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 25-yearold man over “one dollar” in a dice game. The 17-year-old was escorted before Magistrate Samuel McKinney to face a charge of murder in which it is alleged that he intentionally, and by means of unlawful harm, caused

Trade Representative’s 2014 report THE Obama administration has praised the Bahamas for being the only Caribbean nation to make royalties payments to TV programming rights holders in 2013, boosting this nation’s reputation as a “responsible trading” partner. Ryan Pinder, minister of financial services, replied “excellent, excellent” when told by Tribune Business of the Bahamas’ ‘honourable mention’ in the US Trade Representative’s 2014 ‘Special 301’ report. The Bahamas again avoided being placed on the US’s Special 301 ‘watchlist’ for alleged weaknesses in its intellectual property rights

regime, and was just about the only Caribbean nation to escape being blasted over its treatment of music and TV rights holders. In a section entitled ‘Caribbean copyright challenges’, the US Trade Representative’s Office criticised the likes of Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, Dominica and the Turks & Caicos Islands for maintaining regimes that allowed their cable and satellite TV broadcasters to avoid compensating TV programmers for using their channels. And other nations, including Jamaica and Barbados, had not made a single royalties payment to TV programmers in 2013.

T&T infant dies in grandfather’s car, after left unattended for eight hours

The suspect being taken to court.

the death of Valentino Rahming on May 8. However, he was not arraigned until a parent or legal guardian could stand with him when informed of the charge he faced. His father appeared in court no.1 at 3pm and the magistrate informed the pair that the minor was being charged with an


indictable offence where “the court can neither consider nor grant bail in this matter.” On Thursday, Rahming was involved in an argument with another man – after a game of dice – over $1 which resulted in him being stabbed multiple times with a knife in his chest, neck and arms.

A 17-month-old baby died in the back seat of a car after his “excited” grandfather forgot to drop him off at the home of a relative before going to work on Tuesday in Trinidad, police have confirmed. They said that the 56-year-old grandfather, an electrical foreman at a state agency, was anxious to report for duty after he had been informed of a promotion. The man, who has not been identified, left his grandchild, Jadon Cudjoe, locked in the back seat of the car for more than eight hours while he was at work. He was due to have dropped off the child at the home of a

relative, the regular baby-sitter. Police said it is likely that the child died from hyperthermia due to the extreme heat, since Tuesday’s temperature reached 34 degrees Celsius. An autopsy is expected to be performed later on Wednesday. The man said he had no knowledge the baby was in the car until he returned to the vehicle after work to find Jadon unresponsive. Baby Jadon could not be revived, despite attempts by paramedics. Media reports Wednesday said that several police officers also broke down and cried on seeing the tortured look on the child’s face. (CMC)

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May 17 - 23, 2014

World News



Bill Clinton insists wife Hillary is in good health

‘Unprecedented’ global study finds 1 in 4 adults anti-Semitic

FORMER US President Bill Clinton has praised the strength and health of his wife, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, dismissing a top Republican’s public doubts about her well-being. “As far as I can tell, she’s in better shape than I am,” Mr Clinton, a Democrat, said of his wife, 66. Mrs Clinton, said to be weighing a 2016 presidential bid, fell ill in 2012. Last week, Karl Rove questioned her capacity for the White House and reportedly said she had brain damage. The New York Post reported on Tuesday that Mr Rove, the strategist behind George W Bush’s election to the White House, had told an audience in Los Angeles last week, “Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.” In fact, Mrs Clinton was in hospital for three days after falling ill with a stomach bug in December 2012. After becoming severely dehydrated, Mrs Clinton fell at home and struck her head, suffering a concussion. While she was in hospital doctors diagnosed a blood clot. Mr Rove has disputed the Post report. “I didn’t say she had brain damage. I said she had a serious health episode,” he said on Fox News. Democrats and some analysts have said Mr Rove is trying to inject concerns about Mrs Clinton’s health

ONE in four adults worldwide are “deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes,” the Anti-Defamation League announced, in releasing results of an unprecedented global survey. Nearly half have never heard of the Holocaust, and only a third believe historical descriptions are accurate, the survey found. Carried out by First International Resources and commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League, the survey included 53,100 adults in 102 countries representing 88% of the world’s adult population. In native languages, it asked people whether certain traditionally anti-Semitic statements are probably true or false, including that Jews have too much power over international markets, global media, and the U.S. government; that they “don’t care about what happens to anyone but their own kind,” and that “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.” The survey then calculated how

Clinton laughed as he dismissed Rove’s comments about his wife’s health.

into the public debate as the start of the 2016 presidential race nears. “There are ways to bring these issues up, and certainly anybody who’s running for president has to answer some health questions, and more so, for someone who’s going to be 69 at the time that she would take the oath of office,” liberal Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky said on MSNBC. “However, this ain’t the way to bring it up - a poisonous, toxic way to introduce this.” Mr Clinton said at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit in Washington on Wednesday that Mrs Clinton’s concussion was serious and that it took her six months to recover. “Look, she works out every week, she is strong, she’s doing great,” he said. “She certainly seems to have more stamina now.” (BBC)

Sudan woman faces death for apostasy A SUDANESE court has sentenced a woman to hang for apostasy after she left Islam and married a Christian man. “We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged to death,” the judge told the woman, AFP reports. Western embassies and rights groups had urged Sudan to respect the right of the pregnant woman to choose her religion. Local media report the sentence would not be carried out for two years after she has given birth. Sudan has a majority Muslim population, which is governed by Islamic law. It rules that apostasy - the abandonment of one’s religious faith - is a crime. The judge also sentenced the woman to 100 lashes after convicting her of adultery - because her marriage to a

Christian man was not valid under Islamic law. Earlier in the hearing, an Islamic cleric spoke with her in a caged dock for about 30 minutes, AFP reports. Then she calmly told the judge: “I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy.” Amnesty International said the woman, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, was raised as an Orthodox Christian, her mother’s religion, because her father, a Muslim, was reportedly absent during her childhood. In court, the judge addressed her by her Muslim name, Adraf Al-Hadi Mohammed Abdullah. She was convicted of adultery on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan was void under Sudan’s version of Islamic law, which says Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims.

many believed that at least six of the 11 stereotypes were probably true. In the Middle East and North Africa, 74% did. In Eastern Europe, one in three did, and in Western Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, nearly one in four believed most of the stereotypes. Overall, 26% believed at least six of the stereotypes -- a figure representing an estimated 1.1 billion people. The most widely believed stereotype was that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries in which they live. “For the first time we have a real sense of how pervasive and persistent anti-Semitism is today around the world,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said in a statement. “The data from the Global 100 Index enables us to look beyond anti-Semitic incidents and rhetoric and quantify the prevalence of antiSemitic attitudes across the globe. We can now identify hotspots, as

well as countries and regions of the world where hatred of Jews is essentially nonexistent.” In Laos, only 0.2% of the adult population holds anti-Semitic views, the survey found. Also at the bottom of the list were the Philippines, Sweden and the Netherlands. In the United States, 9% of respondents believed the majority of the stereotypes. The highest levels were found in the Palestinian territories at 93% and Iraq at 92%. Yemen, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia were next. In Asia, less than a quarter of respondents had heard of the Holocaust and believed historical accounts are accurate. In subSaharan Africa, that figured dropped to 12%; in the Middle East and North Africa, 8%. Three quarters of the people surveyed said they’ve never met a Jewish person. That figure includes most of the people who believe a majority of the anti-Semitic stereotypes are probably true. (CNN)

Former British tabloid editor testifies he often hacked the royal family’s voice mails THE former royal editor of the News of the World said Wednesday that he repeatedly hacked the voicemails of Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton in the months before he was arrested for illegal eavesdropping in 2006. Clive Goodman told Britain’s phone hacking trial that he listened to Middleton’s voicemails 155 times, Prince William’s 35 times and Prince Harry’s nine times. Goodman was briefly jailed in 2007, along with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, for hacking the phones of royal aides. But Goodman said police and prosecutors never asked him whether he had also targeted members of the royal family. “I have been as open and honest about hacking as I can be, but nobody has asked me any questions about this before,” said Goodman, 56. Earlier in the trial the jury was read transcripts of intercepted phone messages between William and Kate from the days when they were courting. She became the Duchess of Cambridge when they married in 2011. Goodman said Kate was first targeted in late 2005, when she was becoming “a figure of increasing importance around the royal family.” “There were discussions about her and Prince William marrying, moving in, settling down,” he said. “She started to receive semi royal status and things were moving on.”

Doctors say while Musa Dayib is badly hurt, he is expected to survive.

Clive Goodman told Britain’s phone hacking trial that he listened to Middleton’s voicemails 155 times, Prince William’s 35 times and Prince Harry’s nine times.

Goodman and six others — including ex-News of the World editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson — are on trial over wrongdoing at Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloids. Murdoch shut down the News of the World in 2011 after evidence emerged that its staff had hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians and even a kidnapped 13-year-old girl. The defendants deny all the charges. Goodman returned to the witness box on Wednesday after a twomonth break due to ill health. Judge John Saunders told the jury that a medical expert had declared the former journalist fit to continue giving evidence.

‘Miracle’ US baby survives 11-storey fall A BABY in the US state of Minnesota has survived an 11-storey fall from an apartment balcony, local media report. Musa Dayib, one, has two arm fractures and is breathing with the help of a ventilator but is expected to live, after slipping through a railing. His doctor said his youth as well as the softer ground he landed on helped contribute to his survival. Family and friends in Minneapolis’s Somali community say the family is in shock. “When people found out he survived, no one could believe it,” community activist Abdirizak Bihi told the StarTribune newspaper.



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May 17 - 23, 2014

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delivery driver

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Beautiful hillside, water front lot in Paw Paw Joe, North Caicos South


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Seven Stars Resort is seeking suitably qualified Belongers to fill the positions outlined below. Ideal candidates should possess luxury resort experience, be out-going and friendly, with a professional demeanor and must be fluent in English, be a team player with a strong work ethic, available for work on public holidays, weekends and evenings. Salaries are based on experience and qualifications. Suitable candidates must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working at a 5 Star Resort in a similar role. Must have a strong attention to detail and exceptional ability to maintain the highest standards of quality required.

• Servers • Bartenders • Runners • Cook • Lead Server • Handyman • Housekeeper • Commis Chef • Chef De Partie • Room Attendant Team Leader Closing Date May 16, 2014 Suitably qualified candidates should apply via email to Seven Stars at: for consideration Candidates must possess relevant skills, experience, and a clean police record.



May 17 - 23, 2014



Brama Kumaris

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre

Applications are invited from individuals with a solid background who will be will be an aggressive and enthusiastic phone personality who can articulate C&W’s value proposition to executive level decision-makers. The successful candidate needs to be able to work in a team environment and will be responsible for supporting the Corporate and Government Sales Team. Main Accountabilities are:

• Performs administrative sales support related activities to optimize the sales outcomes of the Corporate Sales Department • Liaise with relevant internal resource team for timely follow-up to all incoming leads and emails to convert to sales • Make outbound lead follow-up calls to potential and existing customers via telephone • Effectively communicate C&W’s products and processes in detail to customers • Work closely with Sales Executives (Corporate and Government) to provide product feedback • Advise customers on product features, detail of services and their cost. • Receive customer enquiries or issues as they arise, investigate/resolve/ escalate/consult with Credit Control, Service delivery or other departments as required. • Conduct follow-up activities and update customers on a timely basis through to resolution. • Provides 1st level support for products and services offered by the Company • Process requests for Sales Orders utilizing the Job Order System Minimum Experience and Qualifications:

• A minimum of four (4) CXC passes at the General Proficiency level, inclusive of English Language, Mathematics or Accounts • 2 – 3 years of sales experience • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit • Knowledge of MS Office and PC • Ability to manage multiple task prioritizing effectively • Customer Service Focused • Effective Planning and Organization skills • Excellent presentation skills

To explore this exciting career opportunity please send your application and resume no later than May 12th, 2014 to or fax to: 1-876-920-9336 Email:


ISLAND DREAM WORKS Is looking for a


• Experienced Live in Domestic Worker needed for busy household. • Salary is $ 900.00 a month. Required to work six days a week. • An experienced Belonger required for this position.

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domestic worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour email: Aleisa.

Joanne Karam Is looking for a


That can maintain her property while she’s of islands, duties include, cleaning the yard, keeping house clean, live on compound, cooking, laundry and care for 2 boys, 4 dogs, clean yard, etc.

PAINTER To work 5 days per week salary $9.00 per hour.

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PO Box 260 Beatrice Butterfield Building Butterfield Square Providenciales

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(Based in Turks & Caicos)

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Customer Care Representative

a week. Salary: $5.50 / day


If so, we would like to speak with you to join our dynamic team in the capacity of:

1ToLabourer work 6 days


Are you a high performing, result driven Professional?

Turks and Caicos Islands

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NEEDED To work on financial equipment. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience please email resume to: or mail to: TECH JOB TCI C/O Chalmers & Co. P.O. Box 620 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands


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• To work weekends, nights and holidays 6 days per week • Clean kitchen after service • Must have at least 8 years experience, good knowledge of sautéed seafood, shellfish, meat and poultry, grilling, rotisserie, butchery, sauces, broth and dressing

Barristers & Attorneys

To work 6 days per week salary $5.00 per hour




DUNCANSON & CO. Barristers & Attorneys are pleased to announce the re-opening of our Leeward Highway Office for ongoing legal services to the public. We are located in our own building across the street from the Supreme Court complex, next door to the offices of TC Weekly News and between that and the St. Monica's Anglican Church. We specialize in: • Civil Litigation (Particular competencies: Judicial Review and other claims against TCI Government/Departments, Mareva and other Injunctions, Land, Trust & Bank disputes) • Property Matters, Planning Department & Development Issues • Business Law • Immigration • Labour Disputes Telephone: (649) 941-4444 Telefax: (649) 941-4235 Cellphone: (649) 245-1314 email: DUNCANSON & CO. Barristers & Attorneys

PO Box 52, Cheshire House East 1315A Leeward Highway, Providenciales


the largest readership in the turks & caicos


CASHIER POSITION AVAILABLE Applicants must be pleasant, honest, reliable and computer literate. Applicants must be willing to work on a shift basis, holidays, weekends and evenings. Salary $5.50 per hour

Fax/Tel 649 946 4717/649 941 7986


May 17 - 23, 2014


CARAMANDA FORBES Is looking for a


labourer To work 4 days

per week salary $5.50 per hour.

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TCMillwork ltd.

SANDRA WALKIN is looking for a

VILLA CARETAKER Job Description: • Qualified individual must be physically fit to perform physical work • Able to meet deadline and can carry multiple job required in an specified time limit • Willing to work extended

hours when needed • Knowledge in inventory • Knows how to drive Basic Salary: Based on experience All applicants must submit their application before May 24th, 2014

Please submit your application via email to:

housekeeper 9848


to work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour. contact: 231-3342


Architectural woodworking, Cabinetry and Design

South dock road, P.O. box 238, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

CNC Router Operator

Skills required for position: • Individual must have previous experience

with manufacture, construction, and installation of high end cabinetry. • Must be familiar with operation of all current woodworking machinery and tools with proper safety practices. • Must be able to read Auto-Cad drawings. • English speaking,

bilingual preferred.

Duties: Manufacture and finish furniture and cabinets, refinishing, and installation. Assist other employees in general millshop operations and maintenance. Must be professional and courteous.

Is looking for a

C & S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Acting on behalf of our client: Yvon Joseph Petit is looking for a


Carpenter worker labourer To work 6 days To work 5 days per week. Salary $8.00 per hour.

Please send applications to: contact person: Stephan 231-4537

Retail Clerk

Contact: 331-9854


To work 5 days per week 9am-4pm salary $5.00 per hour.

per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 245-0093

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Sunny Reef LTD. Is looking for a

Full Time

Pastry Chef

Job Description • Welcome customers with a smile and warm greeting • Assist customers with purchasing requested merchandise and answer any queries • Make product recommendations to customers and seek ways to upsell • Calculate total price including any applicable discounts; accept payment and make change where applicable • Wrap or bag customer merchandise as appropriate • Ensure shelves, counters, etc. are appropriately stocked with merchandise and properly priced • Set up displays and/or arrange merchandise to promote sales • Provide marketing input to drive sales • Ability to accurately record and manage purchase items in a timely fashion • Keep accurate record of sales and ensure store is kept clean and orderly • Balance and record cash at the end of each shift or as required • Regularly review service to customers and identify ways to improve • Maintain at all times a professional, courteous manner with customers and coworkers • Ability to communicate effectively in English, second language is an asset • Ability to accurately perform basic mathematical calculations • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor or any other authorized individual • Ability to maintain food standards

Must be a team player, work under pressure in a busy atmosphere. Must have good written and verbal skills, and know how to budget.

Pastry Chef Qualification * Five years in a busy establishment. Must know how to create and prepare dessert from the menu. * Research and developing receipts. * Prepare and delivering budget. * Ordering food supplies for dessert menu ALL qualified person please send your resume address to the H.R department.PO. Box 811 or email us at Please no phone calls.



Requirements • Any combination of education and retail sales experience that would provide the required knowledge, skill and ability to perform this job successfully • Be computer literate and knowledge of spreadsheets is an advantage. • Team player with a friendly demeanor and excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Ability to work in a busy environment with minimal supervision • Strong math aptitude with the ability to handle cash and credit card transactions • Ability to speak, read and write fluently in the English language; second language desired but not required • Ability to work flexible schedule which may include early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays • Clean police record and professional references required

Site Engineer

Engineering Design Services (EDS) is seeking s a experience qualified professional to fill the post of site engineer. Minimum Qualification :- Associate degree in structural or civil or construction engineering. - AutoCAD drafting certificate from a recognized institution.

Belongers and valid status need only apply. Please send up to date Resume’s to reference ISL/RS

Is looking for a



Skills Required: • 5 years work experience in woodworking, joinery and cabinet making. • Trained to manufacture and finish furniture . Salary at $8.00 per hour


Minimum Experience :7 years in Structural & Civil Detailing 6 years in seismic Detailing 8 years (construction) field experience knowledge of architectural concept and design Fluent in Creole. The successful candidate will be required to travel throughout the Caribbean Periods of relocation to Haiti will be required

Please Send Resume to Belongers only may apply for this post. 9853


May 17 - 23, 2014




Utility Operations Assistant

First Global Insurance Brokers Limited is seeking to recruit a dynamic sales and marketing professionl for the position of:


Job Responsibilities: • Assist with maintenance of utility equipment; • Employee must reside on job site; • Employee to be available weekends & holidays.

The General Manager, will be responsible for the strategic leadership and growth of the company. The Role • The General Manager will be responsible for preparing the company’s business plans and directing the operations to achieve budgeted goals and other key performance indicators. • The individual selected will be responsible for managing and promoting the image of the company as the Broker of choice. • The successful candidate will develop and motivate a team of professionals who are committed to delivering high quality service. • The General Manager will maintain appropriate contacts and develop relationships with key stakeholders. • The successful candidate will focus on increasing the company’s client portfolio through the acquisition and renewal of customer accounts. • The General Manager will focus on the company’s risk management.

Qualifications Required: • Knowledgeable and experienced in the maintenance of diesel generators, RO Plants, water tanks and other related equipment; • Solid electrical and mechanical background with 5+ years of related experience. This position is immediately available. Salary for the position is dependent on qualifications and experience. All applicants will be reviewed; however only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Resumes must be submitted by email by May 23 2014 to

Apex Development Ltd. (Attention: Manager) Email:



VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

The Candidate • The ideal candidate will have completed a post graduate degree in Business Administration or related discipline and have the Insurance Qualification such as Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII). • The General Manager must have a minimum of ten years’ experience in general insurance of which, at least seven must be at a senior management level. • The candidate must have knowledge of all classes of insurance and reinsurance as well as the Laws of Turks and Caicos Islands. • The candidate must be able to demonstrate strong leadership skills and ability to build and motivate teams to achieve results. • Sound decision making, analytical, forecasting and organisational skills are required for the post. • Proven, effective oral and written communication skills as well as strong negotiations skills are essential. • The ideal candidate must have advanced knowledge in the use of Microsoft Project and financial software applications.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER The ideal candidate should possess the necessary experience and must meet the following qualifications for:

JOB ADVERTISEMENT Gansevoort Turks + Caicos is a contemporary luxury full service boutique resort on Grace Bay Beach. We are looking for driven and energetic professionals with Five Star experience and who are committed to achieving excellence by ensuring Five Star standards and services are continuously delivered.

Front Desk Manager

Applicant must have excellent communication and problem resolution and conflict management skills, at least 4 years experience in Luxury Hotel Front Desk with at least 2 years in management and maintain a presentable image consistent with the expectations of our clientele. Technical skills include Microsoft Office suite, Opera PMS and OVOS, training and coaching skills as well exceptional customer service and organizational skills. Hospitality Management certificate or equivalent experience required. English language required with additional languages an asset. The position requires flexibility in scheduling and the ability to handle confrontation and complaints with patience and diplomacy.

Interested applicants can contact our Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm on (649)9417555. E- Mail cover letter outlining your interest and supporting experience in a particular position along with your Resume or C.V. to

REQUIREMENTS: - Minimum 8 years experience in the General Insurance Industry and at least years at a Managerial level. Experience in Claims and Risk Management in Property, Casualty and Medical would be an asset. - ACII or its equivalent - Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification would be an asset - Demonstrate requisite experience in managing Sales activities in a corporate environment. Experienced in analysing business needs - Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office and other related software - Must be able to effectively respond to Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Brokers and Agents - Knowledgeable in all classes of Insurance and Insurance regulations both Local and Foreign, including the London markets - Must be able to effectively respond to Insurance Companies, Reinsurers, Brokers and Agents and handle multiple priorities. - Excellent skills in teamwork, leadership and communication - Excellent sales and marketing skills - Outstanding negotiation and interpersonal skills - Demonstrated success in building trust and maintaining long-term relationships OTHER DUTIES - Must be able to attend to on-call duties especially in emergency situations particularly during catastrophes Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. All suitably qualified persons interested in this exciting opportunity should email their Curriculum Vitae with full details of their experience, achievements and qualifications together with the names and contact details of two business references no later than May 23 2013 to : Attn: Managing Director, First Global Insurance Brokers Limited P.O. Box 117, Caribbean Place, 1254 Leeward Highway, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands



Barbara Adams Is looking for

May 17 - 23, 2014


C & J EMPLOYMENT Acting on behalf of our clients: C&P Welding, Cowdrey Lightbourne, Bridget Robinson, Delano Ewing, AM J’s Variety Store, Tropical Bar




Is looking for a

Acting on behalf of our client is looking for an


2 sales Clerk To work 6 days a week. Salary: $6.00 / hour

labourer Labourers labourer To work 6 days To work 5 days – $5.00 per hour


Contact: 243-4350

– $5.00 per hour

MARCUS LIGHTBOURNE Acting on behalf of our clients Caribbean Nursery is looking for a

Caribbean Nursery

Labourer Juliana Antigua

Wine Server M & L Amazing World

Domestic Worker contact: 242-0521


Domestic Worker – $5.00 per hour

per week salary $5.50 per hour.

Contact: 649-347-2093

contact: 341-8679


Ms. Mcleod

contact: 242-2824


• Must have at least 10 years experience in photographing, videography, editing and production in kite-surfing and action sports • Must be efficient in Final Cut and Photoshop • Must have working relationships with kite surfing and action sports publication, websites • Must be able to operate GoPro and Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter

Contact: 232-1643


TCMillwork ltd.

Is looking for a male

nanny/houseman That can maintain her property while she’s of islands, duties include, cleaning the yard, keeping house clean when guest leave and paying all utility bill. Must be willing to live on compound.

Please contact 242-2054 for more information

per week salary $6.00 per hour.

Extreme Adventure Photographer


Architectural woodworking, Cabinetry and Design South dock road, P.O. box 238, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

CNC Router Operator Skills Required:

• 5 years work experience in woodworking, joinery and cabinet making. • Trained to manufacture and finish furniture . Salary at $8.00 per hour Skills required for position: • Individual must have previous experience with manufacture, construction, and installation of high end cabinetry. • Must be familiar with operation of all current

woodworking machinery and tools with proper safety practices. • Must be able to read Auto-Cad drawings. • English speaking, bilingual preferred. Duties: Manufacture and finish furniture and cabinets, refinishing, and installation. Assist other employees in general millshop operations and maintenance. Must be professional and courteous.

Please send applications to: contact person: Stephan 231-4537


Sales Representative

Tropical Shipping LLC provides weekly container service between the US, Canada and the Caribbean operating state-of-the-art facilities in select seaside ports to meet our customer’s freight shipping needs by providing convenient & reliable transportation solutions.

We are currently seeking a Sales Representative to join our team at Cargo Express Services in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. The successful candidate will be responsible for servicing and maintaining the existing customer base and identifying profitable opportunities for new business. Specific duties: • Participate in daily activities of the sales staff, providing active solutions, experience & guidance • Evaluate customer needs and make necessary changes to adjust to market conditions without sacrificing service • Providing the highest level of service and customer care through systematic discipline and accurate rate quotes, bookings & problem resolution. • Participates in the sales planning • Prepares sales reports and advise management of potential issues with suggested solutions. The ideal candidate will possess: • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, French and Spanish • A minimum 3-5 years sales experience in the transportation, shipping or related industry • Working knowledge of Lotus Notes and MS Office software • A professional demeanor • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Marketing or related field, valid local driver’s license and current passport.

Interested persons should forward their resume via email to: bkerr@tropical. com or by facsimile to 649-941-5525. Application deadline: May 30, 2014

Project Field Manager

Job Responsibilities:

• Construction program scheduling; • Managing contractors and other related vendors; and • Regular reporting to management team.

Qualifications Required:

• Estimating construction projects, including detailed take-offs, labour estimating, etc.; • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and project specifications; • Minimum of fifteen years experience as a project field manager or similar; • Must have experience in constructing and opening five star quality hotels.

Other Job Requirements:

• Must relocate full time to the project site, and • Candidate must be available to work weekends and holidays. Position available immediately. Salary to be based on qualifications and experience. All applicants will be reviewed; however only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Resumes must be submitted by email by May 23 2014 to: Apex Developments Ltd. (Attention: Manager) Email:

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos


May 17 - 23, 2014



Are you a high performing, result driven Professional?

Are you a high performing, result driven Professional?

If so, we would like to speak with you to join our dynamic team in the capacity of:

If so, we would like to speak with you to join our dynamic team in the capacity of:

(Based in Turks & Caicos)

(Based in Turks & Caicos)

Sales Support Officer

Applications are invited from individuals with a solid background who with an aggressive and enthusiastic phone personality who can articulate C&W’s value proposition to executive level decisionmakers. The successful candidate needs to be able to work in a team environment and will be responsible for supporting the Corporate and Government Sales Team

Main Accountabilities are: • Performs administrative sales support related activities to optimize the sales outcomes of the Corporate Sales Department • Liaise with relevant internal resource team for timely follow-up to all incoming leads and emails to convert to sales • Make outbound lead follow-up calls to potential and existing customers via telephone • Effectively communicate C&W’s products and processes in detail to customers • Work closely with Sales Executives (Corporate and Government) to provide product feedback • Assists in the preparation of quotations, proposals and presentations based on customer requirements. • Maintain records utilizing Microsoft Excel and • Facilitate resolution of inquiries and issues • Process requests for Sales Orders utilizing the Job Order System

Minimum Experience and Qualifications: • A minimum of four (4) CXC passes at the General Proficiency level, inclusive of English Language, Mathematics or Accounts • 2 – 3 years of sales experience • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit • Knowledge of MS Office and PC • Ability to manage multiple task prioritizing effectively • Customer Service Focused • Effective Planning and Organization skills • Excellent presentation skills

To explore this exciting career opportunity please send your application and resume no later than May 12th 2014 to or fax to: 1-876-920-9336

Pre-Sales Support Officer

Applications are invited from individuals with a solid background who will be responsible for recommendation, design implementation and performance of LIME solutions that exceed the productivity expectations of the Corporate Customers. The successful candidate will work closely with Account Managers to deliver sound Sales Presentations with the technical advice the corporate customers need to make informed, valuebased decisions.

Main Accountabilities are: • Provide bid-support for Account Managers ensuring complete responses to customer RFPs. • Proactively seek new opportunities to drive sales and maintenance revenues and present these to Account Managers. • Provide technical interface between Customers and Managed Service Operations. • Support Account Managers to ensure complete Customer Requirement Definitions are fully documented. • Plan system layouts and implementation in consultation with customer and Manager MSO. • Provide direct technical support to all Account Managers as required. • Provide product support and project management oversight. • Manage the range of products and services offered by the company as it relates to corporate

Minimum Experience and Qualifications: • A Bachelors’ Degree or demonstrable equivalent experience • 1-2 years’ experience in project management • 3-5 years of CPE Network Experience

To explore this exciting career opportunity please send your application and resume no later than May 12th 2014 to or fax to: 1-876-920-9336

May 17 - 23, 2014



Employment Opportunity Imperial Dry Cleaning & Laundry Centre is currently seeking qualified individuals to become members of our growing Team.

Laundry Manager

Job Description: • Directs the overall activities of the laundry facility through development and administration. • Implementation and enforcing that universal accepted policies and procedures are adhered. • Manages departmental financial processes of forecasting, budgeting, and purchasing. • Payroll and inventory control • Analyze data and compile reports on expenditure and supplies. • Select, train, monitor and evaluate team members’ performance. • Ensures laundry facility and equipment are in optimum operating condition • Ensure over all cleanliness and sanitation of the laundry premise • Weekly productivity report Requirements: • 5- 10 yrs experience as a Laundry Manager • 3-5 yrs commercial laundry experience • Team player • Ability to work with a diverse team • Knowledge of DCC System • Knowledge of Textiles and Chemicals • Knowledge of Laundry Equipment, Techniques and maintenance • Knowledge of QB, Word and Excel • Must have written and oral skills • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $20,000.00 to $29,000.00 per annum based on qualification and experience.

Laundry Technician

Requirements: • Install, repair and maintain laundry equipment, electrical, plumbing and related systems. • Identity and source specialised components and tools. • Prepare and maintain an effective preventive maintenance program and spare parts inventory. • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. • 5 years experience in a commercial laundry with additional knowledge of water management and maintenance residential, commercial and industrial properties. • Knowledge of relevant building codes, legislation, regulations, polices and current standard procedures

for installation and maintenance. • Effective communication and negotiation skills Salary Scale: $7. 00 to $10.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience.

Sales Associate

Job Description: • 3-5 yrs commercial laundry experience • Bachelors Degree in Finance & Banking • Knowledge of DCC System • Monitor and handle all telephone calls and response to queried • Arrange Meetings • Draft letters, memos and proposals • Maintain systematic filing system • Oversee outgoing and incoming correspondences • Assist in daily operations • Perform weekly bank deposit and record in QB • Must be able to work on weekends • Knowledge of QB, Word, Power Point and Excel • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $17,000.00 to $19,000.00 per annum based on qualification and experience.


Requirements: • 2 – 5 yrs experience as a Presser • A minimum of 2 yrs working in a commercial laundry • Knowledge in Textiles and Chemicals • Makes garments, such as dresses, coats, and suits, according to customer specifications and measurements. • Discusses with customer type of material, pattern, or style to be used in making garment. • Measures customer to determine modification from pattern, using tape measure. • Alternations of garments. • Drafting standard pattern according to measurements of customer and adapt pattern to obtain specified style. • Be able to maintain productivity standards on a daily basis • Operational Knowledge of Machines • Ensure that dry cleaning standards and practices are used with client’s linen/garments. • Must be able to suggest treatment care to clients • Customer Service Focused Salary Scale: $5. 00 to $7.00 per hr. based on qualification and experience.

Application giving full details of qualifications and experience should be addressed to: Manager Imperial Dry Cleaning and Laundry Centre in Receivership Long Bay Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI and should reach no later than May 23, 2014, for further information/appointment you can contact us at Tele:649-946-5633.


the largest readership in the turks & caicos

DOM DESIGN is looking for a

Sales Person Needed with an emphasis on plumbing contact: 2421816 between the hours of 5pm-7pm Tuesday and Thursday salary $6.00 per hour working hours are from 8am-5pm weekdays

to work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 241-1242






Y. A. 3. B. CONSULTANCY Acting on behalf of our clients:


1 Salon Helper $5.50 per hour 1 Domestic Worker $5.50 per hour 1 Nail Technician $6.00 per hour

MARK G. PANKHURST 1 Domestic Worker $5.50 per hour

S & G CONTRACTING 1 Laborer $6.00 per hour


1 Bartender $6.00 per hour

LVA Management Ltd.



1 Bartender $6.00 per hour 2 Waitresses $6.00 per hour


1 Kitchen Helper $5.50 per hour 2 Waitresses $6.00 per hour 1 Bartender $6.00 per hour


2 Hairdresser $6.00 per hour Contact: 341-4540

MARIE WILSON is looking for a

Skills and Requirements :

- English Language - Computer Skills - Communication Skills - Customer and Personal Service - Attention to Detail - Organizational Skills - 5 Year Experience

Send Resume: sp@ Or drop it off at Sales Office 107 Turtle Cove Dr, Turtle Cove, Providenciales

Hairbraider Salary $5.00 per hour. contact: 342-9957



male nanny/ houseman That can maintain her property while she’s of islands, duties include, cleaning the yard, keeping house clean when guest leave and paying all utility bill.

Pleas contact 331-0044 more information



Wanted urgently

Floral Designer

Must have thorough knowledge in the floral business with 3-5 years experience.

on behalf of our clients:


J & C INTERNET CAFÉ is seeking a

UNIVERSAL RECYCLE • Mechanic $7.00 per hour

• 2 Barbers $6.00 per hour • 1 Hairdresser $6.00 per hour • 1 Cosmetologist $6.00 per hour • 1 Nail Technician $6.00 per hour

Must have knowledge of QuickBooks POS System. Salary $5.00 per hour.

Contact: 9465378 or 941-8233 9851

• Labourer $6.00 per hour

PROVO ENTERTAINING CENTER • 2 Bartenders • 2 Waitresses

Contact: 341-4540 T. C. INDUSTRIAL is looking for the following persons:

• Electrician • Must Welder be willing to


Contact: 231-1205

J. WILLIAMS Is seeking to employ a

To upkeep rental property deadline May 22nd, 2014 contact: 243-5723 or email:



• Able to work with little or no supervision, be physically fit, dependable and hard working. • Must be self motivated and able to understand, read, write and speak English fluently.

Send inquiries to: Norstar Group Ltd. Courtyard Plaza Unit 2C Leeward Highway, Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands. Tel: 649-3500/3600


contact: 241-6246



;;Applicants must be pleasant, honest, reliable and computer literate. ;;Applicants must be willing to work on a shift basis, holidays, weekends and evenings. ;;Salary $6.00 per hour and $5.50 per hour respectively

Fax/Tel 649 946 4717/649 946 5625

per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 244-6459 BAY BISTRO Is looking for a

Kitchen Helper To work 6 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 946-5396

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY!! the largest readership in the turks & caicos

Nature Splendor Ltd.

Persons who enjoy working outdoors must show real interest in gardener, and should have some gardening experience. You should also have good practical skills and should also have creativity and an eye for details. Should be able to read and write English.

Cashier Worker contact: 231-3987

To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

• Electrician $7.50 per hour


To work full-time salary $5.50 per hour.

Domestic Worker Babysitter To work 5 days



Is seeking a


Is looking for a


• 2 Bartenders $6.00 per hour • 2 Waitresses $6.00 per hour

work 5 days per week. Salary $10.00 per hour

Call: 231-3788





Is looking for a


Is looking for a



Mr. J. Hamilton

Landscaper • • • • •

Need organizational skills to make sure projects get complete on time. Horticulture knowledge & experience Preparing & interrupting plans and drawing Ordering supplies. Preparing the ground(including earthwork & drainage)

Gardener/LaboUrer Task: • Raising plants from seeds or cutting. • Digging, planting & weeding flowers beds & borders. Pruning Shrubs. • Checking Health of plants by identifying and pets or diseases & controlling them • Appling nutrients to plants and maintaining moisture levels. • Cleaning & maintaining tools & equipment. Know how to use machinery such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers & rotovatore.

Please send you resume to PO. Box 811 OR email:


May 17 - 23, 2014



1. Parcel 61113/59- Long Bay Hills. Single Storey Residence.

3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Price $185K

2. Parcel 61112/50 & 52 Long Bay Hills.

2 Residential Buildings. Single Storey Residence - 2 bedrooms, one bath, kitchen and living area. Guest house- 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchen. Price $105K

LEEWARD-PROVIDENCIALES 1. Parcel 60900/59 Leeward Going Through. 2 storey residence.

The upper floor- 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living, 1 dining area and 1 kitchen. The lower floor- 1 bedroom apartment unit, 1 living area 1 kitchenette, 1 bathroom. Price $240,000

2. Parcel 60900/225 Leeward Going Through. Single storey residence.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 1 living, dining and kitchen. Front porch and terrace. Price $260K

3. Parcel 60900/194 Leeward Going Through. 2 Residential Buildings.

2 storey building- Upper Floor-3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Lower Floor-3 rental units. Single Storey building- 3 apartments each comprising of 1 bedroom,1 bathroom, 1 kitchen/dining/ living room area. Price $250K

4. Parcel 60900/123 Leeward Going Through. 2 Residential Buildings.

Main dwelling- 3 bedrooms, 1 Living, 1 dining room, 4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen. Guest house -1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 living/dining room and 1 kitchen. Price $350K


1. Parcel 60807/90 The Bight and Thomas Stubbs. 3 Residential Buildings.

Main house - 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 dining

Administrative Assistant

room. Guest House #1 - 2 bedrooms, 1 bath Guest House#2 - 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 garage. A pool lounge and swimming pool. Price $520K

Lower Floor- 1 bedroom, 1 living room, dining room and kitchen and 1 powder room. Upper Floor- 2-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms and an open deck on the second floor level. Also a covered bar area with open deck. Price $200K

3. Parcel 60809/188 The Bight & Thomas Stubbs. Single family residence.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and living area. Price $220K

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living/ dining area and kitchen. landscaped grounds, front and rear decks, concrete surfaced driveway and parking. Price $350K

2. Parcel 60701/36 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill, Thompson Cove. Single residence.

3 bedrooms, 1 Living, 2 full bathroom a kitchen. Price $340K

3. Parcel 60718/159 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill,. 2 -Residential buildings. Main residence-3 bedroom 2 bathrooms, 1 living and 1 kitchen.

clean driver’s record would be a plus.

Domestic Worker

with good command of the English Language and clean driver’s licence.

Please send email to millsinstitute@ No phone calls please.

labourer To work 5 days per week salary $5.00 per hour.

contact: 232-4400

VACANCIES Duties: • Analyze and resolve all IT/HIS/PACS/RIS problems logged by users (by phone, email and fault logs) or route them onwards as necessary (e.g. 3rd party support companies), ensuring that normal service is restored to users within minimum timescale. • To proactively monitor and support IT infrastructure MS exchange, SQL Server. Active Directory and user computing platforms. • Identify potential problems and design and implement changes to prevent these from occurring. • To manage the release of operating systems and standard application software upgrades and patches to PCs/laptops, servers and network equipment. • To monitor the capacity of servers and manage the implementation of upgrades, where necessary, to ensure fit for current and future purpose. • To provide advice and guidance to employees on the use of IT systems and services. • To carry out testing of hardware and software proposed for use within IHC TCI, with particular attention to supportability. • To operate a PC rebuilding service for devices which have developed faults. This includes the reformatting of disks, the reinstallation of relevant operating systems and applications as well as relocation once complete. Qualifications required for the job: • Academic degree; industry-specific qualification or Technical level in computer, business or quantitative field such as: Computer Science, Business, Operations, Mathematics • Desired: MCSA or MCSE or MCTS or COMPTIA A+ or Network +

Two-storey-apartment building; 1 # 3 bed 2 baths unit, 1# 2 bed, 2 bath unit, 5# 1 bed, unit and 2# efficiency units. Price $750K

4. Parcel 60716//138 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill. The main residence 2- bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, 1-living area & kitchen.


Systems Engineer

1. Parcel 60715/308 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hills. Single storey residence.

with competence in Quickbooks with a minimum of 3 years experience and an Associate Degree or higher in Business Administration.

Summary: Operates and maintains in-house applications; plans and conducts migrations and upgrades; oversees database-specific technical assignments. Project assists in the area of documentation management. To investigate and resolve general, often complex, issues and queries from users of InterHealth Canada IT systems, and to manage and maintain InterHealthCanada IT infrastructure.


Is looking for a

with a minimum of 5 years experience.

2. Parcel 60804/49 The Bight and Thomas Stubbs. 2 storey residential building.


Primary School Trained Teacher



May 17 - 23, 2014


Guest home 1- bedroom, 1-bathroom & kitchen. Open timber deck, porch, pool, gazebo and storage. Price $425K


Experience: • A minimum of 3 years working within an IT environment, preferably health care related with HIS administration and clerical administration experience. • Hands on experience in managing and supporting large scale infrastructure, network design, deployment and support, VoIP, customer support, business intelligence • Recent experience as a database administrator for a healthcare system. JOB DESCRIPTION PROVIDED UPON REQUEST Salary: Negotiable, commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Required for busy internal laundry. Key duties include uniform repairs and alterations, general laundry duties, and linen collection and distribution. Candidate must have previous experience, preferably in a Healthcare environment. Data entry and paperwork processing experience is also required. 40 hours per week, Monday to Sunday from 7.00a.m. to 8.00p.m. Rate of pay from $6.25 dependant on experience.

Dead Line for both positions: 29th May 2014 Email CV to

May 17 - 23, 2014



JOB OPPORTUNITIES The Sands is now accepting applications/résumé for the following positions. Only highly self-driven & motivated, personable and professional individuals, whom have the desire to serve others, need apply: MANAGERIAL, SUPERVISORY & SKILLED POSITIONS

GENERAL MANAGER Responsibilities: • Full responsibility for operating success of the Resort • Ensuring that the selection, training and ongoing direction for Resort associates is such that it maintains high level of job satisfaction, morale and teamwork among associates in all areas • Achieve financial/budgeting goals and expectations as established in the annual business plan for all areas of responsibility, and organize/implement strategic and tactical plans to facilitate this aim • Achieve high levels of quality guest service and customer satisfaction for Resort guests Requirements: • Must have at least 8 years managerial experience at a property of similar size and quality. • Strong operational expertise in rooms; marketing; facilities/systems (including preventive maintenance); recreation and other ancillary disciplines • Must have managerial experience in the Condo Strata Management • Ability to inspire, train, and develop people for promotion by encouraging and supporting career development, and driving continuous learning • Ability to implement a highly consistent customer service culture • Ability to instill a highly consistent guest service attitude in all employees


• Executive Assistant to the CEO • Must have 5 years’ experience as a direct executive assistant to GM or higher of a large scale property • Must have at minimum of 5 years managerial experience at a destination resort property of similar size and quality • Must have managerial experience and knowledge of Condo Strata Management • Must have at least 5 years of experience in Condo Style Owner Relations position • Ability to inspire, train, and develop people for promotion by encouraging and supporting career development, and driving continuous learning • Ability to instill a highly consistent satisfaction rate for all owners Responsibilities:

• Primary liaison to owners with refurbishment, product and accounting inquiries • Responsible for solving all accounting inquiries as requested by owners • Responsible for all guest and owner unit scheduling as well as inquires of a similar nature • Achieve high levels of quality product, customer service and guest satisfaction for resort owners • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace • Must be able to read and write to facilitate the

communication process • Requires excellent communication skills, both verbal and written • Must possess basic computational ability (word, excel, outlook)


• Ensures maximum compliance and efficiency in the performance of Housekeeping staff in guest rooms and surrounding areas • Carries out the policies and procedures of Housekeeping Department Standard Operating Procedures • Offers assistance to guests and owners, initiates corrective action on complaints of cleanliness and service to guest rooms • Assists in and conducts monthly Housekeeping Inventories as required • Conducts routine guest room and common area inspections. Provides inspections forms and retrains for success • Assists in and conducts staff scheduling and annual performance evaluations • Maintains inventory and stock controls • Ensures delivery of service excellence to all guests by monitoring staff performance and provides hands-on training and development • Evaluates and updates Executive Housekeeper on staff performance. Makes recommendations for appropriate action in the areas of commendation and disciplinary • Maintains quality controls and assurance • Assists in overseeing Laundry Department as required in service, quality, inventory, inspection, scheduling and overall performance Requirements:

• High school diploma • Must have supervised a minimum of 15 employees • Most work tasks are performed indoors and outdoors. Temperature is moderate and controlled by hotel environmental systems • Must be able to stand and exert well-paced mobility for up to 3 hours in length • Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs. on a regular and continuing basis • Must be able to push and pull carts and equipment weighing up to 200 lbs. on a regular and continuing basis • Must be able to exert well-paced ability in limited space • Must be able to bend, stoop, squat and stretch to fulfill cleaning tasks • Must have minimum of 3 years supervisory experience in the Hotel/Resort and/or Hospitality Industry • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language (s) used in the workplace • Must be able to read and write to facilitate the communication process • Requires excellent communication and grammar skills, both orally and written to communicate well to guests and owners • Must possess basic math and computational ability • Must have basic computer skills in Hotel PMS, Word,

Excel and Outlook • Must work weekends and holidays

POOL & BEACH ATTENDANT Responsibilities:

• Greet all guests and assist with towels, chair set-ups, umbrellas, questions, and/or water sports equipment. • Complete setting up and breaking down of all guest lounge areas as designated by Supervisor or Management. Ensures that all pool chairs and tables are in a clean and orderly fashion. • Constant walk-through of pool area and beach area to make certain it is clean (no trash on the grounds) and tidy. Inspect entire pool area replacing any missing items and/or repairing (when possible) any items needing attention. (I.E. Umbrellas, Hobie Cat, Chairs, etc.) • Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning (I.E. vacuuming, filtering, scrubbing, sifting, chemical testing, checking skimmers, etc.) Requirements:

• A secondary diploma is an asset • Experience as a Pool & Beach Attendant is preferred • Must be able to work long hours in all weather conditions • Must be able to be CPR certified, First Aid certified, and AED certified • Must be a good swimmer and perform rescue when needed • Must be able to be certified to operate rescue boat • Must be experienced in sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing and operator all non-motorized sports equipment • Must be able to clean and chlorinate pool • Must handle pool chemicals and equipment maintenance and functions • Life Guard experience a plus • Must speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) (English) used in the workplace. • Must work weekends and holidays


HOUSEKEEPING ROOM ATTENDANT HOUSEMAN LABOURER GROUNDSMAN For the above line staff positions, resort experience is an asset but not a requirement. Applicants must have a willing, positive and personable attitude as well as be willing to work holidays and weekends. They should also enjoy serving people and be willing to learn. Minimum experience in the areas of interest required. Turks & Caicos Islands citizens only need to apply to the Assistant Human Resources Manager, Sheena Smith at The Sands Resort located on Grace Bay Road, Providenciales or e-mail: humanresource@thesandstc. com, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Deadline is April 3, 2014. 9862


May 17 - 23, 2014


Sports Interational

Sevilla beat cursed Benfica on penalties in Europa League final SPAIN are an unstoppable force in European football. Sevilla beat Benfica in a penalty shootout to win the Europa League Wednesday with La Liga rivals Real

Madrid or Atletico Madrid guaranteed to claim the Champions League crown. As an hors d’oeuvre to the mouthwatering final on 24 May, the Europa League


CARLTON HIGGS Is looking for a

Acting on behalf of our client: Barefoot Café is looking for a

Bartender contact: 347-2093


To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

Domestic Worker To work 5 days per week salary $5.50 per hour.

contact: 244-2088

The party begins in Turin as Sevilla celebrate winning their first European title since 2007 and the third in the club’s history.

provided plenty of drama. Sevilla edged out their Portuguese rivals 4-2 on penalties after a tense 120 minutes of play at the Juventus Stadium in Turin. The Spanish side joined an elite group of teams to have lifted the European trophy three times following their UEFA Cup wins in 2006 and 2007. Benfica have now lost eight European finals -- and the club’s peculiar curse continues. After winning the European Cup for a second time in 1962, then manager Bela Guttman was denied a pay rise and promptly declared the club would not succeed on the continent for 100 years.



Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Crystal Palace’s Tony Pulis were named the Barclays’ Player of the Season and Manager of the Season respectively.

Suarez and Pulis win Barclays Premier League awards LIVERPOOL forward Luis Suarez has been named the Barclays Player of the Season and Crystal Palace’s Tony Pulis has picked up the manager award. Suarez, 27, who scored 31 times in 33 league games to help the Reds finish second, also won the Golden Boot having scored the most goals this campaign. Pulis, 56, took over at Palace in November and helped the club climb from 19th position to finish in 11th

place. “This club has a great opportunity of pushing forward,” said Pulis. “We finished sixth in the Championship last season and 11th in the Premier League this season. That’s a 15 place jump.” Suarez was also named Player of the Year by the Football Writers’ Association earlier in May, taking 52% of the vote and finishing ahead of team-mate Steven Gerrard and Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure. (BBC)

Record holder Bodhinayake scores another big ton in T20 cricket

Caribbean Building Materials & Services Ltd. PO Box 611, 131 South Dock Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI. Phone 649-941-3400 Fax 649-941-3401

VACANCIES Rig Truck Driver

Applicant must have 5 Years experience driving a tractor trailer with experience in dump trailers. Mechanical ability would be an asset.

Heavy Duty Mechanics w/Electronic Specialization Applicant should have specialization in electronic wiring with extensive knowledge of caterpillar equipment. Must have 5 years minimum experience in diesel heavy equipment, able to fabricate and weld, possess own tools and transportation and be able to work without supervision.

Heavy Equipment Operator Applicant must have substantial experience in all aspects of heavy equipment operation including Crane Operation. Seven (7) years minimum experience required. A mechanical aptitude would be beneficial. Applicant must be prepared to work weekends and evening as required.

Professional Welders Minimum Experience 5 years. Applicant must be able to weld aluminum and iron, be versed in TIG and MIG welding, able to fabricate and manufacture components out of metal, able to work independently. Hours include weekends and evenings as required. Please reply with reference and clean police and driving records. Wages will be based on experience

The so-called hex struck again as Benfica tried to lay their ghosts to rest on Italian soil. Jorge Jesus’ side had not lost a match on their way to Wednesday’s Europa League final while Sevilla had scored 22 goals on their rockier road to the showdown. Despite this goal-scoring prowess, football’s first European silverware of the season was decided on penalties after a goalless 90 minutes. Sevilla’s lively forward Carlos Bacca and Jose Antonio Reyes had a thrilling series of chances repelled. At the opposite end, Brazilians Lima and Rodrigo forged a potent twin threat for Benefica.


NUWAN Bodhinayake is known for his flamboyant batting. His recent score for defending champions Quality Kings, in the Turks and Caicos Islands Cricket Association T20 Cricket Competition, however once again proves that this talented cricketer is not just a hitter, but a quality innings builder. His 130 runs is the third highest score in the shortest version of the game in the TCI. Bodhinayake also has the other two highest scores. He once scored 150 not out and 147. At the Downtown Ball Park on Sunday last Bodhinayake led the Kings after they were inserted to bat by opponents Beaches. The game eventually became one-sided when the aggressive cricketer began the assault. He scored a whopping 11 towering sixes and 10 blistering fours as his team piled on 230-2 in their allotted 20 overs. Kareem Jack added 52 (5X4s and 2X6s). In reply Beaches were bundled out for 159 in 19.4 overs. Damian St. Ange bagged 3-22 from his four overs, while Sheldon Henry

Nuwan Bodhinayake (right) has now scored the three highest T20 innings.

and Errion Charles finished with two wickets each. TYSON AND JARVIS TALLY SEVEN On Saturday Police won with 7.4 overs to spare when they faced Jam Turk at the same venue. Jam Turk won the toss, but Police bowlers Lyndon Tyson and Vaurice Jarvis had a field day as they took seven

wickets between themselves to restrict the batting side to 112 in 18.5 overs. Tyson, who was later named the man-of-the-match, finished with 4-21 from four overs while Jarvis captured 3-12 from three overs. Kalvin Mars with 33 (5X4s, 1X6) and Garvin Bruno with 22 (5X4s) then led the side to victory in 12.2 overs.

May 17 - 23, 2014



Sports National Josh for Sports

Unofficially breaking the U17 triple jump world record AS I’ve written in the past, when I was just a junior boy (Class III) in high school in Nassau (St. John’s College), there was not a boy my age in the whole Bahamas that could beat me in the 800M, the 400M, the long jump or the high jump. Actually I also, at that time, was highly competitive (age wise) in the shot put, discus, javelin and pole vault. Back then, I had no real interest in the so called “hop-step and jump”.

ADVANCING TO CLASS II When the track season rolled around the following January, every boy in my school wanted to challenge me in the 100M dash. I was a running fanatic and would race my school mates without warm ups and in my school uniform. The result of my ignorance gave me a rude awakening and taught me a lesson that I would never forget. While racing at top speed, I pulled a groin muscle. I knew nothing about sports medicine or physiotherapy. My PE teacher never knew what

the sand pit. I joined this crew. In my first year, I jumped 42’ 6”. In my second year in class II I won the high school triple jump in 44’6”. Yet, I did not regain my sprinting prowess.

By Joshua Gardiner

happened to me. My classmates would jeer me and tell me that I was washed up. The pain in my right groin was unbearable and hampered me from running at top speed. It was very frustrating. I did manage to win the 800M in our house sports, but I did not compete that year in sprints. TRIPLE JUMPING There were a few students who experimented with the triple jump. There was no regimented programme that they followed. They would just repeatedly hop, step and jump into

MUNRO COLLEGE In September of 1967, I transferred to Munro College. Immediately, my life changed. I went through a complete regimentation—socially, educationally and sporting discipline. Munro was an all-boys boarding school. We had female students coming to do science with us and there were also non boarders, but that’s as far as it went. EDUCATON This school was the Elite of the Elite back then. There was a student who was the grandson of the second Prime Minister of Jamaica Sir Donald Sangster. The two Ropers at Beaches were also my school mates. Their father Bernard was the head master. I studied for 10 GCE O’Levels.

SPORTS It was compulsory that every boarder participate in some sport at the end of the school day (15:00h-17:00h), after which we would shower, eat and from about 6:30h to 8:30h we had to go up to the class room to do homework. THE DIFFERENCE For the first time in my life, I had a real coach Mr. Ken Walton, an Englishman. There was not a sport that he did not coach at the school. Basically we only played cricket, field hockey, lawn tennis, table tennis, weight lifting along with gym (weight training). I learned a series of weight training exercises which strengthen my legs, limbs and body without making me muscle bound. These were specific exercises that were designed to advance me as a track and field athlete (squats, step ups, toe raises, dead lifts, jump clean and jerk, military presses, bouncing splits, pushups, pull ups, bench press, leg press and inclined sit ups.

I mastered these exercises because I wanted to be the best in Jamaica. OTHER TRAINING For the first time in my life I did bouncing: · Hop, hop, hop on one leg and then the next. · Hop, hop, step, step, step etc. · There came a point in time when I could continue for 400M none stop. · I also did plenty of cross country. · I long jumped from both left and right feet. · I eventually could do 15 reps of 100M (jogging in between). · Rhythm, speed, resiliency and strength became my focus—the distance would come. HOUSE SPORTS UNOFFICIALLY BREAKING U17 WORLD RECORD—1968 Around March in our house sports I jumped 49’7” in the triple jump, unofficially breaking the world’s U17 record. The road was hard, but it paid off. Love Josh

PwC National Inter-Schools’ Rugby Championships:

CHHS and HJ Robinson win age division titles Clement Howell High School (CHHS) and HJ Robinson walked away with the U18 and U15 titles respectively, when the curtains came down on the PwC National Inter-Schools’ Rugby Championships. The event, which was held last Saturday at the Meridian Field, was one laden with skills, athleticism and sportsmanship and despite only two eventual winners all the schools showed grit and determination on the field. CHHS retained their title while HJ Robinson won in their first try at the younger level. FIRST ATTEMPT The Under 15s championship provided some nail-biting finishes, with British West Indies Collegiate (BWIC) and HJ Robinson duking it out in the group stages and again in the final. BWIC had the better of the Grand Turk school in the group game. They came back from 3-1 down in the first half to level play at 3-3, before Myron Rolle intercepted a pass from the visiting school on the last play of the game and streaked down the field for the winning try. Both sides having defeated Wesley Methodist and TCI Middle School met again in the final. BWIC took the lead through Cole

Nickson before HJR slipped ahead 3-1 at the half. BWIC defended well in the second half with diving stops, but were unable to penetrate their opponents’ line. HJR, learning from preliminary clash, protected the ball and secured the win in their first attempt at the U15 level. RETAINS TITLE The U18 bracket was hotly contested with all matches coming down to the wire. CHHS just got past BWIC 4-3 in their clash. HJR played BWIC in a

tense affair that was knotted 4-4 after full time. Sudden death overtime saw BWIC launch attack after attack at the HJR try line, but a resilient defense denied BWIC a winning score. A HJR counter attack from their own tryline, moved the ball down the field for the winning try. The final saw a replay of last year with HJR facing CHHS. This time around CHHS were better prepared for their opponents and strict defense initially thwarted the Grand Turk school’s attacks. The CHHS team, led by Lincoln Outten?,

HJ Robinson won the U15 title in their first attempt at this level.

notched a brace of tries before HJR got on the scoreboard. HJR showed great improvement in ball handling and line running, but were unable to overcome the CHHS defense. A last minute rush by HJR had them hammering at their opponent’s line, but they were unable to score. CHHS claimed the trophy, but HJR has made it known that next year they plan to take the hardware to

Grand Turk. In a release the TCI Rugby Football Union were grateful to sponsors PwC who “helped make the day possible and allow the TCIRFU to continue to promote rugby in TCI schools”. The local body also expressed appreciation to all the volunteers who came down to help organise the day, especially DJ Viper.

2014 Church Co-ed Softball League:

Roman Catholic and Prophecy flawless in latest games THE Roman Catholic Church made a huge statement after a somewhat slow start to this season of the Church Co-ed Softball Slow Pitch League. Playing against the Methodist Church the Roman Catholic Church made all the stops to dominate the clash. By the bottom of the third the game had to end (owing to the 10-run rule) with the eventual winners leading 12-0.

In the second clash, last Monday evening at the National Stadium, Prophecy Church also made light work of their opponents Paradise Baptiste Church, and as the first game the 10-run rule after the third innings also came into effect. By that time Prophecy were ahead 15-0. Games were expected to continue on Thursday evening at the same venue.



Sports National NOTICE OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION Spirits high as TCI Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd. of Cherokee Road, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands hereby gives notice of its intention to sell by Public Auction the following properties pursuant to its power of sale as registered Chargee under the Registered Land Ordinance of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

1. Parcel 61105/62 Long Bay Hills, Providenciales.

The land is an attractive corner lot on Curlew Drive in the third tier from the beach and has relatively good elevation, approximately 0.90 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Titus Deboer

2. Parcel 60713/46 Cheshire Hall & Richmond Hill.

This property is located close to Turtle Cove and sits on .95 Acres. The property is a one and a half storey, detached property and Construction is of part concrete with stone with part timber frame with panel finish. The kitchen and bathroom are of reasonable specification with tiled work tops and timber cabinetry. Externally, the parcel is fully fenced with a concrete drive. Registered Proprietor: Titus & Virgine Deboer

3. Parcel 60002/367 North West and North Central, Providenciales.

This property forms part of Phase two of the Priton Homes affordable scheme, consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living/dining area on 0.25 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Glanedise Walkin

4. Parcel 60900/170 Leeward Going Through, Providenciales.

This property consists of a residential home, providing three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one half bathroom, living room and kitchen on 0.72 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Cherrie Romayne Forbes-Ingham

5. Parcel 60720/20 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hills, Providenciales.

This property comprises of a single storey detached house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, open plan living and dining room. There is an attached, partially completed which also consist of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, open plan living/ dining room on 1.33 acres of land. Registered Proprietor: Michael M Williams

May 17 - 23, 2014

ruggers leave for Jamaica THE Flamingos, TCI national rugby team, were in high spirit when they departed the TCI on Thursday (May 15) for Jamaica for their first round of the NACRA Caribbean Championships North Zone Cup Division. The Flamingos will play the hosts in Ewarton on Saturday May 17th. Of the lot travelling six were from the 2013 NACRA U19 Trophy winning side. STERN TEST The TCIRFU expects a stern test in Ewarton as Jamaica continue to develop rugby on the island of three million people. Captain Sean O’Neill said: “Having played Jamaica last year we know that they like to run the ball from anywhere on the field and they are always in a position to counter attack. We tried to control the game up front last year and we expect that Jamaica will focus on that this time around. There are no easy games in our region with such large neighbours, so we’ll have to get stuck in early and control the ball. We’re expecting a real challenge and hope to build on this looking

The national rugby team at the airport on Thursday.

toward our home game against The Bahamas on May 31st.” VISIBLE IMPROVEMENT Coach Randy Schulz said: “The boys have shown visible improvement in the last few weeks at training and these upcoming games against Jamaica, Bahamas and Mexico will significantly assist the team in its development. This game against Jamaica is giving an opportunity to some of the younger players such as Miguel Malcolm and Franco Mompremier to show their skills and build a foundation for the future of TCI rugby.” Manager Paul Collis said the team had suffered through

a number of injuries to players and travel restrictions but were looking forward to the experience the foreign based players will bring. “We have four guys coming in from the United States who are playing their rugby in Florida, Maryland and Colorado and that experience will help the side. While the match on Saturday is important it is only part of the long term development for the TCIRFU and we look forward to blooding a few new players.” This match represents the first of three matches for the TCIRFU with The Bahamas (home) and Mexico (away) to follow.

6. Parcel 60610/184 Norway & Five Cays, Providenciales.

This property comprises of a single storey residential house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, living/dining room on 1.00 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Earl Nathan Tucker

7. Parcel 60900/175 Leeward Going Through, Providenciales.

Forbes makes two assists on Scorpions debut

8. Parcel 60702/125 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales

– TCI Government sends congratulatory message

This property consists of a single storey residential property providing two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchens, open plan living/dining area and laundry room on 0.67 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Randy McKenn Ewing

This property comprises of a detached two storey building providing a two bedroom private residence to the upper floor and a one bedroom apartment to the lower floor. There is also a separated bedroom/guest room at the rear of the house accessed from the upper deck. Registered Proprietor: Harry Turbyfield/ Carmen Fabara (Opera Investments Ltd.)

9. Parcel 60715/186 Cheshire Hall and Richmond Hill, Providenciales.

This property consists of an unfinished bungalow multiplex consisting of 3- one bedroom, 2- two bedroom apartments providing seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, five kitchens, five living room area on 0.77 acre of land. Registered Proprietor: Ebenezer Benjamin Williams

10. Parcel 60515/64 Blue Hills & Stamers Run, Providenciales.

This property consists of a single storey detached dwelling house providing three bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchens, living/dining area and laundry room. Registered Proprietor: Thelma Adlaide Lightbourne

The auction will be held at the offices of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Grace Bay Branch, Providenciales at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 30th day of May 2014. A reserve price will be fixed on all parcels. A deposit of 10% is due immediately upon all accepted bids.


NEWLY signed San Antonio Scorpions Billy Forbes made his professional football debut last Saturday with two assist that fired his new team to a 3-0 win. Back home accolades kept pouring in, with the TCI government leading the charge. In a release to the media the government through the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Library Services congratulated both national player Forbes, who has a few courses left in his Psychology degree at the Lubbock Christian University, and the TCIFA. “The Ministry also extended congratulations to the Turks and Caicos Football Association for its role in

Mr. Forbes’ soccer career. He was deemed one of Turks and Caicos Islands’ top soccer players over the years.” Forbes signed the 18 month contract recently in the USA after outstanding performances for both the Western Texas College and his current university. LIVING UP TO EXPECTATIONS Forbes told the Weekly News that he was nervous when he entered the game as a substitute, but he got rid of his fears and just settled into his role. The Scorpions website said Forbes “immediately brought creativity and speed to the left side of the Scorpions’ attack” during which he assisted in the

Billy Forbes made two assists in his opening game for the San Antonio Scorpions.

scoring of the first two goals. For Forbes, it just felt good to get his foot in the game. “It feels good because I had a lot of pressure going in the game, I feel like I had a lot to prove and I live up to the expectation and hopefully I can keep those performances up,” Forbes told the Weekly News.

May 17 - 23, 2014





May 17 - 23, 2014

LAND FOR SALE In beautiful Bottle Creek, North Caicos

.46 acres overlooking the creek, spanning King Road and Windsor Road


CALL 232-3508 or 946-4664

May 17 - 23, 2014





May 17 - 23, 2014

TCWN May 17 - 23, 2014  

The National Newspaper of the Turks and Caicos Islands

TCWN May 17 - 23, 2014  

The National Newspaper of the Turks and Caicos Islands